Victor Creed Backfic

For all fiction that occurs outside the game timeline, either before or after the characters initiation into the game.
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Victor Creed Backfic

Post by Scumfish » Sat Aug 11, 2007 11:10 pm

All of Vic's backfics in one place, as I seem to have written so many :D Hopefully in rough order too but....don't hold your breath XD

Abandoned - Snapshots of a young Vic. [Warning - implied non-con]

Who Am I - Young Victor finds out family isn't just about blood.

Shots - Vic finds out that he really is invincible.

Red Light District - Experiments are fun. [Adult-themed, nothing graphic]

I'll Be Back - Vic has a close brush with Scotland Yard and leaves England, hopefully not forever.


Right, that's done....I've put the links up instead of the stories because I didn't want to lose the comments :)

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