Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)

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Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)

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Name: Pietro Maximoff
D.O.B.: 17.10.1989
Age: 27
Height: 6'0"
Hair: White
Eyes: Blue
Known relatives: Mother: Catrin (Deceased), Father: Magnus (Deceased), Sister: Sophie, Wife: Illyana, Children: Robert Peter and Catrin (twins born: Tues 12/8/2015).

Powers and abilities:
-Pietro is extremely inteligent due to his speed mutation. Needing a quick mind to focus on where he is going when travelling at high speed, Pietro's synapses fire quicker than the average human allowing his thought processes to reach their conclusions in a fraction of the time it would take an ordinary person.
-Though he has yet to realise his superhuman speed he is aware that he is not easily injured and his legs are stronger than your average person.

Until the age of sixteen, Pietro was a regular guy going about his regular business. Sure he was top of his class and able to do his work with ease but he just put that down to the constant pestering by his father. Then his hair started to go white. It was just the odd strand at first but slowly, over the course of a year and a half every hair had gone white. He attempted to hide it for a while, especially with the mutant 'problem' becoming a big deal but eventually he gave up and just put it down to an odd genetic quirk.

After finishing school, his father wanted him to follow in his footsteps in the field of medical research. Pietro could easily have done so but he declined which angered his father. Instead, Pietro took to music and picked up the flute, something that annoyed his father more (since it wasn't particularly manly or 'useful to society'). This was the last straw for Pietro and he left home, finding himself a job and a flat he settled down and bought a pet fish for company.

Since the mutant registration act, however, questions have again been asked about his unusual hair colour and people are no longer believing the usual line.
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