Summer 2015: Jimmy

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Summer 2015: Jimmy

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:55 pm

Jimmy: "Nah-nah, swear, sweaaaar Nikki!" Jimmy slurred slightly at his old secondary school friend, throwing an arm around Johnny's shoulder, "This guy ... this guy ... this... guy. Straight up diamond geezer, wha' wit' the whole ... the whole savin' the worl' thin' ... and he can make you BBQ annnnnnnny time ... like ... like instant, like."

Jimmy: He lifted his bottle to his lips as they sat in the beer garden of Jimmy's local, enjoying the brief british sunshine.

Johnny: Johnny laughed before taking a sip of his own drink, shaking his as he set the drink back down. He slurred and stumbled over his own words, "I-I... I'm n-not that... No. I am tooootally that fuckin' awesome..." He held his hand up and blankly stared at it for a few moments, trying to remember what he was doing. Oh, right. Showing off. He attempted to snap. Ooooh, at least there were sparks!

Jimmy: Nikki and her fellow females ooooooh'd at the sparks and more drinks appeared on the picnic table for the local 'superheroes', "He is ... he is, mah man," Jimmy patted Johnny unsteadily on the back before dropping hs hand, "Ifyer... if yer ladies ask reeeeeeeally nice, like, imma sure he'll take y' for a fly laters, righ' blood?" The girls looked very keen on the idea, and there was some jostling for prime position next to Johnny.

Johnny: Johnny looked between the girls and put on his best grin, wrapping an arm around the closest girl while reaching for his new drink with the other, "Oh, r-right... I can do... do flying... and everyone can c-chill with... Peanut while th-they wait..."

Jimmy: "Peanut!?" The girls all giggled and Jimmy flushed, "Hey-hey ... 's jus' ... 's jus' a joke name see? M' real name's Distrac' ... righ' Matches?" "Matches? Oh that's soooo cute," one of the girls said, and they all giggled and edged closer, Sandra taking the opotunity to sit on Jimmy's lap.

Johnny: "Definitely a, um... a reason he's called... Distract," Johnny sagely nodded with a smirk, vaguely wondering why he hadn't come to hang out with Jimmy sooner. He leaned over to Jimmy, attempting to assure him quietly, "Mate... This is..." he looked around the table as he tried to think of the word, settling, "Awesome."

Darren: "T-tell me 'bou' it ... chicks ... chicks loooooooove superheroes," Jimmy smiled in a hazy, fond sort of way. He'd had a good summer, very good summer, "S' ... s' how's like ... stuff and ... like .... y'know ... stuff?" He inquired, wrapping an arm around Sandra's waist as she giggled.

Johnny: "Duuuuude..." Johnny started, trailing off for a long drink, "Lemme put it this way... I can't wait 'til school starts up 'gain..."

Darren: "... Seriously?" Jimmy raised a gianormous eyebrow at him, "Mate ... tha' bad? Like ... seriously? But didn't y' take two hot-bitches back wit' ya? Jackie tol' me stories 'bou' Mel and ...." he whistled, "she's a demon he says, demon!"

Johnny: Johnny chuckled and nodded again, "Mel's jus' there for Sue... an'... an' Hope..." His face twisted, and he reached for his drink again.

Jimmy: "Sure she woul'n't object t' lightin' y' fire as well," Jimmy snickered as a few of the girls smirked and suggested that they also had no objections, should the need arise, "an' as fer 'Ope ... well, she was cray-zheeee blud, y'better off wit'out? Inne ladies?" The girls surrounding them all agreed.

Johnny: He about snorted his drink at the pun and shot a few of the girls a grin. He also added about Hope, "Waaaay fucked in the head. I went t' the... pub with Curt an' Mel... She w-was there wit 'nother dude, lettin' 'im buy her drinks and shit..." He went from serious to bursting into giggles, "Mel... Mel t-totally... Mel punched 'im... knocked 'im the fuck oooout. Totally the best part of vacation... Well, 'cept this..."

Jimmy: "See, y' better off!" The girls agreed, several of them offering to 'treat Johnny right', making Jimmy cackle and he waved when he spotted a few lads heading towards the pub, "OiOI! Mark! Jamie! Mikey! C'mer an' meet m' mate Johnny, o'wise known as the 'Uman Torch!" There where thumbs up and shortly the boys wandered over with another tray of drinks, "Top stuff mate!"

Johnny: "So yeah... Gave her the ticket home, an' she left..." Johnny concluded, giving a wave as he was introduced. He downed what was left of his previous drink when the new ones appeared. He took a decent sized swig from the new one, sitting back in his seat, content to be surrounded by women. Then, he had an idea. "Mate... we should... we should totally... we should go show ever'one wha' I can really do..."

Jimmy: The suggestion was greeted with enthusiasm by all assembled, and Jimmy grinned and nodded, squeezing the lovely Sandra who was still on his lap.

Johnny: Despite the fact he wasn't entirely sure he'd be able to walk, Johnny finished his drink, moved to get up, and decided to make use of the girls surrounding him, slipping his arms around their shoulders for some support as he staggered toward the door.

Jimmy: Jimmy knocked back his own drink and with Sandra's help followed Johnny, the girls were more then happy to be used as props and the lads were all grinning. This was either gonna be awesome of hilarious ... hopefully both.

Johnny: Johnny assured the women he could stand on his own and motioned for everyone to take a few steps back. He focused on changing his form to fire, but once he had he realized he wouldn't have clothes if he changed back. ...Oh, well. He turned to face Jimmy, "Right... Now wha' do you think I should do?"

Jimmy: "Light me fag!" One of the girl giggled, as all assembled ooh'd and aah'd at Johnny's flaming form,the various dog-walkers of the village stopping to stare. Jimmy shrugged, "Do s'me fancy flyin' shit f' starters?" He suggested.

Johnny: He pressed his finger to the tip of the cigarette and gave a wink. Then, he took Jimmy's suggestion and shot off into the air, which hadn't really been a good idea. Everything was spinning. No, wait... He was spinning. Or was he?

Jimmy: "Is he doin' a pirouette?" Mark snickered, Jimmy eyed Johnny as all the girls gasped and cheered, "Mmm ... migh' wanna jus' ... step under some shade, bludz," he suggested, dragging the giggling Sandra under a handy, leafy tree.

Johnny: Johnny twisted around in the air, leaving a trail of flames in his wake. Now that he'd shown off, he could just turn around, land, and be awesome. However, the landing didn't quite go as expected. He hit a parked car and went spiraling over the top of it, skidding across the ground before coming to a dazed halt.

Jimmy: One of the drunks who'd been sitting on a bench outside the pub shrieked like a banshee when the flaming boy dropped out of the sky and vanished around the corner, returning a few second later with a bucket of water which he threw of Johnny. The group of drunk teenagers burst into peals of laughter, with the exception of a loyal cadre of ladies who staggered over to check he was okay, cooing over him.

Johnny: "Gah!" Johnny flailed at the water being thrown on him, immediately returning to his human form to prevent that from happening again. He was technically hot enough for the water to simply evaporate upon contact, but that thought never occurred to him. He stared up at the sky, giggling girls swimming into view. Then, he realized why they were likely giggling. He brought a hand up to pat his chest. Nope, no clothes...

Jimmy: The girls giggled harder, the drunk with the bucket declared himself the hero of the hour and demanded free beer, the lads alternated between laughing and covering their eyes ad telling Johnny to cover himself up and Jimmy was laughing so hard he'd started throwing up behind the tree.

Jimmy: The local drunk felt a little sorry for the boy's exposure and before he staggered back inside carefully placed the bucket over Johnny's groin.

Johnny: "'m covered!" Johnny declared at the bucket, laughing himself. Once he'd mostly recovered, he glanced around, calling, "Oi! Jimmeh! Y' think they'll lemme back 'n the pub?! Everyone needs 'nother round! On me! An' we can sing!"

Jimmy: Jimmy re-emerged from behind the tree, wiping his mouth and then knocking back a nearby pint, still cackling, "Hehe ... d'n, d'n't thin' y' meet the dress-the dressthingy!" He pointed out as some of the girls around Johnny dropped hints about other things that they could do 'on him'.

Jimmy: "Singin'! I fuggin' LOVE singin'! OiOI! Mark, go get us 'nother 'roun'! An' the d'vine chorus will sing u'n 'igh!" He staggered over to Johnny, "Y'know 'Balls t' y' Father? O'erwise known as th' classic li'l ditty 'Four an' Twen'y Virgins?"

Johnny: "Mebbe later," Johnny smirked up at the girls, singing in answer to Jimmy's question, "Four an' twenty came down from Inverness, and when the ball was o'er there were four an' twenty less?"

Jimmy: "Singin' 'Ball's t' y' father, back's 'gaint's the wall!" Jimmy continued, as the girls all joined it, "And if y' d'n't get shagged on sa'urday nig' y''' n'ver get shagged at ALL!"

Jimmy: Which ... going from the expressions of the girls faces, would not be a problem Johnny would ever experience.

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Re: Summer 2015: Jimmy

Post by PsychoKez056 » Wed Aug 01, 2012 11:03 pm

Omfg that was hilarious! all hands up for Johnny and Jimmy! And I could even name the pub for this to happen in as well as it's in burntwood lol

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