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(play-by: Bridget Regan)

Name: Ophelia Sarkissian
Alias: Viper, Madame Hydra, various other pseudonyms
Age: Unknown. Known to have been active with Hydra during World War II
Hair: Black. Usually dyed green. Variable with disguises.
Eyes: Green. Variable with disguises
Height: 5' 9"
Nationality: German
Known Relatives: None biological. Mother figure to Brooklyn Drew.
Distinguishing Features: Viper has a large scar across her right cheek from taking a bullet to her face and overtaxing her healing.


- Minor Healing Factor: Her natural healing processes are faster than the average human and her aging process is greatly slowed.
- Toxins Immunity: Through controlled exposure (aided by her healing factor), Viper has developed an immunity to all known toxins.


Viper is a brilliant and cunning criminal strategist who has been rigorously trained in various martial arts. She is also a skilled markswoman and an expert in the use of a bullwhip. She is highly skilled in the management of criminal organisations, very well connected in the international criminal underworld and a master of stealth and espionage. Perhaps her greatest strengths are her influence, the financial resources at her disposal due to her stature in organised crime and an uncanny luck which has allowed her to cheat death in situations where lesser people would have died.

Viper is also extremely knowledgeable in the properties and uses of toxins, poisons and snake venoms, frequently creating her own poisons that she spreads through her hollow fangs or poisoned lipstick.

Viper possesses a genius level intellect.



- Fangs: Two hollowed out fangs containing a single dose of powerful neurotoxin (of Viper's own devising), fatal to anyone bitten.
- Teleportation Ring: Viper employs a short range personal teleportation device that is activated by twisting.
- Personal Forcefield Generator: Viper has many defensive devices on her person at all times, the most notable being her personal forcefield capable of blocking many attacks including energy blasts from super-powered individuals and high-calibre rounds.
- Poisonous Lipstick: Viper has a wide range of different poisons to choose from and it is often down to her mood which one she will be wearing at any given time. As a general rule, the darker the green of the lipstick the more deadly it is.
- Vast array of Standard Weaponry.
- Access to all experimental Hydra weapons and Vehicles: A resourceful organisation, Hydra's tech department is always putting out new equipment to help stay one step ahead of their enemies and competition.


Born in Germany in the early 20th Century, the young Ophelia Sarkissian was orphaned by age six. Having no other relatives, she was sent to an orphanage where she was soon selected (along with several other girls) to be taken to a house for 'schooling'. There, she learned several languages and various martial arts and received some weapons training.

Later, when all the (now) young women had reached what was considered to be their potential, they were set a task. A battle royal scenario. Only one would survive and they would become known as the Viper.

Victorious, Ophelia emerged and was inducted into the ranks of Hydra where she quickly fought her way to the top. A ruthless tactician, people soon learned not to cross her.

As a leader within Hydra for decades, Viper has steered the organisation towards her goals with an iron fist. She is uncompromising and doesn't suffer fools or failure. She cares little for anyone or anything and it has been speculated that perhaps she is incapable. Despite this apparent handicap, Viper is a very driven individual who never reveals her full hand, though she is prone to fits of rage or acting impulsively.

Most recently Viper has been cooperating in secret with aspects of SHIELD. She has a long standing friendship with Agent David Sum that has remained secret for many decades. This relationship has always been used to pass information back and forth but now Viper has also been using her relationship with the Shaw family and their connections to pass more valuable information.

These actions landed Viper in trouble with the main leadership of Hydra and they attempted to silence her. Viper was not to be beaten however and, with a little bit of help from her newest allies, she assassinated one of Hydra's heads and used this action to cement her position within the organisation and see to it that she will not be threatened by them again.
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