What if....Gods!

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What if....Gods!

Post by steyn » Sat Jan 16, 2010 7:59 am

DJPan: The speakers on the beach had a music beat in the background as Pan took the mic, "Welcome welcome welcome, gods one and all, this decade's party, 2010 everyone! Let's try and beat Dionysus' millenium party, shall we? Ha ha! We got sun, we got sand we got springtime in the air, if you know what that means, so lets crack open the fun!" And then the background music played louder.

Thor: "Forget the fun, where's the mead?" Thor looked around, propping his hammer up against the table.

Set: Set sat with his feet on the table, foot tapping to the music and hands behind his greyhound head, watching the others come and go.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite swam up from the bottom of part of the ocean, hair perfectly out of her face and clinging to her naked curves. She tread water as she looked over the pearls and abandonded shells in her hands, picking only the best for her new jewelry before tossing the rest back and making her way to shore.

DJPan: Pan whistled for his nymphs to bring in the drinks, and then patted on on the behind and told her to be the temporary DJ. "Just look cute and don't touch the playlist." he said, giving another squeeze on her tush before jumping off the stage to mingle.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite set the treasures on the cooler by her towel and pulled her flimsy cover-up back on, looking around for any new arrivals.

Thor: Thor picked up a goblet and peered into it, "What are we drinking here?" he asked, looking around at anyone that might know the answer.

Momus: Momus found his way to the party, wrong directions, wrong time, and wrong party bedamed, he was going to make it to this millenium party or else. He smiled as he recognized a few of the other gods and waved over at Aphro... the only one he really knew except by reputation.

Aphrodite: "Nectar of the gods, darling." She grinned, "What else?"

DJPan: "Yeah, Redbull" Pan said cracking open a can.

Thor: Thor sniffed it, "Hmm.... smells okay...."

Set: Set yawned and scratched a cheek. "Donkey piss, knowing Dio. He can make anything taste good."

Aphrodite: "It gives you plenty of energy, you know." She ignored Momus, not wanting any part of his petty insults. Aphrodite laughed at Set and gave a nod, "That he can. But I doubt he has done that."

Thor: Thor put the goblet back down. "Er... right.... Any mead laying about? Or do I have to make a run to the shops?.... And by shops I mean Valhalla...."

Aphrodite: "Oooo! Valhalla! Tell the girls I said hello!"

DJPan: "Gah, you and your damned mead, I'm sure there's some kind of cup of plenty that can spill all the drinks you want. And if there isn't why the heck hasn't Dio made something like that yet?" Pan said

Thor: Thor rolled his eyes, "I'm sure they'll love to hear from you... Though at this time Freja will be partying in her own place..." Thank goodness....

Thor: "Hey! Mead is good for you!" Thor glared at Pan, "Puts hair on your chest...."

DJPan: Pan looked down at his legs and stomach, "If I had any more hair I'd be looking like you!"

Momus: "Wirery little hairs that look like the hangers on of my.... Oh... Nymphs..." Momus was distracted from letting fly his full insult.

Set: "Not that you need it." Set chuckled, scratching at a jean-clad thigh. "Aphrodite! Well, I'll be damned. How long's it been?"

Thor: Thor glared at everyone before picking up his hammer and calling for his chariot. "I'll be right back..." He hopped on and let his goats drag him skyward.

DJPan: "Now those are some good looking goats," Pan said then turned back to the rest of the partygoers.

Artemis: Diana turned the checked her deer on its spit again. "Where are my nymphs!" she demanded. "I told them to stay home!"

Aphrodite: Aphrodite glanced back at Set while sorting out her treasures. She gave him a sly grin, "Too long, of course."

Momus: "Not certain why he would ask Aphrodite if she had mead if it puts hairs on the chest... you can plainly see she has none... and trust me, if I looked long and hard." He smiled as he looked around to see if anyone was even listening to him.

Set: The God of Chaos grinned lazily. "I'll say. Seduced anyone important recently?"

Aphrodite: She tossed a spare shell from the sand to Pan, "Bring me a drink, my darling?" She looked down at her chest for a moment, pulling her top down to expose it for a better look then looked back at Momus, "No hairs there, thank..well... Us!"

Aphrodite: "Everyone I seduce is important, dear."

Set: Set chuckled, his tail wagging slightly as he gracefully got up and headed to the drinks table. What he needed was a nice cold beer, and, of course, he found one. He cracked it open, stuck his hand in a pocket and looked around at the party.

Artemis: Leaving the deer to grill a bit longer and came over to get a drink. She popped the top and sat down next to Pan. "So, what's been keeping you busy these days?"

DJPan: "You if you'd go on that date I keep asking," Pan said, grinning and sitting back.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite frowned at being ignored, "Don't tell me I actually have to work today!"

Artemis: She laughed, "Well, I will give you one thing - you never give up." She nudged Pan and laughed again.

Thor: Thor returned with a rumble of thunder and a couple of passengers. "Who wants a real drink?" He set a giant cauldron down on the sand, his passengers already enjoying the party. He patted his goats. Good goats.

Set: Set whistled at Aphrodite. "Things are better the more effort you put into them!"

Aphrodite: "Says you! I shouldn't have to work to make a man bring me a drink of all things!" She turned to spot Adonis walking by and she called him to get it for her. Of course, he obliged without question.

Momus: After a bit of intermingling and catching up with old aquantences Momus found himself quite alone, and spotted Adonis getting a drink for Aphrodite. He intercepted and took the drink over to her. "Here ya go beautiful." He smiled.

DJPan: Pan scratched just below a horn, "If memory serves, you did say 'Maybe next mellenium' and that was back when I asked in 1010. So what do you say, eh?" he asked Artemis.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite arched an eyebrow but gave him a pleased smile, "Thank you."

Momus: "It's really no problem. Was heading over here anyway." He leaned up against a pillar, very cool like. Untill the Pillar turned and asked him to stop. Norse gods were aweful touchy.

Set: Set groaned as he was spotted by a couple of lesser gods and gawked at. "Oh boy. I hate fanboys." He sighed, rubbing his muzzle. "Hey, look, go find Ra to gape at. He's the one that's as powerful, and he laps it up. I'm the Chaos god. Yeah, that's right, rawr..." He watched the kids scarper. "Heh. Guess the rep does help."

Artemis: "Nice shirt, Momus! Nice pants, Pan" She gave them a thumbs up and retied the straps on her sundress. "Nice 'almost a dress', Aph!"

Aphrodite: Aphrodite blinked at Artemis, "You'll get yours. Just wait." She was the reason Pan was ignoring her after all.

Thor: Thor slumped into a chair and picked up a goblet, tipping out the 'nectar' and replacing it with mead. Much better. He leaned back in his seat and propped his feet up on his hammer.

Momus: He raises his glass to Artemis, "My thanks virgin mary!" He grinned and turned back to Aphrodite, "So... I see you got rid of those sandles, that looked aweful on you b the w...."

Aphrodite: Aphrodite glared at Momus, "Nothing I put on my body ever looks awful on me. Except you."

Thor: Thor overheard that one and cracked up, giving Aphrodite a round of applause. "Excellent!"

Momus: "Aww... that just isn't true. You've never had me on you." He grinned and gave a little wink.

Set: Set knocked back his beer, throwing the can to Cerberus to play with before heading for the water, clapping Momus on the shoulder. "Dude, when she choses a dog-headed guy over you, you know you're doing something wrong." He grinned.

Artemis: "Barbeque will be ready in few minutes. Who brought the buns and potato chips?" She scritched Pan under the chin. "You bring the music I take it?'

Aphrodite: Aphrodite scoffed at Momus, "And I don't plan to." She moved to settle in a chair beside Thor, giving him a grin, "How is that big hammer of yours, babe?"

Momus: "Yeah yeah yeah... At least I don't have to get rabbies shots after..."

DJPan: Pan grinned as he stuck his head closer to Artemis, "Of course, blaring out loud...hang on, this isn't what I put on the playlist, the little nymph actually touched my playlist, be right back, don't go lose your virginity without me." Pan stomped off to the DJ stage.

Set: Set smirked. "I'll remember that when it gets dark."

Thor: Thor smiled at Aphrodite, "Hammer's fine, you can check if you like..." he raised his drink then took a sip, "Oh... Balder wants to know why you haven't called him back....?"

Momus: Momus saw that his chick had been scouped by the godly version of the high school football captain and decided to try elsewhere. He sidled up to Artemis. "So... Long time no see..."

Aphrodite: "Mmm. You know I'd love to. Can go in your chariot, yeah?" She bit her lip, "I've been busy. Tell him my schedule should free up in about two weeks if he wants to call me."

Artemis: Artemis laughed. "Wouldn't dream of it!" She called out to Pan and leaned back on her elbows. "So Set, how's the chaos and confusion business going for you? Read about the last UN meeting - good job!"

Artemis: She turned and grinned at Mormus, "Too long Mormus - where have you been keeping yourself?"

Thor: "You can use my chariot if you like, the goats like you." He grinned, "Just stay out of the ocean - they get twitchy..."

Momus: "Oh... you know... here... there.... Zues filed his restraining order... so I've just been... around..." He shrugged. Stupid old man.

Set: Set gave Artemis two thumbs up and grinned. "It's good! It's all good. Best thing is, it's mostly in desert too - so it's all win for me!" He ambled over, dropping into a seat. "Though I must admit, all I did was get the ball rolling. Self-serving enterprise."

Aphrodite: Aphrodite sneered at Thor and tossed her drink in his face before standing to strip, heading back into the ocean.

Artemis: Artemis was about to speak when she saw Aphrodite throwing her drink in Thor's face. "Oh dear..." she shook her head. "Now, Momus - you know what kind of temper Dad has... you were asking for it with your little comments on his choice in hobbies... you know dressing up like animals and seducing women..."

Thor: Thor blinked, "How rude....." That was entirely uncalled for. He shrugged at his goats and sipped his drink again.

Aphrodite: "Don't push daddy, Momus," she called as she dove into the deeper waters.

DJPan: The music changed back from Miley Cyrus to good old party beat, "..and if you touch it again, I swear, I'll make sure you'll get a spanking that you'll remember, m'kay?" Pan squeezed her tush again as he jumped back down from the stage on the sand and walked back to Artemis, spottign Set with her. "Er, yo Set."

Set: Set laughed, clicking his fingers and one of the lesser gods immediately handing him a beer. "Yo, Pan! How's the hooves?"

Momus: "I know, I know... But how can he expect me to just gloss over his little escapades? I mean seriiously.... Have you seen some of the stuff he's done... Surprised the two of you didn't come out have goat or something..." He said quickly, just intime for Pan to make it back over.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite caught onto the dorsel fin of a dolphin and swam with it for a while, enjoying the freedom of the water around her.

Thor: Thor wondered if he should retaliate for the drink in the face.... A nicely placed lightening bolt ought to teach her a lesson...

Artemis: "Sorry Pan - Carya just gets carried aways sometimes." She watched the nut-tree nymph jump at the squeezing and skip away. "Makes a damn fine pecan pie though..." She wondered if Carya might have brought a pecan pie, the was shook out of her thoughts and grinned at Momus. " I just about did!"

Set: Set concentrated on the party again, smirking to himself as he stared at a group of younger gods until they edged away.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite pushed back up to break surface and leaned back to float with her eyes closed, enjoying the sun.

DJPan: Pan kicked back, "Hooves are just perfect, better than your soft feet," he grinned at Set, "By the way, always wanted to ask you this, what the heck is up with all the bugs in all the versions of Microsoft Windows?"

Momus: "Aww... no, you look beautiful. If it wasn't for that chastity thing you'd be about perfect." He smiled, trying to butter her up to get past his problem with her.

DJPan: "And what's so wrong about being a goat?" Pan asked with a mock hurt expression.

Set: Set shrugged. "Hey, I'm the Lord of Chaos, not the bloody devil. Ask Eris, that's more her speciality."

Thor: "Absolutely nothing!" Thor tossed in, grinning at Pan. He liked goats.

Artemis: She grinned, blushing and nudged Momus, "Stop teasing! Everyone knows Aphrodite is the pretty one."

Set: Set lent over to Artemis conspiritually. "But you're the one who got the brains." He whispered, winking.

Momus: "Nothing really, but not really the type you take home to mom, ya know?" He grinned and winked at Pan. I bet Thor likes goats.... has to be some reason he blew off Aphrodite...

Aphrodite: "I heard that!"

Artemis: Still grinning, she agreed with Thor. "Goats are some of the hardest prey I've ever hunted! They're very cunning - and watch out for those horns!" She blushed an even brighter red, "No, Set - that would be Athena..."

Thor: Thor tossed a handful of food at Tanngnost and Tanngrisnir, then looked up, "You're not hunting any goats tonight, missy!"

Momus: "But Athena never comes to the parties, so you win by atritian." He reasoned out.

DJPan: "Yeah, gotta watch out for my horns as well. Hur hur hur," Pan joked.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite dove back under the water, swimming to a point where she could stand and easily walk out of the waves, looking around for Ares. A feud between him and Adonis would be better entertainment than those louts fauning over her sister.

Set: "Weell. No one sleeps with the dog guy anyway, so I get to choose who I like best. Athena's too into her 'wisdom' to be any fun." Set finished his beer and tossed it away, one of his hanger-ons catching it and an immediate fight starting up over it, to his appreciation.

Aphrodite: "Is that an insult towards me, Set?" she called over casually as she picked up her mirror to make sure her hair wasn't too wild and her make-up wasn't running before finding Ares.

Artemis: She held up her hands in in peace to Thor. "Not tonight - we have food." She thumbed over at the deer almost ready to carve up. She nodded, "It's true, sometimes I think Athena likes that owl of hers better than us." She laughed good naturedly. "Momus and Set - you're going to give me a big head carrying on like that." She finished her drink.

Momus: "You have no idea." He grinned.

DJPan: Pan watched the fighting to get the can, "I don't understand how you can have such a fanbase. I mean look at me! All I get are some weirdos on the internet and a guy named 'Bubby' who owns a goatfarm...and is way too nice to those goats if you ask me."

Thor: "Maybe my dad could give your sister tips - get that owl to do some real work." Thor grinned at Artemis, "Huginn and Muninn do all sorts."

Thor: He looked skyward out of reflex and scowled, "There's one of them now, nosey buggers!" he thew an apple at it.

Set: "It's the Chaos handle. Kids are all over it." Set grinned easily at Pan. "Lord of Darkness, Master of the Desert...you got to get yourself a good title, Pan."

Momus: "At least people know who you are.... Have you ever heard of a cult of Momus? I think not. And a right nice bunch of guys it'd be too..." He pouted. "If there was one..."

Thor: Thor raised an eyebrow, "Nice? With a load of mini yous wandering about? Don't make me laugh...."

Set: "Oh, and the ultimate chaos is having a fanbase, believe me. You have no idea how nuts people go over the tiniest things." He gestured to the squabbling, which had pulled in some previously uncaring people and some interesting weapons had been drawn. "For some reason, fights always break out around me..."

Aphrodite: "No they wouldn't be. Don't kid yourself." She glanced to the edge of the beach where her hired men were keeping the teenage boys at bay. "You should be glad you don't have a following. Papperazi aren't any fun after a few hundred years.

Aphrodite: "They like to catch the worst angles!"

Thor: Thor looked over to Aphrodite, "You have a bad angle?"

DJPan: "Ugh, only thing I can go for is animal farming and music. Oh and the, err, sex thing, but that's mostly the other god's part." he said, leering at Aphrodite for a minute wit a grin, and then looked back at Set, "And plus apparently I look like 'the devil'." he said using finger quotes.

Momus: "She does." He smirked, "Give me a quarter and I'll tell you."

Set: "Kinda like Britney Speares in that way, aren't you?"

Thor: Thor looked at Momus, "Only a quarter?"

Set: Set grinned at Pan. "Don't forget your 'Puck' name too."

Aphrodite: She grinned over at Thor, "See? Playing nice will keep drinks out of your face." She wiggled her fingers in a wave at Pan before throwing an empty can at Momus' head. "I most certainly do not."

DJPan: "Argh, don't say taht, I'm trying to get rid of that name!" pan said, then leaning over to grab a beer.

Aphrodite: "Please," she rolled her eyes, "Britney Spears has gone completely insane."

Thor: Thor grinned back at Aphrodite, even though he still wasn't sure why he got the drink in his face. Maybe he shouldn't ask though....

Set: "Exactly." Set grinned widely, kicking his feet up onto the table.

Momus: Momus rubbed the back of his head. "I bet that is going to bruise..." He bit his lip, and decided not to push the more powerful gods into hurting him. Again.

DJPan: Pan had caught that little wave of Aphrodite, and bit his lip not to look at her again. He'd have to wear pants if he did. He got up and stepped to the spitroast and Artemis, "So...about that date."

Aphrodite: "Are you kidding? I would never shave off my beautiful hair! The woman needs professional help!"

Thor: Thor laughed, he'd heard that point of view before.

Artemis: Artemis smiled at Pan, "Come on, help me get this deer off the spit before it burns." She picked up on end and waited, sighing at her half sister.

DJPan: Pan helped and carried the deer to the picnic-now-buffet table, "You know, I tried going veetarian, did not work out."

Aphrodite: Aphrodite sauntered by the group, sliding up behind Adonis and covering his eyes playfuly, making sure Ares was watching.

Thor: Thor decided to watch what Aphrodite was doing. It looked like it might provide some entertainment. Fun!

Set: Set watched Aphrodite, completely unmoved by her nakedness, before turning to the deer. "Hey, chow time?"

Artemis: "Indeed it is!" She grinned back at Set holding up the carving knife and fork. "I killed it and cooked it - who wants to carve it!" She looked around for manly volunteers.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite grinned as Ares came storming over to challenge Adonis, but she stepped around just in time to placate Ares. Which of course angered Adonis. Oh, what a fun game to play! She giggled and sauntered away from the two, knowing they'd be distracted by her for a few moments.

Thor: Thor raised a hand, looking over to Artemis, distracted by the smell of food.

Artemis: "Well, haul yourself and your thunder over here so we can eat!" She motioned to Thor. "Grab a plate everyone and form a line!"

Thor: He removed his feet from their resting place on his hammer and got up so he could get some deer. Mmmm food. Good party. He took the carving knife and fork from Artemis and set about his task.

Set: Set did as Artemis suggested, standing with a hand in his pocket and whistling casually...and skipping forward when random arguments, then fights broke out in front of him.

Momus: Momus quickly obliged and got a plate from a passing nymph and stood in line behind Artemis. "Looks delicious. I'd appreciate a low fat piece though... Have to watch my figure."

Artemis: She playfully pinched at Momus's waist, "Liar!" she chuckled. Grabbing a spoon, she helped herself to some potato salad. "Pan, you gonna eat?" she grinned over at him.

Thor: Thor shot a look at Momus then dumped a huge slab of meat on his plate. "You'll get what you're given." he looked at Artemis, "Which bit would you like?"

Aphrodite: Aphrodite smirked as she heard the boys fighting behind her, blowing them a kiss over her shoulder as she reached out to grab a grape. She popped it into her mouth and took a plate, stepping right up to the deer and Thor, ignoring the line.

Artemis: "Aph - no one likes a show off - or a primadonna." Artemis reminded her sometimes insanely vain half sister.

DJPan: Pan blinked and looked away from his stare on Aphrodite, smiling back at Artemis, "yeah, yeah, of course I'm going to eat." he said, snapping his fingers and one of the nymphs giving him a plate.

Set: Set rolled his eyes as another adoring fan stared at him, a little guy with horns, a trident and a spade tail. "Wait, let me guess - the Devil, right? Didn't I meet you that time in Spain? Worked together on the Inquisition job, right?" The guy nodded excitably. "Yeah...did good, boy, did good"

DJPan: Pan turned to look at the mention of devil, and then pointed with his eating fork, "You! You're the bloody reason I have devil worshippers knocking at my door at ungodly hours!"

Aphrodite: "I'm not a show off. I simply know what I have and I flaunt it."

Set: The Devil nearly fainted, almost floating away as Set got to the table. "Hey, Thor! Dude, how's Loki taking it these days? Heard he's not too good now."

Momus: "Aww..." He poked at the slab of meat with his fork, not even sure really what part it was. He slumped his shoulders and made for a place to sit, being rejected by every group he came across and finally sitting alone over by Aphrodite's discarded clothes and Thor's hammer.

Thor: Thor selected some good cuts of meat for Artemis and put them on her plate then helped himself to some. "Anyone else want me to cut some for them or can you all manage?" he wanted to eat dammit! he looked over to Set, "Ah, he insulted Bragi at lunch the other week - didn't go down well."

Artemis: "That is the definition of a showoff, Aph..." Maybe Athena would have been more fun here...

Set: "Ooooh, burn. Here, I'll do myself some. Tell him I asked, would you? And that I want the CD back."

Thor: "Yeah I'll let him know... assumiing I can catch him." He grinned.

Artemis: "Thank you Thor," she beamed at him. Then went over to Momus sitting all morose and alone. "Come on Momus, come sit with us. This is a party!"

DJPan: Pan almost flailed at the fact the little devil didn't even listen to him, "Yeah! You better run!" and then he held out his plate at Thor for some meat.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite gawked at Artemis getting served before her, "What in Hades is wrong with you? You're a virgin! And a horrible one at that! And you're not even pretty!"

Thor: Thor cut some meat for Pan and patted the little goat legged guy on the head. "Enjoy!"

Set: "Sorted." Set carved himself some meat, tail wagging happily as he went and found a seat, tucking in. "Easier on the eyes, Aphy!"

Aphrodite: "Oh shut it!" She stared as Pan got meat before her too and threw her plate at Thor, not even caring anymore. She sent out some thoughts to her 'fans' and they all rushed to maul Thor. Mmm boy on boy. Not her thing, but humorous enough.

Thor: Thor blinked at the plate to the face. What was wrong with that woman?! Then he saw the horde. "Oh crap..." He summoned his hammer.

Set: Set watched as his statement tipped her over with a grin, at the ensuing - excuse the pun - 'chaos' that followed. Oh, parties with him around were always fun...

Momus: Momus smiled up at Artemis, "Thanks." He got up and followed her back over to the group, watching as all hell broke out.

Artemis: "I waited my turn in line?" she shrugged at Aphrodite, pulling Mormus up by the hand. "You'd be amazed what a little patience can get you. Like... well, like that deer you're about to eat."

DJPan: Pan sighed and sagged down on a chair, plate with food on his lap, and he felt like a failure as a god, and so ate his comfort food.

Momus: "Oh dear..." He smiled again, he'd got her to hold his hand. The Beatles would call this love...

Thor: Thor brained a few people with his hammer. "This is not my idea of a fun party! Sif'd have my ass!"

Aphrodite: "Like I would eat anything you killed. It's probably diseased." She looked up at the sky and scowled, "Daddy!" A lightning bolt struck the spit, burning the meat, and she grinned.

Aphrodite: "Stop beating my fans up! That's not very nice!"

Thor: "They started it!" Thor complained, "Not my fault you can't wait in line like everyone else!"

Set: Set waved at Momus and Artemis. "I got bored." He said apologetically, waving to where the horde were getting Thor. "Oh now wait, that's being spoilt brattish!" He frowned at the burnt meat, which became decidedly un-burnt.

Aphrodite: "Not my fault you're homosexual. You'd have to be to not enjoy me."

Momus: "Zeus.... not very nice to pick sides! You know what that did last time!" He shouted up stairs.

Thor: "I have three children and two wives!" Thor defended his manliness.

DJPan: Pan watched the chaos as he ate, shifting one seat left to be next to Set, "I really tried my best to make a better party than Dio's millenium bash. I really did." he sighed again and ate some more

Momus: "I'm perfectly straight and I've never enjoyed you." He said with a grin at Aphrodite.

Aphrodite: "And yet you ignore me! And offer your goats up for sex! What is wrong with you?!"

Artemis: Artemis scratched Pan behind the horns, "Come on Pan - why don't you play something for us and get us out of this foul mood." She frowned at the wasted deer meat. "Aphrodite, you will never learn what it means to be a goddess if you keep acting like a child."

Momus: He leaned over to Thor with a stage whisper, "Think you have now see her bad side." He grinned.

Aphrodite: "Because I keep it that way, Momus."

Thor: "Oh that's what you were getting at! I thought you wanted a ride..." He grinned, braining another one that hand't got the message.

Set: Set scratched his bare chest and grinned quietly. "Well...maybe inviting the Lord of Chaos wasn't the best idea." He countered. "I'm having a whole of a time, if it helps."

Aphrodite: Aphrodite turned to Pan and grinned, "C'mere love."

Set: Set finished his food, holding up the empty plate and a priest whisked it away while another gave him a beer. It was good to be King, sometimes.

DJPan: Pan had leant back at th escratching hand, "Really?" he asked Set. "Okay, gonna put on something better, hang on," he said, getting back up and whistling at the nymph at the dj stage, "Track twelve!" he yelled.

Artemis: Now it was Artemis' turn to speak to her father. "Come on Dad. Fun is fun, but this deer gave it's life..." In a flash, the deer reverted to it's original barbequed goodness. "Thanks Dad," she grinned and sat down next to Momus. "Now... about Momus..."

Momus: "Yes?" He asked, a mouth full of food, and a grin on his face at the mention of his name.

Aphrodite: Aphrodite frowned at Pan again. That creature just did not want to get laid it seemed. She turned and went to gather her treasures from earlier then headed to Ares and Adonis, stopping the fight by just standing there.

Thor: Thor brandished his hammer threateningly at the remaining idiots, they gave up. He went back to his plate of food.

DJPan: Pan thought he caught Aphrodite looking at him, but she was already walking over to the fight that stopped. He leered at her again, biting his lip as he watched her from behind.

Artemis: "Sorry, just talking to dad... " She winked at him. "He's not nearly so bad to hold a grudge as Hera is. You should come around sometimes... He's not a bad guy, he's just a little tempermental and flighty." She looked over at Aph. "Runs in the family."

DJPan: Pan quickly sat back down again, putting his plate of food on his lap. Maybe I should have worn pants today...

Thor: Thor caught the tail end of Artemis offer to Momus, "I could send Forsetti over if you like? He's got a perfect record - never been a dispute he couldn't solve." He sat down and tucked in to his food.

Momus: "Yeah... I noticed..." He smiled and looked over at Aph, causing a scene by merely being there. "I might try to come back... But if he yells at me again, I'm totally telling him it was your idea..."

Artemis: "Deal." she smiled and ate her venison. "Set, you're awfully quiet over there..."

Set: "Hmm?" Set looked up. "Oh...eh. Bored." He held up beer.

Momus: "Oh dear me that can't be good for anyone else..." He winked over at Set.

Artemis: "Pan! Quick! Save us! Entertain Set!" She laughed in mock panic

Set: Set just opened an eye and grinned. "Don't make me descend your party into chaos, dude."

DJPan: Pan quickly swallowed his food, "All I can do is music and let the nymphs dance for him, and he doesn't seem to care much about the little things. To entertain him we need a room full of presidents running countries with warheads."

DJPan: "No offence there Set, but you're hard to entertain." Pan added.

Set: "Ah, none taken, man, none taken." Set waved it away with an easy smile.

Thor: Thor polished off his plate of food then frowned, he heard something.... "Oh crap... I'm off, I'm not watching this! See you all next year!" He picked up his hammer and got into his chariot, making a quick getaway.

Freya: Freya's own chariot landed not far from where Thor's had left the ground. Her cats instantly curling up to sleep. She smiled at them, climbing down on to the sand. "Good evening!"

Momus: "It's the crazy cat lady..." He jerked his thumb over at the new arrival.

DJPan: "Better late than never!" Pan called over to Freya.

Artemis: "Freya! So glad you could make it!" She motioned to the picnic table. "Grab some food and join us." She put her free hand over Momus' mouth.

Freya: Freya raised an eyebrow at Momus, "Less of the crazy, if you don't mind..." She waved at the others that had greeted her. "Oh I've eaten already - left the party in full swing back in Sessrumnir." She smiled.

Set: Set scratched a cheek. "You know, it's been fun, but talking of warheads I gotta dash before this particular conflict gets out of hand. No point them blowing up the earth, I guess." He grinned, standing. "Laters, all."

Freya: "Good bye, Set," Freya waved him out, "Good luck with... that..."

DJPan: Pan licked his fingers as he watched Artemis, and then over to Aphrodite, and then glad because of his plate's strategic position. He looked up at Set, "You too? Alright then, see you in the news, Set!"

Set: With a wave, a black hole opened behind him and he stepped through, the hole disappearing to leave swooning fans gathering around where it had been.

*** Set is now known as Set[zzz].

Freya: Freya moved over to where the others were sat and took a seat herself. "So how are we all? How are things up on that mountain of yours?"

DJPan: "Cold," Pan answered, "Glad spring's here. Bought a nice shirt the other day." he added, getting up to get some more food, now angry that he couldn't stop thinking of Aphrodite.

Momus: "oh you know... same ole same ole.... Not that they've let me in in chronus know how long..." He said flippantly, "But you are looking lovely tonight, arn't you Freya." He smiled.

Freya: "Oh I'm sorry to hear that," Freya told Pan, "I'm sure I can have someone make you some warm clothing..." she trailed off and smiled at Momus. "Why, thank you."

DJPan: "What I need is someone to help me warm my bed," Pan mumbled maybe a little too loudly, and hoping no-one heard him. "Thank you, I'd love something nice and warm for the next winter," he said louder to Freya.

Freya: Freya giggled a little, "I'll see what I can do about that." She didn't tell him to which problem she was referring.

DJPan: "Oh, yay," Pan faked his grin. Probably another damned sweater. Hopefully the one she makes won't have a picture of reindeer on it.

Freya: Freya gentley patted Pan on the shoulder, "I may have some furs in my chariot you can look through, if you find one you like you can take it with you now... of course, if you need to think it over or see how it looks in your home I'd be happy to help."

Artemis: Artemis finished off her food and put threw the plate away. Sitting back down she picked up a rabbit who'd hopped up to investigate the goings on. Petting it, she watched Pan and Freya. "So... you think Aph is up to something here?" she whispered to Momus.

Momus: Momus just watched the two flirting shamelessly in front of them as Artemis spoke, "Oh most definately... Probably going to start another war if she keeps this up..." He grinned.

DJPan: Pan smirked, licking his thumb, "Well, I do seem to need a woman's touch. In my home." he told Freya. "Nice necklace, by the way."

Freya: Freya smiled, "Thank you... I thought so..." It was well worth it's price. "And I don't mind helping you out with anything that may need attention... in your home...."

Artemis: "Oh well, Pan is happy anyways." She hitched her skirt up to her thighs to sit indian style. "We should start a fire. My brother will be reigning in his chariot soon." She looked up at Apollo in his sun chariot headed towards the west.

DJPan: Pan caught site of Aphrodite over Freya's shoulder further away, her naked form to the side, and then he blinked and looked back at Freya in front of him. He was thoroughly confused on who he was attracted to. Then again, Freya was the closest.

Freya: Freya began removing her armor. "The beach really is no place for mail..." she said, pulling off her gauntlets, she stood up to remove the mail armor adorning her chest. "The sand does not agree with it..."

Momus: He grinned and patted artemis' leg. "I bet he is." He smiled over at Freya as well. "So... do you make house calls often?" He asked, his smile growing as she pulled off a layer.

DJPan: "I wouldn't know," the nude Pan grinned smugly.

Freya: "That depends entirely on whose house I will be calling at..." Freya replied, a playful smirk on her lips as she removed her belt. Much better to be all in cloth. One of her cats obediantly came to take the items back to her chariot.

DJPan: "Well that's an adorable little pussy you got there." Pan said.

Artemis: "Who wouldn't be," she grinned back, still petting the rabbit in her lap as it twitched it's nose at the cats. "Easy girl," she whispered. "They've been fed..."

Freya: Freya chuckled a little at Pan's comment, "Thank you." she smiled at him too, stretching. It was nice to be out of that armor.

DJPan: The party was slowing down, half of the gods on the beach had already retired, some of them were sleeping on the beach, probably drunk, other half was just laying back and chatting. "Hang on, I need to change the music," Pan said and gestured the nymph to go ahead to play from track 24 on the playlist, which was nice and slow background music.

Momus: "Easy girl? I think that might be an understatement..." He said whispering to Artemis.

Artemis: "Well then, I guess it all evens out then don't you think?" she leaned back and whispered to Momus. "Party girl," motioned to Freya. "Eternal virgin," motioned to herself. "This balance is there somewhere." She grinned. "Sometimes I think I should have asked my father for a different wish."

Freya: Freya sat back down again, lounging in her chair. She did miss her throne... nothing a small spell wouldn't fix. She sighed and stretched out across it. Much better.

Momus: "Ha... yeah. Think you got screwed." He gave her a lop sided grin, "Figuratively of course."

DJPan: Pan sat down next to Freya, "So, I never caught what your specialty is, I bet it's got something to do with those legs of yours." he joked.

Freya: Freya smiled at Pan, "I have many gifts." She told him, stretching her legs out and admiring them herself for a moment. "Principally, I'm a fertility Goddess... of a sort..." she smirked, "But I also hold the key to magic - I taught my craft to Odin." she let her legs dangle back over the arm of her throne.

Artemis: Artemus laughed at Momus. "Always the brides maid," she winked.

DJPan: "Is that so? That's really interesting," Pan said as his eyes kept following her legs gougn all the way up. He was leaning on her thrown, chin resting on his arms and looking up at her. "Fertility, eh, I got something like that in my resume as well. We should really compare notes."

Freya: "We should..." Freya followed his eyeline, and turned her posture a little to face him, "What's your favourite time of year?" She propped herself up on an elbow.

DJPan: "Oh winters are nice, summers as well, but I always preffered spring. There's just something in the air around this time of the year." He smirked.

Momus: "Never the bride? That's very sad." He grinned, "Must be able to throw a hell of a bachelorette party by now eh?" He grinned.

Freya: "Spring is the best time of year... everything growing and waking up after a long sleep..." she closed her eyes, the thought of it pleasing her. "I love Spring..."

DJPan: "Uh-huh," Pan said, his eyes starting to travel down Freya's body while she wasn't looking.

Freya: "You like what you see?" Freya asked him, without even opening her eyes. She knew he was looking.

Artemis: "I've never had any complaints," she elbowed Momus playfully. "And I think Freya is a lover of many things."

DJPan: "Oh yes," Pan nodded against his hand he was leaning against, "That is one well made piece of clothing."

Freya: Freya laughed softly, reaching a hand to ruffle his hair, "I'm sure you were really looking at my clothing..."

Momus: "uh huh..." He grinned.

DJPan: Pan grinned, "But i was, the er, nice stitching at the top there," he pointef with his finger from where his hand lay, "And the stitching aronud the middle, and especially the nice way it all....goes together at the end over here."

Freya: Freya swung her legs around and planted one either side of him, the cloth around her waist falling into place to cover her modesty. She sat up and looked at Pan, one eyebrow raised as though in challenge.

Artemis: "Is it just me or did things heat up a notch or two over there?" Artemis put the rabbit out of her lap and shooed it back to the woods.

DJPan: Pan held his grin, maybe even widening it as he looked Freya up, "Well well, you seem like you want something."

Freya: "Perhaps..." Freya replied, "Maybe you can help me.... Though I would hate for you to feel you're being a bad host..." she sat back a little, looking around at the party, or what was left of it.

DJPan: Pan looked back to the party. "Oh it'll sort itself out in the morning." he said, standing up. "Now what is it that you need help with," he asked, standing in front of her.

Momus: "Looks like... But Im not complaining." He grinned, watching. Vaguely aware of the rabbit leaving. "You ever wonder what it feels like?" He asked Artemis.

Freya: Freya's smile grew more seductive, "My hall is terribly lonely once the heroes leave in the evening...." she leaned forwards, "Do you know anyone that might want to keep me company?" She blinked her blue eyes innocently at him.

DJPan: Pan made a thoughtful look, "Well, there is a couple names that comes to mind, but I think I'd rather be on the top of that list."

Artemis: Artemis looked at Momus, "That?" She motioned to Pan and Freya. She nodded thoughtfully. "Sometimes..." Her voice was a little more whistful than she would have liked.

Freya: Freya smiled broader, "Oh good... because I hate to go looking for people when I've already made a decision..." She stood up.

DJPan: Pan had a wide grin, and then turned to the others, "Don't you lot stay up late, this world doesn't run itself you know." and then turned back to Freya, him very ready and very willing.

Freya: Freya turned and headed back to her chariot, Pan in tow. She'd got what she was after from the party.

Momus: Momus grinned. "Well... Looks like we are getting left all alone." He smiled over at Artemis. "So... virgin means no sex right... that leaves a lot of grey area to play with...." He said as suductively as he could.

Artemis: "Oh, if I had a drachma for everytime I heard that line," she grinned and turned to face him, chucking his chin.

Momus: "Ha... Yeah... I bet." He grinned back though, "But how many times has it worked." He gave her a wink.

Artemis: She stood up and brushed the sand off her sundress. "Never." Stopping a few steps away, she looked back at Momus in his funny hawiian shirt and smiled. "Yet."

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