What if...? Zombies!

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Oct 10, 2012 3:47 am

Hope: Hope sat at their little camp, going through her pack for the day. She checked her arrows to make sure they were still in good shape, running her fingers over each one carefully to inspect it.

Bobby: His neck hurt, this was the first thing Bobby realized as he slowly awoke to the sunlight glinting in through the truck's windshield. This was most likely because his head was jammed at an odd angle against the passenger side door. He also became aware of a curtain of hair over his face... blonde hair. There was a pause mid-stretch as the event of the night came back to him. Multiple events, come to think of it.

Jessica: Jess stirred beside him as his movement woke her up. She grumbled a little and snuggled under the blankets, trying to cling to sleep for just a bit longer.

Bobby: Bobby smiled a little and shifted, enjoying the snuggle. He stroked her bare upper arm and stared up at the roof of the truck again. Did he regret this? He wasn't sure, but he knew he felt better than he had since ... well, a long time really. Definitely since Lorna's death. For the first time since that night, he felt alive.

Jessica: The hand on her arm surprised her a little and, sucking in a breath, she blinked her eyes open. Frowning as her vision focused on bare skin, she lifted her head, running a hand through her hair to move it out of her face. Where....? Oh. She smiled, letting her head fall back onto his shoulder. "Good morning..."

Bobby: "Morning, sunshine." He shifted a little again and kept stroking her arm. Who was taking advantage of who here he wasn't sure, but he wasn't sure he cared either. He was also at a loss for words for once.

Jessica: She turned her head, pressing a kiss to his shoulder before lifting her head to look at him again. "Did you sleep well?"

Bobby: That made him smirk. "Well, what little sleep we got." The smirk turned to a real grin and he smoothed her hair back. "You?"

Jessica: She laughed a little and nodded, "Mmhmm, very well." She'd always slept better afterwards. She tilted her head, listening to the sounds from outside the truck. "I think some others might be awake."

Bobby: Bobby started to sit up, wishing they could find a freaking working shower. His eyes cleared the dashboard and he saw Hope not twenty feet away. "Oh, yep... the night watch is up and about..." And Jess's bra was on the dashboard. He snatched it and laid back down.

Jessica: Jess raised an eyebrow at him and smirked, "You planning to wear that?"

Bobby: "I would look fabulous in it, but not as fabulous as you, for sure." He handed it over, but not without palming her assets himself first. "I was getting it for you, m'lady. Chivalry is not completely undead."

Hope: Hope sighed a bit as she glanced over at the truck. They were disgusting. She kicked a stick into the fire to vent her frustration.

Jessica: "Aww, such a gentleman." She giggled and leaned to give him a kiss before sitting up so she could put it on, along with the rest of her clothes.

Bobby: He returned the kiss and set out to try to find the rest of his clothes in the blankets. There was a slight cringe when she sat right up into plain sight, but he sighed a little and shook it off as he dressed.

Jessica: Managing to find most of her clothes, Jess got herself dresed in the small space and finger-combed her hair. She looked over at Bobby as she reached for the door handle, "You decent?"

Bobby: "Yep." He fought with the piles of blankets and finally dumped them in the middle of the bench seat, opening the other door. He stretched as he got out, popping every joint and running his hands through his hair.

Jessica: Jess stretched too, though she was less uncomfortable than he probably was being naturally insanely flexible. She ran a hand through her hair and headed for the fire to see if there was tea yet.

Hope: Hope had actually made a point to not make tea out of spite. She shot Jess a glare, then went back to her weapon checking.

Jessica: Jess was a little taken aback by the glare, wondering what that was for. She frowned for the lack of tea then set about fixing that.

Bobby: Bobby automatically had admired that flexibility on his way around the front of the truck to the fire. "Morning," he tried to Hope, clearing his throat.

Hope: "Congratulations. You have sunk to a whole new level of whoredom." She shoved the arrows into their quiver.

Jessica: She looked over at Hope, "I beg your pardon?"

Hope: "So, are you waiting for me to die so you can fuck Johnny too? Make your own little brothel?"

Bobby: "Um..." His eyebrows shot up.

Jessica: "What?" She glanced at Bobby before focusing back on Hope. "What the hell are you talking about?"

Hope: "Don't. Don't you dare act like that. You know damn well what you did. Lorna hasn't even been dead a month and you moved in on Bobby. You're a real class act, Jess." Hope rolled her eyes at Jess.

Bobby: "Hope..." he started, though it made him wince. She's right.... Lorna.

Jessica: Jess glared at Hope before throwing the tea things on the ground and getting up to walk away. "You don't know what you're talking about."

Hope: "Oh so you didn't fuck Bobby last night? Please tell me what the hell that noise was then."

Jessica: "I don't have to explain myself to you!"

Bobby: It was like a slow motion train wreck and he wasn't sure what to do. I'm so, so sorry, Lorna...

Hope: "No. You don't. Whores never have to explain or feel remorse."

Jessica: Jess turned around and strode over to Hope, her hands balling into fists at her sides. "Don't call me that."

Hope: "Why? Because the truth hurts? Don't like the obvious? Try keeping your legs closed in the future. It helps."

Bobby: "Hey - Jesus, knock it the fuck off." Bobby started to move between them, wondering where Johnny and the others were.

Jessica: That was enough. Jess raised a hand with lightning speed and with more force than intended, she slapped Hope.

Hope: Hope smirked at her. "Bitch. Chill out." She borrowed Bobby's power and quickly cooled the area around Jess.

Jessica: Cold. The affect was almost instant, her senses fogged and she felt sleepy, stumbling a little she backed away from Hope.

Hope: Hope walked with Jess, waiting for her to pass out.

Jessica: It hurt. Her limbs started to sieze up and she dropped to the floor, curling up. "Hope... don't...."

Hope: Hope gave Jess a good kick once she fell. "Don't touch me again. Bitch." Hope backed off of her to gather her things. She wouldn't acknowledge the slap. Not yet. That had hurt!

Jessica: Jess couldn't stop herself letting out a yelp of pain at the kick on top of everything else. She curled up tighter.

Bobby: It wasn't slow motion anymore - things were moving way too fast. Bobby felt what Hope was doing and went after them, just a second too late. He threw a blast of ice back at Hope for good measure. "What the fuck? Are you nuts?!"

Hope: Hope quickly shot a fireball at Bobby. "You can go to hell too. The memory of your dead wife and child are apparently meaningless to you. You've found comfort now!" She picked up her pack.

Bobby: He blocked it with an ice shield, stepping over Jess protectively. "Look, crazy, you have no fucking right to judge me or her! We're goddamn adults and what we do is none of your fucking business. This is awesome that we're gonna do the motherfucking zombies jobs for them with this kind of bullshit!"

Hope: "Sorry for having standards. Sorry that you don't anymore. Take care of your fuck toy." Hope headed off.

Jessica: Jess pushed herself up to her hands and knees, wincing. "Hope..."

Bobby: "Oh, for Chrissakes..." Bobby let Hope escape and checked quickly around for zombies before helping Jess up.

Jessica: Jess let Bobby help her up, holding a hand to her ribs that had taken most of the impact from Hope's foot. Ow. "I'm sorry..." she mumbled.

Bobby: "Not your fault," he grunted, keeping his hold on her to keep her upright. Bobby still glared after Hope, but there was still that voice that nagged and told him she was right.

Jessica: "She's coming back, right?"

Bobby: "Oh, I'm sure she will." Bobby tore his gaze away and looked at the van. "Her shit's still here. And Johnny's." Finally, he looked at Jess. "She break anything?"

Jessica: She shook her head, "No... just bruised... I don't break easily... fortunately..." She ran a hand through her hair and tried to shake away the residual sleepy from the cold.

Bobby: His hand covered hers at her side and he carefully felt along her ribs anyway. "Fucking... mentally unstable crazy-ass..."

Jessica: She winced as he poked a bruise, "I'm fine... don't worry about it.... are you okay?"

Bobby: "She didn't do anything to me," he responded distractedly. She was right though, nothing seemed broken.

Jessica: "Well not physically..." she sighed, moving to pick up the tea things.

Bobby: Bobby slid his hands into his jeans pockets and watched her. He didn't have an immediate answer to that.

Jessica: "Do you want tea?" she glanced over at him.

Bobby: "Sure, thanks." Bobby needed to find something to do, so he started sorting through supplies, looking for something to eat.

Jessica: Jess focused on the task of making tea, listening out for sounds of Hope returning. She wanted to try and explain but there was no real defense.

Bobby: Bobby came up with a package of stale donuts and made a small sound of triumph.

Jessica: Jess glanced over at him and gave a small smile, holding out a mug of tea - luckily there was already water heating up so it didn't take long.

Bobby: "Thanks." Bobby sat on the ground near the fire with a harrumph and offered her the donuts. This... was awkward.

Jessica: She shook her head, "No thanks..." she wrapped her hands around the mug. "I rarely eat breakfast..."

Bobby: He made a noncommital noise around a donut and took the mug with another thanks. Realizing shuffling around with a donut hanging out of his mouth was far from polite, he bit it off and gave her a small smile. "Most important meal of the day."

Jessica: "So they say..." she gave a slight smile back, "But... I don't generally eat a lot anyway. Tea's fine... and usually toast if I have anything."

Bobby: "We, ah, probably have stale bread somewhere in here you could hang over the fire?" Bobby patted one of the plastic tubs of food they'd accumulated.

Jessica: "It's fine... I'm not hungry..." she pulled on his sleeve to get him to sit up straight and stop looking for things.

Bobby: Bobby complied, pausing to finish the donut. He tried to smile at her.

Jessica: She gave a small smile back then turned her attention to the fire wondering if she'd lost a friend because of this... or maybe two.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:22 am

Hope, of course, came back. There was nowhere else for her to go - not really. There was nowhere else for any of them to go. Even if they didn't exactly like each other, they recognized they needed each other. There was safety in numbers, especially if you were a mutant.

Their powers gave them an advantage, but they were still only human, and that simple humanity was going to be their downfall. Of that, Bobby was certain.

Take care of your fuck toy. Hope had been as tactless as usual in her accusations. There'd definitely been fucking, but was she really just a toy?

He missed Lorna. It was a constant ache, always there, always in the back of his mind. She whispered in the silences; her face materialized from the air. They had just made some headway in repairing their relationship and now he'd never know what could have been. As for the baby... it was safer if he didn't think about that.

His wife and child were dead, and he hadn't been allowed to die with them. He wanted to. He'd taken chances, considered so many options, but Lorna would have smacked him. They were all lost souls now, so he could at least help the others stay alive.

Jess seemed most lost, struggling to keep up in the increasing cold, and when he'd offered her his help it helped quiet the whispers. She reminded him of a kicked puppy and he could sympathize. He gave her warmth, but she gave him sanity - something to focus on besides his loss.

Now, when he was with her, the whispers were quiet. If she was a toy, she was a broken one. Just like him.

It seemed fitting.

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:23 am

A couple of weeks later...

Jessica: Jess yawned and stretched a little as she woke up, snuggling into Bobby and shifting slightly to get comfortable again. Then she heard it... soft pattering sounds outside. She lifted her head and listened for a few moments before her curiosity got the better of her. She slipped out from under the blanket and crawled along the seat to the door by their feet.

Jessica: She quietly opened the door so she didn't wake Bobby and pushed it just enough so that she could see. Snow. It was snowing. And it had been for a while - there was a covering on the ground. It looked... so beautiful... even in this horrible world they lived in now... She just sat and watched.

Jessica: She watched for so long that the hand on the door handle became numb and seized up, snow fell through the gap in the door and settled on her arm. She felt her eyes drooping but she couldn't move now. So cold... "Bobby..." her voice sounded strained and harsh in the silence and probably not loud enough to wake him.

Bobby: The last weeks had made him a lighter sleeper, but the soft sound was barely enough to make him suck in a sharp breath and whine questioningly.

Jessica: She made herself focus long enough to speak again, "Bobby... help..." Her eyes closed and her head dropped against the side of the truck as she slipped out of consciousness.

Bobby: The sound repeated itself, but still wasn't quite enough to rouse him. Groaning, he shifted position. That was what awoke him. Ever since the start of their... relationship? ...Bobby kept in contact with Jess whenever they were in the truck.

Bobby: The realities of two fairly-tall adults sharing the cramped truck was one of the reasons, but not the main reason. He'd always been a touchy-feely person, and since his return from SHIELD had been more so. Now, he touched her to reassure himself she was as alive as he was, that he wasn't alone.

Bobby: But he was alone now. It made him push himself up on his elbows, only then realizing the cab was cold. No, not alone. "Jess!" Bobby scrambled to the door, checking outside for zombies before slamming it shut and pulling her into his arms.

Jessica: Jess was largely unresponsive, past the point of cold where shivering was an option to keep warm. Her eyes opened slightly before falling closed again.

Bobby: Fingers pressed to her pulse, he caught the flutter of her eyelids and let out a relieved breath. "God, Jess..." He slammed down the lock on the door. Last thing they needed now was a surprise attack.

Bobby: Bundling her into his lap, he scooted to the far side where his body heat had kept it warmer and wrapped them both in blankets as best as he could. Even her nose was cold, so he rested her head on his collarbone and turned her face into his neck. Not knowing what else to do, he started to slowly rock them, staring up at the roof of the truck.

Jessica: After some time Jess stirred, blinking her eyes open slowly. She whimpered a little, everything hurt.

Bobby: "Well, hi," he whispered when she started to move. "You awake?"

Jessica: She nodded, letting out another whimper and curling into him. Then the shivering started.

Bobby: Bobby tightened his hold on her, setting his chin atop her head to hold her against him. She truly was cold, cold enough he had to willfully keep his own temperature up with her pressed against him. "Babe... what were you doing?"

Jessica: "I heard the snow..." she whined again as the pain intensified with the return of feeling to some of her limbs. "Just wanted to watch it..."

Bobby: He looked at the windshield, evaporating the condensation to see the soft white mounds against the glass. "Oh..." Bobby remembered her reaction to the snow the day she'd come to him with the patch. He sighed.

Jessica: She tried to move her fingers but her hands wouldn't work yet. "I'm sorry... I got distracted... and then I couldn't... couldn't move..."

Bobby: "It's okay..." She was making twitchy little motions against him and he found her hands curled over his stomach. He started rubbing her fingers and alternately holding her hands between his own.

Jessica: "So stupid..." she shook her head, "Could have been so bad..." She squeezed her eyes shut and curled up tighter, trying to will the shivering to stop.

Bobby: "Well... yeah," he sighed. "But it wasn't." Although if she had passed out and one of those things had been outside... they both would have been a midnight snack.

Jessica: "God... why don't I learn? When I don't pay attention bad things happen..." she pressed her face into his chest.

Bobby: Moving them both, Bobby reached out of their blanket nest to the ignition of the truck and cranked it to life. Thankfully, it turned over on the first try.

Jessica: With some effort she managed to move her fingers, watching them curl and uncurl slowly between her and Bobby. She couldn't actually feel her hands yet but at least they worked still. "Sorry..." she mumbled again.

Bobby: He cranked the heat and turned the vents toward them, then gave her a tired smile. "It's okay," he said again, this time punctuating it with a kiss.

Jessica: She put her arms around him, carefully closing her hands on the fabric of his shirt. "It won't happen again..."

Bobby: "I would appreciate that," he said, giving her another kiss. "If you wanna see snow, I can always provide."

Jessica: She nodded, "I know, I know... It was just.... it makes everything look so..." she couldn't think of the word. "Nice...." she finished lamely.

Bobby: "It is pretty, thanks for noticing," he chuckled. Taking the moisture from the cab, he formed the little ice spider for her again, making it skitter across the dash, just above the deadly heat vents.

Jessica: Her eyes instantly focused on it, the same fascination on her face as there had been the first time he'd done it. "I wish I could go out in it..."

Bobby: "Yeah, I know." Bobby rubbed her back through the thin material of her shirt. She slept in much less than she wore during the day, and Bobby was just thankful they were dressed at all tonight.

Jessica: "I should know better... I do know better.... I should have learned my lesson..." her hand went to her side, rubbing over where the scar was over the top of her clothes.

Bobby: "I'd prefer I not wake up to a zombie nomming on you, so next time... just wake me up." Feeling her movement, he put his hand over hers. "How so?"

Jessica: "It was my fault... I was supposed to be giving directions and I stopped paying attention... we had to turn around and go back the way we'd come..." she laced her fingers with his. "He said it was okay... even if I was hopeless at following a map he still loved me..." she bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut.

Bobby: "Oh." Bobby gave her hand a squeeze. "Still, it was an accident." He kissed her forehead. "Of course he did." You're easy to love, he didn't say, blinking at the thought.

Jessica: "We should never have been on that side of the road... and that was the last thing he said to me..." she curled close to him cuddled into him.

Bobby: "I'm sorry, sweetheart," he said, drawing up his knees to cradle her. The spider was slowly melting as he lost focus.

Jessica: "At least... at least we weren't fighting... We did that a lot..." she reached up to brush a tear from her cheek and sniffed, "They said he didn't suffer..."

Bobby: "Well, it's good then, that at least you have a good memory with him from right before the accident." Bobby kissed her forehead and licked his lips, debating. "If... if it was like my accident, he probably didn't know what hit him. I mean, I know because I saw it coming, but then... it was just black."

Jessica: "He didn't see... he was looking at me.... I saw it... and karma, I guess, already got me for that..." she heaved a sigh.

Bobby: "There's no karma if you didn't do anything wrong, Jess, and getting distracted isn't wrong. It happens." He laughed a little. "I'm pretty easily distracted too."

Jessica: "It's wrong when you've been trained all your life to focus..." she glanced up at his face, "I worry he was ashamed of me for that..."

Bobby: "Well, that's still not wrong, it's just being human." He smiled down at her. "Most of the time, you're pretty damn focused." Smoothing her hair back, he glanced at the dash and the small puddle of spider.

Jessica: Jess sighed and snuggled into him, "I still didn't learn my lesson though... still learning..." She brushed her lips lightly against his neck.

Bobby: Closing his eyes, he hummed at her touch. No, he couldn't imagine her father being ashamed of her, only sad for what she'd been forced to do to survive after his death. "So, are you all warmed up now?"

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah... Thank you... and I'm sorry again... I didn't mean to scare you... and I'm sure I did..."

Bobby: "Well, of course you did, but you didn't mean to. It's all good in the hood." He grinned, turning the truck back off before snuggling back down with her. He smoothed back her hair, cupping her face and stroking her cheek.

Jessica: She smiled, cuddling under the blankets with him and closing her eys as she settled against him. "I'm lucky I met you..."

Bobby: "Likewise," he said, enjoying the feel of her. It wasn't quite the same as how he felt about Lorna, but Jess had wormed her way into his heart nonetheless with her caring and childlike wonder. It was terrifying and comforting at the same time. "I'm the luckiest guy in the zombie apocalypse."

Jessica: She gave him a squeeze, not knowing what to say to that and lifting her head. She shuffled up a little way so that she could kiss him.

Bobby: He returned the kiss, the twisting in his chest confirming his suspicions. The kiss was tender and he still stroked her cheek. "You're so incredibly sweet..."

Jessica: Smiling, she turned her face into his hand a little, feeling a blush heat her cheeks. She tried to work out why he'd say that right now but she wasn't sure she had it... but it was a compliment... "Thank you...?"

Bobby: Bobby smiled, feeling the minute change in temperature. "I'm not trying to embarrass you, but I mean it."

Jessica: She shook her head slightly, "I'm not embarrassed... just confused..." and not used to sincere compliments.

Bobby: "I just... felt like you needed to know. You think you're weird, but you're this great, caring woman and you're better than you know." He kissed the tip of her nose.

Jessica: She blushed again and wrinkled her nose a little, ducking her head this time and resting her forehead on his chest. "I am weird... but thank you... for saying those things..."

Bobby: "Well, we're all a little weird." This time he kissed the top of her head. "You deserve so much more than you think you do."

Jessica: "I don't know about that..." She sighed softly and shifted to get comfortable beside him again.

Bobby: "Yeah, you do." Giving her a sleepy smile, he paused to yawn. "I say so." With a nod, he relaxed back into the blankets with her.

Jessica: "Okay.... I guess I can take your word for it... I trust you..." she nuzzled his shoulder.

Bobby: "You should," he said, turning to nose her hair. With one more kiss to her forehead, he closed his eyes.

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:23 am

After the snow started, they were on the lookout for somewhere more permanent to stay where they were safe from the dropping temperatures. They found an eco lodge tucked away down a side road. Hot water and electricity made it very inviting and so the building was cleared and the surrounds were checked out.


Jess sighed and looked around the room she was standing in. It seemed to be some kind of communal living area... Maybe they had a nice big kitchen? She went to go and look for one. The others would probably appreciate hot food when they got back from foraging and checking the perimeter, it was getting horrible out there.

Trying a few doors, she found a dining hall and grinned. There'd be a nice big kitchen. Jess wandered to the back of the dining hall and located the kitchen. It needed cleaning first so she got to work after checking cupboards for things. Once everything was sparkly clean she moved to the freezer to investigate the treasure. There was meat, a lot of it. That'd work.

Some time later, there was a nice roast dinner cooking in the oven and she found herself with more free time so she decided to clean and explore a little more at the same time. She checked out the bedrooms and bathrooms, it seemed the place really was as deserted as they'd thought when they'd found it. Perhaps it was a retreat and only used for certain weeks of the year?

Wandering through the halls, she found what she thought might have been an airing cupboard and opened it to get some fresh sheets out for the beds. While she looked she planned a route for which bathrooms she'd clean first. It was nice to feel useful again. She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear the steps behind her until it was too late. She screamed when she felt the hands close on her arm and in her hair, dropping the sheets.

Jess let out another yell as she felt pressure on the back of her shoulder and she lashed out, knocking the creature back. He was dressed like a janitor. Caretaker. Of course. She venom blasted him before he could attack again then reached up to rub at her shoulder, it hurt...

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Slarti » Thu Oct 11, 2012 11:24 am

Bobby: Bobby had deliberately stayed close to the house, not wanting to stray too far from Jess. He blended well with the cold weather, his ice form keeping him safe from any wayward walking dead.

Bobby: But, it was nice to get back to their new base. The area seemed pretty clear, and the house itself was a godsend. If only they had found it sooner, before Lorna... No. He pushed the thought away and went inside, shifting forms.

Bobby: Immediately, he smelled it. Food. Holy shit. It was... real food. "Go Jess," he said to himself, stripping off his stiff uniform jacket to his t-shirt and running his hands through his hair before he went looking for her.

Jessica: Jess curled up in her seat and cried, wrapped up in a blanket in the kitchen. This was absolutely the worst thing that could have happened. Her shoulder was stinging and it hurt every time she adjusted the blanket but what was the point of putting a dressing on it?

Bobby: "That smells awesome, babe! What did you find-" Bobby stopped at the kitchen door, realizing the soft sound he'd heard had been her crying. "J-Jess?"

Jessica: Her head snapped up and she choked on another sob, "Bobby.... I'm sorry...."

Bobby: "Sorry?" He went to her and stopped, a foot away, when he saw it. "Oh God... Jess... no..."

Jessica: She curled up again and pulled the blanket back up over herself. "I'm sorry...."

Bobby: Bobby closed the distance and went to his knees in front of her, pulling the blanket back and the strap of her camisole to inspect the wound. "H-how long ago?" It wasn't even bad, but there were teeth marks... and blood... and It's enough, oh god no...

Jessica: "I-I don't... don't know... half hour maybe..." She sniffled, bowing her head and hiding behind her hair.

Bobby: He swallowed hard, nodding, and hugged her, hard. "I'll take care of you... I'm sorry..." No, no, no, not again.

Jessica: She hugged back tightly, "No, I'm sorry... it was my fault... I got comfortable... stupid... and I promised... I'm so sorry, Bobby..." she cried into his shoulder. "It... it's okay... I-I'll do it... I won't put that on you..."

Bobby: "No," he said, stroking her hair and trying to comfort her, all the while staring at the bite. "It was in here? Fucking... we should have checked better..." Bobby closed his eyes, fighting back tears. "You're not ... you can't do that... I c-can..."

Jessica: "I can... it's okay...." she closed her eyes, "It was upstairs... in one of the bathrooms I think.... I was looking around... trying to tidy some of the bedrooms... I guess I disturbed it... looked like a janitor or something...." she sniffed again.

Bobby: "Did you get it?" Abruptly, he let go of her with a kiss to the top of her head and went to the cabinet, searching for first aid supplies. After jerking the cabinets open one after the other he found what he was looking for.

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah... I threw it out a window..." she looked over to him, "What are you doing?"

Bobby: Bobby returned to her and crouched, dampening the cotton with the alcohol and cleaning up the bite. "I should have been here... should have stayed with you. We should know better by now..." His jaw clenched.

Jessica: She hissed a little at the sting from the alcohol, "It was my fault, Bobby... and you don't need to do that..."

Bobby: "It wasn't - we should have checked, I should have..." He finished cleaning up the blood. So small... and he was going to lose her too. "I can't just leave it, leave you..."

Jessica: "Bobby...." She turned to him and wrapped her arms around him again, "I'm sorry... Really.... This wasn't supposed to happen..."

Bobby: "None of this was ever supposed to happen." He leaned in and kissed her, bringing a hand up to cup her face. She'd helped give him cause to go on.

Jessica: She kissed back and clung to him. "At least everyone'll have a nice meal to remember me by...."

Bobby: He couldn't help it, the tears overflowed and he held her close. Could he do this again? He had to. He couldn't let her...

Jessica: Jess squeezed her eyes shut, then shifted back a little to look at him, stroking his cheek gently, "Bobby... please... don't..." She took a deep breath and tried to steady herself. "It'll be okay...."

Bobby: If anything her reassurance made it worse and he choked on a sob trying to regain control. He shook his head.

Jessica: "I'm sorry..." she bit her lip, dropping her hand and getting to her feet, "I'll go and finish making up the rooms..."

Bobby: "No," he cried, staggering upright himself and catching her. "Like I'm going to let you sneak away and off yourself."

Jessica: "I wasn't going to..." she sighed, sliding her arms around him again. "Though now I wish I'd thought of that..."

Bobby: Bobby didn't have a snappy retort for that, so he just held her. "You've... made my life better, Jess. Just by being here."

Jessica: "I'm just sorry I couldn't keep my promise..." she rested her head on his shoulder. "You made my life better too... even before all of this..."

Bobby: He sniffed and petted her hair, just trying to remember the moment. This time, there wouldn't be anybody to help him pick up the pieces. He'd truly be alone. Pushing the thoughts away, he kissed her again.

Jessica: She kissed him back, pressing her forehead to his when they broke apart. "I don't know what to do..."

Bobby: He closed his eyes and held her, letting the silence stretch out. "How do you feel?" Realizing she felt warm, but not unnaturally so, he opened his eyes with a frown and pressed his lips to her forehead in his mother's age-old test for fever.

Jessica: "Apart from terrified?" she shook her head, trying to figure that out, "I don't know... tired..."

Bobby: Bobby held her at arm's length and stared at her, eyes unfocusing slightly for a long moment. "Your temperature's normal." He moved her hair out of the way and looked at the wound again. It looked... like a wound.

Jessica: She frowned a little, "Wh-... what does that mean?" she bit her lip, looking at him uncertainly.

Bobby: "I would think, by now, you'd have a fever... like Paige a-and Lorna, but you don't." Bobby rubbed her arms soothingly. "The bite doesn't look... all gooey..."

Jessica: She studied his face, opening her mouth to speak but frowning and closing it again when she realised she didn't know what to say. "But.... why?" she managed eventually.

Bobby: Bobby was just as confused as she was, and he showed it as well. He shrugged. Leaning in close, he inspected the bite again. He reached up and traced a vein near the wound... it looked normal. Getting even closer, he sniffed.

Jessica: Jess raised an eyebrow, "What... what are you doing?" that was weird.

Bobby: "I... don't really know. Anything?" He pulled back with another shrug. "We've, uh... seen people turn... and we know it's fast depending on how bad the bite is, but even just a little bite..." Bobby shook his head to cut off his babbling. "You don't have any of the symptoms."

Jessica: She chewed her lip, "So... so... what does that mean?" Her fingers closed around the fabric of his shirt.

Bobby: He hated to say it out loud, like it might jinx this. "Maybe you're like me?"

Jessica: "I... but..." she needed to sit down, she relinquished her hold on him and moved to take a seat at one of the tables in the dining hall.

Bobby: Bobby followed, pulling a chair up right beside her and taking her hands. "Don't you have some kind of immunity thing? Like how you can't get drunk?"

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah... but I can still get sick..." she rubbed his hands with her thumbs, looking at them rather than at his face.

Bobby: "I don't know... but... you don't have the fever. You... still feel okay?" He leaned into her line of sight to look at her questioningly.

Jessica: She nodded again, "Yeah... I mean... I'm exhausted and it hurts but... I felt dizzy at first an-" she looked over at the kitchen as the timer went off, "Hang on, have to check dinner..."

Bobby: Bobby made a preplexed noise and followed her again. "And what?"

Jessica: She pulled on some oven gloves to check the roast, "I... I threw up twice... after that I was kind of freaking out..."

Bobby: "But now you're... okay enough to be cooking?" He resisted suggesting the other possible reasons for throwing up.

Jessica: "Well... I was cooking before that... and cooking makes me feel better..." she closed up the oven and turned the heat on under the potatoes on the stove.

Bobby: He shook his head and checked her temperature again. Still as normal as his own. "Maybe... maybe it's not a disease."

Jessica: She chewed her lip, "You think it's like... chemical based? I mean... that'd explain this but..."

Bobby: "Well... it'd explain me too. I can filter out foreign substances... you've seen me do it when I'm drunk, and with this," he touched the side of his neck.

Jessica: Jess put her face in her hands, "Oh God this is insane... what are we going to tell everyone else?"

Bobby: He blew out a breath, thinking. Good question. Finally, he snapped his fingers. "We don't."

Jessica: She peered out between her fingers at him, "I think they might notice..."

Bobby: "Not if we get you a new shirt." Bobby sighed and took her hands from her face, putting them around his waist and embracing her. "We stick together, you tell me if you feel any different," he said, keeping his voice low. "We get real beds tonight, so we get our own room... if you're okay in the morning, then you're really okay."

Jessica: She nodded, returning the hug and burying her face against him. "Okay... okay..." She closed her eyes, breathing him in. "I'm still sorry..."

Bobby: "I don't think you've got a reason to be," he said, hoping he wasn't being overly optimistic. He stared at the bite again then closed his own eyes. "You're okay."

Jessica: "Of course I do... I got complacent... and stupid... this shouldn't have happened...." she turned her face into his neck.

Bobby: "Hey." He moved back and caught her face in his hands to look her in the eye. "It's okay." Bobby smiled and leaned in to give her a kiss. "We'll just be more careful next time, and happy we're gonna have a next time to be more careful for, yeah?"

Jessica: She smiled and nodded, "Yeah... that is a bright side..." she turned her head, pressing a kiss into his palm and pulling him close for a tight hug.

Bobby: Bobby closed his eyes again for the hug, hoping to hell he was right.

Jessica: She sighed heavily, giving him a squeeze, "I guess I should go and change before the others get back...."

Bobby: "Yeah... let's find a bandage for that." He released her and went back to the cabinet to rummage for more supplies. "We sure as hell don't want to dodge the bullet and then you get a regular infection, 'cause, ew, zombie mouth." He shot her a grin.

Jessica: She wrinkled her nose, "Yeah... I don't even want to think about that...." she shuddered, the idea of it making her feel nauseas again.

Bobby: Finding what he was looking for, he closed the cabinet and grabbed the alcohol again, stuffing the drugs and gauze under his arm and extending his other. "After you, m'lady."

Jessica: She turned the heat on the stove down so nothing burned then went with him, taking his arm and wrapping hers around it, resting her head on his shoulder.

Bobby: "And tomorrow night... we'll have to celebrate." Bobby walked with her, turning his head just enough to give her a wolfish grin and eyebrow waggle.

Jessica: She giggled, giving his arm a squeeze, "I'd like that... it's going to be so nice to sleep in a proper bed again..."

Bobby: "Mmmhm, and I'd love to properly show you how very nice it can be." The grin turned to a smirk and another kiss.

Jessica: She returned the kiss tenderly, nuzzling him when they broke apart, "I'm sure I'd like that too."

Bobby: Bobby smiled, honestly relieved, though still... it was going to be a long night.

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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:19 pm

Bobby: Already dressed, Bobby stretched out on the bed and watched Jess get ready. The night had been long and tense, but she was okay. Still shaken, but the bite was uninfected and so was she.

Jessica: Jess glanced over her shoulder at him and frowned a little, "You know, you can stop staring at me now... unless you're worried I might spontaneously combust?" she couldn't keep the frown up and it ended up more of a smirk.

Bobby: "No, that's vampires." Bobby nodded and sat up. "Like you really mind me watching you." Now it was his turn to smirk. "Maybe I'm thinking about how we're gonna celebrate tonight?"

Jessica: She grinned, running a hand through her hair as she moved back over to him, "Then..." she sat down on the bed, "I suppose I can forgive you."

Fabian: Fabian frowned, not quite liking the fact that he was currently standing across from a put down zombie that he didn't know about while patrolling the grounds. "Well, this is just fantastic." He swore under his breath, heading back inside to ask what had happened and should he be as concerned as he was.

Bobby: "Mmhmm." Bobby rolled his eyes and leaned over to give her a quick kiss before standing up and offering her his hand. "Ready to face the world? I'm hungry."

Jessica: "I suppose so...." she sighed, taking his hand and getting to her feet. "Today's going to be weird, isn't it?"

Fabian: Fabian walked along the place, asking but turning up no answers. Well, except for where Bobby and Jess were. Fabian knocked, smirking lightly. "Safe to come in?"

Jessica: Jess yelped at the knock and her grip tightened on Bobby's hand.

Bobby: Bobby jumped as well, but recovered first. "Yeah, hold on," he told Fabian, keeping hold of her hand and moving to unlock the door. He gave her one more supportive look and a nod before he opened it and put on a smile.

Bobby: "What's up, buttercup?"

Jessica: Jess chewed her lip, half hiding behind Bobby as the door opened. She flashed Fabian a smile, "Hey... we were just on our way down for breakfast...."

Fabian: Fabain leaned against the door, resisting commenting on buttercup. "So, downed zombie along the outside, you two know anything about it?"

Bobby: Bobby kept his poker face on, squeezing Jess's hand. He hadn't expected to be confronted with it this quickly.

Jessica: Jess shifted a little more behind Bobby so that the area of the bite was also behind him, "I, um.... that was me... I didn't want to worry anyone... found it when I was cleaning...."

Fabian: "No signs of any others?" Fabian asked, looking a bit confused. It wouldn't exactly be the best thing ever to keep zombies a secret.

Jessica: She shook her head, "No... no others..." and she had checked. Every. Single. Room. Even the cupboards.

Bobby: Bobby had also checked, under the beds and sinks and even in a few drawers. "Yeah, sorry, I meant to mention it, since we'll have to cover that window, but it slipped my mind."

Fabian: Fabian looked at them both a bit suspiciously. "Okay, I can't tell if you're dodging me because of weird lusty things or if something's actually amiss here."

Jessica: Jess glanced at Bobby then looked at Fabian, "Go with the first one..." she made to move past him, tugging on Bobby's hand. "Breakfast, come on..."

Bobby: Bobby gave Fabian a smirk and let Jess drag him. Eventually, they had to come clean...

Fabian: He frowned as they went past, looking more suspicious than he had been before. "Of course, we've all ready learned about the bad idea of hiding anything too big."

Jessica: "Who's hiding anything?" She glanced over her shoulder, careful how she turned because she didn't want to pull her shoulder.

Bobby: Deciding to ease into it as they headed for the kitchen, Bobby looked at Fabian. "Running into that zombie shook her up a little bit. I mean, it was right in the house, after we thought we'd cleared it."

Fabian: "As it would." Fabian shrugged, heading out for breakfast as well, still casting questioning looks but deciding food was more important.

Jessica: Jess gave Bobby's hand a squeeze and leaned against him as they walked once they reached the bottom of the staircase. "Hmm... what am I going to do all day? I could cook I suppose..." she attempted to change the subject.

Bobby: "I wouldn't object to that, since I'm sick of canned beans over the fire." Deciding he still should stick close to her today, he added, "Maybe you could teach me."

Jessica: "Oooh are you suuuuuure?" she grinned, "It could get messy."

Fabian: "...please don't make me lose my breakfast." Fabian decided toast was the safest thing.

Bobby: "I like it messy." Bobby put on a dirty grin and leaned over to give her a kiss to hopefully run Fabian off.

Jessica: She giggled and returned the kiss, lifting her arms around him but wincing slightly at a twinge from her shoulder.

Fabian: Nothing was going to chase Fabian away from his food, not even strange schmoop involved with food... and he couldn't help but notice that wince as well.

Bobby: Fuck, she'd given it away. Bobby saw Fabian's gaze on them from the corner of his own eye. He attempted to cover by turning it into a hug as well. "We're gonna have to tell him sometime," he whispered into her ear, keeping a smile on his face.

Jessica: She sighed, giving him a slight squeeze. "I need tea..."

Fabian: "Tea's always a good thing." Fabian agreed, passing her the kettle to fill up.

Jessica: "Or... you could fill the kettle since you have it in your hand there." She raised an eyebrow at him.

Bobby: Bobby regretted letting her go now, since he couldn't dive in and take the kettle to stop her from trying to take it with her bad arm.

Fabian: "O...kay then." He walked around them to the sink, giving them both the questionable eye openly now.

Jessica: "Thank you!" she grinned, heading to look and see what she could find for breakfast. "Hmm.... I know what I can do later... bake some bread..."

Bobby: This was getting awkward. Well, more awkward. Bobby sighed and looked from Fabian to Jess. "Bread would be good. Always wondered how that worked. With the risey part and all."

Jessica: "It's one of the most fun things to make," She assured him. "I'll even let you knead the dough."

Bobby: Bobby couldn't help but let out a dirty cackle at that.

Fabian: Fabian wondered if anyone would complain if he just stabbed them both right now with that nauseating talk ruining good bread. Damn, and he had been wanting to eat that toast, too.

Jessica: Jess laughed and tossed a spoon at his head. "You're terrible." She found some cereal and decided that would do for now, there was some vile UHT milk lurking in the cupboard so she picked that up too.

Bobby: "You like it." Maybe running Fabian off would still work.

Jessica: "I do... and that makes me just as bad," she gave a grin, moving to get bowls and mugs.

Fabian: Fabian was too curious to be ran off quickly, however. He knew very well something wasn't adding up and that something was more than likely on Jess. He just needed a way to get proof.

Bobby: Bobby chuckled and started looking through the cabinets. Last night he had been too panicked to really take stock of the stock. Wow.

Jessica: Jess dropped tea bags in the mugs and went to get a clean spoon that hadn't been used as a projectile to put sugar in them too. Ah sugar. Glorious sugar!

Fabian: And she had winced when she moved her arms. Fabian turned to get his toast as it came up, and, once he was behind Jess, grabbed the neckline of her shirt, tugging it down as quickly as he could. "You got bit?"

Bobby: Bobby saw Fabian from the corner of his eye, but was too slow to stop him.

Jessica: Jess yelled, turning to face Fabian and knocking his hand away, backing up into the counter. "It's fine!"

Bobby: "She's okay, she's okay!" Bobby jumped between them, standing in front of Jess protectively.

Fabian: "Okay? Fine? If it was okay and fine then why on earth are you keeping it a secret?"

Jessica: Jess was happy to hide behind Bobby right now, peeking out from behind him at Fabian, "Because no one needs to know?"

Bobby: "Because of shit like this!" He slipped his arm around her. "She's immune or something... but we knew people would flip the fuck out, so I watched her all night and she's fine!"

Fabian: "And if you had just said this? I've not tried to work out clever ways to kill you yet so, got to say, the fact that you're keeping it a secret is a bit more unnerving." His eyes rolled at their protectiveness. "I'm not exactly aiming my gun at you right now."

Bobby: "Yeah, but if we had said so last night, she could have been shot before we knew she was okay, or locked up like a fucking animal, alone." The eye roll made him narrow his own.

Jessica: "We had to be sure... and it was our first night here... where it's supposed to be safe..." Jess added, in a small voice.

Fabian: "So you decide to keep a potentially dangerous situation secret. Do you really want people to start keeping things like this secret?" Fabian sighed, rubbing his temple and wondering if it would just be best to separate from people who kept things like this to themselves. "You realize when people hear about this it's not going to be pretty. This was just foolish."

Jessica: "We were careful... and I was prepared to-... to do it myself if it came to that.... But I'm fine..." she hid behind Bobby again, bowing her head and chewing her lip.

Fabian: "I think not telling people is pretty much the definition of not being careful. More like stupid and I don't really think zombies are good at suicide, personally... there's nothing for it though so how are you going to explain this to the others?"

Bobby: "That's why I was watching her. If she was going to turn... I would have taken care of it." Bobby was grinding his teeth now, frustrated as much because Fabian was right as he was because they'd been found out. "We were going to tell everyone, anyway, when they got up."

Jessica: Jess rested her head against Bobby's back, closing her hands on the back of his shirt. She still hadn't been sure about telling them. "I wouldn't have waited til after I died," she mumbled, "It's fine though..."

Fabian: "At least admit that this was the shittiest way around this you could have come up with and save me the headache about that fact being unacknowledged?" Fabian asked, finally grabbing his toast from the toaster.

Bobby: "Good God you enjoy being an insufferable ass," Bobby snapped. "What would you have done if you came back first last night instead of me and found her crying, bleeding, ready to kill herself? When I got bit, you stole my truck and ran, but I'm guessing that's only because you figured you couldn't kill me."

Fabian: "I stole your truck and went and got the damned supplies because that was what was necessary for the most people's survival. If you were fine, then you could get back just as well, if you weren't then it's a damned good thing someone had gotten out with as much as they can because me staying there would have either done jack all or would have gotten people killed."

Fabian: "As far as what I would've done with Jess I sure as hell wouldn't have kept it to myself. She might've had to have been 'locked up like an animal' to make sure everyone else is okay too but she's a big girl. I think Jess would have made it."

Jessica: "It doesn't matter!" She lifted her head, "It's done now! And I'm sure everyone's going to hear all about it now so just let it go. I'm fine. The bite stings but it's fine. I'm not sick and I'm not going anywhere so just... just stop fighting..."

Fabian: "The point, however, is nobody's going to be comfortable with the idea of this shit being kept under wraps so enjoy explaining that to everyone else." Fabian just smiled, waved, and turned to leave.

Bobby: His fist was already clenched, and he had to actually stop himself from taking a swing at this bastard and his endlessly superior attitude. "I love your selective hearing, when I already said we we'd be explaining that to everyone else when they got up."

Jessica: "Don't talk to us about keeping this quiet like we don't know what happened!" Jess yelled after him, "We were careful! How dare you suggest we'd be so stupid as to endanger everyone else!"

Fabian: "...because you did. Just because you got lucky and nothing happened doesn't change the fact that you did and didn't even have the common decency to warn us about finding a zombie this close in the first place. And I heard you. Just enjoy when they realize you fucked the hell up too." Fuck this, he had his breakfast and if one zombie was wandering that close there would be more. "I'm going back out on patrol."

Jessica: "Lucky?! You think this was lucky?! Do you have any idea how scared I was? Get the hell off our backs and stop and think what this means!"

Fabian: "Nobody's dead so yeah, I call this lucky. I'd recommend you stop and think as well because, unless you can share your magical immunity it doesn't mean shit to anyone else but the fact we can throw you out as bait and, unless they just flat out eat you, you'll come back fine. I'm sorry you had a scare but that doesn't mean I'm going to be magically comfortable with what you two did."

Bobby: "The fuck did you just say? Bait?" Bobby threw the punch he'd been holding back, aiming for Fabian's smug face.

Jessica: Jess wasn't sure when she'd let go of Bobby's shirt but she didn't even try to stop him because it was better that he did that and not her.

Fabian: If it wasn't for the waste of ammo and the sound potentially drawing more zombies Fabian would very much enjoy shooting Bobby right now. He just came back, there was no harm in it. That had hurt like fuck. "Do I seriously have to explain facetiousness right now? Fuck this, if you're so far up your ass you can't admit you might've gotten people killed then I'm out of here."

Jessica: "Good! You're a fucking idiot! We won't miss you!" she glared at him.

Bobby: "Maybe we were, but at least now we know it's not a disease - she's only immune to chemical substances." That had felt good, he had to admit. The bruise blooming on Fabian's face was also oddly satisfying. "So knowing it's some kind of chemical toxin, that might be helpful information."

Fabian: "And when you find a chemist and actual materials to work with, mazel tov." Fabian simply turned, walking down the hallway.

Jessica: "You're still an idiot!" Jess called after him before moving to lean against the counter.

Bobby: He turned back to Jess from watching Fabian go, face cracking in a grin. "Nice."

Jessica: She gave him a tired smile in return, "I try..." she reached up to rub at her shoulder distractedly before turning to make the tea she'd actually wanted to have before that happened.

Bobby: "You okay?" Bobby leaned against the counter to watch her, rubbing her back.

Jessica: "Yeah... I just don't think I can deal with that again today... at least not before tea..." She rubbed her forehead a little. Ugh. Headache...

Bobby: "Yeah. He's right and he's wrong, but he always has to be such a jackass about it." Bobby scrubbed his face and scratched at his stubble. "Was hoping we coud spin it a little different."

Jessica: "Yeah... but he's probably going to bump into someone and have to explain the bruise... and we'll lose all chance of that now..." She tossed the spoon onto the counter after stirring her tea, somewhat frustrated.

Bobby: "Bump." He snorted. "He'll go straight to reindeer games and cry and go from there."

Jessica: She sighed, turning to him and sliding her arms around his waist. "I think I might go and hide in our room..."

Bobby: "That might make things worse though, when they come charging into the room to see if you're zombified." It had probably been the wrong call, keeping it quiet, but he was so sure she would be okay he hadn't wanted to go through the drama. "After Paige..."

Jessica: "I don't want to have to see another reaction like that..." she gestured at the door, "I don't think I can handle it..."

Bobby: "I don't think anybody is as Fabian as Fabian is, and Hope's your friend." Bobby stroked her hair to try to soothe her. "She's probably the best place to start, since this is also good news for her." He shrugged. "But whatever happens, you're still okay and that's what matters."

Jessica: Jess nodded, "Yeah... I'm okay..." she leaned against him and closed her eyes, "Tea first..."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:17 pm

Lukas: During the whole low down outside, Lukas could be found inside polishing his spear. That was in no way a euphemism. He was actually polishing the gold of his spear to keep the blood off of it.

Fabian: Fabian made his way down the hallway, still swearing under his breath at the complete stupidity (and the punch to the face) that he had just suffered. "Lukas, you in here?"

Lukas: Looking up, he tilted his head and looked over at the doorway, "Yeah, I'm in here, why? Is something wrong? Are there zombies?"

Fabian: "Worse, there are idiots. Ones that are going to get us all killed by keeping secrets." Fabian announced, grabbing for one of his bags.

Lukas: Lukas stood up and grabbed his own bag, shoving things in it, "We going out? Temporarily or permanently?"

Fabian: Fabian pointed to the bruise forming on his face. "Permanently."

Lukas: Growling a little, Lukas went over and eyed Fabian's face up, "Who's responsible for that? I'll punch them back for you. Only I'm allowed to punch my friends."

Fabian: "Bobby, and don't bother, we're stealing his truck... because fuck him."

Lukas: Nodding, Lukas grabbed his bag and started loading his things into it. He grabbed his spear and waited for Fabian, "So shall we go on our own zombie hunting adventures?”

Fabian: "We're certainly getting the hell out of here. Jess found a zombie here, got bit, and those fuckers didn't tell anyone and were 'going to' this morning. I only found out because I was suspicious and checked her shoulder. She's immune but I'm not on board with keeping a secret like that."

Lukas: The looked on Lukas' face rivaled any look of rage anyone had seen on him, "And if she wasn't immune? Would they have just put a leash on her and kept her on the edge of camp?!"

Fabian: "They claim they had it under control but... that's just not something you keep a secret which is definitely why we are not staying here because eventually they're going to get people killed."

Lukas: "And yeah, I'd rather that not be us," he wrinkled his nose and patted Fabian's back, "Get your things and lets go steal a truck from a frosty dickbag."

Fabian: Fabian nodded, shouldering his bag and going for his guns. "You grab the food and we'll meet there?"

Lukas: Lukas nodded and headed out to get the food, "See you there."

Fabian: Fabian nodded, stalking out towards where the truck would be. "Lukas? Take the tea."

Lukas: Grinning wickedly, Lukas set about stealing the tea, all of it and then gathering all the essentials for two. Snatching a box of matches, he shoved everything into the bag and ran out to the truck, "Stole the matches as well."

Fabian: "Good man. Did anyone see you?" Fabian asked, keeping an eye out for anyone else.

Lukas: "Nope, all clear on the western front," he walked up and shouldered his bag, "We ready to go?"

Fabian: "Get on in." Fabian motioned to the passenger's seat. "Where shall we try?"

Lukas: "I'm up for anywhere. Anywhere that hopefully isn't swarming with zombies. Wanna head further north?"

Fabian: "North is good. Where would you go if you wanted to deal with toxic chemicals?"

Lukas: "I... honestly have no clue. Why?"

Fabian: "Jess is immune, that's the only good information that comes out of this."

Lukas: "Somewhere cold. That generally slows the human body down and starts to destroy it."

Fabian: "I'm thinking something involving hazmat?" Fabian took off, all ready heading north away from the former safehouse. "The CDC, any kind of poison control centers, what do you think?"

Lukas: "Those kinds of places are always in the middle of big cities. I'd want to avoid cities at this present time, thank you. I've been to small towns that were completely overrun. Imagine New York."

Fabian: "It'd be a disaster." Fabian agreed, not sure what way to go about this either. "The CDC would be too far away anyway. We're sure as hell not going as far south as Georgia."

Lukas: "Summer zombies. Summer heat zombies," Lukas shuddered, "Like exploding animal carcasses that try to eat you."

Fabian: "...Fuck it, we're going to Canada."

Lukas: "Lucky for you I spent most of my childhood learning to hunt in that kind of climate."

Fabian: "Guess we can do this pretty easily then?" Fabian looked over to his friend, glad that he at least seemed optimistic.

Lukas: "It's better to think that than to already think we're going to die," he shook his head.

Fabian: "Good point." Fabian had to agree with that. "...any idea where things like the CDC are in Canada?"

Lukas: "Absolutely not, I'm from Finland," he snorted a bit and sighed, leaning back.

Fabian: "Damn... I guess we can find out. Pity we can't drink on this road trip, huh?"

Lukas: "I.... would love a fucking drink right now but I don't think being drunk would be a good thing. Zombies and being drunk don't mix well."

Fabian: "Maybe one day." Fabian reached out, patting his shoulder. "Until then, Canada." Fabian laughed, flooring it just for the sake of the open road.

Lukas: Lukas smiled and closed his eyes, "It'll be wonderful, that day."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:56 pm

Jessica: Jess sat curled under a blanket on the window ledge and watched the snow falling outside. In her lap sat her spider plushie and she petted it absently as she rested her head on the glass. She had no idea what time it was and she didn't really care. She couldn't sleep and she didn't want to disturb Bobby by moving around too much so this was where she ended up.

Bobby: He awoke when he rolled over and failed to find the warm body he'd gone to bed with. Blinking and reaching out with his arm, Bobby patted the cold side of the bed, then pushed up with a sniff. Maybe she had gone to the bathroom, but no, he found her at the window.

Bobby: "Hey," he said, voice rough.

Jessica: Jess didn't respond, lost in her own thoughts and mesmerised by the snow. It covered everything, hid all the dirt and the decay under a pristine white sheet.

Bobby: Bobby rolled over and sat up, sheet and blankets sliding down to his hips. "Jess?"

Jessica: "Hmm?" she didn't move but at least she'd acknowledged she was being spoken to.

Bobby: At least she hadn't passed out then. Bobby swung out of the bed, wondering if he should bother trying to cover up. But then, she'd already seen the show enough. So, he just went over to the window seat and stroked her hair.

Jessica: She turned her head a little towards his hand and closed her eyes. "Did I wake you?"

Bobby: "No, I just... well, I suppose you did, in that I noticed you were gone." Bobby looked out the window, still petting her and setting his other hand on her uninjured shoulder to rub it.

Jessica: "Sorry..." she turned her face back towards the window again. "I couldn't sleep..."

Bobby: "I figured." He watched the snow fall and chewed his lip. "It's pretty. Definitely looks better from inside."

Jessica: "Mmhmm.... this is how I'm used to seeing it..."

Bobby: "Yeah, I know." Bobby sighed and nudged her to move over to share her seat.

Jessica: She obliged, tugging the blanket out from under her ass so she could share that too and almost dropping her spider. "It makes everything look so clean..."

Bobby: Bobby decided to make things easier and pulled her into his lap, helping her retuck the blanket around them and settle her spider. He'd gotten surprisingly accustomed to sleeping with a plush spider. "Covers up the nasties."

Bobby: It had also covered up the tracks of Fabian and Lukas's departure, in his truck. That still pissed him off.

Jessica: She nodded, settling against him, "Yeah... but it's all still there... underneath..."

Bobby: "Yep, unfortunately. I bet though that the cold will slow down the zombies. I mean, they die well enough when I freeze 'em." Bobby was now in a much better position to play with her hair, so he did, finger-combing her long blonde waves.

Jessica: "Mmm, let's hope so...." She sighed, "At least we have somewhere reasonably safe for the time being..."

Bobby: "Oh, I think it's more than reasonably, if we're careful. And we can fortify it." Though they now had fewer people to defend it. Not that Fabian was much of a loss. Bobby wrapped his arms around her and looked outside again.

Jessica: "Yeah..." she cuddled into him. "I'm still not going to be much use though..."

Bobby: He smiled as she snuggled up to him. It was nice - beyond nice, really. Once again he found himself thanking whoever was out there, since he figured God had skipped town long ago, that she was okay. "Sure you will. We'll just have to be careful with the cold."

Jessica: "Well that's what I mean... it's just going to get colder.... so I can't really spend any length of time outside..." She stroked her fingers along the spider's legs absently. "I guess I can at least keep the house nice...."

Bobby: "Yeah, and I think we should have somebody here at all times to hold the fort anyway." And, truth be told, he planned to stay here with her, or close by. He couldn't tell her that, however. Bobby freed a hand to tickle under the spider's chin.

Jessica: She smiled a little and wiggled the spider into his hand. "Company would be nice... this place is kind of big..."

Bobby: Or, maybe he could. "Well," he started, petting the spider on the head and pretending to scritch behind its nonexistent ears. "Since we don't want Johnny or Hope burning down the house, I figured I could stick close too. Patrol the nearby areas."

Jessica: She poked his hand with a couple of the spider's feet. "Yeah?" she tried not to sound as pleased about this as she was.

Bobby: "Yup." Bobby poked back. "I mean... when we need gas and stuff it makes the most sense for me to go make runs. And since the truck's gone... I could go, um, acquire a new one."

Jessica: "Oh... yeah... that's sensible..." she nodded, chewing her lip. "But I'd still have to stay here..." and worry.

Bobby: "Yeah, but if I make the long runs every now and then, it's sensible for me to stick close to home the rest of the time." Bobby nodded too, giving her a squeeze.

Jessica: She turned her face towards his neck and nuzzled him gently, "Your powers aren't bad for the house or my ears."

Bobby: Bobby made a contented sound and smiled. "Nope, I'm nice and quiet."

Jessica: "Mmhmm..." she smiled and kissed him softly. "Except when it matters."

Bobby: "Likewise," he said with a grin. Bobby let his head fall back against the windowsill and groaned. "I... love... it when you do that."

Jessica: She grinned slightly, "Do what? This...?" she kissed his neck again, a little further up.

Bobby: Bobby didn't bother to answer, since he was sure she could feel his reaction. His eyes slid closed though.

Jessica: She giggled, shifting to face more towards him and putting the spider to one side and sliding her arms around him.

Bobby: That was even nicer. Bobby opened his eyes and smiled down at her, grazing his knuckles across her cheek. So pretty. Hard to believe she'd picked him.

Jessica: She smiled back, settling into him. "Shall we go back to bed?"

Bobby: "Well, I'm not sure I can walk, now," he laughed, brushing his nose against hers.

Jessica: She giggled, "Well okay then we'll just stay here." she tilted her head up to catch his lips.

Bobby: Bobby returned the kiss, hands going to the back of her head, her waist, her hips, and back. He smiled, nipping at her lip. Suddenly, he felt pretty damn playful.

Jessica: Jess shifted again into his lap, pushing her fingers into his hair and pressing her forehead to his. "I don't know if there's room here for this..."

Bobby: "Oh God." His eyes fluttered closed and then open again to meet hers. "We'll make room." Bobby's hands fell to her hips to hold her tight against him.

Jessica: She grinned and kissed him again, "If you're sure." She trailed kisses along his jaw and down his neck.

Bobby: "God, yes, I'm sure." He looked down at her as she kissed her way onto his chest. With her hair mussed, and the image of the falling snow behind her, and even the healing mark on her shoulder - maybe even because of that and what it meant - he cupped her face and pulled her back up for a kiss.

Jessica: She smiled in the kiss and returned it, deepening it and tightening her hold on him again. She settled into his lap, sitting astride him as the blanket slipped down to her waist.

Bobby: And that was even better. The sight of her, the feel of her, a lump formed in his throat and all the emotion of the last days and weeks bubbled up. "God, I love you." The instant he realized he'd said it out loud he bit down on his lip. Fuck.

Jessica: Jess froze, not knowing how to respond to that except for the part where she wanted to run.

Bobby: Fuck, fuck, fuck. Bobby met her eyes, one deer in the headlights to the other. Say something! He opened his mouth, closed it, tried again.

Jessica: Jess recovered first.... kind of. She got up from the ledge, letting the blanket fall, picked up her spider and hurried to get a robe before making for the door.

Bobby: "Jess!" Cursing himself, Bobby made a much less graceful exit from the window by tangling in the blanket and falling on his face.

Jessica: After fumbling a few times with the lock and the rope for her robe she made it out into the hall. She had no idea where to go from there but tea seemed like a good plan so she went for that.

Bobby: "Ow! Goddammit!" He cracked his head on the nightstand, too, before finally staggering upright and looking for his jeans. The jeans went on easily enough, but the attempt to zip them quickly ended in more cursing of a higher pitch.

Jessica: The floor was cold under her bare feet and she wished she'd thought to put some shoes on but she wasn't going to go back up there. Noooooooo. She was vaguely aware that she was muttering to herself as she pushed the door open into the dining hall and made for the kitchen. More cold floor. But her feet were numb now.

Bobby: Bobby could tell which way she'd gone - not that the place was that large - by the little warm footprints she left behind, like a cat. He caught up to her easily enough, but stopped just inside the kitchen door. "Jess?"

Jessica: Jess was still muttering under her breath and the voice startled her. She let out a shout of surprise and dropped the sugar onto the floor. "Damn it!"

Bobby: Well that had gone well. He sighed and went to the counter, crouching at her feet to pick up the bowl. At least it wasn't glass to shatter all over and make this even more fun.

Jessica: Jess put her face in her hands and walked away back towards the dining hall.

Bobby: He dropped the bowl onto the counter and went after her, easily cutting in front of her. "Jess, please. I'm sorry."

Jessica: "Why would you do that?!" she hit at him then turned away from him again.

Bobby: Now was she upset because he apologized, or still because he said it at all? Bobby caught her by the arms and turned her back around to face him, only then remembering she was strong enough to break him, or knock him out with a venom blast.

Jessica: Jess just stared at him, still waiting for an answer as her hands balled at her sides.

Bobby: Bobby blinked at her, debating what to say. He licked his lips. "I've... always had bad timing." He started, then took a deep breath to get it out in a rush before she smacked him. "I'm... not sorry though, because I mean it, and I'm not gonna lie."

Jessica: She continued to stare at him for a long moment while she worked out whether or not she wanted to hit him. It was tempting. But no... she instead gave him a somewhat pained look before going to sit on one of the tables, pulling her feet up onto one of the chairs and staring at her bare toes instead. "What do you expect me to do with that?"

Bobby: "I... don't know." Bobby watched her, then sat at another table across from her and ran his hands through his hair. "I didn't mean to say it." He scrubbed his face. "Look.... it's not like... I'm not trying to entrap you or anything... I just... like I said, I love Lorna - loved - but I've realized what I feel for you is more than just concern, or caring."

Bobby: He looked away, muscle in his jaw ticking. "I don't expect you to feel the same way."

Jessica: Jess put her face in her hands again, resting her elbows on her knees. "Bobby... don't you see how much this changes things?"

Bobby: "I do," he said softly. And he saw how he had ruined the one good thing to happen to him since this shit had started.

Jessica: "And you know why... why I can't hear that.... you know more than Danny ever did and it still ruined that... I just..." she sighed, lifting her head to look at him.

Bobby: "I'm not Danny," he said with a shrug, meeting her gaze and giving it a shot. Her sad, resigned expression was killing him. "And it's not the same world now." Bobby let out a shaky breath.

Jessica: "I know that... it's even more dangerous than it was back then..." She bowed her head back into her hands. It was just better if she didn't look at him.

Bobby: Great, and now she wasn't looking at him. "And I can't die." To cop a cliche, that was a blessing and a curse.

Jessica: "I know..." she groaned a little, the sound muffled by her hands. "But I can..."

Bobby: He blinked. "So I what, cursed you by telling you?" It was out of his mouth before he could think. "You survived a bite, Jess." Oh well, in for a penny... "Maybe I did, because I loved you before it ever happened."

Jessica: "I didn't say that!" She pulled on her hair a little. "I'm not blaming- God! Why would you think that?!"

Bobby: "I don't think that... I was just... guessing, because I don't really know." He watched her worriedly, but resisted the urge to go over to her. "Can you at least tell me what you're thinking?"

Jessica: "No." She was going to leave it at that but she realised that probably wouldn't go down very well so she elaborated. "Because I don't know..."

Bobby: He sighed, mirroring her pose and hiding his own face in his hands. "Okay."

Jessica: She ran her hands through her hair, folding them on the back of her neck and keeping her elbows on her knees so her head remained bowed quite close to her lap. "Bobby... I'm sorry..."

Bobby: "Yeah." Bobby closed his eyes tightly, squeezing out the tears he'd been holding back. "It, uh, won't change a-anything... I'll still be watching out for you."

Jessica: She sighed, getting up and going back to the kitchen to clean up the spilled sugar from the floor. Of course it was going to change things.

Bobby: He cursed under his breath, then held it to listen to her leave. You'd think I'd have learned by now. But no, of course not. Always good at hiding the feelings he shouldn't hide, terrible at holding his poker face otherwise.

Jessica: After cleaning up the mess and making coffee for both of them (because !"^$!"*^%*OQ"£Y&% The tea was GONE), she stepped back out of the kitchen and moved over to him just holding out the cup and waiting for him to lift his head.

Bobby: Busy feeling sorry for himself, Bobby didn't hear her come back. The hair on the back of his neck prickled and he jerked, looking up at her before he had a chance to hide his expression. Belatedly, he wiped the tears away.

Jessica: She sighed, putting the cups down and giving him a hug. She couldn't not hug him. That'd be cruel.

Bobby: Slowly, he put his arms around her, sniffling. There may not be anybody left to take his man card, but he still felt like he was losing it.

Jessica: She cuddled him and stroked his hair gently, "I'm really sorry..." she said softly, "I didn't mean to upset you..."

Bobby: "I think I'm the one who upset you though." He turned his face toward her, nuzzling her hair. Might as well enjoy it while he could.

Jessica: "Well... maybe... but it's not your fault I'm damaged..."

Bobby: "Aren't we all," he mumbled, not quite laughing.

Jessica: "I really... I don't want to hurt you... and I'm scared and... this place... and everything that's happened..." She bowed her head against him. "Your timing really is awful..."

Bobby: "My timing's always been awful," he sniffed and kissed the top of her head. "I thought it was part of my charm."

Jessica: "If it wasn't such a sensitive topic...." she sighed heavily. "It's just too much all at once..."

Bobby: "Yeah, well... it is for me too." He winced again, cursing his mouth. But he certainly hadn't expected this thing with her to turn into love.

Jessica: She gave him a squeeze and turned her head to kiss his cheek before letting him go. "I don't know what to do now..."

Bobby: Bobby looked at her, sure he looked like a kicked puppy and not really caring. "Well... other than running away, which you did, and smacking me, which you also did... what do you feel like doing now?"

Jessica: She shrugged helplessly, "Drinking tea..."

Bobby: He had to crack a grin at that, looking over at the cups. The scent of the coffee reminded him of Lorna. His wife was dead and he should be grieving her. "Yeah, well... thanks to Fabian and Lukas..."

Jessica: "Yeah..." she scowled. Bastards. "What the hell else am I supposed to drink?"

Bobby: "Well, I figured I'd add tea to the shopping list when I go on that gas run, but until then..." he shrugged, picking up the cup. He'd never liked coffee as much as Lorna, but it smelled good. It smelled like her.

Jessica: She gave another heavy sigh, climbing up to sit on the table beside him and picking up her cup. Her feet were so numb... She leaned against him.

Bobby: Bobby stiffened for a moment, surprised, then slipped his arm around her. Not sure what to say, he took a sip of the coffee, and promptly made a face.

Jessica: "There's only instant," she mumbled, "But at least it's hot..." and it still smelled nice. She held the cup in her lap rather than drinking it.

Bobby: "Eck." Yeah, he'd definitely have to pick up some tea. "It is hot," he agreed, staring into the cup.

Jessica: "I'm sorry...." she said again, apologising for the coffee as well as everything else.

Bobby: "It's not your fault." Bobby took another drink, for something to do. "Any of it."

Jessica: "Are you sure? Because I think I should be able to get over this... and I'm frustrated with myself because I can't..."

Bobby: "I get it... you're scared of getting too close, of losing people." He sighed.

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah... but also... scared that those people could lose me..."

Bobby: "Well, I'm scared of that too." Bobby chewed on his lip. "But... it didn't stop me from... well, from developing feelings for you."

Jessica: "That's not something you can control... I know that..." She put the mug down and hopped off the table, "I'm going back to bed..."

Bobby: Bobby stared into the cup, blinking. Oh, for fuck's sake, Drake. "Well... I'm just going to ask and there's no un-awkward way to do it. Do you want me to come with you?"

Jessica: She held her hand out to him, "I don't think I can sleep alone..."

Bobby: He put down the cup and slid off the table, working up a small smile as he took her hand.

Jessica: She gave his hand a squeeze as they reached the door to their room, before letting go and moving over to the bed. She didn't bother to take off the robe but she took the spider plush from her pocket and set it on the nightstand then crawled under the sheets and curled up.

Bobby: There was no way he was sleeping in his jeans, but he managed to find his boxer briefs and changed into them before joining her. Restlessly, he punched the pillow a few times before finding a comfortable position with a sigh.

Jessica: Jess rolled over to face him and slid her arms around him to draw him close. She wondered if she should voice her other concern but was worried it might seem insensitive.

Bobby: He didn't complain, curling up with her and kissing the tip of her nose with a faint smile.

Jessica: She wrinkled her nose a little at him then gave him a chaste kiss on the lips before cuddling into him. She closed her eyes and mumbled; "I care about you too you know... a lot more than I wanted to..."

Bobby: Bobby opened his eyes, studying her face. "I like to think I'm fairly loveable." He realized he'd said the l-word again, but at least it was lightly.

Jessica: She gave him a squeeze, nodding slowly, "Mmhmm..."

Bobby: Closing his eyes with a soft snort, he decided he should quit while he was ahead. At least she was forgiving of his slip and didn't seem to be planning to leave him alone.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:01 pm

Fabian: Fabian stood outside of the truck, fueling it up and keeping a sharp eye on his surroundings. "Did you find any maps inside? I'm afraid I'm pretty lax when it comes to Canadian geography and we should be about ready to cross over I'd think."

Lukas: Lukas came back out of the stop with his spear over his shoulder. He had a map and a bag filled with supplies and snacks, "I did find a map. I also found some first aid supplies, juice, water, food and an entire box of your favorite candy bars and a box of slimjims."

Fabian: "You are my favourite person." Fabian announced, switching to filling up the jugs in the back. "This thing eats gas like nobody's business, we need a replacement one of these days." He admitted. "Plus, I don't know about you, but I'm majorly concerned about hop ons."

Bobby: Bobby hadn't been looking for them, but in the dead world it was hard to miss a moving vehicle, especially when it was his vehicle. In his vapor form, he drifted with the air currents and closed in on the gas station.

Lukas: Walking over and shoving a candy bar he'd opened into Fabian's mouth, he smiled, "We'll find a nice little fuel efficient car and hot-wire it if the keys aren't in it."

Fabian: "Good plan." Fabian mumbled around the candy bar, grabbing the map and spreading it over the hood. "Right, shouldn't be too difficult to avoid most things, though I do still want to hit some form of research labs. It's playing against the odds but eventually somewhere we'll hopefully find someone to work with."

Bobby: They weren't paying attention to their surroundings at the moment, and even if they had been they wouldn't have noticed a colder breeze in the cold, snowy air.

Lukas: Taking a deep breath, Lukas wrinkled his nose and sniffed the air. He looked around and moved closer to Fabian, "It's getting colder, Fay..."

Fabian: Fabian quickly folded up the map. "And zombie, 10 o'clock, don't think it's noticed us yet." Fabian watched, trying to decide whether or not shooting it was worth the noise.

Bobby: Since the truck's windows were up, it would take too much time to slowly filter his way into the cab, though since they had managed to steal his keys too at least he would be able to get it started. Bobby just needed to reform enough to get the door open, and he did so, swirling at the driver's side door.

Lukas: Lukas had spotted the zombie and was silently making his way up behind it. His spear glinted as he thrust it through the creature's head. He yanked his spear back out and kicked the body to the side. "That takes care of that," he looked up, "Fay.....what's in the car?"

Bobby: Unable to get leverage as a semi-solid cloud, Bobby reformed into a roughly human shape and jerked the door open.

Fabian: Fabian looked up, now seeing the swirling condensation of cold and wet. "Oh, fuck me." He pulled his gun, aiming at where Bobby was reforming. Well, noise was just going to have to happen. He took the shot while he had it... and he took it low.

Lukas: "Fuck you, asshole, we stole your truck fair and square," Lukas growled and rushed forward with his spear aiming at the legs.

Bobby: In this form, he couldn't vocalize, but he certainly cursed a blue streak in his mind, instantly reforming. Fucker shot me in the crotch! Lukas made the mistake of getting closer to him than Fabian had, so Bobby encased the tip of the spear in a block of ice and moved forward to break it off, kicking Lukas in the face as well.

Fabian: Shooting the ice between Bobby and the spear, he went for a headshot as well. "You have more people, therefore you have the van. You can deal with it, Frosty."

Bobby: Having his head blown off did slow him down, unfortunately.

Lukas: Lukas groaned and brought a hand up to his nose, "Fuck his shit up." Sitting up, his hand glowed, the tip of his spear growing back as he swung at his feet, taking out Bobby's knees.

Fabian: "This is ridiculous." Fabian knew very well this was a never ending thing, smashing Bobby. "This isn't going to get either of us anywhere and is just going to draw zombies."

Lukas: Just as Lukas was about to open his mouth, a moan came from the woods nearby. Lukas looked over in time to watch a walker come shambling out of the underbrush, "Shit."

Bobby: Letting them chip away at him like this wasn't getting them anywhere, but he lashed out anyway as he reformed again. This time he sent a blast of ice at Lukas to get him out of range. "Too late, jackass."

Fabian: "You're the one who can't let a damned truck go." Fabian pointed out, picking off zombies instead of Bobby. "And I am not sorry about the crotch shot."

Bobby: "Because it's my fucking truck!" Bobby turned toward the woods and sent a wave of freezing air to stop several of the zombies in their tracks.

Lukas: Lukas held his breath and shuddered, letting the ice blow over him, "Douche, hitting a man in the back."

Fabian: "Would you rather we have taken the van and left people stranded now?" Fabian pointed out the logic of it, feeding Bobby some power because why the hell not, that'd get rid of zombies much faster.

Bobby: The next wave of ice shattered the zombies and sent the shards into the next wave staggering from the woods. "Or you could have said you were leaving and we could have gotten you something instead of sneaking off like the fucks you are!" Bobby didn't need Fabian's help, so since he was in range too now he backhanded him. "I'm not sorry about that either."

Fabian: "Quit being a twat and concentrate on zombies!" Fabian didn't bother fighting back, much more concerned about the possibility of more zombies. "This is a small town, where the fuck are they all coming from? Fucking middle aged foliage tourists?"

Lukas: Lukas growled and cracked Bobby across the face with the butt of his spear, "Concentrate on the things trying to eat us and NOT backhanding the man feeding you power!" He swung the spear and caught a zombie in the head.

Bobby: "Why don't both of you shut the fuck up!" Bobby wasn't sure why he bothered to freeze the zombie sneaking up on Lukas's flank, but he did so, before drawing in enough moisture to take care of the next round.

Fabian: "Oh stuff it and get in the truck." Fabian was already making his way to climb in, grabbing one of his spare guns from the back.

Lukas: Lukas scrambled for the truck and opened the door. Climbing in, he kicked a zombie in the head and brought his spear down on it's head, "Consider me in the vehicle."

Bobby: Bobby gave them a disdainful look and created an ice slide, landing in the back of the truck and anchoring himself to the bed with more ice. A creature that attempted to follow him was dehydrated and fell face-down into the bed.

Fabian: Fabian floored it, pulling away from the gas station and back to the road. "Watch out for hop ons back there!" He called out, making his way back to the main road as fast as he could.

Lukas: Lukas took several deep breaths through his mouth and whimpered. He reached into the bag that he'd brought back and pulled out a bottle of aspirin, "Think that icy fuck broke my nose."

Bobby: "Not deaf, thanks!" Bobby threw the corpse at the back window and gave the same treatment to another speedy zombie who had clung to the tailgate.

Fabian: Fabian resisted, just barely, the temptation to just shake Bobby from off of the truck. "And why the fuck are you throwing things at the window?" Son of a bitch was crazy. It was a wonder he hadn't gotten them all killed earlier.

Lukas: Lukas flailed a bit, "I know you can hear me and I THINK YOU BROKE MY FUCKING NOSE!" He groaned and tilted his head back, gripping his spear.

Fabian: "I swear everyone in this apocalypse is crazy." Fabian muttered, pegging a zombie out the window and speeding away again.

Bobby: "Magic it back!" Bobby watched the zombies racing after the truck, targeting the fastest ones with shots of ice.

Lukas: "That's not how it WORKS," he growled and looked at Fabian, "Shut up, you keep me around so you're no better." He dabbed at his nose and groaned, "We need booze and sex to make this day better. Why can't we have either? Fucking apocalypse."

Fabian: "That's why I said everyone." Maybe Canadians would be better. Fabian had to slow down as they hit a patch of abandoned cars, Fabian deciding to attempt to shoot the gas tanks was at least worth it.

Bobby: Fabian's effort created a fireball to the left of the truck that made Bobby duck and curse. "You! You did that on purpose!" He pounded on the roof of the cab and growled when another fast zombie charged the truck from the opposite side.

Lukas: "I swear to god that if I get bitten because of you I'm going to make it my last act to eat you," Lukas screamed through the back window.

Bobby: The zombie was really fast, and made a dive for the passenger side, missing the window by inches and folding halfway into the bed. The zombie rolled and ended up practically at Bobby's feet, which it promptly attacked.

Fabian: "He'd just pull himself out of you. He's the ultimate zombie tease." Fabian sighed, lining up his shot and taking the foot noming zombie out... not exactly shying away from Bobby's foot either.

Lukas: "Kinky yet not satisfying at all," he shook his head and gripped his spear, "God why can't we just get OUT of here!?"

Bobby: Bobby lost his balance and crashed backward into the bed himself, jostling with the now headless body.

Fabian: "Roll it out, maybe it'll get some of the others off of our asses!" Fabian called out, cutting a hard left to get onto the interstate again.

Lukas: Lukas grunted as he hit the window and looked out the window. The zombies seemed to be thinning out around them.

Bobby: With a half-crazy growl, Bobby formed a scythe of ice and sliced the corpse neatly in half, chucking first one half then the other to the zombie dogs on their tail. The closest, he just froze.

Fabian: Fabian sped up once the zombie was gone and he had the open road with less cars around them. "Now... how are we going to get rid of him?"

Lukas: "I....have no fucking clue," he took a few deep breaths, "But the distractions are gone now and he's still out for our blood."

Bobby: Bobby was thinking much the same thoughts about the two in the cab of his truck. Turning from the tailgate, he thudded to the back of the cab and looked inside.

Fabian: Fabian chanced a glance back as he drove. "This isn't going to go well, is it?"

Bobby: "Not for you, no." Bobby narrowed his eyes, an evil, crazed grin growing. Stupidcockylittlemotherfucker!

Fabian: Fabian looked to Lukas, silently asking whether or not retreat was their best option but knew on foot was no real answer.

Lukas: Lukas looked back at him and then the road. He gave a gesture with his eyes and gripped the door handle.

Bobby: "Look... we can do this one of two ways, boys... I can just take the truck now and leave you stranded, or we head for that next town and I give you a fighting chance."

Fabian: "...that's reasonable." Fabian nodded, giving up on eyeing Bobby for the sake of driving.

Bobby: "By fighting chance, I mean I'm still taking the truck, but you can have your shit and find another car." Bobby had formed talons of ice, digging into the metal of the cab with a screech to make sure they couldn't shake him.

Lukas: "Very reasonable...." he nodded and looked at Fabian. His eyes were wide.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Oct 11, 2012 7:54 pm

Begining of November.

Jessica: Jess had worn herself out pacing all day so, like previous days, she'd dragged a chair over and positioned it in front of the door then curled up in it with a blanket and her spider. She sat in a doze, exhausted but still worried and alert for any sound.

Bobby: Driving at night was not the smartest thing he could do, but he wanted - needed - to get back. He was already overdue, far overdue. The road was slick, but he'd driven this truck in snow before, after all. Bobby spared a fond pat for the dash of his baby and nearly missed the long drive leading to the secluded house.

Jessica: Jess heard the engine long before the truck reached the house and got straight out of her seat. She pulled the blanket tightly around her and opened the door, shuffling out onto the doorstep to wait.

Bobby: It wasn't cold enough to harm the supplies in the cab or the back of the truck, so he grabbed one package and brought it with him after he parked beside the van. Bobby hadn't bothered to shift from his ice form since the encounter with Fabian and Lukas. It seemed safer that way.

Bobby: Immediately, he noticed the open door and Jess, outside in the cold. He sped up to meet her.

Jessica: Relief at seeing him flooded her and she hurried to him, dropping the blanket and throwing her arms around him. "Where have you been?!"

Bobby: Bobby shifted, not wanting to freeze her, and returned the hug. "Yeeaaah, sorry. I ran into some old friends." He let go of her to thumb over his shoulder at his truck, then snatched up the blanket. Wrapping it back around her, he scooped her up and carried her inside, slamming the door behind him.

Jessica: She yelped and giggled at being picked up and carried, "You got your truck back! Yay! .... Wait, that means you bumped into Fabian and Lukas. Did you punch them for me?"

Bobby: Safely inside in the warmth, he took the blanket back to wrap around his waist. "Oh yes, especially after Fabian decided to shoot me. A lot."

Jessica: "He shot you!?" Oooooh he was SO dead. "Asshole..." she hugged him again.

Bobby: Bobby smirked, this time enjoying the hug. "Four times I think? Mostly I remember the crotch shot... and the head shot..." He pulled back enough to kiss her, figuring he had earned it.

Jessica: She agreed he'd earned it, especially after hearing that, and kissed him back, keeping her arms around him. "I've been so worried...."

Bobby: "I'm sorry." He gave her another quick kiss, then held up the baggie in his hand. "But I come bearing gifts."

Jessica: "Tea?" Her expression was beyond hopeful and well into desperate.

Bobby: "Tea," he confirmed with a grin.

Jessica: She let out a small squeak of delight and dragged him towards the kitchen. Teeeeeeea!

Bobby: Bobby laughed, thrilled that she was so excited. It was... cute. Cute enough he didn't care he was still wearing just a blanket.

Jessica: Jess stopped at the entrace to the kitchen, "Oh!" she pushed him backwards and sat him on one of the seats, "Wait here, I'll get it." She took the bag and headed for the door.

Bobby: "Oof!" Bobby spawled on the chair, bemused. "Ooookay." He laughed and watched her with a grin. No wonder he'd fallen for her.

Jessica: She grinned over her shoulder at him then disappeared into the kitchen to make the tea. Oh thank God for tea. She reappeared with a tray - which held two cups of tea and a birthday cake that she'd decorated herself with a tiny iced darlek exterminating a storm trooper.

Bobby: That made him laugh out loud. "Oh. My. God!" Bobby got up, almost dropping his blanket. "Jess! That's awesome!" He couldn't hug her without making her drop the tray, but he applauded her effort. "...I can't believe I forgot my birthday, but... holy shit."

Jessica: She smiled and blushed, leaning to put the tray down on the table, "I had to do something... When I found out what the date was I thought we should do something nice... You have no idea how hard it was to keep the others from eating that..."

Bobby: "I'm sorry I worried you." Before she could protest, he grabbed her for a kiss and dipped her backward. Breaking off the kiss, he grinned. "But thank you. This is..." He straightened up, but held her still, not looking at the cake. "Amazing."

Jessica: She eeped at the dip kiss but slid her arms around him and returned it, smiling back. "I'm glad you like it." She kissed the end of his nose, "But I'm not done."

Bobby: "Holy shit, really?" He laughed. "Remind me to have a birthday and bring you tea more often!"

Jessica: She giggled, "Wait right there, I left it in the living room. Have some cake!" She gave him another kiss before hurrying towards the door.

Bobby: Bobby watched her go, stunned and giddy, especially after his shittacular field trip. He used the knife to cut slices for himself and her.

Jessica: Jess returned with her gift, setting it on the table in front of him before taking a seat herself. "Happy birthday."

Bobby: It was wrapped in paper and decorated with little leaf skeletons. He laughed again before he unwrapped it, leaning over to give her a kiss on the cheek. The skeletons looked a little like some of the things he'd seen on the road, but they were great nonetheless. "Thank you."

Bobby: Unwrapping it, he stared for a moment before he saw it. "Thank you," he said, more seriously. "That's so cool." At first glance he thought it was a spiderweb in a twiggy frame. It was, but it was also a carefully woven snowflake. "Wow... Jess..."

Jessica: She smiled, resting her head on his shoulder, "You like it?" she glanced at him. "I wanted to do more but..."

Bobby: "I love it, it's super cool!" He kissed the top of her head, moving closer to put his arm around her. "It's like... you and me."

Jessica: She nodded, slipping her arms around him and giving him a squeeze, "Yep.... not especially original but I'm new at this..."

Bobby: Bobby just smiled at her, studying her face as his heart clenched. "It's perfect."

Jessica: "I'm just glad you came back and got to see it." She hugged him again, "And you brought me tea!"

Bobby: "I'll always come back," he said, and cupped her face with his hand. But he had to crack a grin. "And yes, I brought you tea."

Jessica: She turned her face into his hand, smiling contentedly and closing her eyes. "I missed you..."

Bobby: "You missed the tea," he teased, grin growing.

Jessica: "Well yes... but I can sleep without tea." She blinked her eyes open again, a sleepy smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.

Bobby: That made him lean in and kiss her again, stroking her cheek. "I haven't slept myself. I don't, not when I'm iced." He sighed. "How about we have some cake and go to bed?"

Jessica: She nodded, nuzzling him gently, "That sounds like a plan." She withdrew her arms from around him so that she could eat that cake... and drink the tea - which was, of course, the most important part.

Bobby: He didn't eat either in that form, so Bobby was happy to eat the piece of cake, and then another. The tea wasn't bad either.

Jessica: Jess ate her slice of cake and savoured the tea. After almost a week without it, it was amazing. She felt much better now that she wasn't worrying and she'd had tea and Bobby liked his gifts. Exhausted, yes, but happy. She rested against him, covering a yawn. It was an effort now to keep her eyes open.

Bobby: Cute. Bobby smiled at her to give her warning he was getting up, picking up the plates, cups and cake and putting the items back on the tray. Tucking the blanket securely around his waist, he disappeared only long enough to take the tray to the kitchen.

Bobby: When he returned, he handed her his gift, one corner of his mouth quirked upward.

Jessica: She took it, frowning a little in sleepy confusion.

Bobby: He again picked her up and carried her up the stairs.

Jessica: She smiled, settling against him and closing her eyes, she was more than half asleep before they even got to the top of the stairs.

Bobby: Bobby fumbled with the door, but got it open and closed. She may be strong enough to break him, but sleepy like this she felt weak as a kitten. He laid her carefully on the bed and threw his own blanket onto the bed before climbing in to join her.

Jessica: Jess somehow managed to find the energy to turn towards him and cuddle close. She nuzzled him and sighed happily, mumbling a little as she drifted closer to sleep, "Love you..."

Bobby: Relaxed himself with her in his arms, Bobby sucked in a surprised breath, mouth dropping open. Oh my God. He blinked rapidly, smiling like an idiot and holding back tears.

Bobby: The frame was on the bed beside her and he carefully picked it up and looked at it. It really was them, wasn't it?
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:47 pm

Jessica: Jess smiled as she rolled over and snuggled into the warm body beside her. It was a lot better to wake up to company. She stretched and yawned, blinking her eyes open and brushing her hair out of her face.

Bobby: Bobby was already awake, though not for long. The trip had worn him out, and he could have easily gone straight back to sleep. But after a bathroom run, he decided to get a better look at his birthday present.

Bobby: When Jess stirred next to him, he laid it on his chest with a smile. "Well hi, beautiful."

Jessica: "Mmm, hi..." she gave him a sleepy smile, nuzzling his shoulder, "Did you sleep okay?"

Bobby: "Yup! Fantastically, in fact." He shifted enough to kiss her forehead and decided to return the snuggles. "You were definitely sleepy."

Jessica: "I was... that's what happens when you practically don't sleep at all for nearly a week..." She draped an arm over him, closing her eyes and shifting to get comfortable again - she didn't want to get up yet.

Bobby: "Aww, I'm sorry, babe." That earned her another kiss, this one on top of her head. "I hadn't intended on running into those jackasses... then we kind of got attacked by zombies 'cause we were all fighting... shit got complicated." Bobby chuckled.

Jessica: "It's okay, you're back now and in one piece and everything... and with tea... did you like your cake?" she lifted her head to blink at him.

Bobby: "It was good. Very cakey, and very nerdy! I'm proud of you." He grinned at her. "Gotta admit, it's not the tea they left with. Bastards must have either drank it all or just chucked it for spite."

Jessica: "It's okay... as long as there's tea. That's the important thing." She smiled, "And I'm glad you liked it. They were tricky."

Bobby: "I bet! But I was very impressed. Thank you again." Bobby craned his neck to give her a kiss on the lips. "For everything."

Jessica: "You're welcome." She moved the present out of the way so she could cuddle him properly, "I said I wanted to do something nice, right? I don't remember... too sleepy."

Bobby: "You did, and you did." Bobby chewed the corner of his lip, trying to decide if he should say anything. "You gave me another present too, but I think it was just 'cause you were sleepy and worried... but I still appreciate it."

Jessica: She raised an eyebrow at him, "I did?"

Bobby: "Mmmhmm." Bobby nodded slowly, eyes wide.

Jessica: A slight frown creased her brow as she tried to remember what else she did. The look of confusion slowly morphed into a look of horror and then she hid her face against him and pulled the blanket up over her head.

Bobby: "Well at least you remembered," he almost chuckled. Bobby lifted up the corner of the blanket to peer in at her. "It's not that bad, is it?"

Jessica: Jess made a small sound of discomfort and nodded, "After the big deal I made a week ago?"

Bobby: "I know, but... this time you told me, and I'm not, like, running or hitting..." He tried a smile, though she was still buried.

Jessica: "I know... of course you're not..." she shuffled further under the blanket.

Bobby: "Look... I understand. You were stressed out and exhausted and worried and you were just happy to see me. That's enough..." He stared at the ceiling.

Jessica: She shook her head, "No... that's not it..."

Bobby: Bobby blinked, feeling rather than seeing her reactions. "Then what was it?"

Jessica: She sighed, running a hand through her hair, "The truth...?"

Bobby: He smiled a little and burrowed under the blanket himself to face her. "Well, then we're in the same boat, right?"

Jessica: She rolled onto her back and frowned, "I guess? Except the part where I'm still crazy..."

Bobby: Well, she had a point there. "Babe, there are zombies outside. Everything is crazy."

Jessica: "You can't use that as a measuring stick. It doesn't negate the fact my mind is crazier than a bag of rabid badgers..."

Bobby: He had to laugh a little then. "Jess... I'm sure I'm not... I know I'm not perfectly fine myself right now, but..." with a sigh, he rolled closer to her. "I feel more normal when I'm with you. Happier."

Jessica: "Really?" she eyed him suspiciously, "You're not just worried I'm going to blow you up?"

Bobby: Bobby just slowly blinked at her, then raised one eyebrow questioningly.

Jessica: "It's a legit concern!" She gave him a tiny zap to underline her point. "But... seriously, now... I just... I'm not... I don't feel like I'm ready... not properly..."

Bobby: "Ow!" Okay, it hurt, like a sharp bug bite to the shoulder, but really... "I married the last girl who blew me up." He couldn't help it, not after the zap.

Jessica: Jess just stared at him, wondering if he'd actually said that.

Bobby: Bobby sniffed, telling himself not to think about the further implications of invoking Lorna. "Well, I did. But this... this is a fucked up world and I don't think either of us is ready for anything beyond... well, this?"

Jessica: "I don't even know if I'm ready for this..." she covered her face with her hands again, peeking out between her fingers at him. "I don't know how to do this..."

Bobby: "Seems like we've been doing an okay job at it." Bobby gave what he hoped her was a reassuring smile and rubbed her arm.

Jessica: "Yeah..." she closed her fingers to hide her whole face again. "It's just... fast..."

Bobby: "I agree." He sighed. If he really stopped to think about it, it hurt because he missed Lorna. "In a way it feels like we've been on the run for years, but I know it's just been weeks."

Jessica: "Yeah... it has..." she pushed her hands up into her hair and looked at him again, "You're really sure you're not going to regret any of this?"

Bobby: "I'm sure." Bobby nodded and cupped her cheek with a smile. "Really sure." You've given me a reason to actually try to stay alive didn't seem like a good thing to say, so he didn't.

Jessica: "Promise?" She turned her face into his hand. "I don't want to hurt you..."

Bobby: "Are you going to regret it?" He brushed his thumb over her skin.

Jessica: "Only if I hurt you..." She pulled her fingers out of her hair and spread her arms across the matress. "I don't like seeing you upset... I never have..."

Bobby: "Likewise." He watched her. "I promise." Pulling a grin, he wrinkled his nose again. "Just watch the zappy and I promise not to frost your shorts."

Jessica: "I promise to only zap you in emergencies... or if you ask really nicely."

Bobby: His grin grew. "That works for me then."

Jessica: "Good." She smiled, shifting a little before lifting her arms around him. "But we should definitely not tell the others about this... for a while..."

Bobby: "I think they know," he mock whispered, looking around the room. "The walls are kinda thin."

Jessica: "Noooo," she gave him a shove but pulled him back close again right away, "Not that part... the other thing..."

Bobby: Bobby was still laughing, but happily snuggled close to her. "Okay, okay. That's fine." It didn't matter to him, but whatever made her happy.

Jessica: "I wasn't ready for you to know... if everyone else finds out on top of that I think I might explode... or do something crazy... like adopt a million cats..."

Bobby: "...I like cats?" Bobby was still grinning. "Somebody needs to save them from the zombies, after all." He leaned in and gave her a kiss. "And no 'sploding. That's my job."

Jessica: "Well I'd rather you didn't either but... at least you'll come back..." She cuddled him and rolled them so that they lay on their sides.

Bobby: The grin turned dirty. "And luckily I came back from the crotch shot too." He decided it was a great time to play footsie with her too. At least they weren't cold anymore.

Jessica: She giggled, "I'm sure I'll be forever grateful." She played back and kissed him.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:27 pm

Carol: Did these people sleep all day? Carol frowned, chin in her palm and elbow on her knee as she hovered off the snow with her legs crossed and stared at the house. If the doors weren't all locked and everything she'd have gone in already and helped herself to food but she didn't want to break the door down. That'd probably just piss them off. Maybe she'd go knock? Yeah. That sounded good.

Bobby: What was that noise? A doorbell? They had one of those? Bobby looked up from the bowl he was dutifully stirring for Jessica. "Um... do zombies use doorbells now?"

Jessica: "Uh... only if it's a trap?" Jess chewed her lip, "Shall we go and look?" She wiped her hands on a cloth.

Bobby: "It's a trap!" Bobby grinned at his own joke and dropped the spoon. "I can poof and go out?" He shrugged and led the way to the door. "Or... I guess it has a peephole..."

Bobby: Between the secret knock of I'm not a zombie and flying through second storey windows he'd never really paid much attention to the door.

Jessica: "We'll go with that option... you know, in case it's not a zombie but an angry mutant-hating human with a gun... Then we can pretend there's no one here..." She followed him out of the kitchen.

Carol: Carol tapped her foot as she waited on the doorstep and switched from her SHIELD uniform to her civvies because she didn't want to give anyone a heart attack.

Carol: Even if it'd be a little bit funny.

Bobby: "Well, if that's the case, at least I can grow my head back." Bobby leaned close to the door and looked out. He blinked. He turned his head and looked at Jess with raised eyebrows, then back outside.

Bobby: "It's a blonde."

Jessica: Jess raised an eyebrow, "Okay? Um... let them in?"

Bobby: "I dunno," he said, keeping his voice low. "I mean, she looks okay, but what if she's bitten or something?"

Jessica: "Well then ask her? It's not like we couldn't do something about it... How did she even get here anyway? I didn't hear a car..."

Carol: Carol got impatient and pressed the doorbell again. Then knocked. "Helloooooo?"

Bobby: "Good point." She didn't sound like she was about to eat brains. "Hello," he called. "Are you bitten?"

Carol: "Oh hey! I hope not, that'd suck." She eyed the spyhole in the door, "Can I come in or do you want me to strip first?"

Jessica: Jess' eyebrows went up and she blinked bemusedly at Bobby.

Bobby: Bobby's eyebrows went up too. He looked outside and gave her the second-over. "Okay, but if you start looking at us like lunch we're gonna have a problem." He unbarred the door and opened it.

Carol: "People!" She grinned and hurried inside, hugging both of the people on the other side. "Oh my God! Living people!"

Jessica: Jess flailed somewhat and patted the other woman awkwardly.

Bobby: Bobby let out a rather unmanly noise himself when he was assaulted. "Come in?" He looked outside for others, or zombies, or a car...

Carol: Carol released them then looked around the room she was in. Niiiiice. "Wow you guys got lucky with this place.... you have food right?" Oh wait. "Shit, yeah I'm supposed to introduce myself before I ask stupid questions. Of course you have food. I'm Carol." She smiled and held out her hand to shake.

Jessica: Jess gave the woman a slightly alarmed look and hid behind Bobby, nudging the door closed.

Bobby: Bobby shook the woman's hand and dropped the bar back behind the door. "I'm Bobby," he said, and thumbed over his shoulder at Jess. "Jessica. There are others... around."

Carol: She smiled, "That's really great. I was kinda begining to worry there..." she cocked her head on one side and looked at Jessica, "I promise I'm not gonna bite... oh wow poor choice of words..." She facepalmed at herself.

Jessica: Jess looked at Bobby but couldn't help giggling.

Bobby: Okay, he liked her, he decided. Bobby smirked. "Yeah we'd prefer you didn't bite on the first date." Bobby tried to not stare too obviously at her body, but... he could see more of it than he should. "So... where did you come from? We're kind of in the middle of nowhere and I don't see a car..."

Carol: "Um... Boston?" she offered, "I fly so... car's not really a thing... I can drive, I just couldn't see the point when there was only one of me..." She gave a shrug.

Bobby: "Fly.... oh! So you're a mutant!" Bobby blinked, then grinned. "Guess that explains the... uh, outfit, too."

Carol: "What? Oh... yeah..." she looked down at herself, "I'm not so great at planning ahead." she shrugged again, "It's okay, I don't really get cold.... and I have a change of clothes... sorta..." she wrinkled her nose.

Jessica: "Um... how did you get here? I get the flying part but... how did you find this place?" Jess asked, finally edging out from behind Bobby.

Carol: "I followed the truck last night...." she didn't even look a little bit ashamed by this.

Bobby: Bobby snorted. "Glad I could be of service then. Do you have a bag or anything?"

Carol: She shook her head, "No... didn't really want to hang around and pack..." she chewed her lip, looking away for a moment before shaking herself out of it. "So... you have food right?"

Bobby: "Y-yeah, we do." Bobby ran his hand through his hair and exchanged a glance with Jess. "Um... how have you survived? No clothes, no food... no supplies?"

Carol: "I was at home when this all started... then I got called in so there was that... and then it all went to hell so I went home again." she flopped onto one of the sofas. "That probably wasn't one of my better decisions. Since then I've just kind of... found food when I needed it. It's not like I can't just go wherever I want..."

Jessica: "I'll go... get you something hot to eat..." Jess turned to head for the kitchen.

Bobby: Great, now he was alone with her. "Oh... well." Bobby moved to sit across from her, sliding down into a slouch. "Where did you live, originally? Just around here?"

Carol: "Well in this state... so I guess? I wasn't kidding when I said Boston. That's where I grew up..." She looked around the room some more. "You?"

Bobby: "I lived in New York, before." Bobby picked at his jeans. "I kind of mean... nevermind. So you've just been drifting since it started? That's... a while. To be alone, I mean."

Carol: "Well not completely... for the first little bit I was working on containment but it got completely out of hand... and then out of control and everyone I was working with got chewed on..." She slumped forwards and put her face in her hands. "Sooo then I went back to my family..."

Bobby: "So... you were a cop?" Bobby cocked his head.

Carol: She shook her head, "No. Military." She switched back to her SHIELD uniform, lifting her head, "I recognise you from a memo that I probably should have read rather than shredded."

Bobby: Bobby jumped, sitting upright. "Oh, shit!" He recognized that uniform, all right. "Everyone... got chewed on?" That he hadn't heard from his team had made him guess as much, but... "So SWORD... Fury?"

Carol: "I have no idea about Fury... but if he's still alive I'm going to kick his ass... they could be fine... There are different bases around the place. I haven't really felt like going to check any though. When the situation got bad I know lockdown was initialised but I'm not sure if any of the places were entirely infection free before they were sealed."

Carol: She ran her hands though her hair. "It's kind of a mess out there... this thing... it's global and it took everyone by surprise."

Bobby: Bobby shook his head, blowing out a breath. "Jesus... it really is the end of the fucking world then, isn't it?"

Carol: "Looks like it..." she sighed, "But if you survived... and other people... maybe we'll be okay... there's gotta be more out there somewhere... we just have to wait it out..."

Jessica: Jess reappeared in the doorway with some soup for Carol and some tea. She paused half way to the sofa. Something was different.

Bobby: "We haven't seen any survivors that aren't mutants... and not even all of us survived." Bobby sighed and rested his elbows on his knees, face in his hands.

Carol: "Yeah... I think I got lucky in that I can fly at mach three minus a plane...." she looked over at Jess, "Oh hi... um... oh right the clothes. There was no nakedness I swear. It's a thing I can do." She grinned and demonstrated, switching back to her regular clothes.

Jessica: "Oh..." Jess made it the rest of the way and passed the tray over, relieving it of two of the cups of tea and taking a seat beside Bobby.

Bobby: He couldn't imagine Darren going down without a fight, so maybe she was right. He sat up when he heard the newcomer address Jess and gave her a small smile before taking the cup with a thanks.

Jessica: Jess smiled back and leaned against him a little, sipping her tea. "So... you work for SHIELD?"

Carol: Carol nodded, "Mmhmm. I have for a while now. I was Air Force before that, pissed the right people off." She tried some of the soup. "Oh my God. Okay... I don't know if this is because I haven't eaten since yesterday or because I've eaten nothing but the crap I can heat up with my powers for like a month but this is amazing."

Bobby: Bobby slipped his arm around Jess and watched Carol. "Jess likes to cook," he said with a smile. "Luckily she's good at it too." He took a drink of the tea... he was getting more used to it. "So... you weren't on my team, obviously. What'd you do for SHIELD?" If he wanted to know.

Carol: "I... can't cook. Like at all. I miss fast food so much." She pulled a face, shaking her head at herself. "Mostly I got in trouble and got yelled at." She answered in regards to her job, "I was hired as a pilot but spent most of my time as a glorified bodyguard.... when I wasn't slacking off anyway."

Bobby: "Bodyguard, huh?" He wondered whose body she was supposed to be guarding. Speaking of body, he supposed he could tell why Fury kept her around.

Carol: She nodded, "Bulletproof. What else were they going to do with me? It's not like they were going to fire me. That'd be stupid."

Bobby: "I'm surprised they didn't put you on my team." Though who knew how many mutants Fury had in his back pocket doing God knows what.

Carol: She laughed, "I'm not. I've been told hundreds of times that I'm 'not suitable for field work'." She finished up her soup and put the tray on the coffee table before picking up the cup of tea and eyeing it suspiciously. That was not coffee.

Bobby: Bobby made a rude noise. "Neither am I, but my powers made me too handy to not put to use." Bobby leaned on Jess a little, working on that tea himself.

Carol: "But you probably wouldn't lose your temper and get carried away... I have to be careful. Stronger than I look." She tried the tea and pulled a face.

Bobby: "There's a lot of that around here." He nudged Jess. "Getting carried away is what got me in Fury's clutches in the first place." Bobby smirked at the face. "Wonder if we should try to find them?"

Carol: "I'd be willing to try... if you all wanted to anyway... It could take a while..." She put the tea down.

Jessica: "I don't see that there'd be any harm...." Jess offered, though she shifted a little. She'd have to stay at home alone again.

Bobby: "I guess we'd have to see what the others say," he said, glancing at Jess. "I dunno... it would be good to know if the rest of my team made it."

Carol: "It'd be good to know if any SHIELD personnel made it..." She settled back in her seat, feeling better for the food. "There's no rush. I know it's a hard decision, you're safe here... so take your time."

Bobby: "Yep... and if maybe they got any of our students... we couldn't account for them all. Students or staff. I can't have been the only one to get away with a group from there." Bobby downed the rest of the tea.

Carol: "Ooooh that mutant school!" she remembered now, "They could have I guess... They know where it is and you guys are useful to have around."

Jessica: "We'll have to talk it over with the others..." She finished her tea, reaching for the tray to take it back to the kitchen.

Bobby: "Yeah, definitely." Bobby looked to Jess again. He'd already said that, right? Turning back to Carol, he nodded. "Yeah, that's us. I... used to be a teacher. My wife... she didn't make it." He paused, chewing his lip. "She was a teacher too. Jess was a student... some other students got away with us too... but we've lost people."

Carol: "Your wife? Oh, man... I'm sorry... that must've been hard..." She looked down at her lap, "I've lost family too..."

Jessica: Jess straightened up with the tray and turned for the door again, biting down on her lip.

Bobby: "Yeah." He watched Jess. Dammit. Go after her, and be rude to this new chick, or let her go and worry. Dammit. "I'm sorry. Uh, if you don't mind my asking... what happened? I mean, I can guess, but how?"

Carol: "To my family?" she ran a hand through her hair, "They were fine when I left... not when I got home... there were bags packed by the door, I guess they were going to get out of the city but they never made it past the front door... they were still in the house and infected..." She sighed, "Parents and two brothers."

Bobby: "Damn... I'm sorry," he said again, glancing toward the kitchen. Bobby was still stunned she'd just drifted around alone this whole time. "And between then and when you saw me... you haven't seen anybody else who wasn't...grrr?"

Carol: She shook her head, "Nope... if I had I probably would have eaten better. Don't think anyone cooks worse than I do."

Bobby: "That doesn't bode well for survivors then." He sighed. Made it even more important to take advantage of every day then, didn't it? "Same here... I generally mooched off of the leftovers in the school fridge..."

Carol: "Canteen food and home cooking," Carol nodded, "And fast food. Soooo much fast food." Food or the lack thereof was a much safer topic. "So, um... do you guys have hot water? And showers?"

Bobby: "Doritos," Bobby nodded, a sadly blissful expression on his face. "Yeah! Actually, we do. It's, uh, one of those sustainable lodge things. Some power, heat, water... you're welcome to it. We've got plenty of room."

Carol: "A shower would be so great." She got to her feet, "I'll find my way around." She smiled, "Thanks for letting me in..."

Bobby: "No problem. Gotta stick together when we've got a pulse, right?" Bobby got up, sliding his hands into his pockets to give her a nod.

Carol: She gave another smile and a playful salute before heading for the stairs, "Remind me to go raid a store for clothes later..."

Bobby: "Will do," he said, grinning. He watched her trot up the stairs before going to find Jess.

Jessica: Jess was lurking in the kitchen, finishing up preparing the food they'd been working on before the interruption from the door and trying not to think about the conversation.

Bobby: "Well, that was interesting," he said as he came into the kitchen. Bobby started to go back to his bowl, but she'd already moved it.

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah..." there was no point trying to argue that. It was unexpected and encouraging that there was a chance more people had managed to survive. Except.... "What's going to happen now?"

Bobby: He shrugged, then realized she couldn't see that. Besides, she seemed... off, so he came up behind her and put his arms around her, resting his chin on her shoulder. "I don't really know. I mean, I guess we can see if the others are interested in going out to look around."

Jessica: She sighed, leaning back into him. "And what about me?"

Bobby: Oh. The cold. "Well, who says we have to do anything immediately... and chica there seems like she was doing good on her own. And she flies, so that means Hope and Johnny could go with her."

Jessica: She turned her head towards him a little, "You're not going to leave me?"

Bobby: "I don't fly, I float." He grinned and kissed her cheek, then dropped his head to nuzzle her neck. "I told you I wouldn't and I meant it, Jess." There had to be some other way he could help out.

Jessica: She smiled, relaxing noticeably, "Good... I don't want to be sat around here worrying like that ever again."

Bobby: That was really it. Wow. "I know. Believe me, I don't want to do that again either." He shifted to hold her closer and closed his eyes, pushing back the thought that if only they knew who else was left...

Jessica: She closed her eyes too, just settling against him. "When it warms up I can come too... and I will.... I miss outside..."

Bobby: "I'm sure you do... but of course, outside has zombies, so inside is definitely superior right now anyway." He nodded. "When it gets warm, I'll be the only real non-flying one."

Jessica: "It's okay, I won't let anyone leave you behind." She turned towards him and slid her arms around him. "Just once... I'd like to build a snowman..."

Bobby: "See, that's how it works. You wouldn't leave me behind, and I wouldn't leave you behind." He kissed her forehead since she'd conveniently turned it toward him. "Hmm. That could be innuendo considering I can be a snowman if I want."

Jessica: She laughed a little, "It wasn't but it could be..." she lifted her head to look up at his face.

Bobby: "You can build this snowman any time," he grinned, this time planting the kiss on her lips. "We need to find you a shit ton of packing peanuts and fill up a room. They're white and fluffy without the cold."

Jessica: She laughed again, "I don't think they'd work quite the same but it'd be fun anyway." She hugged him tight, "Oh... do you think we should warn everyone else that we have a new person or just let them figure it out on their own?"

Bobby: "That could be fun depending on who finds her first." After the reaction the last time they'd kept something to themselves though... "But as tempting as it is, I guess we better go find them to give fair warning."

Jessica: "Yeah... but let's finish this first." She gestured at the food preparation that still needed to be done. "They're not going to find her in the shower..."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:27 pm

Carol: Ahhhh showeeeeeer. It was sooooo great. Hot water was vastly underrated. Sure she didn't get cold but damn, lakes and rivers had nothing on the shower. And shampoo. Now she smelled pretty! Shame she didn't have clean clothes... maybe she could borrow some? She wrapped her hair up in a towel and pulled a towel around herself, opening up the door and wandering out into the hall.

Johnny: Johnny was making his way down the hall, not particularly paying attention until he ran into someone. He ended up on his ass with a frown, blinking.

Carol: Carol blinked down at the person that had collided with her. "Oh hey..." she grinned, holding the towel up with one had while offering him the other to get to his feet. "You okay there?"

Johnny: "Yeah, hey..." he accepted the help up and blinked once he'd gotten back to his feet.

Carol: "I guess they didn't get around to telling the rest of you about me yet?" She adjusted her hold on the towel and rubbed her hair with the other one-handed.

Johnny: "I guess not?" he shrugged, realizing that was likely a hint to introduce himself. "Johnny Storm."

Carol: She grinned, "Carol... I just got here... kinda followed Bobby home."

Johnny: Johnny blinked and glanced around the hallway. That was... creepy. Who else could be stalking them? Besides zombies. "So... You're like a lost puppy."

Carol: "Well... no... maybe.... I guess?" She shrugged, "I got curious... first living person I'd seen in like a month..."

Johnny: "Living people are generally a good thing," he sagely nodded.

Carol: "Yeah and there's far too few of them now..." she finished rubbing her hair with the towel and looked for somewhere to put it. Clothes. They would be helpful too....

Johnny: "So I've noticed."

Carol: "So... you were a student at that school?"

Johnny: He paused at the question, inwardly cringing at the mention of the school. After he raked a hand through his hair, he nodded, "Yeah."

Carol: "All of you here were? Except Bobby?"

Johnny: "Well, he was... a long time ago..."

Carol: "Yeah I know that... but then he was a teacher and now.... then.... whatever, he worked for SHIELD... well SWORD..." she shrugged, "Close enough."

Johnny: "So, yes, all of us were."

Carol: "Isn't that weird?" She tried to imagine what it'd be like to live with a teacher.

Johnny: Johnny blinked, "Is what weird?"

Carol: "Living in a house with a former teacher of yours?"

Johnny: "No?"

Carol: "Really? Seems like it'd be weird..." she gave another shrug and eeped as the towel slipped a little. She caught it just in time. "Uh... do you think there's like... some clothes I could borrow?"

Johnny: "Not near as weird as following people home," Johnny pointed out, giving a shrug, "Maybe? I don't know. I'm not really into girls' clothing."

Carol: "It's not that weird... I've seen Bobby before... I worked for SHIELD. We've never met but I know who he is..."

Johnny: "Following people home is totally weird, whether you know them or not."

Carol: "I don't think you can use your usual measures of weirdness anymore..."

Johnny: "I'm pretty sure some of them are still applicable."

Carol: "I don't think so... we're in a world where the dead come back to life to eat the living. Nothing is the same anymore."

Johnny: "Pfft," Johnny scoffed.

Carol: "Sooo... in your head I should just have stayed on my own and not followed the first alive person I've seen in a month? Probably starved because I had no food?"

Johnny: "Well, y'know... Darwinism..." he reasoned with a bit of a shrug, "I'm just saying it's creepy to follow people home without saying anything."

Carol: "But I did say something... this morning... I even rang the doorbell and everything... I didn't want to just ambush him last night... that seemed kind of rude... so I waited..." she frowned, "And don't talk to me about Darwinism. You can cram that up your ass."

Johnny: "So you're telling me that a zombie apocalypse doesn't invoke survival of the fittest?" Johnny rolled his eyes as he added, "Somehow that makes it creepier."

Carol: "I didn't say that... I just don't think 'fittest' should include 'those that know how to cook'."

Johnny: "Well... Then, you're fucked because eating is a bit important..."

Carol: "Well I know that, but I never had to learn.... and anyway it doesn't matter now because I'm here and probably at least one of you can cook...."

Johnny: "I'm pretty sure all of us can."

Carol: "Awesome." She grinned, "Landed on my feet for a change."

Johnny: "That is generally a good thing..." Johnny nodded. He let out a sigh, "I imagine one of the girls would have clothes."

Carol: Carol nodded, "I'd hope so... Jess was definitely dressed when I got here..."

Johnny: He vaguely gestured in a direction, "They're that way."

Carol: She nodded, running a hand through her damp hair and using her powers to dry it a little in the process. "Right... can you show me which door because it could take me a while otherwise..."

Johnny: Johnny sighed heavily, mumbling, "I guess."

Carol: "Wow it must be such a chore for you to be helpful and welcoming..." she rolled her eyes.

Johnny: "Especially when I have better things to do."

Carol: "Like what? Getting breakfast? Pretty sure it'll still be there in five minutes."

Johnny: "No, like dealing with the fact I had to kill my own sister the other day," he spat, giving a cold look. It hadn't been the other day, but that was beside the point. He gestured, sarcastically adding, "After you, m'lady."

Carol: "Well then that's something we have in common," she replied, heading in the direction he'd indicated, "Except for me it was two brothers and my parents."

Johnny: After giving a direction, Johnny made a face, "Oh, joy, we have things in common."

Carol: "Jeez, you're grumpy... remind me not to talk to you til after coffee in future..." she shook her head.

Johnny: "Tea."

Carol: "... Really? You're going to nitpick when we've just met?"

Johnny: "Yes because that's important," Johnny replied as he stopped in front of a door, "Here."

Carol: "Why? They both have caffeine... coffee tastes better though." She eyed the door, "Thank you."

Johnny: "Because tea is superior in every way," he answered, grudgingly adding as he turned around, "You're welcome."

Carol: "If you say so. I still don't like it." She opened the door and poked her head inside. "Go have tea and cheer up or something."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:28 pm

Carol: Damn. She didn't even see where that one landed. "I'm getting awesome at this." *CLANG!* There went another zombie, sailing clean over the buildings at the end of the street. Carol's bat of choice was a street lamp. It was looking a little worse for the wear now but she'd got kind of attached to it today. "How's the shopping coming?"

Bobby: "F.....ine?" Bobby paused the loaded cart outside of the store to watch the zombie go flying. It never failed to impress him. "Stuff wasn't very picked over... I don't think people had much time to loot. Got mostly canned stuff though. Everything else... well, let's just say I'm glad I could freeze my nose."

Carol: She wrinkled her own nose, "Ew.... oh crap yeah we're supposed to get me clothes." Jess had loaned her some for this outing which was nice of her but she didn't want to ruin them or anything. "I think there's a clothing store down the street somewhere."

Bobby: "Right." Bobby loaded the contents of the cart into the back of the van. It had more secured room for trips like this... especially with the threat of snow in the air. "You want to go in on that one and I can keep watch?"

Carol: "Sure, it'd be more fun to do it the other way around but I guess I can deal." she grinned, smacking another zombie and sending it in a high arc over the town.

Bobby: Bobby chuckled and finished loading yet another cart full of groceries and supplies. Luckily, they'd even had plenty of tea. He jumped in the driver's seat and started it up to move the vehicle to their next stop. "Wanna lift, dollface?" He leaned out the window with a smirk.

Carol: "My mom told me never to get in a car with strange young men.... fortunately I pretty much never listened to a damn thing she told me." She hopped into the van, "Do we have maps of the area, by the way? It's way easier to remember where stuff is on maps then trying to figure it out under all the snow..."

Bobby: "Strange? Now I resent that." Bobby gave her a grin and pulled away from the curb. "Not of this area, not in any detail anyway because it's just a highway atlas."

Carol: "Well then we should find one... or lots. I have a tendancy to doodle." Uh oh. Loose thread. Must. Not. Pull. She sat on her hands.

Bobby: "Yup." He noticed her fidgiting from the corner of his eye and raised a brow. She looked good in Jess's clothes, but he preferred Jess in them. He hoped she wasn't too worried. Bobby leaned forward to look at the storefronts, noting a hardware store.

Carol: "So... is it weird for you living in a house with people you used to teach?" She distracted herself with idle chatter.

Bobby: "Everything about everything is weird these days," he said, still looking at the buildings. "Travel agency. Hmm... wonder if we could book a cruise to a nice zombie-free tropical island?"

Carol: "That'd be totally awesome... but we'd have to find a zombie-free boat to get there on... or well I guess I could carry everyone in something... we'll file that away for later after I find Fury and punch him in the face." She wrinkled her nose. "Seem to have all landed on your feet though.... all things considered."

Bobby: "Well... at least we're all together, I guess. Would have been worse going at it alone like you did." If he'd been alone, he most likely would be dead by now.

Carol: "I don't know... it was kind of easy once I got used to it... don't have to worry about other people, can go where you like... there's not a lot of space for thinking of the rest if you know how to occupy yourself properly..." she gave a shrug.

Bobby: Bobby grunted."I guess, if I stayed in ice form all the time, I wouldn't have had any problem. I don't eat, don't drink, don't sleep... but... what'd be the point? All I would have time to do is think."

Carol: "Or do what I did and take it out on the zombies..." she offered, "Oh wait! What did that sign say?!" She leaned out of the door, despite the fact the vehicle was moving to look at it - falling right out in the process and rolling onto her back. "Well that was embarrassing..."

Bobby: "Carol!" Bobby slammed on the breaks, even though he knew better, and sure enough the van skidded sideways on the slick road. "Fuck!"

Carol: Carol was up again in moments, moving to the other side of the van and putting out her hands to catch it before it rolled over. She slipped a little on the ice herself and resorted to her flight powers to brace it properly. "I'm fine! Are you?"

Bobby: The van stopped and Bobby was jostled hard. He turned in the seat to look out at her. "Well... that was fun..."

Carol: She grinned, landing again, "Probably gonna be handprints in the van for a while..." she eyed the side of it.

Bobby: Bobby laughed, shaking his head, then looked past her. He pointed up at the sign for a department store. "Was that what you were looking at? Did the siren song of shoes call to you?" It was definitely a clothing store, with mannequins in the window that were creepy even under normal circumstances.

Carol: "Huh?" she looked behind her, "Ooooh... no but they do now..."

Bobby: "Lemme get the van in a better position and we'll check it out." It at least had mens and womens clothing, apparently. Without waiting for her answer, he shifted back into gear and carefully moved the van to the front doors, looking around for company.

Carol: While he was doing that, Carol went to investigate the signpost she'd actually been looking at. Frowning, she counted the shopfronts opposite. "Hmm... convenient..." She strolled back over to the store, "I always feel bad breaking the windows..."

Bobby: "What's convenient?" Bobby joined her in front of the store. So far, this area seemed clear, so he went up to the window and cupped his hands to look inside.

Carol: "Well assuming I'm remembering right, the fact we were coming here anyway." She went to the door, giving it enough of a push to break the locks. "C'mon I have to check this place out now..."

Bobby: "Oh... yeah." Bobby shook his head and followed the blonde. "Want me to ice up and check it out first?"

Carol: "Sure if you want..." she wandered over to the customer service counter on the ground floor.

Bobby: It bugged him she was so nonchalant about it. Bobby shifted to ice and made a sweep of the ground floor, including the back room, because that wasn't gonna happen to him again.

Carol: Carol ducked under the counter and brushed the dust away, coughing a little at the cloud that rose up and waving it away from her face. "Come on... it's supposed to be here somewhere...."

Bobby: "Apparently, getting some new threads was even lower on the list for people," he said, making a full circle and checking out the front door again. A lone walker shuffled up the street and curiously stopped at the van. Bobby concentrated and the creature dropped like a rock.

Carol: "Well I guess people figured they wouldn't need to dress for winter if they were going to be dead before then.... Ah! There it is!" She flicked a switch under the counter. In the back room behind the customer services that was labelled as a maintainence closet there was a grinding sound and a few clangs as buckets and mops and brooms were dislodged.

Bobby: Bobby jumped. "Jesus, Carol - are you okay?" He looked outside again and back toward her. Way to be stealthy.

Carol: "Better than fine." She grinned over at him, getting up and opening the door to the maintainence closet, "I found treasure."

Bobby: "Um, okay?" With a last glance up and down the street, he went back to her.

Carol: She disappeared into the closet and down the hidden staircase inside it, pushing energy into her hand to light her way until she found a switch.

Bobby: Bobby was torn between following her down the rabbit hole and watching the street. Finally, he trotted to the window and grabbed a mannequin, propping it against the door as an alarm.

Carol: Finally she found a switch that had the right label on it and flicked on the lights, reabsorbing the energy into her hand. Ah. Home. There were weapons everywhere, the SHIELD eagle visible on several items around the place.

Bobby: The lights were on by the time Bobby caught up to Carol and he stopped. "Um, wow?"

Carol: "See? Treasure!" she went to investigate what they had, "I remembered a thing I saw a few times about emergency weapons caches for, you know, stuff like this... Saw the sign and it just popped into my head."

Bobby: "Yeah... I guess I should have assumed they had stuff like this..." He wandered through, tapping a key on a computer terminal and blinking when it hummed to life. "Jesus, so I guess they really could still be out there?"

Carol: "Of course they could. They do have contingency plans you know, especially with all the crazy stuff that's happened since Xavier set up that school." She rolled her eyes. "You guys sure knew how to attract trouble."

Bobby: "Ha-ha." Her ribbing made the corner of his eye twitch and he moved over to a weapon rack to pick up a wicked looking pistol.

Carol: "It's cute that you think I'm kidding." She tossed him a grin, opening up a locker. Uniforms! She always felt better with a uniform to wear. Took off the pressure.

Bobby: "I know you're not, but it's not like we could help it." He smirked at her and stripped the gun, pleased for once he remembered something SHIELD had taught him. Wait, uniforms... he wandered over and looked around, finally finding one in his size. "Better than Scott's leftovers, I guess."

Carol: "And now I have a spare... Maybe I should get two." She found a kit bag and stuffed them in, boots and all. "Go nuts, I'm going upstairs for normal clothes. I'll be back down in a bit..." she headed for the stairs.

Bobby: Finding more bags, Bobby did as he was told and took just about everything that wasn't nailed down, including that computer... just in case.

Carol: Carol did some shopping upstairs, getting enough outfits that she could avoid laundry for a while/accidentally ruin some things and not have to be naked. She took it out to the van and tossed it into the back before heading back town to Bobby. "How we doing in here?"

Bobby: "Well... I have a habit of destroying clothes, and so does Johnny, and Hope if she uses his powers, so I took all the uniforms," Bobby checked through the row of overstuffed bags.

Carol: She laughed, "Damn we're all as bad as each other." She ran a hand through her hair and collected some of the bags. "I'm finished shopping. Did you wanna get anything for yourself or anyone else?"

Bobby: "Sure, let me take a look around." Bobby checked through the last lockers one more time. "I think I got everything that could be useful... unless there's some secret room in the secret room." He looked around. "Figure we wouldn't want to leave any weapons or equipment... to fall into the wrong hands, or whatever."

Carol: "Yeah probably a good idea... hmm... this may not all fit in the van. I'll figure something out. Go have fun." She put one hand on her hip and tapped her chin with a finger while she cast an appraising look over the bags.

Bobby: Especially with Fabian and Lukas still out there somewhere, he thought. Watching her ponder prettily for a moment, he smirked and went back upstairs to look around. He had intended to get some boots, but the SHIELD models were definitely better, so scratch that...

Carol: Carol carted all the crap up the stairs into the ground floor of the store... then she got creative with a few shopping carts and some metal poles from shelving units. Super strength was totally awesome sometimes. She tossed the bags in then wheeled them towards the door. Oh right. Door was smaller. Maybe she'd wait a bit before she knocked the wall down with the carts.

Bobby: Bobby heard lots of crashing from the front part of the store and decided he better hurry before she attracted a horde. The zombie plague had started just as the first Halloween items were put on shelves and Bobby spotted something he immediately grabbed with a chuckle.

Carol: Damn... she was going to have to break the window. That was so sad... She moved the manequins out of the way and put her hands on the glass... not glass. Plastic? They must have had a few breakins to resort to that. But that was better. She used her energy to soften up the perspex around the edges so that it'd come away from its moorings.

Bobby: Quickly, he grabbed some warm-looking things for Jess and some extra clothes for himself and the others as well. He and Johnny were pretty close in size, luckily. Underwear was also of the good.

Carol: "Whooop!" She caught the top of the panel before it fell out onto the pavement, cringing in fear of the loud noise it nearly made. She cracked an eye open to find the ground inches from her face on the other side of the window. Lucky! Now... careful... She righted herself, keeping hold of the top of the window and flying out onto the street to prop it up against the wall.

Bobby: He heard her yelp and started for the front of the store, stopping when he realized he was in the baby section. Bobby closed his eyes and blew out his breath in a hard puff before bolting.

Carol: There.... right... She stepped slowly back from the panel, holding out her hands in case it fell over. Staaaaay.... goooood.... She grinned and checked around for zombies before turning back to the space where the window once was.

Bobby: After one more stop at the Halloween section to cheer himself back up, Bobby appeared, loaded down with more bags, in the window. "Very nice."

Carol: "I didn't break it! I call that a win." She went to pick up her cartmonster. "If there's anything you can't get in the van, throw it in these and I'll carry it back."

Bobby: "Really?" Bobby turned and looked at the line of carts, impressed. Carol was like... a manic Rogue without the accent. He jumped out the window to open up the van and check for available space. One bag in particular he tucked behind the driver's seat.

Carol: Carol carried her cart collection out into the street and checked things were secured enough that she wouldn't drop something on the way back. "Yeah really. Honey, I can lift a tank, this is nothing." She shook her head with a small grin.

Bobby: "You are impressive, chica," he laughed. It made him wonder if Anna was still out there and still nuts. "Most impressive." With her not riding back, he managed to throw the rest of the bags into the passenger seat and on top of the food.

Carol: "Well I'd say I try but it's not really an effort. I'm just awesome." She gave him a winning smile and lifted the carts to check the weight balance.

Bobby: Bobby gave her an appreciative wolf whistle as he checked the area one more time.

Carol: She laughed, "Well, come along then, we better get back before they send out a search party."

Bobby: He gave her a jaunty salute and got into the creaky van. The engine fired up easily and he did a uwie in the intersection to head back the way they'd come.

Carol: Carol let him get a head start before lifting into the air and following on behind, keeping an eye out for any potential followers. She wasn't going to admit it but she'd missed having company.

Bobby: Alone for the first time since his last adventure, Bobby was enjoying the time to think... and to roll zombies over the hood for points.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Oct 11, 2012 10:28 pm

Jessica: Paper was the best thing ever. Hours of entertainment.... And a pile of insects. She'd started arranging them around the house to see if anyone noticed, a dragonfly was dangling just inside the front door for example. She placed a few more on shelves and tables and window ledges before settling back down with a cup of tea.

Bobby: Unloading, for the most part, could happen later. And besides, he and Carol had done the heavy lifting - in her case, literally - so the others could unload, Bobby reasoned. Grabbing the bag from behind his seat and a few others, he headed for the front door.

Carol: Carol fetched her clothing selections from the van and followed Bobby to the house, "I think I'll shower and change so I can give Jess back her stuff..."

Jessica: Jess looked up, hearing the sound of the van and the voices and hopped up to go and put the kettle on. They'd surely earned hot drinks.

Bobby: "Sure thing, Super Girl." Bobby gave Carol a grin and used the secret I swear I'm not undead knock on the front door. He was sure Jess wasn't so concerned about her clothes as she was their safety. Well, his safety. Time to stop her from worrying.

Jessica: She returned to the door once the kettle was on and opened it up for them, smiling to see them both back safely. "Have fun?"

Bobby: "Carol got in her batting practice and we did some epic shopping." Bobby gestured over his shoulder to the collection of carts as he stepped inside. "You keep yourself entertained?"

Jessica: Jess blinked at the carts, "Holy crap. You were busy." She moved out of the way for them then closed the door behind them.

Carol: "Busy enough that I'm gonna go shower. You kids have fun!" She waved over her shoulder as she headed for the stairs.

Bobby: "Very busy, and not even a close call, so woo!" With Carol out of sight, Bobby dropped his bags and put his arms around Jess, giving her a kiss. Planting another kiss to the tip of her nose, he nuzzled her. "How're you?"

Jessica: "I'm okay..." she hugged him back, "Been keeping busy.... do you want tea? I put the kettle on when I heard the van."

Bobby: "Suuure." Her tea thing had been growing on him. "I might have brought some stuff back for you too."

Jessica: "Stuff?" she took his arm as they walked back towards the kitchen, "What kind of stuff?"

Bobby: "Well, more tea, but stuff! Like, presents." He bumped against her as they walked.

Jessica: She blinked at him, "Presents? What for?"

Bobby: "Just because," he shrugged. Something caught his eye on a table near the kitchen door and he cocked his head. Giant bug?

Jessica: Jess pretended not to notice that he'd seen the bug. "Because what?" she released his arm to go to the kettle and pour the tea.

Bobby: "Because, because." Now he was distracted, so he backtracked to the bug and kept babbling. "You know, because you're sweet, and I l...ike you," he caught himself, barely. Paper bug! Was that there before?

Jessica: She frowned slightly and chewed her lip as she made her tea deciding to try and figure it out later. She still wasn't sure about all this presents stuff.

Bobby: He decided it hadn't been, and gingerly picked it up. It was some kind of oversized, ornate beetle. He set it in the palm of his hand and went back into the kitchen. Leaning on the counter next to her, he made a buggy ticking sound with his tongue and held it up as if talking to it.

Jessica: She glanced over her shoulder at him and smiled, "I was wondering how long it'd take before people started seeing them." She finished stirring the tea and brought his over to him, holding it out to him.

Bobby: "Figured he had to be one of yours. Looks kinda like the little picture you made for me." Bobby took the tea with a murmured thank you and moved to the table. He put the bug down with a pat on its head and sat himself. "New hobby?"

Jessica: "Yeah... figure I may as well take advantage of the warm to occupy myself with something intricate for a while..." She sat down beside him, "I've hidden them all over."

Bobby: "Like Easter buggies." He wrinkled his nose and chuckled. "It's cute. Like you." For the hell of it, he leaned over and gave her another quick peck. "You're gonna have something else to occupy yourself for a while too, because we've got a lot of stuff to sort out."

Jessica: She blushed for the sort of compliment and smiled, "Well good. Need to make sure I don't go crazy holed up in this place."

Bobby: "Carol - that crazy woman - found a cache of SHIELD stuff. Uniforms that have actual body armor, weapons, even some computer equipment." He grinned at the blush.

Jessica: "Found? Like by accident? Did she knock a wall down?" Jess sipped her tea.

Bobby: "Oh no, she knew where it was, although she almost made me crash the van freaking out over it." Bobby remembered the tea himself and took a drink. "It was under a department store... real life spy shit."

Jessica: "Oh... that's good... seems like she's useful to have around, huh?" she smiled. "So how much did you bring back of what you found in there?"

Bobby: "Very useful," he agreed. "Especially since she could bring it all back, more or less. Got a uniform that I think would fit you, too. It's more armored than regular clothes, or even the X-Men uniforms. Safer."

Bobby: Bobby took another sip. "Maybe... we get that computer up and running, there could be satellites still working and we wouldn't have to physically look for SHIELD at all."

Jessica: "Are they made of the same stuff as the x-men suits? I keep that for the weird insulation stuff... means I can be outside for short periods of time - how do you think I got the sticks for your present before?" She gave him a smirk.

Bobby: "They're made outta the big brother of that stuff." He returned the smirk. "Should be warmer for you. I also got you some new uniform boots and some regular clothes."

Jessica: "Oooh, new clothes? You spoil me," she laughed a little, "I guess I'll try the uniform in a little while then."

Bobby: "That's the plan." His lips curved up and he patted the bug again. "In fact, sit tight - I'll be right back." Bobby got up and planted a kiss on top of her head before going for the bags in the entry hall. He rummaged for a few moments.

Jessica: Jess sat where she was and span the bug around on the tabletop while she waited.

Bobby: He straightened up and did a double-take when he noticed the paper dragonfly by the door. Smiling, he hummed under his breath and brought his bundle back into the kitchen. "Happy merry Chrismakkuh birthday. Or late Halloween."

Jessica: She blinked at him as she took it, laughing at the mix of wishes. "Thank you?"

Bobby: Bobby grinned. "You're welcome!" Wrapped in a t-shirt decorated with a cute cartoon spider was every spider-related Halloween item in the display - a spiderweb pillow with a glittery spider in the center, candy, some candleholders, and a ring.

Jessica: "Wow..." she looked at everything on the table, catching the ring before it bounced onto the floor as it fell out of the bundle. "I don't even... that is so cute..." The little cartoon spider was giving them the puppy look and begging them 'please don't squish me'.

Bobby: "I don't even like spiders and I thought it was cute," he laughed, then wrinkled his nose. "Present company is the exception, of course. Hot blonde spiders are awesome."

Jessica: She giggled, "Well I should hope so too," She picked up a piece of the candy and held it out to him. "Thank you."

Bobby: He took the candy and unwrapped it, before popping it into his mouth. Mmm, candycorny. "Like I said... just because. I saw that stuff and I thought of you."

Jessica: "Well of course you did, there's spiders all over it." she slid her arms around him and fiddled with the ring behind his back.

Bobby: "Mmmhmm, hard to miss." He returned the embrace with a fond smile. Feeling her fidgeting, he took her arm and the ring.

Bobby: Bobby hadn't intended for it to mean anything - not really. But when he held her hand and slipped the sterling, jeweled spider ring onto her middle finger it felt... intense. Lorna's ring and choker were upstairs in his bag, and they'd stay there. But this... seemed to fit.

Jessica: She looked down at her hand in his and the ring on her finger and her brain stalled. There were a million reasons she could think of to freak out over this but an equal number of reasons to not and she was stuck with how to respond. So she just sat there looking at it.

Bobby: "I'm scaring you, aren't I?" Bobby stroked the back of her hand with his thumb. "Sorry." He wasn't sure what to say himself, so he bit his lip. "I just... I told you I wouldn't regret it, and I meant it." He shrugged one shoulder. "Plus I just thought it was pretty."

Jessica: "I-I-I-..." she gave up and just took a deep breath, giving his hand a squeeze. She reached for her tea with her other hand, taking a fortifying sip. "I don't know... why..." she frowned, struggling to word just what the stumbling block was.

Bobby: "Why I'm such a scary bastard?" Bobby smirked, returning the squeeze.

Jessica: She shook her head, "No..." She put her tea back down and hugged him again. "I don't know how to respond to this..."

Bobby: "It's okay." He really didn't either. Bobby closed his eyes and enjoyed the feel of her.

Jessica: "Am I thinking too much about it?" she rested her head on his shoulder.

Bobby: He chuckled. "Probably. I probably am too."

Jessica: "What are you thinking about it?" she tilted her head to look at his face.

Bobby: Dammit. "That I'm glad you're here, and that we're together." He managed to meet her eyes, and it was the truth, so he smiled.

Jessica: She smiled back and lifted her head enough to kiss his cheek. "So that's all...? I really am thinking too much?"

Bobby: "Well... there's nobody I'd rather be with." Bobby kissed her cheek as well and brushed their noses together.

Jessica: And there went her brain again. She bit her lip and hid her face against his neck. "O... kay..."

Bobby: And he'd said the wrong thing. "I... I've seen how you've acted around me and Carol, but it's you I want." She'd probably freak about this too, but at least it wouldn't be in the same way. "Because I love you."

Jessica: Her fingers closed on the back of his shirt, "So... so I'm not reading too much into it....?"

Bobby: "Honestly, I picked up the ring because I thought you'd like it, but looking at you... being here with you..." He licked his lips. "I guess I just wanted you to know I'm all yours." Well, what was left of him, anyway.

Jessica: "Bobby... you're not a possession... I don't own you... you can do what you want.... you don't need to do this...."

Bobby: "Let's put it this way, then. I've... never been the one-night-stand kind of guy. Not really. And I've never been unfaithful to the woman I'm with."

Jessica: "Okay...." she cuddled close to him, "I'll just... stop thinking now... keeps getting me in trouble..."

Bobby: Now, unfortunately, he was all in this conversation. He turned his head just enough to whisper into her ear, sliding his chair closer to hers. "What's wrong? I get that all this... commitment? I guess? Is kind of scary, but I just... well, it's the way I feel."

Bobby: Something occurred to him then. "If... you don't? I understand." He would. It would hurt, but he would.

Jessica: Jess crawled into his lap and curled up, "Bobby... I don't know how I feel a lot of the time... I try not to think about it...." she sighed, "Why do you think I spend so much time distracting myself?"

Bobby: "Okay." A lapfull of Jess definitely wasn't helping him think more clearly either, but right now holding her was nice. "Well, when you figure it out, would you let me know?" He closed his eyes and rested his head against hers.

Jessica: "You already know..." she reminded him, "You know I love you..."

Bobby: He smiled and have her a squeeze. "Yeah, but it's nice to hear." And surprising. "And you even said it conscious and everything," he teased, giving her a kiss.

Jessica: She smiled and kissed him back, "I've been working on it..." She settled back against him, "I'm just... probably scared... I don't know... I lost everyone else..."

Bobby: Bobby just nodded. "I'm a pretty easy horse to back on this one though - hard to kill and loyal like a cocker spaniel." She smelled nice... probably nicer than he did after their trip. "And you're immune."

Jessica: "I am... but not invulnerable..." She sighed, "Bobby... I don't want to make you think about this stuff... I don't want to think about it... I just don't want to hurt you..."

Bobby: "Yeah, I know... we'll just have to be careful. It still gives you an advantage and you're hardly weak." Hence why he'd gotten her an armored uniform. "Being with you though, it's worth the chance."

Jessica: "Are you sure?" She lifted her head to look at his face. "Really?"

Bobby: He blinked, honestly surprised, then smiled. "Of course I'm sure." Craning his neck, he gave her a kiss. On impulse, he lifted her hand between them and kissed her little spider ring as well.

Jessica: She gave a small smile back, wondering if he really was sure or if he was just saying it to put her mind at ease... or maybe fooling himself. "Okay..."

Bobby: "You know, I could use a shower too..." His smile turned into a smirk, one eyebrow raised suggestively.

Jessica: "Oh yeah? Want some company in there?" she returned the smirk.

Bobby: "I could certainly be persuaded." The smirk turned into a dirty grin and his hand strayed down to her hip for a squeeze.

Jessica: "Well then..." she leaned in to kiss him deeply, sliding out of his lap at the same time and picking up the t-shirt. "Race you."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Oct 12, 2012 7:21 pm

Jess paced the floor of the bedroom while she waited, not really sure what else to do or even how long she'd have to wait. What she really hoped was that Bobby didn't get worried and come looking for her. She chewed her thumbnail distractedly and glanced up at the windows on each turn. It was with great relief that she finally heard the tapping on the glass and she hurried to open up the window and let Carol back in.

"Sorry I took so long, got lost." Carol gave Jess a sheepish grin as she came carefully back through the window.

"It's fine..." Jess offered a small smile, closing the window again to keep out the cold and rubbing the tops of her arms.

"You okay?" She held out the bag to Jess, moving to sit on the edge of the bed once she'd taken it and running a hand through her hair.

"Might be freaking out a little bit..." she chewed her lip, looking between Carol and the bathroom door, "Will you wait with me?"

"Sure. Don't have anywhere else to be right now." She leaned back on her hands, "You don't have to do it right now."

"I do..." she took a deep breath and blew it out in a long sigh to try and calm herself. "Back in a minute...."

Carol watched her disappear through the bathroom door and cast her eyes around the room while she waited, wrinkling her nose a little at the plush spider. Why would anyone keep that of all things?

Jess returned and joined her on the bed, putting the test in her lap before lying back to stare at the ceiling. "And now we wait..."

Carol gave her a sympathetic look, "It'll be okay, you know..."

"It won't..." She covered her face with her hands, "It will be the furthest thing from okay."

"But it's a good thing... sure it sucks with the timing and the end of the world but hey, everyone always says there's never a good-... what?" She blinked at the look she was getting from between Jess' fingers.

"His wife was pregnant when she died less than two months ago. This is not going to be a good thing."

"...Oh.... Well yeah I can see why that'd be awkward..." she winkled her nose and patted Jess' knee.

"Oh Gooood..." she groaned and rolled over, curling up on her side - the test slid off her lap and bounced onto the floor. "I don't want to look now... throw it out the window I'll just ignore it and hope it goes away..."

"You know that's not a great tactic if you actually want to fix stuff, right?"

"I don't care!"

".... Well okay." She gave a shrug and bent to pick up the test. "Are you suuuure you don't want to look at it? Because if I throw it we'll probably never find it."

Argh. "You look..."

Carol rolled her eyes a little and turned the test over to look at the little box. Huh. "Do I tell you what it says or keep it to myself?"

Jess turned her head to look at Carol over her shoulder, "I'm right, aren't I?"

Carol held out the test to her, pulling a face, "Sorry..."

Jess took it, looked at it, then threw it across the room and curled up again, "Fuuuuuuck!"

Not sure what else to do, Carol patted her consolingly on the shoulder. "It'll be okay." she said again because that's what people were supposed to say. "Shall I go and get Bobby?"

"No! Don't even think about it!" She groped for the end of the blanket and pulled it over her head to hide underneath it. "How in the hell am I supposed to tell him?"

"Uh..." that was a tricky one. "Leave the test where he can find it? I don't know..." she gave a shrug, "But if you don't want him to know you should probably hide that... or I could go back to the other plan and throw it out the window for you?"

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.... "I don't know! Just... fuck.... leave me alone so I can think... and don't let him come up here... and bring me tea... lots of tea...." Argh!

"Okay. Tea. I can do that... can't promise it'll taste good but I'll do my best..." She gave Jess another sympathetic pat through the blanket before getting to her feet and going to the door. "Back soon with your tea..."

"Okay..." she listened to the sound of the door opening and closing again with Carol on the other side then found the other end of the blanket and pulled that over her too. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck...
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:19 am

Bobby: Bobby had learned long ago that women were weird, but Carol took things to a new level. Coming back from a local patrol, he found her in the kitchen talking to a tea kettle. At first she insisted she wanted the tea, then admitted she was getting it for Jess, then told him she couldn't tell him why Jess wasn't making her own tea.

Bobby: So, Bobby had made it. Tea still wasn't his favorite thing, but watching Jess and her cooking lessons had taught him that much. Carol had still managed to evade his questions, enough to make him concerned anyway. Bobby found himself with a tray of tea and the cookies Carol insisted would be a good idea too and on his way to the room he shared with Jess.

Bobby: Balancing it while he opened the door was a fun trick that led to an alarming amount of clinking and when the door was open he saw the room empty... except for a Jess-sized lump under the blankets. "Hey, are you okay?"

Jessica: Jess could have sworn her heart stopped for a moment there. Shit. Damn it, Carol! One job! "I'm fine..." she lied.

Bobby: "Babe... you can't kid a kidder and that's my line." Her voice was muffled under the blankets and he came into the room and set down the tray on the nightstand after kicking the door closed. Bobby sat on the edge of the bed and touched the lump.

Jessica: "I'm not kidding..." she protested, pulling the blankets tighter around herself. "Just have a headache..."

Bobby: "Ahhh, okay." Bobby patted the lump, not sure what part of her it represented. Hip, he thought. "Well, I made your tea, 'cause Carol was carrying on a meaningful conversation with the kettle instead of using it when I found her."

Jessica: Jess sighed, "Anyone would think making tea required some kind of a degree..." She supposed she could come out of her cocoon for tea. Scrubbing her face with her hands and brushing her hair out of her face, she sat up and let the blankets fall to around her shoulders as she crossed her legs.

Bobby: "It might." Bobby grinned at her when she emerged, her hair a mess. "I tried to make it like you like, hopefully I got it right." He reached over and picked up the warm cup, handing it to her and grabbing the box of cookies. "Want any of these? Carol said cookies make everything better, and I'd have to agree with her on that one."

Jessica: Jess took the mug and eyed the cookies, "I suppose one wouldn't hurt..." She sighed heavily and looked down at the surface of her tea.

Bobby: He made a sympathetic sound and opened the box, digging out the cookies and handing her one. Nibbling on one himself, he shrugged and held it in his teeth to bend over and unlace his shoes.

Jessica: Jess dipped the cookie in her tea, contemplating just how much everything was going to suck when he inevitably found out. Sure she could hide it now but he was bound to notice sooner or later...

Bobby: Boots off, Bobby swung his legs up on the bed and sat cross-legged facing her. "What do you think caused it?" He noticed there was some chocolate on the cookie too and turned it around to eat that side.

Jessica: "I don't know... could be anything..." she gave a shrug, "I'll be alright... probably should just take a bath and try to sleep it off...."

Bobby: "Not like we're around anybody to get the flu or anything." Bobby snorted. "Guess that's one upside of the end of humanity." He finished off his cookie and looked at her. She did look tired. Maybe being cooped up in here was taking a toll? "Want some company?"

Bobby: Realizing how that sounded, he rolled his eyes at himself. "I didn't mean that as a line, just company. Sounds... relaxing."

Jessica: She gave him a small smile, "I don't know... can you be quiet for that long?"

Bobby: He threw a cookie at her.

Jessica: She yelped and ducked the cookie, "Hey! I'm the poorly one you're supposed to be nice to me not throw things at my head!"

Bobby: "Oh, whatever, I threw a cookie. And if you don't want it, I'll eat it." Bobby got to his knees to reach past her and find it, holding it up in front of her, now just inches away. He sniffed. "I don't talk that much."

Jessica: "You talk more than you think you do, all for your secret war against silence." She grinned, breaking a piece off the cookie and eating it - he could keep the rest.

Bobby: He narrowed his eyes at her and popped the rest of the cookie into his mouth, flopping down beside her and rolling onto his back. "Maybe I have a lot of wisdom to share?"

Jessica: "Oh that's what you call it?" she teased, raising an eyebrow at him and sipping her tea.

Bobby: Bobby popped out his lower lip and turned on the puppy eyes.

Jessica: "Oooh that's cheating!" She looked away and focused on her tea.

Bobby: He grinned. "No it's not, it's using the tools at my disposal!" He nudged her playfully with his elbow.

Jessica: She leaned to put her mug down on the bedside table then lay down beside him, "It's still cheating."

Bobby: "Nuh-uh." Bobby urged her against him for a cuddle. "I'm just creative."

Jessica: She cuddled close to him and shared her blanket, "If you were creative you wouldn't have to resort to that." She prodded him in the shoulder.

Bobby: "Well, I could be more creative, but you have a headache." He smirked. Then, figuring he had distracted her long enough he let it soften into a real smile. "Feel any better? 'Cause a nap still sounds good to me too."

Jessica: "I think I might try that bath first... I need bubbles." She gave him a smile and leaned to kiss him before sitting up again.

Bobby: "Mmm, bubbles." Bobby snorted at himself and sat up, swinging his legs off the opposite side of the bed to get up and look out the window. On his way there, he kicked something, which skittered across the floor and hit the wall with a click.

Jessica: Jess heard that and got up in a hurry to grab it before he could see what it was.

Bobby: Bobby was already bending to pick it up when he heard her scramble out of bed. Another glance at the object and he knew what it was. "....Jess?" His hand closed around the pregnancy test just before she got to it.

Jessica: Damn it! Too slow! She gave him an alarmed look then retreated back to the bed and crawled under the blankets again.

Bobby: He just stared at it once he'd turned it over and read the results. Turning his head just enough to see her retreat, he sighed. Bobby chewed his lip and looked back at the test. It hadn't changed.

Jessica: The sound of a muffled sob came out from under the blanket and Jess drew it tighter around her.

Bobby: Oh, fuck. He went back to the bed and let the test fall to the nightstand with a clatter, right next to her plush spider. Picking it up instead, he pulled back the blanket and slid in beside her. He put his arm around her and wriggled the spider.

Bobby: Finally, he kissed the back of her head. "So... about that headache?"

Jessica: She sniffed and wiped her eyes with her palm, "Less of a headache and more an intense feeling of dread..."

0Bobby: "Aww, babe..." He snuggled up close to her, trying to be comforting... though of course he'd gotten her into this... probably.

Jessica: "I'm sorry..." She took the spider from his hand and cuddled it.

Bobby: "You don't have anything to be sorry for..." Bobby closed his eyes, willing the panic down. It wouldn't help. "It's... well, we were careful... except a couple times..." At the very beginning, in the truck, they hadn't been... and he could kick himself now.

Jessica: "It's my fault... I just... I didn't want this... and now everything's... it's worse than it already was and I don't know what to do..."

Bobby: Bobby for once, was out of words. There was a lump in his throat that he was afraid to try to speak around. He'd always wanted kids, and he'd wanted them with Lorna. He'd almost gotten that wish... but now... Squeezing his eyes closed, he ground his teeth.

Jessica: "I'm going to go take that bath..." And try to resist the temptation to drown herself in it. She ran a hand through her hair and sat up again.

Bobby: He sat up too, quickly, and wiped his eyes as subtly as he could. Clearing his throat, he reached for her hand. "I'm sorry, Jess."

Jessica: She looked down at her hand in his and gave his a squeeze before pulling it away and heading for the bathroom. She wasn't sure why he was apologising to her, it was his life that was being made difficult because of it.

Bobby: But he wasn't done, so he followed. "What... I mean... with the situation... and I know you're scared, because of your mom and... the situation... a-and L-Lorna..." He stopped and took a deep breath, staring at her with a furrowed brow.

Jessica: She nodded, there wasn't much point denying that she was scared... well really she was way past scared. This was probably the worst timing ever, it was hard to think of anything worse than this. She turned on the tap in the bath and put the plug in, sitting down on the edge after adding the nice smelling bubblebath. She wanted to say something but she didn't know what so she just sat with her head bowed until she could think of something.

Bobby: "I... babble. Sorry." He swallowed again and sat down on the toilet lid. "It's... a thing." Waving his hand vaguely, he looked at her. "Jess... I can't tell you that everything will be okay, because neither of us know what could happen, but I do promise you I'll do my best."

Jessica: "I told you you talk all the time..." she pointed out, glancing up at him. She sighed as she got to her feet, she may as well undress while she waited for the bath to fill up to a reasonable level.

Bobby: He frowned. "It's... endearing." This thing they had? It had just gotten as real as real gets and he was terrified. Aaaaand she was getting naked.

Jessica: She managed a small smile, "You're lucky that's true." After checking the temperature of the water, she climbed into the bath and sat hugging her knees surrounded by bubbles. "But it sounds like you're worried I'm going to run away... and you know I can't... by the time it's warm enough for me to go anywhere I'll be as big as a house so... you're stuck with me..."

Bobby: It struck a chord, because Lorna had teasingly said the same thing to him, a long time ago. I'm afraid you're just stuck with me. He swallowed back the tears.

Jessica: "Well...." she mumbled, "Unless... unless you left anyway...." she bowed her forehead onto her knees. She didn't want to think about that happening but it was a possibility. "I wouldn't blame you..."

Bobby: That completely shocked him, enough that he moved from the toilet to the tub, folding his arms on the side of it and resting his chin there. "Jess... I wouldn't do that."

Jessica: "I'm sorry, Bobby..." she sniffed and let out a sob as she started crying again.

Bobby: "No, no..." He made a face at the bubbles and stripped off his shirt to try to give her an awkward tub-hug. "Look... we both did this, I mean, we knew there was a chance. I'm sure as hell not leaving you."

Jessica: She leaned against him and sighed heavily. "Well good... because I feel like there's going to be enough freaking out in my future to be getting on with..."

Bobby: He closed his eyes and swallowed. Freaking out... yeah, he would do that later. Snaking his hand down, he pressed it against her flat belly. "I do love you, Jess... now there'll just be more to love, yeah?"

Jessica: "Meaning that I'm going to get really fat... yes..." she nodded.

Bobby: Bobby laughed. "No, pregnant's not fat." At least she hadn't cringed when he'd said the l-word. "It means that I'll love both of you." It was another thing he'd said to Lorna... but it didn't make it any less true.

Jessica: She nodded, turning to put her arms around him. "The timing's just..." Sighing, she rested her head against his shouder and nuzzled his neck. "How're we supposed to tell everyone?"

Bobby: "Well I'm guessing Carol knows," he snorted. "That's one down. For the others... I mean... for now I'm not sure it's any of their business, but I don't think it'd be a surprise to them either." They hadn't been subtle, after all. Awkward position and all, he tried to relax, leaning his head against hers.

Jessica: "Yeah she knows... but apparently she fails at subtle so we should probably keep an eye on that if we're keeping this to ourselves..."

Bobby: "Yuppers." Okay, he was getting a cramp. Letting go of her and standing up, he returned the stripping favor and slid into the tub behind her. They were both a little too tall for the tub, but he pulled her into his lap to make it work. "That's better."

Jessica: She smiled and leaned back against him, closing her eyes, "It is..." She turned her head and kissed his cheek. "I love you... but I'm still sorry..."

Bobby: He wrapped his arms around her, resting one hand on her stomach. Maybe, possibly, the best way to look at this was as another second chance... "Don't be."

Jessica: "The timing could not be worse..." she sighed, "This is going to be difficult... for both of us... even without everything else... and we don't have a doctor..." she trailed off, taking a deep breath and squeezing her eyes shut to try and stop herself breaking down again.

Bobby: "Yeah, that's the part we should worry about," he admitted, smoothing back her hair and kissing her forehead. "It makes it even more important we try to find SHIELD. But the one thing I don't want you to worry about is if I'm, like, upset with you."

Jessica: "I don't know if I can help that..." She shifted in his lap, turning more towards him. "I'll try though..." she slid her arms around his neck.

Bobby: "Well, I can respect a good try." He gave her a small smile and kissed her.

Jessica: She returned the kiss and settled back against him, "Are you okay?"

Bobby: "I'm..." He frowned. No, be honest. "Scared. But... not as scared as you have to be, and for that, I'm sorry." Bobby slid them down lower into the bubbly warm water and rested his head against the tub. He closed his eyes. "Also? I'm gonna smell like a girl."

Jessica: She grinned at that comment and rested her head against his chest. "You'll smell lovely," she assured him with a kiss to his shoulder. "And I am scared... terrified actually... there are so many things..."

Bobby: "Shhh, I know." Bobby tightened his hold on her and pressed his mouth to her forehead. "How about, for now," he mumbled, "we just try to relax and think happy thoughts?"

Jessica: "Happy thoughts? Like what?" She glanced up at him, having trouble seeing a bright side right at the moment.

Bobby: He had to think about this for a moment himself. "Well, for one, we'll make a really cute kid."

Jessica: She groaned a little at that but laughed anyway, "Mmm, let's hope so.... and also let's hope he or she doesn't have the bad side of the blonde gene like the other two in the building."

Bobby: "I think a lot of people would argue I have that too," he chuckled, wrinkling his nose.

Jessica: She shook her head, "Nah, you're just silly. You have a brain in there - the math says so."

Bobby: "Thanks?" Bobby shook his own head and curled a lock of her damp hair around his finger. He'd been surprised when she'd turned up blonde himself. Learning it was natural was even more of a surprise, though a nice one. He smirked.

Jessica: "You're welcome." she smiled, "You did well... beauty and brains... and now you'll smell pretty too."

Bobby: It made him laugh again and flick her with water. This was better, more familiar ground at least.

Jessica: She laughed and splashed him back, "So... what shall we do after this?"

Bobby: "Hmmm...." Bobby pondered and flicked, raising an eyebrow. "I'm still good for a nap, or whatever you want to do," he decided, giving her a smile.

Jessica: "Nap sounds nice..." she splashed back again, "I don't really feel like being downstairs today... I'll cook though..."

Bobby: "Surely they can fend for themselves for one day," he scoffed. "Naps are far more important. Especially, naps with me."

Jessica: "Fend for themselves? Are you kidding? Carol burns everything, Johnny hopeless, Sean will eat anything he can get his hands on cooked or not and Hope only bakes. They'll starve... but we can have a later dinner and nap first."

Bobby: Her sense of duty was far too tuned, but that was okay. "Nap and late dinner it is then. I'll like... put a sock on the doorknob or something. That should keep people well away."

Jessica: She giggled, "I'm sure it would." She hugged him and kissed him, "I'm so lucky..."

Bobby: He raised an eyebrow at her, though he returned the hug readily enough. "That sarcasm?"

Jessica: She shook her head, "No, far from it." She scooped up some bubbles and put them on his head.

Bobby: Bobby grinned at her, returning the kiss. "I think I'm the lucky one here, babe."

Jessica: "Maybe we both are... but if it was up to me I'd say you were the unlucky one getting stuck with me of all people." She settled against him, "You know... I can think of one good thing now... this gives us an excuse to get stupid things..."

Bobby: They'd had a houseful of baby things back at the mansion, and the thought made him bite down on his lip. "Vitamins," he blurted, as the first non-sensitive thing to come to mind. "We'll have to get you some..." Bobby rolled his eyes at himself.

Jessica: "I eat perfectly well..." she pointed out, "I've even been eating meat since we got here which is something I've never really done a lot of..."

Bobby: "Right..." Vitamins, he also remembered, were what made Lorna's birth control pills fail. Bobby chewed the lip he'd bitten, trying to reorder his thoughts. "I think we're both lucky, Jess," he finally said, coming back to that point. "We've made it this far... and we're both sort of immune... we're not either of us stuck." His hand slid down to her stomach again. "It's like... we're getting a new beginning."

Jessica: She smiled a little sadly, "Yeah... I just hope I don't mess it up..."

Bobby: "You won't. And I'm gonna do everything I can to help you through this... protect you..." Like I couldn't protect Lorna. His voice caught then and he stopped. Fuck. The tears filled his eyes and he sniffed, but managed to smile at her.

Jessica: She hugged him tightly, "I know you will... and I'm grateful for that... But that's not exactly what I meant..."

Bobby: "I don't know what you could possibly mess up, Jess." Bobby brought himself back under control, closing his eyes and returning the hug.

Jessica: "Being a mother? I don't know what it's like to have one..."

Bobby: "Oh." He raised his head back up to look at her and lifted a hand to cup her cheek. "You've already got what it takes... you care about people and you look after them. You know, Lorna was worried about that too. Her mother was... a wideawake nightmare with big hair, but she didn't have anything to worry about either."

Jessica: "I know I can do that part... I can cook and clean and organise anything you ask me to and I can survive... But taking care of a baby... I wouldn't know where to start... and babies are noisy..." she didn't relish the prospect of screaming baby.

Bobby: "Yeah... well, I'll help, but I don't know any more than you do. Well, not much more. I read a book..." He sighed and kissed her forehead again. "Guess we should look for a couple of those... and that store Carol and I went to? It had baby stuff."

Jessica: Jess frowned a little, "Well... let's wait on getting anything yet... just for a little while..." She chewed her lip, "Maybe... didn't she say she had younger brothers? Maybe she can help with, you know... telling us what to expect...?"

Bobby: "Okay," he agreed. "Guess we can ask her... since she already knows and all." He knew the other survivors would be completely useless on the baby front. Bobby felt something move on his head and remembered the bubbles, reaching up and scooping them off with a laugh.

Jessica: "Aww don't want your crown?" She grinned, "You know what we should get? Duckies."

Bobby: "Ooooooh, I wholeheartedly approve of duckies." Bobby grinned and flicked her with more water, then gave her her own crown of bubbles. "M'lady Drew." He tilted his head. "Not that there's like... a government right now, or anything, but what would you want the baby's last name to be?"

Jessica: She blinked at him, sitting up straighter, "Uh... I don't.... I hadn't really... I just found out..." that was a helluva question.

Bobby: Bobby shook his head and chuckled, not wanting to bring the mood back down. "It's no big deal... I just happened to think about it." He pointed at his face. "Babble, remember?"

Jessica: "Mmhmm, war on silence. We shall fight them in the bedroom and in the bathtub, we will never surrender...." she laughed.

Bobby: "Hey, at least I'm better looking than old Winston." He poked out his tongue at her and slid further down into the water.

Jessica: "Eep!" Jess slipped down with him, "You are that... I don't think I'd get in a bathtub with him."

Bobby: "Good to know." Bobby grinned at her and cuddled her close to give her a big, wet kiss. "You know, I'm all watery-dude and stuff, but even I get pruny after a while, and might start looking a little like Churchill. I'm thinking the bed is nice and dry."

Jessica: "That's true..." she splashed him again then climbed out of the tub. Being able to fly and adhere herself to surfaces meant she at least didn't have to worry about falling over.

Bobby: Bobby didn't have either of those advantages, and using his powers would end funtime immediately. Once he'd dragged himself from the tub, he evaporated the beads of water he shed onto the floor. Running his hands through his hair, he repeated his trick.

Jessica: Jess pulled a towel around herself and reached to pull the plug from the bath then went to Bobby for a hug.

Bobby: He must not have been that pruny, Bobby decided as he wrapped his arms around her. Giving her a squeeze, he dried her hair too.

Jessica: "We're going to be okay, right?" She lifted her head to look at his face.

Bobby: "Yeah, we'll be okay." He gave her a real smile and leaned down for a soft kiss. Then he scooped her up.

Jessica: She yelped and laughed, putting her arms around his neck, "I think you're a little frisky for a nap, might need to wear you out some."

Bobby: Bobby's eyebrows rose at that, but he gave her a wolfish grin and rid her of her towel before carrying her back into their bedroom. Guess he couldn't get her any more pregnant now...
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:50 am

Carol: Carol landed in the patch of trees, dropping Bobby onto his feet and looking around. She ran a hand through her hair and wandered around in a circle to get her bearings.

Bobby: It was going to take more than wandering for Bobby to get his bearings. He staggered off and leaned against a tree, blinking and panting until he gave up and shifted to ice. Why hadn't he done that in the first place? Stupid.

Carol: Carol glanced over at him on her third trip around the small clearing, "Uh... you okay? You're all quiet..."

Bobby: "Fine, fantastic..." He straightened up, but decided he liked the tree and stuck with it. It reminded him of his trip with Pietro. At least this time he hadn't puked.

Carol: "Sorry... I kind of forget to warn people I can break the sound barrier there... not used to taking passengers... well... not without a plane anyway." She gave him a grin, thumbing over her shoulder, "Think it's this way."

Bobby: "Well, if it's all the same to you, I think I might just stay iced up next time." Bobby looked past her and though it didn't look any different than the rest of the woods, he nodded.

Carol: "Sure that's fine - all immune to cold and whatever," she smiled and headed off into the trees. It wasn't long before she tripped and fell over, catching herself inches from the ground, "Whoops..."

Bobby: Bobby jumped, afraid she'd been tackled by a zombie or something... but no. Jess's words about blondes came back to him and he smirked. "You okay?"

Carol: "Yep... happens all the time." She straightened up and set herself back on her feet. "I'm really bad at looking where I put my feet..." She toed the root.

Bobby: Suppressing a snicker, he caught up and patted her shoulder. "Root reached out and grabbed ya. It might be a zombie root."

Carol: "It might be..." she eyed it suspiciously and gave it another experimental prod with her foot. She chewed her lip and looked around again.

Bobby: Bobby's eyebrows lifted. "Well, speaking of zombies... at least there doesn't seem to be any right around here..."

Carol: "Well not yet... hang on, I gotta concentrate..." she turned slowly on the spot wearing a slightly pained expression, her eyes glowing softly orange.

Bobby: Now his eyebrows were raised for a different reason. This chick was a laundry list of mutant powers. How had Chuck never found her?

Carol: She stopped turning, frowning as she settled on one direction and shaking her head as the glow faded. "Power source, thattaway." She pointed and headed off in said direction.

Bobby: "Well okay then!" Bobby followed, glancing around for zombies.

Carol: "I can absorb energy," she explained as they walked, "All kinds... and I'm getting pretty good at figuring out which direction it's coming from."

Bobby: "That's handy." Bobby paused. "What all can you do, anyway? Because, wow. I mean, I realize I don't have a lot of room to talk, but..."

Carol: "I can fly, lift a tank, absorb and project energy... pretty durable too..." she shrugged, "It's not that much really... but I'm an awesome pilot even if I do say so myself. That's how I ended up with SHIELD..."

Bobby: "Well, that's enough," he chuckled. Bobby tensed, hearing a twig snap behind him, and spun around.

Carol: Carol stopped too and looked towards the sound, "See anything?"

Bobby: "Nothing warm... which means it's not an animal. At least not a living one..."

Carol: "That... is not a good sign...." she glanced at Bobby, "I'll try and find the door, you go investigate whatever that was...."

Bobby: "Sure." Bobby glanced at her long enough to nod and ventured off. If something was there, it wouldn't take long, since he was hardly quiet in his ice form.

Carol: Carol frowned at a mound of earth behind a fallen tree and put her hands on her hips. Typical. She rolled her eyes and headed over to the tree and picked it up.

Bobby: Sure enough, he attracted the roaming zombie like a dinner bell. Bobby stopped and blinked at the creature. It was practically frozen as well, with its fingers, nose and ears rotted to blackened, frostbitten nubs. "Ew."

Carol: Carol tossed the tree out of the way, not really looking to see what was in its path, then dusted off her hands. And now... the door...

Bobby: The tree crashing through the brush made such a racket that he and the zombie jumped, unfortunately, the zombie jumped toward him, sinking its teeth into his arm.

Bobby: Or rather, it tried to sink its teeth in... ice chipped and teeth broke, but the creature managed to pull them both to the ground.

Carol: Carol shook her head, "Stop messing around!" she called over her shoulder, deciding to try the keypad first. Scowling, she started to lose her temper as it became apparent that none of her access codes were working.

Bobby: "I thought I'd bring it home! It's really affectionate!" Bobby wrestled with the creature, finding it harder to freeze something that was already mostly frozen. He got his hand to its throat and snapped its head off.

Carol: "If you're getting a pet you have to feed it and take it for walks and explain to the others..." the console beeped at her again, "Damn it you piece of shit! Don't make me break you!"

Bobby: He resisted the urge, as he got to his feet, to pick up the head and take it to Carol. Besides it was still snapping, the leverage from the jaw making it roll around disturbingly. "Oh, that's just wrong," he muttered, and stomped in its skull.

Carol: "Oh screw this..." she tested the door, giving it an experimental push then shoving it hard enough to break it off its hinges. It fell inwards and banged onto the steps with a loud clang before sliding all the way down to the bottom. A flock of birds took off in alarm at the noise and Carol turned towards Bobby again, cringing slightly.

Bobby: Bobby returned the wince as he came back to her. "So much for stealth..." Between the tree, his own creaking, and now this... And sure enough, he heard movement from several directions.

Carol: "You have met me, right?" Carol asked, fixing him with a look of incredulity.

Bobby: Rolling his eyes with a smirk, he cut off his commentary when the first creature crashed into view. Like its friend, this one was half-frozen, but still up and moving. Bobby concentrated and the creature shriveled and dropped.

Carol: "Well.... you get those and I'll get these ones..." she nodded down the steps to the shapes of zombiefied SHIELD agents approaching them from inside the base.

Bobby: Oh good, they had lots of company. Bobby decided to just forget stealth entirely and hard froze the landscape around them, trees and all, then sent a volley of ice to shatter both the trees and the zombies.

Carol: Carol let a couple make it up the stairs and disarmed them before breaking their necks then using their weapons to take down the others. Headshots for all.

Bobby: Bobby turned at the gunshots and noticed another creature dragging itself toward Carol. He was close enough to step up to it and stomp the back of its head in. Sometimes, it was just more satisfying.

Carol: "So I guess we can say this one is off the list, huh?" She took down a few more.

Bobby: "At least for survivors, yeah." Bobby crouched to peer inside... he couldn't see far, but he saw no body heat. There was the softer glow of electronics, though. "Wanna check it out anyway?"

Carol: "Yeah..." she picked up a few more weapons as she stepped inside, picking her way around the bodies. "There might be stuff we can use."

Bobby: "I doubt childbirth manuals will be part of that stuff, unfortunately." Bobby followed, noticing slight movement ahead and just pre-emptively sucking all the moisture from the air ahead of them.

Carol: Carol coughed at the sudden lack of moisture in the air, it was like standing in front of an air conditioning unit and taking a deep breath. "No, probably not but... you never know." She coughed again.

Bobby: "How about super secret mutant painkillers?" Bobby looked back at her at the second cough. "Oh, sorry..." He stepped over a dessicated corpse in a SHIELD uniform. "Just trying to thin the zom-herd. Or is it a horde?"

Carol: "I think either is fine, who's left to correct us?" she poked her head into the security office, "There should be a basic map of the structure in here somewhere...." She didn't even look up but flung an arm out to knock a zombie's head back enough to snap the neck. "Ah there it is!" she pulled said map off the wall.

Bobby: Even with its broken neck, the zombie was still trying to snap. Bobby froze its head and joined Carol to look at the map under the dim emergency lighting.

Carol: "So, where shall we check first? Don't know if there'll be any super secret painkillers but we can look. Why though, headache?" She held out the map to him, "Hold this, gonna see if I can get us some actual lights."

Bobby: Bobby took the map and looked himself, checking for the location of any medical facilities. "Not for me, for Jess." He heard the slight shuffle coming down the hall and threw a volley of ice at it, the zombie wheezing as it hit the floor in chunks.

Carol: "I thought she's immune to painkillers?" she glanced up at him as she bent to fiddle with a wire on the back of the console. She yelped, "Ow! Damn it! That hurt!" She shook her hand out then went back to fiddling.

Bobby: "That's why I said super secret mutant painkillers." Bobby watched Carol poke the wiring. "Preferably ones that wouldn't, like, kill the baby."

Carol: "She'd still be immune though... you'd have to find things that cancelled her mutation first... that weren't drugs..." She let out a woop of joy as the computer system hummed to life and the lights came back on at full power.

Bobby: "Worth a shot," he muttered, closing one eye in a wince at her loudness. It echoed, even. Bobby quickly put down the map and moved back to the stairs, throwing up a thick wall of ice.

Carol: "Well then we should check the labs first." She got up and headed for the door, "Let's go scavenging."

Bobby: Satisfied, he joined her. "I'm assuming we don't want anything creeping in the back door," he smirked, thumbing over his shoulder to the stairs. "Labs..." That made him think for a moment. "Okay, so, you're far more into SHIELD than I am, since basically I think Fury just wanted me out of his cell... too much of a lure for his sciencey types to want to dissect."

Bobby: He shook his head. "Anyway. What sort of shit was SHIELD up to in these little secret labs?"

Carol: "Depends on the location... they were kind of into everything..." She shrugged, "Weapons development, chemical stuff, weird biology stuff, mindbendy stuff... then there's all the creepy genetics stuff..."

Bobby: "Yeah, that's what I thought. Maybe zombie-making stuff even..." Bobby's mouth twisted. He was gonna be so pissed...

Carol: "Maybe..." Carol had been thinking along those lines herself and it was at the top of her list of reasons to punch Fury in the face if she ever saw him again.

Bobby: Bobby grunted and followed, thinking dark thoughts.

Carol: "Okay... labs should be.... just around here...."

Bobby: He found them first, or at least, he assumed he did, when a zombie in a labcoat thumped against the small window in the door beside him. It clawed at the glass, leaving smears of blood and pus, its lips pressed against it like a suckerfish.

Carol: Carol yelped at surprise zombie and stepped back from the door a little, "Holy shit! I wish they wouldn't do that!"

Bobby: Bobby watched the thing, face scrunched. "I hate them... and if I find out SHIELD was behind this... all this... my wife, my daughter..."

Carol: "Don't...." she shook her head, "I know... you don't have to tell me... I lost my family too."

Bobby: "Yeah." Another joined the first zombie, the two creatures snapping at each other as much as the glass.

Carol: "Well... this isn't getting anything done..."

Bobby: Bobby gave Carol a glance, from the side of his eye. Concentrating, he froze the door and the creatures behind it, then pivoted and kicked it in.

Carol: Carol ran her fingers through her hair, taking a deep breath to steady herself while he was distracted before passing him to go into the lab. "So... let's see.... things that look like lists..."

Bobby: "Lists..." Bobby kicked some of the debris out of the way and looked for other undead occupants instead of lists. He found one in a side room... a bathroom. The poor bastard was stuck in a bathroom. Bobby laughed before he killed that one.

Carol: "Hey... if we can't find drugs... maybe they have some other security measures around that'd do the same thing...."

Bobby: He looked up sharply at that. "Like a collar?" Bobby fought the urge to snap.

Carol: "Well yeah... or they make them for other parts of the body too but same principle... last resort kinda thing though, you know? Just in case we don't find something better..."

Bobby: "Yeah... guess it wouldn't hurt to have one." He remembered his ankle inhibitor. There was no way he was going to suggest a collar to Jess.

Carol: "Last resort," Carol said again, "For emergencies..." she turned to face him, "Look... I don't like it any more than you do... but what choice have we got?"

Bobby: "You're right." He sighed. "For emergencies." Bobby nodded and finished clearing the lab. No more goulies.

Carol: Carol finally found a clipboard with notes on it and flicked through, "This place is no good... genetics." She sighed.

Bobby: "Uargh. I could have ended up in a place like this..." Bobby kicked a cabinet for emphasis, and when the door rebounded he shrugged and looked inside. Hey, there was at least gauze in there...

Carol: "Yeah... a lot of people in similar situations probably did..." She went to get a kit bag to pack up some medical supplies, finding vials of antibiotics and other potentially useful things. "Let's pack up what we can use from here then go look for their cells..."

Bobby: Bobby started breaking open cabinets, reading labels, and tossing some items on the floor and some into the bag. "Cells... right, of course." He didn't really have skin right now, but this was making it crawl.

Carol: "Or... I could go and you can just wait here....?" she offered, thinking that maybe this could be a touchy subject for him.

Bobby: "It's fine." He nodded, mostly to himself, and dropped the full bag outside the door for easier pickup. "Let's do this."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Oct 13, 2012 6:53 pm

Bobby: Bobby wasn't sure what awakened him, but he rolled over and automatically reached for Jess. When his hand fell onto an empty bed, it took him a few more moments to process this and rouse himself enough to look at the windowsill.

Bobby: He blinked and sat up, looking toward the bathroom door, but that room was darkened and empty as well. "Jess?" Bobby cleared his throat and rubbed his eyes and tried again. Looking around the room, his eyes fell on the nightstand. Her spider was gone.

Bobby: Late night tea run? Bobby swung his legs over the side of the bed and hunted for his boxers. If she was freaking out again, he should look for her.

Jessica: Jess was not in the house. She'd woken up from a nightmare and gone to sit by the window and watch the snow with her spider plush rather than bother Bobby with it. But she couldn't ignore that strange compulsion she had to go and stand outside this time.

Jessica: Instead of going to make tea like she usually did when that happened, she'd opened the window and crawled out of it, flinching when the wind blew it closed again but ignoring that in favour of moving down onto the snow covered lawn.

Bobby: Bobby padded down the stairs and into the kitchen. Not only was the kitchen empty, but the kettle was cold. "Fuck." He scrubbed both hands through his hair, pressing the heels of his hands into his eyes. Without going back to their room to check if her clothes were gone, he went to the front door to see if any of the vehicles were missing. Surely she wouldn't have tried to fly? Not in the snow?

Jessica: Jess turned her face upwards, letting the snow fall onto it and stick in her hair. It didn't hurt anymore. Turning slowly on the spot she smiled to herself before flopping down into a drift and rolling onto her back. She didn't feel cold or sleepy or anything! Giddy with excitement she burried herself in snow just to feel what it was like and laughed.

Bobby: He heard the giggling as soon as he got the door open and bolted outside. He knew it was freezing, but it didn't bother him. Jess, however... was rolling around in the snow like a lunatic. "Jess!" Not wasting any time, he created an ice slide to zip over to her, taking in the trail of her footprints from their window. "Oh my God!"

Jessica: Jess heard the voice and sat up, flinging snow everywhere, "Hey!" she grinned.

Bobby: "......hey!" Bobby floundered and flailed a bit, almost losing his own footing in the snow and ice. He skidded onto his knees next to her and noticed something important. "....you're conscious!"

Jessica: "I am!" She laughed, "What's with that?!" aww spider plush was a bit damp now and looking sorry for himself. She hugged Bobby.

Bobby: Bobby happily accepted the cold, clammy hug ... but she wasn't as cold as she should be.... definitely wasn't anywhere near the condition she'd been in that night in the truck. "I have no idea," he laughed, but plopped back into the snow and pulled her into his lap anyway. She was wearing her little spider t-shirt... and nothing else. "This is...wow!"

Jessica: "I'm not even a little bit chilly!" She told him, "It's so weird! But kind of awesome.... I want to build a snow man. Can we?"

Bobby: "Maybe we should get clothes first?" Bobby smoothed her hair back from her face with both hands. She was coated in snowflakes... and couldn't look more gorgeous. He gave her a soft smile, still in shock.

Jessica: "Why?! This is the best thing ever!" she scooped up a handful of snow and rubbed it into his hair.

Bobby: He laughed, catching her wrists, and looked around to make sure the coast was clear. "Okay, but... let's not push it too far. There might be zombies..."

Jessica: Jess let out a squeal of delight and hugged him again, "Yay!" She scrambled to her feet, finding a safe spot to set the plush where she wouldn't lose it, then hurried to get started.

Bobby: It was great to see her so excited, and it made him laugh as well when he joined her. He decided to help mother nature out and gave the snow a push with his powers to roll up a ball.

Jessica: Jess was having the best time ever, running around to gather up sticks and stones to make a face and give the snowman arms and buttons once it had a body and a head. She'd never made a snowman before but she'd seen it done on tv a lot.

Bobby: Bobby set the second snowball atop the first, then formed a third in his hand, giving Jess a wicked grin.

Jessica: "Oh you wouldn't dare..." but she knew he would so she was already running for cover.

Bobby: Cackling, he pelted her with a snowball, mostly aiming for her feet.

Jessica: Jess yelped and skipped out of the way, balling up some snow and returning fire - aiming for his chest.

Bobby: "Bwahahaha!" Bobby threw three more at her, watching her skip around the lawn.

Jessica: She giggled, returning fire again. "You're totally cheating!"

Bobby: "Well, duh, I'm Iceman!" He laughed and tossed one more, then formed an extra large ball. He tossed it from hand to hand.

Jessica: "Not fair!" She protested, ducking behind a tree.

Bobby: Bobby plopped the ball onto the man, then formed a jaunty snow top hat. He turned to Jess with a grin.

Jessica: Jess peeked out from behind her treehaven and returned the grin, hurrying back over to him for cuddles.

Bobby: He caught her and picked her up, giving her a spin and a kiss. This was... pretty damn magical.

Jessica: She yelped and giggled at the spin but returned the kiss enthusiastically, wrapping her arms around him.... and her legs for good measure. "Am I dreaming?"

Bobby: Shaking his head, he laughed, then pressed his forehead to hers. "Nope. At least I don't think so, 'cause this is just..." He kissed her nose. "It... must be the baby?"

Jessica: "Dreams always say that." she said to the 'no' with a small grin, a slight frown creasing her brow at the other part. "You think so?"

Bobby: "Well... considering... me. That's all I can think of." Bobby shrugged and tried to kiss away the frown.

Jessica: She nuzzled him and kissed him softly, "Then... maybe I should thank you."

Bobby: "You're welcome," he chuckled into the kiss, holding her tight. "You wanna finish your snowman?" The smile turned into a smirk. "You can thank me again inside when we warm up."

Jessica: She giggled and kissed him deeply, "I like this plan." She ruffled his hair before lossening her hold on him so she could complete the snowman.

Bobby: "Mmmm," he agreed, suddenly very aware he was just wearing boxers... and she was almost naked too. "Snowman... right..."

Jessica: "I've always wanted to do this..." She said as she stuck stones into the snowman for eyes. "Ever since I was little..."

Bobby: He turned to embrace her from behind, watching her create the snowman's face. "Well," he chuckled. "I'm happy I'm good for something."

Jessica: She smiled leaning back against him slightly, "You're good for lots of things... but this is the second time you've helped me enjoy the snow."

Bobby: The memory, and Lorna's bemused reaction, made his smile fade. Pushing the memory aside, he instead nuzzled into her hair. Second chance... I'll only get one. "I'm glad then."

Jessica: "There... how does it look?" She turned her head to look at his face.

Bobby: Bobby smiled and kissed her cheek. "Beautiful." He feigned surprise. "Oh, you mean the snowman... it's not bad. I make a better one."

Jessica: She giggled, "Mmhmm, but for a first time I did good, right?" She turned towards him again, putting her arms back around him.

Bobby: "You did very good, babe." Bobby rewarded her with another kiss, nipping her lower lip.

Jessica: She smiled, "Want to go back inside now?"

Bobby: "Mmmhmm, even Iceman could use a warmup." He scanned the treeline again, happy they hadn't attracted any attention.

Jessica: "Okay," she kissed him again then went to collect her spider. "But you have to catch me first!" she bolted.

Bobby: "Oh! Not fair!" Bobby gave chase, but first only barely stopping himself from tackling her. She's pregnant, for fuck's sake!

Jessica: Running over snow was hard but her balance was excellent thanks to her mutation and she was fast. She ran all around the garden, slowing enough to let him catch up and almost get her before speeding up again and twisting just out of his grasp, laughing.

Bobby: After a while, the fun turned to concern when he heard a sound not from Jess or himself and he stopped, turning to look into the trees. The moonlight on the snow gave a lot of light, but he still couldn't see far.

Jessica: Jess stopped too, looking back at him then towards the sound, both of her hands closing around the plush spider as she unconsciously hugged it to her. She didn't want such a nice night to be ruined now, it wasn't fair!

Bobby: Bobby closed the distance to Jess and put his arm around her, heading back toward the house since he still couldn't see the source of the sound. It hadn't repeated, but...

Jessica: She leaned against him, resting her head on his shoulder as they walked and sighing heavily. So much for that.

Bobby: "Could be a deer again," he said, still looking around. "But who knows."

Jessica: She nodded, "Yeah..." she ran a hand through her hair, glancing at him, "I'm sorry..."

Bobby: "For scaring the shit out of me?" He chuckled a little and opened the door for her with one last glance over his shoulder. "I'll give you a pass considering your new amazing ice spider powers."

Jessica: She nodded but managed a small smile as she stepped inside, only then realising that she was soaked.

Bobby: Bobby noticed pretty quickly that she was wet... and parts of her at least were cold. He stepped up to her and ran his hands up her arms, concentrating enough to evaporate the water dripping from her shirt and hair. "I, uh, thought for a minute there that you'd left me."

Jessica: She shook her head, "I wouldn't... not now..." she held up her spider and gave him the puppy eyes so the spider could get dry too.

Bobby: With a grin, he bent and gave the spider a kiss and dried it too. "Well, that's good to know."

Jessica: She gave another small smile for the now dry spider and hugged Bobby, "I'd regret it for the rest of my life if I did that. I know I would... so you don't have to worry."

Bobby: He closed his eyes and gave her a squeeze, afraid to ask why exactly she'd regret it, so he didn't.

Jessica: Jess took a deep breath to steady herself before lifting her head to brush a soft kiss over his lips in an attempt to salvage what had been a lot of fun.

Bobby: Bobby sucked in a breath and returned the kiss, deepening it and threading his fingers into her hair.

Jessica: She smiled in the kiss and pressed herself closer to him, tossing the plush onto a nearby end table in favour of holding onto Bobby.

Bobby: Now that he had her full attention, he trailed nips and kisses down her jawline and then to the hollow just beneath her ear. Grinning, he frosted his breath and blew gently across her earlobe.

Jessica: She squirmed pleasurably at the new sensation, "Mmm that's different..." she murmured into his ear.

Bobby: "Oh, I can give you all kinds of different now, baby," he chuckled, following the cold blast with his warm tongue.

Jessica: "Oooooh promise?" she giggled. He could too. Her new found immunity to cold opened up a world of possibilities that she was going to make damned sure she explored to its fullest while she could.

Bobby: "Absolutely." He pulled back to see her face and give her a wicked grin, then raised his hand. The little icy spider he'd made for her all those times swirled and formed from the moisture in the air. It picked its way across his fingers and stopped right in front of her nose.

Jessica: She grinned, eyes instantly focusing on the spider - she'd lost none of her fascination with them after all. How could he ever think his powers weren't beautiful?

Bobby: Bobby took her hand and let the spider move to her. He just enjoyed watching her reaction... especially in here where there was no chance of a zombie eating her while they were distracted.

Jessica: She carefully moved her hand, watching the progress of the spider and biting her lower lip before shifting her gaze briefly to shoot Bobby a grin.

Bobby: D'aww. He returned the grin and let the spider wander. Even Lorna would have been squirming by now...

Jessica: So pretty. She focused back on the spider as it travelled, its spindly legs and body refracting what light there was. It was so lifelike in its movements it made her wonder if he'd watched spiders long enough to get it accurate or if it just came naturally.

Bobby: Bobby was only half paying attention to his creation now, watching Jess instead.

Jessica: She let the spider crawl all the way up her arm before transfering it to her other hand to start again.

Bobby: This was thoroughly entertaining him as well, enough to forget that it was the middle of the night at the end of the world.

Jessica: She giggled, catching the spider up again and turning her hand this way and that as it crawled all over it. She could happily do this for hours on end, the usual factor that made her put the spiders down no longer an issue.

Bobby: Bobby laughed. "Now I wish I could make you one that would just keep going on its own and not melt." He reached over and picked up her little fluffy spider.

Jessica: "Me too..." she nodded, "It's always so sad when they melt..."

Bobby: "Well, at least now you can play with them without freezing yourself." He petted the plush and set it on his shoulder. "And I can make 'em for you whenever you want."

Jessica: She smiled, hugging him again - carefully though so she didn't smush the ice spider. "You won't get bored of making them?"

Bobby: "I like watching you with them," he said with a smile. "Guess I can try different kinds. We've got time to experiment." The smile turned into a dirty grin. "With all kinds of things."

Jessica: "Oooh, promises promises," She put the spider on his head and giggled some more.

Bobby: He waggled his eyebrows and closed one eye, rolling the other upward in search of his little icy friend. Walking across his own head felt... a little too weird. The spider dissolved into his hair.

Jessica: She pouted at the disappearance of the spider but only briefly in favour of kissing him again.

Bobby: He grinned into the kiss. "Oh, I'll make good on them." Bobby caught the plush as it fell off his shoulder and tucked it into the band of his boxers, then gave her a playful smack on the ass.

Jessica: She yelped and took his hand, giving it at tug as she headed for the stairs. She could take a hint.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Oct 16, 2012 5:21 am

Carol: Carol tapped on the dash as they drove along, "So we adding other crap to our shopping list yet or waiting? When are we telling the others?" she glanced over at him, "Not that I'm impatient or anything... it's just that I'm impatient."

Bobby: Bobby glanced over at Carol once and then again. "Telling the other... about Jess?" His eyes moved back to the road. There was a lot of zombie activity in this area for some reason... last thing he needed to do was hit one and roll the van.

Carol: "Yeah... I hate to break it to you but they'll probably notice sooner or later..." she leaned out of the window and blasted a zombie that was in the middle of the road. "Use a crosswalk!"

Bobby: "I know, I know... it's just... still early." Bobby chewed his lip and swerved, checking another creature with the fender and reaching out the window to clothesline it with an ice shield. "Right now it doesn't matter since we weren't planning on moving during the winter anyway."

Carol: "Well it's not that early... and that's my point. We're not moving so now's a good time to stock up on whatever..." She blasted a few more over as they shambled out onto the road. "Or would you rather wait til we're chased out and have to gather all that stuff on the road?"

Bobby: "Well... it is... because she's not through the first trimester or anything... stuff... could still happen." Which, he supposed, just made Carol's point for her. "We could start getting some stuff... just keep it quiet for a little while longer. Jess is scared herself, and questions from the others will just-" He cut off to swerve again.

Carol: "Jeez! Learn to drive! Do you even have a licence?!" She about fell out of the window again that time. "What are they going to ask? How it happened? Because really... what the hell were you teaching them in that school if they have to ask that?"

Rogue: Rogue finished barring the door of the drug store after taking out the undead trash, then turned to the interior to see what was salvagable. She was used to this kind of life. Everything minus the zombies and deserted towns was familiar. She took some of the reuseable bags from one of the racks by the register and went through finding things to tide her over until she hit another town. She had to leave something for the other people... If there were any left.

Bobby: Bobby gave her a look. "You know she used to be my student... they all were." And Lorna. He glowered and aimed for the next zombie, satisfied with the thump when it folded over the hood.

Carol: "Well they're not anymore and you have got to stop thinking of them like that..." She sighed, "It doesn't matter what they used to be. What are they now?"

Bobby: "They can still ask uncomfortable questions..." Bobby took one hand off the wheel to pinch the bridge of his nose. They'd also managed to keep their night in the snow a secret, though he wasn't sure how with the noise they'd made. Finally, they were in the city limits. Towns to check for supplies were becoming more rare and more picked over.

Carol: "Well obviously, two of them are redheads and the other one's british and an asshole to boot. What did you expect?" She rolled her eyes, "Suck it up!"

Bobby: He really didn't want to hear Hope's opinion on the matter, that much was sure. "Suck it up," he muttered. "They're still my responsibility... and not only did I start fucking one weeks after my wife died, but I knocked her up! Fucking great authority figure I make."

Carol: "Well what do you want to do? Sit around whining about it or deal with it? It happened, it's not going to un-happen... and it doesn't matter about any of that. You're happy right?" Oh yeah she was supposed to look out for stores that were useful now.

Bobby: Bobby made a face, slowing down. "I..." God, there were a lot of zombies around. What was the deal?

Rogue: Rogue knotted the bags shut with the items inside and grabbed a few more empty bags to carry over to the grocery and hardware stores. She peeked out the window and saw headlights coming slowly up the street as more zombies shambled around. Zombies couldn't drive. It had to be people! But were they trustworthy? She stayed peeking through the window as she watched the van dodge the undead for a while to determine what to do.

Carol: She rolled her eyes at him again. Men and feelings. Such wusses. "Okay, I'll go find us a parking space. Sit tight." she climbed out of the window and dropped onto the road, opting for punching of zombies today. Punching was theraputic when she was frustrated.

Bobby: He'd just barely caught the eye roll, but it made him roll his own. Instead of thinking about his relationship with Jess, and how had it turned into so much more than he'd intended, Bobby looked at the storefronts. He stopped near a drug store and watched Carol at work.

Carol: "Ow! Hey!" zombie in her hair! Owwww! She turned around and punched it in the face.... or half face. Ew. Ewwwwww!

Rogue: Rogue's eyes opened wide when she saw them slow to a stop near the store. And even more when she saw the woman punching zombies. That was her schtick! She looked closer at the van and blinked at the liscence plate. Nooo... Was it? She wished she could see who was driving but she was on the wrong side of the van.

Rogue: Of course, she didn't recognize the woman in the street, so the van could've been looted... Or, she could be a new student since she'd left... Slowly Rogue stood and moved to the doors, pulling the shelving away so she could slide through. Even if they weren't friendly, there were too many zombies for one person.

Carol: Okay. No more half faces on her hands. There were no therapists left to help her deal with that trauma. She yanked a lamp post out of the ground. Ah. Zombie baseball. It never got old.

Bobby: Bobby gunned the engine and took an opportunity to ram into two zombies and park the van half on the sidewalk. Deciding he was of more use outside than in, he iced up and joined Carol, leaving a few zombies as dried-up husks. He laughed at the lamp post. "Okay... I'll check the store."

Carol: "Have fun. I know I will!" *CLANG* She whooped, "New record!"

Rogue: Rogue saw her rip up a streetlight and blinked. Ok then. Maybe she didn't need help. But that's what she would've done... Crap. She needed a new gimmick. Rogue pushed the shelves back into place where she had found them and moved to open the doors after retrieving her backpack and 'shopping' items.

Rogue: She froze with her hand on the door as she saw frost-bitten zombies littering around her. Her throat closed up and she clenched her teeth. No, he was dead. Don't think about it.

Carol: "Hey, can we look for good coffee while we're out? I know you all drink tea or whatever but please, coffee is awesome and if you try to give me instant again I will end you." She whacked another zombie - that one fell apart. She wrinkled her nose, "Ew...."

Bobby: "Coffee, right." He fought back the twinge it inspired. Carol had given him a terrible and great idea, so Bobby formed a bat from ice and wound up, running to the zombie closest to the door. With a cackle, he took off the zombie's head. "Oh my God, why haven't I been doing this all along?"

Bobby: Still laughing, he turned to the door and halted. His mouth fell open at the pale, familiar face on the other side.

Carol: "Because you fail at thinking for yourself? Maybe it's the blond... dye your hair..." she blasted one across the street that she couldn't reach with her post.

Rogue: Rogue couldn't breathe, couldn't move as she stared into the icey eyes on the other side of the glass. Her vision tunnelled and all she saw was him. After what felt like forever, she slowly pulled the door open. It had to be a power copy-cat. It had to be. Once the door was open, she stood there, still frozen in place and not able to speak.

Bobby: Bobby shook his head, looking her up and down. It was her... unless it wasn't. "Anna?"

Carol: "No, Carol." She corrected, before looking over her shoulder towards him, "You okay over there?" She blasted a zombie that was creeping up on him.

Rogue: "Oh Gawd." Her eyes welled up and she threw herself at him, ice or no ice, "Bugsy!"

Bobby: He didn't even hear Carol, focused on Anna. "....how?" He shifted, returning the hug. "It.... is you? You you?"

Carol: "No, it's Gandalf," Carol replied for Bobby's friend, nuking a few more ninja zombies. "Wake up!"

Rogue: Rogue nodded into his shoulder, squeezing him hard, "Yeah. Me me. Only me. Is it really you?"

Bobby: "It's me." Bobby was stunned, still returning the hug, still pretty oblivious to everything going on around them. Finally, after another hard squeeze of his own, he pulled back and held her at arm's length.

Carol: Carol threw an energy blast at the back of Bobby's head. "Are you ignoring me on purpose?! Zombies! Everywhere! Help me or go shopping!"

Rogue: Rogue glared at the girl as she fired something at Bobby and picked up a rock to throw at her, "We're havin' a moment! Mind ya own!"

Bobby: Bobby, for his part, yelped and realized he was glad she didn't hit him at full power. "She's right though..." He rubbed the back of his head and shifted back to ice. "You," he pointed at Anna, "are so coming back with us. But for now... let's deal with the zombies."

Rogue: Rogue wrinkled her nose and moved out into the street, "Of course, Ah will, Bobby." She picked up a parked motorcycle and rolled it down the street like a bowling ball, knocking down and crushing three zombies.

Carol: Now that Rogue was out of the shadow of the building, Carol could actually see her face. She froze. Familiar. Why? Oh. "You!"

Rogue: Rogue turned as she was yelled at. "What?!" And then it was her turn to freeze. "You!" She was supposed to be dead! ...Could zombies talk now?!

Carol: "Yeah me! I owe you a smack in the mouth!" She raised a fist and started for her to do just that, energy surging up around her hand.

Bobby: "Yeah, you and you... what about the zombies?" Bobby sent ice projectiles at several homing zombies. "Hey, what the hell?! She's my friend!"

Rogue: "Now is so not tha time, sugah!" She used her sense and ducked under the fist and aimed her elbow at the back of her head just to get her attention. "Y'all're dead an' ya hate me. Ah get it! But there are worse things ta be worryin' 'bout at tha moment. Them first, us later!"

Carol: She blocked the hit just about, "I'm not dead! No thanks to you, I'll admit, but I'm very much alive!" And pissed. She swung a leg around to knock Rogue's out from under her.

Rogue: Rogue caught herself in the air and used the momentum to kick a zombie's head clean off. "Wouldja stoppit already?!"

Carol: "Why should I? You didn't."

Bobby: "We're just ringing a dinner bell, ladies!" Bobby threw up an ice wall between them and spun to punch a corpse. His fist went clear through and he yelped again.

Rogue: "Zombies! Ya can beat tha shit outta me later! Ah won't even fight back!" She frowned at the ice wall.

Carol: Carol was about to knock the icewall down but the yelp caught her attention. She looked over at Bobby, "You are such a girl!"

Bobby: "Am not! That's just... not right!" He shook off the goo and instead grabbed the thing by the throat to relieve it of its water.

Rogue: Rogue screwed up her face at the dehydrated zombie. "Ice pick, Bugs. Less disgustin' lookin'." She shot up into the sky to check the area and make sure the attention they were drawing wasn't too much. She focused her body like a missle and plowed through two zombies, smashing their heads with her fists.

Carol: "No no. Coffee." Carol gave Bobby a nudge towards the store, "Shopping. Coffee. Vitamins. Whatever the fuck else was on that list I didn't read. Go."

Bobby: "You two... better not kill each other." Bobby narrowed his eyes at Carol. "Promise."

Rogue: Rogue pointed towards her stuff that she had looted already, "Got coffee." She glanced at Bobby, "Scout's honor on not throwin' tha first punch on her."

Carol: "I promise to behave myself until we're not surrounded by a horde of walking corpses with a fetish for brains. Now scoot." she shooed him towards the door.

Bobby: Bobby looked at Rogue's bags and nodded, then gave them both a hard stare before going inside. Vitamins... diapers... definitely more birth control for the others...

[[Time passes]]

Carol: Carol glared at the back of Rogue's head as she sat in one of the back seats of the van. She had so much hate in her for that woman.

Bobby: Bobby ran his hand through his hair and glanced over at Rogue again. The road home was definitely less zombie-filled after they'd drawn the horde to town and slaughtered most of it.

Rogue: Rogue was carefully watching where they were going in case she needed to make a trip back to town, but once she knew the surroundings for a moment, she would look over at Bobby with a smile, then glance back at Carol, making sure she wasn't going to kill her yet. "Who all's with ya?"

Bobby: "Hope and Johnny, Jessica, Sean... there were more, but..." He cleared his throat and looked back out at the road.

Carol: Carol peeked into one of the bags and found candy. Yay! She helped herself.

Rogue: Rogue frowned at Carol, but figured she owed her a candy bar at the very least. She looked back at Bobby, "...Lorna?"

Bobby: "She didn't make it," he said tightly.

Rogue: Her heart broke as he said that and she reached over to take his hand, giving it a squeeze as she held it. She knew what that pain felt like. There were no words she could say to make that any better. "How long?"

Bobby: Bobby felt the tears well up and clenched his jaw, squeezing her hand back and keeping his eyes on the road. "A while. She... she was pregnant."

Carol: Carol quietly ate the candy and lay across her seat, staring at the roof of the van.

Rogue: Her own eyes welled up at that, "Ah... Ah had no idea." Rogue wanted to hug him. To hold him like he had for her. But... Driving was a priority. "Oh, Bobby..." She held his hand tighter and brought her other hand over to hold it too.

Bobby: Bobby had nothing else to say now. Stopping himself from breaking down was about all he could handle. This was Anna, and seeing her just brought it all back.

Carol: Carol sighed and looked over at them, "Do you want me to drive the rest of the way?"

Rogue: Rogue looked back at Carol then at Bobby, "Ah think that might be a good idea... Unless we're almost there?"

Bobby: "I'm fine." He shot Rogue a look after he'd said it, and forced a small smile. Taking his hand from hers, he patted her and turned his attention back to the road.

Rogue: Rogue gave him a small one back. Liar. She turned back to Carol, "How'd y'all get involved with this motley crew?"

Carol: "Followed Bobby home one night, rang the doorbell the next morning." She shrugged, "And now they're stuck with me."

Rogue: Rogue blinked, "Y'all got a doorbell?"

Carol: "Got a whole house with hot water and everything."

Rogue: "Holy shit. Ah can shower? Hot damn." She grinned, glad at the change of subject to something happier. "We there yet?"

Bobby: "Almost. It's isolated. No neighbors." Bobby smirked. "It was some kind of resort for hippies... it's all off the grid power and well water. So there's heat, lights... everything. We were lucky," he added, more softly.

Carol: "Relatively speaking." Carol nodded, "Oh and don't be alarmed by all the paper bugs around the place. Apparently Jess gets really bored... either that or she's secretly raising a small army."

Rogue: Rogue wrinkled her nose at the idea of an army of paper bugs. "That sounds... Interestin' ta say tha least."

Bobby: "There's, ah, something else about Jess." He licked his lips, deciding he needed to warn Anna to avoid awkwardness. Well, more awkwardness. "I'm, uh, with her."

Rogue: Rogue arched an eyebrow, "You're... what...?" Shouldn't he be in mourning? He was a widower!

Carol: Carol wondered how acceptable it would be for her to just open up the door and jump out right now.

Bobby: Bobby looked at her with an irritated frown. She had tone, already. "We're together. Just... don't... okay? Please?"

Carol: Hey! Look at that! They were home! Mostly. She made that bid for freedom, along with the coffee.

Rogue: Rogue sighed and frowned, but didn't say anything else. Until she saw Carol take off with her bag. "Hey! Save some f'r me!"

Bobby: Bobby chuckled under his breath and shook his head at Carol. "You'll have to explain the thing with you two to me, and I promise I'll explain me and Jess, okay?"
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Oct 16, 2012 6:37 pm

Jessica: Jess paced the living room floor in her pajamas, chewing her thumbnail and hugging her spider plush to her. They'd be fine. Two hours wasn't that late... She startled at the sound of the door opening and hurried to see who it was, relief flooding her at the sight of Carol and the sound of the truck outside. She moved out onto the porch to wait for Bobby while Carol headed to the kitchen.

Rogue: Rogue stared at Bobby, giving him the full weight of the unhappiness in her green eyes, "Later. We talk. Promise me."

Bobby: "I promise." He got out of the van, dragging several bags with him and heading for the porch. And Jess was even waiting for him. He smiled for her, but paused to wait for Rogue to catch up. "Look what we found!"

Jessica: Jess started for Bobby but paused at the appearance of Rogue, unsure what to do now. She gave an awkward wave, "Do you want help bringing things in?"

Rogue: Rogue reached in the backseat and grabbed her backpack, slinging it on her shoulder before getting out of the van. She gave Jess a smile, "Glad ta see y'all're alright. Good ta see any faces Ah know really." For now, she would pretend it wasn't true. That would be the best way to get through this for now. "Ah got it, thanks, sugah."

Rogue: She went over and pulled Jess into a hug, "How ya been?"

Jessica: Jess flailed internally at the surprise hug but tentatively returned it, "Um... okay I suppose?" she chewed her lip, "Are you hungry? There's still some soup left from dinner, I can heat it up...."

Bobby: Bobby raised his eyebrows at the hug but waited his turn. This was going to be horrible for a while. He transferred the bags to one hand and hugged Jess himself, giving her a smile and a soft kiss on the mouth. "Soup sounds awesome, babe."

Rogue: Rogue said nothing and walked past them as Bobby went to kiss her. When she got up to the door, she finally spoke, "Thanks, but no thanks. Ain't feelin' too well recently."

Jessica: Jess relaxed a little against Bobby, giving him a smile back, "Okay... tea instead? Anything else?" She moved back inside, hugging her plush again.

Rogue: "No. Ah'm good. Thanks." She looked around, "Where's a free spot ta lay mah head at night?"

Jessica: "Oh... there's bedrooms upstairs... I can go and make you up a bed... now if you want..." She started for the stairs.

Rogue: "Ah can make mah own bed, thanks. Ah ain't an invalid." She gave Jess a smile. It wasn't her she was upset with anyway... "Ain't tired just yet either. Just wanted ta put mah bag where Ah'm gonna be sleepin'."

Jessica: Jess nodded, giving a somewhat nervous smile back. "I suppose I can just give you the tour then..."

Rogue: "That'd be great, Jess." She gave her another smile, "Thanks."

Bobby: Finished with stacking the bags of supplies, Bobby went back to the two women. He'd heard part of the conversation and sighed inwardly. Giving Anna a thankful look for being civil - now - he put his arm around Jess protectively.

Rogue: And the smile instantly turned forced as she fought back a growl like sound. Asshat.

Jessica: "Um... well let's go upstairs first, less things to see and then you can put your bag do-" She cut herself off and thrust the plush at Bobby as the smell of coffee hit her from the kitchen, then she bolted up the stairs.

Rogue: Rogue arched an eyebrow as she ran from the room. Well ok then. That was easier than she thought. She didn't even have to warn anyone off of anyone else and they were done. Thank. God.

Bobby: Bobby took the plush and watched her go with a wince. He should go check on her, but he gave Anna a look instead. "Be pissed at me all you want, but if you still care about me at all, Anna, don't take it out on her."

Rogue: "Asshat," she finally vocalized. "Ain't upset at her. Y'all're tha asshat." Rogue crossed her arms. "Asshat."

Jessica: Well so much for trying to eat dinner. That was a completely pointless exercise. She rinsed her mouth out and splashed cold water on her face, patting her skin dry with a towel and checking her reflection in the mirror before making her way back along the landing to the stairs. She paused just out of sight on hearing Rogue and bit her lip.

Rogue: "An' if ya think f' even two seconds that Ah don't care 'bout y'all, then ya even more o' an asshat. Ah was out here 'cause Ah was lookin' f'r you. Then every SHIELD facility Ah came 'cross everybody was gone'r zombied. So fuck y'all if ya think Ah don't care, Bobby Drake."

Bobby: He made an exasperated face at her. Then braced for the tirade. "You know what? This is a hard situation for everybody. The last time I saw you, you were possessed by fucking doc feelgood and then I went to jail to protect our little secrets, and you."

Bobby: Bobby got closer to her now, staring her down. "You got rid of him, great. I really am happy... but plenty of shit has happened to me too." On a roll now, he pointed at the stairs with the hand holding the plush. "Don't you judge me, Anna. I love you, but that doesn't give you the right to judge. Not after everything you did too."

Jessica: Jess sat down at the top of the stairs. She knew it was bad that she was eavesdropping but it wasn't like there was anywhere she could go where she wouldn't hear this anyway. And it was going to be said sooner or later so she may as well let them get it out of the way. Hugging her knees to her chest, she leaned her head back against the wall.

Rogue: "Ah love you too, Bobby. But really?! How long after Lorna an' ya baby died did ya decide ta hook up with somebody else? This shit ain't been going on f'r that long. Y'all're mah best friend in tha world. Ya know that. An' ya know Ah'll support ya in whatever ya do. But that don't mean that Ah hafta agree with it. Tha only reason Ah'll hold anythin' against that gal is if she used her powers ta make ya do this bullshit."

Bobby: "Don't you dare throw Lorna at me." Bobby hoped he was keeping his voice down enough... he only hoped Jess wasn't hearing this hunched over the toilet, sick because of him. "I loved Lorna more than anything and she tried to divorce me! I found out she was pregnant from the papers! Then this shit happened..."

Rogue: They were divorced? Crap. Being evil had really made her be out of the loop. But still... "Ah don't give two shits!" Of course she did. "If ya loved her more'n anythin', same way Ah loved Sam, ya wouldn't be gallavantin' off with someone else so soon after her dyin'."

Jessica: Jess sniffled quietly and slipped sideways to curl up on the floor. Rogue was right... and she was a horrible person for letting Bobby do this all so soon when he should be grieving.

Bobby: "Christ." He shot a glance up the stairs. "After they died... Jess was the only thing that stopped me from finding a fucking blast furnace and diving in." Bobby dropped his voice further, right on top of Rogue now. "She's pregnant," he hissed. "I couldn't protect Lorna, but by God I'm gonna protect her."

Rogue: "She's. What?" It took Rogue everything not to slap him. Hard. "Then protect her. An' protect ya new unborn baby. But 'bah God', Ah won't be lettin' ya protect me." She looked around, "Jess promised me a tour. Where'd she get to?"

Bobby: Bobby just shook his head at her. "Probably puking her guts out." He started up the stairs, determined to find Jess now. He'd deal with Anna and her crazy later.

Jessica: Jess did her best to stifle a sob, curling up tighter and hiding her face beind her hands.

Bobby: He heard that and took the stairs two at a time to find her. Fuck. "Jess, baby, are you okay?" She'd heard all of it, hadn't she? Bobby knelt beside her, stroking her hair back, and tried to pull her up into his lap. "Jess... I'm sorry..."

Jessica: Jess withdrew from him, shaking her head, "It's my fault..." She ran a hand through her hair, leaning against the wall as she pulled herself to her feet. "I'm sorry...."

Bobby: "Nothing's your fault," he rose and put his arms around her. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Rogue: Ugh. Baby. She followed Bobby up the stairs and didn't even bother looking at them, "Which room is free?"

Jessica: "It's all my fault..." Jess argued though without any real conviction, more resignation. "I'll show you...." She extracted herself from Bobby again and went first to the airing cupboard to get sheets and pillows and blankets for Rogue.

Bobby: Bobby glared at Rogue, crossing his arms and following them.

Rogue: "No it ain't. It's his," she tipped her head to Bobby. "It ain't ya fault so stop ya hormonal blubberin'."

Bobby: "Oh, for fuck's sake," he snapped, very nearly calling her by name, although... Jess had probably heard that too.

Jessica: "Say what you want... I heard what you said.... everyone's thinking it... there's no use pretending it isn't a possiblity that all of this is because of what I can do..." She opened the door of one of the spare rooms and went to start putting the sheets on the bed.

Rogue: Rogue rolled her eyes. Oh please. "Well did ya?" She crossed her arms and raised both of her eyebrows in question.

Bobby: "No, she didn't," he sighed. "Her powers wouldn't even work on me half the time, but I feel the same about her if I'm iced or not."

Jessica: "I can't always tell... If I get upset... or if I... if I really like someone...." she mumbled as she made up the bed, keeping her gaze averted from both of them. "I could have... at the start...."

Bobby: He looked at Jess and blinked. She really liked him... at the start? Suddenly he remembered Hope's accusation, back at the mansion, that she had a crush on him. Oh... he was the worst ex-teacher ever.

Rogue: "Then ya really don't have anythin' ta be upset about an' it's all Bobby's damned fault. Stop blamin' yaself 'fore Ah whollop ya f'r whinin'."

Bobby: "Christ, Rogue. Really?" He went in and took the blankets from Jess's hands. "She can make her own fucking bed. You shouldn't have to put up with her being a goddamn bitch about this." Bobby laced his fingers with hers and started to leave the room.

Rogue: "Ah'll stop bein' a bitch when y'all stop shovin' it in mah damned face."

Jessica: "It's fine... I don't mind..." Jess ran her free hand through her hair and fixed her gaze on the floor instead.

Bobby: "It's not fine." Bobby shook his head. "Shoving it in your face that, what, I found a reason to actually want to live? That's awesome of you." He made it to the doorway with Jess.

Jessica: "It's fine if I say it is.... Just... please stop.... don't fight because of me...."

Rogue: "Ah promise, Jess, it ain't b'cause o' y'all. He knows how Ah feel 'bout things like this."

Bobby: "We always fight anyway," he said, giving Jess's hand a squeeze. Anna was still as stubborn as always. No wonder Essex had skipped town.

Jessica: "My dad lost his wife and unborn son all in one day when I was five. I had to watch what happened afterwards and know I couldn't do anything about it." She glanced at Bobby then actually looked at Rogue, "You can't tell people how to grieve. There're no rules.... all you can do is try to help them through it..."

Bobby: Bobby looked down, squeezing her hand again.

Rogue: "Ah'm gonna take a nap now. Don't fuck too loudly."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:49 pm

Jessica: It was snowing. Again. She didn't mind though, she was safe up on the roof and with the wind there was even less chance of anyone hearing her crying up there.

Bobby: Bobby didn't have to hear Jess to know what she was doing. He'd tried to talk to her, then tried to just give her some space, all the while plotting how best to choke the shit out of Anna.

Jessica: She wasn't even cold. Thanks to Bobby. And now she missed that. She could be unconscious by now, fast asleep maybe forever and then she wouldn't have to face Rogue at breakfast.

Bobby: Finally though, he was tired of waiting and worrying and stopping himself from pounding on Anna's door to have it out with her. There was no easy access to the roof, so he opened the window, stripped, and shifted, becoming part of the snow. Drifting up to the roof, he watched her, swirled around her.

Jessica: Oblivious to her audience, Jess hugged her legs to her chest and burried her face against her knees. The wind tossed her hair around, it stuck to her skin and clothes wet with snow.

Bobby: With an internal sigh, he formed a few feet in front of her, pulling himself together out of the snow and wind.

Jessica: Jess sniffed and lifted her head just enough to look at him, "I'll be down in a minute..."

Bobby: Bobby went down on his knees in front of her and shuffled closer. "We can stay up here if you want, for a while."

Jessica: "What's the point?" she bowed her face against her knees again.

Bobby: "Well, I'm sure you're not in the mood for a snowball fight right now, but it's kind of peaceful. Quiet and white and all." He put an iced hand on her leg.

Jessica: "I'm not in the mood for anything right now..." She looked at his hand briefly before she hid her face again.

Bobby: "You know, Rogue is... well, she's kind of nuts." He sighed and swung around to sit close beside her.

Jessica: "No shit?" she put her fingers through her hair. "So am I. Doesn't mean she doesn't have a point."

Bobby: "You're not nuts, Jess. You've been through a lot. Hell, we all have. Her point is pointless."

Jessica: "That I might have unconsciously manipulated you doesn't bother you in the slightest?"

Bobby: "Try it. Try using your thingie on me right now."

Jessica: "They won't work right now..." she pressed her face into her hands again.

Bobby: "Well, exactly. Nothing works on me in this form... not even most telepathy. But I still feel the same way about you."

Jessica: "But what about at the start? This wouldn't have even happened..."

Bobby: "I... you liked me, didn't you? You liked me liked me?"

Jessica: She shook her head, "No, I.... I don't know..." running her fingers through her hair, she looked at him again. "I cared about you... but it was... different... you were safe... I trusted you..."

Bobby: "I figured you just kind of... well, I didn't know why you wanted me." Bobby shrugged and shifted back to flesh, mirroring her pose to look at her.

Jessica: "Why wouldn't I?" She got to her feet, pacing the roof now. "Bobby.... I told you that first night in the truck... I told you I didn't know... I should have stopped you then and I'm sorry... Can't you see why this is all my fault? I knew better... but I was selfish... I had no right..." she stopped with her back to him and hugged herself, bowing her head as she started crying again.

Bobby: Bobby got up and went to her, resting his hands on her upper arms. "Jess... I didn't know you had those kinds of feelings for me, before, I mean. I figured I was... well, like you said, I was safe, and I was a pretty sad sack of shit after..." He sighed.

Jessica: "I'm sorry, Bobby... I feel like I lied to you..." she sniffed, "But I really didn't know..."

Bobby: "It's not like I didn't want you, you know. There were no pheromones required for that." Hell, he'd have to be blind and gay to not want her. "You reminded me I was still alive, that I could still matter to somebody. It was... nice."

Jessica: "And then what? We spent the next month confined in one tiny space together.... Of course you're going to get confused if they're in your system all the time..."

Bobby: He shook his head. "My system resets every time I shift, Jess. I expected this to be... a partnership, a friendship, with benefits." It sounded a little mean to say, but it was true. "I figured eventually you'd get bored with me."

Jessica: "How could I get bored?" She actually turned to face him, "Bobby... you don't know how good it was to think that someone actually cared about me... for real... why would I ever want to let that go?"

Bobby: "I do care about you, for real." He smiled at her, raising his hand to cup her cheek. "Honestly, no, I didn't expect to fall for you, and I sure as fuck didn't intend to tell you when I did, because I didn't want to scare you. But the feelings are real."

Jessica: "Are you sure?" She turned her face into his hand but kept her eyes on his, "Please don't feel obligated because of everything else to just lie to me so I'll feel better... Because in the long run it'll just hurt more..."

Bobby: "I'm not lying. I suck at lying." He brushed his thumb over her cheekbone. "I love you and I wanna be with you. I know it's all happened fast... "

Jessica: "It has... that seems like Rogue's main problem..." She relented and slid her arms around him, "I love you too... I just... I feel guilty..." she kissed his cheek softly, "It's not your fault."

Bobby: "If we weren't in the situation we're in," he made a face, "zombies and all..." Bobby returned the embrace happily. "It wouldn't have happened." He sighed and leaned his head against hers. "I'll always love Lorna, but she's gone and I'm not."

Jessica: "Of course it wouldn't... if it wasn't for this situation you'd still have Lorna..." And I'd be alone again. "Let's go back inside..."

Bobby: "That's what Rogue doesn't get. Her fiance died years ago... and she just stopped... everything. She died with him in a lot of ways and I'm sure he wouldn't have wanted that. Difference is, I know Lorna wouldn't want that for me, especially now, with things so... crazy."

Jessica: "People are depending on you..." she nodded understandingly, moving towards the edge of the roof.

Bobby: He followed her, looking over the edge and at the treeline. He saw a lone figure shambling near the treeline.

Jessica: Jess ignored her surroundings and just crawled back down the wall to their window, slipping inside and going to the bathroom to take off her wet clothes.

Bobby: Bobby shifted, then dissolved into the air, flowing past the window to watch her disappear into the bathroom. He flowed over to the creature stumbling up the driveway and observed for a moment. It had been a woman once. He dehydrated the zombie and sighed an apology as it fell.

Jessica: She left her wet things in the bath and crawled into bed, curling up under the blankets and trying to stop thinking about what Rogue had said or she was never going to get to sleep.

Bobby: Coming back through the window, he shifted and closed it, locking it as well for good measure. Bobby climbed into the bed and curled up against her, wrapping his arm around her and nuzzling her neck. "Carol asked me earlier if I was happy."

Jessica: She tensed up a little, fearful of the answer, "And are you?"

Bobby: "I am, Jess." He kissed her neck. "I'm not deluded, and I'm not lying. You're what makes this shitty world worth still trying to live in."

Jessica: She managed a smile and gave him a squeeze, "Okay... I'll try to stop being a paranoid crazy person now."

Bobby: "And don't listen to Rogue. She's spent the better part of the last few months with a mad scientist in her head, plus she wasn't the most rational monkey in the barrel before that." Bobby nodded. "Listen to me instead. I'm perfectly sane."

Jessica: She laughed, "Mmhmm, of course you are..." She pressed her forehead to his, "It's okay, I like you a little bit crazy."

Bobby: "We can be a little bit crazy together." He grinned. "It's fun."

Jessica: "But only a little bit... because we'll be in trouble other wise - the drugs won't work on me." She nodded seriously but couldn't keep it up for long, grinning instead.

Bobby: "Just a wee little bit." Bobby gave her a kiss, trying to mimic her accent. The drug comment reminded him of something and he chewed his lip. "Carol and I have been trying to find you some super secret mutant-friendly painkillers."

Jessica: She laughed at his terrible fake accent but cut it off at the sort of announcement, "You have?"

Bobby: "Yeah..." He hated to ruin the mood when she was just starting to cheer up, but he wasn't going to keep secrets now with Rogue around making trouble. He felt terrible for thinking it would have been better if they hadn't found her.

Jessica: "How's that going?" She didn't hold out much hope.

Bobby: "So far we haven't found anything." Bobby stroked her hair, still chewing the edge of his lip. "We found something else though..."

Jessica: She frowned slightly, "Found what? Bobby.... you're making me nervous..."

Bobby: "Power inhibitors. We found power inhibitors. Not patches, these things are just devices you can take off and on." He sighed. "I'm sorry, I'm not trying to make you nervous. I didn't even want to... but Carol said it'd be a good last resort. I had to wear one..."

Jessica: "So... so it's like the patch but... no nasty side effects? No eventual immunity?"

Bobby: "None that I know of." He frowned. "I wore a collar, for weeks... then they changed it to an ankle thing... you can turn them off and on. It completely blocked my powers, but they came right back when they took it off."

Jessica: "So... any time I want... I could go outside.... or eat whatever I want... take a painkiller for a headache... be sure I'm not accidentally manipulating someone... like turning on a light?"

Bobby: Well, she was taking it better than he had. "Yeah?"

Jessica: "That's...." she tried to get her head around it, "That's..." all she ever wanted, "Brilliant!"

Bobby: Bobby laughed a little. "That's one way of putting it. I... the idea of putting a collar on you made my skin crawl, but... I kind of have some bad associations with them..."

Jessica: "Bad? How could this be bad? I get to choose and no horrible talks with a psychologist as a bargaining tool!"

Bobby: "Well... bad because people used them to, like, imprison me and use me as a lab rat, but yeah... I can totally get the appeal when you control the off switch."

Jessica: She hugged him tightly, "Don't bother looking for experimental drugs that probably won't work. Just find the things we already know are safe to use for normal people."

Bobby: "I can do that," he agreed with a chuckle. "I guess tomorrow I can get one of the inhibitors from Carol and let you try it out?"

Jessica: She nodded, "I'd like that... but make sure it's after tea. Because caffeine will effect me while it's on..." she smiled and cuddled close to him. "And don't worry... like I told Scott repeatedly, I'm not going to get addicted to being normal. Only for occasional breaks... and extreme pain situations."

Bobby: "Yeah, the idea was to help you out when junior comes," he said, sliding his hand down to her flat belly.

Jessica: Jess smiled, putting her hand over his, "It's very much appreciated." She just hoped she made it that far. Heaving a sigh to release some of the tension she curled up again, rolling onto her side to put her back to him but keeping his arm around her.

Bobby: Bobby snuggled up behind her, giving her a squeeze and leaving his hand on her stomach. He closed his eyes. "Love you." Anna, he decided, could go fuck herself.

Jessica: She smiled, closing her eyes too and shifting to make sure she was in contact with him as much as possible, "I love you too." She decided she'd reserve judgement on Rogue for a week. If she carried on being a bitch she might just let Carol punch her like she seemed to want to so badly.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Oct 17, 2012 8:50 pm

Carol: Target practice. It was nice. Kind of annoying when you had to build all your targets out of snow so you didn't make too much noise and attract zombies but still... Her army of snowmen was thinning dramatically. Some she hit with heat to melt them to stumps, others with concussive force that blew them apart.

Bobby: Bobby finished his patrol and paused at the sight. "You know, babe, I might take that personally if I wasn't such a nice open-minded guy." He grinned and joined Carol.

Carol: "It's good to practice..." she replied, melting a couple more. "But you can make yourself useful and build me some more?" she looked over at him, "Takes me ages but it'd take you like five seconds."

Bobby: "You want me to give over my brothers to you for destruction?" He crossed his arms and put on an offended face.

Carol: She paused as she turned to melt another one to raise an eyebrow at him, "What's the problem? You can make more when I'm done."

Bobby: "It was a joke, sourpuss." Bobby looked over to her firing line and reformed the snowmen, this time recreating some of the more memorable zombie horrors he'd seen in the last months.

Carol: She sighed, running a hand through her hair and sitting down in the snow. She blasted several more snowmen from her seat and looked up at him. "I'm allowed to be in a bad mood today."

Bobby: "Yeah, well, join the club." He still hadn't cornered Anna about her little show. On a hunch, he reformed one of the snowmen in her image and shot a glance at Carol.

Carol: Carol narrowed her eyes at the Rogue shaped snowman and blasted it to itty bitty pieces. She still owed her a smack in the mouth. "So... you known her a while?"

Bobby: "Yeah, she was one of my closest friends." Bobby looked from the snowman to Carol. "Known her for years. How do you know her?" Though he was starting to guess.

Carol: "She about killed me is how I know her." some snowmen lost their heads. "A long time ago now... but it's still not a great memory for me."

Bobby: "She took your powers, didn't she?" No wonder he'd noticed similarities.

Carol: Carol nodded, "Yeah... among other things." She looked down at the ground.

Bobby: "Yeah... memories... she's done it to me before." He licked his lips and dropped to the ground across from Carol.

Carol: "Did you wake up in a hospital weeks later too?" she lifted her head, "I'm guessing not if you two are friends."

Bobby: "Actually... I was trying to help her learn how to control it." He cleared his throat and folded his legs to sit Indian style in the snow.

Carol: "Oooh... so you actually gave her permission to do that? How nice for you." She sighed looking away, "When I woke up... I didn't even remember what happened. Or much else. It came back slowly... but I guess that was what put me on SHIELD's radar... saw it in a file somewhere..."

Bobby: "Well... I did the first time. She's done it to me several times, actually." He frowned. "Not all of them pleasant, but she can't really control it..."

Carol: "Maybe not. But she can control whether or not she sticks around afterwards to explain to her victim's family why their daughter or sister nearly died."

Bobby: "Yeah..." Bobby looked down at his hands at that, smoothing down a seam on his uniform. "She does have a problem with taking responsibility for the consequences."

Carol: "She have a problem with apologising too?" Carol raised an eyebrow, "Because she owes me that at least."

Bobby: He sucked on his teeth and gave her a rueful grin. "Yeah... yeah, she has a problem with that too," he half chuckled.

Carol: "Great... so I'm gonna have to force it out of her?" Well that she didn't mind so much.

Bobby: "You might be the first if you do," he smirked. "I love her like a sister... or I did..." Bobby paused and frowned, thinking about that. "But she has her... quirks."

Carol: "Quirks? That's what you call that? Because most people just call it crazy."

Bobby: Bobby nodded. "She's gotten rather quirkier." He sighed and shifted, running his hands through his hair and blasting a couple of the snowmen himself. That felt better.

Carol: She looked over at the remains of the ones he'd blasted, "Told you it's good to practice."

Bobby: He grinned and blasted another with a volley of razor-sharp ice daggers. "Fun, too." Finally, he looked back at Carol. "How'd she do it? Get the drop on you?"

Carol: Carol sighed, falling back into the snow and staring up at the sky. "I wasn't always military you know."

Bobby: "What were you then?" Bobby wasn't up for playing snow angels today, so he blasted a couple more snowmen.

Carol: "Just a kid... a stupid scared kid that got in trouble because she has a really bad temper."

Bobby: "Heh. So does she." He wondered if she picked that up from Carol too. "I wonder why she kept your abilities... well, some of them anyway. She's never done that with anyone else." Including him, he thought.

Carol: "Maybe because she about killed me? Took everything I was and left me with nothing?" Carol guessed, looking over at him.

Bobby: Bobby made a face. "I'm sorry. It's... different when she takes my power. I'm sort of immune... to some of it anyway. Usually." The one time he hadn't been though... yeah he could understand the hate.

Carol: "Lucky you." She closed her eyes and covered her face with her hands.

Bobby: "She's... not a bad person." He considered that. "Usually." Maybe Essex had affected her more than he knew from one night of bickering. "She absorbed a mad scientist to death last spring... a dude that'd been experimenting on us. Made her kinda crazier than normal... he took her over and she escaped from us. This is the first time I've seen her since all that."

Carol: "Not bad on her own maybe... but when you absorb enough crazy people - and I do not exclude myself from that number - it's going to mess you up. I thought Xavier was some kind of telepath, shouldn't he have kept an eye on that?"

Bobby: "Yeah," he laughed bitterly. "You would think. But she's immune to telepaths for the most part."

Carol: She rolled her eyes, "Figures..." She scrubbed her face with her hands and sat up, "I guess I'll just have to deal with it now...."

Bobby: "Yep, me too." Bobby got up and held out his hand with a smile to help Carol up.

Carol: She nodded, accepting the help up. "But I want that apology... and I think she probably owes you guys one too. I heard the yelling...."

Bobby: "Ugh, yeah, definitely Jess if nothing else." He rolled his eyes and dusted himself off.

Carol: "Both of you." Carol insisted, "She has no idea what happened to you guys since this all started, hell I don't either. She has no right to judge."

Bobby: "Not really, nope, but that's kind of always been one of her quirks too." Bobby snorted. "I can handle her... we've kind of got another score to settle anyway."

Carol: "Yeah? Well be careful... you got a pregnant girlfriend to worry about." she ran a hand through her hair, glancing over at the snowmen still standing.

Bobby: He grunted. "I'm tougher than you think," he said with a wink and a grin.

Carol: "Maybe so... but I'm not worried about you." She glanced back at the house.

Bobby: "I... don't think she'd do anything to Jess..." Bobby followed Carol's line of sight with a frown.

Carol: "There are worse things than hitting people you know. If she keeps up this anger thing she has going on, that could do more damage in the long run. Jess is pregnant... everyone always says stress is bad for that and she was pretty stressed out to start with." Carol shrugged, "Anyway, what do I know? I can't even cook..." she shook her head, turning her attention back to the snowmen.

Bobby: "No, I'd say you're pretty right on there..." Bobby crossed his arms, to stare into the middle distance, lost in thought.

Carol: "So talk to her... not that I think you have to explain yourself but obviously she thinks you do... I can sit with Jess. She can try and teach me how to cook and you can come and save me from her wrath later because it's bound to end in her beating me with cooking utensils."

Bobby: "Can you put earmuffs on her while I talk to Rogue?" He was only half joking.

Carol: "I don't think she'll go for that.... but maybe I can get her to try out the inhibitor thingy?"

Bobby: "I told her about the inhibitor last night, after everything. She wants to try it out."

Carol: "Awesome.... wait what?" she raised an eyebrow, "That was brave of you..."

Bobby: "She's all in for the idea, actually... she doesn't like her powers." Bobby shrugged one shoulder.

Carol: "Huh... really? Well I guess that explains the lack of freaking out but.... that's kinda sad..."

Bobby: "Yep." A lot of things about Jess were pretty sad, but he wasn't going to share that.

Carol: "Well okay.... I'll finish destroying snowmen then come back inside and drag her off to the kitchen for experiments. Then you can go and set Rogue straight on a few things."

Bobby: "Sounds like a plan." Bobby smiled at Carol and gave her a salute.

Carol: She laughed and mock saluted back, "You keep that up and I'm going to start missing it and then demanding you do it every time you see me."

Bobby: "Well, I could drop trou instead, but I doubt Jess would appreciate that." Bobby winked at her headed back to the house.

Carol: She laughed again and shook her head, "Yeah, better save that for her. See you later, Bobby." She turned back to the snowmen and resumed blasting them apart.
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Oct 18, 2012 5:34 pm

Rogue: Rogue made up her bed and left through her window, not wanting to run into anyone she wasn't quite ready to talk to yet. Jessica. Carol. They both had to wait. For now, she needed to talk to her best friend. Alone. She hoped it was his turn to be watchman so she could be alone without an eavesdropper. She could fly them somewhere farther away if she had to. If not... Well, she hadn't thought that far yet.

Bobby: Bobby wasn't on watch, but he was outside - he'd taken up Carol's target practice to work off his frustrations. At least Jess had been in a better mood, especially when he'd brought up the inhibitor test.

Bobby: Another snow zombie fell, this time with a more targeted ice dagger through the eye than his usual barrage. Carol was right. It paid to practice. He smirked.

Rogue: Rogue saw the head of a snowman split and roll off and she looked to see who the attacker was. Perfect. She hoped this was far enough out. Rogue landed between him and the snow-zombie army, ready to catch any spears or daggers thrown her way out of surprise or anger. "Hey."

Bobby: "Hey yourself." Bobby didn't launch any ice at her, though he was almost tempted for a moment. Crossing his arms instead, he sucked at his teeth.

Rogue: "It's later," she started lamely. She was so angry at him for doing this to Lorna. But at the same time, she had missed him so much. She had thought he was dead for crying out loud. Her emotions were so conflicted.

Bobby: "So it is." He stared right back at her, irritation clearly on his face.

Rogue: Well, it was obvious he wasn't conflicted at all about how to feel about her. Ok then. "Ah don't care that y'all're with Jess, first o' all. Ah don't care that y'all're with someone b'sides Lorna. That ain't mah issue. Ah just wanted ta get that out there."

Bobby: Bobby gave her a bitter laugh. "Oh yeah? You gave a real good impression of acting like you cared last night and making Jess completely fucking sick all night."

Rogue: "Ah'm not upset at her. It's not her fault. She said she didn't use pheromones on ya, so Ah believe her." Rogue crossed her arms in an subconscious mirror of him. "What does make mah blood boil is that Lorna ain't even been dead a month. Ya baby ain't even been dead a month. An' now ya gone off an' gotten another gal pregnant. How could you?"

Bobby: "Then stop being a bitch to her." Bobby was still staring her down, forcing himself to stay calm. "In case you haven't noticed while you were off being a mad scientist, Anna, most of the fucking world is dead."

Rogue: "Ah ain't bein' a bitch ta her. It ain't mah fuckin' fault she don't know how ta tune conversations in different rooms out." She stared him down right back, "Tha thing that made me be a bitch ta her on purpose was b'cause she said 'everyone grieves different'. No. Fuckin'. Kiddin'. An' nobody on this now God-forsaken planet knows y'all better'n Ah do. Not even Lorna did. She has no right ta say that ta me. That is what made me angry with her."

Bobby: Bobby threw up his arms in a clear 'what the fuck' gesture. "So you take it out on an innocent, pregnant woman because you're offended she has an opinion? Nice to know it's still all about you, Anna."

Rogue: "When tha hell did y'all get so close f'r her ta try an' worm her way inta ya life an' say that Ah don't know shit 'bout you?!"

Bobby: "Did she say you don't know shit about me? No, no I didn't think so! She's seen it before, that's all she meant!" He was getting closer to her now, losing the battle with his temper. "Yes, we became friends, when nobody else wanted me around because they thought I was a psycho killer!"

Rogue: "Ah wanted y'all around! Ah fought Essex with everythin' Ah had so Ah could save you! So Ah could get ya outta that hell hole Lorna said they put ya in!" She was shaking her head, eyes sad and hurt and confused all at the same time.

Bobby: It stopped him, and he closed his mouth with a click of teeth, just staring at her. "Well," he started, tone a little softer. "I appreciate the thought... but it probably would have just made things worse." Bobby tried to give her a small smile.

Rogue: "Made things worse," she asked slowly. "Right." Rogue took a deep breath and chewed at her lip. "So how long after Lorna an' mah niece'r nephew died did ya decide ta fuck somebody else?"

Bobby: "Don't care that I'm with Jess, right," he spat, and snapped. Closing the distance between them, he caught her by the throat. "Don't you dare use that tone with me. Don't you even - when you don't fucking know anything!"

Rogue: "Oh no? Ah don't? So then tell me!" She let him hold her throat and locked eyes with him, "How. Long."

Bobby: "Not long enough, but it doesn't fucking matter because if you haven't noticed, it's the end of the motherfucking world!" He let go of her, but stayed right in her face.

Rogue: "So what?! Do ya really think Lorna'd want y'all ta go off'n be a jack rabbit with somebody else b'fore ya even have time ta grieve?! Ya lost two people, Bobby. Not just ya wife. But ya son'r daughter too. Makin' a new family won't make up f'r that. Ya can't just start sleepin' with somebody else ta make 'em take Lorna's place, then get her pregnant ta take ya baby's place. It don't work that way!"

Rogue: She shut her mouth and stared at him for a moment, "Ya can't replace 'em," she said quietly. "Ah know that better'n anybody."

Bobby: Bobby backed off a couple steps, looking down. "She was a girl." His tone was quieter now too. "I had to kill Lorna, Anna. Paige bit her, and I had to kill her... but I couldn't... I couldn't kill the baby." Throat closing, he choked on a sob. "She tried to dig out of her... Jess had to..."

Rogue: A niece... Rogue stepped towards him again, "Bobby..." She took his hands in hers and bent her head down to try and catch his eyes, "Ah'm sorry ya lost them. Ah'm sorry that happened tha way it did. Ah really am. Ah would've been here f'r ya. Ah'm sorry Ah wasn't."

Rogue: She licked her lips, "Do ya really think puttin' up a wall 'steada grievin's gonna work? Ya saw how well that went with me. Ah went crazy. Ah turned inta a cold-hearted bitch. An' then evil... Even though that bit wasn't on purpose."

Bobby: He nodded at her apologies and gave her hands a squeeze, trying to get himself back under control. "Jess... she's been a good friend to me, I already cared about her... and at first it just helped me forget... just so I could cope. Could function."

Bobby: "It started out as a partnership, then with benefits... it's not the same as Lorna, but I do love her, Anna. She's helped me cope... she's not trying to replace Lorna."

Rogue: "That's not what Ah said, sugah. Ah never said she was tryin' ta do anythin'. Ah said y'all were." She held his hands tighter, "Ah don't want y'all ta not mourn f'r ya family. If ya don't, it'll eat at ya. Ya can't just expect findin' a new gal an' havin' a new baby'll make all tha pain disappear."

Bobby: "I don't expect it to. It hasn't, and believe me, the pregnancy was an accident." He made a slight face at that. "I'm not trying to replace Lorna either... but this world is fucked up and she makes me happy... as happy as I can be in this shit."

Rogue: "Ok," Rogue nodded and took a deep breath. "But have ya fully grieved?" She let go of his hands, "Are ya happy? Or just pleasantly able ta not think 'bout things?"

Bobby: "I'm sure I haven't but... who has? There're zombies, Anna." He shook his head. "I am. Carol asked me the same thing, and... yeah, I am. It's... not a replacement. But it is a second chance of sorts, and I'm not going to fuck it up."

Rogue: "A second chance that happens nearly immediately after ya own wife an' kid die. Convenient."

Bobby: "You're right... but... like I told you, at first it was just something to make me stop thinking about what I'd lost... but not now." He looked away. "As much as I loved Lorna... she filed for divorce. Told me she didn't know me anymore... it... she fucked me up long before she died..."

Rogue: "So then y'all were already over her before this whole thing happened with Jess?"

Bobby: "No... I'll never be over her..." Bobby sighed and shook his head again, chewing his lip. "But... before I... before she died, she told me to live..." He bit down harder on his lip to stop the tears. "Jesus, Anna, it's the end of the world a-and I didn't want to be alone."

Rogue: Rogue frowned at him and pulled him into a hug, running her fingers through the hair on the back of his head. "Ya won't be, Bobby. Y'all will never be alone. Ah promise." She pulled back to look at him, hands on his shoulders, "Ah don't care what it takes, an' Ah don't care how much Ah despise this, but Ah will protect y'all's new 'family' always. Ah mean, hey, they're mah family too now, right?"

Bobby: He nodded, losing it and holding tight to her as he sobbed. When he regained control, he was able to meet her eyes. Sniffling, he gave her a crooked smile. "That's right... you're back now too, and we all have to stick together."

Rogue: Rogue smiled back and pulled him in for another hug, "We do. Ah'm sorry y'all had ta go through all this an' Ah wasn't able ta be there f'r ya. If Ah'd known y'all were alive... Ah'm so sorry, Bugsy."

Bobby: "It's cool," he said, giving her another squeeze. "We looked for you... until this happened." Bobby closed his eyes, hoping this was a good sign for the future. "You can make it up to me by giving it a chance, yeah? She's sweet... and I don't want her to feel any more guilty about this than she already does."

Rogue: Rogue took a deep breath and pulled back to look at him again, "Ah know she is. Ah just... Ah'm still uncomfortable with it. Ah mean, Ah get it. Kinda. But Lorna was like a sister in law ta me. An' a niece! ...An' now they're gone an' ya knocked up ya student. It's a lot ta take in so quick..."

Bobby: "It was a lot for me, too," he said, sighing and running a hand through his hair. "Still is. Won't be getting any less, either... I'm glad you're here, Dollface." He tapped the tip of her nose.

Rogue: Rogue wrinkled the tip of her nose and grinned at him, "Me too." She gave him another hug, "Me too."
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Re: What if...? Zombies!

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Oct 20, 2012 1:50 am

Johnny: Johnny wasn't at all bothered by the snowfall... or anything cold, really. Actually, any weather was fairly nice because he didn't get too hot either. Escaping the house for a bit was also fairly nice. Blowing out a breath, he found a spot in the snow he liked and plopped down.

Jessica: Jess sipped her tea and sneaked out of the house for some time in the snow. She had to be careful not to get spotted by the others because it was still a secret... even though now more than half of them knew she was pregnant. She scooped up some snow, enjoying the feel of it.

Johnny: There wasn't much snow surrounding Johnny, especially not after he'd leaned back to stare up at the sky. He yawned and debated a nap, eventually deciding it probably wasn't a good idea to nap outside when there could be zombies about. He sighed heavily.

Jessica: She almost fell over Johnny in her travels around the garden and spilled some of her tea in the process... which was fine because it got cold surprisingly fast when it was outside.

Johnny: Johnny blinked as something that wasn't snow landed on his face. He gave a slight frown, "I can't believe you just spilled tea."

Jessica: "I can't believe you're taking a nap when there might be zombies." She shot back with a small smirk. "But sorry for spilling on you...." she held the cup out to him. "Warm it up for me?"

Johnny: "I wasn't napping. I was enjoying the weather," he replied with a smirk of his own and simply stared at the glass for a moment, "Should be warm enough now."

Jessica: She smiled and took an experimental sip. "Mmm much better." She plopped down in the snow next to him, "Enjoying the weather... I suppose that's what I'm doing too."

Johnny: Johnny simply replied, "You don't enjoy the cold."

Jessica: "No... not normally..." She looked down at her mug in her hands. "I... have a secret..."

Johnny: He tilted his head to glance over at her, eyebrow going up, "A secret?"

Jessica: "Yeah..." she shifted her gaze from her tea to his face, "I'm immune to the cold now... temporarily... because of something that happened to me..."

Johnny: Johnny maintained his curious expression, "Oh, really?"

Jessica: She bit her lip, nodding and dropping her gaze to her mug again, "I... I'm pregnant..."

Johnny: A look of shock replaced his previous expression, jaw dropping slightly. Well... That... hadn't been what he was expecting.

Jessica: She glanced at him briefly, shifting uncomfortably, "I've known for a little while... I just... didn't really know how to approach the subject...."

Johnny: "...Right," he managed.

Jessica: "Please.... don't tell Hope..." She put her mug to one side, "She's already angry with me..."

Johnny: Johnny shook his head slightly in an attempt to recover from the news, replying easily, "Hope's busy making friends with the toilet, so I doubt she'll care much right now."

Jessica: "Oh.... is she sick?" Jess chewed her lip, "Is there anything I can do to help?" Hope may not like her very much right now but they had still been friends once and Jess felt bad for her.

Johnny: "A bit," he answered, shrugging in response to her other question. After a moment, he settled on an answer, "I guess leave her alone to avoid agitating her."

Jessica: She sighed, nodding, "Okay... so just... more of the same then..." she ran a hand through her hair, "Are you okay? We don't talk much anymore...."

Johnny: "I'm alive," Johnny replied, coming to the conclusion, "So, yeah, I'm fine."

Jessica: She gave him a small smile, "Okay... if you say so...." She flicked some snow at him.

Johnny: He melted it before it got near him and tossed a loose handful back at her, insisting, "I'm fine."

Jessica: "So you keep saying... are you trying to assure me or yourself?" She cocked her head on one side.

Johnny: "You," Johnny answered automatically.

Jessica: "So why don't I believe you?" She sighed, "You don't have to talk to me... I won't make you... but if you want to you know I'll listen..."

Johnny: "You don't believe me because... I don't know. You don't want to?"

Jessica: "I do want to... I just think you're lying..." she flopped down in the snow beside him and rolled onto her side. "It's okay to be sad..."

Johnny: "Pfft," he rolled his eyes, "I don't lie."

Jessica: "You do too." She prodded him in the shoulder, "I know you do. Don't make me zap you."

Johnny: "Not entirely."

Jessica: "Don't split hairs..." she rolled her eyes, lifting her head slightly. She couldn't see the house if she lay down. It was like a snow fort. "I'm just saying... it's okay to miss your family... it's okay to be upset that they're gone... and if you wanted to talk about it I'm here for you, okay?"

Johnny: "Fine, I am upset, but I have absolutely no desire to spill my guts," he stated firmly.

Jessica: "Okay." She leaned and kissed his cheek before flopping back into the snow. "I think I'm going to miss being able to do this..."

Johnny: "Miss what? Laying down and being able to get up on your own?"

Jessica: She swatted his arm, "I'll be able to do that regardless - I can fly remember? I mean the snow thing...."

Johnny: Johnny snorted and gave a shrug, "Snow's not nearly as fun without being able to freeze."

Jessica: "Snow is awesome fun... and it's so beautiful... I like watching it fall..." She pushed a hand into the drift beside her.

Johnny: "I never said it wasn't fun. It's just not quite the same without the cold factor."

Jessica: "If you miss getting cold, Carol can probably help you out with that at the moment... her and Bobby found some power inhibitors at a SHIELD facility and brought some back... for when I might need painkillers...."

Johnny: He made a slight face at the mention of the other girl, "Nah, I'm good."

Jessica: Jess caught that and frowned, "Have you two... fallen out or something?"

Johnny: "Who? Bobby? Noooo," Johnny shook his head, "Not fond of Carol."

Jessica: "Why? What happened?" She rolled onto her side to face him again.

Johnny: "We just don't get on well."

Jessica: "I'm sorry... maybe it's just a misunderstanding? We all have to live together..."

Johnny: "Don't worry about it. I'm capable of being civil."

Jessica: "Okay... Maybe I can talk to her? I mean... she's a little crazy but generally her heart's in the right place..." she frowned, "Unless she's in the same room as Rogue aparently."

Johnny: "Don't worry about it generally implies you don't need to talk to her," he gave her a smirk.

Jessica: "I can't help worrying about it - I have super hearing. If there's yelling I suffer." She wrinkled her nose, "And I'd rather everyone got along... I don't like that Hope is mad at me... and I don't like that Rogue is mad at Bobby... this whole mess is bad enough without bad feeling towards each other..."

Johnny: "Things'll work out," he said confidently, glancing around, "We should probably head back in soon."

Jessica: "Yeah... before Hope comes out here and gets all suspicious..." She ran a hand through her hair then leaned to give him a hug. "I miss talking to you."

Johnny: "Then, come have tea with me whenever," Johnny rolled his eyes as he returned the hug, moving to get to his feet and offering a hand.

Jessica: She took the help up, "Is it safe to? With Hope around?"

Johnny: He looked around for any threats as he pulled her up, "It's not like I'm constantly attached to Hope."

Jessica: "Mmhmm, of course not... I believe you...." she gave him a grin, bending to pick up her mug too.

Johnny: "You never believe me."

Jessica: "Because you're a terrible liar."

Johnny: "I wasn't lying that time."

Jessica: "Okay, okay," She bumped him with her shoulder. "Got time for some tea now? There might also be cake."

Johnny: Johnny grinned, "I always have time for tea."
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