Summer 2016: Janet

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Summer 2016: Janet

Post by PanicSwitch » Wed May 08, 2013 4:58 pm

<@Hisako> Sitting on the porch in the sunlight, Hisako relaxed back in her sun lounger, adjusting herself a little as she took a long draw on her shisha pipe. Letting out a calm plume of smoke, she smiled, closing her eyes behind her mirror shades.

<@Hisako> Her yellow bikini top wasn't something she thought she'd be wearing so soon, but there she was; sprawled in the sun with it and her shades, and a pair of denim shorts, thin black shirt open and exposing her pale skin to the light. Shisha and silence. Bliss.

<Janet> Janet shook out her wet hair and tried to comb it back into place with her fingers. A quick swim in the pool was a nice way to clear her head. With Mayday heading back home for awhile it was going to be kind of lonely. They spent a pretty good amount of time with one another and now that she wasn't going to be around it was going to be hard.

<Janet> Janet sighed and headed out to the balcony where she found Hisako smoking what looked like Hookah. "Well, hello there.", she laughed taking a seat. "Fancy seeing you around."

<@Hisako> "Ohaaaaio....", Hisako chimed, remaining stationary as she blew a triad of smoke rings into the air, "Sit. Smoke. Be happy. But shhhhh.", she smiled.

<Janet> Janet chuckled softly and nodded, sitting down and taking a drag off the little pipette. As she blew out the smoke she grinned, not enough bite as she was used to with cigarettes or the super calming effects of weed but it was nice enough. "Don't mind if I do." she whispered.

<@Hisako> Relaxing with a soft sigh, Hisako basked in the sun in silence for a little longer before turning to the other girl, eyes still obscured by the mirrored glasses, "...what?", she smirked, "I can tell you are thinking about something."

<Janet> Another plume of smoke was released. "What do you mean 'what'?" She murmured. Oh, Hisako was good; she always knew, no matter what it was...even though it was usually Mayday.

<@Hisako> Shaking her head, Hisako kept her smirk in place, turing back towards the azure sky, "I don't know, Janet; what do I mean?"

<Janet> "...Mayday. Couldn't you guess?" she shrugged. "I'm just disappointed she'll be away for a while. She and I have gotten so close and she's really my best friend now and, well, the tiny matter of me being in love with her.." she muttered.

<@Hisako> Hisako about choked on her draw as she sat up, raising her shades out of her eyes, "Naani ga!?", she blinked, "You love her?!"

<Janet> Blushing Janet looked down at the ground.. "Well I think that's what it might be! I dunno That or I have the plague... but if I'm not in love, I am falling for her hard, Hisako..."

<@Hisako> "Oh. Oh, wow.", Hisako sniggered to herself, shaking her head, "I called this!", she laughed, taking another draw on her hookah with a huge grin on her face.

<Janet> "That was so beautiful and eloquent, thank you, Hisako(!)", she rolled her eyes laughing, "Look I'm trying to let it go, okay? It is hard though..."

<@Hisako> Hisako furrowed her brow, a skeptical look in her eye as she looked over at Janet again, "...why?", she tutted, rolling her eyes, "Bakkano...", she blinked as a brainwave hit her...

<Janet> "What does that mean again?", she asked when Hisako started speaking in Japanese again... "Sorry, I was never good with foreign should know this now." she laughed..

<@Hisako> "Idiot. It means idiot. Or moron. Or Janet Von Dean...", Hisako grinned, "You say you really care but you can't tell her how you feel? It is clear she thinks the same..."

<Janet> “Van Dyne! And she doesn't. She's always saying how great of a friend I am. I'm such a good friend. I don't want to ruin what we have." she sighed.

<@Hisako> Considering her next words carefully, Hisako nodded, "Hm. Probably just the same...", she 'agreed', "I know she has....wondered whether staying here is best."

<Janet> "Wait, what?" she said quickly looking up at Hisako with now alarmed eyes. "What do you mean...what do you know?"

<@Hisako> Hisako sighed, "She has wondered whether coming back is best. She has lost her powers - I mean, I have tried to explain to her she can get them back. She knows she can. It would be easy!", letting out another 'disappointed sigh', she shrugged, "But...maybe she just cannot do it."

<Janet> ", she has to come back. And fixing her powers shouldn't be hard. It is a part of her! God... she can be so dense." she muttered feeling worried now that Mayday would never come back, "So...she's leaving for good?"

<@Hisako> Shrugging, Hisako made a face, "Who knows? I think she is needing time, but.....then agaaain...."

<Janet> "Then again what!? HISAKO! TELL ME RIGHT NOW!!" her eyes widened and her face was very serious. Janet didn't really yell at people unless necessary but she needed to know right now.

<@Hisako> Jumping, Hisako sat up, blushing a little as she scowled right back, "I-I don't know, she might just stay gone! Why you bitch at me like I told her 'oh, you should go'!?", she huffed, folding her arms and looking away, "You are the one who is letting her just leave anyway..."

<Janet> "No. No, no, no, no, no!" Janet stood knocking her chair over, "No! Where the fuck is she right now!? I...I'm not letting her leave! I didn't know she was thinking of staying gone! I'm sorry, I just... God. I should tell her. I need to tell her don't I? Or at least convince her to stay."

<@Hisako> Biting her lip, Hisako nodded, "Well....she's with her tousa. Her 'father'? And...I might be able to help with finding her.", she glanced back at Janet, "If you calm down and stop being loud like this..."

<Janet> "Could you? I'm sorry Hisako, I just... I can't lose her you know? I mean what if she's it? What if she's the one I'm supposed to be with for the rest of my life? Lesbians can have semi-moderately happy endings too, and I want mine..."

<@Hisako> Hisako smiled a little more sympathetically, "I understand. It's no problem. I...sometimes had trouble expressing myself also. Really very bad.", she confessed, "Seriously really bad...", stretching, standing and stretching again, she smiled; "Time to break and enter!", she yawned.

<Janet> "'Breaking and entering'? We're breaking and entering?" she asked. Oh, God; she was going to get tossed in jail trying to bring her friend back. 'More than friend'...

<@Hisako> "We have to find this files with her father's address.", Hisako shrugged, "In her room. So...yes. Maybe if Susan Storm is away we have to break in.", flicking a hand through her hair, she shrugged again, "I thought you love her? Why is this so hard, hm?", she smirked.

<Janet> "Because... I don't want her to not love me... I want to be with her so badly it hurts. But what if she doesn't want me back? What will this all be for? I will have lost a friendship too." she whispered.

<@Hisako> Laughing, Hisako nudged her, "How did you Americans 'win the west' with this attitude?", she rested a hand on Janet's shoulder reassuringly, "Jan, sometimes if you want something you have to be prepared to roll the dice. You cannot live in 'maybe'. You have to act or be silent. And being silent is hurting, so....act."

<Janet> "I'm usually much more confident. What the fuck is wrong with me... Okay! Let's go and I will take a chance! ALLONSY!", she cried and marched forth towards the building.

<@Hisako> Hisako laughed under her breath, following the other girl; this was far too simple, and moreover, it was just the kick Mayday and Janet needed. She clapped her hands, stretching as she entered the school, "Yatta...",
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Re: Summer 2016: Janet

Post by PanicSwitch » Wed May 08, 2013 4:58 pm

Mayday: "Oh, Gaius Balthar is just the perfect asshole...", Mayday murmured over her hot coco, knees up in her chest as she curled up beside her father, watching the TV, "Don't you think? He's just such a douche-bag…"

Richard: "Hmm, I suppose so..." Richard said. "Though I'm not entirely sold on the idea that he's a bad guy, at least not in this series, in the old one he was much more malicious."

Mayday: Mayday grinned, "Yeah, but he's still a jerk.", she sipped her drink, glancing out of the window at the furious rainfall, skies awash with thick grey clouds, " sucks. I'm glad we're inside.", she assured him, leaning her head on his shoulder.

Richard: "I certainly wouldn't want to be out there right now," Richard agreed, looking out of the window. "I'm going to get some snacks. Do you want anything in particular?"

Janet: The rain that day was utterly ridiculous. The taxi ride however was a comfortable shift from the long train rides she'd experienced, and now she was pulling up to the house. Her heart pounded in her ears, could this be considered romance or stalking? Whichever it was she knew that there was no turning back now.

Mayday: "Erm....ooh! Do you have cookies? I was thinking of being healthy while I was here, but screw it, I'm taking a break.", Mayday giggled at her father, "Cookies, pleeeease!"

Janet: She paid the driver and raced from the taxi with her bag slung over her shoulder. Rain coming in thick sheets and soaking through her clothes and matting her hair to her head. Janet rapped quickly on the door, shuddering in the cold.

Richard: "Who bothers to be healthy on summer vacation?" Richard laughed. "Seriously, who ever lost weight eating barbecue?" He turned as someone knocked. "Mayday, would you mind getting the door, sweetheart?"

Mayday: Stretching, Mayday hummed an affirmation, placing her cup down on the coffee table and skipping out to the front door, opening it and wincing a little bit at the sudden gust of wind that pushed against her arm, "Hel-...", she stopped dead at the sight of Janet Van Dyne, "...J-Janet?"

Janet: Janet just stared at her blankly for a moment, trying to remember what she wanted to say. I love you, come home. I came all this way so you should kiss me. "Can I come in, it is freezing out here." Wow Janet, that was totally epic and romantic.

Mayday: "Wh-!? Of course! Jesus, sure...", Mayday frowned, standing aside to let her in, "Daaaad! Can you bring me a towel?", she called back into the house, closing the door with some effort against the wind.

Janet: Janet entered and tried not to drip on the carpet. "Sorry, um it is pouring out." She muttered and squeezed some of the water out with a semi-dry part of her jacket. "So are you." Jesus tap dancing Christ Janet why can't you fucking say anything important!

Mayday: Mayday sighed a smile, "I-I'm fine, albeit kinda confused as to what you're doing out here in frickin' Connecticut!", she laughed a little, stroking a droplet of water off of Janet's face, "Jan, what's going on? Why'd you come out here?"

Janet: Janet shivered slightly when Mayday stroked the water from her face, before gathering her courage. "I'm here to tell you that you can't just leave. I heard you aren't thinking of coming back and that is bullshit and I won't allow it."

Mayday: Blinking, it took Mayday a few moments to figure out a response - how Janet even knew she was considering it was a mystery - and after a deep breath, she shook her head, "Jan, I...I-I was gonna. I just...felt like it was too much, you know? But after being here I decided that I might go back, I just don't kno-....hold on...", her brow furrowed, "You...'won't allow it'?"

Janet: "You didn't even say goodbye Mayday! What the hell is that! And you have to come back because-" She paused, God she sounded like a fucking moron. "No I won't allow it, because you have to be there. It won't be the same without you" Why couldn't she just say it.

Mayday: "W-wh...I-I wouldn't have just left! I-I....", the redhead paused, feeling herself blush furiously, "....and.....what..."

Janet: "Well you kind of did already! And you just can't okay. Cause I'd miss you and it would be hard and you're amazing and Goddamnit Mayday are you going to make me say it..." She sighed and rubbed a hand through her matted hair.

Mayday: Mayday swallowed, "S-say what?", she demanded, blinking out a tear.

Janet: "THAT I LOVE YOU FOR CHRIST SAKE!" she cried just staring at her. "I love you okay..." She muttered, her cheeks a bright red as she just stood there feeling like an idiot.

Richard: "..." Richard was standing in the doorway that lead to the kitchen, a tray of snacks in hand and a mystified expression on his face. "Is of your classmates, Mayday? I'm sorry," he said to the girl. "I'm Richard, Mayday's father."

Janet: Janet just stood stock still, all of the blood rushing to her face. Mayday's dad was.. Oh shit. Janet glued her eyes to the floor and tried to catch her breath. "Sorry, sir... Yeah I'm Janet one of her classmates. I was just going." she nodded.

Mayday: Mayday grabbed her arm, "...stay.", she managed, swallowing a sob and smiling up at her, "...b-because...I-I love you too.", with that, her arms wrapped around Janet's shoulders, and she placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Richard: Richard blinked. "Did I...miss something?"

Janet: Janet's eyes went wide before settling closed and her arms took Mayday around the waist kissing her back. It was like every single cell in her body was full of life and bouncing. Mayday, loved her too. Janet broke the kiss and wiped Mayday's tears away. "Don't cry, hey come on…"

Richard: Richard snuck off into the living room with the snacks, he had a feeling now was the time to make himself scarce.

Mayday: "I'm sorry.", Mayday sniffled, hugging the other girl, "I'm so sorry, I must've made this so hard on you!"

Janet: "You didn't make it hard, it was hard because I don't let myself get close enough to fall for them anymore and then you wormed your way in and I can't be without you May.." She whispered stroking her cheek. "When I heard what Susan did to you I wanted to strangle her, because you are the most amazing girl I have ever met."

Mayday: Mayday shook her head in protest, still leaning against Janet's rain-soaked clothing, "I-I'm not, I'm really, really not...."

Janet: She tilted her chin up and kissed her again, shaking her head that the girl was so very wrong. "No, you really are. So...please come back okay, when the school year comes back in session please come back to me?"

Mayday: Nodding, Mayday kissed her again, "I will, of course I will!", she assured her, "I-I didn't...I-I mean, I didn't know. I-I just didn't want to ruin anything between us a-and....a-and I thought you were....bec-...", she shook her head, "Y-you're...really wet."

Janet: "I felt the same." She laughed and then noticed she was really soaking Mayday. "Oh god I'm sorry." She blushed moving away from her for a moment. "I'm dripping all over you and your carpet."

Mayday: With a sudden snort, Mayday laughed, "That sounded so bad!", she creased, shaking her head as more tears fell. The sheer amount of emotion she was feeling was overwhelming, "I love you. I love you so, so, so much...", she leapt onto Janet with another hug, ignoring the fact her SCP t-shirt was now soaked through.

Janet: "Yeah I just realized that.." She giggled and ruffled her own damp hair. She wrapped her up again as she was leapt on, luckily catching her and holding her close to her body. "I love you too Mayday, I was just so freaked to tell you and then Hisako told me you were leaving and I got scared.."

Mayday: "W-wait...", Mayday moved back, "Hisako told you...and you believed her?", she shook her head, "You have got to be kidding..."

Mayday: She blinked, "A-and how the heck did you find me!?"

Janet: "Well it was a scary thought, you leaving me. So whether it was true or not I had to find you." She blushed and rocked back and forth on her feet. "I kind of um...broke into your room and stole your file, then did a bunch of creepy stalker spy stuff and found you."

Mayday: Mayday just stared at her, ".....y-you...g-go back to the part where Hisako told you I was leaving - you believed her?"

Janet: "Hell yeah I believed her. I hadn't seen you in days Mayday and I knew you were feeling low and all that so I came out here," she blushed

Mayday: Giggling a little bit, Mayday kissed her cheek, "You dumbass....", she sighed, "...I never told Hisako I was gonna stay gone. She advised me, like Fabian did, to take a break away. You got totally dicked."

Janet: Janet cocked an eyebrow realizing that she'd been fucked over by Hisako.. "However...if she hadn't said that, then I wouldn't be here right now. And you wouldn't know I love you."

Mayday: "What a clever plan....", Mayday conceded with a huge smile, "I'm so glad you blundered into it, I....t-this is the best thing that's happened to me all holiday.", glancing back at the lounge, she laughed nervously, "Er...w-we should probably explain stuff to my Dad, I bet he's super confused..."

Janet: "I would have to say the same honestly. Cause the train rides were less than magical." She stuck her tongue out at the thought of the train. "Yeah that sounds about best. Wouldn't want him to be lost in all this." she laughed

Mayday: ((Time Passes))

Mayday: Mayday smiled, looking between Janet and her father, "So....mmn. Basically I was totally clueless. As usual...", she blushed, shaking her head and rubbing her eyes, "I'm such a moron, huh?"

Richard: Richard frowned over his plate. "I wouldn't say that. Your not a mindreader, sweetheart."

Mayday: "W-well yeah, but...", Mayday giggled, leaning on Janet's shoulder, "I'm soooowiiii anyway..."

Janet: "You aren't a moron May." She said ruffling her hair a bit. "I was pretty clueless too so it's okay.." she put her arm around her and let May rest her head on her collarbone. "Sir, I'm sorry to have just dropped in like this."

Richard: Richard shook his head. "No, no! It's alright, really. It's not like we were doing anything important."

Janet: "Still it was really rude of me to just pop in and tell your daughter I love her, drip all over your carpet and then eat your food." she blushed.

Richard: Richard chuckled. "I'm not so worried about the carpet and I have no problem with Mayday having her friends - or girlfriends - over. You're more than welcome to visit anytime you like, Janet."

Mayday: Mayday looked up, "You know what I think?", she asked, smiling at them both, "I think that this is my two favourite people at the table, a-and...I wouldn't want this any different. Daddy and I were just hanging out, but....", she poked Janet's cheek with her nose, "You can...maybe stay, r-right, Dad?"

Janet: "Wow, that's really nice of you, sir...thank you." She murmured surprised that her dad was so supportive and nice. She looked to Mayday after her sweet little speech, "I can't help but say it, you are so adorable." She laughed and kissed her nose.
Mayday: Giggling and flushing as red as her hair, Mayday snuggled into her chest again, looking over at her father, "Pleeeease, Dad?"

Richard: "Yes, Mayday." Richard laughed. "You can invite Janet to stay."

Mayday: "Jan?", she asked, cuddling her tighter, "Please?"

Janet: Janet giggled as she was cuddled tighter by Mayday. It felt nice to have her want to hold her and invite her to stay with them. "Mmm I guess if I have to." she teased.

Mayday: "Wiiiinraaaaaar!", Mayday laughed, leaving kiss after kiss on Janet's cheek.

Janet: Janet shook with laughter as Mayday just peppered her cheek with kisses. "Gah! It is like a tiny ginger animal is trying to eat my face!"
Mayday: "Tastyfaaaace..."

Janet: "I'm sorry you have to witness this moment of insanity." she laughed looking to Mr. Parker. "She's pretty strange when she's around me...if she wasn't strange already."

Richard: Richard shrugged. "I'm not that old, I remember what it's like to love someone...and please, call me Richard."

Janet: "I know it just has to be awkward to watch." she muttered and nodded. "Richard, then. Thank you so much for letting me stay." She whispered and kissed May's forehead.

Mayday: Glancing at her father with a little concern, Mayday's brow furrowed; though she decided against asking - it was a question for another time, and everyone was tired, surely. She moved back, stretching and yawning, "Is it bad that I'm totally sapped?"

Richard: "I don't know," he admitted. "It depends on whether you can live with it, really."

Janet: "Nah it isn't bad at all.. I'm exhausted from the damn train rides." she yawned as well. She wasn't sure how to respond to Richard, she could tell she was going to like the man. But he seemed a bit out of it so she let it go for now.

Richard: He smiled. "Well, I think I better get things cleared up here. Mayday, would you mind getting Janet set-up?"

Mayday: " O-oh, yeah, sure.", Mayday nodded, looking back to Janet, "C-can we...erm...share a room?", blushing, she shook a hand at her father, "I promise there will be no...erm...'sheens'..."

Richard: Richard laughed. "Well, your room is the only other bedroom in this house so I think that's reasonable. There's a futon in the linen closet with some clean sheets."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, "Mmn, that's....yeah. That sounds perfect. Janet?"

Janet: Janet nodded and laughed when Mayday promised no 'sheens' "I promise that as well and yes sounds perfect." she said giving her forehead a soft peck.

Richard: Richard smiled and took some plates into the kitchen, making his disappearance gracefully.
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Re: Summer 2016: Janet

Post by Starfish » Thu May 09, 2013 8:58 am

Those two are so freaking adorable! So much love for Jayday! :love

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Re: Summer 2016: Janet

Post by Chaos » Sun May 12, 2013 4:35 pm

<@Mayday> Having sorted out the floorspace for Janet, Mayday sat on her bed, letting out an exhausted sigh and looking around at the various posters she'd acquired for her room at school, "You know, it feels as homey as Xaviers - not that I'm movin', I promise.", she assured the other girl, giggling as she did so.

<Janet> "You better promise, least I have to come up here and drag you back by your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pyjama pants." She warned and spread out on the floor staring up at the ceiling. "It is really cozy though."

<@Mayday> "Yeah...", Mayday agreed, looking down at Janet with a soft smile before climbing down to lie beside her, staring upward also, " know, I...I-I didn't even realize how I felt until you said that to me.", she gulped, turning to look at the dark haired girl, "I-I just...I always felt like there was something special about you, and....a-and I just overlooked it. I feel terrible..."

<Janet> "It's okay that you overlooked it...To be honest I was never planning on telling you. I just didn't think you'd ever feel the same so I just let it sink below the surface. Believe me, being in the room and having to turn away while you changed killed me." She laughed at the end. "Seeing you cry, or just sitting in the infirmary.. I wanted to hold you.. and it hurt. But I didn't want to mess things up." she shrugged

<@Mayday> Mayday sighed, curling an arm around Janet as she closed her eyes, nuzzling her neck, "I wish you would have told me...I'm so sorry I didn't just open my eyes. I love you. I really, really love you."

<Janet> She wrapped Mayday up in her arms and kissed along her hairline. She was so warm, and smelled really good. "I was scared to... it was hard for me cause you were going through so much and then me on top of it would just be... awful.. I love you too Spider Girl." She smiled

<@Mayday> "Aw, powers...", Mayday sighed, "...I should try and fix that too, huh?", she grinned, looking up at Janet, "You know, with you there, it was easy. You made me feel so strong, and...a-and safe too. You really make me feel like everything's alright."

<Janet> "Yes you should, and it won't be too hard. I believe in you." She smiled and pulled her closer. "I made you feel all that?" She blushed

<@Mayday> Nodding, Mayday breathed her in, rubbing her cheek against her neck and shoulder, "Yeah. Every kind word, every gesture. Looking back, I should've known, but....the fact you even wanted to assure we had friendship shows respect for everything we had.", moving back, she gently pecked Janet's lips,

<@Mayday> "I-I've never, ever felt so valuable to someone...not like this..."

<Janet> God, Mayday was so damn soft. Janet hadn't held someone in an incredibly long time and it felt so good to have someone curled up against her, especially Mayday Parker. She stroked her cheek gently and smiled, "Well you are valuable. You are so beautiful, and brave, and nerdy, and smart, and cute.. If I could dream up someone to be with, you utterly top them.", she kissed her back; "And I'm not mushy like this with anyone else.", she laughed

<@Mayday> "Good.", Mayday assured her with a poke of her nose, "Because I'm super-duper possessive.", she confessed with a wry smirk before sliding herself around and atop the other girl, "You know that I said to my Dad there'd be no 'sheens'?",

<Janet> "Good, because I am super duper possessive as well." she grinned and wrapped her arms around her waist now that she was on top of her. "Mmm, yes I believe I heard that strange word."

<@Mayday> "It's short for 'shenanigans'! Sheeeens!", Mayday responded with a gleeful giggle before lowering her lips above Janet's again, "...I may have lied a little...I don't wanna rush things but....I really, really want this...", cheeks reddening she ran her bottom lip over Janet's, crystal-like blue eyes looking into her reflection in Janet's sky-blue own;

<Janet> "Mmmm, shenanigans... See, I can't promise there will be none of those.", she winked and her eyes closed when May's lip ran over her own and she caught them in an impassioned kiss, rolling her over so she was on top of the redhead, "Mmm... I want this too.", she murmured stroking a hand down her spine.

<@Mayday> Opening her eyes and letting out a soft, lusty sigh, Mayday pushed herself against Janet's embrace, "I love you....", she breathed gently.

--- Time Passes ---

<Janet> Janet's chest heaved a bit as she tried to catch her breath, her face was buried in the top of Mayday's gingery hair, her arms wrapped around her. The warmth of the blanket and their bodies the only protection from the cold that seeped into the room due to the rain outside. Her fingers gently untangled knots in Mayday's mane and she smiled. "You are a firecracker."

<@Mayday> "...y're no slouch yourself.", Mayday sighed back, still catching her own breath and offering a gentle kiss against Janet's bare neck, "God that was.....there are just no words for how amaze..."

<Janet> "Amaze? I take that as a wondrous complement May." She chuckled pressing a kiss to her hairline. She took a minute to just look her over and take in the beauty that was Mayday Parker. She was just so...."You are so beautiful." She whispered

<@Mayday> Breathing out a happy laugh, Mayday beamed back at her, "S-so are you.", she assured her, "I-I've never felt so...complete. I-I mean, I don't...I don't wanna make this awkward and be 'that guy' but...", she shrugged a little, "I-I feel so happy. Everything perfect right now..."

<Janet> "I think you have every right to be "that guy" cause right now I'm "that guy" and I think everything is pretty perfect for the time being. And when things aren't so perfect anymore, we can think of this moment and I will remember it was one of the happiest of my life." She grinned and trailed kisses down her jaw.

<@Mayday> With another happy breath, Mayday closed her eyes, sliding her body beneath the sheets against Janet's own; "I never, ever wanna be without you.", she smiled, expression faltering slightly as she nuzzled into Janet's neck, "Please don't go, ok? Don't ever."

<Janet> Janet shivered softly as Mayday's bare body curled up against her own under the sheets. "Good, because I'm not going anywhere Mayday...I promise you that." She kissed the top of her head and rubbed her back gently. "Mayday, I will never abandon you."

<@Mayday> Nodding, Mayday made a sniffling sound, curling up tighter and hugging Janet with a little laugh of happiness; everything was perfect.

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Re: Summer 2016: Janet

Post by Chaos » Sat May 18, 2013 12:35 am

<Janet> The sun was peeking in through the window and Janet yawned rubbing a hand over her eyes. Her body was warm and there was a ginger curled up against her side. Smiling, Janet pressed a kiss to her forehead and nudged her gently. "Hey, dork. Wake up." she teased.

<@Mayday> "....mph...", Mayday responded, shaking her head and nuzzling into the other girl, "...'s not real..."

<Janet> "Morning is real May, now get up." She rolled on top of her nuzzling her neck. "Come on. Rise and shine!" she grinned poking her in the sides.

<@Mayday> "Nooooo...", the redhead groaned, turing away, but giggling nonetheless, "It's the Matrix, it doesn't coooooount!", she insisted, pressing little kisses against the soft skin of her partner.

<Janet> "It cooooooooounts!" She laughed kissing along Mayday's jaw and tickling her playfully. "You're definitely not a morning person are you May?" she grinned and nuzzled her nose.

<@Mayday> Mayday shook her head, still giggling, "Mornings policy is that any time before 10am is still the night before...", she nodded, tired eyes looking up at Janet in adoration as she nudged her nose against the darker haired girl's own, "'re lucky aah looooove yoooou."

<Janet> "I suppose I am lucky you love me. Or I would be subject to death right now for waking you up." She sat up and pulled her close. "I have a question though. Is it just your dad here or what? Cause when I looked in your file to get the address I saw you have a brother too. And what about your Mom?"

<Mayday> "....what?", Mayday blinked, suddenly feeling more awake and a little nervous, "....w-what do you....I-I mean I haven't asked my Dad about my Mom yet but....b-brother?", she moved out of the embrace slightly, "Jan, what do you mean?"

<Janet> Janet blinked a little confused. "I was just asking if they lived here? I saw that you had a brother in your file and was just curious. And I mean I get it if you're parents are divorced and all that. But it was just a curious question." she shrugged.

<@Mayday> "N-no, I-I mean...", Mayday turned around to look at her, "...oh, wow, I feel stupid for even saying this but...I-I didn't read the files. Not...all of them.", she gulped, "...y-you're serious, right? I have...a sibling? A-and a Mom?"

<Janet> Janet was really confused now. "Um....I wasn't aware that you weren't aware of them. I didn't really read anything on them at all...just that you had them and such. I thought it was something that was common knowledge." Oh...had Janet just fucked up royally.

<@Mayday> Mayday sat up slowly, "", she breathed, legs curling into her chest, "As if I didn't do all my required reading...", she smiled awkwardly, turning to Janet again, "...d-d' don't think I'm mad at you, right?"

<Janet> "No I don't um...maybe I do a little bit. Or that maybe someone else will be. I don't know if maybe it was being hidden for a reason now or maybe I just. I dunno." She shook her head and just opened her arms. "Dude...if you aren't mad please come here cause I need to fucking hold you or something you are too damn cute."

<@Mayday> Snorting awkwardly, Mayday flopped back down on the bed, snuggling into her and kissing her collarbone gently, "I'm not mad at you, I'm, I'm freakin' out; I should have known this, then I could ask my Dad a-and...", she tapped Janet's nose, "Yes. I have just decided what we can do this summer together."

<Janet> "I'm sure it is kind of hard for you to take in though. Not knowing really about any of it." She hugged her close and laughed softly at Mayday's snort. "You're such a dork. What will we be doing this summer together then May?"

<@Mayday> "We're gonna go find my family.", she beamed up at Janet, "It's gonna be awesome! We can make it a total road trip! E-except...I-I can't drive. And...huh. This...has gone south.", she giggled, "I'm so stupid sometimes..."

<Janet> "Um....I can drive. And I actually have a car but is at my Mom's place. She and I don't really talk but I store it there cause keeping a car in the city is so expensive." She shrugged and kissed the top of her head. "If you want to find them though. We can get my car and I'll drive us."

<@Mayday> Mayday raised an eyebrow, "Where do your parents live? A-and how are you with them? Man, there's so much I wanna talk about.", she smiled, snuggling against Janet again, "I just wanna stay here forever. I never, ever wanna get outta this bed..."

<Janet> "New Jersey. But my dad passed away when I was a junior in high school. He and I didn't talk much after he found out I was a lesbian and his health was declining already so when he passed it was hard because he hadn't spoken to me in awhile even though we lived in the same house.

<Janet> My Mom kind of pretends it doesn't exist, she doesn't know I'm a mutant cause that would just make the relationship even harder. It doesn't really matter though." She stroked her hair gently. "We can stay here as long as you want May."

<@Mayday> Frowning a little, Mayday looked up, arms winding around Janet's shoulders, "I'm sorry that...that it was so hard for you.", she placed a gentle kiss on Janet's cheek before hugging her, "If you don't want to go back..."

<Janet> Janet smiled softly as Mayday's arms wrapped around her. "No, I don't care about going back. It doesn't hurt because I kind of see how in her position it would be hard for her. My dad was sick and I was different and it was hard on her. So I don't really...blame her exactly." She shrugged nuzzling her face into May's neck.

<@Mayday> "I don't want you to be sad. Not ever.", Mayday's tender grip tightened ever so slightly.

<Janet> "May. It is practically impossible to be sad around you. So you will get your wish." She laughed. "Now we may have to leave the bed because I'm starving."

<@Mayday> With a little happy sigh, Mayday nodded, sitting up and sliding out of bed before stretching, looking down and realizing she was stark naked save for her Batman pants. With a blush she crouched down, lifting Janet's shirt from the night before and throwing it on before turning around with a big smile on her face.

<@Mayday> "I'ma make you waffles!", she grinned, "Yeah?"

<Janet> Janet rolled her eyes and got up as well noticing that her shirt had been taken, she put on her sports bra and a pair of shorts before lifting Mayday. "Out the door to the waffles we go."

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Re: Summer 2016: Janet

Post by Chaos » Thu May 23, 2013 11:12 am

<Janet> They'd spent a lot of the train ride to New Jersey talking and reading comics. Janet would let Mayday sleep if she needed to while she flicked through a magazine, unless May wanted to cuddle up in her seat with her. It was nice – that was, feeling like an actual couple - but once they were in the taxi and pulled up to her childhood home it felt strange.

<Janet> "So this is where I grew up, May.", said Janet, standing in front of the house and squeezing the other girl's hand.

<@Mayday> Pulling down her hood, Mayday squeezed Janet's hand back, "It's... kinda pretty.", she smiled softly, glancing to her partner, "Are you ok?"

<Janet> "Yeah I'm fine.. I just haven't seen her in a while, you know?", she shrugged back, leading Mayday to the door. She knocked, and a woman answered – a woman with mousy brown hair that was flecked with some slight grey pieces - she definitely had features that resembled Janet's.

<Janet> "Hey Mom, sorry for dropping by unannounced. May we come in?" Janet asked.

<Janet> Eliza Van Dyne eyed her daughter with a bit of surprise, "Janet...what a surprise. Come in." she murmured, her tone almost awkward.

<@Mayday> Mayday looked between them, hesitating a moment before following, closing the door gently behind herself. Deciding it best to remain silent, she merely observed the interior of the house, breathing in the still air that bore a scent, reminding her of her girlfriend's own. Waving to Janet awkwardly she gestured down at her shoes.

<Janet> Janet just squeezed her hand gently and led her inside; "Oh um.. yeah, taking them off might be best for now.", she said taking off her own. "So, have you been?"

<Janet> Eliza didn't respond, instead simply heading into the kitchen and lifting her tea cup wearily, "What are you here for Janet? And who is your friend.?”

<Janet> Janet rubbed a hand through her hair, "This is Mayday, Mom. My girlfriend."

<@Mayday> Slipping her shoes off silently, Mayday smiled and waved, "...h-hi.", she forced a grin, leaving her converse neatly to one side of the front door and rubbing her arm awkwardly, "You have a really, really nice house."

<Janet> "Pleasure you. I suppose." Eliza murmured, simply sipping her tea.

<Janet> Janet could feel the awkward, stiff tension in the air and let out a sigh, "Well... Mom; I just... came to get my car. Mayday and I are off on a road trip of sorts you see and-..."

<Janet> "Take it then.”, Eliza interrupted, “No need to make small talk."

<Janet> Janet nodded knowingly, "Okay then. I'll... go get the stuff packed in and then we'll be out of your way."

<@Mayday> Mayday just stood in the corner, the tension in the air almost tainting its very taste, solidifying it as she breathed in and out slowly. Her eyes remained pinned on the ground, an almost ashamed look on her face before she looked up, "...i-it was...nice to meet you, Mrs. Van Dyne.", she smiled, trying her best to be kindly.

<Janet> Janet left the room to get the things packed away, feeling bad to leave her in the tension. Eliza, on the other hand, just looked at Mayday curiously; "You don't honestly mean that do you? If you did you wouldn't be looking so ashamed at the floor; I am a bright woman, Miss, and I know how uncomfortable you must feel. So I will not lie to you by saying I am 'pleased' to have met you...dear.", she muttered, returning at once to her paper.

<@Mayday> "Well, if you're just gonna make this super difficult...", Mayday exhaled, smile fading a little, "No. No, you haven't been that kind. And clearly I've done something to offend you which I apologize for. I didn't....I didn't mean to bring any animosity here..."

<Janet> "I'm sure you didn't, dear. However my daughter, feeling the need to flaunt you in front of me, was most unsavoury a choice.", Eliza murmured in response, eyes still down as she flicked through her paper, clearly highly displeased with the fact that her daughter had chosen to come today with a 'guest'.

<Mayday> Mayday bit her tongue, taking a deep breath before even considering her reply, "I just happened to be here, I'm not a new pair of shoes she felt like showin' off, alright?", she sighed, her voice carrying nothing but softness all the same, "Why don't you like her?"

<@Janet> "She is my daughter. I believe I know what I'm talking about, dear. And it isn't that I don't 'like her', as you have put it; It is that I do not agree with the choices she has made for her life. Her father didn't either and yet she still continues on.", she all but muttered in response.

<Janet> Janet returned from the back and noticed the tension. "Um. All packed up, May..."

<Mayday> "Everyone has their own path.", Mayday responded to the older woman, "And...even if you don't approve, some respect wouldn't be too much to ask.", she gulped, nodding to affirm her message to herself, "You...take care, Mrs. Van Dyne.", she turned, walking past Janet and mouthing 'sorry' to her.

<Janet> Janet looked confused, and then realized what they'd most likely been discussing. Sighing, she took Mayday's hand, "Sorry to have just marched on in here, we'll be on our way now. You can return to your life." she concluded, and led May out the door to the car. "Sorry about leaving you in there..."

<Mayday> Taking a deep breath of air as if the inside of the house had been filled with toxic gas, Mayday sighed, still slipping her shoes back on; "It's...totally fine. I seem to have been afflicted with a case of 'can't-shut-the-hell-up-itis'...", she frowned, "S-sorry, I should've just stayed quiet, but...", with a huff, she kicked the ground, her shoe falling off again.

<Mayday> "S-she made you sad, and I could feel it, and it just...!", she slumped down on the lawn, "...calm blue ocean, Mayday..."

<@Janet> Janet shook her head and just watched her girlfriend kind of freak out. Had her mother really caused her this much distress? In her mind, her Mom had just been her naturally 'cold and callous' self, and it didn't really bother her - in fact it hardly penetrated her thick skin - she bent to Mayday and took her face in her hands.

<@Janet> "May, yeah, she upsets me but honestly? I'm used to it, and it is just a natural thing now. It isn't a tragedy, and it isn't something that needs to be fought because it is the way it is.", her fingers brushed across the other girl's cheek, "But it is really sweet you tried to stand up for me. However I don't want you upset over someone like her."

<Mayday> "I'm not upset.", Mayday sighed, "I'm just...I'm kinda offended for you, you know?", she shrugged, "I-I'm probably just freaking out 'cause I'm nervous about meetin' my Mom....", reaching down to her foot she slipped her shoe on again, "...sorry."

<@Janet> "You don't need to be offended for me, okay? Even though it is super flattering that you are." she laughed and nodded in response to Mayday's nerves, "I know you are, babe. But whatever happens...happens. And I will be here for you the whole time, okay?", she smiled, rubbing Mayday's shoulder.

<Mayday> Mayday nodded, "I know. I...I do.", she took another slow, deep breath before standing, "Right...we should ah...start drivin', huh? Can't get to meet my Mom just standing here freakin' out, huh?"

<Mayday> She paused, "...that'd be cool though, i-if we could. C-can we maybe just stay stood here for...the rest of summer?", she smiled nervously.

<@Janet> "On the lawn of my Mom's house?", Janet laughed and stood up to be level with her, "Well, I don't know how comfortable that would be but we could certainly try. However, we should probably start driving so we can get some food before hitting open road, okay?"

<Mayday> "Y-yeah...", Mayday agreed, "Hey, Jan? D-d'you...d'you promise you' me? No matter what?"

<Janet> "Of course I will, May. I will be here through thick and thin, no matter what happens.", she nodded and pressed a kiss to her forehead, "Now, let's get on the road hmm?"

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