Seeing Double

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Seeing Double

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:05 pm

Pietro: Pietro flopped onto the sofa and clicked the tv on. Distraction needed. He'd run out of canvassess and the flute wasn't holding attention anymore. He wished there was more than one tv..... Oooh shark week. He pulled his legs up onto the sofa and lay down. Comfy.

Quicksilver: A low vibration made the air in the recroom hum violently at a frequency possibly designed to make bowels loosen, causing various items on surfaces to bounce across them onto the floor. After a few seconds, the vibrations concentrated into something roughly the shape of a human, which suddenly solidified - right in Pietro's way, blocking the TV.

Pietro: Pietro blinked at the sudden appearence of.... a person. He frowned, assuming it was just some random student, "Hi... er... tv... can't see... please move?" He sat up a little to try and see round the person since there was a rather ferocious attack happening and he wanted to egg the shark on.

Pietro: While watching and wincing a little and the owies on the shark's prey he held a hand out, "Name's Pietro, by the way, I'm new."

Quicksilver: Pietro blinked, dropping his outstretched hand. "Uh..." His mind felt like it was burning, but his body - by Saint Mary, his body was still! He looked around the room. " dis still Xavier's...?"

Pietro: Pietro finally looked at the guy, since he wasn't moving, "Was last time I-" Oh look white hair! "Hey your hair's the same colour as mine!" They really should start a club now.

Quicksilver: Pietro finally looked down. "Eh? Mi's just..." He shook his head. "What did you say your name was? I am Pietro...I, I think I died here."

Pietro: Pietro blinked, "Huh?" Wow what were the chances? No don't do the math.... distractions bad. "Er... My name's Pietro too.... and you look pretty un-dead to me....?" Zombie! He scooted a small distance down the sofa.

Quicksilver: "...Pietro too?" He shook his head, staggering slightly, before taking a seat on the sofa carefully. "I...forgive me, de last thing I remember going too fast and vibrating apart..." He ran a hand through his short silver hair. "What...what year is it?" He was almost afraid of the answer.

Pietro: "Er... 2011...." Pietro turned the tv down, "Um... sorry.... er.... you sure you died?"

Quicksilver: "Trus' me." The other Pietro shuddered. "You never forget d' feeling of drifting apart. Er. 2011? You sure?"

Pietro: Pietro nodded, "Yeah..." He changed to the news channel, "See?" he pointed at the time and date in the corner. "Why? What did you think it was?"

Quicksilver: "...2008?" Pietro stared forlornly at the date on screen.

Pietro: "Oh..." Wait what? "Where the heck have you been in that time that you didn't know what year it was?"

Quicksilver: "I told you. Er. No, I didn't, did I?" Pietro rubbed his forehead. "My mutation is super speed, si? I started moving too fast an'...ended up vibrating, my body wouldn't stay still. I ended up...vibrating apart. In here. With lots of people watching me."

Pietro: This is getting too weird..... "Er... my mutation is super speed too.... I think..." He scratched his head, I hope I don't start vibrating....

Quicksilver: "...Si?" Pietro stared at the other Pietro, taking in the similar looks. Hey, maybe he'd vibrated himself right into an alternate dimension or something. "Y-you are d' same as me?"

Pietro: "Er... no offence but... I hope not.... I mean... we seem similar... but I don't want to, er...." How do I finish that sentence without it sounding dodgey? "Vibrate apart...."

Quicksilver: Pietro nodded. "Si, dat would be bad..." He looked at his hands, blinking. He didn't look any older....had he been floating in this room as particals all this time? Eeeew...he shuddered. "Well, I've survived it. How long have you been here den?"

Pietro: "Not long... probably a week and a half...." he frowned, "This is weird."

Quicksilver: "Si. Very weird. Same name, same abilities..." Pietro nodded, grinning brightly suddenly. "Not dat it's a bad thing! Have you tried running up d' walls yet?"

Pietro: "Er.... no?" He couldn't imagine why he'd want to do that, never mind need to! "Shall I assume that means you have?"

Quicksilver: "Oh, si! It was fun!" He grinned, remembering the day as if it had happened yesterday. "I got to d' top of de school the first time I did it - den I fell off. But I got d' hang of it after a while." Pietro rubbed his hands together, still grinning.

Pietro: "You fell?" Definately wasn't trying that then. "Didn't that hurt...?"

Quicksilver: "No. Rahne caught me. Is she still here?"

Pietro: "Er... don't know... I haven't met everyone here yet - it's summer so a lot of people are away... well, either away or hiding from the kids."

Quicksilver: Pietro hesitated, then waved a hand dismissively. "Eh, she probably graduated with d' rest...Santa Maria, I have so much to catch up on..." He shook his head sadly. "Dis is very strange, si? Where do you come from?"

Pietro: "Er... all over.... moved around a lot, not sure where I was born actually..." Sure as hell not gonna track down dad to ask either....

Quicksilver: "Ah. Me, I was born in bella Italia, Venice to be exact." Pietro smiled. "In case d' accent doesn't give anything away." He looked around the room for a moment, hand blurring as he tapped his fingers, as easy to boredom as ever.

Pietro: "Ooo Italy, huh? Lucky. At least there the name is normal." He gave him a grin, "So, er.... were you born with your mutation?"

Quicksilver: "Not all of it...manifested it in my teens, si? But I've always been fast. Mi family, dey thought I was ADHD - never sat still, ever." Pietro grinned at the memory. "D' running came later. Den everything made sense, and I came here."

Pietro: Pietro nodded, "I 'manifested' about two weeks ago.... had the white hair for a few years now though.... I've always thought quick though."

Quicksilver: " new to de mutant stuff. How're you coping?"

Pietro: "Er... considering the several degrees of weird I've encountered recently, I think I'm doing really well....." He turned the tv off, "You are one of the weird things, in case that wasn't clear.... no offense...."

Quicksilver: "No, none taken, so are you." Pietro smiled easily, hand going through his hair once again. "De school being it's usual odd self den? I suppose you've got to expect it, given d' large concentration of mutants here, si?"

Pietro: "Yeah... to both...." He rubbed his face with his hands, "I still can't believe... I mean... you... me... it's uncanny...."

Quicksilver: "Like looking in a mirror, si?" Pietro nodded. "Um...dat's d' weirdest thing that's ever happened to me, if I'm honest, an' I come from a mafia family." He chuckled a little nervously.

Pietro: Pietro raised his eyebrows, "Wow.... really...? .... Wow...." And here's me thinking the mafia is fake...

Quicksilver: "Well...maybe d' vibrating was de weirdest..." Pietro trailed off, talking to himself. "Oh? Oh! Si. I'm not...or wasn't...involved an' I don't want to be."

Pietro: "Oh... well that's reassurring....." Guess I'm not the only one that wants to stay out of the family business....

Quicksilver: Pietro blinked at the other. "Si. What do you do for a living den?"

Pietro: "Er... nothing at the moment... I was working in a Lawyers office...." He stretched a little. Despite the confused state he was in, part of his brain was getting that distinctly bored feeling again.

Quicksilver: "Lawyers?" Pietro pulled a face, before looking around the room. "Dis is...just as boring as I remember..."

Pietro: Pietro grinned, "It's not as bad as it probably sounds - we do a lot of work to help people out, claiming for damages because of the registration act... hmm.... maybe I should make myself a client...." He frowned.

Quicksilver: "Y're talking to a man of de Mafia. We don't trust lawyers." Pietro grinned widely. "Registration act?"

Pietro: "Hmm?" Pietro had gotten distracted by thoughts of how he could go about claiming against his former employers, "Yeah registration act. All mutants have to register before they can do anything, like getting a job, or a passport, or a driver's licence..."

Quicksilver: "...Dey have that now? But...why? Last time I heard, mutants were still under d' radar..." Pietro frowned. "So...we are now what, some sort of minority?"

Pietro: Pietro shrugged, "Who knows? I'm new to all this..." He ran a hand through his hair and stood up, "As for under the radar... we're not that. This place is though...."

Quicksilver: Pietro nodded, scratching a cheek. "Well. Dat's good at least. Is it getting a little hot for mutants den?" He tapped a foot at high speed.

Pietro: "Yeah... could say that...." He watched the foot, Wow... "Erm...." Hungry. Get food.... and coffee..... mmmmm coffee... "Kitchen?"

Quicksilver: "Yes." Pietro grinned. "After you, eh?"

Pietro: Pietro smiled and headed for the kitchen, one of the few places he could locate wherever he was on the grounds. "Coffee...." He headed straight for the coffee machine to put some on while he tried to decide what to eat.

Quicksilver: Pietro trailed after, marvelling at how little the place had changed. "No sugar, black. Caffeine's good, si?"

Pietro: Pietro grinned, "Caffeine's excellent." He finished messing with the machine, paused for a moment while he finally settled on something then went to the cupboard.

Quicksilver: "Another thing we have in common, si?" He nodded. "Do you use it to run on too?"

Pietro: "Run? No... don't really do much of that.... I used to work on it though, don't think I can function without it now.... Oooh honey." He pulled the jar out.

Quicksilver: "Honey?" Pietro blinked. "Eh...dey kept telling me dat I shouldn't have it, so I drink it as often as possible."

Pietro: Pietro grinned, "Good plan." He put the jar of honey on the counter and went to find some bread. Hmm toasted or untoasted? "You probably still know your way round, right? So have some food...."

Quicksilver: Pietro nodded. He was ravenous. He blurred, zipping around the kitchen and a pile of edibles growing rapidly on the table before the blur grew together as the boy. "Uh...dey might have to do a shop again..." He grinned sheepishly at the rather large pile of food before starting to eat.

Pietro: Pietro laughed, "I'm sure they can afford it.... I think they're shopping every day anyway what with all the ankle-biters running around the place...." He stuck the bread in the toaster then switched between glaring at it and the coffee machine because they weren't fast enough.

Quicksilver: "Ankle-biters?" Pietro said around a mouthful of cheese. "Dere been more breeding?"

Pietro: "Breeding? You mean with students? Er I don't think they're all theirs.... Some summer camp thingy..." The toaster finished with the bread, "Woo toast!" He hurried to butter the toast and spread some honey on as the coffee machine started to fill the jug. "I've so far managed to avoid them. I'm lucky that way."

Quicksilver: "Smart." The cheese was followed by...what appeared to be some kind of cold pasta, but it tasted good. "Xavier runs a summer camp? Dat's disturbing..."

Pietro: "Yeah... I think the idea is that the kids don't feel so alone in the world, you know? So they know there's other mutants out there... Quite nice really." He poured two cups of coffee and set one in front of the other Pietro, "There is this one kid though.... leaves sticky hand prints everywhere...."

Quicksilver: Pietro pulled a face. "Nice idea, but is a place like dis really a good idea?" Mmm, pizza. He missed pizza. "I can see some of de students loving that. Ech. Still, I suppose I should stay until I'm sure I won't disappear again..."

Pietro: "Why wouldn't it be a good idea?" Pietro asked, toast half way to his mouth, "I think it's a great idea, we all get to learn together, get to figure out out powers and how safe can you get, really? Place full of mutants, I wouldn't wanna piss anyone here off."

Quicksilver: Pietro paused in his devouring. "How long did you say you'd been here again?"

Pietro: "Week and a half." Pietro replied, "Granted, that's not long but from what I've seen already..."

Quicksilver: "...Ah." Pietro carried on eating his pizza before picking up his coffee. "No matter den. It's certainly an...interesting place. Yes."

Pietro: "Yeah, you got that right." He finished his toast, "But seems fun, and there's lots to do, which is nice because I've not been sleeping too well lately.... Seems I can't do enough to tire myself out anymore." He sat down.

Quicksilver: "Mmm. I got dat a doesn't feel like it did before I disappeared..." Pietro looked at a hand before picking up his coffee, the food pile greatly reduced. "Maybe dis is what I needed..." He blinked for a moment. "Eh." He shrugged.

Pietro: "Needed? You mean the random disappearance or the food?" He grinned, Still hungry.... He got up again.

Quicksilver: "Random disappearence. I...well. Vibrato Italiano doesn't come close, si?" Pietro finished his coffee. "But den, the food does help too." He grinned.

Pietro: Pietro grinned over his shoulder as he ducked into the fridge for more food. "Vibrating Italian, huh? Interesting...." Oooh cheese! And ham! yum yum!

Quicksilver: "Oh si." Pietro nodded, smiling. "You speak italian? That's good. But yes...I started to vibrate...was just...moving too fast and couldn't stop, si?" He waved a crisp.

Pietro: "Wow... that would suck...." He put the ham and cheese on the counter then looked for some tomatoes and lettuce, "And yeah, I can speak a passable ammount of a few languages - I moved around a lot."

Quicksilver: "It did. I...broke a lot of computers...a lot of things, just by touching dem." Pietro finally hiccuped and sat back. "Where'd you live den?"

Pietro: "Wow... expensive power malfunction." He buttered some bread when he'd finished retrieving the desired vegetables and started building a sandwich, "I live here now, I have an appartment in New York but not for much longer..."

Quicksilver: "Oh? Why's dat?" Pietro paused, remembering the villas in Italy and then kept his mouth shut.

Pietro: "Weeeell.... I sort of don't have a job anymore..." He sighed, as he finished putting the sandwich together and sliced it in half, "They don't want me back in the office, I can work on reduced pay but that means I can't afford my appartment so either way I'll lose it."

Quicksilver: "What, because you're a mutant now?" Pietro snorted. "Dat Bullshit. So you staying full time here now?"

Pietro: "Yeah, because I'm a mutant...." He took a bite of the sandwich, mmmmmmm "I have no where else to go, no family I want to contact so I'm kind of stuck here..."

Quicksilver: "Yeesh. Well, dere's worst places in d' world to be I guess. But..." He hesitated. No, his family would believe him. "If you need something...anything, you let me know."

Pietro: "Er... thanks?" Pietro blinked at his double over his sandwich, with a slightly bemused expression, "Er.... should we maybe tell some people you're here?"

Quicksilver: "...After another cup of coffee, maybe."
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Seeing Double

Post by Elfdame » Wed Aug 12, 2009 5:11 pm

Weeeeeeeeiiiiiiiired. And fun.
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