What If...: The Ones that Got Away

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Chaos » Wed Dec 26, 2012 10:09 pm



<Hope> Hope winced as her unborn child got a good shot at her kidney. "Damnit child. I told you not to kick there. Don't make me come in there.... oh sassy today are we? How about some hot wings for that one." She grumbled, starting to prepare said hot wings. The heartburn would make her regret it later, but it would be sooo good.

<@Eddie> "O-oh...you're talking to that again....", Eddie smirked, peeking his head around the door, "Er...we're out of cola. Just so you know.", he mentioned before slipping back into the lounge to play Skyrim.

<Hope> The toaster went flying at Eddie's head. "Get your own fucking cokes!"

<@Eddie> Eddie spun around, catching the toaster, "Woah, what the hell?!", his expression was one of complete bemusement, "Lucky for Spider-Sense or I'd have a hole back there; I was only mentioning it! I wouldn't send YOU out for them! Jesus!"

<Hope> "You know I can't drink them until your mutant spawn forces it's way out of my fucking vagina! Just rub it in ass!"

<@Eddie> "Yeeeeah: nope.", Eddie deadpanned, leaving the toaster on the counter and returning to the lounge again.

<Hope> "That's what I thought!" Hope stabbed the chicken, then burst into tears. This sucked so bad!

<@Eddie> Returning again, Eddie approached her side, "Hope, a-are you ok?", he hesitated before touching her, "Talk to me."

<Hope> "No I'm not ok! I'm fat, I can't see my feet, our child keeps attacking me, and I'm hungry!" She wiped her eyes, hugging him as best she could with the baby bump.

<@Eddie> "Hey! You are not fat, that's just stupid bastard down there taking up space.", Eddie kissed her cheek, rubbing her back as he held her, "Second, when the little shit gets out, you can give 'em a slap for it - ground him for a week after he gets his first car, I dunno..."

<@Eddie> Eddie moved back to look at her, "And thirdly, I will make you something tasty right now, ok? You, on the other hand, are gonna go and sit down while I prepare you lunch, then run you a calming bath, 'k?"

<Hope> Hope couldn't help but smile a little and kiss him. "Ok..." She sighed a little. "I love you, you know that?" She rested her forehead against him, breathing him in.

<@Eddie> "I love you too, beautiful lady.", he smiled, kissing her forehead, "Now come on, take a seat and I'll make you something good, hm?", Eddie lead her into the lounge, "Go on, sit: maybe decide whether I kill the Emperor of Cyrodill, hm?",

<Hope> "Kill that bastard." Hope grinned at him, going to take a seat. "You should be a good Nord anyway. Stormcloaks all the waaaaaaay!"

<@Eddie> Eddie shrugged, "Then do it; I'm off to make tastiness.", he winked, wandering off to prepare Hope something good.

<Hope> "Thank you baby." Hope smiled and lingered in the doorway before going to claim the X-box. "FOR NARNIA! Oh wait..."

<@Eddie> --- Time Passes ---

<Hope> Hope eased herself into the tub and sighed with relief. All of her aches would soon be gone. She nestled down into the water, sighing again. She totally had the best husband ever. Ever. She smiled to herself and closed her eyes.

<@Eddie> The door creaked slightly, "Hey!", Eddie whispered in the dim candle light, "I er...I made you some herbal tea - decaf, 'cause I'm not totally useless.", he smiled.

<Hope> "Eddie..." Hope opened her eyes to look at him. "You aren't useless at all... you're very helpful. I'm sorry I snapped." She reached out her hand for his free one.

<@Eddie> Kneeling beside her, Eddie took her hand gently, "No, no....don't be, baby. It's fine.", he assured her, kissing her hand, "I love you. That and you being ok is all I care about."

<Hope> "I'm ok now... I just... lose it a lot easier than normal... Doctor said something about hormones?" She rubbed her forehead. "I'm ok, really."

<@Eddie> "Then that's all that matters.", he offered her the carved cup, "Remember this cup, by the way? When you used my Dad's power for the first time?", he laughed..

<Hope> Hope blushed slightly at the memory. "Yeah... it's always tough the first time. I can't believe you kept that." She took the cup carefully, taking a sip.

<@Eddie> Eddie grinned, "It was hilarious: that Chinese man was like 'You buy! You buy now pretty lady!'.", he shuddered, "Scary bastard...what the hell was with that beard!?"

<Hope> Hope laughed at him. "I know right?! Strange old man. At least he knew I was pretty." She smiled smugly. "Everyone should know that."

<@Eddie> "Hurr-durr: have you SEEN yourself?", he stroked her hair, "Amazed you didn't get YOURSELF pregnant: I'd have hit that if I saw it in the mirror.", Eddie pondered that sentence to himself, "...I DID hit that..."

<Hope> "You did hit that!" Hope laughed at him, pulling him in for a kiss. "Now how about you get in here with me. Plenty of room."

<@Eddie> Nodding, Eddie stood, pulling off his shirt, "Glad you asked: lived on the couch all day - grossness!", he winced, smiling as he cast his shirt aside, going for his trouser buttons.

<Hope> "I prefer getting you dirty to getting you clean, but this is a good second choice." Hope moved over to make more room for him, though the tub really was huge.

<@Eddie> Slipping into the bath alongside her, and sighing at the blissful elevation of temperature, Eddie hummed in reply, "And I do love getting dirty by your hand, legs, mouth, whichever you prefer whenever.", he smirked, "God, this was such a good idea...."

<Hope> "Yes it was. You are a genius yourself, you know that Mr. Stark?" She kissed him, setting her tea aside. "An absolute genius. And that lunch you made? Delicious. As always."

<@Eddie> Eddie kissed her back, motioning to get behind and hold Hope, "Bitches don't know about the Brock Chicken Salad. My Dad told me that it's my destiny to make the world a better place by sharing it.", he kissed her neck, "But I think that can stay in the family, just for us..."

<Hope> "Hey, by keeping your wife happy, you are making the world a better place." She smirked up at him, running her hands over his legs. "At least, you are helping my dad's image since I'm not out on a rage spree."

<@Eddie> "Oh, my God, your Dad....", Eddie sighed, "....he's so cool."

<Hope> Hope laughed at him, relaxing against him with her eyes closed. "Yeah... he really is. But I think you're pretty cool too."

<@Eddie> "But nobody's cooler than you, baby.", Eddie nodded, holding her gently, "We're just the best family in the world."

<Hope> "Obviously so. I mean, I'm super awesome, and you're the best husband in the world. It was meant to be.... you know... I never thought I would have kids either."

<@Eddie> Kissing her neck again, Eddie smiled, "I didn't think I'd ever meet someone so perfect. Every second with you is a gift; toaster projectiles and doomsday scenarios aside.", he joked, "I love you, my Hope and dreams."

<Hope> "Those scenarios are real, man! They are real!" She turned her head to kiss him. "I love you too, babe." Hope nestled into his neck, content and happy.

<@Eddie> "Real, but small.", Eddie assured her, relaxing back, "Compared to our love."

<Hope> "I don't know about that... I think they are pretty big." She argued.

<@Eddie> Eddie scoffed, "Never stopped me.", he curled around her tighter, "Nothing ever could."

<Hope> "Yeah because you're big fancy super hero. I'm just Hope."

<@Eddie> "There's no 'just' about it; you're Hope Stark. My wife, the reason for all I do and the mother of my child.", Eddie exhaled softly against her shoulder, "That's the single most important thing. To me, anyway."

<Hope> "You're the most important person in the world to me. You and your mutant spawn." She kissed on his neck. "But he's not here yet, so just you!"

<@Eddie> Eddie cuddled her, shivering at the kiss with happiness, "He can wait; now, you're all mine...."

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Chaos » Sat Dec 29, 2012 5:56 pm



<Hope> Hope was not thrilled with parenting class. She had her arms crossed on her chest, hating parenting class. Even when parenting class was over she hated parenting class. She glanced to Eddie from her seat as people got up to start milling around. If anyone tried to talk to her about the joys of childbirth, she was going to deck them.

<@Eddie> Smiling at the other men and women, Eddie turned to Hope, smile fading, ".....oh, for God's sake, try and be happy!", he smirked, nudging her, "Come on, it's not all that bad! Caroline and George over there are happy enough!", he waved to the two in question.

<Hope> "I'd be happier if I wasn't having to give birth. Why have we not invented a better way of extracting spawn?" Hope mused over there. Surely a Stark could fix this problem. "And that is because they are crazy. Crazy crazy people."

<@Eddie> Eddie grimaced as he noticed that Caroline may very well have heard that - few other things in the bright, child-friendly room could have had that effect on someone's facial expression, "Subtle as a brick to the teeth(!)", he murmured, shaking his head, "Hope, you could get a C-section? Hell, you could have the baby put in me technically!", he bit his lip, "Waitwaitwait, forget that. Seriously, forget I even suggested that."

<Hope> "Oh come on! That's a great idea!" Hope was happy now. She took Eddie's hand with a smile. "You'd make such a lovely mother too, Eddie."

<@Eddie> "Fucking diiiiiiiiiiiiie.", he groaned, "Hope, seriously, the baby'd probably get hurt in transit."

<Hope> Hope laughed at him and shoved him gently. "You know I'm messing with you. I have to have some fun with this."

<@Eddie> "We're bringing a life into the world, babe; can't you try and enjoy that?", Eddie asked her, half honestly worried she wasn't doing so, "Hope, I really, really think this is special."

<Hope> Hope resisted the urge to glare with all her might. Her immediate answer would have been no, but he had to go on about how it was special. "Oh it's special alright..." She sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. "Fine."

<@Eddie> Eddie sighed, standing up, "Oh, we are so not going down this road again...", he rubbed his face with both hands.

<Hope> "What do you expect, Eddie? I'm not going to take happy pills and suddenly be cracktasticly excited about this." She eyed that couple across the room. That was totally what they had done.

<@Eddie> "I shouldn't have expected any more than this...", Eddie confessed, stepping away to get himself a drink of water from the cooler in the room, wishing with every step he took closer to it that it contained whiskey.

<Hope> Hope rolled her eyes and crossed her arms again, tapping her foot. He could be as happy as he damn well wanted. He didn't have to carry the damn kid or birth it. Yay for him! And Hope hurried to the bathroom.

<@Eddie> Finishing but a sip of water, Eddie turned to see her dash away, "Oooooh, shit.", he put the cup down, following after her.

<Hope> Hope was so tired of her body rebelling against it. It just added insult to injury that she didn't want to have a kid. Now she couldn't even keep food in her body. She sighed and moved to wash her face.

<@Eddie> Eddie stood outside the bathroom, knocking on the door after a few minutes, "Hope? A-are you alright?", he frowned, feeling a sick pang of guilt for being upset at her.

<Hope> "Yeah... I'll be fine." She half lied. Once she was presentable again, she opened the door, actually moving to hug him.

<@Eddie> He held her back gently, "Hope, I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry.....", he breathed her in, snuggling into her shoulder, "...I'm scared too, but I want this to be a happy time for us so much...."

<Hope> "It's going to take me time... I'm still not positive I can do this. I mean, physically, yes, I can do this, but I mean... DO this... you know what I mean?" She sighed a bit. She was already nuts.

<@Eddie> "Yeah....I get you.", Eddie assured her, kissing her forehead, "I'll stop being so overbearing, ok? It's stupid, I guess...."

<Hope> "You're allowed to be excited... I would be too if I didn't have to do the actual child bearing... maybe... I don't know. Kids are.. scary." Hope rested her head against him, feeling better than she had during the stupid class.

<@Eddie> Eddie laughed dryly, "Well, you can just absorb my power, then kill your nerve endings so you can't feel any pain, right? Or just transform into ink and separate yourself from the baby?", he moved back to look at her, "Or - this is what I'd do - take aaaallllll the drugs!", he joked.

<Hope> Hope laughed at him and ran her fingers through his hair. "How about just some ice cream? With sprinkles. And hot fudge. And a cherry."

<@Eddie> "Anything for you, baby...", he smiled, running a thumb over her cheek, "This place reeks of disinfectant...", he glanced over to the door, gesturing to it with his head before starting towards it himself.

<Hope> Hope was quick to take his hand for the walk. "What would you like for dinner anyway?"

<@Eddie> Eddie pondered the question; Tony Stark's credit card didn't exactly have a logical cap on it, so there were a lot of places open to them, "Er........ah, hmn...", he thought on it in hums, opening the door up and stepping onto the streets with Hope in tow, "Erm...."

<Hope> "Sit down, take out, drive in?" She asked staying snuggled up to him. "Eddie?" She glanced up at him.

<@Eddie> "What?", he looked at her with a raised eyebrow, "D'you have something in mind or...?"

<Hope> "I just wanted to tell you that I'm glad I'm with you. That's all."

<@Eddie> For a moment, Eddie let the words sink in before beaming at her with a blush, "I....t-thanks, I...kinda like to hear you say that.", he grinned, scratching his head with a finger, "Sorry....I clam up really bad..."

<Hope> "Such a girl." She kissed his cheek with a smirk. "How about a cheeseburger?"

<@Eddie> "Y-yeah...", he laughed sheepishly at the kiss, snuggling against her, "I er....I'm always frightened you'll just get bored and leave me. I'm...kinda not so great.", Eddie sighed, "I mean, when you and I first....you know....I worried you'd just say 'nope' and be done with me forever..."

<Hope> "And here I thought I was the insecure one in this relationship..." Hope laced her fingers through his. "I'm not leaving you. I love you."

<@Eddie> Eddie smiled at her grip, running a finger over their engagement ring, "And I love you, too, sweet. But....well, come on; you're Hope Stark, I....I always figured you'd want someone cool and fun, like....", he thought for a moment, "I dunno....just....someone else. You could have had anyone...", he rested his head against hers.

<@Eddie> "Not a day goes by that I don't thank God I was lucky enough to be the one you chose.", he admitted.

<Hope> "I feel the same way... even when we fight, which is a lot sometimes, I'm still glad. You are the only reason I can do this. And I know I'm awesome, and I totally picked the best man to be my husband."

<@Eddie> With a shy smile, Eddie looked at her again, "Really? You could have gotten with, like, Johnny or....I don't know, Reed?", he stopped, "No, wait, Reed's gay....I-I mean....", he sighed again, "...y-you really think I'm the best?"

<Hope> "Ewwwwww that would be like, kissing your brother! Gross!" Hope made a face at him.

<@Eddie> "You didn't answer my question!", Eddie protested, "Do you really think that?", he asked, half seriously wanting to hear her as they approached a Burger King. He glanced up at the sign, gesturing to it with a thumb.

<Hope> Hope stopped to look at him. "I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it. Now can we get food? Your child is starving."

<@Eddie> Eddie smiled, brow furrowing a little, "You're such a wordsmith(!)", he rolled his eyes, opening the door of the restaurant for her, "After you?"

<Hope> Hope smirked and stepped inside. "I had to get something from Tony after all." She waited for him before heading to the counter.

<@Eddie> "You know I'd have preferred the beard to the bedside manner?", he joked, wrapping his arm around her as he scanned the menus, "Let's see....what does my spawn point you to, hm?"

<Hope> Hope elbowed him for that one, shooting him a glare. "Double cheeseburger, plain and dry." She glanced around them out of habit, checking for idiots.

<@Eddie> Eddie laughed at her response, waking with her to order, "Hey.", he addressed the worker, who looked quite happy - a reassurance for any customer in such an establishment, "One....no, two double cheeseburgers, no sauces. Make those meals, with a Pepsi and an Orange juice?", he raised a finger, "Aaaand don't tell me you 'can't have Orange juice' with a meal - my wife's pregnant and I do not need it..."

<@Eddie> The worker actually laughed, nodding as he went about fixing their order. Eddie looked at Hope, "See? If you warn them first rather than biting their heads off, nobody needs to die!"

<Hope> "Where's the fun in that?" Hope stole a small nuzzle from him then rested her head against him as they waited. "And thank you for making sure I got orange juice. It sounds delicious."

<@Eddie> "That last time was not fun.", Eddie insisted, fingers running through her hair, "Honestly, it was the worst! I thought you were gonna slap him one! This guy seems nice, so I don't want to unleash 'The Messiah' on him!"

<Hope> "No sense of adventure." Hope teased him, stealing a fry once it was put onto the tray in front of them. "But I do love you."

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Glad to bloody hear it! Amount of trouble you get me into, I expect something back!", he gestured to the credit card reader, "Wanna get Daddy to take care of that?", he shuddered after speaking, "Oh....oh, wow, that sentence..."

<Hope> "You know you wouldn't trade me in for anything in this world. But... that feels so wrong.... and dirty. You must never say that again. Ever." Hope shuddered, but swiped her Stark card. "Ever...."

<@Eddie> "I promise.", he agreed, lifting the tray in one hand and nodding to the seating areas, "Pick a table, sexy lady."

<Hope> Hope glanced around the room and selected a table away from the few other people in the dining room. "Over there." She headed that way, sliding into the seat when she got there.

<@Eddie> Sitting down, Eddie rested their food down, glancing over his shoulder at all the people who seemed to note how remarkably he'd not dropped anything on the way there, holding a full tray with two beverages and food with one hand. "Yeeeah, I should stop using my powers so obviously.", he grinned.

<Hope> "I don't see the point in hiding who you are. If they don't like it, it is their problem, not ours. Hope took another fry and one of the burgers.

<@Eddie> "Well, yeah. But....come on, it wouldn't kill us all to be a little...", Eddie chewed a few fries, thinking of a word, "...accommodating!"

<Hope> Hope rolled her eyes at him. "I am not going to downplay who and what I am just because it makes people uncomfortable. And you know why? They invade my life. I'm surprised the paparazzi isn't here already."

<@Eddie> Eddie gave her a scrutinizing look, "Why is it you despise everything?", he frowned, sipping at his drink, "I don't get it, Hope. I-I mean to an extent I agree but....", he shrugged.

<Hope> "I don't despise everything. I despise people taking advantage of my life so that they can sell newspapers. I despise people taking advantage of you so that they can sell newspapers."

<@Eddie> "But the people who buy them do have respect for us!", he sat forward, "I-I mean....how about that girl; Screwball, right? She thinks we're amazing! There are kids out there who wear 'Team Venom' shirts who really believe in us, Hope."

<Hope> "Eddie. I'm not talking about fans of the x-men. I'm talking about us. Eddie and Hope and our kid."

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Ooooooh! I-I completely....wow, I missed that by a mile.", he laughed, finishing another handful of fries and tearing the packaging around his own burger, "Sorry..."

<Hope> "It's ok... I still love you." She kissed his cheek with a smile. "I just... what happens if they try to come after our baby? I don't want another Lindbergh baby..."

<@Eddie> "What? Hope, nobody's gonna steal my child - not unless they want me to form my own bloody X-Force.", Eddie grinned, taking a bite out of his sandwich, "But that's something to wonder....when she's old enough, where's she gonna study?"

<Hope> "Wherever he wants to." Hope told him with a smirk, taking a bite of her own burger. "I mean... assuming he's a mutant, I would assume Xavier's, but it's wherever."

<@Eddie> Eddie shook his head, "Y-you're not seriously thinking of sending out kid to Xavier's?"

<Hope> "Why wouldn't I?"

<@Eddie> "Because it's where every disaster in the world lives!", he responded, "I don't want our child going through what we did! How's that good parenting? We know what happens there, the horrible things that could happen to her - how can we?"

<Hope> "It was the first place I called home." Hope reminded him. "If our kid wants to go there and be a hero, he will damn well go there and be a hero."

<@Eddie> He frowned in response, going back to his food and looking away.

<Hope> Hope glanced at him, then went back to her own food. "That's like, 20 years from now... let's argue about it then, not now."

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, remaining silent as he chewed it over.

<Hope> That earned him an eyeroll. She sat back in her seat, sipping on her juice. She missed sodas.

<@Eddie> "The only reason I mentioned it...", he spoke up, "...is because I don't want to put him, her, whatever, through what WE went through.", Eddie looked up at her, "You understand, right?"

<Hope> "Of course I do, but I don't think that's our decision to make."

<@Eddie> He sighed, "You're right...'course you are.", he nodded again, "Just...I'm sorry, alright? I love you. Both of you. And I wanna keep you both safe."

<Hope> "I know you do..." Hope slid her hand into his. I'

<Hope> "I'm just trying to be realistic is all. Two superheroes for parents... you know he's going to want that too."

<@Eddie> "Guess I'll have to pass the torch, huh?", Eddie smiled at her, giving her hand a little squeeze, "Man....imagine me without the hero mantle, hm?"

<Hope> "No, that will never happen. You'll always be a hero to me." Hope rested her head against his shoulder, keeping her hand in his. She laced their fingers together with a sigh.

<@Eddie> "Even if I end up with greying hair?", he shuddered, "And saggy balls?"

<Hope> Hope made a face at him. "I said you'd be my hero...." she never said anything about touching saggy balls. "But I'll love you the same."

<@Eddie> Eddie laughed, leaning against her shoulder, "And I'll love you; even though you throw toasters at me.", he smirked, kissing her cheek and resting a hand on her bump, "And you, creature..."

<Hope> "Oh my gosh, one time..." Hope laughed at him, taking a kiss. "I'm sure your spawn loves you too. I know I sure do."

<@Eddie> "If it doesn't, we'll give it to Wade for a week.", he joked, "Wade'll fix it."

<Hope> Hope shuddered at that thought. "That s a terrifying thought. Baby, you better love your daddy! It is a horrible fate that awaits you if you do not."

<@Eddie> Leaning down to her bump, Eddie muttered, "I'm serious.", with a smile, before coming back up to kiss Hope, "God, I'm so lucky to be with you."

<Hope> "Yes, yes you are." Hope teased him, kissing him again. "I'm lucky to be with you too though."

<@Eddie> Eddie grinned, looking at his burger, before taking another bite out of it. still smiling as he swallowed, "Oh, my God: w-what about, like, powers? What if it ends up with my power? Mine sucks!"

<Hope> Hope shrugged a bit. "Kid has to be born first. One thing at a time."

<@Eddie> "I know! I know.", Eddie shook his head, "Overbearing Eddie alert(!)"

<Hope> "It's a good thing you're cute." Hope kissed the tip of his nose.

<@Eddie> Sighing and resting his head on hers, Eddie smiled, "Yep.", he agreed, "Are you done? Shall we return to 'Sky Base'?"

<Hope> "You are such a nerd." Hope smiled at him, getting to her feet. "To the Sky Base!"

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, standing up, "Dibs Captain Scarlett.", he finished his burger, stretching and adjusting his coat.

<Hope> Hope held out her hand to him, waiting for him to take it before she would start on their walk home.

<@Eddie> His hand linked with hers, leading her outside and in the direction of their home, "That's something else; I was wondering, does your Dad have us followed?", Eddie looked over his shoulder, "Got this weird feeling about SUVs and stuff..."

<Hope> "Well... yeah... I also have a panic button. If anything happened to me, they would have their asses handed to them."

<@Eddie> "....are you serious?", Eddie's grip on her hand loosened, "Seriously...", he looked around - were they close? "E-erm....i-it's just...dude, that's fucking creepy!"

<Hope> Hope gave him an odd look. "Do you know how many crazies would love to kidnap the president's pregnant daughter and use her against him?" She rolled her eyes and kept walking without him.

<@Eddie> "W-well, yeah! But....you know, I can take care of you!", he nodded, beating his chest with a fist and grinning, "They haven't invented anything that can take me on.", he sniggered.

<Hope> "Mmm I can take you on." Hope grinned at him, wrapping her arm around him. "Take you on right to bed that is."

<@Eddie> Eddie laughed, holding her closer, "I hope your Dad listens in on this later...", he gave her a squeeze, kissing her forehead, "Honestly, could you imagine how boring your sex life'd be with.....just about anyone else?"

<Hope> "It would be impossible to top our sex life." Hope snuggled into him as they walked, a smile plastered on her face.

<@Eddie> "Ssssooooo, when we get home.....", he dared to elude, a sly smirk creeping across his face, "....I mean, here we are, you talking like this...our house down the way..."

<Hope> "I suppose I could be talked into it." She smirked back at him, staying close and snuggled up.

<@Eddie> "Oooooh, my God, today is awesome...", Eddie sighed, leaning on his fiancee, "Why is Illyana not here so we can 'port home!?"

<Hope> "Well... can't you get us home any sooner?"

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Yes. Yes I can.", he took her hand and led her into an alleyway, morphing his body into his organic costume before scooping Hope into his arms, "Ready, gorgeous?"

<Hope> "For you? Always!" Hope held onto his neck and kissed his cheek.

<@Eddie> Holding her tight, and blushing behind his mask at the kiss, Eddie leapt into the air, jogging up a wall and kicking off it, extending whip-like black tendrils from his back to web his way across the skyline rather than using his hands.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Chaos » Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:01 pm



<Hope> Hope curled up with her latest book and her cup of Peppermint Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. Eddie had made a special trip just for her before he left for patrol. She smiled and snuggled down into her blanket in her chair by the fire.

<@Eddie> An unexpected knock at the door bought an abrupt end to the miliseconds of peace. Unsettling the still air with every impatient tap at the door. Whoever it was, they weren't alone. Muffled arguing could be heard from beyond the wooden door.

<Hope> Making a face at the disruption, Hope set her book aside and moved to check the peep hole. She let out a cry of surprise when the door opened up in front of her. She stumbled back, catching herself on the edge of the couch. "The hell!?" Her fingers fumbled for the panic button she always carried until her eyes landed on Phil and Stan in the hallway, on the floor. Well shit.

<@Eddie> A surpressed handgun met her eye level as one of the balaclava-clad men stepped in. The others fanned out, securing the room, "Check the windows, lock them up.", the one with the weapon raised at Hope stepped forward, "Scream?", he aimed down at her stomach, "And the child goes first."

<Hope> Defiantly Hope released the button on the panic button, raising her hands in the air. And she was having such a good night too. "What do you want?"

<@Eddie> "Whatever your Dad's gonna offer.", the man replied nonchalantly, gesturing her to sit with his weapon idly, "Go on, siddown...", another man approached him, whispering into his ear, "Hm...this was easier than expected."

<Hope> Hope sized up the guys. Nobody with familiar powers was close enough to borrow from, and Eddie might kill her if she risked anything with the baby. She scowled despite herself and took her seat. Tony was going to be so pissed.

<@Eddie> The pistol-wielding man (who looked to be the leader) sat down across from her, helping himself to her drink, "Ack! Peppermint?", he put it down, "I'm much more of a plain Chocolate man myself..."

<Hope> "If I had the foresight to know you were coming, I'd have put Arsenic in it."

<@Eddie> "Cute...hm...", the man frowned behind his mask before shrugging and giving her a smack with the butt of his pistol, "How about the next time I shoot you in the kneecap, hm?"

<@Eddie> One of the other men looked over his shoulder, sniggering and nudging a third, "She's already pregnant, we could always just screw the money and have a go with her, eh?"

<@Eddie> "She is pretty good lookin'...", came the voice of another, scowering the kitchen.

<Hope> Hope slumped over, holding her head where the pistol had been. Somebody needed to come near the house. She needed a power! For once in her life though, Hope kept her mouth shut. This was going to end very badly... she just hoped it was for them and not her.

<@Eddie> The man with the pistol hummed, tapping the barrel of the gun against his chin, "Erm....oook: shall we take votes?", he looked around at the other men in the room, "Who wants to make the call now, who wants to actually DO that first?", his callous approach to the topic made the room seem somehow colder.

<@Eddie> "I vote we fuck her.", said one of the men, another laughed and nodded.

<Hope> She sat up again, sizing them up again, this time checking for weapons. Was it just the one? That would be easy enough to take. She glanced at the others. Surely they were armed too... but they were pretty stupid. She resisted the urge to snap fingers off of the hand that touched her cheek.

<Hope> "I vote for that too," He said with a grin.

<@Eddie> "So that's....", the first man counted, "Pretty much all of you but me?", he shrugged, "Alright, you.", he snapped his fingers to a man at the window, "Gimmie the automatic. I'll sit here, you guys....take her through there in the bedroom or something."

<@Eddie> The men moved to get Hope up, "Oh, one of you stays at the window: you can switch up when you've....you know..."

<Hope> Hope put as much of her weight downward as she could, making it harder for them to lift her up. He had said not to scream, but there were plenty of ways to resist without screaming. Where was Bobby or Eddie?! Didn't either of them get the alert?! For the first time, she really hated the limitations of her power.

<@Eddie> "Hold on: I'm gonna use the bathroom.", one of them said, departing for it and closing the door.

<@Eddie> "Seriously?"

<@Eddie> "Yeah: gonna make sure I'm all cleaned up!"

<@Eddie> The other men enjoyed a laugh, "Hurry it up, tinkerbell!", came another's voice as he gripped Hope's wrist, gun pointed at her stomach, "Dying for some of this!"

<Hope> Hope glared at him. He'd think dying when she could get ahold of some powers. "Must be horrible to know that the only way you can get some is to rape."

<@Eddie> "Ugh...I'm gonna shoot her. Can I shoot her?"

<@Eddie> The man sniffing Hope's beverage placed it down and approached her, planting his pistol against her shoulder, "Boss?"

<@Eddie> "Ugh....fine. Shoot her. In the leg though, ok?"

<@Eddie> "The leg? What if she starts giving birth!?"

<@Eddie> The man holding Hope took a look at her, "Naaaah, I'd say the shoulder's best."

<@Eddie> "Fine. The fucking shoulder. Just shoot her and shut up! And James, call the fucking embassy!"

<@Eddie> The man with the pistol laughed a little, squeezing the trigger of his surpressed handgun against Hope's shoulder.

<Hope> There was no stopping the screaming as the bullet tore through her body. Eddie... Eddie hadn't made it in time. She was on her own. She pressed her fingers to the blood on her shoulder as he knees stopped supporting her weight. Plan. Plan. Plan. She needed a plan. Fast! And before she bled out all over her floor.

<@Eddie> There was a muffled noise from the bathroom. Something horrific followed: a scream halted by a sick twisting and crackling.

<@Eddie> The men's laughter suddenly fell silent. One of them stood slowly, looking over at the bathroom, "....Rick? Rick!"

<@Eddie> There was no response. a pool of blood seeped from beneath the door, causing all the men to raise their weapons suddenly.

<Hope> She hoped to God that was Eddie or Bobby. She couldn't focus enough to figure out who it was or what power they had. She couldn't focus at all. She cried silently as she moved away from the men, staying off of her injured shoulder. She wasn't as lucky as she had hoped. The nearest one to her pulled her up, wrapping one arm around her to use her as a shield from whoever was in that bathroom.

<@Eddie> "....", the 'leader' of the armed men looked around at the others, "Someone check the fucking bathroom then?", he urged them. Reluctantly, two agreed, one pinning himself to the wall, the other trying for the handle.

<@Eddie> "We PROMISE this will be quick...so glad we were allowed to play...",

<@Eddie> At the ungodly voice, the man froze, hand not touching the handle. A moment later, the wood in the middle of the door split as a jet black hand pushed through it, and into his chest. The sickening sound of his ribs cracking choking his shriek.

<Hope> "Venom..." Hope smiled, fighting to stay awake.

<Hope> The man holding Hope backed up with her, eyes wide. He kept her between him and the black thing, making for the door. Fuck these guys!

<@Eddie> The door was smashed open, in shambling the impossible thing that was Venom. Its form, somehow humanoid, writhed with activity; its sable body alive with lashing tendrils and pulsating muscles. Its huge eyes observed all the men in the room, licking its gargantuan maw with a snake-like tongue.

<@Eddie> The armor-clad man to Venom's right breathed heavilly, eyes still fixed on the very alive victim on Venom's hand. The demonic creature looked at it with what could only be described as curiosity, licking the gasping, dying thing's face as if sampling ice-cream.

<@Eddie> "It's....still alive. Just....breathing on our hand like this...we broke its lungs. D-did we...miss its lungs?

<Hope> Hope reached out weakly with her non injured shoulder, desperate to reach him. "Venom..." She whispered.

<Hope> The man holding her was terrified. He pointed his gun at her stomach, still backing up. He could make it. And then he'd get the ransom all to himself!

<@Eddie> 'You didn't squeeze down.', Venom seemed to blink, "We did. We're....just hungry, not thinking.", it released the man, leaving him to simply look down at the football-sized cavity in his torso, a face of sickened horror upon his pale face. The man to Venom's right went for his gun, only to have a bladed tendril slice clean through his skull.

<@Eddie> Ignoring the dead body slumping down, Venom lumbered forward, causing a third panicked man to open fire on its jet black bulk. The bullets made a 'thup' sound as they pierced and entered its ink-like mass, granting the aggressor the unwanted attention of the monster. Instinctively, the man screamed before Venom loomed over him, opening its horrific mouth before clamping the razor-fanged opening shut.

<@Eddie> The man's face was gone. Torn off in a graphic display of crimson gore.

<Hope> The man holding Hope was officially horrified. He pulled her out the door, stumbling over the still bodies of Phil and Stan. He moved quickly, making for the stairs. He had to get out of there beofre it noticed him!

<@Eddie> There was a scream from inside the house, followed by sobs as tearing and possibly chewing followed. An unnatural laugh preceeded the sudden throw of three random limbs out of the doorway.

<@Eddie> "S-she's....being taken away. W-whatever shall we do?", there was a noise that sounded like sobbing suddenly. Then nothing.

<Hope> The guy opened the stairwell door and shoved her down in front of him. "Move it!"

<Hope> Hope stumbled and caught herself on the railing, going as slowly as possible.

<@Eddie> Something writhed above them, seemingly coming from all directions.

<Hope> The guy fired at it, finally letting go of Hope.

<Hope> Hope sank down into the corner of the stairwell. At last, the end was in sight. She just had to hold on a bit longer.

<@Eddie> All the shadow in the stairwell seemed to errupt: billions of tendrils from every direction shot towards the gunman, sliding into his clothing, pushing into his skin. It seemed to scream as it did so, as if alive as it literally wormed its way inside him like some satanic parasite.

<Hope> Hope rested her head against the wall, trying to watch. The guilt of doubting Eddie ate away at her. She closed her eyes to shut out the thoughts and the sight of the death in front of her.

<@Eddie> The man's body jerked involuntarilly: black veins were visible under his skin as he dropped his weapon, moving towards Hope and offering his hand. He opened his mouth, coughing up blood before speaking with a voice not quite his own:

<@Eddie> "Cck-come...upstairs home..."

<Hope> Hope wasn't sure she could make it, but she trusted the symbiote as much as she did Eddie. She took the hand, crying out in pain as she used her other arm to get up.

<@Eddie> The gunman lifted her into his arms, carrying her effortlessly up the stairs. Each step made him whimper, shocked face somehow still aware that his body was not under his control. They reached the appartment, and stepping over the bodies (the man with the missing ribcage also still somehow alive), Hope was rested on the couch.

<Hope> She made a sound of protest, her hand going up to her wound. She wasn't done though. She reached for one of the guns nearby. "Venom... kill." She fired her weapon into the bastard that had shot her, not caring if he was dead or alive.

<@Eddie> Shambling backwards, the gunman coughed, falling to his knees as he seemed to vomit out an endless stream of black. The ink-like mass wriggled and writhed, re-forming in the shame of Venom, who kicked the man onto his back and crouched on his chest, pinning him down.

<@Eddie> "We were...going to kill. We're just hungry.", the monster looked at the man, sinister smile slithering across its uneven 'face' like a fanged laceration before it webbed his hands and feet still, climing over to one side of him and opening his torso.

<@Eddie> The gunman screamed aloud, sobbing, begging for his life as Venom did so. Just once the jet black beast looked up at its partner, still bleeding from her wound, before starting to devour his insides in a mess of scarlet, spraying blood around with every bite.

<@Eddie> --- Time Passes ---

<Hope> Hope fought to stay awake, through she had to admit looking away at Venom eating the guys. It was just a little more than she could stomach. The sounds had stopped. She chanced another look over at the black form. "Venom?"

<@Eddie> It looked up, blinking at her as it finished a mouthful of something too bloodsoaked to be identifiable. It watched her with the attentive eyes of a familiar, cocking its head to one side.

<Hope> Part of her half wondered if he would forget who she was and eat her too. She had one last shot though, and surely Eddie would hear it. "Help." She whispered.

<@Eddie> Venom blinked again, standing up and now looking impossibly disproportionate: arms too long, limbs mis-shapen, body too tall. It leaned over Hope, stroking her face and growling low, "Hospital?", it asked, blood still dripping from its mouth.

<Hope> She closed her eyes and nodded, nuzzling the hand. "Hurry."

<@Eddie> Nodding, it lifted her up, body becoming bulkier, and then more humanoid - though still almost impossibly muscular. It leapt backwards, smashing through the window and falling ten stories before flipping around and crashing to the earth below.

<@Eddie> Sniffing, Venom looked up at the screaming populace, looking on the injured woman in its hands in fear and disgust before it leapt into the air, back exploding to life with large, sable tentacles that swung it through the city skyline towards the nearest hospital.

<Hope> Hope rested her head against him and allowed her eyes to close finally.

<Hope> "Tell them... baby..." She got out, trying not to talk too much.

<@Eddie> "Tell them....?"

<Hope> There was no answer from the redhead in the symbiote's arms.

<@Eddie> 'Ok, fucking focus, alright? I FELT that. You NEED to stay in control!'

<@Eddie> Venom grumbled to itself, landing with another chaotic slam in front of the hospital. Its form condensed into that of Eddie's usual 'hero costume' as he walked straight inside, using lashes from his back to push the doors open.

<@Eddie> The mask around Eddie's face receeded, revealing his darkened eyes, "Bring me a fucking doctor.", he commanded.

<Hope> The nurses rushed a gurney over, taking Hope from him. They started checking for vitals as they headed to the OR. "What's her name?" one nurse asked Eddie.

<@Eddie> "Hope Stark.", he answered, his enhanced senses picking up her heightened heart rate at the sound of her name, "Yes, that Hope Stark. And my child.", he leaned closer to the nurse, "Keep. Her. ALIVE."

<Hope> The nursed handed him a clipboard of paperwork and rushed Hope to the OR.

<@Eddie> Idly holding the clip board, Eddie watched them leave, looking down at it and snapping it in half with a single hand. He placed it on the reception desk, stepping outside and re-forming his mask before sliding a cellphone out of his suit and making a call. Somebody was in for some bad news.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Chaos » Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:07 pm



<@Hope> Hope was starting to feel a little better. She was sat up in her bed and it was lunch time. Hooray! Bland hospital food! She made a face at it, glancing up. "Can't we get anything that has taste to it?"

<Eddie> The word 'taste' made Eddie cringe. He looked visibly ill, eyes darkened from lack of sleep, coat still on, even though he'd been sat with Hope for at least an hour. He looked up at her, "T-they said you should only eat what they serve here....", he answered, his words lacking any substance or mirth.

<Tony> "If they wanted people to do that, they should prepare better food," Tony stated as he sauntered into the room, dropping a bag on the bed next to Hope, "Cheeseburger. Also, feeling any better?" Then, he looked to Eddie and managed a smirk, gesturing to the boy as he teased, "Even if you don't, you still look better than him."

<Eddie> Eddie frowned slightly, offering a small wave and a forced smile, "Hey, Mr. Stark.", he managed.

<@Hope> "Oh my gosh you are the best dad, ever, ever, ever, fucking ever!" Hope all but tore that bag open to get to the cheeseburger. "I'll feel better with actual food in me. Not this mystery crap. Though I do want the jello." Mmmm it was red jello.

<Tony> "Tony," he corrected, "Though, I'll also accept Mr. President." Because being called that never got old. "Also... Of course I'm best."

<@Hope> Hope rolled her eyes at him with a mouth full of cheeseburger.

<Eddie> Squirming awkwardly, Eddie tried to focus on the sky beyond the window, anxious to forget the last twenty-eight hours had happened. The sight of Hope eating made him feel sick in the throat.

<@Hope> Swallowing, Hope went to speak again. "Glad you could make it back." She glanced at Eddie again. He really did look like hell. Maybe he should go home...

<Tony> "Well, I said I'd be back," Tony shrugged.

<@Hope> "I know... but you're busy." She shifted a bit, taking another bite. Oh it was the best burger in the universe.

<Eddie> Glancing over at them, Eddie tried to force himself to add to the conversation, "Being awesome and a President? Kind of a time-filler I suppose.", he smirked, humor barely cracking through.

<Tony> "Just a bit, but I can manage to make time for my daughter... and her family..." The last part was more of a mumble.

<@Hope> Hope smiled at him, finishing off her burger. "Well, I'm glad you can."

<Eddie> "Long as we're all family...", Eddie muttered, going back to looking out of the window. The atmosphere he was extruding was starting to choke his soul.

<@Hope> She eyed Eddie with a sigh, going for the jello. She had no idea what his deal was, and she wished she had the energy to find out.

<Tony> "So..." Tony started, glancing between the two, "What exactly happened?"

<Eddie> Eddie's eyes snapped over to his Father-in-law, he looked to Hope, unsure what message to transmit to her before looking back to Tony, "Er....w-well it was...", he stammered.

<@Hope> Hope just shoved a bite of jello into her mouth.

<Tony> His eyebrow went up, "...It was?"

<Eddie> "...o-k, you're gonna have to promise not to freak out...", Eddie turned around, rubbing his eyes, "Erm...b-basically some guys found out where we live, came in, killed your bodyguards...a little bit.", he clenched a fist, "I....d-didn't get there fast enough to stop Hope getting hurt, but I...I fixed...I-I mean...I..."

<Eddie> He swallowed, cringing a little, "I...got rid of the problem..."

<@Hope> "Wait... they are dead?!"

<Eddie> Eddie looked up, "I-I just...I assumed..."

<Tony> "Nah, they're fine... Mostly..." Tony shrugged, pausing to consider the rest of the information. He wasn't entirely sure what to make of it.

<Eddie> Looking at Tony, Eddie sank back a little in his seat, hoping that he didn't want details.

<@Hope> Hope sat back in her bed, taking another bite of jello. "Good... I like those guys."

<Eddie> 'We liked the other ones.....they were so loud. But they tasted s-...

<Eddie> "No, nonononono....shh.", Eddie muttered, wincing as he held his head in his hands.

<@Hope> "What's wrong with them?" Hope gave Eddie an odd look.

<Tony> Tony was giving Eddie an equally odd look. Did he always talk to him? He looked to Hope.

<Eddie> Eddie stood up, "I-I need to get some air, i-is that...ok?", he didn't wait for a reply before heading for the door.

<Eddie> 'Don't run: tell them. TELL THEM WE DID IT...

<@Hope> Hope just gave him a bewildered look. "Uh.... ok?"

<Eddie> 'Tell them how much we ENJOYED it...

<Eddie> He reached the door, fumbling with the handle and quaking in sweats beneath his coat.

<Tony> "Of course not. Why would anyone ever need air?"

<Eddie> Pushing the door open, Eddie scrambled down the hallway and to a bathroom, pushing past a nurse who screamed at the sudden blur of black before he disappeared from sight.

<@Hope> "So... can you get me some ice cream too?" Hope asked, hopeful, looking over at Tony again.

<Tony> Tony stared at the doorway and slowly nodded, "Sure thing. ...Should I get some to make Eddie feel better as well?"

<@Hope> "Well.... you can... but I'll totally eat his too."

<Tony> "Fair enough. I'll be back," Tony started for the door himself, deciding he'd possibly check on the woman that'd just screamed as well.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Chaos » Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:10 pm



<@Hope> Hope stared at her terrible, terrible hospital food. There was no Tony to save her this time, as he had to go back to work. She stared harder at the food. Maybe she could transform it into something with flavour? She glanced over to the empty chair beside her bed and sighed. Nobody was saving her from this gruel. She wrinkled her nose and took a bite.

<Eddie> There was a soft knock at the door, followed by Eddie entering, "H-hey, are you ok?"

<@Hope> "That depends on if you brought edible food or not..." Hope eyed him. Where had he been all day?

<Eddie> "I-I....er...", he stepped into the room and adjusted his coat, approaching her, "I can get you something better if you like?", he offered her a small, uneven smile, eyes still darkened from unrest.

<@Hope> She sighed and took another bite of the horrible food. "Where uh... where were you?"

<Eddie> Eddie looked away, frowning at the question, "I-I was....I just needed a moment to...", he gulped, "...I-I'm still really rattled about what I...I-I mean what I let the Symbiote do..."

<Eddie> 'We confess! It was a team effort: we couldn't have done it alone, Edward....

<@Hope> "Oh you mean how he ate people while I was bleeding to death?" Hope eyed him for his reaction as she took a sip of her juice.

<Eddie> Cringing, he took a step back, clenching his fists and squeezing his eyes shut, trying desperately not to think about it.

<Eddie> 'Someone appreciates us...

<Eddie> 'I fucking hate you...

<Eddie> 'Sticks and stones can't hurt us...of course, we already know that..., Eddie looked up at Hope, smiling darkly, "You'd think you'd be more grateful..."

<@Hope> "Look, I don't give a fuck if you eat people in your spare time... I mean whatever... but next time, don't fucking endanger our child's life to do it!"

<Eddie> Eddie stepped towards the bedside, "Or you'll what? We saved you both..."

<@Hope> "Yeah because I said something. How long would you have left me there?!"

<Eddie> "You wouldn't have died...", he responded, mirthless as his glazed eyes, "...you're alive. Be happy."

<@Hope> "Be happy? Be happy?! I get shot, and you eat people in front of me, and I'm supposed to be happy?!" Her anger was also betrayed by her heart monitor, which started making a louder, faster beeping. "Do you have any idea what happened there?!"

<Eddie> Eddie's hand landed on the bedhead as he leaned closer to Hope, "Calm. Down.", he spoke cooly, "You're going to hurt our child....", his smile crept back onto his face, "We don't care for what happened before, only the now: we saved you, yet you complain. Like always."

<Eddie> '....what? N-no, that's not fair. Stop it...'

<@Hope> Hope cringed, looking down. She shook as she tried to slow her heart rate back down. "You don't understand."

<Eddie> "No, we do. We understand fine.", he grinned, looking posessed as all visage of 'Eddie' faded from his face, "You fear us...."

<@Hope> "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" She met his gaze, glaring a bit.

<Eddie> The man in front of her laughed dryly, "You say it as if it is not a fact.", he smiled licking his lips, "You do. We killed War, we killed those men....and it scares you, doesn't it?"

<Eddie> 'If you hurt her, I will fucking destroy you...'

<@Hope> She would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her afaid. Not now, not ever. She glared harder. "No."

<Eddie> "Liar...", he laughed cooly, "You should learn to respect us more...maybe then you wouldn't have to fear us...", he stood up finally, giving Hope her space back.

<Eddie> 'Get the hell out of my head, you son of a bitch!'

<@Hope> Hope glared at the heart-rate monitor. Betraying son of a bitch. She shook as she reached for the jello. "Here's the thing hotlips. I respect Eddie." Now the Symbiote? He could die in a fire. She was banking on Eddie in their minds to keep him in check, but if that ever failed, well... she might have to deal with the Symbiote more head on. A glance at her stomach told her she had the proper motivation too.

<Eddie> Cringing suddenly, Eddie let out some strange laugh that turned into a pained cry as he sank to his knees, holding his head as he regained control of himself. He looked up at Hope, eyes alight with a panicked fear of the next few moments, "I-I....Hope...I..."

<@Hope> Relief flooded the redhead. She grabbed her husband and pulled him to her, the sound of the pain from her shoulder an afterthought.

<Eddie> Holding onto Hope, Eddie took a sharp breath in, sobbing into her neck, "I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I d-didn't mean to do it!", he held her tight, fearing losing her all over again.

<@Hope> "Didn't mean to do what?" She asked him, nuzzling him gently.

<Eddie> "I couldn't control it! I couldn't! I heard them and I just couldn't stop it!", he recalled the anger, the pure, unbridled hate in his soul that he felt when he'd listened from outside the window, the elation he'd felt twisting apart the first body.

<Eddie> "Forgive me! Please, please, Hope. Please!", Eddie cried, burrying himself in the nape of her neck.

<@Hope> "I thought were weren't going to come." She told him softly, shaking again. She could feel her own tears starting to form. "And I couldn't do anything. It was like a bad movie, only so much worse. I couldn't do anything!"

<Eddie> Eddie sat up on the bed, holding her more gently, "No. No, I'd never, I'd never leave you. I'd never let anyone hurt you...", he promised, sniffing as he breathed her in.

<@Hope> "I could have fought... but they kept the guns pointed at the baby." Hope finally let herself start crying, resting her head against him.

<Eddie> "It's ok...it's ok.", he promised, stroking her hair and moving so she could rest on his chest, "I'm sorry, I should have been quicker...I'm so sorry..."

<@Hope> Hope allowed herself to fall apart for a bit, holding onto him until she could get control of herself. "For a bit... I thought it might really be it."

<Eddie> Eddie shook his head, "No, no. Never.", he moved to look at her, pushing her hair our of her eyes and wiping away a few tears from her reddened cheeks, "Never, ever say that. I love you, and I will never, ever let that happen."

<@Hope> She sniffled and nodded, wiping away the rest of her own tears. She leaned in to kiss him, so relieved that he was Eddie again. Venom was right. She was scared of him now.

<Eddie> Kissing her back, Eddie gently stroked her face, reminding her that she wasn't alone. A shudder crept down his spine as he thought the same about himself. The Symbiote had tasted freedom, and it had liked it just a little bit too much...he needed to remain alert now more than ever.

<Eddie> Opening his eyes a little, Eddie looked down at her stomach and rested a hand on her bump. He was fending for three now, against possibly the most terrifying enemy he had...

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Chaos » Sat Dec 29, 2012 6:27 pm



<@Hope> Hope had insisted on a new house after she was released from the hospital. She had paid for movers to pack and move everything, then unpack it. She had also ordered a new couch, which she liked a lot better than the old one. Despite all the changes, which she hoped would prevent the nightmares... she was wrong.

<@Hope> She sat up in bed, screaming at the top of her lungs, then started gasping for air, her hand protectively on her stomach. Venom had been eating her. And the baby.

<Eddie> "Hhhrrrgh-? 'The fuck!?", Eddie shot awake, right arm flexing into a blade-like shape as he jolted upwards, looking around the room and keying in his senses. Nothing but Hope. He looked to her, arm-blade retracting as he put an arm around her, "H-hey, hey, blossom..."

<@Hope> Her hand pushed against him to keep him at bay. She forced her legs to work, getting up out of bed. Hope swallowed and leaned back against the wall. It was just a dream. Just a dream. Her fingers led her shaky hand through her hair. Just a dream. "I.. I'm fine," she forced out. She couldn't tell him.

<Eddie> Eddie's hand went up to stop her, shying away at her as she got out of bed. He shuffled around, face covered in concern, ".....please don't lie to me, I need to know if you're alright.", he slid out from under the sheets, walking around the bed to meet her, "Hope, baby, please..."

<@Hope> Baby! Hope kept her arms out to keep him at least that far away. "I'll be fine," she corrected, going over the bed to get to the bathroom rather than have to touch him.

<Eddie> "....w-wh...?", Eddie felt his heart snap as she fled, "Hope, w-what's happening?", he followed her a few moments later, "Hope?"

<@Hope> She continued to shake, even as she splashed cold water onto her face. She felt a little better now that she was awake, her mind fumbling for an answer for him. She dried her face with one of the hand towels, facing him finally. "How... much control... do you have?" Well he wanted to know right? She tossed the towel onto the counter behind her.

<Eddie> At that, his heart broke, "....oh.", he breathed, stopping before he reached the bathroom door, "....It doesn't do anything I don't want it to. M-mostly...things I think it sometimes acts on, but...", Eddie sighed, he couldn't even believe she'd asked.

<@Hope> Well she knew Eddie wasn't a secret cannibal, so he was holding back something. She needed more than that. Oh. There was a but. "But?" She pressed, taking a careful step closer.

<Eddie> "Sometimes....sometimes it picks up on my negative thoughts. Taunts me if I don't act...", he looked up at Hope again, "W-when we argued about....", he gestured to her bump, "...about Baby-X. It said I was weak for not standing my ground when you were unreasonable."

<@Hope> "I'm glad you didn't listen." Eddie being so incredibly understanding was one of the main reasons she trusted him and loved him so much. She just couldn't say that. "I... Eddie... would it... ever... even if you lost control..." how did she ask this?!

<Eddie> He walked right up to Hope, gazing into her eyes, his own aflame with severity, "No.", he assured her, "We fight, we kill, to protect you. To protect you both.", Eddie gulped, glancing away, "T-they....they were going to hurt you and I just couldn't let them. They...they had to suffer. I had to...NEEDED to..."

<@Hope> "It's just... the way he looked at me... that night and then at the hospital..." She reached for his hand. She needed to feel him.

<Eddie> Eddie clasped hers, rubbing it gently, "I would never let it hurt you, Hope. Never ever.", he kissed her hand, "It loves you as well, it is me. Just....twisted."

<@Hope> "Does it?" She squeezed his hand before moving their hands up so she could lace their fingers together. "I love you." She told him, eyes fixed on his. She had no doubts about Eddie, but Venom? Yeeeeah...

<Eddie> "I don't care, because I love you.", Eddie swore to her, "And that's all I've ever needed. All I ever will.", he leaned his lips closer to hers.

<@Hope> Hope let him kiss her and returned it, wrapping her arms around him. She still didn't feel at ease though. She broke the kiss to look up at him again. "But it might matter..."

<Eddie> "I will find a way to stop it.", he responded, "If I have to remove my power, I will. But I won't let it hurt you. Not ever."

<@Hope> "I never questioned it... until the hospital." And the night of the attack. She pressed her face against his chest, hugging him tightly.

<Eddie> Eddie moved back to look at her, "Don't. Please don't doubt me, I...I-I couldn't live without you.", he pulled her back into a hug, "Please..."

<@Hope> "I don't doubt you." She tried to clarify. "It was just..." she shivered. "That look. And then the nightmare."

<Eddie> "I'm me!", He moved away again, "I-I am! I am!"

<@Hope> Hope backed up to the bathroom again. This was why she should have just kept her mouth shut. "What do you want me to say!? You asked!"

<Eddie> Eddie trembled, tensing up, "I-I'm sorry, I just...I wish you could trust me...", he held his head, "I'm sorry...", he breathed, leaving her and departing for the bedroom again.

<@Hope> "Eddie..." Hope went after him, reaching for his arm.

<Eddie> He stopped at her touch, still clasping his head with one hand, "I-I'm still me, I am!", he protested despite himself, shaking his head as if warding off some foreign invader.

<@Hope> "I trust you with our lives, Eddie...." Apparently she couldn't have doubts about the stupid Symbiote though.

<Eddie> Pulling himself free, he slammed a fist into his head, "This is YOUR FAULT!", he screamed, falling to his knees, "AGAIN!", he hit himself over and over, "I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU!"

<@Hope> "Stop it!" Hope grabbed his hand, trying to restrain it. "Stop it, Eddie!"

<Eddie> His screaming became a distorted cry, as if from the Symbiote itself as she pulled his hands away. Giving into her, Eddie was reduced to just sobbing uncontrollably.

<@Hope> Hope wrapped him in her arms, one hand patting him somewhat awkwardly. "I'm sorry! I just got scared! I'm sorry! Stop trying to hurt yourself!"

<Eddie> "I hate it! I hate myself!", Eddie protested, arms falling to his sides, "I just wanted to protect you! I just want you to love me!", he cried, heart in pieces within his chest.

<@Hope> "And which of those hasn't happened?" she demanded to know.

<Eddie> Eddie didn't answer, words choked by sobbing as he leaned against Hope, all his hurt finally coming to the surface.

<@Hope> Hope continued to pat him awkwardly, not sure what to say to sobbing, blubbering mess of a man that was her husband. "Well?" she tried again. "I'm fine and I still love you, so I think you've won."

<Eddie> He shook his head against her in reply, words still impossible in between the tears.

<@Hope> She sighed and rested her head against his, stroking his hair soothingly. She had no idea what she was supposed to say in this situation, so she said nothing.

<Eddie> Sniffling, Eddie leaned against her, "...I'm sorry.", he whispered, "...I should be better....better than this..."

<@Hope> "Eddie... what are you talking about?" She stroked his cheek gently.

<Eddie> "I should be able to control it.", he clarified, stroking Hope's hair, "I-I didn't mean to hurt you, to....to do all this, I didn't mean it."

<@Hope> Hope rolled her eyes and kissed his cheek. "Do I look hurt? I'm fine. I told you I was fine." Despite herself she nuzzled his cheek. "And if you hurt yourself again, I will kick your ass."

<Eddie> Eddie nodded, "I'm sorry...", he whispered again, "...I'm sorry, Hope."

<@Hope> "Eddie stop it." Hope moved to better look into his eyes. "We're fine, ok?"

<Eddie> Sniffing again, he nodded, "Y-yeah....ok.", he wiped his eyes, "...I-I love you...both of you.", he smiled timidly.

<@Hope> Hope began to relax once he did. "Can we go back to bed now?" She was positive that she wasn't going to be doing any sleeping, at least not with him home anymore, but she could fake it.

<Eddie> "Sure...i-if you like I can...I can just give you some space....", Eddie stood, gesturing to the lounge, "I mean, we do have a way cooler sofa, so..."

<@Hope> "No." Hope offered him a hand to help him up. "You're staying in here."

<Eddie> Eddie took her hand, "I-if you'd....f-feel safer...", he frowned a little bit, "It's just...whatever's best for you and...", he tenderly ran his hand against her bump, "...and Baby-X down there."

<@Hope> "I already said no." Hope pulled him back toward the bed. She wanted the time with Eddie, plus it gave her a front row seat if Venom tried to break free again. It was win win! Well, except for the part where she didn't sleep. "I love you... I even married you." She poked him gently.

<Eddie> Reaching the bedroom behind her, and squirming at the poke, Eddie nodded, slipping over to the bed and pulling the sheets up for Hope, "A-after you.", he smiled, looks betraying the fatigue in his mind and body.

<@Hope> Hope crawled in nex to him, curling up close. "Get some sleep ok?

<@Hope> " She pressed a kiss to his forehead, then lay her head onto his chest.

<Eddie> "Ok.", Eddie nodded, rolling up beside her, "I love you...", he whispered, affectionately snuggling into her chest and resting his hand on her bump.

<@Hope> "We love you too." She kissed him softly, tucking him in.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Chaos » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:30 pm

What if things got a little saucaaayyyy between Eddie and Paige?




Some time ago...

<@Eddie> Eddie groaned, tapping his fingers impatiently on the desk and glancing up at the clock. The seconds seemed agonizingly slow as the dusk light beamed in through the windows. With a loud sigh, he slumped down onto the desk, "Can I go now?", he asked - detention was the worst.

<Paige> "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope!" Paige giggled and spun in her chair, popping a sweet tart into her mouth. "But if you're niiiiiice, I'll share my candy with you."

<@Eddie> Pouting, Eddie leaned on his hand, "Whatever...", he rolled his eyes, looking out the window.

<Paige> Paige giggled and threw a candy at his head. "So grumpy! Maybe it's your hangover. Maaaaaybe you shouldn't be drunk in my rooooom?"

<@Eddie> "Go to hell....", he muttered, rubbing his forehead a little - it was the hangover. It was.

<Paige> "Awwww see I don't have to. I get to go to heaven!" She twirled in her chair again, tossing another candy at him. "Cheer up, cheer up, everybody loves a happy face!" She sang the song from Charlotte's Web.

<@Eddie> Eddie caught it - Spider-Sense was working, at least. He observed it between his fingers before looking at his professor, "You're....really Catholic, aren't you?"

<Paige> "Well... yes... Good catch!" She applauded for him.

<@Eddie> "Pfft....", he shrugged, "That was nothing.", he stood, approaching her desk, unwrapping the sweet, "So...doesn't that mean you should forgive me?", he sat on the desk, still twiddling the sweet between his fingers.

<Paige> Paige patted his head gently. "Of course I forgive you. That doesn't mean you get out of detention though!" She smiled happily at him.

<@Eddie> Laughing a little, Eddie got comfortable, "Then maybe I can take this time to confess my sins(.)", he sighed sarcastically, leaning closer to Paige, "Would you be so kind as to listen(?)"

<Paige> "Hardly qualified to be your priest... but I am happy to listen and help if I can!"

<@Eddie> "Well....let's see...", he tapped his chin with a finger, "I drink, obviously. Also, pre-marital sex, homosexual activities, gender-bending..."

<Paige> Paige started coughing as she choked on her candy.

<@Eddie> Eddie pretended to cry, sounding like a bad pantomime actor, "I know! I'm horrible(!)", he turned to her, smirking slyly, "Wanna see it? It's....pretty fem-nominal...."

<Paige> "No! No I'm good!" Paige covered her eyes. Ohhhhh students would be the death of her.

<@Eddie> "But you're supposed to love everyone the same, right?", he leaned across the desk, warping his body into his female form, "Come on, love me! God commands it!", 'Emily' giggled playfully, crawling up onto the desk.

<Paige> "Hate the sin love the sinner!" Paige kept her eyes covered. Maybe it would go away. Maybe it would go away!

<@Eddie> Emily grinned, sliding over the desk and slipping her legs to either side of Paige, "Ooooh, talkin' 'love' already?", she mocked, leaning closer to Paige, "Awww, I'm not making teacher uncomfortable, am I? I'm so bad(!)"

<Paige> Paige scooted her seat back and tried to get to her feet. This was so wrong! Oh so wrong!

<@Eddie> "Whoa, hey: calm down, Professor...", Emily smirked, "Anyone'd get the feeling you wanted to take me here and now!", she laughed.

<Paige> "Inappropriate!" Paige manage to squeak out.

<@Eddie> Slinking off the desk, Emily approached her and knelt at her feet, resting her arms on Paige's knees, "You could just let me go.....", she grinned.

<Paige> "NNOoooooooooooope!" Paige quickly got back. "And I think you just earned another day..." But with a different professor. Totally different. Like Farouk. Or Nils.

<@Eddie> "Aw, what!?", Emily protested, "I get detention because you wanna neck-on with a student? You could have just said 'no'!"

<Paige> "Edward Brock." Paige finally got herself put together. "You are just trying to weasel your way out of detention."

<@Eddie> Eddie re-formed into his male self, "....well, if we were just people at a bar, I might hit that...", he winked at her, "But if you're too chicken? Ho-hum...", he wandered away from her.

<Paige> "Chicken!?" Paige put her hands on her hips.

<@Eddie> "Oh, come on...", Eddie turned around, smirking at her, "You're saying if I walked up there and planted one on you, you'd not freak out?"

<Paige> "There is a rule about teachers and students, Eddie."

<@Eddie> Eddie shrugged, "Chicken.",

<Paige> Paige threw another piece of candy at him. She'd never thought of him in any way other than a student... well he was cute at least.

<@Eddie> Smirking again, Eddie caught it with ease, slipping the two he'd collected in his left hand out of their packet and into his mouth a little seductively, laughing as he returned to his seat, "Look at you: all 'without sin', throwing stones....", he joked.

<Paige> "I didn't throw a stone... you were in my lap!" She kept standing... it was much safer with him around.

<@Eddie> "I wasn't when I was standing over here!", he giggled, swallowing the sweets, "Mmn....tasty. I like sugary treats...", he raised an eyebrow to Paige.

<Paige> "I um... yeah? I have lots!" Paige opened up her candy drawer for him.

<@Eddie> Eddie smirked, "Ooh, I bet you do....", he cackled, checking her out, "You know, if I may say so...", he stood, approaching her again, "...you're very pretty."

<Paige> "Awwww, thank you Eddie." Paige smiled at him. "Take your pick."

<@Eddie> He looked through the sweets, picking a small lolipop out and nodding, "This one.", he affirmed, pulling the wrapper off and stowing it in his pocket before placing the 'pop in his mouth, "So....what do you think of me?"

<Paige> "Well I think you are a sweet guy and a great x-man..." She wasn't going to touch the female changling part.

<@Eddie> "Great, eh?", Eddie sat on her desk again, "Thanks, Professor. It's awfully nice of you.", he looked at her, "You looked....kind of uncomfortable about my little....you know...", he smirked.

<Paige> "Catholic... that's not ok with us." Well, the priests in the news...

<@Eddie> He laughed at that, "Oh, my God: it turned you on, didn't it?"

<Paige> "No."

<@Eddie> Eddie shuffled off the desk, walking around it and sitting closer to her, "You totally did, didn't you?"

<Paige> "No." Paige repeated.

<@Eddie> "How about me then?",

<Paige> "What about you then?"

<@Eddie> "Do I turn you on?",

<Paige> Paige stammered a bit, trying to find words to contest his accusation.

<@Eddie> With a blink, Eddie raised his eyebrow, "....you do. Oh, my God, you do!", he laughed.

<Paige> "I didn't say that!" Paige snapped. Oh she was so getting fired! She rubbed her forehead.

<@Eddie> "You didn't say 'no', either...", he glanced up at the clock, then back to her, "...look, I won't tell anyone.", Eddie shrugged, blushing a little at the idea she thought he was attractive.

<Paige> "Well I should hope not!" Paige's face was bright red to match his.

<@Eddie> Eddie took the lolipop out of his mouth and looked at it for a moment, "So...we're gonna keep this our little secret?"

<Paige> "Nothing happened... and I don't want to lose my job. So yes."

<@Eddie> With a sigh, Eddie shrugged, "Well, my condition is this: let me go now, and I'll keep my mouth shut.", he grinned.

<Paige> "Fiiiine, go." Paige sighed and went back to her seat.

<@Eddie> Standing with a smirk, Eddie made for the door, "Thanks!", he smirked, opening the door and looking back at Paige, "Until next time, Professor.", he bowed a little, slipping out.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Chaos » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:31 pm

What if things got a little saucaaayyyy between Eddie and Paige?




Some time ago...

<@Eddie> Eddie groaned, tapping his fingers impatiently on the desk and glancing up at the clock. The seconds seemed agonizingly slow as the dusk light beamed in through the windows. With a loud sigh, he slumped down onto the desk, "Can I go now?", he asked - detention was the worst.

<Paige> "Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope!" Paige giggled and spun in her chair, popping a sweet tart into her mouth. "But if you're niiiiiice, I'll share my candy with you."

<@Eddie> Pouting, Eddie leaned on his hand, "Whatever...", he rolled his eyes, looking out the window.

<Paige> Paige giggled and threw a candy at his head. "So grumpy! Maybe it's your hangover. Maaaaaybe you shouldn't be drunk in my rooooom?"

<@Eddie> "Go to hell....", he muttered, rubbing his forehead a little - it was the hangover. It was.

<Paige> "Awwww see I don't have to. I get to go to heaven!" She twirled in her chair again, tossing another candy at him. "Cheer up, cheer up, everybody loves a happy face!" She sang the song from Charlotte's Web.

<@Eddie> Eddie caught it - Spider-Sense was working, at least. He observed it between his fingers before looking at his professor, "You're....really Catholic, aren't you?"

<Paige> "Well... yes... Good catch!" She applauded for him.

<@Eddie> "Pfft....", he shrugged, "That was nothing.", he stood, approaching her desk, unwrapping the sweet, "So...doesn't that mean you should forgive me?", he sat on the desk, still twiddling the sweet between his fingers.

<Paige> Paige patted his head gently. "Of course I forgive you. That doesn't mean you get out of detention though!" She smiled happily at him.

<@Eddie> Laughing a little, Eddie got comfortable, "Then maybe I can take this time to confess my sins(.)", he sighed sarcastically, leaning closer to Paige, "Would you be so kind as to listen(?)"

<Paige> "Hardly qualified to be your priest... but I am happy to listen and help if I can!"

<@Eddie> "Well....let's see...", he tapped his chin with a finger, "I drink, obviously. Also, pre-marital sex, homosexual activities, gender-bending..."

<Paige> Paige started coughing as she choked on her candy.

<@Eddie> Eddie pretended to cry, sounding like a bad pantomime actor, "I know! I'm horrible(!)", he turned to her, smirking slyly, "Wanna see it? It's....pretty fem-nominal...."

<Paige> "No! No I'm good!" Paige covered her eyes. Ohhhhh students would be the death of her.

<@Eddie> "But you're supposed to love everyone the same, right?", he leaned across the desk, warping his body into his female form, "Come on, love me! God commands it!", 'Emily' giggled playfully, crawling up onto the desk.

<Paige> "Hate the sin love the sinner!" Paige kept her eyes covered. Maybe it would go away. Maybe it would go away!

<@Eddie> Emily grinned, sliding over the desk and slipping her legs to either side of Paige, "Ooooh, talkin' 'love' already?", she mocked, leaning closer to Paige, "Awww, I'm not making teacher uncomfortable, am I? I'm so bad(!)"

<Paige> Paige scooted her seat back and tried to get to her feet. This was so wrong! Oh so wrong!

<@Eddie> "Whoa, hey: calm down, Professor...", Emily smirked, "Anyone'd get the feeling you wanted to take me here and now!", she laughed.

<Paige> "Inappropriate!" Paige manage to squeak out.

<@Eddie> Slinking off the desk, Emily approached her and knelt at her feet, resting her arms on Paige's knees, "You could just let me go.....", she grinned.

<Paige> "NNOoooooooooooope!" Paige quickly got back. "And I think you just earned another day..." But with a different professor. Totally different. Like Farouk. Or Nils.

<@Eddie> "Aw, what!?", Emily protested, "I get detention because you wanna neck-on with a student? You could have just said 'no'!"

<Paige> "Edward Brock." Paige finally got herself put together. "You are just trying to weasel your way out of detention."

<@Eddie> Eddie re-formed into his male self, "....well, if we were just people at a bar, I might hit that...", he winked at her, "But if you're too chicken? Ho-hum...", he wandered away from her.

<Paige> "Chicken!?" Paige put her hands on her hips.

<@Eddie> "Oh, come on...", Eddie turned around, smirking at her, "You're saying if I walked up there and planted one on you, you'd not freak out?"

<Paige> "There is a rule about teachers and students, Eddie."

<@Eddie> Eddie shrugged, "Chicken.",

<Paige> Paige threw another piece of candy at him. She'd never thought of him in any way other than a student... well he was cute at least.

<@Eddie> Smirking again, Eddie caught it with ease, slipping the two he'd collected in his left hand out of their packet and into his mouth a little seductively, laughing as he returned to his seat, "Look at you: all 'without sin', throwing stones....", he joked.

<Paige> "I didn't throw a stone... you were in my lap!" She kept standing... it was much safer with him around.

<@Eddie> "I wasn't when I was standing over here!", he giggled, swallowing the sweets, "Mmn....tasty. I like sugary treats...", he raised an eyebrow to Paige.

<Paige> "I um... yeah? I have lots!" Paige opened up her candy drawer for him.

<@Eddie> Eddie smirked, "Ooh, I bet you do....", he cackled, checking her out, "You know, if I may say so...", he stood, approaching her again, "...you're very pretty."

<Paige> "Awwww, thank you Eddie." Paige smiled at him. "Take your pick."

<@Eddie> He looked through the sweets, picking a small lolipop out and nodding, "This one.", he affirmed, pulling the wrapper off and stowing it in his pocket before placing the 'pop in his mouth, "So....what do you think of me?"

<Paige> "Well I think you are a sweet guy and a great x-man..." She wasn't going to touch the female changling part.

<@Eddie> "Great, eh?", Eddie sat on her desk again, "Thanks, Professor. It's awfully nice of you.", he looked at her, "You looked....kind of uncomfortable about my little....you know...", he smirked.

<Paige> "Catholic... that's not ok with us." Well, the priests in the news...

<@Eddie> He laughed at that, "Oh, my God: it turned you on, didn't it?"

<Paige> "No."

<@Eddie> Eddie shuffled off the desk, walking around it and sitting closer to her, "You totally did, didn't you?"

<Paige> "No." Paige repeated.

<@Eddie> "How about me then?",

<Paige> "What about you then?"

<@Eddie> "Do I turn you on?",

<Paige> Paige stammered a bit, trying to find words to contest his accusation.

<@Eddie> With a blink, Eddie raised his eyebrow, "....you do. Oh, my God, you do!", he laughed.

<Paige> "I didn't say that!" Paige snapped. Oh she was so getting fired! She rubbed her forehead.

<@Eddie> "You didn't say 'no', either...", he glanced up at the clock, then back to her, "...look, I won't tell anyone.", Eddie shrugged, blushing a little at the idea she thought he was attractive.

<Paige> "Well I should hope not!" Paige's face was bright red to match his.

<@Eddie> Eddie took the lolipop out of his mouth and looked at it for a moment, "So...we're gonna keep this our little secret?"

<Paige> "Nothing happened... and I don't want to lose my job. So yes."

<@Eddie> With a sigh, Eddie shrugged, "Well, my condition is this: let me go now, and I'll keep my mouth shut.", he grinned.

<Paige> "Fiiiine, go." Paige sighed and went back to her seat.

<@Eddie> Standing with a smirk, Eddie made for the door, "Thanks!", he smirked, opening the door and looking back at Paige, "Until next time, Professor.", he bowed a little, slipping out.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Chaos » Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:36 pm



<Paige> Paige sighed as she stuffed cups and plates into a trash bag. Didn't people clean up after themselves anymore. She made a face at the aftermath of the Christmas party. Well, at least she didn't have to look at stupid happy Bobby or Lorna, right? She smiled and got back to work.

<@Eddie> Eddie slid into the room, "Well, looky-here: if it isn't my favourite, God-fearing lass.", he grinned, adjusting his shirt collar, "Busy, are we?"

<Paige> Paige inwardly cringed a bit. Great... and they were alone too. "Just cleaning up." She smiled at him.

<@Eddie> Looking around, Eddie clapped his hands, "Can help you, if you like? God knows I've nothing better to do, as per....", he smiled back, "....Christmas has been....well, kinda quieter than I wanted it to be."

<Paige> "Oh? And why is that?" Paige focused on cleaning up instead of his cuteness.

<@Eddie> "....w-well, I'm single. And everyone else has somewhere to go.", Eddie shrugged, helping with the clean-up by webbing a broom over and starting sweeping up the discarded trash.

<Paige> "Yeah... I understand that one. It sucks, doesn't it?" Paige offered him a weak smile.

<@Eddie> Eddie gave her a bemused look, "You're single?", he scoffed, "Fuck right off....", he shook his head in disbelief.

<Paige> "Divorce came through this fall." She clarified, fishing for things from behind the couch.

<@Eddie> "So you had someone, huh?", Eddie nodded, "That makes more sense, now. Sorry to hear about your divorce - kind of the same thing here....", he sighed.

<Paige> "Yeah... don't sweat it. Was a bad situation, but I'm freeeee and glad to be here now!" Plus the whole Circle Pines thing... yeah... She swallowed hard. Two marriages down.

<@Eddie> Eddie raised an eyebrow, "I-I barely even recall: you were there, too?", he sighed, "Well, if it's any consolation, that's what killed my relationship too, so....", he shrugged, "...check us out, eh? Two losers cleaning up after those gits.", he smirked a little, looking up at Paige.

<Paige> "Yeah, seems like I just keep cleaning up messes." She grinned, holding up the bag.

<@Eddie> Laughing dryly, Eddie approached her, "Here, let me get that.", he reached for the bag, hand sliding over hers gently.

<Paige> Paige hid the shiver that the touch gave her. "Thanks, Eddie. See? You re a great guy."

<@Eddie> "And you...", he took the bag to one side, "Are a fantastic lady.", he winked at her, glancing up, "....well, what are the fucking odds.", Eddie laughed, "You see that?"

<Paige> "See what?" Paige looked up, feeling her heart stop a bit. Mistletoe. Oh hell. She slowly looked back at him.

<@Eddie> Eddie caught her eyes, smiling and shrugging, "W-well, 'tis the season...", he justified his want, "And we are both single. Hell, why don't we just keep this a secret, too?", he suggested, glancing around, "Nobody else here..."

<Paige> Paige bit her lower lip, ashamed to even be considering it. What was she thinking?! She was a professor and he was a student! But a very cute student. She didn't know what to do, so she stood there, staring at him.

<@Eddie> With a sigh, Eddie's expression went blank, dropping the broom and the bag, and closing the gap between them, "Want a job done...", he grinned, hand reaching up and stroking her face gently. He leaned closer to her, closing his eyes.

<Paige> Paige was surprised at the kiss and just as surprised when she realized she was kissing him back. Well she was already fucked... she pulled him closer, deepening the kiss.

<@Eddie> After a few moments locking lips, Eddie moved back, licking her taste off his mouth, "....wow. That happened...", he blinked, laughing a little bit, "....t-that was....really..."

<Paige> Inappropriate? Stupid? Paige could think of several adjectives to fill in that blank with. "Yeah...." she just offered. Oh this was so bad.

<@Eddie> "Hm: 'really yeah', was it(?)", Eddie joked, stroking her face a little, "I thought it was pretty amazing. Kind of gutted it's over...", he shrugged, hand falling away from her face, "Thanks, Pr-....Paige.", he smiled at her.

<Paige> "You know this can't happen again, Eddie..."

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Yep.", turning and releasing a web-lash, lifting the broom and the bag again.

<Paige> Paige watched him a moment, feeling somewhat gutted herself. "...at least until you graduate."

<@Eddie> At that, Eddie spun around, "W-wait, wait....y-you....whut?"

<Paige> Paige just smiled. "I said no students."

<@Eddie> "S-so....you're saying...", he narrowed his eyes, a smile creeping onto his face, "....you'd really consider...?"

<Paige> "After you graduate." Paige emphasized. "Now help me clean up."

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, game-face on; "O-of course.", he nodded, getting back to work with a huge smirk on his face - well, at least that was something to look forward to.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

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<Paige> Paige twirled in her chair in her office, munching on a gummy bear's head. "Mmmm you have died honourably!" She giggled at it, then ate the rest of the gummy. She paused in her twirling to jot down some ideas for a new outfit.

<@Eddie> There was a knock at her door suddenly, the confidence of the person on the other side clear from the merry little five-beat tune knocked into it.

<Paige> "Cooooome iiiiiin." Paige sang out. She set her pencil down, then twirled again for another gummy death.

<@Eddie> The door opened, Eddie slipping in with a smug grin on his face and dressed in his graduation gown, "Professor Guthrie.", he tilted his cap with the diploma in his hand, "Check it out: I graduated."

<Paige> "Yay! Congratulations! Gummy bear?" Paige held the bag out to him with a big smile.

<@Eddie> Closing the door, he approached Paige and took a sweet, popping it into his mouth and chewing it, "....so...", he mused, taking off his hat and putting it on her, "...remember about....what, six or seven months ago?"

<Paige> "Hat! I have a hat!" Paige giggled, then blinked a bit. Six or seven months ago... ohhhhh right. Christmas.... "Maaaaaaaaaaybe?"

<@Eddie> "....really?", Eddie smirked, shaking his head and stroking her face, "Lemme jog your memory...", he pressed his lips against hers softly.

<Paige> Caught off guard, Paige nearly flailed at the kiss, but her mind caught up in time. She slid her hand up to his own cheek, touching it gently as she returned the kiss.

<@Eddie> Breathing out softly, Eddie pushed his tongue against hers as he backed away, a final peck left on her lips as he opened his eyes, "....so....he smiled at her as he toyed with her hair, "You recall?"

<Paige> Paige giggled and got to her feet, wrapping her arms around his neck. "You sure you want an old lady like me?"

<@Eddie> "You're sweet, beautiful, kind, talented, and moreover, you have that 'sexy teacher' thing going for you...", Eddie nodded, "I've....given it a lot of thought. I mean, I thought the kiss was just a rebound at first...", his hands slid around her waist, "But....well...I really like you for you, Miss Guthrie..."

<Paige> Paige smiled and rested her forehead against his cheek. "I wasn't sure you'd still be interested." As an afterthought she added. "But calling me Miss Guthrie is slightly creepy."

<@Eddie> Eddie moved to look at her, "Wait, you thought I'd just forget?", he laughed, kissing her again, "I have dreamed of coming in here and kissing you again for months...it's been eating at me for ever..."

<Paige> She tapped the end of his nose gently, then kissed it. "I am soooo glad you came back for more kisses!" She planted a proper one on his lips.

<@Eddie> After a few moments of being lost in bliss, Eddie backed away again, licking her taste off his mouth, "Paige, a-are you even listening? I genuinely am trying to say I have feelings for you here."

<Paige> "Yeah, I heard you. I've only been allowed to have feelings for you...." She glanced at the clock, "...the past half hour?"

<@Eddie> "You....you did before, right?", he asked, "I...it's alright. I mean...look, I didn't just think 'oooh: hot teacher', I genuinely have thought this through a lot....and....", he smiled gently, blushing a little, "...I don't know how to explain it."

<Paige> "Even though I wasn't allowed to... I thought of you a lot." She admitted, blushing a bit herself.

<@Eddie> Eddie kissed her neck, "Oh?", he breathed against her skin, "Did you think anything particularly impure?"

<Paige> Paige giggled as the breath tickled and his words amused her. "Eddddiiiieeee!"

<@Eddie> "I bet you did....", he licked her neck tenderly, nipping her ear with his teeth, "...I know I did."

<Paige> Paige giggled again, kissing his nose. "Well I hope you can hold out for the wait."

<@Eddie> Eddie tilted his head, "Ooooooooh, wait...", he nodded, sighing a little as it sank in, "Catholic. Riiiiight.", he shrugged, "Fancy getting married?"

<Paige> Paige laughed and hugged him happily. "Maybe. We'll have to see how it goes. But you're adorable! You have a good chance!"

<@Eddie> "You're really gonna make me wait?", he pouted a little, "I mean, come on, with my past it's amazing I've held out this long!"

<Paige> "Yep!" Paige kissed his nose again.

<@Eddie> With a frown, Eddie shook his head, "Jesus, I might actually die...", he sighed, "Well, how about this: at least come to dinner with me, we can figure out.....well, what we're doing.", he smiled a little bit again, "Even so, I'm.....glad I'm here."

<Paige> "Ohhh you'll make it just fine. I promise. She took his hand in her own. "Dinner would be great!"

<@Eddie> "Awesome.", Eddie nodded, placing another gentle kiss on her lips, "It's a date."

---Time Passes---

<Paige> Paige took her seat at the table, smiling happily over at Eddie again. "Have I told you congratulations yet?"

<@Eddie> Adjusting his white tie, Eddie shrugged, "Er....no. I don't think you have, actually.", he smiled as he sat down, "I passed. I think I could have done better, but given the fact I'm a part-time Superman, I think I can be forgiven a few marks."

<Paige> Paige took his hand and gave it a squeeze. "Either way, I'm proud of you," she assured him.

<@Eddie> "Thanks, Pr-....", he paused, "Paige.", he corrected himself, "So, fancy a drink?"

<Paige> "Awwww you remembered!" She smiled happily at him. "I'd love a drink!"

<@Eddie> Eddie raised an eyebrow, "Of....course I did...?", he shook his head, "Ok, er....yeah: he waved down a waiter, "Hey, can I get a G&T and....", he looked to Paige.

<Paige> "A cosmo." Paige nodded matter of factly.

<@Eddie> The waiter nodded and left, Eddie looking back at Paige bemused, "You are just more fun than a fart at a funeral...", he laughed, shaking his head.

<Paige> Paige giggled at him and took his hand in hers again. "I try?"

<@Eddie> At the touch of her hand, Eddie sighed, stroking hers gently, "Sorry about....you know, flailing about the whole sex thing...'sjust....", he shrugged a bit, "It's....kind of a foreign concept to me."

<Paige> "It means more when you wait for it. And I understand that I'm strange in our society today. And it isn't easy. But worth it? Absolutely."

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Well, I understand but....I mean, we've both waited pretty much my entire academic career and...", he pondered her words, "...I know this is a bit silly, but can you explain your beliefs about it to me?"

<Paige> "Well... sex is a part of marriage. It is intended to be shared with your spouse. It's not only physical thing, but an emotional and spiritual connection as well."

<@Eddie> "Hm...", he nodded, genuinely thoughtful of her words, "So it's more like the physical representation of that connection. Not just 'sex', but 'making love' literally, right?"

<Paige> "Exactly!" Paige smiled at him. He got it!

<@Eddie> "That's....you know I er...I never thought of it like that.", Eddie confessed, "I know that seems stupid.",

<Paige> "It doesn't seem stupid. A lot of people don't see it that way, after all. It is just special to me, so I wait."

<@Eddie> Eddie's expression softened, "That's....really sweet, actually.", he smirked a little, "You....want it to be special with us?"

<Paige> "Of course I do, Eddie." Paige squeezed his hand again. "And I think you're worth the wait."

<@Eddie> As he laughed a little bit, blushing at her words, Eddie's attention was averted to the waiter returning with their drinks and placing them on the table, "Thank you.", he nodded to the waiter as he bowed to them both, placing menus on the table and departing again.

<Paige> Paige was immediately distracted by her drink and the menu. "Oooo that sounds yummy."

<@Eddie> Eddie inspected his own menu, bemused as ever at Paige's child-like enthusiasm about everything, "You er....see anything you like?"

<Paige> "Mmhmmmm the chicken pasta. Yummy yum!"

<@Eddie> He laughed at her, shaking his head, "Yep. I think I'll go for the steak - yet to even have a decent medium-rare from anywhere I've been, so this'll be a test.", he flagged down the waiter to make their orders, taking a sip from his drink.

<Paige> Paige took a sip from her own, relaxing a bit. "So what are you going to do now, Mr. Graduate?"

<@Eddie> Eddie looked back from placing the order with the waiter, "Well, funny story: I'm a police officer."

<Paige> "Really? Oooo love a man in uniform!" She giggled at him. "That's so noble of you, though."

<@Eddie> "Original, too: a police officer who's also a superhero - who knew(?)", he rolled his eyes at himself, "It's something I have a great deal of respect for. You know, especially after Detective Keel helped us so much with the Brotherhood case..."

<Paige> "I have a lot of respect for law enforcement. Nobody really knows how much they have to go through. They risk their lives every day to keep the rest of us safe. I... never was a very good X-Man. I was on the medical team back in school."

<@Eddie> Eddie leaned forward, "Oh? Go on, please....", he touched her hand gently, offering her a smile.

<Paige> "People get taken all the time at our school. People want to use us as weapons... and then we have to go kick their bottoms and get them back. But even when it's people I care about, I have a hard time doing that. I always wanted to be there to patch everyone up when they got back home, you know?"

<@Eddie> "It's very important.", Eddie nodded, "I was the same with Cessily when she got back. I-I mean....you know, making her better, talking her down from being upset.", he shrugged awkwardly, "The kiss was....kinda unplanned...but hey."

<Paige> "Awwww you kissed, Cess?" Paige giggled a bit. That was adorable! Him and professors!

<@Eddie> "W-well, I-I mean, she might've....or....I'm not a hundred percent on who did the initial kissing but....", Eddie sighed, hand covering his face, "Ugh...."

<Paige> Paige couldn't stop herself from giggling at him. Oh he was so cute! "You have a thing for professors, huh huh?"

<@Eddie> He slumped his head onto the table, "Oh, Goooooood, stop iiiiit....."

<Paige> Paige could not stop laughing now. She tried... but she failed. "But you are so cuuuute!"

<@Eddie> "How is that cute!?", Eddie reached for his drink, kicking back a shot of it, "You're not jealous, so I suppose I should count my blessings...."

<Paige> "Mmmmm should I be? You still into the redhead?" She giggled more at him.

<@Eddie> "You're the worst....", he groaned, hiding behind his glass.

<Paige> "Awwwwwwwwwww!" Paige laughed more, then moved to sit beside him instead of across from him. "Is this better?"

<@Eddie> Eddie gave her a blank look, "You're still mean."

<Paige> Paige pouted at him. "I am nooooot."

<@Eddie> "Playing with my sexual desires and teasing me about my misadventures...", he nudged her playfully with a smirk, "It's just a little embarrassing to admit..."

<Paige> "You don't have to be embarrassed to tell me anything." Paige kissed his cheek.

<@Eddie> He shook his head, "Oh, if I told you some things, you'd burn me for a witch..."

<Paige> "Well, I promise to always listen." She nodded. "That's what good girlfriends do!"

<@Eddie> "Is it? I thought they offered sympathy blowjobs and ironed your shirts.", he grinned, kissing her cheek.

<Paige> "Well, I'll be happy to iron your shirts..." She grinned back at him.

<@Eddie> Eddie shrugged, "Well, can't have it all...", he sighed, leaning on her arm, "You know, I'm....actually kinda happy we're doing this."

<Paige> "Just kinda? Whhhhhy?" She kissed his cheek.

<@Eddie> "Well....look, no offence but this isn't how I usually do things.", Eddie confessed, "It's a little foreign to me is all, but....well, I think change might be good.", he nodded.

<Paige> Paige bit her lower lip a bit. "Are you sure?"

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded with a small shrug with his left shoulder, "Well, I think...I think relationships need compromises, and I'm prepared to do that for you.", he smiled shyly, "N-not that I'm 'doormatting' myself, but....well, if this is who you want me to be then..."

<Paige> "Thank you Eddiekins." Paige kissed his cheek again.

<@Eddie> "Oh, gosh; are we already at the stage of awkward nicknames?", Eddie grinned, "Eh, 'Paigey-pop'?"

<Paige> "It's an honour to have one." She assured him. "Come to think of it... I'm not sure how Lorna escaped all these years without one. I must fix that."

<@Eddie> "Then I'm honoured, Paigey...", he stroked her face, smiling, "D'you wanna sit beside me when the food gets here?"

<Paige> "I'm ok with staying right here if you are." She nuzzled his hand gently.

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, leaning closer to kiss her properly, "I am....", he breathed, pressing his lips against hers again.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

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<@Jonathan> Standing outside Paige's room, Eddie sighed, leaning on the door and knocking it with a smile. He adjusted his belt, blinking down at where his sidearm should be and grinning; "Off duty - haven't lost her..."

<Paige> Paige jumped a bit at the knock, but since she was close to the door she opened it herself. "Eddiekins!" She pounced on him with a happy hug.

<@Jonathan> Eddie blinked, Spider-sense barely preparing him for catching Paige, "H-hey! Hi!", he laughed, hugging her back, "Stressful daaaaay..."

<Paige> Paige kissed the tip of his nose, then his lips gently. "Want to talk about it?" She ran her fingers gently through his hair, stealing another kiss.

<@Jonathan> "A-aaahm...", Eddie managed, flushing at her physical contact - he'd learned he could keep his urges under control if he simply limited physical contact, and this was certainly not helping; "....yeah. Y-yeah, can we...?", he gestured his head towards the inside of the room.

<Paige> With a final kiss to his cheek, she turned and headed back to her room. "Hungry?"

<@Jonathan> "Y-yeah....", Eddie nodded, smiling gently, "You'll never guess what happened to me earlier."

<Paige> "Ooooo do tell!" She moved about making them some dinner.

<@Jonathan> He frowned, "An old woman came in, claiming that she had her youth stolen by a man, who turned young and flew away...", Eddie sat down, shaking his head, "She was....ugh, it was hellish - so much stupidity it was borderline sitcom."

<Paige> "Awwww that poor old woman. She probably has dementia or something." Or just out right batshit. "I'm glad she had somebody like you to help her." Paige got to chopping up the vegetables.

<@Jonathan> "Are you kidding? She was out of her mind for sure...", Eddie groaned, "To make it worse, I had to go out on a patrol, and my partner almost shot some kid..."

<Paige> "Oh my gosh, why?!" Paige paused her chopping to look at him.

<@Jonathan> Eddie looked up at her, "Because he's a damned idiot racist, that's why. Moron.", he sighed, shaking his head, "Assumed the Black kid giving me grief was toting a knife - he was just a wise-cracking child."

<Paige> Paige paused, wiping her hands off. She moved to Eddie and wrapped him in a secure hug. "I'm so sorry, Eddiekins."

<@Jonathan> "It's fine. Really.", he assured her, kissing her cheek gently, "I'm alright for the most part, just....ugh, just stressed all to hell...", he sighed, leaning against her.

<Paige> Paige held onto him, stroking his hair and just staying close to him. "How about some dessert before dinner? That cheers anyone up."

<@Jonathan> Eddie nodded, "S-sure...", he smiled gently, feeling more like a child as he snuggled into Paige. He laughed a little, blushing at his thoughts as he kissed her neck, "Thank you, Paige..."

<Paige> Paige kissed him gently. "That's what I'm here for." She reluctantly moved from him to get his cake.

<@Jonathan> "Paige?", he asked as she went to sort her things out, "Erm....i-is it weird that I...kinda like it when you take care of me?", he blushed a little bit.

<Paige> "Why would it be? Most men secretly like to be taken care of." She told him as she stood on her tip toes to reach the dessert plates. "They don't admit it. Afraid it makes them appear unmanly."

<@Eddie> Eddie smirked, shrugging a little, "I wouldn't know....I never had a Mom, so...",

<Paige> Paige brought him his dessert cake and a kiss for his forehead. "I know, sweetie."

<@Eddie> Taking the cake, Eddie smiled at her, "Kinda sucks, hm?", he laughed dryly, "I'm ah....glad that I have you though..."

<Paige> "I'm glad I have you too." She took another kiss from him. "Very glad."

<@Eddie> After kissing her back, Eddie pushed a fork into the cake, "So, have you been up to much today?"

<Paige> "Nothing much really. Just classes... normal day for me. This is the best of it." She smiled over at him, going back to making dinner.

<@Eddie> "I still think it's sexy you're a teacher...", Eddie grinned, taking his first bite of the cake, "By the way, this tastes amazing!"

<Paige> That earned him another giggle. "I'm glad you like it! It just came out of the over about an hour ago."

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, chewing another mouthful and swallowing it with a satisfied hum, "Heh, hey, I've learned my lesson about the sex thing, ok? I'm just joking around when I say it.", he assured her.

<Paige> That earned him a confused blink. "I'm not sure I follow."

<@Eddie> "I notice you seem to avoid it when I say stuff like that, I just don't want you to be awkward about it.", he smiled, "I want you to be comfy and happy with me."

<Paige> "Awwww Eddiekins... I am comfy and happy with you." She assured him, smiling and going back to chopping.

<@Eddie> With a nod, Eddie went back to his food, "I hope so. I just....I know that people have been kinda antsy about....you know, us."

<Paige> "What do you mean, sweetie?" Paige took him his drink too.

<@Eddie> Thanking her, Eddie cleared his throat, "Well, I know that some people might be a little....you know...off about the idea of a student and a teacher.", he raised his fork, "Before you say it, yes. I know technically I'm not in school here anymore."

<Paige> Paige bit her lower lip, processing that. She had no idea people still thought that, even though Eddie had graduated. "I... I see." She should go talk to Bobby about it. See what he thought.

<@Eddie> "H-hey...", Eddie stood, leaving his plate to one side and sipping at his drink before joining her side, "Paigey-Paige...", he smiled, stroking her hair, "...I don't care what anyone thinks of us, ok?"

<Paige> "Are.. are you sure?" She looked up into his eyes. "I don't want things to be weird for you.. or at work." Or for people to think she took advantage of him.

<@Eddie> "I'm absolutely sure.", Eddie promised her, "Come on, don't be sad.", he rubbed his cheek against hers, "There is....actually something I wanted to tell you..."

<Paige> Paige nuzzled his cheek back. "You do?"

<@Eddie> He moved back to look her in the eye, "I've been giving it some thought and...", he gulped, blushing, "I....think I'm falling... in love... with you..."

<Paige> A slow smile spread across her face. "Really?" She asked, her hand moving to his cheek.

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Yeah...I...at first I just thought it was....well, I don't know. But yeah....yeah, I think...", he shook his head, "I-I mean, I love you, Paige."

<Paige> Paige bit back her giggle. He was so cute when he was awkward! "I... I love you too."

<@Eddie> "....r-really?", he flushed, moving back, "P-Paige, you don't just have to say it 'cause I did, I-I understand if you need time....or...."

<Paige> "I wouldn't have said it if I wasn't ready to say it."

<@Eddie> Eddie grinned back, almost laughing in happiness before kissing her softly, "Thank you.", he breathed against her lips softly, still beaming.

<Paige> Paige giggled at him then wrapped her arms around him. "It's so wonderful to hear you say it."

<@Eddie> Holding her tightly and breathing in her scent, Eddie smirked, hardly believing that she was supposed to be the older one, "In that case: I loooooove yoooou, Paigey-Paige.", he laughed, kissing her neck.

<Paige> Paige giggled at him, squirming a little. "I looooooooooooove you too!"

<@Eddie> "Then it looks like everyone who has a problem needs to do one, doesn't it?", he grinned, cuddling into her, "You're just the cutest ever!"

<Paige> Paige giggled more, snuggling into him. "So are yoooooooou. But don't you worry. I'll keep it a secret. Don't want word to get out that you're a big softie." She teased him, tickling him gently.

<@Eddie> Unable to keep himself still, Eddie twitched and squirmed, laughing like an infant, "S-stop it!", he giggled, trying to stop her hands.

<Paige> He was able to catch her hands, Paige laughing happily at him. "I really do love you, you know. You're amazing."

<@Eddie> "And I really love you too, 'cause you're you.", Eddie smiled, "There's nothing more amazing than you."

<Paige> "Well I think yoooooooou are." Paige smiled at him, resing her forehead against his.

<@Eddie> Eddie grinned, "No, yooooou.", he teased, pushing a sudden kiss against her lips.

<Paige> Paige returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck.

<@Eddie> Holding her hips, Eddie lost himself in the taste of her mouth, moving away ever so slightly to talk to her, "C-can we not go too far with kissing? 'Sjust....y-you really, really make me wanna....", he flushed, smiling awkwardly.

<Paige> "Sorry." Paige pulled away from him, blushing.

<@Eddie> "I-it's alright.", Eddie smiled, frowning a little bit, "D-don't be upset, 'sjust....well...it's kinda hard to resist...", he confessed, shrugging with a single shoulder.

<Paige> "I don't want you to be miserable though..." She glanced over at him, putting the food on the stove.

<@Eddie> Eddie folded his arms, "Aw, I'm not miserable...", he dismissed the notion with another shrug, "It gets that bad, I'll just finish up in the shower or something...", he grinned, "...it's no big, I just don't want you thinking it's all that I think about when we're together."

<Paige> She did give him a giggle for the shower idea. "I know it isn't, sweetie. But I also know I don't always make it easy. I'll be more aware."

<@Eddie> "What, by becoming less sexy? Don't do that!", he approached her and leaned on her back, nuzzling at her neck, "But if you let me borrow a pair of your panties....", he teased.

<Paige> Paige hit him gently for that, then kissed him. "You're lucky I love you."

<@Eddie> Eddie tapped his nose with a finger, "And lucky you haven't checked your underwear drawer recently...", he sniggered, "...anyway, think I might take a shower!"

<Paige> "Hey! Eddie!!!!" Paige pouted at him.

<@Eddie> "Oh, relax, I only might have them....", he grinned, unbuttoning his shirt, "...I guess you'll have to check!"

<Paige> It was Paige's turn to want that cold shower. She swallowed and went back to stirring their dinner. "I guess I will!"

<@Eddie> "You do that, 'Sweet-P'.", he laughed, stretching as he removed his shirt, "I'll be back before you start dishing up, 'k?"

<Paige> "But not before I start missing you!" Paige giggled at him.

<@Eddie> Eddie grabbed himself a towel, frowning in jest, "I miss you already, and I'm stood over here! I'll have to be extra quick!", he blew her a kiss as he left the room, "I love you, Paigey-Paige."

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

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<Paige> Paige set her bag down in the hotel room, crossing to the window to look out at the gorgeous beach below their window. She was glad that she had changed out of her wedding dress before she left. They had enjoyed an intimate ceremony back home, but now it was time to enjoy being married. "It's beautiful." She breathed out.

<@Eddie> "Nah, it's pretty.", Eddie insisted, standing behind her and resting his hand on her shoulder, "You are beautiful. That? That's just the world desperately trying to hold a candle to you.", he smiled, kissing the top of her head and wrapping his arms around her.

<Paige> Paige wrapped her arms around his, leaning back against him. "I love you, Eddie." She turned her head to kiss on him.

<@Eddie> Sighing in pleasure as her lips touched his skin, he smiled, leaning down to catch hers in his, "I love you, too.", his hand brushed her cheek gently as he kissed her, "Paige Brock suits you better...", he breathed softly.

<Paige> She reached up to his cheek, stroking it gently in return. "It does. I am so thankful to be with you." She kissed him again, deeper.

<@Eddie> "How thankful?", he teased.

<Paige> "Very, very thankful." Paige kissed on his jawline. "I've waited for this day for a long, long time."

<@Eddie> Eddie shuddered with anticipation, sinking down to hold her close, "Paige...", he whispered into her ear, moving back a little, "I know we've waited all this time but...if you wanna wait, it's ok.", he smiled gently, "God knows I want this, more than I've wanted anything, but....if you want to wait a little longer, for you, I will."

<Paige> She slid her fingers onto his chest, kissing his neck. "I don't think I can wait any longer." She blushed, glad her face was against his neck.

--- Time Passes ---

<Paige> It had been a wonderful week in the room, but Paige had finally talked Eddie into enjoying what was left of their time on the beach. She walked with him, snuggled up to his arm, loving the feel of the sand and water on her toes.

<@Eddie> "You know, two years ago I'd never have dreamed of this...", Eddie confessed, adjusting his arm in hers as he looked out on the ocean, "...I've never been this happy in my life. I couldn't have dreamed of this...", he laughed dryly, shaking his head, "...I don't even have the words to say it."

<Paige> "You don't have to say anything... I understand." Paige just smiled, staying close to him. "I'm just dreading going back. I like having you all to myself. Seashell!" She paused, bending down to inspect a pretty shell in the sand.

<@Eddie> Eddie laughed at her sudden outburst, "Hey! A souvenir, hm?", he grinned, "And what do you mean 'dreading it'? You always have me all to yourself - the guys on the force think I'm whipped!"

<Paige> "Awwww you aren't whipped! They are just jealous." Paige dusted off the shell, then stood up with it to show him. "And they should be. You're alll mine!" She gave him a happy kiss.

<@Eddie> He smirked at the kiss, "Probably; who else can say they scored the happiest person ever, hm?", he ran a finger along the shell, "Ooooh, it's really soft! Can you hear the ocean in it?"

<Paige> Paige put it up to his ear. "Can you?"

<@Eddie> Eddie remained silent a moment, smiling suddenly, "Yeah - look.", he took it and her hand in his own and gently put it against her ear, "See? Like a soft breathing, right? My Dad told me my Mom had a special thing about shells.....", he nodded, "She asked him what the sound was inside a shell, and he told her it was the echoes and blah-blah-blah...."

<@Eddie> He took her hand in his, "My mother though?", he continued, "She said that it was the sea's voice, sharing the symphony of the ocean with you..."

<Paige> Paige listened to him with a smile until the end about his mother. She bit her lip to keep it from wibbling. "That's so beautiful, Eddie," she whispered. "Thank you for sharing that. We're keeping this shell."

<@Eddie> "Of course I did. You're my wife now.", Eddie smiled, hardly believing he was saying it, "I want to share everything with you. Every moment, every smile...."

<Paige> "I think you can read my mind. I want to share every moment of every day." Paige kissed him, wrapping her arms around his neck.

<@Eddie> Relaxing into her, Eddie breathed out softly as they locked lips, moving away after a few moments to look into her eyes, "You are the light of my life, Paige. And I will always love you.", he assured her, hands resting on her waist.

<Paige> "You are too Eddie." She rested her head against his chest. "You are everything to me, and I love you more than anyone or anything in this world."

<@Eddie> "After the last week? I can believe that...", he half gasped at the memories, "...Christ, that is the closest I've ever felt to anyone. Like....like our souls were....", he blushed, "...a-ah, it's....kinda silly, hm?"

<Paige> "I told you it would be worth the wait." She blushed, snuggling closer to him. "Though I still can't believe you're my husband. It doesn't seem real."

<@Eddie> Eddie held her closer, "It is. That's all that matters. All that ever will matter."

<Paige> Paige smiled. She stood up on her toes to rest her forehead against his. "Exactly. We're a family now. I just hope you're ready for the invasion of pink!" She giggled at him.

<@Eddie> "You promised you'd be gentle!", he hastened to add, grinning at her.

<Paige> "It will be harmless! And colorful! And Happy!" Paige took his hand again to continue their walk.

<@Eddie> Eddie shook his head, "One. Room.", he stated firmly, with a smirk, "But I promise I will pay for anything you want in it - walk-in wardrobe?"

<Paige> Paige pouted at him. "But I have all my pink kitchen stuff too."

<@Eddie> "Stop it...", Eddie mumbled, smirking a little at her, "I know what you're about to do, you evil little pixie!"

<Paige> "I a not an evil pixie!" Paige poked him. "I'm saying that one room is unrealistic. It is OUR house isn't it? OUR home?"

<@Eddie> "And it'd be unfair, as such, for it to be all pink!"

<Paige> "It's also unfair to lock all of my things in one room."

<@Eddie> Eddie groaned, "Fiiiiiiiiiiine.", he sighed, shaking his head, "Do as you please, woman.", he smirked, nudging her a little.

<Paige> "Yay!" Paige kissed him happily.

<@Eddie> "You're just the worst...", he rolled his eyes, "I am whipped so bad."

<Paige> She pouted at him. "You aren't whipped..." she argued. "You're a good husband."

<@Eddie> Eddie looked at her, "Because I bottle like Volvic every time you ask for something?"

<Paige> "We make concessions for people we love, right?" She ran her fingers up through his hair.

<@Eddie> "Name me three times you've made big concessions for me.", Eddie challenged with a smirk, "Go on, just three!"

<Paige> "Agreed to stay in yesterday... and then there was that thing last night... and I'm still pretty sure you have a pair of my panties hidden at your place."

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "And you didn't even spit....", he nodded, "....pretty good conduct from you, I admit.", he laughed, unable to keep it in.

<Paige> "See? I make biiiiig concessions too." She giggled at him. "I just want you to be happy, Eddiekins. Are you happy?"

<@Eddie> "Of course I am, what kind of question is that, Paigey-Paige?", he tapped her nose with a finger, "A silly one.", he smiled, "And I'll be doubly happy if you repeat that little trick....",

<Paige> "Oh you would be would you? I'll have to keep that in mind. Don't want you getting bored."

<@Eddie> Eddie blushed at that, "You are just perfect.....", he sighed, leaning his head on her shoulder, "....don't leave me, ok?". he suddenly muttered, closing his eyes.

<Paige> "Don't be silly Eddie... why would I ever want to do that? You're my soul mate."

<@Eddie> "Everyone leaves me. And....I know I'm not perfect.", he admitted, stopping to look at her properly, "But....please. No matter what, please don't go."

<Paige> "Eddie..." Paige moved to catch his eyes. "Did you hear me? You're my soul mate. I love you. There's nothing you could do to change that."

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "I'm just afraid. Ok? I....I know it's stupid, because I know you really love me, but.....", he sighed again, "Just...promise. Please."

<Paige> "You don't have to be scared with me. I promise." She hugged him tightly, protectively. "I'm not letting anything happen to us."

<@Eddie> Wrapping himself in her arms, Eddie rested his head against her shoulder, "I can't lose you. I can't, you mean everything to me...."

<Paige> "I can't lose you either. You're my world now! Nothing is going to happen ok? We're going to be fine."

<@Eddie> Eddie held her tight, "I trust you. I do.", he nodded, taking a deep breath, "I'll never, ever leave you. I love you more than anything, and I will never, ever let you go."

<Paige> "So we're agreed. Married for life!" She kissed the tip of his nose. "Are you hungry? I think some lunch is needed."

<@Eddie> "Anything for my Paigey-Paige.", Eddie grinned, kissing her back, "Come on, let's go.", he crouched slightly, effortlessly lifting her into his arms, "For looooove!", he laughed, carrying her away.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Chaos » Sat Jan 19, 2013 3:17 am

Let's say Eddie was single when Cassie showed up, and after a few 'encounters'....



<@Eddie> Eddie sighed, tapping his ankle gently against the wall he was leaning on and double-checking the time on his phone; surely she'd have finished classes by now? He leaned his head back, folding his arms and staring up at the celling.

<@Eddie> As if it wasn't bad enough people thought he was rebounding, he was getting paranoid about her dumping him, too. For a moment, he wondered why he was even so bothered about it - she was nice. And simple! Simple was something Eddie considered he sorely lacked in life. 'Simple' as in 'up front', not simple simple.

<@Eddie> "Oh, Jesus Christ...", he muttered, shaking his head and glancing down the hallway; he'd reached that stage.

<Cassie> "Hardly, but maybe I'll do in his stead," Cassandra remarked, appearing by his side with a shrewd grin across her lips. "I can't offer salvation of any kind, but I can promise to be much more entertaining." She stood up on her toes and rested her chin on Eddie's shoulder.

<@Eddie> Snapping to attention, Eddie sighed again, a smile forming in its wake, "Hey, s-sorry, I was a million miles away.", he kissed her forehead, "Enjoy school?", he winced,"I-I mean class! D-did you enjoy your class. I er...I mean...",

<Cassie> "It was fairly interesting, yes," she replied, giving him an amused smile, before she leaned up to press her lips to his chin. "And something tells me I just need to put on my schoolgirl outit if I ever wanted to break your mind completely."

<@Eddie> Eddie looked away, blushing, "Stop it.", he smirked, glancing back at her, "Seriously, I'm er...I'm sorry I'm so awkward, I don't mean to be. I-I really like you, I do.",

<Cassie> "Why tell me all the time, when you did a pretty good job of showing me just last night," Cassandra asked in return, a mischieveous smirk curling her lips.

<@Eddie> Stuck for a reply, Eddie simply laughed, "You are gonna be the death of me, girl...", he grinned, stroking her face, "And I am totally ok with that."

<Cassie> Cassandra laughed. "I'm pretty sure the same would go for me, with that ever-ravenous little friend of yours." She stepped back and took his hand. Her voice turned into a hush as she gave him a smile. "And you know what, I'd be okay with that, too."

<@Eddie> Smiling still, Eddie curled his arms around her, "Oh, Cassie...whatever did I do to deserve you, hm?", he poked her nose with his finger, "Oh, wait; I'm an international hero..."

<Cassie> "You say that as if ending up with me were a good thing," she replied, playfully nipping the finger that poked her. "Maybe I'm actually a creative form of punishment?"

<@Eddie> "Hell, if this is punishment, what do you call the handcuffs?", he teased, "And that aside, do you still wanna go for dinner tonight?"

<Cassie> "Certainly." Cassandra smiled and nodded. "Why? You plan to take the handcuffs along?" She grinned, trailing a hand down his chest. "That would turn some heads for sure, I'd say."

<@Eddie> Eddie shrugged, "I considered it, but I think holding your hand would be....I dunno, more cute.", he admitted, smiling a little timidly as he started for the hallway, a hand slipping down her arm and into her own, "So erm...d'you wanna go now or get dressed up first?"

<Cassie> Glancing down herself, she then looked back up and shrugged, as well. "Aren't I always dressed up? We can head out right now, if you like."

<@Eddie> "You always look beautiful.", he assured her, "Even when you're....you know...like in the gym that time...", he smirked, "If you're ready now, we can scoot: it's easier and it means that I don't have to undress you - much as I 'hate' doing that(!)"

<Cassie> "Oh, there'll be time for that later," Cassandra assured him, leaning up again to press a kiss to Eddie's cheek. "Who knows, maybe even before we get home again." She winked at him.

<@Eddie> --- Time Passes ---

<@Eddie> "Did you know E.B White called the martini the 'elixir of quietude'?", Eddie explained, raising his glass to push the point, "I...have no idea why I know that, but it's interesting, right? I...think...?"

<Cassie> "Maybe it simply left him speechless," Cassandra commented, stirring her own cocktail with the straw sticking out of it, before she bent down to take another sip.

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "Maybe...who knows? Well, Wikipedia probably does...", he shrugged, lifting his menu, "So, what are you thinking food-wise?"

<Cassie> "The salad sounds nice," she replied with a thoughtful nod. "What about you? Still considering the steak?" She smirked suggestively. "Whatever it may be, I suggest something rich in proteins. You might need it."

<@Eddie> "I'd better order three...", Eddie nodded again, extremely seriously, "Ok, I'm ordering three. Salad for you? Or do you want something tastier?", he grinned, a tendril sliding out under the table and slithering against her leg.

<Cassie> "Like a milkshake?" Cassandra gently brushed her leg against the curious tendril, while smirking across the table at Eddie. "I definitely could go for one of those."

<@Eddie> "I mean food-wise...", he explained, the tendril slithering up her skirt and giving her bum a cheeky pat before snapping back, "...but if you want milkshake...",

<Cassie> "Sure, I'll take the strawberry one," she said. "For now,", she winked. "But yes, the salad will be fine. I'm not much of a big eater. Comes with being a gymnast, I guess."

<@Eddie> With a small smile, Eddie nodded, "Yeah...", he recalled his ex, trying to hide his face as he scratched his head, waving over a waiter and ordering for both of them.

<Cassie> Cassandra waited until the waiter had left again, passing the time by stroking her foot against Eddie's leg underneath the table. "I have to say, it's not that often I find myself asked out to a proper dinner for a date," she told him then.

<@Eddie> "Really?", he raised an eyebrow, "I...really? Nobody at all? I erm...I was worried that maybe Jack would have....asked you?"

<Cassie> That caused another soft laugh coming from her. "I meant proper dinners," she elaborated. "All my previous dates, if you could call them that, have been considerably more... spontaneous. And short-lived." She briefly raised her eyebrows. "If you know what I mean."

<@Eddie> Eddie stirred his drink with the olive in it, "W-well, yeah, I can get that. When I was younger, I...er...", he sighed, "Not that I'm that much older, I mean....ugh.", he laughed, "It's erm....it's been a while since I've been on a date like this myself, actually."

<Cassie> "Then it's new territory for the both of us." She smiled and took another sip from her drink. "Or at least unfamiliar one. How exciting!" A brief grin slipped onto her face.

<@Eddie> Looking up at Cassandra, Eddie smiled, "Yeah. It is.", he agreed, "Since we're here, there's some stuff I wanted to talk about. You know, about us?"

<Cassie> "Well, I agree now would be the perfect time for that," she replied, idly playing with her glass. "Like what?"

<@Eddie> "Well...I wanna make sure you know about me first.", he explained, "People talk: so I assume you know I came out of a relationship pretty recently, right? About a month and a half ago..."

<Cassie> Cassandra nodded. "I may have heard something like that, yes," she said, giving him a curious look. "Why? You don't think this will be a problem, would it? I don't know if you've noted, but I'm kind of relaxed about these kind of things."

<@Eddie> Eddie shrugged, "W-well....yeah, I kinda worried a bit. Y-you're not just a rebound, you know. I mean, to be honest it's kinda refreshing just....I dunno! This is just kinda great, and...well, I need it.", he smiled wholeheartedly, "I like that you're so relaxed, it's awesome. But er...I do get kinda jealous..."

<@Eddie> He tapped his head, "And by me, I mean...we...", he explained ,"It erm...it's got a bad temper."

<Cassie> "I figured as much," Cassandra replied, the edge of her mouth slightly curling as her fingers rested around the brim of her glass. "So you want me all to yourself. Or yourselves." She tilted her head, glancing down at her her hands for a moment. "I don't know, I feel that's rather endearing. That you feel so strongly about me, I mean."

<@Eddie> "Of course I do, you're...well, you're beautiful. And you're exciting - not just in the bedroom...", he laughed a little, his hand slowly sliding over to her side of the table, "...when I look at you, I want to protect you. I want to be there for you, and...I guess I also wanna be this happy."

<@Eddie> Eddie laughed, "You just make everything so colourful, so fun! I was so unhappy when we met, but you're so spontaneous and sweet, it just....it's like there's nothing bad in the world when you smile."

<Cassie> "Thank you." Her smile brightened. "And what can I say, I've always had a knack of making light even of the most gloomy things. I guess this is why I ended up becoming a performer. Making someone laugh can be the biggest reward, you know?" She picked up the beer mat and played around with it, the promptly made it disappear up her sleeve with a flick of her wrist.

<Cassie> "Of course, being fantastic in the bedroom also helps a bit," she added, before making the mat reappear in her other hand.

<@Eddie> With a grin, Eddie nodded, "Agreed.", he reached for her hand, gently stroking it with his fingers, "The age gap doesn't bother you, right? I know some people have been talking about it, I just wanna make sure you're not being insulted..."

<@Eddie> 'We can fix that...

<Cassie> "Maybe I have a thing for older men," Cassandra suggested with a little wink. "Not that you're that old." She flashed him a grin. "Seriously, though, I don't mind, at all. And I think you'd already get arrested for being a vigilante, so dating an under-age girl shouldn't really make much of a difference."

<@Eddie> "W-wait, you're under-aged?", he blinked, "...that doesn't actually bother me that much but...", he flushed a deep red, "Aw, geez.... erm...that sounded bad."

<Cassie> Cassandra actually had to laugh at that. "Hey, not in all countries," she replied. "It's not my fault this one is run by prudes. I won't let that stop me from doing what I want, though." She smiled to herself and took another sip of her cocktail. "Why did you think I've always evaded your question about my age in the first place?"

<@Eddie> Eddie shook a finger, laughing, "Hahaaaa, clever.", he laughed, "Well, in England, sixteen is ok, so it's cool with me. J-just...I'm twenty-four...you know? I just....to me, it's ok. We're good together and that's all there is to it.", he smiled.

<Cassie> "Then stop making such a big fuss about it," Cassandra told him with a well-meant laugh. "Sure, those eight years difference might seem like a lot now, but I assure you, no one would bat an eye if the both of us were just a little older. As I've said, I'm more than just fine with it." She returned his smile.

<@Eddie> "Then....I guess everything's great.", Eddie beamed, raising his glass, "I honestly couldn't be happier with things."

<Cassie> Cassandra raised her glass to his. "You think so," she asked, a sassy smirk playing across her lips. "Maybe you should wait to say that until we're back home."

<@Eddie> Almost choking on his martini, Eddie gulped, eyes widening, "Oh, you are just the most fun ever...", he smirked, glancing to one side as their food approached, "Ok, sure. But there's one condition..."

<Cassie> "Ooh, now you've got my attention." She sat back when the plate was put down on the table in front of her, ignoring it in favour of fixing Eddie with a curious look.

<@Eddie> The tendril beneath the table slipped under her skirt again as Eddie thanked the waiter, glancing back at her, "I get to keep doing this until you're done eating..."

<Cassie> The raven-haired girl instantly tensed in her seat, audibly sucking in the air. She glanced to either side to see if anyone else had noticed her reaction, as for one of the very rare times in her life she had to struggle to keep from flushing red. "Oh, that's just evil," she gasped, before sucking on her lower lip. "And I love it."

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:46 pm

Mayday: Mayday looked up from her stitching smiling a little bit at the episode of 'Reboot' she was watching. She sighed, suddenly realizing all over again how heavy her heart was.

Mayday: "Agh! Fuck!", she winced, catching her finger on her needle. She pulled it away, placing her finger in her mouth as the blood seeped out, coppery taste against her tongue as she choked up a sob, unable to pretend she was happy anymore. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she dropped the hat she was stitching into a bunch of wool at her feet, rolling up on the sofa to cry.

Rachel: Rachel was planning on cutting through the room to head into the kitchen for a snack, but she paused in the doorway at the sob. Shifting her weight from one foot to the other, she debated whether to investigate or not, eventually choosing too. For as apathetic as she tried to come off, she'd just feel bad if she didn't try to make things better. Moving over to the couch, she announced her presence, "Hey, May?"

Mayday: Mayday looked up, shaking her head, "R-Rachel...", she sniffled, sitting up and holding back the tears as she bent down to pick up the loose needle and put it away in its case.

Rachel: "What's up...?" Asking such a casual question seemed strange for the situation, especially when there were likely better responses, but she'd never particularly enjoyed being asked if she was okay herself. It also didn't help that tears made her uncomfortable. Regardless, she moved to take a seat on the arm of the couch.

Mayday: "I-I'm just....fine. I'm fine.", Mayday lied in response, "I-I should...I should go. And...", she put her finger back in her mouth, feeling tears well up at the pain of it again.

Rachel: Rachel silently eyed her for a few moments, considering what to do because she didn't really have any desire to make the girl talk about it. Then, she took note of the finger. Moving to get up, despite having just sat down, she nodded toward the kitchen, "C'mon, I think there's bandaids somewhere in there." There was also food, which she wanted.

Mayday: Choking up another sob, Mayday nodded, standing and following Rachel, trying not to break into a fit of crying all over again. She kept her finger in her mouth, despising the rubbery copper taste invading her mouth as she did so.

Rachel: Leading Mayday over to the sink, Rachel flipped the faucet on and hesitantly reached for the other girl's wrist, guiding it to the water. After successfully finding the bandaids, she pulled one out of the box and moved back to May, biting down on her lip. "Um... Can you handle it, or do you want me to?"

Mayday: Wiping her tears on her other sleeve, Mayday looked at her finger, "C-can you...?", she mumbled, taking a sharp breath in as she started sobbing gently.

Rachel: "Yeah..." Rachel nodded and reached to the turn the water off. She carefully dried Mayday's finger off as well as she could, unwrapped the bandaid, and gently wrapped it around her finger. "Better? Well... I guess it's not really better, but..." Oh, she should just stop talking. Now.

Mayday: Sniffling as she wiped her face on her sleeve again, Mayday nodded, "T-thanks, Rachel.", she tried to smile, "I-it is. K-kind of...",

Rachel: "No problem," she gave a slight smile in return, looking around the room. "Kind of...? Also, did you want anything?"

Mayday: Mayday shrugged a little bit, "M-maybe an Iced Coffee...", she half mumbled, turning to lean on the counter and wipe her tears away completely, "I-it's me and Sue....we....we broke up..."

Rachel: Rachel eyed her at the request and decided there was no way she could say no to it after that bit of news. She knew how much breaking up sucked. "Ah... Well, I'll get you one because I sure as hell cannot make one."

Mayday: "I-I have canned ones.", Mayday nodded to the fridge, looking down at her bandaged finger and smiling, "Thanks....like, really. T-thank you.", she blushed a little bit.

Rachel: "Oh. Those work too, though we could still go out if you want. I could definitely go for cake or cookies or muffins." Or all of the above. Plus, maybe getting out would be good for the other girl. She shook her head, "It's totally no problem."

Mayday: Mayday sighed, "....y-y'know what? I-I think going out would be....I think I'd like that.", she smiled weakly, "You're...sure you wanna hang out with me? Most people have been avoiding me 'cause...", she gestured at her face with a hand, "W-well, I'm a mess..."

Rachel: "Pfft, of course I am," Rachel rolled her eyes. Like she would've offered if she didn't. She shrugged as well, "Nothing wrong with being a mess. I usually am."

Mayday: "You're not. W-well, when you and I aren't cat-fighting in England.", Mayday tried to joke with her, sniffing again, "S-shall we go now?"

Rachel: "Let's not make a habit of that." She wasn't about to address the fact of being a mess if Mayday didn't think she was, so she nodded, "Yeah, if you're good to go."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, "Sure!", she adjusted her jumper, "Just give me a sec to get my coat, ok?", with that she jogged away, tripping at the kitchen door and standing again, "I'm fine!", she assured Rachel.

--- Time Passes ---

Rachel: Rachel wasn't entire sure how the trip to get coffee had turned into a trip to the bar, but she supposed she shouldn't be all that surprised. Most trips out with her ended with the bar. After downing her shot, she glanced over to Mayday, "Feeling any better now?"

Mayday: "Yeeees.", Mayday hollered in reply, finishing a shot herself and cringing at the aftertaste, "Fffffuck Sue, she can dddiiiiieee.", she giggled, slumping down on the counter and creeping a hand up to her beer.

Rachel: Rachel snorted and motioned for another round of shots before reaching for her drink. She took a sip and nodded afterward because she wasn't sure she could do both at the same time. Setting her bottle back down on the bar, she commented, "I know that feeling."

Mayday: Mayday blinked at her, "What, did a girl break your heart, too?", she raised her bottle, "I know that feel, broooooo!", she giggled again, hiccuping and drinking a little more, "'S bullshit's what it is.....shit. From a bull. Blech..."

Rachel: "Well, uh... I mean, I've broken girls hearts... I think..." Rachel reached for the shot that'd been placed in front of her, shaking her head, "But, I've, uh... I've had my heart broken a couple times."

Mayday: "Really?", Mayday sniggered over her bottle, taking a large gulp of booze before grasping yet another shot glass and finishing it with sigh, "...wanna talk about it?"

Rachel: "The hearts I've broken, or my broken heart?"

Mayday: Shrugging awkwardly, Mayday grinned, "Anythin' you want...", she tapped her Star Trek-inspired jumper, "...see? Command red. That means ahm super-bitchin'..."

Rachel: She laughed a bit and stared down at the shot for a few moments, pulling a face after downing it. "Josh broke up with me. That... sucked. The circumstances... sucked. It was the first time around with Essex..." Rachel reached for her beer, taking a long drink. She wasn't sure how much detail she wanted to get into with that. "Guess it worked out until he died."

Rachel: With that admission, she needed another round of shots... or three.

Mayday: "H-he broke up with you?", Mayday gasped, recalling all the things Rachel had mentioned about Josh, "....oh, my God. A-and that was before...?"

Rachel: "It was, like... way back when we first started dating while I was still a student. He was flipping shit over the fact I wanted to go rescue everyone from Essex... which, admittedly, didn't go very well. Fell through a fucking vent and ended up in a cell," Rachel shook her head. "Afterward... I fucked off back home instead of dealing with things, and he decided he was an ass."

Rachel: "Ended up back together," she shrugged before taking another drink, "Eloped in my last year... and I guess you know the rest of that story."

Mayday: Mayday stared at her bottle, hands wringing its neck as she tried to coax out something comforting to say from her alcohol clouded mind, "I-I....don't know what to say. I....I'm sorry..."

Rachel: "Don't worry about it." Finally, the next round of shots had arrived. She immediately drank hers and swapped the subject, eager to get away from the topic of Josh, "As for breaking hearts... Girls just have this habit of kissing me and ending up with broken hearts."

Mayday: "W-what?", Mayday looked up at her again, blushing a little bit, "Y-you...like girls? Or...?"

Rachel: "Well, I mean... Um..." No. The answer to that was no. Well, it was supposed to be no, right? "I-I kissed Paige. ...Twice. On Christmas." She worried her lip a little, glancing from her drink over to Mayday, "I, uh, I guess it wasn't bad..." And, she was clearly drunk if she was admitting that.

Mayday: The other redhead giggled at her, "No way! I didn't think you'd....I-I mean, that is, I didn't think you were into....erm...", she laughed, shaking her head, "That's....wow. I-I...don't even have the words!"

Rachel: Rachel briefly wondered why her face felt suddenly hot, and then she realized she was blushing slightly. Shit, since when was she embarrassed about things? She reached for her drink, stuttering, "I... I d-didn't really think..." she shook her head as well, "Uh, I-I don't... I don't have words either." Drinking more was clearly the safer option.

Mayday: Mayday leaned closer to her, "What's wrooooong?", she chimed, "Are you worried that I'm gonna give you the 'Gay-cooties' again?", finishing a shot, she coughed and laughed again, "Ooooh, Rachel! That's so funny!"

Rachel: Her mouth moved as she blinked at how close Mayday had gotten, however she lacked words. What was wrong was that she needed another drink and possibly a cigarette to deal with her nerves. That one was easy, but was there a right answer to the other? Putting on a smirk, she attempted to smoothly recover, "Should I be?"

Mayday: "I dunnoooooo, should you be?", Mayday grinned back, breathing softly as she leaned closer to Rachel, "...y-you wanna....kiss me?"

Rachel: Rachel glanced Mayday over, looking away long enough to locate her next shot. Part of her screamed no, but... Why the hell not? If she was asking herself that, it was clearly time to worry. Gulping the shot down, she leaned in and tilted her head, catching May's lips.

Mayday: Unable to contain herself, Mayday laughed against her lips for a moment before composing herself and kissing Rachel back properly. Moments later, she gave the other girl a final peck, moving back to look at her, "Not bad, Phoenix...", she breathed.

Rachel: Fuck it. She didn't want to worry about all of that right now. She was going to have a nice time, whether that meant making out with girls or not. With a grin, she scoffed, "Only 'not bad', Spider-Girl?"

Mayday: "Well, you lack practice. But....I can always help you with that....", Mayday smiled flirtatiously, stroking Rachel's face with just the tips of her fingers, "You're preeeeeetty....",

Rachel: Rachel wasn't entirely convinced she needed the practice, as she was of the opinion she was an excellent kisser. Plus, she'd kissed plenty of people. ...Or maybe it was supposed to be a hint... Her brow furrowed as she considered that. Maybe she was over-thinking it. Her confused expression eased into a smile at the compliment, and she muttered, "Thanks."

Rachel: Reaching up for Mayday's hand, she drew the other girl's arm around her, pulling her closer and murmuring, "So... About that practice..."

Mayday: In her own drunken daze, Mayday smirked, pushing another kiss against Rachel as she held her close, "As much....as you want...", she managed between, sighing at the plume of hear running through her.

Rachel: Suddenly aware that they were in public as she returned the kiss, Rachel muttered against the other girl's lips, "Maybe... Maybe we should... head back."

Mayday: Mayday moved back, "A-are you....a-am I bothering you?", she removed herself from Rachel and backed away, realizing she couldn't hide behind her hair anymore, she scratched it and looked away, frowning, "....I-I'm sorry, you must think I'm a whore or something!",

Rachel: "No!" Rachel quickly exclaimed and, after a moment, added more softly, "No. I don't think that at all, and you're not bothering me... Well, not in an annoying way," she shook her head, vaguely wondering whether she'd really just said that. In hopes of covering it, she got out, "It's just a room would be, er... better for this...?" Not that suggesting a room after that comment helped her case.

Mayday: "W-wh....?", Mayday stammered, taking a deep breath, "Y-you want to....g-go to....erm....", she flushed a deeper red than her jumper, "...w-with...me?"

Rachel: Her face was rapidly taking the shade of her hair. "If you want...? I-I... I mean, I have drinks in my room, if you... if you wanted to keep, um... keep drinking..." Because she sure as hell did.

Mayday: Squirming, Mayday shrugged, "I-I....well, I suppose if...you want that. Then I can...", she sighed, "I-I'm sorry, I'm just the stupidest person ever...", she smiled wryly, daring to look back at Rachel again, "Home is...p-probably good, yeah."

Rachel: "I like to think I easily take the stupid competition," Rachel commented, risking a glance back to May while she dug around in her pockets for money to cover the drinks. She placed the bills on the counter, likely leaving far more than necessary.

Mayday: "N-no, you don't....", Mayday insisted, "Y-you're...really great. I-I'm sorry.", she pushed the bills back to Rachel, "L-let me pay, ok?"

Rachel: "I'm... really not..." Rachel shook her head, insisting and reasoning, "I can pay. I am the one that offered to take you out."

Mayday: "But I made it awkward!", the other girl argued, "And you are great, please don't be upset...",

Rachel: Slipping out of her seat, Rachel moved in close to Mayday again and softly kissed her, pushing the bills back to their previous position as she did so.

Mayday: Mayday took a sharp breath in as Rachel's lips joined hers again. Her hands raised as if surrendering, curling as her eyes closed, finding peace in the taste of the other girl. Moving back, she took a few slow breaths to calm down.

Mayday: "S-sorry...", she whispered.

Rachel: "Nothing to be sorry for," Rachel replied with a grin.

Mayday: Blushing again, Mayday nodded, a little smile on her face, "O-ok.", she submitted, picking up her coat, "S-shall we go?", she hopped to her feet, stumbling slightly and feeling as drunk as she had done before, "Oooooh, there I go..."

Rachel: Rachel would've been swaying more, if she wasn't steadying herself on the bar. Though, she'd have to let go in order to leave. Not positive the plan would work but deciding it was worth a shot, she reached for Mayday instead, "I think I'm good to go... if we can make it to the door..."

Mayday: "I can save you!", Mayday laughed, arm around Rachel as they made for the door, "Let's goooooo!", she giggled as they both stumbled their way towards the door.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Jan 19, 2013 7:46 pm

Rachel: Sharply inhaling as she stirred, Rachel was far more aware of the dull throbbing in her head than the body in bed next to her. She pulled an arm from under the covers to scrub at her face before sluggishly rolling to sit up, swinging her legs over the side of the bed. Ugh... She paused, face in her hands. Nausea. Luckily, she knew how this worked, as it was a familiar morning routine.

Rachel: ...Except it didn't involve other people.

Rachel: Her mind had finally registered another presence, and she pulled her face from her hands, eyes going wide. Oh, shit.

Mayday: "....s'fucking Borg...", came the muffled voice of Mayday Parker, rolling over and cuddling against a pillow, "...s'kinda cute.", was the noise she made following, sniffing as she continued her stone-cold slumbering.

Rachel: Peering over her shoulder, she bit down on her lip as she studied Mayday's face. Okay, okay, how did she deal with this? ...Nicely? Because she didn't think May wouldn't handle her usual attitude very well, except why did she even care about that? She'd just woken up with another girl! ...Naked! She was naked with another girl in her bed!

Rachel: As she peered around her bedroom, she forced back another wave of nausea that was induced by anxiety rather than the hangover. Clothes. She needed them. Locating the hoodie she'd been wearing the night before, she pulled it on, rifling through the pockets for the pack of cigarettes she knew should be there.

Mayday: Mayday snored suddenly, drooling on the pillow a little as she remained unconscious to Rachel's freak-out.

Rachel: After fumbling with her lighter, Rachel finally managed to get her smoke lit and inhaled deeply, going to retrieve a pair of shorts from the dresser, not caring that it was the middle of winter. Now that she was mostly decent, she gathered Mayday's clothing, dropping them on the corner of the bed. Even in the time it took to do these things, she still hadn't figured out what to say.

Rachel: Taking a seat on the edge of the bed, she tentatively reached out to Mayday's shoulder, giving her a gentle shake. "May..."

Mayday: "...aaAaaah! Raise sheilds...!", the sleepy redhead blurted, making a slurping sound as she stopped drooling and wiped her mouth on her wrist before turning around. Mayday blinked at Rachel, suddenly realizing she was naked. Her mouth and eyes widened as she recalled the entire night before with perfect clarity, "....oh, Christ in Heaven..."

Rachel: "Yeah..." Rachel breathed, straightening to take another drag from her cigarette. Seeing as she lacked any other words, she leaned to grab May's shirt at the very least, holding it out in offering.

Mayday: Covering herself with the bedsheets, Mayday accepted her shirt, trembling and feeling more than a little bit sick, "C-can you look away?", she flushed again - of course, it would be pointless if what she thought had happened had indeed happened. She pushed a hand under the sheets.

Mayday: 'Yup...', she thought. No pants. That meant she was right: it was pointless.

Rachel: Regardless of whether it was pointless or not, Rachel turned around anyway and focused intently on finishing her smoke, debating on whether to light up another.

Mayday: Moments later, Mayday had slipped her shirt on, tentatively tapping Rachel on the shoulder, "R-Rachel? C-can....can you pass me my pants?", she bit her tongue, still shying behind the sheets as the awkwardness of the situation choked her heart.

Rachel: She jumped slightly at the tapping, "Oh! Yeah, of course." Rachel grabbed the rest of the clothes and passed them back to the other girl. Yeah, she definitely needed that second cigarette because she still didn't know how to deal with this.

Mayday: Mayday frowned awkwardly at her pants as she took them, realizing they were her signature 'Sonic The Hedgehog' ones. Slipping them on post-haste, she gulped, looking back at Rachel, but still hiding behind the sheets, "....s-so, erm....", she managed between trembling, coughing at the taste of smoke in the air.

Rachel: At the coughing, she cringed, "Shit... Sorry, I didn't even think... I can, um, move over by the window. I mean, I can if I'm, um, if I'm good to turn around..." Stop rambling.

Mayday: "N-no, I-It's ok, It's....", Mayday looked around, "I-it's your room, I'll just....", she shuffled away a little, shyly looking away, "....'m sorry, I'll shut up.", she frowned.

Rachel: "No, no... You're fine. Still nothing to be sorry for," Rachel insisted, shaking her head as she stubbed out the cigarette. She almost felt bad because she'd just lit it, but Mayday being comfortable seemed far more important. Twisting around, she scooted to lean back against her pillows, eying the ceiling, "So, um... You, like... You remember everything, r-right?"

Mayday: Slowly, Mayday nodded, unsure if it was a good thing in the other girl's eyes, "Y-yeah...I just...i-it was good! Nice, I mean. I-I just...", she groaned, pulling her knees up and hugging them while burying her head in the sheets, "Ugh, 'iSuck'...."

Rachel: She was completely undecided when it came to whether it was good or not, and the headache made it slightly more difficult to come to a decision. Covering her face with her hands, Rachel attempted to hide the slight blush at the fact it was good. It was also hard to resist being smug, seeing as... "I've... I've never... with a girl..." she admitted. "And I... I think I suck too."

Mayday: "No...", Mayday looked up, shuffling closer and placing a hand on Rachel's shoulder, "Y-you don't....i-it was....it was really nice.", she smiled a little bit, "P-please don't be upset...i-if it's any consolation, you're only the second person I've...I-I've....", she gulped again, "...you made me feel happy.",

Rachel: "I'm not... I don't know that I-I'm upset. I just... don't know how to handle this..." At the touching, Rachel turned her head to peer over at Mayday through her fingers, "...Really?"

Mayday: Mayday's smile widened, warming her heart, "....yeah. It....yeah. You did.", she nodded, grinning a little, "Don't be nervous, there'll be no space for me to be.", she genuinely laughed a little bit.

Rachel: With a slight grin, Rachel pulled a hand away and pushed the other one through her hair, giggling a bit herself, "I'll work on not invading your space then."

Mayday: "Y-you can invade my space!", Mayday blurted out, squeezing her eyes shut as she realized what she'd just said, "....oh, God! Sorry! I-I mean, not that I'd not WANT to, b-but...", she slapped her palm into her face, laughing out loud.

Rachel: "I'm just that good?" Rachel finished with a smug grin, trying hard not to snicker along with Mayday.

Mayday: Stuffing her head back against her knees, Mayday just laughed for a moment, looking up finally at Rachel, red-faced with embarrassment, "Yes! You were really good, ok? Shush!", she prodded Rachel with a foot beneath the sheets, "I erm...c-can we....keep this to ourselves? I-it's just...maybe it's a little soon after me and Sue...you know?"

Rachel: The smug grin didn't leave her face as she gave Mayday a poke in the side in return for the prodding, though it did falter as she considered the question. "Yeah... I think I can manage that... Well, I might need to talk to someone, but I can swear them to silence... I-is that okay?"

Mayday: Mayday looked at her, concern furrowing her brow, "...ahm...o-ok, I...guess.", she nodded, "Just...please, for now keep it quiet, ok?"

Rachel: "Just one person, I promise," Rachel nodded, honestly adding, "To, y'know, help sort things out. That's all. Otherwise, quiet is totally awesome because... I can only imagine the jokes about turning to girls after Josh..."

Mayday: "O-oh...oh...I-I didn't know...", Mayday sank back a little bit, "I-I didn't even think! I-I'm sorry..."

Rachel: "It's fine," she quickly replied, assuring her, "You don't have to apologize every time I mention him."

Mayday: Mayday nodded, "I-I just...I don't want to hurt you, o-or disrespect his memory, you know? I'm s-...", she stopped, sighing.

Rachel: "I know what you mean. It's... awkward, but I wouldn't worry about it too much," Rachel shook her head. "I'm not that touchy. Well... I mean, I can be touchy, and it still hurts... A lot sometimes," she admitted with a sigh, "Certain things are reminders, y'know? I think it's getting easier though."

Mayday: "L-like me being awkward like this....", Mayday frowned, avoiding Rachel's eyes, "...I-I should just go, I-I'm sorry.", she started to shuffle her way out from beneath the bedding,

Rachel: Cringing, she looked over to the other girl and shook her head again, insisting, "No. It's, um... It's actually kind of a good thing. I'm not... I've never really been one to talk much about this stuff..." Instead, she drank. A lot. "Probably why I'm awful at phrasing all of this and doing an awesome job at making you feel awkward."

Mayday: Mayday stopped, looking back at Rachel with concern, "I-I just...are you sure? I...w-want to...s-stay...", she admitted, hands tightening on the duvet cover.

Rachel: Rachel nodded, "You can totally stay."

Mayday: "R-really?", the short haired girl beamed back, shuffling back into the bed, "I-I thought...I thought you might want me gone.", she blushed a little.

Rachel: "Well, I might need painkillers to make things more tolerable, but that's the hangover, not you," Rachel grinned slightly. "Plus, there's not many people that willingly want to stay with me."

Mayday: With a shy giggle, Mayday made herself comfortable, "I-I....like you. You're really nice to me. I-I thought you.....thought I was an idiot..."

Rachel: "Pfft, definitely not. From what I've heard, you're, like, a genius." Rachel shifted to sit up, drawing her knees up and wrapping her arms around them with a small smirk, "You're far too nice for me to be too mean." More seriously, she added, "It makes it hard to get by on sarcasm, but it's... nice in a way."

Mayday: "Y-you really think I'm a genius?", Mayday blushed again, unable to hide the coy smile, "I-I'm ..k-kind of clever, that's all. I know a lot about Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math...", she looked up, "I-it's kinda boring, huh?"

Rachel: Rachel rested her cheek against her knees, looking over at Mayday. "It's impressive. I totally failed all of those."

Mayday: "I-it's not...", she insisted, "D-d'you...want to maybe study with me sometime? I-I could....tutor you maybe?"

Rachel: "I'm not sure what good it'd do me, as I don't have a huge need for anything science-y with what I do... did, but I'll listen to you talk about whatever anytime, even if it's just you studying," she grinned, face turning a light shade of pink once she realized how that sounded. At least it hadn't been as bad as the space invading comment.

Mayday: Mayday smiled wide, "Y-you....really like me?", she bit her lip, grip on the hem of the sheets tightening again.

Rachel: Rachel blinked over at her, "What's not to like?"

Mayday: Taking a sharp breath in as she trembled, Mayday blinked at Rachel, unable to think of anything to reply with. She smiled so hard her cheeks hurt, eyes watering a little as she shuffled closer and, with a little trepidation, leaned on Rachel's shoulder.

Rachel: She wasn't entirely sure what to make of being leaned on, but she wasn't entirely opposed to it either. After a few moments of debating with herself, Rachel shifted slightly to wrap an arm around May for a small hug. Giving out hugs wasn't something she was familiar with, but it seemed appropriate. Also, it was better than things being more awkward.

Mayday: Mayday looked up at Rachel, still smiling before moving closer to her lips and planting a small kiss on them.

Rachel: Rachel definitely didn't know what to make of this kissing business while sober, but that didn't stop her from bringing a hand up to Mayday's cheek to draw her into another kiss. Clearly, the gay cooties were a thing she'd been infected with because she wasn't finding herself too opposed to things.

Mayday: After a few moments, Mayday moved away to look at Rachel, cheek leaning against her hand, "...w-was it...ok to do that?"

Rachel: Unsure of her level of okay, she considered it for a few moments, eventually managing a smirk, "Well, you did offer to help me practice..."

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:55 pm

Eddie: Finishing his eighteenth vodka shot in a row, Eddie slammed the glass onto the bar and went for number nineteen, his head a blur of depressive rage and irritation. He mumbled something to himself about God, cutting some slack, and feeling desperate to get drunk for once in his life before downing the next sharp, sickening glass.

Eddie: "...'sfucking bullshit.", he spat to nobody in particular, going for shot number twenty and ignoring the other patrons at Vito's, "Y'never seen a man who can't get drunk legitimately before!?", he growled at a random girl passing by him who scowled with her reptilian eyes as he yelled, "Frickin' savages an' shit...", he shook his head, kicking back twenty and re-filling the ten glasses.

Rachel: "Never seen one quite so angry," Rachel commented as she slipped by him to take a seat on the stool to his right, resting her elbows on the bar. She considered him for a few moments and risked snagging one of the glasses, downing it.

Eddie: Eddie slipped, spilling a splash of vodka onto the bar and placing the bottle down, "Oh, look who it fucking is(!)", he rolled his eyes, "And you're paying for that, too, ya bitch...", he picked up a glass of his own, drinking the contents with a dry cough, "...'the hell do you want, Grey?"

Rachel: "Just to aggravate you a bit more," she answered with a small smirk, reaching for the bottle to pour herself another shot, "Maybe see if I can catch up to you in drinks."

Eddie: His hand grasped her outstretched wrist, "I don't want company from a menstrual sociopath...", he grumbled, "S'go home, alright? Got enough of you killer types hanging around...", he tapped his forehead for effect.

Rachel: "You aren't exactly the greatest company either, but you don't see me complaining," she shot back, releasing her hold on the bottle to attempt to twist her wrist from his grasp. She skeptically eyed him for a few moments, studying his face, before deciding with a shake of her head, "I'm not going home."

Eddie: "....f-fine. I don't even care.", Eddie lied, reaching for his next shot glass in silence.

Rachel: "Convincing," she mumbled, waving the bartender down to order her own shots.

Eddie: Sitting mute, Eddie finished another shot and stared at the empty glass, chewing the inside of his lip before sighing, "....so I'm single now.", he revealed, "...'nd I got into a fight kind of.", he said under his breath shortly after, fidgeting with the glass awkwardly, "....mmn."

Rachel: Quickly gulping down the drinks, Rachel pulled a face, considering his words for a bit. Eventually, she shrugged, "Welcome to the club."

Eddie: "Yeah, well....w-wait, you beat up someone?", Eddie glanced at her, "...cooooool."

Rachel: "Oh... Well, um... Not today," she shook her head, reaching to take care of the refill and peering around, "Could probably take care of that though..."

Eddie: "Not it.", Eddie deadpanned, finishing another shot, "You beat up Parker, didn't ya? That's a million year's bad luck, that....she's a gay. And if you squash a gay then you get bad luck...", he nodded, sounding pretty far gone.

Rachel: "Pfft. She's too damn nice to beat up," Rachel shook her head again, brow furrowing as she tried to make sense of his logic. When she failed, she took it as a sign that she clearly needed more to drink and reached for another of his shots since she was out, asking before she downed it, "Wait... Who did you beat up?"

Eddie: "I dunno...some random.", Eddie admitted, letting the stolen shot go, "I...might have started it after possibly necking on with his lass....in fairness, she didn't even tell me she was seeing anyone.", he sighed, "Ugh....fuck my liiiiife.", he dropped his forehead onto the bar with a gentle thud, murmuring something about killing everything in the everywhere.

Rachel: Rachel snorted, "Then, he clearly wasn't doing something right."

Eddie: Eddie stayed face down on the bar, "....mmmphn...", he said into the wood, raising his hand.

Rachel: Since he was still face down on the bar, she took another of his shots before asking, "What was that?"

Eddie: "Another!", he announced, looking up with blurry vision, reaching for a shot glass and pushing it back, "I can feel the evil slut in my head....startin' the healing, ruining my clearly superior state..."

Rachel: Rachel simply blinked. It was going to take a lot more to catch up to him, so she waved to get them both another round.

Eddie: Eddie turned to Rachel, "Absinthe.", he snapped his fingers, "You're never gon' get to where I am drinking this water.", he waved the bottle at her, "Absinthe. Now. Gooooooo..."

Rachel: "You heard the man!" Rachel called as she took the bottle he was waving around, taking a long drink from it.

Eddie: "See? You're fucking cool....maybe if you were just a bit less crazy...", he smirked.

Rachel: She passed the bottle back to him, giving him a questioning look, "What difference would that make?"

Eddie: With a shrug, Eddie went to finish another shot, "Ne'er mind, child. Ne'er miiiind..."

Rachel: After polishing off Eddie's bottle of vodka, Rachel had gotten a good start on the bottle of absinthe. She squinted at the bottle. Maybe a bit more than a start. Giving up on sitting upright, she leaned against the guy, reaching for the bar when she thought she was going to slide off her stool, declaring through a fit of giggles, "I... I don' re-remember wha' I was sayin'..."

Eddie: "OOOOOH my God, only you would know!", he turned to her, gently patting her chin with his hand, "Y'were tellin' me about....er...riiiight, we were getting all 'feels' 'm sure of it...", he sholered out, taking the bottle from her and looking at it as if to draw the answers forth from its label, "...'s totally gay."

Rachel: "Y' totally gay..." Rachel slurred, grasping at his hand with her free one, holding it to her face.

Eddie: Eddie looked offended, "Miss Gray, I am not gay!", he explained, with a huge grin on his face, "Well, check that out! 'm a poet, and I didn't even know....that...I was....one....of those....", he frowned, obviously missing his own joke, "A-anyway, 'm not even gay. So 'ssshhhhhush-mush'..."

Rachel: Rachel was having another fit of giggles at the joke, releasing her hold on his hand to grab at the bottle. One of the bottles, anyway. She looked up to him with a smirk, "Make me."

Eddie: There were no words to describe the jumble of things that floated through Eddie Brock's mind after hearing her dare. In his drunken state, however, they all pointed towards one possible action. His off hand reached around her, pulling her close so he could lay a passionate kiss against her lips.

Rachel: Fearing falling over again, despite his hold on her, Rachel threw an arm around his shoulders, clutching his shirt, as she pulled herself closer. As she returned the kiss, she released her hold on the counter in favor of threading her fingers in his hair. She was vaguely aware that this probably wasn't the best decision, but she figured more absinthe after the kiss would quiet that concern.

Eddie: Moments later, Eddie moved away, licking his lips as he did so; "....rrrrright. I have no idea why I did that.", he confessed, a cocky smirk curling into life on his face, "You're actually a pretty decent kisser...."

Rachel: "Me neither," Rachel admitted, pulling her hand from his hair to take up the bottle. She paused mid-sip to shoot him an offended look, scoffing, "Pfft, 'm a fucking amazin' kisser."

Eddie: "You're still a bitch.", he smirked slyly, finishing another shot, "...and you're pretty decent. Did I fuckin' stutter? Don't think so...",

Rachel: After taking her own shot, Rachel set the glass back down on the bar and looked over to him, returning the smirk, "And you're still an asshole."

Eddie: Eddie shrugged, "Eeeh, I can deal.", he picked up the vodka bottle, finishing what was left with a satisfied hiss, "...question is, what can we do with you, hmm? Does Rachel Grey like assholes enough to... indulge?", he laughed/

Rachel: "Clearly, you didn't meet my husband..." she muttered. Well, everyone else had thought he was sort of an ass. Realizing that hadn't been much of an answer, Rachel shrugged as she reached for another shot, eying him as she drank it. Then, she shook her head, "I don' think you could handle me."

Eddie: "'Sfunny actually, most 'the people who say that end up realizing how wrong they are merely hours later...", he mused in response, hand stroking against her side, "How 'bout we put that theory to le test, hm?",

Rachel: The silence stretched as she stared down at the bar, considering the suggestion, his hand against her side more distracting than she was willing to admit. A wicked grin played on her lips as she asked, "Where are we putting this to the test?"

Eddie: Shrugging, Eddie grinned, "Literally wherever ya please..."

---Time Passes---

Rachel: Rachel opened her eyes and automatically wished she hadn't, jerkily throwing an arm over her face to block the sunlight that was shining down on her. Now, if only she could block out the noise of traffic, sirens, construction, birds, people shouting... Everything she wasn't supposed to be able to hear from her room. Except for maybe the shouting and sirens because it was the school.

Rachel: Groggily groping around, she let out a groan at the textured surface and forced back a wave of nausea as she forced herself to sit up. Okay, she was going to try opening her eyes again, this time hoping she didn't discover she was on a rooftop in the middle of the city in addition to being blinded once more.

Eddie: "...'sthe fucking noise for?", came a distinctly male voice from beside her. English also. Sitting up, Eddie dusted off his back and rubbed his eyes, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he was stark naked and his clothes were strewn about the rooftop, "....'sthe fucking time?", he groaned, blinking at the sun.

Eddie: Eddie paused, looking around, "Erm.", he stated, looking over at Rachel, "...why hello there, Miss Grey.", he gulped as memories came flooding back. That had all happened. All of it.

Rachel: Rachel had wrapped her arms around herself and pulled her knees to her chest, resting her forehead against them. She'd been debating whether she wanted to uncurl to get her clothes or hurl on someone's head when Eddie's voice interrupted her train of thought, causing her to cringe. How could she feel this bad and still remember... things? She swallowed, breathing out, "Eddie."

Eddie: "....pretty sure, yes.", he nodded in response to his name, looking down at himself and then back up at Rachel, "...I am not even embarrased. I'm too fabulous.", he said, quickly cracking up into laughter.

Rachel: She joined in on the laughing, shaking her head. "You're pretty decent."

Eddie: "Oh, get your own material.", Eddie stuck his tongue out at her, standing up and stretching in the sunlight, "Aaaaahh! Yep! Feelin' good....", he yawned, rolling his neck and placing both his hands behind his head as he gazed upon the city below.

Rachel: Hands covering her face, obscuring the slight grin, Rachel flopped back over and blew out a breath. After a moment, she turned her head, shielding the sun from her eyes as she let her gaze wander over his body. So he looked slightly better than pretty decent. Whatever. "I think I feeeeel..." she paused as she thought, "Like I need my clothes, a bottle of painkillers, and a shower."

Eddie: Flexing his shoulders, Eddie's back came alive with several jet black tendrils that shot around the roof, lifting up her clothing and presenting it to her, "Painkillers I can't help with.", he said back over his shoulder, "But we can pick those up when we're done here."

Rachel: "Thanks," she mumbled as she took her clothes, sitting up again to look around the rooftop. She sucked in a breath and reached out with her telekinesis, deciding she may as well return the favor as she gathered up his clothing. Biting down on her lip, Rachel brushed some hair out of her face as she eyed him, smirking, "You going to be any help with a shower?"

Eddie: Lifting his underwear from the air and looking back at her, Eddie shrugged, hopping to slip his legs into his pants, "I...could be. It really depends if you want to double up.", he smirked back, snapping the elastic of his pants against his hip and starting for his trousers.

Rachel: Rachel fixed her inside out shirt before pulling it over her head, reasoning, "Well, we were both drunk, so it could be even better..."

Eddie: "Interesting thought...", Eddie admitted, shoes back on and reaching for his own shirt, "...your place or mine?", he asked, smirk fading, "...whiiiich are the same place anyway....hm."

Rachel: "I don't have roommates," she pointed out as she buttoned her jeans and began to buckle her belt, sliding a foot into one of her sneakers as she did so, "And I don't share a bathroom."

Eddie: Eddie slipped his shirt on, casting a web to his jacket and pulling it into his hand while approaching Rachel, "Theeeen we'd better get a move on, hm? Not showering is horribly unhygienic(!)"

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:55 pm

Rachel: After spending the majority of the day in her room with Eddie, Rachel had decided to try stomaching something to eat and wandered down to the kitchen with him, heaving a sigh as she stepped into the room. Now she just had to decide what to make, given her extremely limited cooking skills. She looked over to him, "You want a sandwich? Because that's about all I can handle."

Eddie: "Get sex, get offered a sandwich...", Eddie shook his head, "Seriously, how great are you?", he smirked, approaching the breakfast bar and sliding down onto a stool, "I kid. A sandwich would be amazing, thank you.", he stretched a little smile wide on his face.

Rachel: "...I didn't even think of that joke." Rachel decided she should be ashamed that she hadn't because it was so obvious. Shaking her head, she went to collect the bread, peanut butter, and jelly. Probably a poor excuse for a sandwich, but he could deal with it. Anything else would be far too much effort.

Eddie: Eddie watched her as she went about fixing food, still checking her out even though he'd seen the impressive package beneath her clothing, "So erm....", he shrugged, though out of her sight, "...that happened, hm?"

Rachel: "It happened," she nodded and slid his plate to him, getting a start on her sandwich. After a moment, she added, "A lot."

Eddie: Laughing dryly, Eddie nodded, lifting his sandwich, "Indeed it did.", he took a bite out of it, chewing with a satisfied look on his face before swallowing and raising his finger, "So... what now then? Do we post this on Facebook? Does it...", he shuddered a little, "...ick, does this make things awkward between us?",

Rachel: Rachel went to grab a coke from the fridge before taking a seat on one of the stools and pulling her plate to her. She considered the questions over a bite, giving a shrug, "No, I don't think it makes things awkward. I mean... unless it does for you..."

Eddie: "Makes me hope it'll happen again, if anything.", Eddie laughed, continuing eating and suddenly pausing, swallowing swiftly, "Hey, wait, I remember what you were saying last night: something about Paige?", he suddenly felt horribly guilty, "....aw, Christ, I didn't just..."

Rachel: She set her sandwich down and pushed the plate away with a sour expression, resting her face in her hands. Taking a breath, she spoke to the counter, "It's fine. You weren't part of some affair or anything."

Eddie: Eddie placed his back on his plate also, "....ah...are you alright?", he asked, "Sorry, that was kind of insensitive....I think."

Rachel: "No... No. It's a valid concern, seeing as you threatened me with death when we started dating," Rachel replied.

Eddie: "....w-well...yeah.", Eddie frowned, unsure of what to say.

Eddie: 'Make her laugh, it's what we do best...

Eddie: "W-well, in any case, I hereby rescind my vow, as I have grown rather fond of your clit.", he nodded, very matter-of-factly, followed with a humorous smirk.

Rachel: Rachel snorted, pulling her face from her hands to look over at him, "If I'd known that's all I had to do to get you to back off..."

Rachel: Her expression melted into a more serious one as she glanced down to the countertop, picked at the edge of it, "Y'know, when Paige and I happened... I'm the one that had to field all the serious questions and stuff because she's all nice and cheery... Nobody wanted to upset her."

Rachel: She paused, worrying her lip for a few moments before continuing, "Everyone just assumed if anything went wrong it'd be on me because... Well, I'm me. So, I got all the threats and warnings..." Rachel shot him a small, bitter smile, shaking her head, "No one expected her to break my heart."

Eddie: The strangest bolt of sympathy for Rachel and a sudden dislike for Paige - which was more of a shock to him than the last twenty-four hours had been - surged through Eddie's heart, "....sorry, what?", he looked utterly baffled, "Paige...Paige broke your heart?", he shook his head, "I-I'm really sorry I just...does she even have the mental capacity? No offence..."

Eddie: Eddie sighed, "Sorry, just....Paige, you know? I'm pretty sure she has no concept of selfishness....or....I was sure..."

Rachel: "I know. Shocking, isn't it?" Now, she just felt like she needed another bottle of absinthe instead of the rest of her sandwich. "But, yeah. She... walked out on me."

Eddie: "Oh. Well....shit.", Eddie scratched his head, "That's....fucking hell, she just upped and left?"

Rachel: "Not exactly," Rachel shook her head, "I mean, I guess I could've gone after her, said something, but I didn't..."

Eddie: Nodding, Eddie sighed, "Yeah...I know that feeling. But in my case I think that when something's dead, you should just.....", he reached over to poke her arm, "Hey, I'm sorry. I don't mean to be insensitive..."

Rachel: Looking up at the poking, Rachel assured him, "You don't sound that insensitive, and it's not like I'm going to cry or anything."

Eddie: Eddie nodded, "Yeah....ok.", he went back to his sandwich, "I'll....just drop it, if you'd rather."

Rachel: She reached for her drink, "It doesn't matter to me."

Eddie: "You're the worst liar in the world...", he smirked again, looking up at her, "....sorry I bought it up."

Rachel: Rachel smiled slightly, "I swear I used to be a better one."

Eddie: "Bullshit....", Eddie managed past a mouthful of sandwich, "Besides, I'm a rozzer: we're like kryptonite to liars."

Rachel: Smiling, she reached for her plate and pulled a piece off, considering the bit of sandwich as she spoke, "So, I guess we're quite the pair..."

Eddie: Eddie blushed a little, "...I suppose we're...complimentary.", he looked at his sandwich, "Like erm....peanut butter and jam.", he smiled.

Rachel: Rachel popped the bite in her mouth, snickering as she chewed. "Maybe a little."

Eddie: Going back to his food for the moment, Eddie watched Rachel, "....erm...so ah....what about us?"

Rachel: "I don't know," she answered honestly, reaching for the can of coke again.

Eddie: "Hm...fair enough.", he responded, deciding that his sandwich was a good idea once more.

Rachel: Rachel ripped another piece off her sandwich, eating it. She wasn't exactly sure what to say now.

Eddie: Eddie maintained the silence also, sighing as he finished his sandwich, and keeping his eyes off of Rachel for the moment.

Rachel: "So, um..." Rachel started looking over to him as she got up, pointing at his empty plate as she gathered hers, despite her half-eaten sandwich, "I can get that." And, that just sounded lame.

Eddie: "Yeah, sure...", Eddie answered, standing up and deciding that this was one of those occasions where less really was more, "Anyway, as a famous man once said, 'I should go'.", he gestured to the door, "Erm....'holler' if you need me?", he left her with a little smirk and a lazy salute before sliding out of the door.

Rachel: Rachel dumped the dishes in the sink and leaned against the counter to watch him go, calling after him with a smirk, "I think I've done that enough today."

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:58 pm

Paige: Paige flipped through her latest dance magazine as she headed down the hallway, glancing at the different styles of shoes and costumes that she could order for her class. The thought of some of her students in some of those was hilarious to her. She smiled.

Rachel: Rachel had started down the hall and paused at the sight of Paige, glancing around. Did she keep going? Ignore her? Go back the other way? She couldn't avoid her all the time, and she had to go that way at some point... Sighing, she stuffed her hands in her pocket and focused on the floor as she resumed walking.

Paige: Paige glanced up just about the time Rachel started walking again. She couldn't even stop the glare that appeared on her face.

Rachel: Having risked glancing up from the floor, Rachel caught the glare and didn't do a great job at stopping the eyeroll.

Paige: "I see you managed to drag yourself from the bar."

Rachel: Rachel stopped, turning to face her, unsure of what to even say about that. No, wait, she knew exactly what to say. She just wasn't sure how she felt about voicing it. "I'm surprised you even noticed."

Paige: "I'm not the heartless one after all."

Rachel: "I guess that's a matter of opinion," she muttered.

Paige: "Oh yes. I'm such a horrible person for wanting to have CHILDREN. I am heartless for wanting to bring life into this world and not take it out."

Rachel: "Well, then, go ahead," Rachel rolled her eyes again, "You've made it perfectly clear that you don't need me."

Paige: "You've made it perfectly clear that you don't give a crap either way."

Rachel: "Oh, you know that's bullshit, Paige."

Paige: "No I don't. I think it's pretty accurate."

Rachel: Rachel slowly shook her head as she considered Paige, "You walked out on me. I don't think I'm the one that doesn't give a shit."

Paige: "You are the one who told me to so don't even try that."

Rachel: "As you were already walking out the door." She took a deep breath, pushing a hand through her hair, "You wouldn't have stayed anyway."

Paige: "Why would I want to?"

Rachel: "Because there's more to life than children at the moment, which I know is probably a hard concept for you to grasp."

Paige: "Yeah except you never want children. You'd be happy if all children died."

Rachel: "No, I wouldn't, and I never said never. I just said no."

Paige: "Yeah no. No like Bye. See ya later. I'm not going to compromise because I'm Rachel and I don't have to ever."

Rachel: "Compromise..." Rachel scoffed, mimicking her since that's apparently the level they'd reached, "Have babies with me, or I'm leaving. ...Yeah, totally a lot to work with there."

Paige: "This is a baby! It's not Chinese or Pizza for dinner... it's a BABY!"

Rachel: She finally snapped, "You think I don't know that?!"

Paige: "Obviously you don't! You're going on about compromise and you can't compromise on a baby! I said yes, you said no, so that's it!"

Rachel: "You're the one that brought up compromising in the first place!" Rachel was vaguely aware that they likely shouldn't be screaming about this in the hallway, but she wasn't sure she cared at this point. "God for-fucking-bid you hear anything past no!"

Paige: "You didn't say anything past no except for leave!"

Rachel: "No, that's all you heard!"

Paige: "Because that's all you said! I'm not the telepath! I can't read your mind."

Rachel: "Well, I can't read yours either because you'd have to have one. If you did, you hopefully would've bothered to use it."

Paige: "The only thing I should have bothered to do was ignore you in the first place. All you did was ruin everything."

Rachel: Blowing out a breath, Rachel's gaze found the wall just past Paige's head, mumbling, "Glad I lived up to everyone's expectations then."

Paige: "Everyone has to be good at something."

Rachel: "Yeah," she nodded, shifting slightly, "Guess so."

Paige: "So if you'll excuse me, I have the rest of my life to pick up and put back in order."

Rachel: Rachel let out another breath and started back down the hall. Once she'd put a decent amount of distance between them, she called back, "By the way, I probably would've eventually."

Paige: "Yeah when my ovaries gave out so you'd still win."

Rachel: She cringed and slumped back against the wall once she'd turned the corner, blowing out another shuddering breath. Once she composed herself, it was totally time to go back to the bar. Maybe Eddie would be there again.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Feb 07, 2013 8:58 pm

Rachel: Glass in hand, Rachel was slumped over Vito's bar. It wasn't exactly the cleanest surface, and, while she'd usually find that more of a concern, she couldn't be bothered to haul herself up at the moment. However, she did lift her head from her arm to eye the remaining amber liquid in her glass, swirling it a bit before finishing it off, hissing at the burn.

Rachel: Setting the empty glass on the bar, she waved for a refill before pulling her other arm in to rest her forehead against her folded hands. Rachel turned her head to eye the bartender as her request for a refill was being granted, asking that a bottle just be left instead. It'd save them both time.

Eddie: Eddie slid into the bar, quickly spotting the lonely redhead and taking a long, deep breath. She looked horribly miserable, sitting there on her own with a bottle and a glass. Reminded him a lot of himself, which was even more of a kick in the gut.

Eddie: Deciding it best, he approached the stool beside her, sitting down, "I was gonna make a joke about having an STI and you needing to get checked, but you don't look in the mood for it.", he remarked, waving over the barman and gesturing for a second glass.

Rachel: "Not particularly," Rachel muttered to the bar and decided she could be bothered to sit up for him. She pushed the bottle over to him and reached for her glass, wrapping her hands around it, "I was wondering if you were going to show up."

Eddie: "Oh?", Eddie raised an eyebrow, accepting the glass from the barman with a 'thank you' before pouring himself a large shot of whiskey and shooting it back with a satisfied sigh, "Can't help but be curious now...",

Rachel: She gave him a shrug as she lifted her glass, "Drinking alone just sucks."

Eddie: "I dunno, can't be that bad.", he shrugged, "Got me into your pants after all."

Rachel: Rachel grinned around the edge of her glass and took a gulp. After swallowing, she set the glass back down on the bar, staring into it as she nodded, "I suppose that did work out fairly well. You weren't nearly as pissy at that point."

Eddie: "Reckon we could do the experiment again? Sounds like it yields promising results.", he nudged her a little, "You know, for the 'pissy' party.", reaching into his pocket, Eddie placed a single cent in front of her, "Talk to us, eh?"

Rachel: Her brow furrowed as she pulled her gaze from the glass to eye the coin, turning her head to look over at him. Her gaze went between the two a few more times before she took a breath, "See how this talking thing goes before any experimenting, yeah?"

Eddie: Eddie shrugged, "Yeah, sure. But erm....the joke here?", he pointed to the coin, "Is 'penny for yout thoughts'. Oh, look! It's Eddie being clever(!)", he smirked, pouring himself another drink.

Rachel: "Oh..." she blinked, laughing a little, "Can I use the excuse that I've had a few more drinks than you as a reason for being so slow?" As she grabbed her glass again, she sighed, "I'm surprised you can't guess. I would've thought there'd be rumors going around about the screaming match Paige and I had in the hall already."

Eddie: Lifting the bottle, Eddie removed the lid and shook his head, "Not in about two minutes...", he smiled, taking a large gulp straight from it before speaking again, "There was a rumor going around that Xavier polishes his head with 'Mr. Sheen'.", Eddie remarked, "I tend not to listen too hard to 'em, wanna talk about it?"

Rachel: With a slight smile, Rachel held a hand out for the bottle as she spoke, "Apparently, I'm a cold, heartless bitch, incapable of compromise, that doesn't give a shit about her or anything she wants in life," she paused to finish what was in her glass, pulling a face as she looked to him and asked, "...I sound bitter, don't I?"

Eddie: Again, Eddie shrugged, before partaking in finishing the bottle with a few large, inhuman gulps. He placed the bottle down, sighing loudly with satisfaction and wiping his mouth, "Nope. You sound like someone who's got every reason in the world to be pissed off.", he tapped the bottle with a finger, "Now even more so."

Rachel: Rachel shot him a glare at the empty bottle and called for another bottle. Unable to keep glaring at him, she blew out a sigh, her shoulders slumping as she quietly spoke, "She wants a kid."

Eddie: "Woah, whaaat!?", he blinked, "A child!? In the wake of cannibal terrorists and the 'end of days', in a fledgling, lesbian relationship, she wants kids?",

Rachel: "Yeah, she's always wanted kids," she nodded, reaching for the new bottle and twisting the cap off, "I said no."

Eddie: Eddie sighed, "Jesus Christ, you just cannot reason with some people...", he tapped the bar with his finger, "You erm...you would have compromised, right? I mean eventually, come on, it's not like you two are that old."

Rachel: "When we weren't living in a place where the 'end of days' happens every other year, and we don't have to worry about cannibals or mad scientists or mind control in addition to all the normal things to worry about... Yeah, I would've," Rachel nodded as she poured herself another drink, "I told her I didn't really want to discuss it right now, she gave me an ultimatum, and it all ended with her leaving."

Rachel: Instead of taking a gulp from her glass, she reached for the penny, turning it over in her fingers as she continued to speak, "I told her that earlier... It didn't make a difference," she shook her head and glanced up to him, "But I would've given her anything she wanted eventually."

Eddie: Feeling his heart crack a little at the sight of her, Eddie put his arm around her carefully, "Mmn.....I know that feeling.", he patted her shoulder, "And I won't patronize you with claims that 'it'll be better before you know it', because I don't actually know when it will.",

Eddie: He waved the barman down, asking for a beer before turning back to her, "But it will be better. That much is fact.", he smiled gently.

Rachel: Rachel leaned into him, resting her head against him as she set the penny back on the bar. She reached for her glass, pulling it to her with a slight smile, "Things can't be too bad with you around, can they?"

Eddie: Slipping out a dollar bill and refusing his change, Eddie leaned his head on hers, laughing dryly, "Too many would argue with that assumption, but I'm glad you think so.", he raised his bottle of beer, "Here's to the 'unloveables': apparently it's all our fault, but we're still awesome."

Rachel: She raised her glass, clinking it against his bottle as she added, "And to our pissy party."

Eddie: Laughing, Eddie took a gulp of his drink, exhaling and stroking Rachel's hair, "We can do better.", he nodded, "Most likely."

Rachel: Rachel wasn't exactly convinced that she could right now, but she supposed it was a possibility. She closed her eyes, finding his fingers running through her hair comforting, "Do you, um... Do you want to head back or something? Because, y'know, we can probably do better than this... than spending the night moping in the bar..."

Eddie: "W-what er....what do you have in mind?", Eddie asked, looking at her, "'Cause er...if you don't want to....I-I mean, you know, I'd understand. If you just want me around...", he smiled, "If you just want some company."

Rachel: "Just some company would be nice," she replied, opening her eyes to look up at him, "I'm sure we could catch a movie, find somewhere to eat, go mope on the couch in the rec room... I don't know..."

Eddie: Eddie shrugged, "All three?", he suggested, "Then we can call fast food places and ask if they sell 'Krabby Patties' after a film, then we can catch the sofa and watch more films before giving way to sweet, drunken sleep.", he finished a little more of his beer, finally feeling some effect from the alcohol.

Rachel: Rachel grinned and moved to sit up, sliding off the stool, "You are a genius."

Eddie: "See? That's what I keep telling everyone!", he laughed, standing also, "Fancy a lift? I know this great little cinema place, that and I'm the fastest black cab in the world."

Rachel: "Of course," she nodded, reaching into her pocket to place some money on the counter for the drinks.

Eddie: Shaking his head, Eddie slid her money back to her and placed a few notes of his own down, "I got it.", he assured her.

Rachel: Rachel glanced between him and the money, stuffing it back in her pocket with a roll of her eyes, "Then, I'm getting the movie."

Eddie: "Naaaaah, I got that too.", he patted her shoulder, stepping ahead and getting the door, "After you, Miss Grey."

--- Time Passes ---

Eddie: "I am sooooo glad we did that.", Eddie sighed, laying back on the couch and putting his feet up on the coffee table, casting one of his empty chinese noodle boxes into the bin with an expert throw, "I just think it was inevitable. We shouldn't have been fighting it so long...", he nodded, sagelike, as he took another draw on the rolled-up cigarette containing Rubin's 'product'.

Eddie: "I mean, who were we kiddin'? Hm?", he tapped his nose, "Not this guy. Not his nose, or his face..."

Rachel: Food taken care of, Rachel slid down and turned to lay across his lap, sprawling across the length of the couch on her back. She reached up to snag the cigarette from him, letting her head fall to the side to consider his face, eventually smiling, "I don't know how you could kid anyone with that face..."

Eddie: Eddie looked down at her, arms hanging over the back of the sofa, "...'does that mean? 'That face'? You think my face is too chiseled?", he stroked his chin, looking concerned, "Man, my jaw's like an anvil..."

Rachel: Rachel considered his face a bit more as she exhaled, reaching up to pat his cheek with her free hand, shaking her head, "No, no... You have a really nice face... Though, your forehead's kinda big... At least from this angle..."

Eddie: "Yeah? W-well....your breasts are tiny from this angle.", he mumbled, smiling down at her, "Seriously, y-you think my forehead's...?"

Rachel: Rachel gave a shrug, grinning in return, "It's fine. Your face is pretty, including your forehead."

Eddie: "....aww, you think I'm pretty.", he sniggered, stroking her hair, "...you're pretty."

Rachel: "Thank you," she said through some giggles, offering the cigarette back to him.

Eddie: Taking it back between his fingers, Eddie took a long draw, making a sound as he held the smoke in his mouth and beckoning Rachel to his mouth.

Rachel: Sliding her arms around her shoulders, Rachel pulled herself up to sit in his lap instead, resting her forehead against his, careful of the smoke.

Eddie: Eddie opened his mouth, letting the smoke flow from his lips and against hers, stifling the nervous laughter in his chest as he curled an arm around her.

Rachel: She ran her fingers through his hair, pulling an arm away to reach between them for the cigarette, removing it from between his lips. Tilting her head, she softly pressed her lips against his.

Eddie: Letting his eyes close, Eddie returned the kiss, exhaling the smoke from his nostrils as he pushed his tongue slowly and gently against her mouth. His arms curled around her and urged her against him as he lay back, a hand gently sliding along the back of her neck, massaging it gently.

Rachel: Lips parting to run her tongue along his, Rachel made sure her hold on the smoke was secure as she grasped at his shoulder, fingers of her other hand curling in his hair, lightly raking her nails across his scalp.

Eddie: After a few moments, Eddie moved back, breathing out a soft sigh against her mouth as his left hers. Holding Rachel, Eddie looked into her eyes, "...was that stupid?", he asked, eyes fogged with the euphoria from both the drugs and their intimacy.

Rachel: Sitting back slightly, Rachel met his gaze as she took a drag from the smoke, slowly shaking her head. As she breathed out some smoke, she also gave an answer, "No."

Eddie: Eddie took a sharp breath in, sighing at the taste of the thick, white smoke in the air as he leaned close to her again, "...'m so glad you don't think so.", he whispered, kissing her lips again.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Slarti » Mon Feb 25, 2013 7:30 am

If Hope and Johnny were no more, who would step in to fill the hole in Hope's life? :naughty

<Hope> Hope eyed the various costumes around the club, easing back onto her barstool in her non-costumed black dress. Screw fantasy night.... but the guys did look awfully handsome in their suits. Though some looked ridiculous. She smirked and took a sip, shaking her head.

<Shaw> "Well, hello, Miss Stark." Sebastian moved in behind her, gaze sliding over her bare shoulders in the classic dress. "Good evening." He rested his elbow on the bar, choosing to stand, with the side effect of towering over her.

<Hope> Only slightly surprised, Hope turned her body to look at Sebastian, eyes going up to his face. "Mr. Shaw. How are you this evening?" Her mind fumbled for protocol, unsure if she was supposed to stand up or not. Then she remembered that she didn't care about that and took a sip of her drink instead.

<Shaw> "Oh, it's fantasy night, which is always entertaining, on several levels." He smirked, taking her free hand from where it laid on the bar. He pressed a kiss to the back before allowing her to have it back.

<Hope> "Indeed you are looking handsome in your costume. Now if I was allowed a costume that covered anything I might be inclined to wear one." She kept her face under control at the kiss, careful not to blush or show surprise.

<Shaw> "Thank you. My dear Hope, you are allowed to wear whatever you wish - it's fantasy night." He smiled, flashing white teeth. "You would look equally beautiful no matter what you chose to wear." This time, he let his eyes noticeably wander before meeting hers again.

<Hope> "Of course." She agreed, taking another sip. "I did just that already. Usually when women wear costumes it is an excuse to wear lingerie in public. Though usually they don't run the risk of running into their father." She shuddered at the thought, sliding to her feet.

<Shaw> "Yes, I suppose I could see how that might be off-putting." He moved back slightly to give her room. Just slightly. Though he then leaned into her to lower his voice. "You're lucky you haven't seen what Tony wears."

<Hope> Bracing herself by touching his arm slightly, Hope smiled at that. "I'm sure I am." She looked away to pick up her drink again, taking more than just a sip.

<Shaw> "He's quite lucky our security is better than his own." He clucked his tongue, staying close to her, but looking around to mark the locations of her security people.

<Hope> "He's lucky or we are?" She smiled a bit, trying to return to nursing her drink since she had to think around Shaw. "I imagine he'd wear a toga. Or worse. He thinks he is so good looking."

<Shaw> "Think leather," he smirked, watching her carefully.

<Hope> She quickly met his eyes, clearly horrified. "Worse than i imagined."

<Shaw> "Quite." He shared a wince with her, then laughed, taking the opportunity to slide his arm around her and turn her toward the crowd. "Look at them all," he said softly. "Every single one convinced he or she is the most desirable person in the room."

<Hope> Hope couldn't help but smile, her hand sliding over his hand around her. "Unfortunately for them they are all wrong."

<Shaw> Sebastian shifted just enough to put his hand back on top, brushing his thumb over her fingers. "But we know the truth. It's liberating."

<Hope> "I suppose it is." She smirked, carefully looking up at him. "It is a good night to be us, now isn't it?"

<Shaw> "Oh, very good indeed." He returned the smirk, taking in her face and letting his hand drift down just a bit from her waist to her hip.

<Hope> Swallowing, Hope turned her face away to see where her drink was and pick it back up, taking a decent drink from it. "So what else happens on fantasy night?"

<Shaw> "Whatever you wish," he said, tilting his head down to move his mouth close to her ear. Taking a breath, he caught her perfume.

<Hope> Shivering at the breath on her ear, Hope backed into him slightly. "And what do you wish?"

<Shaw> "A new adventure. That's always my wish." Sebastian's hand tightened minutely and he moved into her, dropping his face to her shoulder but not touching.

<Hope> "I like the sound of that," she whispered to him, mentally swearing at her empty glass. Despite her best attempt against it, her hand shook slightly as she set the glass back down onto the counter.

<Shaw> "Good. Very good. I'm sure there're many things we could show one another." Turning his face toward hers, he placed one chaste kiss on the juncture of her shoulder and neck, pulling her back against him.

<Hope> "And are you sure you are prepared to embark on such a quest, Mr. Shaw?" She shivered at his kiss, pressing herself back into him. For the moment, the rest of the world seemed to disappear.

<Shaw> "Of course." His mouth stayed close as he breathed against her skin. Another shift of their bodies and he made sure she could feel his intent. "It's a very worthy quest, after all."

<Hope> "And good sir knight... a one night quest is not appropriate for a lady such as myself." She relaxed a great deal, feeling she had taken the power back. No way he'd ever agree to more than one night.

<Shaw> "Of course not. What I intend will take far, far longer." His response was smooth and he kissed her neck.

<Hope> A smile crept over her face. She was that awesome that she got him to agree to that. She turned her head to kiss his cheek gently. "Once again, I find myself enjoying your plans."

<Shaw> "Oh, you will." Sebastian grinned and caught her chin to turn her face toward his, sucking her lower lip gently.

<Hope> Once again surprised but recovering quickly, Hope slid her hand to his cheek, kissing him gently.

<Shaw> "Shall we retire to someplace a little more private?" He fingered a lock of her red hair, giving her teasing kisses.

<Hope> "Lead the way," she whispered to him, reaching back for her clutch. Awareness of where they still were crept back in, but she simply gave him another kiss and took his arm.

<Shaw> He took her hand, pressing a kiss to her palm, then placing her hand back on his arm. With a smirk, he led the way across the room. Before he passed out of his sight, Sebastian gave Drake a knowing smile.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Slarti » Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:22 am

<Hope> Smirking over at Shaw, Hope set her game controller aside. He had lost again, and she was pretty sure he wouldn't be brave enough to try again. "So... I think we can agree you are a terrible gamer."

<Shaw> "I think we can also agree I've generally had better things to occupy my time." He was still holding the infernal thing, and gave it another look over.

<Hope> "Some men find them relaxing." She glanced over at him again, taking him in. While she had been against a one night stand, being with with him was so different.

<Shaw> "I'm not some men." Sebastian smirked over at her, tossing the controller aside and shifting slightly toward her on the leather sofa.

<Hope> "Indeed you are not." She smiled and turned her body to face him again. "So what better things can you think of?"

<Shaw> "None of which Drake over there would approve." His gaze shifted across the room to the visibly irritated bodyguard as he casually stretched out his arm along the back of the sofa, behind Hope.

<Hope> "Drake doesn't approve of anything I do," Hope reminded him, sliding a bit closer and putting her hand on his thigh.

<Shaw> "Well, aren't we fortunate you aren't one to seek approval then?" The smirk grew and he showed teeth in a crooked, dirty grin now. "At least in certain situations."

<Hope> "We are indeed fortunate... I can think of only one area I seek approval." She leaned in to steal a kiss from him.

<Shaw> Cocky grin in place, Sebastian let her come to him, finally sliding his hand to the back of her neck and closing for the kiss.

<Hope> She kissed him for a bit before pulling away with a smirk. "I'm pretty sure I approve of that though."

<Shaw> "Quite right to, I'd think." He raised an eyebrow, studying her face and then letting his eyes wander. They showed approval as well of the cut of her shirt, his lips slightly pursed as he surveyed her.

<Hope> Her gaze tried to follow his and she found herself smirking. Sliding her hand further up his thigh, Hope went in for another kiss.

<Shaw> Sebastian smiled into the kiss, his hand at the back of her head tightening and his fingers twisting into her hair.

<Hope> She deepened the kiss, momentarily forgetting Bobby was in the room.

<Shaw> He hadn't forgotten it for a moment, so he took her hand from his thigh, moving it to his hip as the angle would provide a better show for Drake. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for his reports to Tony. With that, he became the aggressor in the kiss, angling his head just so.

<Hope> Going with his lead, Hope simply moved so she was nearly in his lap, running her fingers through his hair. She trailed them down his cheek gently, resting her hand at the back of his neck.

<Shaw> Her enthusiasm was infectious, and he didn't need to pretend to enjoy this as he slid his arm around her waist to pull her closer.

<Hope> Moving properly into his lap, Hope wrapped her arms around his neck and shifted to get comfortable.

<Shaw> This, of course, made him groan, and it was only partially for effect. Across the room, a throat cleared.

<Hope> She broke off the kiss but rested her forehead against his, refusing to move from his lap. "I forgot the prude was here," she whispered to him.

<Shaw> Sebastian grinned and held her tight against him, stroking the hair at the nape of her neck. "You could dismiss him."

<Hope> "He doesn't listen to me," which was hard to admit as it was, let alone to Sebastian. She gently continued to stroke his cheek.

<Shaw> "Really?" His tone was a little incredulous and he put his smirk back in place.

<Hope> "Seriously. And the last agents I told to get lost pepper sprayed me."

<Shaw> He clucked his tongue. "How very rude."

<Hope> "It was terrible." She pouted a bit, nuzzling his cheek.

<Shaw> "I told you it would be convenient to find a place free of Tony's influences..." He tempted her with another kiss.

<Hope> "I'm never free from Tony's influences." She kissed him again, debating on how to tell Bobby to get lost. Well if he was a weirdo and wanted to watch, whatever. She kissed on Sebastian.

<Tony> Nowhere was free of Tony's influence. Nowhere.

<Tony> Nowhere happened to include Sebastian Shaw's penthouse because Tony couldn't take any more of Drake's whining about whatever Hope was doing, though he couldn't even fathom what could be so horrible if she was with Shaw.

<Shaw> "Oh, I wouldn't be so certain of that," he said, voice low. Sebastian nipped her earlobe, just a little rough. "You just need to free yourself from the frostbitten shadow."

<Hope> "How do I do that?" She whispered back at him, sucking in a breath at the bite. "Drake get lost?"

<Bobby> Bobby couldn't hear her, or Shaw the shark, but he was done anyway. Just one-hundred percent done. He stood, as noisily as he could, and pocketed his phone. "I'm gonna go, like, check the car... the perimeter of the car... the lobby. Something. Bye. Have fun."

<Tony> Ah, there Drake was. He muttered a thanks for getting the door for him and strolled right in, freezing at the most unimpressive sight on the couch.

<Hope> "Well that wasn't so... hard..." Hope's eyes fell on her father in the doorway. She suddenly became hyper aware that she was on his friend's lap. With her arms around around his neck. And that Shaw was kissing on her. Well now what the fuck was she supposed to do? Could she dismiss him too?

<Shaw> As he'd been quite ready to comment about what was hard, when Hope froze in his lap Sebastian paused and looked up. Oh. His lips curled in a lazy smile and he made no other moves to move. The head of security in this building was fired.

<Tony> Tony sure how he felt about this, but he was pretty sure he was fairly unhappy. If this was what unhappiness felt like, no wonder he drank. Of all the things he had to say, he asked, "Where's your scotch?"

<Hope> Swallowing hard, Hope carefully slid from Sebastian's lap, not sure what she was supposed to say or do now. She started to comment on the scotch, but she just glanced to Sebastian instead.

<Shaw> "On the bar." Sebastian raised an eyebrow and tilted his head toward it. Of course, now Hope moved, so he smoothly picked up a pillow to replace her. "What a pleasant surprise, Tony."

<Hope> Eyebrow raised, Hope glanced between them. 'Pleasant' wasn't the word she would have chosen.

<Shaw> Catching Hope's eye, he smirked.

<Tony> "Mmhm," he simply replied as he located the bottle, weighing it in his hand. While Sebastian was one of his best friends, the idea of whacking him with the bottle occurred, and he focused on pouring himself a glass instead.

<Shaw> The leather of his sofa creaking under his weight was the loudest sound in the room when he finally twisted to look at Tony. "You may as well get one for all of us."

<Hope> "And make them all doubles..." Hope offered.

<Tony> Turning to face the couch, he leaned back against the bar and shook his head, "I'm not feeling that generous."

<Shaw> "Oh, but it's my scotch." He waved a hand around the room before resting it on the back of the sofa again. "My home, in fact."

<Tony> "Then, be a good host and get Hope her scotch," Tony replied before taking a gulp from his glass. "It should be far less trouble than anything else you were giving her."

<Hope> Dead. Hope wanted to be dead. She shifted uncomfortably on the couch, wishing like anything that Sue was in range for invisibility.

<Shaw> "Why, Tony, I'm hurt." It probably was safe to get up now, but he wasn't going to. "Why ever would you think I had less than honorable intentions with your only daughter?"

<Tony> His eyebrow went up, and he suggested, "Maybe because I know you?"

<Hope> The tables had just shifted in Hope's mind. Tony wasn't upset about who she was with. He was upset about who Shaw was with. She searched her father's face for more hints.

<Shaw> "Well," he started, then sighed and stood up, tossing the pillow to Hope and straightening his clothing. "I suppose you've got me there." Sebastian went to the bar as well and got two glasses, keeping an eye on Tony as he did so.

<Tony> "Of course I do," he rolled his eyes.

<Shaw> "I suppose I always knew how you felt about me." Sebastian grinned and poured the drinks, taking one to Hope. "But really, this is an awkward way to show it." Drink delivered, he even slid his arm around her waist.

<Hope> Taking her drink and relaxing against Sebastian, Hope carefully took a sip, eyes fixed on her father. She tried to keep up with what they were saying and the subtext. Weren't they supposed to be friends?

<Tony> "Oh, I still feel the same as I always have about you," Tony returned the grin, adding a bit of a shrug as he threw in his comment, "However, I also felt you could follow a simple instruction."

<Shaw> "But I did. Turns out, however, you were wrong about her interest in me and how ever could I deny this face?" He gave Hope a squeeze.

<Hope> She resisted the urge to blush. Instead she chanced a glance up at Sebastian. So they had spoken about her before. It was kind of... weird. And awkward. Maybe she should be in another room. "Do we need some ice?"

<Tony> "No," Tony answered, not quite willing to give her an escape.

<Shaw> Sebastian just grinned at them both.

<Hope> Hope iced her cup over when she was denied an exit. Bastard. She held in her sulk and downed her drink instead. It wouldn't be enough. "So why are you here?"

<Tony> "I heard it was such a good time," Tony shrugged, "I figured I'd check it out."

<Shaw> He chuckled. "Ah, so you were getting the play-by-play... or do you have a biometric tracker in place too?"

<Tony> "No, I hadn't even considered going to such measures," Tony smirked over the rim of his glass, muttering, "Maybe I should."

<Hope> Hope rolled her eyes and refilled her glass. Like hell would he put any sort of tracker on her.

<Shaw> He took a long drink himself now and returned Tony's smirk. "So, really, you didn't just drop everything to protect your daughter's virtue at Drake's panic call. What's the game, Tony?"

<Tony> "We're going to have a few drinks, and I'm probably going to punch you in the face for being a smug bastard," Tony answered, draining his glass. Not that punching Sebastian would do any good. It'd make him feel better though. "Other than that possibility, you're an improvement."

<Tony> He finally glanced to Hope, "It's nice to know you've finally developed good tastes."

<Hope> She rolled her eyes at him, taking a sip. "I wasn't after your approval, but thanks.. I guess."

<Shaw> Sebastian hid his surprise behind another sip and only then held up his drink in salute. "Well, then by all means, let's get a little better lubricated before you decide to break your fist."

<Hope> She wasn't quite sure if Tony was joking or not, but she didn't feel punching was necessary. She refilled Sebastian's glass for him, then her own. "Yaaay."

<Tony> Tony held up his own drink, grinning, "Now that I'm here, the actual good times can begin."

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri Mar 22, 2013 2:02 am

Johnny: Johnny made his way to Sue's room, fully intending on annoying her for entertainment because he had nothing better to do with his time. Well, he was relatively sure he did have better things to do, but none of them were things that particularly interested him. Like, homework... Who actually wanted to waste their time on that?

Johnny: As usual, he skipped on knocking and slipped into his sister's room, pausing when he realized she wasn't there for once.

Mayday: Sat at her desk before her computer, Mayday Parker was typing away at her science homework, pausing to let her pet tarantula plod over the keyboard and giggling a little, "Hey, Sue.", she said automatically, shaking her head at the little spider and turning around.

Mayday: At the sight of not Susan Storm, she jumped, letting out a little scream and bolting back.

Johnny: Johnny let out a shout at the screaming and the sight of the spider on the loose, backing into the door, pressing himself as close to it as possible. Maybe if he tried hard enough, he'd just phase through it to avoid the tarantula entirely.

Mayday: Mayday instinctively dragged her longsleeve down over her panties, flushing a deeper red than her hair, "W-who the heck are you!?"

Johnny: "Johnny! I'm Johnny!" he forced out, torn between keeping track of the spider and checking her out.

Mayday: Spinning around in her chair to hide her modesty, Mayday shuffled around, sitting up on her knees and hiding her body behind it, "You're Sue's brother!?", she looked more angry than embarrassed, "And you just waltz in!? You're a pervert! Knock first!"

Johnny: "That's me, and yes," Johnny answered. Then, he blinked, protesting, "And I'm not a pervert!"

Mayday: "T-then close your eyes and let me get dressed!", she snapped.

Johnny: "But...But..." he stuttered, "The giant spider!"

Mayday: Groaning, Mayday looked back at her pet, "Cinnamon's a toothless pacifist!", she explained, "Now close your eyes or I swear to God, I'm gonna scream 'rape'!"

Johnny: Looking between her and 'Cinnamon' one last time, Johnny squeezed his eyes closed and covered them with his hands, hoping she was telling the truth about it being toothless.

Mayday: With a sigh, Mayday cast a web from her wrist to a pair of jogging pants left on her bed, pulling them over and shifting around to get them on. Moments later, she turned around in her chair, pulling the excess webs free from them, "Okay, y-you can open your eyes now...", she frowned at him, leaving her hand on the table for Cinnamon to crawl into it.

Johnny: Johnny peered through his fingers at her before removing his hands entirely from his face, "So..."

Mayday: Carrying Cinnamon into her hands and trying desperately not to blush anymore, Mayday fixed him with her cool, blue eyes, "Sooooooo.......?", she asked awkwardly, eyes darting around her video games and clothes tattering the room, her X-Box currently on although her monitor displayed work.

Johnny: The room didn't look all that different from his own, though he was fairly sure he had less video games, which seemed wrong on some level. Anxiously raking his fingers through his hair, he started, "So, you're Sue's roommate..."

Mayday: "Er....yeah?", Mayday smiled wryly, "What, did you think I was her girlfriend or something?", she pouted, petting Cinnamon in her hands, who watched Johnny with his beady little eyes, "....s-sorry, you....y-you scared me when you came in. I-I'm not...really so much of a jerk...", she blushed again.

Johnny: "I'd hope not," he answered automatically as he eyed her, putting on a grin as he added, "It's cool... I'm not usually such a wimp and more of a jerk... I mean, I'm not a jerk at all... Sometimes."

Mayday: Mayday giggled a little at him, "I-it's cool. Do over?", she gestured to the bed for him to sit, "Mayday Parker,", she smiled, "And this is my little mayyyyn, Cinnamon.", raising the spider, she made a kissy face, to which the spider scratched his mandibles together, looking embarrassed.

Mayday: Realizing how it must have looked earned another laugh out of the girl, "Haha! I looove yooou, Cinnamon-bunny-bun!"

Johnny: A do over was definitely the best option at this point, and he nodded, moving to sit down. He did his best not to wrinkle his nose at Cinnamon as he said, "Johnny Storm."

Mayday: "Nice to meet you.", she nodded, "Er...", looking down at Cinnamon, Mayday frowned, "A-are you.....is he scaring you?", she looked up, "I-I mean, does Cinn scare you? 'Cause I can put him away, he looks tired now."

Johnny: "Just a little," he admitted, "Not that I'm, like, totally freaked out or anything, but... Well, I sort of find things with eight legs creepy."

Mayday: "So, you came to the room of the girl with spider powers...", Mayday deadpanned with a little giggle, "It's okay, I'll put him to bed.", she stood up, wandering over to Cinnamon's tank and popping him inside, "Off to bed, little baby!", she did a little kissy-face as he fumbled out of her hands and into his little 'cave'.

Johnny: Johnny reached up to scrub at the back of his neck, "Well, I didn't really expect... It's not... You don't have eight legs. ...I mean, obviously, you have two nice legs..." Oh, he was failing miserably today. "...I swear I'm usually better at this talking thing."

Mayday: Flushing red again, Mayday ended up with her hands over her thighs as she sat back down, squirming awkwardly, "O-oh....e-er....I-I ah....t-t-thank you...?", she blinked at him, "I-I won't even lie, I'm....really, really fail at talking to....", boys, perhaps, "...p-people."

Johnny: Pushing his hand up through his hair, causing it to stick up at odd angles, Johnny shifted slightly on the bed as he admitted, "I'm... not really used to failing this spectacularly..."

Mayday: Mayday clapped her hands over her face, "Oh, God....I-I'm like social kryptonite...", she laughed a little, hands sliding down to reveal her eyes again, "I-I'm sorry.", she glanced away, "S-so er....w-why are you lookin' for Sue?"

Johnny: "Nothing to be sorry for," Johnny assured her, giving a bit of a shrug, "I was just going to visit with her because she nags if I don't."

Mayday: Frowning, Mayday tapped her lip with her finger, "Buuuut then she does nothing but whine about how you're a total brat....", she smiled at him, "So, you er....you wanna wait....here? F-for her, I mean?"

Johnny: "Oh, hey, you already know how it works. Go you!" he grinned, shaking her head, "Nah... I mean, not unless you want the company... Or you could come out with me. Maybe. If you wanted."

Mayday: "Out?", Mayday asked, like a tiny child being presented the marvel of an electromagnet, or a caveman being presented with the marvel of an iPod, she seemed utterly baffled at the very concept of 'Out', "Like.....go outside? Meatspace?", she smirked awkwardly, internally kicking herself for actually using the word 'Meatspace' in a sentence.

Johnny: "Well..." Johnny snorted a bit at meatspace as he tried to think of whether it was possible to avoid contact with the outdoors to go out. Nope, nothing came to mind, so... "Yes."

Mayday: Mayday remained red in the face, "......l-like....a....d-da-...", she shook her head, "...a-a day out?", she sighed, realizing she'd re-used 'out' again, and as such probably given away that she was going to say 'date', originally, "U-um! I-I guess....I can....?"

Johnny: Standing, Johnny smirked and spoke as he stretched, "If that's what you want it to be."

Mayday: Flushing again, Mayday covered her mouth with her sleeve, looking up at him and smiling as she hid her face away, "....j-just as new friends. A-and can you let me get dressed first? I don't wanna venture out in my jim-jams...", she bit her lip.

Johnny: Nodding, he answered, "Of course. I'll meet you downstairs?"

Mayday: "Y-yeah, sure.", Mayday nodded, an embarrassed laugh escaping her, "I-I'll be quick, 'k?"

Johnny: As he started for the door, Johnny shook his head, "No rush." Despite saying this, he still hoped she was quick because he didn't have a lot of patience.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by Chaos » Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:53 pm



<Johnny> Hands stuffed in his pockets, Johnny was doing his best not to constantly stare at the redhead beside him, so he took an interest in the signs hanging off the buildings as they made their way down the sidewalk, keeping an eye out for a specific one. Unable to keep his focus above their heads, he look around at all the people surrounding them, trying to think of something to say.

<@Mayday> Mayday remained as silent as him, still debating whether she should throw up her N7 hoodie's hood. She gulped, hands in her own pockets as her mind revved itself into gear. Swallowing her fear, she took a deep breath and looked to Johnny, "Soooooo, er....I think that Super Mario is the real bad guy in the series.", she'd picked literally the first thing that had come into her head.

<@Mayday> And every single second following her words felt like it lasted its own eternity. She tried to keep a straight face as her cheeks lit up with a sanguine glow.

<Johnny> When she spoke, Johnny pulled his attention to her, his brow furrowing as he considered what she said. Eventually, he asked, "Because he stomps on a bunch of harmless turtles?"

<@Mayday> "It's one reason, but think bigger...", Mayday raised her finger to pause him, riding on the wave of her own ridiculousness, "Consider this: Mario has to save the Princess from being captured, right? Well, what if Bowser is simply an oafish beast who's really in love with her? He just....shows his love by...destroying kingdoms...", she shrugged awkwardly.

<Johnny> "Because that's totally healthy," he joked as he entertained the idea of Mario being a real jerk. Reaching for the handle of the door, he pulled it open, holding it for her as he spoke, "As is kidnapping people."

<@Mayday> Mayday grinned, "Oh, oh, here we go. 'Kidnapping', he says...", she shook her head, "Ok, explain to me how a VIP like her manages to conveniently get kidnapped so many times? Ever get the impression she wants to be there?", she snorted, "Come on, women do that to men all the time....n-not...that I would..."

<Johnny> His eyebrow went up as he grinned over to her, following her into the shop as he asked, "Is that so?"

<@Mayday> "Bowser is a fucking genius!", Mayday protested, "Come on, he manages to come back after every 'defeat', and rally minions to his cause every time! Moreover, he finds the hours to build and run eight different castles!", she sighed, "That's what a girl wants....a man of action."

<@Mayday> She frowned slightly, "I-I mean....even though he's...a turtle....", stopping in front of the Captain Janeway cut-out in the comic store they were in, she gave it a salute.

<Johnny> "Hey, I wasn't arguing that Bowser isn't a total badass," Johnny replied, holding up his hands, "Especially for a turtle." Despite his reply, he was making mental notes and 'man of action' was totally one of them. It was even something he was totally capable of.

<@Mayday> Mayday grinned at him again, "Ok, so you agree - couple that with the 'Yoshi as a Creature of the End Times' argument and you can't go wrong...", she wandered off and lifted up a Bowser plushie, "King Koopa is the mayn.", she laughed, cuddling it.

<Johnny> "I guess I could see Yoshi ending everything... I mean, he eats everything..." Johnny eyed her with the plushie, automatically asking, "You want it?"

<@Mayday> "W-wha?", Mayday looked down at the plush, "W-well, I mean...y-you...", she looked back to Johnny, "I-I wasn't gonna, but....y-you'd buy it for me?"

<Johnny> "If you really want it, sure," he shrugged as he slowly moved down the row of shelves, looking over the selection of books.

<@Mayday> Mumbling as she tried to protest, Mayday watched him wander away, blushing, but glad he couldn't see. She followed him with her little Bowser plush in both hands, "Y-you....don't have to....", she managed.

<Johnny> Johnny shook his head, insisting, "It's not a big deal. I mean, what are friends for?"

<@Mayday> "B-but we only just met....", she smiled a little, "...y-you...really think we're friends?"

<Johnny> "You're the one that said we should go out as new friends," he pointed out, returning the smile.

<@Mayday> Mayday laughed, still red in the face, "Heh....y-yeah, I...guess I did.", she nodded, "T-thank you, Johnny.", she glanced away shyly.

<Johnny> "It's no problem," Johnny shook his head as he reached to pull Eddie's book from the shelf, flicking through it.

<@Mayday> Unsure of how to react save for giggling like a schoolgirl, Mayday took to fumbling with a lock of her hair, edging closer to see what Johnny was reading, "O-oh, you read 'Anti-Hero'?"

<Johnny> "I think Eddie would be offended if I didn't," Johnny grinned over at her, "Well, and because it's pretty awesome."

<@Mayday> "W-wait, Eddie Brock?", she blinked, "H-he...oh, of coooourse! Duh, Mayday(!)", she clapped a hand against her forehead, "I'm such a dolt."

<Johnny> "Didn't realize it was him?"

<@Mayday> "No, not at all! Gosh, now you said it...", she sighed, "D-d'you....like comics?"

<Johnny> Holding onto the book as he started down the shelf once more, he gave a small shrug as he answered, "I mean, I don't follow things like Sue, but they're fun every once in a while."

<@Mayday> Mayday smiled again, "Maybe you should....er....maybe....w-would you like to borrow some of mine sometime?", she fumbled the doll in her hands, "W-we could...I-I mean, I could loan them to you, maybe....show you my favourite ones."

<Johnny> "Sure," Johnny nodded, opting to take the opportunity to spend more time with her that'd been presented to him, "Whenever you're up for it."

<@Mayday> "Yeah! O-ok, great!", Mayday beamed, realizing too late that she probably sounded a mite too enthusiastic about that, "I-I mean...yeah, we can...like....y-yeah."

<Johnny> He managed to avoid laughing at her trying to play it off and decided to ask, gesturing to the shelves with the book in his hand, "What are some of your favourites anyway?"

<@Mayday> Looking to the comics, Mayday tapped her lip with her finger, "Well, I really like Image Comics - like....Sigil. Also, I collect stuff most haven't heard of, like Nikolai Dante, Powers and stuff.", she sighed, stroking a comic cover, "God, don't you just love Zantana's thighs?", she swooned softly.

<Johnny> "They're about as nice as yours," he commented. Then, he realized the words he'd just uttered and backtracked, "I, um, mean... Yes. Yes, I do."

<@Mayday> Mayday made a little squeaking sound, flushing red all over again, "H-heh....y-you said you weren't perving.", she managed, grinning like an idiot, "...y-you're really...sweet. I-I think 'sweet' is...the...er...sweet. Mmn.", she giggled, snorting a little, "Oh, God.", she covered her face with the Bowser plush.

<Johnny> "I wasn't," Johnny protested as he held a hand out, gesturing to her legs, "I mean, I'm not blind to your legs just because you put trousers on." As for the compliment, he sagely nodded and commented with a wicked grin, "And, you have no idea how sweet."

<@Mayday> The redhead was just a fit of giggles, "S-stop it!", she struck him playfully with the plush, "You're making me all embarrassed!"

<Johnny> "That's a bad thing?" he asked, snickering along with her.

<@Mayday> "Nnnnnnn!", Mayday protested with a sound, nudging him, teeth still visible in a smile that made her cheeks ache slightly, "I'm goin' over there!", she turned, waltzing over to the anime section, glancing back just once to show the red-cheeked happiness on her face.

<Johnny> Johnny was grinning widely, even as she moved off to another section of the shop, and moved to a rack of shirts, flicking through a few of them before looking over to Mayday. He was fairly pleased to find her looking at him and gave a lazy salute.

<@Mayday> Sighing, Mayday flicked through a few titles on the shelves, her heart feeling more warm and tingly than it usually did. She tried to stop looking over at him for the next few minutes, but it didn't stop. Each time she was sure her cheeks would bruise from smiling.

<@Mayday> And to think, she'd never even spoken to him before this. Mayday hummed to herself, wondering what else would happen if she let time have its way...

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Mon Apr 01, 2013 2:23 am

Johnny: Feet propped on the coffee table, Johnny was slumped far enough down into the cushions of the couch that it was getting difficult to see over his knees, however he wasn't all that bothered by the fact. Yet. He was a bit more concerned with how tightly he was gripping the controller in his hands, tongue poking out in concentration, as he attempted to kill gun down the horde of zombies on the screen.

Mayday: "Nope!", Mayday grinned, spraying an undead attacker across the wall as she charged about the map, turning her head to Johnny but not diverting her eyes from the screen, "Can you re-enforce the barricade on the other side?", her smile widened into a little laugh as she cleaned out the enemies surrounding him.

Johnny: "On it," Johnny confirmed as he stabbed the nearest zombie that was attempting to gnaw on him. Then, he sprinted over to the barrier as he asked his partner, "Cover me?"

Mayday: Mayday nodded, "Ah-hah, ah-hah, I got it.", she had her avatar follow him, shotgun splattering zombies as she went, "Aw, fuck if I'm gonna die....", she sighed as her ammo counter hit zero, her melee button being clicked at odd intervals to knock undead aside, "Fuckiiiiiiing relooooooad...",

Johnny: He finished building the barricade as quickly as the game would allow him, pivoting around to help Mayday out, snorting at her complaining. "If Guthrie was around, you'd totally owe her two quarters."

Mayday: "W-well.....she's not, so shhhhhush.", Mayday grinned, giving him a gentle kick, and averting her attention to her iced coffee can, lifting it and taking a quick sip, not realizing she had a small drip left over on the top of her lip as she went back to their game.

Johnny: "Pfft, I'm not capable of shushing," Johnny rolled his eyes, nudging her with his elbow as he added, "Plus, you can't deny that the sound of my voice is only the best thing ever."

Mayday: Laughing a little, Mayday turned to him, "No, hearing you scream because 'b-b-but the giant spiiiideeer(!)' is the best thing ever.", she rolled her eyes, "Wish there was a way to shut you up sometimes, 'Sparky'..."

Johnny: Not wanting to lose their survival streak, Johnny paused the game and pushed himself up a bit, looking over to her with a wicked grin, "Oh, I can definitely think of a few ways,"

Mayday: "H-hey!", having moved back to playing the game, Mayday turned to face Johnny again, "'The heck did you pau-....", she blinked at him, blushing a little, "....w-what did you...?"

Johnny: He studied her face as he slowly leaned in, aiming for the small bit of iced coffee as he softly pressed his lips to hers. He hadn't really thought about whether it was a good idea or not, but he was slightly worried about her reaction now that he was kissing her.

Mayday: Mayday remained completely still, trying not to even breathe as their lips connected. She trembled a little, eyes closing as she dropped her controller carelessly to the floor and laid her hands on Johnny's shoulders, returning the kiss softly.

Johnny: Not quite able to bring himself to drop something as valuable as a controller, Johnny carefully set his on the cushion next to him, bringing his hand up to cup her cheek, fairly pleased that she wasn't freaking out.

Mayday: Adjusting her own seating, Mayday curled her arms around his neck and exhaled softly, persisting in the heat of the moment with minimal care for the immediate future. She moved closer, her chest meeting his.

Johnny: Inhaling at the contact, Johnny risked deepening the kiss and let his free hand slide around to her side to the small of her back, simply resting it there. After a few moments, he somewhat reluctantly broke the kiss, realizing immediately after that he didn't exactly have words. His mouth opened and closed a few times before he simply managed, "That's one way."

Mayday: Mayday made an almost sad sound as he motioned away, releasing him and sitting back on her side of the sofa, the strawberry plume of her blushing burning her cheeks. She looked up at him, unsure of what to say also.

Mayday: ".....ah d-dropped....my controller...", she managed, realizing too late the utter pointlessness of saying it. She smiled a little shyly, "...s-sorry."

Johnny: He peered over the edge of the couch at the lost controller and shot her a slight smile before he leaned down to grab it for her. "It's no problem."

Mayday: Sighing, Mayday shook her head at herself, "....Johnny.", she stopped him with a hand, pulling him back up and kissing him again.

Johnny: Johnny looked up at his name, the question he was about to ask dying on his lips as she kissed him. He dropped the controller back to the floor as he returned the kiss, hand coming back up to her cheek as he shifted closer.

Mayday: A few moments later, Mayday moved away to look into his eyes, "....s-s-sorry I....", she stammered, her hand moving to her cheek and meeting his.

Johnny: He met her gaze, slowly shaking his head as he replied, "Nothing to be sorry for... You did want me to shut up..."

Mayday: "N-no, I was joking! I swear!", Mayday moved his hand from her cheek, cupping it with both of hers, "I-I really like you!", she confessed, looking panicked, "A-and I....I-I don't want you to think I don't! B-because I do! I really do!"

Johnny: Johnny laughed a little her explanation and gripped one of her hands, giving it a light squeeze as he pointed out, "I don't think you would've kissed me again if you didn't like me."

Mayday: Mayday nodded profusely, "G-good! B-because I do!", she affirmed, blushing more and more, ".....oh, wow...I totally....said that.", she looked a little amazed, "....oh, God, have I ruined our friendship here?"

Johnny: "Well, the kissing wasn't awful, so I suppose not," Johnny answered with a smirk, reaching for her controller once more.

Mayday: "...y-you...", giggling shyly, Mayday looked at him, raising her hands over her mouth, "....d-d'you...like me too?"

Johnny: Holding her controller out to her in offering, Johnny gave a grin, nodding, "Of course I do. You're, like... totally awesome. Almost as awesome as I am."

Mayday: Smirking, Mayday rolled her eyes, taking the controller back and looking down at it, "....J-Johnny...I ah...", she forced herself to look up, "...c-c-can I....be your girlfriend?"

Johnny: Having sat back in his seat after she'd taken the controller and picked up his again, Johnny blinked over at her at the question, meeting her gaze. It'd taken him by surprise, but he gave a grin as he replied, "It'd be disappointing if you weren't."

Mayday: Mayday put a hand to her chest, letting out a little surprised sound, "R-really!?", she beamed, "I-I...really!?", laughing, she shuffled closer, leaning her head on his shoulder and snuggling against him, "T-t-thank you.", she stammered, sniffling a little bit.

Johnny: "Really," Johnny nodded, resting his cheek against the top of her head, insisting, "Now, just... don't cry. I don't handle that very well..."

Mayday: "...'k.", Mayday sniffed, laughing at herself and moving away, wiping her eye, "S-sorry..."

Johnny: "Nothing to be sorry for," he shook his head, "Well, unless you let me die when I unpause."

Mayday: With a giggle, Mayday kissed him on the cheek, "Nope - I just got you.", she sat back and turned to the T.V, "I'm gonna keep you in mint condition...", she nodded.

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Re: What If...: The Ones that Got Away

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat May 18, 2013 9:14 pm

Eddie: "So, yeah. I mean, think about it...", Eddie sat forward, tapping the hardback of 'Watchmen' on the table, "...they live in a society where people wonder 'if Vigilantes watch over us, who watches them?', like, are they above the law? Who decides that? Who's powerful enough to stop them if they don't?"

Eddie: Sipping more of his coffee, he smiled, "It's interesting how true that is of the real world, huh? 'Who watches the Watchmen' indeed..."

Laura: Laura had been patiently listening to Eddie talking about the book sitting on the table between them for a while, occasionally sipping at her own coffee. When he was finished, she returned the smile as she nodded, "It is interesting, yes." After another sip from her cup, she considered him for a few moments, "So, in your opinion, who watches us?"

Eddie: Eddie shrugged, "I wanna say 'SHIELD', but think about it; who watches them? It's just like Nur - only morality stops us from becoming some kinda 'master race'. That's why humans fear us, and rightly so, I think...", he frowned a little, shrugging again, "...I can see why. There's a fine line between 'good' and 'evil', Laura. And you have to remember that, ok?"

Laura: "The government watches them, right? Well, I would think they're supposed to..." Laura answered as she glanced over to him and gave a short nod, "Of course. I like to think I'm fairly aware of that line."

Eddie: "I know, I know. Just sayin'.", Eddie clarified, "But think about it, if the government makes a bad call, who watches them? Who tells 'em they're wrong? The people?", he smirked, "Society's a funny thing. But good ones - good relationships, even - are built on mutual trust."

Laura: Placing her cup back in the table, Laura considered that and, after a moment, agreed, "I suppose that is true, even when it comes to relationships that aren't the government and their people, yes?"

Eddie: Nodding again, Eddie raised his own to her, "Exactly. Without trust and loyalty - and mutual respect - no relationship works. That's a fact.", he sipped his coffee, sighing a little, "A cold, hard fact o' life..."

Laura: "Right," Laura said with another nod. Facts were good. They made sense. "I've managed to work that one out as well."

Eddie: "Oh? Got personal experience?", he asked, smirking a little, "Me too. Pain in the ass isn't it?"

Laura: "Maybe a little," she answered to both, shooting him a grin in return.

Eddie: Eddie let out a short laugh: he found it somewhat endearing that Laura seemed somehow more 'human' around him, especially recently. Placing his cup down he nodded to her, "Alright, I'll show you mine if you show me yours; how about it? You first?"

Laura: Laura thought about that for a few moments, brow furrowing as she glanced over to him, "Why do I have to go first?"

Eddie: "Because dibs second!", he responded, finger to his nose like a bolt with a cocky grin on his face.

Laura: If possible, she looked even more perplexed. "...What are you doing?"

Eddie: "It's just a little game, you poke your nose and say 'dibs' or 'not it'. The last person has to do their thing.", Eddie grinned at her, lowering his finger again, "Now come on, quit stalling..."

Laura: "I don't think it's fair if I didn't know the rules to the game," Laura grumbled, "Regardless, I had to learn all those things in order to choose to stay at the school, which was not exactly easy. I wasn't exactly at the school willingly at first."

Eddie: Eddie's brow furrowed a touch, "You never did tell me that story. Then again, I never did ask.", he hummed, sitting forward, "Do you want to talk about it? I understand if you don't..."

Laura: Laura gave a bit of a shrug as she reached for her nearly empty cup, "I was running supplies for Dr. Essex, and the X-men showed up. I was a bit outnumbered, so it didn't go overly well for me. I ended up captured and stayed in the Danger Room for a while."

Eddie: "Oh...s-so it was more like a capture...", Eddie sighed, "...erm...I'm sorry. You know, you're not a prisoner right? Like...I mean, I wouldn't want you to leave..."

Laura: "I am aware, yes," Laura nodded, "I stay now because I want to." After a moment, she admitted, "While I like it at the school, I am also not sure where I would go if I didn't remain there."

Eddie: "They say home's where the heart is.", he smiled, "I think the best thing to do is to go where your heart leads you, no matter where that is.", shrugging, he finished his drink, "Do you want another, sorry?"

Laura: "Yes, please," Laura answered after draining the remnants of her drink, returning his smile with one of her own, "What about you?"

Eddie: Waving to the staff behind the counter, Eddie raised his cup, gesturing between himself and Laura before turning back to her, "What about me? How'd I end up here?", he smirked, "I dunno...would you believe me if I told you I was the artist formerly known as 'Prince'?"

Laura: She gave him a skeptical look and slowly shook her head, "...Probably not, and I was more referring to your personal experience. However, I also have not heard how you ended up here."

Eddie: Eddie grinned, "Me? I just go where I feel life takes me. Dad always said 'with great power comes great responsibility'; so...you know? World needs a hero or two, and since I can...", he looked away, smile weakening a little, "...wasn't always like that though. Back home, I er...I did some things I'm not proud of..."

Laura: Considering him as their new cups of coffee were place in front of him, Laura waited until the staff member was gone before pointing out, "Hasn't everyone?"

Eddie: "Yeah...maybe.", he agreed, wry smile playing across his features, "...my ex got with another gut and I...I-I lost control of my powers for the first time. I hurt him really badly...really, really badly."

Laura: "Oh," Laura replied, nodding slightly, "I have done that to people."

Eddie: "But you were instructed to by the people who indoctrinated you. You didn't know anything else...I did.", Eddie explained, "I knew I was wrong, that I was hurting someone. And I wanted it. I wanted him to suffer because I was angry. And hurt..."

Laura: She took a cautious sip from her cup. While her tongue would just heal, she didn't have any desire to scald it because it still hurt. Placing her cup back on the table, Laura curiously asked, "What happened after that?"

Eddie: Eddie laughed dryly, "Teddy - that is literally my stuffed animal and bestie - ended up on the run together. Living rough for a few days before Darren and the X-er 2011 class turned up and offered me a second chance...", he sighed, glancing out of the window, "...I'll never forget that Tuesday..."

Laura: "How are you best friends with a stuffed animal?" Laura wondered, looking over at him.

Eddie: "He was a gift from my mother. She ah....died giving birth to me.", he said, with some clear difficulty, "...funny how much you can miss someone you never met, it turns out. But mmn...he's my only connection to her, in a way..."

Laura: "Ah..." Laura wasn't entirely sure how she was supposed to respond to that, but she decided it couldn't hurt to share about her own mother, "Mine may as well be dead. She resides in a mental institution, as she isn't lucid."

Eddie: Looking back at her, Eddie shook his head, "Don't say that...", he lifted his coffee, sipping it carefully before continuing, "There's always hope...as long as there's life..."

Laura: "I suppose," she sighed.

Eddie: "You 'suppose'?",

Laura: "While I see your point, I am not extremely hopeful when it comes to my mother," Laura answered.

Eddie: Eddie hummed a response, "Better than nothin'...", he muttered to himself, sipping at the coffee again, "...it hurts you, doesn't it?"

Laura: Laura's jaw worked as she mulled over how to respond to the question. It seemed like a simple yes or no should suffice, but she felt conflicted when it came to an absolute concerning her mother. Finally, she settled on, "In some ways."

Eddie: "I see.", Eddie nodded, "Do you...maybe want to talk about that?", he offered her a gentle smile, "They say a problem shared's a problem halved, after all."

Laura: Considering the offer for a few moments, Laura sat back in her seat with a sigh, "I suppose it is mainly disappointing, as there's probably many things I could have gotten answers to that I cannot now, especially with Dr. Essex being dead. However, I somehow doubt he would've spoken much on my childhood and various matters even if I did have an opportunity to speak to him while he was still alive.

Eddie: "Yeah, Nathaniel Essex didn't strike me as a 'family guy', if you catch my drift...", he confessed, scratching his head a little, "But....I see what you mean. If not for the X-Force...if not for Rogue...", Eddie sighed, "…maybe that's unfair but...I mean, it's a valid point, so..."

Eddie: Cracking a little smirk, he looked back up at Laura, "Life's a strange thing, huh? But the most important thing is where do you want to go from here?"

Laura: "I was involved with X-force," Laura reminded him as she reached for the paper cup on the table, hand remaining wrapped around the container, absorbing its warmth, as she asked, "Did you expect an answer to that question, or is what I want merely something to consider?"

Eddie: "I don't know...maybe both?", he suggested; leaning forward, Eddie poked Laura's chest, "Only you know what's best for you.", he smiled, "You know Laura better than anyone else. You don't have to answer that question today, tomorrow, even at all! But remember that you should do what you want to sometimes. Be who you wanna be."

Eddie: Eddie stretched, "But don't do it as often as I do - people get really pissy..."

Laura: Laura gave a brief laugh before lifting her cup for another drink, teasingly suggesting once she'd placed her cup back on the table, "Well, it could just be you, as there is little reason to dislike me." More seriously, she added, "For now, I simply want to work out exactly who I am, what I want, and where I want to go."

Eddie: Letting out a laugh of his own, Eddie nudged her beneath the table, "See, that's what I like; when you're comfy, you really come into yourself.", he grinned, "And yeah, I agree. But remember, if you ever need anything, I'm always here.", lifting his cup, he sipped a little more, "Plans for today?"

Eddie: He cleared his throat, "Or...you know, for the rest of today. Just....you know, curious..."

Laura: Smiling, she gave a curt nod at the fact that he'd be around before answering, "None in particular, no. Do you have any?"

Eddie: "Well...I-I mean, 'plans' is...", Eddie shrugged, "I-I was gonna go and see this movie, they're playing 'Wrath of Khan' at this little cineplex place. I mean...if you wanna...?", he smirked awkwardly, sipping at his drink, "...maybe?"

Laura: "Go?" Laura finished for him, looking fairly bemused at him fumbling for words. It was definitely a change from his usual confident demeanor. "Of course."

Eddie: Eddie turned away, hiding his small blush, "Y-yeah, just...you know, I don't wanna be awkward or weird, you know?", he smiled, "Just...yeah, could be nice to have someone there. Not that, you know, it's not nice to have you here. Or...you know, to have you generally. N-not that I...you know, have you...", he frowned.

Eddie: "....I...have no idea where I am going with this.", he confessed, snorting a little.

Laura: She nodded as he spoke, grinning slightly, and considered where he was actually trying to go, eventually deciding, "I believe we should probably finish our drinks and proceed to the movies unless you already have a specific time chosen."

Eddie: Pausing, Eddie nodded, "Y-yeah, that's....mmn. This.", he sipped some more of his drink in silence, smiling gladly to himself and looking out the window - with luck, he thought, she wouldn't notice how happy he was.

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