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Quicksilver and Havok - A Chance Meeting

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Jul 29, 2010 7:10 am

Pietro: Yet another easy but neccessary mission. More supplies for refugee camps. Pietro ran past all the guards, through walls without leaving a mark and straight into their supply warehouse. He stopped and looked around, the room was minus indoor guards which was a welcome change so he could afford to take his time a little. He checked a few boxes to see if he could find anything useful.

Alex: Alex snuck up on the warehouse, peeking around a corner to catch sight of the guards. He charged up a blast in one hand and threw it out, clearing the way. For the moment, anyway. He slipped out from his spot and made his way toward the building, letting off a few more energy waves to take out any humans that approached him.

Pietro: Pietro heard a sound outside and sped up again, gathering the items he'd been asked to take and piling them into a case. The last thing he wanted was to get shot at again - it always slowed him down terribly.

Alex: He moved into the warehouse after taking care of the guards outside and glanced around at all the supplies. So many things were needed, but so little time to grab them all. He hadn't spotted any guards in here so far, and... Well, it wasn't that he'd like to keep it that way because he didn't really care about killing them anymore. It just meant he wasted less energy.

Pietro: Pietro stopped and peered around the edge of the container he was at, looking over to the door. Just one guy? He didn't look like a guard... another mutant? He hoped it wasn't an enforcer. That would suck. He ducked behind the container again and tried to decide which course of action to take. Talk to the guy or collect the box and run? The Box! If he got any closer he'd see it!

Alex: Alex pulled the the bag off his back and started shoving things that were needed in, listening for any noise outside the giant room. He paused his pilfering at the sight of a box and raised an eyebrow. Someone else was here...

Pietro: Damn it! Now he was going to have to make himself known. In the blink of an eye, he was stood by the box again. "Take whatever you want from this place but this stuff is mine."

Alex: He shook his head and rolled his eyes, snorting, "What makes you think I want your stuff?" At least it was another mutant and not some pathetic guard.

Pietro: "I don't know what you're in here for - I was sent for specifics." He checked all the items in the box against his mental list to see what he was still missing, "Certain items are hard to find." He looked over at the door, frowning a little, "How did you get in?"

Alex: "I walked," Alex answered simply and slowed down in grabbing to look for items that were specifically requested.

Pietro: Pietro frowned as he moved from box to box in the warehouse, taking various items out and adding them to his box. "You just walked right in? How are you not dead? Or at least full of holes...."

Alex: He shrugged and continued picking through the supplies for what he needed, "They died first."

Pietro: "Oh you killed them... wonderful..." Pietro rolled his eyes, "So now there's a nice trail of dead bodies leading them right to us? Thank you very much..."

Alex: "Yes, I killed them. No, there's not a trail," Alex replied, peering through the spaces between shelves at the other guy, "You're welcome."

Pietro: "Not a trail?" He raised a white eyebrow, "You incinerated them?" That was the only way he could think of that there'd be no trail unless he teleported them out but why kill them if you could teleport that would be riddiculous... unless he was a sociopath...

Alex: "Yeah, pretty much," he answered quickly with a nod. Since the guy had been asking all the questions, Alex figured he'd change it up, "How'd you get in?"

Pietro: "Ran." He replied simply, "It's faster than walking..." he added.

Alex: "I would've never guessed," Alex muttered, closing the sack and slinging it over his shoulder.

Pietro: Pietro packed the last few items in the box, closed it and picked it up, "Well I suppose this is goodbye..." he ran over his mental checklist one more time. "Be careful on your way out, I'm sure they'll be annoyed at your burning their friends."

Alex: "Suppose so," he shrugged, "Meh. If they run into me, they won't have very long to be annoyed."

Pietro: "All it takes is one lucky shot," Pietro reminded him, he paused then made a decision, "What's your name?"

Alex: No one had ever been lucky enough. Not yet, anyway, so he wasn't too worried about it. Alex hesitated at the name question. Someone could track him down, but this guy seemed okay. "Havok. Your's?"

Pietro: "Quicksilver." He replied, no one knew his former name anymore and he intended to keep it that way. "Maybe we'll see each other again."

Alex: "Possibly," he nodded and started to head toward where he'd come in.

Pietro: "Good Luck." Pietro told him and headed for the door himself; the sonic boom splitting the air as he picked up his speed. He'd be back at the camp in no time, unlike Havok.

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What If...: 'Scrawlearth: 2099

Post by Raven Hare » Fri Jul 30, 2010 2:20 am

Jay: Jay landed easily on the roof, looking warily around before kicking open a skylight and dropping down. He let the woman back onto her feet. Putting the gun onto a nearby table and then leaning on it, gritting his teeth at the pain in his back. The house had long been boarded up, the covered furniture dusty, but it meant no one would look for him here.

Jay: The room was lit from the glow from his wings, but he reached over and switched on a lamp. "Well...least Ah heal now..." He muttered to himself.

Hepzibah: As soon as her hind claws touched the floor, Hepz raced for the door. In a blind panic, she yanked at the doorknob wildly. The whole doorframe shook, but the deadbolt locked from both sides and held tight. Spinning around, she wrapped both arms around the blanket holding Daniel, her large green eyes like orbs as she watched her captor's every move.

Jay: "Don' bother, pussy-cat." Jay didn't look up. "D' whole place is designed so d' Commonwealth cain't get in. Some places are also booby-trapped so y'know...don't get too enthusiastic." He straightened carefully. "Don' look so scared, che. Trust me - dis time Ah am not your enemy."

Hepzibah: Swallowing hard, she tried to force herself stay calm, taking him in. She'd had her suspicions from the moment he'd tackled her. But her fears were solidified as her eyes drifted down his legs to his feet, specifically his boots. Military issue, well polished and laces tied just so... "Enforcer..." Her voice tremored with both anger and fear. Daniel whimpered a little from inside his blankets.

Jay: Jay smirked a little, though there was an element of sadness and...anger behind it. "Not any more. Or Ah wouldn' be hidin' in one of my old houses now would Ah? You'd be at another detention facility." His tone was almost painfully neutral but fuck it, he was trying. "Dere's extra blankets for d' kid on d' bed in dat room." He pointed,

Jay: Hesitating for a moment, he looked at her frame - too thin. Far too thin. "Get y'self one or two as well." Was it because of him? Another one? Well, whether it was or not, mutant or not, he'd promised he'd do it, one at a time if he had to.

Hepzibah: "There are no ex-enforcers." Just live ones and dead ones. She knew what Daniel needed. He was hungry, it was past time for him to be fed. She made quiet, comforting sounds to the baby but kept her eyes fixed on the soldier as her baby nuzzled his way closer to her breast.

Hepzibah: "What do you want, Enforcer?" She might have suspected he'd brought her here to be as a 'pleasure slave' if he'd been just a regular soldier; she had heard of military high-ups keeping particularly appealing female - or even male - mutants as sex toys. But not an Enforcer. They were too well trained, too focused, too far removed from human emotions to entertain ideas like that. The generally accepted rumor was that they didn't feel anything but hate for her kind. So why was she here? Why were she and Danny still alive?

Jay: "Well den, y're lookin' at d' first." Jay reached around to his back, took a deep breath and suddenly tensed, wings shaking for a moment before he tossed a bloody bullet onto the table. "Officially quit couple of days ago." He couldn't look at her. He was trying, after all, he was one now. But...she was...so... "Y' need anythin'? Anythin' at all?"

Hepzibah: For a few moments all Hepzibah could do was stare at him, wide eyed and blinking. His voice was completely void of any emotion but he'd asked if she needed anything. Him - an enforcer asking her - a mutant if she needed anything. It was a trick. It had to be. But still... "I... may I feed the baby?" By now, Daniel's whimpers were growing into little demanding cries.

Jay: Jay hesitated, but moved to uncover a chair for her. "Ah'll give y'all some privacy." It was more a statement than a question. "Jus'...call me if dere's anythin' Ah can get you." He glanced at her, his expression completely neutral - he'd be fucked it he was going to sneer at a mother and her child, even one that his instincts were telling him he should be disgusted at.

Jay: "We'll talk more after y're done. Ah'm sure dere's plenty of questions y' have." He inclined his head and then slipped out of the room, leaving the gun on the table along with the bloody bullet. He had to clean up his back so that it could heal.

Hepzibah: She'd never been left alone with Daniel before. The guards would bring him to her, watch while she nursed him and then take him away the second he even looked like he was finished. In fact, this was the longest she'd ever held him in his life. Hepz started to speak, then stopped, cutting off an automatic 'thank you.' He was an Enforcer, it would have been lost on him anyways.

Hepzibah: Hepz sat down, adjusted her the top of her prison uniform and moments later her son was quiet and happy again. Hepz looked around the room, but her eyes kept being drawn to the blood stained bullet on the table. Had that bullet been meant for him or her? No. He had to have been meant for him. Otherwise it meant an Enforcer took a bullet for her and that was simply not possible.

Jay: Jay had washed the wound at the sink in the bathroom and was now leant against the sink, avoiding his eyes in the mirror and waiting for the wound to heal and the woman to finish. He was...afraid? Yeah, that was the word. Training that had become instinct dictated he was wrong, he should be handing them both over to the Commonwealth. But the kid...

Jay: No. He couldn't let that happen. He wasn't an Enforcer, she'd been shot at - he'd taken a bullet for her. Two technically. What sort of monster shot at a woman who had a child? Even a mutant...she hadn't been going for him, had just been...running, fleeing and... Jay rubbed his forehead. And he was confused. Best not to dwell on it. She was here. Do the task at hand.

Jay: "Everything alright in there?"

Hepzibah: By now, Daniel was against her shoulder as she patted his back standing up carefully. Walking him with an instinctively bounce she quietly inspected her surroundings. Who's house was this? It was boarded up, but even in the dim light, her night seeing eyes could see that this used to be someone's home. A portrait was hanging on the wall.

Hepzibah: She could see the photo clearly from a distance but still had to get up close to it just to prove to herself who was in it. The Enforcer. And a woman... and two young children. At least, it looked like him. But it couldn't be. For one thing, the man in that portrait was smiling. She jumped as the Enforcer called out from the bathroom. "Y-yes!" she stuttered and raced back to her appointed chair.

Jay: Jay came back in carefully, wiping his hands clean on a towel, expression neutral again. He stretched out his wings before tucking them close again. "Ah'll have to set up a bed for y' an' your baby 'fore you can sleep." He murmured, crossing the room and glancing up at the picture. He'd forgotten about that one. Maybe he should take it down...no.

Jay: "Y'll be safe here. It's out of d' danger-zone an' Ah destroyed any records Ah had of dis place - it belongs t' me after all." He stopped at the table and started to strip himself of all the weapons he'd carried for tonight - automatically taking out magazines and checking them over as he did. "Likelihood dat if anyone comes here, Ah'll know about it firs'."

Jay: He glanced behind him at her. "How old? D' kid, Ah mean. An' how long since y' had a decent meal?"

Hepzibah: Hepz watch him disarming as an ever increasing pile of guns stacked up on the table. I feel safer already... She swallowed her retort and famous temper. No way would she risk Daniel being punished for her smart mouth. She discreetly took in his 'wings', wondering what piece of Commonwealth wizardry had manufactured them and how.

Hepzibah: She held her son a little tighter, but couldn't stop a minute smile as she hear a tiny burp!. "Five weeks, Enforcer." She kept her voice as careful neutrally as his. She settled him back in her arms and wrapped the blanket around him again. "I am on an allotment of 1000 calories a day, Enforcer. Standard dietary regiment." She kept her eyes carefully trained on Daniel and didn't mention that a nursing mother should have been eating almost twice that.

Jay: Jay didn't miss the neutral tone, unable to stop the smirk. "My name's...Jay. Ah ain't an Enforcer any more." He felt...odd, like he'd just given her a piece of himself. Since when had he told anyone outside his line of work his name? "If Ah remember rightly...dat ain't enough." He put the last gun down, facing her.

Jay: "...My wife used t' eat like a horse, back when..." He trailed off, feeling...awkward. He made a quick gesture of dismissal, before going to a bag in a corner, rooting until he found a ration bar. "Not d' most appetisin' thing in d' world, but better'n starvation." He handed it to her, already working out how to get enough supplies and not give his base away.

Hepzibah: The white feline's eyes flickered from the baby she was holding to the man in front of her to the portrait on the wall and back again. She felt like Alice falling down the Rabbit Hole. She started to refuse the food but her stomach rumbled betraying her. Like a feral cat cautiously checking out a suspiciously easy to get treat, Hepz hand shook a littler as she reached for the ration bar.

Hepzibah: "Thank you, Enfor -" She stopped her and faltered for a moment. "Thank you..." she mumbled, feeling every emotion there was, but not daring to show any of them - aside from the tick in her tail.

Jay: Jay shrugged a little, not looking up at her as she took it. This was...well, it felt almost normal, compared to everything that had happened in the space of the last few days. He'd noticed her looking at his wings and he felt suddenly defensive, laid out bare. Straightening, he pulled an old wooden chair and reversed it, straddling it and...watching her, gold eyes blank.

Hepzibah: Hepzibah's tail slapped against her chair rungs, feeling threatened as he stared at her; his scent was angry. He made no sense. An Enforcer who wasn't an Enforcer? One who had stolen her away from a prison work facility only to imprison her here - in his home?

Hepzibah: And those wings... What had the Commonwealth done to him?? Why would the government experiment on a human when there were so many mutants they could use? She gathered up the courage she used to rely on and stared back. Under his anger was something else... confusion? "What do you want?" She bit off adding 'Enforcer' to the end. Daniel blinked up at her, yawning.

Jay: "Want?" He blinked, surprised by her question and frowning a little. "Ah...want nothin'. What could you give me?" His wings flicked a little. "Not dat Ah don't blame y'all for not trustin' me, ma'am." He looked away, glancing at the portrait again. "But y'd hardly survive in d' woods. Not with a kid."

Hepzibah: Hepz shifted uncomfortably. There was only one thing she could possibly give him. She also knew an Enforcer would rather cut his own dick off than contaminate it with a mutant. But then again, nothing else about him made sense. Instead of dwelling on that thought, she stared down at Daniel and watched his eyes close. "He's asleep..." she whispered with a bit of motherly awe in her voice.

Jay: Jay's eyes flicked to him and unknown to him, his face softened completely, the stress lines and aging the job had caused fading and making him look a lot younger. It...hurt, seeing her there with him but...if anything, that made his determination to deal with the mutant stronger. "Always d' best time for 'em." He said softly. "D' only thing Ah want, ma'am, is for you an' him to survive."

Hepzibah: "They never let him stay long enough to let me watch him fall asleep," she whispered mostly to herself. Hepz's pointed ears ticked as she looked up to study the man across from her. She studied him, still wary and more than a little freaked out by the whole situation. "Why?" Her eyes squinted a little. He was familiar. Her pulse started picking up as her mind shuffled through faces and places.

Jay: Jay gestured to the portrait, gold eyes flicking to it, then her, then the boy. "Ah had kids." He said simply. "Sometimes...heh...sometimes dat was d' only time...we got any peace..." The words came with effort, and he shook his head, face closing in again. "Ah should let y'all rest. If y'all give me a moment, ma'am, Ah'll set up a bed." He stood up, hand going through his hair.

Hepzibah: It was that motion that her mind seized on. His hand going through his long red pony tail. In her mind's eye she was laying in the back of an Enforcer detainment vehicle. Looking up through a tiny window, she could see an Enforcer, standing tall and proud. Grinning like he'd rid the world of a dangerous creature in the nine month pregnant woman laying painfully on the floor where he'd help throw her.

Hepzibah: The chair fell back as she jumped to her feet, shaking her head violently, her green eyes wider than humanly possible. "No..." She backed away, clinging to the fragile little bundle in her arms for dear life.

Jay: Jay frowned, before holding his hands up in a placating gesture. "All Ah'm doin' is settin' up a bed, ma'am. Nothin' else. Ah'm not even armed. Ah won't touch you. Ah appreciate Ah ain't worth trustin' and frankly, Ah don' trust y'all either." He didn't know what had spooked her this time, but he knew she needed rest.

Hepzibah: Hepzibah didn't hear him. Her mind played those few seconds over and over. Watching the Enforcer take off his helmet, a hand going up to smooth back a long red pony tail with a satisfied grin on his face as Hepz was 'secured' and turning away. "It's you... No!" she shrieked as he raised his hands. Daniel woke with a disgruntled cry. Her tail was whipping behind her madly.

Jay: "Me...?" Jay looked blank for a moment, and then comprehension dawned and his eyes widened, face going white. "Oh...oh god...oh god, it was you..." Yeah, he could remember alright. Pregnant white feline mutant? He'd thrown her into the van, hadn't he? "Oh...merde...Ah-Ah'm so sorry..." So this was what being guilty felt like. He stepped back.

Jay: Couldn't even blame it on following orders. Doing it for the Commonwealth. Shit, why'd he been so blind? What would Julie think, if she could see what her husband was doing now? "J-Je suis desole-" He had to get away from her before the guilt killed him. He half-stumbled for the guest room, anything to get away from her fear.

Hepzibah: The combined adrenaline rush of a fearful mother protecting her child and an angry animal cornered hit Hepzibah like a freight train. She screamed and made another lunge for the front door. When it didn't budge, she turned wildly to a window, yanking a board loose with one hand. Her son was now wailing at the top of his lungs as she used all her strength to claw their way free.

Jay: The baby's wail was like a bucket of ice to his face - suddenly Jay was there, face grim as he bodily picked her up. "Not dat one." He hissed, pulling her away, arms wrapped around her not giving her a chance to move. "By all dat's holy, Ah'm tryin' t' make amends and Ah cain't do dat if y'all electrocute you an' your son on my boobytrap!"

Hepzibah: The white feral was all claws and fangs as she struggled to get free. She was trapped in that moment the Enforcers found her, dragging her from her hiding place, heavily pregnant and terrified. One arm held Daniel to her fiercely as her free hand found purchase on his arm and tore him open. "I didn't do anything!!! Let me GO!!! she screamed. "NO!!!

Jay: Jay flinched, but didn't let go until he'd gently but firmly pushed her back into the chair. "D-don't make me use my trainin' t' keep y'all from hurtin' yourself." He warned, clamping a hand over the wide, heavily bleeding gash. Fuck. "A-Ah didn't catch dat bullet only f' ya to end up running into dere arms again."

Jay: He pulled his hand away, watching skin and muscle repair themselves with a shudder. "How d' y'all deal with it...?" He half-murmured, face twisting a little.

Hepzibah: She wrapped both arms around Daniel and curled up around him. He continued to wail, as confused and scared as his mother. No one struck an Enforcer and got away with it. Hepz looked from her bloody hand to the Enforcer, about to beg him to punish her, not to hurt her child in retaliation when she watched the deep gash healing before her eye.

Hepzibah: "Dear God..." she gasped, eyes going wide again. "What are you?" Her voice was barely audible over Daniel's cries.

Jay: Jay wiped blood off his arm, unable to hide the disgust. "Ah'm a mutant, miss. Jus' like you. Jus' like d' hundreds Ah flew into d' camps. A bona fide, in-d'-blood, X-gene positive mutant." He looked up at her. "An' dat is why Ah ain't an Enforcer anymore."

Hepzibah: Hepzibah shook her head, her mind was swimming. "No... You're an Enforcer... You hunt mutants." It wasn't possible. It wasn't that Hepzibah had ever felt any special brand of pride in being a mutant. Hell, she'd have traded her x-gene for a normal life in a second. But he couldn't be a mutant; he just couldn't.

Hepzibah: But, still... there he was. Standing there with wings and a four inch deep gash in his arm that was all but healed. She took a moment move her hold on Daniel, trying to calm him down with quiet whispers before she was able to speak again. "How?"

Jay: "How? D' usual way." Jay turned away from her slightly. He'd read the files after all, the 'manifestation' and all added signs and symptoms. "Wings burnt a hole in my back, my eyes changed colour an' Ah could suddenly heal." He sighed, unsure if he should be angry or depressed so settling for his usual neutral.

Jay: "An' dat was...four days ago. Ah manifested in front of a fuckin' Agent. Guess you can put dat under d' header of 'official resignation' when Ah ran away from d' offer of bein' made like him."

Hepzibah: "Late bloomer?" There was an undeniable, though barely detectable air of malice in her voice. For a split second, she day dreamed about every single Enforcer, police officer, military and political leader suddenly becoming mutants. To know suddenly feel the hatred and fear that came with that label. She wanted to have sympathy for him - and maybe if he hadn't personally cast into Hell, she could have.

Jay: Jay cut an irritated glance at her, some of the old Enforcer coming back - before his eyes fell on the child again and he deflated. "Oui." He muttered. "Ah'm a...vigilante, a criminal. D' only thing Ah can hope now is dat Ah can use my information an' trainin' an' contacts t'...help, somehow." He looked at the pile of papers on the table. "Ah don't know where t' start..."

Hepzibah: Hepz reigned herself in. A relieved look crossed her face as the newly manifested mutant glanced at her child and reigned himself in as well. Her eyes followed his to the table top, wondering what all that paperwork was for. "I don't have any contacts," she answered too quickly. By now, Daniel was still crying but not wailing. His mother found herself rocking him instinctively.

Jay: "Ah don't need your help." Jay snapped back, before drawing in a breath and closing his eyes. "Ah have...Ah got a debt t' pay an' Ah ain't sure Ah ever will but...look, savin' you was a spur of d' moment. If Ah hadn't been dere, you an' your child would be dead. Maybe dat's a start, Ah don't know. But all Ah want from you is a promise y'll stay here for now."

Jay: "Don't get me wrong. Ah still hate your kind-" He bit his lip. "...our...kind...but Ah know...now...dat dis...dis was all a mistake."

Hepzibah: So she'd just traded on prison for another. Hepzibah looked around despondently, then her eyes drifted to her baby in her arms and the ration bar she'd dropped on the floor. Well - maybe more like house arrest. "You won't try to take Da -... you'll let the baby stay with me?" She raised her head to meet his eyes again. "What was a mistake?"

Jay: "Ah had children." Jay stated by way of explanation. "He's your child. He's meant t' be with you." He looked up to the portrait. "Everythin' from d' moment dey died t' four days ago." He rubbed his nose. "Ah'll show y' where d' traps are so you won't hurt y'self. D' only way in'n out, Ah should warn you, is if y' got wings."

Hepzibah: What real choice did she have? If he'd wanted them dead, they'd be dead. Either from the bloody bullet or by one of the many guns still on the table. Slowly she nodded her head, one hand coming up to stroke Daniel's cheek gently, wondering where is father was again. "I... I'm sorry about your family," she mumbled trying not to wonder how many families he'd destroyed - including hers.

Jay: "Why, you killed 'em?" His voice was still neutral. "Look, just rest. Ah know Ah need to. Ah'll set up d' guest room for you...if...dere's anythin' you need...food's in d' bag and Ah'll be in here."

Hepzibah: By now, Daniel was peacefully sleeping. I don't murder children. The Commonwealth does. Hepz kept her face and voice equally neutral. She started to protest; she'd spent the last two months sleeping on a paper thin mat on a concrete floor. A mattress on a bare floor would look like heaven to her. But she held her tongue and reached to the floor for the ration bar. "Thank you... Jay."

Jay: Jay paused for a moment before offering her a small, quick but genuine smile that made him look younger for a couple of seconds. "Da rein." He murmured, before heading for the guest room to set it up. One at a time.
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Street Level [Toxic]

Post by Scumfish » Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:51 am

Toxic was cold.

Since the attack on the cell had left him the only survivor, he was living on the streets again and hating every second of it. It was cold, it was wet, miserable and he hated having to steal everything to survive.

...Well, alright, he'd always stolen to survive. But that didn't count. That had been fun, because he'd had people to shout at him.

He was huddled around a barrel fire, sense of smell telling him that there was a mixture of mutants and humans here, neither species sparing the other more than the most cursory of glances. After all, they all had something in common - the Commonwealth were bastards.

Toxic turned his gas mask over in his hands, shivering in the thin blanket one of the female humans had draped over him when he'd first staggered into the back alley. There was a blood spray up one side of it - he knew it was blood but he hadn't removed it, for some reason. Maybe to remind himself. Maybe because the forgotten part of him was a macabre bastard.

God only knew, and he wasn't tellin'.

He wanted revenge, but he didn't even know where to start. There'd only been one odd scent in the carnage, the Agent he'd seen on the rooftop that had mysteriously vanished when he'd blacked out - his amnesia cutting out traumatic events again, probably. Not that he minded. But where did he look for the Agent that had single-handedly wiped out a warehouse full of mutants? And when he found him, what did he do?

"Why chase after what is already ours?"

Toxic shook his head. He was not the Commonwealth's. Never would be. He was a free man.

Yeah, free to freeze, free to starve, free to be persecuted.

He shifted closer to the barrel, shivering again.
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Empty [Icarus]

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Jay dropped onto the roof heavily, wiping a smear of blood off his face and looking down at the sleeping child in his arms as he tried to level his breathing.

He'd done it. He looked up at the stars. He'd actually done it. He'd broken the camp right open, caused a revolt and found Scaly's boy. The kid had remembered him, been terrified even, but when he'd seen Jay kill a guard with his bare hands to stop him shooting at another child...

...Though no kid should have to see that.

Jay smiled. In fact, he hadn't stopped smiling since he'd realised the kid had fallen asleep in his arms, the boy's tail curling around his arms.

How could Ah have done dis?

He hugged the child to him, pushing his tired, aching body to the skylight and-

The catch was broken.

Jay's blood went cold as he carefully opened it, dropping through. He'd only been gone three or four days. Carefully he listened out for any sounds, a feeling of dread stealing over him.

They couldn't have found them. They couldn't. Not after he'd promised she'd be safe. Not after the amount of effort he'd gone to to make sure this place was secure.

He eased the door into the main building open, then pulled a handgun, the sound of the safety clicking off jerking the boy awake.


"Shh." Jay whispered. "Ah'm gonna hafta put y'all down. Stay close, y' hear?"

The lizard-like boy nodded, feet silent as Jay put him down and rubbing his eyes sleepily. Both hands free, Jay slipped into his training, stepping into the corridor carefully, exploring the entire house.

No traps had been set off, no other signs of entry except for the broken latch. And no sign of Hepzibah and her son. Jay sighed, staring at the chair he'd last seen her in. Either the Commonwealth had suddenly changed their tactics or...she'd ditched the only place that was safe for her son.

Further exploration showed the supplies he'd bought back for the baby were missing, as well as a large amount of his food. He hissed in irritation.

"Jay? 'S wrong?" The boy tugged on his trousers. "When Dad used to do that he was cross with something. Are you cross?"

Jay put the safety back on his gun and crouched down, looking the mutant in the face. "Oui, but not wit' you. Seems d' woman Ah told y'all about decided she'd be better off elsewhere." He smiled. "Guess it's jus' you an' me, Junior."

The little boy looked at him and then rubbed his snout and nodded. "Okay. Can I have a bath?" He wrinkled his nose. "I haven't had one in a while. And you need one too."

Jay found himself chuckling, the sound odd. "Alright. Jus' give me a moment t' get d' boiler on, kid." He stood, and ruffled the green spikes of hair. He'd follow Hepzibah if he could, but he didn't have a sense of smell - didn't know where to start. He'd just have to pray that she didn't get caught, if only for her child's sake.

The Commonwealth wouldn't be so lenient a second time.
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What If...: 'Scrawlearth: 2099

Post by Raven Hare » Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:22 am

Run Away Hepzibah

Hepzibah’s brow knit in worry. She had given her word to the Enforcer that she and Daniel would stay put. But that was before the slight warmth and tiny bit of congestion she’d heard in Daniel’s lungs back at the work camp dramatically worsened.

The Enfor…Jay had said he would be back in ‘a few days’ when he’d left. He was armed to the teeth and looking for a fight. Hepz didn’t ask where he was going – and he didn’t volunteer any information. The two had lived civilly, if warily around each other, each staying to their unspoken territories in the townhouse. They’d even shared a couple of meals together making awkward conversation. He’d lost his wife and children to mutants, he told he by way of explaining his career choice. She’d been born with her ‘deformities,’ she told him by way of explaining her aversion to humans. Neither was willing to speak too long or too deeply on any given subject. The world might look at the two of them same way now but they were still very, very different.

Her mind was made up for her when Daniel woke up from restless nap so sick he could barely nurse. He just cried, coughs racking his little body. Quickly, almost in a panic, the white feline stuffed her bag with their few belongings and what food she could find space for. She would have left Jay a note explaining why she had to leave – if someone had taught her to read and write as a child. But the segregation and repression of mutants was popular long before the Commonwealth made it legal.

It was freezing outside as Hepz made the easy jump up through the skylight. Then, all her senses making sure she was alone in the run down, abandoned neighborhood, Hepz gracefully lept to the ground. Daniel was safe in his mother’s arms, cocooned in his fleece jumper and blankets. “And for my next trick…” Hepz whispered to him, morphing into a completely human façade. During her pregnancy she’d lost her ability to ‘human up’ – just adding to the stress and strain she and Daniel’s father had already been under. Their last fight, a day before she was captured had been terrible. So bad in fact, that he left before they did things they both would have regretted, making no promises to return. That was not the last image she wanted of him.

It took most of the afternoon for her to walk to where she’d ditched her stuff before being captured. Now in possession of a fake id, a prepaid cell phone and a bank card linked to an offshore account, ‘Jessica Rendoza’ walked to the bus station and purchased a one way ticket.

Holding Daniel close, she tried fruitlessly to feed him again as she waited for the bus, staring between her son and the phone. Hepz was shaking as she dialed the phone. The familiar voice asking her to leave a message was brief, but the sound of it made tears well up. Please be looking for us…

As she was dialing, the bus arrived, opening its doors to take on passengers. Hepzibah stood up, putting her bag over her shoulder and holding Daniel in one arm; her free hand gripped the cellphone tight. She didn’t like breaking her promise – not even to an Enforcer. But she had to find a doctor for her son and she had another promise to keep. The promise she’d made to Tigra. And if Daniel’s father was trying to find them, one word would tell him where they would be.

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Moments of Clarity [Toxic]

Post by Scumfish » Thu Aug 12, 2010 4:06 pm

It...was...it was dark, so very dark.

And he was so very alone.

There was the knowledge of complete isolation, even in the utter darkness. Of being on his own, not even able to feel or scream or...or even hear his own heartbeat.

He should have a heartbeat, right? He'd heard it racing in terror not so long ago. Blood thumping through his ears even in the cell, when his eyes had been bound-

-Had they just blindfolded him again?

Was that it? Just another test?

He tried to raise his hand to feel his face - nothing. Not even the feeling of resistance. It was like he had nothing to move.



There was a room, light, blinding light, three men in biohazard suits watching, one over him and needles, needles everywhere. All this was registered and forgotten as pain, real, honest-to-god pain lanced from nerve-ending to nerve-ending, shattering him one moment and pulling him together the next, only to break him apart.

"Integration at thirteen percent...five percent increase on yesterday's speed."

He almost begged for the non-sensation back, trying to writhe despite the restraints. He blinked, eyesight glitching from normal as if he was watching from faulty video cameras, everything suddenly too-bright and glowing before fzzt it was normal again.


"Fourteen percent...reckon it'll make fifteen?"

"At this speed, it might. See, already up to six percent faster...look at the replication! You can actually see it!"


"Might've been an idea to do it with anaesthetic though. The screaming's kinda grating."

"Doesn't work, it goes inactive if the subject's not conscious. Besides, this is a good sign. Everyone else we've tried this on zombied at eleven percent and died at thirteen - holy shit! It's just jumped to seventeen percent integration!"

He screamed so loud that it felt like his throat was torn, his voice glitching and oddly mechanical.


There was an oddly mechanical whimpering - almost squeaking - somewhere close. He felt dead, or that he should be, thoughts a maze of...mess, colour, shape, he couldn't think right. He shook his head, closing his eyes. What were they doing?

What was he doing?

He tried to move, staggering and falling when he realised he was already on his feet, hitting the wall hard before the floor after that. Wait, he was standing?

The whimpering stopped as he shook his head groggily, finally noticing a faint green light. A quizzical squeak made him look up, sight glitching hard, but he couldn't make anything out.

There was a rattle, then something hit a wall, glowing a bright yellow. Somehow, despite the floor tipping under him, he made his way to it, hand on the side, realising without knowing how that it was a clear wall.







"No, I-"


Toxic woke suddenly, jolting into a sitting position, hands on his head as it buzzed, not even able to think. "Nnngh-" Fuck, it hurt, snatches of - of something snapping off faster than he could grab them.


He squeezed his eyes shut as he tried to concentrate through the numb buzzing enough to grab just a couple, before letting out a growl of frustration and slamming a hand into the wall next to him, a dinner-plate sized dent radiating from his fist. For a moment, green lines spidered over what skin was visible before snapping off, though he didn't notice as he buried his face in his hands, the buzzing fading.


"Fuck off." The Irishman didn't even look up, voice muffled."

"Whoa...okay. Boss says it's time for another run, though."

Toxic looked up, dropping his hands. "Sure. Whatever. Just point me in the right direction and give me the explosives."

"Sure thing." The other guy smiled. "You alright? Sounded like you were having a real bruiser of a nightmare there."

Toxic looked from him to his hands, sighing. "I don't know. I can't remember. Come on, night's wastin'."
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What If...: 'Scrawlearth: 2099

Post by Chaos » Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:28 pm

'Scrawlearth: 2099 (Eddie) - The Legacy Facility – (Part III)

“Panicking Felines, gunslinging angels and kidnapping? Honestly, what's next?”, Anna sighed over the communications link. Eddie continued to sneak his way through the annals of the Legacy Facility, the air became more humid and hot as he did so.

“No idea, but that was really awkward...”, he replied to his operator, “But I think the main boiler's close; go over the plan once more with me?”

“Sure.”, Anna answered, clicking more buttons on her brother's laptop. “You need to stick the boiler into meltdown, then attach two charges to it; one on both pressure regulators on the base of the generator.”

“Right; and one for an extra kick.”, Eddie smirked.

“Christ, no!”, Anna exclaimed. “You also need to escape the room before the place goes up; don't waste any time once the first charge is set, and for God's sake make sure you do get out. According ti these schematics the room isn't built to be very 'user friendly'.”

Eddie laughed dryly, not like the Commonwealth to be so haphazard in safety protocol, mind, they had made this place to keep people out. “Gotcha.”, he confirmed to Anna, emerging from a maintenance shaft within the boiler room.


The Main Boiler looked like the warp core of the Enterprise; at least thirty meters from celling to floor inside a cylindrical room. Eerie red and green lights filled the room. Eddie spotted the main heat gauge at the top of the room, lit up with several white lights (most of which illuminating the 'DO NOT USE' signs about it), he webbed himself to the walkway above and climbed up, slipping swiftly over to the valve on the wall. Eddie quickly glanced to see which way had the most red and the bigger numbers, obviously hotter, and began to turn the valve clockwise towards it with some difficulty.

“Damn, this is heavy!”, he grunted as he pulled it about.

“Well, it does regulate heat for the whole laboratory facility...”, Anna replied to his complaint, matter-of-factly as possible. “But this is the only way to make sure all the samples are denatured.”

Eddie sighed, frustrated about that fact – in his opinion, he should've taken more explosives. With a last heave, the Valve would not turn any more. The piping along the walls whistled with strain as the boiler entered meltdown, of course, since the security system was down the various alarms that would normally sound did not. Eddie smirked beneath his mask, “Too easy...”, he mused.

A clanking sound caught Eddie's attention. He spun around automatically, expecting a SENTINEL to be looming over him; nothing. The black-clad hero approached the edge of the walkway, leaning over the edge and looking around. For a moment there was nothing, and then he swore he caught a glimpse of a shadow on the wall...

...and then a large steel claw caught his neck.

With no warning, Eddie was pulled off the walkway by some freakish, steampunk tentacle and sent flying downwards, landing with a crash and a gasp of pain. The clawed arm lifted him by his neck as he struggled to get free, turning him towards its owner; a man clad in a long, black coat wearing a pair of red, reflective goggles and with short, dark hair. “Hello, 'webslinger'...”, he sneered, drawing the first of his four back-mounted mechanical arms towards him, still gripping tightly Eddie's throat. “I am Doctor Otto Octavius, and you are damaging my research...”


Eddie was slammed against a large steam-gauge by the choke-holding claw, it released him, leaving him slumped on the ground and breathing heavily. Otto approached him in a slow, stalking walk, his tentacled arms opening and closing like a hungry hydra looming over its prey; each one with one red light in the centre, matching his goggles and making him appear like some shadowy science-fiction nightmare.

“Eddie! What's happening?!”, cried Anna over the comms, Eddie rose to is feet, hunched over and still breathing heavilly, “Who is that?”

“Some 'Doctor Octavius', apparently...”, Eddie breathed back to her. “He...he isn't too happy.”

Otto smirked mirthlessly at Eddie's half-hearted sarcasm. “Oh, no. I am not. However, I'm sure that you won't be causing me any more problems in a few short minuets...”, he turned away, jumping and, with help of his tentacles, climbing up to the main heat gauge and gripped it with another arm, turning it back down. “And as soon as I'm finished here, so are you, little spider...”

Eddie shook his head, “I somehow don't think so 'Otter', or whatever the hell your parents were aiming for.”, he commented, dipping swiftly over to the first of the two pressure gauges and pulling the lever into overtime, a red light flashed from the console beside it telling him he was doing it right. Quickly as he could, Eddie reached for one of the already primed charges, “...four minuets and counting...”, he muttered, slapping it onto the back of the console as a blast of heat shot him to the ground.

“Foolish child!”, laughed Otto, one of his arms spinning slowly after firing, “Do you think me so blind?”, Otto prepared a second arm for a blast of energy; it began to spin faster and spark with red and blue electricity.

Wasting no time, Eddie leapt onto his feet and webbed himself upwards, narrowly evading the second blast and using his web to carry him around the main boiler to the other pressure gauge. He worked as quickly as possible; pull lever, wait for red light, slap bomb to console. Once done, he backflipped off the console, dodging a metal claw's slice at his standing location. After landing, Eddie leapt back in a large stride, turning to face Otto, who prepared all four of his claws for another attack.

“You will not leave this place alive...”, Otto said, as if certain of the fact. He folded his arms as his combat prosthetics readied themselves.

“Honestly, you Commonwealth lot are all the same. Is this where you tell me 'your death will be painless if...'?”, Eddie asked, straightening his back and folding his own arms. “Seriously, if you're going for some kind of 'super-villain' thing here, you can forget it – this place is going up in flames and I say to you this; you can leave with your life if you do so now.”, Eddie returned to his combat stance. “I can't promise you'll survive in this room.”

Otto remained silent for a moment, eventually inclining his head to the right. “Then come, 'Freedom Fighter', show me how a meer sub-human can defeat the might of the Commonwealth.”
A first claw came at Eddie, evaded with a leap forward, the next was evaded by a cartwheel going into a spinning flip. Eddie webbed both arms as they passed him, twisting them around each other as he landed in front of Otto.

“Hey again...”, Eddie smirked behind his mask as Otto went for him with his own arms; Eddie reacted with a jumping flip over Otto's head, dodging two more blasts of energy from his other claws and webbing them also . He landed again, twisting the webs about each other and sliding under Otto's legs, again, Eddie fired more webbing at the claws, all being pulled skywards and twisted it into his other bunch, beginning to run around Otto, dodging blasts of energy and firing more webbing to make up for the bits being burned away by the blasts. “And for the final touch...”, Eddie added, spinning thrice his own body around the webbing, he held it fast with his left hand and threw forth the third and final explosive charge, which landed face up on the large, noir cocoon of webbing that was the entangled Dr. Octavius.

Otto roared furiously as he tried to break free from the binding webs, Eddie released more strands, attaching it by eight or nine thick lines to various steam pipes in the room. “No escaping from that, 'Doc'.”, Eddie stated, webbing himself back up to the heat valve and twisting it back into meltdown. “This place is evil, and its foundation is built on mutant blood!”, Eddie drew out a white spray paint and scrawled his white-spider logo onto the black valve controls.

He took a last look at Otto, firing randomly his blasts of energy to break free. Eddie swung back to his entry point and left. “If you do end up in Heaven, Otto, in the next couple of minuets...”, he said over his shoulder to the struggling mass , beginning to break free and reach for the charge on his back, “...tell my father his death wasn't in vain.”, with that, Eddie fled the scene.

Otto roared as he reached for the charge, tearing it off his sticky prison and glancing at it; one minuet and thirty seconds. He cast it aside, tearing frantically at the webs. He would not die so easily.


Eddie reached the ground floor with seconds to spare, by the time he'd left the elevator shaft back into the Virus warehouse there was a violent shudder at the building's foundations. It was followed by a loud groan as the vats in the warehouse began to boil and break down, cracking along their glass cylinders and bursting the pipes and gauges along the walls. He ran as fast as he could, hearing the vats begin to come down.

Eddie glanced up at the perhaps ten guards at the gap in the wall left by the 'cyber angel' who abducted 'Hipzera'(?), he webbed past them, soaring overhead and over bullet as the vats of the liquid Legacy Virus finally gave way, bursting with an almighty crash that sprayed glass, steel and the green concoction across the whole warehouse. Eddie swung free as the guards were washed down by the cascade of emerald poison.

“Not a moment too soon...”, sighed Anna, who'd been screaming at Eddie the whole time through his earpiece, “Are you alright?”

Eddie swung across into the shadows and retreated through them towards the underbrush, then into the trees. “Yeah...”, he said, hiding behind a large oak and taking a few breaths. “Mission complete. Nice work, Anna.”, he smiled, mask receding to uncover his face and feel the moonlight against it. Eddie leaned around his cover to see his handiwork; the Legacy Facility lay in complete and utter ruin. He'd done it, the Virus had been stopped. “Only one thing left...”

“And what's that?”, Anna asked, obviously missing something important.

“Tigra.”, Eddie recalled. “I promised an audience with 'Ginger-kit'; let's hear what she has to say...”

"I've met dozens like you. Skipped off home early, minor graft jobs here and there. Spent some time in lock-up too, I'll warrant; but less than you claim. And now you're, what, a petty theif with delusions of standing? Sad little king of a sad little hill..." - River Tam, 'Firefly'

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Man on the Moon [Warlock]

Post by Scumfish » Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:51 pm

He woke-

-No, not 'woke', to awake would be to assume he'd been asleep in the first place-

-as something caught his attention, moving into his consciousness like the irritating beep of an alarm when one was only semi-awake.

No...not irritating...

He withdrew his focus, pulling it back to something much closer to home, a consciousness the size of the planet turning below him wholly focussed on finding that blip he'd faintly caught the edge of. Any fainter and he'd have missed it-

-There it was again.

If he'd had eyes, they would have widened, if he could feel shock. As it was, he simply bent every resource, every available iota of power on the blip, because...

...Because it had come from something – no, someone – techno-organic, and he thought he was the only one in existance.

Another blip, and by the time the echo had disappated, he had the type – distress call – and position triangulated. Barely had the information been gained then he had taken off, a burning yellow streak against the night sky as it headed to the continent of America.


And far below, a Commonwealth scientist hit the panic button. The mutant on the moon had shown activity for the first time in nearly a hundred years.

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Oddity [Toxic/Warlock]

Post by Scumfish » Tue Aug 24, 2010 12:56 am

Toxic sat with his legs dangling over the edge of the building, staring out over the view despondantly with a cigarette in his mouth and his gasmask beside him, still with a bloodspatter over the eyepiece. He didn't know what to do now - that was the third cell that had been completely wiped out and he still couldn't remember anything.

Maybe his amnesia had a safety mechanism that made it kick in whenever there was danger? Though...he tried to convince himself that it was coincidence that he was the sole survivor every time this happened but...seriously...? He simply blacked out and woke up with bloodspatter on him and no injuries?

He rubbed an arm, taking the cigarette out of his mouth and blowing a plume of smoke. Maybe he should try thinking of where to go next rather than things he didn't understand.

Something hovered overhead, watching the boy silently, the blank face tilted to one side. It seemed to consider the boy for a moment before decending down, landing behind him, "... Salutations," it called softly.

Toxic very nearly fell off the edge of the building, catching himself quickly and standing hurridly to stare at the new arrival. Oh fuck...what the hell was it? It wasn't an Enforcer or anything - "Oh god, another Agent?" His voice shook a little as he stepped back, biting his lip. "W-why are you guys following me?"

"Self is ... not an agent," it said, standinf perfectly still, the golden lights on it's black skin glowing softly, "do no be alarmed."

"Do not- bit late for that!" Toxic swallowed heavily, watching the lines. It was oddly...fascinating. He'd never seen anything like it. "If you're not an Agent, then what the hell are you?!"

It seemed to hessitate for a moment, then pointed up at the cresent moon in the sky, "You ... know of fairy tails?"

Toxic glanced up at the moon. "I...do...yes...?" He looked back at the figure...it had no scent, no blood, no heartbeat but it was oddly...familiar, in that face-on-the-street kind of way. He was too used to that from the amnesia though and easily ignored it. "The man on the moon? What's that got to do with it?"

It pointed back to itself by way of explanation.

"You're...him?" Toxic blinked, blue eyes wide as curiousity started to overcome the fear despite himself. "But...that's just a story. And besides, they say he's fifteen feet tall."

The head tilted further and the being seemed to smile without a face and then all of sudden it stretched up, elongating itself out so that it towered over Adam, at exactly fifteen feet.

Toxic took a step back again, but the tense fear was starting to turn into almost delighted curiousity. Still though- "If you're not an Agent, I'd stop doing that quickly." He looked around quickly and made 'tone it down' motions with his gloved hands. "I, for one, don't want attention."

It shrunk down and approached Adam slowly, "Queary, you are ... not afraid?"

"Afraid? I'm bloody terrified." Toxic realised that his back was to a sheer drop as it approached. "But that's pretty normal, right? I mean, if you're really him, you'll know. All sorts of shit down here and why are you here and talking to me of all people?"

"Self ... recived a distress signal," it stopped a few feet awat

*away from Adam and considered him again, "Self returned to investigate ... and on the way ... self found you, curious."

"It...didn't come from me." Toxic bit his lip. "I'm just another bloody mutant in a city full of them. Well, not so full these days. I'm not interesting." He eyed up the black figure.

"Correct, you did to signal the distress call, another did, but yet .." it approached again, "yet self senses techno-organic matter within you."

Toxic couldn't back off any further, the heels of his boots literally over the air as he watched the...thing. "...What?" He half-squeaked. "What's 'techno-organic matter'?" Okay, he could run...but if half of the stories were true he'd be caught before he took three steps. The thing didn't look like it was going to try and hurt him...

"Techno-organic matter is what self is made of," it brought t's hand to it's chest for emphasis, "self is ... self believed that self was the only being in the universe to excist as such."

Toxic swallowed hard and stayed where he was, balancing on the edge of the building. "I...don't...know anything...I'm sorry." He chewed his lip. "I-I could be. I don't know. I can't remember anything from before a couple of months ago." He rubbed the back of his head, fingers tugging at the dreads.

"Queary, this is correct?" It reached out with it's hand, "in that case, let self show you."

Toxic eyed up the hand, feeling like that kid in the story...what was it, Alice in Wonderland? Did he follow the rabbit or...he scratched the back of his head. This guy could...help him remember? Well...maybe he shouldn't go for it, but he knew he'd be kicking himself for the rest of his life if he didn't. However long that would be.

He hesitated for a moment...then reached out for it. "...Sure. Just...don't hurt me."

"Do not worry, this will be strange, but no pain," it told him, taking his hand and the glow seemed to intensify as it hacked into the boy's systems.

"Hey-what-" Toxic's eyes widened as he...felt...something - something opened in his mind and his entire body seemed to glitch like a broken monitor and for a moment, just for a moment, he looked identical to the other mutant - before his original image flicked back on. Images of...a room? Tables...machines...another being, similar but different and screaming-

Toxic whimpered, image glitching again, lines showing through his skin when it flickered back.

[Interesting,] came the other mutants voice in Toxic's ear, thought he couldn't see him as the memories were replayed, [and also ... disturbing ...]

The lines flared, a bright neon green. [What are you doing?!] Memories...these were his memories, but they were going too fast for him to see, to get more than a basic glimpse of the images and emotions.

[Your files have been encrypted ... Adam, self is mearly attempting to fix them.]

[...Adam...?] Toxic's eyes widened.

[That is your name, they hid it in the files, amoung many other things.]

[Adam...] His image glitched again. [Wait. Files. Files? Are you talking about my...my memories? And who's 'they'?]

[Whoever did this to you, this is unnatural, hense why it is faulty.]

[U-unnatural?] An image suddenly shuffled up, staring at him. His eyes widened as he watched from first person objective as he was picked up and thrown into a van, his parents watching him go, crying and screaming- [N-no, no more, stoppit, I-I don't - I'm not ready for this-] He instinctively pushed against the other.

[Very well,] it let go of Adam, pulling away again, "Self has learnt what seld needs, thank you for your time."

Toxic stumbled back, ass meeting roof as he fell, staring up at the other. "What? Y-you're just...you're going - after that, you're just...leaving?" He glitched again, letting out a horrified squeak as he stared at his hands, green lines similar to Warlock's own showing through. "What am I?"

"Self belives that you are a copy of self," it put it's head to the side again, "The Commonwealth has discovered another techno-oragnic being and are using it to ... creat things such as yourself," it shrugged, "self is unsure as to the reasons why, but self will fix this."

"I-I hate to sound selfish but...what about me?" Even his voice glitched, sounding like a bad recording. "C-Commonwealth? Copies? I-I don't understand, I'm just a mutant!"

"... What about you?"

"I don't know what to do!" Toxic nearly wailed. He felt like his entire world had been tipped upside down and shaken. "I don't even know what I am o-or where to go or..." He looked up at Warlock. "...Will you come back?"


Toxic bit his lip, looking down at himself, at the glowing green lines. "Because I don't know what to do and you're the...you can help me. Please?"

"Queary, help you?" It managed to look quite confused despite not having a face, "How so?"

"I...don't know...I just...I don't want to be alone." Toxic pulled his legs up to his chest. "...I'm one of you...aren't I...? Even if it's false...I-I can't help that..."

It regarded the younger for a moment, "Self has been alone for nearly a century," it confessed.

"I-I've been trying to find people to stay with for only two months, and I've nearly gone mad." Toxic looked up at him. "I don't want to be alone any more, and this just makes me feel...I-I'm completely alone, and I don't want to be." He was aware he was babbling. "Please - I'm one as well. I might not be as a-advanced or anything but..."

It looked at him for a long moment, before seeming to sigh, "... Affirmative then, you may acompany self, provided you do not get in self's way."

Toxic hesitated, then nodded. Warlock didn't mean him any harm, he knew that. "Do you...do you have...a different look to that?" He concentrated, the glitching getting less frequent before smoothing out and his lines fading before he pushed himself up.

"Queary, different look?"

"You're really noticable like that. Um." He chewed his lip. "You should...probably...try to blend in, look...I don't know, human? And try to sound it? I-I don't know, they're just ideas...I don't even know what I'm doing with my own things, so I guess I shouldn't be giving advice to you..."

It looked at him for a few more moments, before it's body shimmered and changed, taking the form of a young, darh haired man in his twenties, "Like so?"

Toxic nodded. "...Yeahuh. Just...tell me...what you want me to do." He looked down. "I kinda want to help him too. I guess...in a way...you're both my brothers. In a really fucked up way."

"You can run, can you not Adam?" The man looked at him, his expression completly blank, "then follow self."

"I-I can...lead away." Toxic smiled at the sound of his name, though something inside winced.

The man flew into the air, hovered for a few moments before shooting off in a south-westernly direction.

Toxic grabbed his mask, blurred and followed him, not wanting to even risk the whole flying thing - if he could even do it. He could keep up with him easily enough like this anyway. As he ran, fitting the mask over his face, he smiled. Finally, he belonged somewhere.
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Three of a Kind [Warlock/Toxic]

Post by Scumfish » Wed Aug 25, 2010 10:34 pm

Toxic leant against a wall and panted, flipping up the mask as he tried to get his breath back, eyes searching the skyline for Warlock. Sure, he'd been able to keep up with the other mutant easily enough, but then the guy had sped up, leading him down a veritable obstacle course - so not only was he running, he was having to jump too. [...Warlock? Where are you?]

He knew without knowing that they were at - or at least near - a Commonwealth facility. He could feel it. It was...odd.

[Self is here,] Warlock replied as he landed on the roof of an ajacent building, [he is here, self can sense him.]

[He?] Toxic took a deep breath, running up the building and flipping himself over the lip to land crouched beside Warlock. "Who's 'he'? The one you got the signal from?"

[Self is useing the male pronoun, but technically it could be genderless,] Warlock flicked his eyes at Adam, "Self belives so."

Toxic eyed up the group of buildings in front of them apprehensively. "I recognise this place." He rubbed the back of his neck. "Or at least...I think I do. Best way in's probably over...there." He pointed where his hunch was telling him to, refusing to let himself be weirded out that he recognised what appeared to be a detention centre.

"Oh yes?" Warlock tilted his head and stared for a moment before nodding, "You seem to be correct, caution though, they will be expectng us."

"You, maybe. I'm just a nobody." Toxic bit his lip, rethinking that. "...Maybe. Can I let you go first? I'm still working on the premise that I'm depressingly squishy."

Warlock actualy smiled at that, "Do not be worried, self is used to being used as a shield, it ... used to happen a lot."

Toxic glanced at Warlock quickly, feeling guilty suddenly. "I-I didn't mean it like that - it's just - well-" He trailed off. "You know what I mean...right? Don't go getting yourself hurt either. You're the only person who's answered any questions."

"It takes a lot to hurt self, you are ready to go?"

"As I'll ever be." Toxic flicked down the mask and tightened a glove, thin green powerlines spidering under the skin. "Lead on."

"You must ensure you obey my orders instantly and without question, you can do that, correct?"

"Aye sir." Toxic bounced on the balls of his feet. "I've been doing it all my life." He grinned cheekily and gave him a salute. "Just hand me the explosives and point me where to go, 'Lock." Yeah, he was used to this from the terrorist cells.

Warlock shifted to his true form and managed to give Adam a look, "No explosves."

"Just a saying."

"Mmmm," Warlock looked at him for a few seconds before dropping off the side of the building, a tendril of techno-organic matter snapping out and hitting a security camera as he did so.

Toxic dropped after him, running down the wall and rolling as he landed, blurring up another and taking out another camera with a somersault. [...Nice trick.] He was completely focussed, like he was on any job. [Estimate about thirty seconds before the donuts spot the missing cameras and the alarms go up.]

[Afirmative, more then enough time,] Warlock said grimly as he reached the door, an access pannel. He pressed the palm of his hand against it and hacked, smiling inwardly as the door swung open.

Toxic just...stared at Warlock, then at the doors. [...Wow.] He was really working with the mutant from the moon?! And he was supposedly the same? No way. He pushed that aside, sliding out the blades as he stood to one side of the doors, searching out any movement - [Big group of people coming. I think they heard you.]

[Most likely,] Warlock stood at the ready, [how adverse are you to killing things?]

[...I've done it plenty of times.] He said coldly. [Sometimes it's neccessary. Besides, if they're working for the Commonwealth, they're dead to me anyway.]

[Very well,] Warlock shrugged, stepped around the corner and grabed the leading man by the head, lifting him up off the ground and crushing his skull like paper as the others opened fire, the bullets passing through his body easily.

Toxic just...stared for a moment, before shaking himself, blurring into the knot of men, blades out and slashing as he easily dodged bullets with his speed. He realised there was something...odd about the men even as he watched one clumsily heal. [Uuuh...Warlock...?] Another one had his mask ripped off and...there were patches of black skin with painful-looking yellow veins running through it.

[Drones,] Warlock said, [let self deal with this, disengage them.]

Toxic did as he was told, kicking one in the face as he backflipped out of the way. [They...that's horrible. What have they done to them?]

[It's entirely possible they are your precursors,] Warlock said, before concentrating. Tendrils burst out of his body and impaled all of the guards and thier whole bodies turned techno-organic.

The lights flowed from them to him, their bodies turning silvery and then collapsing into dust.

Toxic stared at the piles. [...Precursors...? Wh-what did you do? What had been done to them?] His image glitched a little. [They were just human...]

[They had been infected with the transmode virus,] Warlock gestured for Adam to follow him, [they had been turning into drones, you understand the concept of 'zombies'?]

[Of course I do.] Toxic trailed after Warlock, feeling oddly lost and displaced as he stepped around the piles carefully. [...I-I know what the virus is. I don't know how I know but I do...that's what it does?]

[Correct, that is another reason we must rescue my fellow, the commonwealth can not be trusted with such power,] there was an access pannel which he hacked, [not far till we find him.]

[My God.] Toxic shuddered again. [Can we torch this place when you're done? Please? Just to make sure they lose it all?]

[That may actally be for the best,] a door swung open, [this way.]

Toxic nodded, sliding the blood off his blades and drawing them back in so that he could hug himself. He kept expecting memories, but all he was getting was...vague pulls, hunches, nothing more. Had he walked through here before? How did he know he'd even been held here? There was...something...a feeling of someone nearby...he realised that was what 'Lock was tracking. [...I can feel him.]

[You can?] Warlock gave the impression of smiling, [where do you think we should go then?]

Toxic stopped for a moment, realising that...yeah, he could feel 'Lock too. It was like his blood-sense only...not. [...That way.] He pointed after concentrating for a moment - and hoping like hell he was right.

Warlock nodded, [Correct, stay close to self,] he said, making his way down the corridor and drainign anyone he came across.

[Like I'm going to want to go sight-seeing in this place.] Toxic did as he was told. [What's the plan when we're done here?]

[It depends entirely on what state the other is in when we find it,] Warlock shrugged, opening the final door and draining the scientists within, [there it is ...]

In a air-tight, sealed box a techno-oragnic blob moved sluggishly about, the lights over the surface of it's skin a pale lemoney colour.

"Tyro!" Toxic blurted out, going straight to the box and placing both hands against it where the blob was. "Tyro, can you hear me? I came back-" He caught himself. "...I don't even remember leaving." He looked up at Warlock. "That's not what colour he should be, is it?" He chewed his lip worridly, oddly feeling like he was going to cry. He swallowed it down.

The blob, Tyro, waved a couple of feelers towards the front of the glass and made a weak, eletronic squeaking noise.

Warlock crouched down next to the glass box and pressed a hand against the surface, [Self ... is not sure, this appears to be an infant technarch, self has no idea what colour they should be,] he raised a fist, [stand back, self is going to break the glass.]

"Just - don't hurt him-" Toxic did as he was told. "Get back, Tyro." He wasn't even sure if the blob could hear him. He glanced away - and his eyes fell on a stack of files. Curious, he went to have a look.

"Self won't hurt him," Warlock said indignantly, before smashing the glass.

Tyro let out a small squeak and dropped out of the tank and scurried over to Adam, wrapping around his ankle.

Toxic's eyes widened as he felt the technarch, leaning down and carefully prising him off only to have him wrap around his arm. "Uuuh...hey?" He petted the blob, looking at Warlock with wide eyes.

Tyro made little meeping noises and clung to Adam's upper arm.

"Well...guess it's as safe a place as any. Just...keep hold, yeah?" He shrugged at Warlock, before grabbing the file that had caught his interest. The Agent from before had called him 'TOXIC-01'. That was stenciled on the box in his hands. "Can we blow this place up now?"

Warlock smiled, "Seems you two know each other," he looked around the room, "we must make haste though."

He walked over to a consol, "It should have a seld destruct, most places do ... ah, here we go," he turned it on, "we have 60 seconds, take my hand."

Toxic hesitated, then after making sure Tyro was still holding on (and smiling at the squeaking) he grabbed the other techno-organic's hand.

There was a flash of light as Warlock teleported them about half a mile away, "Turn around and watch the fireworks."

Toxic did as he was told, cradling both the file and Tyro as he waited - and then grinned as the night sky was lit by a massive explosion. A few seconds after the shockwave hit them, dust and leaves and the smell of burning sulfur whirling around them. "...Think that's the most satisfying thing I've ever seen."

Warlock watched the explosion blankly, "We can't linger though, they will be searching for us."

"Right." Toxic shook himself, looking around to get his bearings. "...There's a safe place about...a mile that way." He pointed. "Completely abandoned house. Actually it's derelict, but...it'll do until...you guys are ready to leave..." He trailed off, looking down at the cooing Tyro. He still couldn't remember him, but...there was a definite connection there.

"Very well," Warlock said, placing his hand on Adam's arm and teleporting them away.
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