What if...? Married with kids

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What if...? Married with kids

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:44 am

Pietro: It was quiet... too quiet..... Pietro looked up from his book. Oh crap. They'd gone again. Couldn't take his eyes off them for a second.... he stood up and looked around to see if he could see either of them from where he was. Nope... He frowned and set off on a search of the grounds. These kids would be the death of him... Illyana would beat him to a pulp if she found out he lost them again.

Illyana: A very pregnant Illyana was resting in her and Pietro's bed when she saw a flash of blonde hair whizz by and out the door, accompanied by giggling. Illyana grinned and sat up a bit more, waiting for the teleporting in.

Pietro: A systematic search of the grounds bore no fruit so he headed into the house. Room after room... aha! Got one! He caught Catrin and picked her up, "Okay, where's your brother?" He looked up and down the hall, he was never really far from her.... He heard a giggle and started towards it, knowing that Peter probably would have vanished by the time he got there anyway.

Pietro: Yep. "... Crap." "Crap!" repeated an enthusiastic voice from behind him. He turned. Gone again. "Damn it!"

Illyana: "MOMMY!!!!!!!" Catrin knew that was a bad word. Mommy got mad when that word was used.

Illyana: Illyana carefully got to her feet, ready to grab her teleporting son the moment he approached.

Pietro: Pietro cringed when Catrin called for her mom, there would be yelling. Catrin was wriggling under his arm but he was still missing a child and he wasn't going to admit defeat yet.

Pietro: Peter cackled and teleported to the other end of the hall, "I gotta seeeeekriiiiiit!" He disappeared again before his daddy could track him down.

Illyana: Illyana waddled toward the door, concerned that Peter hadn't been through the room yet.

Illyana: Catrin squealed and squirmed. "SEEEEEEEEEKKKKRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!"

Pietro: "Gah!" Pietro nearly dropped her when the wriggling got more pronounced. He held onto her with both arms and decided to continue searching but in the general direction of the bedroom because sooner or later, Peter usually ended up there.

Pietro: Peter's secret was special. Not just anyone was going to find out what it was. He patted his secret as gently as a two year old can manage and left it where it was to go and play hide and seek some more. He appeared very briefly, grinning at the far end of the hall and behind his daddy. "Boo!" then *pop* gone again.

Illyana: Catrin was determined to chase after her brother. She squirmed and tried to get free. "MOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!"

Illyana: Illyana opened the bedroom door and peeked out into the hallway.

Pietro: Pietro looked up, Catrin was dangling upside down and still wriggling and Illyana was now witnessing this. "Hi.... not my fault."

Pietro: "Tag you're it!" Peter poked daddy in the knee then disappeared again.

Pietro: "... He's a menace!" Pietro looked around to see where he'd gone now.

Illyana: Illyana, a very serious look on her face, pretended to not be amused. "Reading again?"


Illyana: Illyana crossed her arms over her belly. "Peeto...."

Pietro: Pietro lifted Catrin up by the ankles so that her face was level with his, "Traitor!" he looked around her to Illyana, "And yes, I was reading... I didn't look away for that long, I swear."

Pietro: "I found a thingy!" Peter appeared in front of his mommy.

Illyana: Illyana grabbed Peter and tickled him, attacking him with kisses. "Peeto, turn her rightside up before she throws up on you."

Pietro: "She's fine..." Pietro rolled his eyes but righted Catrin anyway and walked over to Illyana, "So whose idea was it this time?" he looked between the twins.

Pietro: "Not tellin'!" Peter squealed between giggles.

Illyana: Illyana's eyes twinkled mischeviously. She whispered into Peter's ear that she would let him have a cookie before dinner if he told.

Illyana: Catrin snuggled into her daddy.

Pietro: Pietro gave Catrin a cuddle and tickled her a little.

Pietro: Peter's blue eyes lit up. Cookie! He extended an arm and pointed at his sister. He wanted his cookie!

Illyana: Catrin gave her daddy a kiss, trying to win him over.

Illyana: Illyana tickled Peter again and snuggled him. "It was your daughter again."

Pietro: That was an admission of guilt if ever he saw one. But he was completely unable to stay mad at her for long. He tickled her again, "Someone's going to get her feet glued to the floor if she keeps using them to torment her daddy." He gave her as stern a look as he could muster.

Pietro: Peter giggled at the further tickling and hugged his mommy. Whispering with all the quietness he could manage... which wasn't a lot. "Catrin's a bad girl!"

Illyana: Catrin kissed her daddy and smiled, giggling. "I wuv you Daddy."

Illyana: Illyana giggled and carried Peter closer to Pietro so she could kiss her husband. "We knew we were in trouble when the ultrasound showed two babies."

Pietro: Yeah he had no hope. He pressed a kiss to his daughter's forehead and gave her a squeeze, she had him wrapped around her little finger and he knew it. He smiled at Illyana, "Yeah... and who'd have thought they'd develop their mutations so young..." he shook his head, poking Peter in the ribs.

Pietro: Peter squirmed at the poke and hid his face in his mommy's shoulder.

Illyana: Illyana giggled and protected her baby boy. Catrin smiled happily. She knew she had won daddy over.

Pietro: "Sooo...." Pietro eyed his son, "What's this secret you have?" he raised an eyebrow.

Pietro: "Seeeeeeekriiiiiit!" He sang back, his voice muffled by Illyana's shoulder.

Illyana: "If you don't tell us, then Catrin will have to get your cookie."


Pietro: Cookie! Peter looked mortified! HIS COOKIE! "Mommy can see!"

Pietro: Pietro leaned to whisper in Catrin's ear, "You can have a cookie anyway."

Illyana: "Daddy will come with us, but only Mommy will see, ok Lovey?"

Illyana: Catrin giggled and snuggled Daddy. He was the best!

Pietro: Peter shook his head, "Daddy has to wait at the door!" he protested. "My sekrit!"

Pietro: Pietro raised an eyebrow, "Alright, I'll wait at the door."

Illyana: Illyana felt better that Pietro would be nearby for whatever the twins had come up with this time. She set Peter down and caaaaaaarefully got back up, holding onto Peter's hand. "Show us where to go, Lovey."

Pietro: Peter set off at a march, pulling his mommy along with him, glancing behind him every so often to make sure daddy stayed far back so he didn't sneak a peek.

Pietro: Pietro followed Peter and Illyana, still carrying Catrin in his arms.

Illyana: Illyana waddled along with her son. She just hoped there were no dead animals...

Illyana: Catrin spent the walking time sucking up to Daddy by giggling and snuggling with him.

Pietro: Pietro cuddled Catrin and tickled her chin.

Pietro: Peter took his mommy up to the attic to show her his secret. He was pretty excited - mommy would be proud!

Illyana: Catrin giggled. "I wuv you Daddy."

Illyana: Illyana was glad when they reached the attic... it couldn't be much further!

Pietro: Peter turned around and put his hands on his hips, immitating 'angry mommy'. "You stay here."

Pietro: Pietro blinked at his son and looked up at Illyana briefly before nodding, "Yes, I'll stay here."

Illyana: Illyana tried very hard not to giggle at her baby boy. She smiled at Pietro.

Illyana: Catrin tried to wriggle down to go with them.

Pietro: Pietro put Catrin down so she could follow if she wanted, he gave her a smile.

Pietro: Peter turned and went into the attic, heading over to his little den in the corner.

Illyana: Illyana followed the twins to the mess they had made in the attic... at least it wasn't the living room.

Pietro: Pietro turned and leaned against the doorframe, folding his arms and listening to see if he could hear the results of whatever the secret was.

Pietro: Peter lifted the 'roof' from his little secret house and proudly displayed what he'd found. A very nice round bird's nest, complete with eggs... and a cake (liberated from the kitchen) in case the birdies got hungry when they woke up from their naps and popped out of their little egg shaped beds.

Illyana: "Ohhhh Peter!" Illyana tried to sound happy and surprised. She knew immediately that those baby birds were now doomed to die if they had not done so already. She also wondered if Emma had noticed the missing cake yet. She waddled forward a bit. "Peter, Mommy needs Daddy to help her sit down, ok? So she can see it better."

Pietro: Peter frowned, "Mommy likes the surprise?" he gave her a hopeful look, trying to work out what she was feeling so he could immitate it.

Illyana: Catrin ran and pulled at Daddy's hand. "Mommy want you."

Illyana: Illyana smiled at her baby. "It was very thoughtful of you to bring the birdies here." She took the decorative scarf off of her neck and waited for Pietro's help.

Pietro: Pietro looked down at Catrin and picked her up again, going into the attic to find Illyana. "So I'm allowed to see now?" he asked, stepping around the side of the fort to see what was there.

Illyana: "Help me sit down please My Sun." Illyana reached out for his help. She hated this part of being pregnant.

Illyana: Catrin wriggled to get free again.

Pietro: Pietro put Catrin down and took Illyana's hand to help her. "Peter... where did you get that cake?" he looked over at his son.

Pietro: "Found it!" Peter announced.

Illyana: Illyana just shook her head. "Next time, ask Emma before you take her cake, ok?" Illyana poked Peter lovingly. She put her scarf over the eggs. "Baby birdies like to stay warm."

Illyana: Catrin sat in Mommy's lap as best she could.

Pietro: "Didn't take! Found it!" Peter insisted. Stealing was wrong! Stealing meant no cookies!

Pietro: Pietro gave Peter a look that said he didn't believe him one little bit. Peter hid behind the wall of his box fort. "I think we should take the nest and the cake back down to the kitchen and see if Emma has something warm we can put the birdies on.

Illyana: Illyana ruffled her son's hair. "You aren't in trouble, Peter. But you need to ask Emma first before you have cake." Illyana was not looking forward to getting back up off the floor. She reached out to her husband for help.

Pietro: Pietro helped Illyana carefully back to her feet, brushing the dust from her clothing, "You alright?" he asked her softly.

Pietro: Peter peered out from his hiding place, blue eyes huge. "Cookie?"

Illyana: "You will get ONE cookie before dinner." Illyana told Peter firmly. Illyana nodded to Pietro. "I'm ok. Just feel huge." She grinned at him.

Pietro: He grinned back, "It's okay, you still look beautiful." he gave her a quick kiss then picked up the nest and the cake.

Pietro: Peter grinned at the thought of cookie and teleported down to the kitchen to wait there like a good boy, but he felt bad when Emma shrieked and dropped her coffee on the floor.

Illyana: Catrin took off running, a late attempt to beat her brother there.

Illyana: Illyana sighed once the twins were both gone. "Peeto, I need you to do something about those birds... we can't let him know they are dead."

Pietro: "Don't fall down!" Pietro called after his daughter, frowning a little in worry. He turned back to Illyana, "They might not be... depends how long ago he found them and what he did to them between then and now..."

Illyana: Illyana nodded at Pietro... but laughed at his overprotectiveness. "I love you... even when you are horribly overprotective."

Pietro: "I'm not being overprotective... am I? She's two - I didn't have my powers that early... I don't know how much damage she'd do to herself if she crashlanded...."

Illyana: "You always are." Illyana ruffled his hair. "Go on down to the kitchen. I'll be there as quickly as I can waddle."

Pietro: Pietro frowned at the hair ruffling. How was he supposed to fix it with his hands full of nest and cake? "Alright... call me if you need my help." He pressed a kiss to her forehead then bent to talk to her belly, "Hope you're behaving yourself in there."

Illyana: The baby jumbled about a bit, causing Illyana to smile and put her hand on her tummy. "She likes it when you talk to her."

Illyana: Catrin was on Emma's leg by now. "EMMY EMMY EMMY!"

Pietro: Pietro smiled, "Well good because I like talking to her." He kissed her tummy and straightened up again. "Now I should go and rescue Emma before she tries to bash her own head in with a frying pan."

Pietro: Peter was teleporting all over the kitchen looking for the cookie jar. Emma had hidden it! "Cookie? Cookie? Cookie?" He looked aaaaaallll over.

Pietro: Emma caught Catrin and lifted her off her lap and put her on the table, "No cookies before dinner!"

Illyana: "MOMMY SAID WE HAVE COOKIE!" Catrin started to scream and cry.

Illyana: Illyana giggled. "Hurry."

Pietro: Oh God crying! And it was her too! Not good! "Uh... okay... I'll get you each a cookie... just... shhhh..." she made calming motions with her hands.

Pietro: Pietro stepped into the kitchen and looked around at the chaos before him, "Everything okay, Emma?"

Illyana: Catrin rushed to daddy, still crying.

Pietro: Pietro blinked at the small child hugging him around the legs. "Did you misplace a cake?" He held it out to her then picked Catrin up when Emma took it. "And what's wrong with you, huh?"

Pietro: "COOKIE!!!" Peter was getting more insistant.

Illyana: "Emma no cookie." Catrin sniffled and hid against daddy.

Pietro: Pietro pressed a kiss to his daughter's head and carried her over to the table, setting her down on it, "One cookie each," he confirmed to Emma, "and somewhere warm to put this..." he uncovered the nest.

Pietro: Emma blinked at the nest and flicked the kettle on to fill a hot water bottle, "I'm not even going to ask where that came from..." with those kids it could be anywhere! She went into the pantry and retrieved the cookie jar from its hiding place, taking out two cookies.

Pietro: "COOKIE!!" Peter grabbed at one, then caught the 'what do we say?' glare from his father, "Thank you, Emma!"

Illyana: Catrin waited nicely for her's, to be nice, unlike her brother. "Dank you, Emma."

Illyana: Illyana finally waddled into the kitchen, a bit out of breath. She smiled at her family + Emma.

Pietro: "You're welcome," Emma gave Catrin a smile and tickled her tummy. At Peter's look she bent down to him, "You are a menace... but you are also welcome." She grinned and tweaked his nose.

Pietro: Peter grinned back and nommed his cookie happily.

Illyana: Catrin giggled at the tickle, then sat peacefully and nommed on her own cookie.

Illyana: Illyana all but crashed onto a chair to rest. "I will be so glad when I can teleport again!"

Pietro: Pietro smiled at Illyana, "So will I - you can help me chase these guys down again."

Pietro: Emma laughed, "Oh yeah, I second that. No more unexpected short people in my kitchen!"

Illyana: Illyana laughed and sighed. "They will still outsmart us." Illyana ruffled Catrin's hair. The girl grumbled in protest at her hair being messed up.

Pietro: "As long as they don't get under my feet, I can live with them outsmarting you..." Emma liked her kitchen floor free of food and coffee stains.

Pietro: Pietro grinned at Emma, "Oh I see how it is, protect the kitchen at all costs?"

Pietro: Emma nodded, "Bingo."

Illyana: Illyana laughed at Emma and took Pietro's hand. It would be nice to have a baby that didn't talk back too.

Illyana: Catrin rushed to her Daddy's leg and clung to it.

Pietro: Pietro looked down, "Finished your cookie?" He picked Catrin up and cuddled her.

Pietro: Peter had finished his cookie too... and he was covered in crumbs and melted chocolate now. Where to wipe his hands.... he looked around the kitchen.

Illyana: Illyana was a step ahead of him. She took a napkin from the table and smiled at her son. "Peter lovey, come give Mommy kisses."

Pietro: Kisses! Hands first, Peter ran to mommy to give her some affection.

Pietro: Pietro stepped out of the way to avoid the chocolatey mess that was his firstborn.

Illyana: Illyana scooped him up and showered him with kisses as she wiped him down.

Pietro: Emma looked over at them, after setting the nest down on top of a hot water bottle. "Now, if you're all done spoiling their appetites and making a mess, would you mind getting out of my kitchen so I can fix the damage?"

Illyana: Illyana gave Emma an odd look. "I think you have more than that to clean up.... Peter, go show Catrin how you can build a tower with blocks. Mommy and Daddy need to talk."

Pietro: "Tower!!" Peter hopped down off his mommy's lap and took Catrin's hand, they both vanished from the kitchen.

Pietro: Emma blinked at Illyana, "Oh no... you did not just go into labour in my kitchen!"

Pietro: Pietro looked between Emma and Illyana, "Uh... I'm with her...." he pointed at Emma.

Illyana: Illyana punched the shit out of Pietro's arm. "Lab. Now."

Pietro: Pietro held his hands up to defend himself, "Owowow, that hurts you know!" He reached to help her up, "Emma, would you mind calling Sophie so she can come over and watch the kids?"

Pietro: Emma nodded, "Sure... after I mop the floor... and burn the chair...."


Pietro: Oh yeah. The rage. He forgot about the level of rage. "Why don't we talk about what a bad husband I am later and focus on walking right now?"

Illyana: "Oh no we're going to talk about that right now. OOwwwww!" Illyana did her proper breathing until the contraction passed. "Much better."
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What if...? Married with kids

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:19 am

Illyana: Illyana snuggled baby Annika as she rocked her and sang softly to put her to sleep. It had been a stressful couple of months, with twins AND a newborn... but things seemed to be settling down into a routine.

Pietro: Pietro stepped into the nursery, "Hey," he whispered, "The twins are tucked up in bed and all storied out," he gave Illyana a smile and bent to kiss her and Annika, softly.

Illyana: Illyana smiled and said, "Thank you," to fit in with the lullabye. Annika yawned and put her tiny thumb into her mouth. "We are allllmost ready to lay her down."

Pietro: "I'm gonna head downstairs and lock up in the lab and make sure Heather actually left when she said she was going to." He turned for the door.

Illyana: "I'll see you in bed in a few minutes." Illyana assured him.

Pietro: He smiled at her again then went down to the lab, making sure things were put away. Heather had fallen asleep at her station, he woke her gently and shooed her up into the house, locking up behind them.

Illyana: Illyana carefully placed Annika into her crib and turned on the baby monitor for that room. She then teleported to her bedroom and began to get ready for sleep.

Pietro: Pietro checked on Emma after seeing Heather to one of the guest rooms, then turned off most of the lights downstairs before finally heading up to bed himself. "And another day done..." he flopped down onto the bed.

Illyana: Illyana was already on the bed, under the covers. She mumbled something of a reply to him.

Pietro: He smiled and rolled onto his side to kiss her gently then got up again to get changed quickly before crawling into bed beside her and turning out the lamp. He pulled her close and closed his eyes, falling asleep almost instantly.

Illyana: Illyana sat up abruptly. The clock next to the bed said 2:42 AM. She was sure she head a sound. She listened for it again. Maybe it had been a cough from one of the kids?

Pietro: Pietro grumbled a little because her movement had woken him, "You're hearing things... all quiet on the monitor..." he mumbled, rolling over and burying his face in the pillow.

Illyana: Illyana looked over at the baby monitor screens. All three children were fine... but she felt uneasy. She lay back down and snuggled into Pietro.

Pietro: Pietro turned around again and hugged her, pressing a kiss to her temple, "Everything's fine..."

Pietro: Except it wasn't. The sprinkler system came on, "What the hell?" he sat up.

Illyana: Illyana was up and putting on her robe now.

Pietro: Pietro was dressed in the blink of an eye and out into the hall, nothing looked out of place....

Pietro: Suddenly all the lights came on and alarms went off all over the building.

Illyana: Illyana was instantly in the nursery scooping up a screaming Annika. She only wanted to teleport the baby once... so she ran to the twins room.

Pietro: Pietro knew Illyana would see to the children so he went to see what the source of the disturbance was. He didn't need to go far. There was an explosion from the other end of the landing - in the room Heather had been using. A huge fireball blew the door out into the hall. Moments later, Emma was running around the corner, "What the hell is going on?!"

Pietro: Heather stepped out of her room, looking somewhat dazed, "Uh... sorry... we got a problem..." she gestured to her room, "Some creepy charred ninjas are in my room..." she slumped sideways and Emma caught her, looking frankly terrified.

Illyana: Illyana sat down next to screaming Catrin. "Peter Lovey, come here to Mommy!"

Pietro: Pietro ran to the top of the stairs. There were indeed 'creepy ninjas' but of the non-charred variety all over the house. He ran back to Emma and Heather and dragged them both to the twins room, hoping Illyanna was still there.

Illyana: Illyana was pulling Peter to her, trying to get all three children into her arms to teleport... which she nearly did as the door opened. "Pietro! What's happening!?"

Pietro: "I'll explain later. Can you take two more? I need to get Sophie." Emma helped Heather over to Illyana, "Go to the safe house. I'll follow you there." He hurried over and kissed her quickly, giving the frightened twins hugs, "Everything's going to be okay." he told them, "Be good for Mommy." he straightened up again.

Illyana: Illyana pushed her tears back. "Heather, Emma... hold onto me. Do not let go until I say it's safe. Peeto... hurry."

Pietro: Pietro nodded, "I will... I love you." he gave her one last reassuring smile then dashed off to the lab. First priority - stop them getting what was in there.

Illyana: Illyana immediately teleported the group out. That was possibly the most stressful thing she had ever done. She was glad she had teleported to a couch at the Russian cottage, because she collapsed onto it, holding onto her children.

Pietro: Pietro ran down to the lab, going straight through the walls to save time. He was glad he'd already backed up all the data and stored it safely away from the house. He activated the security system and hurried back out again - seconds later the whole place detonated.

Pietro: Next stop, Sophie's house. He didn't bother with knocking, he just ran straight to her room. But when he stopped, he realised something was terribly wrong. The place was completely empty, furniture was overturned, objects smashed. Sophie was gone.

Pietro: Meanwhile, Heather was regaining her senses, "Holy crap! What just happened?!"

Illyana: Illyana tried to steady her nerves. Pietro would be fine. He could out run them. "Heather... can you get a fire going in the fireplace?"

Illyana: Catrin was still crying and frantic. Illyana didn't bother trying to calm them in that room. She held onto Annika protectively. "Catrin, Peter, follow mommy." She led them to the master bedroom.

Pietro: Heather got up and went to get some wood for the fire. Emma went to find a kettle and some tea.... and a russian phrase book.

Pietro: Pietro took some time to pick up a few unspoilled items of Sophie's and put them in a bag. She'd want them back. Then, after taking a few steadying breaths, he ran for the safe house - nearly crashing into Heather as she gathered wood from the shed outside. Heather fell over in shock and melted a whole load of snow.

Illyana: Illyana got the crying twins into the bed and she sat down in the rocking chair. "Shhhh Mommy's right here... it's ok...." She cuddled Annika. She put a blanket over her and the baby and began feeding her while she told the twins a Russian fairy tale. Catrin was immediately quiet to listen, clinging to her brother.

Pietro: Heather looked Pietro over then looked behind him, "Where's the crazy one?"

Pietro: "Gone..." was Pietro's simple reply.

Illyana: Illyana continued the story, switching sides with Annika. Catrin started to doze off. Peter was determined to wait for Daddy.

Pietro: "Oh... uh... well look, it's freezing out here so why don't you go inside - Emma's making tea... at least I assume that's why she wants the kettle... she could be making modern art I guess..." She put her hands on Pietro's shoulders and steered him into the house and towards the kitchen then sat him on a stool and patted him on the head before turning on her heel and going back outside.

Illyana: Illyana had 2 out of 3 asleep by the end of the story. She was glad she had thought to put a little cradle in the cottage back when she and Pietro had first married... as a kind of hopeful preparation for summers there. She tucked Catrin in and scooped Peter up to get him some warm milk from the kitchen.

Pietro: Emma finally got the gas to light on her fifth attempt and burned her finger in the process, "Ow! Son of a-!" Heather raised an eyebrow from over by the fireplace, "Careful there, Emilia - kiddies are impressionable little things." She poked the logs and they caught fire.

Illyana: Illyana emerged from the master bedroom. The moment Peter saw Daddy he teleported to his lap. Illyana sighed with relief and rushed to him... noticing it was eerily quiet for Sophie to be there.

Pietro: Pietro hugged his son out of reflex but didn't make any other acknowledgement of company. Heather closed the door to the outside and went to join them in the kitchen and get in Emma's way because it amused her.

Illyana: Illyana placed a gentle hand on her husband's shoulder, trying to piece things together.

Pietro: Emma smacked Heather's hand with a spatula and shooed her over to the table. "Hey! That was unneccessary violence! Did you see that?!" she looked over at Illyana, pointing an accusing finger at Emma. Emma folded her arms, tapping her spatula threateningly on her shoulder. Heather picked up a ladel.

Illyana: Illyana twirled a bit of her golden hair. She knew. "Where would they take her?" She asked him softly.

Pietro: Pietro shook his head, he had no idea. Peter clapped and squealed with delight when Heather and Emma launched into a smacking match with their weapons, completely oblivious to the distress his parents were in now that he was entertained.

Illyana: Illyana hugged Pietro around his shoulders from behind, trying to think of a plan.

Pietro: Pietro sighed and leaned his head back against her, closing his eyes. "You're not going to get her," he said evenly.

Illyana: Illyana kissed his forehead. "Why?"

Pietro: "Children need their mother." Peter applauded again as Heather appeared to win the battle - Emma got distracted by whistling kettle and got bopped on the head by the round bit of the ladel.

Illyana: Illyana couldn't argue that... Annika especially still needed her. She squeezed him and sighed. "Ok."

Pietro: Pietro lifted Peter so he'd sit more comfortably in his lap and gave him a cuddle as Emma set a cup of tea down in front of him. Heather held her hands out for Peter, "Come on, little monster, time for sleep." "But it's sunny!" he protested, pointing at the window.

Pietro: "Ah well, that's because this is backwards world. It's a magical place but you have to go to sleep when it's time to sleep or goblins will come and hide all your toys." Peter looked horrified and instantly held his arms out to Heather. Pietro gave her a grateful smile as she carried a now entirely cooperative Peter to the bedroom.

Illyana: Illyana giggled. She worried Peter would have nightmares... but they WERE going to be sleeping with her and Pietro so that didn't matter. She took a seat on Pietro's lap.

Pietro: Pietro put his arms around Illyana and hugged her tightly. At least she and the kids were safe. "You know..." Emma said as she slid into a chair, "It's probably good that Harvey left when he did... can you imagine the whining he'd be doing about the cold right now?" Pietro looked up at her and managed a small smile.

Illyana: Illyana clung to her husband. Yeah, she was scared. At least Russia was publically making a bold stance against the US's mutant policy. They should be safe there.

Pietro: "Out like a light." Heather announced, stepping into the kitchen, "Funny how angelic they look when they're asleep... so deceptive..." she shook her head and sat down, "Sooo.... what now?"

Illyana: Illyana did have to laugh at that... it was absolute fact. She looked to Pietro for the answer to that quiestion though.

Pietro: Emma eyed Pietro, he didn't look to be in any state to answer questions right now. She made an executive decision, "Now," she said, "We're going to get some sleep because we're all exhausted. When we wake up we will worry about what happens next but I think the first thing we need to do is make sure this place has enough supplies."

Illyana: Illyana nodded. "We haven't been out here in a long time... Russia is going through a lot of hardships, but this place is pretty secluded. I can get us whatever we need after we rest." She slid off of Pietro's lap and tried to help him up.

Pietro: "Oh man, I'm so glad you said that," Heather said, shaking her head, "I don't speak a word of russian."

Pietro: Emma frowned at her, "I'll see about finding somewhere for us to sleep..." she got up from her seat.

Illyana: "There is a second bedroom... it has 3 beds in it.... my brothers and I used to stay in that room."

Pietro: Emma nodded, "I'll make two of them up..." she bit her lip and glanced at Pietro again. Poor Sophie...

Pietro: Heather cringed, "Wow, Em, I thought I was the tactless one..." she muttered.

Illyana: Illyana hoped Pietro was too dazed to notice. She intended to get his sister back.

Pietro: Pietro had noticed but he merely bowed his head and trudged towards the bedroom. His wife and children needed him to be strong right now, he could fall apart later when Sophie was back safely with them but at this moment in time he just had to pull himself together and deal with it.
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What if...? Married with kids

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jan 22, 2011 7:41 pm

Illyana: Annika was remarkably sound asleep for nap time. Illyana collapsed onto the bed of the cottage after putting her youngest down into the cradle carefully. She sighed heavily. This was not where she had intended to raise her family... it was very small and with Heather and Emma there... it was tiny.

Illyana: Catrin was outside in the meadow seeing if she could catch butterflies.

Pietro: Pietro was sat on a chair outside, keeping an eye on Catrin since he was the only one really able to watch her properly. Peter was 'helping' Emma bake cookies in the kitchen. Heather was looking for a book to read that she hadn't already read and that was in English. When she couldn't find one, she kicked the bookcase.

Illyana: Catrin squealed as she caught one and ran to show her daddy what she found. "DADDY DADDY DADDY!"

Pietro: Pietro bent to look, hoping it wasn't dead.

Heather: Heather left the living room and went to see if Illyana was done putting the baby down for a nap so she could whine at her about the lack of anything to do.

Illyana: Illyana was just heading into the living room. She smiled at Heather and put a finger to her lips as she closed the door. "Find a good book?"

Illyana: The butterfly fluttered beautifully and flew out of Catrin's hand and into the air. Catrin giggled and chased after it, at normal speed.

Pietro: Pietro sighed with relief when it took off again and smiled to see Catrin so happy. She loved being outside and all the flowers and animals that were around in the fields. Her grandmother would have been overjoyed to have someone to share her enthusiasm for nature with.

Heather: Heather shook her head at Illyana's question, "Read them all..." she grumbled, "We need to get some more... Long ones."

Illyana: Catrin sped back to crawl into Daddy's lap. "Tell me butterflies, Daddy!"

Illyana: Illyana sighed. She eyed the bedroom.... then nodded. "I'll sneak into town and see what I can find. You are on baby duty. Just get Pietro if she wakes up ok?"

Pietro: Pietro cuddled Catrin and picked her up so that they could watch the butterflies and he could tell her what they were called as they walked.

Heather: Heather nodded, "No problem, I'll just set up camp right here til you get back." She sat down on the floor. She totally wouldn't get Pietro, she could handle a baby. What's the worst it could do?

Illyana: Illyana smiled and nodded. She headed outside to tell Pietro she would be right back. She noticed he was a good way out, so she teleported the rest of the way to him. "MOMMMMMMY!" "Hello Lovey!" Illyana gave her a quick kiss.

Pietro: Pietro smiled at Illyana and put his free arm around her, giving her a kiss. "We're learning about butterflies," he explained, "Annika sleeping?"

Illyana: Illyana kissed him back, smiled, then nodded. "Heather is supposed to get you if she wakes up. I'm going to sneak to my parents' place and grab some supplies."

Pietro: Pietro nodded, "Alright... be careful," he gave her a small smile, "And say hi for me."

Illyana: "Always my love." She kissed them both, then disappeared quickly before she changed her mind.

Illyana: Catrin looked up at Daddy. "Mommy be safe?"

Pietro: Pietro nodded and kissed Catrin's forehead, "Of course she will." he gave her a smile, "Now, let's see if we can find some pretty flowers for her, huh?"

Illyana: "She likes red ones!" Catrin reminded him.

Illyana: Annika was cold. She began to cry.

Pietro: Pietro smiled, "She does! Let's go and find some for her and make her a nice pretty bouquet." He set Catrin on the floor and took her hand to walk beside her.

Heather: Heather looked at the door, thought about going outside then decided it'd take too long. She got up and went into the bedroom to pick Annika up, "Hey there little one," she cuddled her against her chest.

Illyana: Annika liked the way this person looked and smelled. She was warm. She started to calm.

Illyana: Catrin skipped next to daddy, looking for flowers.

Heather: Heather smiled, pacing the room a little with the baby, "There you go, it's not so bad."

Pietro: Pietro found a nice patch of red flowers and looked down at Catrin, "Think these ones are nice enough?"

Illyana: Catrin judged the flowers and found them worthy. "Yeah! They are prettyful!!!"

Illyana: Annika began to root on Heather, trying to nurse.

Pietro: "Alright then let's pick the best ones for mommy." Pietro knelt down beside her to help.

Heather: Heather blinked at the baby, "Hey now, none of that - I'm not mommy." She moved her onto her shoulder, "Buuut let's see if mommy left you any milk before you start the crying again..."

Illyana: Catrin helped Daddy pick out only the very prettiest ones with all their petals and no brown spots.

Illyana: Annika pinched Heather a bit with her tiny hand.

Heather: Heather winced a little and headed down to the kitchen, "Anything babies can have in the fridge?"

EmmaG: Emma put her hand over Peter's mouth before he could yell in his excitable way and scare the baby into crying, "Yeah I think so..." she replied, "But shouldn't Pietro do that?"

Pietro: Pietro was busy arranging the flowers for the bouquet and and quite a way from the house.

Illyana: Annika smiled and giggled when she saw her brother.

Illyana: Catrin made sure Daddy had some long, green grass for the bouquet to make it pretty.

Heather: "Pietro's outside, I don't wanna bug him," Heather told Emma, "And Annika's fine, see? Not crying or anything." She picked up a bottle and heated it to the correct temperature herself as she closed the fridge.

EmmaG: Emma frowned, "Well okay... just be careful with her..." she went back to helping Peter put frosting on the cookies.

Pietro: Pietro finished arranging the bouquet, "What do you think? Will mommy like it?"

Illyana: "Mommy will love it!" Catrin kissed her daddy's cheek.

Illyana: Annika was happy now, so long as she could see Peter too.

Pietro: Pietro smiled at Catrin, tying up the bouquet carefully with another long piece of grass. "Alright then, let's go back to the house. I bet Emma and Peter are nearly done making cookies now." He offered her his hand as he got to his feet.

Heather: Heather took a seat at the table and watched Emma and Peter frosting the cookies as she quietly fed Annika.

Illyana: Catrin got up, not caring that she was covered in dirt now, and took Daddy's hand.

Illyana: Annika's eyes grew droopy as she dozed back to sleep as she ate.

Heather: When Annika was asleep enough that she stopped sucking on the bottle, Heather put it down on the table. So cute! She smiled at the tiny girl.

Pietro: Pietro was also covered in dirt but he also didn't care, he walked back towards the cottage with Catrin hoping that Illyana would be back by the time they got there.

Illyana: Illyana was in fact just teleporting into the kitchen with books and fresh food supplies direct from Moscow. She blinked in surprise at finding Heather with an empty bottle and a sleeping Annika.... and Peter not as covered in icing as she had anticipated. "How did it go then?"

Pietro: "We made cookies!" Peter grinned at his mommy then teleported over to her to give her a flour-y hug around the knees.

EmmaG: Emma sighed, she'd just been about to wipe him down too... she put the cloth on the table and picked up a cookie instead.

Heather: Heather giggled, "All's well," she told Illyana.

Illyana: "Good. You can babysit and keep yourself entertained." Illyana laughed and ruffled Peter's hair after setting the treasures onto the table. "I was able to get you milk, eggs, bread, and all sorts of goodies, Emma. Was a good trip."

EmmaG: Emma smiled, "That's great, thanks... I'll put those away in a minute."

Heather: "I'm not babysitting if I don't get my books," Heather argued, "You don't get this for free."

Pietro: Pietro gave the bouquet to Catrin when he saw Illyana through the window, "Mommy's here, why don't you give her the flowers?"

Illyana: Catrin grinned and forced herself to walk inside with the flowers. "Mommy!" Illyana smiled at her baby and shushed her a bit, since Annika was sleeping. "They are beautiful!" She sat down on the floor to hold both of her children.... and shower them with kisses.

Pietro: Pietro stepped in after Catrin and watched the scene for a bit with a small smile. Everyone seemed so happy here... but there was someone missing.

Illyana: Illyana felt the same way as she looked up at Pietro. She missed her crazy sister. She snuggled her angels, thankful that they were safe.

Heather: Heather decided now would be a good time to make herself scarce, she knew that look on Pietro's face. She got up from her seat, "I'll go put Annika back in the crib..." she hurried out of the kitchen.

Pietro: Pietro managed a smile for Illyana, frowning briefly when Heather made her swift exit, "How are they all?"

Illyana: "Everyone is just fine, Daddy." Illyana assured him. "Though your son now needs a bath..."

Pietro: "There's a surprise," Pietro replied, ruffling Peter's hair, "Catrin might need one too but I promised her a cookie if Emma and Peter were done making them." he smiled at his daughter.

EmmaG: "Oh we're done, just." Emma replied, heading over with a cloth to wipe Catrin's hands clean.

Illyana: "Peeto, our Lovies are going to weigh 500 pounds each if we keep feeding them cookies." Illyana giggled and got to her feet, leaving her children to Emma's cleaning

Pietro: "Peter maybe but not Catrin," Pietro replied with a grin, picking up a cookie. He gave Emma a grateful smile then took Illyana's hand and pulled her towards the living room so they could talk.

Illyana: "Lucky Catrin...." Illyana was pulled easily by her husband, leaving the twins to harass Emma.

Pietro: Pietro sat down, pulling Illyana down with him and putting his arms around her, pressing a kiss to her temple. "We need to talk..."

Illyana: Illyana didn't like where this was going already. She placed a gentle kiss on his lips and looked up at him. "What's happening my love?"

Pietro: He held her close and sighed, "I've been thinking about home a lot lately... And Sophie..."

Illyana: Illyana twirled a bit of her blonde hair and rested her head against him. "I have too..."

Pietro: "I want to go back... They've probably stopped watching the house by now... I need to see if I can find her..."

Illyana: "And what if they are still there? And they find you? And... and..." Illyana couldn't bear to think of more.

Pietro: Pietro cuddled her, "I know... I know you're worried but we have to check sooner or later.... and if they find me they find me, I'll just run away and try again another time... but I can't just stay here knowing that they have Sophie somewhere..."

Illyana: "What if I go? I can be gone just as fast as you!" Illyana clung to her husband. She couldn't lose him too...

Pietro: "And if you get caught?" Pietro looked at her face, "I don't think I could take it if anything happened to you... and what about the kids?"

Illyana: Illyana placed her hand on his cheek, looking into his eyes. "I can't lose you either, Peeto.... WE can't lose you."

Pietro: He sighed, "She's my sister..."

Illyana: "What do you want me to do if something happens to you? Besides be totally devastated...."

Pietro: "Take care of the children, that's all I want. They need to grow up safe and happy, they're the most important thing in all of this... and you'll have Emma and Heather to help you... but this is worst case stuff... I'm sure I'll be fine." he hugged her again and kissed her softly.

Illyana: Illyana couldn't hold back her tears. She was so scared. This was dangerous! "I love you, Pietro."

Pietro: "I know... I love you too." he bit his lip, turning his face into her hair.

Pietro: In the hall, Emma and Heather exchanged glances.

Illyana: Illyana cried into him for a bit, trying to get control of herself.

Pietro: Once Illyana seemed to be calming down, Pietro loosened his grip a little and took a deep breath to calm down himself. "Alright?" he asked her.

Illyana: "No... but it is bad luck to part with tears. Always smiles...." She forced one for him and snuggled into him. "You must be careful..."

Pietro: He nodded, smiling back at her and wiping the tears from her cheeks with his thumbs, "I'll be careful, I promise and I'll be back as soon as possible."

Illyana: Illyana nodded. "OK........ok...." She kissed him one more time.

Pietro: He hugged her tightly again then got to his feet, leaning to peek out into the hall where Emma and Heather were standing, "Okay you can come in now..."

EmmaG: Emma ran in to give him a hug, "I'm with Illyana on this one, please be careful."

Illyana: Illyana had to smile at that.... but nearly broke into tears as Catrin was immediately on her daddy's leg.

Heather: Heather stayed in the doorway, Peter hovering uncertainly at her side. Mommy was upset! Heather bent to ruffle his hair and tickle him a bit, managing to coax out a giggle. She smiled for him, he grinned back then ran to hug his mommy to share the happy.

Pietro: Pietro picked Catrin up and cuddled her, putting an arm around Emma too and kissing her on the cheek, "You're all acting like I'm not coming back...."

Illyana: "Daddy has to color with me tonight." Catrin reminded him.

Illyana: Illyana scooped up her baby boy and snuggled him, showering him with kisses. "It's alright Peter Lovey." She reassured him softly.

Pietro: Pietro smiled at Catrin, "Exactly," he told her, kissing her forehead. "So you be good til I get back, okay?"

Heather: Heather watched them from where she was, they were such a close family. She sighed and turned to head outside, not wanting to think what could happen if he didn't come back.

Illyana: Catrin giggled and kissed her Daddy. "Ok. I will make sure Peter is good too. For Mommy."

Illyana: Illyana couldn't let go of Peter.

Pietro: Pietro smiled again, "That's my girl." He passed her over to Emma then leaned to give Peter a hug. Peter sulked a little bit because mommy was sad which meant he should be sad. But hugs! He gave in hugged his daddy around the neck.

Illyana: Illyana smiled at her little family. Pietro would be back... he had to be. Catrin snuggled Emma. She loved Emma too.

EmmaG: Emma smiled for Catrin and hugged her back even though she was terribly worried, she glanced out of the window to see if she could see Heather.

Pietro: Pietro kissed his wife and gave her another hug. "I'll be back before you know it."

Illyana: "I hope so. I really, really hope so."

Pietro: Pietro headed for the door, stepping outside and looking for Heather, he couldn't see her anywhere. He frowned a little but decided she was probably doing her usual avoidance thing, he'd talk to her when he got back. And so he turned and ran back towards New Hampshire to assess the situation.
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What if...? Married with kids

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:38 pm

Illyana: As dinner approached, Illyana started to worry. Pietro still wasn't back. Catrin was getting cranky and Annika was super fussy, feeding off Illyana's emotions.

EmmaG: Emma was trying to cook dinner and entertain Peter at the same time. He, like Annika, was feeding off Illyana's emotions. Emma gave him some juice and sat him at the table where she could keep an eye on him.

Heather: Heather was only just coming back from her walk, she stepped into the cottage and looked around at all the depressed faces. "Pietro isn't back yet?"

Illyana: Catrin whined. "I want juice too!"

Illyana: Illyana shook her head, still watching out the window, semi paying attention to Annika on the couch with her.

EmmaG: Emma got some juice for Catrin and sat her up next to her brother then went back to cooking. Peter swung his legs back and forth, kicking the legs of the chair.

Heather: Heather frowned a little, "Oh..." she sighed and sat down on the arm of a chair, "Maybe.... maybe he just got distracted...?"

Illyana: Illyana shook her head. She had a bad feeling...

Illyana: Catrin sipped her juice happily. "Heather! Juice!"

Heather: Heather leaned to smile at Catrin, "Drink it carefully like a good girl!" she called back, glancing at Illyana again, "I'm sure he'll be alright..." she wasn't but that wasn't what Illyana needed to hear right now.

Illyana: Illyana tried to smiled at Heather.... really she did.... it almost looked like a small smile.

Illyana: Catrin took her juice over to the couch to sit with Mommy and Baby Sister. "Annika! Annika!" Annika grinned at her sister.

EmmaG: Peter watched his sister go then climbed down off his chair and picked up his juice to follow her. Emma frowned a little, feeling sorry for Illyana.

Heather: Heather moved to sit properly in the chair and sighed. She was hoping that all this stress would be done by the time she got back from her walk....

Illyana: Illyana forced a smiled for her kids. She pulled Peter up to sit next to her, while keeping her eyes on Catrin and Annika. She didn't know what to do. "Maybe I should go check?"

Heather: Heather shook her head, "No you shouldn't." She glanced at the kids, not really willing to have this conversation where they could hear, "Just wait and see..."

Illyana: Illyana sighed. She scooped up Annika and snuggled her close to her, breathing in her scent. Catrin was finished with her juice... and looking for a target. She ran and poked Heather in the side, then poked Emma, then was back on the couch in under a minute.

Heather: Heather blinked. "I feel violated."

Illyana: Catrin giggled... she didn't know what violated meant... but it had to be funny.

Heather: Heather smiled at Catrin and held her arms out to her for a cuddle.

Heather: Peter crawled into mommy's lap and hugged her and Annika, giving his baby sister a kiss. "Love you mommy!"

Illyana: Catrin giggled and ran to Heather for a hug.

Illyana: Illyana did smile a real smile at her son. "I love you too, Peter. So does Annika." Illyana placed a lingering kiss to her son's forehead. Where was Pietro!?

Heather: "I love Annika too!" Peter added, not waning Annika to think he didn't love her! "And Catrin! And Heather! And Emma! And daddy!"

Heather: Heather cuddled Catrin and tickled her to get some more giggles.

Illyana: Illyana wibbled at the mention of Pietro.

Illyana: Catrin cackled and giggled and squirmed.

Heather: Heather giggled too and cuddled Catrin tight, giving her a kiss on the cheek. She saw the look on Illyana's face and made an executive decision, "Peter, come here for some storytime before dinner." She settled Catrin on one knee and patted the other one for Peter to join her.

Heather: Peter grinned and teleported to get their favourite story then reappeared on her lap. "Storystorystorystory!" He bounced excitedly.

Heather: Heather put her arms around the twins and opened up the book, looking up at Illyana and nodding towards the kitchen. Emma would take care of her.

Illyana: Illyana took Annika to the kitchen with her. She felt like a zombie, but she knew Emma would have a kettle of hot water ready for tea.

EmmaG: Emma looked round, hearing movement and was disappointed to see that it wasn't Pietro. She put the cooking utensils down and went to give Illyana a hug.

Illyana: Illyana hugged her, careful of the baby. "Emma...." She couldn't continue.

EmmaG: Emma nodded, "I know..." she sniffed, "What should we do?"

Illyana: "I... I don't know... I would go look for him right now if I could...."

EmmaG: Emma pulled a seat out for her and steered her into it, "You need to stay with your children," she went to pour some tea.

Illyana: "I know... he made it clear that he would rather I did that too... and I know it's what I should do... but how can I just forget about my husband?!"

EmmaG: Emma put her arms around Illyana again, "He won't expect you to forget but he knows what your priorities need to be.... He grew up without a mother and he wouldn't want his children to go through that, never mind losing both parents." She gently stroked Illyana's back to try and calm her.

Illyana: Illyana was on the verge of tears again. She didn't know how to deal with this. She wasn't supposed to deal with life alone!

EmmaG: Emma took a breath, "Illyana, listen to me. This isn't over. We will find a way to get him back. But for now you need to be strong for your children. Heather and me will help you as much as we can but you're their mother - they need you."

Illyana: Illyana nodded. "Can... can you take Annika? I just need a minute."

EmmaG: Emma pressed a kiss to Illyana's forehead and held her hands out for Annika, "Take as much time as you need, I'll have some tea ready for you when you come back."

Illyana: Illyana nodded and carefully handed over her baby before teleporting to her bedroom for a good cry and to compose herself.

Heather: Heather increased the volume on storytime when she heard Illyana in the bedroom, the twins would get upset if they heard their mommy cry and it'd make the whole thing worse. The twins liked storytime with Heather - she did voices and sound effects.

EmmaG: Emma sat down at the table and rocked Annika, sniffling a little herself. It was going to be difficult without Pietro around.

Illyana: Illyana didn't take too long to compose herself. She was soon back in the living room... with surprise tickles for Peter.

Heather: Peter squealed and curled up. Heather decided it was only fair that Catrin got tickles too.

Illyana: Catrin squealed as well and tried to run away. Illyana laughed and ruffled their hair. "Time for bed."

Heather: Peter shook his head defiantly. Daddy wasn't home yet!

Heather: Heather put the book to one side, getting to her feet after depositing the children on the floor. She was seriously considering making a run for it before things got all depressing again. She'd been doing well so far....

Illyana: Illyana scooped them up and took them to the bedroom before they could get away. "Daddy had to work late. He told you to be good for Mommy remember?" Catrin nodded solemnly. She had to be good for Daddy!

Heather: After Illyana and the kids had left the room, Heather sat down again and put her face in her hands choking on a sob. Those kids were going to be so upset when they realised daddy wasn't coming home.
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What if...? Married with kids

Post by Starfish » Sun Jan 23, 2011 8:46 pm

Awwww, that last part made me wibble. :puppy

Really well done, you two! They're so cute together, and the little ones are totally adorable. :content
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What if...? Married with kids

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jan 25, 2011 4:04 am

Pietro: Pietro lay staring at the wall opposite the cot he was supposed to sleep on. He couldn't remember the last time he'd slept. He couldn't remember much of anything anymore. He didn't know how long he'd been there and he'd almost forgotten what his family looked like, the sounds of their voices or even the smell of his wife's hair. He missed them terribly.

Elle: Elle's high heels clicked on the floor as she walked down to Pietro's cell. If he wasn't going to talk... she was going to break him completely.

Pietro: Pietro heard the footsteps and debated standing up in preparation. But why bother? She'd find some other excuse... he curled up under the thin blanket and continued to stare at the wall.

Elle: Elle sent him a 'friendly' zap. "Awwww you can't hide Pietro!"

Pietro: Pietro jerked and rolled to a sitting position, "More's the pity..."

Elle: Elle smiled sweetly. "Last chance... are you going to tell me where the information is... or do I have to show you something your poor pathetic litte self doesn't want to see?"

Pietro: "I already told you, I destroyed it." Pietro ground out.

Elle: "Tsk tsk tsk... you must think me a dumb blonde... not unlike your wife... or should I say... ex... wife?"

Pietro: He turned his head slowly to look at her, "What?"

Elle: Elle smiled. This was too easy. "I suppose I shall tell you this story... if at anytime you are ready to tell me where the information is, I'll stop. But you see, your little... ex... wife had three very young children to raise! Such a hardship! Being a single parent! Why Piotr was just her 'knight in shining armor!'"

Pietro: Pietro shook his head, "You're lying."

Elle: "Now I have no need to tell you LIES Pietro. The truth is much more satisfying! Why we obtained footage from their wedding. Please view the screen." Elle turned on the hall monitor with the hard to tell it was faked images of Peter being a ring bearer.... Catrin being a flower girl... and a little toddly Annika being carried down the aisle by Emma.

Pietro: Pietro stared, shaking his head. "No... this can't have happened..." this wasn't real. It couldn't be real. Please don't let it be real....

Elle: "Oh but it did... oh look! Here comes the bride!" Illyana appeared in a beautiful gown, similar to the one she had worn at their wedding, but different... and with different flowers. She looked beautiful and happy.

Pietro: He turned his face away, looking at the wall again instead of the screen. He couldn't watch that anymore.

Elle: Elle zapped him immediately. "Ready to talk?"

Pietro: Pietro cried out in pain at the shock, "I keep telling you I don't have it! I destroyed it!"

Elle: "And I keep telling you, I don't believe you!" She sent him a little stronger zap.

Pietro: He curled up, letting out another yell, "Well too bad because that's the truth! All the notes were in the lab and I blew it up! You should have broken in there faster!"

Elle: Elle zapped him again. "I know you wouldn't destroy that all and not back it up somewhere. Oh Pietro... here is your wife... professing her undying love for Piotr!" the Illyana on the screen was saying her vows.

Pietro: "Why would I keep it when I can't work anymore?!" Pietro countered, trying to shut out the sounds of Illyana telling some other guy that she loved him.

Elle: "Pietro... here comes the kiss."

Pietro: "Turn it off!"

Elle: Elle just laughed hysterically. "You know the deal. And I should warn you... I sent someone with a night camera to film the honeymoon! Oh won't it be just like a celebrity sex tape! What position do you think they use?"

Pietro: "Stop it! I don't have what you want!"

Elle: "We'll see Pietro... we'll see." Elle watched as the happy couple danced at their reception.

Pietro: "I'm telling you the truth!" He kept facing in the opposite direction to the tv, "There are no back ups."

Elle: "Oh Pietro... they mean more to you than your own family does. I'm not surprised. At least you can jack off to the honeymoon."

Pietro: "Shut up!" He didn't want to hear that anymore, "Leave me alone!"

Elle: Elle cackled more and turned up the volume as the couple entered the honeymoon suite.

Pietro: Pietro put his hands over his ears and curled up on the cot, leaning against the wall.

Elle: Elle laughed and laughed and laughed and watched him.

Pietro: He couldn't believe it, how long had he been gone? By the size of Annika it had been several months. Was that all the time it took for her to get over him?

Elle: Elle couldn't stop laughing, though she tried. "My what a little tart!"

Pietro: That cut through the denial faster than anything else, he was on his feet in an instant, "Don't you dare talk about her like that!"

Elle: Elle sneered at him through the bars. "She's a little harlot and a whore! Throwing herself at the first man that shows an interest! Look at her!"

Pietro: Pietro walked up to the bars, "You don't know her!"

Elle: "You don't either, if you thought she would really love you until she died. Here she moved on in just a few months!"

Pietro: "Shut up! You don't know what you're talking about!"

Elle: Elle smiled. "I don't have to. See for yourself, Pietro. She has forgotten all about you."

Pietro: "It's a lie!" He turned and walked back to the cot, sitting down again. "I don't have anything to tell you so you can turn that off!"

Elle: "Why? I think you deserve to see the truth for yourself that you married a little whore."

Pietro: "Stop calling her that!"

Elle: "See You Next Tuesday? Slut? Prostitute? Those work for you?"

Pietro: "No! Just stop talking! You're not even worthy to say her name!"

Elle: "Bitch! Slut! Whore! See You Next Tuesday! Trollop!" Elle cackled gleefully!

Pietro: Pietro stood, picked up the cot and hurled it across the room at the bars she was standing behind. He didn't want to hear her talking anymore!

Elle: That made Elle laugh even more! She had found his trigger!

Pietro: He propped the cot up in front of the bars, obscuring her view of him then went to sit in the corner on the floor and think about what he'd seen. Illyana had moved on... now he had nothing left to hope for.
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What if...? Married with kids

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:07 am

Illyana: Illyana tucked the sleeping, now 4 year old twins into her old bed. Annika was tucked away in the cradle not far away. Her parents looked worriedly from the doorway. They had agreed to keep the children and Emma safe while Heather and Illyana went on their rescue mission.

EmmaG: Emma sat with Heather in one of the other rooms. "Are you sure this is a good idea? I mean... what if something goes wrong? What if they forgot something?"

Heather: Heather gave Emma a hug, "It's a chance we have to take, Emma, you know that. We can't just leave them in there... And I'm sure we'll be fine. A teleporter and a walking disaster area, what's the worst that can happen?" she gave the other woman a small smile.

Illyana: Illyana hugged her parents, speaking with them in Russian. "We'll be back before you know it. It may be a few days... depending on how bad Pietro is... but I will get word to you that we are safe, no matter what. Don't worry!" Her mother hugged her tightly, then shooed her out so she could cry in peace. Illyana sighed and moved into the living room.

Heather: Heather looked up, "Ready to go?" she 'oof'ed as Emma hugged her tightly. "Okay, Em... I can't breathe..." she patted her on the head.

Illyana: "Don't worry Emma. We'll be back." Illyana put a hand on Heather's shoulder. "Ready?"

EmmaG: Emma pulled Illyana into a hug too, "You be careful now, you hear me? Both of you!" she finally released them, "If you can't find him, you come home and we try again another day."

Heather: Heather nodded, "We'll be fine, Emma." She got to her feet, "Yeah, I'm ready."

Illyana: "I promise Emma. We'll be safe and smart."

EmmaG: "You better be." Emma said as firmly as she could manage given the fact she was crying again.

Heather: Heather sighed, "You better have stopped that by the time we get back - you know how I feel about getting wet." She stepped over to Illyana.

Illyana: Illyana laughed at Heather's joke. "Bad luck to leave with tears, Emma. Only smiles." Illyana didn't wait for her to recover though. She grinned and took off with Heather. She had to get her husband back!

EmmaG: Emma sighed and pulled her legs up to hug her knees to her chest. They damned well better come back in one piece!

Illyana: Illyana skillfully landed them at their drop spot. "OK. we have to take out those cameras..."

Heather: "On it." Heather reduced her form to pure flame, moving from camera to camera quickly and using the heat she generated to fuse the wires. She reformed under the last one and gestured Illyana over.

Illyana: Illyana teleported over to her. The guards should be a piece of cake really.... the cameras were what worried her.

Heather: "Okay, the intel said he should be in this block..." she pointed to the sign, "I think I might be able to blast the door off but that could draw attention... I'm not sure if they have anti teleportation security on here though..."

Illyana: "Only one way to find out... if I get in, that's good. Go for Sophie, ok?"

Heather: Heather nodded, "I will... be careful." She chewed her lip, "I'd like to be able to get home, you know..." she managed a small grin.

Illyana: Illyana grinned. "Be at the meeting place. If we take too long, get out without us."

Heather: "Oh sure, I'll just conjure up a jet plane and fly us out of here." Heather shook her head, "You better get there on time!" she wagged her finger, "Now get in there and go get your husband before this conversation gets all mushy and cavity inducing."

Illyana: Illyana just grinned and teleported to the other side of the door.

Heather: Heather gave the door one last look, hoping Illyana had made it to the other side then hurried off in the other direction to get Sophie. She, of course, had to break the door down for that. Alarms all over that section went off which drew all the attention away from Illyana and Pietro.

Illyana: Illyana still had to knock out a couple of guards.... which she did with some of the tricks Pietro had taught her. She grinned. He would be so pleased to know that she had remembered so much! She snuck thrugh the block, trying to find him. "Come on Peeto... where are you...?"

Heather: Heather blasted several guards down the hall with a jet of fire, doors burst off their hinges. She ran down the corridors, following memorised directions and burning anyone that got in her way. She counted the doors in the block, sliding to a stop when she found the right section then blasted that door off too.

Illyana: Illyana found the right hallway. Her heart skipped a beat and she ran down it. Not seeing anyone, she dared to call out, "Pietro?!"

Pietro: Pietro lifted his head, had he been asleep? He must have been... he lay back down and returned to staring at the ceiling.

Heather: Heather got sick of the alarm and melted the things that were making the noises in the corridor she was currently travelling down. Ah blessed silence. She took out another guard and stole their keys.

Illyana: "Pietro?!!?!?" Illyana was frantic now. What if they had moved him!?" As she got close to his cell, Elle appeared out of a nearby cell and sent a blast of electricity at her. Illyana screamed and teleported behind Elle, with a kick to the back of the villan's knees.

Pietro: Pietro had definately heard that, he got to his feet and went to the door to listen. "I'm here!" he called out to whoever was out there.

Illyana: Elle snarled and spun around, shooting another blast at Illyana... who was ready for it this time and ducked down, sweeping her leg and tripping Elle. "Back off Barbie!" Illyana took the keys off of her and moved to get up... but Elle sent a powerful shock through Illyana's body. Illyana screamed in pain.

Heather: Heather slid to a stop once she was in the right corridor, "Sophie?! Sophie Maximoff? It's Heather! Shout out for me, I'm here to take you home!" Heather heard a small voice at the far end of the hall and ran towards it, "Keep yelling, sweetie!"

Pietro: Pietro banged on the door, "Hey! Leave her alone!"

Elle: Elle giggled gleefully. "Even after she cheated on you Pietro? Come now. You can do better."

Illyana: Illyana couldn't argue. She astraled a copy of herself... which kicked Elle in the head, knocking the other blonde out. Astral Illyana kicked Elle again for good measure, then picked up the keys and went to the cell.... leaving the main body to recover.

Pietro: Pietro moved away from the door, sitting down on the bed. Elle had reminded him of something he'd hoped to forget along with everything else. He rested his elbows on his knees and put his face in his hands.

Heather: Heather opened the cell the voice was coming from and was tackled to the floor and squeezed tight. "Hey! Good to see you too!" She hugged Sophie and caught her face between her palms to look her over, "You look like shit."

Illyana: Astral Illyana unlocked the door, and didn't like the look of Pietro. She looked back at the body and disappeared to merge with it. Illyana pulled herself across the floor to the cell.

Sophie: Sophie laughed and cried at the same time at the reassuring same-ness of Heather. She hugged her tightly again.

Heather: Heather hugged her back and pressed a kiss to her temple then deciding some prompting was neccessary, "Okay... Soph... as nice as it is to see you, this floor is hard."

Pietro: Pietro didn't move from his position on the cot.

Illyana: Illyana forced herself to her feet and she entered his cell, sitting down next to him. Her heart ached to hold him and kiss him... but something was wrong. "Peeto Love.... It's me.... we.... we need to go."

Pietro: He shook his head, what was the point? Why leave this place if she'd remarried?

Sophie: Sophie and Heather were busy breaking other mutants out in Sophie's block. When they found the command to remove the inhibitor collars, all hell broke loose.

Illyana: Illyana was in tears. He didn't want to go with her?! Why!? "Pietro they can't hurt you anymore. We have to get home before Peter and Catrin wake up and I'm still gone."

Pietro: "Why?" his voice was strained, "You don't need me anymore..." he didn't register the quiet beep from the collar or the fact it had unclipped at the back.

Illyana: Illyana cried a bit more. "I have never stopped needing you! Everyday I need you! Everyday I cry myself to sleep because you aren't there! Pietro I love you! LOOK! I never even took off my rings!" Illyana showed him the very rings that he had personally designed and had hand crafted just for her.

Pietro: Pietro lifted his head just enough to look at the rings, the memories tugging at his consciousness. "They told me... said... they showed..." he couldn't even bring himself to finish that sentence, still not taking his eyes from the rings still on her finger.

Illyana: "I think about you every night and wish you were home. I tried to focus on our babies... but I can't do it alone. I missed you too much... I had to come save you... but we have to hurry! Heather is getting Sophie right now. We have to get everyone back home.... we can talk more there..."

Pietro: "Sophie!" She was here he knew she was! They hurt her so badly! "Where is she?"

Heather: Heather pulled Sophie along behind her, the other mutants from the same block following when they weren't destroying things. They needed to get outside, once the mutants knew the way they could do what they liked.

Illyana: Illyana smiled at that. "Hopefully at our meeting spot by now. I'll have to teleport you there...." She gently tried to remove the collar away from his neck and was surprised when it pulled free easily.

Pietro: Teleportation? Now? He wasn't sure he could take that. "I... what about the others?"

Illyana: "They are meeting us at our spot! We have to hurry before more guards come!"

Elle: Elle grinned at them from the opened cell door. "Too late, Princess." She sent a bolt at the two of them.

Heather: Heather sat Sophie down on the ground when they'd reached the agreed location, checking her over properly then hugging her and rocking her slowly. "Pietro and Illyana are on their way. We're going home."

Pietro: Pietro dodged the bolt without even thinking about it, moving Illyana out of the way too. He straightened up and turned to face Elle after he'd checked Illyana was okay. "Apologise."

Illyana: Illyana stayed behind Pietro. She was too tired to fight anymore.

Elle: Elle smirked. "No." She sent another blast at them.

Pietro: Pietro moved Illyana out of the way again, "Wrong. Answer." He'd suffered far too much at her hands over the last year and now she was going to pay for it. He got behind her and restrained her arms, "Do you know how my mutation works?" He asked her, not waiting for her response before he told her, "I can vibrate my molecules so fast I can step straight through anything I like... I can do that to other people too. But it doesn't generally work out so well for them."

Illyana: Elle struggled with him, trying to put her hands on him to shock him again. Illyana was a bit afraid. She'd never seen him like this.

Pietro: "Can you imagine what that's like? Falling apart, piece by piece at a molecular level? It sounds painful... but you'll have to tell me if it is or not because I can't test it on myself." And he did start the process.

Illyana: Illyana looked away as Elle screamed out in pain.

Pietro: Pietro let her molecules seperate enough to make her almost intangible and then pushed her halfway into a wall, "Now stay here and think about what you've done." He let her go, leaving her trapped there with her legs in the concrete. She'd survive but she'd remember.

Illyana: Illyana shook and reached out for Pietro. She couldn't talk... but she could get him to the safe spot.

Pietro: Pietro took her hand, giving Elle one last look. "I lied. I do have backups."

Illyana: Illyana would have to ask him about that later.... for now she just held on as tightly to him as she could... and ran.

Pietro: Pietro followed her to the agreed location, looking out for signs of his little sister.

Heather: Heather spotted them first, "Pietro!" She cried, the relief obvious, then was knocked over by the force excerted by Sophie as she got to her feet and ran to her brother.

Illyana: Illyana collapsed onto the grass once they were safe, dropping Pietro's hand by accident. She couldn't run another inch if she had to.

Pietro: Pietro hugged Sophie tightly. It was so good to see her and be able to touch her. He closed his eyes, "I'm so sorry..."

Sophie: Sophie sniffled and shook her head, "No, no it was my fault I was a total idiot! But I'm okay! You're okay! And we can go home now!"

Heather: Heather got up and went to see if Illyana was alright.

Illyana: Illyana gave Heather a smile. "I kicked this badass blonde's bitch ass!"

Heather: "Good for you! I blew stuff up and toasted a whole load of guards... oh and we incited a mass breakout - Sophie's idea." Heather grinned at Illyana.

Sophie: "I leaned from the best!" Sophie cried, giving Pietro a squeeze then running to hug her sister-in-law, "I missed you guys sooooo much!"

Pietro: Pietro just watched them, hardly believing what he was seeing.... maybe this was all a fabricaton? To make him lead them to where he'd hidden his family or the information? He took a step back away from the group.

Illyana: "We have to go before they come looking for us." Illyana tried to stand on her own.

Heather: Heather helped Illyana to her feet, "I think we're the least of their problems right now if you want to rest." She looked her over worriedly.

Sophie: "Hooooooome!!!" Sophie bounced.

Illyana: Illyana smiled and reached out for Peeto. "I want to get out of here. Now."

Sophie: Sophie clung tight to Heather and Illyana, not wanting to be accidentally left behind.

Pietro: Pietro considered for a moment. If it was all a lie and he was being taken to another prison facility it wouldn't matter... he reached and took Illyana's hand, stepping closer to them.

Illyana: Illyana took a deep breath and teleported all 4 of them back to the empty cottage.... where she collapsed to the floor again.

Heather: Heather caught Illyana and walked her over to the sofa, sitting her down. "I'll put the kettle on..."

Sophie: "Where are we?" Sophie looked around the unfamiliar room, clinging to Pietro.

Pietro: "Russia..." Pietro replied, putting an arm around Sophie's shoulders, they couldn't know about the cottage.... maybe this was real....

Illyana: Illyana smiled at Sophie. "This was my safe place as a child. After my Uncle passed away, Pietro bought the cottage. We were going to use it for a little summer home, but just never got around to it... I left the children and Emma with my parents... just in case... something happened... and well, I didn't want them to be scared!"

Illyana: She laughed and grabbed Sophie's hand. It was so good to see her again!

Sophie: "Emma's here too?!" Sophie beamed, "Yay! The whole family together!" She released Pietro to huggle her sister again.

Pietro: Pietro looked around the room then turned and headed for the door. He stepped outside and closed his eyes, feeling the breeze. He took a deep breath, the smells of the flowers so familiar to him. It had to be real...

Illyana: Illyana clung to Sophie. Pietro was too broken to even really know who she was it felt like. At least Sophie still knew. "As soon as I can, I'll go let them know we're ok... but I don't want to bring them all back here until we're all ready..."

Sophie: "How are Peter and Catrin? Oh my God I bet they're really big now! Do they remember me?!" Sophie's eyes were huge, "Did you take pictures, what did you call the baby? Ack! When did you have the baby?! I mean I know it was like ages ago now but you were all pregant the last time I saw you!"

Heather: Heather felt out of breath just listening to Sophie talking. Did that girl ever pause to breathe? She brought cups of tea to Illyana and Sophie then went to take one outside to Pietro.

Illyana: "The twins are great. Peter is still learning his letters, but Catrin can already read in English and Russian... she has her father's mind, that's for sure.... and the baby is Annika. She can say Mama... and ball. That's about it." Illyana laughed happily.

Sophie: Sophie squeed happily, "Awww so cute!" she sipped the tea, "Mmmmmmm ohhhh that's so good! I haven't had tea in forever!" She closed her eyes to savour the taste.

Heather: "Pietro?" Heather said quietly, not wanting to startle him, "I brought you some tea... It's probably not as well made as Emma would have done it but..." she shrugged.

Pietro: "Thank you..." He took the cup from her, "I'm really here, aren't I?" At her nod, he let the cup fall to the floor and pulled her into a hug.

Heather: Heather blinked in surprise and patted him gently, "Okay... um... right..." she kept patting.

Illyana: Illyana laughed at Sophie. "Tea is a staple here so I'm glad you love it. Sophie.... I'm so sorry we couldn't get to you sooner."

Sophie: Sophie shook her head, "Don't say sorry for that." she put her cup to one side, brushing her curls back from her face, "It was my fault... but thank you for coming to get me..."

Pietro: "You could hug back once in a while, Heather, it wouldn't kill you." Pietro said, with a small smile when he let her go.

Heather: "How would you know?" Heather replied with a smirk, "I might explode."

Illyana: Illyana smiled and snuggled her sister. It was good to be home. She was beginning to miss her babies though.

Sophie: Sophie sighed happily, hugging back. After a moment of uncharacteristic silence she lifted her head, "There's a shower and clean clothes here, right?"
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What if...? Married with kids

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Jan 28, 2011 12:52 pm

Pietro: Pietro lay on his back on the grass, staring at the stars overhead. It felt like forever since he'd seen them. Heather had gone inside hours ago but he had declined to follow. He'd been inside for so long, it was nice to feel the air on his skin again. He wouldn't care if it was raining.

Illyana: After getting Heather and Sophie into bed, Illyana went outside in search of her husband... fearful that he would be gone. She was relieved to see him and she smiled, walking the rest of the way to him.

Pietro: Pietro heard footsteps on the grass coming from the house, he tilted his head to see who it was. "Hi..."

Illyana: Illyana's heart sank. Not exactly the greeting she was expecting. She sat down beside him, hugging her knees to her chest, twirling her hair as she thought.

Pietro: He turned his gaze back to the sky, "I forgot what they looked like..."

Illyana: "I should have come for you sooner...."

Pietro: "I told you not to come for me at all..."

Illyana: Illyana shrank a bit.

Pietro: He turned his head to look at her again, "But I'm glad you did..."

Illyana: Illyana reached out and took his hand in her's. "It was too hard without you... I always knew I loved you, but I never knew how much until you were gone..."

Pietro: He gave her hand a squeeze then lifted it to his lips to kiss it before sitting up and pulling her into a hug. "I missed you so much, Illyana..."

Illyana: Illyana clung to him tightly, afraid he would disappear again. "Never never never leave me again."

Pietro: "If I'd had the choice I wouldn't have left you when I did..." he kissed her forehead, closing his eyes and breathing in her scent, "I'm so sorry..."

Illyana: "Shhhh you did the right thing. Or tried to." Illyana stayed pressed against him. She really didn't want him leaving her sight ever again, but he did deserve his time to pee alone... though with toddlers that didn't happen.

Pietro: "Is everyone alright? How long was I...?"

Illyana: Illyana bit her bottom lip. "About a year...."

Pietro: Pietro tightened his hold on her a little, wincing at the news. Annika wouldn't know who he was... the twins maybe wouldn't either. "I've missed you all so much... I thought... I thought I'd never see you again..."

Illyana: Illyana started crying at that. "I know... I... had the same fear....." Illyana buried her face into his chest. Oh to have him back!

Pietro: He held her close and rocked her making soothing sounds, "It's alright... I'm home now... And our family is whole again." He kissed her softly, "Everything's okay."

Illyana: Illyana sobbed relieved, happy tears. "I'm so happy just to hold you again... let alone have you here for good!"

Pietro: Pietro just held her, he felt the same way. He took a deep breath to steady himself, "Are Sophie and Heather sleeping?"

Illyana: Illyana nodded. "Yes... why?"

Pietro: "Just wondering... Sophie.... she seems okay... but I don't think she is..." he knew some of what she'd been through after all.

Illyana: "I know... it'll take both of you some time to adjust...."

Pietro: He nodded, Heather would look after Sophie he was sure, even if she didn't like to show affection. "I'm sorry for how I reacted... when you found me..."

Illyana: Illyana paled as her mind went back to that place. "What did she do to you... to... make you... think I didn't need you...."

Pietro: "There... was a video..." he shook his head, that must have been months ago now, "They said you'd remarried..." his voice broke and he turned his face away.

Illyana: Illyana was baffled by this. She held her husband protectively. "I'm not sure what they showed you, Love... but it was fake whatever it was."

Pietro: He nodded, "I know..." he sniffed, "I know that now... and I wanted so badly to believe that at the time..."

Illyana: Illyana kissed him like she had wanted to for the past year.

Pietro: Pietro kissed back, wrapping his arms around her. He loved her so much!

Illyana: Illyana kept him there for a bit. This was sooooo nice. She smiled at him, but something was bothering her... "Peeto..."

Pietro: "Mmmhmm?" he bent his head and nuzzled her neck, feeling happy to hold her and be close to her again.

Illyana: "How did you know.... you could do that... what you did to the blonde lady..."

Pietro: "I've known for a long time how my mutation works," he replied, "It's simple physics..."

Illyana: Illyana stroked his cheek softly. "She really, really hurt you didn't she?"

Pietro: "She was the one who showed me the video... she laughed... called you... things..." he looked away, "And she hurt Sophie...."

Illyana: Illyana nodded and nuzzled his cheek. "You never have to see her again."

Pietro: "No, probably not... she won't get very far with no legs..." he didn't even feel a little bit bad about it. He kissed Illyana's cheek, "I think it's bed time now... especially for you."

Illyana: Illyana gave him a naughty look. "Already getting me into bed, Husband?"

Pietro: He smiled, "We have been apart for a very long time..."

Illyana: "And no kids...." Illyana grinned some more.

Pietro: He got to his feet, lifting her up in his arms, "Nope, no kids... we should make the most of it."

Illyana: "Absolutely... but let's walk. I want to savor every moment I have with you."

Pietro: He kissed her, "I like carrying you." he set her on her feet though and settled for putting an arm around her as they walked.
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What if...? Married with kids

Post by Starfish » Fri Jan 28, 2011 10:23 pm

D'Awww, yay! More cuteness! :bounce
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What if...? Married with kids

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jan 30, 2011 1:45 pm

Pietro: Pietro anxiously paced the floor, waiting for Illyana to come back with the children. Would any of them remember who he was? Would they be afraid of him? He didn't know what to think.

Sophie: Sophie was bouncing up and down on the sofa, excited to see her nephew and neices.

Heather: Heather frowned and ran a hand through her hair, "Pietro, sit down, you're making me dizzy..." she caught him as he passed her and got up, forcing him to sit where she had been, "It'll be fine."

Illyana: Illyana teleported in with all three kids and Emma. Catrin ducked behind her Mommy... unsure of what to do. Annika sucked on her thumb and clung to Mommy too.

EmmaG: Emma stepped forwards first and hugged Pietro tightly, "Welcome home!"

Sophie: Sophie stopped her bouncing and squeaked, "They got so big!"

Pietro: Peter clung to mommy's leg and peered out at the man Emma was hugging. He looked up at his mommy.

Illyana: Illyana smiled at the twins. "See? I told you Daddy was home!" Catrin edged a bit closer.

Pietro: When Emma vacated his lap, Pietro held his arms out to Catrin, hoping that at least she would be willing to give him cuddles. He'd missed his children so much.

Sophie: Sophie jumped up to hug Emma once Pietro had had his turn.

Illyana: Catrin wasn't so sure... "Daddy?"

Illyana: Illyana wasn't pleased at Emma being in her husband's lap. She settled for snuggling Annika. "That's Daddy."

Pietro: Pietro nodded in response to Catrin, giving her a small smile, "Do I get a hug?"

Heather: Heather stood back in the doorway again, rather than get in the way. Peter was still clinging tightly to his mommy.

Illyana: Catrin's mind raced as fast as her father's. She knew that if he was really Daddy, he could catch her at full speed. She ran.

Pietro: Pietro watched her, glanced at Illyana, then ran after Catrin. He caught up with her easily and scooped her up into his arms, cuddling her tight.

Illyana: Catrin squealed gleefully and snuggled her Daddy. It was him!

Pietro: "I missed you!" Pietro cried, cuddling Catrin and showering her with kisses. "Have you been good for mommy?" He carried her back towards the house.

EmmaG: Emma took a breath and gave Sophie one final squeeze before straightening up, "Anyone want tea?"

Sophie: "Mememe! I do! I'll help!" Sophie sprang up and ran to the kitchen, pulling Emma behind her by the hand.

Heather: Heather blinked, "I always knew she was insane..." she shook her head and sat down again in Pietro's vacated seat because it had been hers to start with.

Illyana: Illyana moved to the couch so Peter could sit beside her. She bounced Annika gently and played with her while she waited.

Illyana: Catrin snuggled and kissed her Daddy. [Russian]"I can read and speak Russian now!"[/Russian]

Pietro: Pietro blinked at her, [russian]"Clever girl! I'm so proud of you!"[/russian] he cuddled her some more and carried her back into the cottage.

Heather: Heather looked round at the door, "Oh you found her then?" she smiled, waving at Catrin.

Illyana: "I found Daddy!" Catrin grinned at her family.

Illyana: Illyana smiled softly. "Peter, don't you want to give Daddy a hug?"

Pietro: Peter clung to mommy and shook his head. Pietro was a little saddened by that but it wasn't unexpected, "It's okay, he doesn't have to." He carried Catrin over to the sofa and set her down on the floor so he could look at Annika, "Hey there, Annika..." he smiled at her, "She's so big!"

Illyana: Illyana was saddened too. Would her family ever be whole again? Annika didn't help her mood. The baby shied away from the strange man.

Pietro: Pietro sighed, trying not to show outwardly how much it hurt. He staightened up again and went to sit down. "Where did Emma go?"

Heather: "Tea." Heather replied simply, "Sophie went to help... I hope there's cookies..."

Illyana: Illyana took Pietro's hand... her way of reassuring him. Catrin attached herself to Daddy.

Pietro: Pietro put his free arm around Catrin, glad that at least his favourite knew who he was. He gave Illyana's hand a squeeze to let her know he was okay. "I've missed Emma's cooking...."

Illyana: Illyana laughed happily. "I am sure she will have a feast prepared for dinner."

Illyana: Catrin poked her brother. "DADDY DADDY IS HOME!"

EmmaG: Peter teleported further from Catrin to avoid the poking and ended up under Emma's feet, "Woah! Careful there!" Emma just managed not to spill all the tea on her tray, "A feast might be pushing it but I'll see what I can do." She smiled, stepping around Peter, "We definately should celebrate our family being back together again."

Illyana: Illyana nodded. "I couldn't agree more."

Illyana: Annika watched Pietro.

Pietro: Pietro had to let go of Illyana's hand to take his tea from Emma, he cocked his head on one side and smiled at Annika because he'd seen her watching him.

Heather: Heather let out a yelp when Peter appeared in her lap. "Shoes!" she reminded him, he liked climbing and invariably that meant mud all over her clothes. He quickly pulled his shoes off and sat properly in her lap with a grin.

Illyana: Catrin stuck her tongue out at her brother. She had Daddy!

Illyana: Annika grinned at Pietro and turned away, shyly. Illyana took her tea and sat back to relax.

Pietro: Well probably Annika wouldn't take long to win over... Peter on the other hand.... Pietro looked over at his son, sat on Heather's lap and watching him guardedly.

Sophie: Sophie sat on the floor with her legs crossed, grinning widely and looking around at everyone. "This is totally awesome!"

EmmaG: Emma gently patted Sophie and wondered if putting sugar in her tea had been a good idea.

Illyana: Illyana smiled and bounced her toddler gently. Annika looked back at Pietro.

Illyana: Catrin tried to get Daddy's tea.

Pietro: Pietro moved his tea out of arm's reach of Catrin... then took a hastey sip just in case she decided to just steal it. He stuck his tongue out at Annika when he saw she was watching him again.

Illyana: Annika grinned and stuck her tongue out back. Catrin whined and tried to get the tea again.

Pietro: Pietro shook his head at Catrin, "Daddy's tea, get your own." he tickled her with his free hand.

Illyana: Catrin giggled and sped to get a sip.

Pietro: "Hey! Since when did you get this crafty?" he tickled her some more, putting his tea to one side to do it properly.

Heather: Heather laughed, "My bad!"

Illyana: Catrin squealed happily and tried to escape.

Pietro: Pietro didn't let her escape, craftiness needed to be tickled out! He considered that fair punishment would be to tickle Heather too but Catrin probably wouldn't pick up on that... right?

Illyana: Illyana smiled at them. Annika reached out for Pietro.

Pietro: After a good round of tickling, Pietro released Catrin and set her down so she could run away if she wanted, then he reached to take Annika from Illyana for cuddles. "Hey there, shy girl." he smiled at her and stood her up on his lap. The instant Illyana's lap was free, Peter appeared in it.

Illyana: Illyana snuggled her sneaky son protectively. Catrin raced to attack Heather with cuddles. Annika squealed and giggled at this man.

Pietro: Pietro smiled and gave Annika some cuddles and kisses. He'd missed so much but he was determined to make up for it now.

Heather: Heather nearly spilled her tea when Catrin landed in her lap, "Well hi! Warn a girl before you do that!" she gave her a cuddle and a kiss on the forehead then tweaked her nose.

Illyana: Catrin giggled and attempted to tweak Heather's nose in return. Annika gave him a slobbery kiss back.

Heather: Heather laughed and pretended to try and eat Catrin's hand in defence of her nose.

Pietro: Pietro gave Annika another smile and more cuddles in thanks for the kiss. Two down, one to go. He eyed Peter. Peter hid his face in mommy's shoulder.

Illyana: Illyana ran her fingers through her son's hair gently. Annika squealed with laughter at Daddy as Catrin ran from Heather.

Heather: Peter shifted and stood up on his mommy's lap to whisper into her ear, "Mommy? Who's that man?" Heather bit her lip, having heard that and glanced over at Pietro.

Pietro: Fortunately Pietro was now distracted by Annika poking at his face.

Illyana: Illyana grabbed the picture of her and Pietro's wedding... one of the very few that they had of him at the cottage. "Daddy... remember Daddy?" She pointed to him, then to Pietro.

Pietro: Peter shook his head a little, comparing the picture with the man cuddling Annika. "Daddy went away..."

Pietro: Pietro looked over, biting his lip, "I did... but I'm home now and I'm not going anywhere ever again."

Illyana: "Remember? Daddy had to go to work to keep Peter and Mommy and Catrin and baby Annika safe..." Illyana's heart felt broken into pieces by her son. She couldn't imagine how bad it was for Pietro.

Pietro: "Oh..." said Peter, "Okay..." he sat down again then slid off his mommy's lap and stood up on the floor, looking down at his shoeless feet. He walked up to stand in front of his daddy and, still looking at his feet, held out a hand. Pietro glanced at Illyana then looked back at his son, reaching to shake the hand, somewhat bemused.

Illyana: Illyana tried to smile. She really, really tried. At least he would go near him now...

Heather: Heather raised an eyebrow from the other side of the room, "Peter, he's your daddy, you don't have to shake his hand - you're allowed to hug." Peter looked round at her and she gave him a nod and an encouraging smile. He grinned and hugged.

Pietro: Pietro pulled him up into his lap to cuddle him with Annika, giving Heather a smile over their shoulders and mouthing 'thank you'.

Illyana: Catrin converged on them for Daddy snuggle time.

Pietro: Pietro 'oof'ed at the sudden impact of Catrin but let her into the hug too and pressed kisses to each of their foreheads.

EmmaG: Emma bit her lip and sniffled, accepting a tissue offered by an eye-rolling Heather.

Illyana: Illyana sighed with relief and hugged them carefully too.

Pietro: Pietro smiled at Illyana and gave her a kiss as well in case she felt left out. "It's nice to be home..."

Sophie: Sophie looked at Heather and Emma then at the family cuddling on the sofa, after a moment to come to a conclusion, she sprang to her feet. "Group hug!" and before anyone could protest she'd flung herself at Pietro and Illyana.

Illyana: Catrin squealed at Sophie and hugged her too... though she didn't know who she was. Annika didn't like being squished. She started whining.

EmmaG: Emma laughed at Sophie's antics, she got up and went to join the hug, moving Sophie just a bit so that she wasn't crushing anyone.

Heather: Heather just stayed where she was and watched, enjoying the scene from a distance.

Illyana: Illyana smiled at her family. All was well... at last.
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What if...? Married with kids

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Feb 13, 2011 7:06 pm

Heather: "Don't throw that in the house!" Heather ducked as the frizbee flew over her head, "You have a whole beach out there!" she pointed at the door.

Peter: Peter cackled, teleporting back and forth, throwing the frizbee to himself, "It's no fun out there, there's nothing in the way - that's like easy-mode!"

Catrin: "PETER I'M ON THE PHONE SHUT UP!" Catrin whined as she talked on her cell phone.

Illyana: Illyana sighed and looked to Heather. "Pass the coffee please."

Heather: Heather put the coffee down in front of Illyana. "I will be right back." She followed the path of the frizbee for a moment then sent out a blast of heat. It melted. "Now. What did we learn?"

Peter: Peter looked between Heather and the puddle of plastic, "Hey! That was mine!"

Illyana: "Next time, you will do as you're told." Illyana reminded him, firmly. "Now go outside if you want to be crazy."

Heather: Heather sat down and picked up the paper to carry on reading where she'd left off.

Peter: Peter glared at his mother, "Fine. I have another one anyway." He teleported off to his room to fetch it.

Pietro: Pietro stepped into the kitchen, "Why is there a melted frizbee on the floor?" he picked up the coffee pot and poured himself a cup.

Illyana: "PETER MAXIMOFF." Illyana was furious.

Annika: Annika slid down the railing to the ground floor. "Wheee!"

Catrin: "Doesn't anyone care that I am on the phone!?"

Pietro: Pietro blinked and sipped his coffe, leaning to whisper to Heather, "What did he do now?"

Heather: "Gave her the glare of defiance after I melted his frizbee for throwing it inside," Heather replied, reaching to pour some orange juice for Annika, "Morning Annika," she smiled at her then leaned to reply to Catrin, "If we're making too much noise you can move to another room. The phone doesn't have a wire."

Illyana: "Catrin go to your room if you want privacy." Illyana held her head. "FINE!" Catrin stormed off. "Pietro. Please deal with your son."

Annika: Annika hopped onto a bar stool. "Thanks for the juice!"

Pietro: "I will go and yell after coffee," Pietro assured Illyana, he sat down at the table, "Where's Emma?"

Heather: "She went for a walk after cooking because I said something that upset her... I forget what it was..." Heather frowned, then shrugged, "She'll be back."

Illyana: Illyana just shook her head. When did her babies become teenagers? At least Annika was still sweet... "Thank you Peeto."

Pietro: Pietro smiled at Illyana, "No problem... but you know he listens to you more..."

Heather: Heather got up to get some cereal just in case a 'discussion' started.

Illyana: "Tell tell him he made Mommy cry. That used to work."

Pietro: "Yeah I don't think that's going to cut it in this case..." Pietro frowned, "And I'm not sure he'll believe me either."

Illyana: Illyana laughed and hugged her husband. "I'll go find him."

Pietro: Pietro gave Illyana a quick kiss, "Good luck." Teleporters were tricky.

Heather: Heather looked between them, no yelling. Hurrah! She sat down again.

Illyana: Illyana grinned. "Thank you lovey." She teleported out to find Peter.

Peter: Peter was out on the beach with Emma, actually playing catch with another person for a change. Except he was being a little unfair to her because he kept changing position after he'd caught the ball so she had to anticipate projectiles from all angles.

Illyana: Illyana found them after a few tries, then crossed her arms over her chest and watched them.

EmmaG: Emma spotted Illyana whilst looking to see where Peter had gone now. She caught the ball, seeing it coming out of the corner of her eye then waved at Illyana.

Illyana: Illyana smiled at her son and Emma and waved to them.

Peter: Peter frowned, teleporting to Emma's side, "I think I'm gonna get yelled at."

EmmaG: Emma glanced at him, "Hmm... well in that case I'll make myself scarce..." she started back to the house.

Illyana: "Peter...." Illyana teleported to him.

Peter: Peter sighed, "Yes, mom?"

Illyana: Illyana held out her arms for him.

Peter: He grumbled a little but went willingly into the hug. At least she wasn't yelling.

Illyana: Illyana smiled and hugged her sweet boy. "It hurts my feelings when you glare at me sweetiepie."

Peter: Peter sighed, "Sorry mom.... but she didn't have to melt it...."

Illyana: "You should have obeyed. We raised you better than that, Peter... but if I give you some money for a new one will that make it better?"

Peter: "Maybe..." he sighed, "It's just... we're so far from everywhere here, I don't wanna have to go all the way to the city to have a decent game of catch... and Catrin never wants to... Annika cheats. I'm bored..."

Illyana: "You know why we have to live out here sweetheart.... and it's beautiful! Have you asked your father to play with you?"

Peter: He shook his head, "He's too busy...." he kicked at the sand beneath his feet, "It's nice here but... why can't we have people over and talk to people our own age?"

Illyana: "Peter... I guess you're old enough now to know... do you remember being very very small and Daddy being gone for a long time?"

Peter: Peter thought back, "Vaguely... I think I remember something but I'm not sure.... why?"

Illyana: Illyana sighed. She took his arm and began walking with him on the beach. "We lived in the States... in New Hampshire... your baby sister had just been born when some very bad people came to the house and tried to hurt us..."

Peter: Peter glanced at her briefly before looking back down at his feet as they walked, "Why?"

Illyana: Illyana tightened her hold on him. "You and your sister showed your powers a lot younger than most mustants... most only come into them at about your age now... "

Peter: "They came just because of that?" Peter frowned, "I don't understand... how old were we when that happened?"

Illyana: "You and Catrin were about two... and your father... well he liked to research mutants. We both did. They wanted his research and you and Catrin."

Peter: "Who were these people? Why didn't they just ask him to share his work?" He still didn't understand.

Illyana: "They are bad people... but that is only the start of the story. We were able to get to Russia... but they had Aunt Sophie... so once we were able to look for her... Dad went to find her..."

Peter: "And that was when he was gone for a long time?" He glanced up at her again.

Illyana: Illyana nodded. "They found him... and they took him to a bad place.... and it took me a year or so to find out where he was so I could go kick some bad guy... ass... and get him home to you guys."

Peter: "And we're still hiding from those people now? Even after all this time?"

Illyana: Illyana nodded. "You and your sisters are the most important thing to us. We have done everything we could to keep this family together and to keep you safe."

Peter: "But why would they keep looking after so long? And how could they know to look here? Why can't we just go to a school and have friends and go to parties?"

Illyana: "Because they could find you, love. And they would do... I don't even want to think of what they would do to you." Illyana teared up, trying hard not to cry. "I know this isn't easy for you, Peter. I wish it had happened some other way... you deserved a real childhood."

Peter: Peter stopped walking, feeling bad now, "Mom, we had a great childhood in Russia." he gave her a hug, "We loved it there, and it's nice here too.... but sooner or later we're gonna have to make our own choices..."

Illyana: Illyana hugged him protectively. "I know... and I promise, we'll let you... just please... not yet. Let me be a mommy just a bit longer."

Peter: He gave her a squeeze, "Okay mom... just a little while longer..." he smiled at her.

Illyana: Illyana smiled and relaxed. "Thank you my sweetheart. Shall we walk back now?"

Peter: He nodded and took her hand, "Mom.... can we get a dog?"

Illyana: "Hmmm I think a nice little puppy would be nice!"

Peter: Peter gave his mom a hug, "You're the best!" he knew that if she agreed to something it was pretty much a certainty. Dad never said no to her.

Illyana: "But you are taking care of it. I am through rasing babies." She insisted... "And you can't tell anyone else that you know our secret."

Peter: He nodded, "I promise I'll take care of it... and I'll keep the secret." he smiled, glad she'd trusted him with such a big secret.

Illyana: Illyana ruffled her boy's head. "Good. Catrin is doing just fine I think. If she could keep the phone off of her ear."

Peter: "Maybe we could convince Heather to melt that?" he suggested with a grin.

Illyana: Illyana giggled. "Don't think I haven't thought of that!"

Pietro: Pietro leaned out of the window to see if he could see Illyana and Peter, "I think they're on their way back," he said, turning to look at the others as he straightened up. He was fairly sure there had been no yelling.

Heather: "Hooray for us...." Heather sighed, "I'm gonna go hide in Sophie's room...."

EmmaG: "Can you bring her her breakfast if you're going up there?" Emma requested, nodding to the tray, "She's having a bad morning..."

Annika: Annika frowned. "I'll take it to her."

Heather: "We'll go together," Heather smiled at Annika, "I'm sure she'll be glad of the company."

Pietro: "Tell her I'll be up to see her later," Pietro put in, taking a seat.

EmmaG: Emma sat down beside him and made a start on her own breakfast, pulling the newspaper over now that Heather wasn't using it.

Annika: Annika bounced with Heather to take her breakfast, careful not to spill anything.

Pietro: Pietro sighed, running a hand through his hair, "She's getting worse...."

EmmaG: Emma chewed her lip and leaned to give him a hug, "She needs to talk about it and she won't... it's not your fault...."

Illyana: Illyana came in the door with Peter, still laughing... until she saw their faces. "Peter, why don't you go check on Catrin?"

Peter: Peter looked between his parents then nodded and teleported out.

EmmaG: Emma released Pietro when Illyana came back in.

Illyana: Illyana crossed to Pietro and put a hand on his shoulder. "Sophie?"

Pietro: He nodded, "She's having another bad day..." he put his hand on hers.

Illyana: Illyana frowned. "What can we do?"

EmmaG: "Not a whole lot..." Emma said sadly, "She won't talk about it... any hope we have of helping her requires her to tell us what's wrong but she won't... or... I don't know... maybe she'd talk to you?" she looked at Pietro carefully, "If you talked to her..."

Pietro: Pietro sighed, scrubbing his face with his hands, "I'm not sure how that would help...."

Illyana: "Sometimes talking helps people to work out the bad... and you were there too...."

Pietro: Pietro nodded, "I know... but I don't want to talk about it... I'm happy to listen but I don't want to go back there..."

EmmaG: Emma reached to give his hand a squeeze, "You're her big brother, Pietro... you've been through a lot with her... maybe there's another way you can find in that hyperfast brain of yours."

Illyana: "If anyone can help her... it's her brother."

Pietro: He nodded again, "I'll see her later.... I will," he felt the need to stress that at the look on Emma's face, "I just need to work out what I'm going to say to her."

EmmaG: Emma shook her head, "Don't plan it," she got up again and ruffled his hair, "Go with the flow."

Illyana: Illyana gave Pietro a reassuring kiss. "Just listen to her. She needs you."

Pietro: Pietro kissed her back and got up, "I will, but before that I'm going to get some work done while she's being entertained by Heather and Annika." he waved at Emma, "See you later..." and he headed out to his office on the other side of the house.

Illyana: Illyana sighed, he was always a work-a-holic. "Emma... when was the last time any of us got out of this house and did something fun?"

EmmaG: Emma thought about it, pausing in piling things into the sink, "Um... I don't know, a while ago..."

Illyana: Illyana thought about that. "Maybe we should...."

EmmaG: "Maybe..." Emma started on the washing up, "What's got you thinking about that?"

Illyana: "Just, the walk with Peter... maybe we all need to get out of the house a bit."

EmmaG: Emma nodded, "We probably do.... but there's hardly ever a good time with Sophie how she is...." she sighed, "You know Pietro wouldn't enjoy himself, he'd be worrying about her all the time."

Illyana: "Maybe you could take the twins...." Illyana was lost in thought.

EmmaG: "Me?" Emma turned around, "Why on earth would you want to send them out with me? Heather would be better."

Illyana: "Both of you! You need a break too Emma. You are constantly having to cook, especially with two speedsters in the house. You deserve a night out."

EmmaG: "I'm fine, really - I enjoy cooking." she smiled at Illyana, "I've had this conversation with Pietro many times. Nothing makes me happier than spending all day in the kitchen."

Illyana: "Emma, you can't live your life in this kitchen."

EmmaG: Emma sighed pausing in her cleaning, "Illyana... haven't you noticed? I already have..."

Illyana: "I have. And I think you've spent enough of it in the kitchen."

EmmaG: "What else am I supposed to do?" She asked, drying her hands and moving to clear the table, "I'm far too old to start thinking about trying to find a boyfriend and even if I did how could I be sure it was safe to introduce him to the rest of you?"

Illyana: "You aren't that much older than us, Emma... if you are content to live your life in a kitchen and not have anyone of your own fine."

EmmaG: "I already told you I'm happy cooking all day..." she sighed, "I may not be much older than you and Pietro but I am too old to start dating now. I missed my chance to do all of that, I gave it up. I settled for being a part of this family and I don't regret it."

Illyana: "Fine." Illyana left her and headed to another room. Any room. She had noticed how Emma flirted with Pietro for years. Emma wanted someone. She was just stubborn.

EmmaG: Emma frowned, not really sure what had prompted that discussion or reaction. Maybe she should just have agreed to go out somewhere? Illyana was probably just as bored as the kids were... She sighed and decided she'd talk to Heather about it.
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