Cassandra Nova

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Cassandra Nova

Post by Esynthia » Tue Oct 05, 2010 8:23 pm

Name: Cassandra Nova Xavier

Alias: The Immensity

Hair: Bald

Eyes: Blue

Abilities: Telepathy, slight telekinesis, and a minor healing factor.

History: Born the older twin of Charles Xavier, Cassandra was abandoned by their parents at birth, with them having thought she was still born. Cassandra was taken in by an elderly woman and was given just enough to survive until the woman passed when Cassandra was ten. Instead of waiting for someone to take her to county and put her in foster care, she ran away to try and find her birth family. Her saving grace was that her powers manifested at an early age, allowing her to survive better than most without a home and family. She used her telepathy to persuade hotel managers to let her have a room and free room service, giving her shelter. Deciding she rather liked living that life, she gave up looking for her birth family and enrolled herself in school to further her already heightened intelligence. By the time she was ready for college, she found out that she had a twin who had been cared for and loved by her birth parents and that her family had been very well off while she had to force people to care about her. She continued college, but made sure to keep an eye and ear open to her brother’s life.

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