Summer 2018: Shinope

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Summer 2018: Shinope

Post by Slarti » Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:12 am

<Hope> Hope was officially a college graduate. She couldn't really believe it, and still felt pretty sure Sebastian and or Tony had paid some money to ensure she had a degree, but she did. Her mom's family had insisted upon throwing her a graduation party at their place in Connecticut, and Hope had reluctantly agreed.

<Hope> Grandma had been most welcoming, as she always was. Grandpa, well, if they didn't leave soon she wasn't sure who was going to snap first: Him or David. Pushing the racist comments from her mind, Hope stared down at her graduation present as she sat on what had been her mom's bed. It was the box of postcards from her mom when she had been pregnant.

<Hope> She'd read these before, but Grandma was giving them to her now. They were her's to keep. These tiny fragments of the past when she and her mom were together were all she had. She swallowed and her hands hook, unable to touch any of the cards just yet, only able to cling to the box.

<Shinobi> Obi felt her nervousness through their link and looked toward the hall before he slid his arm around her shoulders - just in case her evil grandpa was hovering. He was pretty sure he'd heard every derogatory comment that could be leveled against an Asian back in Nebraska... but, nope.

<Hope> She leaned into him, calming slightly. "This is the closest I'll ever get to her."

<Shinobi> "I know..." He rested his cheek against the top of her head. "If you don't want to open them just yet, it's okay. Just take your time."

<Hope> "I've read them all before... I just..."

<Hope> she paused, closing her eyes. Wish I had known her.

<Shinobi> I understand. And he did, since he'd spent years hoping that someday he'd find his biological mother. In a way, he had, but she was as untouchable as Hope's. But, he had Jess now. Obi gave her a light squeeze and a bit of mental reassurance.

<Hope> She nodded a little and was comforted by him. Her fingers slid into the box and to the first postcard. New York City. She smiled at it. "How funny that she started there."

<Shinobi> "Popular choice." He covered her hand with his, looking at the picture and message.

<Hope> Hayley had written off her morning sickness and how the only thing she wanted to eat was Chinese food. She was staying in Chinatown. Hope grinned as she read it. "Love Chinese food."

<Shinobi> "It's a wonder she wasn't disowned for that," he muttered, looking at the door.

<Hope> Hope snickered a little, then realized he was serious. "Just... ignore him."

<Shinobi> "I've been trying, with more success than David, I might add, since I figured I'd better be better than him since... well..." He kissed her crown through her hair for emphasis and leaned into her.

<Hope> That earned a smile from him as her eyes closed, savoring the moment. Thank you.

<Shinobi> You're welcome. He looked at the card, then back into the box. Where else did she go?

<Hope> Hope got more comfortable against Obi and looked to the second card in the box. "D.C. If only she had known the future..." Hope laughed a little.

<Shinobi> "I don't think anybody would've ever be able to predict your dad would make it to president," he said with a laugh, though it was a fond one. Tony Stark had grown on him. A pardon will do that.

<Hope> "Except Tony," she snickered a bit, but showed him the picture of the Japanese Cherry Blossoms. "They are beautiful. We should take some pictures in front of them."

<Shinobi> "Totally. Have we missed them this year?" He looked outside, as if that would tell him anything. It was warm now, with spring well under way.

<Hope> "Yeah, we missed them." She was pretty sure they were in Japan when that happened, but she kept that thought to herself. "Next year though."

<Shinobi> "Next year," he promised, settling his cheek on top her head again.

<Hope> The next post card was from Charleston. "She just kept going south..." Hope paused, her mind thinking faster than she could process.

<Shinobi> 'Then how did she end up in Alaska?" He looked at the card, thinking of Sebastian's offer to go to Pittsburgh with him this summer.

<Hope> "I think she managed to get a flight. It's in the letters... her last one." She swallowed hard.

<Shinobi> He gave her a squeeze at that. "Aww, okay. I skipped ahead... where else did she go?"

<Hope> Instead of looking for the next one, Hope put the letters back and looked up at him. "Okay.... so... you can tell me I'm crazy... but I kind of want to take the same trip she did."

<Shinobi> He straightened up to meet her eyes, thinking that one over. "I don't think you're crazy." He smiled, tucking a red curl behind her ear. "But, why?"

<Hope> "Because I was already there.... I've already made this journey. Only this time I'd get to experience it. Get to see what she saw."

<Shinobi> Obi studied her face, running the backs of his fingers over her cheek and jawline. "Okay." He paused, just for a moment.

<Hope> She smiled, looking up into his chocolate eyes. "Will you come with me?"

<Shinobi> "Of course I will." He returned her smile and leaned forward, kissing her forehead.

<Hope> Hope's face brightened. "I love you, Obi."

<Shinobi> "Love you, too." He gave pulled her against his chest, and gave a wary glance at the door for her grandfather. "So. Where will we begin?"

<Hope> "Chinatown."

<Hope> Hope wrapped her arms around him and squeezed, smiling into his chest.

<Shinobi> "David will be so pleased," he laughed.

<Hope> "Wish we didn't have to tell him," she giggled.

<Shinobi> "But if we tell your grandpa, and he blows a fuse, then David will want to go, just to spite him." He nodded wisely.

<Hope> Hope leaned to kiss Obi's nose. "How'd I get so lucky as to get you?"

<Shinobi> "I dunno, but you must have sacrificed to some evil pagan Eastern god for it." He wrinkled his nose at the kiss and laughed.

<Hope> "Stop telling all my secrets," she mumbled at him, snuggling into his chest again.

<Shinobi> Careful of the box on her lap, he just laughed again and held her. "So... whose car are we taking?"

<Hope> A slow smirk spread across her face. "Your car has the better backseat."

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Title: Damn Not Given
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Re: Summer 2018: Shinope

Post by Slarti » Fri Jun 17, 2016 4:22 am

<Shinobi> As cool as the dragon thing winding down the street was, Obi was pretty sure this was a terrible idea. There were just so many ways this could go bad... people everywhere, not enough security, loud noises... and if another firecracker popped off right next to them he might lose his shit too.

<Hope> The redhead, on the other hand, was completely at ease in the mass of people, despite the fact that she stuck out like a sore thumb. She watched David, who couldn't decide if he enjoyed this place or detested it, smirking a little. Good ol' David. Her hand slid into Obi's, fingers interlocking. This is awesome.

<Shinobi> Yeah, awesome... He looked down at her and flashed a nervous smile, squeezing her fingers. Sure enough, there was another string of firecrackers to their left and he stifled a wince.

<Hope> Relax, she tried to tell him, squeezing his hand in return. We'll get some authentic cooking here too.

<Shinobi> That made him smirk. If one more person starts trying to speak Chinese to me, David might not be able to contain his laughing.

<Hope> I think it's precious, she points out, leaning up to steal a kiss. They can't help but want to speak to you. You're too sexy.

<Shinobi> Obi sidestepped and let go of her hand to slide his arm around her protectively, turning her to prolong the kiss. Taking her wrists, he brought them up around his neck. True. But I would still pay to know what the hell they're saying... especially judging by the look on David's face.

<Hope> Arms wrapped around his neck, she tightened her hold on him. I would too, she admitted.

<Shinobi> You ever tried reading minds in another language? He raised an eyebrow questioningly and smirked, bumping their noses together.

<Hope> Sounds like a headache. She wrinkled her nose at him, smirking.

<Shinobi> Eh. Was worth a shot. Another string of firecrackers sounded and he looked over her head. Red dragon! It matches your hair.

<Hope> She had to spin at that, dropping her arms so that they covered his. I get why she came here.

<Shinobi> Obi rested his chin on top her head. She would have stood out just like you though.

<Shinobi> It is cool. He watched the feet of the men under the dragon, impressed that they managed to do that without falling on their faces. And if she was looking for a place to forget... I can see how it'd be great for distraction.

<Hope> She would have. But this place is full of life. If you want to forget your own circumstances, you can get caught up in everything here. She leaned back a bit better, using him for support.

<Shinobi> Very true. He tightened his arms around her, watching the dragon pass, and oh, look, there was another drummer behind him. Would have been a good place for me to hide, once upon a time. Other than the language barrier, of course. His laugh colored his mental voice.

<Hope> Nah. You're too sexy, she pointed out, grinning even though he couldn't see her.

<Shinobi> Too sexy to hide? Or too sexy to speak Chinese? He was still amused, and started to move them a little to the parade music. Because both are true, of course.

<Hope> Both. Both is good, she laughed and moved with him, completely at ease in the midst of the crowd. A glance at David, caused her to shake her head. He was totally taking selfies with people.

<Shinobi> Obi caught her looking at her bodyguard and laughed. He's way too into this. Not that he had room to talk, since they were now dancing to the raucous music.

<Hope> Ohhh David, she laughed, looking up at him. You're so hot, she pointed out with a grin.

<Shinobi> He ramped up his smirk to look down at her, adding a little hip action to the dance. How good of you to finally notice.

<Hope> I notice daily, she smirked a bit more darkly. Especially when you get those clothes off.

<Shinobi> Hmm... people might notice if I do that here... Obi's hands went to her hips to hold her close. He bent to angle his face into her neck, nuzzling just behind her ear. "Unless you wanted to practice those cloaking powers of yours in a more... public environment?"

<Hope> You make it rather difficult to concentrate, you know, she pointed out, eyes closing.

<Shinobi> "So that's a no, huh?" He nipped her earlobe.

<Hope> Yeah.... that's a... wait till we get to the hotel. And maybe we should go now. She admitted , pressing back against him.

<Shinobi> He groaned, pitching his voice to pornographic, and gave her a squeeze and a smirk. That's if I could walk.

<Hope> She grinned a little, hands squeezing his. Glad I can still do that to you.

<Shinobi> "Oh, definitely no worries there, Ariel." He laughed and straightened up, resting his chin on top her head and watching the parade wind down.

<Hope> "Good," she laughed and sighed, watching the last of the parade. "Thank you for coming with me on this trip."

<Shinobi> "I'm happy you wanted me to come." He smiled, closing his eyes to give her a more innocent squeeze.

<Hope> "Why wouldn't I? I always want to be with you." She questioned him, squeezing him again.

<Shinobi> "Well, that's music to my ears." He hummed happily and took a deep breath. The food did smell good. "Maybe we should get lunch before we go back to the hotel?"

<Hope> "Now you're really talking! I'm starving." She turned, meeting him for another kiss. Lunch with some... dessert.

<Shinobi> Hmm... maybe some dessert to go with the dessert if we find something fun. He grinned in the kiss.

<Hope> She grinned back with him. Such a bad, bad boy.

<Shinobi> Hey, my record was cleared. I'm not. Breaking the kiss, he took her hand and looked around. "It all smells good, but we need to send David in to scout for peanuts or something."

<Hope> Oh you are in the bedroom,[.i] she teased, linking their fingers and moving toward David.

<Shinobi> Damn right. He turned to give her a dirty wink.

<Hope> She grinned back at him, then turned her attention to David. It didn't take long for David to send his team off to secure a restaurant. Now we just have to wait.

<Shinobi> He nodded and kept her hand, strolling along and looking into the shops and tiny restaurants. The street vendors were everywhere, and never had he heard so many languages blurring together in one place.

<Hope> Hope relaxed, letting Obi lead them through the crowd. "We should find a postcard."

<Shinobi> "Okay," he said with a slight laugh, looking around for something that looked suitable. There were souvenir stands every couple dozen yards generally. "In Chinese?"

<Hope> "Not necessarily... I want to pair one that we find with the one she mailed home. So her's had a picture of the Chinese New Year parade." She thought about that, wondering what would go well with that.

<Shinobi> He made a considering noise and spotted a booth, cutting across the street toward it and giving a wary glance around for her security. There were maps of Chinatown, trinkets, postcards and snow globes. Those could never be avoided, no matter where you were. "If we don't find something here you like we can hit another on the way back to the hotel?"

<Hope> "Always thinking ahead," she grinned at him and dropped his hand so she could look through the postcards.

<Shinobi> "I try." He picked one up and read the back. It luckily had English in addition to the Chinese, which looked like... well, Chinese. He couldn't make heads nor tails of it. After picking up a few more to look only at the pictures, he noticed the elderly proprietor watching them.

<Hope> Her head dropped onto his shoulder, looking over to read it with him. "That one's kinda pretty.... boring," she snickered.

<Shinobi> "Oh, it could be really exciting. We have no idea, since it's totally in Chinese." He laughed too, and that's when the old lady behind the counter struck. Coming around the register, she looked right at him and broke into rapid-fire Chinese.

<Hope> That made Hope jump. Not that she wasn't used to rapid-fire Chinese. It was that she wasn't used to it coming from a woman. Head off Obi's shoulder, she blinked, watching the elderly lady. The hell?

<Shinobi> "Um... I don't speak..." The woman continued, picking up another card to shove under their noses. "I'm Japanese,” he said slowly and loudly, as if that would help. “And just half Japanese at that..." She stopped talking and peered up at him with narrowed eyes. Oh shit. What did I do?

<Hope> Uhhhhh smile?! Yell for David? Panic? Hope offered her overly helpful suggestions, taking a step back.

<Shinobi> An enormous grin broke out over the woman's wrinkled face and she looked between he and Hope. "Ahhhhh," she said, which needed no translation. Panic. I'm thinking panic. Instead, he smiled nervously.

<Hope> Panic it was. Hope looked for an escape, panic setting in.

<Shinobi> Ignoring Hope's obvious distress, the old lady cackled and nodded, reaching out to pat his arm. It was probably supposed to be a comforting gesture, but he must be missing something cultural, because soon her long twiggy fingers curled around his bicep, then... traveled. ...she's feeling me up...

<Hope> Oh god.... I can't hit an old woman! Hope did snap her attention back to the pair.

<Shinobi> The patting moved to his chest and then she looked at Hope, again nodding approvingly and saying something in Chinese. Obi's frozen smile became pained. "....thank you?"

<Hope> Hope's mouth felt dry. Some hot blonde she had no issues knocking her out... but an old lady?! She couldn't do anything except stare in horror. Run?

<Shinobi> If she'll let me! After stammering out another thanks - and was he thanking her for feeling him up?! - he tried to take a step back to bow. He knew bowing! That's what you did! Literally bow the fuck out!

<Hope> Instinctively Hope reached for his hand again. Maybe she could pull him.

<Shinobi> Yes! Just what he needed! He took her hand and gave the old perv a helpless shrug and smile, then bowed again. Then, when he was out of her reach, he ran, dragging Hope with him.

<Hope> All Hope had to do was keep up! She laced their fingers and ran with him as fast as she could.

<Shinobi> Once they were out of sight he staggered to a stop, already laughing. He spun her around and into a tight hug. "What the hell was that?!"

<Hope> Her arms flew around him, holding him tightly as she laughed. "I don't know! What the hell!?"

<Shinobi> "I think I was molested!" He shook his head, looking around to make sure the coast was still clear.

<Hope> Hope shuddered and held him protectively, nestling into his chest. "You alright?"

<Shinobi> "Yeah," he laughed. "But that was a whole lot of weird, and I think we better get back to David before he starts looking for us. Plus, he can protect us from crazy old Chinese ladies."

<Hope> She snickered a little and nodded. "Yeah, he's good at protecting from crazy."

<Shinobi> "Well, good, he can protect me too." He leaned in and gave her a kiss. "Let's go get lunch, and I think grandma would be disappointed if we skipped dessert."

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