What If: Candyland Connections

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What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Sat Sep 15, 2012 5:03 am

Sometime in the future...

<Paige> The house was a complete disaster area. The kitchen looked like something had exploded, leaving a questionable brown liquid splattered everywhere, mixed with flour on the counters and the floor.

<Paige> Various articles of clothing were strung from one end of the house to another, accompanied with toys, shoes, and a couple of empty cans.

<Paige> Paige was hiding on the floor of the living room with three year old Addison. She peeked around the couch, noting that the coast was clear.

<Bobby> Bobby thought it was suspicious that no one was outside, considering it was a nice day. He got out of the car slowly, still on alert from the mission he had just completed, and checked the perimeter.

<Bobby> Clear. He carefully approached the front door, keys in hand.

<Paige> Paige crept out of her hiding spot, motioning to Addi that the coast was clear. As soon as both girls were headed to hunt for the boys, they were ambushed. Silly string flew faster than the girls could cry out. "Run for it, Addi!" Paige tried to fend off the boys while Addi giggled and ran to hide.

<Bobby> There was noise from inside, but it was probably the television. He ran his hand over his short hair and unlocked the door, stepping inside.

<Paige> "Ahhhh!" Paige ducked into the kitchen. "Addi! More ammo! More ammo!"

<Bobby> Nope, not the television. A torrent of silly string hit Bobby in the thigh, spraying across his legs, and more embarrassingly, his crotch. A green-haired head popped up from behind the sofa and grinned at him with Lorna's smile.

<Paige> Junior grinned at Daddy. He gave a war cry and fired at Bobby with the silly string.

<Paige> Paige grinned when she saw backup. "Bobby!" She threw him a can.

<Bobby> "I just got off work!" he complained, but dove to the side and caught the can with a stream of ice. Bobby yanked it to him and returned fire at his oldest son, who quickly hid again.

<Paige> "Then you should be nice and warmed up! We need your help! They are terrible together!" She whined back at him from her spot in the kitchen.

<Paige> Addison, however, didn't care about being fired upon. "DADDY DADDY DADDY DADDY!" She ran for Bobby.

<Bobby> Bobby didn't care either, taking a shot to the face -- for which somebody would later pay -- to go down on his knees and greet his daughter. "Hi, princess!" It was only slightly ruined by him wiping the string from his shirt as he caught hurtling toddler.

<Bobby> He gave her a tight hug.

<Paige> Hey! No faces!" Paige shot Junior a glare.

<Paige> "He moved!" He protested.

<Paige> "Daddy!!!!" Addison kissed her Daddy.

<Bobby> "I did move... it's all good." Bobby returned the kiss and planted one on each of her chubby cheeks as well. He smoothed back her blonde curls and looked over her head to his wife. "Having fun?"

<Paige> Paige smiled at him. She started to answer, but the monitor on her hip started crying. "Ack! Hold that thought." She stole a kiss from him as she moved to get Madison from her nursery.

<Paige> "Jim ate all the brownies." Addi tattled to Daddy.

<Bobby> "Did he?" Bobby looked around for his oldest again, but the boys were nowhere to be seen now. He picked Addi up and parked her on his hip to go into the kitchen. After looking around, he promptly left the kitchen. "....Paaaigey?"

<Paige> Paige was coming back down the hall with Madison, smiling as she caught sight of Bobby. "Yes sweetheart?"

<Paige> Madison smiled at her Daddy too.

<Bobby> "Did something explode in the kitchen? Like... the dog?" Bobby smiled at his baby girl, then made a cross-eyed face at her. He leaned in and kissed her cheek, then gave Paige a kiss as well. When Addi protested, he kissed her as well.

<Paige> "That was our baking project..." Paige laughed a little and stole another kiss. You could never have too many of those. "I really didn't realize it was so late. Come Madison! Time to make dinner!" Paige snuggled her baby and headed to the kitchen. "Boys! Help clean the kitchen and get a popsicle!"

<Bobby> "You baked the dog?" Bobby wrinkled his nose and followed. Addi giggled, pointing to the dog rather obviously attempting to sleep in the corner. "Oh, there he is!"

<Paige> "Daddy is silly... yes he is!" Paige told Madison as she put her in the high chair with some toys. It was amazing how fast boys could come help to wipe things down when promised popsicles. Paige took a hug from bobby as the boys worked. "How was your day?"

<Bobby> "You like me this way." Bobby let Addison escape and pulled Paige back in for another hug. He leaned in and nuzzled her neck. "I caught the bad guy, so it was a good day."

<Bobby> He heard a giggle from one of the boys behind him, but didn't care. "You smell like cookies."

<Paige> Paige closed her eyes and snuggled into Bobby, hugging him tightly. "And came home to us." She turned her head, pressing her lip to his for a kiss, sliding her hand to his cheek.

<Bobby> "Mmm." Bobby returned the kiss, stroking her hair. "Always, babe." He nipped her lower lip and grinned.

<Bobby> The giggling grew louder with the other boy making a gagging sound. He knew that was James.

<Paige> Paige giggled too. She stood up on her tip toes to kiss the tip of his nose. "Anything special you want for dinner?" She ran her fingers through his hair, smirking at him a bit.

<Paige> Junior made a face. "Ewwww." He cleaned faster. He wanted out of there.

<Bobby> Bobby returned the smirk and quirked an eyebrow, giving her the once over of his obvious answer. "Oh, whatever you like, honey."

<Bobby> He broke contact and went over to ruffle his son's blonde hair. "Yeah, ew. You just remember 'yeah, ew' in a few years!" Since Jim chose that moment to take a swipe at him, Bobby indulged in some roughhousing too.

<Paige> Paige smiled at them as she moved carefully to the fridge to get chicken nuggets out of the freezer. She started in on their dinner, keeping an eye out for Addison in case she got too close to the boys.

<Bobby> Bobby let the boys wrestle him to the kitchen floor, calling to Addison for help, then snatching her into his arms. He rolled on top of her, protecting her from the boys and giving her a tickle attack at the same time.

<Paige> Paige giggled at them and got the food set. She hopped onto the newly cleaned counter to watch the attack. "Get him, boys!"

<Bobby> "Whose side are you on?" Bobby yelled when Jim found a ticklish spot under his ribs. He rolled away, thinking that teleportation would be handy about now, but noooo.

<Paige> "The winning one." Paige giggled at them from her perch. "I'm staying up here where's it's safe!"

<Paige> Addison tickled her daddy with her brothers.

<Bobby> Laughing so hard he was starting to gasp, Bobby decided there was one sure way to get them off in a hurry. He made it snow in the kitchen.

<Paige> Addison twirled in the snow. She loved it when Daddy made it snow! "Yay Daddy!!!"

<Paige> Paige moved to rescue her poor husband, offering him a hand up.

<Bobby> Bobby took the hand, but pulled her down on top of him with a shit-eating grin.

<Bobby> James and Junior also felt this was hilarious, taking time out from making snow balls to point and laugh.

<Paige> "Ahhhh!" Paige laughed at Bobby. She 'punished' him with a kiss while she was down there.

<Bobby> Bobby was pleased to return the punishment.

<Paige> Paige was quick to roll with him, turning him into a shield just as the first snowballs were fired.

<Bobby> But now, he had her pinned. The kids pelted him with snowballs while Madison squealed in her high chair, pointing at the fat flakes. Bobby and Paige were nose to nose and he grinned. "I think the kids need to go to bed early tonight."

<Paige> "Are you sure you aren't a telepath?" She leaned up to catch him in another kiss.

<Bobby> He didn't bother with an answer, just enjoying the kiss as the snowfall trailed off above them.

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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:32 am

Sometime in the past...

<Bobby> Bobby didn't know where else to go, so, he sat in Paige's room, on the pink sofa, with the envelope in his hand.

<Bobby> He knew what was in it -- wished he didn't, wished he could go back in time and do something, everything different.

<Paige> Paige was just coming into her room after her class. She paused when she saw the look on Bobby's face, taking in him and the envelope. She set her bag down on the floor and moved to curl up next to him, resting her head against him.

<Bobby> He leaned into her, turning his head a little to try to smile at her. "I don't want to open it." He huffed. "Silly, huh? Like... ignoring it will make it go away."

<Paige> Paige offered him a weak smile. "It's not something you exactly want to do, so I get it."

<Bobby> "I know you do." Nodding, his fake smile fell and he took a deep breath before opening the envelope. Just one signature and he was single again.

<Paige> She frowned and rested her head against his shoulder again. "You don't have to rush into it. You can do it when you're ready."

<Bobby> "Yeah, well, she's ready ... my feelings on the matter never really mattered." He flipped through the pages.

<Paige> "Are you going to be ok?" Paige finally shifted so she could look up at him easier. Her heart just broke for them. This was terrible.

<Bobby> Bobby bit his lip, shook his head. "I don't think so."

<Paige> She took the papers from him and set them aside then pulled him to her, hugging him tightly. "You'll get through this."

<Bobby> "I'm glad you're here." Bobby closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around her, burying his face in her hair. "I can't do this without you. Thank you, Paigey."

<Paige> Paige snuggled into him a bit, keeping him secure in her arms. "Crap buddies remember? I'm always here for you."

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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by puppygirl » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:41 am

Jesus Christ! How many kids? :cracked
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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:48 am

Turns out they're quite fertile together. :naughty

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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by puppygirl » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:51 am

I dread to think of what's become of Paige's figure with all those whelps :shifty
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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:54 am

Secondary mutation. :shifty Staying hot after having babehs! We even have photographic evidence!


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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by puppygirl » Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:00 am

... By Jove!
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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:23 am

Some months later...

<Paige> Paige was most unhappy after her date with John. Not only had he flirted with other girls most of the night, he had also spilled his beer all over her. She calmly walked back to the door of her little cottage, keys already in her hand.

<John> John walked Paige to the door then grinned at her. "I had a good time."

<Paige> Paige just stared at him. Was he for real? "Yeah....." She started but was cut off by his surprise kiss. She pushed at him and was surprised at his strength as he pushed her back to the door.

<Bobby> Driving had always helped clear his head, and riding the motorcycle was even better. The wind, the real feel of the road... it was a great way to just escape.

<Bobby> He'd been out for a simple ride, but he did have one stop to make, returning Paige's tablet that he'd borrowed while on base for SWORD training.

<Bobby> While he had a spare key to her little house for emergencies, he had hoped she'd be home this time of night. What he hadn't hoped for when he stopped on the street in front of her cottage, was seeing her on the porch, kissing some guy.

<Bobby> Bobby sighed, revving the engine to go. He hoped this one, at least, was treating her well. She deserved to be happy.

<Paige> Paige finally got him shoved back enough to point at his car. "You need to leave."

<John> John laughed at her, then thinking whoever was on the bike was already past, he slapped her. "You'll do as I say."

<Bobby> "Motherfucker..." Bobby already had one foot back on the gas when Paige had pushed the guy off, but the slap galvanized him to action. He couldn't chance catching Paige if he used his powers - they were too close to one another.

<Bobby> "Hey!" Gunning the engine, he turned from the street and jumped the curb with a screech of tires, coming straight up the sidewalk to ditch his bike in the grass. "Don't you fucking touch her!"

<Paige> Relief flooded Paige when she saw who it was. Bobby! "Bobby!" She moved quickly to him, narrowly missing the guy grabbing her arm.

<John> He snarled and followed after her. "I don't take orders from a punk ass kid like you."

<Bobby> Bobby looked Paige over quickly and gave her a worried smile. "We have to quit meeting like this, babe," he said, voice low for her.

<Bobby> He took her by the arms and guided her behind him, back to the bike, before going up to meet her attacker. "No, I think you really will. You're gonna fuck off now, and never come around her again."

<Paige> Paige shot Bobby a smile before moving to his bike. She had a brief concern that he'd get hurt, but then remembered who he was and just crossed her arms. Bobby could handle it.

<John> "As I said. I don't take orders from punk ass kids? What are you? Brother? Don't worry. I'll take real good care of her."

<Bobby> "Oh my God, are you for real?" Bobby took off his helmet and pitched it back to Paige. He wasn't buying another one. "I'm giving you a five count and you better be gone or I'll take real good care of you."

<John> The guy shot her a glare. "Stupid bitch. You didn't tell me you had a psycho boyfriend."

<Paige> Paige caught the helmet then just grinned. "What can I say?"

<Bobby> Bobby just smirked. "I'm counting."

<John> "Fine... but you'll be sorry!" He hurried to his car.

<Bobby> "Oh no, you better watch your shit or you'll be the one who's sorry. I meant what I said - you stay away from her."

<John> John flipped off Bobby from the safety of his car, starting up the engine.

<Bobby> "Yeah, yeah." Bobby blew the guy a kiss before turning back to Paige.

<Paige> Paige was already to Bobby, hugging him tightly.

<Bobby> "Are you okay?" Bobby returned the hug, keeping one eye on the douche as he pulled out and started down the street.

<Paige> "Of course I am. You're here." She smiled up at him, though a bit weakly.

<Bobby> He rolled his eyes. "Just in the nick of time, too, looks like." Bobby sighed and raised a gloved hand to smooth back her hair. "Where do you keep finding these assholes?"

<Paige> She sighed, locking eyes with him. "They always seem so nice too. Maybe that should be my hint. If you're interested, you must be an asshole." She offered up another smirk.

<Bobby> "That's not true," he frowned, comfortable meeting her eyes and wanting to make her feel better.

<Paige> "Judging by my record..." Paige trailed off.

<Bobby> "You deserve better." He shook his head, smiling a little sadly.

<Paige> "It is what it is..." She looked away to glance down the road at where the guy had disappeared to. "You think he'll come back?"

<Bobby> "Dunno. How dumb is he?" Bobby remembered her tablet and went to his bike to right it and check it over. Luckily, the compartment was safe.

<Paige> "Well he is obviously idiotic. He nearly picked a fight with you." She followed him over to his bike. It wasn't like she could help with it, but she wanted to stay close to him.

<Bobby> Bobby snorted and looked over at her. "Like I'm really so intimidating." She was right though, the asshole could just wait until he left and come back. He parked the bike on the sidewalk - because, why not? It was more visible - and dug out her tablet.

<Paige> "You're kidding right? Besides the part about being a big shot SWORD agent, look at you!" She poked his muscles on his arm. "Look at those!"

<Bobby> "You like those, huh?" He grinned and flexed for her, and continued to do so as he traded his helmet for her tablet. "Thanks for this, babe. It saved me from much boredom and craziness."

<Paige> Paige laughed at him and took the tablet. "Well how about you save me some more and stay for a bit?"

<Bobby> There was her laugh. Pleased with himself, he slung the helmet over the handlebars and turned back to her, head cocked, determined to get her to laugh again. Moving in close, the corner of Bobby's mouth curled up. He dropped his voice. "Is that a proposition, Paigey?"

<Paige> She started to make eye contact with him again, but it was kind of hard after that. "Come on in and see?" She started to lean in closer to him, then swiftly moved to the house.

<Bobby> His head cocked to the other side, unsure what had just passed between them. Bobby just followed her to the little house, giving the street a backward glance for any activity.

<Paige> Unlocking the door was a bit difficult when she was shaken, but Paige managed it with a smile, hitting the lights once inside. "Sorry it's a mess. I was running late. Imagine that!"

<Bobby> "Working hard to make yourself pretty for that unappreciative asshole, no doubt." Bobby closed and locked the door himself, taking one last glance outside and marking the position of his bike.

<Paige> "I'm always pretty." She grinned at him, disappearing into her bedroom. "He also spilled beer all over me!" She called from back there.

<Bobby> "No you're not," he called to her, taking off his gloves and flinging them on a table. "You're gorgeous and you know it." Bobby slouched onto her sofa and got comfortable. "Even if you do smell like beer."

<Paige> "Awwwww well aren't you just the sweetest thing ever!" She laughed a bit as she got changed. "And I won't smell like beer much longer." Once changed she emerged. She calculated her path then hurried to him, pouncing him from the side in a big hug. "I smell like flowers now... right?"

<Bobby> "I try," he laughed, then yelped at the sudden Paige attack. Twisting to put his arm around her, he laughed and wrinkled his nose at her. "I dunno, let me check." Bobby leaned in and pressed his face to the side of her neck, doing his best sniffing dog impression. "Mmm, like a whole bath store in one little blonde!"

<Paige> Paige giggled at him and snuggled up to him. "Well, I'd rather spend an evening with you any day. We should plan on that sometime."

<Bobby> "Hmm, looks like we kinda are now." Bobby smirked, but something about the way she'd said that...

<Paige> "Always nice to spend it with your favorite person." She smiled up at him. Why did he have to be so cute?

<Bobby> Bobby grinned at her, the cheesy expression slowly fading into a real smile as he looked at her. She actually meant it, didn't she? Blinking, he brought his hand up to her face and smoothed her hair back again.

<Paige> Captured and unable to look away, Paige took a moment to look at him. Her mind raced faster than she could keep up with it. What if he didn't feel the same way? After all, he was a huge flirt. And what about Lorna? And the baby? She was of the opinion that Lorna had given up her right to care long ago, but here she was still considering it.

<Bobby> "Paige..." he started, but wasn't sure where to go with it. Biting his lip, he stroked her hair a little, keeping his eyes on hers.

<Paige> "Bobby..." She didn't know what to say either, but she knew she didn't want to go first. That much was for sure. What if it went horribly and she ended up losing her best friend all over again?

<Bobby> She... wasn't pulling away, she wanted to be here with him, and as close as they'd become since she had returned, this felt different. He leaned in, tilting his head, turning at the last moment to brush her nose with his own.

<Paige> She felt herself blush a bit as she smiled, her eyes closing at the last moment before the touch. The next thing she knew, Paige decided to risk it. She slid her hand to his cheek and kissed him softly.

<Bobby> Bobby inhaled sharply, made a noise he probably would regret had he been paying attention, and returned the kiss, threading his fingers into her hair. This was Paige. Paige! He was kissing Paige.

<Paige> Realizing he hadn't pulled away, Paige felt emboldened. She moved a bit closer to him and kept her hand where it was on his cheek.

<Bobby> Shifting, he tightened his arm around her and pulled her closer. He was kissing Paige, and it felt... right. Bobby cupped the back of her head and deepened the kiss.

<Paige> Not about to argue with him, she moved into his lap and returned his kiss. Her fingers ran through his hair and her other hand moved up his arm.

<Bobby> He stroked both hands over her back, her sides, her hair, groaning into her mouth. Resting his hand on her hip, he broke the kiss and pressed his forehead against hers, already breathless. "W-well, wow." Bobby smiled, stroking her face.

<Paige> Paige giggled a bit and smiled at him. "You sure you aren't a telepath?" She kissed the tip of his nose before backing up enough to look at his face.

<Bobby> "If I was, I wouldn't get surprises like this." He knew his expression showed that surprise, and wonder and - God she was hot. He stole another kiss - she still wasn't smacking him or running away.

<Paige> She deepened the kiss again and got closer to him. She squeezed his arm before moving that hand up to his cheek. It was a good thing he wasn't a telepath or he'd have known how long she had wanted to do that.

<Bobby> She was way too good at this and he broke the kiss again, but only to work his way down her neck, nipping and sucking. "So," he said between kisses. "It really was a proposition?"

<Paige> "Well it was a surprise for me too." She admitted. Her resolve to play hard to get with guys faded quickly. This was Bobby. She pulled her hair out of his way.

<Bobby> He grinned against her skin as he licked and mouthed along the long muscle of her neck. "God, I love surprises." Bobby gathered her into his arms to lay them both down on the sofa.

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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:47 am

Sometime the next morning...

<Paige> Paige sighed as she slowly opened her eyes. She looked around and noted that she was not only naked on her living room floor... but naked curled up with Bobby on her living room floor. She carefully picked up a bit of the blanket and peeked. Yep, Bobby was still naked too. She looked over at his face and felt her heart melt again. He was so stinking cute!

<Paige> Oh no, what had she done? Paige carefully got to her feet and grabbed a shirt, throwing it on her as she went to the kitchen. Coffee. She needed coffee.

<Bobby> The warmth beside him was gone and Bobby reached for it, still mostly asleep. Rolling onto his belly and completely failing to find that nice soft warmth, he groaned and drifted back off again.

<Paige> Pulling down the coffee pot caused an avalance of pots to fall onto the floor, barely missing her blonde head. Paige yelped and winced. Well, so much for tiptoeing around.

<Bobby> Bobby jerked awake most unpleasantly, jumping and cracking the back of his head and shoulder on the edge of the coffee table. "Son of a bitch!"

<Paige> Paige winced at that outburst as well. She picked up the pots from the floor before trying to start a pot of coffee.

<Bobby> Rubbing his head, he stretched his neck carefully and sat up, the blanket sliding down to his hips. The night before... and the early morning, middle morning, and a couple of hours ago... were coming back to him and he smiled. It turned into a yawn as he listened to Paige in the kitchen.

<Paige> She fumbled with the button on the coffee pot before finally getting it to turn on. She pulled down her cereal box and internally sighed when she saw she hadn't opened it yet. She tried to calm her shaking enough to get the box open.

<Bobby> He was tired, but happy, feeling more relaxed than he had for... well, since before X-Force. Bobby looked around, but didn't immediately see his clothes, so he got up with a shrug, looping the throw blanket around his hips.

<Bobby> Holding it with one hand, he scrubbed the other through his hair and went into the kitchen. He stopped. She was wearing his shirt. It made him smile again, made his throat tighten a little, and he came up behind her to give her a one-armed hug and drop a kiss to the side of her neck. "Hi."

<Paige> Paige had just been struggling with the bag to the cereal when Bobby surprised her. Froot Loops went flying through the air.

<Bobby> He jumped too at her outburst, taking a few steps back from her with a sinking feeling in his gut.

<Paige> As she continued to shake a bit, Paige abandoned her cereal to look at him. Her mind tried to catch up with what he had done.

<Bobby> "I-I'm sorry... I just..." Bobby swallowed hard and took another step back at the look on her face. His fist went white-knuckled on the blanket, pulling it a little higher.

<Paige> Paige swallowed hard. Of course he had kissed her. He was Bobby. "Bobby..." She moved to him before he could get away. She pulled his head down as she leaned up to meet his lips.

<Bobby> He practically sighed in relief and closed the distance to kiss her. Wrapping his arm around her, he pulled her in close. She'd just been startled. It was okay. It was really okay.

<Paige> She broke the kiss to press herself against him, hugging him tightly. "I thought I might have scared you off." She admitted to him.

<Bobby> "No, no way." He closed his eyes and held her, kissing the side of her neck again. "You better be careful, or you may never get rid of me."

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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:52 am

A few months later...

<Paige> Paige was kissing all over baby James and telling him what a sweet baby he was. She giggled with him then scooped him up for snuggles, pressing another kiss to his chubby cheek. "Oh he's just the most precious thing ever." Paige sat down on the couch with him for cuddle time.

<Bobby> Bobby smiled, watching Paige with his son. It was still so hard to believe he had a son. "He is. He came out pretty good." It still hurt, because he'd look at James and see Lorna's eyes or smile in miniature. Paige, however, was doing a lot to help him make better memories.

<Paige> "I want to talk to you about something." She told him, looking up at him with her serious eyes.

<Bobby> "Yeah?" The sudden lump in his throat wouldn't go away, though he swallowed a few times before answering her. James made a gurgling noise and Bobby reached over to him, letting the baby wrap his chubby fingers around his thumb.

<Paige> "I think we need to move your stuff out of that guest room. I can't fit a crib in there."

<Bobby> That sentence didn't make sense and he blinked a few times. Move your stuff out... crib... was she breaking up with him? Was she pregnant?

<Paige> Paige wasn't paying him any mind. She moved the baby to her knees to tickle him. "You need your own room don't you? Yes you do!" She kissed on James again, giving his tummy a raspberry, which made him laugh.

<Bobby> He blinked again, but this time in surprise. "Oh! For him!" A smile started on one side of his face and crept across. "Aww, you want him to have a room here?"

<Paige> "Well yeah. I mean... if you don't want to... I get that too. You know... time alone."

<Bobby> "No! Nonono, that's awesome." Bobby moved closer, putting his arm around Paige and snuggling closer to both of them. "My two favorite people together. It's perfect."

<Paige> Paige giggled at him and snuggled up better. "Mine too. And the pack and play... well he deserves a crib. Oh! How should we decorate the nursery?"

<Bobby> He pressed a kiss to her temple and rested his head against hers, closing his eyes and letting James play with his fingers. This was perfect. "However you want, babe. It's your house."

<Paige> "Ohhh I get to go shopping!" Paige kissed on the baby happily.

<Bobby> He laughed, watching her thoughtfully and playing with her hair.

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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Sat Oct 06, 2012 4:51 am

A week later...

<Paige> Paige had gotten worried when the crib had landed on her foot, bruising it. When it didn't seem to be getting better in a few days, Paige waited for Bobby to go on a mission and then she went to the hospital.

<Paige> After a brief round of tests, the doctors had admitted her for observation, after much protesting, and gotten her into a bed with an IV. She grumbled and reached for her phone. She had to let Bobby know where she was. He'd worry... probably send out a search party.

<Paige> She texted, "Hey hot stuff, won't be home tonight, but I am looking sooooo forward to seeing you tomorrow! Xoxoxo"

<Bobby> Bobby read the message again. It wasn't right and it wasn't like her at all. Not at all in the months they'd been together. And she hadn't responded to the half dozen texts and calls he'd put in to her since.

<Bobby> She wasn't at home, she wasn't at the mansion, she wasn't answering her cell.

<Bobby> After talking to Darren, he traced her cell. Working for the government was good for something, after all. After the trace returned to a hospital, he asked for emergency leave.

<Bobby> Locating her room was easy - he impersonated her brother. Soon, he was at her door, looking into her room, his heart in his throat at seeing her in the bed.

<Paige> Bored with the daytime television, Paige sighed and closed her eyes, deciding maybe sleep would be better. She turned to get the remote and froze, seeing Bobby.

<Bobby> "Hey." He went straight to her, taking in the IV and hospital gown, and kissed her forehead. Bobby didn't know what else to say, but he hugged her.

<Paige> Paige pressed a kiss to him as she hugged him. "I didn't want you to have to leave work... or worry. I'm sure it's nothing."

<Bobby> "What's nothing?" He didn't let go of her, but moved back enough to see her face.

<Paige> "It's just... I was sick as a kid. And they think it might be back. I was supposed to get tested each year... and well..." She trailed off. He knew about crazy Eve.

<Bobby> "Sick?" Bobby shook his head, trying to remember if he knew about this. "Don't... don't worry about making me worry. You made me worry by sending me the weird text." He smiled a little to soften that.

<Paige> Paige groaned and pulled him close to her. "I'm so sorry." She sighed and shifted to catch him in a kiss. "I'm sure I can go home tomorrow. They just wanted to observe me."

<Bobby> "For what?" She was worrying the hell out of him now.

<Paige> She pressed her head against him. She didn't want him to know about this! "I had Leukemia... and my white count is higher than normal."

<Bobby> Oh fuck. Bobby closed his eyes, holding her tighter. "I... uh, I take it that's bad? The white count? They think you have leukemia? Again?"

<Paige> "I'm sure it's nothing." She put on her trademark smile. "But yes. They want to run more tests."

<Bobby> "It's not nothing or they wouldn't be keeping you." Bobby shook his head, frowning a little at the enormous smile.

<Paige> Paige's voice cracked a bit. "I know."

<Bobby> "Tell me." Seeing her like this was freaking him out, but he had to know.

<Paige> "The truth?" She reached up to his cheek.

<Bobby> "Well, yeah. Please... I want to know. I don't want you keeping things from me." That was what had doomed him and Lorna, after all.

<Paige> "If, and I'm saying if, it is back, my chances are lower than when I was a kid. And it's aggressive... it goes fast if untreated."

<Bobby> "But it'll be treated. I mean, you're here now. You... you've been feeling okay, right? I mean, you seemed to be. What made you go to the doctor?"

<Paige> "When I dropped the crib on my foot... it just... isn't getting better. So I got worried. And I realized I hadn't been tested in forever. So I panicked."

<Bobby> "Well, so that's good that you panicked then... it'll get you help fast." He ran his hand through his hair, giving up on pretense and sitting down on the bed with her. Bobby gathered her up, careful of the IV.

<Paige> Paige buried her face into him and clung to him. "Thank you... for coming."

<Bobby> "Of course I'd come." He kissed her head, pressed his face against her hair. "I'd do anything..."

<Paige> Paige sniffled a bit. "I have more reason to fight now..."

<Bobby> "You're damn right you do." Bobby swallowed hard. This... was so not fair.

<Paige> "I just got you..." She choked back a sob.

<Bobby> "And you're gonna be around long enough to get sick of me." Hearing her like this made it hard to breathe. He couldn't cry.

<Paige> "I couldn't get sick of my Bobberz." She kissed him softly.

<Bobby> He smiled a little, and the tears luckily stayed in his eyes. "I love you, Paige. We... we're gonna be together a long time." Bobby laughed, choking on it. "You better not fuck up my plan there."

<Paige> Paige wasn't so lucky. She lost it and started crying into him.

<Bobby> Bobby just held her, rocking soothingly and trying to keep his shit together. It wasn't working so well. "You'll be fine." He kept repeating it.

<Paige> "I love you too." She whispered to him, hugging him and keeping him close to her. He wasn't about to escape now.

<Bobby> He didn't want to escape, but he did want life to stop screwing with him. Please? "See, then everything will be fine."

<Paige> Paige nodded. "I'll be fine."

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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Tue Oct 09, 2012 5:09 am

A day later...

<Bobby> Bobby was stuck in that strange place between sleep and the waking world, dozing in the uncomfortable plastic-upholstered hospital chair. As much as he was tempted to stay in the bed with Paige, since this was a real hospital and not the school it was a little more taboo.

<Bobby> So, chair by her bedside it was. These chairs, he was sure, were meant to be as awkward as possible to keep visitors away.

<Paige> Paige smiled over at sleeping Bobby. He had been too cute for the nurses to kick out (though she was sure her crying helped) and she just couldn't take her eyes off him. He had actually told her he loved her not that long ago. She still couldn't believe that. Unable to stand it any longer, she reached out to take his hand.

<Bobby> "Hmm?" With a rushed intake of breath, Bobby came to, sitting up with a slight scramble. Disoriented, he looked over at Paige and smiled. She looked so tired and scared, but she was still smiling. Life was so not fair. "You okay?"

<Paige> "Yes... I'm sorry... you were just too cute. I had to have a hug."

<Bobby> He snorted, shaking his head, and got up to climb into her bed for that hug. "You feel okay, baby?"

<Paige> Paige snuggled into him, inhaling deeply and closing her eyes. "I'm hoping they bring lunch soon, but yes, I'm fine." She opened her eyes again to plant a kiss on the tip of his nose.

<Bobby> "Mmm, good." Bobby gave her a sleepy grin and stretched before kissing her. "I guess they bring your lunch I'll go get something. Maybe bring you back a surprise." He needed to go home to shower and shave too, but... it could wait.

<Paige> "A surpriiiiise? What kind of a surprise?" Paige was excited now.

<Bobby> Well now he needed to think of one. But it was good to see her perk up. "What kind of surprise would it be if I told you?"

<Paige> "Ohhhhh!" Paige nuzzled his cheek happily. "You're just full of good surpises." She stole another kiss.

<Bobby> Perky, perky Paige. He swallowed the lump in his throat and threaded his fingers into her hair to give her a proper kiss.

<Paige> Paige tried to scoot a bit closer to him, staying in the kiss. She jerked back when she heard the doctor clearing his throat.

<Bobby> Bobby winced, but stayed in the bed. If anything, he tightened his hold on her and tried to give the doctor a nod.

<DrWyeth> "Miss Guthrie... I have some news for you."

<Paige> Paige reached for Bobby's hand.

<DrWyeth> "It seems that your elevated white count was due to an infection. We got the results in from the last of your lab work and your marrow is functioning properly. You're going to be just fine and can go home."

<Bobby> He held her hand tightly and though the main message registered with him, he had to ask. "What kind of infection? Is that a problem?"

<DrWyeth> "It appears to have been a sinus infection that has cleared itself up with the treatment here. A nurse will be around shortly with your discharge papers... do you have any other questions?"

<Paige> Paige just sat there in disbelief. All that for a sinus infection? She felt so guilty for pulling Bobby from work for that.

<Bobby> Apparently, she didn't. He squeezed her hand and leaned down to look in her face. "You have any questions, hon?" She looked kind of stunned, not that he blamed her.

<Paige> She shook her head no, to which the doctor nodded and left them so he could get her papers in order. "I'm so, so sorry, sweetheart." She couldn't quite make his eye contact.

<Bobby> Bobby shrugged, really surprised. "For what? It's fine. At least now we know you're really okay and that's the important thing."

<Paige> "You had to take off work... and it was nothing."

<Bobby> "Oh, that?" He snorted and cackled theatrically, craning his neck and leaning down to catch her eyes. "I got to escape from under Darren's thumb - that's never a bad thing."

<Paige> Paige giggled and kissed him. "So you aren't upset? I know you aren't at me, but maybe at the situation..."

<Bobby> "I'm," he kissed her. "Just happy," he kissed her nose. "You're okay," he kissed her forehead, staying there and breathing her in, enjoying the feel of her in his arms. "But, let's hurry up and fill out that paperwork so we can go home and celebrate."

<Paige> Paige giggled at him again. "And then can we get James? I miss our baby."

<Bobby> Bobby just closed his eyes and nodded. And this was why he loved her.

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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:30 am

A few more weeks later

<Bobby> "Yeah! Who the man?!" Bobby hooted and punched the air, laughing as the baseball knocked over the carefully balanced milk jugs. "Little League finally pays off!" He turned his wide grin to Paige and leaned in to kiss her cheek.

<Paige> "Yay, Bobberz!" Paige laughed and clapped for him, then hugged him tightly when he kissed her. "Oh oh can we get the sparkly unicorn pleeeeeeeeease?!"

<Bobby> "One sparkly unicorn, pleeease?" Bobby mimicked her voice a little and accepted the toy with a thanks before handing it off to her. "I expect you to name it after me, you know."

<Bobby> James giggled and gurgled and Bobby leaned over to fuss over his son a little. "Next one is for you, big boy." He gave the baby a toy and straightened up to push the stroller along the carnival midway.

<Paige> Paige giggled and moved to take Bobby's arm as he pushed the stroller. "So I should name her Ice Princess?"

<Bobby> "You should do stand-up. You know this, right?" Bobby walked along with her, veering slightly to hip-check her.

<Paige> "Eee!" Paige had to hold onto him to keep from falling over. "James... don't drive like your daddy!" She cooed at the baby then kissed Bobby's arm as they walked. "Thank you for Ice Princess."

<Bobby> "You're welcome," he laughed, walking past a juggler with one eye. Narrowing his eyes, he looked again. "Think that's makeup or he's a mutant? And if he's a mutant, how does he have enough peripheral vision to do that?"

<Paige> "I really hope that's makeup..." Paige tightened her grip on him. That was scary looking!

<Bobby> Bobby raised an eyebrow at her. Really? "Should we ask?"

<Paige> "No! No we should not. He might scare James." She reasoned.

<Bobby> "Or you." Bobby smirked, but passed the juggler anyway.

<Paige> "Especially me." Paige kept Bobby between her and the juggler.

<Bobby> He chuckled, but kept moving. "So," he started, when the juggler was long in the background. "You like babies, right?"

<Paige> "What kind of question is that? Of course I like babies." She laughed at him and snuggled up for walking.

<Bobby> Bobby licked his lips. "I... know you love James, but..." he paused, then resolved himself. "What would you think about, um, having our own... someday?"

<Paige> Paige gave him a bit of an odd look. "Well... I think the question is more how many verses any at all." She corrected him.

<Bobby> That took him a moment and then he grinned. "How many do you want?"

<Paige> "Well, you see... I'm not actually supposed to use birth control at all..."

<Bobby> He thought about that, then nodded, heart skipping a beat. "Well, you don't have to use it if you don't want."

<Paige> "Really?" Paige asked him, surprised. "Are you sure?"

<Bobby> "Yeah. I am." Bobby nodded again, more affirmative, and put his arm around her.

<Paige> Paige smiled more and relaxed. "How many would you like?"

<Bobby> "Guess that's more up to fate, yeah?" It's not like he couldn't support them now, after all. Bobby spotted the charicature artist and took Paige's hand. "Hey, let's get a picture done?"

<Paige> "Sure!" She squeezed his hand and kept close to him. "We can hang it up in the living room!"

<Bobby> "Absolutely!" Bobby went up to the guy and spoke to him for a moment, then started to get James out of the stroller. "Okay, we're all set."

<Paige> "Hear that, James? Our first family portrait!" She stole a kiss from Bobby before heading to take her seat.

<Bobby> That made him smile as he sat down with Paige and his son, scooting the chairs together and putting him half on his leg and half hers as he put her arm around her.

<Paige> Paige couldn't do anything except smile widely. She used her hands to keep James secure, snuggling up to Bobby. "This was a great idea." She told him.

<Bobby> "I hope so," he said, as the artist finished just a little too quickly.

<Paige> "Hope so?" Paige eyed him a bit.

<Bobby> "Yup. Really do."

<Bobby> The artist turned the sketch around, grinning like an idiot. On the paper, Bobby was on one knee, holding Paige's hand. Marry me, his image asked.

<Paige> Paige looked between Bobby and the paper. It was all wrong! He was sitting beside her, not down on... one... knee. She blinked at the picture, looked back to Bobby, then back at the picture. She finally read the words that seemed to appear out of nowhere. "Oh my gosh!!!" She shrieked.

<Bobby> He laughed, but still gently handed her James, who immediately attacked her hair. Sliding off the chair, he took the jewelry box from his pocket and opened it with shaking hands. He bit his lip. "Will you marry me, Paige?"

<Paige> As her eyes filled with happy tears, Paige could only nod her head at first. When she found her words, she exclaimed, "Yes!"

<Bobby> Oh, thank God, he didn't say as he let out an unsteady laugh and took the ring from the box to slip it on her finger. He nearly missed.

<Paige> By the time she was able to pull him to her, she was shaking just as badly as he was.

<Bobby> James was still trying to pull Paige's hair out as they embraced and the sketch artist grinned, rolling up their picture.

<Paige> That time Paige did have to yelp. "Ow ow ow!" She laughed and tried to get her hair free, but kissing Bobby was much more important.

<Bobby> "Better get used to it," Bobby laughed, disentangling the baby's fingers from her hair and returning the kiss.

<Paige> "I'm afraid I already am." She gave him an eskimo kiss.

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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Tue Oct 16, 2012 3:24 am

More than a year later

<Paige> The day had started out ordinary, just like any other. Paige had reorganized the Switzerland honeymoon pictures for the hundredth time in the album after her and Bobby's wedding pictures. She could remember smiling at the pictures and feeling at peace.

<Paige> They had also been lucky enough to conceive while they were in Switzerland, and the now very pregnant Paige had spent the rest of her day decorating the second nursery. Since they had done frogs in the first one, she went for ducks in the second one.

<Paige> After settling down for lunch her doorbell had rang. Being the trusting individual she was, Paige had opened it, expecting a package. What she hadn't expected, however, was her ex husband.

<Paige> Thinking fast, Paige had started for the phone until she saw that Eve had come armed. He forced her to write a note to Bobby, telling him that she was leaving and he was wasting his time coming after her.

<Paige> She had packed like he told her to. When he turned his head to look out the window at the sound of a car approaching, Paige tossed her silenced phone into the bottom of her bag. She hoped to God Bobby had a way to trace it.

<Paige> Unwilling to risk her unborn child's life, Paige went peacefully with Eve and tried to get some sleep as he drove them away from her and Bobby's little home.

<Bobby> Bobby knew something was up as soon as he walked through the door. She'd left a nursery project undone, and Bobby had learned that just wan't something Paige did. She focused on things with a single-minded determination that he'd told her put the Borg to shame.

<Bobby> Then he'd had to explain the Borg to her.

<Bobby> It didn't take him long to find the note. He read it once, blinked, and read it again.

<Bobby> Not buying that for a moment, he started to search the house and called the school and Darren.

<Bobby> She'd packed her bag, but it had been rushed. There was no sign of a struggle but considering the variety of powers in the world, there didn't need to be. Darren called back within minutes -- her cell phone was moving south.

<Bobby> Bobby was back in his car within minutes.

<Paige> After hours upon hours in the car, Eve finally pulled over at a shady motel. He kept the car where he could see her from inside. Paige eyed her bag. She could totally get a text to Bobby... but she might not be fast enough to hide it again. She slammed her hand against the dash, then babied it. That had hurt.

<Eve> Once he arranged them a room, he grabbed her by her arm to drag her to their room for the night.

<Bobby> The car rolled to a stop a mile from where the cell signal stopped. Bobby checked his bag for his spare uniform and then shifted quickly from flesh to ice to vapor and spread himself across the area.

<Paige> Paige took up a seat on one of the chairs in a corner, trying to get as far away from Eve as possible.

<Eve> Eve smirked at her as he sat at the table, cleaning his guns. "I hope lover boy shows up soon, babe." He winked at her.

<Paige> Paige shuddered and tried to keep calm for the baby's sake. Bobby would find her. He always did.

<Bobby> And it only took him a few moments to do so. Eve? Really? Internally, he sighed. The urge to just end this was strong, but he had stuck by his principles to never kill again all these years.

<Bobby> So instead, he killed Eve's guns. The metal instantly frosted over, the cold intensifying until Eve was forced to drop the one in his hands with a curse. The metal popped, cracked, shattered.

<Paige> Paige was unable to do anything but give a happy shout. She tried to get to her feet, but it was hard to do anything quickly.

<Eve> Eve borrowed Bobby's power and moved to get his hands on Paige before she could get away.

<Bobby> He was still unsure about his ability to transport another person, though SHIELD had told him time and time again it was possible. He wasn't taking the risk with Paige and their baby.

<Bobby> A wall of ice formed between Eve and Paige. On Paige's side, it formed into a scoop, picking her up off her feet and toward the motel room window. The window froze and shattered outward and Paige was deposited outside.

<Bobby> Inside, the wall animated, catching Eve with dozens of ice tentacles.

<Paige> Paige smiled as she glanced back at the window. She should have picked Bobby the first go round. She rubbed her stomach soothingly. "It's ok. Daddy's here to get us."

<Eve> Eve swore and used his own powers to try and dissolve the tentacles.

<Bobby> While Eve could steal his powers, he had nowhere near the experience or control Bobby had through years of mastering his power. Bobby could reform the tentacles faster than Eve could dissolve them.

<Bobby> He formed and animated a double to face Eve. "Just how stupid are you?" the figure asked.

<Eve> "You are the fucker who took my wife!" Eve aimed an ice spike at the double. "We were supposed to be bros!"

<Bobby> "Oh yeah, bro, that would be before you went batshit crazy Waco on her." An ice spike? Really? The doppleganger absorbed the spike and reformed around it.

<Eve> Eve did the only logical thing he could next. He switched powers with Paige and quickly husked off his skin to reveal a metal man... with an oddly shaped pinky. "I was hoping you'd come find her." He jabbed his pinky into socket, not bothering to fight the tentacles anymore. He just let the electricity flow through his body. "Don't worry! I'll take care of her when you're gone.”

<Bobby> A smart-ass retort was already on the double's lips, but Bobby's own consciousness was everywhere in the room and saw Eve change and move for the outlet. He disengaged from the water in the room, transporting himself outside as inside the room his double screamed and died.

<Paige> Now that did worry Paige. "Bobby?!" She waddled toward him when she saw him reform outside.

<Eve> Inside, Eve laughed manically.

<Bobby> "I'm fine... get out of here. The keys are in the car, it's up there, about a mile." Bobby, barely reformed and a little shapeless from the close call with the electricity, almost sounded out of breath. He pointed to the main roadway, to the north. "Backup's on the way."

<Paige> Paige bit her lip. She didn't want to leave him, but a kick in her stomach reminded her that it wasn't just about her. She swallowed hard. "Be careful," she managed to get out, waddling off in the direction he had pointed.

<Eve> Eve leapt out the window, aiming to land on Bobby.

<Bobby> "Just move, baby," he said before Eve crashed through the window. His extra metalic weight bowled Bobby over and smashed his form.

<Paige> Paige bit down on her fist to keep her sob back. She had to listen to Bobby and hurry, though she wanted to turn back and go help him. It wasn't fair! This was supposed to be her fight, not his. She looked back to see Eve getting to his feet. Oh hell. She hurried faster.

<Eve> Eve kicked at Bobby's form, then started off after Paige. No way his hostage was getting away!

<Bobby> Just like his guns, Eve's metalic form first frosted over, then locked in place. Cracks formed as Eve struggled and then Bobby reformed in front of him. "I wouldn't put too much back into it, buddy. Remember Bruce?"

<Eve> All Eve could do was glare at Bobby, unable to move further.

<Bobby> "Thought so." Bobby turned to look for Paige, then back to Eve. "But unlike you, I learned my lesson from killing. SHIELD is coming for you." He smirked. "I don't need to threaten you, but I may as well. You ever come near Paige again, I might forget I'm a better man than you."

<Eve> Eve muttered under his breath at Bobby, but didn't bother to struggle.

<Paige> Paige was hurrying as fast as she could to the car, praying that Bobby would be alright as she speed walked.

<Bobby> SHIELD needed to hurry the fuck up, Bobby thought. With an internal sigh, he split his concentration and his consciousness to reform properly in front of Paige.

<Paige> Paige shrieked at the sudden form, but realizing it was Bobby, she move to hug him. "You're ok!?"

<Bobby> "I'm fine. You're okay, right?" Bobby decided she probably didn't care if he was naked, and shifted back to flesh to hug her, one hand moving between them to her belly. "You're both okay?"

<Paige> Paige nodded, presssing her hands on him to keep him close. "I think so... I'll have Scott check to make sure, but I think we're both just fine." She didn't waste more time talking. She pulled him down for a kiss.

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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:15 pm

Years later...

<Paige> The children all sat on the floor of the living room while Paige lay sleeping on the couch. James was busy keeping baby Madison from crying, hugging her and making her smile, while Junior was busy putting a puzzle together with Addi.

<Bobby> Bobby opened the door and blinked. It was... quiet. So quiet. Too, too quiet. It immediately put him on guard. He pocketed his keys and went inside.

<Paige> Junior looked up from his puzzle to check on his mommy. He moved to slide a blanket over her then sat back down with his sister. Addi almost whined at him for sitting on her puzzle piece, but the boys both made a quiet motion to her. She pouted.

<Bobby> Coming around the corner to the living room in a half-crouch, he straightened up when he saw the kids on the floor. Unable to see Paige on the sofa from his angle at the door, he frowned. "Where's mommy?"

<Paige> Three children immediately hissed, 'SHHHHHH!" at him. Addison ran to give her daddy a silent hug.

<Bobby> "Er, okay?" But he said it quietly and picked up his daughter, giving her a kiss on her cheek. "What's up?" Bobby came around the corner of the sofa and then looked down. Paige was on the sofa and the first thing to come to his mind wasn't good.

<Paige> "Mommy sick." Addi told her daddy, snuggling him. Junior piped up next with, "We're babysitting."

<Bobby> "Sick?" Bobby put her down and sent her back to her siblings with a light pat on the rear. He crouched next to the sofa and looked her over. Of course he could see her breathing, and his powers told him her body temperature was normal, but he smoothed back her hair, pressing his fingers to her neck anyway. "How long has she been here?"

<Paige> "Not long enough." Paige whispered to him, opening her eyes with a smile.

<Bobby> "Well hi!" Bobby smiled at her, immediately relieved. "Are you okay?"

<Paige> She tried to wave him off a bit with her hand. "I'm fiiiiine. Just tired." She moved to sit up, then immediately regretted it. She made a face. "Maybe a bit nauseous."

<Bobby> He frowned and made a matching face, pulling back from the kiss he had been about to give her. "You have something bad for lunch you think?"

<Paige> "I hope not. They'll be sick next if so." The idea of sick children on top of being sick was nearly enough to send her back to lying down. Paige shifted to rest her head against her husband.

<Bobby> Bobby stroked her hair, moving to sit next to her while the kids shot them glances, pretending they weren't watching them while they played. "Well, if that happens I can call in sick." He mock-coughed.

<Paige> Paige giggled a bit, softly, and snuggled into him a bit. "If I don't feel better tomorrow I should probably go see my doctor, yeah?"

<Bobby> "Yeah, definitely, baby." He slipped his arm around her and held her closer, kissing her forehead. "You've been feeling okay up until today, right?"

<Paige> "Been tired, but four kids, that happens. I only felt sick since this morning."

<Bobby> "Yeah." He kept petting her hair, then paused. "Well it's not something you ate then if it's been since this morning."

<Paige> "Well that's a good point." Paige sighed and kissed his cheek. "I'm just glad you're home now."

<Bobby> "And I'm impressed the wild monkey band over there let you take a nap." He pitched his voice to carry to the kids. "Think that deserves some ice cream tonight or something."

<Paige> Paige wasn't sure who was more excited about that: her or the kids. She laughed happily, scooping Madison up in her arms for snuggles. "Ice cream sounds like a wonderful idea, Daddy."

<Bobby> "Wooo, ice cream!" Bobby cheered along with the kids, and tickled Madison, and mommy for good measure.

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Re: What If: Candyland Connections

Post by Slarti » Wed Dec 26, 2012 9:15 pm

Six months later

<Paige> Paige readjusted Madison on her hip and sighed. Why, why, why, had she waited to deposit those checks rather than have Bobby do it? She eyed her three walking children that stuck out around her rather pregnant belly and smiled at then. The boys kept a good hold on Addison, which allowed Paige to focus on the baby.

<Paige> While they waited, Paige glanced around to see if anyone else was stupid enough to bring multiple children, or any children at all, to the bank. There was one other mother with her well behaved toddler leaving. Paige instantly envied her being through with the trip.

<Paige> It was unclear whether Paige turned her head at the same time as the gunshot or if she turned her head because of it. A man with a Halloween mask on his face was holding the gun, pointing it in the air. He barked out orders for people to get down and stay down.

<Paige> Paige pushed her children back to the nearby wall and carefully tried to sit down with them. Thinking fast she 'accidentally' dialed Bobby then shoved her phone to the bottom of her purse. She squeezed James and Addison's hands and whispered to them all, "Keep very very quiet and do not mention your daddy at all. Do you understand?" They all nodded wide eyed.

<Paige> Paige glanced back at the men to see one of them with fire in his hands. Great. Now her children would be scared of mutants.

<Bobby> Bobby was already in the city, doing a public appearance with his fellow SWORD members. Normally carrying a phone would be frowned upon, but Darren wasn't known for following the rules himself, so nobody minded. Bobby was however surprised when the phone in its hidden pocket went off.

<Bobby> Normally, he preferred to stay in ice form in these PR things... it made him harder to recognize and approach. But he shifted, to many flashbulbs, when he saw it was Paige.

<Bobby> When she didn't answer, however, Darren's eye roll turned to concern at the look on Bobby's face. "Paige? Paige?" He tried again, then listened. He heard... movement. Background noise... but he couldn't make it out.

<Paige> The man with the gun fired it again, which made all four children start crying, with the girls screaming. Paige tried to quiet them down quickly, but she wasn't quick enough. They had drawn attention. The mutant with fire approached them.

<Bobby> Pulling Selene aside, he asked her to reach out to Paige, just to make sure it was a pocket dial. And if it was, he was so never letting her live it down. Bobby smirked and waited for Selene to find his wife's mind.

<Paige> Paige was quick to push the scene into Selene's mind, including the man yelling at her to keep her kids quiet. Paige hugged her girls to her and tried to apologize, "They are just children. They're scared."

<Bobby> When Selene described the scene, everyone cursed. "Okay, gotta cut this short everyone, duty calls," Darren announced to the crowd and turned with his orders, but Bobby was already gone.

<Paige> "You're coming with me." The guy grabbed her arm, which made the three children beside her cry out. When his hand turned to flames, James pulled Addi to his lap to hold onto her. Paige pulled on the guy to have help getting to her feet. She gave her children a smile, telling them, "It's alright. Mommy will be right back. Listen to Jim." She went with the guy, at least relieved that he was leaving them alone.

<Bobby> This was personal now, and Bobby had shed the uniform to shift to vapor - it was the fastest way to travel, and within seconds he was at their bank.

<Paige> The men kept Paige between them and the window as they tried to clear out the vault. Nobody would shoot a pregnant lady with a baby, right?

<Paige> Paige bounced a bit, then shifted to bounce just Madison to soothe her again. She glanced back over at her kids, then watched the men. If only they weren't in masks, she could identify them in a lineup. She shuddered a bit at the guy grinning at her, holding the gun on her.

<Bobby> Always with the guns. The gun held by the man by Paige grew cold in the man's hand, the metal soon frosting over and then cracking from the intensity and splintering apart, shards flying into the man's hands. Across the bank, the other robbers' guns were doing the same.

<Paige> The man closest to Paige grabbed her to use as a shield as the mutant with fire approached, ready to roast somebody. "What's going on?"

<Bobby> Oh hell no, you did not just grab his wife. He suffocated the flames, then, realizing that man was the most pressing danger, lowered the mutant's body temperature until the man crumpled.

<Paige> Relieved to be free, Paige moved for her other children, ready to get them out of there.

<Paige> A rather large man left the safe with his bag, confused as to where his buddies went. "What the hell!?" He tried to make a run for it.

<Bobby> Bobby tried his trick on this man too, but quickly realized he must be a mutant as well when he didn't fall. Well, hell. He reformed, swirling into a mist and then his transparent ice form. Before he had even finished forming, he took a swing at the guy.

<Paige> Paige got her kids to their feet and ushered them out the door quickly so Bobby could deal with the guys.

<Paige> The guy stopped at the swing and turned around, roaring. He launched at whatever he could see.

<Bobby> Bobby allowed the guy to shatter his form and lose his balance, reforming again behind him. Stretching his shape, he towered over the big man and grabbed him in an icy chokehold.

<Paige> "I want Dadddy..." Addison whined, crying as Paige ushered them out the door.

<Paige> The man gagged for air as he was choked.

<Bobby> It was just enough to break his concentration for a moment, and the big man found purchase on his arm and threw Bobby against the safe door, shattering him again into a million pieces.

<Paige> Paige had never been so glad to see police cars show up. She moved her kids toward the patrol cars to get them out of range if one of the mutants woke up.

<Paige> The big guy laughed and made a run out the back again, thinking Bobby was dead.

<Bobby> Now he was just pissed, shifting again to vapor to catch up to the man. When he did, Bobby formed a block of ice around the man, encasing him to his neck, then reforming in front of him, arms crossed. "Just chill, dude," he winked.

<Paige> Paige wasn't having as easy of a time as Bobby was. Addison was having an all out meltdown. Paige sat Jim down with the baby so she could hold Addi and try to get her to stop crying.

<Bobby> The police were here, and so was the rest of his team now, and Bobby endured a brief tongue-lashing from Darren and received his uniform upside his head. After redressing and shifting, Bobby returned to the front of the bank.

<Paige> As usual, Addi was the first one to see Bobby. She bolted for him, causing Paige to shout in surprise.

<Bobby> "Heeey, princess!" Bobby saw the girl coming and caught her halfway to Paige, scooping her up for a hug and kiss as the girl cried and babbled on him.

<Bobby> Closing the distance to his wife, he wrapped his other arm around her. "Are you guys all okay?"

<Paige> Paige hid her face against him, so relieved that he was there. Junior puffed up a bit. "We weren't scared!"

<Bobby> "I bet you weren't. Big brave superhero kids. You did really good, guys." Bobby kissed Paige on top of the head and leaned down to whisper to her. "Are you okay?"

<Paige> "I will be." She mumbled back, staying close to him. She reminded herself that she had been an X-Man at one point. She was also quick to tell that thought that she hadn't had children then. She stole a proper kiss from her husband, not even noticing that the press had showed up.

<Bobby> The bulb flashed just as he returned the kiss, the family huddled together outside the bank.

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