Winter 2012: Emma Frost

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Winter 2012: Emma Frost

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It's Not Delivery

Jules: Julie took her four pillowcases of perfectly measured out weed, in ziploc bags, and stuffed them into her chest at the end of her bed. She snapped the latch down, and then clasped the lock on. "Okay... combination... memorized. Coolies."

Jules: She stood up and rested her arms on her hips and looked down at her good work. "Now... test combination!" She promptly dropped back down to her knees and began to twirl the number dial on the lock. It didnt' work. She tried the digits again. "SHIT!"

Jules: She pulled hard at the lock. "Shit, shit, SHIT!" She zipped out of the room. "Halp!"

Jason: "Oh God, who's blown up now?" Jason looked up at the ceiling from the kitchen as he heard someone zipping about. He and his pilfered Chinese food slipped into the hallway, curious despite his better knowledge.

Jason: He considered just going to the door. It would be easier and would definitely make his life easier.

Jules: Julie's jaw dropped when she saw the face that stuck out in the hall. "Oh,... well... maybe not you." She looked around and shouted again, "Anyone good with locks? Or like....telepathy?"

Emma: As Emma walked down the hall she heard Julie whining something about needing a telepath. She noticed Jason with his Chinese food and laughed. "So, someone say a telepath was needed?"

Jason: "Well, good to know I'm wanted and needed." Jason smirked, shaking his head as he observed Julie shouting about. "Now what did you do?"

Jules: "I may or may not have locked up all my entire in my foot-locker and totally forgotten the combination..." Julie admitted, looking to the floor with a frown.

Emma: Emma gave a snerk. "Well, then it seems I'm your best bet. Mister illusion over there could only give you some unwanted sarcasm." Emma said looking over to Jason. "I'll help I guess. If things don't work I can diamond up and smash the damn lock if you want."

Jason: "Unwanted? When is it ever unwanted?" Jason was going to follow along no matter if he was asked for assistance or not. "In any case, I do want to watch things that aren't me get smashed."

Jules: "I just... can't remember the combination... if you can do it without breaking anything, that'd be better."

Emma: Emma let out a small sigh. "Fine no smashing isnt' as fun but I can get the password from you if you'll let me in." Emma said pointing to her head.

Jules: Julie thought about Emma... and how cunning she was. "Maybe we can just smash it and I'll think of a better place to stash my wee-..uhh.... weeeeerewolf novels."

Jason: "...Weerewolf novels?" Jason's exaggerated e was accomoanied by a very high eyebrow and him crossing his arms over his chest. "Well, now i know I'm coming along."

Emma: Emma just looked from Jules to Jason and started to smile. "Well alrighty then, smashing it is." Emma said as her skin started to transform into diamond. "Point me the way to the lock please."

Jules: Julie blew out some air, impressed with th diamond. "Uhh... " She looked to Jason and whispered, "Y'ain't gonna chip some of that off?"

Jason: "As I said, I want things other than me smashed...though, Emma, if you ever need a haircut I recommend this form and we'll work something out."

Jules: Julie snickered and zipped off into her room. "Okay, you can smash the lock... but... if you could please then not talk about hat you see in the chest, that'd be super fantabulous." She smiled widely as she opened the door and let the two in.

Emma: Emma gave an odd look to Jules and shrugged. "Whatever is in your trunk is your business I don't honestly care. Though I can't say the same about Mr. Nosey over here." Emma said motioning to Jason.

Jason: "Oh, I definitely care but it's more for myself than anything I can do with it...unless it's truly amusing." Curiosity would eventually kill Jason, he was sure of that himself. "Bribery also works for my silence."

Jules: She looked to Jason with very serious eyes. "I'm not kidding... no one can know what's in there... I could... I could get serious jail time."

Emma: Emma rolled her eyes. "Well that's something you don't want to let Jason know about."

Jason: "Do I really look like someone who goes straight to the police with things?" He shook his head. "Though, will admit, wasn't joking about bribery."

Emma: "Well lets do this then." Emma said as she took hold of the top and bottom of the trunk and pulling them apart, destroying the lock.

Jules: "Oh, no!" She grabbed her hair and cried out in terror.

Jason: "Oh no what?" He looked confused, tempted to open things up himself just to kill curiosity.

Jules: Julie looked away and then back. "It's uh... It's bodies! Don't look, 'cause there's bodies!"

Jason: "...don't toy with me, woman."

Emma: Still holding the two parts of the trunk, Emma opened the trunk fully to reveal it's contents. "Oh.... wow." Was all Emma could say.

Julie: ".... Don't tell anyone. Please. Don't. I'll give you guys a discount. Hector, he sold it to me, practically gave me his business, I got so much now!"

Julie: "And no job! This is... this is just the only thing I got!"

Jason: "You....havehectorsstash." Jason was working on comprehending this. "You...Hector's" It just didn't seem right. It was perfect. "Oh I see a lot of baking in my future."

Emma: Emma smirked. "Well someone is turning into Nancy Botwin isn't she? I'm just in a bit of shock myself... you don't just scream pot dealer to me."

Julie: "That's why it's genius!" She said, smiling wide. "And yes, brownies. You didn't see all that baking I did when so many of us were decimated!" She rolled her eyes. "So many brownies and cookies!"

Jason: "When people offer me baked goods I generally am more occupied in asking people if it tastes like almonds. It wouldn't have occured to me you had friendly poison."

Julie: "The Devil's Lettuce is for good little boys... with money." She reminded Jason.

Emma: "Well isn't that just a little genius plan of yours. But sorry honey this is one girl who won't be a customer. Though don't worry about me, what you do is your business and it's none of my concern." Emma said shutting the lid to the trunk.

Jason: "I'm not sure whether I should quibble over 'little boy' or point out bribery should come in a discount."

Julie: "Bribery comes in many discounts. I do sales, seasonal ones too, I do bundles, package deals, and bogo's."

Emma: "Bogo's well isn't that... affordable." Emma said with a shrug.

Jason: "In any case, it'll be a pleasure doing business with you...I suppose you do make runs fast, huh?"

Julie: "Fast? I have a delivery guarantee. I'm motherfuckin' DiGiornio's baby!"

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