Dr. Bolivar Trask

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Dr. Bolivar Trask

Post by Game Administrator » Sat Aug 04, 2012 6:00 pm

Name: Dr. Bolivar Trask
Age: 53
Date of Birth: August 27th
Profession: Anthropologist, psychologist, currently working on a project aimed to help the 'Mutant Problem'
Affiliation: Neutral Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'11
Weight 180
Build: Stockily built and a tad on the barrel-chested side.

General appearance: Dr. Trask is an older gentleman who believes in keeping up appearances so has a wide selection of suits for his work, even though it's not always so professional as to need them as often as he wears them. When he started losing his hair and going grey he had no intentions of suffering through the vanity some men do with the sad yet all too often used comb-over, instead keeping it neatly back as if he was deluding himself into having hair that would only encourage his patients to delude themselves on some point as well. He moves faster than one would figure for someone of his age and build, darting between room to room checking on things or from project to project as it were. Everything he has a hand in, if he gets his way, is fastidiously neat, all the way down to his mustache which is a pride and joy and possibly his only admitted vanity. While he doesn't look it, he's an energetic person, especially when he discusses his work in which case he is full of arm waving motions as he talks with his hands. There is something infectious in the way he conducts himself in those times, inspiring to some even but, even if you have no interest in what he is talking about he is generally interesting all the same.

Known habits:

-as mentioned above, he is a person who definitely talks with his hands.
-He is a tad bit on the OCD side when it comes to his work, a definite perfectionist.
-A hard man to argue with, he is rather steadfast in what he believes.
-Has a tendency to drum pencils and pens against the edge of his workdesks.
-Is slightly obsessed with punctuality and likes to keep things to schedule.
-Has a fondness for peppermints and generally smells slightly minty.

Temperment: Overall, Dr. Trask is a rather happy individual, highly motivated to do what he can in the world. He likes to think that he is working to understand people, all kinds of people, and, with this new project of his, actually helping in a rather large way. Though he has a tendency to micromanage to an unhealthy degree, he can work well with others on his projects and really isn't too bad of a boss to have just as long as you accept that he's going to be steadfast to a fault when it comes to what he wants his outcomes to be. Trask is a passionate man though he doesn't exactly look it, taking a rather direct route to get the result he wants and completely convinced that said result will make the world a better and happier place for all.

Family: A wife, Lisa, and a son, Larry. Larry Trask has developed precognitive abilities, seeing future events in his dreams, and at the moment the family is not only worried about how this will effect the boy's future but also his grip on the present. This isn't the only motivation Dr. Trask has in his work but it is a key factor.

General History: Dr. Trask has been in his field for years now, having an impact on Sociocultural, Physical, Medical, and Environmental Anthropology and has enjoyed a rather influential career for those who actually follow such things. Despite leaning more towards the academic set than those that end up using the field to go into marketing and the such, Dr. Trask did want to make real-world contributions with his knowledge even though he definitely did stay doing the University circuit for some time. He has found himself used as a consultant to a few government groups but he was never terribly interested in what he was doing there other than getting the project done to his exacting specifications. With the question of mutants, however, he found his calling and very soon he was hard at work doing what he could for the 'mutant problem' which he didn't see as quite the problem others have been known to view the matter as.

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Re: Dr. Bolivar Trask

Post by puppygirl » Sat Aug 04, 2012 6:08 pm

Now THAT is what I call an NPC bio :clap Can't wait to see him ingame :shifty
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