Summer 2016: Monet

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Summer 2016: Monet

Post by Slarti » Mon May 13, 2013 5:30 pm

<Monet> Monet closed the laptop and looked over at the clock. Still hours before she needed to get some rest. But now she had nothing to do. She looked over at her phone charging on the table and smirked. Scratch that. She did have something to do. Someone, rather.

<Monet> She sauntered over and picked it up, tapping in her password so that she could call Sebastian. Monet flipped through her contacts and got to his, hitting the message button first. If you don't pick up before it goes to voicemail, you will regret it. Then she tapped 'call' and put it to her ear.

<Shaw> It wasn't early, or late, so Sebastian was still working, at home with a glass of wine and a container of take-out. He picked up the phone and snorted, debating letting it go to voicemail. Ah, well, since when did that deter her? "Yes, Miss St. Croix?"

<Monet> "I'm bored and require your company." She unplugged the phone and walked into the kitchen to pour a glass of wine. "Be here in thirty minutes?"

<Shaw> "I've told you I can't do that." He took a sip of wine and stared out the window.

<Monet> "Yes. Yes you can. You just won't." She set the bottle down a bit forcefully and put her hand on her hip as she stared out her own window. "Because you're her bitch now."

<Shaw> "Well, you are correct that I can, yes." He smirked and swirled the wine in the glass before taking another sip. "Jealousy does not become you, Monet."

<Monet> "Ha! I'm not jealous. I just think you're pussy whipped in the worst ways. And besides, if you should be whipped by anyone's vagina, it should be mine. Because I have the best one."

<Shaw> "I do beg to differ, and I'm quite the vaginal connoisseur, as you know. I am pussy whipped in the best ways."

<Monet> "Ew." Monet made a disgusted face at her image distorted in the glass and picked up her wineglass to finally take a sip. "Will you describe how becoming who you are not is classified under 'the best ways'?"

<Shaw> "How is this becoming who I am not?" Now he was honestly curious. Somewhat.

<Monet> She frowned at her phone, taking it away from her ear to look at it, then putting it back. "Are you being serious, right now? You don't know how you're different?"

<Shaw> "I do not." Her perplexed tone was enough entertainment for the evening.

<Monet> Monet sighed loudly and picked up her glass of wine to move to the couch. "You, Sebastian Hiram Shaw, do not fawn over anyone but yourself. You do not adhere to any rules except your own. You are like me. And now you are a sniveling, worn-down, house puppy."

<Shaw> He was a little surprised she even knew his middle name to use it against him and arched an eyebrow. "Yes, I am like you." Savoring his next sip of red wine, he took his time. "Been to see Jason recently, my dear?"

<Monet> "That's entirely unfair. You cannot use him against me. Besides, just because I didn't have sex with anyone but him doesn't mean I changed at all."

<Shaw> "Just because I'm not having sex with you doesn't mean I have changed at all."

<Monet> "You don't even want to. Therein lies the problem."

<Shaw> "Of course I want to - I'm unaccustomed to going without, after all."

<Monet> "Then just do it."

<Shaw> "We've agreed to monogamy, and I intend to honor that agreement."

<Monet> "Tell me why you agreed, Sebastian."

<Shaw> "Why?"

<Monet> "Because if you do, and you're honest, I won't bother you again."

<Shaw> He laughed. "Because I wanted to."

<Monet> "That's not an answer, Sebastian, and you know it. Why did you want to?"

<Shaw> "I'm not entirely sure it's any of your business, Monet. You accuse me of becoming a house puppy, but I suspect your real problem is that you're just displeased I'm not your house puppy, coming to his master's call."

<Monet> "I do not want, nor need for you to be my house puppy. I liked you just fine the way you were. A business acquaintance and tension reliever. Jason was my house puppy. I have no desire to replace him because he is not dead." She stretched out on the couch and sipped her wine, "Just tell me why you want to be monogamous and I swear on my mother's grave you will never get another booty call from me."

<Shaw> "Why are you so very curious about this, Monet?" He shook his head and stood, stretching and wandering to his balcony.

<Monet> "Why are you so against telling me?"

<Shaw> "Because you are so very intent to know, of course," he chuckled.

<Monet> "I'm fairly certain that's not the reason."

<Shaw> "Well, it certainly is now."

<Monet> She sighed and rolled her eyes. "Just come over and help me relax."

<Shaw> "No, Monet." He took another slow sip of wine and tried not to overthink it.

<Monet> "I'm not enjoying your games, Sebastian."

<Shaw> "Then call someone else," he smirked. "Good night, Monet." With that, he ended the call and turned off his phone.

<Monet> Monet glared at her phone, angry that he had hung up on her. "Asshole."

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Re: Summer 2016: Monet

Post by Slarti » Wed May 15, 2013 4:28 am

<Monet> Monet rode up in the elevator, arms crossed, staring at the lighted numbers as they changed. He hadn't called her back and it had been two days. She was not playing his way anymore. The doors opened and she walked to the kitchen, got a glass of water, then went to his bedroom. Monet stood at the end of his bed, watching him sleep with a smirk on her face. This would be fun.

<Monet> She looked over at the clock. 5:30 AM. He should be getting up soon anyway. But she wanted to wake him up her way. She walked to his side of the bed and stroked his arm softly. "Sebastian," she murmured gently, trying to rouse him a bit.

<Shaw> Awakening to a female voice and touch was hardly a new thing to Sebastian, but it took him a long moment to realize there was something a bit off this time. Perhaps he was still asleep. Deciding this must be the case, he groaned and rolled onto his side to go back to whatever dream he was missing.

<Monet> Monet grinned and stroked his arm again, enjoying this. "Sebastian," she cooed, "Wake up." Then, she dumped the glass of water onto his head.

<Shaw> He didn't have long enough between recognition of Monet's voice and the cold water contact to react, but he was definitely awake now. Jerking away from her with a curse, he cracked his head against the lacquered wood of the headboard.

<Shaw> "What in the hell!" Swiping a hand over his face and shaking the water from his hair, he glared up at her. "Monet."

<Monet> She cackled with glee at his outburst and set the glass on his nightstand. "Good morning to you, too."

<Shaw> After a glance at the clock, he growled at her. With one fast movement, he was out of the bed and grabbed her by the arms, sneering down at her.

<Monet> Monet grinned up at him, "Finally. I had to get your attention somehow."

<Shaw> Eyes narrowing, he spun her around and gave her a shove toward the door to get started, intending to march her out and heedless of his own state.

<Monet> Monet laughed and turned to face him, hands on the door frame as she looked him up and down, "Regardless of your actions, your body seems happy to see me."

<Shaw> "Biology is a funny thing," he snarled, but took his hands off her. Making no effort to cover himself, he stared her down. "Get out."

<Monet> "No. You've been ignoring me. That is not okay with me."

<Monet> She crossed her arms and arched an eyebrow at him, "Tell me why you won't have sex with me anymore - an answer I believe, that's true - and I'll leave willingly."

<Shaw> "I have told you the simple answer, but you won't accept it, and this is your problem, not mine. If you don't leave, I'll remove you myself."

<Monet> "You didn't tell me why. You just told me because you had decided to be monogamous. Which is a laugh."

<Shaw> "Just because I haven't been in a relationship since you have known me does not mean I am incapable." Turning his back on her, he decided perhaps pants would help in this particular situation.

<Monet> "So then, why have you not been in one, Sebastian?"

<Shaw> "Perhaps because I hadn't found someone with whom I wanted to bother." Finding some gym shorts, he yanked them on and turned around to give her a toothy sneer.

<Monet> "And what made you decide that Jessica was the one with whom you wanted to bother?" She leaned against the doorjamb and watched him pull his shorts on with a smirk aimed at his crotch.

<Shaw> This time he smirked, straightening up and shaking his damp hair out of his eyes. "It was her magnificent breasts," he said mockingly, now crossing his arms to mirror her.

<Monet> "I'm sure they sag and have lovely stretch marks all over them when she's naked."

<Shaw> He raised a brow and laughed. "My, you are jealous."

<Monet> "I'm not jealous, Sebastian. I just happen to be of the mindset that my breasts are the perfect size for any woman to have."

<Shaw> "You would be wrong," he smirked, pretending to lose himself in thought for a moment. "Very wrong."

<Monet> Monet smirked back at him, "Is that so? Have you forgotten how I look naked?" She untied the sash at her waist, letting her wrap dress fall open.

<Shaw> He looked. Of course he did. "...Monet."

<Monet> "Oui, Sebastian?" She made no move to cover herself back up, but didn't let it fall off of her shoulders to the floor either.

<Shaw> Chewing his lip, he finally locked his eyes with hers. "Why are you doing this? Why really? As if you couldn't torment a half-dozen other men."

<Monet> "Because you're the best sex I've had since Jason, if you want an honest answer. Other men are too nervous about being with a woman as attractive as myself that I don't get much pleasure beyond ego stroking."

<Shaw> Sebastian snorted and arched a brow. "Only since Jason?” he said, tone mocking. “You insult me."

<Monet> Monet rolled her eyes, "Well, I apologize, but even Jason hasn't topped having sex with a feral."

<Shaw> He tilted his head and chuckled, supposing he could live with that, despite any comparison to a vegetable.

<Monet> She smirked at him, "Should I take it as a good sign that you no longer seem angry with me?"

<Shaw> "You still need to go," he said, shaking his head. With a sigh, he turned his back on her again to move to the bed and strip off the wet sheets.

<Monet> Monet sighed and let her dress drop to the floor before walking out of the room. She returned momentarily with fresh sheets for him.

<Shaw> "Thank you," he said, out of habit, taking the sheets and setting them aside. Curse the frustrating woman - she was now completely nude. Swallowing, he cleared his throat but his voice still came out husky. "Now, you should go."

<Monet> "But you don't want me to, do you," she asked in a whisper.

<Shaw> "You know very well what I want to do to you," he said, closing in on her, his own voice low.

<Monet> "The question is, are you going to let me?"

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her a wicked grin. "No." With that, he lunged and scooped her up, throwing her over his shoulder and turning for the door.

<Monet> Monet growled, frustrated and raked her nails over his back, not fighting him yet. She ran her nails underneath his waistband and down to grab his behind.

<Shaw> He hissed in pain and fought down his natural reaction, though it was a losing battle. "Good God, you're infuriating!" Attempting to bend to grab her dress just gave her better access and he bit down on his own lip, tasting blood.

<Monet> "I like making your blood heat," she commented slyly as she smacked his rear, then pressed herself against his back to attempt a hickey along the side of his spine.

<Shaw> Instead he kicked the dress out the bedroom door, and her shoes as well, hoping he broke something. "Oh, you've done that, all right." Once out the door himself, he tossed her onto the sofa.

<Shaw> "Out, you shrew!" he roared, before beating a hasty retreat back to his room and slamming the door. It was a cowardly move, but the safest at the moment and he pressed his back to the door, trying to ignore the burning marks on his skin and his lust. Why on earth was he doing this?

<Monet> Monet fell onto the sofa, laughing so hard her sides were starting to hurt. She had gotten to him. There was no doubt about that. "I hope you have a distracting day at work, Sebastian. Think of me every time you try to lean back painlessly," she called to him.

<Shaw> "Consider your invitation revoked!" he replied through the wood that separated them. "Never darken my door again!"

<Monet> "If you meant that, you would be more calm." She stood finally and slipped her dress and heels back on, "Au revoir, Sebastian!"

<Shaw> He had no sarcastic response, and slid to the floor, landing on his ass with a thump and another hiss.

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Re: Summer 2016: Monet

Post by Chaos » Wed May 15, 2013 11:14 am


Ooooh, I DO love a bit of 'X and the City'!

Still, of the two I''d have picked Monet...

...what is WITH me? (''._.)

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