Christmas 2017: Clint and Natasha

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Christmas 2017: Clint and Natasha

Post by JackSkulls » Mon Dec 22, 2014 4:35 am

It's the Most Wonderful News of the Year!

Timelined Christmas Day

Natasha: The little Christmas tree in Natasha and Clint's room brightened the place with its Christmas cheer on the snowy, cold Christmas morning. Natasha smiled as she woke up, glancing over at it. They had their stockings hung on the wall behind the tree and their meticulously wrapped gifts beneath it. Everything was perfect. A perfect Christmas morning for the newlyweds.
Tasha rolled so that she could face Clint, kissing his nose softly. "Clint honey... It's Christmas!" she told him gently.

Clint: Clint snuggled into his wife, warm. "Five more minutes." He groaned, barely awake and not wanting to get up. "It's too cold." His arms wrapped around Natasha tightly, pulling her close snuggling with her and the blankets.

Natasha: "But it's Christmas!" She protested, kissing him gently.

Clint: "But it's early.... and cold." Clint kissed her back almost missing her lips because he was still fighting waking up. "And you're waaaarm."

Natasha: "And it's Christmas," Natasha reminded him, attempting to move away from him to get out of bed.

Clint: "But sleeeeeep." Clint tried to hold onto her but eventually gave up. Now he was cold and the bed wasn't as comfortable. "Come back." He groaned as he leaned up on his elbos, he was still trying to wake up but it wasn't working.

Natasha: "Nope!" Natasha disappeared into the bathroom to brush her teeth.

Clint: "Meanie..." Clint slowly ran his fingers through his hair and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, collapsing back onto the bed with a sigh. "You just want your presents."

Natasha: "Uhhuh!" Natasha laughed as she brushed her teeth.

Clint: "Greedy and mean." Clint covered his head with the pillows.

Natasha: "Rude," Natasha rinsed out her mouth. "Fine, I'll go get Christmas breakfast without you. You can sleep." She stuck her tongue out at him.

Clint: "Too early for breakfast." He threw off the covers and shivered. "We need a space heater.... Or I'm going to start sleeping in sweats." Clint adjusted his boxers so they weren't riding up anywhere and started to get out of bed to go brush his teeth as well.

Natasha: Laughing, Natasha wrapped her arms around her husband. "It's not too early for breakfast, silly."

Clint: "If it's not brunch it's too early for breakfast." Clint leaned into her hug and kissed her softly on the lips. "Mmm minty."

Natasha: Grinning, Natasha smiled and sighed in his arms. "It'll be worth it. I promise."

Clint: "Sixty-Seven Corvette Stingray good? Or 2010 Bumblebee Camaro Good?" Clint kissed her cheek softly before moving past her to brush his teeth.

Natasha: "Hmmm it's a surprise."

Clint: "Now I'm just scared." Clint went about brushing his teeth and then shaved to make sure that his face was smooth. "Should I put on my bullet proof vest...?"

Natasha: "Might not be a bad idea!" She teased, laughing at him.

Clint: "You're lucky you're cute." Clint just stared at her as he finished.

Natasha: Natasha smiled at him for a moment before forcing herself to retreat back to the bedroom.

Clint: "It's too cold...." Clint ran some water through his hair and went back into the bedroom to get his clothes for the day.

Natasha: "Do you do anything other than whine on Christmas morning?" she teased, wrapping a blanket around herself.

Clint: "Only when it's this cold." Clint stuck his tongue out at her.

Natasha: "Weeeellllll come snuggle with me while we open presents!" She held out her hand to him.

Clint: "I thought we were getting breakfast." He stopped at his dresser and then turned back to cuddle with his wife.

Natasha: "Well... um... open one before that. Because I can't wait any longer."

Clint: "We can do whatever you want." Clint kissed her softly and then grabbed a small box for her.

Natasha: "I didn't... ok." She laughed and kissed him again, taking the present and shaking it a bit. "Hmmmm what could it be?!"

Clint: "Dog food." Clint gave her his best serious face.

Natasha: "Are we getting a puppy then!?" Natasha teased.

Clint: "I think the raccoon is enough. Though I think you've turned him into a scaredy cat, he's always hiding now."

Natasha: "I told you he didn't like me," she reminded him, unwrapping her package.

Clint: "I think he's just scared of you." Clint laughed a little.

Natasha: Tasha pouted, but that lasted all of a few seconds when she saw the gift box. Surprised, she opened it to reveal a delicate necklace with a stunning diamond on it. Natasha just stared at it, shocked.

Clint: "Like it?" Clint grinned from ear to ear knowing he'd picked out a good gift.

Natasha: "I... I love it!" She told him, tears leaking from her eyes as she pulled him into a kiss.

Clint: "Good." Clint kissed her back and wiped the tears away from her eyes. "You deserve something nice with all you put up with from me."

Natasha: "You mean all the spoiling you do, and affection you give me?" She asked, nuzzling his hand.

Clint: "If you say so." Clint put his hand on her cheek softly and leaned in for a better kiss. "So which one should I open first? The one shaped like a box or the other shaped like a box?"

Natasha: "Hmm let's go for the other one shaped like a box." She picked up the package with silver wrapping and a delicate red ribbon bow, curled carefully by her own hand. She shook just a little as she handed the box over to him. "Just... this one."
Inside she can carefully placed three special gifts. 1, 2, and 3.

Clint: "Uhmm ok?" Clint stared at the box for a second before carefully undoing the ribbon and removing the paper. "And now I feel like I barely tried." He looked at her presents wrapped in comics from the news paper. He opened the box and pulled out a blanket first. Ok, maybe it's for Rocket? The next little toy confused him more, ok definitely for Rocket. "Uhmm.....?" Clint just gave Natasha a questioning glance.

Natasha: "Weellll?" Natasha asked, smiling a little and giving him a chance to figure it out.

Clint: It took Clint a minute to notice the onesie, the blanket and toy in his hand just dropped and he took a hard gulp. Is this... was this? "Nat...Natasha?"

Natasha: "Yes, Clint?" She asked, smile widening.

Clint: "Are you... are.... I thought." Clint just stammered on holding the onesie tightly in his hands.

Natasha: "I... may have bribed someone to reengineer this bracelet so that it looks pretty... and blocks my powers." She wriggled her wrist at him. "It was a gamble, but Guthrie ran some tests. Everything looks... normal."

Clint: "I died didn't I.... that teacher dude cut my throat and I'm dead. This can't be happening." Clint was starting to cry. "I've got to be in heaven." His tears were obviously of joy. He was going to have a little boy, in his little world there was no other option, and he was going to teach him to be daddy's little trickshot mechanic!

Natasha: "No, no you aren't dead." Natasha wrapped her arms around her husband, keeping him secure. "It was just an off chance. I didn't really expect it to work. An experiment, really."

Clint: "We're going to be parents?" Clint's hand moved to her stomach which obviously wasn't showing yet.

Natasha: Laughing, Natasha nodded. "We're going to be parents."

Clint: "Fucking eh!" Clint basically tackled her with excitement and held her close.

Natasha: "We're parents"! Natasha laughed happily, holding onto him tightly.

Clint: "I don't need anything else for Christmas! God Nat this was worth waking up for. I love you so much." Clint kissed her all over, his lips not missing any exposed skin.

Natasha: Smiling happily, Natasha returned the kisses, laughing a little. "I told you it was worth it!"

Clint: "It was! You can always wake me up for surprises like that." Clint moved off of her. "You're absolutely the best wife ever."

Natasha: "I don't think so, but I'm glad you do!" Natasha smiled, watching him. "I was serious about breakfast though..."

Clint: "Anything you want." Clint picked her up and carefully plopped her down on their bed.

Natasha: "Pancakes! And French Toast... and eggs... and biscuits...." Natasha licked her lips a bit.

Clint: "I guess I should get dressed then." Clint went over to grab all his stuff. "There's this really good place I found on my way back from Alaska, you'll love it."

Natasha: Blinking a little, Natasha had to remind herself about Clint's secret job. "Oh yeah?!"

Clint: "Yeah. And I can get steak! And you're getting pie! Cuz you deserve dessert!" Clint quickly changed and kissed her again.

Natasha: "Blueberry pie!" Natasha laughed, kissing him, then moving to get dressed herself.

Clint: "And Ice Cream!" Clint went with her to help her.

Natasha: Smiling, Natasha let him help. "With ice cream. Of course! Is there any other way to eat pie?"

Clint: "With a fork." Clint teased her and gave her butt a tiny pinch.

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Re: Christmas 2017: Clint and Natasha

Post by TechPrincess » Sat Jan 03, 2015 7:00 am

<Clint> Clint had managed to easily get way too much for the baby that hadn't even been born yet. He had boxes of diapers, three completely different packages of assorted pacifiers, all different kinds of baby books and plenty of stuffed toys.

<Clint> He looked across all of the treasures he had acquired for their baby, completely forgetting it would be months before it was born.

<Natasha> Natasha had spent some time in the gym, practicing some safe exercises for her and the baby. Tired, and a little sore, she made her way back to her and Clint's new home in the refurbished apartments. She loved the little apartments, especially because they had their own kitchen. Maybe some cookies would make her feel better. She let herself into their apartment.

<Clint> Clint didn't even notice her come in the room. He was too busy trying to keep Rocket away from all of the new goodies. He chased the little masked bandit through the tiny apartment trying to get one of the pacifiers from him.

<Natasha> Natasha just stared, dropping her gym bag to the floor. What the hell was happening here?

<Clint> Clint heard that. "Hey Natasha." Clint stopped and gave her a smile. "How was the gym baby?"

<Natasha> She didn't return his smile. Her look was a mixture of horror and shock. "Why?"

<Clint> "Why what?" Clint stared back at her. "What's wrong?"

<Natasha> "Why would you do this?" She asked again, finally looking at him.

<Clint> "Do what?" Clint was beyond confused about what she meant. "What's did I do wrong?"

<Natasha> "Everything!" She backed up against the door, her breathing increasing in speed.

<Clint> "Honey what's wrong!?" Clint ran up to steady her quickly.

<Natasha> "Why would you buy all this stuff?!"

<Clint> "I... well I wanted to be ready...." He frowned because he had thought he had done a good thing. "And I got a bunch of books and.... I'm sorry."

<Natasha> "And if something happens between now and OCTOBER?! What then!?"

<Clint> "It's not going to happen." Clint kissed her softly and put a hand on her stomach. "We have a doctor that understands mutants better than anyone else in the world and you're the toughest girl I've ever met."

<Natasha> "That doesn't matter, Clint. Anything can happen in a normal pregnancy, and this is anything but. If this inhibitor goes out or malfunctions... it only takes a second."

<Clint> Clint frowned. "I'm sorry baby. I didn't think about that... I'm just so excited for us." He bit his lip and tried not to show how scared she just made him.

<Natasha> "I'm excited too, but I'm so scared that something is going to happen. Just... don't buy anything else. Please. At least not until it can survive outside the womb."

<Clint> "I'm sorry Natasha... It didn't even cross my mind." Clint carefully slipped his arms around her to hold her close to him. "I can put this all away before you finish your shower I promise."

<Natasha> She pulled him closer, squeezing him as tightly as she could. "OK. I can deal with that."

<Clint> "I'm sorry Tasha. I didn't mean to upset you. I just want to be ready so I can be a good dad..."

<Natasha> Laughing, Tasha pulled back from him to look at him. "You have months, Clint. Months."

<Clint> "I know I just... I know I'm not the best husband in the world and I want our baby to have the best life he can have."

<Natasha> "What are you talking about, Clint? Why would you think that?" She gave him a horrified look.

<Clint> "You thought I was cheating on you. It took us finding out we're mutants to get a decent place to live." He frowned. "I scare the crap out of you like this."

<Natasha> "You think I care about having a decent place to live?" She pulled him back close to her, holding him tightly. "You are the best husband, Clint. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise."

<Clint> "I think you deserve better than me." Clint kissed her forehead softly. "And I want to be better for you and our soon to be baby."

<Natasha> "Well, even if that WAS true, Clint? We're married. So that isn't going to happen." She leaned up,, kissing him. "I also couldn't get better than you, but that isn't the point."

<Clint> Clint just smiled and kissed her back. "You want me to get the shower ready for you then I can start hiding things?"

<Natasha> "We can put it all in the nursery. I'll help." She took his hand, pulling him toward the stuff.

<Clint> "You don't have to. This is my mess to clean up." He followed her even though he protested a little.

<Natasha> "Clint... I love you. And you aren't going to do this alone. Nothing about this pregnancy is supposed to be alone." She started picking up things, dropping his hand to do so.

<Clint> Clint grabbed the heavier things and hefted them into the nursery. "You and me together forever."
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