Bill and Mikey's X-ellent Adventure

A section for all the stories we can't tell within the game, but still kick ass! Anything goes!
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Bill and Mikey's X-ellent Adventure

Post by Esynthia » Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:24 am

Wade: Wade, for some mysterious reason, was in his best Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Captain's uniform, looking down from the middle of the steps to the front door of Xavier's, his left arm on his left knee, his left foot on a couple steps higher. He had this weird vision of himself as a pirate, starring in his own comicbook.

Mikey: Michaelangelo, aka Mikey, stepped into the open. He ditched his brother and sensei, making a little fib about a pizza run. He was dressed in the usual 'incognito' uniform, which was basically a raincoat and a hat. He was just glad it was a very cloudy day, else he would look like some kind of pervert ready to flash people.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "AAHHHHAYYYAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Bill screamed as the booth he was in rocketed out of the sky and smashed into the ground, just outside the door to a large mansion. He checked the phone book, and the dial on his watch, and noticed his partner in crime was gone.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Oh man.... Think I did something wrong...." He opened the door and stepped out into the overcast front lawn. "Yo dude!" He yelled to the trench coat clad comrade, "What day is it?"

Wade: Wade kept his pose. Yarr, two landlubbers so far, yarr. We be waiting for more, else it be nothing but a little dingy we be taking out instead of a real ship. "Yarr." he agreed with himself.

Mikey: "Err, thursday?" Mikey answered. Atleast he thought it was thursday, could be friday. "Dude, you okay?"

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Cool... got the day right.... You know the year?" He cocked his head, "And I am most indubiously OK. Just a little wonked as to my current local not being Socal..."

Prototype: Alex walked in calmly, one hand in a pocket and another holding a cigarette. There was absolutely no evidence what so ever that he'd ran in from NY, so long as you ignored the small craters in the ground about a hundred metres back. His hood was pulled up far enough to shadow his face. Looking over the people gathered, he stood a little way off, taking a drag.

Wade: [color]Yarr, one more to swab the poop deck![/color] Wade grinned as he kept his pose, "Heh, poop deck, arr."

Mikey: "Dude, it's like twenty eleven, you sure doing okay, 'cause you totally swandived that phone booth." Mikey said, pointing at the booth, then realized he was showing his hand and stuck it back in his coat pocket.

Prototype: Oookay. One pirate, check. Flasher, check. And dodgy guy with a phonebox. ...Check. Alex blew out a long stream of smoke.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Oh yeah... that happens all the time... 2011.... I seem to be off a few years... You haven't seen a guy about, so tall." He held his hand out above his head, "Red vest... totally awesome air guitar player.... Dude, you know your hand's green? Need to get that looked at..."

Mikey: "Errrrrrr," Think, Mikey, think "Skin condition? Yeah, skin condition. Like, er, totally nothing to worry about. And no, didn't see any dude, but there is a dude over there." Mikey nodded.

Prototype: Alex raised an eyebrow at the two, eyes still shadowed by the hood. "Never seen him in my life."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: Another telephone booth fell from the sky and landed next to the first. "Anyone else expecting a call?" He walked over, opened it up to find an umbrella with a note. Open this fast... "What the..." *CRAKOOM!!!!* The sky opened up and started to pour.

Wade: "Yarr, you scurvy swine, I be Captain Wilson, and you're about to take the voyage of yer life! Arr! Yarr! Arryarr! Moo! Yar." He gave a final nod befoer finally getting out of his Captain Morgan pose, "Now get in there before I make yea walk the plank!"

Mikey: Mikey winced as he felt drop of rain go down the raincoat's collar. He pulled the collar up. "Dude, I think he hit his head or something." he said and started to follow the guy inside.

Prototype: Alex went from staring at the sky to staring at the pirate, then at his cigarette - which quickly went out. "Ah hell." He muttered, flicking it away and shoving his hands in his pockets. The light seemed to move strangely over his leather jacket for a moment in irritation before settling down. "Whatever gave you that idea." He followed them tensely.

Mikey: "Like, pirate talk? The pirate clothes? Stuff like that?" Mikey said without turning around Mr Serious.

Kaylee: "Oh! Pirate! Shiney!!" Kaylee Frye hopped out from a around a corner, grinning at ...Captain Morgan?

Prototype: Alex rolled his eyes, glancing behind him warily as they went inside.

Zinda: Hurrying inside, Zinda swore and shook off the excess rain. "Holy crow! Be a mess flying through all that now. Guess if it don't let up I'll just have to bide my time."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: Bill quickly opened the large umbrella. "Good thing I thought to send this to me when I did, which I should remember to do later..." He worked it out in his head as he walked towards the door.

Wade: "Yarr, I be waitin' long enough outside for me crew. Ye first few will have to wait in here until the rest arrives. Yarr. Refreshments are in here for ye enjoyment." Wade said as they walked into the recroom.

Zinda: "Open bar?" Zinda peeked around looking for just that.

Wade: "Non alcoholic rum, tis a school night ya scurvy wench!"

Zinda: "It's a college, innit? Glory, if you're gonna be a dry campus I should just get my ass back to base."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "HA! Dude... he called you a wench! That is most unbecoming behavior!" He postured as he folded the umbrella back up as she stepped inside.

Mikey: "Okay, dude, scurvy wench? Not cool." Mikey pointed, showing his hand again and quickly sticking it in his coat pocket.

Zinda: "Why are you all complaining about the language? There's no beer!"

Prototype: "Yarr?" Alex eyed up the 'refreshments' as he slicked off the rain. Was he hungry? No. Did he actually eat normally? ...He hadn't tried yet. Hmm. He stuck to standing tensely to one side, watching the others.

Kaylee: "No beer??" Kaylee piqued up. "But, I thought this was, you know, like a college..."

Zinda: Well, at least there was food. Zinda wasn't about to be shy about that, grabbing a plate and piling it on. "See? She's on my side too, go out and get us some beer, Captain."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Well... You have to be 21 to drink... and I need to be a role model for my future fans..."

Zinda: "I was born before your Momma, that counts."

Wade: "Arr, fine, ya twisted ol' Captain Wilson's arm enough, here be me booty." he said went around the couch, pulling the treasure chest from behind it and kicking the lid open, showing al the drinks in it.

Selina: Selina let out a frustrated noise as the sky opened up on her as she was walking up. "Just great. I hate getting wet." She took off running, quickly making it to the door with feline grace. She opened it up and took a deep breath as she stepped in the dry place. "Anyone have a towel? Water and I don't mix."

Kaylee: "Oh! Strawberries!" She picked up up and munched on it. "21? really??"

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: Bill found a small box in the corner... "That looks just like one in my room..." He walked over and opened it, finding a towel and a note. He quickly read it. "Um... Yes. Think this is for you..." He held it out for the wet girl.

Zinda: "The laws 'round now are ridiculous, I tell you." Ah, beer, that made things better. "Nope, no towel. Sorry gal. I think one'a these guys made it rain just to get us all wet, eh?"

Prototype: Alex peered into the chest before shaking his head. "Not me. Not even I can do that." He muttered quietly, going back to lurking.

Mikey: Mikey quickly counted in his head, "Aw bummer, still too young." he quickly scratched his head through the hat and turned to see the girl, and whistled, "Cha, looked like you mixed real well to me, dudette"

Kaylee: "Rain feels good!" She slung her wet hair about. "Don't get much rain in my line of work."

Selina: Selina took the towel with a grateful smile, "Thank you so much." She started toweling off, letting out a squeal as she got even more wet from the other girl's hair. "Please don't do that!" She moved away from everyone and worked on getting dry.

Mikey: "Dude, that happen often for you?" Mikey asked the Bill guy.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Oh most definately. I make sure to remember these things so later, I can do them in the past. Leave little notes and stuff that will help me through the day..." He grinned. "How else would I have known there was going to be a wet girl in a white t-shirt that needed a towel at a school ive never been to today?"

Wade: Yo, we still here. "Yarr!" Wade said coming back from wherever it was in his head, "Fall in line, the voyage is about to start."

Prototype: Alex eyed up a cracker with some sort of paste on it, picking it up. "Anyone have any idea what the hell this is?" He murmured quietly, sniffing it. Some sort of meat product. On a cracker. Not particularly appetising, despite being an appetiser.

Zinda: "Aye, aye cap'n."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: Bill fell back beside Selina, "Selina right?" He asked.

Mikey: "Errr...." Mikey's head felt like mush trying to follow Billdude's logic, "Dude, that makes total sense."

Selina: Selina frowned and covered herself with the towel, "It wasn't supposed to rain today... And how did you know that?"

Prototype: "...Voyage?" Alex bit into the cracker, decided he didn't like it and rearranged his hand around it to consume the base particles of it instead, black and red tendrils flowing like ink in water. "We going somewhere?"

Kaylee: "Oh - Duibuqi! - um, I mean sorry!" Kaylee grinned at Selina. Then she did a little half skip to the pirate. "A voyage?! Where we going??"

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Was the name of the girl that was going to ask for the towel... you introduced yourself to future me about 10 minutes from now...." He grinned, "Also said you can keep the towel. Nice hair." He smirked and lined up behind Captain Morgan.

Wade: "Walk and talk ya landlubbers!" Wade said and opened the door to the kitchen, "Here be the kitchen, with all the finest foods of all the seven seas, and if not, ya better know how to signal for pizza."

Mikey: "Mmm, pizza." Mikey repeated the magic word.

Selina: Her eyes were suddenly on the hooded guy's hand. That was certainly a purrfectly wonderful trick... She wondered what mechanics he'd bought or stolen to get it. She looked back at the one who'd given her the towel. "Oh... Well, yes, I'm Selina... And thank you? What was your name again?"

Prototype: "...Seas?" Personally, Alex could see himself going off campus for food.

Prototype: He noticed the wet girl staring at his hand and looked over to her, face still half in shadow. "Like what you see?"

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Bill S. Preston Esquire, at your service, m'lady!" He gave a mock bow, "Yo... If I know me... I bet there's a..." He walked over to the oven and opened it, grabbed the oven mit and pulled out a pizza. "NICE! Most Excelent!"

Selina: "It's definitely intriguing," she smirked and offered her hand. "Selina Kyle. It's a pleasure." Now she wondered what else he had hidden... And a place this big had to have its own secret baubles and shinies...

Zinda: "And what's a girl gotta do to get some of that?"

Prototype: Alex looked at the hand, then took it warily. "Alex Mercer." He nodded. "And it probably is. I'd thank you to keep your hands to yourself though."

Mikey: "Mmm, pizza." Mikey repeated the magic word...again as he used the agility of years of ninja training to grab a slice. "Most excellent."

Selina: Selina tilted her head and frowned, "What do you mean? All I did was shake your hand..."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: Caught off gaurd with the forward female, "Woah... Uh... Here... Can... Pay... me... back.... Later?" He managed handing a slice over.

Prototype: "It was the intriguing line. It makes me nervous." Alex treated her to a smile. "I don't like scientists much, and they use that word a lot."

Zinda: "Fair enough." Zinda laughed, grabbing the slice and taking a bite. "Hey, not bad."

Kaylee: Kaylee scooped up a slice. "Much better than protein rations!" She giggled.

Wade: "I'll not be missing my soapies for ye lot. Double time!" he added seeing that everyone seemed to take their time to move. The group finally started moving and Wade, with a wonderful pirate accent, named each room. "And over here the library, a place of mystery that no sea faring adventurer would tread."

Zinda: "No shitting." Zinda agreed as she trailed behind their tourguide.

Selina: "Oh, darling," she grinned, "I'm far from a scientist. Although, what I do takes some precise calculation." She followed the strange pirate and looked him over, seeing if he had anything shiny worth aquiring.

Mikey: Mikey just looked around at the fancy place with an open mouth and a droopy slice of pizza still in hand, munching it from time to time as Cap'n Crunch kept on talking.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: Bill grabbed a piece as they trailed out. "This is good... I must remember to thank myself." He grinned, "Thank you self."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "So Zinda... you're from WW eye eye?" He asked, "How exactly did you get here?" He took another bite as they all walked.

Prototype: "That's good. Accuracy is indeed a-" And that was the original Mercer talking. Alex pushed the memory that was his-not-his away. "What is it you do?"

Zinda: "Search me." Zinda shrugged but really wasn't all that bothered about it. "Just wandered around, got to this nightclub and apparently it was now. Well, not now but you get that."

Selina: "I'm a ...collector of sorts," she smirked and stepped into the library, looking around for anything worth anything.

Kaylee: Kaylee walked around, staring in complete amazement. "Gao yang jong duh goo yang! This place is unbelievable!!" She took another bite of pizza and wiped the corner of her mouth with a handkercheif from her back pocket.

Prototype: "A thief."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Ah.... so that's how it works..." He grinned, the thoughts already gone from his head. "The library looks dusty... anyone ever use it?"

Selina: "What?" She frowned at him again.

Prototype: "You're a thief. Stands to reason." Alex smirked slightly. "Precision and a collector?"

Kaylee: "Lookit all the books!" She picked one up and immediately lost interest in it.

Selina: "I cannot believe you would accuse me of that." How could he have any idea when Bruce still hadn't figured it out?

Mikey: "Whoa, can fit like the whole sewer in here." Mikey said. He was definitely not a library guy. Don would like it. Maybe Leo too.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "I used to have a history book... but I tossed it. Wasn't very accurate... plus, watching it happen is easier than reading anyway..." He shrugged and lost intrest in the room.

Selina: "The sewer?" She tilted her head at the one in the raincoat. "And you do know we're inside now... You can take that thing off..."

Kaylee: "So you got a time machine??" Kaylee asked Bill, her face hopeful, hopping along beside him.

Mikey: "Errr," This is it, Mikey, time to shine with that imagination, make it a good one, "I'm cold. Yea, that's it. It's like, cold in here." he answered the girl.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Well, yeah. You see the phone booth outside?" He pointed his thumb back to the front, "I use it to go back and forth and sideways in time." He grinned, his head cocked to the side. "It's like totally awesome!"

Selina: "Oh... Well, ok," She smiled at him. He could keep his secrets and she could keep hers.

Wade: "And we be walking, be walking, be walking," Wade said, trying to get the bunch out of the library and back on the tour.

Kaylee: "Shiney!!" Her face beamed, "So, what kinda engines??" She'd never seen the inside of a real life time machine before.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Uh... Engine? It's got a phone in it... and a hanger for an antenna...." He shrugged and as they rounded a corner, he pointed to a phone booth up against the wall. "See... Looks kinda like... Hey... that is it." He walked over and opened it up. "See, here ya go, a real life time machine!"

Kaylee: Kaylee stuck her head inside with a look of tickled glee and stuck her head up under the bottom of the phone, trying to see it better. "Rotary?"

Mikey: "Old school, dude," Mikey said with a grin as he passed them.

Selina: Selina followed the pirate guy again, eyes still peeled.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Oh yeah, this is classic 1980's design here...." He nodded. "Just use the phone book to look up where and when ya wanna go, then dial it in. Easy as... it's easy!" He grinned.

Kaylee: "Anywhere?!" She grinned and started flipping through the phone book.

Mikey: "Dude, that's like whoa, not even whoa, this totally falls under the category far out." Mikey added.

Selina: Selina eyed up the machine and walked around it. Not worth her time. She kept moving and looking for things that were much more in her fashion.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Oh most indubidibly my most oddly skined friend!" He turned back to Kaylee, "Maybe after the tour we could play around in it!" He grinned, turned and hurried after Wade as he continued down the hall.

Wade: Wade felt like they were going slower than a snail's pace. "Yarr, we be needing to see three more rooms and or areas before ye got free reign! We be moving!" He said and went on with naming the rooms and showing them peeks into them, and for some inexplicable reason, pointed out how much each trinket and vase was worth on display as they passed, completely ignoring the people that fell behind.

Kaylee: "Shiney!!" She put the phone book up and reluctantly stepped away.

Selina: Selina couldn't help the small smirk and moved up to link arms with their pirate tour guide, paying close attention to the things he was pricing for her without knowing it.

Kaylee: Kaylee grinned impishly and linked arms with the enormous turtle and the time traveler. "So, ever been anywhere fancy like this before??"

Prototype: Alex realised he'd been left in the library and quickly put down the book of genetics, hurrying after the group.

Mikey: "Whoa, err, like, hello?" Mikey said as his arm suddenly found a friend.

Kaylee: "Hiya!" she beamed and swung between the two.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Well... This one time in ancient Greece, me and my buddy met up with Socretes... and then later that day we got to eat dinner with my man Arthur and his buddies at the round..." He trailled off, "Sorry... That was a long day."

Prototype: Alex listened in on the conversations, tagging behind the group, keeping a wary eye on Selina. Having the intelligances of over a thousand people - plus your own, rather considerable one - made it hell to make friends. Not that he wanted to, of course.

Wade: "Yarr," Wade nodded to the girl in his arms, "And this be a silver statuette, made in bygone era of men who whore too much gell in their hair. Arr, goes for a mere price of four hundred and sixty five dollars, there six more in the closet vault in case this one break like its predecessor. One of a kind."

Kaylee: "You're making that up," she laughed, then paused. "Can we go the Greece?? Oh, where are we going now?"

Selina: Selina arched an eyebrow. Only a few hundred? Not worth her time. That was mere pennies compared to the last big diamond heist she went on.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Oh most definatively! Place was awesome, like a 24/7 toga party!" He grinned at her and his overly dressed friend.

Mikey: "Dude, seriously?" Mikey asked, giving the girl another swing on his arm.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "I never lie. And if I do lie.. It's not me. It's the evil robot me. And that guys a jerk..." Bill said most seriously, and crossed his heart with his finger.

Mikey: "Dude, tell me about it. Evil robots always tries to kill you." He nooded.

Kaylee: She grinned, this guy had machines all over the place. She was still daydreaming about getting a look at what made the time machine work. Couldn't be as smooth a ride as Serenity though.

Prototype: Alex muttered something under his breath as he realised the temperature was really too warm for the hood. Reluctantly, and glancing around (like Blackwatch would have followed him out here) warily, he pushed it down, revealing short dark hair and blue eyes. At least he didn't have to wear the original Alex's glasses. The evil geneticist look was so three weeks ago.

Wade: "And down this hallway that has nothing interesting, be the changing rooms. Dogs on the left, wenches on the right. And over here be the heated indoor swimming pool with accompanying jacuzzi." Wade said showing the large pool room.

Kaylee: "Oh! They got a pool!?" She stood on her tip toes to get a better look. "Look, it's even inside!"

Selina: Selina made a face and shied away from the pool room with a near silent hiss. She slipped to the other end of the corridor, as far away from the pool as possible.

Prototype: Alex frowned at Selina. "You don't like water either?"

Wade: "Yarr," Wade looked over to the girl that wasn't at his side anymore, "If ya keep moving that way, you surely must see the fancy artworks on the wall. Yarr."

Selina: "Was it not obvious when I came in soaked and said how much I hated it?" She moved back to Alex and stayed close to him. "Why don't you like it?" Selina arched an eyebrow and looked over to the art. "And how much are those appraised for?"

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Nice! I wonder if there are more most bodacious babes at this school..." Need to remember this spot and come back at a different time... He made the mental note as he walked past the pool accidently bumping into Kaylee, beside the pool.

Prototype: "Because..." He instinctively hated the water. For no reason, apparently. Possibly something instilled at the genetic level, perhaps a feeling that he might drift apart? His abilities certainly made it seem that was possible- inner-geneticist again. "I just don't."

Kaylee: Kaylee swiveled and windmilled her arms. She pulled on Mikey's arm trying to right herself. Then grabbed hold of Bill's shirt as she started toppling into the water.

Mikey: "Dude, whoa...whoa," ultimate ninja skill or not, if you lost your balance and was dragged down into a pool, you goign to get wet.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Wooooah!" He said as he was dragged into the water. He pushed off the bottom and reached for the sides, "I'm drowning!! I dn't know how to swim!!! A little help here please!?" He said while thrashing on the surface.

Wade: "Arrrgh, man, woman and....thing with a halfshell overboard!" Wade exclaimed.

Selina: Selina cringed and tried to get further away from the pool as they all splashed. "Hey, Morgan! Go help them!" She was not getting in the water and she didn't have her cat o' nines to use to swing across and grab them.

Prototype: Alex actually cracked a grin at the three falling in. "I don't know, leave them in for the entertainment value at least."

Mikey: Mikey pushed himself up and grabbed Bill, "Err, dude, you really can't swim, or just want the lady dudette to save you?" he asked slyly.

Selina: "Well, if he can't swim it's no good to leave him in."

Prototype: "It's his own problem."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Dude... don't blow the cover..." He grinned and continued thrashing, bobbing in the water.

Selina: Well now it looked like the...turtle guy... had him. Good. "That's not very nice."

Kaylee: Kaylee's head shot up out of the water, throwing her hair back. "Hey! It really is heated!" She kicked back a bit and grinned, now completely soaked. "Here, let me help you..." She swam up to the poor drowning guy she'd pulled into the pool.

Wade: Yarr, I be seeing many students sueing the owner of this establishment if this keep up. Argh." Wade nodded and grabbed the long cleaning net and poked the three with it.

Prototype: "I'm not very nice." Alex ran a hand through his hair and smirked. "Been to Manhatten lately?"

Selina: "About a month back. My job took me there for a couple of days. Why?"

Mikey: Mikey pushed himself away to let the girl 'save' him, then found himself being poked by a stick, "Dude, cut it out, not cool." and swatted the stick away as he made for the side to get out.

Kaylee: "Ow! Watch it you Hoe-tze duh Pee-goo!!" Kaylee yelped as she was prodded by the tour guide.

Prototype: "Let's just say...there was a hell of a party." Alex smiled. It wasn't particularly nice. "The geography's probably changed a little bit. And the population's not so bad now - cut by 81%. I think the quarantine's been lifted though."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Oh thank you!" He said, evening himself in the water, "You're my hero!" He grinned, "I would be a goner for sure had you not saved me!" He latched onto her, "Ow... what the duc... blargblurble..." He continued as he was pushed under water by the pole.

Selina: "Quarantine?! What happened?"

Prototype: "I did. Well. Actually. It's a long and complicated story." Alex shrugged, patting a pocket for a cigarette.

Wade: "Yar, whoops, let me just, arrr, a little higher up, come on grab it, graaab it." Wade mumbled as he tried to save them....his way.

Kaylee: "Now, you have to take me Greece!" she laughed at the guy feeling her up, as she alternately slapped at and pulled on the pool sweeper.

Selina: "Oh no... That must have ruined a lot of things there..." Damnit. There was a particular jewelry store she had been trying to get the blueprints of... She hoped it was still there.

Mikey: Mikey stood up in the drenched coat. His hat was drifting by near the edge. He sighed and knelt, grabbing it and squeezing the water out. "Dude....I'm all wet."

Prototype: "Oh yes. I managed to stop it being nuked at least, though."

Selina: "Oh, well that's good," she let out a breath and smiled. Maybe it was still there after all. Wait... Nuked?! "How did that happen? Or, almost happen...?"

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Excelent!" He grinned and pulled himself out of the pool. He sat on the ledge, and held his hand out for her. "Upsiedaisy..."

Prototype: Alex sighed, finally locating his smokes and starting to pat around for his lighter. "Long story." He nodded to the pool. "Entertainment's over, it seems."

Mikey: "Wait, nuked, wait, what?" Mikey looked up, "Dude, I live there, it's not that bad, you get used t othe smell. Okay, maybe not live there now now, but, like, home sweet home is there."

Prototype: Alex looked over to the turtle, frowning. "You live there? I've seen a lot of strange things in Manhatten, but nothing that looks like you."

Kaylee: Kaylee's clothes were plastered to her as she took Bill's hand and pulled herself up, grinning herself. Wringing the water out of her hair, she suddenly looked at mikey. "He is really, really green and ... shell-y?"
Wade: The next moment towels were thrown at the three wet visitors.

Selina: Selina was dry by now, so she tossed the towel at the three, still staying as far away as possible. "Nothing that has anything to do with water is entertaining."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "You know... In the future... There is a video game about a group of turtles... Actually a bunch of them." A thought struck him, "INCLUDING Turtles across time! I bet you anything you guys.... No wait... I'm not supposted to say anything like that.... Never mind... Dont mind me." He grinned and stood up.

Prototype: "Try pushing a fully geared soldier into the water sometime." Alex finally located the elusive lighter. "That's entertaining." The nasty little smile came back for a moment as he lit up.

Mikey: Mikey caught the towel and sighed, taking the wet coat off completely and showing more green and more shell. "Yeah yeah, take some pictures while you at it. Just don't, like, you know, let the papers screw you over how much they would pay for them."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "I wonder if I left any clothes...." He wandered around for a moment before finding a bag that looked like his old backpack. "woah ho ho... lookie here!" He opened it up to find a spare set of clothes, and a little black dress. "Hey! Kaylee... I think this one's yours..."

Selina: "So long as I didn't get wet in the process..." Selina ran her hand over the ends of her still damp hair and wished she had a hair dryer. "Like I said, I don't like water. At all."

Kaylee: Rubbing the towel through her hair, she made a 'hmm?' sound and looked over at him. "Thank you!" she grinned as she saw a dry dress. Well, part of a dress. She held it up. "Where's the rest of it??"

Prototype: "How come?"

Selina: Selina frowned at the Bill character, "What, no clothes for me? I just got a towel?"

Selina: "Because I just don't. I'm a lot like a cat, you could say..."

Prototype: "Ah." A thin stream of smoke came out at that. "Shall we back away from the wet stuff then?"

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Uh... " He shrugged and turned to Selina, "Um... No... think you were supposted to get wet." He smiled at Kaylee "Try it on, I'm pretty sure you picked it out in the future... should fit... What the..." He pulled out a leather cat suit.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: He held it up, "This yours?" He asked sheepishly.

Mikey: After a couple more rubs on the firmly well toned green skin, Mikey smirked and then towel whipped bill. Deadly towel attack.

Selina: Selina's eyes went wide at the leather, her mouth opening to reply then shutting again instantly, "No. No, that couldn't be mine..." Shit.

Kaylee: "I'll take the dress!" Kaylee grabbed the little black dress. She started to strip, then stopped and blushed. "Um...I'll just go, you know...over there." She skitted behind a partition.

Prototype: Alex eyed up the catsuit. "Well, it's not mine." He shrugged, leaning back against a wall and settling back to observe.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "OWWE!!!! Dude... that is non non... non non... heinious!" He rubbed the tender spot. "Ah... musta made a mistake..." He tossed it back inside the bag and headed to the locker room to change clothes, watching Kayle as he went.

Selina: Selina eyed the backpack, lower lip caught between her teeth as she tried to figure out how to get it back.... And how he got it in the first place!

Prototype: Alex looked over to the woman and raised an eyebrow. "Worried about something?"

Selina: "No, of course not." She shrugged and kept thinking, "Just wondering who that suit was for since I don't see any other females here."

Kaylee: A few minutes later, she came back around the partition. The little black dress was very little indeed. Self conciously, she pulled at the hem, "Lookit! I look like I should be going to a party!" She said despite the fact she was bare foot and her hair was still wet.

Selina: Selina smirked, "What kind of party, honey? The kind I go to, you'd never be allowed in looking like that."

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: He stepped back out in a fresh suit of clothes, looking the exact same minus the water. "Alright! Much bet... Woah! Nice..." He grinned. "We'll have to go pick that out later!" He grinned.

Prototype: Alex looked up to the ceiling. Barely seconds later, after flicking through mentalities, his clothing and skin rippled, turning black and red and spreading like ink in water before solidifying in a well-dressed business woman wearing high-heels, suit and with long black hair in a bun. "So you say." He smirked at Selina.

Mikey: "Wouldn't mind seeing someone in that, like total mee-ow-worthy." Mikey said and he tried to wrench out the water from his coat.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "Yeah... Don't know where it came from though... Seems useless if it doesn't belong to anyone here..." He wondered.

Selina: Selina's eyes went wide and she stepped away from Alex. "What in the...." Then she looked over to the turtle and gave a soft laugh, "Um... Well, it is a cat suit, ya know."

Prototype: Alex took a long drag from the cigarette, blowing out a stream of smoke. "It's a talent." Even his voice changed. "But the suit's still not mine."

Selina: "Well... if no one else is going to take it, I may as well... To.. ya know... Keep dry." She laughed a little again and took the suit, leaving the pool room completely.

Prototype: Alex shifted back into his preferred form. "What's her problem?" He asked of no one in particular.

Selina: Selina slipped on the cat suit and let out a deep breath. Now then... To find some real treasures. She peeked in the room to make sure they were all still there and started on a tour of her own.

Wade: A beep beep sound came from under Capitan MoreGun's sleave, "Yarr, that be the tour for today, I hope ya enjoyed your stay, drive safely now, exit's that away, I gotta head for me soaps!" and with that he ran for the door.

Mikey: "Err, right...anyone can give me a ride, would totally appreciate it, heavy rain and wet raincoat equals cold and sensei special ancient japanese remedy soup, which I might add, tastes gnarly."

Kaylee: "They have TV here too?" Kaylee wished Mal would let her wire Serenity for cable. She tossed her towel to the side and stood next to the time traveler, lest he get away without taking her for a ride.

Prototype: Hn. Great. He was left alone in a school of strangers. Alex pondered this, then smiled, pulling up his hood. "Later, kids." With that, he headed out. But not for the exit.

Bill_S_Preston_Esquire: "OOh k... " He watched as Wade high tailed it out. "Hope we can find our way back out..." He mumbled. Bill turned and saw Kaylee again, in the little black dress. "Not headed that way... Sorry bro..." He grinned, "So... Ancient Greece?" He locked arms with her again.

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Bill and Mikey's X-ellent Adventure

Post by steyn » Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:42 am

Thanks for putting this up, Esy! Would have done it myself, but you know, sleep tends to make me unconscious, and it's like totally hard to post stuff when unconscious, dudette.

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Bill and Mikey's X-ellent Adventure

Post by Esynthia » Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:49 pm

LOL np, Steyn. I figured you wanted to sleep. ;)

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