What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

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What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:18 pm

Many have theories about the way the Mutant Registration Act could go. Some like to think that the worst is over but others take the far more pessimistic view that the worst is yet to come. So what if they were right? What if the government finally decided to round up all those registered mutants (and the ones that slipped under the radar the first time) and put them somewhere they could keep an eye on them?

How will the students of XU manage after a few years of life on the run? Will they still be holding fast to the ideals Xavier instilled them with or will they be jaded and looking after number one? Will they even still be out in the world?


There are four potential options for those who want to take part. Characters can be:

1) On the run from the law, hiding out in what's left of buildings and stealing what they need to survive.

2) In a government interment camp with other mutants, maybe they're plotting an escape or perhaps just getting on with their lives.

3) Working with the government in exchange for a better life and rounding up their fellow mutants or maybe just some mutants while they let the rest go.

4) Pretending to be human. Some powers will allow them to pull the wool over the eyes of the authorities for a short time provided they don't look too deep into the matter or have few psychic defenses. Not everyong would be comfortable with manipulating people that way, or perhaps there's the fear of being discovered.


So there's lots of potential there for drama or whatever. Go nuts!
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Dec 17, 2012 1:18 pm

Jessica Drew woke with a groan as the sun streamed in through the window and rolled over to try and cling to sleep. But it was too late, she was up now. Another day of broken promises and persecution ahead of her. Ugh. When would it end? She ran a hand through her hair and sat up, peeling the blankets off and getting to her feet to stretch and go through her usual morning checks.

Her apartment was reasonably nice, all things considered. She quite liked it on the days she could forget about what she'd done to get it. No rent, nice view, lots of space... she even had her own training room which was where she started most of her days. After a shower she sat down to eat breakfast on her balcony and watched the world go by.

Things looked much the same where she lived. All the buildings were still in one piece, still well maintained, cars could still get along the roads without having to mount the pavement at any point.... It was a shame she couldn't say the same for the rest of the city. Most of it looked post-apocalyptic. And it often felt that way too. The world as they'd known it had ended.

Mutants were being rounded up and put into camps, those that had managed to escape this either spent their lives on the run or betrayed their own kind. And she was on the wrong side. She'd tried living on the run but it was a lonely life and she couldn't keep it up so she'd made a deal and handed herself in. Now she spent her days being very very selective.

She hadn't seen anyone from Xavier's school in a long time and she dreaded bumping into someone she knew. They'd be angry with her. She wondered how well news travelled around in the underground, whether they knew what she'd been doing. She wondered too if there were others that had done what she had. Maybe...

A knock on her door signalled the start of her shift. Jess pulled her jacket on, made sure she had her identification, then headed out to work.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by TechPrincess » Mon Dec 17, 2012 5:51 pm

Paige tucked the small children into bed, giving each one a kiss on the forehead. “Now get some rest ok?”


“Yes Phillip?” Paige stroked the boy’s hair back out of his face.

“Tell us a story…”

“Yeah tell us about the x-men again. I like that one.” Susan said as she snuggled into her blankets.

Paige swallowed hard and sat down on the edge of one of the beds. “A long time ago… there was a group called the X-men…” Paige had to recompose herself before she could begin again. “They went to a school where they learned to control their abilities and used them to help people.” Paige glanced at the door to the orphan section of the camp. The guards would hear. They wouldn’t like her story. She’d been warned. Some things, however, were more important than whatever punishment they could dish out.

“Bad men came to the school and took some of the students.” There was a collective gasp from the children. “They tried to hurt the students very badly and make them into bad people too. But the X-men wouldn’t let that happen. Iceman… and Polaris… Husk… Phoenix… Cyclops…. Tempest… They banned together. They worked together. They went in, and beat up all the bad guys.”

The children cheered, but were quickly shushed by Paige, nervously eying the door. “And everyone got to go back home. And they were all safe once again.” She kissed the small ones on their foreheads again. “Now get some sleep.” and please dream of happier times. Paige left the room and didn’t even fight as the prison guard took her by the arm, leading her to the warden’s office. The X-men were a part of their history. So what if the new government called them a terrorist organization? She knew the truth. And so did those kids.

She took her seat on the chair as she was strapped in. She didn’t listen as she was reamed a new one verbally. She closed her eyes and exhaled. If she survived this, she’d just have to be more careful. She wasn’t aware of her screaming as the electricity flowed through her body. There was nothing but pain, and then nothing.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by TechPrincess » Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:27 pm

Hope carefully peered around the corner of the building, sensing no mutants. Good. No hounds. It was much easier to raid with no hounds on patrol. She glanced back and made the motion to go ahead. Once her team was across safely she followed up, keeping her gun drawn. Within minutes the team had as many supplies as they could carry. She ushered them to make a break for it and she lingered. She set the explosive and walked walked away calmly, turning only to paint a white X on the side of the building that wouldn’t explode. She crossed the street again just as the raid point went up in smoke and flames. She paused only once more to paint an X over a wanted poster of herself. With a smirk, she disappeared with her team.

Back at the safe house, Hope sighed and drank her glass of scotch. It wasn’t rum, but it reminded her of her dad. As long as she kept in minimal contact, he should be fine too. She looked around at her group, smiling a bit. X-force hadn’t been her first choice of name for them, but it had been fitting. They were a force to be reckoned with, for sure. They hit any military targets that they could to get ahead. She glanced over the latest plans with a scowl. It was their riskiest endeavor yet and it was twofold. It was ballsy. But it was brilliant.

She took another sip of scotch and sighed. It wouldn’t be easy to regain freedom for mutants, but she wasn’t about to give up now. They deserved to be free. Sure the government called them terrorists now, but that’s how they always referred to a revolution at the beginning. Traitors and terrorists. It was time for change, and she, Hope Stark, was going to lead the mutants to it.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Dec 17, 2012 10:51 pm

Well... Hope was keeping busy. Jess sighed as she looked over the remains of the building. There wasn't anything she could do there so she continued on her patrol after calling it in. At this end of town, explosions were an all too regular occurance. She slipped down some side streets towards some areas she knew were frequented by mutants.

Taking to the walls instead of the streets to reduce the chances of them running before she got to them, Jess kept her eyes and ears open. After a half hour or so of searching she finally saw movement that looked promising and headed towards it, dropping down to the ground at the end of the alley and blocking the only escape route. "I need to see your identification."

The woman let out a startled yelp, her skin rippling into a teal hue in the blink of an eye, she backed into a dumpster shaking her head in a panic.

"Or... I don't need to because you just gave yourself away..." She chewed her lip, "Please don't make this difficult..."

"I have children..."

Crap. Jess sighed, unable to hide the wince at that statement. "Damn it... I told you not to make it difficult...." She ran a hand through her hair, "Where are they?"

The woman looked over her shoulder, the heads of two fearful children poking out from behind the dumpster.

Jess glanced around. No one had seen them. "Alright... here's what I'm going to do.... I'm going to pretend I didn't see you and give you this address..." she scribbled one down on her pad and ripped the page out. "There are people here that will help you... wait til after dark. There are less patrols... and stay off the main roads."

The woman just stared at her.

"Please... just take it... it's not a trap..." she shook the piece of paper at her. "I promise... I-I used to be like you but I got scared and I gave up but I don't want to do this either so please... just accept my help... or don't... either way I'm going to let you go now...." she gave the piece of paper to one of the children instead and turned to walk away. As she reached the end of the alley she smiled at the 'thank you' that was called after her. It was the little things that kept her going these days.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Dec 18, 2012 9:35 pm

Miles: Miles opened the control panel and slid the outlet-guard to the side. He plugged his cable in and opened up his laptop, which was ready to go. Cracking his knuckles, he opened up multiple windows which were simply black boxes with white garbled text, a mishmash of numbers and letters. "Laura, stick to the plan. Don't look for trouble, just stop it when it comes to us. I need... 9 minutes. Maybe 10." He began to fire assaults at the hidden security systems guarding it.

Laura: Claws already extended, Laura was hovering near the door, peering around the frame to see up and down the hall. Moving back into the room, she pressed her back to the wall and eyed Miles' back. "I wasn't planning on deviating from the plan, as tempting as it is. It'd likely result in you being captured, which I can't really afford."

Miles: He smiled at her and eyed her for only a second, returning his attention to the screen. "Can't go on without me, huh?"

Laura: "Nothing would be quite as exciting without you," she commented, making sure to listen for anyone approaching.

Miles: "You sound so sincere, Laura." he mumbled, eying the screen carefully. "Gah! C'moooon..." he tried a new method of cracking, hoping this would reveal his loophole.

Laura: Laura smiled herself, replying, "Don't I always?"

Miles: "I'm still not used to you smiling. Whatever happened, you turned into real people." He chuckled as he thought about the old days of calling her an android. "You're real people, like Pinocchio."

Laura: "Easier to joke and smile than brood over what's wrong with the world," she reasoned with a bit of a shrug, listening carefully for a moment. Then, she asked, "Any luck?"

Miles: "Closer..." A large red window flashed in his screen. ACCESS DENIED. "Maybe not. Trying attempt number three."

Miles: As he continued, there was noise from down the stairwell. Doors opening, people moving, guns jiggling on holsters. "That sounds bad..." His spider-sense started going off as the elevator began to ding. "It's going to be bad. Laura, if we need out, tell me and I'll stop. But keep going as long as you can. Once we're in, I can luck us in there fro-"

Miles: Before he could finish, the doors opened and out from them an unfathomably fast, monstrously large, green reptile dashed from the lift and straight towards Laura. "Hurrrssssrraaaarrgh!"

Laura: "Third time's the charm? ...That is the correct sa--" Laura cut her question short at the sounds, nostrils flaring as she picked up all the scents. One stood out in particular, and her lips pressed together in a grim line. Wanting to avoid bringing the fight down on Miles, she started out the door to meet Lizard, calling back, "I can only buy you a few more minutes! Then, we'll definitely need an out!"

Laura: Once in the hallway, she lunged at the creature, claws extended. It was a fairly confined space to be fighting, seeing as Lizard was about as wide as the hall, and she hoped it'd keep the government agents at bay. At least long enough for Miles to finish.

Miles: Lizard's tail whapped Laura's side, slamming her into the wall. "Rrrrsss, eattssss." The Lizard picked her up and threw her down the hall into the oncoming guards who were coming up the stairs. Miles was horrified, but he knew all he could do was continue to type.

Miles: He knew what had happened to Curt, how there had been a terrible mistake and somehow the Hounds had gotten a hold of him, perverted him, and then destroyed his human self. Turning him against Laura and leaving only the evil reptile, the easily perverted side of Connors. He felt bad for her, but she needed an excuse to kick his ass after all of it.

Laura: Not having expected to be bowled over, Laura slashed and hacked at any guards that had gone down without hesitation, blood splattering the walls. She quickly got to her feet and headed for Lizard again, ducking the tail this time and swiping at his body.

Miles: Lizard screeched and tried to swat at her again with is long, deadly, tail. He would resort to claws and fangs when she got close enough for him to bite. "Sssssnackkkk!" he coughed in a throaty roar.

Laura: Laura let out a yelp as Lizard managed to clamp down on her arm with his teeth, gritting her teeth as she sliced at him with her free arm and feet, not particularly caring where she hit as long as she got her arm back. Feeling able to manage coherent words, she yelled, "Out! Now!"

Miles: Miles was about to protest, but his final attempt failed. Time to come back with a better plan, more people... he decided. "Right." He wound up the laptop in webbing, stuck it to his back and leapt over Lizard's head, webbing his face. "Sorry, y'big, green meanie. Gotta jet with your girl!" He lifted Laura and threw her over his shoulder, ignoring any of her protests.

Miles: Webbing Lizard's tail, he pulled hard and swung the monster into the oncoming horde of guards and Hounds pouring out of the stairwell. "Merry Christmas!" he shouted. "Be sure to share!" with that he web-zipped out the window, gun shots rapidly firing at them as they took their leave.

Laura: She wasn't so much protesting as hissing in pain as the flesh of her arm began to knit itself back together. As an afterthought, she retracted the claws and questioned, "Get anything?"

Miles: As he zipped down the city streets, somersaulting and flipping gin the air, he realized he had gotten something. "No way in... but now I know what we need. I need to develop a virus to corrupt the entire security system, disrupt it, and then we can get in. If the door wasn't made from that near-indestructible metal, it'd be fine.

Miles: But... it's gonna be hard to slash into. We're going to need as much help as we can get. We need to start making friends Laura." He looked to her. "Can you do that? Can you find us some friends?"

Laura: Glancing down to her arm and back up to him, Laura gave a nod, even managed a tight smile. "I need a few minutes, but then I can get started on that. I mean, how hard can it be?" she asked as she looked over the abandoned ruins of the city.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:26 am

Paige: Paige tucked the injured man into his bed, patting his hand gently. "Shhh, it's alright. You're going to be just fine." She smiled and moved on to the next bed. The war against mutants had been raging for a few months, long enough for several cities to look like war zones. She wasn't sure where she was currently, only that she hadn't seen Rachel in weeks. She swallowed hard, trying not to think about her. Thinking about her made it worse.

Paige: The makeshift hospitals had sprung up when the real ones had been bombed in the fighting. Paige made herself useful by showing up every day to different ones around the cities, staying on the move out of necessity. She avoiding patrols, and thus far been lucky. It was the rumors of a new program that sent shivers down her spine. They called them hounds. They were mutants who hunted other mutants.

Paige: She shuddered and moved to take soup to some injured women.

Rachel: Anxiously shifting her weight from one foot to the other, Rachel kept her gaze locked on their current target and tried to keep her mind clear. She didn't want to think about what she was about to do, about all the people that would likely be rounded up and placed in camps because of her. She'd gotten lucky. Psychic powers were coveted - made it easier to track down other mutants.

Rachel: After her capture, she'd been extremely reluctant to accept the offer to hunt her own kind but eventually gave in. It was a way to keep some freedom, which she fully intended to use to her advantage. It was just a matter of biding her time.

Rachel: She pulled her gaze from the makeshift camp among the rubble, realizing they were being given the signal to move in. With a sigh, she started to make her way toward it, shoving back the rush of guilt.
Focus on the job.

Paige: Paige moved with a book to sit by the few injured children. "Would you like to hear a story?"

Paige: "Yes, yes yes!" Those that could sit up did, getting comfortable.

Paige: Paige opened the book and started to read. "On Christmas Eve, many years ago, I lay...." She paused, hearing some commotion. Did they need help?

Rachel: "Everyone needs to produce identification," Rachel barked as she entered the camp, ahead of the others, carefully controlling her expression. Damn, these were just a bunch of sick people and kids trying to stay safe. She forced herself to continue, "Anyone that fails to will be arrested by order of the United States government." If you were a mutant, you'd be arrested anyway, but that went unsaid.

Paige: "Paige, what do we do?" The kids asked, scared.

Paige: Paige had her eyes closed, trying hard not to cry herself. It was the one voice she had prayed not to hear, but at the same time to hear. She forced her eyes opened. They were likely surrounded and they'd never get far anyway, not alone. Her voice wavered, and she had to cough and restart her sentence. "You do what they ask. And you stick together." She pulled out her paperwork from her habit, noting the irony. Somebody had to stand up to them. But it couldn't be her. They'd take the whole lot in, Red Cross tent or not.

Paige: Paige stood and kept her hands visible. So this was how it ended?

Rachel: Rachel's gaze snapped to where she'd heard the name spoken, really hoping it was just some sort of coincidence. Her hopes plummeted after a quick scan with her telepathy, and the nagging guilt in the pit of her stomach returned. She couldn't do it... She couldn't arrest Paige…

Paige: Paige shook in her cell, not sure if it was from the cold or the electricity. She tried to find something on the wall to focus her attention to, but it was useless. She couldn't think. She couldn't focus. She closed her eyes and tried to get back to her dream. It wasn't exactly her happiest memory of Rachel, but it had been her last.

Rachel: Having fallen into bed, Rachel blew out a shuddering breath and reached up to scrub at her face. She hated being alone. More specifically, she hated how empty the bed felt. Even worse, she hated thinking about why. She'd felt better about things when she'd first been captured and knew Paige was still free, but now...

Paige: Paige forced her body to roll over onto her side, facing the wall. Sometimes she could forget where she was if she stayed still enough. She tried to picture Rachel's face. It was smiling at her in her mind, causing Paige to smile back.

Rachel: While it wasn't abnormal for her to feel awful about what she did everyday, all the guilt was intensified when she thought about the incident with Paige. As many times as she recalled the memory, she always felt she should've should've found an out for Paige, should've pushed harder for her to make a run for it, because she seemed to have been managing to keep herself hidden. Then, at least one of them would be relatively fine.

Rachel: Instead, she'd cemented her place with the hounds.

Paige: There it was. Rachel's face. The only problem was, it wasn't her happy face that was the easiest to remember. It was the face with the eyes filled with pain and surprise at seeing her. She tried to block out the memory, but it was already flooding her mind again.

Rachel: Rachel swallowed and tried to keep her expression blank as she moved to the area before another could, completely dreading the encounter. She didn't even particularly care about the poorly surrounding her now. As she approached, she knew the kids' eyes were on her -- questioning stares and thoughts full of uncertainty and fear. They were emotions she was all too familiar with, especially as she eyed Paige.

Rachel: She feigned interest in the paperwork she'd called for, hesitantly reaching out to Paige's mind, trying to keep her emotions from filtering through the mental link.

Paige: Paige was slow to move her eyes up to Rachel's, letting her into her mind easily. <Rachie...>

Rachel: She momentarily closed her eyes at the sound of Paige's voice echoing through her mind, finding a small amount of comfort in it. Taking a deep breath, she opened them again, crouched down, and motioned for the first kid to present their paperwork. She forced a thought back, not quite able to mask all the pain and guilt, <Paige... I'm so sorry...>

Paige: <This isn't your fault.> Paige kept her own face as composed as she could, though she was sure her emotions were crossing their link freely. <At least I got to see you one more time.>

Rachel: "Everything'll be okay," Rachel managed to get out evenly to one of the children, knowing it was a lie. Lying to children was always the worst. They usually believed it, and she hated knowing they'd be disappointed. She cut off the line of thought, know Paige was probably getting it as well as the fact she had no idea how to reply to what she'd said.

Paige: <I think we all know that it won't be ok.> Paige thought to her, giving her a soft look. <I won't let them use me against you, Rachel. Ever. I love you... always, always.>

Rachel: <That doesn't make it any better or right.> It was a fairly bitter response, but honest. As for the last bit, her jaw worked, and she reminded herself that she couldn't lose it while on a job. Taking in a shuddering breath, Rachel finished with the children and got to her feet, not quite able to meet Paige's gaze as she held a shaky hand out for the papers.

Rachel: It was likely as close as she was going to get to any sort of contact, which may as well be torture itself. So close, and she couldn't even reach out, except for the stupid fucking registration papers.

Rachel: Her expression hardened as she stared down at the papers. So, this was it. She slowly shook her head. No, there had to be some other way. <You could run… I can cover you…> She hated the pleading, desperate tone the thought came with, hated how vulnerable she sounded, hated wearing her emotions so obviously... At least it wasn't outwardly showing. She hoped.

Paige: Paige tried to position her fingers so that they would graze Rachel. It was small and a slim chance, but it was something. <I can't risk that, Rachel. If they figured out about us and that I got away, there's no telling what they would do to you.> The sad thing was, she had an idea of what they would.

Rachel: <Paige... Please...> They'd kill her, probably execution style, if she helped Paige escape. It'd be worth it if Paige didn't go to the camps though.

Paige: <Rachel...> "I do not fear them." She wouldn't hold out if she kept talking to Rachel. She'd blow both of their covers. She moved around her and toward the rest of the patrol, hands where they could see them.

Rachel: As Paige went by her toward where the groups were pooling, Rachel bit down hard enough to draw blood on the inside of her cheek, papers crinkling as she balled her hands into fists. She should fear them. She really should. She was glad her back was turned as she tried to compose herself with a few deep breaths, which didn't particularly help when she was likely sending Paige, of all people, to her death.

Rachel: It was like opening old wounds. The feelings that she should've tried harder, that she completely failed, the helplessness, loneliness, bitterness, anger... All the feelings she'd had when she lost Josh, except with the added bonus of wondering why she'd gone through it all again, knowing a crushing loss could be a possibility.

Rachel: Realizing she was still linked with Paige, who was likely on the receiving end of a spectacular mental breakdown on her behalf, Rachel withdrew from her mind slightly, but not before making one thing clear. <I love you.>

Paige: Paige felt the tears fall silently, unable to hold in both her and Rachel's emotions. She gave Rachel one last, longing look. Maybe in another life they could have been happy together. She wasn't sure if she'd ever see her again, but she was hopeful. She was thankful that the man's hand was on her arm to guide her because she couldn't see where to go anymore. <Always.> She sent back before the link could close.

Rachel: Pulling her hands from her face after wiping at her eyes, Rachel forced herself to roll onto her side, stretched for the pillow that had ended up on the opposing side of the bed the night before, and hugged it to her, glancing around the empty space. That night was the entire reason her apartment was so sparsely furnished and decorated. She'd broken just about everything in a telekinetic fit before finally breaking down and sobbing.

Paige: Paige could still remember the processing. She was positive that the only reason she was sent to the camp instead of to death was that she had been wearing a habit. Even heartless humans had a hard time killing religious figures. She'd been allowed to wear it for some time before they had forced her to give it up. Not a day went by that she didn't think of Rachel and think of how it could have been. She hugged her pillow to her, allowing herself to cry finally.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Dec 19, 2012 6:25 am

<Jessica> It had been a long morning. Jess had caught enough troublemakers that she'd secured her job for the time being and was now getting some lunch at the only street vendor in this part of town that wouldn't give her food poisoning. It wasn't exactly appetising but it would stop her keeling over and save her a long assed trip back home.

<Jessica> She wandered along the streets as she ate, still watching until she slipped down a quiet and vaguely claustrophobic side street towards some peace and quiet.

<Bobby> He'd been watching her for some time, though watching was a fairly inaccurate term since he was omnipresent in the air right now. Soon, he got exactly what he wanted... she was alone.

<Jessica> Jess stopped and leaned against the wall, picking at her sandwich and trying not to think about everything for a few minutes. Sometimes it was easier to pretend than others.

<Bobby> Checking the perimeter one more time, he struck, lowering the temperature in the alley and all around her.

<Jessica> Jess paused, feeling the temperature drop through her uniform. That was uncomfortably familiar. She straightened up, backing into the wall, "Bobby?" Please don't be you...

<Bobby> The temperature dropped again and icy shackles formed around her wrists and ankles, then one around her throat.

<Jessica> What was left of her lunch dropped from her hands and she fought against the restraining ice and the sleepiness that was creeping in with the low temperatures. "Bobby... if that's you... please don't..."

<Bobby> A spidery form started to form around her, pinning her to the wall with multiple apendages. A face grew just inches from hers. "Glad you remember me," the voice rasped, hollow and inhuman.

<Jessica> "How could I forget you?" She tried to pull free again, "Please let me go...."

<Bobby> "Whyever would I do that?" The face leered at her and the appendage securing her throat gradually grew into an arm. His fingers tightened, cutting off her air. "You hunt us, turn us in, get us killed."

<Jessica> "I don't have a choice... please, Bobby..." she wriggled a little under his grasp to try and free herself.

<Bobby> "There's always a choice, it's just not always a good one." He hissed at her struggling and formed tightly around her. "Tsk, no escape, little spider."

<Jessica> "I made the only choice I had," she coughed, trying to turn her head to get more air. "I got scared..."

<Bobby> "To whore yourself for the humans, yeah?" His laugh sounded just as inhuman as his voice.

<Jessica> She closed her eyes and took as deep a breath as she could to steady herself, "To protect my daughter..."

<Bobby> His grip on her neck loosened momentarily, then tightened again. He reformed into something more human and moved in close, nose to nose. "Don't you lie to me..." he gritted out between clenched, icy teeth.

<Jessica> "I'm not lying...." she met his gaze as steadily as she could, "She's three...."

<Bobby> "How?" His eyes were narrowed, studying her, searching for subtle variations in her temperature that would tell the lie.

<Jessica> "How do you think?" She sighed, "I found out after Kevin and I got separated... I was alone and I didn't know what else to do.... so I made a deal..."

<Bobby> "Kevin's..." With a sigh that sounded a great deal more like himself, Bobby let go of her throat.

<Jessica> She sucked in a breath, still pulling a little at the icey restraints. "I don't know where he is... I've been looking but..." she dropped her gaze, "I hope he's okay..."

<Bobby> Snapping into his usual form, he let her go.

<Jessica> Jess relaxed considerably when he released her then pulled him into a hug. "I missed you..."

<Bobby> Bobby stiffened, checking their surroundings again, before warily returning it. "Where is she? If we can get her out, you could get out too..."

<Jessica> "They have a facility.... it's connected to my building... that was part of the deal... I get to see her..." she took a deep breath and gave him a squeeze, closing her eyes. He was the first person she'd seen from her past in a very long time. "Her name's Miriam...."

<Bobby> "Miriam..." He stroked her hair, thoughts elsewhere, with another little girl. Swallowing hard, he blinked and forced himself to focus. "Do you want to get away? Take her and go?"

<Jessica> "I don't know where I'd go, Bobby... who'd have me now? I handed myself in... betrayed everything we stood for..." She shook her head, releasing him and turning away.

<Bobby> "There's still places..." Bobby watched her, all the while keeping a close eye on the alley. "I'll give you a week to think about it. Then I'll find you. Give me an answer then, and we'll find a way."

<Jessica> "Bobby.... they'll kill me... if... if you can want to hurt me after everything... they're not going to give me a chance to explain myself... there's nothing I can say that would make it okay...." She ran a hand through her hair, looking over her shoulder at him.

<Bobby> "Your daughter is a mutant, right?" He was still watching her, chewing his lip.

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "Yeah... she hasn't manifested yet but she is.... and if she's anything like me she probably will soon..."

<Bobby> "You want her to grow up thinking she's less than human because she's a mutant? To be in a camp? To never be free?" Bobby caught her eyes. "Think about it. A week, that's what you get."

<Jessica> "Of course I don't want that... but what choice do I have? Can you honestly tell me we'll be better off on the run? What happens when I get caught again? Assuming I even last that long? If Hope's X-force don't kill me then you can be damned sure the government agents will. I won't get a second chance, Bobby... At least this way I know she'll grow up..."

<Bobby> "I don't want my daughter to grow up thinking there's something wrong with her just because she's a mutant. And if need be, I'll die to give her the chance to grow up free. I owe her mother that..." Bobby reached out and squeezed her shoulder, once, then exploded into a cloud of snow.

<Jessica> Jess bowed her face into her hands, taking a deep breath. "I'm afraid, Bobby... but I'll think about it... stay safe..."

<Bobby> The snow swirled around her, then spiraled up into the sky and melted into the atmosphere.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Wed Dec 19, 2012 7:35 am

Good LORD, girls, you gave us Pachel of the most depressing variety!


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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Dec 19, 2012 9:53 pm

<Jessica> "Mommy!" Jess smiled, dropping to a crouch to scoop up her daughter and cuddle her - ducking the flailing handful of artwork in the process. "Hello sweetheart, have you been good?" "Yep!" Jess carried her over to the sofa and sat down with her in her lap, "Did you draw all of these for me?" "Yeah! You like them? That's you!" She pointed. Jess laughed happily, "I do! They're very good." She cuddled her close while she looked through them.

<Rachel> As she'd dragged herself in from another patrol, Rachel had debated whether to head up to her room or check the news first. The news won out, so she wouldn't have to wander down later. While she never really paid attention to it before, she'd started to find it handy in figuring out who was still hanging around... though, making the news likely wasn't a good thing. It also never did anything to improve her mood.

<Rachel> Children didn't either, for that matter, but it was a communal space. She eyed the little girl and Jess for a moment before starting on a search for the remote.

<Jessica> Jess glanced up at the movement, fearful they were going to cut her time short, but it was for a different reason that she stilled. They were all coming out of the woodwork today.... She pressed a kiss to the top of Miriam's head and kept up the conversation with her about her pictures but her gaze was mostly focused on Rachel.

<Rachel> Having found the remote, Rachel had crossed her arms and was intently staring at the television, reading the words running across the bottom of the screen, from where she was standing. It wasn't long before her expression twisted in disgust, and she shut it off, risking a glance back over to Jess. She recognized the mental signature, but she wasn't sure she was willing to have a conversation.

<Jessica> Miriam hopped off Jess' lap to scribble on some fresh sheets of paper, tongue poking out between her lips. Orange was a key feature of her new masterpiece. It made Jess happy to see her drawing, it gave her hope that there was something of her father in her. She reached and smoothed her daughter's hair down a little before finally looking over at Rachel and properly acknowledging her. "Long time no see...."

<Rachel> Well, it looked like this conversation was happening. She bit her tongue on her first response and nodded, replying simply, "Yep."

<Jessica> "Um... how... how are you?" It wasn't a great question to ask but she wasn't sure where else to start.

<Rachel> Rachel sucked in a breath as she mulled the question over, eventually shaking her head. "Alive, I guess," she shrugged, figuring the nice thing to do would be to return the question, "You?"

<Jessica> "Good days and bad days..." she looked at Miriam and smiled, "Today's been a good day... this is Miriam, by the way." Miriam looked up at hearing her name and grinned at them both.

<Rachel> She forced a smile back as she held back another comment. Instead, she settled on, "At least someone is having good days with the state of things."

<Jessica> "Every day I see her is a good day..." she watched Miriam scribble a little more. "Miriam, this is Rachel." "Hi Rachel!" Miriam gave another grin then offered her the picture she'd been drawing.

<Rachel> Rachel considered the little girl and the picture that was being offered. Glancing down at the scribbles she assumed was her hair, she unconsciously raked her fingers through it, "Um, thanks..."

<Jessica> "It's you!" Miriam informed her brightly, in case she wasn't sure. "I like your hair." Jess giggled a little, "She likes bright colours a lot."

<Rachel> "Thanks," she repeated, adding, "I've, uh... I've had lots of bright colors in my hair before..." Like, pink. With Bobby and Paige. Her smile dropped a bit at the thought.

<Jessica> Miriam beamed and went back to her stack of paper to draw some more. "Yeah... I remember...." Jess chewed her lip. She had to ask. "Have you... seen anyone?"

<Rachel> Swallowing hard as she straightened, Rachel gave a nod, voice straining slightly, "Yeah, I have..."

<Jessica> She blinked, "You have? Who? Are they okay?" Her eyes darted to the camera in the corner and the guards at the door. She wanted to tell her that she'd seen Bobby but how could she?

<Rachel> Rachel found a chair to collapse into, reaching up to scrub at her face. She answered, monotonously, into her hands after a few deep breaths, "I arrested Paige."

<Jessica> "Oh..." she didn't know what else to say to that and she bit her lip, looking down at her lap. Maybe it was better if she didn't mention Bobby then. She'd probably get in trouble. Would Rachel turn her in? It'd be good revenge she supposed...

<Rachel> Rachel shook her head as pulled her hands from her face, resting them on the arms of the chair instead. She gripped the edges tightly enough that her knuckles were white, adding, "In a raid." At least that made it sound like she couldn't have done anything to some degree, despite her thoughts otherwise.

<Jessica> "Oh... I'm sorry..." Well... maybe it was okay then. But she couldn't do it here. "I, um... I haven't seen anyone from before... until today...."

<Rachel> "It was near the beginning of all this..." Rachel worried her lip for a moment, actually glancing over to Jess at the admission and asking, "Who?"

<Jessica> "Well... you..." her eyes went to the camera again and she hoped Rachel noticed and took that to mean there was more but she couldn't say.

<Rachel> "Oh... Well, yeah, I guess there's that..." It wasn't like she was much of anyone though. Turning her gaze back to the ceiling, she tried again, <Who?>

<Jessica> Jess moved to sit on the floor next to Miriam and help her with her drawing, <I saw Bobby today too...>

<Rachel> Rachel carefully controlled her expression and the emotions running across the mental link. <Where?>

<Jessica> <In the city... he spoke to me... well... after trying to strangle me.> She peeled some of the paper down on the red crayon that Miriam wanted to use, "There you go," she smiled and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

<Rachel> Bobby... In the city... Even with the bit about strangulation, it was the first time she'd been excited about anything in a long while. Rachel abruptly stood, stating, "I have to go."

<Jessica> <Wait... he's going to find me again a week from now... he's giving me that long to decide...> She looked up at her, "It was nice to see you again..."

<Rachel> <I have to find him.> She gave a nod, "Yeah, you too." Holding up the picture in her hand, she added, "Um, thanks for this, too. I'll have to... hang it somewhere..."

<Jessica> "Fridge is the best spot," Jess advised with a smile, "It's definitely fridge worthy. Miriam's going to be an artist like her daddy. Aren't you?" "Yep!" Miriam nodded. <Be careful... at least he won't probably try to strangle you.>

<Rachel> "It'll be the best thing on my fridge." Because it'd be the only thing hanging on her fridge. She managed a smile that was far less forced than the others and started for the door, though it dropped as soon as she had turned around. <We'll see about that.>
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:19 am

Hope: Hope brushed her hair back out of her face as she leaned back against the wall of the building. "The raid went according to plan. Got some good medical supplies too." She kept scanning the area, always on alert for hounds. "Few more and we'll be set to take out anything we want. I'm working on something that we can detonate more easily."

Bobby: "Good." Bobby had just reformed beside Hope, and listened restlessly, watching the area for dangers. He didn't bother to shift back to his human form - it was pointless most of the time.

Hope: "I've almost got a way to do the media take over. Working on the message now. Want anything said?"

Bobby: Leveling his gaze on Hope, he stared, thinking about it. "I suppose 'fuck off and die' wouldn't be productive?"

Hope: "Not exactly. I'll push Xavier's message. It's better than the Brotherhood's at least. Should get us some human support too. Just need a way to keep the line secure and not give up my location."

Bobby: "Yeah... need some of the techies for that." Bobby looked away from her, checking the perimeter again.

Hope: She smiled a little. "That's what I'm best at. Wish I had Dad around to help, but it's safer for him where he is."

Bobby: "Yeah..." He frowned into the distance.

Rachel: Rachel hadn't thought this through at all. If she had, she would've realized it was stupid to think she could find the mind of a guy that could turn to mist. After a bit of searching, she had come come across Hope's mind, which worked just as well. Though, she'd been hoping for Bobby.

Hope: Hope made a slight face as a mutant signature moved within her power range. "Telepath in the area." She pushed off of the wall, trying to gauge where the person was.

Bobby: "Fuck. Take my powers and get out of here," these were his final words before he shifted to mist and vanished.

Hope: Hope rolled her eyes. That wasn't his job anymore. But she didn't relish sticking around if it was a hound, and they were closing in. She picked a direction and headed that way.

Rachel: Rachel easily picked up on which way the other girl was headed, changed directions, and picked up the pace, intending to head her off.

Bobby: Just as easily, he found the hound on their trail and the swell of rage almost overwhelmed him. The wave of ice and sleet he sent barreled into her, the intent to slam her against the wall of the crumbling building to her left.

Rachel: Despite hitting the wall hard enough to be winded, Rachel countered with a burst of telekinetic force in an attempt to ward off the ice, frantically looking around for the source. She knew it was Bobby, but she had no way to pinpoint where he was... or if he was even in one place.

Bobby: He wasn't, since he created three avatars in the blizzard, each rushing her from a different direction. Rachel! Of all fucking people, it had to be Rachel.

Rachel: "Son of a bitch," she grumbled as she squinted into the sudden snowstorm, teeth chattering from the drop in temperature. It was nearly impossible to see the figures coming toward her. She shoved off the wall and took to the air instead, not entirely sure there'd be any sort of advantage there. It was hard to fight something that couldn't be seen.

Bobby: That was a mistake. Surrounding her, he formed razor-sharp icicles and swirled. Moving faster and faster, he buffeted her in a tornado of freezing razors. Forming just long enough to be heard, then vanishing again before she could focus, he shouted. "You're not betraying anybody else, Rachel. You're done."

Rachel: Rachel formed a telekinetic bubble to keep the ice from slicing her, twisting around in the air at the sound of his voice. Too slow. He was gone. Bastard. She inwardly cringed at the words but managed a cocky grin, "Am I?"

Bobby: "Never should have bothered with you. Should have left you to rot with Essex!" Dissipating again, he sucked all the water from the surrounding air, forming a giant pillar of ice to contain her within her own bubble.

Rachel: She blew the bubble outward, shattering the ice outward. Then, she headed for the nearest rooftop, calling back, "It's a shame you didn't."

Bobby: It was time to correct that mistake. Reforming the ice, he used it to bat her from the sky and hard into that rooftop.

Rachel: The rooftop hadn't exactly been in the best state, and another hole was added as she crashed through it. Coughing from the dust that had been kicked up from her landing, Rachel stared up at the hole in the ceiling and willed herself to move.

Bobby: He filtered in through the hole, lowering the temperature to freezing and below. Forming another avatar, he set its misshapen hands around her throat. It's mouth opened wide, freezing the air she breathed.

Rachel: And Jess had thought a little strangling was bad. It was entirely too cold for her to focus on defending herself, which meant she was likely done for. She managed to gasp out, "Paige..."

Bobby: "Yeah," he spat. "Paige. You won't be seeing her where you're going, bitch." Keeping himself a moving target, he let the avatar pin her down, preparing to finish this.

Rachel: Rachel sluggishly struggled against the ice, forcing out, "Alive. She's a-alive."

Bobby: "Bullshit." The grip of his avatar didn't loosen. But... what if it was true?

Rachel: She wasn't entirely sure she could manage more than three words, but she tried anyway, "You... You won't know where s-she is without me..."

Bobby: "If you really gave two shits about her you wouldn't be using her to bargain for your own useless life." Reasonably secure she was weakened enough to chance this, he entered his avatar and spoke through his own mouth.

Rachel: Trying not to focus on how the ice creaked as he spoke, Rachel glanced up at Bobby, shaking her head as best she could, "I just need to be alive long enough to tell you where."

Bobby: "Why should I believe you?" She looked unfocused, scared, and it tugged at him. Dammit.

Rachel: "Could've killed Hope a while ago. Melted her mind." Shivering. Shivering was good. It meant she wasn't quite freezing to death. "Was looking for you."

Bobby: "Wrong answer," he roared, hand tightening around her throat again. Nobody threatened Hope.

Rachel: "Didn't," she choked out. The point had been that she didn't.

Bobby: "Why? Why, after all this time, would you come looking for me." His laugh was brittle, bitter. "You know you can't take me."

Rachel: Not able to bring herself to beg for air, Rachel squirmed a little in hopes his grip on her throat would loosen, quickly giving up. Resistance was futile. She doubted he'd still appreciate that joke. Sucking in as much of a breath as she could muster, she met his gaze and answered, "For Paige."

Bobby: Trying to read her for temperature variations to tell a lie, he gave up... he'd made her far too cold for that. Instead, he met her eyes. Fuck. Bobby lessened his hold on her. "You betrayed her. All of us."

Rachel: After closing her eyes and drawing in a few gulps of air, she snapped, "I don't need you to remind me."

Bobby: "Oh, I think you do." His icy fingers dug back in a little, curling around her windpipe instead of crushing it. "What about Paige!"

Rachel: She grit her teeth at the feeling of his fingers moving across her throat and looked back up to him. "Break her out, liberate the fucking camp... I don't give a damn as long as she's not in that hellhole anymore."

Bobby: Eyes narrowed, he leaned in close, nose to nose. "Why should I believe you?"

Rachel: Ice groaning as he moved, her expression twisted. She shifted uncomfortably as his fingers bit into her skin and countered with, "I don't think I'd walk right into death for anyone else."

Bobby: "Where is she then?" This was taking too long, making him antsy.

Rachel: "Camp on the south side of the city. Between you and Hope, it shouldn't be too difficult to overwhelm the security." Rachel bit down on her lip, finally glancing away as she softly admitted, "You're the only person I trust to actually get her out."

Bobby: It was the flash of the old Rachel that got him, and damn him for believing her, but he let go of her throat. She was still half-frozen and he still pinned her, but... "Have you seen Lorna?"

Rachel: A small sigh of relief escaped as he released her throat. She shook her head, offering, "I'll figure out a way to let you know if I do?"

Bobby: He nodded, once, blinking. "I, uh... I'll check it out. If it's for real... I'll get Paige out."

Rachel: "Thank you, Bobby," she breathed.

Bobby: Nodding again, he stared at her awkwardly. "You should get out too," he said, voice softer now and sounding more like himself despite the ice.

Rachel: Rachel gave a bitter smile, "And here I thought you'd kill me after getting the information."

Bobby: "Rae..." Bobby sighed. "If Paige really is alive, that's the last thing she'd want..."

Rachel: The smile dropped, and she swallowed, "I know. When I... When I realized she was there, I-I begged her to let me cover her for an escape. She refused because they'd kill me." It still hurt, despite how long ago it'd been. "Get her, and I'll work on getting myself out."

Bobby: Maybe she wasn't so far gone after all, just like Jess. Bobby got up, pulling her to her feet as well and steadying her. "I can do that." Giving her a sad smile, he pulled her into a hug.

Rachel: All her joints felt stiff, but she hugged him as tightly as she could manage, muttering into his shoulder, "I hope so." It'd been a while since she'd hugged anyone or felt somewhat hopeful. It was nice.

Bobby: "Oh, have faith. Or, Hope, as it may be." He chuckled a little and stepped back to look her over, thankful he hadn't seriously hurt her. Maybe killing hounds wasn't such a good side line for him...

Rachel: "You know I've never been particularly good at that," Rachel replied with a typical roll of her eyes, wrapping her arms around herself. She shifted a bit, anxiously glancing around, "We should both get going."

Bobby: "I know. Take care of yourself, Sunshine." He was getting antsy again himself, but he managed a more sincere smile for her. "I'll give Paige your love." With that, he dissolved into the air.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:49 pm

Cecilia: Cecilia huddled in a doorway in part of the ruined city wishing, not for the first time, that she had died in the South Bronx Mutant Containment Centre all those months ago. She would've gladly gone rather than continue existing in this hellhole of a world where most of her family and friends were gone.

Cecilia: She flexed her hands, staring down at the scars in her palms. Chemical burn, it had been the only way to erase the red M's they'd tattooed onto her hands and keep her from being re-indentified right off the bat...well that had been the idea at the time. Now though she was sort of up shit's creek without a paddle. She'd been separated from Miles and Laura when they'd broken her out of the containment camp...and she'd been wandering alone since then.

Cecilia: "Goddamnit Miles...why couldn't you just leave me to die?" She muttered hoarsely. She'd been so close to leaving this hell forever...and then they'd dragged her back out...and her suffering would now continue...

Lizard: Lizard had been tracking her for days. He knew Rachel's telepathic advice was rarely off, but after two days of sniffing and slithering about, Lizard had expected to find nothing.

Lizard: Finally, he saw what he had been hunting. Cecilia Reyes was wandering, aimlessly, in the wastelands (as Rachel predicted) and Lizard knew, with no one to help her and low spirits... her defenses were as good as gone. She would be easy pickings. Alive, Lizard. The voice of Rachel rang in his head. He hated that.

Lizard: He was fairly sure she embedded safeties and reminders in his lizardy-brain. Thankfully, with Curt dead but all his intelligence still remaining, Lizard had found ways to tune it out, put it as white-noise. Eatsss issss eatsss.... he thought to himself.

Cecilia: Cecilia coughed wetly and spat onto the ground. Fuck...it was pneumonia...it had to be...she'd had this cough for weeks...She wiped her mouth with her sleeve and studied the street again. She had a bad feeling...but the disaster had yet to appear. She just hoped whenever it did appear though it was quick and final.

Lizard: As he continued to slink in closer, he could smell the sick on her. She was weak. Lizard scurried up a building top, making only the slightest of noise, his tail whipping behind him as he bounded up to the rooftops.

Cecilia: Cecilia stood up, looking around, pulling her sweatshirt closer to her. Fever...dehydration... and now paranoia...maybe even delusions. She needed help, but where to go? Everyone she knew was either dead or missing.

Cecilia: "If you're real then come out and say hello!" She said roughly, eying the buildings. "And if you're a hallucination...well...come out anyways, I could use the company..."

Lizard: Lizard slipped down behind her silently and emerged from the shadows. A hulking, monstrous beast, completely perverted version of what he once was, and his fangs glistened and revealed chunks of fresh meat.

Cecilia: Cecilia's caught the movement in the corner of her vision and scrambled back. "Connors..." she hissed. No, not Connors. This was the Lizard. Even back in XU he wasn't Connors' in this form. "Lizard," she corrected, body seemingly loose but in actuality poised for defense. "I suppose it's too much to hope you aren't a hound?" Fuck...he almost certainly was. He looked completely deranged.

Lizard: "Connorssss dead... Laura taken from him... Johnny masssacred...." Lizard stepped forward. "It wassss easssier to" he chuckled an awful, hissing, chuckle. "... bite the bullet." Lizard tapped the top of his head. "Left more room for me."

Cecilia: "So Connors opted out...and you took over," said Cecilia, grimly. She couldn't say she blamed him, after all she was standing on the line between life and death most days now, just waiting for a strong wind to blow her one way or another. Well, this is a pretty damn strong wind.... "I'm sorry to hear it. I liked Curt, very absent professorish kind of guy..." And too nice for this world apparently.

Lizard: "Weak." Lizard insisted. "Like you... No placssse for the weak."

Cecilia: Cecilia burst into to laughter, much to her surprise. "No, it's not..." She smiled, raising her hands as if she was going to surrender. "Luckily I'm anything BUT WEAK!" She screamed, throwing a large force field knife deep in his shoulder and making a break for it into the ruins.

Lizard: Lizard screeched, wretched, and instantly began to heal. "Nowhere to hide in a ghossst town..." Lizard called, instantly grabbing her scent as he tore down the streets.

Cecilia: Truthfully, Cecilia wasn't even bothering to hide herself. "MUSTANG SALLLLLYYY, OHHH BAABBY, GUESSS YOU BETTER SLOOOW THAT MUSTAAAANNG DOOWWWWWN!" She sang/bellowed, laughing the entire way as she scrambled over rubble and broken glass, because certain death from a giant Lizard hound was so tragic it was hilarious. "ALLLL YOU WANNA DO IS RIDE AROUND SALLY!"

Cecilia: "You'll have to kill me, Connors, Lizard, whoever the fuck you are today, 'cause you'll never take me alive!" She laughed manically. "I'd rather be torn apart than go back to that shithole!" And indeed, if she was lucky he would kill her.

Lizard: Lizard tore down the alley, cutting through some buildings and coming out right beside her. "Peekaboo!" He roared as his tail whipped out, swiping her legs out.

Cecilia: Cecilia's face hit the dirt hard but she was quickly attacking back a second later, shoving a forcefield spike into one of the thing's eyes with none of the hesitation she'd shown in her youth. "Burn in hell hound!"

Lizard: Stepping back and covering the injured eye, howling with pain, Lizard's tail slashed around dangerously. Finally, his eye healed, and he had had enough. She upgraded her powers? Well she wasn't the only one.

Lizard: He saw her backing away but quickly, he dashed towards her and with a huff from his nose, a blast of pheromones producing natural, evolutionary fear in all things, blasted towards her.

Cecilia: When she was a student at XU pheromones had always hit her very hard, as did psychic attacks, and this was no exception. But instead of running, as one might anticipated she opted for 'fight' as opposed to 'flight.' "I'LL KILL YOU!" She snarled/screamed, throwing a series of force fields plane at his body, slicing deep into flesh before sending another into the ground in front of him, creating a small tsunami of concrete and dirt.

Lizard: "HRaaaarrgh!" Lizard did not enjoy this and he was sent flying backwards. Landing on his feet, he slid down aways on the broken concrete. Once he had his bearings, he launched himself forward again and headed straight towards her, fangs open wide. This time, his neck widened and he hacked up, and spat out, a vomity, green, ball of mucus from his mouth. The disgusting, projectile, visage came straight for her.

Cecilia: The projectile was easily avoided, Cecilia just created a shield and the mucus splattered against it, sliding down onto the ground. "RRARAAAAWWGHH!" She cried, rushing towards him and creating another force field spike straight through the roof of his open maw.

Lizard: "Jrraaa!" He pulled away and though he was severely cut, his mouth started to string together its sinews as he shook the pain off. "Sssrrrreegret that!" His mouth huffed again and this time a venomous, acidic spit ball, launched its way at her feet. Simultaneously he leapt upwards, clawing downwards at her and his tail whipping out, wrapping around her waist.

Cecilia: She should've known it was a trick, distract her with the acid, then grab her when she was busy defending herself from the first attack. "Actually, Lizard?" She laughed, wincing slightly as his tail crushed her abdomen. "I think I'm gonna treasure that moment for the rest of my very short existence. I'll see you in hell, hound." And with that said, she severed his tail, just as Rogue had done all those years ago, sending her free falling to the ground.

Lizard: Lizard howled with pain and tried to grab at her with his claws, but just before he could, Miles swung in, his old X-U uniform insignia sewn onto some new black and red, leather jacket, and with a swift kick to Lizard's jaw, knocked the green gremliny-reptile flat on his ass.

Cecilia: Cecilia had hit the ground hard she but wasn't about to waste an opportunity like this. She slammed a field down on the Lizard hard, hard enough that she wouldn't have been surprised if there was an impact crater left there. "Gogogo!" She cried, scrambling to her feet and grabbing onto Miles' arm, hoping he'd web them away.

Cecilia: She would've liked to continue the fight. See just who would win...but she wasn't a liberty to risk her cousin's life.

Miles: "Not yet." He said, brushing her off. He picked up Lizard, who tried to tear at him, but Miles' arm shot out like a rifle and socked him in the face, repeatedly. When Lizard's tongue was hanging out and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head, Miles took out a spider tracer.

Miles: Sticking it under one of Lizard's fangs, he dropped the ugly, green, reptile and kicked him once more for good measure in the gut. "We're done here."

Cecilia: Cecilia eyed him. "You want I can finish him off," she said. "Actually, I want to do just that. He's a fucking hound, he deserve to die." She advanced him the Lizard's fallen form to do just that.

Lizard: Miles web-zipped her from her neck and pulled her back, hard, like a dog on a leash. "No." He said, flatly. "He's going to lead us do their base, and more importantly, we don't kill. Even now." He pulled the spider-tracer off of her collar as she stared at him.

Cecilia: She glared at him as she cut the webs away from her. "I was always more flexible on that rule even as a student," said Cecilia coldly. "I don't sure as hell don't follow it now." Who cared if a Hound died? Not her.

Lizard: Miles eyed her carefully, watching her movements. "You let him go, or I bring you in with one of the HOUNDS we caught. I swear to God, Cecilia, be better than this."

Cecilia: For a moment she actually considered doing it...but she didn't want to go back to the containment camp. She raised her hands, smirking. "Have it your way, cuz."

Miles: He kept his eyes on her but nodded. "Laura's with me. We're trying to find others. There's word of a rebel group, probably headed by X-U survivors, if I know any of them. I've been able to hack into some systems, but I think they must have someone like Danger or Doug working with them."

Miles: "Too many codes and I'm no Pietro, I can't move fast enough through them to get past it all. But we need help. Laura and I have located a secret weapon in a building in New York City. I am trying to get it from them first."

Miles: "You in?"

Cecilia: Perhaps Miles was disappointed. He'd gone through a lot of effort to save his cousin only to get a woman who acted a lot like her and looked a lot like her, but in fact was not her. Perhaps it would've been easier for him to see her dead than to deal with this. She laughed, "A resistance?" She kicked a rock across the ground.

Cecilia: She sighed, well it wasn't like she had anything better to do. Plus it afforded her some chance to put herself in potentially dangerous situations which might end her suffering...it occurred to Cecilia then that she was a coward, wishing for things to end but not having the guts to do it herself.

Cecilia: "Where else do I have to go?" She said, shrugging. Close enough.

Miles: "With us back to the outskirts of New York. There's a very small ghetto that got overrun with ants and bees, chased most of the guards out. We freed the mutants there. While a lot of them went home, others stayed and helped us form a base out of it. We don't stay above ground. Constantly moving in the sewers."

Miles: "So... " he kicked a manhole over. "You coming with me or you going to wait for slimeball to wake up? He's got friends coming up this way now. Bet Rachel's with 'em. We don't have a lot of time."

Cecilia: "Multiple Hounds..." she said, staring at the horizon. Now that would be a glorious death...the opportunity to take down a few was so tempting...but what was the likelihood he'd actually just leave her? Another day then, but not today. "Sewers it is," she said, climbing in the manhole. "Mustangggg Sally now baby!" She sang as she climbed down. "Guess you better sloooow that mustang doooowwnn! Ah the acoustics here, Miles!"

Cecilia: Cecilia coughed hard and spat down into the filthy water below. "Goddamnit."

Miles: "Yeah, you're super sick. Don't worry, you'll never believe what one of the mutants we freed can do."

Cecilia: "...Is it bad I'm hoping he can create booze?" She laughed, a very frightening sound to her now. "It's pneumonia probably. If you hadn't got me out of the containment centre when you did I'd have been dead in a few weeks. But I'm sorta hoping for TB."

Miles: "He cures illnesses, you ninny." He said with a head-shake.

Cecilia: "Booze cures all," said Cecilia wryly. "Just trying to lighten things up a bit. If you don't laugh you just cry, yeah?"

Miles: "Just follow me." he grumbled as he led her into the mirky depths of the sewers systems.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:26 pm

Jessica: Well... it had been over a week by her reckoning so Jess made sure to stick to quieter streets as she made her rounds. The longer the time stretched on, the more concerned she was that something had happened but surely she'd have heard something? She found another family holed up in a burned out store and sent them on after checking the coast was clear. This was going to be a long day. She could tell.

Bobby: He'd been watching her for days, when he wasn't helping plan the raid on Paige's camp with Hope. Everything he'd seen, she'd been telling him the truth. Seeing her help the family had fnally broken his resolve to wait longer.

Jessica: Jess moved up onto the rooftops to continue her patrol, listening out for any signs of trouble. She hated finding families like that but they generally stuck close to the ground. The real problems moved higher up. Those she had no qualms about arresting because they weren't doing anyone any favours.

Bobby: This was probably about as good of a time as any, since he couldn't detect any body heat nearby. Still, he reformed behind a roof access and waited for her to come to him.

Jessica: Jess paused half way to him and turned her head towards the sound of a gunshot. She lifted into the air a little to see if she could see where it had happened but there were too many buildings in the way. "Damn it..." she muttered, landing and starting for the edge of the roof again. "Just one day..."

Bobby: The shot made Bobby shift as well, but when he realized it was in the distance he stopped with a mental sigh and leaned back against the building. Deciding not to surprise her after that, he made a small noise just as she came into view.

Jessica: Jess was startled but she didn't let it show - she'd had a lot of practice covering that up. She turned towards him, "Where the hell have you been?"

Bobby: "Making sure you weren't gonna fuck me over." He folded his arms and studied her.

Jessica: "It took you three days to figure that out? Wasn't that week you gave me long enough?" She ran a hand through her hair.

Bobby: Bobby cocked his head. "Well, I'm happy to see you, too, Jessy." He watched her closely, still looking for temperature variations. "After Rachel showed up, I wasn't so sure. Too much of a coincidence for my liking."

Jessica: "I told her I saw you." She moved towards cover, hearing aircraft in the distance and not wanting to risk it. She opened up the door to the stairwell and ducked inside, gesturing for him to follow.

Bobby: "Ahhh." Bobby followed her inside, closing the door partially to still give them enough light to see. The stairwell was empty, as the entire building seemed to be. "She's got some big ol' red headed balls still, coming after me like that..."

Jessica: "Yeah... I saw her when I got back... haven't seen anyone in years and then I get two of you in the same day." She shook her head, leaning against the wall.

Bobby: He watched her for another moment, then licked his lips. "So?"

Jessica: She ran a hand through her hair and sighed, "Bobby... it's not a simple thing you asked me..."

Bobby: "Yeah, it kind of is. It's yes or no, and we'd take you and your daughter out of there." He looked away, then back to meet her eyes. "We've got other kids..."

Jessica: "I don't have access to her like that..." she looked down at the floor. "If I do my job I get time with her... an hour or two at most per week... I don't know in advance..."

Bobby: He sighed. "We can probably figure out where she's kept..." Chewing his lip, he considered it. "Do you know which facility? Or is it at the one you're at?" They probably didn't have enough people to hit two camps at the same time...

Jessica: "It's the same building as mine... different wing... I don't know exactly where... but I'm sure she's not the only one in there..." She covered her face with her hands.

Bobby: "I'm sure she's not. Look, we're not going to hurt any other mutants, especially not kids." Bobby shifted his weight and after a moment's hesitation put his arm around her for a squeeze. "Jess, bottom line, if you tell us yes, we'll do our best to get you and your little girl out and back with us."

Jessica: "And what if it goes wrong, Bobby? She's all I have..." she turned her head to look at him. "She's the only reason I have to keep getting out of bed every day."

Bobby: "I know, I know... believe me." He pulled her into a hug, patting her back soothingly. "But... you gotta make a decision."

Jessica: She returned the hug, "I'm scared, Bobby... there's so much depending on this and if it goes wrong... even if it goes right there's no guarentee I'd survive..."

Bobby: "There are no guarantees for any of us these days, babe."

Jessica: "But you don't have to worry about being killed by those you once called friends... No one's going to trust me and I don't blame them... hell, you didn't trust me either."

Bobby: "I don't?" He laughed a little bitterly. Rachel and Jess weren't the first hounds he'd had to deal with... "All of us have crimes to pay for now. Rachel has a lot more to answer for than you do, though. At least from what we've seen..."

Jessica: "She told me she brought Paige in... in a raid... there's not a lot you can do in that situation... whether you want to or not..." Jess went back to looking at the floor. "I don't know what else she might have done... but don't think I'm not guilty of doing some pretty awful things too... You have to or they get suspicious..."

Bobby: Bobby rolled his eyes. Jess still had the talent of missing the point. He had to ask... "Have you seen Lorna?"

Jessica: "No..." she shook her head. "Until I saw you I hadn't seen anyone I knew since Kevin..." She looked away.

Bobby: He looked down. "Yeah... I know how that goes, too."

Jessica: "I'm sorry, Bobby..." she stepped close to him again and hugged him. "I don't want to do this anymore... I never wanted to in the first place... I just didn't have any other options.... and now I'm trapped."

Bobby: "Well, now you have an option. You just have to take it."

Jessica: "I'm afraid... this is so dangerous... if we get caught... if something goes wrong... even planning this... it's just... it's insane...."

Bobby: This was taking too long. "What camp are you based at?"

Jessica: "It's not a camp..." she shook her head, "It was a hospital before... now it's got apartments in for people like me... there's a school in there somewhere... I don't have access to a lot of the building. The ground floor is mostly training areas with a few rec rooms... that's where I see her...."

Bobby: "Yeah, but those things are always close to a camp... gotta keep all us mutie scum together, after all."

Jessica: "If there's a camp it's underground... I can't see it from my apartment... all I see is the river and the rest of the city... it's actually not a bad view... in a nice area..."

Bobby: Inwardly, he sighed. "What area, specifically?"

Jessica: "I think it used to be Greenwich Village..." She leaned against the wall again, resting her head back.

Bobby: He nodded, but inwardly frowned. So much for killing two birds with one stone. "So.. what's your answer?"

Jessica: "My answer... is that I want to say 'yes, get us out of there' but I'm afraid what might happen if I do... If I could be sure we'd both make it out okay..."

Bobby: "I'd do the best I could, you know that... Miriam is... well, that's just a little younger than Maddie..." He moved to meet her eyes again. "I'd do everything I could..."

Jessica: "I know, Bobby..." she gave him another tight hug, "I need her to be okay... whatever else happens she has to be okay. Promise me?"

Bobby: "I promise, Jess." He returned the hug, planting a kiss on her cheek.

Jessica: "Thank you... if anything happens to me please keep looking for Kevin... and let her draw... she likes drawing a lot..." Jess tried to pull herself together.

Bobby: "Promise that, too." Bobby gave her a last squeeze and let go. "May take a while... we've got a few other things on the agenda." He smirked.

Jessica: She nodded, "Okay... I understand..." she took a deep breath to steady herself. "Try to let me know when.... I'll do my best to help from the inside..."

Bobby: "I can do that, m'lady." Reaching out, he caught her hand and kissed it before dissolving into the air.

Jessica: Jess closed her eyes and slid down the wall with her face in her hands. If she came out of this alive it would be a miracle.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:09 am

Checking his pockets to make sure nothing was missing since his return from patrol, Bobby wound his way through the dark, narrow corridors of the safehouse. He greeted fellow refugees and freedom fighters, exchanging a smile with a single mother picking up her own youngster as he turned the corner to the children's area.

“Daddy!” The little blond whirlwind of Maddie met him at the door of the tiny schoolroom, a sheaf of crumpled papers in her hand, and tackled his legs for a hug. “Look,” she cried as he picked her up, waving a colorful paper. “I drew you and Auntie Hope saving the world!”

”If anything happens to me... let her draw... she likes drawing a lot..." Jess' words came back to him and he shifted her to his hip to look at the drawing. “You sure did! Thank you! Wow, that's really nice, Maddie!”

Pleased, Maddie wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss his scruffy cheek. She giggled, rubbing the back of her hand over her mouth. “Tickles, daddy.” Bobby laughed softly and returned the kiss anyway, then it was time to go home.

One of the advantages of his status, and having a kid, was a slightly larger room. However, Maddie had yet to sleep a full night on her bed across the room from his, because nightmares generally brought her to his. Shifting from foot to foot in the darkness, her ragged Yoda plush dangling from one hand, Maddie would climb under the covers with him with a whine and snuggle close.

Truth be told, Bobby preferred it this way, because it gave him extra cause to cuddle his little girl. She was all he had left of Lorna, now; all he had left of family. Independence was arising in her and during the day she would often sidle away from his affection with an irritated “Daaaaad.”

But tonight, she was happy to crawl into his lap for him to read her a ragged book. At the end of the story, she pushed the somewhat smelly Yoda into his face for a goodnight kiss. After her giggle when he complied, she looked up at him, big blue eyes serious. “Do you love Yoda, daddy?”

“Of course, baby, everybody loves a Muppet.” He smoothed back her curls, concerned by her sudden quiet. Maddie had his fair, plain coloring, something that made him both sad and relieved. It was much easier for them to hide in plain sight, so much easier than it had been for Lorna – no amount of hair dye had completely covered her bright hair and eyes.

Maddie's eyes, despite their color, were purely Lorna's, and now they were boring into his with an intensity beyond her years. “You love me, right, daddy?”

Bobby gaped for a moment. “Of course I love you. More than anything, Madeline.” He hugged her tightly, mind racing, wondering what the fuck had prompted this?

“But people don't like us... that's why we're here... and why mommy's gone, right?” He was unable to believe he could be more heartbroken than this moment, until she sniffled. “Is it my fault, daddy?”

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:48 am

<Paige> Paige had been told that this was her last day in solitary. She doubted that was the truth. These guards like to torment her with hopes of freedom and then squash them. She lay back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. When Rachel's face came to her mind she shoved the memory aside and tried counting dots on the ceiling.

<Bobby> Bobby exchanged a final look with Hope. "Be careful out there, Red." This camp wasn't huge, luckily, which meant fewer guards and less refugees to deal with... and it should be easier to find Paige in the chaos.

<Hope> Hope gave Bobby a smirk. "Don't worry about me. I'll have plenty of powers to choose from." She gave him a small salute, then took off for her part of blowing up the camp.

<Bobby> Of course, Hope was happiest blowing things up, so when the first explosion distracted the guards he was already in position at the front gates. Freezing the metal and the guards' weapons, he blew the entryway wide open as surely as one of Hope's more dangerous attacks to the guard towers.

<Hope> Hope was having a laugh at the chaos her explosions made. She moved to her next safe spot, setting the trigger for the last guard tower. She smiled happily as it went crumbling to the ground. Bobby better hurry. There wasn't going to be much of this stupid camp left when she got through with it.

<Bobby> Most people didn't need a written invitation to escape, and outside in the secured area other members of X-Force could pick them up. Yet others were following them in to help the less mobile or confused.

<Paige> Paige ducked down under the bed in her cell, not sure what was going on outside, but she figured it wasn't good. Were they exterminating everyone? Was she going to die quickly or starve to death?

<Bobby> Searching for Paige - and any other familiar faces as well - was easier in his gas form, but so far, no luck. He'd been so sure Rachel had been telling him the truth.

<Paige> Paige heard a new commotion outside her cell. She had to know what was going on. She got up to try and peer out what little window she had. What were they doing out there?

<Bobby> That was when he noticed her - the wide, scared blue eyes were unmistakable. Bobby didn't want to waste any more time, so he flowed through the window, the cold, damp air blasting past Paige and into the cell.

<Paige> Paige squeaked and backed up into a corner. It was death by gas chamber after all!

<Bobby> The moisture swirled and formed into a pillar of snow, quickly taking shape.

<Paige> Paige shielded herself with her arms, sinking to the floor. She was going to die and she'd never see Rachel again. This was absolutely the worst!

<Bobby> Bobby shifted, going over to Paige and grabbing her wrists, trying to get her to look at him. "Paige? You okay?"

<Paige> There was a surprised sound of protest as Paige started to resist and fight him, but the voice stalled her. She opened her eyes... then looked up to the man's face. It couldn't be... why would her last thoughts be of Bobby and not Rachel? She sat there with a dumb look on her face.

<Bobby> Oh, shit. "Paigey?" He knelt in front of her, hands going to her face. If she was alive, but they'd done something to her.... if she wasn't really Paige anymore. No!

<Paige> She flinched at the touch out of habit, but didn't pull away from him. "Bobby?" she asked, unbelieving. It couldn't be him. Surely he was hidden somewhere with Lorna, not in her cell.

<Bobby> His heart broke at the flinch, but... "Yeah! It's me, promise." He grinned at her. "Let's get out of here, okay?"

<Paige> Paige held out her hand to him. Well, if this was the end, at least it had naked Bobby in it and not somebody she hated.

<Bobby> She still wasn't talking, which wasn't the Paige he knew, but, well... she had been in a cell. Was still, technically, but not for long. "One thing first." He reached for her neck and carefully grabbed hold of the collar, freezing the contraption and snapping it off.

<Bobby> Leaning in, he kissed her nose. "I always hated those."

<Paige> There was a flood of powers through Paige's body and a flood of blood to her cheeks. This wasn't a dream. This wasn't her passage to the other side. This was real. She realized it just as they were joined by guards. "Bobby!"

<Bobby> "In the flesh," he smirked, cursing at the guards outside the cell door. Taking her hand, he stayed in his human form and headed for the window instead, but one look outside told him that they'd lost their advantage of surprise. Fuck.

<Bobby> "Okay, Paigey," he turned to her. "I can still get us outta here... but one way you'll have to fight, probably... or... I can just take you with me, but it's not so fun."

<Paige> Paige just stared at Bobby. "I haven't used my powers since I've been in here..." She was surprised that she wasn't already peeling layers.

<Bobby> "Okay." The guards were nearly to this cell now, so there wasn't time to fuck around. "I'm sorry, babe." Giving her a fleeting smile, he tackled her, wrapping his arms around her tightly and gave her an apologetic kiss. Then, he shifted them both to ice and exploded into a cloud of vapor and snow.

<Paige> Paige had time to shriek as she was tackled and kissed. She clung to Bobby before she disappeared into a cloud of vapor with him.

<Bobby> Inwardly, he winced at her scream, but now wasn't the time to think about it. Concentrating on keeping track of her, he got them both out of the cell and then the camp. They traveled through the ruined city as well, to the rendezvous point.

<Paige> As they reformed, Paige felt sick and disoriented. The fact that she was naked and holding onto him hadn't even occurred to her. What had just happened?! "What just happened?!"

<Bobby> Bobby felt a little sick as well, and he was panting, holding onto her as much to support himself as for her. "I took you... for a ride..." He laughed a little crazily, just thankful it had worked since it wasn't something he had often done.

<Paige> Paige held onto her stomach, the lack of clothing finally becoming obvious. Her eyes grew very large, and she looked around quickly for something to cover up with. "A ride you say..."

<Bobby> "Paigey, baby... I've seen boobs before," he announced, noticing her deer in the headlights look. Letting go of her, he instead found a wall to hold himself up with.

<Paige> Paige swayed with his support gone, forcing her to take a seat. "Where are we?" She asked, her head in her hands. She focused on not being sick.

<Bobby> "X-Force rendezvous point," he answered, regaining enough control of his stomach to go back to her and help her off the filthy ground. "We're just a little early... kinda moved faster like that..."

<Paige> "X-force? Didn't they disband like, years ago?" Paige rubbed her forehead, feeling the nausea start to subside.

<Bobby> He helped her across the uneven ground and into the building, after carefully checking the area... as carefully as he could with his head still pounding. "Bit of a different X-Force... but point is, you're free."

<Bobby> Once inside, he found a blanket for her. "Rachel sent me, Paige," he said, settling it around her shoulders and holding her.

<Paige> Paige wasn't sure she had heard Bobby correctly, but at the same time, knew she had. Rachel? "She's... still alive?" Paige hugged the blanket more tightly around her body, leaning against Bobby. This was a lot all at once!

<Bobby> "She is... she's... well, she's still a hound. But she found me... told me you were still alive and where to find you." He smoothed back her hair. It was a lot for him as well... it was Paige.

<Paige> "Is she ok? How did she know where I was? Where did you find her? Can I go see her?!"

<Bobby> "She found me, Paige. She's still with them... working for them." He hated to see the hope leave her face again.

<Paige> Her face just fell, her eyes going to the ground. She had to find Rachel. "I have to find her, Bobby. She glanced back up at him. "I spent all this time thinking she could be dead."

<Bobby> "She asked me to get you out, Paigey." He smiled a little sadly at her, stroking her hair again. "She said once I get you free, she'll work on getting herself out. She loves you."

<Paige> Paige shut her eyes and held in her tears as she had the past few years. "We have to help her escape. We can do that right? You and... x-force? You can get her out?" She looked up into his blue eyes.

<Bobby> "Yeah... we can do that, if she'll let us help." He could tell she was on the verge of breaking down and pulled her against him in a tight hug. "It'll be okay."

<Paige> "She will.. she has to." Paige knew as well as anyone that Rachel was as stubborn as they came, but it could be their only chance to be together. She wouldn't pass that up for pride right? "Thank you, Bobberz.... thank you." She squeezed him tightly.

<Bobby> "You're welcome." The nickname made him smile and close his eyes, just enjoying having an old friend back again. "Gotta help my crap buddy, right?"

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Mon Dec 24, 2012 7:07 am

<Paige> Cleaned up and dressed were the first two priorities that Paige had once she was behind the walls of the safehouse. She wrapped a blanket around herself and sat down to examine Bobby's room. There wasn't much there, but it felt safe enough. She relaxed a little bit, smiling softly. She was free.

<Bobby> Maddie, as she insisted, was a big girl, and she walked through the door to her room already looking for the newcomer. Spotting Paige, she stopped and studied her intently. "Hi!" she finally said, a grin lighting up her face.

<Bobby> Bobby followed his daughter into the room, dropping her bag on the bed and closing the door. He grinned as well.

<Paige> Paige had to restrain herself from grabbing Maddie and snuggling her to bits. She gave her a warm smile instead. "Hello Maddie... I'm Paige."

<Bobby> "I know," Maddie said, climbing onto her father's bed. "Daddy told me."

<Bobby> "You've met her, before, Maddie... you were just really little." He knew Paige was bouncing inside at seeing a mini Lorna. "But you can call her Auntie Paige, if that's okay with her." He sat down and smiled.

<Paige> "I don't have my auntie shirt anymore, but I'm still your auntie." Paige couldn't help herself. She tickled Maddie, trying not to think of how it was mini-Lorna.

<Bobby> Maddie giggled, already warming up to her new auntie. Bobby watched them, wishing Lorna was here for this reunion. Finally he caught Paige's eyes over Maddie's head. With a sad smile, he looked away, blinking.

<Paige> Paige caught Maddie in a hug so she could have a moment as well. She pressed a kiss to the girl's forehead. "I'm sorry I missed you growing up. You've gotten so big!"

<Bobby> "I am big! I even go to school... sort of. Daddy said it's not like the school he went to..." Maddie touched Paige's hair, giggling again.

<Bobby> Bobby shifted. "You didn't miss it all, Paigey. She's still got a lot of growing up to do... and now you can be here to see it, yeah?"

<Paige> Paige kissed Maddie's forehead, then tickled her again. "I wouldn't miss it for the world." Paige glanced over to Bobby, giving him a sad look. But someone else wouldn't.

<Bobby> "Yay!" Maddie grinned, nose wrinkled. "Oh!" Now distracted, Maddie went for her bag, clearly on a mission to find something.

<Bobby> Clearing his throat, Bobby moved to Paige's bed, sitting down beside her while he watched his daughter. Wordlessly, he slid his arm around her shoulders.

<Paige> Paige rested her head on Bobby's shoulder, watching Maddie. "She's beautiful, Bobby. You've done a great job."

<Bobby> "Thank you." There were other things he wanted to say... but he knew they were both on the edge of control. So... "I'll find you another auntie t-shirt."

<Paige> "You don't have to, but I would like one for sure. If you come across it." Paige glanced back over at Maddie, watching her. "She's so full of life."

<Bobby> "Wooo!" Maddie spun around with Yoda in her arms and ran back up to Paige. "Happy to see you, I am!" Bobby snorted.

<Paige> "Ohhh you trained her to talk like... like... I forgot his name." Paige blushed a bit. She remembered liking the silly little green guy, but his name evaded her.

<Bobby> "Yoda," they said, in unison, then both giggled.

<Paige> Paige laughed at them, shaking her head. "Well, one thing is for sure. She is definitely your child. She is just like you!"

<Bobby> "She has good genes," he agreed with a laugh. "I tell her all the time mommy would be so proud of her." Bobby combed his fingers through her shoulder-length hair.

<Paige> "She would." Paige agreed, scooping up Maddie for more cuddles. "And your Aunt Paige is sooooo proud of you too!"

<Bobby> "Now I've warned her that if you get the chance you'll put her in pink from head to toe," Bobby joked, swallowing down the rising lump again. He'd really gotten Paige back. For for the first time in a long time, it gave him hope.

<Bobby> "I like pink," Maddie announced.

<Paige> "Ohhhh you do?! I looooove pink! We'll have to have your daddy pick up some things when he goes out... liiiiike nail polish and some pink fabric. Oh and needles and thread!"

<Bobby> "Oh.... maaaan." Bobby smacked his hand to his heart and fell over backward onto the bed. "Death by pink!"

<Paige> Paige whispered, "Tickle attack!" to Maddie, then turned to unleash the wrath of tickles onto Bobby.

<Bobby> Maddie gave Paige a happy, disbelieving look, then pounced. This was her favorite auntie ever already! Nobody else tickled daddy!

<Paige> Paige giggled with Maddie and tickled Bobby. It was great to have part of her family back, but it also felt like a kick in the stomach. Rachel was still out there, somewhere. She would have to find her.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:32 am

Paige: Paige slowly made her way through the city to the area that Hope said Rachel usually patrolled. It hadn't been easy to get that information, but she had managed it. She had to find Rachel. All else be damned! Her ribcage, however, was fiercely protesting this plan. Desperate for a place to sit down, Paige made her way to the abandoned amusement park, letting herself in easily. She looked around for a good spot.

Paige: She felt a tug at her heartstrings at the carousel and made her way to that, sinking onto one of the benches. She remembered a very perfect day at Coney Island with Rachel and sighed, fighting tears.

Rachel: Shoving her hands into her pockets, Rachel made her way through the amusement parks, paying far more attention to the abandoned rides and attractions than to any mutants that would possibly be in the area. Despite having the same feelings about parts of the city, the lack of people seemed especially strange for such a place. The fact that it was supposed to be a place full of fun and happiness somehow made it more depressing.

Rachel: She heaved a sigh and pulled a hand out to brush some hair from her face, pausing when she picked up a mind. Except it wasn't just any mind. Rachel was extremely hesitant to believe it was actually Paige until she laid eyes on her, but there she was, sitting on the carousel, which caused her to pause. She remembered the first time her and Paige had ridden the carousel.

Rachel: What did she do? Well, obviously go over there... But, what was she supposed to say? Suddenly anxious, Rachel glanced around and willed herself to continue walking, carefully stepping onto the ride.

Paige: Paige jumped at the movement, then sat there, in shock. It looked like a form of Rachel, but it seemed some half shadow of her Rachel. Where some people might have needed to study the face more to be sure, Paige knew. She knew. And knowing brought down all those barriers that she had worked for years to put in place. Her lips gave the first tremble, betraying her. Her eyes were next, welling with tears. Lastly, Paige was on her feet, moving to embrace Rachel and hold her tightly.

Rachel: Her side and back didn't appreciate the gesture nearly as much as she actually did, however she tried not to let the fact she was in pain show. Somewhat in a daze as she wrapped her arms around Paige, Rachel didn't even bother trying to hold back her tears for once. After she felt like it'd sort of processed that Paige was actually in her arms, she pulled away slightly to study her.

Rachel: "What the hell are you doing out here by yourself?" She internally kicked herself for that one. Fantastic first words, way to go. As an afterthought, she glanced around for any sign of Bobby.

Paige: "I wanted to see you..." Paige told her, wincing. She was happy to see her right? Paige reached up to wipe Rachel's tears away with her hand. "Please don't be mad at me... I don't know when I'll get to see you again..."

Rachel: "I'm not anywhere near mad." Rachel's expression softened slightly, and she slid a hand from Paige's back to her hair, drawing her in for a kiss.

Paige: Paige held onto her, deepening the kiss immediately. She let her hands move slowly over Rachel's body, trying to memorize everything again. Who did know when they could get a moment like this again? It could be months or even years. She wanted it to last.

Rachel: Relaxing a bit, Rachel pulled away from the other girl's lips in favor of kissing along her jaw and moved her free hand around to Paige's side, forgetting that this likely wasn't the place to be doing this. This was something familiar, and she wanted it to last.

Paige: ---Time Passes---

Paige: Paige snuggled with Rachel on the seat of the carousel, still kissing on her. She was hesitant to move or possibly even speak. That had been a better reunion than she had hoped for. Part of her was suspecting that it was a dream, but she didn't want to wake up if it was. "I missed you..."

Rachel: Now somewhat capable of coherently thinking, Rachel had enough sense to mask them from anyone would possibly wander by. She let out a contented sigh and closed her eyes, a small smirk tugging at her lips. She couldn't remember the last time she'd teased anyone. "So I noticed."

Paige: Paige giggled at her, blinking at the sound. When was the last time she laughed? She kissed on Rachel's neck, toying with her red hair. "Very, very much." She mumbled against her skin.

Rachel: She shifted slightly to catch her lips for another kiss, lightly running her fingers over Paige's cheek. Breaking it, Rachel rested her forehead against Paige's, "I missed you, too."

Paige: "Can't we just... leave? Find a plane to Switzerland? Go make cheese or chocolate?" Paige stroked Rachel's cheek too. "I can't do this without you..."

Rachel: "Paige..." she breathed, looking away as she worried her lip. She badly wanted to say yes, but she didn't want to risk it. "You'll be safe with Bobby and Hope."

Paige: "Rachel please..." Paige begged, fighting her tears again. "I want this to be over... I want to be with you and not have to look over our shoulder."

Rachel: And there went everything falling apart again. Pulling away, Rachel swallowed and shook her head, voice straining as she spoke, "I can't."

Paige: Paige turned her back on Rachel, holding herself and attempting to control her sobbing. All those years in the camp, all those nights alone, and she wouldn't leave. "I don't understand...."

Rachel: Rachel scooted to wrap her arms around Paige, carefully pulling her back against her and resting her head on her shoulder, "I just... I can't lose you again, and I... I clearly can't keep you safe. I don't want to risk it. You'll be safer with Bobby."

Paige: "I can't lose you again either. I had no way of knowing if you were alive or killed or tortured or anything. I can't do it again." Paige clung to Rachel, afraid she'd vanish.

Rachel: "I'm always fine," she attempted to joke.

Paige: "It's not funny!" Paige looked up at her. "I'll... I'll use my powers! I'll fight!"

Rachel: Rachel stared at her for a few moments and laughed.

Paige: Paige hid her face in her hands, sobbing into them. What little joy she had found was crumbling around them quickly. She was a burden to X-Force and she felt absolutely useless to begin with. She missed Rachel and it felt like her chest my actually split. "I can't do this..." She whispered.

Rachel: "You can," Rachel insisted, fighting to keep her composure. She pressed a kiss to Paige's shoulder, "Stay with Bobby, I'll get everything sorted, and then I'll find you."

Paige: Paige looked up into her eyes. "Do you promise me? You'll find a way to leave and be with me again?" She pressed her forehead against Rachel's again. Short term she could cope, but indefinitely? No.

Rachel: Rachel met her gaze, replying without hesitation, "I promise, love." It was probably the easiest promise she'd even made, but she supposed the hard part was always following through.

Paige: Paige took a staggering breath, calming down. She pressed a kiss to Rachel's lips, hugging her close again.

Rachel: Hugging Paige tightly, Rachel heaved a sigh and kissed her forehead. She didn't want to say anything, but... "I have to go soon." Well, she probably should've already gone.

Paige: "But you'll find me when you can?" Paige asked, overly hopeful.

Rachel: "I'll always find you," she assured her.

Paige: Paige kissed her again, running her fingers through Rachel's hair.

Rachel: Rachel pulled her closer and deepened the kiss. Soon totally meant she could get away with another hour or so, right?

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:32 am

Hope: Hope and her guard were on a top secret mission to obtain raw materials for her technology. She was running low, and if they were going to continue to step up their war, she was going to need it. She gave her signal for them to keep lookout while she went inside the building to raid it.

Rachel: Four targets. Rachel slunk through the remains of buildings toward them, picking out an exact location and using the wreckage as cover. Looking around the destroyed area, she could see at least one of them. She yanked them out of position with her telekinesis, debating whether he'd been high enough up that he'd simply fall to his death or if she'd have to go deliver a final blow.

Hope: The guy screamed, but yanked his shirt off in time to get his wings out. He yelled out a cry and flew at Rachel.

Hope: The other two guards heard the cry and ran to help fight off the hound.

Hope: Hope swore inside the building. SHe hurried to get her supplies. It was useless if she didn't make it back with them.

Rachel: As the winged mutant approached her, Rachel waited for just the right moment to cause the bones in his wings to splinter, sending him plummeting face-first into the ground. She moved to make a grab for his head and was a bit impressed when he still fought back He managed to land a few blows, but the scuffle ended when she augmented her strength with her teke and put his face into the pavement again.

Rachel: Rolling back to her feet, she looked around. Right. Now for the other two...

Hope: The speedster ran at Rachel, punching and kicking to distract her while the pyro sent fireballs at the redhead.

Rachel: Rachel grit her teeth, hissing as her nose gave at a punch. She swiped at it with a free hand working to shield herself from any more hits as well as dodge the fire, which also wasn't going very well. She was vaguely aware of something very hot by her shoulder and started to pull the jacket off, reaching for the mind of the pyrokinetic and shredding it. One more to go.

Rachel: She threw some wreckage in the path of the speedster, quite pleased when she managed to trip him up. Then, she found a way to attach her jacket to him, using her telekinesis to accelerate the flames, a trick that came courtesy of Jean. Rachel wiped at her nose again with a wince, watching him stumble around as he burned. Well, that was that.

Hope: Hope made her way out of the building, not thrilled at the prospect of what she was facing. She had felt the powers snuff out, leaving her alone with a powerful telepath. She tapped into the powers, sending a blast at the redhead before se realized who it was. "...Rachel!? What the everloving FUCK!?" She looked around at the dead bodies of her elite guard, scowling at Rachel again. "You betraying bitch!"

Rachel: Rachel was caught off-guard by the blast, as she'd been busy watching the speedster finally sink to the ground, still burning. She hit a wall hard and lashed back out of reaction, which gave her time to recover. Then, she paused at the yelling and blinked. Hope. Shit. "I would've thought you'd be able to control your people."

Hope: "I can. They don't respond well to threats! Bobby is a fucking idiot for trusting you! And Paige?" Hope just scowled. She had them both fooled.

Rachel: "Well, I don't respond well to threats either!" Rachel snapped, spitting some blood. She froze at the mention of Paige. Her being around was worse than Hope.

Hope: "What am I supposed to tell them now? Oh yeah, Rachel killed our best forces in a psychotic rage?!" Hope shook her head. "You're the worst of them."

Rachel: She scoffed, "Oh, and they wouldn't have just killed me?"

Hope: "Did you even try to explain? Or did you just attack first and ask questions later?"

Rachel: "Like they would've trusted an explanation coming from a hound."

Hope: "Like you gave them a chance!"

Rachel: Rachel rolled her eyes, muttering, "Lucky I'm giving you another chance."

Hope: "Oh am I? You want to kill me too? Have a fun time explaining THAT one to Bobby and Paige!"

Rachel: "It's incredibly tempting," she admitted, "Though, there's a difference between wanting to and actually doing it."

Hope: "You can take your best shot. I promise you, you won't get away with it."

Rachel: "I don't need my best shot."

Hope: "You're are extremely cocky, you know that?"

Rachel: "That's something coming from you."

Hope: "Exactly my point. But by all means, go ahead. We both know you are useless at keeping your girlfriend safe, but I've kept a small army safe and hidden for years. Go ahead, take away her best shot." Hope held her arms wide open.

Rachel: It took a moment for that to sink in. As soon as it had, she was in Hope's space, pupils and irises fading to white as she met the other girl's gaze, and snarled, "Do not bring her into this."

Hope: "Go intimidate somebody who gives a fuck."

Rachel: Her eyes narrowed, "I'm going to rip your intestines out, string you up by them, and let you relive your boy-toy's death until you bleed out or suffocate."

Paige: "Rachel..." Paige came out of nowhere, a horrified look plastered on her face.

Hope: Hope jumped at the voice. "The fuck are you doing here?!"

Paige: "Apparently preventing a homicide..."

Rachel: Rachel wasn't sure she could cringe any harder, eyes going normal as she glanced over. "Paige..." she breathed.

Paige: "What happened to you?" Paige asked her gently, stepping closer. Hope's hand on her arm stopped her from going any further. "Why would you say something like that?"

Rachel: She had to resist shoving Hope aside and instead took a few steps closer herself, opening her mouth. However, words were failing her.

Hope: Hope looked between them, then looked at Paige again. "You shouldn't be here."

Paige: "It's a good thing I did!" Paige pulled her arm away from Hope's, her eyes never leaving Rachel. She was sure that the betrayal was clear on her face. "How could you?" She asked softly.

Rachel: Rachel lowered her gaze to the ground, not able to take seeing the look on Paige's face any longer. She wiped at her nose again and shook her head, "I... Paige... Hope's r-right." She fucking hated saying Hope was right. "You a-aren't supposed to be here."

Paige: "And you aren't supposed to kill people!" Paige's eyes watered as she stepped to Rachel. X-men didn't kill. "Just come with us..."

Hope: "No." Hope was quick to say.

Rachel: "Shut up," Rachel snapped, shooting Hope a quick glare. Though, her expression softened as she glanced back to Paige, unsure of what to say.

Paige: "Don't tell her to shut up! Look at you!" Paige snapped, gesturing at blood covered Rachel and gagging.

Hope: Hope smirked. <Not so tough now are you?>

Rachel: She flinched at the thought sent her way as well as Paige.

Paige: "Do you know what his name was?" Paige demanded, pointing at the first body.

Rachel: "No," Rachel answered quietly, shaking her head.

Hope: "Peter." Hope supplied.

Paige: "Peter! You BURNED him!" Paige's voice wavered, threatening to break.

Rachel: Well, there wasn't really any denying it. She sighed, "I did."

Paige: Paige backed up from Rachel, putting Hope between them. She didn't know Rachel anymore. She swallowed hard, just staring at her.

Hope: Hope did not like being in the middle of this. She glanced between them nervously. If Paige went off on Rachel, she lost her bargaining chip.

Rachel: "Paige..." Rachel started, trailing off. She still had no idea what to say because she wasn't sure there even was anything that could make this better.

Paige: Paige wiped her nose, just staring at Rachel. "I thought better of you."

Rachel: She shifted slightly, slowly shaking her head as she muttered, "I guess you thought wrong."

Paige: Paige felt her world crashing down She was aware of Hope holding onto her and tears streaming down her face. "Why?! WHY?!"

Hope: Hope cringed, trying to push Paige back away from Rachel. They had to get out of there. If there was a hound anywhere within range they would hear them. There was no telling whether Rachel would help or betray them. They had to go now.

Rachel: Flinching, Rachel had to fight to hold back her initial response as well as the oncoming tears. She had to resist stopping Hope and going to Paige, telling herself it was better this way. She glanced up to Paige, staring for a few moments before forcing herself to turn away.

Hope: "Paige, we have to go." Hope pushed harder, swallowing hard.

Paige: "No! Rachel! Why?! Rachel!!!!!" Paige struggled against Hope, trying to get free.

Rachel: Rachel started back the way she'd come, sending one last thought to Hope, <Just keep her safe.>

Hope: <I can't if she's hell bent on following you!> Hope spat back, taking an elbow to the stomach. "FUCK!"

Paige: Paige made a run for it.

Rachel: <Then, I guess you're doing as well as I am.>

Paige: Paige grabbed for Rachel. "Don't you walk away from me!"

Rachel: "Why shouldn't I?!" she snapped as she turned, shrugging Paige's hand off.

Paige: "Because you have no right to be mad at me!"

Rachel: "I'm not mad!" Okay, maybe a little mad… How could things have gone so well the other day when she'd seen Paige and gone to absolute shit so quickly?

Paige: "Then what are you!?"

Rachel: "I don't even know right now," she ground out, lowering her voice, "But I do know I don't want to listen to you criticize me over killing some poor bastards. I mean, what the fuck do you think I've been doing to survive, Paige?"

Paige: "You... you do this... a lot!?"

Rachel: "Everyone knows what hounds do. Why would you think I'm any different?"

Paige: "Because you're Rachel...." Paige put her hands over her face. You should have just left me in the camp."

Rachel: "I shouldn't have let you go into one to begin with," Rachel spat, finally putting a voice to that thought.

Paige: "You're coming with us." Paige latched onto her, better this time.

Hope: "The hell she is," Hope muttered and crossed her arms.

Rachel: Ignoring Hope, Rachel glanced down to where Paige had a hold of her and back up to her face. After a few moments, her defiant look softened, and she relented, "Fine." She wasn't sure she could tell Paige no a second time, despite all her concerns.

Hope: "What?!" Hope smacked the palm of her hand to her forehead. "This is a terrible idea!"

Paige: Paige hugged Rachel tightly.

Rachel: Rachel winced at the hug and shot Hope a look, "Shut up and let's go. Another patrol will be out by now."

Hope: "FINE! Fuck." Hope led the way back.

Paige: Paige didn't let go of Rachel, afraid she'd change her mind.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:03 am

Oh... Bobby's gonna choke the shit out of Rachel...

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:34 am

<Hope> Hope had first cleaned herself up and then her guns. She kept mulling over the events of that day again and again, wondering how the hell Paige had managed to leave undetected and get Rachel to join X-Force. She sighed and sank down onto the edge of her bed, running her fingers through her currently blonde hair. That needed to change soon.

<Bobby> Maddie was asleep, and though Paige and Rachel refused to talk about what had happened, he at least trusted them with his daughter's safety. They were asleep too... or doing something... he didn't know. He didn't want to think about it, really. But if they were happy, he was happy. There was far too little of that these days.

<Bobby> Quietly, he slipped through the door of Hope's room, knocking quietly on his way in. "Hey."

<Hope> Hope jumped just a little, then smiled at him when she recognized Bobby. "Hey.... how are they?" She slid her guns onto the floor and under the bed to make room for Bobby to sit down too.

<Bobby> "Quiet." He returned the smile and sat down beside her, the bed creaking under his weight. "What the hell happened?"

<Hope> "My team went on the raid to get the rest of the supplies I need. While I was inside, the fight broke out." She shifted uncomfortably, not really wanting to go into it. "All three of them were dead by the time I got back outside."

<Bobby> "Fuck." He sighed, leaning forward to rest his forearms on his knees and listen. "But how did Rachel get into it... and fucking Paige? Paige, who hasn't used her powers for God knows how long?" He turned his head just enough to see her from the corner of his eye.

<Hope> "Rachel was the one who killed them. I attacked her before I realized it was her, then we got into it. Verbally." She clarified. This was dangerous territory. Bobby and Rachel went way back.

<Bobby> Bobby sat up, moving to look her over more closely and relieved she appeared to be unharmed.

<Hope> "She uh... well..." Hope sighed, trying to gather her words. "When she said she was going to rip out my intestines and strangle me with them, Paige showed up. Then we had a fun conversation of what the fuck are you doing here with her."

<Bobby> His eyebrows shot up this time, along with his blood pressure, before his eyes narrowed. "What the fuck, Rachel." Tensed, he had to resist the blinding rage and urge to go drag Rachel out of bed and make good on her threat to Hope. "She didn't do anything do you, did she?"

<Hope> "No... Paige was busy yelling at her for killing people. That was awkward. I didn't remind her that you and I both have too. Then she was screaming and crying, and I tried to drag her out of there. She elbowed me and got to Rachel, then convinced her to come back with us."

<Bobby> Bobby snorted. "Well, better Paige than Rae, though she could do some damage too. You sure you're okay?"

<Hope> Hope slid her arm to Bobby's shoulder, leaning on him. "I'm fine. It'll be great to have a telepath on the team.... if we can trust her."

<Bobby> He nodded, slipping his own arm around her. "I... want to say we can, but things have changed so much, and people change. We'll have to watch her."

<Hope> "She won't do anything with Paige around. It's outside of the safe house that worries me." Hope sighed in frustration and rested her head against Bobby. Being a leader really sucked sometimes.

<Bobby> "Yep. I can keep an eye on her without her knowing, but that takes me off of other jobs..." He kissed her hair and after a moment of silence, pulled her closer. "Fuck, I should have been there today," he said, voice softer now.

<Hope> "We had no way of knowing we'd run into her patrol." But if he had, those three would still be alive. She didn't want to focus on that though, since it couldn't be changed. Hope nuzzled his cheek before kissing it softly.

<Bobby> "I know." Bobby sensed she didn't want to talk about it anymore. His hunch was confirmed shortly and he caught her chin and tilted his head back to meet her eyes. "But we can't lose you."

<Hope> Hope swallowed as she met his eyes. The weight of his words pressed down on her. What would happen to their resistance if something did happen to her? She liked to think that it would carry on. "You're pretty enough to replace me," she teased him.

<Bobby> "True enough," he smirked. "But I'm not bitchy enough to keep everybody in line." Bobby knew she was full of shit.

<Hope> Hope laughed and rested her forehead against his. "You'd have to find a new tech person too. Tony is pretty much useless these days, but I'm sure there are others." One more thing that she did that nobody else could do. The weight pressed down harder onto her. She shouldn't be out on missions at all she realized. Not unless she could easily be replaced.

<Bobby> "Yeah, unless we manage to find a jet, I'm not so useful with the tech." Bobby gave her a real smile, before continuing to his point. "If you're gonna insist on risking your ass, put me back on your team."

<Hope> "Can't really argue that. You've kept me alive this long... guess we could take Rachel too. Easier to keep an eye on her."

<Bobby> The smirk was back now. "Keeping you alive is my job, after all."

<Hope> "You do it so well too." Hope smirked back at him.

<Bobby> "So far, so good." He cocked his head with a grin, gaze dropping to take her in before going back to her eyes.

<Hope> Hope laughed a little and ran her fingers through his hair. "Should get you some kind of award for a job well done."

<Bobby> "Okay." Grin widening, he leaned in and caught her lips, fingers tangling in her hair... and oh how he'd teased her she'd picked blonde to match him.

<Hope> Hope returned the kiss, sliding closer to him. She had to change her hair color often if she was going out, but she liked the blonde. It did match Bobby. She couldn't help but smile a little in the kiss... she was totally the prize for a job well done.

<Bobby> Bobby deepened the kiss, teasingly. For that smile, he broke it off long enough to scoop her up and toss her up onto the bed, then climbing back on top to plant a hand on either side of her shoulders. He quirked an eyebrow and pressed against her.

<Hope> She held onto him as she was moved, smiling more as she looked up into his blue eyes. He knew just how to make all that stress just melt away. She trailed her fingers over his arm, leaning up to plant a light kiss on his jaw. "Now this is one way I don't mind being caught."

<Bobby> Enjoying her touch, his lips curled up. "I'll make sure this is the only way." Bobby leaned in and held her eyes for a moment, then gathered her into his arms, meaning every word. He nuzzled her throat, then kissed it, traveling downward. Time to forget the world, if only for a while.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:14 pm

Jess sighed, tossing her keys onto the table and leaning against the front door once it was closed before going to flop onto the sofa. She'd get changed later. Coming home was always the worst. Instead of being greated by two people she loved, she returned to silence.

The waiting was killing her. How long would it be before she could leave here with Miriam? She'd heard reports of a camp being attacked, and rumours of a hound going missing. She wondered if it was anyone she knew.

Eventually she found the will to peel herself off the sofa and get something to eat, taking off the uncomfortable pieces of her uniform as she walked through her apartment. Once her hands were free of the gloves she got distracted by the ring on her finger. It was the gold one of the three she'd been given by Kevin on her first birthday at the school. More symbolic than anything else but it was the only thing she got to keep with her all the time. She twisted it around her finger as she stood in front of the cupboards and tried to decide what to have. She'd lost her appetite again.

Giving up the search for food she went and showered then got changed and headed out again, this time in civilian clothes. Maybe a walk in the park or something would make her feel better? She made sure to bring her papers with her and some of the smaller pieces of equipment to protect herself in case she bumped into anyone threatening. Once she was organised, she slipped out of the window and flew away across the city.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Tue Dec 25, 2012 6:37 pm

Paige: Paige sat on a corner of the bed with her knees to her chest. She had wanted to be with Rachel again. She had wanted her there. But now that she was there, with the events of the day looming overhead, Paige wasn't so sure. What if Rachel killed somebody in the resistance? What if she killed her? Paige shuddered and pulled the blanket up over her.

Rachel: After getting cleaned up and briefly dealing with Bobby, Rachel was vaguely aware of how badly her nose ached, but it wasn't at the top of her list of concerns. Paige wasn't the only one having doubts. How could she think she'd survived for years without having to kill a single person? How could threatening someone be such an issue? It wasn't like she'd never done it before, especially when it came to Paige herself.

Paige: Paige pressed her face into her knees, trying not to watch Rachel. Everything was so wrong and weird. She didn't know what she was supposed to do now. Obviously they couldn't just forget all that happened, but how did she forgive it? She chanced a peek at Rachel. It was still her, right?

Rachel: Rachel had found a spot along the wall to lean against and had eventually slid down to sit, knees to her chest and arms crossed over them. Her head was resting against the wall, and she was staring blankly ahead. She wasn't sure what to do or say because she wasn't particularly sorry for doing what she had to in order to survive and she was fairly sure Paige wanted nothing to do with her at the moment.

Paige: There was, however, a big, looming question hanging over the room. What next? Paige swallowed hard when she saw where Rachel was. She lay down on the bed, toying with the sheets. She could have just written the death sentence for all of x-force. She glanced over at Rachel again. Yeah... now what?

Rachel: She caught Paige staring and met her gaze, resisting the temptation to simply read her mind. Knowing what was going through the other girl's mind likely wouldn't make this any better though. Letting out a small sigh, she closed her eyes. By agreeing to this, it was possible the government would come down on this entire operation, and then there wouldn't be any opposition.

Paige: Paige couldn't take it anymore. She held out her hand, reaching for Rachel.

Rachel: Peering back over to the bed, she gave the outstretched hand a wary look as well as Bobby's bed, which contained a small child. There Paige was, reaching out to her, and she wasn't jumping up to go over there, even after spending years wishing they were together. It was strange that she spent so long hoping for something that'd basically been thrown away in a few hours, though she supposed she didn't know that for sure. Plus, the reaching was a good sign, right?

Rachel: Slowly getting to her feet, she made her way over to the bed that was apparently rarely used.

Paige: Paige took Rachel's hand, pulling her down toward the bed. There were so many issues to sort out, but Paige knew one thing for sure. She loved Rachel and she couldn't fault her for doing whatever it took to survive. Paige had spent the years being tortured in an attempt to rebel. Rachel was now rebelling in her own way.

Rachel: Rachel allowed herself to be pulled down and curled up against Paige, burying her face in her shoulder. This... wasn't usually how these things went. It was generally the other way around.

Paige: Kisses dotted across Rachel and were followed by a nuzzle as Paige started to cry. "I love you so much, Rachie. I'm so sorry for all of this."

Rachel: She had been working to keep herself together but drew in a shuddering breath as Paige began to cry. There went her composure. "Me too," she mumbled into Paige's shoulder.

Paige: Paige pulled the covers up over them then returned to clinging to Rachel. "We stay together... we... we don't get split up again. No matter what."

Rachel: "I... I can't lose you again," Rachel shook her head as she settled next to Paige, risking a glance up to her. She knew she probably looked extremely pathetic, which was somewhat of an annoyance, but she didn't care right now. "Is Switzerland still an option?"

Paige: "Yes. Yes it is." Paige kissed her deeply, running her fingers up through her hair gently.

Rachel: Pressing herself closer, Rachel slipped an arm around Paige as she returned the kiss, lingering in it because she wasn't sure where the conversation would go from there. They had things they definitely needed to discuss, but that didn't mean she wanted to discuss them.

Paige: Paige broke the kiss to nuzzle Rachel, staying pressed against her. She placed a series of soft, gentle kisses on her girlfriend, bringing a hand up to stroke Rachel's face softly. "So long as I'm with you, I don't care where we have to go."

Rachel: She tilted her head to press a kiss to Paige's palm, mumbling a bit sullenly, "Are you sure you can put up with me?"

Paige: "Yes." Paige promised, kissing Rachel's lips again. "Even when it's hard. I won't lose you again. Ever." Paige pressed her lips to Rachel's forehead.

Rachel: Rachel heaved a sigh as she considered that, wanting to believe it. "And what happens when I kill someone?"

Paige: Paige winced at that. "Why would you need to now?"

Rachel: "What if someone tries to take you? Or if someone hurts you? You don't seriously think I'd just stand by and do nothing again, do you?"

Paige: "N-n-no...." She bit her lip, threatening to cry again.

Rachel: Rachel found herself wincing when she caught Paige's expression, but she added, "I'm not letting anything happen to you. ...I can't. I can't go through that again."

Paige: "Ok." Paige relented, nestling close to Rachel again. "I can't be away from you either. I thought you were likely dead years ago. I finally have you now." Paige kissed her lips again, her fingers playing with Rachel's hair.

Rachel: After returning the kiss, Rachel rested her forehead against Paige's and decided she was pretty much done with the subject as well. "I'm pretty hard to kill."

Paige: "Good... because losing you would kill me." Paige stayed where she was, continuing to stroke Rachel's cheek.

Rachel: "It's a mutual feeling," she mumbled, reaching up to cover Paige's hand with one of her own.

Paige: Paige sighed and closed her eyes. "We're together again. None of the rest of that crap matters. And I love you."

Rachel: "I love you too," she replied, leaning in to steal another kiss.

--- Time Passes ---

Rachel: Rachel rolled over and stirred at the feeling of someone in bed with her, briefly confused. Then, she realized she wasn't in her bed, which did nothing but baffle her further. Opening her eyes, she briefly wondered whether she was dreaming before all the events of the previous day came back. Scooting closer to Paige, she decided she just wanted to go back to sleep.

Paige: Paige protested at the movement, reaching out with her hand. Her eyes flew open when they touched something fleshy. She nearly screamed in the dark, but her mind saved her. It was Rachel. Rachel! Paige wrapped her arms around Rachel, holding her tightly.

Rachel: She sleepily placed a few kisses to wherever she could reach, murmuring, "Love you." This was something else that felt familiar, and she debated whether they could get away with just laying like this all day. At least she assumed it was day.

Paige: "Love you too." Paige whispered back, somehow still aware that Maddie was asleep in the room. She kissed Rachel softly, then rolled over to get comfortable again. "Do you think we can stay here all day?" she whispered to her.

Rachel: Rachel pouted a little as Paige broke the kiss and rolled. "That's what I was just wondering."

Paige: Paige ran her fingers over Rachel's arm gently. "I bet we can."

Rachel: "I think we should." She caught Paige's hand and brought it to her lips, kissing the back of it.

Paige: Paige smiled and blushed. "I'm glad you think so. I've thought about doing this for... I don't know how long."

Rachel: "Since the last time we managed to spend a day in bed?" Rachel suggested. Spending the day in bed had been one of her favorite ways to spend days, especially with Paige.

Paige: "Probably." It had been so long ago, Paige struggled to even remember what that was like. "Let's just stay here... not move... and pretend to be asleep if Bobby comes in?" She asked, hopeful, and rolling back over to face Rachel.

Rachel: Rachel managed a slight smile and stole a kiss, "Whatever you want."

Paige: "I already got what I wanted," Paige pointed out. "What do you want?"

Rachel: "Nothing I'd care to do with a child in the room."

Paige: "She won't be here forever... Bobby will be back." Paige kissed on Rachel again.

Rachel: "Eventually," Rachel added, folding an arm under her head and reaching out to tuck some loose strands of hair behind Paige's ear. She bit down on her lip, eventually admitting, "I missed this."

Paige: "Me too." Paige told her softly, reaching out to stroke her face again. "I thought about this every night."

Rachel: "I thought about it too," she sighed, closing her eyes.

Paige: "I liked to think about what we would do once we were together again." Paige stroked Rachel's hair gently, loving the feel of it.

Rachel: Rachel leaned in for another kiss, muttering, "I'm horrible about focusing on what could have been, so I guess you're ahead of me there."

Paige: "Well... soon as Bobby takes Maddie... I'll show you what all my planning was for." She kissed Rachel, running her hand under Rachel's shirt.

Rachel: Rachel shifted to lightly kiss along her jaw, taking in a breath at Paige's hand moving over her skin and mumbling, "I think I have an idea if the carousel was anything to go by."

Paige: "That was just a warm up," Paige assured her, kissing her back.

Rachel: Rolling onto her back and pulling Paige atop her, Rachel returned the kiss and slid her hands down Paige's sides. She paused at the hem of her shirt and debated whether this was the brightest idea with a sleeping child in the same room. Then, she decided she didn't care.

Rachel: Slipping her hands under her girlfriend's shirt, she lightly ran her hands back up her sides, pausing at a spot. That hadn't been there before. As far as she remembered, anyway. Rachel ran her fingers back over the spot, brow furrowed as she broke the kiss. Staring up a Paige with a concerned look, she stated, "You have a scar."

Paige: Paige's face was a mixture of embarrassment and sadness. She wordlessly pulled her shirt back down, trying to fix her eyes on somewhere that wasn't Rachel. "I know." She said softly.

Rachel: Propping herself on an elbow with a small sigh, Rachel caught her lips for another kiss, sliding her hands around Paige's back to draw her into a hug instead. She asked as gently as she was capable, mumbling against Paige's lips, "What happened?"

Paige: Paige returned the kiss and clung to Rachel, swallowing hard. "They... bad things," she whispered.

Rachel: Rachel settled back down, removing a hand from Paige's shirt to gently run her fingers through her hair. "Do you want to talk about it?" After a moment, she tentatively added, "Or I could, um... I could read your mind..."

Paige: "It... not happy." Paige countered, closing her eyes. She didn't want Rachel to have to see it.

Rachel: "There's not a lot that is," she replied.

Paige: Paige nodded sadly. "Ok."

Rachel: Rachel turned her head to press a kiss to Paige's temple, taking a deep breath as she attempted to prepare herself. She grasped for Paige's mind, glad she was far more composed than the last time she'd established a mental link between them.

Paige: As much as Paige didn't want to think about it, she led Rachel back to the memories of the lab at the camps. Part of it was in flashes, mostly the memories of the electrocutions. She showed Rachel the doctor that experimented on the mutants as well. She showed her how he operated on them and pushed them to their limits.

Rachel: She found it difficult to not think of how she'd unwillingly gone through electroshock therapy as well with Essex and focused more on keeping it from filtering through. She was trying to stay as calm as possible, despite how fiercely protective she was feeling. It was bad, and Paige wouldn't have had to go through it if she hadn't sent her there.

Rachel: Hold tightening on Paige, Rachel wasn't sure how successful she was at masking her emotions as she made a mental note of who the doctor was. He was going to die if they ever encountered each other, assuming he wasn't already dead.

Paige: Paige wasn't really able to turn off her mind. It continued to run, going back to how much she had missed Rachel and then to how glad she was to be back with her.

Rachel: Closing her eyes, Rachel rested her cheek against Paige's head with a slight smile. It was nice to have Paige's thoughts and feelings alongside her own, no matter the content, because it was a constant reminder that she was there as well as alive. Realizing she wasn't entirely sure how Paige felt about it, she asked, "You don't mind me... Well, being in your mind, do you?"

Paige: <Stay.> Paige thought at her kissing Rachel softly. She felt much the same way as Rachel, loving the intimacy of it. <I'm so thankful to be with you again.>

Rachel: <I know the feeling.> She was fairly pleased at being told to stay as she returned the kiss. With a smirk, she teased, <I'll never be able to focus on anything again.>

Paige: <What is there to focus on?> Paige nuzzled Rachel, kissing on her cheek. <We agreed to stay right here allllll day. At least today. I don't know if we can get away with more? Can we get away with more? Your hair is so pretty, even when it's messy bed hair.>

Rachel: <Nothing that matters more than you, I suppose, and my hair is probably my best quality.> She eyed Paige with a grin, <Depends on whether Bobby wants his bed back. Or, well, whether he wants Maddie's bed back.>

Paige: <I love you so much, Rachel.> Paige stroked her cheek gently, letting Rachel have free reign in her mind. She closed her eyes kissed her girlfriend's lips deeply.

Rachel: <I love you too, Paige.> Rachel was fairly content with just surface thoughts and feelings, not quite able to focus on much more than how it was possibly going to be better than the carousel while being kissed like that. Then, there was slight disappointment when she realized the child was still in the room. How the hell was she supposed to wait until Bobby came to collect Maddie?

Paige: Paige giggled softly and kissed on Rachel's neck. <It would help if I kept my hands to myself.>

Rachel: <Pfft. Only if I was blind, deaf, not anywhere near you, and lacked telepathy.> Rachel scoffed, tilting her head to expose more of her neck, <Maybe, then... Maybe.>

Paige: <I don't think I want to anyway.> Paige kissed on Rachel's neck on the newly exposed area. <Totally don't want to.>

Rachel: <Your hands aren't nearly as distracting as your lips.> Right now anyway. She let out a contented sigh. <It'd be safer if we just went back to sleep instead of faking when Bobby shows up.>

Paige: <I think this is the first time you have ever turned this kind of attention down.> Paige was highly amused.

Rachel: <It's not funny.> Rachel pouted. <I don't want to.> On the other hand, she likely needed the practice with this concept of patience. ...Not that she wanted it either.

Paige: <Bobby will be back soon,> Paige promised. <Then I'll make it up to you.> She cuddled up, ready to get some sleep.

Rachel: Rachel was not at all ready to sleep, but she curled up with Paige anyway. The wait would hopefully be worth it.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 25, 2012 11:26 pm

Jessica: Jess landed in a not-so-desirable area of the city in what was once a park. She ran a hand through her hair and sat down on a bench. The bushes were overgrown and in dire need of some attention - the whole park was in a similar state. Equipment once played on by children had fallen into disrepair and looked like it may fall down in too strong a breeze.

Jessica: Clasping her hands in her lap, she twisted the ring on her finger again and tried to stop worrying about what might happen.

Kevin: It'd been a long time since he'd come up here. Kevin had found that living underground outside of the city was best. After the raids, nobody wanted to go back to the sewers, so he was safe. But sometimes, he needed to raid. He hadn't stayed too long with the various refugees. He was too dangerous. It had been over a year since he'd seen someone that he wasn't fighting against to get food.

Kevin: He crept from the drainage grate toward the park. It was easy to cut through to the city. There were a few restaurants closer to the edge of the un-ruined city that he could get to easily. He secured the bags over his shoulder and darted forward under the slide, looking around to make sure he was alone before continuing at a dead run.

Kevin: The faster he was, the better. In and out, like a surgical strike. Grab food, run away. Don't get caught. Bad things happened. Luckily, the first and only group to capture him hadn't counted on his particular mutation.

Jessica: Jess heard the movement and was on her feet in an instant, every sense on high alert. "Freeze!" It was out of her mouth before she could stop herself. The training now habit and unavoidable. There was only one of them... maybe it wouldn't get her killed.

Kevin: Shit. Kevin ducked behind a half rotted park bench. He needed to move on to a different city. If there were patrols here again, it was getting too dangerous. He peeked around the edge of the backrest. Only one. If he made himself appear harmless they wouldn't know what hit them.

Kevin: He smiled grimly. Nobody ever did realize he wore gloves for a reason. He never gave them time to realize their mistake. He eased them off and stuck them carefully into a bag.

Jessica: Despite being in civilian clothes, her stance was all business. Her eyes narrowed, "I know you're not deaf. I said 'freeze'. Do not make me repeat myself again."

Kevin: Kevin stood up, hands in the air. "I'm unarmed."

Jessica: "Of course you are." she reached into her pocket. "Keep your hands where I can see them and don't move."

Kevin: Kevin kept his mind blank just in case it was a telepath, worried that she was pulling out something with which to call reinforcements. Maybe he should rush her.

Jessica: She pulled out a wrist inhibitor, "I'm going to walk slowly towards you and put this on you. If you make any sudden movements I will use force."

Kevin: "What makes you assume I'm a mutant? May I remind you that not all humans did well during the fighting, or don't you like pacifists any more than you like mutants?" He coughed a bit. He was unused to talking. She was coming closer, and he extended a hand docilely.

Jessica: "If you were human you'd have produced papers by now." She, very carefully, reached to put the inhibitor on his wrist, watching for any signs of a trick.

Kevin: "You said not to move. Some STRIKE agents are too twitchy, if you ask me. I can reach for them if you want." She was too close for that now, anyway. When she was close enough, he flipped his hand over, grabbed the wrist inhibitor and dusted it, smirking. He shoved her back as hard as he could and took off running.

Kevin: There was another drain on the other side of the park. If he could make it, he could escape to another part of the city, and hopefully, there'd be food there, without trouble.

Jessica: Jess stumbled backwards with a yell of surprise and sat on the floor where she landed for a moment while that filtered through. The second it processed, she was up and running after him then she lifted into the air because it was muuuuch faster. "Wait! Stop!" Oh God, please...

Kevin: Kevin dodged, running for his life. Just another day in paradise... he sang to himself.

Jessica: Jess fired a venom blast ahead of him to steer him away from wherever he was running. "Please stop! I want to talk!" She decided to go for broke, "Kevin!"

Kevin: Kevin skidded to a halt, turning to a new direction. Whoever this person was, she was obviously one of those bastards who started working for the other side. He did come to a complete stop as she called out his name. He was sure he was unrecognizable. So someone knew what his powers were, and that meant one of his friends had betrayed him. He took off again. He wasn't going to go down without a fight.

Jessica: Jess landed in front of him, "Kevin? Please...." she held her hands up, "I don't want to fight..."

Kevin: "Jessica?" He squinted at her. "Is it really you?" He glanced at the ring she wore. He took a step back. "So. This is where you ran off to."

Jessica: "Kevin..." she took a step towards him, "I didn't run anywhere... Not like that..." she didn't know what to do. She knew what she wanted to do but it wouldn't be well received. "I missed you..."

Kevin: "But you left. You left me and the others. And now, you work for the humans. Well done." He crossed his arms. "Going to take me in then?"

Jessica: "I didn't leave, Kevin... I got cut off and by the time I got back there you were all gone..." She bit her lip, dropping her gaze to the ground, "I didn't know what else to do... I couldn't be on my own..."

Kevin: "I came back for you, you know. But you weren't there. Were you caught?" He reached out for her, then dropped his hand. "I'm just grabbing my gloves," he said, reaching for them in his bag while keeping an eye on her.

Jessica: "Go ahead... I trust you..." she ran a hand through her hair, "No... I wasn't caught..." she sighed, "I turned myself in... I made a deal..."

Kevin: "Ah. So instead of staying put and waiting, knowing I'd come when I could, you just sold yourself to the devil." His tone was hurt. He pulled on his gloves. "Well, great. But now you're in such a good position, maybe you could get me some food."

Jessica: "I was scared, Kevin... I... I was pregnant...." she glanced at him briefly before looking away again. "I couldn't wait... too much uncertainty...."

Kevin: "I'll need food that's able to keep for a whi...what did you say?!" He grabbed her arms.

Jessica: Jess yelped at little when he grabbed her, not expecting it. She managed to force herself to look at his face, "She's three now... I called her Miriam..."

Kevin: "I have a daughter? You didn't tell me."

Jessica: "How could I? I didn't know where you were! I've been looking for you ever since we got separated!" The hurt was clear on her face.

Kevin: Kevin let go and sat down. "Looking for me how, exactly? Never mind, I can guess, with your wrist inhibitor. So, our daughter must be a mutant too, then?"

Jessica: "Every time I see people I ask... I've been checking and checking to see if any mutants matching your description have been brought in but there's never anything to go on... I've been so worried about you..." She reached out a hand to lightly touch his hair. "She's a mutant... she hasn't manifested yet... but she loves to draw... she draws everything she sees, especially if it has bright colours..."

Kevin: Kevin drew back. "I thought you'd been taken, killed. I looked for days. I got separated from the others. And now you say I have a daughter who likes drawing?" He stood up. "I'm sorry, Jess, but you made your choice and now our child has to suffer for it." He hesitated. "Are you going to let me go?"

Jessica: "Kevin... please..." she bit her lip, her eyes filling with tears, "Don't leave like this... don't be angry with me for doing what I had to, to keep her safe..." She bowed her face into her hands. "I'm not going to arrest you... I haven't taken in anyone from the school and I'm definitely not going to start with you. I'm trying to get out of there..."

Kevin: "Really." Kevin looked around. It was starting to get light. He'd just have to find food tomorrow. "Have you seen anyone from school?"

Jessica: "Yeah I have... a couple of weeks ago I bumped into Bobby... he asked me if I wanted help getting out with Miriam... and I said yes... so now I'm waiting... I-I saw Rachel too.... And there are rumours flying around about... things happening...."

Kevin: "Good things, or bad?" He'd been so out of the loop for so long. He looked around again. "Look, I've got to go. It's getting light. Someone might come along."

Jessica: "No one comes out this way much... that's why I'm here." She sighed, "Come on... I know somewhere..." she held out her hand to him. "And they're good rumours I think... of camps being liberated..." she gave a hesitant smile.

Kevin: Kevin took a step back. The news of mutants being freed was heartening but... "No. No way. You just go on back to where ever you came from, and I'll go to where I was."

Jessica: "Kevin, please..." she reached for him again, "Don't disappear again..."

Kevin: "Stay back. Go on. Just go. If you do see Bobby again, tell him I might be around."

Jessica: "I don't want to tell him you might be around! I want to tell our daughter that she'll get to see her father alive and in one piece! Even if... if I don't make it..." she trailed off and turned her back on him. "Just trust me..."

Kevin: "I can't. Not right now. And does 'our daughter' even know I exist and am her father? Honestly. Look, thanks for the help now, but I've managed on my own for quite some time. And if you don't tell your human STRIKE friends where I was last seen, there won't be any problems."

Jessica: "Yes she knows you exist... of course she does... I told her about you... I tell her all the time because I don't want you to be a stranger to her... Kevin, please... Don't go... at least let me help you..." she turned back to him. "I want to help you... I can tell you where it's safe to go..."

Kevin: "I have a safe place to go." He did not look in the direction of any grates. "I want to believe you, but...you defected to the wrong side, and I just cannot trust you right now."

Jessica: "I didn't have a choice, Kevin!" she pulled on her hair a little. "I was alone and scared and pregnant! What did you expect me to do? I needed medical help. It wasn't like I could keep running like that... I did what I had to..."

Kevin: "From my point of view, I've thought you were captured and killed. I didn't know you were pregnant. All I wanted tonight was some food and maybe some news of what's been going on. Instead, I find you alive, a Hound, and I've got a daughter. It's a bit much. I'm going to go, then, if you won't. I'll stick around for a little bit before moving on. I'm glad you're alive though."

Jessica: "Can I at least have a hug before you go?" She tried to hold it together but she felt like her heart was breaking. "I missed you so much..."

Kevin: Kevin shook his head. "You might have another inhibitor on you. I've changed, Jessica. I've been hunted and chased. I just can't risk it. I missed you too."

Jessica: "It's not a trick! If I wanted to take you in I could knock you out right now! I just want a hug! Is that too much to ask after three and a half years? God!" And that was her limit, she burst into tears.

Kevin: "I'm so sorry, Jess." Kevin turned and took off, making it to hiding before she came after him.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Wed Dec 26, 2012 12:51 am

Awww, that's sad too. :( way to be a dick, Kevin. :P

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by JSherlock » Wed Dec 26, 2012 5:01 am

LOL. Yeah Kevin's a bit of a douche right now.

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