Summer 2016: Paige and Rachel

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Summer 2016: Paige and Rachel

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sun Apr 28, 2013 11:04 pm

Hour Three

Rachel: As she stared at the speeding ticket she'd just been given, Rachel wondered for the umpteenth what had made her think this road trip was a good idea. Taking a deep breath, she watched the officer slip back into his cruiser before looking over to Paige, who had been saying she was bored before they were even out of New York City... which was a few hours ago.

Rachel: It took her a few moments, but she finally managed, "Well... At least that was relatively exciting?"

Paige: "But... but... well it was... but he was so mean!" Paige pouted, slumping down in her seat.

Rachel: "Yeah, he was," Rachel agreed as she stuffed the piece of paper into one of the cup holders for the moment, shifting the car back into gear, "I should've brainwashed him or something."

Paige: "That wouldn't be very honorable though," Paige pointed out. Not that using her looks to get out of it was either.

Rachel: Blinking, she merged back onto the interstate before looking over at Paige, wondering, "...Am I supposed to be honorable?"

Paige: "Well... yes. You are." Paige rested her hand on Rachel's thigh with a smile. "You are honorable."

Rachel: "Kinda, I guess." Rachel pulled a hand from the wheel to cover Paige's, locking fingers with her, as she settled back in her seat, "Hopefully, we avoid the police for the rest of the trip."

Paige: "You could just make the car invisible to them," Paige suggested, digging for gummy bears with her free hand.

Rachel: "That's more work than just wiping them when I get pulled over though," she replied, catching sight of the gummy bears, "Oh, oh! I want one!"

Paige: "So lazy," Paige teased, picking up a gummy bear and putting it to Rachel's mouth.

Rachel: "Pfft, I'm not that lazy," she said around her gummy bear, "I mean, I planned all this."

Paige: "But I don't know what all this is!!!!!" Paige squealed a little bit. "Where are we going?!"

Rachel: "Wherever I feel like taking you," Rachel answered, determined to have a different answer to that question each time Paige asked, "And it's your birthday present."

Paige: "Oooo but that just sounds... naughty!" Paige giggled a bit, squeezing Rachel's hand. "Oh oh oh!!!! I KNOW what it is!!!" Paige squealed a bit.

Rachel: "Maybe it was supposed to," Rachel replied, smirking. At the squealing, she actually spared Paige a glance, her eyebrow going up as she asked, "Yeah?"

Paige: "Ohhhh I'm glad I packed some special things then!" Paige giggled. "Yes! We're going south... sooooooooo...... we're going to Georgia to pick peaches!"

Rachel: She wasn't going to confirm or deny Paige's speculation as to where they were going. Instead, she asked, "...Special things?"

Paige: Paige just grinned, her face turning bright red. "Special things."

Rachel: Biting down on her lip, Rachel briefly turned her head to eye her, not able to look at her nearly as long as she wanted while she was driving, grinning at the blush. She gave her hand a slight squeeze as she debated whether Paige's face could get any redder. "What sort of special things?"

Paige: "Wellll I'm not telling you until I know where we're going!" Paige giggled, still blushing.

Rachel: Shooting her another look, she heaved a disappointed sigh, "Well, you won't know until we get there."

Paige: "Ohhhh! Drat!" Paige pouted a bit, but tried to think of something else that Rachel would take her to for her birthday. "OHHHHHHH! Rachie! We're going to be pirates! Right?!"

Rachel: Well, she supposed that could be a possibility with where they were going, so she gave a nod, "Yep, that's exactly what we're going to do."

Paige: Paige squealed excitedly. "Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! I've always wanted to set sail on the high seas and be a pirate! ARRRRRRRRR I'll have ye pirate booty!"

Rachel: "Well, we don't have to be pirates for you to have that," Rachel muttered as she switched lanes to blow by somebody, making sure to keep an eye out for cops this time.

Paige: "Arrrrrrrr!" Paige started digging in her purse. Surely she had something that would work for an eye patch. "I'll shiver yer timberz!"

Rachel: She snorted at Paige's pirate voice and vaguely wondered how long she'd use it or until she figured out that they weren't actually going to be pirates... Though, pirates were pretty awesome. They'd have to do that some other time. Like, at school. With the boat in the lake.

Paige: "I think you are going to look soooooooooo sexy in Pirate uniform." She meowed a bit at Rachel, putting another gummy bear up to Rachel's lips.

Rachel: Still looking fairly bemused at this point, Rachel simply shook her head before carefully taking the gummy bear from Paige's fingers, mumbling around it, "Probably."

Paige: "Oh, oh, and we can eat fresh sea food!" Paige bounced in her seat a bit once her hand was free. She popped another gummy bear into her mouth. "And hunt for buried treasure!"

Rachel: "Yep," she nodded, "And, I suppose you can be captain since it's your birthday."

Paige: "Arrrr!!!!" Paige bounced a little bit more. "But... I don't know how to sail.. is that what we have a crew for?"

Rachel: "I'd assume so," Rachel said, gaze cutting to her. She almost felt bad for leading her to believe they were going to be pirates because she was so excited, but it meant she wasn't whining about being bored.

Hour Four

Paige: "And then we can make Bobby walk the plank! Well, we'll have to rescue him... and he isn't here... but we can maybe make a suffed animal Bobby walk the plank."

Rachel: Rachel wasn't sure how long Paige had been talking about pirates, but she had decided a while ago that she was totally over it. With a deep breath, she squinted over at the next exit and checked her mirrors, merging lanes once she determined that was the one she needed to take. In order to deal with any more talk of pirates, she was convinced she needed rum. Or caffeine. Or both.

Paige: "Raaaaaachhiiiieeee, we're out of gummy bears," Paige pouted.

Rachel: Oh, that was something she could probably deal with. "Then, you're screwed?"

Paige: "Nooooo!!!! I can't be screwed! How am I supposed to lead a gummy bear rebellion with no gummy bears?!"

Rachel: "It's not my fault you fed me or ate your army."

Paige: "But... they were so delicious." Paige sighed and pouted a bit. Now what was she going to snack on for the next however long. "Ok... so we aren't going to DC... Are we going to look at old Civil War memorials?!"

Rachel: They were going to have to stop anyway because she required something to drink. As she waited for some sort of exit to come up indicating a gas station, she shot Paige a grin, "I already told you we're going to become pirates."

Paige: "Ohhhhh, right! Pirates! ARRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! LAND HO!"

Rachel: Rachel opened her mouth to say something and simply shut it. What the hell had she brought on herself?

Hour Five

Rachel: Silence. It seemed strange after about five hours of non-stop talking but not unwelcome. After having stopped at a gas station for drinks and more candy, Paige had drifted off to sleep. Rachel let out a sigh of relief and settled back into her seat, one hand on the wheel, as she tried to decide whether turning the radio or something on would wake her girlfriend.

Rachel: Looking between her and the road, she decided it most likely would, and then she wasn't sure what she'd end up having to listen to, whether it be terrible music or more about pirates. As adorable as piratey Paige was, it was not worth the risk.

Hour Eight

Paige: Paige yawned as she stretched out her legs, laying back in the booth a bit at the roadside diner. "Mmmmm we should get some pie too. I bet they make delicious pie!"

Rachel: Rachel was of the opinion they made delicious coffee and that she needed more of it, or she'd be yawning, which could be bad because she had to drive. She pulled a stray fry from Paige's place, seeing as she didn't have any of her own left, and took a bite, "We should. We could share a piece."

Paige: "So we need like... half a pie." Paige giggled, remembering Thanksgiving.

Rachel: Finishing her stolen fry, she slid around the table to sit in Paige's half of the booth with her, pulling her chocolate milkshake over to this side of the table for a sip. Then, she stole another fry, dipping it in the shake, eying Paige as she commented, "Well, I don't know about half... Unless you think you can eat half..."

Paige: Resting her head against Rachel, Paige took another fry from the plate and considered that. "Well... not the whole half... not by myself. Maybe just a really big piece."

Rachel: "With ice cream," Rachel added because a milkshake just wasn't enough.

Paige: "Was that ever questioned?!" Paige looked at her in some surprise. "Always have to get ice cream." Paige snuggled a bit more, shoving another fry into her mouth.

Rachel: Answering after another drink from her shake, Rachel shook her head and sank down a bit in the booth, "I'd hope not."

Paige: Paige stole a nuzzle, kissing Rachel's cheek. "Well, we only have the biggest decision left... what kind to get."

Rachel: "What kind do they even have?" Rachel wondered, turning her head to catch her lips for a brief kiss as she leaned to grab the dessert menu, holding it so they could both inspect the flavors, "What kind do you want?"

Paige: Paige returned the kiss, blushing a bit. "You can't go wrong with classic apple... but cherry sounds really good too."

Rachel: "I guess out of those, I'd prefer apple," she decided, leaning back over to put the menu back, grinning slightly at the blush.

Paige: "Apple it is!" Paige stole the redhead's hand, interlocking their fingers, flagging down the waitress with her free hand.

Rachel: After the waitress had been given their request, Rachel slumped down into the cushions, leaning against Paige, watching her carefully for a few moments. Bringing their hands up, she pressed a kiss to the back of Paige's with a sigh, mumbling, "I love you."

Paige: Blushing from the kiss, Paige blushed more at her words. She nuzzled Rachel and kissed on her softly. "I love you too, Rachie."

Hour Twelve

Rachel: With all the caffeine she had consumed, there was still no way she would be able to finish the trip in one day, so they had stopped at a hotel. Paige had discovered it had a pool, and she'd somehow been convinced down there, despite how sleep was calling. It probably had something to do with Paige in a swimsuit.

Paige: "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Paige did a cannon ball into the swimming pool, trying to make a big splash. She was loving that they were alone at the pool, which meant she could make big splashes!

Rachel: Rachel held an arm up to shield herself from the spray of water as Paige flung herself into the pool, leaning back against the wall while she waited for her to surface. She'd had a completely different idea at realizing they were alone, but cannonballs were likely just as fun.

Paige: Paige resurfaced next to Rachel, sliding her arms around the redhead. "Hi!"

Rachel: "Hey," she grinned over at her, deciding she wasn't at all opposed to almost being between Paige and the wall, and reached up to brush some blonde strands from her face, tucking them behind her ear.

Paige: "So I was thinking... we shouldn't stay down here too long." Paige gently stroked Rachel's face.

Rachel: Rachel raised an eyebrow as she looked up at her, "We shouldn't?"

Paige: "Nooooooope. I think we will need to go to bed early." Paige kissed on Rachel's neck gently.

Rachel: Tiling her head to expose more of her neck, she bit down on her lip and pulled Paige closer, eventually mumbling, "Well, I don't necessarily have to go to bed..."

Paige: "Well... I just meant our room." Paige trailed more kisses on her jawline and neck.

Rachel: "I mean there too..." When she realized that likely didn't make much sense, she clarified, "Like, we don't really have to go there..."

Paige: "Are you going to shield us?" Paige asked, pausing to look into Rachel's eyes.

Rachel: Rachel pouted at her as Paige stopped to glance up at her, mumbling, "Yeah, whatever. Just… Yeah."

Paige: Reassured, Paige went back to what she was doing.

Next Morning

Paige: Paige squealed a bit as they pulled back into the road after their lovely continental breakfast at the hotel. Paige munched on her chocolate chip muffin, glancing over at Rachel. "Day two! Here we cooooooooome!"

Rachel: Shaking her head at Paige's excitement, Rachel stopped at a light with a slight smile, waiting for the turn arrow to get back onto the highway, and leaned over to steal a small bite of the chocolate chip muffin before reaching for the cup of coffee in the cup holder. Today, she was prepared.

Paige: "So how far are we driving today?!" Paige took a sip of her own coffee then set it back down and took another bite of muffin.

Rachel: "I can't tell you that," she shook her head, stopping herself before she said something about pirates. She didn't want to bring up that conversation again.

Paige: "Awwwwwwwwww, come oooooooon, Rachel!"

Rachel: As she merged onto the interstate, she simply said, "No."

Paige: Pouting just a little, Paige finished her muffin. "So we could play the license plate game."

Rachel: "...No."

Paige: Pouting even more, Paige sat back in her seat.

Rachel: Rachel decided she could live with Paige silently pouting because at least she looked adorable... and she was silent.

Paige: "The itsy bitsy spider...."

Rachel: Blinking, her gaze briefly cut to Paige, and she asked, "...You can't find a better song on the radio or my phone or something?"

Paige: Paige looked over at Rachel, then continued, "went up the water spout!"

Rachel: "I just... No."

Paige: "Down came the rain and washed the spider out!"

Rachel: Reaching for her coffee, she took a long drink, wondering if she could will some irish cream into existence. She decided she'd focus on that instead of the song.

Finally There!

Rachel: Rachel was beyond glad to be out of the car, though leading Paige up to their hotel room without her figuring things out or peeking from the blindfold had been an undertaking. However, she was sure she'd managed to make it up to their room without her knowing anything and wrapped her arms around her waist, resting her chin on her shoulder, asking, "So, do you wanna know now?"

Paige: "Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!" Paige was far too excited to play the guessing game any longer.

Rachel: Grinning, she kissed her cheek before removing the blindfold, feeling totally lame as she managed, "Surprise?"

Paige: Paige blinked a bit, looking around the hotel room. This wasn't a boat... they weren't at the ocean. Confused, Paige glanced to Rachel, then back at the room. It took her a moment, but she noticed something. There were Mickey Mouse ears everywhere. On the border of the wall, on the bed, on the carpet. Mickey Mouse. Everywhere. She looked back at Rachel, then the room again. Mickey Mouse everywhere meant one thing! "WE'RE AT DISNEY WORLD!!!!!"

Paige: Disney World! She squealed, nearly at the top of her lungs, and pounced on Rachel, hugging her tightly and pressing her lips to her's. Disney World!

Rachel: Rachel expected something along those lines, but it didn't really prepare her for the actual squeeing or pouncing, which caused her to nearly fall over. Clinging to Paige out of necessity, she somewhat wished she could breathe as she moved past her shock. Bringing a hand up, she cupped Paige's cheek as she returned the kiss, deciding being crushed was worth it if she was kissed like this.

Paige: Paige relaxed her hold a bit, sliding one hand up through Rachel's hair. She smiled a bit, breaking off the kiss. "Give me 5 minutes." She didn't wait for an answer. She pulled away and grabbed one of her bags, all but running for the bathroom.

Rachel: Blinking, Rachel felt somewhat disappointed as Paige pulled away from her but took a deep breath, backing up to sit down on the edge of the bed, not managing any words before the other girl had disappeared into the bathroom. She wasn't sure she'd ever seen Paige move that fast.

Paige: Taking her time wasn't really what Paige had in mind. She found more Mickey mouse things in the bathroom, eliciting another squeal. "Mickey Mouse soap!" She remembered why she was in the bathroom and set about changing into some sexy lingerie for Rachel. She had picked up some new ones when she learned they were going on vacation, and this was the perfect time to bring out one.

Paige: She flounced her hair a bit, then opened the bathroom door, trying to lean sexily on the door frame.

Rachel: Everything in the room was going to bring about another round of excitedly squealing is what Rachel was beginning to think when she heard the bathroom door open. Looking over to the doorway, she simply stared for a few moments, eventually grinning. Shaking her head, she finally commented, "You should just stop doing that."

Paige: "Awwww but why?! Don't I look sexy?" Paige walked to Rachel, sitting down in a straddle on her lap.

Rachel: Rachel sucked in a deep breath as Paige slid into her lap and leaned back a little to glance her over again, slowly, "Very... but not over there."

Paige: Paige smiled and ran her fingers gently over Rachel's face. "I can't thank you enough for this. This is just... so amazing."

Rachel: "Yeah, well... I, um, just wanted to do something for your birthday," she mumbled, trying to shrug it off. It's not like an entire trip to Disney World was a big deal or anything. Plus, it really wasn't what was on her mind with Paige wearing that in her lap, as she was incredibly distracting. "So, uh, I... I mean, they have... Well, most places have room service, but they specifically have pizza..."

Rachel: Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and tried again, "I figured we could get pizza for lunch... at some point. Like, not necessarily right now..." Oh, that had still been bad.

Paige: "I think pizza is in order... in maybe an hour. Or two." Paige went back to kissing on Rachel.

Rachel: "Yeah, okay..." Rachel breathed, placing her hands on Paige's hips and pulling her closer as she laid back. Between kisses, she decided to try speaking, "I... I also thought... Um, well... Nevermind. I'll just... tell you in an hour... or two..."

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Re: Summer 2016: Paige and Rachel

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:04 pm

July 9th

Rachel: Rachel didn't particularly care for hanging out in Cinderella's Castle, not only because she didn't enjoy any of the princess (which was evident in the picture they'd taken with Cinderella at the entrance) but because it was crowded. With children. And some were cranky, screaming children. Though, she supposed that described Disney World as a whole thus far. Regardless, the crowds made her glad she'd had the sense to reserve a table as she set her fork down to take a drink.

Rachel: As she glanced around the large, ornate room, she found herself appreciating the architecture before turning her gaze back across the table to Paige, who she found just as nice-looking. Even with the stupid tiara she didn't remember buying her girlfriend in the time they'd spent wandering the park today.

Paige: Paige felt just like a princess with her tiara and pink dress. She reached for Rachel's hand, smiling at her. "This is just... the best ever. I can't believe we're here."

Rachel: As she gave Paige's hand a light squeeze, Rachel tried not to grin too smugly around her straw... or stare overly much at Paige. Setting her glass back on the table, she managed to resist a comment about how awesome she was for coordinating the entire trip and simply nodded in agreement, "I know."

Paige: "Snow White!" Paige hissed, seeing the princess on the other side of the room. "And I'm a pretty princess too!"

Rachel: "Far prettier," she corrected as she turned in her seat to catch a glimpse of Snow White. Turning back to her food, she took another bite, suggesting after she finished chewing, "Maybe she'll make her way over here, and you can get her autograph, too. You may as well go for all the princesses at this point." Making that book had clearly been the best decision for a present.

Paige: "You really think I'm prettier?" Paige blushed, taking a sip of her drink. "I will get them all!" She declared, taking a bite. "Again, still can't believe we're actually here. In Cinderella's castle."

Rachel: Rachel rolled her eyes at the question, answering, "Of course. If it hadn't been so hard to get a table, I would've suggested not leaving our room after you put that dress on."

Paige: "Ohhhhh!" Paige blushed even more. "Well, we can go back there very soon."

Rachel: While Paige was dressed to kill, Rachel was not because there had been no way she was getting into a dress or tiara. She hadn't even packed one. Though, if she was totally honest with herself, she probably would've caved to the tiara as soon as Paige gave her the sad, puppy eyes. As she picked at the vegetables on her plate with a slight face, she commented, "If you consider two or three hours soon..."

Paige: "Two or three hours? What's after dinner!?"

Rachel: "Well, we're going back to the resort... just not our room," Rachel answered, not quite able to resist adding after glancing Paige over again, "Sadly."

Paige: Giggling, Paige stole a quick kiss to Rachel's cheek. "Going swimming?"

Rachel: "I wish. Then, I'd have you in even less."

Paige: "Well what are we doing then! You're killing me!"

Rachel: Rachel had opened her mouth to retort with a smartass remark but was cut short as the birthday cake she'd requested for Paige arrived, providing a way out of the conversation. As she stared down at the small cake, she decided it better be the best damn cake she'd ever tasted for what she was paying and leaned to steal a kiss, muttering, "Happy birthday."

Paige: "Cake!!! Oh my gosh!!!" Paige actually started crying as they sang happy birthday to her.

Rachel: The tears caused her to cringe, even if they were caused by happiness. "Aw, don't get all weepy," Rachel insisted, "This isn't even going to be the best part of the night."

Paige: "It gets better than this?!?!" Paige just couldn't believe it.

Rachel: Picking up a knife to cut a slice of cake for them each, though simply cutting it in half may have been more appropriate, Rachel waited until they were alone again to answer, if possible, looking even more smug, "Well, duh, I'm amazing in bed."

Paige: Paige choked on her cake, going for her water to help with that. "Yes. Yes you are."

Rachel: She wasn't sure the smirk on her face could get any bigger as she leaned close enough to press a soft kiss to her neck, muttering in her ear, "I'm pretty damn awesome everywhere else, too."

Paige: Shuddering, Paige got chills. "Y-yes," she stammered out. "Very much so."

Rachel: After placing another kiss just below her earlobe, Rachel leaned back over to snag a bite of her slice of cake, feeling fairly pleased with herself for getting that reaction. Fork hanging out of her mouth, she reached into her pocket to slide out her phone just enough to check the time through the cracked screen. Pushing it back into her pocket, she reached up to remove her fork, asking, "How's the cake now that you aren't choking on it?"

Paige: "Absolutely delicious." Paige nuzzled Rachel's cheek, taking another bite of cake. "Seriously, this is like, the best birthday ever."

Rachel: "Yeah, I've probably screwed myself over... Just so you know, nothing else I plan is going to be as awesome as this," she grinned over at her, asking after spearing another bite, "You want to see about taking the rest with us?"

Paige: "Yeah I'd like that. We can eat it in bed later." Paige kissed Rachel's cheek. "I'll never be able to top this for you..."

Rachel: "You don't need to," Rachel quickly and simply replied, sending her a quick thought as to what she imagined cake in bed would be like purely to see how red Paige's face got, as she flagged someone down about a box.

Paige: Paige choked again, her face beet red.

Rachel: "You should go meet Snow White before you suffocate," she advised as she prepared to pay.

Paige: "I'm on it!" Paige grabbed her autograph book and hurried off after the rest of the princesses.

Rachel: After packaging the cake and paying for their meal, Rachel went to collect Paige from the various Disney characters, less than pleased to have to wade through the crowd of knee-high children to do so. Once she had reached Paige, she led the way back to their resort and found them both a chair, pulling them over so they'd be able to see the large screen before flopping down.

Rachel: Checking the time, she was relatively pleased to realize that she wasn't late for once. Well, twice this evening considering dinner.

Paige: "Movie!" Paige squealed, cuddling up with Rachel. "Did you just... think of everything?"

Rachel: "I dunno, did I?" Rachel asked as she glanced over to her, already sure that there was no way she'd be able to devote her entire attention to the movie. While she'd enjoyed Tangled the first time they'd watched the movie together, she wasn't missing anything, whereas it wasn't often that Paige wore a dress like that.

Paige: Snuggled up with her sweetheart, Paige's attention turned to the movie. She sighed a bit, happy. "I love you."

Rachel: Carefully removing the tiara from Paige's head, Rachel set it down next to the cake and brushed some strands of hair from her face, resting her cheek against the top of Paige's head, trying her best to focus on the beginning of the movie. "I love you, too."

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Re: Summer 2016: Paige and Rachel

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:07 pm

Paige: It was pirate day. Paige was beyond excited to be dressed like a pirate princess with her sword in her hand. "ARRRRRRRRRRR!" She twirled a bit, shaking her hips when she stopped. "Avast ye!"

Rachel: Rachel was enjoying pirate day far, far more than she'd enjoyed the day full of princesses and sparkles and other crap. Pirates were awesome, and they didn't stick you with blow darts that caused you to go temporarily blind like ninjas. She held her own sword out, the eyepatch throwing her off her depth perception, "I'll cleave ye t' the brisket and feed ye t' the fish!"

Rachel: ...They were as bad as the kids surrounding them.

Paige: "Brisket?! Mmmmmmm! Can we get BBQ? I mean um... Arrrr! Can ye get us some... ok I can't say it like a pirate."

Rachel: Opening her mouth, her brow furrowed as she found herself at a loss as to how to say that as well. No wonder everyone died of scurvy - there were no phrases for eating, only drinking. Well, those were the only ones that came to mind. After a moment, she tried, "Let's go pillage... an enemy food stand?"

Rachel: "…That was just lame," she pulled a face as she peered around.

Paige: Paige dissolved into a fit of giggles. "But it was so cuuuuute!" She whacked Rachel gently with her sword. "Food ho!"

Rachel: "I'll have ye walk the plank for that, bilge-sucking, shark bait," Rachel returned the whack with one of her own, not at all ashamed that she'd aimed for Paige's ass. However, she probably did need to stop speaking like a pirate because she felt ridiculous. As she slid her foam sword through her belt loop for safekeeping, she leaned to kiss her girlfriend's cheek, taking her hand as she asked, "See anywhere with barbecue yet? Or anything else?"

Paige: "Hey!" Paige jumped at the smack to her as, laughing at Rachel. She squeezed her hand and looked around. "Ummm, well... we're pirates. We need sea food!"

Rachel: "I don't think anything pirates ate will be as tasty as what we're likely to find," she commented.

Paige: "Welllll, that's true. Oooo, a pub! I've always wanted to try a pub."

Rachel: Rachel didn't put up any resistance as she was practically dragged toward the place, almost running into the doorframe. At that point, she decided it was time to do away with the eyepatch and reached up to take it off, commenting, "I can't believe all the things you haven't done."

Paige: "Hey, I was busy... and then I was hidden. But it's ok because I can do all this with you now!" Paige giggled at her girlfriend. "You look sexy by the way."

Rachel: "Pfft, busy," Rachel scoffed as they were led to a table, "And, of course I do... I told you I would when you mentioned it in the car."

Paige: "You make everything better," Paige told her, taking her seat. "What should we get to drink?"

Rachel: "Well, I dunno about everything..." she commented as she tried to work out how to sit while avoiding removing her sword from her belt, "...You think they have rum? Though, I imagine they probably try to avoid having drunk people around a bunch of kids."

Paige: "I doubt it... oooo pink lemonade!" Paige bounced a bit. "Arrrrr I'll have ye pink lemonade!"

Rachel: "Avast ye son of a biscuit eater!" Okay, probably not the best thing to yell at the wait staff to get their attention because she knew she sure as hell wouldn't have appreciated it in the time she'd spent as a waitress. Oh, well, she'd already started, so she may as well continue with what she was going to say, "Me lass demands a pink lemonade and, I, a coke. Savvy?"

Rachel: While the server went to fill their order, Rachel was more than sure they were not pleased, and she glanced over to Paige with a slight smirk, "Remind me to tip them well."

Paige: Paige giggled again. "I bet they get it all the time."

Rachel: "From six-year-olds," Rachel added as she decided she was unhappy with their seating arrangement. She pulled the toy cutlass from her belt and gave Paige a prod before sliding into the booth next to her. This was much more acceptable. From here, she could more easily steal a kiss.

Paige: Paige giggled, snuggling up to Rachel. "Why heellllloooooo there sexy pirate. I think we need to go take a nap after this."

Rachel: "Pfft, you just want to plunder my depths," she replied with a wicked grin.

Paige: "Yer booty be mine!" Paige replied with a grin of her own.

Rachel: "Aye," Rachel simply agreed to avoid scarring their server as their drinks were placed in front of them. Once the guy was gone, she realized they probably should settle on what they wanted and snagged one of the menus, opening it. Leaning over to share, she pressed a kiss to her cheek, then another along her jaw before forcing herself to focus on the food.

Paige: "Oooooo I want fish and chips!" Paige took a sip of her drink, trying to focus on that since they were in public.

Rachel: "Cheeseburger," Rachel easily decided, pushing the menu aside. Even after all the cheeseburgers she'd eaten that night out with Fabian before school had let out, she still wanted one. "Bacon cheeseburger."

Paige: "Can we get a banana split for dessert?" Not very piratey... but mmmmm!"

Rachel: Considering what she'd chosen for lunch wasn't very piratey either, she nodded, "Whatever you want as long as I get to drop anchor in yer lagoon." Oh, it was so bad there was no way she could keep a straight face and ended up in a fit of giggles.

Paige: Paige gave Rachel a look, then dissolved into more giggles with here. "That is so terrible!"

Rachel: Rachel managed to control her laughter enough to give her a pout, "Do I still get to shiver yer timbers? Or..." So, so terrible. She was just trying to talk through her laughter now, "O-or bury me... me t-treasure...?"

Paige: Paige couldn't handle it. She just laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

Rachel: After she'd finally managed to contain her snickering, she leaned over and, still grinning widely, muttered in her ear in her best pirate voice, "Or ye could jus' prepare t' be boarded."

Paige: Paige started laughing a whole lot more. "Raacccchhhhhiiiiieeeeeee!"

Rachel: "Whaaaat? It's not me fault ye have the best booty."

Paige: "But you have the best booty. I'd like to walk your plank right now."

Rachel: Rachel grinned and turned slightly to slide an arm around her waist, simply willing their server to go put the order for their food in to avoid another interruption. She was smirking as she rested her forehead against Paige's, "After ye measure me fer me chains?"

Paige: "Well I'm not sure what that means... but it sounds hot." She smiled at Rachel, stroking her cheek gently.

Rachel: "Technically, throwing me in a cage, though I was more thinking tying me down while ye hit the motherload." Rachel was quite pleased with herself for managing to work another term in.

Paige: Paige just stared, trying to stammer out a reply.

Rachel: Watching Paige's mind implode was just as amusing as it was adorable, and she considered pushing a nice mental image to go with her words, eventually reasoning with herself that sharing was a good thing as she drew her girlfriend into a kiss to stifle the stuttering.

Paige: Paige couldn't move, couldn't even return the kiss. She just sat there, not knowing what to say or do.

Rachel: It was always easy enough to make Paige squirm, but how was she ever going to top this? Pulling away a little, she sighed heavily and reached for the toy sword again, poking Paige in the side, "C'mon, it wasn't that bad."

Paige: "Ye....yes.... Yes it was." Paige could feel the blush finally starting to fade.

Rachel: "Okay, it was," Rachel agreed, placing the cutlass back on her belt before adding with a wide smirk, "But you know you want it."

Paige: "I... I... I...." Paige just stammered again, face flushing again.

Rachel: Snickering, she pressed her forehead against Paige's again, studying her face for a moment before replying, "I'm taking that as a yes."

Paige: Paige had to hide her face in her hands.

Rachel: Deciding that was likely a sign to back off, Rachel turned back around in her seat, sliding an arm around Paige's shoulders instead as she reached to take a sip of her barely-touched coke. She was starting to believe the smug grin was never going to leave her face.

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Re: Summer 2016: Paige and Rachel

Post by Slarti » Wed May 01, 2013 7:38 am

<Jean> Jean scrolled through the contacts in her phone, leaving Jamie asleep in the hotel room as she went to the lobby. A couple of days of spending time with him and only him and she didn't know what to do. She hit send.

<Rachel> What the fuck is that horrid noise? That was the only thought running through Rachel's mind as she pulled her face from the pillow, casting a bleary glance to the floor. Ugh. Why the hell was someone calling her? She was on vacation. Carefully disentangling herself from Paige, she practically hung over the side of the bed, groping for the phone, sliding down to the floor to pull it out from under the bed.

<Rachel> She blinked at the busted screen a few times, Jean's name distorted through the cracks. Why the hell was that someone Jean? Realizing she should probably answer before it went to voicemail, she swiped a finger across the screen, bringing it to her ear, "Yeah?"

<Jean> "You awake, bitch?" Jean forced her voice into its usual tone, wrapping a long lock of red hair around her index finger and staring at it. Flopping into one of the lobby chairs, she sighed loudly.

<Rachel> "Well, I am now, skank," Rachel muttered into the phone, twisting around to sit, leaning back against the side of the bed. "What do you want?" she asked, smirking a bit to herself as she added while scrubbing at her face, "Because my girlfriend is in bed. Naked. And, in case you hadn't noticed, she's ridiculously hot."

<Jean> "I hadn't, no. Also, ew. My ridiculously hot boyfriend is in bed too. And he's naked too, which is better, because he has a penis." Jean glared at the desk clerk who dared give her a look for talking too loud. "Actually, he could have, like, lots of penises... but I don't think he would be into that."

<Rachel> Letting her head fall back against the bed, she closed her eyes and instantly regretted it at Jean's comments. "The suggestion would probably break him. Also, I'm seconding that ew now. At least I didn't mention any bits..."

<Jean> "Penis!" Jean shot the clerk another look.

<Rachel> "Piratey bondage," Rachel shot back after taking a moment to peer over the edge of the mattress to make sure Paige was still asleep. If she'd been awake, she'd probably pummel her with one of the pillows for breathing a word about it.

<Jean> "We don't need to play games." Jean cringed though. Just.... ew. "Anyway. I need..." she paused again and shuddered. "I need your help."

<Rachel> "Well, we don't need to either, but y'know..." Rachel simply trailed off there, considering the admission for a few moments. Brushing some hair from her face, she tried to fathom what Jean could possibly want her help with and finally asked, "With what?"

<Jean> Jean had been twirling her hair during the looong pause, squirming a little. The clerk was still watching her and she stuck out her tongue. When Rachel finally answered, she sat up. "Um... when I .... you know... used the hat..." Fuck, she shouldn't say this stuff in front of this guy!

<Jean> Maybe she could mindwipe him?

<Rachel> She pulled the phone away from her face to blink at it, "...Which hat?"

<Jean> "You know... the metal hat... in Xa- the old dude's office..." Mindwiping would probably be frowned on, plus she might fuck it up and make him think he was a broccoli or something. You know, one of those long-necked dinosaurs. "Hold on," she sighed, getting up from the chair to go outside.

<Rachel> "Oh. That hat." Rachel wasn't entirely sure how she was supposed to be any help there, but the 'hold on' had come before she had a chance to ask any further questions. While she was on hold, she decided the floor was uncomfortable and slipped back into bed, staring up at the ceiling.

<Jean> Once there, she looked around, then did a quick mental scan. "Okay, so... like, when I used Cerebro... aaaall kinds of shit happened. There was fire, and I did the whole burning thing, and the bird, and I reached Jamie and I could, like, feel him."

<Jean> "I think I accidentally linked our minds," she sighed.

<Rachel> "Yeah, I got all the fiery shit, which was weird, by the way..." she replied, shouldering the phone as she reached to cover Paige. Not that she was likely to get cold in Florida. "And, that's a bad thing, or what? Because you totally need all the brain power you can get."

<Jean> Jean huffed. "Fuck you." The fire was another thing. "I haven't even told him about that after that video with Johnny nuking his dupes!" But wait, she was still insulted! "It's weird and he's in my head all the time and it's... weird."

<Rachel> As she settled back into the pillows, Rachel pulled her half of the blankets over her lap and peered over at the clock. Well, it was later than she thought it was. They could just go to the beach whenever Paige got up.

<Rachel> "So, just sever the link or block him out or something..." That much should be obvious, right? "I mean, if you haven't told him, is he really going to know the difference?"

<Jean> "Yeah.... well I sorta told him when I figured it out myself." She nibbled at the side of her thumbnail. "So he knows, and, like, he, um, can feel it too I guess..."

<Rachel> She pulled a slight face. Weird wasn't exactly how she'd describe it. In her opinion, annoying would've been more accurate. "Well, what exactly do you want me to tell you?"

<Jean> "I don't know! Have you ever-" Dammit, did she want to open this can of worms? Fuck it. "Did you have that with Josh?"

<Rachel> Rachel opened her mouth to answer, decided what she wanted to say would come off harshly, and closed it. She was on vacation. With her amazing girlfriend. Why now? "I... Well, not really, no. I mean, I was more prone to reading his mind, but nothing like that..."

<Jean> Jean sighed loudly and dramatically. "Well... fuck."

<Rachel> "Just..." she paused when Paige stirred and rolled over. It was a small miracle she hadn't woken up yet, as she wasn't a heavy sleeper. When her girlfriend had settled, she continued, "What do you want to know or do?"

<Jean> "I don't know. I guess I just wanted to know what it meant, if anything." She really needed a cigarette now, but she'd also told Jamie she'd stop smoking. Dammit. "We're just in each other's heads kind of all the time."

<Rachel> If Jean could've seen her, Rachel would've shrugged. "I guess it's a good thing you like him so damn much because it sounds like you're kinda stuck together."

<Jean> "Yeah..." As if on cue, Jean felt an insistent tickle in the back of her mind and knew Jamie was having a nightmare. She took a step back from the building and looked up, picking out their room with no problem. "Good thing."

<Rachel> "So, I suppose I wasn't much help on that," she commented, vaguely wondering if it was just Jamie or all the Jamies. All the Jamies could get really, really annoying.

<Jean> "It's okay... I guess I'll get used to it." Now she felt the heat of the flames and winced. "I gotta go wake him up. Have fun doing whatever gross stuff you do with your girlfriend." Preoccupied, she thumbed the phone off and it was already in her pocket before she was back inside the hotel.

<Rachel> Rachel stared at the screen as the call disconnected and rolled her eyes, sliding back down, letting the device fall to the floor once her face had reacquainted itself with her pillow. Yeah, because sleeping was totally gross.

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Re: Summer 2016: Paige and Rachel

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu May 02, 2013 10:20 pm

Paige: Paige stared at the tubey things, frowning at her color choices. "Why don't they have piiiiiiiiiiink. I want a piiiiiiiiink one," she whined, pouting a bit. "Purple is not pink."

Rachel: "Because pink is for wusses," Rachel answered simply as she browsed her options for a hilt. It had taken her all of three seconds to locate the red tubing, snatch up the pieces, and move on. Glancing up, she caught sight of the pouting and sighed, attempting to correct herself, "I mean... No, not even gonna lie, I meant wusses. Purple is so much more badass."

Paige: Paige shoved Rachel, pouting even more. "I am not a wussy!"

Rachel: Rachel refrained from further comments, giving her a smirk as she moved on, "Speaking of wusses, we should make one for Bobby."

Paige: "Blue! Bobby gets blue!" Paige grabbed a blue tubing, frowning at her purple one. It wasn't pink!

Rachel: It didn't quite seem fair to just get Bobby one, so she also suggested, "Green for Lorna, and red for Ripley."

Paige: "No! You will not corrupt the baby to the dark side! No!"

Rachel: "Oh, try and stop me," Rachel challenged with a roll of her eyes as she finished up her own lightsaber, deciding that Ripley's was the one she was making next.

Paige: Paige stood in her way. "No!"

Rachel: A bemused expression crossed her features, and she stepped in as close to Paige as possible, eyebrow going up, "No?"

Paige: Paige timidly stood her ground. "No," she replied.

Rachel: She closed the distance between them to catch Paige's lip, drawing the kiss out long enough to give her time to reach around Paige for some more of the red tubing.

Paige: Paige was nearly fooled. She quickly smacked at Rachel's hands. "MMM!!"

Rachel: Breaking the kiss to curse, Rachel promptly dropped the pieces she'd managed to gather before Paige had noticed. Then, she realized she was around kids and probably shouldn't be cursing, which caused her to let loose another. Forcing herself to just close her mouth, she pouted at Paige.

Paige: Paige pouted right back at Rachel.

Rachel: Her resolve broke slightly at Paige's face, and she just internally cursed this time because she knew she'd be the one to give in. After heaving another sigh, she stole a quick kiss and asked monotonously, "What color did you have in mind for her?"

Paige: "Purple...." Paige giggled just a bit, kissing Rachel again.

Rachel: "Ugh, nooooo," Rachel half-whined.

Paige: "But come on... you can't make her evil like you."

Rachel: As she rested her forehead against Paige's, she asked, "And why not?"

Paige: "Because you are more than I can handle." Paige wrapped her arms around Rachel's neck.

Rachel: "Well, luckily, you don't have to handle her," Rachel grinned, "Lorna and Bobby do."

Paige: "As her Auntie Paigey... I have to help."

Rachel: "Well..." Rachel started, pausing for another kiss, "We could both make her one, and she can choose."

Paige: "Choose her own destiny... I like it."

Rachel: "She'll choose the dark side," she said confidently as she reached around Paige once more for the red tubing.

Paige: Paige kissed Rachel again. "You doubt my ability to steer her correctly."

Rachel: "Only as much as you doubt my ability to corrupt," Rachel replied as she stepped away from Paige to finish assembling the lightsabers. Once she worked out all the pieces for them, she supposed she could start on Lorna's and leave Bobby's to Paige.

Paige: Paige was still stuck on her own, agonizing over the different pieces and parts to put on the hilt.

Rachel: Ripley's was put together just as quickly as her own had been... mostly because it matched. Finishing it up, she got started on Lorna's and eyed Paige with a slight grin, teasing, "Going to stand there all day?"

Paige: "I am not just standing here. This is a big decision. This is my lightsaber!"

Rachel: "It's not like it's life or death," Rachel snorted as she moved to stand next to her, eying the pieces as she considered what Lorna would like best.

Paige: "Well... no... but still. It's a big decision."

Rachel: Shaking her head, she leaned to kiss Paige's cheek before grabbing a few pieces for assembly.

Paige: Paige weighed her choices carefully, finally making a choice she could live with. "There!"

Rachel: "Now you only have Bobby's to agonize over."

Paige: "...I forgot about Bobby's!!! What if he doesn't like what I pick out?"

Rachel: "...We just talked about it, like, five minutes ago," Rachel rolled her eyes, fairly amused, "And, I'm sure he'll like it."

Paige: "I didn't know I had to make it though... Ohhh I'm going to mess it up!" Paige shifted uneasily, trying to decide how to make Bobby's hilt.

Rachel: While Paige picked out the pieces for the hilt, she moved to grab the blue tubing for her, commenting, "You're freaking out for no reason."

Paige: "I want it to be perfect for him. That's all."

Rachel: Rachel gave another roll of her eyes as she waited on Paige, sticking close to her to avoid a small herd of children. Well, another small herd, as there was no escaping kids here unless they were in their room. She turned to lean back against the display, gaze drifting to the windows, the sight on the other side causing her to freeze, "Oh. My. God."

Rachel: After a moment of staring, she was practically bouncing on the balls of her feet as she demanded, "Give me your autograph book."

Paige: "What you found another princess?" Paige asked, fitting a piece onto the hilt.

Rachel: "Noooooo," she shook her head, gesturing with her free hand, "It's Darth Vader! I have to meet him." ...Even though it wasn't the real Darth Vader, and it was totally ridiculous to be this excited over it.

Paige: "Oh no... your mentor...." Paige reluctantly handed over the book.

Rachel: Grinning widely, Rachel leaned to steal a quick kiss as she took the book, leaving the lightsabers with Paige for the moment. She about tripped over a few kids in her rush to get out the door and flailed a bit to keep her balance, trying to pull her phone out of her pocket at the same time to get a picture with him.

Paige: Paige just giggled and finished making her lightsabers. Rachel was so silly!

Rachel: She found herself wishing she'd kept her lightsaber for the purpose of whacking small children out of her way as she waited for her turn, resisting the urge to force choke some of them as she impatiently shifted her weight from one foot to the other. After having met the Sith Lord, she was sure she had the most ridiculous grin on her face. It probably looked as stupid as the one she wore when she talked about Paige.

Rachel: "I think I can happily die now," Rachel decided as she stopped next to Paige, holding out the book for her to see, her phone with the picture in the other hand.

Paige: Paige quickly wrapped her arms around Rachel, kissing her nose. "Not allowed. But I am soooooo glad you're happy!"

Rachel: "Of course I am," she replied, "I just got my picture taken with Darth Vader... Well, and there's you. Anyway, you think we could find any storm troopers? Because that would be totally awesome. Oh, or Chewy? Or..." Rachel trailed off, brow furrowing as she tried to come up with anyone else to meet.

Paige: "Is Leia here? I want my picture with her." Paige showed Rachel her light sabers. "Are you ready to pay and go then?"

Rachel: "We should find out," Rachel answered, nodding as she gathered the lightsabers to go pay. The total was likely going to be painful, but she'd found everything on this trip was. Regardless, it was so worth it.

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Re: Summer 2016: Paige and Rachel

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Mon May 06, 2013 12:43 am

Paige: Sadly, the week at Disney World was drawing to a close. Paige couldn't stand that Rachel had paid for everything. She had to do something about that. Rachel wasn't looking. Now was her chance! Paige dove for Rachel's purse, trying to shove some money into the wallet before Rachel noticed.

Rachel: Rachel had reluctantly dragged herself from the bed in order to pack, which was proving to be a challenge because, much like at home, her clothes were strewn about the room. Plus, they'd gathered a lot of crap throughout the week. After having gathered most of her things into one pile, she moved to flop down on the bed, pausing to raise an eyebrow at Paige once she'd turned around to face her.

Paige: Oblivious, Paige closed the wallet and placed it back into the purse. It wasn't until she looked up and caught Rachel's eye that she gulped.

Rachel: It was hard not to look overly amused at the terrified look on Paige's face. She actually moved to flop down as she asked, "...What are you doing?"

Paige: "...Nothing...."

Rachel: Rachel simply pinned her with a disbelieving look.

Paige: "I love you..."

Rachel: "Well, I would hope so," she replied as she eyed her, continuing after a moment, "But that doesn't really answer my question."

Paige: "But I love you?"

Rachel: Rachel scooted to snag her purse with a roll of her eyes, pulling the money Paige was attempting to give her from her wallet, "I love you too, but I don't need this."

Paige: "I know you don't need it. I want to give it to you."

Rachel: "I want you to keep it," she said as she passed the money back.

Paige: "Well I don't want it." Paige moved away quickly.

Rachel: "I'm not taking your money, Paige," Rachel said, setting the cash aside for the moment. She'd just sneak it back to Paige later, if she had to, and she wasn't likely to get caught.

Paige: "Yes you are. Not a choice!" Paige pounced on Rachel.

Rachel: She let out an uncharacteristic 'eep' as she was tackled and shook her head in response, "Nope."

Paige: "Yes!" Paige kissed on Rachel's neck.

Rachel: Rachel inhaled sharply, stating as she tilted her head, "That's not going to convince me to take your money."

Paige: "Yes it will." Paige nibbled gently.

Rachel: Biting down on her lip, she reached up to run her fingers through Paige's hair, "You sure about that?"

Paige: "Yes." Paige told her, confidently, still kissing and nibbling on her. She ran her hands down along Rachel's sides slowly.

Rachel: It wasn't going to convince her at all, but it was distracting. Deciding to let the subject drop, Rachel swallowed and closed her eyes, taking a moment to remember what she was going to say. "We're never going to get around to packing... It's too bad we can't just stay here."

Paige: "Well... I can stop if that is what you want."

Rachel: "No," she said quickly, shaking her head slightly.

Paige: "Good. I don't want to." Paige went back to kissing her.

Rachel: Rachel found herself struck speechless, unable to come up with any sort of reply to that, which is what generally happened whenever Paige came onto her. Though, Paige's hands on her sides and lips, especially against that spot, on her neck were distracting enough to render her wordless. Grabbing a handful of Paige's shirt, she gave it a tug, finally managing, "Then, don't."

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Re: Summer 2016: Paige and Rachel

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri May 10, 2013 10:24 pm

Paige: Paige spread out the picnic blanket in the shade of the peach trees in Georgia, setting the basket down on top of it. "What a beautiful day for a picnic!"

Rachel: "It's hot," Rachel stated bluntly from her spot on the blanket, picking at her food. Peering around, she could see nothing but trees and found it extremely strange. Besides driving down here, she wasn't sure she'd ever been somewhere that lacked buildings... or had this many trees. Well... No, she supposed Central Park or the woods behind the school didn't really count.

Paige: "It was hot at Disney World too. This is fun, come on. Real Georgia peaches!"

Rachel: "There were pools at Disney World, and I could walk around in a bathing suit," she said, pulling her gaze back over to her girlfriend as she took a bite, "Oh, and Darth Vader... though, not the real one."

Paige: "But... but... peaches." Paige offered a fresh one out to Rachel.

Rachel: Rachel leaned over to simply take a bite of the peach, speaking once she was finished with the bite, "I suppose the food does make up for it."

Paige: "Because these are the most delicious peaches in the woooorld."

Rachel: Considering that after another bite, she nodded in agreement after a moment, muttering around it, "They are pretty awesome."

Paige: Paige giggled and leaned in to steal a peachy kiss. "I'm glad we're here together."

Rachel: "Well, we wouldn't be here at all if we weren't together," Rachel pointed out after returning the kiss.

Paige: "Well then I'm glad we are." Paige slide closer to Rachel, snuggling into her. "So, I got some some peach cobbler and some delicious foods for lunch."

Rachel: "It is delicious," Rachel sagely nodded, as she'd already gotten into the cobbler. Picking up the fork, she scooped out a bite and held it out in offering.

Paige: Paige giggled happily at her, gladly taking the bite. "Mmmmmm do we even need lunch?"

Rachel: After taking a bite herself, she gave a bit of a shrug, under the impression it was far too hot for there to be snuggling. However, she wasn't going to complain about it. "I dunno, maybe. Depends on how good it is, I guess."

Paige: "Welll... you try the first bite." Paige handed Rachel her part of the lunch and spread the fruit out onto the blanket with their champagne.

Rachel: "Why do I have to take the first bite?" she asked as she opened the container Paige had just passed her, shooting her a smirk as she teased, "It's not poisoned or anything, is it?"

Paige: "It better not be... I don't want to diiiiiiie!"

Rachel: "I don't want you to die either," Rachel commented, setting the food aside and going for another bite of cobbler.

Paige: "Where's Bobby when we need him? He's like a cat. He will just come back."

Rachel: Rachel didn't quite manage to contain her cringe at the mention of Bobby's 'death', even though it was meant as a joke, and saved herself from having to reply by eating another bite of cobbler, simply nodding instead. When she was finished with the bite, she went for a subject change, "So, where did we want to go after this?"

Paige: "Weeelllll I have been wanting to see you in a skimpy bikini...."

Rachel: Attempting to cover her near choking, she looked over to her with a smirk as she scoffed, "And what makes you think I own such a thing?"

Paige: "Because if you don't I will buy you one." Paige smirked back at her.

Rachel: "You don't need to buy me anything," Rachel relented, shaking her head, "There's one somewhere in my suitcase." Though, she wasn't entirely sure how she'd avoided wearing while they were in Florida.

Paige: "Mmmm I bet you look so incredibly sexy in it." Paige grinned at her, popping a grape into her mouth.

Rachel: Rachel continued to shake her head, grinning right back, "Nope, I never look like that."

Paige: "Except for when you do... which is allllllllllways."

Rachel: "Exactly," she agreed as she reached for a grape herself, "So, I suppose it's settled that you're driving us to the beach."

Paige: "Woohoo!!!" Paige offered Rachel a grape from her fingers instead.

Rachel: After accepting the grape, Rachel flopped back on the blankets, careful of disturbing any of the food, "And, hopefully, the weather isn't as miserable as it is here." She was under the belief it should be illegal to leave the air conditioning in this kind of heat. It was horrible and humid, and she didn't know how the people that lived here survived.

Paige: Paige laughed at her, laying back with her. "Oh it's not that bad."

Rachel: "Says the one that's from Texas," Rachel muttered, turning her head to watch her.

Paige: "Yep!" Paige giggled, turning her head to look over at Rachel too.

Rachel: Rachel had been debating the possibility of retreating to the car when she caught the look from Paige, ultimately deciding laying here for a bit longer wouldn't be so bad. ...As long as she didn't burn.


Rachel: Sunscreen was something Rachel had definitely remembered after she'd stupidly decided to lay in the sun in Georgia, fairly sure spending more time in the sun wasn't doing the burn any favors. Regardless, she'd dug the bikini out of her bag and worn it as Paige had requested, though she'd mostly stayed in the ocean, specifically eying the surfers. It was tempting to try.

Paige: Paige on the other hand, was turning a lovely golden brown color. She flopped down on her pink beach towel in her pink and white polka dot bikini, gazing out at the ocean. She sighed contently, locking her eyes on Rachel. She was soooo hot!

Rachel: Giving into temptation, she swam over to one of the guys to ask because Paige was being boring, as she didn't have to deal with the misfortune of being prone to burning. The surfer didn't appear to be totally convinced, but she managed to get him to reluctantly agree... She only had to cheat a little with her telepathy to do so.

Paige: Paige sat up, curious as to what Rachel was doing with that guy and intrigued.

Rachel: Rachel spent a bit talking to him, concentrating on the instructions he was feeding her, before pulling the surfboard over to her. After a quick glance over to where she knew Paige was, she got up onto the board and turned her attention back to the guy, asking a few questions and nodding in response to the answers. She knew how to skateboard... The balancing couldn't be that different, right?

Paige: Paige tucked a bit of hair behind her ear, sticking her hat on her head. This should be entertaining for sure.

Rachel: She was torn between finding it entertaining and feeling anxious as she paddled out and attempted to catch a wave, gleaning some more from the guy's mind in hopes it would help. While she did manage to catch the wave, she found herself off-balance, the board slipping out from under her feet, giving her just enough time to prepare herself for being pulled under the water.

Paige: Laughing heartily, Paige got to her feet to walk down to the shore to greet Rachel. "Ohhh Rachel!"

Rachel: After surfacing, Rachel sputtered a bit and swiped at her eyes. Catching sight of Paige, she pushed the board back to the guy, not all that eager to make an idiot of herself again, and went to meet her girlfriend, pouting a bit at her expression, "C'mon, I couldn't have looked that bad..."

Paige: "You were fantastic! You have to try again. It looked like a lot of fun."

Rachel: Brushing some of her hair that was plastered to her face aside, she nodded, "It was. Why don't you try?"

Paige: "Because I won't look nearly as sexy as you."

Rachel: "Oh, please..." Rachel scoffed with a roll of her eyes.

Paige: "Do it again, do it again... I promise I won't laugh this time."

Rachel: "You just want an excuse to stare at me," she grumbled as she went to retrieve the surfboard from the guy once more, heaving a sigh. Paige was totally going to laugh at her again.

Paige: Giggling already, Paige plopped down on the sand to wait. "Gooooo Rachel!"

Rachel: Rachel had gone out to catch another wave and found herself successful in that respect. Then, she flipped forward, as she'd been trying to avoid falling backwards like she had the first time. ...This was nothing like skateboarding.

Paige: Paige made sure she stopped laughing before Rachel resurfaced. "You did great!"

Rachel: Scrubbing at her face once more, Rachel muttered into her hands, "You're so full of shit."

Paige: "But you love my annnnnnyway!" Paige giggled at her.

Rachel: Having convinced the guy to go get his own board after her wipeout, Rachel moved to pull Paige up from the sand as she nodded in agreement, "I do."

Paige: Paige giggled even more, wrapping her arms around her soaked girlfriend. "Still, you did great."

Rachel: It was cold outside the water, but at least Paige was warm. She didn't plan on being out of the water for very long though and grinned, asking, "You know what else is great?"

Paige: "Uhhhhh what?"

Rachel: "The ocean," Rachel answered simply as she dragged Paige to the water.

Paige: That earned Rachel a scream as Paige was dragged into the water.

Rachel: There. Now, she got to laugh.


Rachel: Rachel wasn't entirely sure she had ever seen so many butterflies in her life, and she wasn't entirely sure how she felt about having a ton of them swarming overhead. She wasn't even sure she wanted any to land on her. She looked over to where Paige was and grinned slightly. At least one of them wasn't worried about death from above, as Paige was easily making friends with the butterflies.

Rachel: Wandering over to her, she took the risk of disturbing them and slid her arms around her waist, resting her chin on her shoulder. Looking around, she eventually commented, wanting to kick herself for being so cheesy the entire time she spoke, "So, they're about as pretty as you."

Paige: The garden was so beautiful with all the butterflies. Paige smiled even more as Rachel wrapped her arms around her. "I knoooooow, they come so close!" she teased, kissing Rachel's cheek.

Rachel: "Yeah, I noticed that," she replied, peering over at her once more, "It's sorta creepy."

Paige: "But... why? It's not like they can hurt you."

Rachel: "Because they're like bugs..." Rachel answered, pulling a slight face as she did so.

Paige: Paige couldn't contain her giggle as she turned to wrap her arms around Rachel. "Beautiful bugs!"

Rachel: Shifting at the change, Rachel stole a kiss before peering around again, eventually agreeing, "They are. You clearly pick the best places to stop."

Paige: Smiling more, Paige rested her forehead against Rachel's. "Well, I picked you. Kind of. I have excellent taste."

Rachel: Rachel opened her mouth with a reply to that but closed it. She tried again after a moment, settling on, "Mostly... And, yeah, kind of. It was more of me staring at you until you finally caught on."

Paige: That earned her more giggling. "You stole me away."

Rachel: "Well, I didn't have to try very hard," Rachel grinned, "If I knew all it'd take were my amazing musical skills..."

Paige: "If only you had known..." Paige twirled a bit of Rachel's hair in her fingers gently, smile locked in place. "I love you," she told her, kissing the tip of her nose.

Rachel: Her nose wrinkled at the kiss, but she was still grinning. "Well, luckily, I don't have to use them on you now, but I love you too."

Paige: "Oh oh yes you do! Yes you do!" Paige could barely contain her squee.

Rachel: "I don't see why," Rachel rolled her eyes, sighing dramatically. "But maybe in the car."

Paige: "Promise?" Paige asked, stroking Rachel's cheek.

Rachel: "If I have to, yeah," she answered before stealing a kiss, releasing her hold on Paige's waist and reaching for her hand instead, "So, any specific butterflies you want to see?"

Paige: "Yes. All of them." Paige smiled again, lacing her fingers with Rachel's.


Rachel: Rachel couldn't remember the last time she'd spent so much time outside, but she was sure she'd reached her quota or something. Having given up on rowing, she was content enough to float along with the current, having sprawled across the middle of the canoe. "Do we have plans to be outdoors after this? Because I think I'm just going to burn to dust if we do."

Paige: "Weeeelllll we already picked berries... we saw all those museums in DC. That was inside." Paige smiled at her sweetheart, steadily keeping them going despite Rachel's lack of effort.

Rachel: "This is easily far more exciting than either of those, and all we've done is sit in a boat all day," she replied with a slight grin, "But, seriously, I don't think I've ever had sunburn this badly."

Paige: "I'm reeeeeally sorry... Anna can heal you back at school and I'll totally buy you SPF 1,000 next time, ok? Promise." Paige kissed Rachel softly.

Rachel: "Sunburn's a ridiculous thing for Anna to have to heal," Rachel replied after returning the kiss, shifting carefully to lean back against Paige's legs, letting her head fall back into her lap, "Plus, I never said it wasn't worth it."

Paige: "It's been the best summer ever," Paige assured her, paddling them gently forward. "I mean, I spent it with you after all."

Rachel: "Pfft, we still have a ton of summer left after all this..." Rachel commented, "What are we going to do for the rest of it?"

Paige: "Be lazy in bed?"

Rachel: She smirked up at her, "You mean we don't do enough of that?"

Paige: "Is there such a thing?" Paige teased, pushing the paddle through the water again.

Rachel: Still smirking, Rachel feigned having to think about that one as she eyed Paige, eventually shaking her head, "Nah, I suppose not."

Paige: "Rachie!" Paige laughed at her, splashing Rachel with some water.

Rachel: "Hey!" she protested at the water, careful not to squirm too much because she really wanted to avoid flipping. Instead of retaliating, she let her head fall back once more to pout up at her.

Paige: Right where she wanted her! Paige leaned in for the kiss.

Rachel: Rachel reached for her own oar while Paige was distracted by the idea of kissing her and flung some water her way, inadvertently soaking herself in the process.

Paige: Paige screeched, flailing wildly at getting wet.

Rachel: "Paige!" she protested at the movement, not enjoying how their canoe was rocking dangerously to one side at the flailing, "We're both going to end up in the river."

Paige: "You splashed me!" Paige shrieked.

Rachel: Rachel automatically shot back, "You started it!"

Paige: "I deny this!" Paige giggled more, twirling a bit of Rachel's hair in her fingers as the canoe stabilized.

Rachel: "Of course you do," she rolled her eyes.

Paige: Paige laughed more, leaning down to kiss Rachel again.

Rachel: Rachel thought about actually allowing the kiss but decided it was far more fun to just send water in Paige's direction again, this time settling for a smaller splash to avoid all the flailing.

Paige: Expecting that even less than the first one, Paige backed away flailing.

Rachel: As Paige went over the back of the canoe with a splash, sending it off-balance, Rachel moved a bit too quickly in an attempt to compensate for the change in weight, going over the edge as well. She sputtered as she surfaced, finding she enjoyed the river far less than the ocean.

Paige: Fighting to get air, Paige flailed in the water, convinced she was drowning.

Rachel: Rachel reached for their canoe before it drifted too far away, fairly amused by Paige's reaction and simply stating, "You can stand."

Paige: Testing that theory, Paige stood up, glaring at Rachel. "I could have drowned."

Rachel: Rolling her eyes once more, Rachel dragged the canoe along behind her as she walked over to Paige, incredulous look on her face. There was no keeping the sarcasm from her voice as she replied, "Of course you could've."

Paige: "Well ok so maybe you would have saved me..." Paige wrapped her soggy arms around Rachel.

Rachel: "Maybe?" she raised an eyebrow, teasing as she leaned into the embrace, "You doubt me?"

Paige: "Never." Paige rested her head against Rachel, snuggling into her.

Rachel: Grinning, Rachel kissed her cheek before commenting, "So, I guess we should finish this and go find somewhere to buy a new phone." Hers was in the pocket of her shorts, and she was sure between the busted screen and water damage it was finished.

Paige: "Can I at least pay for that?" Paige asked, nuzzling Rachel's cheek.

Rachel: If she had a cheaper phone, she was sure she could've been persuaded, but... "You're not buying me a new iphone."

Paige: Paige gave Rachel her very best pouty, puppy eyes.

Rachel: "I..." Rachel started to reply, her resolve somewhat weakening at that look, "I don't need you to... It's fine, really."

Paige: "But it's myyyyyyy fault we tipped. And you paid for evvvvvvvverything so far."

Rachel: "Except you wouldn't have if I hadn't splashed you again," Rachel pointed out, "And, of course I've paid for everything. I wasn't going to take you on vacation and make you pay for it."

Paige: "Come on, Rachie... I can pay for the phone."

Rachel: "So can I," she sighed as she debated the best way to get back in the canoe. She supposed she was going to have to sit opposite of Paige so this would go faster. After a moment, she reluctantly muttered, "Guess I'll think about it."

Paige: "Ok!" Paige took her answer and looked back at the canoe. "Can we just... walk to shore?"

Rachel: Slipping from Paige's grasp, Rachel started down the river, dragging the canoe along behind her. They couldn't have that much further to go. "As long as you don't drown... and there's no snakes..."

Paige: "SNAKES?!" Paige was quickly trying to get in the canoe.

Rachel: She held it steady to avoid Paige flipping into the water, carefully getting in herself, laughing. With the fear of snakes firmly in place, the rest of the trip down the river shouldn't take long.

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Re: Summer 2016: Paige and Rachel

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat May 11, 2013 5:44 am

Rachel: Rachel had decided to avoid all of the spa treatments for herself, deciding she was content to sit aside for two hours while Paige went through all the crap. Well, mostly content. She wasn't all that enthused about people touching on her girlfriend, but she could deal.

Paige: Paige had never felt so relaxed in her life. Her chocolate themed spa treatment was just what she needed. At last, it was time for her lunch in The Oasis. Garbed in her robe, she found Rachel and wrapped her arms around her happily. "Ok... this place is amazing. Why did we not go to the chocolate city before now?"

Rachel: As Paige slid her arms around her, Rachel internally cursed as it disrupted her streak in the game she was playing on her new phone. She had grudgingly relented and let Paige pay for the thing, so she was making use of it while she was sitting around. However, she tucked it back into her pocket to answer, "Because the X-men can never take trips to nice places for missions."

Paige: "So lame. This place is like... as close to heaven on earth as it gets! The whole town smells like chocolate. Do we have to leave?"

Rachel: "Sadly," Rachel replied as she kissed her forehead. "If we stayed, all we'd do is eat chocolate. I don't know how people living here resist the temptation."

Paige: "They don't... and I haven't since we arrived." Paige pulled a kiss from her pocket, offering it up to Rachel.

Rachel: "Well, duh... You don't even when we aren't in a place that constantly smells like chocolate," she rolled her eyes but took the piece of candy with a grin, immediately peeling the wrapper off. She wasn't exactly someone that could say anything about living off junk food.

Paige: Giggling happily, Paige tugged on Rachel gently. "Come on! It's time for lunch! You won't like it, but it will be delicious."

Rachel: "And why won't I like it?" Rachel asked as she allowed herself to be led, popping the piece of chocolate in her mouth and stuff the wrapper into her pocket to throw away later.

Paige: "Because it's all healthy food." Paige giggled again. She headed toward the Oasis, giddy about her lunch plans.

Rachel: "...Oh, really?" Rachel asked suspiciously. She liked salads well enough, but that had to do with the fact they were one of the few things she could successfully make in the kitchen. ...Plus, she constantly got told that smothering it with cheese, croutons, and salad dressing cancelled out the healthy part.

Paige: "But we can get you junk food afterward? Right?" Paige took Rachel's hand, lacing their fingers together.

Rachel: "Well, yeah... It'd just be sad to not have dessert," she nodded, giving Paige's hand a squeeze. "How's your day been so far?"

Paige: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaamazing!" Paige laughed, glancing over at her. "Seriously, just amazing. I feel so relaxed and happy. I'm sorry it's been boring for you though. It can't be fun just sitting and waiting."

Rachel: "Pfft, it's not boring," Rachel replied, shaking her head, "I mean, I have my phone. It's a lot more entertaining now that I can see the entire screen."

Paige: Paige laughed at her again, wrinkling her nose a bit. "You're adorable."

Rachel: After a moment of consideration, she gave a small shrug, "I guess."

Paige: Once they arrived in the dining room, Paige led Rachel over to the buffet. "I consider myself an expert on Rachel adorableness." She picked up a plate, going for some fruit.

Rachel: Rachel pressed a kiss to the back of Paige's hand before releasing it to pick up her own plate, considering the food options as she assured her, "You'd be the only one."

Paige: "Well I would hope so. I'd hate to have to beat up somebody trying to move in on your adorableness." Paige put some watermelon onto her plate followed by some cucumber wraps.

Rachel: "Because you'd beat anybody up," she snorted with a roll of her eyes, settling on some pineapple because watermelon and cucumbers were gross.

Paige: "Oh I would for yooooooooou," Paige insisted. "You are that amazing."

Rachel: "...I sorta wanna see this now," Rachel shot her a grin before casting a glance around the room.

Paige: "What if we fill the pool with jello again and I'll beat you up," Paige teased with a smirk of her own.

Rachel: She shook her head, "You only wish you could kick my ass."

Paige: "Oh, I knoooow I can!" Paige giggled at her, smile on her face.

Rachel: "Cannot," Rachel argued, still grinning herself.

Paige: "So we should make this challenge happen. Tonight."

Rachel: She eyed her for a few moments, letting that process before commenting, "Tonight? That's forever from now..."

Paige: "Yes, but I have a honey scrub after lunch." Paige giggled a bit.

Rachel: With a smirk, Rachel held back the first comment that came to mind and leaned over to press a light kiss to her neck as she set her plate on the table, "You could just skip lunch..."

Paige: "And skip to dessert?" Paige questioned, glancing over at Rachel.

Rachel: "If that's what you want," she answered as she returned the look.

Paige: "You are such a terrible, horrible influence." Paige kissed her.

Rachel: After returning the kiss, Rachel mumbled against her lips, "You love it."

Paige: "I love you," Paige clarified, breaking off the kiss. "Come with me." Paige took her plate and led the way.

Rachel: Watching Paige start off, she eyed her for a few moments before trailing after her girlfriend, her lunch completely forgotten. Being a terrible, horrible influence totally paid off.

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Re: Summer 2016: Paige and Rachel

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Wed May 15, 2013 11:27 pm

Rachel: After much debating with herself, Rachel had decided to drive to her house at the risk of the car being stolen because she was sure she'd know if that was happening. Her finger had been anxiously tapping at the wheel, only stopping when she had to throw the car into park and turn it off. As she pushed her door open, she glanced up and done the street, mustering a slight smile, "So... This is it..."

Paige: Paige peeked out the window at the neighborhood, already positive she was going to be shot. "Re, re, really?" She questioned, pushing herself out of the car.

Brian: Brian peered out through the window behind the shades at Rachel's car. Well, that wasn't going to attract attention at all...then again, when had Rachel ever cared about blending in?

Rachel: She cringed at the hesitancy in Paige's voice. Maybe she should've had her dad meet them somewhere, but it was too late now. Moving around the car, she shut the door for Paige and hit the lock button on the keychain... and again for the car alarm, inwardly cringing at the noise. "Yeah, really..." she breathed with a nod, not sure who she was trying to convince as she added while she unlatched the gate, "It'll be fine."

Paige: Paige wasn't so sure about that. She wanted to get back into the car, drive away, and never look back. She bit her lip, reaching for Rachel's hand. She so wasn't walking alone.

Brian: Brian raised an eyebrow at this. Okay, he'd known Rachel had been seeing another woman - it just hadn't occurred to him that this was the girlfriend. Hm, well this would be interesting.

Brian: He wandered over from the living room to the front door, unlatching the chain and opening the door. "Hey, Rachel!" He said, smiling warmly. "How's it going?"

Rachel: Keys secure in her pocket, Rachel reached up to scrub at her face with her free hand, wincing. Sunburn was still there. Well, and Paige was on the verge of ripping her hand from her wrist. She took the creaky porch steps two at a time and managed to extract her hand from the death grip to hug her father, answering with a grin, "It's pretty awesome."

Paige: Also not so sure about that, Paige kept glancing around for muggers.

Brian: "Judging from that sunburn it looks like it was pretty awesome," he laughed. "Good to have you home."

Brian: Brian turned to the blonde haired woman and offered a hand. "Hi, I'm Brian, Rachel's father and you must be the girlfriend, am I right?"

Paige: "Paige," she offered, taking his hand with a wary look around them again. She wanted to go home already.

Rachel: "We stopped by the beach on the way back, and I surfed... Well, I tried to..." Rachel added the last bit in a mutter as she looked over to Paige. Grin still in place, she nodded, "You would be right, and we should probably go in because she's worried about dying in front of our house." She wanted to say it was unlikely, but... Well, it was definitely a possibility in her neighborhood.

Brian: Brian laughed. "Of course, c'mon in." He said, waving the two women in.

Paige: Thankful to be inside with at least a wall between herself and the street, Paige relaxed just a bit. "It's good to finally meet you," she said with her brilliant Paigey smile.

Brian: "Likewise," Brian said, sitting down on the couch and helping himself to some of the food he'd already laid out. Well, so far he liked her better than Josh, that was a good sign.

Rachel: Once they were inside, Rachel quickly snatched up the embarrassing framed photo from one of the end tables, wanting to avoid the inevitable commentary that could come from the picture of her when she was younger. Holding it behind her back, she gestured Paige to one of the cushions of the couch, "You didn't have to set anything out, Dad."

Brian: Brian shrugged. "It's not often I have company over. Might as well go all out when I do."

Paige: Rachel wasn't so lucky. Paige went for the picture in her girlfriend's hand. "You went to so much trouble for us!" Paige blushed a bit, wanting to see that picture.

Rachel: "Nooooo," she held it out of reach, shaking her head. As if the other photos in the room weren't bad enough. "I'm hardly company."

Paige: Paige pouted *hard* at Rachel.

Brian: Brian smirked at Rachel and handed Paige another one of Rachel. "Here, this one's more embarrassing anyways," he chuckled.

Paige: "Thank you!" Paige held it protectively and giggled over it.

Rachel: Rachel just groaned when she missed intercepting that one, flopping into the cushions of the couch next to her father, informing him, "You suck."

Paige: "So cuuuuute!" Paige cooed, setting the picture down to inspect the rest of them before Rachel could hide them all.

Brian: "I know, I'm worst."

Rachel: She had her face buried in the frame she was holding, blushing in embarrassment. "Well, maybe not the worst, but, y'know, you could hang more recent... Actually, you could just hide all the pictures of me."

Paige: "Noooo he can not! I'll make sure you get some more current pictures," she promised.

Brian: "More blackmail!" Brain said, rubbing his hands together teasingly. "I like this one, Rachel!"

Rachel: "I knew I'd been trying to keep you two apart for a reason," Rachel grumbled.

Paige: Giggling again, Paige took her seat. "You knew it would lead to your downfall."

Brian: "Oh c'mon seeing each other's embarrassing childhood pictures is like a rite of passage for couples. I'm sure you'll see Paige's as well when you visit her folks."

Rachel: "Yeah..." Rachel pulled her head up, surrendering the picture to Paige while pulling a face, "Maybe. If I survive that long in Texas."

Paige: Paige gave Rachel a somewhat weak smile, taking the picture. "Maybe."

Brian: "You're going to Texas?" Brian laughed to Rachel. "Oh God, this'll be one for the books."

Rachel: "It's where Paige is from," Rachel nodded, "And, I'm hopeful since I somehow managed to survive Disney World."

Paige: "I'll keep you safe!" Paige promised, brilliant smile back on her face.

Brian: "You'll have to bring me back one of those belt buckles that have the state on them," Brian laughed. "Seems like the thing to do once you go there."

Paige: "You can get them anywhere. They even sell them at lots of gas stations," Paige laughed a little.

Rachel: "Oh, if they sell those, surely they have shot glasses." She was now disappointed they hadn't collected a shot glass for every state they'd been in because she could've put all eight or nine of them to use. Smirking, she offered, "Could get you one, too."

Brian: "I could start a collection..." Brian mused, seeming to have the same thoughts.

Rachel: With a smirk, she teased, "I might come visit more if you had one."

Brian: "Well then I better get collecting!" Brian laughed. "You know you can visit anytime you like though."

Paige: "Should do that more often," Paige told her softly.

Rachel: Rachel snickered along with him, looking between the two as she nodded, "I know... Didn't have a lot of time before summer though. Well, I mean... Y'know..." It just occurred to her she hadn't really mentioned going out to hunt down a cannibalistic cult because the shock of her getting out of a government prison had been enough for her parents, in her opinion.

Rachel: Before either had a chance to reply to that, she added, "We'll have to more after this, assuming you aren't too scared... and we both have time with teaching..."

Paige: Paige just smiled. Like Rachel would let her get mugged. Pleeeease.

Brian: "Life's been pretty busy then, huh?" Brian said, smiling. "I know the feeling."

Rachel: "Work?" Rachel asked, looking over to him as she answered, "Just some X-men stuff, and then vacation from X-men stuff. Plus, I start teaching in the fall, which I guess I need to figure out."

Brian: "What subject are you teaching again? Sarcasm 101?" He teased.

Paige: "Ohhh she's the master at that! You should offer it!"

Rachel: "Pfft, everyone would pass that. All the students are smartasses," Rachel rolled her eyes, shooting her girlfriend a smirk, "Also, Paige teaches all the classes people should pass. Though, I'll have drawing. Then, I figured I'd just crush everyone in psychic defense."

Paige: "Hey! Cosmetology is harder than you think. You should know."

Brian: "Have you ever had any beauty school dropouts?" Brian laughed.

Rachel: "Well, it's not really hard to follow instructions on a box... It's just easier to have you do my hair," she replied, brow furrowing as she leaned forward for a handful of chips, "Nope... At least none that I'm aware of."

Brian: "Didn't someone end up with pink hair when you were a student?" Brian said. "I think that qualifies."

Paige: "We all had pink hair recently. We even colored Bobby's! He was adorable with pink hair... I need to kidnap him in the lab again."

Rachel: "Yeah, Bobby... Though, when we were students was because I helped put dye in his shampoo," she grinned, popping a chip in her mouth. She was still fairly pleased with that prank.

Brian: Brian cackled. "That's my girl!"

Paige: "I just hope none of these pranks come back on me."

Rachel: Smug look firmly in place, she asked, "Why? Because you'd totally lose in a war?"

Paige: Horrified, Paige looked over at Rachel. "You wouldn't play a prank on me!"

Rachel: She considered Paige for a few moments and decided to avoid commenting on that one, eating another chip instead.

Brian: "Oh she would," Brian said. "No one is safe. Ever."

Paige: Paige's lip trembled just a bit. She had to be worried now?!

Rachel: "I promise I wouldn't do anything too mean..." Rachel heavily sighed at the pouting, glancing over to her father to avoid the look, "So, you don't have to work or anything tonight, right? Because I was thinking I could get pizza or something and hang out for a while?"

Brian: "No, I'm not doing anything in particular," Brian said. "So long as I can steal some pizza I'd say you're more than welcome to stay."

Rachel: "No, I'm going to eat an entire pizza myself, and neither of you can have any." So, maybe she should think about that sarcasm class.

Paige: Paige just giggled at Rachel, moving to ruffle her hair.

Rachel: Smoothing her hair back down, Rachel hesitantly leaned to kiss Paige's cheek before getting up, backing toward the doorway to the kitchen to retrieve a menu from the menu drawer, "So, I'll order the pizza... Don't conspire against me, or I'm seriously holding the food hostage."

Paige: "We won't! ...too much." Paige giggled happily. Well this wasn't so bad after all.

Brian: Brian leaned over. "I'll give you a photo album before you go. You gotta have some blackmail too."

Paige: "You are the best ever!" Paige gave him a happy hug. Absolutely the best.

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Re: Summer 2016: Paige and Rachel

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu May 16, 2013 7:04 pm

Rachel: Dumping the last of their luggage with the other things, just inside the door of their room, Rachel shoved her fingers through her hair and went to collapse on the bed, heaving a sigh. She reached for a pillow, pulling it over to her and curling up. "I think I lied about wanting to stay in Disney or Hershey... Neither of the hotel beds were as nice as this one."

Paige: "That's because it's our bed," Paige reasoned, curling up next to Rachel and slipping her arm around her girlfriend. "And we're home now."

Rachel: As she scooted closer, Rachel dragged the pillow along with her, tucking her arm under it as she looked over at Paige with another sigh, "Now that we're home, I guess we should get up and unpack."

Paige: "What's the rush? That stuff isn't going anywhere."

Rachel: "Because I'll never do it if I don't get up now?" she reasoned, "Plus, we have plenty of time to lay in bed."

Paige: "Don't you have powers to do that for us?"

Rachel: "Like I'm going to be able to focus on that while I'm in bed with you," Rachel rolled her eyes, rolling onto her back, "Plus, I'm lazy but not that lazy..."

Paige: Pouting, Paige reluctantly got up. "Fiiine. Let's get it over with then."

Rachel: Rolling off the opposite side of the bed, Rachel stretched as she got up, moving over to the small pile of things. She stared down at it with a slight frown and reached for her suitcase, grumbling, "There's going to be so much laundry."

Paige: "It's alright. I'll get it caught up." Paige smiled at her. "Don't worry about it."

Rachel: "Are you sure?" Rachel asked. Though, she wasn't entirely sure why she even bothered with asking. Paige typically did the laundry anyway. ...Not that she wasn't capable of doing it herself.

Paige: "Of course I am, sweetness." Paige smiled over at her, happy.

Rachel: "Well, then... My suitcase is pretty much done," Rachel decided setting it aside. That definitely took away part of the pile. "I guess it's mostly crap we got for ourselves or other people..." her brow furrowed, and she frowned slightly as she added, "And, apparently, a photo album from my dad's."

Paige: "You touch that and I will kick your butt," Paige ran to rescue it.

Rachel: Her frown turned into a wide grin as she beat Paige to the album, snatching it up just because she didn't actually think Paige would kick her ass for it.

Paige: "Nooo!" Paige smacked Rachel's butt.

Rachel: Laughing, she moved to plop down on the couch and sunk into the pink cushions, album in her lap, the rest of the unpacking forgotten. She could only imagine what sort of pictures were in it. "How'd you even sneak it out of the house?"

Paige: "He gave it to me," Paige plopped down with Rachel to look at it with her.

Rachel: "He's evil," Rachel decided as she propped her feet up on the coffee table, placing the album between them with a sigh, "And, these can't be that exciting. They're all going to be of me."

Paige: "Which is why they are very exciting," Paige cuddled up to Rachel, resting her head against her. "And I love you. So I want to see you when you were little."

Rachel: Taking a deep breath, Rachel flipped the album open and glanced over the first page. Ugh. All the dresses her mother used to put her in. It was terrible. "I better get to see horribly embarrassing pictures of you at some point."

Paige: "So cuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!" Paige was beside herself with the adorableness.

Rachel: She pulled a slight face at the squealing. "Luckily, I don't remember any of these."

Paige: "But you are so cute and look at those cheeks! So cute and puffy!"

Rachel: "...Right," Rachel rolled her eyes, stating as she turned the page, "Let's see how bad this one is."

Paige: "Ohhhhhhh you are so cute!" Paige squealed the moment she saw the picture.

Rachel: "I know I am," she smugly grinned. Well, at least she was now. She wasn't so sure about in that picture.

Paige: "You arrrrrrrrre!" Paige kissed on Rachel's cheek happily. "I can barely stand it! So much cuteness!"

Rachel: Rachel skipped through the next few pages of photos, pulling a face when she got to a school picture where she looked fairly miserable, commenting, "I'm pretty sure I made that face every year."

Paige: "You still make that face," Paige tried to impersonate that face.

Rachel: "Because school still sucks," she laughed, "Though, for different reasons."

Paige: "Yeeeaaahhhh... that mean blonde professor with all the glitter. I hate that one!" Paige couldn't even get the words out without giggling.

Rachel: "Ugh, I know. All that pink is just awful, and it should be illegal to be so happy that early in the morning," Rachel joined in, tilting her head to press a kiss to the top of Paige's. Pulling another face, she admitted, "I got beat up a lot in school... Well, and outside of school... So, sorta in general."

Paige: "But.. but who would ever want to hurt you?!" Paige was horrified by the thought of anyone hurting her Rachie.

Rachel: Shooting her an incredulous look, she asked, "...You did see the neighborhood I grew up in, right?"

Paige: "But... but... you're so pretty! Wouldn't they just want to kiss you instead?"

Rachel: "Pfft," Rachel rolled her eyes, "I was the token white kid."

Paige: "But... but!" Paige was speechless. She held her Rachel protectively. "Nobody is going to hurt you again. Ever."

Rachel: "But what?" she asked, adding, "And, I doubt that."

Paige: "I will keep you safe, Rachie," Paige told her very seriously.

Rachel: Rachel wasn't quite able to maintain the seriousness and teased, "By never letting me leave the bedroom?"

Paige: "...Yes," Paige decided, giggling. "You can never leave!"

Rachel: "I dunno about that..." she replied with a grin, flipping the album shut and tossing it to the coffee table once she decided she'd had enough embarrassment for the moment, "Might get boring."

Paige: "Ohhh I can think of something to entertain you." Paige nuzzled Rachel with a giggle.

Rachel: "Oh, really?" she asked, glancing over to her. "Also, I think my dad would be disappointed if we never visit him again since he, apparently, liked you enough to give you horrible pictures of me."

Paige: "Well... I guess I can let you out for that," Paige giggled again.

Rachel: "I'm glad I have your permission to do that," Rachel snorted, kicking her shoes off before placing her feet back on the coffee table.

Paige: Paige laughed and cuddled, sighing a bit. "I just don't want anything to hurt you. Or anyone."

Rachel: "Well, I'd like the same for you, but it happens. Not much to be done about it," she reasoned as she changed her mind about how she was sitting, deciding that straddling Paige's lap was much more appealing.

Paige: "Hi!" Paige kissed Rachel happily. "But you keep me safe. Nothing happens to me."

Rachel: "Hey," Rachel mumbled and returned the kiss, slipping her arms around her shoulders, "You don't exactly make it hard to do, unlike me."

Paige: "I don't want to lose you..." Paige nuzzled Rachel softly.

Rachel: "I don't see that happening," she said, kissing her cheek.

Paige: "Good." Paige kissed Rachel's nose. "And I'm not going anywhere. I have a sexy woman on my lap."

Rachel: Nodding, Rachel put on a smirk as she commented, "Not unless it's to bed."

Paige: "Where I wanted to be." Paige giggled a bit.

Rachel: "Suppose we didn't get much unpacking done," she muttered as she ducked her head to kiss along her jaw, "Guess that means we may as well have stayed in bed."

Paige: "I'm ok with staying right here... or going back... or both." Paige kissed on Rachel lovingly.

Rachel: Pulling her arms from around her shoulders in favor of running her hands down Paige's sides, Rachel automatically replied, "Both. Both is good."

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