Summer 2016 - Cassandra

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Summer 2016 - Cassandra

Post by Starfish » Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:58 pm

Taking place not long after "The Greatest Show Unearthed".

McCoy: "Oh, my stars and garters!" Dr. Hank McCoy wore his astonishment open on his face as he opened the door and stepped into the examination room. "I almost thought the other students were playing a tasteless prank on me, but here you really are, in the flesh..."

McCoy: Large, furry paws fumbled for the glasses stored in the pockets of his lab coat. He gave them a quick wipe before balancing them on his broad nose, hastily approaching to give the two young mutants sitting on the medical stretcher a closer look. "I can't believe it," he muttered, his gaze firmly on the girl smiling back at him. "Amazing..."

Cassie: "You have no idea how often I get to hear that, Doctor," the raven-haired girl replied, a roguish smirk on her lips. "What can I say, I live to astound." Cassandra slightly tilted her head, a sly look playing across her features. "Or live again."

Jonas: Jonas shifted a little back as the blue furred... person leaned in to take a quick look at him. Jonas initially had a nervous knot in his stomach, as if he knew how he had to feel when sitting in a doctor's office. However that got quickly pushed aside by the weirdness if being looked at by a giant blue furred thing. "Are you really a doctor... or is this just some unusual joke I'm not getting?" He asked.

McCoy: "I was actually wondering the same thing," McCoy replied, shifting his attention to the scrawny boy sitting next to the girl and studying him across the rim of his glasses. His skin was an even paler shade of grey than Cassandra's, stretching over haggard, bony limbs. He almost looked like a corpse just having come back to life.

McCoy: "However, I can assure you I that I really am a doctor," he added, pushing the glasses further up his nose. "In fact, my medical certification is merely one of my degrees. The first lesson you will learn at this school is to not judge by outward appearance. After all, despite your looks, I'm not assuming you just crawled out of a grave."

Cassie: Cassandra raised her finger to that. "Actually, he did," she helpfully pointed out. "Well, I lent him a hand."

Jonas: "I was in a coffin." Jonas helpfully added. "How long will this checkup take?" He asked, looking over to some of the instruments and then Cassie. "Are we supposed to be in the same room for it?"

McCoy: Dr. McCoy raised his furry eyebrows, his eyes moving back and forth between the boy and the girl. "My, it must be day of the dead," he muttered, so perplexed he promptly forgot he had already cleaned his glasses, taking them off for another wipe. "Yes yes, the examination... We'll get to this shortly."

McCoy: "Now, where are my manners?" Hank hastily pushed the glasses back onto his nose, extending his free paw towards the pale boy. "Dr. Hank McCoy," he introduced himself.

Cassie: Leaning to the side, Cassandra tilted her head towards Jonas. "Don't worry, he doesn't bite," she whispered into his pointed ear, keeping her eyes on the furry doctor towering in front of them. "At least, I don't think he does. Besides, I look juicier than you, anyway." She had to snicker at her own remark. "Certified tasty and cannibal approved."

Jonas: "Ew." Jonas said glancing at Cassie before his attention went back to the doctor. "Hello," he sad, shaking the large paw like furry hand. "I'm Jonas... and I don't know what my last name is. I think I might have amnesia. "

McCoy: "Nice to meet you, Jonas," McCoy replied, not showing his surprise at the boy's unexpectedly strong grip. "And don't worry, if you will let us, I'm certain we shall be able to help you. Mind you, I can imagine that being buried alive is quite the traumatic experience, so if some slight memory loss is all you suffer from, you can consider yourself fairly lucky."

McCoy: His eyes fell on the young girl sitting next to Jonas, looking rather unconcerned with everything as she was swinging her legs back and forth. "As can you, young lady," McCoy told her, intently studying her. "I wonder, do you even have any idea what happened to you?"

Cassie: Cassandra answered the blue doctor's question with a wry grin. "You mean aside from getting slowly eaten alive piece by piece and coming back to life in the morgue?" she asked, her voice not the least bit serious. "No, not the faintest idea at all."

Jonas: "...can we skip the disgusting bits?" Jonas asked, looking over to a corner for a moment. He looked back at McCoy, forcing a smile, "What's next?" He asked.

McCoy: Placing one furry paw on his hip, Dr. McCoy looked towards the medical equipment lining the wall and ran the other hand over his head. "That's a very good question, my boy," he commented and let out a sigh. "I have seen a lot of strange and unusual things during my time at this school, but people coming back from the dead and crawling out of their graves is new even for me."

McCoy: "However, not entirely unprecedented," the doctor muttered to himself, before he stepped over to the shelves and lockers filled with a wide array of neatly arranged instruments. "First of all, I believe it would be best to start by giving each of you a thorough physical examination."

McCoy: "If you won't mind, I'd like to put the both of you through your paces, so to speak." The blue mutant offered the strange couple a reassuring smile, as he rolled over a sizeable tray. "To ensure neither you or us will be in for any nasty surprises."

Cassie: "I think he might be worried we could start craving fresh brains," Cassandra whispered to Jonas, again leaning closer to his side of the bed.

Jonas: Jonas shifted a little uncomfortably away from Cassie. He could feel the scrutining eyes of the doctor on him. "Is this supposed to be like this?" He asked, "I thought checkups involved gowns with no backsides and touching of..." he glanced at Cassie and then the doctor, "...things."

McCoy: He gave the bald boy a stern look over the rim of his glasses and cleared his throat. "Well, usually my methods are a little more sophisticated than that," Dr. McCoy assured his pale patient. "Besides, I was only paying mind to our dear Cassandra's sensibilities here. The examination of any 'things', as you put it, should not happen in front of the girl's eyes."

Cassie: "Oh, can we start with me then" Cassandra offered, sounding a little too excited and the mischievous smirk on her lips barely hidden. "I'm used to an audience." Sitting on her hands, she eagerly kicked her legs. "You may examine my things any time you like, Doctor Hank."

McCoy: The older blue man nearly choked on his own breath and shook off his glasses. "I guess it's a good sign you didn't lose your sense of homour, Ms. Commons," he told the way too cheeky little girl. "Tempting as it may be, I'm afraid your offer is highly inappropriate."

Jonas: "Umm... should I go outside then?" Jonas asked, more confused than what he was a minute ago. "Or did you mean with more sophisticated that you do the thing without having to take clothes off? If that's the case then I really want to stay and see."

McCoy: "Before we're going for any of the more involved procedures, I believe it would be for the best if we simply start by checking you vital," McCoy replied, pulling over a small stool. He sat down in front of the two and reached for a small pen-light. "That should go over relatively quickly. I'm sure you are eager to meet old friends - or new ones, in you case, Jonas."

McCoy: "Now, if you would just sit still for a moment and look straight ahead." The doctor leaned towards Cassandra first, raising the pen to shine its bright light directly into th girl's eye.

Cassie: She instantly winced and voiced her discomfort through an irritated sound, squeezing shut the affected eye as she forced herself to keep her head still. "Is being able to go blind an important part of my vitals?" she asked, her voice none too pleased.

McCoy: "I'm sorry." Dr. McCoy quickly lowered the pen-light, looking surprised at the girl's unusually strong reaction. "Your eyes must still be quite sensitive. Perhaps an after-affect of their restoration." He pushed the stool to the side. "Maybe let's start with you then, Jonas."

Jonas: "Oh, okay, wait wait." Jonas said, blinking a couple of times, before sitting right and leaning forward a little. "Okay, ready." He regretted those two words seconds later when his white eyes teared up and he had to pull his face away from the light. "Ow ow ow, that stings."

Cassie: Cassandra was still rubbing her own eye as she snickered at Jonas' misfortune. "Oh, don't be such a baby," she teased, despite not having held herself any better just moments before. "Seriously though, Doc, you didn't say anything about burning holes into our skulls."

McCoy: Switching off the offending light, Dr. McCoy sat back and gave the two young mutants a perplexed look. "Both of you appear to suffer from an alarming level of sensitivity to light," he stated the obvious, pocketing the pen-light. "We should definitely keep an eye on that."

Cassie: "Oh no, you won't get my other one, too," Cassandra quickly tossed in, wiping some tears from her watering eye.

Jonas: "Can I add that we already sort of know the thing about light?" Jonas suggested. "Sunlight can get really hot and make my skin itch... and I think Cassie is like the opposite." he said while still rubbing the one eye, trying to look around and blinking profusely to get vision going again.

Cassie: "Yes, sunlight feels cold to me," Cassandra confirmed, looking unsettled at the mere thought of this conundrum. "A beautiful summer day is like a blizzard to me. Only the shadows seem to hold any warmth."

McCoy: "A paradoxical sensory perception," McCoy muttered in response, actually sounding rather fascinated by this circumstance. "I wonder if they're neurological or psychological in nature. Perhaps an unusual form of post-traumatic stress disorder, or the result of your nervous system repairing itself."

McCoy: His gaze fell upon the boy sitting by the girl's side. "What doesn't fit into this picture is that you seem to be affected in a different, but possibly related manner." He scratched his chin. "Have you both been exposed to similar environmental influences, such as strong doses of radiation or chemical substances?"

Jonas: "Not that I know of, or remember... but with the way I'm starting to understand everything you say... I'm getting the feeling I might have been a science geek before I was buried.. and not cool. Which makes me wonder if my name really is Jonas." he said, Now it was his turn to swing his legs slightly.

Cassie: "If it helps in any way, I've always preferred the shadows over the light," Cassandra pointed out, her lips revealing a half-smile. "Then again, I'm pretty sure you could guess as much already."

McCoy: "Oh, that might prove to be a helpful lead in any case, Ms. Commons," the furry doctor replied, giving the girl an encouraging nod, before he returned his attention to the boy. "Now that's good to hear," he told him, showing his impressive teeth as he grinned at the pale mutant. "Your interest in the sciences, I mean. It's always a pleasure to meet a youth with a thirst for knowledge."

McCoy: He frowned. "It's less fortunate you don't seem to be able to recall your name. How did you come to believing it's 'Jonas' in the first place?"

Jonas: "Ah, yes, well, in my jacket's pocket...." He started and leaned over to where the jacket was thrown over a chair, "is a flick knife.... here we go." he took out the handle and showed it to the doctor, "Scratched in on it, Jonas. I really do think Jonas is my name, but I'm not one hundred percent sure."

McCoy: "May I?" Hank took a closer look at the knife, running a big, clawed thumb over the rough engraving. "You should be careful with this around here," he advised the boy, raising his gaze as he handed the knife back to Jonas. "You may be right, and the name could have ended up on it for any number of reasons. Until we have a better lead, however, why not stick with Jonas for now?"

Cassie: "I suggested 'Nosferatu' as his superhero name," Cassandra remarked with a small grin, appearing quite proud of her idea. "It's catchy and has an ominous sound to it that sends shiver down the spines of his enemies. Besides, I don't think anyone would take him seriously if we named him 'Mighty Whitey'."

Jonas: "So we do get superhero names, that is fantastic." Jonas said, a little excited about the prospect. He took the knife back from the doctor, rolling it around in his hands while Dr McCoy went on with his examination. "Don't worry, I bately take the blade out anyway." Jonas said.

Cassie: "This is how I ended up as Dusk," Cassandra revealed to him, a faint smile on her lips as she held up her hand. "It was my stage name before coming here, and it has always stuck with me - apparently even through life and death."

McCoy: Dr. McCoy nodded, as he pushed his stool back to the tray with the medical instruments laid out on top of it. "Names are an important part of our identity, whether they're given to us or we picked them ourselves," he explained, picking up needle and syringe. "It only makes sense that they provide an useful link to our past."

Cassie: "Or our future," Cassandra pointed out, her smile taking on a sly edge. "Jonas has been reborn into a new life, so why not also pick a new name?"

Jonas: "But Jonas is really growing on me. What about Jack? Jack sounds like a good name... or were we talking about super names?" He asked. "If that's the case... nosferatu is a lttle bit too long... doesn't roll off the tongue that essy."

Cassie: Cassandra gave Jonas an appraising look, her eyes narrowing somewhat. "Somehow, I think that might only confuse me," she said, then reached out to gently tug on the tip of Jonas's ear. "Besides, while fashionable in their own right, your ears aren't nearly as big or fluffy enough for a Jack."

McCoy: Hank finished his preparations and placed the small tray with required utensils on the bed, as well. "I would like to take some blood for further testing," the doctor announced, his gaze moving back and forth between the two young mutants. "Both of you get their turn, but I'm taking volunteers for who's starting."

Jonas: "Guess I'll go first. Don't remember being afraid of needles." Jonas said, holding out his arm. He watched as the doctor took his arm and prepared to draw blood. "Owch." He flinched when he felt the needle got inserted. "Well my blood is red. That's good I guess."

McCoy: "Absolutely." Dr. McCoy gave the boy a reassuring smile, before he pulled out the needle and wiped his arm with a sterile pad. "Not that I expected anything else." He put the small container filled with the mutant's blood away and reached for a fresh set of syringes. "You've been an exemplary patient so far, Jonas. You definitely earned yourself a twinkie."

McCoy: "Now let's see if Ms. Commons shall receive one, too, no?" Hank chuckled and prepared the girl's arm.

Cassie: "Do I have to remind you that I've been through slightly worse, Doc?" Cassandra wore a sly smirk as she made the large, beast-like mutant flinch with her remark. She rolled up her sleeve and held out her arm for him.

McCoy: "I'm sorry, I did not intend to make light of what happened to you," he apologized, never sure when the girl was sincere or just fooling around. Focusing on his work instead, McCoy pierced her skin with a flawless motion, before attaching the blood container. ", this feels odd. Did I miss the vein?"

McCoy: "Would you be so kind to hold still for another moment, I almost got it..." His wide brow furrowed as he carefully moved the needle from side to side, daring to give it a gentle tug to increase the pressure. Finally his efforts paid off, yet what spilled forth was not healthy red in colour, but of an oily black.

Jonas: "...yeah, I'm no expert, but ehh, that there don't look healthy to me." Jonas said, pointing with the hand that was holding a half eaten twinkie. "Ohh oh oh, Cassie, I think you have shadows pumping through your veins." he said with a smirk before eating the rest of the Twinkie.

Cassie: "Should I find this eerie or amazing?" Cassandra asked, staring with wide eyes at the needle sticking out of her arm, and the inky black substance oozing into the container. It seemed to be moving under its own power, swirling and sliding against the transparent plastic. "This is so strange that I'll have to go with both and even make up a new word for it - ameerie."

McCoy: "Oh my stars and garters," Dr. McCoy said for the second time this day, feeling something push and jerk the syringe in his hands. ""Obviously I shouldn't have tempted fate by saying I expected nothing out of the ordinary." He pulled the needle back out again, a squirming black cloud remaining above the small puncture.

Jonas: "Hey," Jonas said, licking a thumb, "it's still moving inside.... look, when you hold it still." he pointed out. "Now that's weird. Makes me think of crazy horror movies... wait, look who's talking." he added, rolling his eyes.

Cassie: Holding up her arm, Cassandra looked mystified as she watched the black ooze slowly retract into her body, the puncture in her skin sealing again before her eyes. "Dr. McCoy, what is the meaning of this?" she asked, giving her arm a cautious poke. "I'm pretty sure most people are not supposed to have living ink inside their bodies. Not healthy people, anyway."

McCoy: "I'm afraid I don't know, Cassandra," Dr. McCoy replied as she carefully put the small sample away, before he would turn around to give the girl a sympathetic look. "Not yet, anyway. However, you have my word that I'll do anything to find out." He rose from this stool to step up to his two patients. "In the meantime, try not to be too concerned, yes?"

McCoy: Pulling off his glasses, he gave them a quick wipe, his motions slightly hectic. "Perhaps it would be best if I examined each of you individually," he told them, putting his glasses back on. "I believe a closer look might be warranted here."

Jonas: "Definitely starting with her." Jonas added. "Because I'm feeling peachy fine, but that, that was just weird. Dus-um.. Cassie, you want me to wait outside?" he asked, pointing towards the door.

McCoy: "You can wait in my office, if you like," Hank answered in her stead, looking over his shoulder. "It's right through this door. There are more twinkies on the desk and fresh coffee in the pot, so feel free to help yourself, yes?" He reached for his stethoscope and turned back to the girl. "So, Cassandra, have you noticed anything else about you that seems unusual?"

Cassie: "Unusual according to whom?" Cassandra asked right back, tilted her head as a half-smile played across her lips. "Because depending on who you ask, this might take a while..."

McCoy: Dr. McCoy had to suppress a sigh. "Please try to stay focused, Ms. Commons," he almost begged her. "Anything might turn out to be important later on, but lets start with the things that appear particularly noteworthy to you."

Cassie: Cassandra looked thoughtful with the tip of her finger resting against her chin, a distant gaze in her violet eyes. A moment later, she perked up and pointed at Dr. McCoy. "Oh, you mean things like my heart having apparently stopped beating?"

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Re: Summer 2016 - Cassandra

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Jack: Jack was bouncing on his feet while waiting for Cassie outside the medlab, sometimes peeking in through the window on the door, unable to see much except for Dr McCoy sometimes walking by.

Cassie: ..."I hope you'll excuse my eagerness to get to the bottom of this mystery," Dr. McCoy's voice reached into the hallway as he opened the door to his lab by a small gap. "So if you won't mind, I would like to run a few more tests sometime. These can wait, however."

Cassie: His smiling, blue-furred face appeared behind the doorframe. "For now, I could imagine a lot of people would love to get a closer look at you, too, and who would I be to keep you from them?" Stepping aside, he cleared the path to Cassandra, who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

Jack: "Cassie!" Jack said at first the second he got a line of sight of her, going straight for her, not even taking another look at the good doctor. "You look awesome, way better than when you looked like in bits and pieces.." he said, quuickly getting on the bed next to her, then in hushed tones, "They didn't even leave the good bits."

Jack: Dr McCoy accidentally let a little growl of distaste escape as he overheard the pink student. "If you would excuse me, I still need to have a chat with Cassandra's little pale companion." The big blue furred doctor nodded at them and left.

Cassie: "They are very popular bits," Cassandra replied, a quirky smirk on her lips. She shifted on the bed to get a better look at the boy-sized hare, her eyes filled with curiosity and amazement. "Say, do I know you, funny pink rabbit?"

Jack: Jack paused, mouth a little open as he tried to form a sentence, before remembering what she said about the memory loss. His ears dropped down on to his skull faster than a prom date's panties. "I'm.. um.. I'm Jack... Jack O'Hare. We... we kind of had a um... I taught you some..."

Cassie: She tried to maintain her confused expression for as long as possible, before the rabbit's distraught gaze forced a slowly growing grin onto her face. "Oh, Jack, you adorable fool, how could I ever forget you?" Her hands reached up to caress the soft fur on his head, stroking the long, fluffy ears. "Now even getting my brains eaten could get rid of the impression you made."

Cassie: "Though, I wonder, did you do something with your hair?" Cassandra asked, tapping a finger against the side of her chin as she looked him up and down. "You look different."

Jack: "I got a drunk makeover, you like?" he asked. "I am so rocking pink right now. Never knew just how empowering pink can be, Think I now understand how Reese Witherspoon was able to be so good as a lawyer in Legally Blonde."

Cassie: "There's still missing something," she commented, her scrutinizing eyes closely studying his aggressively pink appearance. "Right now, you look like you've escaped straight from a candy fueled fever dream. Luckily, this could be easily salvaged with some black stripes for that certain punky edge."

Jack: He squinted and suspiciously looked at her, "Are you going to do my nails?" he asked. "No black tail, I'm actually thinking of trying to get that sucker white." he added, then eyed the half open door. Well, at least he wasn't in the hallways, plus they were on a bed. He just started climbing more on the bed, pushing Cassie back down on it while she talked.

Cassie: "Another examination, Dr. O'Hare?" Cassandra asked, biting her corner of her lip as she shifted further back on the bed. "Dr. McCoy just gave me a very thorough check up, and I can assure you everything is exactly where it's supposed to be."

Jack: "I think a second opinion is in order... by the by, is it just me, or do you also get a weird feeling that McCoy sometimes looks at you like you like you're about to be lunch?" he stupidly asked the girl that was the main course for cannibals. "I don't know whether I want to jump him, run from him, or turn my head and cough for him."

Cassie: "Maybe he finds you tasty," Cassandra suggested, showing Jack an impish smirk. Her slender fingers stroked through the smooth fur covering his arms, feeling it tickle her skin. "You worry too much. As you can see, getting eaten isn't as bad as everyone claims it to be. Most definitely the fastest way to lose some weight."

Jack: "I prefer strenuous exercise, preferably with a partner, keep things lively and interesting, don't you?" he asked, by then straddling her, looking down at her, his ears hanging down over his head down on her's. He grinned and closed the gap, kissing her on the mouth. "Missed you a lot." he told her. "And who's the skinny kid?" he asked, licking his lips.

Cassie: "A lost kid I picked up along the way," Cassandra replied, raising her head to brush her cheek against Jack's. "Someone forgot him in his grave, and I would have felt bad just leaving him like that. So I dug him back up and it turned out he no other place to call home, so I took him with me."

Cassie: Her lips found his for a lingering kiss. She smiled up at him. "And once I remembered you, I really missed you, too."

Jack: "Aww, that's so nice if you. He's got a cute ass on him... anyway, where were we? Oh right." Jack kissed her again, hand sliding up on her body, "You know, I was really surprised how much you got to me." he said grinning, "Took a couple of days after you died before I even got back up on the whores."

Cassie: "Really?" She arched and eyebrow and smirked. "I must have left quite the impression if my demise kept you from chasing tails for a whole day, much less several." Leaning up, she playfully nipped at his lower lip. "What sweeter compliment could any girl hope for?"

Cassie: "I wonder, maybe that is the reason why I came back," she mused, casting a thoughtful look towards the side. "Someone realized I'm the only one who can keep your libido in check."

Jack: "Well there was the grieving stage, and that cost the school several boxes of tissues and several gigs worth of porn, so I wouldn't say my libido was brought down." he kissed her again, then slid down next to her, a large pink bunny foot going over her leg as he held her. "So did you have any adventures while roaming the unknown?" he asked while his fingers played with her clothing.

Cassie: "Oh, of course, there were adventures aplenty." Cassandra grinned and clasped her hands in the back of Jack's neck. "I explored spooky cemeteries and haunted houses, stole some clothes and fled from the police, played tricks on a captivated audience, and got into a fight with a panda bear."

Cassie: She tilted her head and shrugged sheepishly. "That latter was not a real panda bear, of course, even though I'm pretty sure he wore the coat of one."

Jack: "Well that's not nice at all, why on earth would anyone want to wear fur... oh wait, I know why, chicks dig fluffy." he said with a smug expression, before nibbling on Cassie's ear,

Cassie: "So that's how he got all those girls in their skimpy dresses to frisk all around him," Cassandra mused, thoughtfully looking towards the lab's ceiling. Turning her attention back to Jack, she ruffled the fur between his ears. "If only they knew I had access to the original package of lovable fluff."

Cassie: Turning her head, she kissed Jack again, before revealing a mischievous smirk. "Should you die before me, which seems likely at this point, can I make a coat out of your fur for my next lover?"

Jack: "Only if you promise to use my fur every day. It needs a lot of love and care and love and some more love." He said chuckling, then licked up over her jaw before nipping and kissing there. "Oh, and don't get anything sticky in it that you can't wash out. So no spray on latex or bubble gum near it."

Cassie: "Don't worry, I would treat it just as well as I do you, of course." Cassandra cracked a grin, turning her head to offer the length of her neck to Jack's mouth. Her chest rose from the bed as she took a deep breath and held it.

Jack: As he kept kissing her, his ears shot up when he heard a click, followed by his head, looking around. After a moment of silence, Jack went back to kissing and nibbling at Cassie's neck, his fingers starting to undress her while his hips ground against her body.

Jack: Outside the door, Dr McCoy had started walking back into the room, but paused and instead closed the door, deciding to give them the moment alone. Before he walked away, wrote and stuck an out to lunch note on the door's window, blocking any view in case someone walked past.

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Re: Summer 2016 - Cassandra

Post by Starfish » Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:06 pm

Hisako: Raising her first as Takachiho did so on the TV, Hisako announced alongside him the word; "HENSHIN!", laughing as he summoned his robot to face his foes as she passed the shisha pipe mouthpiece to Cassandra, "You have never, ever heard of 'Big Hero Six', Cassie-chan?"

Cassie: "Obviously I never had any idea what I missed out on," Cassandra replied, showing Hisako a small grin as she leaned over to take the offered hose. "Then again, maybe I have heard of it and just forgot about it." She took a drag from the pipe, the smoke rising up around her face as she exhaled. "Everything is still quite hazy at the moment."

Hisako: "I think this resurrection from death will do that?", Hisako snorted, laughing again, "I still cannot believe it. It feels like a dream.", she looked at the shisha, "And not because of this. Maybe...maybe a little bit."

Cassie: "You're not alone; the last couple of weeks have felt like like a very strange dream." She took another drag before passing back the mouthpiece, leaning back to rest her head against the sofa as she blew the smoke into the air. "I think coming back to life has less to do with it than having my brains get scooped out by cannibals."

Hisako: Hisako shuddered as she took her next long draw, smoke coming out of her mouth and in through her nose as she sat back, watching the over-dramatic Japanese show's leading lady, 'Honey Lemon', leaping in to fight, "Cannibals, dead girls watching Big Hero Six, men coming alive from coffins....", she giggled a little bit, " think with our 'magical powers' we would believe more in this completely ridiculous world."

Hisako: She sighed, looking back at Cassandra, "...but then sometimes these things that you just cannot explain happen."

Cassie: "The story of my life," Cassandra commented, a faint smile playing across her lips. "I've never been a stranger to weirdness, which might be the only reason why I haven't gone insane from what has happened." She frowned a little awkwardly. "Maybe only a little bit."

Cassie: "And while I have no doubt that there's at least a semi-rational explanation for this, or that Dr. McCoy is already working on solving this mystery, I think I would prefer to keep it as such - a mystery."

Hisako: "If you plan on never re-enacting it, then yes.", Hisako agreed, frowning a little bit, "....can I ask you... something personal, Cassie-chan?"

Cassie: "Of course you can," she replied, wearing a cheeky expression. She turned around to lie down on the floor and raise her legs onto the seat of the couch. Her hands were folded behind the back of her head. "If I'll give you truthful answer... that's a different question."

Hisako: Smiling weakly, Hisako turned to her - herself lying across the sofa with her legs over the arm of one side, head up on a pillow - handing her the pipe she gulped, "....d-do you....remember it? The...the death...."

Cassie: Cassandra accepted the offered pipe and placed the tip between her lips. For a while, the bubbling of the hookah and the distant noise from the TV were the only sounds between them. Smoke rose up from her mouth as she deliberately exhaled, blowing the white mist into the air in the form of a thick cloud.

Cassie: When she finally answered the question, her voice was unusually calm and an odd smile played across her features. "Every single moment." She let her words linger for a moment. "For a while, it was the only thing I could think of, every other memory wiped from my mind."

Hisako: The answer made Hisako more tense. She sat up a little bit, " can you sound so...'alright' with this?", she sighed a little but, "I-I just....I am sorry, I didn't want to seem so insensitive I just....",

Cassie: "Why, that's an interesting question, isn't it?" She turned her head to look at Hisako, her expression nearly inscrutable. "The truth is, I don't know myself." She took another drag from the pipe and let the smoke rise up from her mouth and nose. "Perhaps I went more than just a little insane?"

Hisako: Hisako lay back down, looking up at the celling and unable to shake the feeling there was more truth in that than she dared explore. Was this even the same Cassandra St. Commons? After an experience like that, could it ever be?

Hisako: 'No' was the first thing she thought of. And that hurt more than she wanted to show.

Hisako: "Well....that is interesting.", Hisako concluded, "This experience has changed us all though..."

Cassie: "What if my torture was so unbelievably horrid, so unspeakably gruesome, that after hours and hours of the most unimaginable agony, I could either have let go of my mind for good, or find any way to cope, no matter how warped it may seem, and cling to a final shred of sanity?" she mused, her gaze fixed on something in the distance.

Cassie: "Maybe my mind simply desensitized to what was being done to me so it wouldn't break under the ordeal." Pushing herself up, she passed back the pipe and offered Hisako a smile. "Anyway, I'm sorry for all the grief I caused you."

Hisako: "N-no, there need.", Hisako shook her head, sitting up and taking the pipe from Cassandra, "You didn't do this, why would you apologize, Kage?", she turned, grasping the other girl's hand, "I am....sorry I was powerless to help you."

Cassie: "Then let me turn your own advice right back at you," Cassandra replied, gently squeezing the other girl's hand as she continued to smile. "You didn't do this, either. We have no one to blame but the wickedness of these men, and my own foolishness."

Cassie: "I shouldn't have gone after them on my own, or not even told you where I was going." She shook her head.

Hisako: Hisako's brow furrowed slightly after the initial smile at Cassandra's words, " went....", she felt her heart sink suddenly, " not heard everything have you?"

Cassie: Now it was her turn to show a little frown, and she slightly cocked her head. "No, I'm afraid I was a little preoccupied being dead." Cassandra snickered to show she was joking. "What do you mean? I haven't really had a chance to catch up with anything. Mind you, I'm still getting lost trying to remember the way to my room."

Hisako: "When you ah...", Hisako raised her fingers, making air quotations, "...'died'...Eddie, him.", having no kinder words that could express what had happened she took a large draw from her pipe, the bubbling betraying her anxiousness.

Cassie: Cassandra opened her mouth, attempting to say something, but the words got stuck in her throat when he mind inexorably pieced together the bits and pieces. "Eddie..." she began, giving Hisako a bewildered look. "He was not at the memorial service. Where is he?"

Hisako: "I...don't know if I should be the one to say this.", Hisako confessed, exhaling smoke, "...he is...gone. In one word."

Cassie: Her eyes narrowed, the features on her face taking on a tense edge. "Gone? What do you mean with 'gone'? Did something happen to him?" He couldn't be... no, in that case, they surely would have mentioned him at the memorial, wouldn't they?

Hisako: "He...left. After you were gone, something in Eddie just....died also. He found Kraven first, and he....killed him.", Hisako gulped, sitting up and curling her knees to her chest, "....I-I didn't know...he...did he and you...?", she bit her lip, "...I think he loved you. So much that he just...without you there..."

Cassie: Cassandra's expression froze as she raised a hand, fingertips touching her lips. The muscles in her neck moved as she swallowed. Eyes downcast, she slowly shook her head. "Oh, Eddie, you crazy fool," she muttered. "This is all my fault..."

Hisako: Hisako shook her head, "I disagree. Because he made the decision.", she turned to Cassandra, "...he told us he was...he was following you. You were telling him that you wanted vengeance?", she shrugged, "I....don't know. But he was sure he was right. He wanted to avenge you."

Hisako: She pushed a hand through her hair, "....I don't know what to say."

Cassie: "I haven't seen him since the night he left to find Kraven and I followed him," Cassandra insisted, shaking her head with a thoroughly bewildered look on her face. "You say he... loved me?" She blinked at Hisako, her violet eyes wide.

Hisako: "I-I....he...", Hisako shrugged again, "I cannot...I cannot say for him. I just...assume. Because he said things and....", she looked down at Cassandra, letting out a soft breath, "Cassie-chan, I am sorry I do not know more."

Cassie: Her gaze distant, Cassandra barely seemed to register Hisako's words, or at least didn't show it. "Had I not been so careless with his feelings, or been such a fool and gotten in over my head..." Turning her head to the side, she ran a hand through her hair. "Had I only done as I said I would, none of this would have happened."

Hisako: "What are you saying?", Hisako shuffled around, going down to sit beside Cassandra, "You were careless with his feelings? How? You two were.....I mean, you didn't seem like you would ever...'pick one'...", she made an awkward face, "Are you getting my meaning?"

Cassie: "I know, but I'm not sure if he did," Cassandra explained, looking up to meet Hisako's gaze. "Or maybe he did, and just didn't care." She took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. "In any case, he was always looking after me, wanting to protect me."

Hisako: "I...only he would know, I suppose.", Hisako concluded with a sigh, "He cared. He cared enough to give his life - everything he had - to see that man suffer. The one that took you from us...from him.", she gulped again, "It isn't your fault..."

Cassie: Cassandra bit her lip. "Perhaps you're right, but I still feel somehow.... responsible for what happened to Eddie, if that makes any sense." She gave Hisako a helpless look. "He did all this for me, after all. Should I... be mad at him? Should I feel sorry for him?" She shook her head. "I really don't know."

Hisako: Hisako shook her head, "I have no idea. He...cares about you. That is all I can really say I know."

Cassie: Taking a deep breath, Cassandra let her head fall back against the sofa and let out a long sigh. "Getting killed and coming back to life is complicated," she remarked, eyes gazing at the ceiling and beyond. "This would probably be the perfect opportunity for a what would Jesus do joke..."

Hisako: "Hmhm, yes...", Hisako forced a smile, getting comfortable beside Cassie and looking up at the celling again, "...maybe we should try and relax in the now. Calm like this is too taken for granted."

Cassie: Cassandra turned her head to the side, giving Hisako a long and thoughtful look. Finally, the smile found its way back to her face. "The wisest words that have been spoken tonight," she said and chuckled.

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Re: Summer 2016 - Cassandra

Post by Starfish » Thu May 02, 2013 7:49 pm

Jolen: Jolen had decided that the camping trip he'd been wanting to take Toxic on for months was happening this summer no matter what, however he decided he should put the idea forward with a present. So sitting in a patch of sunlight from the window with his hair vines in some sugar water he was thinking about what to give him.

Cassie: "Well, I see you've got sunshine and you've got water, so tell me if I can put you in a bigger pot," Cassandra remarked, a smirk curling her lips, as she sauntered into the room. She avoided the patches of bright light by the windows, aiming for a chair in the shade instead.

Jolen: "Hello Cassie." Smiling as his white eyes opened to see the girl sitting down across the room from him. "I don't need a bigger pot but I could use someone to talk to me and help my leaves grow strong." Tiny flowers were budding nicely along his hair vines today, hints of yellow and blue showing through all the green.

Cassie: "I've heard you're supposed to talk to your plants to help them grow strong and healthy." She snickered and leaned forward on the edge of her chair. "So be careful around me, you hear, or I'll talk you into a might oak in no time."

Jolen: "And to keep them company." Smirking back he leant forward at her. "A pretty girl like you could do that to any man not just the plant men."

Cassie: "Most men also confuse mighty oaks with frail twigs and try to sell you one for the other." Cassandra laughed and gave Jolen a wink.

Jolen: "You can ask Jack, I have no frail twigs." Poking his tongue out at her and chuckling a little. "I'm glad you're back, I enjoy spending time with you and you're very funny. It hurt almost as bad as my parents deaths did when I found out about you and Johnny."

Cassie: "Thank you for the compliment," she replied, offering the plant-like boy a smile, letting herself slip off the chair to sit on the floor next to him. "I'm very sorry for all the grief I caused. Believe me, I rather make people smile instead."

Jolen: "It's not like it's your fault, you didn't mean to do it, besides your back now and making people smile." Smiling back at her as always, the nice calm person of the entire student body who never seemed to get stressed about anything aside for when people were hurt. "How are your memories doing?"

Cassie: "Loving to play cat and mouse with my sanity." Cassandra chuckled, sitting cross-legged and resting her head on propped up hands. "Apparently there's actually a downside for having a vivid imagination. I can never tell how much of what I'm remembering is the truth, and how much has been embellished by my fantasy."

Cassie: "However, I only rarely get lost in the mansion, any more, and I think we should be able to do without any name-tags." She grinned at Jolen.

Jolen: "Well no name tags is good and I guess as more bits fill in you'll have to worry less about wether what you imagining ever happened." Grinning back and shifting so he could lean against the wall leaving his legs in the sunlight, shorts meaning his strange body hair was in view.

Jolen: "I still get lost in here."

Cassie: "If you're ever up for some exploration, remember that I'm always eager to go on an adventure," she offered. "We can get lost together. Who knows what secrets we'll uncover. And at the very least we'll have each other to keep us company until we're found again."

Jolen: "Though I hope if we get lost for to long we don't start going with the idea of getting me because I look like a sald eh?" Laughing at her then. "I would be up for exploration, my mind needs a bit of jumping at the moment as I need some fresh idea."

Cassie: Cassandra was on her feet the very next moment, looking down at Jolen with a grin on her lips and holding out her hand to him. "What are we waiting for then?" she teased. "Take my hand, my leafy comrade, and we'll be off on our glorious quest!"

Jolen: Laughing he grabbed her hand and got to his feet, glad that nothing had been lost from his energetic friend. "I'm really starting to be glad I was saved from the forest by a group of weirdos now, I've come to a place full of awesome fun people to be friends with."

Cassie: "And I obviously traded one circus for another," she remarked with a laugh. "Which probably explains why I feel right at home here." Holding on to his his hand, she leaned back and pulled him towards the hallway. "So, what should we explore first?"

Jolen: "How about the upstair floors? I explore the basement all the time never know we could find abandoned class rooms with students still stuck in detention from eons back when xavier was a student." Letting himself get pulled as he padded across the floor barefooted.

Cassie: "Oh yes, I've heard there are secret lairs of former students still undiscovered underneath the roof." Cassandra turned around and skipped ahead, Jolen close in tow. "And later we could try to find dusty old tomes in the library, maybe holding old, forbidden knowledge - or just a great muffin recipe."

Jolen: Laughing he followed after her long legs keeping pace with her skipping. "I like muffin recipes, after all ancient knowledge isn't very good when you don't understand, while recipes I understand just perfectly."

Cassie: "Then muffins shall be the treasure to await us at the end of this perilous journey," she announced and raised an arm, before quickening her pace to drag the boy up the wide flight of stairs.

Jolen: Jolen quickly moved into a jog to follow her enjoying the freedom from lessons and for once all his extra studying. "Muffins, tea and cookies perhaps? After we've discovered the lost students of XU?"

Cassie: "Absolutely!" Cassandra peeked around the corner at the top of the stairs, looking down either path of the hallway. "They must be starving after all this time in detention. Let's hope they're not so desperate to try and eat us. I'm kinda over being mistaken for food."

Jolen: "At least it will only happen to you once. We get a vegetarian in the school and I'm screwed." Grinning and peeking round the corners himself. "I think left first what about you?"

Cassie: "Down there are the teachers' offices, so... " She looked over her shoulder and revealed a sly smirk. "Definitely."

Jolen: Smirking back he nodded. "Come on then 007 lets go find the students being held hostage in detention!" Starting off down the long corridor with a nice spring in his step.

Cassie: Taking the boy's hand, Cassandra pranced along by Jolen's side, bringing both of them to a sudden halt when they were about to pass by a heavy wooden door. "First of all, we'll need something to fend off any foul creatures lurking in the depths of the this go house," she said, holding up a finger.

Cassie: "Not any weapon will do, however," she elaborated, stepping closer to the entrance to Professor Farouk's office. "Only an enchanted blade from the lard-demons lair could keep us safe." Her voice dropped to a conspiratorial whisper. "Beware, though, he's always hungry."

Jolen: "I always find the idea of weapons amusing when my body is one, but I shall take your advice on this one." Eyeing the door carefully as he dropped his own voice. "There's enchanted blades in there?"

Cassie: She looked at Jolen, a faint smile playing across her lips. "Anything can be in there, as long as we want it to be," Cassandra told him, carefully trying the handle of the door, only to find it locked. "That's the upside of having a vivid imagination."

Cassie: Placing her hand on the surface of the door, inky blackness appeared to crawl underneath the pale skin of her hand, bleeding onto the wood to form a large sphere of darkness. "Ladies first!" She stepped through the portal to the other side.

Jolen: Frowning at the strange blackness he carefully stepped through finding the sensation off all that darkness surrounding him discomforting. "That is a very weird sensation and right now we're in a very dangerous office, lets hope the swords are easy to find."

Cassie: "Oh, don't worry, this demon loves nothing more than to brag with his ill-gotten treasure and put it on display for everyone to see," Cassandra announced, spreading her arms to gesture at the wall behind Farouk's large desk, lined with countless knives of all shapes and sizes.

Jolen: Jolens eyes widened at the wall, he liked knives and kept his own well looked after but these were the coolest looking things he'd ever seen. "Well I think we need to find a suitable enchanted blade and get on with our explorations before the demon returns."

Cassie: "Yes, better be quick and on our guard," Cassandra remarked, already stepping forward towards the wall, tilting back her head to marvel at all the shiny, sharp treasure in front of her. Reaching out, her fingers carefully traced over one particular blade she had laid her eyes on before. "It's risky to linger."

Cassie: As she took the curved elegant weapon from its rack, she turned her head and showed Jolen a grin. "Just remember, if he comes after us, always keep running, no matter what - or he'll roll right over us."

Jolen: "Keep running don't look back, I got it." Smiling he found a long curved sword and carefully lifted it off the wall, feeling the rather secure weight in his hand with a good heft. "Right I do beleive we are ready for our epic quest for the lost students."

Jolen: Stepping back over to the portal he extended a hand. "Shall we my brave warrioress?"

Cassie: "Lead the way, my valiant knight in leafy armor," Cassandra replied, cracking a grin, and put her hand into his.

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Re: Summer 2016 - Cassandra

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Venom: Having stopped for gas just a few dozen miles outside New York, Eddie stood beside the meter, filling his Daytona with gas and watching the clerk in the window.

Venom: Perhaps it was paranoia - maybe a man adorned in a vest top, ragged black jeans and with a dark coat draped across his jet motorcycle was a fearsome sight - but the clerk seemed concerned by his presence.

Venom: Tutting, Eddie reached into his pocket and drew Cassie's old phone, blood still crusted on its trim. He opened a picture of her and Mayday, smiling at how happy the dark haired girl had been. And perhaps still was...

Cassie: Apparently being dead wasn't enough to keep one safe from the bills. The school had been considerate enough not to throw away the mail addressed to her name during her temporary bout of cannibal-induced death, perhaps out of sentimentality, or to forward it to her next of kin.

Cassie: Having picked a table located in a secluded corner of the library, the stack of letters piled up in front of her, Cassandra held in hand the latest overdue notice from her phone provider. It had served as a reminder that she didn't even know where the thing was, or remember when she had lost it. All she knew was that it hadn't been among the rest of her things in her room.

Cassie: Before going through the hassle of getting a new one, there was one more thing she could try. Picking up the phone provided by the school, she dialed her own number and waited, not expecting much to come out of this idea. Who knew, maybe she was about to have a really awkward chat with an employee of the city morgue.

Venom: The vibration made Eddie jump something fierce, not that the phone hadn't gone off before - texts from the service provider, marketing, etcetera - but this was wholly unexpected. An unknown cellphone number.

Venom: A million posibilities passed through his mind: someone from XU? The police? SHIELD? With a deep breath he answered, raising the phone to his ear and speaking in the voice of 'Emily Brock';

Chaos: "Hey! Is this Chris?"

Cassie: Cassandra blinked, dumbfounded for a moment. She hadn't expected it to still be charged after all this time, much less someone actually answering her call. "Hello?" she eventually managed to utter. "I'm afraid not, as I don't even know anyone named Chris. You appear to have found my phone, however."

Venom: The shock rendered Eddie speechless. Yes, Illyana had said she was alive, but to actually hear it was something that still seemed impossible.

Venom: Dropping his vocal facade, he cleared his breath, mind racing with things to say, settling on simplicity; "Hey...kiddo."

Cassie: Another stretch of silence followed, the second surprise hitting her even harder than the first. It took Cassandra a moment to remember how to breathe, and several attempts to formulate an articulate response. "Eddie?" she asked, her voice unsteady. All the moisture seemed to evaporated from her mouth in a single moment.

Venom: "Yeah...yeah, it's me.", he confirmed, voice as uncertain as hers. Her every word seemed so gentle - a bitter memory of the Symbiote's mockery stabbed at his chest like a needle - as he sat back against his bike;

Venom: "So...dying the new black?", he laughed dryly, the joke as hollow as his chest felt.

Cassie: "You know how they say one should try everything at least once," Cassandra responded with an equally lame joke, chuckling through the phone. She shifted in her chair, unable to sit still all of a sudden. Her grip on the phone tightened, her other hand awkwardly reaching up to play with her name. "You don't seem that surprised."

Venom: Eddie gulped, "I-Illyana mentioned you were...back. A-and I...", he paused, " don't seem scared that you're talking to a killer, in fairness..."

Cassie: Cassandra sat back in her chair, Eddie's remark even bringing a small smile to her face. "Would I have anything to fear from you, even if we didn't talk over phone?" She asked him. "Besides, killers aren't what they used to be anymore, anyway. Turns out even the good ones can't keep you dead for long."

Venom: "....somehow don't think that will be a problem in my case.", Eddie managed after a moment, allowing himself to smile too, "...Jesus Christ, I'm glad you're ok.", he breathed, with a breath he didn't even know he was holding, "I-I....I just....I can't even explain how I feel, I-I just...."

Cassie: "You don't have to," she said, smiling as she looked out the large window-front lining the library. "If it's anything like how my friends around here felt when they found out, I've got a pretty good impression already." Her words were followed by a moment of silence. "I'm sorry... for everything I put you through..."

Venom: Feeling the words like a ponyard in his gut, Eddie hastened after her, "No, no, please. Y-you didn't....i-it's not your fault. Please don't think that.", he closed his eyes, taking a deep breath, "Cass, it....I-I just...couldn't deal with it. I was weak, I've....been weak. I couldn't fight it, I still can't. Even now, I can feel this...thing, like a hand on the back of my mind..."

Venom: He sighed, " know, I...I thought that it was you. I-I thought that...your ghost was asking me to do it. I-I was so convinced that I was doing the right thing for you, I didn't even consider the consequences. I-in a way I...I-I wanted it. I really wanted it..."

Venom: There was a long pause, "....I'm a fucking monster, Cassandra..."

Cassie: Cassandra took a deep breath and bit her lip. "No, you're not, Eddie," she insisted a moment later. "If you truly were, you wouldn't feel that way about yourself." She twirled a strand of black hair around her finger. "I still can't help but somehow feel responsible for what happened. To me, to you... to everyone."

Cassie: She let out a sigh and raised her gaze towards the ceiling, rolling her eyes. "Hadn't I been so foolish to get myself killed, it would never have gotten this far."

Venom: Eddie wanted to disagree, but her logic was pretty firm there. Causality took its destined course when she'd left. Of course, she hadn't gone until he'd led her there; " was my fault. I gave you the address. You went to protect me from myself. If I'd have only listened....then you wouldn't have even....", he gulped, "....I....thought I'd lost you forever....I-I mean, had. N-not just me...I...."

Cassie: "It hit you really hard, didn't it?" She sucked on her lower lip. "Harder than anyone else." After a moment of hesitation, she added: "I had no idea you felt so strongly about me."

Venom: Silence and gentle static presided for a few moments as Eddie considered a response; "....I...didn't either. I guess, in a way, I thought of you like a kinda protege, you know? A-and.....I-I mean, I seemed to like me for me, even now, you won't say I'm insane or anything, you just....everyone else hated me but you...seemed to care."

Cassie: Cassandra actually snickered. "At least you didn't say you see me as your little sister," she replied. "That might have carried all kinds of strange implications." Another deep breath, followed by a slow sigh. "How could I hate you without hating myself? You did all this because of me."

Cassie: She ran a hand through her hair, uttering a dry laugh. "I don't know whether to feel flattered or guilty because of that."

Venom: "Please don't say that...", Eddie sighed again, " wasn't your fault. I don't want you to be upset. I mean, I know I picked a very Shakespearian way of doing it, but...", he laughed a little himself, "...Cass, I just...I can't do this over the phone. I-I don't want to, and more to the point I don't want to endanger you. I should go...."

Cassie: "Wait!" She sat up in her chair, gripping the phone tighter. "We don't have to do it like this. Talking over the phone, I mean." Swallowing, she forced out the next words. "If you tell me where you are..."

Venom: "No.", Eddie insisted, not missing a beat, "Christ no. If this call's tapped, what then? A-and risk me losing my mind all over again? No! I won't do that to you, I will not do that! I-I...I don't want to see you hurt! Not because of me!", but he did want to see her. He wanted that more than anything in this world or any other.

Venom: Swallowing his fear, he shuddered, "...I-I want to, I really, really do, but....Cassie, if anything happened to you..."

Cassie: "I want to see you, too," Cassandra replied the very next instant. "Maybe I can help you - somehow, but you've got to let my try." She smiled, even though there was no way he could see it. The change in her expression was carried by her softening tone, however. "Shouldn't you know better than to worry about me by now?"

Cassie: "After all, curiosity isn't the only thing I have in common with cats, it seems."

Venom: Eddie bit his tongue - what was there to say? He knew that she'd made up her mind, and if the past was any indication, that meant her plan was going ahead. He sighed softly once more, "Cassie, know what, you're right, what can I do to stop you, hm?", he let out a soft laugh, weak and yearning as he felt inside, "...alright, let's see if good news hits the press then."

Cassie: Cassandra blinked, until she thought about what he had just said. "Then I should better watch out for them," she told Eddie with a soft chuckle. "By the way, you worry too much. Anyone coming after me would soon find out how frustrating it can be to chase someone who can slip away through the shadows."

Venom: "Does that mean I'll always have to keep running after you?", he smirked, not that she could see that, though perhaps his tone carried across the gesture; "...there's so much else I want to say but....well, maybe soon. Not now, but soon..."

Cassie: "I can hardly wait," Cassandra replied, sitting up in her chair with a bright grin. "I feel like a schoolgirl about to sneak out on her secret date."

Venom: A far more happy laugh came from the other side of the phone, "So, it's a date? Heh, I'd better bring you something then, eh?", all of a sudden, Eddie was glad he'd taken Illyana's kind offering, "Flowers, picnic, maybe alcohol 'cause it's not a school night?"

Cassie: "As long as you bring yourself, what else could I ask for?" She bit down on the tip of her small finger, a smirk playing around the corners of her mouth. "Which doesn't mean I would say no to a picnic under the starlight with a bottle of nice wine."

Venom: Eddie nodded to himself, "I'll keep that in mind...", he assured her, glancing back up at the window of the gas station where the clerk had started dialing a number on the phone, "....ok, time to split. See you soon...",

Cassie: "I'll take your word for that," Cassandra replied. "Watch out for yourself, will you?" Even after hanging up, her gaze would rest on the phone in her hand for a while, a faint smile remaining on her face.

Venom: On the end of the other line, Eddie smiled also, stroking the image of Cassandra on the screen before pocketing the phone and mounting his bike. Yanking the gas tap out, he replaced it, casting a fistful of dollars out of his pocket before whipping his helmet on and reving up his bike.

Venom: Before the protesting clerk had left the door, he'd zipped back onto the highway - a black blur in the bright sunlight on its way to something better.

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Re: Summer 2016 - Cassandra

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Cassie: Lurking behind the kitchen window like a predator waiting for its prey, Cassandra waited only long enough for the paperboy to steer his cycle down the driveway again, before she skipped down the hallway towards the front door. Not bothering to step outside into the bright morning sun, she created a black portal on the wooden surface.

Cassie: The shadowy tentacle curled through the passage and snatch up the stack of wrapped up newspapers, dragging in its haul to drop it off right into the girl's waiting arms. The dark constructs evaporated as she turned to head back to the kitchen, impatiently tearing open the plastic coating on the way.

Hisako: A frustrated sigh preceeded the entrance of Hisako, who marched into the kitchen and went straight for the fridge, removing a small bottle of 'Yakuruto' and opening it, glancing over at Cassandra, "Ohaiyo gozaimasu.", she greeted, sipping from the tiny bottle.

Cassie: "And a lovely morning to you, too, Hisako," the other girl replied, smiling up at the Japanese student while she spread out the newspapers on the kitchen table, trying to bring some order into the pile of actual news and advertisements. "At least that's what I'm going to assume you just said."

Cassie: Right when she flashed Hisako a cheeky grin, something behind Cassandra made a loud snapping noise. "Toast?" she asked.

Hisako: "No, thank you.", Hisako declined, closing the fridge after withdrawing a bottle of milk and placing it on the counter before glancing back at the other girl, "Did you sleep well?"

Cassie: "I had a spooky dream involving an eerie haunted house, so... yes, I slept wonderfully!" Cassandra smiled, while dark tendrils wound through the kitchen. One pair snatched the finished bread out of the toasted, another fetched a plate and knife, while a couple more raided the fridge for butter and marmalade. "How was you night?"

Hisako: Hisako watched the tendrils go about their tasks as she lifted a box of cereal, reaching towards the washing up rack for a bowl, "It....was not so good. I did not sleep much, I was worried about Laura..."

Cassie: The smile faded from Cassandra's face, replaced by a slightly concerned look. "Laura? Why would you be worried about her?" The shadowy arms set down all the gathered things on the table in front of her.

Hisako: Sighing, Hisako shrugged, "She heard that Eddie was maybe around, and....and she decides she should go and try to find him."

Cassie: Her attempt to spread some butter across a slice of hot toast came to a tragic end when Cassandra accidentally stabbed the innocent bread. "To do what, exactly?" she asked, looking up at Hisako, faking a genuinely curious expression. "And he's back around? Really? What made her think that?"

Hisako: "It's a rumour...", Hisako shrugged again, "Apparently the seniors mentioned? I don't know...", scanning Cassandra's features, she sipped more of her drink, "She is so insistant that she 'must see him' - he is a danger to everyone and himself...why can't anyone see this?"

Cassie: "He may be, yes." Cassandra inwardly sighed and bit her lip, dropping the ruined piece of toast for another one. "Which is exactly why we need to help him, yes?" She did her best to keep any tension out of her voice as she looked up, offering Hisako a hopeful smile.

Hisako: Hisako's face dropped, "You are a terrible liar.", she informed the other girl, "What do you know?", she demanded, placing the drink down - breakfast, in her opinion, could wait.

Cassie: "Nothing, and a little bit of everything," Cassandra replied, putting great effort into appearing as clueless and cryptic as possible. "Mostly rumors, as you've said yourself. I'm not the in the know like the the seniors. Me, I'm just a curious freshmen with a tendency to poke her nose where it doesn't belong."

Hisako: "How is it you Americans say; 'bull-shit'?", Hisako scoffed, folding her arms, "What do you know, Cassie? Tell me."

Cassie: Cassandra narrowed her eyes at the other girl and slumped down in her chair. "Not a morning person, I take it?" She let out a long sigh and rolled her eyes. "Fine..." Still stalling, she twirled some of her hair around a finger. "In one of these hilarious series of unlikely circumstances, I may have ended up accidentally calling Eddie on the phone."

Hisako: The Japanese girl narrowed her eyes, "You...spoke to him? What did he say? Why did you not tell anyone!?"

Cassie: "Only what most people would expect anyone to tell someone the cared for and believed to be dead, only to find out they're in fact still very much alive," Cassandra replied, holding up the hand holding the butter knife, palm up. "So, you know, the usual? And what would I have possibly achieved by telling someone about it, aside from having a conversation exactly like this one?"

Hisako: Hisako tutted, "He's not the same Eddie that you knew, why won't anyone listen about this?", she sighed, shaking her head, "You should stay away from him, ok?"

Cassie: "Perhaps I should, but when have I ever done the reasonable thing and kept out of harm's way?" Cassandra asked right back, while she finished spreading some of the fruity marmalade on her toast. "Seriously, what is the worst that could possibly happen to me? No matter what you may thing of Eddie, I doubt he plans to eat me alive and torture me to death."

Cassie: "By the way, shouldn't I at least get a t-shirt for going through all that?" She frowned, mostly to herself. "I mean, I don't even have any scary scars to show off."

Hisako: "What, like he 'didn't' want to hurt Kusuma-san!?", Hisako spat back, "You think everything is such a game, maybe I should just let you go and get yourself killed all over again! Or worse!",

Cassie: "You call me immature, and yet completely fail to see how you - how everyone here - let's their anger get the better of them," Cassandra replied, the small smirk in the corner of her mouth carrying a smug edge. "I'm sorry for what happened to Melati and all the other. Believe me, I do. In fact, I feel partly responsible for this whole mess."

Cassie: "But I also know that it wasn't Eddie who did all those terrible things," she continued, her voice almost pleading now. "It's this... thing living in the back of his mind. Everyone is so eager to blame him for everyone and just give him up, that at least someone has to try and help him instead."

Hisako: Shaking her head, Hisako raised her hands in defeat, "I know you are right for what you say but he is too dangerous right now. You mustn't go to see him, you mustn't!"

Cassie: "And I know that you only mean well, Hisako, but what am I supposed to do?" She gave the other girl a long look, her breakfast forgotten for the time being. "Just wait here until I hear about him doing another stupid thing? Watch someone else getting hurt, where it should be me who helps fix this?"

Cassie: "He did all this because of me," Cassandra said, folding her hands on the table, her jaw tightened. "The least I owe him is another chance."

Hisako: "So, what, you will lead him on as he obsesses over you? Following the voice in his mind?", Hisako shook her head, "You all ask me to just watch as you risk....", she turned, leaning on the counter with both hand and letting out another frustrated sigh.

Cassie: Cassandra took a deep breath, looking down to play with her food. "I will think of something," she eventually replied. "I always do." Slowly, she let the air flow from her lungs. "If only I can convince him to let us help him..."

Cassie: She looked up at Hisako's back. "Tell me you don't believe I'm the best chance we have to solve this without any more violence."

Hisako: "What, you will marry him? And then keep his heart unbroken so he can stay good?", Hisako cut her a scrutinizing glare, "I don't disagree, I recognize risk. I am objective, you are idealistic as always."

Cassie: "You call it objective, I call it being a worrywart." A small, wry smirk returned to her face. "If you want to make sure you never fall, you have no place underneath the big top's roof. Just as you will never change anything if you only fight when you're certain you'll win."

Hisako: Hisako rolled her eyes, lifting her drink and departing from the kitchen, "And that got you killed and hurt everyone you love - was that part of the performing(?)", she spat, "Bakkano..."

Cassie: "So you should be glad that I'm volunteering to risk myself in order to help," Cassandra replied, only the faintest edge in her voice as she watched Hisako leave. "After all, you already grieved over me."

Hisako: Stopping at the door, Hisako cut her eye once over her shoulder, "I am never glad when someone is ready to throw their life away.", with that added, she departed in silence.

Cassie: Cassandra sat still for several seconds, wearing a sulky expression. Unfortunately, Hisako was already gone when she finally thought of an appropriate response. "I can't throw my life away! I'm already undead, d'uh!"

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Re: Summer 2016 - Cassandra

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Cassie: "And here we have the kitchen," Cassandra announced as she led her new pale friend through the wooden door, opening her arms in a wide gesture to encompass the entire room. "There are rumors about its original purpose, and some say it's actually here to provide us with food, but don't let that fool you."

Cassie: "Most of the time, its used by students to hide from classes and to chat with each other," she elaborated, holding up a finger. "It's no coincidence the rec room is right next door. Together, they form the hub of social life at the school."

Jonas: "Fascinating... who would have thought a whole phone would fit in your pocket." Jonas said, paying more attention to the cell phone he was given on loan until he got one of his own.

Cassie: "A great invention by the phone companies so you would lose it more often and have to buy another one from them," Cassandra explained with a playful smile on her face. "They also allow annoying salesmen to pester you whenever and wherever."

Cassie: She proceeded towards the large fridge by the kitchen wall. "Care for something to drink? I made fresh iced tea this morning."

Jonas: "That sounds nice, think I'll have some, thanks." Jonas said as he moved to sit down at the kitchen table. "I just realized sonething... I said fascinating."

Cassie: Cassandra took the heavy glass pitcher out of the fridge and turned to fetch a pair of glasses from the shelf. "Well, I will not hold it against you," the girl commented, briefly smiling over her shoulder, before she poured each of them some cooled tea.

Jonas: "Think I pickef it up from the great blue one." Jonas replied, taking his glass and drinking it.

Cassie: Placing the pitcher on the table, Cassandra sat down, as well. "Oh, you mean Dr. McCoy." She smiled at Jonas, before taking a sip herself. "Yes, that's not really surprising. He has that effect on people. I have this theory that you can't help but get smarter simply by being around him."

Jonas: "I think you might be on to something. That checkup he did on me, made me do these puzzle things. Apparently I solved them really well and really fast."

Cassie: "You actually solved them?" Cassandra looked surprised for a moment. "In that case - congratulations." She raised her glass in an imitation of a toast. "Apparently they're insanely difficult. I've heard people despaired over them."

Cassie: Her eyes narrowed. "I think McCoy doesn't even use them to test your ability to solve problems, but how easily you are to enrage."

Jonas: "...huh. okay, well according to him and his testd and newfangled mini computer machine, I'm supposedly got the mental age of a sixteen year old. That got me a little angry... stupid tests. Stupid computers. Whoever made them wrre just jerks." Jonas said, drinking more tea.

Cassie: "If you ever happen to hang around the basement, that's an opinion I would keep to myself, if I were you," Cassandra told him with a wink. "And what's wrong with being sixteen? I'm sixteen, and I don't find it very enraging." She put on a thoughtful look for a moment. "No, not angry about that, at all."

Cassie: "Besides, are you sure he didn't mean that as some kind of compliment?" She raised her glass again, nodding at Jonas before taking another sip. "After all, I don't think many sixteen year olds would manage to impress McCoy at his own tests."

Jonas: "Oh... yeah, I guess you got a point there. But still... you would have thought that my mentality would have skyrocketed at least around... I don't know... how old am I supposed to be again? Sixty? Maybe seventy years." Jonas emptied his glass. "Pour me some more," he told Cassie.

Cassie: "Do you really want the mind of a seventy year old geezer?" Cassandra asked, picking up the glass pitcher. "Then you wouldn't be going on any exciting adventures with me, but only stand outside in front of the mansion and yell at us to get off the lawn." She poured him another glass. "You're welcome, by the way."

Jonas: "Yeah, thanks," he took a sip, "But if I'm stuck with a sixteen year old mentality, that means I still got about a decade of drooling over sexy people left before I can think straight." he complained.

Cassie: "Wait a second, does that mean I might actually stop doing that one day?" Cassandra looked actually shocked upon hearing this. "These are dreadful news! What if I don't want to start thinking straight? Perhaps I like drooling over sexy people and being drooled on, has anyway thought about that, hm?"

Cassie: She paused for a moment, lifting a finger to tap it against her chin in a thoughtful manner. "On the other hand, Dr. McCoy said something about not technically being alive anymore - not in the traditional sense of the word, anyway." A frown appeared on her face as she looked into the distance. "I wonder..."

Jonas: While Cassie was wondering, Jonas was thinking, hard, looking at her, and taking a sip before he tried to speak. "Um, Cassie..." he began, then paused to look around. It was late and most students still at the mansion was either sleeping or having a good time in the city. "Can I ask you a personal question?"

Cassie: "How I manage to be the most gorgeous looking undead girl you've ever seen?" She preempted his question, an impish smirk on her lips. "It's all about getting those squishy, mushy intestines removed. The Egyptians where on the right track, but it turned out you gotta do it while still breathing."

Jonas: Jonas made a disgusted face. "Yuck. No, it's.. uh.. hmm... look, I'm still unsure how things are done around now... so if you don't know.." the boy trailed off for a second before he gathered enough courage to ask. "Guys who... like guys... how do they know they like guys and not girls?"

Cassie: The glass raised to her mouth, Cassandra paused mid-swallow and blinked at Jonas, a slight frown furrowing her brow. "First of all," she began, putting down her iced tea and wiping her lips with the back of her hand, "I do know how things are done, in all their countless variations. Don't let my age fool you."

Cassie: "And specifically, if they show no interest in me, that's usually a pretty sure sign they might not be interested in girls at all." She showed Jonas a sly smirk.

Jonas: "Right. Right." Jonas nodded, going silent and sipping his tea. For the while he just tapped his fingers against the glass. "I think.. I might be... confused."

Cassie: "Obviously." With a sympathetic smile on her lips, Cassandra leaned forward to take the glass pitcher. "Don't worry, apparently it's only normal to be confused at our age - no mater if mental or physical. I guess having outlived your entire generation inside a grave didn't help on that front either."

Jonas: "Yeah... I think I remembered something about the time I went into the grave." He told Cassie.

Cassie: "You did? That's amazing!" Her expression brightened as she gave her glass a refill. "What is it? Did you remember how you got your hands on that killer leather jacket?"

Jonas: "Uh... kind of... I don't think it was mine... I think it belonged to someone else." He told her. "And I kind of have this mental image of.... him... naked... and not in a communal shower."

Cassie: Propping her elbows on the table, Cassandra rested her chin on interlocked fingers, studying Jonas with a curious look on her face. "And do you like that image?" she asked him. "Before you answer, let me tell you there's nothing wrong with that, no matter what others might have tried to teach you."

Cassie: "This is a more enlightened age - for the most part, anyway. What I'm trying to say is... better keep to the northern regions."

Jonas: "Um.. riiight. Well... it is an interesting image... but then again... we had that thing in your house. For three days long. But then again that might be just because of lack of any release fore several decades... or because you manhandled my little sergeant and his recruits."

Cassie: "If I remember correctly, your Sarge and his men stood at attention and were quite eager to show their endurance during that forced march," Cassandra replied, a lewd grin moving her lips, her voice not serious, at all. "Here I liked to believe you fell for my sensuality and charms, and now I have to find out I was nothing more than a toy for you to sate your pent up carnal desires."

Cassie: "Not that I had any problem with that," the girl added with an impish snicker.

Jonas: "Which makes me so really confused now. Because I don't know which... uhh... which side I bat now." He said, then downed the whole glass. "Is it because I found you sexy or because I just needed to... get my seamen some shore leave."

Cassie: "Oh good, then you already found out it's not as simple as it sounds," the girl replied, offering Jonas a smile across the rim of her glass. "Sex-ed sucks even today, so I can't even imagine what they tried to tell you back in the days. It's not like we have a switch in our brain that decides whether we're attracted to boys or girls."

Cassie: "The truth is, we can be interested in all kinds of things, and all kinds of people. Some like men, some like women, others like one over the other or both equally. Some jump everything that moves, or even what doesn't." She held out her hands. "And this is why it's so tricky to find out what we truly like - and why it's so exciting."

Jonas: Jonas fidgeted with his glass. It felt like his stomach was an insectarium filled with butterflies. He first wondered where he heard insectarium from, but then he wondered about the subject at hand. "So I should try and... experiment?"

Cassie_: "Why yes, I think you should absolutely do that." Cassandra smirked with the rim of her iced tea glass between her lips. "How else are you going to find out what you truly want? You can't do that by only thinking really hard about it. You need to experience such things!"

Jonas: "Okay, but you have to remember, amnesia," he said, tapping his bald head, "I'm practically starting from scratch. You got any ideas on where to begin?" Jonas asked, then tried to drink from his glass, remembering it was empty, and held it out for Cassie to refill.

Cassie_: The girl looked rather shrewd as she sucked on her lower lip, her gaze moving from side to side. Slowly, she picked up the pitched, leaning across the table to pour more tea into Jonas' glass. "How about my room?" she suggested at the same time, a mischievous smirk curling the corner of her mouth.

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Re: Summer 2016 - Cassandra

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Venom: Having finally made up his mind that the set-up of his rooftop midnight picnic spot was perfect, Eddie sat on the colourful duvets laid out in the center of it, lying back and letting out a sigh as he stared up at the starry night sky, far above the city below.

Venom: Shortly thereafter, he sat up again, glancing over at the wiccar basket and counting off items on his fingers before glancing over at his motorcycle (that he had carried up so as to not incur both parking fines and an impromptu police raid on the area). His reflection was still that of Venom, hulking black beast staring back at him.

Venom: His confidence shook at the sight of it, making him cringe as he looked away, shaking his head and slapping his cheeks a little before taking a deep breath; "Come on, come on; game face, Eddie..."

Cassie: "So I picked the right rooftop," the young, feminine voice echoed through the night, cutting off his muttered monologue. Shortly after, the shadows close to the edge peeled away to bring her slender figure into the dim light of the stars above and the glowing city below. "Your message may have been somewhat cryptic."

Venom: "Cassie.", Eddie smiled up at her, eyes tired and longing. Unable to contain himself, he bolted to his feet, racing to her and embracing her gently. He let out a long sigh, stroking her shoulders, "Oh, God, it's really, really you...."

Cassie: "The one and only," Cassandra replied, cautiously returning his embrace, her head rested against his shoulder for a fleeting moment. Raising her gaze, she took her time to study Eddie's face. "I'll go ahead and say this was my most convincing vanishing act thus far." A light chuckle came across her lips.

Venom: "Not that I think my opinion counts for much but I'd personally rather you didn't make a habit of it.", he responded, smile on his face also as he looked into her violet eyes, "I really missed you..."

Cassie: "At least it was a killer performance." She laughed at her own joke, while her hands lightly traced down his arms. "Excuse the terrible pun; I simply can't help making light of anything bad that happens. I alway say that's the best way to deal with it."

Cassie: She nodded firmly. "And don't worry, I don't plan to have myself get eaten again anytime soon." Falling silent, her smile remained. "I missed you, too. I was wondering why you weren't with the others during the funeral service."

Venom: Eddie simply smiled back as best he could, "Mmn...sorry, just... it was no place for me. Not...under circumstances.", he started back, "Care to sit? We can catch up, it...feels like forever since I saw you."

Cassie: "It certainly felt like an eternity until my memories returned and I found the way back home." Cassandra followed, the sight of the rooftop picnic bringing a smile to her face. "I should have expected you to go through with this idea. This looks absolutely wonderful."

Cassie: She let herself sink down onto the soft blanket, crossing her legs underneath her body. "Yes, I heard you had some... differences with the others at school." Casting him a feeling glance, she brushed a black strand out of her face.

Venom: Taking a seat beside her, Eddie frowned, "Yeah...something like that...", he sighed, "Turns out I'm a real heartbreaker...", his attempt at a joke made him smirk, fading as he caught his reflection in the sode of his bike, "It's like living in a nightmare. But at least you're here.",

Venom: Weak smile returning he reached over to the wiccar basket, lifting it between them and opening it, "I bought er...chinese. 'Cause it's totally romantic kinda. And chardonay for when that fails."

Cassie: "Ah, fried noodles and spicy meat; the quickest way to a girl's heart." Cassandra chuckled, shifting closer to the basket to sneak a quick peek at its contents. "And at least there's one consoling thing about nightmares." She looked up, a tiny smile curling the edge of her mouth. "No matter how bad they get, at some point you have to wake up."

Venom: Eddie shook his head solemnly, "There's not really any escape for me.", he confessed, glancing back at his horrifying reflection with a sad glint in his eyes, "...a-anyway, let's not talk about it...", forcing his smile back, he offered her a noodle box, "Let's just....try and enjoy this, hm? Not every day I get to hang out atop the Daily Bugle with a gorgeous girl, you know..."

Cassie: "You're not? I'm shocked!" She grinned, accepting the offered box. "I always pegged you for the guy who saved the world and got the girl in the end." Pulling the lid open, hot steam and the appetizing scent of Chinese food reached her nose. "This smells delicious; thank you."

Cassie: She held up her left hand and conjured a pair of chopsticks out of shadows swirling around her fingers, showing Eddie a clever smile before digging right into her food. "Bon appétit!!"

Venom: "Eeeh, it's nothing too special, but I'm glad you like it.", he laughed nervously, lifting another out for himself, "And....yeah, I guess I used to be like that, you know? The cocky hero, so sure of myself...but something changed after Circle Pines. I guess this symbiote thing has always been a pain in my ass..."

Venom: Snapping apart a pair of disposable chopsticks, Eddie picked at his food, "It's never been something I can control all the time, and after everything with Trask, something changed. My girlfriend, she just...I dunno, she just got more and more distant, like she was running away. Can't say I blame her in hindsight..."

Cassie: "That must be a terrible burden," Cassandra commented without looking up from her food, playing with the contents of her box and poking them with her chopsticks. "I can't even imagine how it must be, to not be the master of yourself, and share your body with such a malevolent being."

Cassie: She looked up, impish smile painted across her lips. "At least I can say I'm the one leading me down my wicked ways."

Venom: "I guess.", Eddie smirked back a little, trying to drag his attention from the reflection behind him, "I-it's just that...I'm not sure I don't want it sometimes, you know? Like, once before I fought Pietro while he was being posessed by Johnny Dee; I was being beaten badly, and all I could think about was lashing back, just....I-I wanted to finish him. I wanted to finish all of them off. I wanted power."

Venom: Helping himself to a mouthful of food, he sighed a little, staring down at the noodle box, "And I got it. I transformed and kicked ass. felt amazing. Anyone I didn't scare, I pummled to dust. Hell, when Cessily was captured I thought 'damn, if only I had the strength to push through these maniacs'; and I just 'venom'd' out and tore through."

Venom: Laughing a little, he shook his head, "I am such a fucking hypocrite...I loved it - and I pretend I didn't but....I fucking did. And it hurts..."

Cassie: "I think you should be happy it does," she replied, picking up a fried piece of bell pepper. "Hurt, I mean. It show you still care, and that you're not the uncaring badass that you might believe to be." Popping the spicy vegetable into her mouth, Cassandra smiled at Eddie as she chewed her food.

Cassie: "And all those ugly thing that happened, with Kraven, and between you and the others, that was the symbiote's doing, yes?" She looked up at him expectantly, a hopeful glimmer in her eyes.

Venom: Eddie nodded, "Yeah.", he affirmed, wanting to make it as clear as possible, "I-I would never, ever do that. Y-you know that...right?", he gulped, "...y-you know...what I did? All of it?", his hand shook gently in nervousness as he looked into her eyes.

Cassie: Cassandra returned his gaze, before her serious expression made way for a soft smile that brightened her expression. "Of course I know that you would never do such things, but I guess I just needed to hear that from you. I'm sorry I had to ask."

Venom: "N-no, it''s fine. I-I understand.", he admitted, eyes returning to his food. Continuing eating in silence the next three mouthfuls, he glanced back at her, "I erm....I wanted to ask you something, actually..."

Cassie: She took a deep breath, eyes lowering towards her food again, whish she idly stirred with her chopsticks. "I know what you did to Kraven, and that you... your symbiote hurt some of the teachers and students trying to stop you." Her gaze returned to his face. "Cecilia, Rachel, Cessily... I saw what happened to Melati's eye."

Venom: Cringing, Eddie recalled all of the moments vividly, "Her eye?", he gulped - she clearly had no clue of what he'd really done; "...t-there's...I-I just...", he bit his tongue, mind playing out how horribly the next few words could turn things, "...I-It's not...actually that simple. Cass, there's a reason that I think I'm a monster. T-the things I've done...."

Cassie: His words gave her pause, the food she barely paid any attention to completely forgotten. "What do you mean?" she asked, her voice cracking a little. "Are you talking about Kraven? I heard his death was pretty gruesome. Then again, I guess that is what you call karmic retribution."

Venom: Eddie looked away, "...I...t-the symbiote took control when I fought Mel. And...i-it didn't just stop at beating her.", he felt sick just saying it, shuddering gently, " some really, really horrific things. I-I don't wanna go into detail, I really, really don'y want to..."

Cassie: The girl's face appeared frozen solid, only her violet eyes betraying the train of thoughts racing behind them. The box placed in front of her, she looked down at her lap, seemingly contemplating the nature of her hands. "You don't have to," came her hushed reply. "I have a very vivid imagination, remember?"

Venom: Finding no words, Eddie placed his food aside and reached into the basket, withdrawing a small bottle of whiskey and cracking it open. It was being saved for if Cassandra left him; now felt like the time.

Venom: Cracking the cap open he took a long swig, hissing a little at the taste and looking away in silence. Moments later he offered the bottle to her, "One for the road(?)"

Cassie: Looking up, Cassandra studied the offered bottle with an almost puzzled expression. The silence between them stretched into painful seconds, before it was finally broken by her picking up the box of food. "But I still have noodles," she told Eddie.

Venom: Eddie glanced back at her, leaving the bottle between them, "Mmn. Alright...", he lifted his food again, picking at it idly, " sure you wanna stay?"

Cassie: "If I didn't want to be here, you'd be talking only to shadows by now," Cassandra replied, shaping another set of chopsticks out of solid darkness. Without looking up, a faint, cryptic smile had crept back onto her lips.

Venom: "...point taken.", Eddie concurred, frowning as he chewed another mouthful. Clearing his throat he turned to her again, "...why? Why are you still here? Why do you care?",

Venom: He sighed, "Sorry, that's...unfair, I'm not mad, I just...", shuffling in his seat he shrugged, "D-d'you...feel something? F-for me, like I do for you or...?"

Cassie: Cassandra raised her gaze, eyes focused on Eddie's face. "I'm here because it's the right thing to do," she said. "You may no longer believe in heroes, but I still do. And if you don't want to be one, anymore, I'll simply have to try twice as hard and be one for the both of us."

Cassie: "I know Dr. McCoy would disagree with me, and say that my striking lack of being dead is only a further manifestation of my abilities, but perhaps there is more to it," she continued, her gaze drifting across the nightly skyline. "A reason why I'm still alive. And even if there is none, and it's all just the chaotic whims of fate, I can still give it purpose."

Cassie: She fell silent for a moment, her eyes avoiding his for the moment. "As for what I feel for you... I don't know if it's the same thing you feel for me, because I don't know how you feel."

Venom: Eddie swallowed dryly, contemplating the wisdom of what he wanted to say; "...i-it's not important.", he shook his head, "F-forget I..."

Venom: Glancing back at his reflection he sighed once more; he'd lost everything else, why cling to dignity? "I...I love you, Cassie. I...don't get it either but...I do."

Cassie: A lump formed in her throat, making it hard to swallow. She looked back at his face, seeking his eyes with her own. "I had a feeling you might," Cassandra replied, a shy smile playing around the corners of her mouth.

Venom: Letting the silence preside once again, Eddie picked more at his food, appetite all but gone. He let out a shaky breath, eyes flicking up to study the skyline for a few moments before going back to idly prodding the noodles in the box. Minutes felt like they passed before he let out another shuddering sigh;

Venom: "'re just gonna pause there then(?)", he glanced back at Cassandra, eyes filled moreso with exhaustion than the sadness suffocating him inside.

Cassie: Cassandra put her box of noodles down and cradled her hands in her lap. "Pause? I wasn't aware you could simply tell your feelings to take a break like that." She was still smiling at Eddie. "Though, to be honest, you probably couldn't have picked a more tricky and elusive prey to pursue."

Venom: Eddie nodded, "Hm...that and a more awkward time to find my voice, no doubt...", he offered a wry smirk in return, mirthless as his features as he set his food down, letting out a long sigh and rubbing his eyes, "Got my competition cut out for me, too: what, with you constantly shacking up with the rabbit. Oh, and you and Parker too, right?", he shook his head, lying back with his palms over his eyes, "Oh, Edward Charles, you absolute mess."

Cassie: "It's true I stole more hearts than I can keep, and never let anyone keep mine," Cassandra admitted without a hint of regret in her voice, the smile brightening her face. "I'm a performer at heart, Eddie, coming from a traveling circus. I've learned how to make people fall for me head over heels a long time ago."

Cassie: "Which doesn't mean I never had any feeling for those I invited into my trailer." She placed a hand on her chest. "Some of them stay with me, even when I had to move on." Taking a deep breath, she bit her lower lip. "However, I'm not sure you would understand. The way you feel, you love, is different from mine."

Cassie: Her gaze met his again as she looked up. "It's love, nonetheless." Her hand reached out to touch his.

Venom: Eddie sat up again, hand shying from hers, "I understand completely...", he assured her, "...I lost any chance at the life I wanted a long time ago. I'm nothing more than a shadow of who I was anyway...if there's still any 'me' left in a few days...", he looked away, "...I just...I know what you're saying but..."

Venom: He smirked to himself, laughing dryly, "Man, what did I even expect? That somehow we'd....I don't know, fucking elope? Maybe SHIELD would decide 'hey, turns out Eddie is a pretty cool guy' and just accept me back for what I've done?", he looked at her again, dry laughter followed with a sudden, somewhat hysteric outburst, "How fucking stupid is that?!",

Venom: Shaking his head again he sniffed, a tear glinting down his face as he looked away, still in stitches, "This is just the perfect ending to a perfect mess! What did I expect!?", he creased, holding his chest and honestly biting back tears.

Cassie: "Would you stop wallowing in self-pity already, you big, foolish dolt," Cassandra told him, crossing her arms in front of her chest as she gave Eddie a stern look. "I might just have admitted to loving you, as well, and all you do is lament your fate."

Venom: Eddie shook his head, "N-no, I just...", he exhaled, "...I-I just wonder why it feels so bittersweet, you know? Like...what was I hoping for?", he let his shoulders fall, "...I-I don't...I mean, I'm sorry if you think I don't appreciate it. T-that", he frowned a little, "...c-can you...stop? You're making me feel really nervous..."

Cassie: Cassandra sucked in the air and let out a sigh, before getting up on her knees and shifting closer to Eddie. "How so? I thought you wanted to see me again?" She placed a hand on his shoulder. "I came here because I thought it might help you, not to cause you more pain. And because I wanted to see you, too."

Venom: "It was the look you gave me...k-kinda felt like I'd...", he gulped a little, heart and body calling out to his mind not to move as her hand touched him, "...I must be completely mad even considering this. After all I've done, knowing what it might do for you...", his cheek stroked against the back of her hand, "...please forgive me. I didn't mean for any of this..."

Cassie: "There's nothing to forgive, because it wasn't you who did all those things," she told him, her voice calm. "Whom I won't forgive is that monster living inside you, that has dug its claws into your soul and causes all this suffering and grief, to you and those around you."

Cassie: Moving closer, Cassandra leaned down to press a gentle kiss to his forehead. "You're a good man, Eddie, but this thing is poisoning your mind."

Venom: Eddie nodded slowly, his other hand curling around Cassandra's frame as he held himself against her, "I can't fight it anymore. I can't...", he looked up at her, "...I'm sorry, but...I just don't think there's any hope anymore. Not for me...I really, really fucked this up.", he smiled weakly, sadness evident in his eyes as he looked into hers.

Cassie: She returned his gaze, a heartfelt smile on her lips. "That's okay," she reassured him, slender fingers stroking through his hair and down the sides of his face. "I have enough hope for both of us." For a moment, Cassandra simply looked into Eddie's eyes, before she lowered her head to press her lips to his in a tender kiss.

Venom: Eyes closing slowly, Eddie kissed her back. A million thoughts flowed through his mind - how wrong it might have been for someone as old as him to do this, how much more complicated things might be if he persisted, how it might hurt more in the long run - yet all those thoughts were out weighed by the singular want for the peace and passion of those moments.

Venom: Arms rising to hold Cassandra gently and closer, he slid his tongue gently between her lips, passionately returing her kiss, consumed by the need for that one shared instance in time; an instance he had ached for far too long.

Cassie: Giving in to the bout of passion, Cassandra let herself slip into Eddie's embrace and sat astride his lap, her arms draped over his shoulders. Their lips and tongues moved almost by themselves, their actions dictated by baser desires. Only when both of them had to catch a breath did they parts, looking at each other eye to eye.

Cassie: "I feel like I'm about to make another foolish mistake," the girl whispered, not sounding concerned the lease, an excited smile playing across her lips. "But I don't seem to have learned anything from all the others, so why start now?"

Venom: "Funny; I was thinking the same...", Eddie replied in a low voice, "...sorry in advance but...", he placed a few kisses gently onto her neck, "...I love you. I love you and I need you...", he breathed, "...even if only for tonight...if I lose everything I am, I just want you to know me for who I am now.",

Venom: He looked back into her eyes, "Remember the man, alright? Not the monster everyone else sees..."

Cassie: Cassandra vowed that she would do anything in her power to not let it come this far - that she would find a way to save him from the demons that haunted him. She owed him this much. He had gone down this road for her, so it was her responsibility to guide him back. No one else would.

Cassie: But she didn't tell him that. He wouldn't have believed her, or only tried to dissuade her from even making the attempt to help him. So she simply smiled at Eddie. "If you want me to remember the man," she said, her look extending an invitation, "you should show me the man."

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Re: Summer 2016 - Cassandra

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Re: Summer 2016 - Cassandra

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Venom: Having woken up before Cassandra, Eddie had already gotten himself dressed in his clothes, returning to her side as she lay sleeping and settling beside her. He smiled at how peaceful she seemed, stroking her hair aside to press a gentle kiss onto her cheek.

Venom: The rising sun cast the city in a bright pink-orange light as he reached for his motorcycle helmet, looking down into the visor. Staring back at him, as ever, the bestial visage of his 'counterpart'.

Venom: It reminded him of all that had happened - of how even sat beside the beautiful girl in the romantic first light of day the life he knew was still over. But it didn't hurt anymore. Not as badly as it had done. On some level, he'd accepted things - at least, in this moment, he had...

Cassie: Even though the months had progressed far into summer, the early morning air still had a sharp chill to it. The naked girl didn't mind the cold breeze stroking her exposed skin, however, only waking when the glare of the rising sun pierced her closed eyelids. Curling up tighter on the crumpled blanket, she instinctively shied away from the merciless rays.

Cassie: Her vision blurred, she was still able to make out the familiar silhouette against the fiery background, watching Eddie through half-open eyes. "Good morning," she said, a faint smile playing across her lips, and turned to lie on her back. Drawing the cool air into her lungs, she stretched her slender limbs.

Venom: The voice from behind him made Eddie smile back, turning from his reflection to look at the owner of the gentle voice, "Hey, you...", leaving his helmet to one side, he shuffled closer to her, rolling over and stroking her cheek with his hand, "Sleep well?"

Cassie: Cassandra squinted, shielding her eyes from the sun as she gave a thoroughly content nod in response. "Short, but sweet," she replied, her smile turning more into a smirk. "I remember the sky already turning bright when we finally went to sleep."

Venom: "Terrible conduct - a grown man like me keepin' you up past your bedtime.", Eddie smirked, leaning closer to kiss her lips softly.

Cassie: "It was my own idea to sneak out of my room at night when I have school in the morning." The teenage girl reached up and draped her arms over the older man's shoulders, before she lifted her head off the blanket to return his kiss. "Maybe you should have given me a good spanking and sent me to bed instead."

Venom: Eddie let out a dry laugh, hands stroking her lithe frame and giving her rear a little pinch, "Maybe I'll give you one as a 'thank you'?", he laughed, looking into her eyes, "I ever tell you that you're beautiful?"

Cassie: "I'm pretty sure you did." Cassandra wore a playful smirk as she squirmed softly against his body. "More importantly, you showed me." Craning her neck, she placed a trail of tender kisses along Eddie's jaw. "I hope I managed to get the same compliment across last night. If not..." Her lips began to trail down his body.

Venom: "You did. Trust me.", he assured her, shuddering against her tender lips, "Come on, I just got dressed..."

Cassie: "You could get dressed again." She snickered, before her cheeky expression became a tad more serious, and she took the time to let her gaze pass over his body. "You were about to leave, weren't you?"

Venom: Looking away, Eddie nodded, "'s just...easier if I do. I can't ever go back, you know that. So I have to....", he sighed, "I-I was going to say goodbye, I wasn't just gonna run."

Cassie: Sitting up on the blanket, Cassandra bent her knees and wrapped her arms around them. "I have to admit, a part of me expected you to," she told him, an inscrutable smile on lips. "Just as a part of me hoped I could somehow convince you to stay and come back with me."

Venom: Eddie nodded, lying down beside her and frowning up at the dawn sky, "...I want to. Christ knows I do, but I can't. That's not who I am anymore...I was too weak to be in the end..."

Cassie: Her head turned towards him, Cassandra watched Eddie, remaining silent for several seconds. "It's okay to be weak sometimes," she told him a moment later, a faint smile returning to her face. "As long as you never give up trying to be stronger person."

Venom: "A stronger person would turn himself in, face up to his mistakes...", Eddie closed his eyes, a winding maze of sable veins crawling up the side of his neck beneath his skin, "...but I can't. Even if I tried to, there's no way I could. And even if I could, the world doesn't have a way to stop this thing..."

Venom: He looked up at Cassandra again, "I'm....really sorry I got you involved..."

Cassie: "Then you're even more silly than I thought you were!" The younger girl took the edge of her words with a laugh. "After all, I managed to get myself involved all on my own. Have you forgotten it was me how decided to poke her curious pretty nose where it didn't belong, just as it was me who thought herself clever enough to catch Kraven all by herself?"

Cassie: She gave Eddie a sympathetic smile. "No matter how you may feel about me, you're not my father or my big brother. Don't let my age fool you - I've lived my own life for quite some time now." Her hand came to rest on his shoulder. "You're not responsible for me."

Cassie: Taking a deep breath, she then looked away, letting her gaze wander across the skyline basked in the rays of the early sun. "You know, I'll always leave a key under the doormat for you."

Venom: Eddie sat up, hand reaching for hers, "I chose to be responsible. It was MY decision to do what I did. It was the right thing. It was RETRIBUTION...", closing his eyes, he shook his head, "...I...don't deserve your kindness. Or your heart..."

Cassie: "See, that's the funny thing about kindness." Turning her head again, she looked back at Eddie, another smile playing across her lips. "I can chose to give it to whomever I want, whether you want to or not."

Venom: "Your heart, too?", Eddie asked, a wry smile on his own face, "Or was that - like in my case - an unexpected addition?"

Cassie: Cassandra snickered again, leaning over to put her arms around Eddie's shoulder. "You just will have to share it with everything else I hold dear," she said, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

Venom: "Hey, better than nothin'.", he assured her, leaning to one side and kissing her back, "I do love you, for what ever a murdering psychopath's love is worth...", he smirked.

Cassie: "This makes me feel as if I were caught up in a twisted version of the beauty and the beast." Showing him a grin, she closed the distance between them for one more lingering kiss. Then she slowly sat back. "If you don't get going now, I'll end up tearing those clothes right off you again."

Venom: With a nod, Eddie stood, stretching and casting a snare of webbing down to lift his helmet. He turned, starting for his motorcycle and pausing, " know what?", he grinned, dropping the helmet and sitting back down, "Screw it - five more minutes...", he slid off his shirt, nuzzling at Cassandra's neck, "...what's another hour or two?"

Cassie: Cassandra sank back on the blanket, her body seeking his as she wrapped her arms around his chest to pull him down on top of her. "It's much easier to teleport when its getting dark again, anyway..." Gazing towards the brightening sky, an exhilarated smile lit up her features.

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