Summer 2016 - Jonas

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Summer 2016 - Jonas

Post by steyn » Tue Apr 30, 2013 10:35 pm

Taking place not long after "The Greatest Show Unearthed".

McCoy: "Oh, my stars and garters!" Dr. Hank McCoy wore his astonishment open on his face as he opened the door and stepped into the examination room. "I almost thought the other students were playing a tasteless prank on me, but here you really are, in the flesh..."

McCoy: Large, furry paws fumbled for the glasses stored in the pockets of his lab coat. He gave them a quick wipe before balancing them on his broad nose, hastily approaching to give the two young mutants sitting on the medical stretcher a closer look. "I can't believe it," he muttered, his gaze firmly on the girl smiling back at him. "Amazing..."

Cassie: "You have no idea how often I get to hear that, Doctor," the raven-haired girl replied, a roguish smirk on her lips. "What can I say, I live to astound." Cassandra slightly tilted her head, a sly look playing across her features. "Or live again."

Jonas: Jonas shifted a little back as the blue furred... person leaned in to take a quick look at him. Jonas initially had a nervous knot in his stomach, as if he knew how he had to feel when sitting in a doctor's office. However that got quickly pushed aside by the weirdness if being looked at by a giant blue furred thing. "Are you really a doctor... or is this just some unusual joke I'm not getting?" He asked.

McCoy: "I was actually wondering the same thing," McCoy replied, shifting his attention to the scrawny boy sitting next to the girl and studying him across the rim of his glasses. His skin was an even paler shade of grey than Cassandra's, stretching over haggard, bony limbs. He almost looked like a corpse just having come back to life.

McCoy: "However, I can assure you I that I really am a doctor," he added, pushing the glasses further up his nose. "In fact, my medical certification is merely one of my degrees. The first lesson you will learn at this school is to not judge by outward appearance. After all, despite your looks, I'm not assuming you just crawled out of a grave."

Cassie: Cassandra raised her finger to that. "Actually, he did," she helpfully pointed out. "Well, I lent him a hand."

Jonas: "I was in a coffin." Jonas helpfully added. "How long will this checkup take?" He asked, looking over to some of the instruments and then Cassie. "Are we supposed to be in the same room for it?"

McCoy: Dr. McCoy raised his furry eyebrows, his eyes moving back and forth between the boy and the girl. "My, it must be day of the dead," he muttered, so perplexed he promptly forgot he had already cleaned his glasses, taking them off for another wipe. "Yes yes, the examination... We'll get to this shortly."

McCoy: "Now, where are my manners?" Hank hastily pushed the glasses back onto his nose, extending his free paw towards the pale boy. "Dr. Hank McCoy," he introduced himself.

Cassie: Leaning to the side, Cassandra tilted her head towards Jonas. "Don't worry, he doesn't bite," she whispered into his pointed ear, keeping her eyes on the furry doctor towering in front of them. "At least, I don't think he does. Besides, I look juicier than you, anyway." She had to snicker at her own remark. "Certified tasty and cannibal approved."

Jonas: "Ew." Jonas said glancing at Cassie before his attention went back to the doctor. "Hello," he sad, shaking the large paw like furry hand. "I'm Jonas... and I don't know what my last name is. I think I might have amnesia. "

McCoy: "Nice to meet you, Jonas," McCoy replied, not showing his surprise at the boy's unexpectedly strong grip. "And don't worry, if you will let us, I'm certain we shall be able to help you. Mind you, I can imagine that being buried alive is quite the traumatic experience, so if some slight memory loss is all you suffer from, you can consider yourself fairly lucky."

McCoy: His eyes fell on the young girl sitting next to Jonas, looking rather unconcerned with everything as she was swinging her legs back and forth. "As can you, young lady," McCoy told her, intently studying her. "I wonder, do you even have any idea what happened to you?"

Cassie: Cassandra answered the blue doctor's question with a wry grin. "You mean aside from getting slowly eaten alive piece by piece and coming back to life in the morgue?" she asked, her voice not the least bit serious. "No, not the faintest idea at all."

Jonas: "...can we skip the disgusting bits?" Jonas asked, looking over to a corner for a moment. He looked back at McCoy, forcing a smile, "What's next?" He asked.

McCoy: Placing one furry paw on his hip, Dr. McCoy looked towards the medical equipment lining the wall and ran the other hand over his head. "That's a very good question, my boy," he commented and let out a sigh. "I have seen a lot of strange and unusual things during my time at this school, but people coming back from the dead and crawling out of their graves is new even for me."

McCoy: "However, not entirely unprecedented," the doctor muttered to himself, before he stepped over to the shelves and lockers filled with a wide array of neatly arranged instruments. "First of all, I believe it would be best to start by giving each of you a thorough physical examination."

McCoy: "If you won't mind, I'd like to put the both of you through your paces, so to speak." The blue mutant offered the strange couple a reassuring smile, as he rolled over a sizeable tray. "To ensure neither you or us will be in for any nasty surprises."

Cassie: "I think he might be worried we could start craving fresh brains," Cassandra whispered to Jonas, again leaning closer to his side of the bed.

Jonas: Jonas shifted a little uncomfortably away from Cassie. He could feel the scrutining eyes of the doctor on him. "Is this supposed to be like this?" He asked, "I thought checkups involved gowns with no backsides and touching of..." he glanced at Cassie and then the doctor, "...things."

McCoy: He gave the bald boy a stern look over the rim of his glasses and cleared his throat. "Well, usually my methods are a little more sophisticated than that," Dr. McCoy assured his pale patient. "Besides, I was only paying mind to our dear Cassandra's sensibilities here. The examination of any 'things', as you put it, should not happen in front of the girl's eyes."

Cassie: "Oh, can we start with me then" Cassandra offered, sounding a little too excited and the mischievous smirk on her lips barely hidden. "I'm used to an audience." Sitting on her hands, she eagerly kicked her legs. "You may examine my things any time you like, Doctor Hank."

McCoy: The older blue man nearly choked on his own breath and shook off his glasses. "I guess it's a good sign you didn't lose your sense of homour, Ms. Commons," he told the way too cheeky little girl. "Tempting as it may be, I'm afraid your offer is highly inappropriate."

Jonas: "Umm... should I go outside then?" Jonas asked, more confused than what he was a minute ago. "Or did you mean with more sophisticated that you do the thing without having to take clothes off? If that's the case then I really want to stay and see."

McCoy: "Before we're going for any of the more involved procedures, I believe it would be for the best if we simply start by checking you vital," McCoy replied, pulling over a small stool. He sat down in front of the two and reached for a small pen-light. "That should go over relatively quickly. I'm sure you are eager to meet old friends - or new ones, in you case, Jonas."

McCoy: "Now, if you would just sit still for a moment and look straight ahead." The doctor leaned towards Cassandra first, raising the pen to shine its bright light directly into th girl's eye.

Cassie: She instantly winced and voiced her discomfort through an irritated sound, squeezing shut the affected eye as she forced herself to keep her head still. "Is being able to go blind an important part of my vitals?" she asked, her voice none too pleased.

McCoy: "I'm sorry." Dr. McCoy quickly lowered the pen-light, looking surprised at the girl's unusually strong reaction. "Your eyes must still be quite sensitive. Perhaps an after-affect of their restoration." He pushed the stool to the side. "Maybe let's start with you then, Jonas."

Jonas: "Oh, okay, wait wait." Jonas said, blinking a couple of times, before sitting right and leaning forward a little. "Okay, ready." He regretted those two words seconds later when his white eyes teared up and he had to pull his face away from the light. "Ow ow ow, that stings."

Cassie: Cassandra was still rubbing her own eye as she snickered at Jonas' misfortune. "Oh, don't be such a baby," she teased, despite not having held herself any better just moments before. "Seriously though, Doc, you didn't say anything about burning holes into our skulls."

McCoy: Switching off the offending light, Dr. McCoy sat back and gave the two young mutants a perplexed look. "Both of you appear to suffer from an alarming level of sensitivity to light," he stated the obvious, pocketing the pen-light. "We should definitely keep an eye on that."

Cassie: "Oh no, you won't get my other one, too," Cassandra quickly tossed in, wiping some tears from her watering eye.

Jonas: "Can I add that we already sort of know the thing about light?" Jonas suggested. "Sunlight can get really hot and make my skin itch... and I think Cassie is like the opposite." he said while still rubbing the one eye, trying to look around and blinking profusely to get vision going again.

Cassie: "Yes, sunlight feels cold to me," Cassandra confirmed, looking unsettled at the mere thought of this conundrum. "A beautiful summer day is like a blizzard to me. Only the shadows seem to hold any warmth."

McCoy: "A paradoxical sensory perception," McCoy muttered in response, actually sounding rather fascinated by this circumstance. "I wonder if they're neurological or psychological in nature. Perhaps an unusual form of post-traumatic stress disorder, or the result of your nervous system repairing itself."

McCoy: His gaze fell upon the boy sitting by the girl's side. "What doesn't fit into this picture is that you seem to be affected in a different, but possibly related manner." He scratched his chin. "Have you both been exposed to similar environmental influences, such as strong doses of radiation or chemical substances?"

Jonas: "Not that I know of, or remember... but with the way I'm starting to understand everything you say... I'm getting the feeling I might have been a science geek before I was buried.. and not cool. Which makes me wonder if my name really is Jonas." he said, Now it was his turn to swing his legs slightly.

Cassie: "If it helps in any way, I've always preferred the shadows over the light," Cassandra pointed out, her lips revealing a half-smile. "Then again, I'm pretty sure you could guess as much already."

McCoy: "Oh, that might prove to be a helpful lead in any case, Ms. Commons," the furry doctor replied, giving the girl an encouraging nod, before he returned his attention to the boy. "Now that's good to hear," he told him, showing his impressive teeth as he grinned at the pale mutant. "Your interest in the sciences, I mean. It's always a pleasure to meet a youth with a thirst for knowledge."

McCoy: He frowned. "It's less fortunate you don't seem to be able to recall your name. How did you come to believing it's 'Jonas' in the first place?"

Jonas: "Ah, yes, well, in my jacket's pocket...." He started and leaned over to where the jacket was thrown over a chair, "is a flick knife.... here we go." he took out the handle and showed it to the doctor, "Scratched in on it, Jonas. I really do think Jonas is my name, but I'm not one hundred percent sure."

McCoy: "May I?" Hank took a closer look at the knife, running a big, clawed thumb over the rough engraving. "You should be careful with this around here," he advised the boy, raising his gaze as he handed the knife back to Jonas. "You may be right, and the name could have ended up on it for any number of reasons. Until we have a better lead, however, why not stick with Jonas for now?"

Cassie: "I suggested 'Nosferatu' as his superhero name," Cassandra remarked with a small grin, appearing quite proud of her idea. "It's catchy and has an ominous sound to it that sends shiver down the spines of his enemies. Besides, I don't think anyone would take him seriously if we named him 'Mighty Whitey'."

Jonas: "So we do get superhero names, that is fantastic." Jonas said, a little excited about the prospect. He took the knife back from the doctor, rolling it around in his hands while Dr McCoy went on with his examination. "Don't worry, I bately take the blade out anyway." Jonas said.

Cassie: "This is how I ended up as Dusk," Cassandra revealed to him, a faint smile on her lips as she held up her hand. "It was my stage name before coming here, and it has always stuck with me - apparently even through life and death."

McCoy: Dr. McCoy nodded, as he pushed his stool back to the tray with the medical instruments laid out on top of it. "Names are an important part of our identity, whether they're given to us or we picked them ourselves," he explained, picking up needle and syringe. "It only makes sense that they provide an useful link to our past."

Cassie: "Or our future," Cassandra pointed out, her smile taking on a sly edge. "Jonas has been reborn into a new life, so why not also pick a new name?"

Jonas: "But Jonas is really growing on me. What about Jack? Jack sounds like a good name... or were we talking about super names?" He asked. "If that's the case... nosferatu is a lttle bit too long... doesn't roll off the tongue that essy."

Cassie: Cassandra gave Jonas an appraising look, her eyes narrowing somewhat. "Somehow, I think that might only confuse me," she said, then reached out to gently tug on the tip of Jonas's ear. "Besides, while fashionable in their own right, your ears aren't nearly as big or fluffy enough for a Jack."

McCoy: Hank finished his preparations and placed the small tray with required utensils on the bed, as well. "I would like to take some blood for further testing," the doctor announced, his gaze moving back and forth between the two young mutants. "Both of you get their turn, but I'm taking volunteers for who's starting."

Jonas: "Guess I'll go first. Don't remember being afraid of needles." Jonas said, holding out his arm. He watched as the doctor took his arm and prepared to draw blood. "Owch." He flinched when he felt the needle got inserted. "Well my blood is red. That's good I guess."

McCoy: "Absolutely." Dr. McCoy gave the boy a reassuring smile, before he pulled out the needle and wiped his arm with a sterile pad. "Not that I expected anything else." He put the small container filled with the mutant's blood away and reached for a fresh set of syringes. "You've been an exemplary patient so far, Jonas. You definitely earned yourself a twinkie."

McCoy: "Now let's see if Ms. Commons shall receive one, too, no?" Hank chuckled and prepared the girl's arm.

Cassie: "Do I have to remind you that I've been through slightly worse, Doc?" Cassandra wore a sly smirk as she made the large, beast-like mutant flinch with her remark. She rolled up her sleeve and held out her arm for him.

McCoy: "I'm sorry, I did not intend to make light of what happened to you," he apologized, never sure when the girl was sincere or just fooling around. Focusing on his work instead, McCoy pierced her skin with a flawless motion, before attaching the blood container. ", this feels odd. Did I miss the vein?"

McCoy: "Would you be so kind to hold still for another moment, I almost got it..." His wide brow furrowed as he carefully moved the needle from side to side, daring to give it a gentle tug to increase the pressure. Finally his efforts paid off, yet what spilled forth was not healthy red in colour, but of an oily black.

Jonas: "...yeah, I'm no expert, but ehh, that there don't look healthy to me." Jonas said, pointing with the hand that was holding a half eaten twinkie. "Ohh oh oh, Cassie, I think you have shadows pumping through your veins." he said with a smirk before eating the rest of the Twinkie.

Cassie: "Should I find this eerie or amazing?" Cassandra asked, staring with wide eyes at the needle sticking out of her arm, and the inky black substance oozing into the container. It seemed to be moving under its own power, swirling and sliding against the transparent plastic. "This is so strange that I'll have to go with both and even make up a new word for it - ameerie."

McCoy: "Oh my stars and garters," Dr. McCoy said for the second time this day, feeling something push and jerk the syringe in his hands. ""Obviously I shouldn't have tempted fate by saying I expected nothing out of the ordinary." He pulled the needle back out again, a squirming black cloud remaining above the small puncture.

Jonas: "Hey," Jonas said, licking a thumb, "it's still moving inside.... look, when you hold it still." he pointed out. "Now that's weird. Makes me think of crazy horror movies... wait, look who's talking." he added, rolling his eyes.

Cassie: Holding up her arm, Cassandra looked mystified as she watched the black ooze slowly retract into her body, the puncture in her skin sealing again before her eyes. "Dr. McCoy, what is the meaning of this?" she asked, giving her arm a cautious poke. "I'm pretty sure most people are not supposed to have living ink inside their bodies. Not healthy people, anyway."

McCoy: "I'm afraid I don't know, Cassandra," Dr. McCoy replied as she carefully put the small sample away, before he would turn around to give the girl a sympathetic look. "Not yet, anyway. However, you have my word that I'll do anything to find out." He rose from this stool to step up to his two patients. "In the meantime, try not to be too concerned, yes?"

McCoy: Pulling off his glasses, he gave them a quick wipe, his motions slightly hectic. "Perhaps it would be best if I examined each of you individually," he told them, putting his glasses back on. "I believe a closer look might be warranted here."

Jonas: "Definitely starting with her." Jonas added. "Because I'm feeling peachy fine, but that, that was just weird. Dus-um.. Cassie, you want me to wait outside?" he asked, pointing towards the door.

McCoy: "You can wait in my office, if you like," Hank answered in her stead, looking over his shoulder. "It's right through this door. There are more twinkies on the desk and fresh coffee in the pot, so feel free to help yourself, yes?" He reached for his stethoscope and turned back to the girl. "So, Cassandra, have you noticed anything else about you that seems unusual?"

Cassie: "Unusual according to whom?" Cassandra asked right back, tilted her head as a half-smile played across her lips. "Because depending on who you ask, this might take a while..."

McCoy: Dr. McCoy had to suppress a sigh. "Please try to stay focused, Ms. Commons," he almost begged her. "Anything might turn out to be important later on, but lets start with the things that appear particularly noteworthy to you."

Cassie: Cassandra looked thoughtful with the tip of her finger resting against her chin, a distant gaze in her violet eyes. A moment later, she perked up and pointed at Dr. McCoy. "Oh, you mean things like my heart having apparently stopped beating?"

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Re: Summer 2016 - Jonas

Post by Starfish » Wed May 08, 2013 4:26 pm

Cassie: "And here we have the kitchen," Cassandra announced as she led her new pale friend through the wooden door, opening her arms in a wide gesture to encompass the entire room. "There are rumors about its original purpose, and some say it's actually here to provide us with food, but don't let that fool you."

Cassie: "Most of the time, its used by students to hide from classes and to chat with each other," she elaborated, holding up a finger. "It's no coincidence the rec room is right next door. Together, they form the hub of social life at the school."

Jonas: "Fascinating... who would have thought a whole phone would fit in your pocket." Jonas said, paying more attention to the cell phone he was given on loan until he got one of his own.

Cassie: "A great invention by the phone companies so you would lose it more often and have to buy another one from them," Cassandra explained with a playful smile on her face. "They also allow annoying salesmen to pester you whenever and wherever."

Cassie: She proceeded towards the large fridge by the kitchen wall. "Care for something to drink? I made fresh iced tea this morning."

Jonas: "That sounds nice, think I'll have some, thanks." Jonas said as he moved to sit down at the kitchen table. "I just realized sonething... I said fascinating."

Cassie: Cassandra took the heavy glass pitcher out of the fridge and turned to fetch a pair of glasses from the shelf. "Well, I will not hold it against you," the girl commented, briefly smiling over her shoulder, before she poured each of them some cooled tea.

Jonas: "Think I pickef it up from the great blue one." Jonas replied, taking his glass and drinking it.

Cassie: Placing the pitcher on the table, Cassandra sat down, as well. "Oh, you mean Dr. McCoy." She smiled at Jonas, before taking a sip herself. "Yes, that's not really surprising. He has that effect on people. I have this theory that you can't help but get smarter simply by being around him."

Jonas: "I think you might be on to something. That checkup he did on me, made me do these puzzle things. Apparently I solved them really well and really fast."

Cassie: "You actually solved them?" Cassandra looked surprised for a moment. "In that case - congratulations." She raised her glass in an imitation of a toast. "Apparently they're insanely difficult. I've heard people despaired over them."

Cassie: Her eyes narrowed. "I think McCoy doesn't even use them to test your ability to solve problems, but how easily you are to enrage."

Jonas: "...huh. okay, well according to him and his testd and newfangled mini computer machine, I'm supposedly got the mental age of a sixteen year old. That got me a little angry... stupid tests. Stupid computers. Whoever made them wrre just jerks." Jonas said, drinking more tea.

Cassie: "If you ever happen to hang around the basement, that's an opinion I would keep to myself, if I were you," Cassandra told him with a wink. "And what's wrong with being sixteen? I'm sixteen, and I don't find it very enraging." She put on a thoughtful look for a moment. "No, not angry about that, at all."

Cassie: "Besides, are you sure he didn't mean that as some kind of compliment?" She raised her glass again, nodding at Jonas before taking another sip. "After all, I don't think many sixteen year olds would manage to impress McCoy at his own tests."

Jonas: "Oh... yeah, I guess you got a point there. But still... you would have thought that my mentality would have skyrocketed at least around... I don't know... how old am I supposed to be again? Sixty? Maybe seventy years." Jonas emptied his glass. "Pour me some more," he told Cassie.

Cassie: "Do you really want the mind of a seventy year old geezer?" Cassandra asked, picking up the glass pitcher. "Then you wouldn't be going on any exciting adventures with me, but only stand outside in front of the mansion and yell at us to get off the lawn." She poured him another glass. "You're welcome, by the way."

Jonas: "Yeah, thanks," he took a sip, "But if I'm stuck with a sixteen year old mentality, that means I still got about a decade of drooling over sexy people left before I can think straight." he complained.

Cassie: "Wait a second, does that mean I might actually stop doing that one day?" Cassandra looked actually shocked upon hearing this. "These are dreadful news! What if I don't want to start thinking straight? Perhaps I like drooling over sexy people and being drooled on, has anyway thought about that, hm?"

Cassie: She paused for a moment, lifting a finger to tap it against her chin in a thoughtful manner. "On the other hand, Dr. McCoy said something about not technically being alive anymore - not in the traditional sense of the word, anyway." A frown appeared on her face as she looked into the distance. "I wonder..."

Jonas: While Cassie was wondering, Jonas was thinking, hard, looking at her, and taking a sip before he tried to speak. "Um, Cassie..." he began, then paused to look around. It was late and most students still at the mansion was either sleeping or having a good time in the city. "Can I ask you a personal question?"

Cassie: "How I manage to be the most gorgeous looking undead girl you've ever seen?" She preempted his question, an impish smirk on her lips. "It's all about getting those squishy, mushy intestines removed. The Egyptians where on the right track, but it turned out you gotta do it while still breathing."

Jonas: Jonas made a disgusted face. "Yuck. No, it's.. uh.. hmm... look, I'm still unsure how things are done around now... so if you don't know.." the boy trailed off for a second before he gathered enough courage to ask. "Guys who... like guys... how do they know they like guys and not girls?"

Cassie: The glass raised to her mouth, Cassandra paused mid-swallow and blinked at Jonas, a slight frown furrowing her brow. "First of all," she began, putting down her iced tea and wiping her lips with the back of her hand, "I do know how things are done, in all their countless variations. Don't let my age fool you."

Cassie: "And specifically, if they show no interest in me, that's usually a pretty sure sign they might not be interested in girls at all." She showed Jonas a sly smirk.

Jonas: "Right. Right." Jonas nodded, going silent and sipping his tea. For the while he just tapped his fingers against the glass. "I think.. I might be... confused."

Cassie: "Obviously." With a sympathetic smile on her lips, Cassandra leaned forward to take the glass pitcher. "Don't worry, apparently it's only normal to be confused at our age - no mater if mental or physical. I guess having outlived your entire generation inside a grave didn't help on that front either."

Jonas: "Yeah... I think I remembered something about the time I went into the grave." He told Cassie.

Cassie: "You did? That's amazing!" Her expression brightened as she gave her glass a refill. "What is it? Did you remember how you got your hands on that killer leather jacket?"

Jonas: "Uh... kind of... I don't think it was mine... I think it belonged to someone else." He told her. "And I kind of have this mental image of.... him... naked... and not in a communal shower."

Cassie: Propping her elbows on the table, Cassandra rested her chin on interlocked fingers, studying Jonas with a curious look on her face. "And do you like that image?" she asked him. "Before you answer, let me tell you there's nothing wrong with that, no matter what others might have tried to teach you."

Cassie: "This is a more enlightened age - for the most part, anyway. What I'm trying to say is... better keep to the northern regions."

Jonas: "Um.. riiight. Well... it is an interesting image... but then again... we had that thing in your house. For three days long. But then again that might be just because of lack of any release fore several decades... or because you manhandled my little sergeant and his recruits."

Cassie: "If I remember correctly, your Sarge and his men stood at attention and were quite eager to show their endurance during that forced march," Cassandra replied, a lewd grin moving her lips, her voice not serious, at all. "Here I liked to believe you fell for my sensuality and charms, and now I have to find out I was nothing more than a toy for you to sate your pent up carnal desires."

Cassie: "Not that I had any problem with that," the girl added with an impish snicker.

Jonas: "Which makes me so really confused now. Because I don't know which... uhh... which side I bat now." He said, then downed the whole glass. "Is it because I found you sexy or because I just needed to... get my seamen some shore leave."

Cassie: "Oh good, then you already found out it's not as simple as it sounds," the girl replied, offering Jonas a smile across the rim of her glass. "Sex-ed sucks even today, so I can't even imagine what they tried to tell you back in the days. It's not like we have a switch in our brain that decides whether we're attracted to boys or girls."

Cassie: "The truth is, we can be interested in all kinds of things, and all kinds of people. Some like men, some like women, others like one over the other or both equally. Some jump everything that moves, or even what doesn't." She held out her hands. "And this is why it's so tricky to find out what we truly like - and why it's so exciting."

Jonas: Jonas fidgeted with his glass. It felt like his stomach was an insectarium filled with butterflies. He first wondered where he heard insectarium from, but then he wondered about the subject at hand. "So I should try and... experiment?"

Cassie_: "Why yes, I think you should absolutely do that." Cassandra smirked with the rim of her iced tea glass between her lips. "How else are you going to find out what you truly want? You can't do that by only thinking really hard about it. You need to experience such things!"

Jonas: "Okay, but you have to remember, amnesia," he said, tapping his bald head, "I'm practically starting from scratch. You got any ideas on where to begin?" Jonas asked, then tried to drink from his glass, remembering it was empty, and held it out for Cassie to refill.

Cassie_: The girl looked rather shrewd as she sucked on her lower lip, her gaze moving from side to side. Slowly, she picked up the pitched, leaning across the table to pour more tea into Jonas' glass. "How about my room?" she suggested at the same time, a mischievous smirk curling the corner of her mouth.

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