Summer 2016 - Jack

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Summer 2016 - Jack

Post by steyn » Wed May 01, 2013 11:41 am

Melati: "Okay, I'm bored," Melati stated, casting an irritated glare the bottom of her empty coffee cup. She checked her watch. Again. She looked at the timetable, Again. "You probably don't want me bored at an airport."

Ankka: Ankka was trying not to fidget, and in the way of all big men was trying to slump further in his seat so that no one would recognise him. Yeah, that wasn't working so great. What if she had written him off after no contact for months? What if even the flowers didn't work? What if - Mel's voice snapped him out of his thoughts.

Ankka: "I could create a localised thunderstorm over your head?" He offered blandly.

Melati: "That actually doesn't sound too bad," she remarked, leisurely tilting her head to the side to give the tall, blond man a look. "Because the idea of intentionally leaving any luggage unattended and seeing what happens becomes more and more tempting."

Jack: Jack nearly suggested he and Mel quickly step out to the restroom for a quick nudge nudge wink wink, but then that would probably have made Ankka even more restless. Poor guy. "Garçon! A fresh cup all around please?" the painfully pink rabbit said while holding up his cup.

Noriko: Noriko had just landed and was waiting on the silly plane people to attached the docking corridor thing, collecting her hand luggage and wondering if anyone would be waiting for her or if she'd be heading home by herself. She'd sent emails out on her stop over but no reply so far.

Noriko: Impatient as always she was tapping her feet by the time a whole 3 minutes had passed and she was aloud to start disembarking, totally not cheating in places to get herself moving alittle faster and burn off excess energy.

Ankka: "The unattended luggage thing might make us vait even longer, just remember that." Ankka muttered, before picking up his cup and staring into it. After a moment there was a tiny little thunderclap and a pathetic little black could appeared over Mel's head. A strike of lightning that wasn't much more than a spark zapped her ear.

Melati: "Ack! Hey!" Melati nearly fell of her chair, but managed to steady herself by grabbing and holding on to Jack. "That itches!" She laughed and rubbed her air.

Jack: "Whoa... I feel tingly... dude, I think I'm picking up static from you." Jack told Ankka as sagged down the side of his chair with Mel hanging on to him.

Ankka: "Vell, you did say..." Just as tiny little raindrops fell on her.

Melati: "And as almost always, I am to blame myself for ending up in pain," she commented with a chuckle, shifting back onto her chair.

Noriko: Finally free from the flying coffin she started heading to the arrivals lounge and food before she picked up her luggage. For once there was no bright hair colours, no neon leg warmers or colourful anything. Black trousers and a coffee colours shirt had her blending in with the crowd... except for the paperclip necklace that was.

Ankka: Ankka smiled, before watching the arrivals again and playing with the paper wrap to the large bunch of flowers. Gods, he didn't want to fuck this up. "I could see if you can attach some string to it and have a pet thunderstorm if you vant?"

Jack: "Wow, that would be so cool, take the offer, Mel, take it!" Jack urged.

Melati: "Would I have to water it regularly?" Melati asked, before she eyes the huge armful of flowers Ankka had brought along. "Better hope she hurries up, before Jack here decides to nibble those dandelions."

Ankka: "I vill zap you on the nose if you do, bunny." He smiled at Jack, though his eyes were on the crowds. "I...don't know, I don't keep pet weather systems, honestly."

Jack: "Hey, I don't eat flowers... I might chew on the leaves a bit." he joked.

Melati: "Not so fast," she remarked, nudging the Ankka's side. "She might think it's adorable if you let him nibble the blossoms a bit. You know, chicks dig cute critters."

Noriko: Noriko trudged along between the security checks but the moment she had space she was cheating to get out of the crowds faster incase she got recognised, but then she saw something miraculous in the food court friends waiting for her. "Guys!"

Ankka: "Not these ones, I'm trying to sort things out-" And there she was. "Noriko!" He got up fast enough that he had to catch the chair before it fell over, waving and trying not to look too nervous...which made him look even more nervous, actually. Gods, more beautiful than he remembered...

Noriko: Noriko spotted Ankka as he stood up and her face lit up with hope, right up until she saw the pink rabbit and Melati missing an eye. "Hey Ankka! Hey guys how are you all? Didn't think anyone was coming to meet me at all." Giving them all a smile and blushing at the way Ankka was looking at her.

Jack: "You kidding? I love coming to the airport, just seeing all these tired people makes me feel so alive and thankful." Jack replied getting up and eagerly waiting for Ankka to make the first contact so that he can get a hug in.

Melati: "Ah, about time," Melati muttered as she spotted the familiar head of hair, nevertheless looking happy to see the other girl again. "Hey, Noriko." She stood up to greet her. "Did you short out anything vital on that plane, or what took you so long?"

Noriko: "No I didn't short anything out I was secretly charging peoples phones and stuff." Giggling alittle and looking nervous because Ankka did. "My second flight got delayed because of refueling problems."

Ankka: Ankka fidgetted, before internally eyerolling at himself and scooping her up into a tight hug, actually lifting her off the floor. For a moment, he just held her, letting that do the talking as he figured he'd just mess it up if he opened his mouth.

Jack: "D'awwww, how adorable is that?" Jack commented.

Melati: "Almost sickeningly so," Melati added, waiting by Jack's side, watching the other two with a smirk on her lips.

Noriko: Noriko giggled as well before hugging Ankka back with a happy smile, glad he wanted her back after the arguements. "I'm sorry I shouted at you, and I missed you loads, all of you actually..."

Jack: Jack nudged Melati in the side with an elbow, and gave her a big ass obvious wink, adding "She missed ALL of him."

Ankka: "I'm sorry too. Even got you flowers to prove it." He smiled shyly at the others and Noriko. "I missed you too...though I vasn't exactly awake for most of it."

Melati: "You mean there's more to him?" She gave the blond boy an appraising look, keeping her arms crossed. "Hm, you sure about that? Maybe I'd need both eyes to see it."

Noriko: Giggling again she nuzzled the flowers before aiming a small spark at Jack. "I meant I missed all of you lot back as school you dirty pink rabbit!" Then she head tilted at Ankka. "What do you mean wasn't awake? And you'd need more then both eyes melati." Sticking her tongue out playfully at the other girl even through the tired look on her face.

Ankka: Ankka actually blushed hard at that, tapping Nori on the nose. "I...vas stupid and cured someone who vas in a coma." He shrugged it off, setting her down and handing her the flowers. "It knocked me out for a long time." Jack got a scruff for good measure. "Dirty bunny."

Melati: Melati chuckled and steppe over to Noriko, placing a hand on the girl's shoulder to give her a firm squeeze. "Anyway, glad to have you back," she told her.

Jack: "Ohhhh...." Jack shuddered with a horribly leering grin, "Tingles all over." he said, thankful for the fur that probably lessened the actual shock of the zap.

Noriko: "Ooooo!" Hgging the flowers to her before offering hugs to Melati and Jack. "You guys look like you need hugs as well, how about in a minute I fetch my luggage and treat us to food?"

Melati: "Yeah, be glad you missed what was going on lately," Melati remarked, returning the offered hug. "The last few weeks have been rough." She smiled. "I'll never say no to free food, though."

Ankka: Ankka smiled. "I could go for food." He nodded, a hand still on Noriko's back. It seemed...everything was going to be okay between them, the big man relaxing slowly.

Jack: "I am actually starving," the pink one replied when it was finally his turn to get and give hugs, She's sooo tinyyyy, he thought with a silly grin.

Noriko: Once everyone was fully hugged she started leading them off to the luggage bays and the big turn table thingys. "I wasn't sure where I wanted to be, here with you guys and helping or back home helping there... though that wasn't really helping..."

Melati: "How did things go back home?" Melati asked, snatching a luggage cart on the way and unable to resist the temptation to give it a push and ride it.

Noriko: "Well my sisters recovered now and I have a new baby sister called Aiko. We had to move house because of the anti mutant protestors in Japan burning ours down and I'm all over the news as an out of control mutant that needs *help*. So could have gone better." Shrugging and sighing abit walking closer to Ankka for comfort.

Noriko: "Hows everyone coping here?"

Melati: "Same here," Melati replied. "As in, things could have gone better." She resisted the urge to touch her face, diverting her hand to scratch the side of her head instead. "Sorry to hear that about your home. I hope everyone's alright, yeah?"

Noriko: "Everyones fine now, but I ended up accidently shocking my mom. She doesn't mind but the media is up in arms about it." Resisting the urge to ask about the eye until she could speak to Mel in private and instead focusing on spotting her luggage. "I'm just sorry I missed the funeral."

Ankka: Ankka stayed quiet, a hand still on Noriko as support. Since he'd got back, he'd slowly been filled in on the details, and they'd just got worse and worse.

Melati: "Yeah, what happened to Johnny hit us all really hard." She looked down, her jaw clenched, and let out a silent sigh. "Up until the last moment, everyone still had hope that we could save him in time."

Noriko: "I cried all day when I found out him and Cassie had died.... all I could think about was *johnny's never going to throw me at a sinking ship again*" Spotting her bright blue suitcase she grabbed it and hauled it comically onto the trolley because of how short she was.

Melati: "Oh, so you haven't heard yet..." Melati remarked, stepping forward to help Noriko with the suitcase. "You might regret having missed the funeral even more when you hear this."

Noriko: "What do you mean I haven't heard?" Getting it onto the trolley she huffed at it before helping Melati push it back towards food and such, spare hand going out to brush Ankka's arm. "Does it have anything to do with the pink glittery easter bun?"

Ankka: Ankka reached out and actually took Noriko's hand, kissing the knuckles and smiling despite the weight of the conversation.

Jack: "Nope, funny enough, had absolutely nothing to do with me." Jack said, trying not to smile during the conversation. It was sad Johnny was gone, but he was so happy that Cassie was back.

Melati: "No, that's a different story." She smirked at the other girl. "You better hold on to something sturdy, like your big guy here, because this might knock you right off your feet." She raised her eyebrows for a dramatic pause. "Turns out Cassie got better."

Noriko: Noriko stopped and gave Melati one hell of a what the fuck look. "How do you get better from being dead aside from the obvious one ending in head removal afterwards..."

Jack: "If there's one thing that Cassie is, it's unconventional." Jack added.

Melati: "I have no fucking clue, but you better believe it." Melati chuckled and shook her head, still trying to wrap her mind around it herself. "There are some rumors and theories floating around, but personally I like to think the devil found her so annoying he kicked her back out."

Jack: "My theory is that she got bored being dead and decided to come back." Jack said.

Noriko: "I'm...... I'm cool with that theory...." Otherwise left speachless for words as they got back to the reastuarant areas and she could flop in a chair in disbelief. "Getting better from dead eh? Fuck lets hope that doesn't catch on with everyone otherwise they'll be no room left..."

Jack: "Oh please, there's already no room left. I blame condom companies for not making enough." Jack said nodding sagelike. "But other than that, welcome back. We got a couple of new faces as well back at the school."

Melati: "No shit." Melati followed Noriko to the food places, pushing the cart for her. "Especially since she also brought a new guy with her. Funny enough, the kid even looks like he's a corpse. I never know if she's serious or just bullshitting everyone again, but apparently she actually pulled him out of a grave."

Jack: "Kid creeps me a tiny bit... and intrigues me a tiny bit. I feel confused about him. Who else is new, oh wait, there's that girl that hasp waspy bug powers."

Ankka: Ankka rubbed his face as he followed them to the food courts. "Don't, if I can heal someone from a coma vhy not death too? Actually, you know vhat, I'm not even going to think about that."

Noriko: "Seriously? I've missed so much wish I'd stayed her longer now rather then only visiting for easter.......... and yeah Ankka lets not when you coma yourself healing people." Still holding his hand and looking at the menu. "Wasp powers eh?"

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Re: Summer 2016 - Jack

Post by Starfish » Fri May 10, 2013 12:50 pm

Melati: The flash hitting her eye caused a sudden pain inside her head, bringing back memories of the searing hot knife. Melati winced, but managed to fight the urge to avert her gaze. "Some sensitivity to bright light is to be expected during the first couple of days," Dr. McCoy remarked, quickly lowering his pocket lamp again.

Melati: "After all, this is a brand new eye, and it's seeing the world for the first time," he continued, carefully inspecting the left side of her face. "I recommend wearing sunglasses whenever you're going out, until your vision has returned to normal. Other than that, your regenerative abilities did a flawless job."

Jack: In a corner of McCoy's office was a pink rabbit, sitting back and slowly paging through a magazine. He would look up once in a while, but most of the time he listened to the conversation with his big ears.

Melati: "With a little help from you, doc," Melati replied, blinking a couple times and rubbing her restored left eye once McCoy was done examining it. "Also, I'm sorry if I've been a grumpy patient."

Jack: Jack snorted at what she said.

Melati: The doctor laughed as he stepped to his desk. "I deal with teenagers on a daily basis," he replied, deeming that a satisfying response to her apology. "I wish more of them would basically do my work for me."

Melati: Her head turned around, the girl glaring at the pink rabbit. "What!?"

Jack: "Grumpy patient. I'm a grumpy patient when I get my ears tested. Johnny was a grumpy patient when he was recovering in the hospital. You were a little bit more than grumpy."

Melati: "Getting your eye poked out with a glowing blade tends to do that," Melati shot back, her arms crossed in front of her chest. "Though, worse than that was having to sit still for an hour while the scab got peeled off."

Jack: "Cry baby." Jack teased, turning a page.

Melati: "Don't worry, Ms. Kusuma, I won't hold you up much longer," Dr. McCoy remarked, getting a small bottle from one of his cabinets. "Before you go, let me give you these eye drops. Use them hourly. They should take care of any irritation."

Melati: "You know, I think I could really use a lucky rabbit's foot." Melati narrowed her eyes at Jack.

Jack: Jack lifted one of his big pink feet, twiddling his toes at her, before putting it down and looking up from the magazine. "So Dr McCoy, just out of curiosity, not that I'm going to do it, but yesterday when you delved deeper into different mutations in class you talked about that drug, Kick... what do you think would happen to me if I took it?" Jack asked, putting the magazine down.

Melati: Before answering, Dr. McCoy gave the student a stern look over the rim of his glasses. "If you were so foolish, the results would be difficult to predict. That is one of the reasons why this drug is so dangerous. It's a vague guideline that it enhances already present mutations, but the effects don't have to be limited to that."

Melati: "We don't have any large scale studies on the subject as a basis to make any reliable predictions, aside from reports of his highly addictive nature and often dangerous side effects."

Melati: "In other words, you'd grow even bigger ears and feet," Melati tossed in. "Then you'd explode in a cloud of glitter."

Jack: "That sounds fantastic. Anyway, is there anything I should know before I take her home? Should I invest in a cone in case she starts scratching?" Jack asked grinning.

Melati: "And a muzzle for her loud mouth," the doctor joked, patting Melati's shoulder with a big, furry paw. "Come see if there are problems, but I doubt there will be any."

Melati: "Cheers, doc." Melati gave the large, blue man a half-smile, before pushing herself off the stretcher. "Even though I slowly got used to the eyepatch. I think it suited me."

Jack: "We're keeping the eyepatch though," Jack said standing up. "We need to do the pirate thing with the thing. Aww look at that, pretty pair of eyes."

Melati: "That Captain Jack idea really got to your head, didn't it?" Melati waved the doctor goodbye and made her way towards the door while she gave the rabbit a look. "Funny, I've always been pretty sure my eyes were the last pair you noticed on me."

Jack: "Well your nostrils are quite cute when you get angry and they flare up." Jack said and opened the door. "So what is next up on the agenda? Need to give tge new eye a test run?"

Melati: "Why, you're offering to dance for me, rabbit?" Melati chuckled, cracking a grin in Jack's direction. They slipped out into the hallway, aiming for the elevator. "I thought about making the best out of my regained depth perception and throw some balls on the basketball field, but I'm open to any suggestion."

Jack: "Oh there are tons if things I can think of that involves depth perception. There is danger room training, sex, archery, sex, some racing around a track in miniature clown cars, sex, all kinds of yhings we can do."

Melati: Melati frowned, before stepping into the elevator with a thoughtful look on her face. "That all sounds nice and dandy, but I think you may have forgotten one important thing," she said, turning around to lean against the back wall, the tip of her tail pressing the button for the ground floor. "How about sex?"

Jack: "Sex? Really? Of all the things you would want to do to test out your new eye and you would go for sex?" Jack shook his head as he looked at his reflection in the elevator's metal wall. He combed some of the pink fur and noticed his black fur was starting to come back. He turned with a grin. "How about we do something we both like. How about sex?"

Melati: "Now there's an idea! I haven't thought about that at all!" Melati returned his grin, her long tail curling around the boy's ankle. Then the look on her face turned slightly more serious. "I really feel like celebrating. I can't remember the last time I've been sick or injured for longer than a day."

Jack: "Well then I suggest partying as hard as possible. When last have you been to Vegas?" Jack asked, "And don't say when you picked me up, because that is way too long ago."

Melati: "Unless I simply don't remember any other trips over there, I'm afraid it's really been that awfully long," she replied, using her tail to draw him a little closer. "I know, I know, shame on me. That's no proper conduct for a party animal like me."

Jack: "Then I am inviting you to be my plus one to a wedding." Jack told her, stepping up right against her and putting his hands around her waist. "There will be a buffet and dancing and drinks, and seeing that it will be in Vegas, I expect lions and tigers and bears as well."

Melati: Melati arched an eyebrow, watching Jack with her head tilted to the side. "A wedding? Who's getting the old chain and ball?" A grin appeared on her lips, and she chuckled. "Not the spiky kids, right?"

Jack: "Think the guy wants to make sure his baby is born in wedlock. He asked me if I could be their tour guide in Vegas. Either way, free cake and booze."

Melati: "Then I don't need to hear any more." She laughed and put her arms over Jack's shoulders. "That actually sounds pretty cute, and if they'll have me, I'll come along, of course. With a guide like you, this can only end in beautiful disaster. I hope there's going to be hen and stag nights."

Jack: "Of course, mind you I will have to end up organizing both. Mind giving me a hand in the party planning? It might involve doing wedding plans as well. Don’t worry, there was only on big request. They want a mutant Elvis to marry them."

Melati: "I thought Elvis was[/i[ a mutant?" Melati frowned. "Anyway, I'd be damned if there isn't one mutant praising the King in all of Vegas. If all else fails, we just put you in a fatsuit and give you a bad hairpiece." Chuckling again, she showed Jack a toothy grin. "And why do you even think you have to ask me to help with a party? That's my calling, after all."

Jack: "Perfect.... one snag though, we will have to drive to make sure the prickly pair don't end up in an accident. "

Melati: Melati shrugged. "Fine by me," she replied. "More time to see and do stuff. It's been a while since my last proper road trip, anyway. With a couple folks along for the ride it should be pretty fun, and we can take turns driving."

Jack: "Sounds like a plan. Invite any unwitting fool to join in, by the way. The more the merrier."

Melati: "Oh, leave that to me, furball," Melati replied, a wry smirk playing across her lips. "I'm pretty good at bringing all the boys and girls to the yard. Now, let's get this party started, shall we?" Her smile turned predatory as she pulled Jack closer.

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