Summer 2017: Cessily

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Summer 2017: Cessily

Post by Starfish » Sun Mar 02, 2014 3:33 pm

A couple days after the game "Back in the Picture"

Christopher: Chris leaned back in his favorite chair. His music was up high and the lights were mostly out. He was still in a lot of pain, he really couldn't believe he made it out of the hospital. At least I still have some drugs to tide me over. Chris popped a few in his mouth and downed them with the last of his whiskey. "Damn need more of that now."

Cessily: Cessily stopped by the door and shifted the tray she was carrying to her right hand, carefully balancing the covered goodies as she knocked gently. "Chris, are you awake?" she asked through the closed door, hopefully quiet enough to not wake him up if he happened to be asleep.

Christopher: Chris scrambled a little to hide anything that might be incriminating before he answered her call. "Yeah I'm up." He flipped the lights on and carefully made it to the door.

Cessily: Waiting for the door to be opened, Cessily gave Chris a smile once his face appeared in the gap, still bruised from the punishment he had received. "Hey there, handsome!" She held the tray in both hands again. "You look much better already. How are you feeling?"

Christopher: "Sore." Chris let her get into the trailer with some hesitation. "It probably smells a little let me light a candle." He hobbled through the room and found a decent one and lit it. "What brings you by Cess?" Things were starting to go a little off, but he could handle it, he'd been doing these drugs for a little while now so he was getting used to the effects.

Cessily: "You mean aside from you being almost beaten to death by some fascist robot?" Cessily asked, stepping into the trailer. She grinned and nodded down at the covered tray in her hands. "I just happened to come across some delicious food and juice, and thought I'd stop by to see if anyone fed you already."

Christopher: "Makin me sound like a caged down there Cess." He let his eyes wander a little when the drugs kicked in but quickly came back to reality. "Nah I haven't ate yet. Thanks." He smiled and moved over to his makeshift dinning area.

Cessily: "As far as I can tell, it's you who keeps locking himself up in here," Cessily replied, masking the gentle rebuke with another kind smile. She followed him through the narrow room and set down her tray on the small table. "And you're more than welcome. Besides, I like to make sure everyone is as fine as they can be."

Christopher: "Yeah I'm a big boy. I like to hide out here with all my projects." He pointed out a few, the newer ones looking a little more erratic and dark.

Cessily: "Are you sure it's good to hide in here all the time?" Cessily asked, sliding onto the narrow bench opposite from him. "Perhaps some fresh air would do you some good sometime. Hank and Anna told me that you're healing surprisingly slowly and hardly responding to any treatment."

Christopher: "Yeah... looks like the Sentinel did a number on me." He lied trying to ignore the voice in the back of his head that was telling him it was the drugs. "I just need to clean up a little in here and open up the windows. I'll be fine."

Cessily: Cessily gave him another smile, arranging the food on the table between them. "Okay," she said, glancing up at Chris' face. "I only want you to take good care of you. Maybe you should go and get another check up, just in case."

Christopher: "Yeah, probably." Chris sighed. The more he went in there for them to look at him the more he worried about them figuring out he was on something.

Cessily: The mutant girl responded with another small smile, trusting her feeling that told her not to push him too hard too quickly. "I'm just glad nothing worse happened," she said. "The fight has been all over the news. That could have really turned ugly, but I guess I don't need to tell you that."

Christopher: "Yeah didn't expect to be shut down so easilly." Chris rubbed his injured hand.

Cessily: "I don't think anyone did, so you have nothing to blame yourself for there," Cessily assured him, pausing briefly to show Christopher a small smile. "Though, I heard you already weren't feeling that well even before the sentinels attacked."

Christopher: Chris shrugged and took a bite of the snacks she'd brought. "Rough day, Can you blame me with Hope in the hospital and trying to open a tattoo shop?"

Cessily: "No, not at all," Cessily admitted, biting her lip. She folded her hands on the table. "How are you holding up? If you'd like to talk about it, I'm here."

Christopher: "I'm alive. Hope came in the other night and had a yell fest at me. Guess I needed it?" He rolled his eyes a little. "At least the damn thing didn't kill me. I mean someone had to stop it, or at least try to."

Cessily: "Yes, but it came frighteningly close," Cessily replied, hesitating a moment before reaching across the table to touch his uninjured hand. "You're not helping anyone by getting yourself killed, okay?"

Christopher: "Probably would have gotten the project shut down if it'd happened." Chris shrugged. "Those things are an atrocity."

Cessily: Cessily sighed and looked down at her shiny fingers. "I hope people will realize how dangerous these things are before it comes to that, but I'm afraid it'll first have to come to the worst before anyone stops to think what they're doing. Sometimes I have my doubts if even the people who built them have any idea what those machines are capable of."

Christopher: "Yeah... if they're going to use an agent that depowers us then why the hell do they have all that firepower. They don't that's the damn problem"

Cessily: "Not to mention they kept just gassing that entire crowd of people," Cessily remarked, slightly agitated. "I mean, there were probably children among them! That can't be right. I'd be surprised if they even tested that stuff for side-effects."

Christopher: "We could probably get a lot of people to start freaking out and making a fuss about that." He laughed.

Cessily: "You know, I think that's actually what needs to be done." Cessily said and held up her hand. "I can't believe that the people are so blinded by their fear of mutants that they can't see the danger of what they're cheering for. Or... I rather don't want to believe it."

Christopher: "Grass roots campaign to get people on our side." He moved to get himself a beer. "Do you want one?"

Cessily: "It wouldn't be the first time we did that," Cessily replied, trying to make herself sound hopeful. "We managed to win the people's support once, so perhaps we can do it again." She looked at the offered bottle. "Do you have something else? Some lemonade, perhaps?"

Christopher: "Uhmm maybe something." He searched through his stuff that was for mixing drinks. "I have some sweet tea, that good?"

Cessily: "Oh yeah, that's perfect. Thanks!" Cessily waited for him to return with their drinks. "So, is there anything you need? If I can get you something, you just need to tell me."

Christopher: "Got a button that'll make my girlfriend not hate me anymore?" Chris got comfortable and opened his bottle. "Or a magic button that will heal me instantly?"

Cessily: "I'm afraid I can't really help you with your girlfriend, aside from offering good advice," Cessily replied, a small smile playing across her lips as she unscrewed the lid of her beverage. "But maybe you could let take Anna another shot at trying to speed your recovery. I'm sure she'd try her best to help you."

Christopher: "I'll probably just have to go grovel... Guess I was pretty stupid." Chris took another drink of the beer. "Maybe get her some chocolate."

Cessily: Cessily arched her eyebrows as she took a swig from her bottle. "Chocolate?" she asked, giving him a lopsided. "Don't get me wrong, chocolate is wonderful, and many girls might kill for it in the right moment, but I'm afraid that won't be enough in this case."

Cessily: She quickly held up her finger. "Definitely give her some anyway, though, because chocolate is never a wrong idea. Only not bringing chocolate is."

Christopher: "Chocolate and guns. I think I could smooth over anything with those when it comes to Hope." Chris chuckled a little when his stoned mind thought of guns that shot chocolate.

Cessily: Cessily laughed. "There has to be bullet shaped chocolate somewhere," she said, still chuckling to herself. "The quickest way to any gun loving girl's heart." She raised her bottle of tea again. "Because I think you really shouldn't be handing her live ammunition until you've worked everything out."

Christopher: "Or my healing kicks back in. Don't think Anna and McCoy want to preform surgery on a guy who can't heal."

Cessily: "Yeah, they're all quite concerned about that," Cessily admitted, looking down at her silver fingers while she peeled off the label of her bottle. "Hank speculated something about an allergic reaction to the depowering agent, but I feel he's really as clueless as the rest of us. You seem to have been affected far worse than everyone else."

Christopher: "I'm sure I'm fine. Shit's probably just not wanting to leave my system or something. Probably allergic reaction like Hank said." Chris was starting to get a little defensive. He really didn't want people to know it was probably the drugs he was taking.

Cessily: Cessily looked up and gave Christopher a strained smile. "I think he wants to run a few more blood tests, and that's probably a good idea, if you ask me." She met his gaze. "Promise you stop by the medlab sometime?"

Christopher: "Yeah I think Hope plans on dragging me in later today, or tomorrow. I don't know." Chris chugged down his beer, enjoying the feeling it gave him now that he didn't have the healing factor to stop it's desired effect.

Cessily: "Well, try to be a good boy and do as she says, okay?" Cessily offered him what she hoped to turn out to be an uplifting smile. "Because she only wants your best. And believe me, if you're trying to convince her you're not an idiot, the best thing to do is not act like one."

Christopher: "Well you know me." Chris shrugged. "Stupid ideas pretty much follow me around. Heard I got Shaw's eardrum blown out yet?"

Cessily: "I wondered what that was about, yes." Cessily replied, looking up from where she was still peeling away at the label. "Sometimes I wonder if you're out to seek any punishment you can find. In that regard, you remind me too much of Mel."

Christopher: "Heh, shouldn't she remind you of me then? I mean I've been around for a little bit longer." Chris laughed a little. "And what's the use of life if you don't have a little fun?"

Cessily: "That's because between the two of you, you used to be the more reasonable one," Cessily replied, her stern look softened by the wry smile she put on. "And are we still talking about only wanting to have fun?"

Christopher: "Guess I've stopped caring with age?" Chris shrugged. "Though I don't know, I did some pretty stupid shit when I was young. I mean that cage fight thing was ridiculously stupid."

Cessily: The silver girl chuckled and averted her gaze. "I think we all did some things we're not proud of." A moment later she looked back at Christopher, offering another smile. "But that's okay, as long as we learn from our mistakes."

Christopher: "Yeah, maybe I should make a list of things I can't manage to do. Check take down badass robot first."

Cessily: "Don't be too hard on yourself," Cessily replied, before taking another sip from her tea. "The others didn't do any better, either. Well, they had the smarts to run away when they realized their powers weren't working..."

Christopher: "Heh, guess I'm just thick headed. Never did learn to run away from a challenge."

Cessily: "Maybe we should start teaching that here at the school." A hint of bitterness echoed in Cessily's laugh. "Perhaps more of us would still be here with us if we had taken that lesson to heart a little sooner."

Christopher: "Who knows, life's a bitter bitch when it comes to teaching lessons and handing out gifts." Chris got comfortable. "Losing people sucks." He sighed, his light hearted spirit all but gones thanks to all the events that had happened.

Cessily: "I know." Cessily lowered her gaze, her attention on her fingers as she kept peeling away the label. "And you don't get used to it. Not that you should ever have to."

Christopher: "Not in the slightest. Life's like a box of chocolates my ass, life's like a box of chocolates everyone else already took a bite out of."

Cessily: "It's hard to argue with that, especially after last year." Cessily resigned with a sigh, but even then the hint of a smile found its way back on her lips. "But I don't know - having any chocolate in the first place seems like a good enough reason to feel happy for."

Christopher: "You're just a bundle of sunshin aint ya Cess?" Chris laughed a little bit. "Hard to be depressed around you."

Cessily: The silver girl couldn't hold back her grin any longer. "Why do you think did they ask me to become school counsellor?" Cessily chuckled. "It's not because I have any idea what I'm doing here."

Christopher: "Hmm well they gotta hire atleast one teacher that's good at their job I guess." Chris just shrugged. "I think my students are just taking most of my classes so they can hit things."

Cessily: "To be honest, I think my class is only popular because everyone believes visual arts to be really easy and I have a reputation of being very easy going." Cessily smiled to herself before raising the bottle up to her mouth. "And of course there's the rumour that I do all modelling myself and even offer, uhm, private tutoring."

Christopher: "Oh so that's why all your classes are always full. Well can't say I blame them, I remember fauning over that body of yours when I first came to the school too."

Cessily: Cessily laughed and flipped back her hair. "While I'm very flattered, I think that's something that should better remain between you and me. Hope might get the false idea if she hears you fancied another redhead."

Christopher: "Probably, she'd most likely put an end to my existence with everything else that's going on." Chris closed his eyes and tried to relax a little. "Wouldn't be too hard to do that in my current state either."

Cessily: "I guess that's how it is for most people every day of their life," Cessily replied, giving Christopher another wry smile. "Puts things in perspective, doesn't it? Maybe you'll learn something from it. I only hope that blow was strong enough to get the lesson through your thick skull."

Christopher: "Nope, not in the least." Chris tapped his noggin a little. "Nothing can break through this lead cassing."

Cessily: "Another thing you better don't tell Hope." Cessily laughed. "Because I have feeling she might take that as a challenge to try for herself."

Christopher: "If you see her dragging a bloody bag and a shovel across the lawn, you'll know what happened."

Cessily: "Well, I'm still mildly hopeful that we can keep things from escalating that far," Cessily commented, leaning forward to brush a hand through Christopher's hair. "But that requires you to start looking after yourself."

Christopher: "Careful now. Or you might get your own redhead you can't handle coming after you." Chris winced a little when he tried to laugh this time. "I should probably go get my classroom ready..."

Cessily: "You should get yourself ready first," Cessily insisted, getting to her feet first so she could help up Chris. "I recommend a really hot shower and a nap. That's an old family recipe."

Christopher: "Gotta get the forge heated up. I'll rest when I get a chance." Chris took her offered help and lead her back to the door. "Thanks for the advice though Cess. Glad I have a friend like you."

Cessily: "I'm only trying to be the friend that I would like to have when I need them." Cessily stopped by the door and turned around, taking Chris in a gentle hug. "Get well soon, Chris. And promise you'll schedule another appointment with Hank."

Christopher: "As soon as I get a chance." Chris hugged her back and moved back to get all of his stuff for his class. "I'll let you know what they say."

Cessily: "Thanks, and you do that." Cessily gave him another smile, then raised her hand to wave goodbye. "Take care, Chris." Turning away, she left the small trailer and stepped back outside.
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Re: Summer 2017: Cessily

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Mar 14, 2014 6:23 pm

<Carol> Given how angry she was currently, today was possibly not the best day to be testing the limits of her absorbtion powers. Nevertheless, there she was, a safe distance from sensitive electronic equipment with two borrowed generators because she didn't want the headache of overloading the fuses on one.

<Cessily> Cessily tracked down the source of the strange humming sound, growing more intense as she followed the path leading around the building. "Carol?" The silver girl stopped when she turned the corner, having found the officer as she was facing down the source of the noise. It made the hair stand up in the back of her neck. "Here you are!"

<Carol> Carol looked up at the voice, giving the girl a smile, "Hey, you need me for something?" Her eyes glowed faintly orange from the absorbed energy.

<Cessily> "Oh, uhm, not directly, no..." Cessily returned the smile, trying to ignore the suspiciously droning machines behind Carol as she raised her hand to wave. "It's lunchtime, and I was stopping by your office to see if you wanted to come along to the canteen, but you weren't there. Then I heard that loud noise and went to investigate."

<Carol> "Oh... yeah, I should probably take a break and eat something... but if I go inside before I discharge some of this, the security team will hate me." She frowned a little, "I pick bad times for experiments."

<Cessily> "I was wondering what you're doing out here," Cessily said, looking from the generators back at Carol. "So you were, like, juicing yourself up?"

<Carol> "Pretty much... I'm testing the limits of how much I can absorb before it hurts... so I can fly to the moon."

<Cessily> Cessily raised her eyebrows, not having expected that the answer would bring a smile to her face. "You know, I never expected to hear all these words in one sentence together," she replied with a chuckle. "And even less for such an explanation to make perfect sense."

<Cessily> The next moment her amused smile made way for a perplexed look. "Wait, did you say the moon?"

<Carol> Carol nodded, "Yep... I made it to the edge of space before with Rogue but I hadn't absorbed enough energy and I passed out.... I think I might actually have been technically dead for a bit there but, as you can see, I'm fine now."

<Cessily> Cessily opened her mouth to say something, but it took her another attempt to actually start speaking. "So you're trying to do that again, because the first time almost killed you," she remarked, giving Carol a long look. "And this is a good idea why exactly?"

<Carol> "You never wanted to stand on the moon?" Carol asked, as though the idea of that was ridiculous.

<Cessily> "What? Of course!" Cessily blinked at Carol and frowned. "I mean, who doesn't dream of going to the moon one day? But that also sounds really dangerous. As in, you'll die alone and horribly in deep space and no one can get up there to help you."

<Carol> "I'm pretty sure I can make it... it's not acually that far when you don't have to factor in the whole air resistance thing... I don't need to breathe if I absorb enough energy, temperature is a non-issue... really it's just a matter of having enough stored up or taking a power source with me if I can't contain enough."

<Cessily> "You sound like you really want to go through with that idea, huh?" Cessily stepped closer to Carol, keeping an eye on the humming generators. "You're determined to make it there, aren't you?"

<Carol> "It's an achievable goal," She gave a half shrug, "I just have to prepare properly... and this is stage one."

<Cessily> "Well, if you're that set on trying, you should talk to Broo sometime," Cessily suggested and gave Carol a small smile. "He's the most brilliant kid I ever met, so maybe he can help you out somehow. I'm sure he could think of a solution for your little energy problem, anyway."

<Cessily> "Besides, I'm afraid if you went to the moon and he finds out you didn't tell him, he'll be really disappointed," she added, her smile getting bigger.

<Carol> "I'm okay, really... This is something I want to do for myself... I have a couple of people I can work with already and I think Broo has his work cut out with the whole Danger Room thing anyway.... If I get really stuck, maybe..." she pushed a hand through her hair.

<Cessily> "Okay," Cessily agreed, smiling despite not feeling that convinced of the soundness of Carol's plan. "Just don't wait to ask for help until you're stuck on the dark side of the moon or get chased by space-whales."

<Carol> Carol laughed, "I promise, if I see a space-whale I'll be right back down to earth to get someone with a space-proof camera."

<Cessily> The silver-skinned redhead joined the other woman's laughter, before Cessily's expression was replaced with a more thoughtful look. "A space-proof camera, you say?" A faint smile curled the edge of her mouth as she put the tip of her finger to her lip. "Now there's an idea for what to wish for my next birthday."

<Carol> "If I took you up there, we'd have to space-proof you too." Carol pointed out, "It's pretty damn cold."

<Cessily> "Oh, I thought that's actually a misconception," Cessily replied. "Because space is a vacuum, it's not really cold, but... well, nothing? So it's not like when you have cold air all around you and it freezes you." She made an awkward face and ran a hand through her face. "I'm sure someone who actually knows what he's talking about can explain that better than me."

<Carol> "There's no air, it's cold. Trust me. Water turns to ice up there.... but I'm immune to temperature extremes so I'm mostly fine... in theory I could absorb enough radiation from stars to keep going."

<Cessily> "And I'm not as frail as I look, either," Cessily pointed out with a chuckle. "Speaking of absorbing dangerous radiation, didn't you want to do something about that?" She gestured towards Carol's eyes, still faintly glowing with power.

<Carol> "Oh yeah... I should probably.... uh... be right back..." She flew straight up into the air and out of sight.

<Cessily> Carol's launch was followed by a gush of wind, whipping Cessily's red hair around. She shielded her eyes from the sun - which was easier said then done when you have reflective skin - and tried to make out the SHIELD officer somewhere up in the sky. All she could see was a small dot in the distance, moving quickly against the blue background.

<Carol> Charging the energy in her hands, she fired off several hot and powerful blasts out towards space, careful to avoid the paths of satelites and other things to avoid collateral damage. Once the energy receeded to a point she felt it was safe, she headed back down to where she'd started, touching down gently behind Cessily.

<Cessily> "That was incredible!" Cessily cheered as the blond woman returned, clapping her hands as she beamed Carol an excited grin. "I thought about asking if there's anything I could do to help, but after seeing this, I'm kinda glad I didn't."

<Carol> Carol laughed, waving it off, "I love to fly. I'm not adverse to passengers though if you wanted to come sometime... I promise to slow down."

<Cessily> Cessily quickly stepped up to Carol, chipper like a schoolgirl. "Really? That would be amazing!" The silver teacher actually bounced on the spot, her shiny red ponytail whipping up and down. "I can promise I wont slow you down. I'm actually quite malleable, you know. And I can get really sticky if I need to."

<Carol> "You shouldn't need to, haven't dropped anyone yet... at least... not by accident." She gave Cessily a small wink, "How about we go into the city for lunch and leave the car here?"

<Cessily> "Even if you did, I'd just go splat on the ground like silly putty." Cessily giggled, before she processed the implications of Carol's words. Her cheerful expression was replaced by surprise. "You mean, we'd fly there? Now?" She sounded like a kid who couldn't believe her luck.

<Carol> "Sure! Why not? I love to fly, you want to fly... I don't see a problem there... except that I should change into some civvies first."

<Cessily> "Sweet!" Cessily flashed Carol another grin, barely managing to rein back her excitement enough to not attack the other woman with a sudden hug. "Oh, I don't mind showing up in the company of a stunning officer. But it's no problem for me to wait. If we're going out, maybe I should put on something else, too."

<Carol> "You don't have to, you look fine how you are..." she gave Cess a small smile, "I guess I can show up in uniform just not in this one..." she looked down at her SHIELD uniform, "People are funny about SHIELD personnel showing up in their cafe..."

<Cessily> "Why? Do people treat you differently since you joined SHIELD?" Cessily joined Carol's side as they walked back to the quarters together. "If you don't want to raise any attention, why not just slip into something comfortable? You should just make sure it can survive the flight."

<Carol> "It's not like that... not me personally..." she pushed a hand through her hair, flicking the switches on the generators as they passed them to turn them off. "It's more that... SHIELD shows up to all kinds of mutant related crazy shit... like all the really bad and dangerous stuff... and now that we've been in the media more, people are recognising the uniform and the insignia and everything."

<Carol> She sighed, "So they see you in that uniform and they get kinda paranoid... it's frustrating but that's how it is..."

<Cessily> "Oh, I didn't even think of that." Cessily's smile faded as she looked to the woman by her side. "That's really not very pleasant, even if people don't mean to be rude or do it on purpose. I know how it feels when others get anxious around you, and you can't even blame them for feeling that way."

<Cessily> "So, better not make things more difficult for us than they have to be, yes?" The cheerfulness returned to the young teacher's voice. "Especially since showing up in your uniform while accompanied by a strange mutant who looks like the little sister of one of the most terrifying movie villains might send the wrong signals."

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Yeah, besides, the SHIELD uniform is great and all but it's not very comfortable for sitting around and drinking coffee - feels like I'm at work, aaaand if I change out of uniform altogether I also get to wear pants."

<Cessily> "Yay pants!" Cessily raised both fists up to her shoulders and cheered quietly. "So, do you know any good places to eat around here? I thought you might have a better tip than my tourist guide."

<Carol> "I know plenty of good places, what kind of food do you like to eat?" Carol gave her a smile as she opened the door to the teacher's building and started for the stairs.

<Cessily> "Oh, I'd really love to try out the local stuff," Cessily replied as she followed Carol up the stairs. "One of the first things I like to do when I'm in a place is to explore their food. Besides, I came here with my family a couple of times, and I have fond memories of some of the seafood dishes."

<Carol> "Sure, we could go get some chowder or something, that sound good?" She went into her room and frowned at her closet.

<Cessily> "I'd say that sounds perfect." Cessily grinned. "I love clam chowder." Her thoughts on food, she didn't realise how she kept on following Carol around, until she found herself in the officer's room.

<Carol> Having been in the military for a while and gotten used to dressing in rooms full of other women, Carol had no qualms about stripping down to her underwear and changing her clothes.

<Cessily> Before she knew what was happening, Cessily caught herself staring, and just like that the young mutant had no idea where to turn her eyes and what to do with her hands. Trying her best not to watch inappropriately, she casually faced away, silver fingers twirling fiery tresses, occasionally stealing a glimpse like a shy schoolgirl.

<Carol> Glancing over at the girl, Carol realised she was displaying signs of discomfort, "Sorry, I kind of forget not everyone's as great with the partial nudity thing..." She pulled a top on and tugged it down over herself, pulling her hair out from under the collar.

<Cessily> "Oh no, nudity is great!" Cessily was quick to correct, facing Carol with an awkward grin. "I love it! In fact, I'm often naked myself. What I mean is... I have no problem with it." She pressed her lips together and played with her ponytail. "I just didn't want to be impolite, because... I'm not sure if I told you that I'm..."

<Carol> "I'm pretty sure I told you before to just relax, right?" She gave Cessily a smile as she sat down on her bed to put her shoes on.

<Cessily> "Yeah, you may have told me that already once or twice," Cessily admitted with a smile. "And I'm pretty sure you're going to have to remind me a couple times more. I don't even know myself what's wrong with me."

<Carol> "I'm going to go out on a limb and say paranoia or something similar." She zipped up her boots and got to her feet, going back to her closet to take out a jacket.

<Cessily> "Yep! That's probably it." Cessily laughed in an attempt to convince herself just as much as the other woman. "Let's go with paranoia." She frowned. "I mean, it really wouldn't surprise me at this point." The smile returned to her lips as she waited for Carol. "Anyway, there's food waiting for us!"

<Carol> "There is!" She shook out her belt from her uniform to find her cellphone and her wallet. "Okay, let's get out of here before something blows up."

<Cessily> "I'm surprisingly little concerned about that," Cessily commented, leading the way down the stairs. "The new place has gone longer without any explosions than the old school, I think." She cast a smirk over her shoulder. "Besides, as an XU alumni, you've learned how to tune out parts of the school blowing up around you."

<Carol> "Yeeeeah but if something goes sky high, it'll mean a ton of paperwork and I really don't want to - it's so boring." She followed Cessily out of the building, "So... I have to pick you up. You okay with that?"

<Cessily> "I would have suggested I simply climb on your back, but whatever you think works best." Cessily was actually quite fine with the idea of being carried, but tried not to appear too eager. Instead she stopped and spread her arms. "So, like this?"

<Carol> Carol smiled a little, stepping over to her and scooping her up, "This way's most comfortable for everyone I think."

<Cessily> Cessily laughed when the blonde picked her up and she found herself cradled in the SHIELD officer's arms. "Why hello there, Colonel!" Grinning up at Carol, the young mutant reached up to wrap her arms around the other woman's neck. "It's been a while since someone swept me off my feet like this."

<Carol> "Then you have been hanging out with the wrong people," she offered another smile, securing her hold on Cessily before lifting into the air. "How fast do you want to get there?"

<Cessily> The silver girl had a constant grin on her face from the moment they took off the ground, instinctively holding on tightly, even though she felt quite safe in Carol's arms. Once she had torn her gaze away from the school estate beneath them, she gave her ride a cocky smirk. "How fast can you get there?"

<Carol> "In less than a minute... but you might be silver soup by then."

<Cessily> Cessily looked quite impressed before she had to laugh, taking one hand off Carol's shoulder to tuck her wildly whipping hair behind her ear. "I think we should keep that for another time," she replied. "I'm not worried about myself, but you might have to wring me out of your clothes when we get there."

<Carol> "Yeah that'll be all sorts of awkward," she gave Cessily a grin and took off at a modest speed - around 200mph.

<Cessily> "Oooh!" Cessily instinctively held on tighter, even though she still had that grin plastered on her face the entire time. "That's so much better than flying in the jet!" The wind rushed through her hair, and she turned her head to make sure Carol wouldn't get a face-full of her ponytail. Better not to blind the woman keeping them in the air.

<Carol> "Glad you like!" Carol smiled at her, slowing down when they reached the outskirts of the city. "So you want authentic or yummy? ... The two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive but third option is more expensive."

<Cessily> Cessily looked at Carol and made a thoughtful face. "Hm, usually I'm all for authenticity, but after that start to the summer break I might be in the need for something yummy," she contemplated, pausing to suck on her lower lip.

<Cessily> "You know what? I think we should definitely try to find a place that offers both. Besides, it's been a while since the last time I've eaten out, so I feel I deserve to treat myself today."

<Carol> "Both it is then," she smiled again, turning them towards the harbour side of the city to the restauraunts nearer the water. "I'll set us down in an alley and we can walk the rest of the way."

<Cessily> "Good idea," Cessily agreed, looking down as they descended towards the old town. "Better than crashing through the roof, right?"

<Carol> "Usually yeah..." She landed gently and released Cessily's legs so she could stand up again. "Sometimes crashing through the roof is totally fun though."

<Cessily> "Sounds like something to keep for another occasion." Cessily chuckled and put her feet back on the ground, before she let go of Carol's shoulders. "Maybe if we have to bail our headmaster out of prison the next time."

<Carol> "Pretty sure that'll make Fury live up to his name but... I'm up for that if you are." She slowly withdrew her arm from around Cessily's back and started for the street.

<Cessily> "It might be worth it just to see your boss' reaction," Cessily said with a snicker. "From a safe distance, of course." Once the two mutants stepped out into the street, the young teacher paused to take in their surroundings. "Oh wow, look at that! This place is gorgeous."

<Carol> She laughed, "Try not to sound so surprised! I grew up in this city!" She gave Cessily a playful shove.

<Cessily> Cessily joined in with the laughter, steadying herself before shoving right back. "I mean it!" she assured the other woman. "I absolutely love old towns. The architecture, the history, the cute little stores hidden away in tiny allies..." She smiled at Carol. "In fact, I grew up in a small harbour town myself, up north by Portland."

<Carol> "Well Boston isn't exactly small but I guess I can forgive you." She looped arms with Cessily and walked her towards the restaurant, "Maybe sometime I can give you the grand tour."

<Cessily> "I'd love that." Cessily looked excited at the idea. "I mustn't forget to take my camera when we do that. And I'd offer to do the same for you, but I'm afraid I might promise too much if I called it a grand tour of my hometown. I think if you flew over it once you've already seen it all."

<Carol> "That's not necessarily a bad thing, small towns have their merits for sure." She gave the girl another smile, "They're totally quiet."

<Cessily> "Oh, that's for sure." Cessily nodded. "I guess that's why I feel so at home around the calm and scenic places. You know, back when I left to enroll at Xavier's, I was a little frightened to move that close to the big city. I know it's silly, but I was worried I might feel overwhelmed by it all."

<Cessily> "Fortunately, Westchester was nothing like I had feared." She smiled to herself. "I think that's what I loved most about the school, and it helped me get used to being away from home." Reaching up, she played with a strand of her metallic hair. "And to being different."

<Carol> "Well then it's a good thing the new building's far enough out from the city to be the same, huh? Not too much of an upheaval I hope..." she offered a sympathetic look.

<Cessily> "Oh no, the new place is beautiful," Cessily was quick to assure. "Very tranquil - if you can look past the creepy haunted asylum atmosphere." She chuckled and tucked the strand of hair back behind her ear. "And to be honest, it's more the memories than the place itself that make the transition difficult."

<Cessily> The redhead smiled at her companion again. "Though, I'm confident that if we work together, we can soon make our new home also feel like home."

<Carol> "Yeah, I can understand that... and I hope it'll feel like home for you guys soon... It already feels like home to me..."

<Cessily> "I'm happy to hear that." Now it was Cessily's turn to offer Carol a sympathetic smile. "If anyone has need of a home away from home, it's you." Then she couldn't help but laugh again. "After those three weeks at your family's place, nothing will convince me otherwise."

<Carol> "Oh God I should hope so... oh that reminds me, I've had this for a couple of days..." She fished in her pocket and pulled out a small box, like the kind you'd buy jewelry in, "For you."

<Cessily> Cessily raised her eyebrows, the gesture taking her by surprise. "For me?" she asked, looking from the small box up to Carol, eyes alight with excitement. "Seriously?" She reached for the gift, carefully tracing her fingers over the edges. "What is it? Can I open it?"

<Carol> "Of course you can," she gestured for her to get on with that, "It's not much... but I'm a woman of my word."

<Cessily> "Now I wonder what I did to deserve that." Cessily's question was answered the moment she raised the lid, revealing the small copper medal bedded within. On it's polished surface the words "I Survived" had been engraved. The mutant girl lasted less than a second before crying out with glee, covering her mouth with one hand as she burst into laughter.

<Carol> Carol laughed too, "You like it? I made it myself... that's why it's kinda crappy."

<Cessily> "Are you kidding me!? This is the most awesome medal ever! It's perfect!" Cessily raised the small box, grinning from ear to ear as she held it next to her face. "And it doesn't clash with my skin!"

<Carol> "I picked very carefully," Carol nodded sagely, "And you're welcome."

<Cessily> "I really don't know what to say." Cessily gave Carol a heartfelt smile, before assaulting the SHIELD officer with a tight hug. "Thanks so much! That's really sweet of you."

<Carol> Carol flailed a little in surprise but recovered fast enough to return the hug, "You earned it."

<Cessily> "No, I told you it's the least I could do for you, after all you've done for us." Cessily released Carol from her constricting affections, a cheerful grin on her face as she stepped back and held up the jewelry box again. "But I'm still going to keep that."

<Carol> "Hey, I'm just doing my job... okay so I maybe go a little overboard on the helping thing sometimes but I kinda just chalk that up to commitment..." she gave a half shrug.

<Cessily> Cessily chuckled. "I don't think anyone of us is doing this for the pay." She brushed her silver thumb over the medal, before closing the box and carefully tucking it away in her pocket. "Which means we deserve to treat ourselves now!" She offered Carol her arm again. "Shall we?"

<Carol> Carol took her arm again, "Well the money is shitty so no one would do it for that... sometimes there's a right thing to do and a wrong thing to do. I like to think I choose well."

<Cessily> "As far as I'm concerned, you made the right choice." Cessily's smile contained traces of sadness when she looked at Carol. "I know it can be a costly one, and ask a lot from you. So often I wish it weren't so."

<Carol> "The right thing to do is always the hardest thing to do," Carol sighed, "It sucks... a lot... but that's the way it is."

<Cessily> "And the saddest part is, it doesn't have to be that way." Cessily let out a sigh, looking ahead as she strolled side by side with Carol. "All it would take is everyone wasting just slightly less effort on being horrible to each other."

<Carol> "Yeah but that would require some major upgrades to the brainpower of like... ninety percent of the population."

<Cessily> "As Forrest Gump showed us all, you don't have to be a genius to know right from wrong," Cessily replied. "No, I guess going through life as an uncaring douchebag is just that much easier."

<Carol> "Yeah, seems that way..." she stopped them outside a restaurant, moving to open the door and holding it for Cessily, "After you."

<Cessily> "Thanks." Offering a sweet smile in gratitude, Cessily slipped past Carol and stopped to admire the decor inside the restaurant. They were greeted by the chatter of the other guests and the spicy scent of fried meat and fish. "Mmm, if the food here tastes as nice as it smells, you definitely led me to the right place."

<Carol> "I promise it does taste that good, maybe even better." She released the door and requested a table for two, offering Cessily her hand to keep her close while they were led to their table.

<Cessily> Taking Carol's hand, Cessily trailed close behind, not failing to notice the heads turning towards the two mutant women. Once the attention might have made her uneasy, now it brought a smile to the silver girl's face. "If that's true, you may take me on the grand tour anytime."

<Carol> "I will show you all of the best places to eat one at a time so you can see why they're awesome, I promise," she threw her a smile over her shoulder.

<Cessily> "I can't wait." Cessily beamed back at Carol, thanking the waiter after they had been seated at their table. "And maybe you can show me some of the local nightlife sometime, too. I feel like I need to get out more again."

<Carol> "That makes two of us... so I think that'd be a good idea." She stopped at the table, waiting for Cess to sit down first.

<Cessily> "I feel like my office gets smaller every day." Cessily said, straightening out her clothes as she took her seat. "They didn't tell me that it starts to feel more like a prison with each passing day when they offered me that job."

<Carol> "Well it would if you keep it tidy... everyone's obsessive about me tidying my office but that's the worst idea ever."

<Cessily> "What is? Keeping it tidy or cluttering it up?" Cessily chuckled and pulled her chair closer to the table, waiting for Carol to get comfortable, too. "Because I think I'm using the latter approach without even having to try that hard."

<Carol> Carol slid into her seat, "Tidying, it's a bad plan... I mean, sure you can find stuff easier but it makes it look all boring and office-y and that's not always a good thing. Makes everything seem too much like work."

<Cessily> "Oh good, I'm doing everything right then!" Cessily laughed, thanking the waiter as they were handed today's menus. "You have no idea how happy I am to finally meet someone who shares my workplace philosophy. I mean, how are you supposed to give your best when you're not even feeling comfortable?"

<Carol> "I have no idea... which is why I'm a big advocate of pants and boots." She gave Cessily a grin before disappearing behind her menu.

<Cessily> Cessily chuckled, opening the menu to skim the first page, before she peeked over its top at the woman sitting across the table. Leaning forward, the young mutant lowered her voice. "Have you ever gone to work while still in your pyjamas or bathrobe?" she asked, a sly smile playing across her silver lips. "I sometimes do that when I don't have any appointments in the morning."

<Carol> She peered around the side of the menu, answering in a stage-whisper, "I've been tempted - quick changes are my speciality so I don't have to worry so much."

<Cessily> "You have to try that sometime." Cessily gave Carol another sneaky grin. "Nothing better to cope with a Monday morning than enjoying a cup of tea after a hot shower, getting cosy in my snuggly robe while I check the mail. Makes it easier to deal with the latest bad news waiting on my desk."

<Carol> "Then I will definitely try it because, God knows, you guys are good at stirring up trouble."

<Cessily> Cessily laughed. "Remind me to take you shopping for the cosiest comfort clothes we can find later, because I have the feeling you're going to need them."
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Re: Summer 2017: Cessily

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Mar 15, 2014 6:13 am

<Carol> Carol flopped onto her bed and stared at the ceiling. The day had been a long one. It was tempting to just close her eyes and sleep right there in her uniform but she should probably have dinner and a shower... maybe a small nap.

<Cessily> Faced with the closed door to Carol's room, Cessily was faced with the dilemma of freeing one of her hands to knock. She briefly considered putting down some of the buckets and bags she was carrying, before she remembered the simplest solution and just shaped yet another arm - all in all it was the fifth in number.

<Cessily> "Hey, Carol, are you ready?" She asked through the closed door after giving it a gentle knock. The silver girl grinned mischievously to herself. "You haven't forgotten about our meeting, have you?"

<Carol> Carol gave a small groan in response, she had totally managed to doze off already. She lifted her head from the mattress long enough to call 'It's open!' before letting it fall back again.

<Cessily> Cessily turned the handle, before absorbing the extra arm back into her body and giving the door a gentle push. "Hey, Carol!" The redhead peeked into the room, looking for its owner behind her desk. "Anybody home?" The silver girl's bright grin faded when she spotted the other woman lying flat on her bed.

<Cessily> "Oh, bad time?" she asked, dropping the volume of her voice.

<Carol> "I hate meetings they are incredibly annoying and I'm not allowed to punch anyone." She sighed, sitting up and pushing a hand through her hair, "... Is that junkfood?"

<Cessily> "The fattiest, sugariest, unhealthiest, and most delicious junkfood you'll find anywhere in the region," Cessily advertised, presenting all four arms full of greasy goodness. "At least that's what the guy running the hole in wall where I got it from told me. Look! They had to give me three bags for each load, or it would have soaked through the paper."

<Carol> "Oh my God, I think I love you." She hurried to take one of the bags, stopping just short of doing so and looking down at herself, "Hmm... I should change first."

<Cessily> Cessily laughed. "I recommend something ugly and old you don't plan on wearing in public anymore," she replied, carrying the rest of the bags to the nearby table. "And I had a feeling you might need it tonight. When you called to cancel our lunch for yet another meeting, I knew your schedule was killing you today."

<Carol> "Yeah it kinda did..." She slipped her feet out of her shoes and started to unbutton her jacket and shirt. "I think I'll shower first though... well I should... but now I don't think I can be bothered... there's food..."

<Cessily> "Maybe it would be wiser to shower after we've eaten," Cessily chuckled as she put the bags next to the sink, so the grease wouldn't stain the furniture. "But if you want to freshen up first, it's no problem. I can get everything ready in the meantime."

<Carol> "I'll just get a robe or something..." She headed to the closet to hang up her jacket then unzipped her skirt to slide out of it, extracting a robe from the closet and pulling it on. "That'll do for now."

<Cessily> Cessily was glad she had decided to take Carol's advice to heart and try to be more relaxed around her, so she could fully appreciate the sight of the officer stripping down in front of her to get changed. "I had no idea stockings and lingerie were SHIELD's style," she remarked, quite sure of looking goofy with that smile on her face.

<Carol> "It's not but people seem to take me more seriously when I'm dressed for my Air Force rank... don't know why. Maybe the uniform intimidates them." She bent to pick up her skirt and hung that up too, "If you're going to wear a dress uniform, it's always good to have comfortable lingerie, bear that in mind if you ever decide to join up."

<Cessily> "Oh, I have plenty," Cessily replied. "Maybe I can show you someday." She hid her smile by turning away to fetch some plates from the cupboard above the sink. "But I don't think I'd be happy in the military. I'm not sure if you noticed, but I'm not the most disciplined person."

<Carol> "Well neither am I," She threw the girl a grin as she closed her closet door, "You'd be amazed how well that's worked out for me."

<Cessily> Cessily turned to face Carol, standing with the plates in her hands as she smiled at the blonde officer. "Have I told you that you're my hero?" the young mutant asked. "You give me the hope that one day, maybe even I can become a functioning adult - or at least pretend to be."

<Carol> "If you looked closely you'd see that they're all pretending. Some are just better at it than others," she nodded sagely, going back to her bed to sit down on it.

<Cessily> The unidentifiable chunk of wrapped up grease leaked all over Cessily's hand as she paused serving their dinner. "Wow, that... would explain so much," she said, a thoughtful look on her face. "Everything makes much more sense now."

<Cessily> Once tall enough, the silver girl picked up the pile of junkfood to carry it over to Carol. "Uhm, where should I put this down?"

<Carol> "Anywhere you like, preferably in my mouth." She held her hands out for the plate, pulling her legs up onto the bed and tucking them underneath her.

<Cessily> "Did you just ask me to feed you?" Cessily grinned as she handed Carol the plate, then sat down on the edge of the bed by her side. "That's not supposed to mean I wouldn't do that." She reached down to unzip her boots, slipping her feet out of them.

<Carol> She laughed, shaking her head, "You don't have to do that, I can totally feed myself."

<Cessily> "Should you change your mind, the offer still stands." Cessily snickered as she pulled up her legs and shifted on the bed to sit by Carol's side, cradling her own plate in her lap. "Hey, wanna see what's on TV?"

<Carol> "Sure, there's probably nothing but there's movies if there's nothing else," she offered a smile, adjusting her pillows up against her headboard so she could sit back against it.

<Cessily> "Anything in particular you're in the mood for?" Cessily asked, plucking a fried piece of chicken from her plate, tilting back her head to nibble the crispy skin. "We could have a binge on chick flicks, or dumb action movies."

<Carol> "It's a total cliché but I like action movies..."

<Cessily> "No, I think the opposite would have been the bigger cliche." Cessily chuckled. "I like a woman who wears her badassery with pride and doesn't feel the need to pretend to act girly."

<Carol> "God no, it's too much like effort to fake that crap," she offered Cess a grin, "Did you bring booze? I totally can handle that if you didn't."

<Cessily> "Oh, now there's something I didn't think of." Cessily smiled while chewing her food, the chicken in one hand as she brushed her hair out of the way with the other. "I rarely have anything with alcohol in it. I'm more the hot chocolate and woolly socks kind of girl."

<Carol> "I can see the good side of that but sometimes booze is the only thing that makes a hard day worth not killing anyone." She got up, going to get two glasses, "Red or white?"

<Cessily> Cessily looked up, wiping her lips before she replied. "Red. Definitely. Probably the heaviest you have." She held up her plate. "I doubt anything else would go with that much grease."

<Carol> Carol smiled over her shoulder and opened a cupboard to take out a bottle of red wine, "That, I can do." Setting glasses and bottle on the counter, she uncorcked the wine and poured them each a glass. She brought both glasses back to their seat on the bed, "So... how was your day? Better than mine, I hope."

<Cessily> "Less stressful, for sure." Cessily licked clean her fingers before taking the offered glass from Carol. "Thank you." She carefully shifted further up the bed to lean against the headboard. "In fact, you could even say it was mostly boring. There's not much to do for a student counsellor when there are no classes going on, or no one is being blown up for a change."

<Carol> "Must be kinda nice to get an actual break," she smiled, taking a sip of her wine before setting the glass down on a bedside table. "Don't get me wrong, I love my job... just sometimes the mindless tedium of meetings and saluting people you hate overshadow the part where I get to fly experimental jets that go stupidly fast."

<Cessily> "Are you serious?" Cessily nearly spilt some of her wine when she lowered the glass from her lips. "Do you have any idea what I would be willing to do if it meant getting to fly stupidly fast jets?"

<Carol> "No... but I'd be interested in finding out," she gave her a cheeky grin. "You have to be top pilot material before they let you in the jets before they finish taking off the shrinkwrap."

<Cessily> Pausing mid-swallow, the silver-skinned redhead watched the other woman across the rim of her glass. "Are you trying to talk me into signing up, or out of my clothes?" Cessily gave Carol a sly smirk in return.

<Carol> "The two aren't necessarily mutually exclusive... but neither, don't worry," she laughed, shaking her head.

<Cessily> "Oh good, because for a moment you had me really worried this might end with the two of us naked in your bed." Cessily laughed, mostly to conceal her own nervousness. That piece of chicken proved an excellent thing to hide behind, too.

<Carol> "Don't worry, I'd probably need a whole lot more wine before I thought that was a good idea."

<Cessily> Cessily chuckled, and took another sip of wine. "Though, back to stupidly fast jets... your workplace doesn't happen to have one of these 'bring your family to work' days? We could say I'm your little sister." She paused. "Not that I'm saying you look"

<Carol> "My work knows I don't have a sister... also you already live at my work." She giggled, picking up her glass for another sip of wine, "I'm sure I can arrange something though."

<Cessily> "Seriously? You think that's possible? Because that would be amazing." She beamed Carol an excited grin, cradling her glass in both hands as she sat up. "And probably a lot easier than my idea. As you can see, my scheming still needs a little work."

<Carol> "I'm allowed to take a passenger... actually I'm qualified to teach... probably should be teaching so it's a good thing I'm here even if I'm only a temporary fixture." She gave another smile, "I'll make a few calls and see what I can do."

<Cessily> "Wow, I don't know what to say." Cessily stared at the Carol with a smile plastered across her face. "Just... thanks, and you're awesome. I'd also kiss you if my lips weren't covered in chicken fat."

<Carol> She laughed, "It's really no big deal, save your pda for something more dramatic."

<Cessily> "Oooh, is that a promise of more favours to come?" Cessily giggled and pulled up her legs to sit more comfortably. "Or an attempt to make me continue to bribe you with junk food?"

<Carol> "Hmm... little bit of both, maybe?" She helped herself to more junkfood. "I'm pretty sure I'd be fat if it wasn't for my powers because even my career couldn't save me from this much junkfood."

<Cessily> "Oh, I love my mutation for that." Cessily grinned and bit off another chunk of cheesy food with glee. "My body doesn't actually need any food, but I can still taste it. I can't describe how great it feels to be able to just... enjoy food, without having to worry about any calories."

<Carol> "See... this is why I don't get why people get all bawly about being mutants. It's awesome."

<Cessily> "To be honest, I've been guilty of that after my powers manifested." Cessily looked at her silver hands. "I guess being a teenage girl in the middle of puberty was the worst possible time to also be turned into a liquid metal freak." Her smile returned. "I promise I outgrew that phase. The self-conscious part, anyway. I'm still working on the teenager thing."

<Carol> "I... crashed a glider at the academy and walked away without a scratch. Everyone was jealous... so that was pretty awesome."

<Cessily> "Oh, I bet. That's a pretty handy ability to have for anyone training for such a dangerous job." Cessily took another sip of her wine. "Is that how you found out you were a mutant?"

<Carol> "Yep, I'm lucky that way," she laughed, "Things just seem to work out for me."

<Cessily> "Well, you were the perfect choice for that job." She chuckled and reached out to snatch some of the fries. "Who'd be better suited to pilot stuff just to see if it falls down or explodes in the air than someone who can fly by herself and take death-rays without breaking a sweat?"

<Carol> "Exactly! But it also helps that I'm an excellent pilot, even if I do say so myself - I have the paperwork to back it up." She eyed her glass, "Of course, sometimes I wish I'd been gifted with teke...."

<Cessily> "That's where friends come in," Cessily said, looking at the bottle on the table. Holding out her hand, the silver girl stretched her arm all the way across the room to pick it up. "They compliment our strengths and make up for our weaknesses." Shrinking back her limb, she offered Carol a refill.

<Carol> "That is a very handy ability," she held up her glass for that refill, "I'd be more lazy than I am already if I could do that."

<Cessily> "I'm pretty useful to have around." Cessily grinned as she used the chance to refill her own glass. "I'm the only all-in-one household appliance, bundled together in an unbelievably attractive shiny frame." She clinked glasses with Carol. "I satisfy all domestic needs, from the kitchen, to the garden, and even in the bedroom."

<Carol> "Oh yeah? You got the paperwork to back that up?" She teased.

<Cessily> This time Cessily actually managed to spill some wine over herself as she burst into laughter on Carol's bed. "Oh no!" She was still laughing even when she brushed over her shirt. "I wasn't ready for that! You can't just surprise me by being so funny."

<Carol> Carol laughed too, "I'm sorry... well no, I'm not but I can pretend. Do you want a cloth or to soak that before it stains? You can borrow something of mine if you want?"

<Cessily> "If you think that helps." Cessily licked some drops off her wine glass before they could stain the sheets, then put everything aside. "Too bad there is no mutant with the power of removing stains."

<Carol> "There really needs to be one of those, especially in this place." She put her own glass down and got up, "Hand it over and I'll put it in the sink before the stain sets."

<Cessily> "That might be a good idea. I already lost most of my wardrobe to a stray rocket." Cessily stood up and grabbed the hem of her shirt, pausing halfway up her stomach. "I'm not wearing a bra."

<Carol> Carol frowned a little while she added that thought to the equation, "I won't look?" she offered.

<Cessily> "Just wanted to make sure you don't mind." The silver-skinned girl pulled off her shirt, before stepping over to the kitchen counter to hold it over Carol's shoulder.

<Carol> Carol took the shirt and filled the sink with water before putting the shirt in and stirring some stain remover in too for good measure. "Okay, we did all we could."

<Cessily> "Now we can only wait and hope," Cessily added solemnly, holding her arms crossed in front of her chest to cover herself. "So, you said something about borrowing something from you? Unless you preferred me to stay like this for the rest of the evening."

<Carol> "I don't think I've had enough booze to be comfortable with blatant nudity yet... but the night is still young."

<Cessily> "I'm sure Melati would love to help provide both these things," Cessily remarked, stepping back to the bed. "We could always call her up if things get stale."

<Carol> "Don't worry, I have a whole other cupboard full of things stronger than wine if we get bored or want to play drinking games with whatever movies are on."

<Cessily> "That would hardly be fair to you, as I can't really get drunk." Cessily kept her arms in front of her chest while she waited for her host to fetch her a replacement. "And I'm not the type of person who takes advantage of others."

<Carol> "Pfft, I can't get drunk that easily either. I have to drink a lot and fast for it to have any effect. Where do you think Rogue got that from?"

<Cessily> Cessily laughed. "I always thought there had to be more than her southern upbringing behind her drinking endurance."

<Carol> "Well now you know, that's all me. She stole all the best bits." Carol reached up and opened another cabinate wherein lay all the stronger booze.

<Cessily> "That's a nice collection. You better not let Mel know you have this, or you might find yourself the target of a nightly student raid." She paused. "Where did you and Rogue meet before? If it's not impolite of me to ask."

<Carol> "It's not..." she plucked out the bottle of scotch (which was clearly the favourite as the level was lower in that bottle), "We didn't exactly meet... I was chasing down a thief but she, I guess, got the wrong idea and attacked me instead of them... there was a whole power sucking incident and then I woke up weeks later in hospital."

<Cessily> "That sounds horrible." Cessily stepped up to Carol. "I've rarely seen Rogue knock someone out like that. I hope you were all right. I mean, you recovered, right?"

<Carol> "Physically, yeah... but it took me a long time to get my head back on straight... seeing her again here was hard but... we're working on it." She gave a small shrug, taking out two glasses for the scotch and going back to the bed, "Help yourself to my closet, you already got my permission to wear something from there."

<Cessily> "Thanks again." Cessily opened the closet and began to look for something simple to wear. "And I'm glad you two are trying to get along, even though that can't be easy." She found a simple blue shirt and put it on, before returning to the bed.

<Carol> "It helps that I know it was an accident and she's sorry... and we're working together on this space thing so that should help to iron out any lingering issues." She didn't pour any scotch but she did see the glass of wine to a good home rather quickly.

<Cessily> Cessily got comfortable next to Carol and resupplied herself with food and wine. "I'm sure it will." She smiled at the other woman. "So, what should we watch first? Up for some mindless action and sweaty men doing macho things?"

<Carol> "As long as there are plenty of explosions, yes." She leaned over Cessily to reach the remote from that side's bedside table but found it had fallen onto the floor and had to lean a little more. She turned the television on from her position sprawled across the other woman, "Hey, a quarter..."

<Cessily> "Yay!" Cessily hadn't even registered Carol's remark about the coin. The young mutant still had some difficulties dealing with the gorgeous officer sprawled across her chest. "That's... very nice."

<Carol> She couldn't reach it from where she was, though she tried, so she sat up and settled down next to Cessily again before flicking through the on-screen guide to find something with a high enough explosion quota.

<Cessily> "Topless guys!" Cessily pointed at the screen while Carol switched through the channels. "Aw no, I hope that dog was okay."

<Carol> "Animals are almost always okay in movies because people like them better than people... even psychopaths like dogs." She found one that knew she'd enjoy and switched the channel to it.

<Cessily> "I'm not sure if that was supposed to reassure me." Cessily laughed, then helped herself to one of the cheeseburgers. "So, you're not going to take some days off this summer?"

<Carol> "I don't know... there's still a lot to do and I'm not sure what I'd do with the time..." Now was when she decided it was time to pour the scotch.

<Cessily> "Well, you could do other things than work, for one." The redhead sucked some sauce off her thumb with an audible slurp. "Have you never taken any days off before?"

<Carol> "Of course I have... just usually I spent them with Steven when he was on leave...." She gave a half shrug, "There's not a whole lot for me to do."

<Cessily> "So there's nothing you like to do beside work?" Cessily asked, giving Carol an astounded look. "Surely there has to be something. A hobby perhaps, or maybe something you always wanted to try but never had the time for."

<Carol> "I get to fly around all day, shoot guns and punch things.... why in the hell would I need to do anything else for free time? There's nothing else fun to do." She gave Cess a grin, she was only half joking.

<Cessily> Cessily blinked, taking a moment to rethink her position. "If you put it like this," she conceded, slumping back against the pillow. "No wonder I was bored at work today. It's not because there's little to do, it's because my job is boring."

<Carol> "Aww, it's okay, most peoples' jobs are boring." She gave Cessily a consoling pat, "But you're one of the lucky ones because you know me now."

<Cessily> Cessily did the mature thing and pouted, followed by poking out the tip of her silver tongue. "Yeah, go ahead and rub it in," she said, letting her head flop sideways and rest on Carol's shoulder.

<Carol> Carol petted Cessily's hair, "It's okay, I can help make your job more interesting if you want... I'll traumatise some students for you."

<Cessily> Watching the SHIELD officer through big eyes, Cessily managed to make her lower lip quiver. "Promise?" she asked, sounding hopeful.

<Carol> "Absolutely. I know I'll have fun." She giggled and ruffled Cessily's hair.

<Cessily> Cessily closed her eyes and giggled with glee, her fiery hair ending up all over her face. "Just try not to hurt them too badly," she said. "I think Hank and Anna would be happy about a break."

<Carol> "I promise only to traumatise and not maim... unless they're stupid enough to piss me off then I can't be held responsible."

<Cessily> "Maybe I'm not the only one who should consider a career change." Cessily laughed, nudging Carol's side as she leaned in her direction. "Think about it - we could be good teacher and bad teacher."

<Carol> Carol laughed, "What are you planning to interrogate the students now?"

<Cessily> "Let's hope that won't be necessary." The redhead giggled again. "But it would be pretty handy to know someone my students are scared of, if only to threaten them with sometimes. Because they certainly aren't scared of me, and I've accepted that it's too late to pretend I'm not far too nice for this job. That ship sailed a long time ago."

<Carol> "Oh sure you can threaten them with me, I don't mind," she giggled, "And they should be afraid of me."

<Cessily> "Yay, thanks! My very own big scary friend! I always wanted one." Cessily grinned and threw her arms around Carol in a spontaneous hug. "And when I say big I mean tall, and people actually think you're a real grown up and not just trying to act like one."

<Carol> "Really? Damn, I was hoping that would never happen..." Carol returned the hug, "But you're welcome, I guess."

<Cessily> "You know, I think this could be a mutually beneficial arrangement." Cessily grinned at Carol. "You can be my scary friend for when I need to intimidate someone, and I'll be there for you when you need someone to deal with an annoying person and threatening violence would be inappropriate."

<Cessily> "Remember what I said about friends complementing each other?" The silver girl laughed.

<Carol> "I think I like it!" She gave Cess a grin and a squeeze, "Oh hey, remember what we talked about that teaching each other useful things thing? Want to do that over the summer? I mean... unless you have plans or something, I don't want to get in the way..."

<Cessily> "Of course you're not getting in the way," Cessily assured the other woman. "The fact that I hoped you'd suggest something like this should show just how desperate I am for human contact." The young mutant gave a nervous laugh. "But yes, I'd love spending time with you during summer."

<Carol> "Desperate, huh? How desperate we talkin'?" She prodded Cessily in the ribs... or at least the area ribs would be if she had them.

<Cessily> The second shirt almost met the same fate as the first when Cessily squeaked and cringed, dissolving into giggles while trying to keep both the glass of wine and the plate from spilling over everything. "Careful, I'm actually really ticklish!"

<Carol> "Ooooh you should not have told me that." Carol didn't care about her sheets now that she had a weakness to exploit, employing both hands now to do just that.

<Cessily> "No, you've found my weakness!" Cessily laughed and squirmed underneath Carol's merciless tickling, holding the glass out of reach while trying to somehow escape. "I give up! I surrender!"

<Carol> "I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that," Carol continued her tickle-offensive.

<Cessily> Despite all her flailing, Cessily somehow managed to put her glass of wine down on the bedside table without making too much of a mess. "Please, I'll do anything you want!" The silver girl was a giggling mess. "I'll even beg!"

<Carol> "Okay okay, I'll stop... for now." Carol put her hands on the bed either side of Cessily and leaned over her, grinning mischievously.

<Cessily> It took her several seconds to calm down and pull herself together again, having laughed so much that shiny metallic tears glistened in the corners of eyes. "You're an evil woman," Cessily said, breathing a sigh of relief as she wiped her cheek. "But thank you."

<Carol> "You're thanking me for torturing you? Damn I should get paid for this," she laughed a little but didn't move off of her.

<Cessily> "Actually, I was thanking you for finally stopping." Cessily's laugh trailed off, her train of thought derailing once she realized just how close the other woman was, and who seemed to be in no hurry to change that. "Though, who knows, maybe I enjoy a little punishment every now and then? And if you put it like this, I'd definitely pay you."

<Carol> "With fast food and booze, right? I feel like there's a catch..."

<Cessily> "Oh good, I was afraid you'd ask for money, and then I'd have to let you in on the embarrassing secret of how little teachers really make. But I think I can arrange for a steady supply of treats." She chuckled and lounging back on the bed, smiling up at the blonde officer above. "And I promise there's no catch aside from having to put up with me."

<Carol> "You're not a chore to put up with, I promise... especially if you bring me junk food."

<Cessily> Cessily giggled. "As I've said, the offer of me feeding you still stands."

<Carol> "You gonna do that from there or should I move first?" there was the smallest smirk at the corner of her mouth.

<Cessily> "I don't know." Cessily bit her lower lip, a faint smile playing across the corners of her mouth. "On the one hand, it would be much easier if you got off me first. On the other hand, that would mean you get off me first."

<Carol> "Hmm... I am missing all the explosions on TV..."

<Cessily> Cessily laughed again, then tilted her head to peek past Carol and look at the TV screen. "Not to mention that ripped guy taking off his shirt to use it as a bandage," she added.

<Carol> "Nooo I'm missing all the good bits!" She turned to look over her shoulder, having to mostly sit on Cess to do that without pulling something.

<Cessily> Cessily blinked, suddenly finding her lap occupied by a tall, blonde SHIELD officer. "Are you sure that's comfortable?" the silver girl asked. Even though she couldn't see the TV with Carol on top of her, she didn't feel like complaining for some reason. "I could move, you know."

<Carol> "Huh? Oh... yeah sorry, got a little distracted...." She turned her attention back to Cess, "Are you sure you don't want me to move?"

<Cessily> "But I like where you are right now," Cessily replied with a snicker, pushing herself up on her elbows. "I'll just move a little higher on the bed..." Her malleable physique proved quite useful, allowing her to move smoothly as she shifted further up, until she sat with her back against the headboard.

<Carol> Carol's eyebrows went up a little as Cess moved, "Your powers are really something I want to experiment with..."

<Cessily> Cessily gave Carol an uneven smile in return. "Experiment?" she asked, giving an awkward chuckle. "Now, should I feel excited or worried about it? Because I'd really like to forget the last time someone experimented on me..."

<Carol> "But think about all the things we could stick you too... you're like shiny silly putty without the hassal of having to not get dirt on you...."

<Cessily> "Why do I get this weird mental image of you sticking me to various spots in your office now?" Cessily had to laugh at the thought. "I'm more than a funny toy, you know? Though, admittedly I'm pretty fun to play with."

<Carol> "I can think of all kinds of places in my office that I can stick you.... wow that sounded dirty."

<Cessily> The young mutant dissolved into giggles. "Yes, it did." Reaching to the side, she stretched her arm and grabbed the nearby bottle. "I think you need more wine."

<Carol> "Are you trying to get me drunk? Not that I'd mind because I'm also trying to get me drunk but I just wanted to clear that up..."

<Cessily> "No?" Cessily put on a sheepish grin as she gave both of them another refill. "Maybe? But I promise I'll be a good and well behaved girl."

<Carol> "Why would you promise that? That's totally boring!" She picked up her glass and grinned around the rim as she took a sip.

<Cessily> "Are you sure I didn't secretly cross my fingers?" Cessily returned Carol's grin, before enjoying another sip herself. "After all, with me you can never know for sure where they are." To demonstrate her point, the metallic mutant stretched a finger to poke the officer's side without moving the rest of her arm.

<Carol> Carol eeped and giggled, squirming a little at the poke, "You're a tricky one, that's for sure...."

<Cessily> "I learned my tricks only from the best." Cessily grinned mischievously, Carol's reaction making the temptation of doing it again impossible to resist. "You should have known better than to start a tickle war with a liquid shape-shifter." The next moment there were more fingers on the officer's sides, poking the other woman here and there.

<Carol> "Noooo the booze!" Carol tried to defend herself with one hand, wriggling and attempting not to spill her drink all at once. "Cheater!"

<Cessily> "Hey, you can only cheat when there are rules." Cessily put her own glass down on the bedside table, so the bendy mutant girl could focus the attention of all her hands on the squirming officer. "And I don't remember us agreeing on any."

<Carol> "Not cool! Not cool!" Carol squirmed all the harder.

<Cessily> Cessily had Carol wrapped in flexible silver limbs, mercilessly tickling the other woman all over as their laughter drowned out the noise of explosions on TV. "I'm ready to accept your surrender, Colonel."

<Carol> "Noooo I never surrender! I'm a winner!"

<Cessily> "You have an odd way of winning." They both rolled back and forth on the bed, with Cessily trying to pin Carol down and reach the vulnerable soles of her feet. "You better break out your winning move then, or you'll go down laughing."

<Carol> The glass of wine in her hand was a casulty, staining the shirt Cessily had borrowed of hers now and her robe as she jerked her foot out of the other girl's reach.

<Cessily> Cessily let out a squeak when she saw the glass of wine tip over. "I'm so sorry!" She stopped her tickling and released Carol. "Oh no, not your shirt too!"

<Carol> Carol looked down at the mess and gave a shrug, "It's only wine. There've been worse stains."

<Cessily> "Oh, the dirty things I could say to that..." Cessily gave Carol a suggestive smirk. She sat back on her haunches, kneeling on the bed next to the other woman's legs.

<Carol> Carol laughed, shaking her head and untying her robe, "I suppose that means it's time for my shower..."

<Cessily> "Okay." The shiny redhead put on a lopsided smile. "Sorry again for making such a mess. I'll try to clean your shirt while you enjoy your shower."

<Carol> "Your shirt's already occupying my sink... don't worry about it." She let the robe drop onto the floor as she walked to the bathroom, "But please feel free to use my shower to make sure you don't stain."

<Cessily> "Don't worry, I'm certified stainless." Cessily's laugh got stuck in her throat when she looked over her shoulder just in time to see Carol's robe fall. The young mutant had to swallow before another word would leave her mouth. "But... I think I could do with a shower anyway." A little quieter she added, "A cold one might be best."

<Carol> "No cold showers allowed, I fixed that problem in my first week and I refuse to go backwards." She turned the water on and let it run while she removed her underwear and rummaged in the bathroom cupboard for her spare robe.

<Cessily> "I was only kidding!" Cessily called in direction of the bathroom door, laughing as she claimed the bed for herself and dropped back into the pillows. "I think the only way you could really get me to take a cold shower is by dragging me under one by force." The silver girl helped herself to another bite of food.

<Carol> "No one's going to make you take a cold shower, I promise I only do hot water." She stepped under the shower after putting her hair up.

<Cessily> "Then you better not use it all up before it's my turn!" Cessily chuckled and grinned to herself, leaning over to grab her glass from the nightstand and enjoy another sip of wine while she waited for her host to return.

<Carol> "Ooooor you could just come and share all the hot water," she called back, shaking her head a little.

<Cessily> For a moment, there was only the noise of the TV and the running shower to be heard, the shiny girl resembling a shiny metallic statue as she sat on the bed, frozen in place, and tried to convince herself that she must have misheard or imagined the other woman's words.

<Cessily> "Uhm... excuse me, but did you say something?" Cessily asked, unable to feign coolness and keep her voice from shaking.

<Carol> "I did say something.... Did you go temporarily deaf?"

<Cessily> "No, just making sure I heard you right." Cessily hid her nervousness behind a laugh, but failed pretty miserably at that. "Because for a moment I thought you asked me to join you under the shower."

<Carol> "You did... limited time offer!" She leaned to look through the doorway.

<Cessily> Cessily met Carol's gaze, the young mutant having forgotten even how to blink for one moment, before promptly downing the remaining wine in her glass. She put it down and rose to her feet, surprised how weak and shaky her legs felt as she stepped towards the bathroom door. A smile played over her shiny lips.

<Cessily> "If that's the case, I don't think I could ever forgive myself for letting that chance pass by," the young mutant said, her hand resting on the door. "Are you sure this is okay?"

<Carol> Carol sighed, straightening up again and turning her back to the silver girl before begining a count down from ten.

<Cessily> "Okay okay, I'm coming in!" Cessily laughed and hopped into the bathroom. "I swear I'm not always that awkward. It's just that I didn't expect to be invited into a shower tonight." The door closed as she leaned against it, her gaze wandering up Carol's naked form, before the girl desperately looked for something else to stare at.

<Carol> "All the fun is in the unpredictable things," Carol looked over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow at Cessily, "Are you scared?"

<Cessily> "Huh? No!" Cessily looked back at Carol, letting go of the strand of red hair she had been curling around her finger. "Why, should I be?" She then pushed herself away from the door and began to undress, first pulling off her shirt before dropping her pants. "Are you?" She even managed a smirk.

<Carol> "What have I got to be afraid of? Even if you were hiding a nuke in there, I'm pretty sure I could take it." She threw Cess a grin.

<Cessily> "Oh, I have no doubts about your fearlessness." Shooting back with a grin of her own, Cessily slipped out of her underwear, her bra and panties joining the rest of her clothes on the floor. Now naked like Carol, she slipped into the stall behind the other woman. "Then again, facing a nuke might not be as scary as asking a queer girl to join you in the shower."

<Carol> "I think, given statistics, you're probably not the first 'queer' girl I've showered with... maybe the first one I invited though."

<Cessily> "For some reason, this makes me feel really special." Cessily smiled at Carol, opening her ponytail as she enjoyed the hot water raining down on her bare skin. "Don't worry, I promise to keep my fingers to myself." She bowed her head and let her hair fall forward freely, soaking it thoroughly before slicking it back again.

<Cessily> "But you can't keep me from looking!" She cracked another grin.

<Carol> "Who said I was going to try?" she pulled the tie from her own hair, stepping under the water to wet it, "Shampoo?"

<Cessily> "Oh yes, please." There wasn't much room for two inside the shower, and they were forced to share the cone of water splashing down on them. "I have to admit I was wrong about you," the student counsellor admitted. "I don't think I'd ever have expected you to be so... I don't know, relaxed? That's not supposed to mean I thought you were uptight or anything..."

<Carol> "Everyone thinks I'm uptight because I'm such a hardass... I'm used to it." Carol gave a shrug, locating the right bottle and gently turning Cess' back to her with a small push to her shoulder, "It's more fun that way."

<Cessily> "Not to mention that it makes for a great surprise for your guests," Cessily replied, turning to face away from Carol, shooting the other woman a grin over her shoulder.

<Carol> "Well, make no mistake, I don't do this for all my guests." She started to shampoo the other woman's hair.

<Cessily> "Mmm, now I feel even more special." Cessily closed her eyes and tilted back her head, enjoying the sensation of Carol's fingers stroking through her hair. "What did I do to deserve to be spoiled like this?"

<Carol> "What do you think you did?" She learned over her shoulder a little to mutter into her ear.

<Cessily> "I spilled your wine and ruined one of your shirts?" Cessily guessed, feeling Carol's cheek brush against hers when she turned her head to look at the other woman. Feeling the officer's hands on her shoulders, it took all her self-control not to lean back into the tender touch.

<Carol> Carol laughed softly, shaking her head just a little, "You've been a good friend."

<Cessily> Cessily looked over her shoulder, an exhilarated grin lighting up her shiny silver face. "Does that mean we're officially friends now?" she asked, beaming at Carol.

<Carol> "Of course! I don't invite just anyone in for tv and booze." Carol slipped her arms around Cessily's waist from behind and gave her a small squeeze.

<Cessily> "Or talk them out of their clothes and into your shower," Cessily added with a chuckle, slightly leaning back into the warm rain descending from the shower. The silver girl didn't know why she put her hands on top of Carol's. Probably because she couldn't think of anything else to do with them, or maybe because she didn't want the other woman to let go again.

<Carol> "You spilled yourself out of your own clothes," Carol reminded her, "And then made me spill my drink on you. You only have yourself to blame for that." She gently rested her head against Cessily's as she leaned over her shoulder, closing her eyes to stop the water getting in.

<Cessily> "You must think I'm such a klutz." The young mutant smiled to herself, growing more comfortable with Carol's proximity, and allowed herself to relax in the other woman's embrace. "Or that I planned it all this way." She turned her head, coming face to face with the blond officer. "Whichever makes me look less like a weirdo."

<Carol> Carol laughed, shaking her head, "I promise I don't think you're weird either way." She gently extracted one hand from around Cessily to run her fingers through her hair as the weight of the water was dragging it over her face. "Actually, I was starting to worry I'd got the wrong idea from you..."

<Cessily> "Oh?" Cessily arched her eyebrows in curiosity, her pupil-less eyes reflecting Carol's gaze. "And what idea is that?" Feeling the other woman's bare chest against her back sent strange shivers up her non-existent spine.

<Carol> "You've been really awkward... I thought, maybe, you were interested in me..." She glanced away as she blushed a little.

<Cessily> " it that obvious?" Cessily asked in return, mirroring Carol's reaction as she glanced away in the other direction, a sheepish smile curling her lips.

<Carol> "Only because a lot of people in this place have hit on me so I'm hyper aware of that right now... I'm not really used to thinking of women that way..."

<Cessily> "Yeah, I'm sorry about that," Cessily said, turning back to look at Carol with an awkward grin. "Our students can be really bad in that regard. I should know, I was one of them not long ago." She brushed more wet hair out of her face. "This is why I hesitated to do this... I didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable."

<Carol> "Oh honey, it's not just the students." Carol laughed again, relaxing a little. "I'm not uncomfortable... not really... there's just a whole lot of unknown and it's hard to think that way because of how things were for so long... plus it's been an embarrassingly long time since I was this close to anyone that wasn't related to me."

<Cessily> "Oh great, now I have mental images of you naked under the shower with your brother." Cessily laughed, taking her turn to wash the other woman's hair. Reaching for the bottle of shampoo, she motioned Carol turn around.

<Carol> Carol laughed again, "Pretty sure we took baths together as kids but not since, I swear." She turned her back to Cessily for the shampoo. "But this close even with clothes on... people don't hug me."

<Cessily> "Well, that's their own loss," Cessily replied, spreading some shampoo on the palm of her hand, before gently massaging it into Carol's blonde hair. "Hugs are one of the most wonderful things, and everyone should have someone to hug them." Leaning forward, she peeked over the other girl's shoulder. "Want me to be your personal hugger?"

<Carol> "Sure! Just not in public - I have a non-hugging reputation to maintain and I need it here, seems like all the kids will only listen if they're afraid of me."

<Cessily> "No worries, I can be your little secret." Cessily giggled, running her fingers through the length of Carol's hair, stroking over the soft skin underneath. The silver girl remained silent for a moment, sucking on her lower lip. "Can I ask you something? About... what you said before..."

<Carol> "You can ask what you like and I'll try to answer," she glanced over her shoulder at the other girl and offered a smile.

<Cessily> Returning the smile, Cessily took heart. "Is that why you asked me to join you here? Because you... wondered if I might be interested in you?"

<Carol> "A little bit... but also because it's really nice to have a friend..."

<Cessily> "That's true," Cessily replied, reaching up to put her fingertips on either side of Carol's head, gently tilting it back towards her to rinse the shampoo out of her hair. "You know that I'd be your friend even if you didn't undress in front of me. Not that I'm complaining, though. Or trying to say that you should stop."

<Carol> "I know, don't worry about that," she closed her eyes while the water ran through her hair, "So... let's keep this quiet for now, okay?"

<Cessily> "Keep what quiet?" Cessily asked with a snicker. "Besides, we're just friends, right? There's nothing wrong with two friends not feeling ashamed to be themselves around each other. It's nice to have someone who isn't so uptight the whole time. I really missed having one, too, you know?"

<Carol> "Keep all the stuff about be me being a normal non-scary person quiet or I will lose all respect I have worked hard to earn." She pushed a hand through her hair experimentally to see if all the soap was out.

<Cessily> Cessily laughed. "No worries, I'll try to not ruin your hardass image." She spontaneously hugged the other woman tightly, not caring that they were both quite wet and quite naked. "If you like, I can spread rumours about how scary you are. I could tell people you gave me a severe spanking for spilling that wine."

<Carol> "... They might take that the wrong way, they're all dirty minded adolescents, afterall." She turned carefully to face Cessily to return the hug.

<Cessily> Cessily seemed to think about that for a moment, tilting her head to the side. "Yes, that might not have the desired effect," she conceded, shooting Carol a grin. The silver girl was somewhat reluctant to release her embrace. "Besides, it's usually for the best if I don't say anything. For someone who gets paid to talk to people, I can be surprisingly bad at it."

<Carol> "Okay so neither of us will talk about it and we'll see where it goes... sound good?" She gave a grin.

<Cessily> "That sounds very good." Cessily returned the grin and nodded. "I had forgotten how exciting it is to have a secret. Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels like a blushing teenage girl right now."

<Carol> "Well I don't know about the teenage girl thing because I've never been a typical one of those but the secret thing is pretty nice."

<Cessily> The silver girl laughed. "To be honest, I don't think I had an ordinary highschool experience either, but I guess being turned into a blob of liquid metal would throw anyone for a loop." Cessily could feel the tension slowly fall off her, except for the very pleasant kind that made her toes curl.

<Cessily> Tilting her head, she reached up to run her shiny fingers through her slick, red hair. After several seconds of sneaking looks and awkward fidgeting, the young mutant felt the need to break the silence between them. "So, do you want to get back to watching that movie?" she asked. "I mean, we can't stand in the shower all night and do nothing..."

<Carol> "I like showering... but yeah I guess we should go back to the TV - there's booze in there."

<Cessily> "Hm, that's a good point," Cessily replied, a sly smile forming on her lips. "Though I wondered... do we have to put our clothes back on?"

<Carol> "... Not necessarily, neither of us get cold." She reached to shut off the water then stepped out of the shower to grab a towel.

<Cessily> "But that doesn't mean we can't snuggle up in warm blankets, right?" Cessily asked, sounding hopeful as she followed Carol out of the shower. While her new friend towelled herself dry, the metallic girl slightly altered the adhesiveness of her body, causing the water to smoothly drip off her skin.

<Carol> Carol used the towel to get most of the water out of her hair but increased her body temperature to evaporate the rest faster. "That can also be arranged... should probably change the sheets too what with the wine spillage."

<Cessily> "Are you sure you don't want to wait until tomorrow before doing that?" Cessily asked as she stepped towards the living room, looking back over her shoulder to shoot Carol a grin. "Who knows what kind of mess we're still going to make tonight."

<Carol> "That... is a very good point..." Carol grinned, "All of the mess will be hidden away tomorrow... or burned..."

<Cessily> "Do you think that'll be necessary?" Cessily strolled over to the bed and jumped, turning midair to land on her back, bouncing on the cushions for a moment.

<Carol> "I don't know... how much mess are you planning on us making?" She climbed up onto the bed beside her and sat down, settling back against the headboard after picking up the glasses.

<Cessily> Cessily accepted the offered glass with a smile, resting her head on her free hand as she lounged by Carol's side. "That depends entirely on you," she replied, raising her glass. "I promised to behave myself, remember? As hard as that is with such a stunning woman lying by my side..."

<Carol> "I can release you from that promise, if you'd prefer?" She clinked her glass against Cessily's.

<Cessily> "You're trying to drive me crazy, aren't you?" Cessily asked in return, a smirk playing across her lips as she raised the glass to take a sip. "And to be honest, I'd rather know what you prefer."

<Carol> "Honestly? I don't think I have a preference, I'm pretty happy with the wait and see approach."

<Cessily> The silver girl's smile grew bigger. "Honestly? I think I'd be happy with that, too." She looked down the length of the bed, where the two of them lay side by side without any clothes. "Even though we must have done something wrong to already end up naked in your bed."

<Carol> "Well we're not technically in it at the moment..." Carol pointed out with a sly grin.

<Cessily> Cessily snickered. "I think we should change that," she said, moving further up the bed until she sat against the headboard, sliding her feet underneath the covers. "Don't you love snuggling into soft blankets when you come out of the shower? There's nothing cosier."

<Carol> "It is nice," she agreed, employing her flight powers to help her under the sheets with minimal spillage. "Better with company."

<Cessily> Having no joints or bones proved invaluable for holding her glass of wine steady as Cessily slipped underneath the sheets. "And best with the right company," the silver girl added, cracking a grin and shifting a little closer to Carol as they got comfortable.

<Cessily> "Oh, there's one thing you probably should know about me before you agree to become my friend." It took her some effort to feign a serious expression and voice. "I'm a hopeless cuddler."
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Re: Summer 2017: Cessily

Post by steyn » Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:08 pm

I need visuals here, people! Gimme a video of them in the shower!

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Re: Summer 2017: Cessily

Post by Starfish » Sat Mar 15, 2014 8:16 pm

I have always been on the assumption that Jack had rigged every shower in the school with hidden cameras.

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Re: Summer 2017: Cessily

Post by Chaos » Sat Mar 29, 2014 12:38 pm

....i-is that not fact?

I just....I assumed....

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