Angel Salvatore

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Angel Salvatore

Post by Slarti » Wed Jun 14, 2006 12:44 am

Angelina Tanisha Salvatore

Angel is a 20-year-old light-skinned black girl, originally from Philadelphia, PA. At around 5'8" and with a skinny athletic build, the only truly striking about her are her wings, which are translucent like an insect’s. You won’t always see those wings, however, as she sometimes hides them beneath her clothing. She has brown hair and hazel eyes, and generally wears her hair straight at shoulder length. She’s got her ears pierced several times, and has a belly button ring, along with various other less obvious piercings, including the nipple she had done at Dirty Dan’s. She has two tattoos, one of her name in “gangsta” script across her lower back. She used to dress in “skimpy ghetto ho,” but after Christmas and her father's gift of new clothes is trending away from that.

She comes from a very chaotic and unstable family, and is still confused about who she wants to be. Part of her believes she can’t trust anybody and to keep her defenses up, the other part tells her to calm down, join in and be friendly. She’s let down her guard a lot, and curbed her fake ghetto attitude, as she’s gotten to know several of the students better.

She’s still nervous about some of her powers, though she’s thankful her mutation didn’t screw her over as much as it did some of the others. She can fly, which she loves, and has recently learned how to control her acid saliva. She can use it to pre-digest her food if she chooses to, and it seems to dissolve just about anything organic, but it grosses her out. She knows that her powers mirror a fly, and worries that if she’s too insect-like she may have a shortened lifespan.

Her last name, “Salvatore,” is Italian, not canon Angel’s Hispanic, in origin. So, this Angel is Italian African American. Her father is from Italy, and she has a lot of family in Europe she’s just beginning to learn about.

Angel has lived with her American mother, Tanisha Jones, and stepfather, Jack Jones, ever since her parents divorced when she was 10. She was a pretty normal kid who had friends, school and hobbies, including acting. Her stepfather was abusive, but she ignored him until the day she came home sick from school her senior year.

She had a fever and a rash, and went to bed after yet another fight with her drunken stepfather. She awoke inside a cocoon – the type of cocoon she’d seen butterflies burst from in science class. But she wasn’t a butterfly. She panicked and smashed her way out, only to discover insect-like wings had sprouted from her back. She went to her mother for help, but instead found her stepdad, who beat her. She ran away from home, to her friend, Tiffany.

Depressed, changed, and confused, Tiffany’s mother fostered her until she graduated high school. After one last confrontation with her step-father and mother, she bounced from place to place and got into several bad situations until she entered Xavier’s. She is now partially supported by her father, who she stayed with briefly before shuffling off to stay with her uncle Allesandro in New York. She is very close to her uncle, and he is very protective of her.

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Angel Salvatore

Post by fourpawsonthefloor » Thu Jun 22, 2006 5:43 pm

Aww poor angel! I want to read more!

I'm actually quite pleasant until I'm awake.

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Angel Salvatore

Post by Slarti » Thu Aug 10, 2006 7:38 pm

Angel Salvatore came to Xavier’s a bit late in "Hellooo Nurse," where her most notable contributions were weird behavior, spitting acid and passing out in Nurse Annie's office after drooling over Remy. A few days later, she gave TJ pot, wanted to pawn diamond Emma and had a *cough* tryst *cough* with En Sabah * SEE FOOTNOTE. She ran away from the school for an undefined time after that, heading to New York where her uncle Alessandro helped set her back on track. Again.

She returned to Xavier's much changed in "Meet the Parents: The Ramseys." She met Scott Summers that night, and has had an off-and-on thing with him ever since. In her first Danger Room session she was partnered with Raven and explored her powers. In "Fight Fight" she found out the true purpose of Xavier's and took Father Wagner's message to heart. The Angel/Scott flirtation seemingly ended in "Scott Sucks," though she still cared about him and worried about his behavior. In "Meet the Parents: The Braddocks" she figured out Lizzie was her roommate and that the two had more in common than she suspected.

She has bonded with the other students, especially in "Girls Night," and "Scott is Wonkers." Though Angel still has some reservations, she believes Xavier's is where she now belongs. In "Spin the Bottle," Angel's attraction to Scott was rekindled when they kissed.

Her previous love of drama returned as she spent some time with Professor Howlett in "Precious Lamb." Howlett also reaffirmed her belief the school's mission. Angel and Scott exchanged Christmas gifts in "Luv, Set, Match," and she came to realize she loved Scott, but that any relationship with him would have to wait.

She stayed at the school during most of Christmas break. She had to deal with Lizzie’s accidental overdose, which shook her up and gave her some nasty nightmares. She spent a happy week with her uncle Alex in New York, where her father gave her quite a few unexpected presents. While leery of his attention, she appreciates it.

Scott returned to school early and dropped a bomb on Angel that she had never expected -- he had attempted suicide. Though she managed to keep herself together for him, as soon as she was alone she had a breakdown herself. And so the second semester begins….

Semester one games

Hellooo Nurse! – Angel’s first appearance. She’s ghettolicious, yo.

Bling Bling! – Bush sex with Poccy!

Meet the Parents: The Ramseys – Angel comes back acting a little different and meets a boy.

DIRTY DANS! – Everybody’s getting body mods, and Angel gets her other nip done.

Halloween!! – It’s a party! Angel hangs with Scott and meets Lizzie, Rogue and Warren.

Meet the Family: The Summers – Scott can see! But does he like bug girls?

Seeing Each Other...Punny! – Apparently he does – Angel and Scotty hook up.

BOOT CAMP – Angel hates uniforms, but Raven is cool.

Angst City! – Scott’s a dick, but yet….

Fight Fight! – Nope, Scott is a dick, but Father Wagner is okay.

Scott Sucks – See above, re: Scott. Angel slaps off his face.

Meet the Parents: The Braddocks – Torturing Scott is not that fun, and Lizzie is the invisible roommate!

Meet the Family: The Salvatores – Way-cool uncle Alex visits.

Thanksgiving, and a Little Turkey Named Adam – Abstinence, exploding turkeys and what is up with Scott?

Ladies Night – Moonshine is bad, but a little girl bonding is fun.

Scott is Wonkers – Axe murderer? Gay? What? Nobody knows.

Studying – Angel decides she belongs at Xavier’s.

Spin the Bottle – More drunken bonding, and Scott’s not so bad again.

Twaching – Father Wagner got his ass kicked, and Lizzie is back weirder than ever.

Precious Lamb – Angel decides Professor Howlett is pretty cool, and she can be a drama club queen again.

Luv, Set, Match – Angel and Scott exchange Christmas gifts, and Angel’s in love.


Lizzie’s overdose

Scott’s confession

The Wagner Christmas Special

* I’m very amused at the idea of a footnote in a game summary, but hey. Please note that the specific events of the game “Bling Bling” are no longer game canon and the En Sabah Nur mentioned in that transcript has been retconned from the timeline. Therefore, Angel never had wild bush sex with Poccy. Darn.

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Angel Salvatore

Post by Slarti » Fri Nov 24, 2006 4:15 pm

The second semester began with Angel worried about two of the people at the school she is closest to – Lizzie and Scott. Lizzie, still recovering from her overdose, hid from her roommate most of the time and Scott was sorting himself after his own attempted suicide. Angel bottled up her fears, deciding to deal with them on her own, especially after accidentally upsetting Scott with an offhand comment that her uncle Alex had asked her to go back to Italy with him in “The Second Semester Begins.”

So, alone with her concerns she fell back into the familiar patterns of school and continuing to understand her powers. She and Scott were now close friends, and at times she seemed his only friend as he had alienated many of the students during the first semester. She was jealous of Scott’s attempt to make friends with cute new student Rahne until her first tennis lesson when they gave in to their attraction, again, in “Who’s Giving Whom Lessons Here?” They also learned the value of a good door lock after putting on an accidental peep show for Rahne and Vic in the Danger Room.

Angel learned that not all mutants had the same ideals as Xavier’s students when Remy invited the students to “The Meeting” led by a creepy telepath named Jono. After dismissing the non-obvious mutants and showing an unhealthy interest in the more obvious girls like Angel and TJ, Jono made Angel very nervous with his Hitler-esque speech. Scott also made her nervous by spouting off after the rally, upsetting TJ and infuriating Remy with a comment about obvious mutants “scaring little children.”

Afterward, the ongoing fight between Scott and Remy and TJ flared up on MySpace, with Angel steering clear of it. The site was banned for a while on campus, then restored, but the tension between the three continued, especially with Scott spending more time in Angel’s room. In “Lessons Learned,” one of his visits was interrupted by the loud moaning echoing through the bathroom between Angel’s and TJ’s rooms and Scott couldn’t resist baiting them. But when interrupted, Remy visits nude, much to Scott’s embarrassment.

Scott had planned an elaborate date for Valentine’s Day in “Blindy McSweet,” and overwhelmed Angel with dinner and a night at the opera. The couple had more fun when the students ended up at Mardi Gras in New Orleans in “Mutants Gone Wild.” After drinking and bead collecting with the others, they ran into one of Scott’s old tennis rivals, who gave them private access to his swanky hotel room… woo! :naughty

With school and her relationship with Scott going well, Angel was happy until the one-year anniversary of the manifestation of her powers, which had turned her life upside down. Thinking a lot about this, she showed Scott a new facet of those powers in “Sonic Afro” – the ability to generate sonic waves. She accidentally knocked Scott unconscious with a sonic blast and was horrified with herself. She was very quiet for weeks afterward, thinking about how different things might have been if she wasn’t a mutant. After her soul-searching she resolved to enjoy the life she had just in time for it to again be shaken up.

In the fight with the Fringes, Angel was the first to be seriously injured when she was shot out of the sky. She suffered a broken wing and concussion in the fall and was semi-conscious when Scott lost control, possibly killing several people in his attempt to get to her. He got her away from the battle and stayed by her side until she regained consciousness the next day, but while panicking about her condition he called her uncle Alessandro. Alex came to the school in “Lost in Translation” and menaced Scott before Angel came around. While alone with her, he said Xavier’s was too dangerous and she should return to Italy with him when he moves back in June.

Hurt, conflicted by Alex’s proposal, embarrassed by her failure and having traumatic nightmares again, in “A Beautiful Dream” Angel decides Alex is right. She told Scott she is going to Italy, but was evasive about whether she would come back. In “Empty Hearted,” Angel ran into Remy, who had just returned to the mansion and was trying to make amends for his defection to the Fringes. She wished she could believe his advice that running away doesn’t help anything.

Angel began visiting Dr. Guan, and in “Aiutati che Dio ti Aiuta” the counselor shocks her with the observation she’s doing a disservice to both herself and Scott with her cut-and-run attitude. Afterward, she called Lizzie and the girls reaffirmed their friendship as both vented a little in “Just for the Summer.” While trying to cheer up her roommate, Angel came to a decision about moving to Italy.

In “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow,” she returns from telling Alex she will stay at Xavier’s. Angel had a moment of clarity in the rain and realized just how far she’d come. Scott saw her outside in the rain just as he leaves to attend his brother’s wedding and she tells him her decision, promising to be more open with him in the future about her feelings.

After making up with Scott, Angel studied for finals and continues to work on that relationship openness thing. He helped her tend to her wings, and she goes to him when they unexpectedly slough off. A world of ew. Angel kept this information secret until the pool party at the end of the school year, where Remy noticed and asked her about it. She’s not yet sure how she feels about losing them.

Second semester games:

The Second Semester Begins! – It’s the same old craziness with a few new faces… furry faces.

Kitty Boy! – Rahne’s just a little too friendly (and nude!) with all the guys, especially Scott.

Who's giving whom lessons here? – Angel learns tennis with a side of sexual tension.

The Meeting – Jono is one creepy dead bastard and Scott can’t keep his big mouth shut.

Lessons Learned – Don’t interrupt the sexcapades next door unless you want to see naked Remy.

V-day: Blindy McSweet – Angel and Scott go on their first real date and it’s fancy-schmancy!

Mutants Gone Wild – Angel does Mardi Gras and gets drunk, topless and laid – finally!

Sonic Afro – It’s fun to fly, but knocking people out with your Sonic Buzz Fly ™ power sucks!

Trouble – Father Wagner gets some bad, bad news.

Model Behaviour – Japh smash! Japh smash Scott! But when you knock Scott’s glasses off you make him paranoid.

The Battle – Angel is the first to fall in the big fight with Jono and the Fringes.

Lost in Translation – Uncle Alex comes to check on his injured niece and makes Angel an offer.

A Beautiful Dream – An off-balance Angel pushes Scott away and decides to move to Italy with Alex.

Empty Hearted – Angel and just-returned Remy talk about the merits of running away from your problems.

Aiutati che Dio ti Aiuta – Angel gets a much-needed boot to the ass from Dr. Guan.

Just for the Summer – Lizzie and Angel manage to both skirt and share their issues.

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow – Channeling the inner drama queen helps Angel make up with Scott.

End of the First Year – It’s a pool party, but Angel doesn’t want to show everyone her new sleek wingless look for summer.

Angel’s Summer Adventure

After a disturbing phone call from her mother, Angel spent most of the summer visiting Italy and England. She traveled, met her extended family and took up self-defense, because she refuses to have her ass kicked again. Angel and Scott exchanged e-mails, calls and MySpace messages all summer. She missed him like crazy, and ended up bored and missing everyone else too. She’s realized she was a moron to ever think of moving to Italy.

She visited Lizzie in London during July and spent a few days there. Lizzie’s brother James took pictures of her, and she got to know Warren a little better. The three went on a shopping trip to Camden. While in England, she began to get a familiar itch between her shoulder blades but ignored it.

After she returned to Italy, she began feeling progressively sicker for a few weeks but continued to ignore it until the night she logged onto MySpace to see Scott fighting with Remy again. She called him, furious, and they talked about his insecurities. Relieved he didn’t seem to be going crazypants again, she passed out on the phone. He wasn’t thrilled and contacted everyone he could to try to get through to her. She woke up once more inside a cocoon -- her wings had returned.

With a little time to think about it, Angel was happy to be able to fly again and happy her family still accepted her. By the middle of August she was more than ready to go back to Westchester.

Camden, Pick up the phone! – Summer games

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Semester Three Summary

Post by Slarti » Thu Mar 01, 2007 9:28 pm

Angel was excited to get back to America and Scott in “The Rest Return” and thrilled to see her friends and Father Wagner, who had also returned to teach. Things were all puppies and roses until she learned she wasn’t rooming with Lizzie anymore and Vic got hauled off for murder in the middle of their reunion. Buzzkill.

Her past then came back to haunt her during “A Day at the Museum” when she and Scott ran into her former boyfriend and general dickhead Derrek in NYC. Though he doesn’t do anything but menace them, his presence and the bizarre phone calls she continued to receive wore on her nerves.

Sharon, Angel’s new roommate, was no Lizzie, and after fighting with new bathroom buddy Ali over MySpace, Scott suggested the couple move in together in the spare room they’d discovered last year. Thrilled, Angel agreed and they enjoyed a new level to their relationship, just as Remy and TJ had to learn to live in separate rooms. Angel ran into TJ in “Soul Mates,” and the girls talked about their hopes and fears about their men.

After going out of her way to reassure TJ about Remy, Angel started to worry about Scott when he started acting oddly. She caught him sneaking back into their room in the middle of the night in “Surprise” and confronted him -- he gave her the shock of a lifetime by taking off his sunglasses. Scott had learned his powers came from the sun, and by avoiding the sunlight and working with Dr. McCoy he had managed to completely shut them down for the time being.

Seeing Scott’s eyes was a revelation for Angel, and the couple got noticeably closer. They attended Remy’s 21st birthday party, and Scott even loosened up enough to play spin the bottle and kiss Remy, though he wasn’t turning cartwheels over it. Angel, as usual, enjoyed the game and was happy to get to know a few of the freshmen – Eve, Paige and Lorna. Lizzie and Angel hung out in “Beautiful Blue Eyes” and talked about all the blue-eyed boys in their lives – Tom, Scott….and Warren.

In “Mojo Madness,” Angel decided to join the reality show shooting at Xavier’s but Scott wanted nothing to do with it. Ducking the cameras lost its fun quickly, however, and when Angel accepted Eve’s help to teleport into her bedroom from his and avoid the cameramen, it was all caught on film. Later, Mojo’s assistant Devon shared this information with Scott, and then Mojo paid off Ali to seduce him. Angel walked in on Scott and Ali in a compromising position and she took off, only to be abducted by Derrek.

Chained up and drugged in a mostly-abandoned apartment building in Bed-Stuy, Angel was physically unharmed but traumatized during her captivity. Derrek had duped her mother and step-father into contacting Angel and keeping tabs on her, promising to blackmail Xavier for her return and share a cut of the money. Still carrying a personal vendetta against Angel for ruining his face with her acid, Derrek instead tried to sell Angel to a mystery man.

Scott, Lizzie, Remy and Eve rescued Angel about a week later, after Derrek made the mistake of calling Scott to gloat. Angel seemed to recover quickly back at the mansion and talked to Lizzie about her experience in “Girlfriends.” The two girls named each other the sisters they’d never had in their blood families, and decided that everyone at the school was their true family. No matter what.

The break-up of Remy and TJ and Remy’s descent into some really disturbing behavior caused Angel to worry about her future with Scott. They discussed their plans to share their lives in “No Games,” and vowed to work through any problems in their relationship.

Everyone’s concerns about Remy were soon justified when Remy freaked out after shooting up with heroin and lost control of his empathy. Then Scott’s powers returned in a big way during a Ninja Turtle movie night with Eve, Paige and Lorna in “Anchovies: Aphrodisiac?”

The semester ended with Angel’s uncle Alessandro moving back to New York from Italy and visiting the mansion. He made “Amici” with Scott, and invited him to come to Italy over the summer to meet her “family.” It was an offer he couldn’t refuse. Scott asked Alex’s formal permission to court Angel, which amused the elder Salvatore, and he shared the story of Derrek’s capture and interrogation with him. Scott was troubled to hear the man trying to buy his girlfriend was a doctor…a tall, pale doctor.

Semester three games

The Rest Return – It’s great to be back, until Angel finds out she’s not rooming with Lizzie anymore and Vic gets hauled off!

A Day at the Museum – Angel and Scott hit the town, talk future plans and encounter someone from Angel’s past.

Soul Mates – Finding TJ moping, the girls discuss the nature of love and finding the right man.

Surprise! – Scott’s acting weird again… but it’s okay this time, because he’s learned to stop his powers! Blue eyes rawk.

Remy's 'Nearly Naked' 21! – Angel and Scott play spin the bottle, only this time around it’s Lizzie she kisses.

Beautiful Blue Eyes – Lizzie and Angel catch up, but is it really Tom Lizzie’s falling for?

MoJo Madness! – Montana Johnson brings reality TV to Xavier’s and Angel wants her 15 minutes of fame.

Devon Spice – Maybe being followed around by cameras isn’t that great, especially if it means catching Scott with Ali and getting kidnapped by your ex.

Rescue 911 – Scott, Lizzie, Remy and Eve liberate Angel from Derrek and the fate of being sold to a mysterious stranger.

Girlfriends – Angel and Lizzie take their Three Musketeers’ vows over chocolate and girly talk.

Art of Thanksgiving – Angel is beeten in a holiday food fight. Them beets stain!

No Games – Scott fishes to see if Angel’s ready to commit to him. Duh.

Well THAT Was Smart Remy – Remy gets himself ‘mostly dead’ during The Princess Bride.

Anchovies: Aphrodisiac? – This time Scott ends movie night when he blows the TV out the wall.

Amici? – Scott and Uncle Alex bond, with a cameo appearance by Angel.


Angel returned to Italy for Christmas, and had a good time with her grandfather Giovanni Salvatore, aunt Isabetta and uncle Alessandro again. Her father and younger brother also came to Italy after Christmas, and Angel attended a mysterious meeting with her grandfather, uncle and father, where they warned her to stay away from Italian student Pietro Giovanni.

She immediately told Scott about the weird meeting, which screamed Mafia business to both of them. While Angel wanted to contact Pietro right away, they decided to catch the speedster when they returned from winter break.

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Angel Salvatore

Post by Slarti » Thu Apr 19, 2007 6:07 pm

Semester Four Instances, Games and Fic

No Touchy –Settle down, Scott, ’cause Remy needs cuddle time too, yo!

Dropping Like Flies –A night out at Vito’s turns into a disaster when Howlett shows up and Pietro passes out.

Pizza and Paranoia – The mansion goes on red alert as the students realize some of them are missing… including Angel’s best friend and adopted sister Lizzie.

Getaway – Angel and Scott decide to escape to Nebraska to visit his new niece.

Broken Arrow – Discussing what each of them can do to help get the others back, she learns Dani shoots healing arrows.

Team Training – Saddled with a leadership position she’s not ready for, Angel tries to organize her team.

Best Efforts – Frustrated with herself for being unable to find Lizzie and the others, Angel vents to Sharon.

The Great Escape – Angel and Warren figure out their odd dreams are really from Lizzie trying to contact them and the kids make a midnight run to England to get Lizzie, Vic and Shaz.

Down Time – Still exhausted, Angel takes a break to talk to Remy over hot chocolate.

The Reckoning: Arms Race – Angel guides Remy’s team through the Black Air compound to rescue Rahne via satellite. Forge has some impressive technology, yo.

Endgame – The shit hits the fan in a big, big way when Scott trips over shoes in his bedroom for the last time.

Lingerie on the Run – Depressed about her break-up with Scott, Angel goes shopping with the girls.

A Game of Life and Death – Living in the same house as your ex is awkward; living in a nuthouse where your friends routinely overdose in the living room (Rahne this time) is worse.

Match Point – After Rahne’s near-death experience, Angel and Scott seek each other out and reconcile.

The Vanishing – Pietro mysteriously vibrates right out of existence while Angel and other students look on.

Shake Your Tailfeathers – Dance Dance Revolution with Remy is a good way to relax after all the trauma.

Summer 2008: Angel – Scott and Angel spent the summer in Italy with her family and England with Lizzie and Warren. Scott shocked Angel with a marriage proposal, but the summer ends on a mysterious note when they attend a function at the Rome Hellfire Club.

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Angel Salvatore

Post by Slarti » Thu Aug 02, 2007 3:00 pm

Semester Five Instances, Games and Fic

Making a Splash – Jetlagged Angel tries to hang out at the pool, but can’t resist fetching her engagement ring to show off.

Confessions – It’s good to see TJ again – and meet baby Johnny! – but she feels bad for the other girl’s situation.

Annual Snogging Event – Spin the bottle is much more fun with the new, relaxed Scott.

Egg Babies! – Johnny can’t make omelets without cracking a few blinged egg babies.

Guess What? – Remember how you always said Remy and Scott looked alike? Weeeell…

Wedding Bells and Pillow Talk – Scott and Angel wonder how they’ll survive their families to even make it to the wedding.

Angel Bombs – Girls Night ends with Angel paying Jean Paul a visit.

The Leaning Tower of Babel – Father Wagner is teaching a new class.

Never Will I Ever Remember What I Said – A game of Never Will I Ever.

Beach Partay – Remy’s still nearly naked 22nd birthday, this time shared with Cess.

Two Hot Chicks – Angel and Teej do some bonding, and TJ gets a new look.

Fall Housecleaning – Angel rounds up the gang to clean out Father Wagner’s apartment, and his porn collection.

Security Room Blues – Angel wonders if she was really the best choice to lead the security team.

For the Best – Learning Scott has kissed Lizzie sets her off and she ends their engagement.

TJ’s Box – Now staying with TJ, they talk about TJ’s life with Remy.

Dirty Dan’s Part Deux – On another outing to Dirty Dan’s, Angel gets her ghetto tattoo finally fixed.

America’s Next Top Mutant – Angel and Johnny pose for TJ’s camera.

L’Mia Sorella – An uncomfortable chat with Lizzie.

The Bomb – Angel and TJ get shaken up.

From Italy With Love – Vic takes a bullet intended for Angel.

Hello, Goodbye – Angel learns the Giovanni are after her, and receives a bit of comfort from Scott before she leaves for Italy.

Ritorni del Gallo – Scott tries to check on Angel, if he can only get through the Uncle Alex telephone firewall.

Christmas 2008: Angel – Angel has a bit of an uneasy reunion with Lizzie; gets pulled further into her family’s less-than-attractive business; and coos over the reunion of Remy and TJ.

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Angel Salvatore

Post by Slarti » Mon Dec 03, 2007 5:49 pm

Semester Six Instances, Games and Fic

Asking the Right Questions – Angel returns from Italy, as Sebastian Shaw’s new assistant.

Send Me an Angel – TJ and Angel catch up, and she admits she’s not coming back to school.

Greenhouse Flowers – After telling Scott she forgives him for kissing Lizzie, Angel agrees to give their relationship another shot.

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Re: Angel Salvatore

Post by Slarti » Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:43 am

Codename: Tempest

After semester six, Angel became the assistant of Sebastian Shaw and his liaison to Xavier's until she finally returned to Italy with her uncle, Allesandro.

In Sicily, she became more involved in the “family business” in Palermo and later continued her formal education at Università degli Studi di Catania, where she eventually graduated with a degree in political science. She is also a member of the Hellfire Club, though has mostly been active in Europe as the political situation in the United States for mutants has deteriorated. She carries duel citizenship, but is an unregistered mutant due to her connections.

In appearance, Angel has changed little since her defection to Sicily. Sometimes she hides her wings, sometimes she flaunts them. Though she is now older and more polished, she has yet to lose her American accent and retains a fondness for her home town and country.

She has returned to Xavier's at the request of Charles Xavier and in the fall will teach European history and cultural studies as well as Italian for those students interested.


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Re: Angel Salvatore

Post by JSherlock » Thu Jul 12, 2012 4:44 am

WOO! It will be nice to have her back. :D

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