Christmas 2016: Mayday

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Christmas 2016: Mayday

Post by Starfish » Fri Sep 20, 2013 10:30 pm

Mayday: "You once said I didn't know what 'family' meant, do you remember?", Mary-Anne asked outright, legs folded as she sat atop one of the many boxes of affects she'd bought for the appartment, "It....hit a nerve. Family is very important to me, Maybug...that's why I've done this."

Mayday: Her daughter, Mayday, sat opposite, on a stylish armchair that she'd recieved along with all the other modern decorations and surfaces in the new appartment. She looked around shyly, hardly believing she was sat in the room, and looking back on her mother, she had nothing to say.

Mayday: Her mother, however, did. "When family needs you, no matter who, you drop everything to go to their side. I said you're a Webber - you said you're a Parker - and I don't care what name you use. You're my flesh and blood, little lady, and I am here for you always.",

Mayday: Standing, the older redhead patted down her fine dress and smiled curtly, "You may not believe me, but I love you, Mayday. I'm kind of a terrible mother, I know, but I'm the only one you have. And I will give you all I can.", with that, she made her leave towards the door, heels clacking across the burnished wood floor.

Cassie: Arriving unannounced as usual, Cassandra's head emerged from a circular patch of darkness growing on the floor. "Here's Cassie!" the raven-haired girl announced, before taking a curious look around the room. "Did I get the right apartment this time?"

Mayday: Jumping in surprise, both the redheads made similar squaling sounds in fright. Both their pairs of blue eyes fell on the girl, Mayday speaking first: "Cassandra, how is this helpful!?",

Mayday: Mary-Anne snorted, shaking her head and catching her breath, "More popular with women than I was men at your age! Doll, I'm impressed..."

Cassie: "Oh, I was supposed to be helpful?" Cassandra asked, faking a look of surprise, while she rose up from the portal in the ground, hovering briefly in the middle of the room, then touched down as soon as the patch of blackness beneath her had vanished again.

Cassie: "I've been called many things in my young life, but I think 'helpful' has never been among them." She gave Mayday an impish smile, before turning towards the other redhead. "So, this must be your sister then, no?"

Mayday: "Oh, now I hope you're flirting...", Mary-Anne laughed back, hand on her hip, "Mary-Anne Webber, I'm her mother."

Mayday: Mayday stood, "W-which is why you shouldn't come out with stuff like that!", she stressed, "God, Mom...."

Mayday: The older woman giggled to herself, "Now, now; no need to be a sore loser, baby doll! Sounds like you're jealous..."

Cassie: "Oh, you must be joking." Cassie turned her head to look at Mayday and back at the other girl's mother. "You must have been younger than me when you got her then." She performed a slight yet graceful bow, the edge of her mouth forming a smirk. "And if you put it like that, I totally am flirting right now..."

Mayday: With a mischevious smirk of her own, Mary-Anne looked back at Mayday, "Well, now I insist you come home for New Years. With your friend, maybe we'll...", she shrugged nonchalantly, " out?"

Mayday: "O-oh, ok, no...!", Mayday slumped back down into her chair, ""

Cassie: "Ooh, that sounds delicious," Cassie replied, her eyes shamelessly seizing up the older woman. "That's a really tempting offer - thank you." She looked back at Mayday. "Did you hear that, May? You never invite me to eat out."

Mayday: Mayday sat up, "B-because I have a gir-.....", and before she finished her sentence, recalled that Janet was one of the many people still missing. Her words stopped dead in her mouth, the breath behind them ceasing.

Mayday: Realising the sudden severity of the situation, Mary-Anne cleared her throat, "Well, the offer stands.", she said shortly, "I love you, Maybug. And it's been a pleasure, Cassie, was it?", she gave a short nod.

Cassie: Cassandra returned the nod. "The pleasure's been all mine," she said. "And don't worry about Mayday. Your daughter is in good, caring hands. I'll make sure she settles in nicely and has everything she needs... or wants."

Mayday: With a warm smile, the older woman departed. Mayday waited until the door had closed before bringing her knees up and hugging them tightly as she burried her head, mind now racing with all the thoughts she'd tried desperately to repress.

Cassie: Once they were alone, Cassandra turned around and let her gaze wander across the apartment. "That's a pretty cozy place you've got here," she remarked, taking a couple steps around. "I certainly like it."

Mayday: "Y-yeah...", Mayday responded, looking up at her, "'s my Mom's NY place. She's renting it to me. A-and...paying the rent for a while..."

Cassie: "That's really nice of your mom." Cassie turned back to Mayday and gave her a smile, before going over to the other girl and crouching down by her side. "Are you sure you want to live all by yourself, though?"

Mayday: "No.", she answered automatically, "B-but....since Xavier's is gone and I can't stay at Nova's....", sitting up a little, Mayday frowned, "I-I mean, I considered asking Robin'd be weird for me. A-and I wanna stay in New York because....w-well....I'm still the Spider-Girl, right?"

Cassie: "The one and only, totally amazing Spider-Girl." Cassie put on her most comforting smile and reached out to take Mayday's hand, giving it a reassuring squeeze. "Nothing she can's handle, right?"

Mayday: Remaining silent for a moment, Mayday just looked at the hand in hers, glancing up at Cassandra, "....Janet's gone too, isn't she?", she swallowed, "....everything's just...."

Cassie: "We don't know that," she tried to reassure the other girl, squeezing her hand a little firmer. "I mean, maybe she wasn't even at the mansion. It all happened so fast, there's no telling where everyone was when things went to hell. Perhaps she was just scared and ran away. Couldn't blame her, right?"

Mayday: Mayday took a deep breath. That was certainly true, and more than anything, she wanted to believe that, "I guess so.", she agreed, standing with a sigh, "Don't suppose anyone got a post card from Cinnamon?"

Cassie: "I'd be surprised if anyone did, but I'm sure he's fine." Cassie kept up her smiling and did her best to maintain a positive attitude. "I can go looking for him, if you like. Don't care if the estate is under lockdown. I can sneak in anywhere like a stealthy ninja, remember?"

Mayday: "I....don't wanna hold out too much hope.", the redhead replied honestly, ".....l-let's about something else.", she stood, looking around at the various boxes, "I-I know it's kind of a pain, but will you help me unpack some of this stuff?"

Cassie: Cassandra nodded. "Of course I will," she said, her smile growing a little bigger as she stood up again. "Shared pain is only half the pain, yes?"

Mayday: With a shy smile, Mayday nodded in agreement, "I suppose. T-thanks, Cassie. I....really appreciate it..."

Cassie: After a whole lot of shuffling and unpacking boxes, Cassandra and Mayday had managed to make the small apartment a whole lot more cluttered than before - but also quite a bit more welcoming. "Where do you want these to go?" she asked, holding three smaller boxes aloft with her shadowy limbs.

Mayday: "Are those the bath things or the pillows?", Mayday finished plugging in the eletricals for her new TV and PC, sighing and sitting back as she wiped her brow and adjusted her ponytail, "Man, I can't even remember what else she bought, crap, and it's way too late for grocery shopping now!"

Cassie: Cassandra gave the boxes a careful shake, wearing a frown on her face. "Well, I think we can rule out anything fragile," she said when she didn't hear anything shatter inside. "And I'm sure we can still find a store that is open." She gave Mayday a sly smile. "Don't worry about getting there and back, either."

Mayday: Lying back on her rug, Mayday sighed up at the ceiling, "I'm boooored...", she groaned, "Can we stop for today? My new PC is working and I have Netflix, so can we just.....not work anymore?", her eyes fell on the sofa, "...that sofa looks soooo coooomffffyyyy...."

Cassie: "Let's call this the idea of the day," Cassie announced, dropping the boxes she was holding right away. "Your mother's offer aside, of course." Stepping over to the girl on the floor, she bent down to grab the redhead under the arms. "Let's get you draped on the sofa then, while I get you something to eat and drink."

Mayday: Humming in approval, Mayday simply let herself be dragged, ignoring the rug beneath her being shifted awkwardly and the possibility of her sweatpants being pulled at, revealing the top of her rear.

Mayday: Right until she thought that her sweatpants being pulled would reveal the top of her rear.

Mayday: Forcing herself to her feet she shook herself free, pulling her pants up and blushing, "Right! Now is no time to show off my butt!", she cringed, turning to Cassandra, "S-sorry..."

Cassie: "Now don't be silly," Cassie reprimanded Mayday, holding up her index finger. "There is always time to show off ones butt - especially if it's such a cute one as yours."

Mayday: Opening her mouth to protest, Mayday found no words, instead just laughing and throwing her arms around Cassandra, holding her in a gentle hug.

Cassie: Keeping her mouth shut for once, Cassie returned the gesture and embraced Mayday, holding her friend tight in silence for several seconds. "We'll get through this, yes?" she whispered after a while, her lips close to the other girl's ear. "We stick together and eventually things will look better again. They have to be, sooner or later."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, remaining silent before moving back to look at the raven-haired girl, ".....C-Cassie, will you....c-ca-...I-I mean, since there's room here and....u-unless you have somewhere else t-..."

Cassie: "Well, actually I do..." Cassandra sucked on her lower lip, but another smile lit up her features just a moment later. "But I'm sure Jonas will survive in the modern world for some nights without me. It's not like the old house we're squatting in will come down around him - even though that's a possibility."

Mayday: "H-he could....maybe stay too?", Mayday shrugged, "I have a spare room! And a couch, so....", she let her shoulders fall, looking away and idly fiddling with a lock of her hair, "...I-I don't wanna...seem desperate but...."

Mayday: She swallowed, "...I-I'm so afraid of being alone. I can't even sleep..."

Cassie: "There's no question - of course I can stay," Cassandra assured her friend, reaching up to gently brush a strand of red hair out of the girl's face, while trying to encourage her with her most convincing smile. "I'd never leave you alone when you need someone the most."

Mayday: Letting out a breath, Mayday beamed, eyes a little watery, "Thank you so much...", she grinned, biting her lip and trying not to end up a blubbering mess like she used to in situations like these. In the next beat she'd jumped back onto Cassandra with a hug, squeezing her tightly, "You're my best friend ever.", she whispered.

Cassie: Cassandra wrapped her arms around Mayday and held her tightly, their heads resting against each other. "You won't go away, too, will you?" she asked, her voice shaking as she struggled to hold back her own tears. "Promise me I won't lose you, too."

Mayday: "No.", Mayday whispered, stroking her cheek against Cassandra's, "No. Never.", she repeated just a little louder, "I promise you, Cassie, I promise.", she held the younger girl in a firm embrace, "I'm not going anywhere you can't find me. I'm not gonna leave you alone."

Cassie: Pulling back just far enough to look at the other girl, Cassie reached up to wipe some of the glistening moisture out of the corner of her eye. "And I promise you'll never have to look farther than your own shadow to find me," she replied, before throwing her arms around Mayday once more.

Mayday: Letting out anotehr soft sigh, Mayday was sure the warm, loving embrace of her friend had squeezed the last of the toxic fog of hurt out of her body for the while. She remained in the embrace with Cassandra for just a few more moments before moving back, kissing her nose suddenly with a happy smile on her face, "Hey, come on, don't wuss out like I do; 'loser' shouldn't be contagious.", she joked merilly, replicating Cassandra's usual positive demeanour.

Cassie: "It rather looks like my cheerfulness and your sentimentality both somehow escaped and mingled into something truly sappy." Cassie gave her friend a wry smile, crossing her eyes when the tip of her nose tingled from the kiss. "How about we check if the new TV set is working?"

Cassie: "We have enough pillows and blankets to cozy up on the sofa and watch silly stuff until we both fall asleep," she suggested.

Mayday: "Sounds like Chinese is on the menu...", Mayday nodded, snapping her fingers and placing a hand on her hip in a little dramatic pose, "Alright, let's grab those and fire up my 'monolith' tele-box!", with a cheer, she hopped off to find her phone.

Cassie: Cassie spun around and skipped after her friend, bounding over partly unpacked boxes. "Can I spook the delivery guy?" she asked, already bouncing on the sofa.

Mayday: Mayday turned and gave Cassandra a wide smile, "Anything you want.", she spread her arms, "'Mi casa, su casa', mi Cassie."
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Re: Christmas 2016: Mayday

Post by steyn » Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:11 am

And then they kisssssss.....

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