Hope Stark - Summer 2016

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Hope Stark - Summer 2016

Post by TechPrincess » Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:30 pm

<@Hope> While still somewhat drunk, Hope was sober enough to ask for her phone call at the police station. The problem arose when she had to think of someone to call. Bobby was going to be pissed enough she had left without him, if he even noticed. Tony would be pissed she left without Bobby, if HE even noticed. She rubbed her forehead, shifting her weight a bit. She pulled a card from her purse, staring at it. Well. Only one way to find out... She dialed Sebastian Shaw's number.

<Shaw> The phone on his nightstand buzzed and it took Sebastian a moment to wake up and hear it. The sharp elbow to his ribs woke him much more quickly and he reached for the phone to silence it, but decided to look first. He didn't know that number... yet he did. Interesting.

<Shaw> Looking at the screen also told him the time. "Shaw. As it's quite late I suggest you make this worth my while very quickly."

<@Hope> "Yeeeeeeah.... I don't know about worth your while... But um... it's um... Stark... Little Stark... Hope..."

<Shaw> He sat up. "Indeed it is... what can I do for you? Since I hope this isn't a pleasure call."

<@Hope> Cringing at bit at the pleasure bit, she glanced around before running her hand through her hair. "I'm kind of in jail..."

<Shaw> "Oh really?" He smirked to himself, glancing over at his bed-mate, who seemed to be hiding under her pillow, and got up. "And how did this shocking development come about?"

<@Hope> "Some bullshit about 'disorderly conduct.' I remember hosting a rally at the park... on how cannibals can all go to hell."

<Shaw> This just made him laugh.

<@Hope> "It was great until the cops showed up." She scrubbed her face again. "But um... yeeeeah nobody knows I left school... and they are going to pitch a bitch fit if they find out."

<Shaw> Running a hand through his hair, he stood at the floor to ceiling windows in his living room and looked out over the city. "Where are you, exactly?"

<@Hope> "Precinct 13. 230 E 21st St... Manhattan."

<Shaw> "Very well." He smirked to himself. "Say please."

<@Hope> "....please."

<Shaw> "I'll be there shortly." He clicked off the phone, smirk still in place as he went to get dressed.

<@Hope> "Fucking ass." Hope muttered as she hung up.

<Shaw> About an hour later, Sebastian found himself waiting in the lobby of the 13th Precinct's detention area. The coffee was terrible.

<@Hope> It wasn't long before Hope was released, making her way awkwardly to him. Well, at least his girlfriend wasn't with him. "Thanks..." She tucked her hair back behind her ear.

<Shaw> He rose, taking her in surreptitiously while leaving the half-full cup of coffee on the magazine table. "You're quite welcome." The smirk was still in place. "Now, where would you like to go?"

<@Hope> "I don't even know... I guess back to school?" What time was it even? She sighed.

<Shaw> "All right." He gave the clerk a pleasant nod and opened the door for her.

<@Hope> "Don't really want to go back but, thanks," Hope told him again, slipping out into the night. "Sorry... counting on Bobby not even knowing I left."

<Shaw> "Yes, I assumed. Drake and your father none the wiser." Hands in his pockets, he unlocked the Jaguar and opened the passenger door for her, attempting to meet her eyes in the dark. "I am sorry for your loss, Hope."

<@Hope> "Don't." She started, slipping on into the car to avoid his eyes. She didn't want to talk about Johnny, especially to someone that had kept his friend from finding him. Nope. Her fingers, however, twirled her ring.

<Shaw> He closed her door with a shrug and went around to get in the driver's side. The engine roared to life and he gave her a sidelong glance. "Would you like the top down, to entirely preclude conversation?"

<@Hope> "Nobody gets it," she let slip.

<Shaw> "Oh? And what is it that nobody gets?" Escaping the parking lot, he glanced at her again.

<@Hope> "Tony just expects me to just get over it tomorrow. Bobby is just mad I ran off without him. His wife thinks I should regret going to find him. Cecilia thinks I'm going to kill myself. And Eddie..." Well Eddie was fucking nuts.

<Shaw> "And what do you think?" At least traffic was light in the middle of the night.

<@Hope> "I think that this sucks. And that I should have gone with the others to Trask because being a mutant fucking sucks."

<Shaw> "Speaking as one who very nearly ended on a dinner plate himself, I wholeheartedly agree that this situation sucks, as you say. However, one thing which which I will never agree is that being a mutant sucks."

<@Hope> "Do you know why Bobby was picked for my security detail?"

<Shaw> "Because Drake is a killing machine." He glanced toward her again, waiting only a moment at a red light before punching the gas.

<@Hope> "And because I was already taken once. Because of my powers. Johnny was eaten because of his powers. Secret Service agents are only good for humans..."

<Shaw> "Yes, and I was taken because of my abilities," in part. "This is not our problem. It is the humans' ignorance."

<@Hope> "And we're the ones who suffer. We're the ones who have to keep burying people."

<Shaw> "As with most misunderstood minorities."

<@Hope> "Most misunderstood minorities aren't eaten or used to start a nuclear holocaust."

<Shaw> "True. This is why we must take extraordinary efforts to protect ourselves from their ignorance and hatred, as your father has done in hiring Drake to protect you." Shifting and checking behind him, he punched the gas again onto the interstate, reaching an obscenely fast speed very quickly. He smiled to himself.

<Shaw> "Xavier's methods, while noble, are a little less practical than reality would dictate."

<@Hope> "And what would you suggest?"

<Shaw> He flashed her a wicked smile. "Oh, I'm still formulating those plans myself. As my recent brush with the cannibal vermin has proved, none of us are immune to hatred and ignorance."

<@Hope> "Well when you come up with a plan, let me know." Hope eased back into her seat, sighing. "Because this sucks. This sucks so hard."

<Shaw> "At least this group of miscreants won't be able to harm us again," he observed as they sped north on the highway.

<@Hope> "Yeah... but how long until the next bunch?"

<Shaw> "I have long advocated that as a minority, we should strive to insinuate ourselves into every level of society and by these means we no longer will be such an exotic curiosity or such a tempting target."

<Shaw> He sighed. "Although, we've seen limited success in this, clearly."

<@Hope> "Clearly. Is it so hard to just want a normal life? To just be left alone?"

<Shaw> "There's nothing wrong with wanting a normal life." He slid down into the seat a little himself, driving with one wrist draped over the wheel. "Wanting and expecting, however..." Sebastian gave her another glance. "Not only are you a powerful mutant, but you're also a Stark."

<@Hope> "Who is also required to have therapy and be followed. I guess a normal life is never going to happen."

<Shaw> His eyebrow lifted a tad at the mention of therapy. "Should you need an escape from time to time, my offer of assistance does stand. You've shown yourself willing enough to accept it tonight."

<@Hope> "What kind of escape?" Hope glanced over at him for the first time since she got into the car.

<Shaw> "What kind would you like?" He chuckled, returning her glance.

<@Hope> "Well not the kind you give Jess, thanks."

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked. "Are you quite sure about that? I've received no complaints on my personal services."

<@Hope> Hope just stared at him, taking that in. "Ew! You are my dad's like, best friend... Ew!"

<Shaw> He grinned at her, then laughed.

<@Hope> "EW!" Hope shuddered, covering up her chest a bit. "Just. No! Bad! No!"

<Shaw> "Relax, little Stark, as entertaining as this may be, you father has strongly suggested our relationship remain platonic."

<@Hope> "Good." Hope relaxed a bit, eying him a bit. "You already thought of this!?"

<Shaw> "He did, as my reputation precedes itself." He eyed her in return, then put on a brief and playful leer. "Pity, however."

<@Hope> "Ew." Hope repeated. She sighed a bit. "This is why people like Tony don't get attached. Smart enough to know better."

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled softly. "Perhaps."

<@Hope> Maybe she'd try that from now on again. "Thanks again for this... I owe you one."

<Shaw> He was quiet for a moment, then dismissed the thought with a wave of his hand. "You are my friend's daughter, and a fellow mutant. I am glad I could be of assistance to you."

<@Hope> "Me too. I'd be in soooo much trouble right now otherwise." Might still be.

<Shaw>"Well, it's our secret then, yes?" He glanced down at the speedometer, pleased with himself.

<@Hope> Hope actually smirked just a tiny bit. "Secret secrets... you know what else is weird? This whole family business. Not sure I'll ever get used to it."

<Shaw> "Having a family at all, or the shock of learning it's Tony Stark?"

<@Hope> "One at all. My mom died when I was born under a false name to protect Tony. I didn't find her family until I found him," Hope glanced over at him. "I was bounced from one family to another my entire life. Johnny was the first stable person in my life, ever."

<Shaw> "I will save the tedious mollification that it is better to have loved and lost," he sniffed, noting that at nearly a hundred miles per hour the trip to Westchester didn't take long. "It's far better to love and to have, and we both know this."

<@Hope> "I think some lonely loser came up with that statement who hadn't ever lost anyone."

<Shaw> "Indeed," he chuckled. "Most philosophers become such due to too much time spent alone in a cave contemplating their navels."

<@Hope> "Sounds like a typical man to me." She glanced out the window at the dark landscape. "I guess the biggest shock was Tony saying he'd care if I had been the one eaten."

<Shaw> Sebastian glanced at her once, then again. She was serious. "Of course he would care."

<@Hope> "I didn't think he would. He wasn't thrilled to find out I existed."

<Shaw> "I would suggest shock doesn't entirely prevent affection for you, once the shock is over, Hope."

<@Hope> "Well I'd hope not... it's just... a lot."

<Shaw> "Would you prefer he did care, or he didn't?"

<@Hope> "Well... care... all I ever wanted was a family. I just... gave up on it. You know? After awhile. Just taking some adjusting."

<Shaw> "He does," he said, glancing over at her as he turned up the drive to the school. "Tony may be unaccustomed to showing emotion, but he does care for you."

<Shaw> Sebastian flashed her a grin. "Otherwise, he wouldn't have warned me away from you."

<@Hope> That almost earned him a smile. Hope smirked just a bit. "He really did that, huh?"

<Shaw> He caught the smirk and returned it. "And in the same breath, asked me to watch out for you, so yes, he cares."

<@Hope> As the car pulled to a stop, Hope didn't make any sudden moves to get out. "Well. Thank you... for everything."

<Shaw> "You're quite welcome." He turned in the seat to look at her with a small smile.

<@Hope> "I um... should get back... before somebody looks for me and flips out thinking I killed myself."

<Shaw> "I would suggest sleeping in," he smirked. "I shall. And if you need anything, feel free to call."

<@Hope> Hope nodded, reaching for the door handle. "Thanks... again."

<Shaw> He nodded to her in return. "Take care of yourself, Hope."

<@Hope> Hope got out of the car, closing the door. She took a breath before making the walk to the mansion, staggering just a tiny bit.

<Shaw> With a sigh, he got out of the car and quickly caught up to steady her. "The key to getting in unnoticed is to actually make it inside."

<@Hope> Hope made a sound of protest, "I will get inside... eventually."

<Shaw> "Yes, you will." Because he was leading her.

<@Hope> Was she ever going to get past the babysitting stage? "Well you're still not coming to bed with me."

<Shaw> "I shall try to contain my disappointment." Taking her key, he got her inside, making a mental note that he should really talk to Xavier about upgrading the security. A key? Really? No wonder they were kidnapped regularly.

<@Hope> Hope let out a half chuckle. "Thanks. I think I can make it from here."

<Shaw> "Well, if you want to tuck yourself in, that's your business." Letting go of her arm, he stayed close just to make sure she could handle herself.

<@Hope> "It's... just... yeah... It's late... you have Jess to get back to. I'll be fine."

<Shaw> "Indeed," he smirked. "Good night then." Sebastian turned and with a smile to himself, pointed down the hall. "The stairs are that way, in case you can't quite recall."

<@Hope> "...Ass." Hope muttered. No wonder he was friends with Tony.

<Shaw> He grinned. "You're welcome, my dear."
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Re: Hope Stark - Summer 2016

Post by Slarti » Sun May 05, 2013 1:46 am

<Hope> The sun was bright, especially in a sky garage. Hope squinted her eyes as she peered up from the seat of Johnny's car. Where was she and why was she in his car? She considered sitting up, but the pounding in her head made her groan.

<Shaw> As his new house guest had yet to make an appearance, Sebastian poured her a cup of coffee and wandered to the garage. It was a weekday, but he had decided not to go to the office. Such were the joys of success. This also meant he was dressed in a black t-shirt and jeans and he rather wondered if Hope would recognize him.

<Shaw> He admired the clean lines of the red Corvette now occupying his garage. From experience, he knew there was very little room for anything in a Corvette. How she was managing to sleep in it was beyond him. Of course, sleep was a bit of a stretch. "Good morning, little Stark."

<Hope> "What's so good about it?" she snapped, forcing herself to sit up all the way, glaring at the sun. She glanced over at Sebastian, blinking at his outfit. He looked almost... normal.

<Shaw> Oh, just as charming as her father with a hangover then. He smirked and held the coffee cup out to her, eyebrow raised to challenge additional comment.

<Hope> Hope took the coffee with a nod, "Thanks." She reluctantly slid out of the car, leaning up against it for support.

<Shaw> "You're quite welcome," he said, circling the car and trailing his hand over its curves, primarily to see if she had any more snark for him this morning.

<Hope> "Quit fondling my car..."

<Shaw> "What would you prefer I fondle?" Sebastian finished his inspection of the car and stopped beside her, taking a sip of his coffee and watching her over the rim of the mug.

<Hope> "Yourself."

<Shaw> Not bothering to suppress his smirk, he affected a sigh. "I suppose I shall have to." Speaking of, there was Jessica's motorcycle. He grinned.

<Hope> Hope took another sip of her coffee, following his gaze. She knew that bike. "Going out for a joy ride?"

<Shaw> "Oh... perhaps later." Giving her a last suggestive glance, he wandered over to the sleek black and red machine.

<Hope> "Ew." Hope shuddered a bit. She took a seat on the garage floor, watching him. "So uh... thanks... again."

<Shaw> "You're welcome, again," he said, circling the bike this time as he sipped his coffee. "If you need something for your head, there are some options in the medicine cabinet in the master bath.” At this, he gave her another sly glance to see if she cringed at the idea of going through his bedroom.

<Hope> She did indeed cringe. "I'll uh... just deal with it. Or drink some more. That's what Tony does."

<Shaw> "And without the healing abilities you can borrow at that." He considered this. "Mine don't quite work that way, but if you would like to borrow them it might speed things up a bit for you."

<Hope> Everyone was always trying to sober her up and get her to heal. Fuck powers. "It's alright. I'll live." She reached into the glove box and pulled out a small bottle of whiskey, pouring it into her coffee.

<Shaw> Noting this from the corner of his eye, he crouched beside the bike, still sipping his coffee. "There is also food, in the kitchen" - thanks to Jessica - "should you decide the liquid diet is a little lacking. Or, an extensive collection of take-out menus if you prefer."

<Hope> Hope glanced between her coffee and the bottle, took a swig from the bottle, then went back to her coffee. "Mmmmm Chinese... want anything?"

<Shaw> "Yes, I believe I will." He watched her drinking habits with an amused expression. "There is a rather good Cantonese restaurant I've persuaded to deliver here."

<Hope> "Persuaded? What did you do?" Hope raised her eyebrow at him.

<Shaw> Sebastian looked up at her with a grin, even lowering his cup for this one. "What do you think I did?"

<Hope> "Slept with the owner." Hope took another sip. She offered him some whiskey.

<Shaw> He laughed and went back to his coffee. "My tastes don't run to elderly Chinese men, I'm afraid... I bribed him, of course," he said over a sip. "With a catering contract."

<Shaw> "Believe it or not, it's a bit early for me," he said, nodding to the bottle in her hand. Instead, he found the latch for the engine case of the motorcycle and made a pleased sound when it clicked open.

<Hope> "It's never too early for booze. Tony and I had it at 5 in the morning..." she stopped there. That had been the day Johnny had died.

<Shaw> "Like father, like daughter." Then he caught the look on her face and cleared his throat. "So, Cantonese?"

<Hope> Hope smirked a bit. "Yeah. Cantonese."

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Re: Hope Stark - Summer 2016

Post by Slarti » Fri May 10, 2013 3:34 am

<Tony> Tony decided this place was far more awesome when it wasn't filled with drunken patrons at ridiculous hours of the morning, so he resolved to join Sebastian at the strip club in the middle of the day more often. ...Or maybe without Sebastian would be better. Pulling his attention from the stage, he peered over at his companion, swirling the scotch in his glass, "So."

<Shaw> "So," Sebastian echoed, eyes still on the busty brunette in front of him as he took a sip of his own scotch. "What does one do with a Stark infestation in the home anyway?" At that, he gave Tony a sly, sidelong grin.

<Tony> "Well, I imagine it'd depend on what type of Stark," Tony answered, shooting Sebastian a grin in return before his gaze drifted back to the scantily clad women.

<Shaw> "I suppose it's more in the garage, really, since she still refuses to actually come in," he said, giving his old friend the once over before looking back up at the stage himself. Sebastian had been giving Tony daily updates of his daughter's occupation of his garage already. "I promise I do give her the occasional check for a pulse."

<Tony> "This is why teenage girls are to be avoided," he muttered, heaving a sigh. Polishing off his glass, he ordered them another round of scotch, considering his cup for a few moments, "...Have you tried luring her out with the promise of drinks?"

<Shaw> Not one to waste a drink, he tossed back the remainder of his scotch while the waitress watched him expectantly, then tucked a bill into her apron waistband with a smirk. "Generally, she comes with her own supply." Sebastian let his eyes wander back to Tony. "She's quite lucky she has a healing ability. Or, that she could acquire one if necessary."

<Tony> "Damn... I know I'd come out of the garage for scotch..." Tony tipped the waitress himself as he wished he'd actually bothered to get to know things about his daughter. That would make coming up with a solution somewhat easier. Shooting his friend a look, he asked, "Does she ever leave the garage? Because if she doesn't, can't she just be... y'know, left there by herself?"

<Shaw> "She does use the guest bath, so I suppose I should specify that she sleeps in the garage. In that Corvette, in fact." Slipping lower in the leather chair, his eyebrows went up as the dancer did an impressively limber back bend over the edge of the stage and grinned at him upside down. He tilted his head on side to return it with a wry smirk.

<Tony> "That's not even the most impressive display of flexibility I've seen..." he commented before getting back to the topic at hand, asking, "Have you considered having her towed?"

<Shaw> "Oh, not even close to it," he replied, touching his tongue to his teeth and entirely lost in memory, head still cocked.

<Tony> Tony shot a glance between Sebastian and the stripper, throwing an arm out to wave his hand in front of his friend's face, "You're drooling."

<Shaw> "Hmm? Oh." Sebastian rubbed his hand over his face and took a sip of his scotch, turning his attention to Tony again. "Did you say you want me to have your daughter towed?"

<Tony> "You make it sound like a suggestion that's as surprising as you having some relationship," Tony smirked widely as he leaned back in his seat once more to enjoy the show.

<Shaw> "Yes, well, this monogamy business is far easier when the woman in question is on the same continent." His eyes again strayed to the dancer, but only for a moment. "You should be grateful, because at least I'm not using other means to lure your daughter from the garage."

<Tony> "Grateful? Pffft, like she'd actually give in to you," he rolled his eyes as he reached for his scotch, taking a sip, "And, I imagine that monogamy business is even easier if you aren't involved in it."

<Shaw> "You doubt my charm?" Sebastian actually gave Tony his full attention at that, his brow arched high. "Why, I'm wounded. And yes, it is, however it's something I like to try from time to time."

<Tony> "Ugh, you're in another one of those phases?" he pulled a face and groaned as he pulled out some bills, leaning forward to tuck them into the girl's outfit... Well, somewhere on her lack of an outfit. "Also, yes, I do."

<Shaw> "I am indeed," he sighed gustily before turning his feigned offense back to the stripper. "You are probably right about Hope, however, since she's shown she shares your unfortunate taste for a pretty face and an empty head."

<Shaw> Sebastian slid him a sly glance again. "While I certainly fit the bill for her first criteria, the second is altogether a deal breaker. It's much the same reason you and I can never be - your fragile ego simply can't handle a greater intellect than your own."

<Tony> "Yeah, it's unfortunate there's no intellect greater than mine," Tony easily replied, smirk plastered on his face, even as he took another drink of scotch. After swallowing, he continued on his ego trip, "Such a burden to be the greatest all the time. Almost a shame I can't share it with you."

<Shaw> "We all must reside in the shadow of your enormous head, this is true. And your enormous building. One must wonder if it isn't just a tad of overcompensation." He raised his glass to the redhead shaking her rack in their direction. "She looks like she'd like to find out."

<Tony> Tony's gaze drifted over to the woman as he asked, "What person doesn't? Also, I wouldn't call it overcompensating. I'd call it..." he paused for a drink, considering his word choice, "Accurate."

<Shaw> "Your Napoleon complex is just one of your many endearing quirks, my friend," he chuckled. The redhead reminded him of his problem at hand. "So, your daughter..."

<Tony> Well, the mention of his daughter certainly ruined redheads for him. Heaving a sigh, Tony turned his attention back to Sebastian, "Oh, right. I guess I should figure out what to do with her."

<Shaw> "Well, I shall try to coax her from that car, in the meantime." He sipped his scotch, savoring it.

<Tony> "Give her a bottle of whatever, let her drink until she passes out, and remove her," Tony suggested, his gaze going back to the stage, "Anyway..."

<Shaw> His eyebrow quirked along with the corner of his mouth, but he turned his attention back to the stage as well. Hmm, that blonde was particularly luscious, wasn't she?

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Re: Hope Stark - Summer 2016

Post by Slarti » Sat May 11, 2013 6:11 am

<Shaw> Since Hope hadn't bothered to roust herself at all today, Sebastian had checked for a pulse around noon and then had decided to occupy himself until two in the afternoon, at which time he made his way back to the garage. Glancing at the disheveled occupant of the Corvette one more time, he went to his work bench.

<Shaw> Picking up an item, he checked its charge and then returned to the Corvette. With an evil smirk, the power screwdriver whirred to life.

<Hope> Hope groaned as she woke up and wished she had a pillow to shove over her head. "Is that necessary?" She had spent all night out at the clubs trying to forget she ever had a boyfriend. It had worked... until now.

<Shaw> "No, but it is entertaining," he admitted, giving it another whir and looking down at the bleary-eyed redhead.

<Hope> "You sick bastard," Hope grumbled at him, covering her face with her arms.

<Shaw> The smirk turned to a grin. "Well, if you object to my use of my own garage in the middle of a Saturday afternoon, there is a perfectly good king-sized bed in the apartment."

<Hope> "You wish!" Hope smirked, sitting up finally.

<Shaw> He laughed. "There is also the sofa." Sebastian gave the Corvette a fond stroke since it annoyed her. "As lovely a machine as this is, it's hardly made for sleeping."

<Hope> "Or for fondling... and I don't know... isn't that weird?"

<Shaw> "No, it's made for other things altogether," he said with a dark smile and darker tone.

<Hope> "If you jack off in my car, I'm not going to be happy."

<Shaw> That made him laugh and remove his hand from the hood. "No, I do that in the shower."

<Hope> "Good to know. Guess you don't have enough ladies then. You should fix that."

<Shaw> "I could have more than enough if I truly wished it." He cocked his head. "There's also a guest room, if you prefer."

<Hope> "...Now you tell me." Hope smirked just a little bit.

<Shaw> His eyebrow arched. "I assumed you knew, and just preferred your Chevrolet intimacy." Leaving her side, he went to Jessica's motorcycle and crouched beside it to pop the engine case open again. He hummed to himself in pleasure.

<Hope> "I'm still not convinced you don't have a brothel in there." Hope shuddered a bit. "But yeah... thanks... has to be more comfortable than the car..." but the car still smelled like Johnny and Hope hadn't had the nerve to pack up his dorm room yet.

<Shaw> "A brothel implies that payments are exchanged. The honor of gracing my bed is enough payment." He cast a glance back at her to check for the reaction.

<Hope> "Roman orgy... whatever." Hope shrugged, finally slipping out of the car.

<Shaw> "I find orgies rather confusing, point of fact... there are some rather intriguing rules of etiquette as it turns out and I tend to prefer a less structured experience, unless of course the structure in question is a trapeze. I must confess your schoolmate Cassandra is a true artist on the trapeze."

<Hope> Hope bit back her reaction at Cassie. Stupid Cassie and being alive. "Yeah. I bet."

<Shaw> After carefully unscrewing a few panels to get a better look at some components, Sebastian looked back over at Hope. "I realize you are in mourning, Hope, and I have given you space to do so. What you're experiencing is normal, and it will improve, with time, if you let it."

<Hope> "Everyone keeps telling me this." And she wished they'd just shut the hell up. It never got better. It just got easier to deal.

<Shaw> "That's because it's true." He popped out a circuit board and inspected it.

<Hope> "I have a theory that if it was, people wouldn't keep saying that."

<Shaw> "It's true. It will never go away, but one grows more... accustomed to the pain, I suppose."

<Hope> Oh goodie. Hope sighed a bit, running her fingers through her hair. "I guess so. But if you want to be serious, you should bring booze."

<Shaw> "You seem to come with your own supply." He gave her a glance and then gestured her over to him. "However, I question if you've been sober at all since you came here since I clearly recall telling you there was a guest bedroom, and a bar."

<Hope> Bar! She did remember that... barely. Maybe. "Right... bar... thanks." She pushed herself off of the car and headed toward the place of booze. All this thinking and talking of feelings was bullshit.

<Shaw> Sebastian sighed, shaking his head as she disappeared into his apartment. Humming to himself, he realized he still had the component he was going to make her hold in his hand. Damn.

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Re: Hope Stark - Summer 2016

Post by TechPrincess » Thu May 16, 2013 11:00 pm

Hope: Quite positive Sue had spoken nonsense and rubbish, Hope hadn't bothered to go to the hospital after she had called. Johnny was dead. She had buried him. Twice technically. It was too cruel of Sue to play a joke like this... though she might be crazy. Hope sure felt crazy.

Hope: It was a sheer overwhelming curiosity that drove Hope to the hospital, Phil and Stan in tow. Damn her promising to stop running off. She knew it was pointless to even have a shred of her namesake, but if she didn't really expect to find anything there she couldn't be disappointed.

Hope: She moved through the hospital toward the fire powers she could feel. Screw nurses and doctors. She just had to follow the powers. Pausing in the doorway, Hope took in the sight of Johnny in the bed, machines beeping at her. Alive. or a body double, but no, she could see the injuries. He was alive. Rott had lied to her. She just stared at Johnny, her fingers twirling her ring.

Johnny: With his family wandering in and out of his room, Johnny was only dozing lightly, somewhat to his frustration. If they'd stop fussing over him and just go away, he'd be able to actually sleep. While he understood how he'd supposedly been dead and they'd been devastated or whatever, he just wanted sleep because fake dying was clearly hard work, so he deserved the rest.

Hope: Hope leaned in the doorway, giving a quick glance to make sure Phil and Stan stayed outside. Could she get away with making her dad hire a suit for Johnny while he was stuck here? She bet she could. Well with nothing else to do, she picked up a magazine and went to plop herself down in the chair while he slept, using his bed for a foot rest.

Johnny: At the sound of someone sitting down in the chair that'd been dragged over to his bedside, Johnny let out a groan. Just when he thought he was in the clear...

Hope: Biting back a smart comment, Hope glanced over at him. He should go right back out. That would give her time to figure out what she was supposed to say to him. She flipped open the magazine. Oh cool shoes.

Johnny: The sound of the pages turning and crinkling made his nose wrinkle in irritation. "I don't need a babysitter," he drowsily commented, not caring which of his relatives it was.

Hope: "Well that's debatable, but since I make the same argument about myself and am ignored, I will simply tell you denied."

Johnny: It took him a few moments to process who was sitting at his side, but he cracked an eye open to look over, finally replying, "Took you long enough to show up."

Hope: "I thought your sister was nutters."

Johnny: "Thought?" Johnny said questioningly, letting his eyes close once more, weak smirk on his face.

Hope: "Well especially about this. I did have to bury you. Twice just to be technical."

Johnny: "Yeah, I heard I missed the parties."

Hope: Hope nudged him with her foot for that one. "So how soon can I break you out of here and get you back to proper care at school?"

Johnny: "Never if you do that again," Johnny groaned at the nudging, face scrunching. Good to know he could feel pain through the drugs. "But... I don't actually know..."

Hope: Wincing just a bit, Hope glanced over at him. "Sorry.... but transferring you means you get healed."

Johnny: "Yeah, I guess," he muttered, sighing a bit, "Family wants to transfer me home."

Hope: "Why? You can actually get healed at school. And it's a lot closer."

Johnny: "I dunno... You think I'm listening half the time?"

Hope: "You never listen. This is why you have me. I overlisten."

Johnny: Losing the grin he'd put on for the majority of their conversation thus far, Johnny admitted, "I don't think I want to go home."

Hope: Hope tossed the magazine aside and adjusted herself, taking his hand. "What do you want? I'll make it happen."

Johnny: "I just..." Johnny gave a small shake of his head, unsure of what exactly he wanted at the moment besides more pain medication and sleep... and maybe... Well, no. Thinking about food just made him think about how he'd been food, which totally killed his appetite, "Don't really know right now... Hard to think with the drugs."

Hope: Nodding, Hope leaned back in her chair a bit, getting comfortable with his hand in her own. "Then rest. I can go..."

Johnny: "No," he said automatically, wincing a bit at his sharp tone. In a more normal voice, he added, "Just... Don't go. I'm fine."

Hope: The tone just made Hope smile. Actually smiling for the first time since he died, she kissed his hand gently. "I won't leave you.... and I'm so sorry."

Johnny: Johnny muttered, "Nothing to be sorry for."

Hope: "I should have done more."

Johnny: "Meh... I should've done less."

Hope: "Maybe so... I beat the shit out of Rott for you though."

Johnny: Johnny gave a grunt in response to the mention of Rott, as it was all unpleasant. Who wanted to focus on all of that? After a few moments of sluggish thought, he said, "I don't know that I want to go back."

Hope: "I turned in my uniform," Hope offered up.

Johnny: "I meant to either... There or home..."

Hope: "I don't blame you. I've been staying with Shaw..."

Johnny: Johnny opened his eyes long enough to blink over at her, "Why? He's old."

Hope: "He doesn't ask questions... or give me lectures about how I shouldn't drink so much. Or trip on acid... or crack..."

Johnny: "...If I didn't feel like shit, I would," he grumbled.

Hope: "Well, don't die again and it won't be a problem."

Johnny: "Shut up and find somewhere for us to live," Johnny replied, "It should keep you away from things for, like... the five minutes of rest I'm bound to get."

Hope: Hope laughed and pulled out her phone. "Go to sleep. I'll make sure you aren't bothered."

Johnny: "Good. Someone needs to," he said as he shifted slightly, settling back into his pillows.

Hope: "I love you," Hope told him softly, her free hand opening up the internet browser on the phone.

Johnny: "Yeah, love you too," Johnny mumbled in return, letting out a breath. Finally, sleep.
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Re: Hope Stark - Summer 2016

Post by TechPrincess » Thu May 16, 2013 11:01 pm

Hope: It was the fifth place they had viewed, and Hope was beginning to doubt they would find anything they liked and that Tony would deem appropriate. As they entered the penthouse, she took a critical look around, already liking the yellow walls.

Johnny: Having been taken from the hospital to the school, Johnny had been healed by that doctor that wasn't McCoy. After looking at various places online with Hope, it had been decided they needed to actually go look at them, so he'd been dragged along, house hunting eating up the majority of his day thus far. As he stepped into the penthouse, he cast a glance around, sighing.

Johnny: It actually wasn't that bad... Well, or he just wanted to be done with all this and was willing to agree to anything get out of viewing another place.

Hope: "Well... I like the yellow." Hope moved on toward the kitchen to inspect it.

Johnny: "It's... bright," Johnny stated as he followed her through the space, the vast amount of windows only making the yellow seem even brighter as the sunlight flooded into the penthouse. The kitchen was just as yellow, but... "That fridge is awesome." It was huge and sure to store lots of drinks and food.

Hope: "A bar!" Hope was all over that, inspecting how much room for booze there was. "We can fit an entire liquor store in here."

Johnny: "...Do we even have to look at the rest of the place?" he asked as he hurried from the fridge to the bar, leaning to inspect it as well.

Hope: "No. No we do not... but I want to see the master suite first." Hope carefully got up, careful not to knock into him.

Johnny: "That's basically looking at the rest of the place," Johnny pointed out with a roll of his eyes.

Hope: "Well... we are going to liiiive here.... OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS BATHROOM!" Hope called out as she walked into it. They were so having sex in that tub.

Johnny: While Hope was busy squealing over the bathroom, Johnny was wondering around the bedroom part of the suite, taking in the view and calling back to her, "Have you looked out these windows?"

Hope: "No..." she peeked her head out of the bathroom, moving to join him at the window, wrapping her arms around him. "Wow... talk about a view."

Johnny: "No shit," he mumbled, tensing slightly at the contact.

Hope: "Sorry." She let go quickly. She should have punched Rott harder.

Johnny: "It's fine," Johnny insisted.

Hope: She smiled a bit, hugging him more gently.

Johnny: Blowing out a breath, he forced himself to relax at the contact, finding it far easier now that he was expecting it. Plus, it wasn't like Hope was going to sink her teeth into his flesh and rip a chunk off. With a slight face, he shuddered at the thought as he stared out over the city. "You don't think there'll be another cult or anything, right?" he asked quietly.

Hope: "I don't know," Hope admitted, resting her head against his shoulder. "What I do know, is that I won't lose you again," she told him softly. "X-man or not... I know what matters to me now."

Johnny: Instead of remaining serious, Johnny opted to tease with a slight smirk, "Took you this long and a death to figure that one out?"

Hope: "Didn't realize you'd like, ruin my life by leaving it," Hope teased him back.

Johnny: "I didn't even have to try," he joked.

Hope: Laughing felt weird, but good. She glanced down at her hand, gently twisting the ring off and slipping it into his hand. "I uh... found it while you were..."

Johnny: Johnny closed his hand around the ring, bringing his hand up and looking down at the ring in the palm of his hand. He wasn't entirely sure what to say about it and took a few moments, blowing out a breath. Finally closing his fingers around it, he admitted, "I bought it with Eddie. Around Christmas."

Hope: That surprised Hope. She glanced up at him, eyes locking on his face. She wanted to ask him what he was waiting for, but she felt it rude. She had known Eddie knew about the ring, but she hadn't considered that he had helped pick it out. That also surprised her a bit. She didn't really know what to say to him, opting instead to hold him a bit more tightly.

Johnny: "We were both trashed, so I figured I'd save it for... Well, whenever..." he shrugged and held it back out to her.

Hope: Hope swallowed the lump in her throat, shaking a bit as she took the ring back. "Are um..." she cleared her throat. "You sure?"

Johnny: "Why not? You already know about it and have been wearing it," Johnny reasoned.

Hope: "Yeah but you were dead... it was a could have been, not a future thing."

Johnny: "Well, it could be far, far in the future..."

Hope: "I knew I loved you." Hope relaxed, kissing his cheek softly and slipping the ring back on.

Johnny: Johnny managed a more genuine smirk this time as he replied, "You're one of many."

Hope: Hope stuck her tongue out at him. "Ass."

Johnny: "Yeah, I know it's fantastic," he sagely nodded.

Hope: "It really is." Hope slid her hand down to grab it.

Johnny: Johnny startled slightly, sucking in a breath, "So... About the place," he gestured around, "This is it, right?"

Hope: "Yellow... great view... excellent bar... huge tub... I'm sold."

Johnny: "Then, it's settled," he stated, "I guess that means you'll have to do whatever to buy it because I'm broke."

Hope: "You have me. The only thing broken about you is your judgement," she teased, heading out to find the realtor.

Johnny: Johnny managed to keep up the grin at the light-hearted jab until Hope turned around, silently sighing as he moved to follow her. There was no arguing that one.
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Re: Hope Stark - Summer 2016

Post by TechPrincess » Thu May 16, 2013 11:15 pm

Hope: Hope set the box she was carrying down in her and Johnny's new penthouse. She stood up and looked around again, taking in the bright yellow walls and the sunlight. She smiled despite herself. This was a happy place, especially since it was the first time she wouldn't have a roommate. Well, not really. Johnny was more than a roommate. "So how many more boxes?"

Johnny: "Too many," Johnny groaned as he set his own haul down with the rest of them, peering at the labels. Taking a breath, he picked one up and went to take it to the room it belonged in, "Like... How we manage to fit this much stuff in a dorm room?"

Hope: "Two dorm rooms... I should have hired movers. What was I thinking?!" She sighed, cursing herself just a bit.

Johnny: "You clearly weren't," he answered as he moved to take a seat on the floor, figuring they'd earned a small break. Looking around the barren space, he asked, "You are getting movers for any furniture, right?"

Hope: "Well we have to buy it all, so yes. They will be delivering it for us. The bed we picked out will arrive later today. Then we can go shopping for the rest tomorrow?"

Johnny: "At the very least, we should pick out a couch and television tomorrow..." Johnny said, pausing for a moment, "We also need to get cable and internet set up..." This moving business kind of sucked. There were so many things to take care of.

Hope: "Yeah. I got the lights and water... can call the cable company later." She glanced over at him, taking him in for a moment. "You sure you're ok with all this?"

Johnny: "Well, yeah. Why wouldn't I be okay with this?" Johnny asked, looking over to where she was.

Hope: "I just don't want you to feel like I'm pushing you to do it."

Johnny: "Why would I?" he said with a puzzled look, "I mean, this was pretty much the option since I said I didn't want to go home or stay at the school."

Hope: "I know... I just... don't want you to feel pressured. That's all."

Johnny: "Well, I don't?" At least he didn't think he did.

Hope: "Ok." Hope took his hand in her own. "I just want to help you however I can right now."

Johnny: "I don't..." Johnny started, shaking his head as he insisted, "I'm fine."

Hope: "Johnny... you were there for me every time I needed you. Whatever you need now... just tell me." She reached up to touch his cheek gently.

Johnny: Continuing to shake his head, Johnny replied, "I don't need anything except for moving to be over with. It's sort of a pain."

Hope: "It's a huge pain," Hope agreed. "But for dinner... I was thinking Chinese."

Johnny: He nodded, "I'm thinking that's an acceptable thing for dinner."

Hope: "I totally chose it because they deliver with chopsticks and we don't have silverware. Pizza would also be appropriate.
Johnny: "Pizza probably wouldn't almost kill you, too," Johnny pointed out with a slight grin.

Hope: "Oh you think I can't handle chopsticks?" Hope put on a grin of her own.

Johnny: "No, you can't handle peanut oil."

Hope: Hope poked him gently. "That is entirely irrelevant! I make sure to specify when I call now."

Johnny: Johnny was still grinning slightly, letting that go as he instead asked, "You have a menu?"

Hope: Hope handed him her phone where the menu was still pulled up. "This place doens't use peanut oil at all."

Johnny: Taking the phone from her, he looked over the menu, scrolling through it by dragging his thumb across the screen. After a few moments of debate, he held it back out to her, "I guess I'll get sweet and sour chicken." He hadn't eaten a whole lot since he'd mostly been in the hospital. Plus, he wasn't sure he could stomach it, but that should be plain enough while still being delicious.

Hope: "I'll call it in." Hope hit dial, waiting for the other end to pick up.

Johnny: While Hope called it in, Johnny got to his feet and motioned toward the door, quietly saying, "I'll go get the last of the boxes."

Hope: Her heart broke for him. He just wasn't himself. After the food was ordered, Hope went to see if there were any more boxes to bring up.

Johnny: Passing Hope on his way up, he informed her, voice slightly strained from the heavy load of boxes he was cradling in his arms, "There should only be a few more."

Hope: "I'll get them. You take another break," she assured him, rushing to get them before he could try again.

Johnny: Johnny frowned slightly, as he'd just taken a break but didn't protest. Slipping back into the space, he set the boxes down and proceeded to sort them into their various rooms before searching for any other boxes that were out of place. Once they were all in their rooms, he supposed they could possibly begin unpacking.

Hope: Bringing in the last of the boxes (with some help from Phil and Stan), Hope set them down and plopped down onto the floor. "Next time... we hire movers."

Johnny: "Agreed," he stated as he tried to decide the easiest place to start unpacking.

Hope: "So... what are you going to do now? Since you aren't going back to school."

Johnny: "Get settled in here," Johnny answered with a shrug, "And, I'm sure I'll have to figure out citizenship or something."

Hope: "Thankfully we have connections for that. I guess I'm not even one that should be asking, considering I don't even really know what I want to do. I guess that was chosen for me now."

Johnny: "Or I could just do it normally," he pointed out as he pulled a box open, "And I'm sure you could figure something else out... It's not like you'll have to automatically take over."

Hope: "I think you have to have a job to stay in the country until you get citizenship."

Johnny: Johnny considered that for a few moments, sighing a bit, "So, I guess I'll get one."

Hope: "What do you want to do?"

Johnny: "I don't know," he answered as he pulled a few things out of the box. It seemed to be mostly clothes.

Hope: Firefighter! But Hope wasn't sure how he felt about using powers now. "Well... you could work with Tony until you think of something."

Johnny: Looking over to her, Johnny raised an eyebrow, "Really?"

Hope: "I don't see why not. I'll call him."

Johnny: "Okay," he nodded, looking back to the box he was sifting through. It's not like they had anywhere to put this stuff yet because they lacked a dresser. "Well, I guess we just have to wait for the food and the bed to show up now."

Hope: Hope started to suggest they go to the shower, but he was still funny about touch. "Sounds like a plan." She smiled over at him.
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Re: Hope Stark - Summer 2016

Post by TechPrincess » Thu May 16, 2013 11:24 pm

<@Hope> With Johnny off to work at Stark Industries, Hope had little else to do with the rest of her summer. The apartment was still lacking furniture in the dining room, however, so she was determined to pick out something awesome and have it set up before Johnny got home that evening. Hope trailed her fingers lightly over the tops as she shopped, looking for something that stuck out to her.

<Farrell> She definitely had the tastes of a Stark, she thought, pretending to look at a set nearby. Nearly choking on the price, she moved just a little further away when she noticed a salesman giving her the eye.

<@Hope> Phil and Stan were close at hand, both bored to death with all the furniture shopping that they had to endure.

<@Hope> "Maybe this set..." Hope moved to a particular piece that she thought would go well with the yellow walls.

<Farrell> Those two goons looked like Secret Service or something, all right. She needed to get closer, so she edged into a position adjacent to her mark. When the fellow redhead looked up, she pretended to accidentally catch her eye and smiled a bit.

<@Hope> Hope gave her a smile and glanced down at the table again. She should have brought Johnny. She muttered a bit, shifting her weight. She had to figure out what Johnny wanted without him. Yeah that one would work. She glanced around for a salesman.

<Farrell> "That one is lovely, but I just don't think it would fit in my apartment," she said conversationally, moving closer to run her hand over the back of one of the chairs. What a laugh - her apartment was doing good to have a kitchen.

<@Hope> "No?" Hope eyed the table. Was it too big?

<Farrell> "Well... my apartment is fairly small. But it's really nice! If you've got the space for it..." She grinned her most disarming grin.

<@Hope> "Maybe I should have measured." It looked like it would fit though. "Eh, I'm sure it'll be fine. If I could just get a salesman..." She glanced around again.

<Farrell> "One was stalking me a while ago..." She looked around, and sure enough, the salesman had wandered off, and the two guards weren't paying attention.

<Farrell> "Actually," she started, walking around the table. "I was hoping to ask you something."

<@Hope> "Um... I don't work here..." Hope had thought that would be obvious.

<Farrell> "No, I know." She smiled again. "You're Hope, right?"

<@Hope> The color drained from her face. How did she know that? "I'm sorry?"

<Farrell> "I'm Kat Farrell, from the Daily Bugle." She held out her hand to shake. "We've heard some rumors."

<@Hope> "I don't know anything." Hope glanced over at Phil and Stan. They were close, but not really focused. Where the hell was Bobby? He did his job.

<Farrell> Kat knew she was making her nervous, but wanted to see her reactions. "Well, they're about you. We've heard that you are in fact the daughter of Vice President Stark."

<@Hope> "Stark doesn't have any kids. Everyone knows that."

<Farrell> "Unless he's hidden them... or... unless even he didn't know he had one, until, say... a year or so ago?" She was fishing now.

<@Hope> "You expect me to believe that a government official can keep a secret?"

<Farrell> "Oh, I don't know. Who killed JFK and all that?" She grinned again. "But your legal name... it's Hope Stark, and recently changed to Stark from Spalding. Seems curious.... makes people talk."

<@Hope> Fuck. What was she supposed to say. She eyed Stan and Phil. Useless. "Look, I don't know who's been talking to you, but there's no story. Go away."

<Farrell> "Yeah, except there is a story, and some of the rumors say you're his secret wife instead of his daughter..."

<@Hope> Hope couldn't stop the immediate gag.

<Farrell> "So... father, then." Kat grinned from ear to ear. She had her now! "I suppose I can see it... the nose, maybe."

<@Hope> Hope rolled her eyes. "Yeah. That's it."

<Farrell> "Definitely his attitude," she laughed, digging in her bag for her card. "And hey.... I'm a Democrat too, so I voted for your dad last election."

<@Hope> "So what do you want? Money? A shot at Tony?"

<Farrell> "...a story." She handed Hope her business card.

<@Hope> "There is no story," Hope insisted.

<Farrell> "There is a story, and it'll be written... maybe not by me, but by somebody." She sighed and put the card onto the table when Hope refused to take it, sliding it over in front of her. "I want you to tell me your side though... so that people can understand instead of just using you against your dad."

<@Hope> Well, she was missing a big piece to that puzzle: Hope was a mutant. She eyed the card on the table, weighing her options. "So... I just trust you to get it right?"

<Farrell> "It's policy that we don't let sources read articles before they go to press, but we do allow for review of direct quotes... and if I have a lot of direct quotes...." She grinned conspiratorially.

<@Hope> "Well, I can also point out that Tony can afford the very best lawyers. So a libel suit is likely in someone's future."

<Farrell> "Those 'best lawyers' would also know that a libel suit is almost impossible to win."

<@Hope> "Still calls to question your credibility."

<Farrell> She just laughed. "Oh, see, you need me. You really don't know much about this game. Girlfriend, you haven't arrived unless you've been sued for libel at least once."

<@Hope> Hope just pressed her palm into her face. "How much to make you go away?"

<Farrell> "Hey, I'm ethical. At least I've come to talk to you face to face. There will be other people who won't bother. You won't even know until you see it on a front page, or on TV."

<@Hope> "How many of you people know?"

<Farrell> "Well when an anonymous source starts calling around telling us the presidential frontrunner has a secret daughter, I'm sure we're not the only ones they called."

<@Hope> Somebody was going to die. She pressed her hand into a fist. "Fine. What do you want to know? How he didn't know I existed for 20 years? Or how my mother died and left me in foster care. I'm sure it will sell you a lot of papers. Nevermind that this is my life." Reporters didn't care about that.

<Farrell> "That's... kind of exactly what I want to know." Holy shit, that was gold! "People love that - you're like.... American royalty. Cinderella!"

<@Hope> And her code name. She was going to need a new one. Well, it was coming out anyway. "Just... no quotes. It's supposed to be a secret. Buuuuut... once it's out... can give you an exclusive?"

<Farrell> "It's a deal!" Kat held out her hand to shake on it. "I'll treat you right if you treat me right, okay?"

<@Hope> "Fine," Hope sighed, frustrated. She reluctantly took the hand. "And quit stalking me. It's creepy. And will get you attacked by secret service. I hope." She eyed them again. Phil had a lampshade on his head. Well, she wasn't in physical danger at least.

<Farrell> "Well, I was only stalking you to get past.... um... your guards?" Kat took in the black suit sideshow with a curious blink. "Next time, I can just call you? Or we could do lunch... somewhere public, but not too public, you know? Just to show you everything's on the level."

<@Hope> Hope smirked a bit. "Wait till you meet Bobby. Anyway, yeah. I'll give you my number. I assume you want to keep it to yourself. Insider scoop."

<Farrell> "Yep, you got the idea now!" She picked up the card and again tried to hand it to her. "My cell number is on the back. Good luck with the dining room table! ....I really do think it's nice."

<@Hope> "Thanks... Just got my own place. Sorta." Hope took the card, sliding it into her purse. "Thanks... I guess."

<Farrell> "Really? Cool." She smirked. Her own place that was big enough for that table. Yep, she was a Stark all right. "Have a good day then, and we'll be in touch!"
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