Summer 2016: Johnny

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Summer 2016: Johnny

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue May 07, 2013 5:30 am

Johnny: While Johnny knew he had been informed that his family had been notified, everything was hazy and the time that had passed blurred together due to the dosage of pain medication. The faint beeping of the monitor at his bedside was the first thing that registered, as usual, as he came to once more.

Sue: Sue was having a hard time staying patient enough to walk sedately behind the doctor that was leading the way to the room that was supposedly Johnny's. She could turn invisible and sneak by maybe... but then she'd be in trouble with her parents. And now they were stopping. Why were they stopping?! To have another conversation? Goddamn. Screw this. She disappeared from view.

Sue: Checking a few rooms as she passed them she finally found the one they were being led to. Holy. Shit. She opened the door, reappearing slowly, "Johnny...?"

Johnny: The voice cut through his drug-induced high, pulling him back from the verge of sleep, despite having just regained consciousness. Unsure of what had been said, Johnny simply offered a weak, hoarse groan in response.

Sue: "Oh God, Johnny!" She hurried over to his bed and wrapped her arms around him carefully. "We thought you were dead!"

Johnny: His brow furrowed slightly at the shrill cry and the movement. It took him a few moments to process what exactly was going on and even longer for him to realize that it was his sister attempting to finish the job via smothering. Ignoring everything she'd said, he simply demanded, his voice practically non-existent, "Drink."

Sue: Sue instantly released him to pour him some water from the jug on his bedside, holding the cup (complete with straw) out to him.

Johnny: Johnny blearily stared at the straw and licked his lips, trying to remember when it had gotten so hard to lift his head to take a drink. He only managed a small sip before falling back into the pillow, closing his eyes with a small grin, mumbling, "Five more minutes."

Sue: She smiled a little, setting the cup down again and dragging a chair over to sit. "You going to sleep through mum and dad visiting too? They're outside..." she glanced at the door.

Johnny: "Probably be more enjoyable if I do," he slurred, sluggishly turning his head to face where she was sitting, though his eyes were still closed.

Sue: "Maybe..." she reached to stroke his hair back from his forehead. "There'll probably be lots of crying from mum... we had your funeral not too long ago...."

Johnny: "Definitely, then," Johnny muttered, forcing himself to continue speaking, ignoring the ache in his throat, "Too bad I missed it."

Sue: "Well we always said you'd be late for your own... never thought we'd actually be right..."

Johnny: Sucking in a breath, he forced himself awake once more to reply, "Showed you all."

Sue: "So you did... show off." She managed a small smile, though her expression was still full of worry. "What happened, Johnny? How did you get out of there?"

Johnny: His face scrunched at the mention of his situation, though his expression reverted to a neutral one as he opened his eyes to avoid the images it brought up. With the drugs, the topic was more uncomfortable than horrific, and he was grateful for that. "Jamie... weakened a chain... Fought. Didn't make it far enough."

Sue: "They said you were dead... Jamie said he saw..." she gave him an apologetic look. "I'm glad you're okay... I can't even tell you how glad..." She took a deep breath because she was sure he didn't want her crying all over him.

Johnny: "They took him away before..." he managed a small shake of his head. "Is he...?" Johnny let the question hang, assuming she'd be able to fill in the blank, before going on, "Told me I was in a ditch."

Sue: "He's fine... well... not fine... but you know what I mean...." she chewed her lip, "How are you?"

Johnny: That was an easy one, so he breathed, "Sleepy... Drugs are good."

Sue: "Yeah I'll bet..." she gave him a small smile, "You're so hiiiigh I bet."

Johnny: "Little bit," Johnny confirmed. He hadn't thought to ask the doctors he'd briefly spoken with (at least he didn't think he had), so he started, "My face isn't...?"

Sue: "You're still pretty, don't worry." She gave his head a gentle pat.

Johnny: "Wouldn't want to look bad for Hope."

Sue: She smiled, "I don't think she'd care what you look like, Johnny. She'll just be thrilled you're alive... everyone will." She leaned to hug him again, "I am."

Johnny: "Pfft," he weakly scoffed, "I care."

Sue: "Of course you do, because you're vain." she gave him a small grin, "It's good to know that hasn't changed."

Johnny: "Mmhm," Johnny agreed, wishing he could motion for the cup as he said, "Another drink."

Sue: Sue picked up the cup again and held it out for him, "Mum and dad are talking to the doctor... they'll probably be in soon. I sneaked away."

Johnny: Around the straw, he mumbled, "Sounds exciting."

Sue: "I think he's warning them about how you are and everything... I don't know, didn't stay. Got bored of all the waiting around..."

Johnny: After finishing his drink, he pinned her with a look only long enough to roll his eyes, scoffing once more, "You're bored and tired of waiting..."

Sue: "Hey at least you get drugs," she offered by way of consolation. "And now you have a visit from Hope to look forward to... I'll call her when we leave."

Johnny: "Because I need them." The drugs weren't as enjoyable when you actually needed them because hospital beds were nowhere near as comfortable as recreational use at home. Regardless, the mention of Hope brought a slight smile to his face, "You better."

Sue: "I will, I promise... and then we'll see about getting you home and stuff... it's summer break now."

Johnny: Johnny made a noncommittal noise at the mention of being transferred home, relaxing back into his pillow. He closed his eyes once more, brow creasing as he tried to figure out what he'd been about to say. He didn't remember. At all.

Sue: Sue frowned a little, "You don't have to come home... but I think mum and dad would like it if you did... just for a little while... so mum can fuss over you and everything..."

Johnny: "She'll fuss either way," he murmured.

Sue: "Yeah but it's kind of hard to fuss when you're thousands of miles away... just... think about it, okay? They hardly see you..."

Johnny: Considering the question, he eventually answered, "Will think about it while I'm sleeping."

Sue: "Okay, I'll pretend to believe you." She gave him a small smile, glancing at the door again when she heard voices, "Ah, here they come."

Johnny: Johnny likely would've cared more that their parents were approaching and done more thinking if he hadn't already dozed off.

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Re: Summer 2016: Johnny

Post by Esynthia » Tue May 07, 2013 5:21 pm

He's aliiiiiiiveee!!!!!!! (cue creepy music)

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Re: Summer 2016: Johnny

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri May 10, 2013 9:59 pm

Hope: Quite positive Sue had spoken nonsense and rubbish, Hope hadn't bothered to go to the hospital after she had called. Johnny was dead. She had buried him. Twice technically. It was too cruel of Sue to play a joke like this... though she might be crazy. Hope sure felt crazy.

Hope: It was a sheer overwhelming curiosity that drove Hope to the hospital, Phil and Stan in tow. Damn her promising to stop running off. She knew it was pointless to even have a shred of her namesake, but if she didn't really expect to find anything there she couldn't be disappointed.

Hope: She moved through the hospital toward the fire powers she could feel. Screw nurses and doctors. She just had to follow the powers. Pausing in the doorway, Hope took in the sight of Johnny in the bed, machines beeping at her. Alive. or a body double, but no, she could see the injuries. He was alive. Rott had lied to her. She just stared at Johnny, her fingers twirling her ring.

Johnny: With his family wandering in and out of his room, Johnny was only dozing lightly, somewhat to his frustration. If they'd stop fussing over him and just go away, he'd be able to actually sleep. While he understood how he'd supposedly been dead and they'd been devastated or whatever, he just wanted sleep because fake dying was clearly hard work, so he deserved the rest.

Hope: Hope leaned in the doorway, giving a quick glance to make sure Phil and Stan stayed outside. Could she get away with making her dad hire a suit for Johnny while he was stuck here? She bet she could. Well with nothing else to do, she picked up a magazine and went to plop herself down in the chair while he slept, using his bed for a foot rest.

Johnny: At the sound of someone sitting down in the chair that'd been dragged over to his bedside, Johnny let out a groan. Just when he thought he was in the clear...

Hope: Biting back a smart comment, Hope glanced over at him. He should go right back out. That would give her time to figure out what she was supposed to say to him. She flipped open the magazine. Oh cool shoes.

Johnny: The sound of the pages turning and crinkling made his nose wrinkle in irritation. "I don't need a babysitter," he drowsily commented, not caring which of his relatives it was.

Hope: "Well that's debatable, but since I make the same argument about myself and am ignored, I will simply tell you denied."

Johnny: It took him a few moments to process who was sitting at his side, but he cracked an eye open to look over, finally replying, "Took you long enough to show up."

Hope: "I thought your sister was nutters."

Johnny: "Thought?" Johnny said questioningly, letting his eyes close once more, weak smirk on his face.

Hope: "Well especially about this. I did have to bury you. Twice just to be technical."

Johnny: "Yeah, I heard I missed the parties."

Hope: Hope nudged him with her foot for that one. "So how soon can I break you out of here and get you back to proper care at school?"

Johnny: "Never if you do that again," Johnny groaned at the nudging, face scrunching. Good to know he could feel pain through the drugs. "But... I don't actually know..."

Hope: Wincing just a bit, Hope glanced over at him. "Sorry.... but transferring you means you get healed."

Johnny: "Yeah, I guess," he muttered, sighing a bit, "Family wants to transfer me home."

Hope: "Why? You can actually get healed at school. And it's a lot closer."

Johnny: "I dunno... You think I'm listening half the time?"

Hope: "You never listen. This is why you have me. I overlisten."

Johnny: Losing the grin he'd put on for the majority of their conversation thus far, Johnny admitted, "I don't think I want to go home."

Hope: Hope tossed the magazine aside and adjusted herself, taking his hand. "What do you want? I'll make it happen."

Johnny: "I just..." Johnny gave a small shake of his head, unsure of what exactly he wanted at the moment besides more pain medication and sleep... and maybe... Well, no. Thinking about food just made him think about how he'd been food, which totally killed his appetite, "Don't really know right now... Hard to think with the drugs."

Hope: Nodding, Hope leaned back in her chair a bit, getting comfortable with his hand in her own. "Then rest. I can go..."

Johnny: "No," he said automatically, wincing a bit at his sharp tone. In a more normal voice, he added, "Just... Don't go. I'm fine."

Hope: The tone just made Hope smile. Actually smiling for the first time since he died, she kissed his hand gently. "I won't leave you.... and I'm so sorry."

Johnny: Johnny muttered, "Nothing to be sorry for."

Hope: "I should have done more."

Johnny: "Meh... I should've done less."

Hope: "Maybe so... I beat the shit out of Rott for you though."

Johnny: Johnny gave a grunt in response to the mention of Rott, as it was all unpleasant. Who wanted to focus on all of that? After a few moments of sluggish thought, he said, "I don't know that I want to go back."

Hope: "I turned in my uniform," Hope offered up.

Johnny: "I meant to either... There or home..."

Hope: "I don't blame you. I've been staying with Shaw..."

Johnny: Johnny opened his eyes long enough to blink over at her, "Why? He's old."

Hope: "He doesn't ask questions... or give me lectures about how I shouldn't drink so much. Or trip on acid... or crack..."

Johnny: "...If I didn't feel like shit, I would," he grumbled.

Hope: "Well, don't die again and it won't be a problem."

Johnny: "Shut up and find somewhere for us to live," Johnny replied, "It should keep you away from things for, like... the five minutes of rest I'm bound to get."

Hope: Hope laughed and pulled out her phone. "Go to sleep. I'll make sure you aren't bothered."

Johnny: "Good. Someone needs to," he said as he shifted slightly, settling back into his pillows.

Hope: "I love you," Hope told him softly, her free hand opening up the internet browser on the phone.

Johnny: "Yeah, love you too," Johnny mumbled in return, letting out a breath. Finally, sleep.

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Re: Summer 2016: Johnny

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat May 11, 2013 6:07 am

Hope: It was the fifth place they had viewed, and Hope was beginning to doubt they would find anything they liked and that Tony would deem appropriate. As they entered the penthouse, she took a critical look around, already liking the yellow walls.

Johnny: Having been taken from the hospital to the school, Johnny had been healed by that doctor that wasn't McCoy. After looking at various places online with Hope, it had been decided they needed to actually go look at them, so he'd been dragged along, house hunting eating up the majority of his day thus far. As he stepped into the penthouse, he cast a glance around, sighing.

Johnny: It actually wasn't that bad... Well, or he just wanted to be done with all this and was willing to agree to anything get out of viewing another place.

Hope: "Well... I like the yellow." Hope moved on toward the kitchen to inspect it.

Johnny: "It's... bright," Johnny stated as he followed her through the space, the vast amount of windows only making the yellow seem even brighter as the sunlight flooded into the penthouse. The kitchen was just as yellow, but... "That fridge is awesome." It was huge and sure to store lots of drinks and food.

Hope: "A bar!" Hope was all over that, inspecting how much room for booze there was. "We can fit an entire liquor store in here."

Johnny: "...Do we even have to look at the rest of the place?" he asked as he hurried from the fridge to the bar, leaning to inspect it as well.

Hope: "No. No we do not... but I want to see the master suite first." Hope carefully got up, careful not to knock into him.

Johnny: "That's basically looking at the rest of the place," Johnny pointed out with a roll of his eyes.

Hope: "Well... we are going to liiiive here.... OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS BATHROOM!" Hope called out as she walked into it. They were so having sex in that tub.

Johnny: While Hope was busy squealing over the bathroom, Johnny was wondering around the bedroom part of the suite, taking in the view and calling back to her, "Have you looked out these windows?"

Hope: "No..." she peeked her head out of the bathroom, moving to join him at the window, wrapping her arms around him. "Wow... talk about a view."

Johnny: "No shit," he mumbled, tensing slightly at the contact.

Hope: "Sorry." She let go quickly. She should have punched Rott harder.

Johnny: "It's fine," Johnny insisted.

Hope: She smiled a bit, hugging him more gently.

Johnny: Blowing out a breath, he forced himself to relax at the contact, finding it far easier now that he was expecting it. Plus, it wasn't like Hope was going to sink her teeth into his flesh and rip a chunk off. With a slight face, he shuddered at the thought as he stared out over the city. "You don't think there'll be another cult or anything, right?" he asked quietly.

Hope: "I don't know," Hope admitted, resting her head against his shoulder. "What I do know, is that I won't lose you again," she told him softly. "X-man or not... I know what matters to me now."

Johnny: Instead of remaining serious, Johnny opted to tease with a slight smirk, "Took you this long and a death to figure that one out?"

Hope: "Didn't realize you'd like, ruin my life by leaving it," Hope teased him back.

Johnny: "I didn't even have to try," he joked.

Hope: Laughing felt weird, but good. She glanced down at her hand, gently twisting the ring off and slipping it into his hand. "I uh... found it while you were..."

Johnny: Johnny closed his hand around the ring, bringing his hand up and looking down at the ring in the palm of his hand. He wasn't entirely sure what to say about it and took a few moments, blowing out a breath. Finally closing his fingers around it, he admitted, "I bought it with Eddie. Around Christmas."

Hope: That surprised Hope. She glanced up at him, eyes locking on his face. She wanted to ask him what he was waiting for, but she felt it rude. She had known Eddie knew about the ring, but she hadn't considered that he had helped pick it out. That also surprised her a bit. She didn't really know what to say to him, opting instead to hold him a bit more tightly.

Johnny: "We were both trashed, so I figured I'd save it for... Well, whenever..." he shrugged and held it back out to her.

Hope: Hope swallowed the lump in her throat, shaking a bit as she took the ring back. "Are um..." she cleared her throat. "You sure?"

Johnny: "Why not? You already know about it and have been wearing it," Johnny reasoned.

Hope: "Yeah but you were dead... it was a could have been, not a future thing."

Johnny: "Well, it could be far, far in the future..."

Hope: "I knew I loved you." Hope relaxed, kissing his cheek softly and slipping the ring back on.

Johnny: Johnny managed a more genuine smirk this time as he replied, "You're one of many."

Hope: Hope stuck her tongue out at him. "Ass."

Johnny: "Yeah, I know it's fantastic," he sagely nodded.

Hope: "It really is." Hope slid her hand down to grab it.

Johnny: Johnny startled slightly, sucking in a breath, "So... About the place," he gestured around, "This is it, right?"

Hope: "Yellow... great view... excellent bar... huge tub... I'm sold."

Johnny: "Then, it's settled," he stated, "I guess that means you'll have to do whatever to buy it because I'm broke."

Hope: "You have me. The only thing broken about you is your judgement," she teased, heading out to find the realtor.

Johnny: Johnny managed to keep up the grin at the light-hearted jab until Hope turned around, silently sighing as he moved to follow her. There was no arguing that one.

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Re: Summer 2016: Johnny

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Wed May 15, 2013 11:24 pm

Hope: Hope set the box she was carrying down in her and Johnny's new penthouse. She stood up and looked around again, taking in the bright yellow walls and the sunlight. She smiled despite herself. This was a happy place, especially since it was the first time she wouldn't have a roommate. Well, not really. Johnny was more than a roommate. "So how many more boxes?"

Johnny: "Too many," Johnny groaned as he set his own haul down with the rest of them, peering at the labels. Taking a breath, he picked one up and went to take it to the room it belonged in, "Like... How we manage to fit this much stuff in a dorm room?"

Hope: "Two dorm rooms... I should have hired movers. What was I thinking?!" She sighed, cursing herself just a bit.

Johnny: "You clearly weren't," he answered as he moved to take a seat on the floor, figuring they'd earned a small break. Looking around the barren space, he asked, "You are getting movers for any furniture, right?"

Hope: "Well we have to buy it all, so yes. They will be delivering it for us. The bed we picked out will arrive later today. Then we can go shopping for the rest tomorrow?"

Johnny: "At the very least, we should pick out a couch and television tomorrow..." Johnny said, pausing for a moment, "We also need to get cable and internet set up..." This moving business kind of sucked. There were so many things to take care of.

Hope: "Yeah. I got the lights and water... can call the cable company later." She glanced over at him, taking him in for a moment. "You sure you're ok with all this?"

Johnny: "Well, yeah. Why wouldn't I be okay with this?" Johnny asked, looking over to where she was.

Hope: "I just don't want you to feel like I'm pushing you to do it."

Johnny: "Why would I?" he said with a puzzled look, "I mean, this was pretty much the option since I said I didn't want to go home or stay at the school."

Hope: "I know... I just... don't want you to feel pressured. That's all."

Johnny: "Well, I don't?" At least he didn't think he did.

Hope: "Ok." Hope took his hand in her own. "I just want to help you however I can right now."

Johnny: "I don't..." Johnny started, shaking his head as he insisted, "I'm fine."

Hope: "Johnny... you were there for me every time I needed you. Whatever you need now... just tell me." She reached up to touch his cheek gently.

Johnny: Continuing to shake his head, Johnny replied, "I don't need anything except for moving to be over with. It's sort of a pain."

Hope: "It's a huge pain," Hope agreed. "But for dinner... I was thinking Chinese."

Johnny: He nodded, "I'm thinking that's an acceptable thing for dinner."

Hope: "I totally chose it because they deliver with chopsticks and we don't have silverware. Pizza would also be appropriate.
Johnny: "Pizza probably wouldn't almost kill you, too," Johnny pointed out with a slight grin.

Hope: "Oh you think I can't handle chopsticks?" Hope put on a grin of her own.

Johnny: "No, you can't handle peanut oil."

Hope: Hope poked him gently. "That is entirely irrelevant! I make sure to specify when I call now."

Johnny: Johnny was still grinning slightly, letting that go as he instead asked, "You have a menu?"

Hope: Hope handed him her phone where the menu was still pulled up. "This place doens't use peanut oil at all."

Johnny: Taking the phone from her, he looked over the menu, scrolling through it by dragging his thumb across the screen. After a few moments of debate, he held it back out to her, "I guess I'll get sweet and sour chicken." He hadn't eaten a whole lot since he'd mostly been in the hospital. Plus, he wasn't sure he could stomach it, but that should be plain enough while still being delicious.

Hope: "I'll call it in." Hope hit dial, waiting for the other end to pick up.

Johnny: While Hope called it in, Johnny got to his feet and motioned toward the door, quietly saying, "I'll go get the last of the boxes."

Hope: Her heart broke for him. He just wasn't himself. After the food was ordered, Hope went to see if there were any more boxes to bring up.

Johnny: Passing Hope on his way up, he informed her, voice slightly strained from the heavy load of boxes he was cradling in his arms, "There should only be a few more."

Hope: "I'll get them. You take another break," she assured him, rushing to get them before he could try again.

Johnny: Johnny frowned slightly, as he'd just taken a break but didn't protest. Slipping back into the space, he set the boxes down and proceeded to sort them into their various rooms before searching for any other boxes that were out of place. Once they were all in their rooms, he supposed they could possibly begin unpacking.

Hope: Bringing in the last of the boxes (with some help from Phil and Stan), Hope set them down and plopped down onto the floor. "Next time... we hire movers."

Johnny: "Agreed," he stated as he tried to decide the easiest place to start unpacking.

Hope: "So... what are you going to do now? Since you aren't going back to school."

Johnny: "Get settled in here," Johnny answered with a shrug, "And, I'm sure I'll have to figure out citizenship or something."

Hope: "Thankfully we have connections for that. I guess I'm not even one that should be asking, considering I don't even really know what I want to do. I guess that was chosen for me now."

Johnny: "Or I could just do it normally," he pointed out as he pulled a box open, "And I'm sure you could figure something else out... It's not like you'll have to automatically take over."

Hope: "I think you have to have a job to stay in the country until you get citizenship."

Johnny: Johnny considered that for a few moments, sighing a bit, "So, I guess I'll get one."

Hope: "What do you want to do?"

Johnny: "I don't know," he answered as he pulled a few things out of the box. It seemed to be mostly clothes.

Hope: Firefighter! But Hope wasn't sure how he felt about using powers now. "Well... you could work with Tony until you think of something."

Johnny: Looking over to her, Johnny raised an eyebrow, "Really?"

Hope: "I don't see why not. I'll call him."

Johnny: "Okay," he nodded, looking back to the box he was sifting through. It's not like they had anywhere to put this stuff yet because they lacked a dresser. "Well, I guess we just have to wait for the food and the bed to show up now."

Hope: Hope started to suggest they go to the shower, but he was still funny about touch. "Sounds like a plan." She smiled over at him.

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