Summer 2016 - Max and Penny

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Summer 2016 - Max and Penny

Post by Starfish » Sat May 04, 2013 4:55 pm

Max: Max cuddled the warm body, hand stroking her belly and kissed her on her neck. He watched her sleep for a moment and wondered for a little bit, then made up his mind. "Penny," he whispered, one hand stroking and fondling her naked body, trying to gently wake her.

Penny: Bright, blue eyes opened at the voice of her love, and Penny slightly turned her head to the side to look up at Max's face. A smile appeared on her crimson lips, which she promptly used to place a tender kiss to the boy's cheek. <I had a wonderful dream,> she signed, carefully turning in his arms to lay on her back.

Max: Max kissed her back, and smiled, "Was it a weird dream.... or a naughty dream?" He asked, waggling his eyebrows. "Tell me about it."

Penny: <You might never know,> Penny replied and showed her fiance a teasing grin. <It's my secret dream.> She leaned up to kiss him again, gently brushing her knuckles over the side of his face.

Max: He stroked his hand over her skin from her neck back downwards whike they kissed. When their lips parted, he grinned down at her and said, "Tell you what... if you tell me the dream, then I'll tell you where I'm going to take you today."

Penny: Penny bit her lip and displayed a playful smile. <What if I told you I like surprises?> she asked, then bumped the boy's nose with the blunt side of a knuckle. <Okay, I can tell you... that you and I have both been in the dream, and there was a hut on the beach and coconuts."

Max: "Oooh that is more than enough info. I can already guess what happens next. The tide cones in and floods the hut while I get knocked on the noggin with a coconut while you sunbathe on the beach."

Penny: <How did you know?> Penny grinned. <Don't worry, you made for an awesome float for the kids.>

Max: Max leaned down and snuggled Penny's belly and said, "I hope you little monstrs at least turned me on my back before pushing me into the water."

Penny: <Of course; how else would I have been supposed to kiss you?> After signing those words, Penny raised her hands to put them around Max's shoulders, pulling him close to do what she had just said.

Max: "Mmm, I guess I need to give you a hint of where I'm taking you then... unless you want to keep it a surprise." He asked after the kiss broke.

Penny: Penny put on a thoughtful expression, before the beamed a grin at Max. <Oooh, I think I want a hint, please!> She signed excitedly.

Max: "Hmmm.... well... I can say that there are lots of lights.... sounds.... and it might involve you.... me..... and Elvis...." With each pause he kissed up her body until the elvis kiss were on her lips.

Penny: Partly closing one eye while raising the eyebrow of the other, Penny gave her fiance a scrutinizing look. <We're going for ice-cream in the mall,> she asked, feigning ignorance.

Max: "Nnnnope. Wanna try again?" He asked. "If you guess right... I will try my best to make thst dream of yours into reality."

Penny: <You will let me use you float down in the swimming pool?> Penny smirked, before a thoughtful frown showed up on her face. <Do they like to play games at this place?>

Max: "They do, but some take the games too seriously. I might need something to help me float though." Max admitted.

Penny: <We can just pluck lots of corks to the tips of your quills,> Penny suggested with cheeky grin, before she got back to guessing. <Do they have an Eiffel Tower and a pyramid, too?>

Max: "Why yes! And apparently if no one watches, you can on them and pretend you're a giant." He said with a grin.

Penny: Penny tilted her head, watching Max with a teasing little smirk for a moment. <And the reason we'd go there is to do just that, yes?> she asked.

Max: "Among other things. Well... unless you're not allowed to travel... hmm guess I should have asked Dr McCoy first..." Max pondered.

Penny: <He only said it would be better if I stayed clear of planes and teleporters,> Penny signed back in response, the corner of her mouth forming a shrewd smile. <He didn't say anything about cars.>

Max: "We have teleporters? Oh wait, he meant mutant teleporters, not star trek teleporters. Well then, guess we gotta pack the Quill Mobile and get going then, otherwise we won't make it to Atlantic City and back before the end of summer break." He said with a grin.

Penny: The red-skinned girl did her best to maintain the excited look on her face. <Atlantic City?> she asked, just to be sure. <I mean... Yay?>

Max: "I know, right? All the best kind of entertainment on a shoestring budget." Max replied with smug look on his face.

Penny: Penny gave Max a long look, her eyes narrowing slightly. <That's... a wonderful idea, love,> she signed after a moment, an almost sympathetic smile on her lips. <Or, and here's another one, we take a slight detour through Nevada.>

Max: Max wrinkled his brow, "Why would we go all the way over there? There's nothing but desert there."

Penny: <There's so much more to see there,> Penny added, signing eagerly. <We can look at funny cacti, small rocks, big rocks, deep ditches in the ground, lizards, tumble-weed...> She paused for a moment, thinking really hard. <Oh, and Las Vegas, if you're into that kind of thing.>

Max: "Las Vegas? Oh you mean that fictional city they made up for that CSI show?" He replied, then cuddled her some more, "Oh you are so cute sometimes."

Penny: Penny put on an adorable smile. <Yes, I've heard they kept the set and made some kind of amusement park out of it, with daily The Who concerts!>

Max: "But isn't that in Hollywood? In Los Angeles?" Max asked, leaning in to kiss her again. "Nah, I think we just stick to a good old fashioned fun time at Atlantic City." he hugged her tight.

Penny: Once he let go of her again, freeing her arms so she could raise her hands to sign, Penny gave Max a tiny smirk. <That's actually a good idea! We don't even have to use the quill-mobile and drive ourselves. We simply get on one of these buses that takes old people on their pilgrimage there."

Max: Max made a face and sucked in a breath. "Ehhh... maybe not... you know I'm allergic to old prune smells. Makes me feel wrinkly."

Penny: Penny looked at Max with an expression of surprise. <What about all those nice old ladies who would love to pinch your cheek?> she asked, a teasing little smile playing across her lips.

Max: "You mean like this?" He asked, his hand coming down and pincing her butt.

Penny: The mute girl made an adorable squeaking sound and wiggled in her lover's arms, repaying him by nipping the tip of his nose. <Oh, I'm sure all of them would love to steal a pinch at those cute little tocks.>

Max: "Think they're rather borrow my quills to do some knitting," he replied with a grin, then gnawed at Penny's shoulder.

Penny: <And then we sell all the socks, scarves, and sweaters for gambling money,> Penny suggested, lying back on the bed when Max started to climb on top of her.

Max: Max shifted and got into his usual best position when above her, and looked back down at her, "Excellent, we shall travel by elderly bus to Atlantic City, we will make and sell knitted clothing, and make hundreds at the slots. Perfect!"

Penny: <And even if we lose everything, you can earn the money for our trip back by joining a cabaret show.> Penny showed a wide grin.

Max: "Hm.... I don't think tights would survive on my legs. I barely have any pants left without holes in them. You know what? On second thought, maybe we should just look into the whole idea that Las Vegas might be a real place that we can go to..."

Penny: Penny tilted her head and gave her brown, fuzzy, pointy fiance a long, thoughtful look. <Maybe it becomes real if we only believe in it really hard?>

Max: "Oh, oh oh, then if we do that... how about we believe really hard that there's maybe a chapel. " he leaned in and kissed, bumping his forehead to hers, "And in that chapel, you and me getting married."

Penny: She arched a hairless brow, a tiny smirk playing around the corner of her mouth. <Wouldn't we be married only in our fantasy then?> she asked. <Which would be more than enough for me. I don't need any paper to tell me I love you.> Putting her arms around Max's shoulder, Penny pulled him closer for a loving kiss.

Max: When the kiss broke again, Max was smiling from ear to ear. "I love you so much. And if you want to skip elvis marrying us and then having a mini honeymoon in a vegas casino hotel, it's fine by me."

Penny: Penny's eyes narrowed as she frowned at her future husband. <And miss the chance to be married by Elvis?> A big grin lit up her face. <It wouldn't have to be just any Elvis, though.>

Max: Max cocked an eyebrow, "What kind of Elvis were you thinking then?" he asked.

Penny: Tapping a claw against her chin, Penny glanced towards the ceiling while smiling to herself for a couple of seconds. <Do you think they have something like a mutant Elvis?>

Max: Max blinked, then pondered that himself, "We could ask... or look around... You know, I wouldn't be surprised if the real Elvis was a mutant, that's why people keeps spotting him. He is still alive then."

Penny: The girl's eyes sparkled when an idea crossed her mind. <Do you know who should be able to tell us? Jack! Doesn't he know everything about Las Vegas?>

Max: "Hmm, roadtrip to Vegas with Jack as a tour guide... the idea of him as a tour guide is nice... just think it would be a little weird for him to tag along on the ride though. If he doesn't mind, then sweet."

Penny: Penny pondered that for a moment. <I don't know... he alone tagging along with us two lovebirds,> she remarked. <I wouldn't want him to feel like the fifth wheel.> The grin returned to her face. <Why don't we ask someone else to keep him company? Don't we need a best man and a bridesmaid, anyway?>

Max: "Well then, I guess just have to go out and ask him then, and just pack and get going." he said, then hugged and cuddled her, "Mind you, I think we need to get going at it fast, don't want to waste one single summer day."

Penny: <Why not ask him right away?> Penny suggested, already looking more than eager to frolick about. <We could pack up everything and be on the road tomorrow. And if we find out we forgot something, we didn't need it bad enough anyway.>

Max: Max made a face, then shifted a little lower above her, "Ehh, do we need to go and ask him... this very second?" he asked, giving her puppy eyes, nudging her with his hips.

Penny: Penny teased Max with a long, thoughtful look, before she finally graced him with an answer. <Fine, I guess it can wait the thirty seconds longer...>

Max: "Yay!" he said with glee, then, "Wait, thirty seconds? Wow, I'm getting better at this." he made a horribly smug looking face.

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Re: Summer 2016 - Max and Penny

Post by Slarti » Sun May 05, 2013 4:15 am

Ahhh, the time honored Vegas wedding tradition!

Bobby and Lorna can tell them which Elvis to avoid. :shifty

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Re: Summer 2016 - Max and Penny

Post by Starfish » Tue May 14, 2013 8:20 pm

Max: "Ahh the honeymoon suite. Look at all that frilly stuff. Can't imagine it will look like after we're done with it," Max said as he put the suitcases down next to the big heart shaped bed. "Penny... I want to wreck that bed tonight after the wedding." He announced.

Penny: <Have you seen the receptionist's face when she spotted us?> Penny signed, turning away from all pomp to look at her soon to be husband. <She didn't look too happy about our pointiness.> Smiling, she stepped up to Max and wrapped her arms around him.

Max: "Nah, she was just jealous of you, and what you're getting," the spiky guy said, squeezing his bride to be. "Oh look, free chocolates on the pill..oh... not chocolates, condoms. Well, too late for that."

Penny: <I hope she knows this adorable porcupine here is mine, and I'll fight tooth and claw over his cute little brown 'tocks,> Penny replied after slipping out of Max's embrace, a smirk curling the corner of her mouth. It grew a little bigger as she sauntered through the room and saw what he had discovered.

Penny: <We could make good use of them anyway, but I don't think they'd survive for long,> she added.

Max: "The urge to fill them up with water and throw them off the balcony is strong." Max replied.

Penny: Penny cocked her head and frowned at her fiance. <I don't think that's a good idea,> she signed for him, a doubtful look on her face. <We are here to spend unforgettable moments with each other, after all.> A mischievous smirk found its way into her expression. <We should use milk.>

Max: "Full cream or low fat? Remember, there are some hefty ladies lurking outside ready pounce the buffet tables, we have to think about their health, because they sure won't."

Penny: The tip of a long, crimson claw tapped the bottom of her dark red lips. <We could also tie them to the end of a stick and dangle it in front of them. They might even thank us for the exercise.>

Penny: Penny continued her exploration of the spacious, extravagant suite, until something made her stop dead in her tracks. She waved at Max to get his attention. <There is a bathtub, outside the bathroom!>

Max: "Aha! The infamous lovetub. A hot tub made for lovin'. Basically the same thing we got back at the mansion, but just not as big. Penny, I do not want to leave this hotel unless there are horrible sxratch marks all over the inside of that thing." Max told Penny.

Penny: <Should we get started with that right away, or do we first put some water in it?> Penny asked as she strolled around the free-standing tub, the large window front providing a panorama of the Las Vegas skyline. <It might start to leak if we poke some holes into it.>

Max: "Guess it would be better if we put water in it first.... to at lesst get the feel of it before we wreck it." He told her.

Penny: Penny smiled and nodded, promptly leaving the first scratch-marks on the valves as she started to run the water. <The perfect thing after a long trip through the dusty desert,> she signed, before her bright blue eyes lit up. <That, and room service.>

Max: "Room service!" Max joined in, head snapping towards the room's phone and jumping for it, and the menu lying near it. "Only thing I love more than room service is that we're getting all this for free."

Penny: <I always try to tell everyone that my sister is really a nice person,> Penny commented, then stepped towards Max to take a look at the menu, as well. Or pretended to, anyway, as her attention was more on her future husband than anything else. Red lips placed tender kisses along the side of his neck.

Max: Max blinked, then looked up like a sudden realization of a truth hit him. "I just remembered what I love more than free stuff." he leaned into Penny and grinned at her when he looked at her, then kissed. "Pre-marital nookie."

Penny: <If you love this, just wait for the kind of nookie we're going to have after our wedding.> Penny grinned as she signed those words for him, before she moved closer against to press another kiss to Max's lips. As she pulled back, she snatched the menu out of his fingers and began to read.

Max: Max swung around to grab Penny from behind, his turn to look over her shoulder to read the menu and nibble at her neck, his hands stroking her belly. "I know you gotta be hungry, you only ate half a ton during the trip."

Penny: Penny grinned and tilted her head to the side. She tucked the menu under her arm to have both hands free to sign a reply. <Don't forget I'm eating for four,> she reminded him. <And I need the energy so I can keep you awake at night.>

Max: "I thought Red Bull did that for me." Max replied. "Well, then again, I think I prefer your reason of staying up. So what's the little belly monsters in the mood for today?" he asked while lightly tapping on Penny's stomach.

Penny: Briefly scanning the menu, Penny looked up at Max's face with determination in her eyes. <Ice-cream,> she signed. <All the flavours.>

Max: "Pretty sure they can put it all in a big punch bowl." He said, leaning over and grabbed the phone, "Uhh... what's the number for roomservice again? Is it on the menu?"

Penny: Turning the menu around for him to see, she held it up, the tip of a claw tapping against the number displayed at the top. Once Max had dialed and was waiting for the answer, Penny dropped the card to free her hands. <Tell them to bring a large sandwich, too! And some cheese. Oh, and make sure they don't forget the grapes, yes?>

Max: A small order quickly turned into an elaborated order the longer Max was on the phone. By the time he had to ask for a glass full of M&M's, that he decided to end the phone conversation. The second he hung up the phone, he looked at Penny and asked, "How tall do you think will that sandwich be?"

Penny: <Why? Are you worried I might not be able to fit it all into my mouth?> Penny wore a lewd grin as she stepped forward to close the distance between them.

Max: "I'm worried that you'll take your time with it, but then leave it half way through when you run for the bathroom, and forget about it afterwards."

Penny: Penny put on a thoughtful expression, her gaze turning towards the high ceiling of their fancy room. <When have I ever done that?> she asked, doing her best to look as innocent as possible, which made her appear only more mischievous.

Max: "Oh you know when, you sexy tease. Speaking of forgetting things, how's that tub coming along?" He asked.

Penny: <Who cares?> Penny replied, her grin growing wider. <I'm going to drag you in there now regardless.> Just after signing those words, she grabbed Max by the sleeve of his shirt an pulled him along. Moments later an audible tear revealed the end of his clothes.

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Re: Summer 2016 - Max and Penny

Post by Starfish » Sat May 18, 2013 6:22 pm

Max: Max lay on his side, a stupid grin all over his face a he watched his wife, Penny, sleeping soundless, her chest moving as she breathed, the shredded bits of the bed clinging on her.

Max: Max lightly picked the bed's sheet off of her to oggle more of her body, acting like a perverted schoolboy.

Penny: Peeking through one half-open eye, Penny couldn't keep the grin off her face for long. <Still happy with your choice?> she asked, revealing to be awake as she signed the question and turned to lie on her back. <Good morning, husband.>

Max: "Good morning, wife." Max replied. "And yes, I am beyond happy with my choice," he added, leaning in to kiss her, putting his hand on her stomach. "Hope the kids won't come out damaged after all yhe stuff we did last night."

Penny: Stealing a glimpse between his legs, Penny gave Max a sly smirk. <I think they were in no danger,> she replied, adding a silent laugh. <Even less if they're tough like their mother.>

Max: "... oh yeah? Well.... ypu have.... you got..... you're.... damn it, I can't think of any insults, you're too damned perfect." Max replied, snaking his arm further around her to hold her tighter. "Plus Im sure our babies could end up being use as footballs, thats how tough they will be."

Penny: Penny frowned at Max. <Haven't we talked about the baby-ball idea already?> she asked, fixing her husband with a stern look. <My children will not be punted, thrown, or bowled with. Unless they're having fun with that, of course.>

Max: "Fiiine," max sighed. "Can we atleast roll them around in marshmallows for a laugh? Those mini marshmallows."

Penny: Wearing a thoughtful expression, Penny looked towards the ceiling while chewing on her lower lip. Somehow, a couple of Max's quills had gotten up there, sticking out from the expensive wood tiles. <Okay,> she then replied, smiling at him. <Sticking food to them should be a good way to bribe our friends to babysit them.>

Max: "Genius!" Max looked up where Penny was staring, then looked around them at the room. "When did we break the mirror,"

Penny: Penny turned her head to look past the scrap-yard that had been their once exquisitely furnished room, a sheepish smile playing across her lips when she saw the large, cracked mirror. A couple shards had falled out of it and shattered on the floor. <When you pushed me against it, remember?>

Penny: <That was right after we sawed through the large oak table,> she reminded him, nodding towards the wrecked piece of furniture.

Max: Max pushed himself up to see, "Huh, I thought that was just the big chair we broke. Speaking of breaking things, do we have a shower? Because the bath is a giant strainer now."

Penny: Tilting her head, Penny bit her lip again and shrugged. <I think we may have torn off the shower head,> she admitted. <I should not have held on to it...>

Max: "Wasn't the noise the knobs that broke off? Well, atleast we had a fun time last night." Max concluded as he turned and grabbed the phone on the bedside table. "What would you like for breakfast?"

Penny: <Everything I need is right here,> Penny signed back at Max, before she wrapped her arms around her husband to pull him down to her, their lips meeting for a tender, loving kiss. <Though, I wouldn't mind some pancakes on top of that,> she added once they had parted again.

Max: "With syrup and strawberries and blueberries and bacon and chocolate milkshake and juice and...." Max went on, coming up with another list oc things to eat, pressing on the phone for room service.

Penny: <You know all my favourites!> Penny flashed a big grin and sat up on the bed. <I married the right one, after all.> Shifting closer, she put her arms around the boy, not minding the quills scraping her crimson skin when she leaned against his back.

Max: Max grinned, hooking his leg back on to his wife while he was still naming all the food to room service. When he finished he turned around and grabbed Penny for a nice embrace, "Well Mrs Jordaan, did you at least enjoy the service? The rabbit did a good job finding everything we asked for."

Penny: <It was perfect!> Penny wore a cheerful smile and let herself fall back onto the bed, looking up at her husband with a contented shimmer in her bright blue eyes. <No one will ever forgot the turtle-mutant Elvis, and the carriage ride was so romantic.>

Max: "THe carriage ride was a little over the top if you ask me. If he made it look like a normal carriage, or at least like a pumpkin, then yeah, that would have been pushing it, but honestly, a big red round cactus was just weird."

Penny: <I thought it was cute,> Penny signed and bit down on her lower lip, a grin still curling the corners of her mouth. <I loved the view we've had during the rooftop dinner.>

Max: "Oh yeah, that was fantastic, especially the fireworks on the big fountain." Max added. "The flashmob was funny too. I think it was around then that I stopped caring about all the people watching."

Penny: <I think we've been the main attraction for many tourists that night.> The mute girl laughed without making a sound. <I couldn't have cared less about all the people either. It felt like we've had the whole city just for the two of us.>

Max: "Well we still got today and tomorrow before we make the trek back home." Max replied, "We need to see what else there is- oh! Oh! Wait," Max quickly sat up and climbed off the bed to get to his clothing lying in the corner of the room. He ruffled through the pockets and got up, holding two tickets. "Magic show! The Incredible Burt Wonderstone has a new act!"

Penny: Penny flashed an excited grin and clapped her hands several times. <I wonder if Jack taught him most of his tricks as he said he did,> she remarked, before shifting further up on the bed to take a peek at the tickets. <How long until the show starts?>

Max: "Uhh..." Max looked at the tickets, "Several hours actually. Wait, no, what time is it?" he asked, climbing across the bed to get to the alarm clock. "Oh...less than an hour. Come on, let's see if we got some clothes left to put on."

Penny: Penny pouted and made a face, struggling to overcome her urge to lounge lazily in bed. <Why do we need to put on clothes anyway?> she asked after sitting up. <After all, I'm pretty enough to go without, and you've got your coat of quills.>

Max: "Yeah, sure, you can go, but I still got," he stood up on his knees on the bed and swung his hips left and right, "my tottie that shows."

Penny: <Just put me on your lap, and I'll hide it for you,> Pennie offered with a cheeky grin.

Max: "What about the way to the show?" Max asked.

Penny: Tapping her lips with the blade of a claw, Penny pondered his question for a moment. <I could carry you?> she suggested, her smile turning silly. <Oh well, if you can't find any clothes left, we can just wrap into the curtains and pretend to work for Cesar's place.>

Max: "I'm pretty sure I carried two bags up here when we walked in yesterday." Max told Penny, then started looking around, "Oh..." he then said staring at the bags of clothing that was now shreds. "When did we do that?"

Penny: Penny leaned over to take a look at the sad remains of their bag. <Oh, I think that was when you carried me across the doorstep and we were too busy to make it all the way to the bed.>

Max: "We used the bags as fondle cushions? You know, next time I am not going to drink for both of us when it comes to celebrations."

Penny: <At least you didn't try to keep up with Mel and Jack as those two took off for their tour through the nightclubs,> Penny replied, swinging her legs over the side of the bed to sit on the edge. <I wonder if they ever made it back to their room.>

Max: "I had my own hands full with you to care what a rabbit and a lizard was up to," Max replied with a smirk, "And frankly I still don't care what they're doing. I'm just wondering how I'll get to the magic show without being arrested." he said, moving up to his wife.

Penny: Penny spent another couple seconds sucking on her lip, before she beamed Max a bright smile. <How about we order a limo and have it take us to a clothing shop on the way to the show?> She leaned over to snatch something from the nightstand. <I still got my sister's card, after all.>

Max: " you think I can get a tailored suit afterwards? Always wanted to see how I'd look in one." he admitted, half jumping in place at the thought.

Penny: <We can get anything we like,> Penny assured her husband, flashing him a toothy grin as she held up the fancy piece of plastic. <After all, that's what a no limit credit card is for, right?>

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