Summer 2016: Lorna and Bobby

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Summer 2016: Lorna and Bobby

Post by Slarti » Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:13 pm

<Lorna> "It's so quiet." Lorna said for what felt like the millionth time. "I really can't get over that. I mean, I feel sort of bad about enjoying the quiet since I miss Ripley but...holy crap is it awesome, too."

<Bobby> "Don't feel bad... just... bask." Bobby was splatted out on the cushy hotel bed and hadn't bothered to get out of his suit from the funeral yet. "We deserve it after sitting through that funeral."

<Lorna> "After the last funeral I was half expecting him to roll up and do the Monty Python I'm not dead bit." Lorna said after a beat. "Is that terrible of me or just befitting our current location?"

<Bobby> "It's entirely appropriate," he nodded, rolling around and wrinkling his suit. "It would even fit better with him since he's got the accent for it."

<Lorna> "At least all of that is over, huh?" Lorna let a slight chuckle out as she swung her feet off the edge of the bed.

<Bobby> "Hopefully forever, but that's probably a stupid thing to even say," he sighed. "Funerals, that is." He rolled over on his side to look at her.

<Lorna> "I think we're a bit young to end funerals forever still. For now we're done though." Lorna assured him, reaching over and ruffling his hair up. "We can relax now."

<Bobby> "Yup! Rogue's probably teaching Ripley dueling banjos about now," he grinned.

<Lorna> "I'm hoping for The Devil Went Down To Georgia, myself...less Deliverance when we come back."

<Bobby> "Mmm well we can hope," he laughed. "Rip and Rogue... they even sound like a redneck duo."

<Lorna> "My god, what have we done?" Lorna chuckled, just imagining the horrors. "It's too late now, though, isn't it?"

<Bobby> "Far, far too late, babe!" Bobby reached over and tucked back a bit of her bright hair. "So... look at us... in England... and all dressed up."

<Lorna> "Yeeep, so I guess the question is what do we do first, huh? It's a pity to waste the fact you're all Bonded up."

<Bobby> "Agent Iceman at your service," he grinned.

<Lorna> "...should that tempt me to get an awesome rental car and see what shenanigans we can have with it?"

<Bobby> "Yes, yes it should. We can order our martinis shaken, not stirred."

<Lorna> That earned another chuckle. "Shall we consider that our first thing to do then?"

<Bobby> "Absofuckinlutely, yes, with a pip pip cheerio on top." He leaned in and gave her a kiss.

<Lorna> "...that was almost painful." Lorna admitted but returned the kiss. "Painful but awesome."

<Bobby> "That is the true definition of love," he mumbled between kisses. "That and corgis."

<Lorna> "We have got to get a corgi. If we don't get a corgi prepare to die, Mr. Bond." Lorna teased, sighing and flopping her arm around him.

<Bobby> "Well shit, then I guess we better get one." He planted a loud kiss on her forehead. "They're little... one would fit in a carry-on..."

<Lorna> "Exactly, nobody would ever suspect! Until he starts barking, then we might have an odd talk with airport security."

<Bobby> "Or when they run him through the x-ray machine..."

<Lorna> "Well then we can just say it's taxidermy...although I guess the skeleton being in would be they leave the skeleton in? Huh, things I've never thought about before."

<Bobby> "It's experimental taxidermy! Wonder if Benadryl would knock out a dog for a six hour flight?"

<Lorna> "I think they frown on people drugging pets on flights, slowing their hearts down too much and all that...but I imagine it would."

<Bobby> "Better pets than babies." Bobby gave her his best shifty look.

<Lorna> "Good point. I don't think we need to worry about smuggling any babies back, though. One is enough."

<Bobby> "For now," he said, keeping up with the shifty look.

<Lorna> " is enough, Sweetcheeks. You already babysit someone a just a bit beyond teenager. Do you want more than one of those someday?"

<Bobby> Bobby's expression said it all.

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Re: Summer 2016: Lorna and Bobby

Post by Slarti » Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:32 am

<Bobby> "London Bridge is falling down," he sang, fairly horribly, in a fake English accent, which was just as horrible as his singing. What else did you do when you are waiting for a tour to start at the London Bridge Station?

<Lorna> Lorna was hopping from foot to foot, humming along with Bobby's performance. "You should really try busking. Maybe after all of this we can head onto the tube and try our luck." She teased, smirking over to him.

<Bobby> "We'd do better if you did the singing, although I could just do it in Pythonese." He tipped his ballcap to her, then started into a rousing version of Chim Chimney.

<Lorna> "Do you think the locals are setting us on fire with their minds yet? I can almost feel the burn." She chuckled, deciding she may as well join him in singing.

<Bobby> "Hey, they shouldn't have such a rich history parody fodder if they don't want it mined." They were getting some looks though, and from people in stripped scarves twice their height at that. If they were weirding out even the Doctor Who fans, then they were doing something very right.

<Lorna> And that was something that Lorna couldn't help but be very proud of. "I think if we decided to do the themesong they would join with us." She pointed out, quite amused at the idea of that. "Shall we?"

<Bobby> "Oh, I think we must!" He was still doing the accent.

<Lorna> "Doooeeeeeeoooooodooooododooooo." Lorna started and soon enough they had a chorus going of the song. "I think this might be the geekiest I have ever felt...I may cry."

<Bobby> "Tears of the purest joy!" Bobby sniffled himself, which kind of broke his doodooing, but he put his arm around Lorna anyways.

<Lorna> Lorna swayed along as the group dooed away, rubbing a false tear from her eye as finally their tour guide could be seen.

<Bobby> The tour guide seemed impressed, which Bobby also took as a good sign.

<Lorna> Lorna took a deep bow once it was over, laughing and linking arms with Bobby. "So, does this make our trip better now?"

<Bobby> "This makes our trip awesome. Let's go be nerdy!" He leaned over to give her a quick peck before the best Doctor Who tour in London (allegedly) kicked off.

<Lorna> "This is going to be a bit weird, isn't it? I mean, isn't most of the stuff to actually see in Cardiff?"

<Bobby> "We're just gonna smile and nod." Bobby did just that to a fellow in a bow tie. "Fezes are cool."

<Lorna> "Now I just regret not bringing gas masks to this thing. I could have 'are you my mummied' the hell ot of people."

<Bobby> Bobby snorted. "Shiiiit, why didn't we dress up too?! We missed a prime opportunity to be really, really nerdy. babe. We're slipping!"

<Lorna> "I think it's just because we didn't get to pack this stuff, we were all in funeral mode and packing for weeping angels costumes would have maybe been a bit much...I regret this now."

<Bobby> "I do have my Chucks... just need a brown suit and some hair gel..."

<Lorna> "Who should I put together then?" Lorna thought about her wardrobe she had back in the hotel, wondering what she could make from what she had.

<Bobby> He gave her an incredulous look, nearly missing a step on the walking tour. "Babe... think about it. Remember your powers, young padawan..."

<Lorna> "...I could make a pretty kick-ass Dalek...consider it done!"

<Bobby> Bobby squeed. A grown man squeeing is quite a sight to see, and on that day, on that tour, those lucky nerds got to see it.

<Lorna> Lorna squeed right along with him, too. "We can make a lot of them...put them on the sidewalks at night and see how many people we can startle!"

<Bobby> "This is the best plan ever, in the history of plans! They'll have to let us have a corgi then!"

<Lorna> "All of the corgies! We'll steal them from the Queen herself!"

<Bobby> Bobby actually looked up to listen to the guide when he heard the word dalek. "They're onto us!"

<Lorna> "No! How can we take over the world now?!" Lorna grabbed onto his arm in mock panic.

<Bobby> He looked at her, then gave her his most serious nod. "You'll have to bust out the cybermen, babe."

<Lorna> "Do you think they're ready for their upgrades?" Lorna asked shiftily, leaning closer to one of their tour companions.

<Bobby> "We volunteer for the upgrade program!" chimed several of the scarf-and-bow-tie festooned crowd. Bobby grinned.

<Lorna> "It would seem we have minions, exactly what I've always wanted!"

<Bobby> "Screw the school - we're moving to England!"

<Lorna> Lorna took a moment to think and nodded. "I can get behind that. If we come over here will Ripley want to go by Ripper when she's a teenager, though?"

<Bobby> "That's just a bonus," he decided.

<Lorna> "You say that now but when she's not doing her Watcher duties and is out gallivanting with Ethan Rayne we'll begin to worry."

<Bobby> "As long as she doesn't take out my eye, I'm okay with this." Bobby closed one eye to squint and grin at her in his best Xander.

<Lorna> "If you're Xander does that make me Anya?...I'd say we can verge off into Alternate Universe so you can keep your eye and I can keep on living."

<Bobby> Bobby eyed her choker suspiciously. "No vengeance."

<Lorna> She put one hand over her heart and raised the other. "I promise, I'll play nice."

<Bobby> He slung his arm around her. "We're home!"

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Re: Summer 2016: Lorna and Bobby

Post by Ferguson » Fri May 03, 2013 3:29 am

<Lorna> "So...was this seriously a man's name?" Lorna asked Bobby as she was still hung up on the name of the museum, not yet jaded to it by the contents. "I mean...horniman? I feel like I'm a sniggering twelve year old."

<Bobby> "Heh heh, horniman, heh. Heh heh." You were never too old for Beavis and Butthead references, Bobby decided as he held the door for her. The building itself looked like a castle, and that was always fun.

<Lorna> Lorna hehhed along with him, shuffling inside along with him and took her first sight of the place. "O...kaaaay, this is quite the...collection."

<Bobby> "Horniman was an impressive weirdo," he agreed, noting that they had a Fiji mermaid and any place with a Fiji mermaid was his kind of place.

<Lorna> "Can we start a creepy, creepy museum of everything one day?" Lorna rubbed her hands as she went to the Fiji mermaid in question, bending down further to properly look at it.

<Lorna> "Just imagine Ripley playing with her friiiiiends."

<Bobby> "We'd be the creepiest creepy family on the block!" Bobby crouched to get a really good look. "I want to poke it. Think they'd notice?"

<Lorna> "I don't dare to think of what the staff of this place does in the off hours so if you want to touch it that's just on you." Lorna teased then, after a moment, gave it a very gentle nudge.

<Bobby> "It'll git ya!" He playfully grabbed her side with a snarl just as she nudged.

<Lorna> "That's okay, Jesus will protect me." Lorna pointed towards the little piece of pottery she caught out of the corner of her eye.

<Bobby> "We should take that baby home for Paige." Bobby winced at it.

<Lorna> "She at least needs a picture, wouldn't you say?" Lorna was all ready getting her phone out, clicking a picture and sending it on with no explanation whatsoever. "She'll like a little Jesus."

<Bobby> "If you ask some people, we all need more Jesus, but personally I'd rather have one of these babies!"

<Lorna> "...what is it?" Lorna stepped over, trying to figure it out. "Oh god, are those fingernails over there?"

<Bobby> Bobby got a little too close to the fingernails to read the card to find out they were, in fact, human fingernails. "....eeeeewwww."

<Lorna> "Don't inhale!" Lorna flailed, pulling him back. "Who knows where they've been!"

<Bobby> "Run away! Run away!" They did move a bit further in, finding a horror for the ages. "Noooo! This is where Spike ended up after Tom and Jerry was canceled!"

<Lorna> "that is...eww." Lorna frowned deeply and left it at that, moving right on. "Bobby, that is my special valentine for you."

<Bobby> "I'm touched, babe... right in the feels, like a spike to the heart." Snickering, he shook his head.

<Lorna> "We can probably find something for that here, too. This place has to have a voodoo section."

<Bobby> "I think I saw it in the guide, but we're in the natural monstrosity section I think... hence poor Wally over there."

<Lorna> "I'm beginning to think this whole thing is going to fall under that that seriously a crocodile lyre?"

<Bobby> "Yuuup, I do believe it is. If it was a banjo, I'd think we were in the south." Bobby caught sight of legs out of the corner of his eyes and turned to inspect the owner.

<Lorna> Lorna muttered to herself as she started to count the legs. "That's just not right." But Lorna saw the dolls section and there was nothing more creepy than old dolls. "Bobby...Bobby look."

<Bobby> "That's... it's..." Bobby was, for another of those rare times in his life, speechless. "That's... a bone in a dress."

<Lorna> "It is, we're getting into the oooold voodoo now, I'm sure. Makes me wonder if I should feel paranoid about any stabbing pain I feel or not."

<Bobby> "How about we pick up one of those bone dolls for Rip, and throw in one of those too?"

<Lorna> "...what the hell is that?"

<Bobby> Bobby read the card. "Oh, hey, we are in the voodoo section! There's a spirit in it." He looked the object over again. "Buddy, I'd be pissed too if I was stuck in an ugly doll."

<Lorna> "Don't like the physique of this particular one?" Lorna teased. "And no, not a fun time there, you should probably avoid pissing off any mean old priestesses."

<Bobby> "...good point." Bobby grinned and air patted the figure. "No offense meant, there, pal." Backing off, he took Lorna's arm. "Let's escape from African Chucky there."

<Bobby> After a beat, he spotted something great. "This stuff is scary, I want my mummy!"

<Lorna> "Are you my mummy?" Lorna asked, tilting her head slightly before cracking up. "this place, I think I love it."

<Bobby> "This place is pure crack in a castle, and they have live animals too... I can just imagine." He did read the mummy's card, though he wouldn't get close enough for a dusty hand to reach out and grab him.

<Lorna> "Wait, there's a frigging petting zoo in here somewhere?" Lorna paused as she just imagined the horrors it could be. "I hope they have costumes."

<Bobby> "Well... mostly fish I think, but they could put noses on the clownfish." Bobby rather liked this idea.

<Lorna> "Maybe a hook-fin or two." Lorna nodded, smirking as she imagined dastardly pirate fish. "We'll just have to find out then, won't we?"

<Bobby> "Arr!" Bobby screwed up his face in a pirate squint. "If we escape these demon dolls!"

<Lorna> Lorna gave her best expressionless look to her husband. "We'll never escape. A part of us will be in them...forever."

<Bobby> "....don't do that. That's... that's really creepy, babe." He faked a shudder and took her arm. "Let's get you out of here Regan."

<Lorna> "Come play with us, Bobby..." Lorna let herself be lead along but she didn't stop just yet.

<Bobby> "Gaaaaaah! Nooooo, give me back my wife!" Bobby led faster. "Fishies! Save us, fishies!"

<Lorna> "We will sleep with the fishes, yesssss."

<Bobby> Entering the aquarium area, things were.... decidedly not weird anymore. "Huh... they're just fish. That's kind of a letdown considering."

<Lorna> "I don't know, it's sort of uncanny valley. They're watching us with their beady little fisheyes."

<Bobby> Returning the favor, Bobby turned to her with a bug-eyed stare and fish lips.

<Lorna> Lorna made a hook with her finger and tried to get his lip at that.

<Bobby> "Nooo," he gurgle bubbled and used his hands to fin flail.

<Lorna> "Come on, Scales, you can be my merman for the day."

<Bobby> "Oooh, I like that sound of that actually." He aimed for the hook.

<Lorna> "Just as long as the Fiji mermaid isn't invited, right?"

<Bobby> "Riiiiight, that's a butt-ugly mermaid. I'd almost take a manatee over that sucker." Spotting something, he took her hook hand and dragged her over. "Oh, wicked, I always liked these guys!"

<Lorna> "Oooooh." Lorna let him off the hook to look at the jellyfish. "They're so pretty...and poisonous."

<Bobby> "Yeaaaah, they look best in a tank, that's for sure." Bobby leaned in close and watched the jellyfish swirl around the enclosure. It was hypnotic. Groovy.

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Re: Summer 2016: Lorna and Bobby

Post by Slarti » Sun May 05, 2013 1:56 am

<Lorna> " ever wish that mutants were magical instead? Because I'm just imagining the crack we could get up to if we were. I mean," Lorna held up the pamphlet she was reading, "a vampire hunt in the 70s...there's only so many things you can blame drugs on."

<Bobby> "Speak for yourself, babe, I am magical." Bobby flitted around her in a full circle. "I'm the vampire of Highgate! I just need some sunlight to blind you with sparkles!"

<Lorna> "Now I just sort of want to pour glitter in when you're going through your phases." Lorna stopped briefly as she considered what a glittery bobby would actually look like. "Bestill my feeble human heart as I swoon from fear!"

<Bobby> "Bleargh, then I'd have to filter that shit out." He did shift just enough to bare some fangs at her and dive for her neck. "I vant to suck your... vell, lots of things!"

<Lorna> Lorna gave him a little shove, snorting. "You'll have to wait until we're back at the hotel then...and I think we've just come up with next year's Halloween costume, don't you think?"

<Bobby> "Hell yeah!" He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and did some snorfle nomming on her neck.

<Lorna> Lorna did her best swoon into her arms while still maintaining her balance. "Was I at least delicious?"

<Bobby> "And nutritious!" Bobby let his victim escape to get his own pamphlet out of his pocket. "Yeeeaaah, I like that people thought there was a real vampire chillin' in here." He looked around. "Although, this is a good place for it."

<Lorna> "Yeaaah, if there's such a thing as vampires roaming England I'd say this is a pretty damned good spot." She locked arms with him, glancing around the place. "I feel like we need some Van Helsing kind of training to continue...but I guess really we've played at Buffy in the DR enough times for it to count."

<Bobby> "I'm fresh outta stakes, Anyanka babe, so we're pretty shitty vampire hunters." Bobby chuckled, heading off down one of the rows of overgrown tombstones. "It's kind of weird that they just leave it like this..."

<Lorna> "Nonsense, twigs are nature's arms and there's plenty of places to find some." She laughed along with him, looking along and nodding. "Well, I guess it does get their money's worth on the tour, wouldn't be the same if we were walking through a well kept cemetery."

<Bobby> "It's like... a British jungle... with tombstones... and you just know there are some weeping angels hiding in here." At that last bit, Bobby lowered his voice and looked around suspiciously.

<Lorna> "Absolute tons, we're going to have to keep our eyes peeled and prepare to iconoclast the hell out of them."

<Bobby> The idea of lurking weeping angels shut him up for a while, and they walked by the fancy chapel and randomly down an avenue lined with crumbling old mausoleums.

<Lorna> "You know, I can't get over the idea of mausoleums. Fancy caskets are enough of a headdesk but I don't really think I need to build a little miniature house for my corpse...I hope you've not gotten your heart set on a miniaturized version of St. Peter's Basillica or something."

<Bobby> He gave her a mock offended look. "This is a dealbreaker... completely and totally. I was going to commission a completely clear version of the Winter Palace for our last resting place. Life size."

<Lorna> "...I think I could be persuaded now that you bring that up." Lorna tapped her chin as she thought about all of the possibilities they had there.

<Bobby> “You get a reprieve then." Bobby nodded his approval, and spotting a clear spot, gave a quick look around before concentrating for a moment and summoning up an ornate icy tomb.

<Lorna> "Is it bad I'm half tempted for you to leave it up and we'll see if maybe people start thinking mystical ice giants have come from the underworld or something?"

<Bobby> "Oh, I'm so leaving it up. Absofuckinlutely. I might even make more." He grinned proudly and took her hand, heading for what looked like a gated area. The gate was open, so... why not?

<Lorna> Lorna gave it a bit of a hairy eye and glanced to her pamphlet, trying to see if the area actually had a name.

<Bobby> Bobby swung the gate with his free hand. It creaked like something out of a late-night horror movie. "Niiiiiiiiiice."

<Lorna> "It is pretty fantastic." Lorna had to admit that it was, deciding it didn't particularly matter if she knew what section it was.

<Bobby> Inside there was actually a short tunnel, lined with crypts, and Bobby paused in the darkness to give it a good look. "Why do I feel like a giant ball should come rolling out at us any second?"

<Lorna> "I'm...yeah, I'm getting the same feeling here. It's sort of uncanny, really. I just hope there aren't snakes" Lorna replied, looking around distrustfully.

<Bobby> "Snaaaaaaake." Bobby was more than a little wary himself of the snake idea. "They have snakes in England, right?"

<Lorna> "They definitely do." She nodded, thinking of all the adder possibilities now lurking in the shadows.

<Bobby> The jungle-like impression grew stronger at the tangle of vines and tree roots engulfing the old-fashioned tombstones all around them. "This place... is super creepy."

<Lorna> "I don't think we're in England anymore. I think we've been Ozzed the hell out and now we're about to LARP Apocalyptico or something."

<Bobby> "Uuuuugh no, at least make it a good movie." That was when he spotted the angel. Bobby froze, almost literally.

<Lorna> "You mean you're not entertained by the idea of Mel Gibson frothing up a storm leaping behind a gra-what the hell is that?"

<Bobby> "Don't blink! We... we need to back away..." He was only half kidding at this point.

<Lorna> "That is the absolute creepiest angel I had ever seen. Steve Moffit shall never know about this."

<Bobby> "The scariest part is it doesn't even look like it belongs in here... it's too new... so it totally is a weeping angel! We're so fucked!" Bobby really did start backing up.

<Lorna> "...what the hell, that woman died in tie 80s? Someone made that thing and meant for it to look that creepy!" Lorna had to have a flail there.

<Bobby> Bobby then tripped over a root that looked suspiciously like a snake and yelped.

<Lorna> Lorna, hands grabbing onto Bobby as he tripped, decided it was time to book it down the path a little ways, laughing. "Oh my god, so, so creepy."

<Bobby> Laughing now himself, Bobby collapsed into Lorna, but now of course they'd ran into another section... that looked strangely Egyptian. "Oh God, now the mummy from the horny man is gonna pop out of the underbrush!"

<Lorna> "I swear, next corner we go around we're going to have to worry about zombie Nazis popping out at us or something. Just remember, don't pick the fancy cups."

<Bobby> "We just gotta find the Ark of the Covenant first. No big." Bobby stopped to consider another statue altogether. It was weather worn, but... "Is that a weeping corgi?"

<Lorna> "Now that's just wrong. Now we have to not blink and watch our ankles." Lorna frowned but went to the corgi in question and patted it.

<Bobby> "D'awww, it's a cute evil that begs under the table and trips you on stairs." Bobby crouched down in front of it and scritched under its chin.

<Lorna> "You're going to be precious death to your owner!" Lorna cooed, laughing. "So if this one starts moving do we run or say how cute it is?"

<Bobby> "We take it home, of course."

<Lorna> "Who's mommy's little horror show? You are, yoooou are."

<Bobby> Bobby laughed and stood up, looking around and spotting a massive stone that looked like a grand piano. "..." was his only comment.

<Lorna> "I've got nothing...except imagining a Peanuts cartoon coming together around it."

<Bobby> "It's Schroder's grave... now that's just sad. I'm depressed," he deadpanned, then laughed. "This place is creepy and weird. I likey!"

<Lorna> "So, where to next now that we know Schroder has went the way of his favourite composers where to next?"

<Bobby> "Well I know Karl Marx is supposed to be buried here... do we care?" He started searching his pockets for the map.

<Lorna> "I'm no fan of communism, we must find Douglas Adams, I am a fan of towels."

<Bobby> "Ooooh, yes!" Bobby started humming "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish" under his breath, then made a perplexed sound. "Babe? Do you have the map?"

<Lorna> "Yeah!" She passed it over, leaning over to look at it as well. "So...where is 'creepy Egyptian section'?"

<Bobby> "Um..." He looked at the map, then around, then back at the map. Turning around, he rotated the map. "Aha!" Was that the piano? It sort of looked like a harp. Didn't some pianos look like harps from above? Or was that really a harp?

<Bobby> Bobby handed the map back to Lorna. "Yeah... I got nothing."

<Lorna> ", do we risk me flying up to try and match the map with what I'm seeing or no?"

<Bobby> "Well, it can't be that big can it? We can just walk around a little more... see if we run across any landmarks?"

<Lorna> "True, I mean, we're surely going to stumble on a name we can look up on the map." Lorna agreed. "Our hunt for the dead truly begins!"

<Bobby> "Stay sharp, An... I'll keep my eye out for ya, too." Bobby grinned and held up his pinky for a swear.

<Lorna> She took the pinky with hers. "Don't get blinked."

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Re: Summer 2016: Lorna and Bobby

Post by Svartfreja » Mon May 06, 2013 3:55 am

<Jessica> Jess waited alone by the bright red telephone box at the entrance to the Covent Garden Market. She had arrived early because she had nothing much else to do and was passing the time watching the crowds and not eavesdropping on conversations.

<Lorna> Now that they had manged to escape the cemetery with their souls and not having been sent back in time, Lorna had to admit she was hungry. "This is the place we were going to meet, right?" She looked to Bobby for the verification. "Because I am starving."

<Bobby> "I think so... all these places kind of look alike." Bobby was starting to get homesick for some Taco Bell and driving on the right side of the street.

<Jessica> The accents stuck out over even the crowd to her hearing and the voices were familiar. She smiled, turning to face them and raised a hand to wave and catch their attention.

<Lorna> Lorna saw the waving hand and nodded to it, waving back. "Yep, there we go then." She laughed, leading the way over. "Hey Jess, how has your summer been going?"

<Jessica> She smiled back, "Pretty good, thanks. How about you guys?" she ran a hand through her hair as a strong breeze blew it across her face.

<Bobby> "We almost got taken by weeping angels, but otherwise, we're good!" Bobby gave Jess a broad grin.

<Jessica> "Oh, you too? They're everywhere!" She laughed. "They nearly got us too."

<Lorna> "You should also watch your ankles, you never know when the tiny ones will get you." Lorna smirked, wondering if it was too late to slip off and get a miniature weeping angel to leave around the boathouse or school and scare the shit out of people.

<Jessica> Jess couldn't help glancing down at the floor then she raised an eyebrow at Lorna, "Damn and I'd just stopped checking under the bed."

<Bobby> "Nah, it's Sharky that lurks under the bed, not the angels." Bobby gave her a good-natured wink.

<Lorna> "You're right, Sharky will snag a toe when you're not looking. It's why I've only got the nine." Lorna lied, chuckling.

<Jessica> Jess wrinkled her nose, "I don't make him sleep under the bed - I'd get terribly cold."

<Bobby> Bobby laughed, shaking his head. "Where is he, anyway?" Not that Bobby was too upset that Sebastian Shaw hadn't put in an appearance yet. "Menacing some poor maitre d to get us a table somewhere?"

<Jessica> She shook her head, "No... he had to go back to New York... So it's just me... is that okay?"

<Lorna> "Dandy by me, so, what grub have we chosen for the occasion?" Lorna was more than ready to get her eat on after her sight-seeing.

<Bobby> He decided not to say it was a vast improvement. "Yup, food sounds good, just no eels or anything."

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "I promise I won't make you eat jellied eels.... I was thinking pie?"

<Bobby> "Are there kidneys in it?"

<Lorna> "Or shepherds?"

<Jessica> Jess blinked at both of them. "Um... I don't think cannibalism is going to be an issue...? And I guess there won't be kidneys unless you ask for a steak and kidney pie?"

<Bobby> "Are they the worst pies in London?" Bobby was really enjoying teasing Jess, so he crossed his arms and raised both eyebrows in question.

<Lorna> That was it, it was time for Lorna to burst forth in song. "These are probably the worst pies in London! I know why nobody cares to take them, I should know, I make them, but good? No! The worst pies in London! Even that's polite!"

<Jessica> Jess stared hard at both of them for a long moment before deciding they were being ridiculous. She shook her head with a small smile and headed towards the pie shop.

<Bobby> Once Bobby's laughter died down, he slung his arm around Lorna's waist. "Ooooh, that's going to be the next musical now, isn't it?" Following Jess, he knew she could hear. "Should make participation mandatory."

<Lorna> "Do you think I'd bother some of the students if I did? I mean, cannibalism and all...but it was fun when we did it before, I should see how it turns out now. I'm not sure Paige'll like working with me on it though, she'd want to be able to make colourful costumes and I don't think blood red is what she'd have in mind."

<Jessica> "When you say 'mandatory'... that better not mean everyone has to sing because I'm going to hide."

<Bobby> "Spoilsport."

<Lorna> "It's a musical, if you're not going to sing you best bring your jazzhands, missie!"

<Jessica> "I can dance... but it doesn't mean I won't still hide..." she glanced over her shoulder at them, "I'm not really the performing type."

<Lorna> "Then probably best not to enroll in the class, then you don't have to worry about me hunting you down with lyrics with a gleam in my eye. You can just stick to the other classes that'd be my scenery and prop making monkies."

<Bobby> "That's kind of where I always hid, myself," he added, strolling along.

<Jessica> "That has the illusion of being safer... but I'm pretty sure I'll suck at that." Wow the market was busy.

<Bobby> "What's to suck at? It's throwing paint at things and pretending to work while carrying stuff around." He flashed Lorna an innocent grin.

<Lorna> "I haven't had many people come close to failing yet, I'm sure you'll be safe." Lorna just snorted and looked at all the food. "I want to eat everything."

<Jessica> "I don't know if I'll have room in my schedule for arty things..." She spied the purple and white sign of their destination and led the way.

<Lorna> "Then you've nothing to fear from me then." Lorna assured her, following Jess on in.

<Bobby> "There's always room for Jello," Bobby quoted, noticing there were an awful lot of pastry things in here. He started humming.

<Jessica> Jess gave Bobby a shove for the jello comment then smiled pleasantly at the staff in the shop.

<Lorna> "Righto," Lorna drifted after the waitress leading them to a table. "I've all ready loaded myself up on Indian according to the British so it's time to go for some actual English food today I think. My stomach and myself will be pleased by the amusingly named foods."

<Jessica> Jess eyed the menu. She was thoroughly enjoying her newly non-vegetarian diet and today would be no exception. "Ooooh I think I know what I'm having already."

<Bobby> "How about some spotted toad dick?"

<Lorna> "Are there any holes for it to go into? That really makes the meal."

<Jessica> Jess thought about it for about half a second then bopped both of them on the heads with her menu. "You have now ruined my lunch choice for me. Thank you."

<Lorna> "I'm waiting for the British to make a food and call it Fisting. When is that going to happen?"

<Bobby> Bobby's inner fourteen-year-old had completely taken over now and he was giggling hysterically.

<Jessica> "I'm sure if you ask nicely one of the staff here might do that now, just for you."

<Bobby> "That sounds painful. I'll pass." He looked at the menu and gave Jess a bop back, just for that.

<Jessica> Jess poked her tongue out at him, "You never know, you might enjoy it." She threw him a grin.

<Bobby> Bobby cringed and shuddered, then turned the puppy dog eyes on Lorna. "Heeelp meee..."

<Jessica> "I'm sure you could get Jack interested after a few...." she offered.

<Lorna> "Okay, yeah, limitations here, if anyone's going to be fisting Bobby here it's me, thanks."

<Lorna> "Jack will have to go bunny hop someone else."

<Bobby> Bobby made a sickly gargling noise in the back of his throat.

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "You should make it a policy to try anything once. Usually pays off."

<Bobby> "Exit only, babe, exit only." He checked the menu again. "God, do they have booze here? Waitress!"

<Lorna> "We're happy with what's on the menu at the moment, no need to order off unless we feel like it." Lorna joked, picking out the actual thing she was going to order off of the food menu.

<Jessica> Jess continued to giggle, amused. It was nice to feel so relaxed.

<Bobby> "Well, now I'm afraid to order anything with sausage or I'll never hear the end of it," he chuckled.

<Lorna> "I'd avoid anything with eels as well, just to be safe."

<Jessica> That set Jess off again, "Well I'm certainly not avoiding sausage."

<Bobby> "Well my sausage is all spoken for, you'll have to find your own."

<Jessica> "I already did that." She raised an eyebrow at him.

<Lorna> "What about eels, are you avoiding eels? Sharky is particularly sea-y, after all."

<Bobby> "Yeah, but he went back to the batcave," Bobby said, waving a hand toward the east.

<Jessica> "I don't think that's any of your business." Jess replied with a fake air of haughtiness.

<Lorna> "Eels don't sound overly pleasant, wriggly, sure, but narrow."

<Lorna> "Plus that's just a huge little swimmers joke all in and of itself."

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "It is, congrats." She smiled at the waiter that came to take their orders and placed hers - Toad in the Hole - then waited for the inevitable jokes.

<Bobby> "Does he know you call it that?" Bobby waggled his eyebrows at Jess as soon as the waiter was out of earshot. "Or was that code and you were hitting on the waiter?"

<Jessica> "I'm not hitting on anyone." She leaned back in her chair.

<Lorna> "Now I'm going to call Shaw Mr. Toad. It can't not be done." Lorna chuckled, ordering herself.

<Bobby> "Bwahahaha!"

<Jessica> "Oh God, please don't say that to his face..."

<Bobby> "Well I for one don't plan on bending down to say it to little Shaw." Bobby was way, way too amused. Payback was a bitch.

<Jessica> "Well good because I don't think Sebastian would be into that."

<Lorna> "What, he isn't into trying new things either?" Lorna chuckled wickedly and settled back in her chair. "I make no promises about calling him Mr. Toad but I don't see him that much anyway so you're probably safe."

<Jessica> "Oh no, he's very adventurous." Jess nodded sagely and gave Lorna a wicked grin.

<Bobby> "Bleargh," Bobby deadpanned. "So you didn't go back with him, obviously. You gonna kick around England by yourself for a while?"

<Jessica> She shook her head, "No... well maybe for a few more days... then I'm going off to the mainland for a while."

<Lorna> "Sounds like a good time." Lorna nodded. "May as well, for soon the school will have you at it's mercies soon enough."

<Bobby> Bobby slurped his soda, wondering if Jess was even gonna bother moving back as he watched her.

<Jessica> "Well maybe... Or maybe I'll just hideout for a bit longer - I haven't decided yet." she gave a half shrug.

<Bobby> "Where?" It was a tossup at this point, he figured. "You staying here, or with Sharky?"

<Jessica> She frowned, "Huh... I hadn't thought of that... I guess I could stay here now... I have a house and everything..."

<Bobby> Bobby gave Jess an odd look over her soda. "House?"

<Jessica> She nodded, "Mmhmm... deeds and keys arrived this morning... Still not really sure what to do with that."

<Lorna> "Well hey, always nice, how exactly did you get it though?"

<Jessica> Well this was going to be awkward how ever it came out so.... "Uh... Sebastian bought it for me..."

<Lorna> "Hahaaa, sugardaddy house. Well, I know what you're going to do with it now." Lorna joked, glad to see their food arrive.

<Jessica> Jess gave a tight smile at that comment and was pleased for the distraction of food. "It's the house I lived in before we left London..."

<Bobby> The food distracted Bobby as well, but he still had to snort at Lorna's comment, then he looked up at Jess. "Oh? Like when you were a kid?"

<Jessica> She nodded, "We went to look at it the day before he went back... it was for sale... but there was no way I was going to be able to afford it..." The food smelled good but the topic of conversation was putting her off starting on it.

<Lorna> "Well, that is pretty nice, definitely something good to have for now or for whenever you're done with school or whatever you decide."

<Bobby> "Sounds a little too nice," he muttered, trying to figure out how to eat this pie thing.

<Jessica> "I didn't ask him to buy it... he just did it and didn't even tell me... first thing I knew about it was when all the stuff arrived this morning..." she chewed her lip, "It's not..." she paused, "It's not what you said..." she glanced at Lorna, "At least... I hope it isn't... it shouldn't be..."

<Lorna> Lorna glanced to Bobby to see his opinions and if they went with hers. What else would it be?

<Bobby> "Did you sign anything in blood? Remember, I told you to watch out for that."

<Lorna> "Because it'll summon other Sharkys." Lorna nodded mock seriously.

<Jessica> "No there was no blood. Not even at the Hellfire club." She shook her head. "But I did do the other thing that I said I wouldn't do... but it's actually okay." She wrinkled her nose a little, "Sort of... I think we're in a relationship now... maybe... I don't know..."

<Lorna> "Sounds..." Lorna wasn't sure that nice was the right word and complicated didn't sound like a thing to say. "confusing."

<Bobby> Bobby had tackled the pie and was now caught with a full mouth, but his eyebrows did the talking for him.

<Jessica> "Little bit..." she shrugged, "Surprise?" she offered, then decided it was time to attempt her food.

<Lorna> Lorna wanted to stick with confusing with her answer for that as well but just chuckled raising her drink. "Well, I wish you luck no matter how confusing."

<Jessica> Jess gave her a smile, swallowing her bite of food, "Thanks."

<Bobby> "So... let me get this straight - Sharky bought you a house... and you're his girlfriend now?" Bobby gave her a highly convoluted head bob. "Yeaokey? Better watch out, he wants your firstborn."

<Jessica> "No no... the other way around... we were at the house when we talked about that stuff... but he didn't buy me the house til after... And I really can't see him with kids... like at all..." That was a weird mental image. She shook herself. "Don't think that's going to be an issue."

<Lorna> "It depends on what bloodrites they need that night." Lorna chuckled into her pie.

<Bobby> "Ding! Lorna got it!" He gave her a grin before taking another bite.

<Jessica> Jess frowned, "He's been nothing but good to me... kind of starting to get irritated by all the digs at him..."

<Bobby> Bobby cocked his head at her reaction.

<Lorna> Lorna decided to mimic Bobby's positioning just for the sake of it, taking another bite of her pie.

<Jessica> Jess frowned all the harder, "What?"

<Bobby> "You missed the part where he's the black whatever of something called the Hellfire Club?"

<Jessica> "King," Jess filled in, "And so what? I met the White King of the London club this week... also I'm a member now..." she gave another shrug. "What's wrong with that?"

<Lorna> "You know what? Not getting into it." Lorna announced and stuffed her fork again. "Hopefully he is fine with you and everything but just be careful, yes?"

<Jessica> "I wish people would stop telling me to be careful and just trust that I can actually manage to make competent decisions...."

<Bobby> After his bite, Bobby took a drink. "Well, it's just concern, but yeah... you're a big girl. I just hope he isn't buttering you up for something."

<Lorna> "So, so many cannibal jokes there, luckily he wasn't one."

<Jessica> Jess laughed, "For what? What could he possibly want from me that he couldn't just ask for? It's not like I don't already feel like I owe him a bunch of stuff... But he hasn't asked me for anything... just company. Which I'd give for free anyway."

<Bobby> "Okay, babe. Okay." Bobby hid his expression behind his drink. "So, where all you planning on visiting during your European vacation?"

<Jessica> "Oh, you know... all the tourist traps... mostly because I've been to all those places and never got to be a tourist."

<Lorna> "You've got a lot of sightseeing to do then, lots of places to cover."

<Bobby> "From what I've seen, I think Europe's just one big tourist trap." He nodded over his pie... there might be eels in there after all.

<Jessica> "Yep... looks that way..." she nodded to both. "I'm a little worried though... my Greek's more than a little rusty... so I could have problems if I get too lost in Athens."

<Bobby> "Gyro? That's all I got."

<Jessica> She laughed, "Yeah you'll get far with that."

<Lorna> "Well hey, you'll stay fed, that's pretty important. Even if it's not as much of a fun name as these lovely foods."

<Bobby> "In my mind, a pie should have some cherries in it. Or an apple." Bobby took another bite of the meaty pie. "Maybe a pot."

<Jessica> "Well there's those too... but why should pastry be limited to sweet foods?"

<Bobby> "This is good... just kinda different, I guess." Bobby had poked it in inspection just as much as he'd eaten it.

<Lorna> "I'm disappointed? No pi jokes? I know you're not teaching math anymore but the nerd in you should demand some 3.14."

<Jessica> Jess was quite liking her food too, "You know what the best part is about being here? The food is nice... but it's not as good as going into a cafe and asking for a pot of tea with milk and sugar and not getting looked at like you're a crazy person."

<Bobby> Bobby laughed. "You guys and tea. And you wonder why us damn yankees make jokes."

<Lorna> "We just put it in the harbour so you could scoop some out whenever you liked!"

<Jessica> "Ewwww not cold and salty!" Jess wrinkled her nose.

<Bobby> "Iced tea isn't bad, at least it's got caffeine," Bobby defended.

<Lorna> "And, if you're in the south, diabetic shit tons of sugar!"

<Jessica> "It's better hot. Much better."

<Bobby> "I'll take your word for it, Lady McJess." He saluted her with his fork.

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow at him, wondering what on earth she'd done to earn that nickname.

<Lorna> Lorna simply chuckled and added her own salute. "I'll drink it all but all in all wish it were coffee instead, no offense."

<Jessica> "I'm sure that's fine if you can drink coffee. I don't hate it... it just messes me up."

<Bobby> "It's supposed to - it's coffee."

<Jessica> "Except I'm immune to caffeine so it's not the fun messing up."

<Lorna> "In any case that just leaves more for me." Lorna said cheerfully, finishing up her pie. "I'll admit, this was better than I thought it would be, we'll have to try and find some back home in the city."

<Jessica> "There's probably some somewhere. There's all kinds of crazy things so why not pie?"

<Bobby> At that, Bobby started singing softly about the worst pie in New York.
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Re: Summer 2016: Lorna and Bobby

Post by Slarti » Sun May 12, 2013 8:07 am

<Lorna> "He should be arriving any moment." Lorna waited impatiently watching as an elderly couple came to pick up the kennel ahead of them. "How do you think he liked his trip?"

<Bobby> "I'm guessing he didn't... I mean, would you?" Bobby's nose wrinkled. "Stuck in the stinky underbelly of the plane for hours and hours. Blah."

<Lorna> "True, but at least he wasn't the only one, right? I just hope he's not going to end up throwing up on us or something on the way home."

<Bobby> "Should have stolen one of those barf bags from behind the seat..." That did kind of concern him, actually, now that she'd said it.

<Lorna> "That would have been the smart thing to do. We can always ice it off if anything happens but still." She pulled a face.

<Bobby> "Bleargh. As if baby puke isn't bad enough." A thought occurred, rather belatedly. "....this is totally two babies now, isn't it. We have two babies."

<Lorna> "...what have we done?" Lorna asked now completely horror-struck at the idea of two babies.

<Bobby> "And this one can't wear a diaper..."

<Lorna> "We've obviously been swindled somehow. We were taken in by cuteness and the novelty of it all!"

<Bobby> "....well, I guess he could wear a diaper, but that would be pretty gross..." Bobby was now stuck on this.

<Lorna> "I am not cleaning that up."

<Bobby> "It'd take a lot of baby wipes," he agreed with a solemn nod. He heard his name called and Bobby stepped up to claim the newest member of the family.

<Lorna> "I'm pretty sure that would just be a flat out bath each time. Nope, this one is pooping free range."

<Bobby> The kennel was moving, and Bobby held it up to face level. The squeaking inside reached a higher pitch and he found his nose assaulted by a little tongue.

<Lorna> "Aren't you, Yoda?!" Lorna laughed and leaned in to see him. "Yes, you're going to roam the school grounds and poop where you like and bite the ankles of miscreants!"

<Bobby> "D'awww, aren't you just a little ball of fluffy cute destruction?" One that really, really wanted out of the kennel since the yips were reaching levels only other dogs could hear. "Let's get him outside."

<Lorna> "Before he has a heart attack." Lorna nodded, pulling the leash out of her purse and hurrying for the door.

<Bobby> Adding the shaking kennel to their cart of luggage, Bobby followed. Finally they found a safe place and the cat could be let out of the bag... or, the corgi out of the kennel.

<Lorna> "You're so cute, I can't wait to put you and Ripley in matching hats!" It was quite possible that Lorna had lost her mind but this was also an expected reaction to the bounding energy of the ridiculously adorable corgi.

<Bobby> Bobby gave Lorna a slightly worried look, but it was soon lost in the joy of corgi. "Come here, my little corgi! Come here! .....Goddammit, stop wriggling long enough for me to get the leash on! That's right! Fuck bronies - we're cronies!" He thought about this. "Brogis?"

<Lorna> "Brogis all the way, although you have to admit cronies is a wonderful and painful pun." Lorna nodded, still mentally checking off all the hats she was going to buy the poor dog....and the costumes, oh yes the costumes.

<Bobby> "Yep, I like it. Although, you gotta admit Jean-Luc Picorg would have been a great name for him too. Right Yoda baby?" The puppy was now busy frisking around their feet and tangling up the leash, all the while yipping at top volume.

<Lorna> "It would have been fantastic...if we get another one we're naming him that...or Locutus of Corg."

<Bobby> Bobby flailed. "Why didn't you say that sooner and we could have had a matched set!?"

<Lorna> "I just thought of it! This means we have to get two more!"

<Lorna> "These things are like pringles!" Lorna exclaimed, ruffling Yoda up.

<Bobby> "What's cuter than a corgi?! A pack of corgis!" The puppy bowled over under the Lorna love and wriggled on his back, all four feet kicking.

<Lorna> "Ripley leading a pack of corgis...God help the next person who tries to make trouble at the school."

<Bobby> "Watch her mutation be that she's the dog whisperer." Bobby got down on his knees to better maul his new furry friend.

<Lorna> "I'm not sure how I feel about giving birth to Cesar Milan, he's a bit old to pop out of me."

<Bobby> "I'd be... really worried if you had done that, babe." Bobby picked up the puppy and it flailed happily.

<Lorna> "As would I." Lorna admitted, laughing and giving Yoda one last belly rub. "We should get this little bugger home and meet the other little bugger."

<Bobby> "And beware when buggers collide. If Ripley says 'howdy, y'all!' we're moving to England." He gave Lorna a serious expression. "We should pinky swear it."

<Lorna> Lorna merely offered her pinky in answer.


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Re: Summer 2016: Lorna and Bobby

Post by Starfish » Sun May 12, 2013 9:18 am


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