What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:39 pm

Jessica: Jess wondered why she wasn't any better at waiting. Surely with all the practice she was getting it'd be easier by now? But it never worked that way and she'd been doing a lot of waiting today. Currently, she was waiting for Sebastian to return to their room and was working on a trial hobby while she was at it - which was somewhat more complicated than she'd anticipated because the diagrams were for right handed people.

Shaw: Her waiting was at an end when Sebastian returned from a day spent mostly in the lab, sometimes with Hope and sometimes without. The times without were more productive, truth be told. He came into the room carrying a small black plastic box.

Jessica: "Hey," she smiled, looking up from frowning at the book and fiddling. "What's that?" she eyed the box.

Shaw: "What's that?" He nodded at the book and needle and collection of yarn in her lap, one eyebrow up.

Jessica: "I asked first," she replied with a grin, moving said pile of yarn, book and hook to the bedside table.

Shaw: Knowing this was a losing battle, he sat down on the edge of the bed and put the box between them. "Well, it's a project... and I could use your help." He smirked. "I'm not entirely certain I trust Hope with sharp objects in my vicinity."

Jessica: She raised an eyebrow, "A project involving sharp objects? Your thing sounds way more interesting than my thing."

Shaw: Sebastian's smirk grew into a dirty grin, but the joke was far too easy.

Jessica: Jess laughed and gave him a shove, "You know what I mean."

Shaw: Now if he told her harder they'd get entirely derailed. "Oh, I do." Instead, he opened the lid and showed her the contents of the box, which included some medical supplies including a small scalpel. At the bottom of the box was a small tablet computer.

Jessica: Jess eyed the scalpel. Right. Pointy things. "What is it?"

Shaw: "I told you about the tracking device I secreted in Monet's belongings, yes? Well, this is the next generation model." He took out a smaller container, which held something that looked like a small memory card. "Hope would like to be able to track personnel."

Jessica: "Oh..." she eyed the container, "And... you want to what? Put that in me?"

Shaw: His eyebrow went up again and the smirk was back. "Oh... we simply can't escape the innuendos, can we?" Sebastian tilted his head. "But no, I want you to put it in me. Just this once."

Jessica: "Oh good... I mean... not good... but you can take painkillers... so... better..."

Shaw: "Yes, well, I'm using myself as a lab rat, for lack of a better term. Hope volunteered, but we can hardly use her considering her condition. I'm... fairly durable, and I'm unwilling to put anyone else at risk, frankly."

Jessica: "Well it wouldn't be any good in her anyway... she doesn't go anywhere..." Jess looked at the chip more closely now, "Where do you want it?"

Shaw: "Also true." He sighed and looked at it. "I haven't given it a lot of thought, really, since it shall most likely be added to my growing tally of scars." His face had healed now, but the marks were still annoyingly bright.

Jessica: She gave him a sympathetic look, "Well where do you think it'll be less painful for me to put it? Or most convenient?"

Shaw: After giving it some thought, he started to unbutton his shirt.

Jessica: "You know... if you asked Hope, she'd probably say you were crazy for trusting me with the knife." She pulled her legs up onto the bed.

Shaw: "We're lucky I don't ask her then, aren't we?" Leaving on his undershirt, he laid the other aside and inspected the inside of his upper arm before giving her a small smile. "I trust you, Jessica."

Jessica: She smiled, "Good. You can trust me, I wouldn't hurt you... well not unless you asked me to like now." She wrinkled her nose a little, "So... where?"

Shaw: "Part of the test is to see how easily it can be concealed, hence the implantation instead of simply wearing it... I could have thought of this before, but perhaps it could be bonded to the back of a tooth..." He shook his head and gave her a look with a wry twist of his lips. "I'm stalling, I suppose."

Shaw: "Let's try here." He tapped the inside of his left arm, just below his bicep. "I can keep an eye on it, if need be, and that's fairly inobtrusive."

Jessica: "Okay... did you bring anything to numb the area with before I do this? Because I really don't want to hurt you..."

Shaw: "No. Let's just get it done. No need to make a very large cut... the smaller the point of contact, the less likely my abilities will interfere... also, I don't particularly want stitches."

Jessica: She nodded, worrying her lip a little before picking up the surgical instrument and checking the size of the chip before making the smallest incision required to be able to get it in.

Shaw: Sebastian winced, watching her face instead of the tiny knife sliding under his skin.

Jessica: Very carefully, she took the chip and slid that under his skin then picked up a piece of gauze to press to the wound until the bleeding stopped.

Shaw: He took over, pressing harder than he knew she would. "That was lovely," he said drily, then nodded to the black box. "Take out the tablet and turn it on. We'll make sure it's active."

Jessica: Jess did as instructed - she was good at that.

Shaw: Leaning closer, he looked at the blip on the screen. "I suppose I should go somewhere to test it more thoroughly, but for now that's enough to know it's online, I believe." Checking under the gauze for bleeding, he watched her from the corner of his eye.

Jessica: She offered a small smile, "So... who keeps this now?" she held up the tablet. "Going to give it to Hope so she can spy on you from afar?"

Shaw: "Hardly," he laughed. "I believe I will be keeping it, for the most part. Perhaps you can help me with some of the testing, so you can keep tabs on me if you'd like." His smirk was back now.

Jessica: "What's the range on it like? Do you know?" She was more than happy to stay on this subject.

Shaw: "Monet, who truly is so arrogant that she never moved after our encounter, is in an old hotel on the East River, so fairly far." In fact, he hadn't checked on his other guinea pig for a few days, not since he'd borrowed some poor bastard's car to check that the woman herself was there and not just her discarded luggage.

Shaw: Curiosity aroused, he checked his arm again. Satisfied, he swapped the gauze for clean and tore off a piece of tape with his teeth, though he then handed it off to Jessica to finish.

Jessica: Jess did that for him with another small smile, "Well at least if she's there we know she's not here."

Shaw: "Well, not precisely," he admitted, and moved Jessica's stack of yarn to get into the drawer. The Blackberry was still there, and when he powered it up so was Monet. "She could be right outside the door, but her luggage hasn't moved." Unconsciously, he made a fist, testing the sting in his now tagged arm.

Jessica: "If she was outside the door, I'd know and so would you - we'd hear her... and she'd have knocked it down by now."

Shaw: "Very true," he chuckled, turning off the device and dropping it back into the drawer. Her mess of yarn was... interesting. "So..." Sebastian indicated it with a meaningful look and quirk of his lips.

Jessica: She picked up the book and showed him the front cover, "I thought I should get an inside hobby..."

Shaw: "Well, it would lead to fewer random beatings in parks." Her face had mostly healed by now as well, but he brushed his fingers over her cheek anyway.

Jessica: She laughed a little and nodded, "Yeeeeah... definitely something I should be avoiding for a while...."

Shaw: "Please do." He moved closer to her and swept her hair aside, glancing as he often did to the mark on the back of her neck. Though it too had healed, it had left a puckered scar. "I don't enjoy seeing you injured, love."

Shaw: It still surprised him a bit, at odd moments, that he meant the things he said to her. That he could be content with her as well, it was strange. He met her eyes and gave her a small smile.

Jessica: "Well I'm not a fan of it either..." she slid her arms around him for a hug. "I've been waiting for you to come back for hours..."

Shaw: "Really? And I was gone so long you've taken up knitting?" He returned the embrace and glanced at the book. "Crochet. Comment le francais. Toutes mes excuses." ((How very French. My apologies.))

Jessica: "It's supposed to be easier and faster... except all the pictures are for right handed people..." She poked the book, "I should sit next to a mirror or something..." she frowned, "And no... the crochet was for the indoor hobby. I'm trying it out..."

Shaw: "Why? Other than for the obvious reasons." Stroking her hair, he enjoyed the casual intimacy. Wait. He'd been the one with Hope most of the day, but now he was suspicious. "Dear God, you didn't get into another row with Hope, did you?"

Jessica: She shook her head, "No... not that I'm aware of..." she raised an eyebrow at him, "So unless she imagined one...?"

Shaw: "Not that I am aware of. Can't say I've caught her having any random conversations with empty air since Drake's return, though she has been rather more emotional and erratic than usual." He sighed and rested his head against hers. "That I have attributed to pregnancy hormones until proven otherwise."

Jessica: "Yeah... that's probably it.... I'd suggest just getting used to it." She was stalling again.

Shaw: "Unfortunately there are several more months to go, yes." Sebastian let go of Jessica to lie back on the bed, checking his arm again as he pushed off his shoes. "If she becomes too insufferable, I'll relocate my work station to our room." He looked up at her with a half grin. "If you don't mind a corner dedicated to a tangle of wire instead of yarn."

Jessica: "No, I don't mind... I'd get to see more of you... but I don't know how much that'd help you."

Shaw: "It would certainly help me escape Hope's irrationality." He rolled his eyes and muttered. "I don't believe you've ever really answered my question, Jess. Why are you suddenly seeking an indoor hobby?"

Jessica: "Well yeah but you'd be swapping one irrationality for another..." she looked down at her hands, "With the same cause..." she chewed her lip glancing at him briefly before looking back down at her hands.

Shaw: It didn't take him long to realize what she meant and he literally felt the blood drain from his face.

Jessica: Jess wasn't sure what the silence meant and she was too afraid to lift her head to look for his expression to provide her with clues so she fell back on her default response. "I'm sorry..."

Shaw: Sucking in a breath, he sat up, keeping his back to her. "STRIKE... they sterilize agents. You said they had, after Miriam..." Unsure what to say or think, he didn't say anything more.

Jessica: "That's what they told me...." Gleefully, in fact. She could still picture the scientist that had told her, clearly, in her mind. "I didn't lie to you..."

Shaw: "And how long have you known?" Sebastian stared at a chunk missing from the wall across from the bed.

Jessica: "A few hours..." Jess continued to stare at her hands. "I'm sorry, Sebastian... if I'd known it was a possibility..." she bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut.

Shaw: He closed his eyes, then opened them. "So you don't know how long you've been pregnant." Even saying the words was a challenge and he didn't like the way his voice sounded.

Jessica: She shook her head, "No... but I don't think I could be that far along..." she took a deep breath to try and steady herself. "Are you angry...?"

Shaw: "How many potential... fathers are there?" Angry? It was hard to tell, but his tone was getting more harsh.

Jessica: "As far as I'm concerned? Just one." Jess absently reached for the plush spider.

Shaw: His teeth ground. "And as far as biology is concerned, how many?"

Jessica: "Should be still just one." She hugged the plush to her, curling up defensively against his tone of voice.

Shaw: Sebastian glanced over his shoulder at her.

Jessica: Biting down on her lip in an effort not to break down, she moved to get off the bed. "If you want me to leave, I'll leave... I've done this alone before... I can do it again..."

Shaw: He'd already done the mental math - several times in fact. Their conversations on her past - both long and recent - had replayed in his mind as well.

Jessica: Hearing no objections, she went to gather her things. She had no idea where she'd go but it was going to be awkward as hell to stay somewhere she wasn't wanted so anywhere was going to be better than there right now.

Shaw: They'd both made the decision not to use protection, thinking there was no reason to. "No," he finally said, when he realized what she was actually doing. "I don't want you to leave, Jessica."

Jessica: She stopped what she was doing, mostly out of surprise at the break in the silence, and looked over at him. "I'm just as surprised as you are by this... I know that you probably didn't want this to happen... that's okay..."

Shaw: "It... it's a definite surprise." He slid off the bed and moved in behind her, but didn't touch her.

Jessica: Jess stood still, watching him out of the corner of her eye and wishing he would touch her - preferably hug. "I'm sorry..." she bowed her head, "I'm sorry I can't fix this... I'm sorry I messed up again and made everything more complicated..."

Shaw: "This, I will admit, is certainly more complicated." He was breathing hard, still not sure of his own reaction.

Jessica: She swallowed, turning to face him and forcing herself to lift her head. "Sebastian... if this is too much... I'll understand..." she glanced away, "I won't be happy... but I'll understand... I didn't really think about much beyond telling you... I didn't expect you to be pleased... I just thought, at the very least, you deserved to know... it's more than Kevin got...."

Shaw: Kevin. That was all he needed to hear. He knew what she'd gone through, how it had made her timid and thinking she didn't deserve love. The latter was a feeling he knew well. Licking his lips, he met her eyes.

Jessica: She studied his face, trying to discern any kind of reply. "Say something..."

Shaw: Sebastian cupped her face in his hands and kissed her.

Jessica: Well, it wasn't what she'd asked but she'd take it. Sliding her arms around him, she returned the kiss - the tears she'd been holding back falling when the feeling of relief flooded her. He wasn't going to send her away.

Shaw: He felt the wetness on his face and realized she was crying and he'd broken his word to her again that he wouldn't hurt her. Breaking off the kiss, his hands slipped from her face and he held her.

Jessica: Jess clung to him and cried into his shoulder, apologising again between sobs because now she felt silly and she was sure he'd rather not have a silly woman crying all over him whether she was sleeping with him or not.

Shaw: Of all things, that reminded him of Cecilia. "Stop apologizing, love." He stroked her hair, still sorting his own feelings.

Jessica: "I'm sorry..." she mumbled again, "I can't help it..." she sniffed, settling with her head on his shoulder properly and closing her eyes. She always found the stroking of her hair soothing.

Shaw: He laughed humorlessly. "Before all this happened, and by all this I mean the act and the camps, I was rather happy to be a bachelor."

Jessica: "And now...?" She tried to avoid dwelling on her own 'before'. That door was shut and locked to her now.

Shaw: "Oh, but I'm not quite finished with the before. Eventually, I assumed I would marry some socialite... a climber from the Hellfire Club most likely." He laughed again. "My empire would have an heir, in time."

Jessica: "So... getting a former prostitute knocked up out of wedlock wasn't your plan? Wow... shocker..." she offered a small smirk.

Shaw: He tilted his head and returned the smirk. "No, my point is that I never expected to fall in love."

Jessica: She gave him a genuine smile for that, lifting her head from his shoulder, "I'm very lucky that you did."

Shaw: "You are," he sniffed, but with a smile. "All of that conjecture of before was exactly that, because I've never really placed much value on wedlock."

Jessica: "Well... I suppose it's just like a business contract from your point of view... a bit of added security on a deal..."

Shaw: "Precisely, but this..." he took her hand and intertwined their fingers, "Is far more real than any contract, Jessica. The child is mine."

Jessica: She smiled and nodded, giving his hand a squeeze. "Yes. The peanut is yours. It couldn't be anyone else's."

Shaw: He didn't need to believe her because the math said it was true, so he nodded as well. "Peanut?" The name made his eyebrow go up.

Jessica: "Yes. Have you ever seen an ultrasound picture? They all look like peanuts... or potatoes... especially when they're teeny tiny." She held up her thumb and index finger an inch apart. "Plus... you have to call them something before you know if it's a boy or a girl... 'it' just seems so..." she wrinkled her nose, "Cold."

Shaw: "No... I haven't." He considered that, looking at her fingers. It really was a child, and it was his. All this was more than a little stunning.

Jessica: She lifted his hand and kissed the back of it. "We can fix that."

Shaw: "That would be intriguing," he admitted, licking his lips again and swallowing, his eyes on her face.

Jessica: "Doesn't have to be right now," she assured him, "We can wait until you're used to the idea... same goes for telling people."

Shaw: "All right, but I'm hardly ashamed... used to the idea is definitely appropriate, however."

Jessica: "I know you're not..." she lifted a hand to his cheek, "But you do need time to adjust to the surprise... and to prepare for all the wonderful snarky comments we'll get from everyone."

Shaw: He made a sour face at that, because he could already hear Hope's contribution. Leaning his face into her hand, he turned his head and kissed her palm. "It doesn't matter."

Jessica: She smiled, "Of course it doesn't. All that matters is that you're not kicking me out. I'm happy now."

Shaw: "I wouldn't kick you out. This isn't your fault, and I'm not entirely certain there is a fault to it at all, though it will be... strange."

Jessica: "Which is probably the only thing about this that is perfectly normal." She kissed his cheek softly and pulled him into a hug. "And anyway, I'm the one with the hard job. All you have to do is sit around."

Shaw: Sebastian slid his arms around her. "Technically you are correct, but even I know there is rather more to it than that... at least once the, ah, child is born." Strange was quickly becoming an understatement.

Jessica: "Well that's a long way off yet... a really really long way off... I'm going to get so bored of this very quickly...." she huffed a sigh. "Oh well... at least I'm not locked up and under twentyfour hour guard this time..."

Shaw: Perhaps that's why pregnancy took nine months. This was going to take a while to process. "Indeed not, though you shall be in the company of Hope for the duration. I wish you luck with that."

Jessica: "Ugh... don't... that makes it soooo much worse..." she burried her face against his shoulder. "Also..." she thought she should add this, "If later on I punch you...? Don't take it personally... and just pretend I'm giving you a power boost. Ignore anything I say."

Shaw: He craned his neck to look down at her with a dubious expression. "Later today or much later?"

Jessica: "Oh much later," she laughed, "I punched a lot of people when I was pregnant with Miriam. They feared me."

Shaw: "Fantastic." His nose wrinkled. This was going to be a perplexing year.

Jessica: "Count yourself lucky I probably won't aim for your face."

Shaw: "Please don't, my face has suffered enough abuse recently. Strong as you are, you still probably wouldn't succeed in breaking anything, but let's not find out."

Jessica: "Well, it'll test your reflexes, if nothing else."

Shaw: "Such violence," he sniffed.

Jessica: "You really shouldn't be surprised about that. You already know I have a temper..."

Shaw: "As do I, you will recall." He smirked. Though hitting women had never been on his list of vices. It didn't matter if she saw through the bluff, he decided, and kissed her forehead. "So, I might prefer Hope's company after all, since she keeps her fists to herself."

Jessica: "Just you wait," she smirked a little. "But you can spend your days wherever you like as long as you always come back."

Shaw: "I shall, until you punch me in my sleep."

Jessica: "That probably won't happen. So yay!" She giggled and hugged him again.

Shaw: "Well, probably." He shook his head. "How can I resist such odds."

Jessica: "You can't. You're obviously a masochist. It's not your fault, blame your mutation." She patted him consolingly.

Shaw: "Truer words were never spoken." With that, he picked her up and turned, tossing her on the bed.

Jessica: She laughed again, flopping back onto the bed where she landed, "Lucky me!"

Shaw: Sebastian joined her, climbing onto the bed with a glance to the bandage to make sure it was still in place. Satisfied, he crawled over her, bracing himself with a hand to either side of her shoulders as he watched her face, his own expression unreadable.

Jessica: Jess studied his face, unable to keep the smile from her own. She'd been so worried what he'd say and now that was all gone.

Shaw: He still had his doubts about this entire business, but returned her smile anyway and lowered himself to catch her mouth with his own.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:03 am

<Bobby> Bobby knew the way to Hope's heart, and it involved candy. So, he was prepared, and as he slipped into the lab he held it out in front of him and gave the bag a shake. "Hellooo, I come bearing gifts, Cupcake..."

<Hope> Candy! Hope's face lit up as she tossed her screwdriver down onto the lab table. She was busy trying to mass produce her work on the teleportation devices, but a break that involved her cute boyfriend? AND candy? She hopped up to grab the candy and froze. "But... Bobbbbbyyyyy...."

<Bobby> Happy response was happy and what he was going for, and he met her halfway to give her the bag. Then he saw her face fall. "But whaaaat?"

<Hope> She debated internally a moment before answering by waving her arms around her stomach. "I'm gaining weight as it is. How am I supposed to look good for you with this pooch?"

<Bobby> Bobby did what came naturally to him, although in retrospect, it was a bad idea - he laughed.

<Hope> Unable to see what was so funny, Hope crossed her arms over her chest and gave him a look.

<Bobby> Oh shit. He cut off the laugh and ran his hand through his hair. "Baby, you're not fat. You're pregnant."

<Hope> "I knoooow that, but how do you know it's baby and not fat?" She looked down poking her stomach suspiciously.

<Bobby> "Because." He took her into his arms, angling for a kiss to her cheek and resting his hand on her now very visible baby bump. "It just is. It's our baby, and you're gorgeous."

<Hope> "Such a ladies man... I see what you did there," she teased him, kissing his cheek gently a couple of times as she wrapped her arms around him. "I love how clever you are. If you're sure it's baby..."

<Bobby> "I'm sure." He laughed, shaking his head and then tilting it down to catch her mouth for a kiss.

<Hope> Hope enjoyed returning the kiss for a moment, then broke it with a smirk. "In that case..." She opened the bag of candy and popped a piece into her mouth.

<Bobby> "That's my Cupcake." He stole a piece for himself and hugged her tightly, rocking in place with her and grinning.

<Hope> Hope smiled too, though her's was mostly hidden against him. "I'm glad you stopped by. I was missing you."

<Bobby> "Aww, well, I missed you too." He sighed and looked around the room. "Where are your two shadows?"

<Hope> "Pietro is probably eating... I don't know where Shaw ran off to." Or when he had run off. She frowned a bit. When had 'her' lab turned into 'their' lab.

<Bobby> "Well, I'm happy I caught you alone." He leaned back to catch her eye and waggled his brows suggestively.

<Hope> "Mmm I'm happy we're alone too..." She pulled him in for another kiss.

<Bobby> Bobby dipped her backward playfully to deepen the kiss.

<Hope> Hope squealed a bit in the kiss, but stayed in it, holding onto him.

<Bobby> Laughing, he set her back on her feet and kissed her forehead. "So, were you hard at work or hardly working?"

<Hope> "Hard at work this time. Trying to make enough of these to issue them to everyone. I have enough to give to the most active teams already."

<Bobby> "Enough what?" He let go of her to wander over to her work station.

<Hope> "Teleportation devices." She popped another candy into her mouth. "Finally got the stupid things to work properly."

<Bobby> "Oh yeah? That's awesome, babe!" He leaned in and gave her another kiss. "So... if I use this instead of my God-given abilities do I get to keep my pants?"

<Hope> "God I hope so. Care to test it out?" She smirked at him, visibly checking him out. "Though I don't mind you turning up naked."

<Bobby> "You're the only one who doesn't mind," he laughed, shaking his ass for her. "I could test it, if you want."

<Hope> "I better be the only one. If Shaw starts coming onto you, let me know." She giggled and smacked his shaking bum. "It's up to you if you want to test it. I know they work."

<Bobby> "Uuuuugh, don't even." Bobby shuddered and turned around to flick her hair. "Well, then I'll take your word on it. I kinda wanted to stay right here anyways."

<Hope> "I kinda want you to stay right here too." Hope wrapped her arms around him again, resting her head against him.

<Bobby> "Besides, I've been out all day." Luckily he'd changed out of his fake STRIKE uniform before coming to see her, or there would be a fight, he was sure.

<Hope> "Well it is time for a break then." She closed her eyes and just took a moment to relax with him. "How was your mission?"

<Bobby> "Mystery phoenix is really mysterious," he nodded, holding her. "STRIKE thinks it's Rachel, we know it's not, so... yeah."

<Hope> "Well as long as it doesn't do anything stupid, I guess it doesn't really matter. It makes it harder for Rachel, but she's a telepath. If she hasn't figured out how to disguise herself by now..."

<Bobby> "Yeah, just puts a bigger target on our backs, I suppose." Bobby sighed. "Plus, if it's her dippy cousin Jean doing it, we should find her and bring her in."

<Hope> "And hand her over to Rachel." Hope giggled a bit. "Seems a fitting punishment."

<Bobby> "Ugh, poor kid. Are we that mean?" He laughed, brushing back her hair.

<Hope> "Haven't you heard, Sweetie? I'm as mean as they come." She rubbed her nose gently against his.

<Bobby> "This is true." He nodded as he returned the Eskimo kiss, swiping the tip of his nose against hers up and down, back and forth. "Purebred Stark evil."

<Hope> "Exactly," she confirmed, stealing a kiss. "And the poor, unsuspecting Drake caught in her grasp. Whatever will he do?!"

<Bobby> His laugh was dirty and he did more than steal a kiss, threading his fingers into her hair at the back of her head.

<Hope> Smiling in the kiss, Hope moved closer to him, running her fingers through his hair. She broke it to smile, then kiss him again.

<Bobby> "Well, Cupcake, do you think I can lure you back to our room with more candy? Or do you want me to stay here and help you with your... um, sciencey stuff?"

<Hope> Hope carefully kept her horrified expression off of her face. No way was he touching her technology. "I am alll for going back to our room."

<Bobby> "Woo!" He snagged the bag of candy off the table and dangled it in front of her face. "Come on, girl, come on!"

<Hope> "Race ya!" Hope grabbed the candy and took off!

<Bobby> "Ooo." With that, he was after her.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:54 am

<Shaw> Realizing he'd lost track of time again, and Hope and Pietro were being suspiciously quiet, Sebastian looked up and around the small lab. Pietro was nowhere to be seen, but Hope, surprisingly, was here.

<Shaw> He sat up straight, stretching his back and trying to get a look at what she was doing.

<Hope> Hope's head was pressed onto her arms on her lab bench, her eyes closed and her breathing steady.... tell tale signs that she had passed out long ago.

<Shaw> No wonder she was quiet. He took off the jeweler's magnifier and tossed it to the table. Standing, he indulged in another stretch since she wasn't watching him to mock, and ran his hands through his hair. Finally, he approached Hope's work station and watched her, arms crossed.

<Shaw> He smirked.

<Hope> Oblivious to his internal mocking, Hope shifted a bit in her sleep.

<Shaw> It must be late, he realized, and Jessica was probably expecting him soon as well. With a sigh, he said Hope's name softly.

<Hope> There was a soft noise of protest, but Hope remained asleep on her arms.

<Shaw> "Hope," he tried again with a sigh, touching her shoulder.

<Hope> That got her attention. She sat up quickly, arms on her head in the same position they had been on the table. "I'm up! I'm up..... ugh but I don't want to be." She lowered her arms a bit to eye Sebastian.

<Shaw> He couldn't help but chuckle. "Go to bed, Hope."

<Hope> "Shouldn't I be telling you the same thing?" She eyed him a bit, yawning.

<Shaw> "Yes, but I'm not wearing the impression of a circuit board on my face." His smirk was back.

<Hope> "Well in that case, I can't go right away because I don't want to explain that one." She scrubbed her face with her hands, trying to wake up.

<Shaw> "Oh? Will Drake simply be overcome with jealousy?"

<Hope> "Jealous of... what?" She glanced up at him again. "I don't like explaining why I fell asleep here instead of with him. Makes me feel like a shitty ass girlfriend."

<Shaw> "Well not jealousy of me," he snorted, giving her a look askance. "We all know this well enough. I think he would understand... you've been pushing yourself and you're tired."

<Hope> "Well at least it paid off. It'll be worth it to know everyone can teleport at will. There are just.. so... many... of us."

<Shaw> "And growing every day." Though he didn't intend to do so, his gaze swept lower across her stomach.

<Hope> Self-conscious about her size despite Bobby's assurances, Hope slid her arm around her stomach. "Yeah... it happens."

<Shaw> He looked away with a frown. "I didn't intend to make you uncomfortable." Clearing his throat, he looked at her table instead. "Congratulations... on the teleportation devices. That will be quite a benefit."

<Hope> "It's not that... it's just... Bobby assures me it's all baby, and I'm not sure if I believe him. I haven't been nearly as active as I was." She ran her fingers through her red hair, standing up finally. "And you helped... so congratulations to you too."

<Shaw> Sebastian nodded in thanks to her acknowledgment, lips curled in a slight smile. "Not that I have much experience with pregnant women, but you're still rail-thin everywhere else, Hope. On this, I'm certain Drake is right."

<Hope> She stared at him, amusement in her face. She reached up to feel his cheeks. "Are you feeling well?"

<Shaw> He smirked, but caught her hand and kissed it. "Cheeky girl."

<Hope> "Always." She smirked back at him. "How is your work coming then?"

<Shaw> "I'm testing the tracking device, as I told you. Monet is still in place, as I have confirmed with a couple of solo clandestine surveillance operations and I, ah, took other matters into my own hands a few days ago."

<Shaw> He chuckled to himself and rolled up the sleeve of his shirt. "Or, I suppose one could say into my own arms." Sebastian presented her with the pale inside of his arm and the small healing cut just above his elbow.

<Hope> Hope turned serious again, gently taking his arm to inspect the wound. "Hopefully it won't scar... I assume it is working then? Have you tested the range?"

<Shaw> "If so, I'll add it to my inventory. Still, Jessica did quite a good job. It's small enough." The outline of the chip beneath his skin wasn't even visible. "I lost some range in size, however. The range seems to be about five miles."

<Hope> "We can work with that for sure. Hopefully come up with a way to boost the range. I can help you with that after I get the teleportation devices finished."

<Shaw> "I would appreciate it." He smiled at her, for once without any snark.

<Hope> Hope smiled back at him, pulling him into a hug.

<Shaw> With a slightly wary edge to his smile now at this mood swing, he returned the hug.

<Hope> "Someday all this crap is going to be over. And this baby could use you for a godfather."

<Shaw> Sebastian didn't know what to say for a moment, so he gave her a gentle squeeze. "I would be honored, Hope." He snorted. "I doubt Drake would agree, however."

<Hope> "Whether he likes it or not is irrelevant. You are part of my family."

<Shaw> He smiled, quiet again for a long moment until he decided he wanted to tell her. "Thank you. You know I think the world of you, Hope, inclusive of all your quirks including your inexplicable love for Drake and your mood swings."

<Hope> "Heeeey what mood swings?" She poked him playfully, laughing.

<Shaw> "Oh, none at all, of course. I've simply decided to take advantage of this one." He laughed and let go of her, though he kept her hand. "You have long been my family... and as such, and despite the reaction I expect, I want to be the first to tell you this..."

<Hope> 'I'm gay,' were the words Hope was poised to hear. She grinned a bit, prepping herself for some lovely closet jokes. "Telllll meee.... what?"

<Shaw> "You aren't the only one expecting, it seems."

<Hope> "Well unless you are hiding a uterus, which was my second guess, it isn't you.... so who is it?"

<Shaw> He raised his eyebrow.

<Hope> Hope turned her head slightly to the side, eying him. She took a moment. "Noo.... can't be..."

<Shaw> "That was my reaction as well," he admitted, cracking a small, dry smile.

<Hope> The laughter started slowly, then built to a hearty one. Hope had to sit back down, laughing too hard.

<Shaw> Sliding his hands into his pockets, Sebastian rocked on his heels and waited for her to finish. The corners of his mouth twitched.

<Hope> "After all the hell you gave meeeeeeeee?! Oh this is brilliant!" She laughed some more.

<Shaw> "Yes, yes... let it all out." He nodded with a smirk. "Believe me... this wasn't news I expected either."

<Hope> She calmed down enough to process a thought of a paternity test. She snickered and started giggling all over again.

<Shaw> He ran his tongue over his teeth. "Do you think you might finish soon?"

<Hope> "Not a chance!" She laughed more, sighing happily. "Ohhh this is great! The great Sebastian Shaw, fully domesticated!"

<Shaw> He laughed at that.

<Hope> "Ohhh Sebastian..." Hope moved to hug him again. "You're screwed."

<Shaw> "Quite regularly, which I believe caused the problem."

<Hope> "Yeah... bummer... wasn't it something you told me about that... hmmm... what was it...."

<Shaw> "Oh yes, but unlike your situation, Jessica believed she'd been sterilized."

<Hope> "There is a joke there about her intelligence, but it's more likely STRIKE thought they did or they failed epically... or they just lied to her."

<Shaw> "It's likely the chemical sterilization failed due to her abilities." He sighed and rubbed his eyes. "Nonetheless, she's pregnant. She told me a few days ago and we've not yet had time to see the good Doctor McCoy."

<Hope> "Not had time? What else could possibly be happening to be more important?"

<Shaw> "It seems he's busy as well... you know, with a war on and all." He smirked.

<Hope> "Yeah but that's pretty important.... Heather could examine her too. Plenty of doctors."

<Shaw> "Yes, now that they've returned. Heather and Harvey seemed to have gone on a sabbatical of sorts." He gave her a skeptical glance. "You seem quite insistent she see a doctor."

<Hope> "It's kind of important to know, Sebastian. If she is, she can't be on an active team. If she is, she can still be. Kind of something I need to know sooner rather than wait and see."

<Shaw> "She planned to remove herself from the team, yes. I don't believe she's lying... not about this. Not to me." He looked down, licking his lips.

<Hope> "I am not trying to imply she's lying. Tests can give inaccurate readings."

<Shaw> "I dare say things would be far more simple if it was an inaccurate test," he sighed.

<Hope> Hope laughed a bit and patted him. "Yeah, tell me about it."

<Shaw> Looking at her from the corner of his eye, Sebastian smirked.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Mar 13, 2013 2:57 am

Jessica: The twelfth day had arrived and Jess found herself with an undeniable compulsion to sneak out of the base and wander back to the park where she'd been attacked. She tried to ignore it and busy herself with other things but as time wore on the desire became stronger until she could nolonger dismiss it. Leaving what she was doing, she made her way towards an exit and slipped out onto the street.

Shaw: Not that he was specifically watching her, but he was more aware of her behavior now. Especially now. Sebastian still wasn't certain how he felt about impending fatherhood, but one thing he was certain of was that Jessica shouldn't be putting herself in undue danger. So, when he saw her leave, he followed.

Jessica: It was a long walk to the park and Jess took many unneccessary detours for reasons she couldn't quite fathom along the way. Eventually reaching her destination, she came to a complete stop in the middle of the former play area and waited. For what, she wasn't sure.

Shaw: With her hearing, going undetected had been tricky, especially with the way she was wandering and doubling back on her own trail. It was more than suspicious, enough to make his stomach knot with tension. Now, he was out of range to try to reach Rachel, and if he broke off the chase he wouldn't know where she went. So, he kept on following.

Shaw: She stopped in a park. A park much like the one she had told him about two weeks ago. Staying to the unkempt edge of the property, he marked her position and started looking around. This area seemed abandoned, as much of the city proper was these days.

Jessica: Before she knew what was happening, a STRIKE team teleported in and surrounded her. She tried to run but was caught around the waist and restrained. "Just relax, Agent Drew." The one holding her advised. "You'll remember in a moment. Marquez..."

Jessica: One of the others stepped forwards. First, she pushed Jessica's head down, exposing the back of her neck, and ran a small device over the area. Then she stepped back again and seemed to do little else but Jess' memory cleared - she struggled harder. "I told you no! Let go of me!"

Shaw: Sebastian cursed under his breath. STRIKE. Of course. He was only confused for a moment by their actions, then he felt Jessica's new shields go down as if simply turned off. Quickly, he had to reinforce his own before her panic and rage overcame him. Now he should go back, get assistance, but her fear held him in place.

Jessica: The agent restraining her tightened his grip and laughed, "It's no use, you tried this before. Marquez can simply knock you out until you play nice." She stopped trying to wriggle free and stared at the floor, "That's better. Now. Did you find out anything useful?"

Jessica: "No. And I'm not going to either so you may as well just kill me or take me back in. I'm taking myself off duty whether I remember this conversation or not."

Jessica: "'Off duty'? They give you jobs? How adorable!" He laughed again.

Shaw: So he wasn't the only one experimenting with implants, and they were using her. It explained everything, in a perfect little package. One of the agents was a telepath - he could tell that much, but she was tightly shielded. Taking a deep breath, he focused on only one mind. Jessica, just cooperate and we'll figure this out later.

Jessica: Oh Shit. Jess tried not to freak out. "Yes they give us jobs but that's not the point. You're missing the point entirely. I'm not doing it. Find someone else."

Jessica: Another laugh, "You don't have a choice, Agent Drew. Haven't we already proved that point? Marquez can make you do whatever we want you to do. So I don't think you will be taking yourself off duty. Now we were supposed to ask you something... Oh yes. The attack on the South Bronx detainment center."

Jessica: "It wasn't us..." Jess tested his hold on her again and yelled as he twisted her arm painfully.

Jessica: "The phoenix was sighted. Are you sure?"

Jessica: "Yes I'm sure!" Okay that hurt a lot and he wasn't letting up. But maybe she could zap him if she moved her hand...

Shaw: It wasn't them, because they wanted to know just as badly as STRIKE who was impersonating Rachel. Jessica's pain and fear was drowning him, and he tried to cut her off, but it was so difficult. So much more difficult than with Cecilia, because this was Jessica.

Shaw: There was a large part of him that didn't want to close his mind to her; that simply wanted to kill these agents and get her free. Perhaps he should rethink his stance on guns.

Jessica: He considered whether she was lying and looked to Marquez who shook her head. "She's telling the truth. Or at least what she believes to be the truth."

Jessica: "Why would I lie? You've already demonstrated you can turn my head inside out. Just do whatever you're going to do and let me go. I'm sure I don't have a choice to cooperate."

Jessica: "Ah, you're finally understanding your position." He smirked. "Good. Now. We want information on targets. Before they're hit."

Jessica: "It doesn't work that way. We don't know in advance..."

Jessica: "Then I suggest you make friends with someone who makes those kinds of decisions." He gave her arm another painful twist and pushed her down onto the ground.

Shaw: Which would be him. Him and Hope, Drake and Rachel. Heroics got you killed. He knew this, he'd preached it for years, but he had to physically stop himself from trying to help her. Her pain broke through his shielding and he bit down on a gasp of his own.

Jessica: "I don't want to! I don't want to betray them all! Ask someone else, please ask someone else..." She tried to pull herself together as she heard him laughing at her again, "They'll kill me. Don't you see? They'll kill me if they work it out and I won't even know why... and you'll kill me if I refuse. So just kill me and save them the trouble."

Jessica: "But if we kill you now you won't have a chance to be useful to us. I think we'll take the risk."

Shaw: They'd kill her, and his child - the one he'd just found out about, and hadn't even been sure he wanted until this moment when it was threatened. Don't taunt them! Just endure it and you'll get away! They won't give up an asset.

Jessica: Jess fell silent and worked on not crying into the dirt. Marquez turned her head and narrowed her eyes. "We have an eavesdropper."

Jessica: "What's that? Agent Drew bring a little friend along? Come out little friend."

Shaw: Tightening his shields down, Sebastian cursed internally and looked for an escape route. He edged further back into the shadows of the abandoned building.

Jessica: "I didn't bring anyone." Jess argued. Marquez begged to differ. She pointed, sending a couple of Agents scurrying off. "You're trying to protect him? How noble. There's honour among terrorists." She smirked then cocked her head, her expression becoming more sinister. "Oh she cares about this one." She laughed.

Shaw: Sebastian was now too preoccupied trying to save his own hide to listen in. Sloppy. It was sloppy and foolish to try again to contact her. This was what attachments got him.

Shaw: One of the agents was big and didn't look terribly bright - this man he'd easily evaded. Running around a corner of the next abandoned building, he waited for this one and laid him out with a sucker punch that also served to give him a boost of power.

Shaw: Since he'd given away his location with the attack, he cut to the next block. If he could take out both agents sent for him, that left only two more... even odds.

Jessica: Jess tried to listen for sounds of Sebastian's progress - her ear was so close to the ground it was hard not to anyway. The thud indicated he'd taken one down. Come on, get the other one and get out of here... She closed her eyes.

Jessica: "Oh he won't." Marquez assured her, closing her own eyes to send the remaining agent a picture of the location of their fugitive and directions.

Shaw: Apparently, the teleporter had a sadistic streak, since he appeared directly in front of Sebastian in a swirl of light, bringing him up short with a shouted curse. He took a swing at him anyway.

Shaw: The man vanished with a grin and flourish, reappearing behind him to kick him to the ground. Though the blow staggered Sebastian, it made him stronger and the teleporter realized his mistake when he rounded on him.

Shaw: Another flash of light and the teleporter was on top of him.

Jessica: "Your little friend will soon be in our custody." Marquez informed Jessica, rather gleefully infact. "Any requests?" "Don't hurt him!" the other agent butted in mockingly. Jess attempted to curl up despite still being restrained.

Shaw: Even once the inhibitor cuff was in place Sebastian didn't go down easily. The teleporter soon sported a broken nose and swollen eye, though the man managed to get his blows in on Sebastian as well.

Shaw: Once the other agent - still groggy from Sebastian's first attack and itching for revenge - joined the fight, it was over more quickly.

Jessica: "Here they come now." Marquez straightened up, folding her arms as the teleporter delivered Sebastian and the other Agent. Jess didn't want to look so the Agent holding her adjusted his hold on her and made her look.

Shaw: The teleportation didn't help the nausea already rising in him from both his failure and several boots to the stomach. The sight of Jessica, restrained and held up by her hair, just enraged him.

Shaw: With his hands cuffed behind his back, the big agent held him upright, though he wasn't making it easy and brought his foot down hard on the agent's instep, grinning viciously at the snap and howl.

Jessica: Marquez retaliated on her teammate's behalf with a painful psychic attack on Sebastian's mind. "You are outnumbered and outmatched." She reminded him.

Jessica: Jess closed her eyes, trying to look away, "Why did you follow me?"

Shaw: He screamed and the big agent let him go with a shove when the psychic attack took his control over his limbs.

Shaw: Falling to his knees, he managed not to topple over completely... but this just put him face to face with Jessica and the fear on her face.

Shaw: "Because I didn't trust you!" He spat the lie and a gob of blood from his mouth, trying to keep his mind shielded. It was worth a shot.

Jessica: That hurt so much to hear and she was sure it showed. Even if it didn't, Marquez would know. A wince crossed her face and she avoided looking at him as much as she was able. "You should have told someone, you could have stopped all of this..."

Shaw: "I planned to take care of you myself and bring Hope your head." Sebastian sneered at her, shields reinforced.

Jessica: "You see, Agent Drew? All this worry and care over someone that was going to kill you anyway. We saved your life. You should be greatful. Don't look so sad..."

Jessica: She was going to forget all of this happened anyway. There was no use getting upset over it. But her feelings betrayed her again and she couldn't stop the tears, though she did manage to hold in the sob - barely.

Shaw: He closed his eyes and sagged. There wasn't much else he could do to help her, and if he looked at her, watched her cry, he'd lose his own control.

Jessica: The Agent holding Jessica released her and just watched her collapse, he nudged her with his foot but all that achieved was to make her curl up. Obviously she wasn't going to give them further trouble. "Now, let's have a look at you." He inspected Sebastian's face. "Looks familiar. Better take him in to be on the safe side."

Shaw: "I'm no one." His instinct told him to spit in his face, so he did it. As expected this earned him a backhand and he bit the arm.

Shaw: The only advantages he now had were adrenaline and his size and weight, so he used them, launching himself at the telepath to tackle her to the ground. Once there, he used teeth again, then a headbutt.

Jessica: "No! Don't!" Jess tried to stop him from digging himself a deeper hole as the one who had been restraining her - and was easily twice her strength - launched himself ontop of Sebastian to subdue him.

Shaw: Jessica failed to miss the point that he was trying to dig a deeper hole now. With his position, he could not be taken alive.

Shaw: This new agent slammed into him and the searing pain and crack of bone was instant. Struggling beneath him, he bit him too, and even managed to get a knee between his legs to crush the agent's groin.

Jessica: Marquez was back on her feet and forced her way into Sebastian's mind to take control of his limbs and hold him still. "When you're quite finished."

Jessica: Jess covered her face with her hands and curled up tighter.

Shaw: Now all he could to was pant, and each breath hurt, but unfortunately not enough. It was possible he'd angered them enough to just finish him anyway. Hope sprang eternal, anyway. He chanced a look at Jess if it was to be his last.

Jessica: "Thank you, Marquez." The agent restraining Sebastian got up and dusted himself off, "When you bring him back, make sure to warn them that he bites." He grabbed Jessica by the shoulders and hauled her up, turning her to face Sebastian. "Say goodbye. You'll probably never see each other again."

Jessica: Jess kept her head bowed, all she could do was force out a 'sorry' to her feet.

Shaw: From his position on the ground, all he could do was watch her, and he couldn't even clearly see her face. He sighed, but it just brought on a fit of coughing until he gagged on his own blood.

Jessica: That did make her look up and attempt to go to him but she was brought up short by a tightening grip on her shoulders. "I'm sorry... I didn't want this... I don't have a choice... I didn't even know what I was doing... please believe me..."

Shaw: Sebastian managed to roll onto his side and spit, recovering enough to look up at her. "I know," he managed, though it made him cough again. Taking a quick glance at the faces of the people around him, he took a last chance.

Shaw: "Daisuki, Jessica." He couldn't smile, but he hoped she could see his feeling in his eyes. His gaze dropped to her stomach for a moment, then he looked away.

Jessica: Jess nodded, if she said anything back they'd know. She bowed her head again, "I'm so sorry..." The teleporter put a hand on Sebastian's shoulder to take him in.

Shaw: Barely returning the nod with just the smallest motion, he watched her until he was taken in the flash of light.

Jessica: "Now, for you." The agent smirked, "Marquez, clean up this mess, if you please. And make sure she stays 'on duty'."
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:40 pm

<Jessica> It had been roughly twenty-four hours since Jess had last seen Sebastian and, so far, her search had been in vain. She thought, under the circumstances, she was holding it together pretty well but the lack of sleep probably said otherwise. Running out of places around the safehouse to look for him, Jess decided to go and see if anyone else might know where he was and, as she couldn't ask Hope without her being less than helpful...

<Jessica> She knocked on the door, fairly sure that Hope would be in the lab so she would actually get Bobby.

<Bobby> Bobby pried himself up from the floor where he'd been sitting with Maddie, helping her with the homework from her little one-room school, and went to the door. He blinked in surprise at who was there. "Hey, Jessy!"

<Jessica> "Hey..." she attempted a smile, "Um... are you busy? I need some help.... It's okay if you're busy... I'll find someone else..."

<Bobby> "No, not... what's up? You look all jumpy. Is Miriam okay?" He glanced over his shoulder at Maddie who had stretched out on her stomach to scribble in her little workbook.

<Jessica> "No... no.... she's fine... I think she's fine..." she chewed her lip, glancing away down the hall before turning back to him and running a hand through her hair. "It's Sebastian... or not... I just... I don't know where he is and I'm sure he's fine I'm just worried..."

<Bobby> Bobby snorted and let her into the room, motioning for her to sit on the bed. "Sure Sharky didn't just get lost on the way back from a strip club?"

<Jessica> Jess went to sit down, drawing her legs up and hugging them. "I hope not... a whole day is a long time to be lost..."

<Bobby> "A whole day?" Bobby blinked. "When was the last time you really saw him?"

<Jessica> "Yesterday morning... we had breakfast and then he went to do whatever he does all day and I went to make myself useful somewhere... haven't seen him since..."

<Bobby> "...and his stuff is still here?"

<Jessica> She nodded, "I thought maybe you'd know if he was sent out for something..."

<Bobby> "No, nothing that I know of... and Hope would tell me." Well, this was a little weirder then. He sighed and scratched his cheek. "Think he went to check on Monet and she caught him?"

<Jessica> "I sure as hell hope not... I already had a conversation with him about not doing just that..." She put her face in her hands. "So you don't know where he might be?"

<Bobby> "No, babe, I don't..." Bobby chewed his lip now, sliding his arm around her shoulders. "We'll find him. I'll talk to Hope, make sure she didn't send him on an errand..."

<Jessica> "Right now? Can we go right now?" She felt very anxious about where he was, a niggling feeling in the back of her mind that something bad had happened to him.

<Bobby> "Yeah, sure... lemme just..." He glanced at Maddie. "I'll see if Paige is busy and we can leave Maddie with her, okay?"

<Jessica> She nodded, uncurling to go to the door, "Thank you..."

[Time Passes]

<Rachel> Rachel had a feeling she should probably be doing something useful, but she wasn't. Instead, she'd found a quiet spot in a common area and had taken over a couch, sprawling across it with her arm thrown over her face.

<Bobby> Spotting Rae, Bobby detoured. "Here, we'll see if she's seen him." He led Jess by the hand to the common room.

<Jessica> Jess' grip tightened on his hand as she followed him, worrying at her lip again.

<Rachel> Sensing their minds, she pulled her arm away and tilted her head back to look up at Bobby, "I swear I'm doing something productive..."

<Bobby> "Hey, I never argue that napping isn't productive, babe, but we might have a problem."

<Rachel> She debated sitting up but decided to ask first, "An important problem?"

<Bobby> "Well, yeah... Shaw is missing." He glanced at Jess.

<Rachel> Rachel opened her mouth to comment, glanced to Jess as well, and closed it.

<Jessica> Jess wasn't sure she liked that look. "I last saw him yesterday... you haven't seen him, have you?"

<Bobby> Bobby wasn't sure what that look meant, so he looked between the two women.

<Rachel> Her brow furrowed as she thought back over the past day, eventually shaking her head. With a sigh, she pushed herself up to sit, "I guess I could try finding him..."

<Jessica> She was getting more and more worried that something had happened. He wouldn't have just left... "Please.... thank you..." her grip tightened on Bobby's hand again.

<Bobby> With a sigh, he slid his arm around Jess' shoulders again. She was starting to freak out.

<Rachel> When her attempts at actually finding Shaw's mind failed, Rachel scowled. Where the hell was he that she couldn't get a reading on him? Heaving a sigh, she expanded the search to others, muttering, "Son of a bitch."

<Jessica> Jess glanced at Bobby, "What? What does that mean?"

<Bobby> "...nothing good, I'm guessing."

<Rachel> "It means I'm still looking when it shouldn't take longer than thirty seconds to find him," she blew out a breath, "So, I'm going through everyone that may have seen him."

<Bobby> "Could he be dead, then?" He hated to say it, but he had to, with a glance at Jess and a squeeze.

<Jessica> Jess shot another alarmed glanced at Bobby. Nooo he wasn't allowed to be dead. She let out a small whimper.

<Bobby> "Sorry, babe... not saying he is... but..." He pulled her into a hug.

<Jessica> Jess clung to Bobby, not wanting to think that could be true.

<Rachel> "I doubt it. It's not like he'd just roll over and... die..." she hadn't been under that impression after their conversation in the kitchen and trailed off a bit as she caught something from a guard. Huh...

<Jessica> She wasn't sure she liked the way Rachel had just trailed off there either.

<Bobby> "Give her some time... she's, like, telepathing."

<Rachel> "Guard spotted him, and from there..." she shook her head, "Not really anything."

<Bobby> "A guard spotted him where though? When?"

<Jessica> "So... so he went out?" That wasn't good. He went out and didn't come back. "He didn't say where he was going?"

<Rachel> "Obviously, and clearly not if you don't know where he is," Rachel sighed, shrugging a bit, "Earlier?"

<Jessica> Jess didn't know what to do now. If no one knew where he'd gone then how were they supposed to find him? What if something had happened? "Someone has to know where he was going..."

<Rachel> "Have you tried asking Hope? She's the one that oversees... Well, everything."

<Jessica> "If you were me would you expect her to help you?"

<Bobby> "Well... we saw you first."

<Rachel> Rachel shrugged off the question, deciding Bobby's reasoning was good enough. Standing, she stretched, "I guess going to where the guard was posted would be the best plan past that."

<Jessica> "We could go ask the guard...?" She looked between Rachel and Bobby.

<Bobby> "Yeah, let's start there." He let Jess go to move.

<Jessica> Jess started for the door, trying really hard not to panic. The guard had to know something. They could at least get a direction maybe...

[Time Passes]

<Rachel> Raking a hand through her hair as she relentlessly questioned the poor bastard, Rachel shot a look over to where she'd left Jess and Bobby, gaze lingering on Jess for a few moments before she turned her full attention back on the guard.

<Bobby> Bobby was watching Rachel right back, concerned by the looks she was throwing his way, and wishing he knew what the hell was going on.

<Jessica> Jess didn't like those looks either and she unconsciously edged behind Bobby.

<Hope> "Boundaries woman." Hope rolled her eyes at Jess as she snuck up, wrapping her arms around Bobby. "...why are we all in the hallway?"

<Jessica> Jess yelped and backed right off until she hit the wall.

<Bobby> "Cupcake!" Bobby grabbed Hope's wrists and grinned despite the situation.

<Hope> "Indeed that is what lured me from my cave. Your child demands feeding.... but again... why are we all in the hallway?"

<Rachel> Finishing up with the guy, Rachel started back toward them, pulling a slight face at the sight of Hope. She wasn't going to like this. Overhearing the question, she smirked as she sarcastically answered, "To torment and question people. It's only the best thing ever."

<Hope> "And why the hell was I left out of this party?"

<Jessica> "Did he say anything helpful?" Jess chewed her lip, glancing at the guard.

<Rachel> "They saw me first," Rachel replied and gave Jess a nod.

<Jessica> "Well then...?" She gestured for her to spit it out.

<Hope> Something was amiss. Hope pulled back from Bobby, getting her serious face on. "Useful about... what?"

<Rachel> Glancing to Jess, she answered, "You were the last one seen with Shaw."

<Jessica> Jess gave her a confused look. "What since breakfast yesterday? He must have talked to someone else...?"

<Bobby> Bobby turned and slid his arms around Hope. "Jess hasn't seen Sebastian for a while... so we're just checking."

<Rachel> "Um, no. You saw him before he disappeared."

<Hope> Hope kept silent, pressing against Bobby slightly. She let their words process in her mind, trying to piece them together.

<Jessica> She shook her head, "No I didn't. I saw him at breakfast and then he went to do whatever he does. Other people must have seen him after me. Breakfast was the last time I saw him." What wasn't Rachel getting?

<Bobby> Kissing her temple, Bobby whispered. "It's fine... we'll find him, babe."

<Hope> "Hold up. Freeze. Back up. What do you mean he's missing and Jess saw him before he disappeared?"

<Rachel> "Other people saw you with him after breakfast," she said simply. There wasn't anything complicated about that, so she wasn't sure why Jess didn't seem to understand it. Then, the conversation with Shaw came back to her. He'd mentioned something being off about her, especially given her shiny, new psychic shields...

<Jessica> "But I didn't see him after breakfast!" Jess put her face in her hands and took a breath to try and calm down. "I haven't seen him since then, why do you think I'm so worried?"

<Hope> "We heard you. Shush. Now what do you mean he disappeared?!"

<Rachel> "Exactly what the word disappeared implies..."

<Hope> "Ok smart ass. When was he last seen?"

<Bobby> "Apparently by that guard." He nodded at the guy, who had already bolted. "...and Jess."

<Jessica> "I last saw him at breakfast." Jess repeated. "Breakfast. There had to have been people that saw him after me. What exactly did the guard see?"

<Hope> "Shut the hell up, Jess. I heard you the first three times. You are not a credible witness at this point." She looked back to Rachel for the answer.

<Jessica> "Not credible!? You wouldn't even know he was gone anywhere if it wasn't for me!"

<Bobby> "Okay, girls... that isn't helping," Bobby sighed.

<Rachel> "He watched Shaw walk out right after you did," Rachel answered, adding, "I can pull the memory from his mind, if I have to. Hell, I'm sure I could pull it from yours."

<Hope> "Walk out? What do you mean walk out?! OutSIDE?!"

<Jessica> "But... I didn't go outside yesterday. He must have his days mixed up." She definitely didn't go out. She had a good reason for not going out... she just couldn't quite remember what that was. But there was one.

<Hope> "The hell are you doing going outside?! You are off duty!"

<Jessica> "I don't even know why I bother saying anything. You don't bloody listen anyway. I didn't go outside. And what are you talking about off duty?"

<Bobby> She was? Bobby looked at Hope in confusion.

<Hope> "You, madame, are off duty pending a medical exam... and this is why I don't believe a word out of your mouth right now. So Shut. Up." Hope pressed her fingers to her forehead. "Has anyone thought to check the tracking device?"

<Bobby> "What tracking device?" He was just getting more and more confused.

<Jessica> Jess frowned, "My head hurts..." she leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor.

<Hope> "Oh for fuck's sake!" Hope rolled her eyes again.

<Rachel> "Then, I guess now's a good time for that exam?" Rachel suggested, glancing over to Bobby. She was with him on being confused.

<Bobby> Giving Hope a look, he crouched down in front of Jess. "It'll be okay... just stay calm and we'll get stuff sorted out, okay?"

<Hope> "Oh yes, coddle her since she was so concerned when you died." Hope snapped. "Is the device in your room, Jessica, or do you think he left it in the lab?"

<Bobby> "Well yelling at her doesn't help either!"

<Jessica> Jess nodded, pressing her palms against her closed eyes. She scrubbed her face with her hands before looking up at Hope. "What?"

<Hope> "Nothing helps her!"

<Rachel> Blocking out the yelling, Rachel decided to avoid the whole talking part and grasped for Jess' mind, simply intending to pull the information instead.

<Jessica> Jess curled up again as they yelled over her and drew her knees to her chest.

<Rachel> While she ran into a block, she didn't expect it to take very long to find a crack, or, if she didn't, tear the fucking things down. Either way, she heaved an annoyed sigh at having to take the time and effort to do so.

<Bobby> When Jess curled up and whimpered he looked up at Rachel questioningly, then got up and went back to Hope. "The hell is going on?"

<Hope> "He had a tracking device in his arm. If it is working properly, we should be able to tell exactly where he is. I just don't know where the reader for it is."

<Jessica> The pain in her head intensified to the point where she cried out, holding her head between her hands and curling up tighter.

<Rachel> "I'm working on figuring that out," she muttered.

<Hope> Hope made a face at the noise. "I can go check the lab..."

<Jessica> Deciding that she probably needed to go and have a lie down, Jess attempted to pull herself up with the help of the wall. Her vision swam and she slipped back down again. Nope. Maybe right there was good? She decided to go with that, curling up on the floor and squeezing her eyes shut against the pain.

<Rachel> Deciding she didn't have the patience, Rachel gave up on the nice way of doing things and simply tore through the shielding, frowning at what she got once she was through. Huh... Well, this could all be fixed... Maybe.

<Jessica> Jess screamed as the implanted shields overloaded, the pain was unbearable. She blacked out.

<Rachel> "Thank fucking God. It was getting hard to focus," she muttered.

<Hope> No shit. "Bobby, go look on Shaw's workbench. See if there is a thing that looks like a cell phone. Please."

<Rachel> "We should move her to a bed," Rachel suggested, "I don't feel like standing here for however long it takes me to rip this implant out and fix her mind."

<Hope> Hope didn't want to touch Jess. She might have diseases. She tapped into Rachel's power to levitate Jess into the air. "Ok here we go then."
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:56 pm

<DrMcCoy> "I'm afraid I have no Twinkies, but might I offer you some coffee? I believe I do still have a bag of Oreos..." Hank gave the younger man a sympathetic look, pushing his glasses higher on his nose on his way by Miss Drew's bed.

<Bobby> "No thanks, Hank... I'm good. Might take a rain check on the Oreos though." He smiled and sat up on the uncomfortable chair to stretch.

<Sophie> Sophie giggled a bit at Hank, glancing over at Jess. "Well... if you can find the oreos, I wouldn't mind one. Or two."

<DrMcCoy> "Oh, I believe I can find them," he smiled, hurrying off.

<Bobby> Bobby sighed loudly and glanced over to Sophie. "I don't suppose you could have a little peek?" He tapped his temple. "See how much longer she might be out? 'Cause I know if it's much longer, Hope wants to go hunt for Shaw on her own..."

<Sophie> Sophie bit her lower lip and looked between Bobby and Jess. "I can... I know she doesn't like anyone in her head, but I can."

<Bobby> "Yeah, I know, but... this is bad. We need to see if she remembers anything more than what Rae could get." He got up and went over to look down at Jess.

<Sophie> "I'll see what I can do," Sophie told him, going into Jess' head as gently as possible.

<Bobby> Bobby smoothed her blonde hair back from her forehead, wishing he could see what the hell was going on in there.

<Sophie> Sophie tried to mend whatever she could and put some order into the disorder that was Jess' mind.

<Bobby> Telepaths made him nervous. He never knew what to do while they were doing ...whatever. Shifting his weight, he tried to be quiet.

<Jessica> Jess fretted in her sleep as her mind tried to retreat from the latest intruder. The last two had done so much damage she was in full defence mode and while her 'self' burrowed deeper, the invading presence was assaulted by unpleasant images and sensations from her past.

<Sophie> Sophie's face became very sad as she dealt with the images. She combatted them with pictures of Miriam and other happy things that would attract Jess.

<Bobby> Quiet he could handle, but still was something else as he shuffled again, looking between the two blondes.

<Jessica> She didn't know if she could trust those images. Or the person sending them at her. She shut the door on her safe place and curled up in a corner of her mind.

<Bobby> Bobby was about to pop, so finally he did. "...any luck?" he asked Sophie, trying to keep his voice quiet.

<Sophie> "She's barricaded herself deep in her mind. It's going to take some time." She refocused, trying to shut Bobby out. She could try communicating with Jess, but it was unlikley she'd respond. Something though... <Miriam needs you, Jess. I'm not here to hurt you.>

<Bobby> He sighed again and snagged the chair with his foot. The quiet scraping was louder than he'd hoped it would be, but it was soon over and he sat down beside her. Picking up her hand, he held it.

<Jessica> No she doesn't! No one needs me! Go away! Take what you want and leave! She curled up tighter, surrounding herself with things she felt safe within.

<Sophie> <Sebastian does. And we can't find him without you.>

<Jessica> I don't know where he is. He was gone. Somewhere far away. It was her fault. She ruined his life.

<Sophie> <I know that. But maybe we can figure something out together.>

<Jessica> What's the point? He'll never trust me again... just like Kevin... I always ruin everything good. I'll do it to Miriam too...

<DrMcCoy> Hank returned, humming under his breath with a small paper plate of cookies. He halted, taking in the sight, then looked questioningly at Bobby.

<Bobby> Getting up after making a shushing motion to Hank, he joined him and moved further away. "Sophie's just trying something... after Rae took out that implant, she tried to fix things... but we know Rae's kinda better at blowing shit up than fixing it..."

<Sophie> <Why wouldn't he trust you again?> Sophie continued to try and patch up what she could, but it was going to take some time.

<DrMcCoy> "Ah, I see... well, her blood tests showed up an unexpected result," he said, putting down the plate on an unoccupied bed and whipping off his glasses for a polish. "She's pregnant. Not more than a few weeks... we'll have to do further testing to ensure the fetus hasn't been harmed by... all this... and to determine the age."

<Bobby> Bobby just stared at Hank, his jaw slack.

<Jessica> It's my fault... all my fault... A few images of the events flashed through her mind, Sebastian telling her he'd followed her to take care of her himself and how much that had hurt to hear. And the last thing he'd said to her.

<Sophie> "Sebastian followed her.... somewhere...." Sophie tried to decipher the images, but they were jumbled. "I see... STRIKE uniforms... maybe..."

<Bobby> Bobby glanced back over to the bed, remembering to close his mouth. "Yeah... it had to be STRIKE... who else would it be?" The crazy woman with the green hair - Viper. She also crossed his mind.

<Sophie> <Jess... this doesn't look like your fault.> Sophie tried to soothe the poor girl.

<Jessica> Tell that to Hope... Traitor. She was going to die and Miriam was going to grow up without a mother like she had.

<Sophie> <Shaw can tell her himself when we get him back.>

<Bobby> Oh good, and they were all quiet again. He sighed and looked to Hank.

<DrMcCoy> Hank only had a shrug to offer and set his glasses back on his nose.

<Jessica> Jess withdrew again. If. If they got him back.

<Sophie> <The more time it takes to find him...> Sophie trailed off. Jess was smart enough to figure that out.

<Jessica> I told you I don't know where he is! I don't know anything! Get out of my head! Get out! Get out! "Get out!" Jess sat bolt upright and venomblasted the closest thing to the bed.

<Sophie> With Jess pushing and yelling, Sophie barely had time to get out of her mind in time to change to diamond form. That had been far, far too close.

<Bobby> "Whoa, shit!" Bobby startled backward, bumping into Hank, and started for Sophie, but she was... glittery.

<DrMcCoy> Hank went to Jess, trying to restrain her. "It's all right, dear!"

<Jessica> Jess didn't take the restraint very well either and swung for the doctor before it registered where she was and whose face she'd just thrown a punch at.

<DrMcCoy> "Jessica!" The punch connected and knocked Hank into the next bed, which fell with a clatter.

<Sophie> Sophie winced and stepped up to put a gentle hand on Jess. "Jess, you are safe."

<Jessica> Jess scrambled out of the bed and half way up the wall, trying to get her bearings.

<Bobby> Bobby just looked up at Jess and held out his hand, though he was vaguely creeped out. "Jess, babe, I promise... you're safe."

<Sophie> Sophie dropped her diamond form to look less threatening.

<DrMcCoy> Hank picked himself up off the floor and moved away.

<Jessica> Her eyes swept the room before coming to a stop on Bobby. She knew the voice... "I don't.... where am I?"

<Sophie> Sophie moved carefully backward to Hank, keeping Jess in her sights at all times.

<Bobby> "X-Force safe house, Jessy, you live here." He wriggled his fingers. She seemed to recognize him, at least. "You know me... it's Bobby. I promise it's okay."

<Jessica> Safe house. Right. She knew that. "Okay..." she came down from her spot on the wall slowly. "Um... sorry for... punching... thought I was... somewhere else...." she shook her head in an attempt to clear it. "My head hurts..."

<Sophie> Once she reached Hank, Sophie bent down to examine him. "Are you ok?"

<Bobby> "Yeah, that's probably because Rachel took something out of it."

<DrMcCoy> "I'm fine, dear... my reflexes just aren't what they used to be, unfortunately." He patted the girl's arm. "Now that you're awake, Jessica, we need to run a few tests... I'll be back." With an absent nod, he went to get his equipment.

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, eyes searching for the door. "I don't want any tests..."

<Sophie> "Maybe give her some time?" Sophie suggested, moving a bit closer again. "She's been through an ordeal."

<Bobby> "Babe..." Bobby licked his lips and lowered his voice, moving in closer to her. "Hank said you're pregnant... so he has to make sure everything is okay..."

<Jessica> She shook her head again, her hands covering her stomach protectively. "I don't want to..."

<Bobby> He shook his head. "Don't want to what?"

<Jessica> She knew the name. She associated it with good things. So why couldn't she remember his face? Was this a trick? She backed towards the door.

<Sophie> "Jess we are happy to let you go wherever you want just as soon as we make sure the baby is safe. Would you like the tests before or after you rest?"

<Jessica> "I won't let you!" She bolted for the door.

<Bobby> Great, she was going to run. Bobby sighed and moved between Jess and the door. "Jess... please!"

<Sophie> "I think resting first would be a good plan."

<Jessica> She slid to a stop when her path to the door was blocked and looked up at the ceiling, judging the distance. The next second, she was jumping straight up to adhere herself to it.

<Sophie> "Take as much time as you need, Jess." Sophie took a seat to wait.

<Bobby> "Fuck." Bobby iced the door, then encaged Jess.

<Jessica> No! Not ice... she could already feel the cold affecting her and she flattened herself against the ceiling in an attempt to stay as far from it as possible. "Please don't..." she pressed her forehead to the plaster. "Don't take it..."

<Sophie> "Take... what?"

<Bobby> "Jess... believe me, I don't want to do this either, but you need to calm the fuck down. Sh - Sebastian is missing, and we need to find him and we need to help you - you gotta calm down and think!"

<Jessica> Her grip on the ceiling faltered at the name and she let go, catching herself with her flight powers and landing safely but dropping to her knees and putting her face in her hands. "What do you want from me? I don't know anything..."

<Sophie> "We just want to make sure you are safe. Nothing more."

<Bobby> Bobby rolled his eyes and crouched down a few feet from her. "We want to help you and your baby, and Sebastian."

<Jessica> "How do I know you're telling the truth? How do I know helping isn't code for something? It doesn't matter how you look at it... I'm either a traitor or a prisoner and neither is good... I can't tell you what I don't know... whatever information you think I have... I don't have it... you have to know that by now... please let me go..."

<Sophie> "I already explained you could go just as soon as we make sure the baby is safe. How can we prove we're telling the truth? If anything Hank does hurts we'll stop?"

<Bobby> "Oh, for fuck's sake..." He moved closer and grabbed her face in both hands to make her look at him. "Jess. You know me, and I'm really me. We're friends. Our little girls play together and I love you like a sister. You know me and I would never hurt you."

<Jessica> "Why don't I know your face?" she sniffed, her eyes focusing on the floor as a few tears escaped. "I should know you... I know your voice... I remember things... but your face..."

<Sophie> "There was extensive damage done to your mind, Jess." Sophie told her gently.

<Bobby> "Okay... then just listen to my voice, babe." He let go of her. "STRIKE did something to you... they put it in your head to control you. Rachel got it out..."

<Jessica> Jess shook her head, "No... wasn't to control me... was to keep her out..." her hand went up to feel the back of her neck.

<Bobby> "...to keep Rachel out, that makes sense..." Bobby glanced over at Sophie. "She said there was another telepath in your head, and they screwed with your memories..."

<Jessica> "So I couldn't warn you... Oh God, Sebastian..." she hid her face in her hands.

<Bobby> Now they were getting somewhere. "Jess... what happened to him?" He moved closer again to her side and slid his arm around her.

<Jessica> "He followed me..." she choked on a sob, "He followed me and they found him... they took him..."

<Sophie> "Followed you where, Jess?"

<Jessica> "To a park..." she curled up against Bobby, "I just wanted somewhere nice for Miriam to play..."

<Jessica> The realisation dawned on her then. She couldn't remember what her daughter looked like.

<Sophie> "That's not..." Sophie cut herself off. "We need to find him. And fast. We should probably move too, Bobby. If you want to tell Hope..."

<Bobby> Shit. He sighed and held her, realizing he needed to talk to Hope. They had to move. "But he was alive?"

<Sophie> <They would want him alive,> Sophie sent to Bobby's mind.

<Jessica> She nodded, not really able to form a coherent sentence.

<Bobby> "Can you tell her? Jess is still a mess... I should stay for a while..." He made a face at the voice in his head. I know, I know... and he knows way too much for us to stay here any longer. Go... and I'll stay at least until Hank comes back.

<Sophie> Sophie gave him a horrified look. Everyone on base knew how Hope felt about Jess and why. "Sure....."

<Jessica> "I can't do this alone again... I said I could but I lied... I can't... I don't want to..."

<Bobby> Bobby gave Sophie a questioning look at her odd behavior, then blinked at Jess. Do... oh. "So the baby's his?"

<Jessica> Jess was more than a little bit offended by the question. "Who the hell else's is it going to be?!"

<Sophie> Sophie hid her laugh as she left. Yeah Jess was clearly damaged by that ordeal.

<Bobby> "Sorry... just, uh, didn't picture him as the, um, paternal type." Bobby winced.

<Jessica> "Well it's not like we planned it..." she shifted slightly into a more comfortable leaning position. "Or like we'll ever find out if he could be..."

<Bobby> Bobby wasn't sure what to say... if STRIKE figured out who he was... and if they had a telepath capable of doing this to Jess, they could find out easily. They could have found out from Jess, in fact. "We'll try to get him back."

<Jessica> "It'll be too late..." she sniffed and reached to brush some of the tears away. "Doesn't matter how you look at it... always too late now..."

<Bobby> There was nothing he could say to that, because she was probably right, so he got up and scooped her up as well to set her back on the bed.

<Jessica> Jess pulled the pillow to her and hugged it, curling up on her side. "Bobby... how do I know what memories are real and which ones they messed with?"

<Bobby> "I dunno, babe. That's the shitty thing about telepaths." He sighed and righted the chair again to sit down.

<Jessica> She turned her head enough to see his face, "I don't remember what Miriam looks like..."

<Bobby> "Well, we can fix that easily enough. She's with Maddie and Paige and when we get moved you can see her." He attempted a smile at her. "Do I look any more familiar?"

<Jessica> She shook her head, with a very apologetic look. "I know your voice... Everything about it is so familiar... the pitch, intonation, speech pattern... I know it inside out..."

<Bobby> "...my bad hick accent?" He laughed.

<Jessica> She managed a small smile, "It's not bad... it's nice... reassuringly familiar..."

<Bobby> "Well, glad it's good for something." He returned the smile and looked out into the room, but Hank hadn't returned that he could see. His smile slowly faded and he didn't know what else to say.

<Jessica> Jess hid her face in the pillow as the awkward silence stretched between them. After a couple of minutes she took a deep breath, mumbling through the pillow, "Can I have a hug?"

<Bobby> "Sure, Jessy..." Bobby got up and moved over to the bed, leaning down to hug her tightly.

<Jessica> Jess extracted the pillow from between them so she could return the hug properly, closing her eyes and being further reassured by the familiarity of it. "I'm really sorry... I know Hope won't care... but I am... I'm so sorry... I didn't think... and I messed up... and I'll do whatever I can to fix it... I promise..."

<Bobby> "I know, babe. It's not your fault... not really." He sighed. All this over a park. "You have, like, the shittiest luck-" Bobby winced on his own words, because, yeah...

<Jessica> She sniffed, managing a small laugh and nodding, "Yeah... I really do..."
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by TechPrincess » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:36 am

<Hope> After getting not only her little family relocated to the new safe house by herself, Hope had also helped coordinate the surprise move as she always did. She could answer Maddie's questions about where Bobby was only so many times. With the shiny distraction of Paige, painting nails, and a girly slumber party with Miriam (even though Gabriel was there), Hope left Maddie in capable Paige hands and went to inspect their own new room.

<Bobby> Bobby found Hope easily enough. He'd just had to follow the yelling. The trail had ended at their new room, however, and he took a deep breath before going in. "Hey, hey, Cupcake... looks like this is a pretty good location for a while, yeah?"

<Hope> "Oh, how nice of you to join me." She fitted the sheet to the mattress, not taking the time to look up at him.

<Bobby> Oh good. He moved to help her, debating if he should bother defending himself against... whatever exactly he'd done wrong... or just wait for her to yell.

<Hope> "Oh don't worrrrry about it. I did the rest without you, I think I can make a bed."

<Bobby> "..." Nope, he still didn't know what to say, so he tucked the sheets under the bed quietly.

<Hope> Bed made and out of distractions, Hope crossed her arms and glanced over at him. "Well?"

<Bobby> "Well what?" He raised his eyebrows and took on the same defensive stance.

<Hope> Hope took a moment to think things through, not sure what exactly she wanted to say to him. "I don't get you at all."

<Bobby> "You..." Wait, what? "You don't get me?"

<Hope> "No. I don't. You stayed with her instead of helping your family relocate." She shook her head a bit, trying to form her words. "I lost you, and I didn't get a second look from her. It's her own fault Sebastian is gone, from what I gather, and you go out of your way to coddle her. So either you really are a fucking saint.... or I don't know what to think."

<Bobby> "Yeah, well, she woke up. Otherwise we wouldn't have known Shar- Sebastian was taken alive and the potential for disaster that means." He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "I'm surprised you didn't stay, since you're so attached to uncle Sharky."

<Hope> "I had to evacuate your child, or did you forget about her?"

<Bobby> "No, I trusted you to take care of it."

<Hope> "And why did you have to stay with her?"

<Bobby> "Because she's my friend." He shook his head, perplexed and tired of this weird jealousy thing.

<Hope> "Yeah... yeah." Hope looked away, biting the inside of her mouth.

<Bobby> "She's pregnant. Did you know that?" He sighed and sat on the bed. "Apparently it's Shaw's?"

<Hope> "Noooooooooo I just decided to randomly order a medical exam on her out of sheer spite."

<Bobby> "I figured that was because of Rachel and the whole yanking the thing out of her head thing." He wriggled his fingers at the back of his head, then looked up at her with a wrinkled brow. "So you did know?"

<Hope> "Of course I knew. I know everything." She smiled a tiny bit, then frowned, looking out the window. How could she just sit here when Sebastian was... well... God only knew what was happening to him?

<Bobby> Bobby shook his head, whistling under his breath. "I dunno... I was never really sure he was even human. Kinda thought he was an automaton... like a sarcastic Brainiac or something."

<Hope> She started to say something, but swallowed her words. "Yeah well, he'll be the godfather of your kid, soon as we get his ass back here."

<Bobby> "...what?" Bobby's eyebrows shot to his hairline and he blinked at her several times.

<Hope> "Oh yes. I asked him just before he went after your friend."

<Bobby> "No. Noooo... no way! Look, I know you have this weird... thing with him... and he's like... I dunno, a smarmier Tony or whatever... but I don't want him that close to my kid!"

<Hope> "You want to stand there and tell me my family can't be close to the rest of my family?"

<Bobby> "Oh he's your family now?"

<Hope> "You act like this is news."

<Bobby> "Whatever. Not that it matters anyway. He's as good as fucking dead and we both know it." Bobby was pissed now. "And good goddamn riddance!"

<Hope> "Right." Hope told him very calmly, picking up her bag from its spot on the floor. "Let's hope you're wrong then."

<Bobby> "Oh, whatever. Look, I know you just know him as your dad's drinking buddy, but that asshole conveniently showed up right before Essex stole all our fucking medical files and you know what happened after that! And you know it was one of those Hellfire assholes who hired Essex to make the legacy virus!"

<Bobby> "Isn't that all so fucking convenient he didn't know jack about it, yet it was his fucking club!"

<Hope> "And right now, he is the only person who knows where my dad is. And if nothing else matters, he does." Hope was surprised by the tears in her eyes. "So you can hate him. I don't care. I love you... but if they find Tony?" She shook her head and headed for the door. Bobby wouldn't care about how Hope felt about Sebastian, but he could appreciate that.

<Bobby> Bobby sighed and scrubbed his hands over his face, getting up to block her escape. "Hope..."

<Hope> Hope paused, looking up at him. "What?"

<Bobby> "Don't... I know you're close to him and I shouldn't have said those things..." Though he'd wanted to for a long, long time. He moved in closer to her.

<Hope> "Don't what?" She asked him softly, resting her head against him.

<Bobby> "Don't go... not like this." He put his hand on hers on the handle of the bag.

<Hope> "Someone has to find him."

<Bobby> It hadn't even occurred to him that she'd try to find him herself. "Babe..." He touched her stomach with his other hand. "Let me and Rae handle that... hell, Rae's already on it. I let her know what Jess had to add. We need that tracker and if he's still alive, surely between Rae and the tracker..."

<Hope> "I can't just sit here... and you don't want to find him."

<Bobby> Bobby sighed. "I know you want to find him, so I want to find him."

<Hope> "Then go see Maddie and then go find him. And all of you better come back." She set the bag down so she could wrap her arms around Bobby, holding him to her.

<Bobby> "So... if I don't find him don't come back?" The mood she was in, he wasn't sure if that was really what she meant or not.

<Hope> Hope poked him in the ribs. "Shut up."

<Bobby> Bobby laughed. "That reminds me... did you find the tracker?"

<Hope> Hope made a face at him. "You had to ask about that."

<Bobby> "...is that a yes or no?" Her face made him make a face too.

<Hope> "I had to hunt through their room. Their ROOM! I had to touch things... that they might have had sex on!"

<Bobby> "Hey, he's your creepy uncle, not mine." He suppressed a laugh. "But did you find it?"

<Hope> "And your friend, not mine," she reminded him. "And yes."

<Bobby> "Is it working?" He decided not to touch the other comment.

<Hope> "Well it's working, but no reading from him."

<Bobby> "Damn. Well... it's something. Maybe he's just out of range." He leaned in and kissed her. "Let
me have it and we'll get started, babe."

<Hope> Hope returned the kiss, but she was reluctant to hand over the device. She looked up into his eyes instead, studying him.

<Bobby> Bobby pulled back, still half-puckered. "What?"

<Hope> Wordlessly, Hope looked down to dig in the bag. She stood back up, looking at the device carefully before handing it over. "Just find him. And come back."

<Bobby> He nodded, once, and took the tablet, then leaned in to kiss her again.

<Hope> She wrapped her arms back around him, returning the kiss. "I love you."

<Bobby> "I love you, too," he said, finally breaking the kiss. "Time to go find Sharky."
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by TechPrincess » Sat Mar 16, 2013 3:39 am

<Hope> Hope sighed and set some flowers in a vase down on the window ledge in the otherwise pretty sparse room Mayday was in. "Come on May..." she told her sadly. Hope slid down into a chair, running her fingers through her hair. Too much going on lately had taken a lot out of her.

<@Eddie> The girl in question was unconscious, under a deep sleep. She rolled over, smiling gently and mumbling something incoherent as she did so. Along her pale face, red veins were knotted and pulsing beneath her skin.

<Hope> Glancing up at the sound, Hope frowned softly. "If I only knew how to wake you up..."

<@Eddie> The redhead coughed, a little spatter of blood staining the sheets of her bed afterwards as the veins seemed to recede behind her hairline. She was still, breathing slowly as the sheet over her started to writhe with activity.

<Hope> "Shit! May!?" Hope moved to her side, trying to figure out what to do. Should she call for help?

<@Eddie> The girl asleep let out a gentle sigh as something moved beneath the sheets behind her. A sable tendril slid free, stroking the side of her face affectionately. She smiled as it did so, the tendril slowly taking the form of.....a hand.

<Hope> Jumping back, Hope backed away even further, not sure what the hell that was about... but she knew she didn't want it to touch her.

<@Eddie> Moments passed as the black tendrils eventually took on the form of a male. Slightly tanned skin, short dark hair, holding the redhead girl beneath the sheets affectionately. He blinked awake, taking a deep breath and sitting up slightly.

<@Eddie> "....'t w'rk....?", he sholered, sitting and rolling out of the bed in a naked slump, falling to the ground in a daze.

<Hope> The hell just happened? Hope blinked, looked around for help. Seeing none, she swallowed and moved to the body, touching it carefully with her finger.

<@Eddie> Hissing as if he'd just been woken up, the male jerked upwards, turning around and looking up at Hope, wide-eyed in confusion. He shuddered, looking at his hand and then back at her.

<@Eddie> "......'m alive...", he managed, looking around in disbelief and panic, "....'should be....th' napalm...a-and the....gunshots, kids and....eh...er....erm...", he looked like he was in shock, eyes darting around as he tried to make sense of his surroundings.

<Hope> "And naked." Hope looked around for something... anything... to cover up her not so dead friend. "But alive!" But totally naked.

<@Eddie> Still shaking, he sat up, looking at his hands, "...E-....Eddie Brock. Twenty-three years old. Police officer. Vigilantee, codename Venom of the X-Men. Father: Doctor Jonathan Brock. Current r-....residence....is..." he shook his head, "N-no....no this is all wrong, isn't it..."

<@Eddie> He shook his head, "....I-I was dead. I....should be dead."

<Hope> "So I was told..." Hope knelt down and put the blanket over his lower half, then took his hand. "Are you in any pain?"

<@Eddie> "C-can't think....", Eddie managed, curling his knees up into his chest and pulling the blanket around himself, "...c-can't...slow my heart down. B-body's....in panic mode.", he admitted with a shuddering laugh, suddenly gasping and grabbing Hope's shoulders, "Wait, where's Liza!? WE NEED TO GO AND-....!!!", he snapped back, releasing her and crawling backwards with a horrified expression.

<@Eddie> "S-she's dead....oh, God.....no. No.....nonono, not like that....", he muttered, hands covering his face, "....s-she didn't....t-that...it didn't. It can't have....."

<Hope> "Eddie if you don't calm down, I'll lower the temperature and force your heart rate to slow. Just... focus on me. Look at me. Just... breathe."

<@Eddie> Doing as he was told, Eddie looked up into her eyes, taking deep breaths that became gradually slower. Moments later, he sighed, nodding and resting a hand on his chest, "....never done that before.", he looked over at Mayday, "Jesus....I'd be dead if not for her.",

<Hope> "You were like... tagging onto her?" Hope glanced over to Mayday, getting up to check on her pulse.

<@Eddie> Eddie nodded, "She's still alive. I.....can tell.", he looked confused as to exactly how that was possible, "But her health...me being in there so long has caused her a lot of trouble. She...might be deteriorating..."

<Hope> "What can I do for her?" Hope glanced over at Eddie, really unable to hold it in any longer. She moved to him and wrapped her arms around him tightly.

<@Eddie> "I don't think y-...", Eddie blinked, wrapping his arms around her also, "It's....good to see you again.", he sighed, "I...missed you."

<Hope> Hope was surprised to find herself crying on him. "I missed you too," she admitted. "A lot."

<@Eddie> Holding her gently, Eddie stroked her back, "Hey...it's alright. I'm here now, 'k? I'm here...."

<Hope> "I'm sorry... It's just a lot, you know?" She rested her head against him. "You are back from the dead."

<@Eddie> "Y-yeah.....", he nodded, "Hard to believe....I was dead...Jesus Christ....",

<Hope> "I lost Johnny." She looked down at her shoes for that one.

<@Eddie> Eddie's shoulders sank, ".....oh, God, I'm so sorry....", he held Hope a little tighter at that, "....are they all....?"

<Hope> "A lot of us are still here. Still together. We find more all the time... so I lost both of you... but you're back! So that's happy!" She kissed his cheek. "And look! More happy!" She pointed at her stomach.

<@Eddie> "Woah, y-you're....pregnant?", Eddie looked down at her stomach, "W-why? In the midst of....wait, i-is it over? A-are we....d-did we win?"

<Hope> "No. It was an... accident? Surprise? Unexpected, whatever you want to call it." She blushed a little.

<@Eddie> Frowning a little, Eddie sighed, "So you thought having a baby was a good idea? Amidst all this?", he cringed, "I can't.....can't stop replaying it. I was dead....h-how....how long has it BEEN like this?"

<Hope> "Well I didn't think it was a good idea, no. Not like there was another choice. And it's been... 3 years. Coming on 4. Working on ending it as soon as possible, but we just recently got big enough to do anything."

<@Eddie> "....three years.", Eddie shook his head, arms falling to his sides, "....I've been dead for three years...?"

<Hope> "Yeah... three very long, awful years."

<@Eddie> For a while, Eddie remained silent. He looked over at Mayday, asleep in bed and sighed, the silence a fitting reply to what he'd heard.

<@Eddie> Finding his voice again, he looked back to Hope, "So....what do we do?"

<Hope> "We fight. We stay on the move so they can't find us. We stay invisible unless we want to be seen. And we end this. Then we can.. pick up what is left of our lives and move on." She nudged him a bit, gently. "And if you're up for it.. I have a job in mind for you."

<@Eddie> Eddie frowned a little, "I....don't even know if I can use my power right at the moment.", he confessed, "...I can't hear it..."

<Hope> "Take your time. Get yourself put back together. I kind of run the resistance, so whatever you want, just ask."

<@Eddie> He nodded, "Thanks, Hope. For now....", he looked over at Mayday again, "....if I can get something to wear, I...wanna stay with her. Just for a while..."

<Hope> Hope snickered a bit and rubbed his head. "What's the matter, don't want everyone to see it all" She got to her feet though, heading for the door.

<@Eddie> "Prolonged sight'd probably give you twins...", he replied with a hollow smile, slowly standing and sitting on the bed. The redhead inside it turned to him, leaning a cheek against his knee, "...shh.", Eddie stroked her hair gently, "...thank you."

<Hope> "I'll be right back with your clothes... and some food." Hope smiled softly at him, then headed out.

<@Eddie> Waiting for her to be gone, Eddie eventually lay beside Mayday, stroking her hair and smiling at her, "Three years...", he repeated to himself, considering the words.

<@Eddie> We have waited a LONG time...

<@Eddie> 'That we have...'

<@Eddie> Smile remaining, he kissed the redhead's cheek, "Baby steps....", he sighed to himself, "...all things in time, hm?"
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:24 am

<@Jessica> Jess sat on the bed in what was apparently her room where Heather had left her and tried to work out where to put things. She held the plush spider in her lap and chewed on her lip.

<Bobby> The first effort at finding Shaw had been fruitless, and now Bobby was back in the safe house. He saw Hope first, telling her the bad news, and then went to Jess.

<Bobby> He knocked on the door of her room, chewing on his lip.

<@Jessica> "Who is it...?" She called as she got to her feet, taking the spider plush with her.

<Bobby> "It's me." He sighed at himself, rolling his eyes. "Bobby..."

<@Jessica> "You don't have to give me your name, you know." She told him, opening the door, "I recognise your voice. I'm the one with memory problems and even I can remember having that conversation."

<Bobby> "Okay. Well, I was just... being thorough..." Of course he winced just as she opened the door. "Hey..."

<@Jessica> "Hey... you were gone for a while... you in trouble?"

<Bobby> "Naaah, no more than usual" Bobby grinned brightly.

<@Jessica> "So... that's a yes?" She chewed her lip, "I feel like it's my fault."

<Bobby> "No, it's not." He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Not really. Hope's just... no. No, it's not your fault, and it's not the point." Looking past her into the room, he nodded slightly. "Can I come in for a second?"

<@Jessica> "Sure..." She stepped aside, running a hand through her hair, "Wasn't sure where to start with putting things away so... forgive the mess...."

<Bobby> "No problem." Bobby stepped into the room and closed the door himself, looking around at the jumble of items. Some of them were clearly masculine and he sighed. "I went looking for Sebastian, too... I just wanted you to know that. I tried the tracking device and so far, nothing."

<Bobby> "I'm sorry." He licked his lips and looked up at her through his lashes. "Rae and I are already planning to go out again."

<@Jessica> "It's okay..." she went back to the bed, crawling onto it and curling up. "You don't have to... he's probably dead by now..."

<Bobby> Though he agreed, he couldn't show it. "Babe, I know you love him, and, uh, you're not the only one.

<Bobby> " He sat down and put his hand on her shoulder. "Hope loves him, too. And we'll keep looking for him. If we find him, we'll get him out."

<@Jessica> "But there's no sense endangering yourself to get him back... what if they get you too? Then I won't have anyone... and Maddie won't have either of her parents... why does it have to be you?"

<Bobby> "Hey, I'm not endangering anything." He leaned over and grinned at her. "If you remember me, you remember I can poof off into nothing and I'm good."

<@Jessica> "That doesn't mean you'll always get away..." She rolled onto her back. "I don't know what to do now..."

<Bobby> "But I do." Except for that one time, when he was with Sebastian. Bobby watched her, picking up the spider and flipping its legs. "There's nothing you can do, babe. We'll look for him, until we get some kind of answer."

<@Jessica> "I should be looking... this is my fault..." She lifted her hands to cover her face. "I didn't mean to... I didn't know I was doing it..."

<Bobby> "Well, yeah, you had that thing in your head and a telepath fucking with you." He scruffed the spider's legs over her hands. "Babe, you're pregnant... you shouldn't have to do this." Bobby stopped and licked his lips. "He wouldn't want you to risk it."

<@Jessica> "I shouldn't be pregnant!" She rolled over and put her back to him, "They told me I couldn't... not anymore... they fucked up and now I have to raise another child without his or her father."

<Bobby> "Yeah... I thought they, um, fixed... everybody. Who, uh, worked for them..."

<@Jessica> "They do... every mutant that crosses the threshold..." she closed her eyes, "I suppose they didn't read carefully enough..."

<Bobby> "Hope knew about it... the baby... so, um, I guess Sebastian knew." Bobby was still creeped out by this idea that Jess was bearing his spawn.

<@Jessica> She nodded, "I told him as soon as I found out... he deserved to know... at least I got to tell him..."

<Bobby> Morbid curiosity got the best of him. "I just never imagined him as a father, I guess."

<@Jessica> "I don't think he did either..." she pulled a pillow to her, "But he's good with Miriam... he makes an effort... I thought he'd be upset... I thought he'd want me to leave... or something... but he didn't..."

<Bobby> Somewhat surprised himself, Bobby nodded. "We'll keep looking for him, Jess."

<@Jessica> She sighed, "Just don't take any stupid risks, okay?" she burried her face in the pillow.

<Bobby> "Nope. No worries. I've got my own baby to live for, Jessy." Leaning down, he kissed her cheek.

<@Jessica> She nodded, rolling onto her back again to pull him into a hug. "Speaking of babies..."

<Bobby> Bobby returned the hug, realizing Hope would shit herself and punch him if she saw it. "Yeah, let's go see your baby girl."

<@Jessica> "I don't know what to say to her..." she clung to him a little fearfully, not ready to give up the hug just yet, "She likes Sebastian..."

<Bobby> "Yeah, but you're her mommy." He kissed her temple.

<@Jessica> "What kind of a mother am I? First I let her be born into that horrible place, then I abandon her and now I can't remember what she looks like..." she turned her face into his shoulder. "And I have to tell her that Sebastian's gone..."

<Bobby> "We might find him, babe. I hope we do." In what condition was the real question, he supposed.

<@Jessica> "I don't know what I'm supposed to do now... I don't know what's normal now..." She let him go to curl up on her side again.

<Bobby> "Normal's kinda relative for everybody. Let's just go see her. I promise she'll be happy to see you and then you can learn her face over again." He reached over and rubbed her upper arm.

<@Jessica> She nodded, trying to pull herself together. "I don't think I should tell her yet..."

<Bobby> "About Sebastian? You don't have to. There's no reason."

<@Jessica> "What if she hears it...?" she sat up, running a hand through her hair and looking for her shoes.

<Bobby> "No reason to make extra trouble. Just wait a day or so then... just so she doesn't have to deal with everything all at once, yeah?" He got up and went to the door, looking around the room again at their packs.

<@Jessica> She nodded again, finally locating her shoes and pulling them on before she went and picked up the plush spider. "Bobby... Rachel got rid of everything they did to me, right? Anything they might have planted in my head?"

<Bobby> "Yeah, babe... she cleaned out everything she could, everything that seemed implanted, and the shield device is gone, so she can always check again if you want."

<@Jessica> She shook her head, "Just... keep thinking what if there's something still in there... and I go back out again..." she moved over to join him at the door.

<Bobby> "Um, yeah, no. Believe me... you are on the watch list now, babe." He flashed her a somewhat apologetic smile.

<@Jessica> "Okay... yeah... I thought I would be... but what if there's a failsafe or something... I don't know..." She looked down at the floor. "Let's go..."

<Bobby> "Well, we might put one of those trackers in you then." He opened the door, feeling the back pocket of his jeans for the miniature tablet.

<@Jessica> "I don't think a tracker would help with that...." Not with the kinds of failsafe she'd expect them to use anyway.

<Bobby> Bobby glanced at her. "We can have Rae look again, babe, but I'm sure she thought of it."

<@Jessica> Jess nodded, "Maybe... maybe later.... maybe not Rachel...." she fidgeted with the spider plush as they walked.

<Bobby> "Sophie? She was worried about you and she's nice." He glanced at her, pulling the tablet from his pocket to check it.

<@Jessica> "Yeah... I think I'd feel better if it was her... maybe... don't really like people being in my head..." her eyes followed the tablet even though she wasn't sure she wanted to know what it said.

<Bobby> It didn't say anything - still no contact with the tracker. He thumbed it back off and studied it, noticing the marking etched into a corner. It was a crown. He snorted and shook his head. "Let's go see Mimi."
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Mar 18, 2013 4:24 am

Jessica: Jess lay curled up on her side, staring at a picture and trying to remember whose faces were staring back at her. Frustratingly, she was getting nowhere. After several more minutes, she tossed the picture to the edge of the bed and rolled over to put her face in the pillow.

Hope: Remembering that most women had trouble with morning sickness and also remembering that Jess was batshit at the time, she grabbed a box of crackers, a bottle of ginger ale, and headed to Shaw and Jess' door. She made a face, realizing Sebastian hadn't even set foot in the room yet. Bobby better find him. She knocked a bit.

Jessica: Jess groaned a little and sat up, running a hand through her hair as she slid off the bed to answer the door. Opening it, she frowned a little as she tried to put a name to the face. Nope. No good. "Um..."

Hope: "Don't know if you've had any issues or not, but a lot of people have issues with morning sickness." She handed Jess the box and the bottle.

Jessica: "Oh... um... thank you...?" Hope. That was Hope.... Wait. She eyed the crackers. Was it a trap?

Hope: "Yeah... no problem." She ran a hand through her red hair awkwardly. "So um... yeah."

Jessica: "Uh... did you want to come in?" She moved out of the way a little.

Hope: Hope eyed the room. They hadn't sexed up that room yet. It might be safe... right? "Uh... sure. I can't stay long." She went on in to the room, glancing around again. She felt a pang of sadness when she thought of who else was supposed to be in that room.

Jessica: Jess put the crackers and bottle down on the bed side table and picked up the plush spider as she sat down, holding it in her lap. "I'm... I'm really sorry for what happened... I know it was my fault... but I don't remember doing any of it... I didn't know what I was doing..."

Hope: "I'm more curious about how STRIKE got to you in the first place. Any idea when that happened?" Hope leaned back agaisnt the wall, arms behind her.

Jessica: She gave a small shrug, "It must have been a couple of weeks ago when I got attacked in the park... that's the only time I've been out alone..."

Hope: "And whhhhy were you out alone?"

Jessica: "I was looking for somewhere for Miriam to play outside... maybe the other kids too... I thought it'd be easier on my own... faster to fly than walk..."

Hope: "And what is your conclusion on that plan?"

Jessica: "I know it was stupid if that's what you're getting at." She lay back on the bed, covering her face with her hands (and the spider plush). "It was a stupid thing to do and now Sebastian's probably dead and it's all my fault. I know, okay? You don't have to rub it in."

Hope: "Did I say a word? I just asked what your conclusion was. I think it is a noble idea, one I've struggled with as well. I would recommend taking a team to do that, as there is safety in numbers. Telepaths are your friend outside this building. As for Sebastian... We'll just have to wait and see."

Jessica: "They're not my friend as evidenced by the massive hole in the back of my head and in my memories." she pointed out. She left the comment about Sebastian. She didn't want to give herself false hope.

Hope: "STRIKE and impatient Rachel... Rachel repaired a lot, but really you should thank Sophie. From what I gather, she repaired a lot of the damage. Could possibly fix more if you trusted her, but that is your call. The medical exam was to be sure you were pregnant, which you are, so um... Congratulations. I know you like the whole.... motherhood... stuff..."

Jessica: "Sophie can't repair the hardware... Harvey said my brain needs to heal...." She rolled onto her side and curled up again. "I'm not supposed to be pregnant... I don't want to do it alone again... it was hard enough the first time..."

Hope: "Well that's fair enough. And you think I did? Bobby was dead and I didn't get any support from any of you. And in what world do you think Bobby would let you have to do this all on your own? Regardless of if we find Sebastian, he will help you." And they'd likely fight about it. "And no, it's not the same, but it's better than her being off down in a building and you never getting to see her."

Jessica: "He'll have his own child to raise." She sighed, "This shouldn't have happened... they said I couldn't..."

Hope: "And he thinks he's Super Man and can do it all. Plus Paige is around and she's a built in day care. You aren't alone so stop playing the victim card. There are people who care about you or at least your baby enough to help."

Jessica: "I can't keep relying on other people. They leave or they die or I fuck it up somehow. If I don't learn from this then what's the point?"

Hope: "Jess. You can't have it both ways. Either you rely on people or you do it alone. Pick one."

Jessica: "I don't know what to do. I don't know how I'm supposed to know what to do. I don't want to have to rely on other people all the time but no one seems to have any faith in me to be able to actually cope on my own so what's the point in trying? Maybe they're right? How should I know?"

Hope: "Why do you care so much what other people think of you?"

Jessica: "Because people can't keep their thoughts to themselves."

Hope: "Annnnnd?"

Jessica: "And there's only so many times you can brush it off like it doesn't hurt... before it starts to really hurt."

Hope: "No there's not." Hope grinned at her a bit. "How many times have I been called a bitch?"

Jessica: "Maybe not for you... but there's a point for me. After years of this. Years of being called a whore and knowing it's true, years of being called a traitor and fearing it's true even if it isn't. It gets to you, Hope. It gets to me and I need it to stop if I'm ever going to get to a place where I can stand on my own two feet."

Hope: "Only you can choose how you act, Jess. If you want people to treat you differently, make them."

Jessica: "How?! I've been doing my level best to maintain a relationship and help out and raise Miriam in the two hours a day I see her and for what? Nothing changes. And now Sebastian's gone and I'm pregnant and I have no idea what the hell I'm supposed to do with that."

Hope: "Obviously you have because I didn't arrest you."

Jessica: "You wouldn't have gotten anywhere whether you did or not. I didn't know what I was doing. You think I wanted to be used as a spy? You think I asked for that?"

Hope: "We'd be having a different conversation if I thought that, Jess. And now you understand why going out alone is so dangerous. Even I get yelled at for doing it. So relax. We don't know anything for sure about Sebastian, so there is no point freaking out until we do, ok? And you have a very good reason to try and remain calm."

Jessica: "I wish everyone would stop saying that. Stop saying that he's coming back."

Hope: "I said we don't know. And he's been my family a hell of a lot longer than he's been your... boyfriend... whatever. So until we know for sure, we don't know. If you want to be Pessimistic Polly go ahead, but I'm not going there."

Jessica: "Call it pessimism if you want. I call it realism. I don't want to hold onto the hope of something that might never happen. I did that with Kevin."

Hope: "You aren't holding out hope. You are waiting for news before you react."

Jessica: "If he turns up I'll be happy... if he doesn't then I'd rather get a head start on moving on because I could be waiting a really long time otherwise."

Hope: "It makes you sound really... heartless that you are moving on and he may not even be dead."

Jessica: "Look...." she sat up, running a hand through her hair and looking at Hope, "I've done this before. I've done the whole pregnant with no clue where the father is. And I waited and hoped and I was so happy when he walked back into my life... for about three seconds. Then he gave me that look and ran. He ran from me. I won't go through that again. I can't."

Hope: "Just... wait a couple of days. Just until Rachel and Bobby get back. Deal? If they don't come back with him, I'll help you plan a memorial and shit."

Jessica: "I'm not just going to get over it." She rolled her eyes, "It'll take months. Stop fretting like I'm going to just hop into bed with someone else."

Hope: "It's not that.... it's.. a... psychological thing. If you think he's dead...."

Jessica: "It's too late for that."

Hope: "I'm not giving up yet. But if they don't come back with him... we can plan a memorial ok?"

Jessica: Jess shook her head, "I won't go..."

Hope: "Suit yourself." Hope shrugged a bit.

Jessica: She sighed, reaching for the picture and looking at it again. Still no good. "I don't remember what he looks like."

Hope: "That isn't your fault. And hopefully he comes back, but outside of that, hopefully the memories will come back."

Jessica: "Who are they?" She held the picture out to her, "I found it in a book... been trying to remember..."

Hope: Hope took the picture, biting on her bottom lip before handing it back. "Your parents."

Jessica: "... Oh." She looked at the picture again then away at the wall, swallowing hard. "Th-thanks..."

Hope: "Yeah... no problem. Get some rest... you need it." Hope headed for the door.

Jessica: "I'll try.... I'd really rather have something to do... but I can understand if you want me to stay here out of the way..."

Hope: "Find something you want to do, just don't leave the safe house. If my ass is stuck here so is yours."

Jessica: "I won't leave... where would I go?"

Hope: "To find a park." Hope smiled at her a bit. "But we'll find them one, ok? And secure it."

Jessica: "I already learned that lesson. I told them to kill me, you know... begged them... I'd rather that than betray you all... I know it doesn't change anything but I want you to know that."

Hope: "Jess, it could have happened to anyone. That's why I was more interested in how they got to you. You fucked up. I get it. Stop blaming yourself and do something useful... like cook."

Jessica: "When I feel like I can be around food, I'll cook. It's about the only thing I'm really good at other than killing people anyway..."

Hope: Hope gave her a better smile. "Sounds like a plan then. Thanks, Jess."

Jessica: "You're welcome... and thanks... for not yelling at me..."

Hope: "No point in yelling if you know you messed up," she shrugged a bit. "I try to save that for when people don't know they are stupid now."

Jessica: "The amount of times you've told me, I ought to know by now. For future reference, I also know that I'm a whore so you can leave that bit out..."

Hope: "Hey I don't care who you sleep with as long as it isn't Bobby."

Jessica: "Like I keep saying... I'm not going to take him from you. Your baby needs its father..."

Hope: "But see that stipulation you tack on is what worries me. That you only don't want him because of the kid."

Jessica: "That's not a stipulation... it'd be the same if you were pregnant or not. If I'd known how you felt about each other I wouldn't have slept with him that one time... I'd have found someone else... I know you don't trust me for whatever reason but I'm telling you... I don't want to hurt you. I never wanted to..."

Hope: "You never do it to hurt someone. You do it because it feels good at the time and you don't think about how it will impact anyone else but you at the time."

Jessica: She shook her head, "Not that time... I did it because I wanted to feel close to someone... he was the first person in four years that treated me like a person... you have no idea what that's like.... I got caught up... and... I know it's no excuse... it didn't really mean anything... it's the only high I can get...."

Hope: "I'm not talkiing about with Bobby. I don't really hold it against you, so much as his own stupid ass. And I hate to bring it up because it was 5 fucking years ago, but you knew about Johnny and how I felt and did it anyway. So it's hard for me to swallow that you won't do it again. It's hard to trust you after that. You were my person, not just my friend."

Jessica: "I know... and I'm sorry... I don't know what I was thinking... I was hurting after Danny and he was just... there.... I'm sorry it happened... and I'm sorry it hurt you... we agreed we wouldn't tell you because we didn't want to hurt you... and maybe a little bit because I was worried you'd actually kill me..."

Hope: "I probably should have. But it's a little late for that. But do you see why it's so hard to just accept your word now? It's hard!"

Jessica: "I know... but there's only so many times I can say I'm sorry... I don't want to do that again... I don't... and if I ever did I'd never forgive myself... I promise I won't hurt you if you can help it... that's all I can do.... this whole incident has proved I don't have a lot of control over my mind..."

Hope: "Well hopefully Sebastian comes back and it won't be an issue."

Jessica: "I love him, Hope..."

Hope: "I know you do."

Jessica: "And I know the baby is his... Bobby asked so I'm sure you're thinking the same... it can't be anyone elses..."

Hope: "Well it can... depending on how far along you are. I mean, if I were you I probably wouldn't want to get the paternity test done, but it might be a good idea. Unless you don't want to know otherwise."

Jessica: She shook her head, "It can't be more than a few weeks... I was careful every time before that... and I'm not far enough along for it to be anyone else's anyway. I've seen no one else since Bobby went missing..."

Hope: "The test for peace of mind, all I'm saying. Well... do you need anything else?"

Jessica: "I don't need a test. I know." She assured her. "And Sebastian knew before he went too. That's all that matters."

Hope: "Yeah he claimed it... guess that's the important part. He's the one who told me."

Jessica: "After I told him not to... if he was here I'd kick his ass..."

Hope: "Well don't. It's thanks to him that you got examined when you did. Imagine if he hadn't?"

Jessica: "If he hadn't, my brain would be scrambled egg and I wouldn't care..."

Hope: "Well, likely. But still. Come on. Find the good in something. You don't always have to focus on the bad."

Jessica: "I can't help it... so many bad things just keep happening. It never ends."

Hope: "Yeah and I have just as many bad things happening. Do you see me wallowing?"

Jessica: "You have better things to do with your time - you're leading the resistance."

Hope: "And you are helping and raising a kid and growing another."

Jessica: "Helping for two hours a day. It's almost as bad as being back there." She shook her head. "I need more... I need less free time to think about this stuff so I can move on properly. I have too much downtime to think and it'll be a hundred times worse without Sebastian here to distract me. I need things to do so... so anything you can think of that needs doing that I can do please let me do it."

Hope: "Help with the kids, help clean up things, help with laundry, dishes, more cooking. We're feeding a whole army and their families. There is always work to be done. As I think of specific things I'll send them your way too."

Jessica: She nodded, "Thanks... Hope... can we... can we really put all of this behind us now? Please? Just leave it where it belongs..."

Hope: "That depends entirely on whether or not I can trust you."

Jessica: "You can trust that I believe what I'm saying. I don't know what things they put in my head or if Rachel got it all out... but as far as the other stuff goes... you can trust me. I promise."

Hope: "My threat still stands." She winked at her, but opened the door. "See you later, Jess."

Jessica: Was that a yes? She frowned a little. "Yeah... I'll make dinner... just... give me an hour..." she looked at the picture of her parents. How could she have forgotten their faces too?
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by TechPrincess » Wed Mar 20, 2013 1:52 am

<Hope> Working was about the only way to keep her mind off Bobby and Sebastian being gone. Hope glanced over at the empty work desk and sighed. She shook her head and went back to her teleportation device. She needed so... so many of them.

<Hisako> Entering the room slowly, Hisako darted her eye from left to right, spotting Hope, "Stark.", she announced, stepping inside, katana in her left hand, long, jet black, over-sized coat draping around her, "Are you busy?"

<Hope> Blinking a few times, Hope carefully set her project down. She turned her chair to face Hisako, eying the katana. "I can be unbusy. What's up?"

<Hisako> "You are sending Rachel to find Sebastian Shaw.", Hisako recapped, "I wish to join her."

<Hope> "Bobby is also going. Catch up with them. Oh. And take these." She passed Hisako three teleportation devices. "Just in case."

<Hisako> Hisako shook her head, "We will be fine. And if we are not and they capture these devices, we will be imperilling the group.", she raised a hand to push them gently away, "You worry too much of late, Stark."

<Hope> "I have plenty of reasons to." Hope smiled at her weakly, but set the devices back down.

<Hisako> Turning to leave, Hisako paused, taking a soft breath before turning back to her, "....do you....wish to talk about anything, Stark?"

<Hope> "I don't want to burden you, Hisako... and you have a very, very important job to do right now."

<Hisako> "Fighting to secure the future...", Hisako's eye narrowed slightly, "...or protecting Bobby Drake?", she frowned slightly, "You are not quite as iron-sided as you pretend these days."

<Hope> "I've never been as iron-sided as I pretend to be. Well, maybe right after Johnny died... when I didn't really have anything to lose. But other than that, no, not really. And the important job you have right now is to protect Shaw and get him back alive and hopefully unprobed mentally as much as possible."

<Hisako> Nodding, Hisako turned again, "If you say so, Stark.", she shrugged, making her way out, "See you later then..."

<Hope> "Seriously though... he knows a lot, Hisako... please find him."

<Hisako> "Hai, Hai.", the raven-haired swordwielder waved above her head.

<Hope> Hope smiled and shook her head, watching Hisako go.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Wed Mar 20, 2013 6:11 pm

<Shaw> Locked in the small cell by the interrogation room, Sebastian no longer posed any threat, yet STRIKE was taking no chances. Chained to a metal chair and to the wall behind it, he was long past physical resistance.

<Shaw> Now, he was in a state halfway between consciousness and sleep, unable to really bring himself fully awake, and wishing he could sleep, if only to escape for a while. The inhibitor collar dug into his throat and he tried moving his head again to relieve the pressure, letting it loll to the other side. It wasn't much better.

<Monet> Monet tucked the tracker in her back pocket and flew in a strafing pattern around the cell where she had heard Sebastian had ended up. She would be damned if anyone got to kill him before her. She surface scanned minds of mutants she could feel to try and locate him. Finally, she found a barred window with a man that seemed insane. That had to be him.

<Monet> She floated next to it and peered inside. "Aren't you just lovely?"

<Shaw> It took a while for the words to register and longer for him to open his eyes and raise his head. The room was still empty. Shifting his weight, he winced when the movement strained his shoulders. Even collared, when he'd first arrived he was able to overpower a couple of human guards.

<Shaw> That was a mistake that wasn't repeated once they'd dislocated his shoulders. Wrenching them back into place had been his first reward for cooperation, but now his arms were kept secured behind him, at both the elbow and wrist. He couldn't feel his hands anymore.

<Monet> Monet smirked at the pain on his face and rested her arm on the edge of the window as she watched him. "It's a sad, pathetic day, when you can't break free, isn't it?"

<Shaw> He tipped his head back to stare at the stark white ceiling. Why would his internal monologue sound like Monet? What new torture was this?

<Monet> "The day has come, Sebastian, when you are weaker than anyone in the world. How do you feel about that?"

<Shaw> How did he feel? He didn't care so much right now, and his eyelids fluttered and started to slide closed again.

<Monet> Monet frowned as his eyes closed. "Wake up, damn you! You're not allowed to escape the horrible reality by sleeping!"

<Shaw> If only he could. So, that made him laugh, but the sound was broken and humorless and simply made him cough. The pain flared again from a dozen places, forcing his face to contort into a rictus.

<Monet> Monet smirked at his pain, completely joyous about it, even though she wished she had caused it. "Sebastian." Wake. Up!

<Shaw> This finally caused him to jump and he looked at the door again, but the room was still empty. He shook his head, which helped not at all. Hoarsely, he screamed, "What? What now? End this farce - just end it!"

<Monet> Monet actually laughed at this. "You're going insane. Maybe I should leave you to rot for a few weeks and see how far gone you become."

<Shaw> It was really a voice, and it was coming from a point to his left. He twisted as best as he could in the restraints. How had he not noticed a window before? There couldn't be... so now he was absolutely certain he was going insane. "Oh, of course it'd be you."

<Monet> "So, what do you say? Should I leave you for a few weeks?"

<Shaw> Sebastian's response was vile and in French, then: "I refuse to carry on conversations with hallucinations."

<Monet> Monet laughed again, "I am not a hallucination." <If I were, I couldn't give you this bad of a headache.>

<Shaw> Her mental attack made him scream and struggle against the bonds again, though there was nowhere to go - no way to escape.

<Monet> Monet sighed and let up. "Would you like to stay and rot? Or would you like for me to let you out?"

<Shaw> All he could do was pant and stare at her where she leaned against the window like she was out for a pleasure trip.

<Monet> Monet frowned, disappointed that he was so out of it. "Alright then. Stay, it is. I'll see you later then. If you don't die first, that is."

<Shaw> "Monet..." He gathered his wits... what did he have to lose? "Yes... s'il vous plaît."

<Monet> "S'il vous plait, que?"

<Shaw> "Get me out... or kill me..." he paused for a breath, "but don't leave me here... please."

<Monet> Monet grinned. This was brilliant. She pulled out some of the bars. Enough to fit through and flew through them, landing in front of him with her hands on her hips. "That's what I like to hear."

<Shaw> Sebastian stared up at her, his face blank. "Just do it."

<Monet> "Do what, exactly?" She pulled the tracker out of her pocket and held it in front of his face. "Get followed by you?" Monet crushed it against the side of his head.

<Shaw> By the time his eyes focused on the small tracking device, she'd already mashed it into his hair and he felt a new burning cut. So much for the tracking device he'd tagged himself with - the one he'd thought about endlessly as his last hope. His last hope of Hope.

<Shaw> This made him laugh again, the laugh turning to a cough that brought up old blood. He spat it at her feet.

<Monet> Monet looked down at her feet with a humorless look. "Alright then. Rot for all I care. Au revoir, Sebastian."

<Shaw> "Oh, but you care all too much. Why would you deprive yourself of the pleasure of killing me?" He put on a leer, his teeth stained with blood. "As I certainly took pleasure in our last encounter."

<Monet> Monet punched him in the nose then flew towards the window.

<Shaw> The force of the blow knocked him back in his chair, blood exploding from his nose. Last chance at any form of escape now gone, he sagged in the chair with a strangled sob.

<Monet> Monet laughed and stopped halfway to the window, turning to face him, floating with her hands on her hips. "Beg."

<Shaw> Sebastian looked up at her, gasping and licking the blood from his lips. "Please. S'il vous plaît... per favore... end this..."

<Monet> Monet sighed and went back to him and helped him sit up straight, looking at his wounds. "You need serious medical attention. I guess it's a good thing that I know how to do things such as that. But first, we have to get you out of here."

<Shaw> All he could do was stare at her and pant, unwilling to hope she meant it.

<Monet> Monet brushed his hair off of his forehead and tried to get his eyes to focus. "I need you to pay close attention, Sebastian. We have to get out of here, but that requires flying. You have to hold on to me. Can you do that?"

<Shaw> He nodded dumbly, feeling tears tracking down his face.

<Monet> Monet wiped the tears away with a sigh. "Alright. Wait here." She went back to the window and took out the rest of the bars before returning to him. "Okay then. Up you come." She reached behind him and snapped the chains holding him to the wall, then the ones holding his hands and arms together.

<Shaw> He searched her face and did as he was told. It didn't matter now if she really took him from here or if she killed him, he decided.

<Monet> Monet knelt down and scooped him up gingerly, "Wrap your arms around my neck."

<Shaw> It hurt but he did it, closing his eyes and gritting his teeth. "...merci, Monet."

<Monet> "De rien." She lifted off the ground, careful how she moved him around, so as not to hurt him further, then flew out the window, listening intently for any guards nearby. "As soon as we make it back, I will take care of your wounds, then you."

<Shaw> The further they got from the camp, the less it mattered to him what she did, and eventually, he lost consciousness altogether.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Fri Mar 22, 2013 1:56 am

Rachel: Rachel wasn't entirely sure how she was supposed to track down Shaw, other than wander around and hope she picked up his mental signature, however she hadn't had any luck so far. She blew out a sigh and, ducking into an alley, momentarily paused.

Hisako: "What did you see?", Hisako asked her, leaning against a wall with her large coat's hood up, obscuring her face in shadow. Her sword was over her shoulder, hanging loosely between her and the brick wall, "Any trackers?"

Rachel: "I didn't see anything," she answered, casting a look over her shoulder to the other girl, "There's some about to come by here, but they should be easy enough to pick off."

Hisako: Stepping away from the wall, Hisako let her sword sling down to her hand, "Allow me....", she stepped past Rachel, drawing her sword in a fluid movement.

Rachel: "Go for it," Rachel replied, gesturing toward the open street as she leaned back against the wall herself.

Hisako: Hisako waited, standing still as the patrolling mark came past. Riot armor never saved them. Her psionic armor flickered amber around her, grasping the armed male in a choke-hold and spinning him into the alleyway, where he met the hooded girl's outstretched blade.

Hisako: Gliding it free from his chest, she swung the blade to cast the blood off, spattering the walls of the alley with the scarlet fluid before sheathing her katana. The armor cast the body aside behind a skip.

Rachel: A thin telekinetic barrier kept her safe from the blood splatter, and she cast the body a quick glance, "One down," looking back to Hisako, she asked, "Does that make it my turn?"

Hisako: "Mm.", Hisako shrugged, turning and walking back to where she was stood before, leaning on the wall and throwing her katana over her shoulder again.

Rachel: Waiting and pick them off one by one was likely completely unfair, as none of the agents were equipped to deal with either her or Hisako. Grasping the next one with her telekinesis, Rachel pulled him into the shadowed alley, his form already limp as he joined his fellow patrolman on the gritty pavement.

Rachel: "We should find something more challenging," she commented, though she supposed finding Shaw should be challenging enough.

Hisako: Hisako tilted her head beneath her hood, "You think killing can be a game?", she hummed, "I wonder...do you enjoy it?"

Rachel: "When it's people that'd kill me without any hesitation, why not?" Rachel shrugged, not bothering to answer the second question. She didn't have an answer she cared to share because there was a small part of her that did enjoy it.

Hisako: Smirking visibly, Hisako stepped away from the wall, "Like a hound that tastes blood, you like it.", she stated, walking down the alleyway.

Rachel: Rachel pulled a slight face at the word hound and moved to follow Hisako. There'd been a time she hadn't particularly enjoyed it, but she'd long since become numb to the feeling. "Yeah, well... What about you?"

Hisako: "What about me?", she echoed back, still smiling as she walked.

Rachel: "Do you enjoy it?"

Hisako: She shrugged, "Does a sword enjoy it?", Hisako slowed down, "Its purpose....is to kill. So is mine. I am a sword, and my purpose is to kill."

Rachel: Her brow furrowed as she considered that, and she decided clarification was needed, "So, that's a 'you have no feelings because a sword doesn't'?"

Hisako: "I feel nothing because I am already dead.", Hisako stopped, "My heart is spent. Anything I could ever be is gone. I am a ghost with a blade. Linear purpose living where a soul should be."

Rachel: Deciding that meant she'd been close enough with her assumption, Rachel paused to consider the Japanese girl, unsure of what to say from here. She almost wanted to tell the girl she was lucky, but it couldn't be all that great to go around without feeling anything. Instead, she asked, "Where are we going?"

Hisako: Approaching a weathered door, Hisako reached for its handle, slowly turning it and opening it up before stepping inside. She crouched down, making her way down a narrow passageway and behind the bar in the main room.

Rachel: She wanted to spend more time than she had studying the doorway because it looked awfully familiar, however she simply followed Hisako's lead.

Hisako: Once behind the bar, Hisako sat down, reaching into her jacket and pulling out a long stick-grenade. She nudged Rachel with it, mouthing 'count them' to her and listening hard to the noises just outside the front door of the bar.

Rachel: Nodding, Rachel expanded her psychic awareness to pick up more than just surface thoughts because she'd never get an accurate number from that. She was careful to avoid tipping any of them off as reached for each individual mind, counting on her fingers for Hisako to see as she did so.

Hisako: Hisako sighed, sliding her grenade back into her coat. Seven was too few to waste a good explosive. At least, not one of her favourites - she drew a spherical fragmentation grenade, throwing it up and catching it before removing the pin with her teeth and looking to Rachel with a dark smile on her face,

Hisako: A moment later, she tossed it over the bar where, bouncing and rolling, it ended up beside the door at the feet of one of the patrollers.

Rachel: She was able to feel a second of confusion, the guard only having had enough time to think about warning his fellow officers or kicking it away before the grenade exploded. He hadn't even had a chance to open his mouth to shout before his body was littered with shrapnel. Clearly, he should've kicked it because it didn't matter whether he yelled, not that he'd had enough time to consider that.

Rachel: The small squadron had all been within range of the frag, seen it, were baffled, and they'd all been hit, various thoughts flickering across her awareness as their minds slowly faded from existence.

Hisako: Jumping over the bar, Hisako's armor flashed to life before her body as she drew her sword, sliding into the cloud of dust left from the initial explosion. A harsh sound of slicing and pouring blood, along with infrequent gunfire could be heard from outside.

Rachel: Rachel quickly followed, finally realizing why this place looked so familiar once she was on the other side of the bar. Vito's. She felt stupid for not realizing it sooner, given all the time she'd spent in the bar. Pushing those times from her mind, she shielded herself telekinetically from the spray of bullets and spotted the gunmen, his head twisting at an unnatural angle as his neck easily gave away with a sick popping.

Hisako: Looking around, Hisako took a deep breath and swung her sword to one side, spinning it once in her hand in a circle to clean the blade. A gust of wind blew her hood down as she slid the Samidare back into its saya, closing her eye and calming her heart.

Hisako: Around her, disemboweled, dismembered bodies. Running ruby adorning the desolate, grey streets. Corpses of men and spent bullets. Her amber armor, glowing above her, faded from existence as she opened her eye, turning back to the bar and stepping inside.

Rachel: Rachel pushed her hair out of her face as the wind picked up, peering around, taking in the scene. Letting out a breath, she scanned the area a few times just to make sure everyone was down for good before trailing after Hisako once more.

Hisako: Once inside, Hisako stepped over one of the upper halves of a body and stood behind the bar, turning to Rachel and resting her sword on the barside, "....so, what are you having?"

Rachel: She found what had been her usual spot at the bar and glanced around, pulling a fallen barstool to her before righting one for Hisako as well. She brushed the dust off both as well as she could, answering as she took her seat, "Whiskey."

Hisako: Grabbing a bottle and two glasses, Hisako came around to her side of the bar and sat down beside Rachel, placing all three glass objects on the bar and dragging her sword over to rest beside her legs. Once the bottle was open, she poured inaccurate measures into both glasses, setting it down and sliding one to Rachel.

Rachel: Rachel pulled the glass to her and stared down at the amber contents, brow furrowed. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been sat exactly like this, but she was more than positive it beat being here now. Taking a breath, she decided to try making some conversation, "So... I guess we're clear until the next patrol rolls through..."

Hisako: "Yup.", Hisako answered shortly, finishing her overly large whiskey with two gulps and a sigh. She placed the glass back down, looking at it with a hollow gaze.

Rachel: Well, she supposed she was content enough to drink in silence as well. She downed her own glass and reached for the bottle to pour them another.

Hisako: Hisako remained in silence as the glass was filled for her, breaking it only to thank Rachel for doing so. Her eyes remained on the glass for some time before she turned to the redhead beside her, "...Rachel.", she started.

Rachel: Rachel was in the process of taking a sip from the glass, turning her gaze to Hisako at her name. She swallowed and set the glass back down on the bar, debating a smartass comment before simply asking, "Yeah?"

Hisako: The one-eyed girl looked back at her drink, frowning slightly, "Do you...trust Hope Stark?"

Rachel: Her gaze dropped back down to her glass as she considered the question. She'd never really thought about it before, but she definitely hadn't at first. The only reason she was there was because Hope had held Paige above her, but Hope also hadn't exactly lied as far as she could recall. "Well enough, I suppose."

Hisako: "You think she is a good leader?", Hisako asked, eyes still on her glass.

Rachel: "She's managed to coordinate a fairly large number of people, so she can't be doing too poorly in that department..."

Hisako: Hisako nodded, "I see.", she sipped some of her drink quietly.

Rachel: After a long drink, her gaze slid over to Hisako once more, "Why?"

Hisako: "Truthfully, I worry that she is faltering.", Hisako sighed, "I have much fear of this because now more than ever, trust is important.", her eye appeared to darken at those words, "Too many traitors in the world...."

Rachel: Rachel was silent at the mention of traitors and turned her gaze to the bar once more, unsure of what to say because she was a traitor.

Hisako: Hisako sipped more of her drink, "Rachel....do you think Hope Stark will give you what you want? A world where you can be with Paige in peace?"

Rachel: "I don't know," she answered with a sigh, "Doesn't seem like much progress has been made in all this time."

Hisako: "You are...really prepared to do anything for her, aren't you?"

Rachel: Rachel didn't even have to think about that one, "Of course."

Hisako: "I see.", Hisako smiled a little bit, sipping some more of her drink, "Admirable.", her second hand rejoined her other around her glass, slipping out of her coat where it had been since she'd started asking questions, "We are not so different..."

Rachel: Her eyebrow went up, "Oh?"

Hisako: Finishing her drink, Hisako placed her glass down again, "We both have purposes that transcend who we are.",

Rachel: Rachel picked up her glass, swirling the liquid around, "Do we?"

Hisako: Hisako nodded, "I am prepared to do anything to make that world.", she looked at Rachel again, "And make those who betray that, liars, cowards, and the people who did this to us suffer.", she looked at her sword, "That is the will of this sword. And when it's over, that perfect world will have no place for a killer. Like a sword, I am drawn, hoping one day I will never have to be again."

Rachel: Her free hand came up to idly run her fingers along the scar that ran from from the top of her cheek to her chin. Once she realized what she was doing, she dropped her hand to the bar, downing what was left in her glass before speaking, "I guess we really aren't that different."

Hisako: There was a crackling from one of the bodies as a radio came to life: ['Second and Third Patrol, rendezvous with Fifth at Ops Point Alpha - Package is being moved to Secure Location Six pending removal from the Dead Zone. Sound off.]

Hisako: "...Sebastian Shaw?", Hisako raised an eyebrow, having turned to look at the blasted corpse on the wooden floor, "I am...disappointed the radio still works after this grenade..."

Rachel: Rachel took a quick swig from the bottle and moved to stand, commenting, "Maybe, but we won't know for sure unless we check it out."

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Fri Mar 22, 2013 3:00 am

<Shaw> The next time Sebastian awoke was much different than the last. Though he was still collared, he was lying down and in far less pain. His fingers twitched against carpeting and when he struggled to sit up and failed, he still caught a glimpse at an ornately carved ceiling.

<Monet> Monet walked in the door of the box seat with a glass of water. "Oh. Bonjour!" She sat down in the chair nearest him and sipped the water. "How are you feeling?"

<Shaw> "Surprisingly alive," he croaked, then coughed, watching Monet warily.

<Monet> "Surprisingly? I'm not a monster, Sebastian."

<Shaw> "No..." He tried to push himself up again, and though his shoulders protested, along with most of his other muscles and his broken ribs, he made it up onto his elbows. "Thank you, Monet."

<Monet> "Be careful." She leaned over and held the glass to his lips to let him get a drink. "Don't say I never did anything for you."

<Shaw> Since he was far beyond pride now, he drank the water greedily. Finally, he leaned back, and realizing there was a wall close by, managed to sit up and against it. "You did everything for me," he said. His voice still sounded odd, but better.

<Monet> "Oui. I did." She set the empty glass down and crossed her legs. "And now, you owe me everything."

<Shaw> He sighed. "I do, yes."

<Monet> "So, since you owe me everything, I believe that I will start with you never putting a tracker on me again."

<Shaw> "Of course." He refrained from telling her he had been using her to test his technology.

<Monet> "Bien." She moved from the chair to sit on his lap, straddling his legs. "You're at my mercy now. How does it feel to be on this end?"

<Shaw> "I was at your mercy when you put me in a coma for three days, Monet... I'm familiar with the sensation." Also, her weight on his lap hurt.

<Monet> "I wasn't around to enjoy it," she countered. Monet adjusted her position on his lap. "I want to enjoy it this time."

<Shaw> He winced at her movement. "And are you?"

<Monet> "Not fully, no." She tilted her head at him, "Are you?"

<Shaw> "You are a vast improvement over STRIKE." He reached up and gingerly felt his face, starting with his nose, while keeping an eye on her.

<Monet> Monet smirked and watched him feeling his wounds. "You'll heal as nicely as you started. I promise."

<Shaw> "Mmm." Though she had broken it in the first place, she had set his nose, and all the other damage was superficial, and inflicted entirely by STRIKE.

<Monet> "How did you get captured?"

<Shaw> "You shouldn't be surprised to hear it was over a woman." His hand dropped and he managed a tired smirk.

<Monet> Monet actually laughed at that. "Is that so? How did you manage to get captured because of a woman? Did Jessica throw you to the wolves?"

<Shaw> "No." Her stricken face returned to the fore of his mind. "She's being used... her mind controlled. They implanted something..." Sebastian rubbed the back of his neck. "Here."

<Monet> "Well, good for her. She needs all the help she can get."

<Shaw> "Monet..."

<Monet> "Sebastian."

<Shaw> "Things are... complicated." He licked his lips, still tasting blood from his lacerations. "Our game of cat and mouse is at an end, Monet. You've won, in a most decisive fashion."

<Monet> "But it's so much fun," she grinned and wiggled on his lap. "Tell me, Sebastian, don't you enjoy our games?"

<Monet> She leaned in to run her lips lightly over his neck, above the collar, "I bet that Jessica doesn't play like we do."

<Shaw> "Not anymore, no." He leaned his head back against the wall, pulling away as best as he could without moving too much. "She doesn't know they're using her. No one knows. She's alone."

<Monet> Monet sighed and sat back, "So then how do you know?"

<Shaw> "I followed her." Now that she'd backed off, he looked at her again. "After your first strike against me, my shielding hasn't been quite up to par and Jessica's mind was rather an open book... until two weeks ago. I was suspicious, so I followed."

<Monet> Monet got up and went back to the chair, unamused. "And why should I care?"

<Shaw> "I'm certain you don't." He drew his legs up to shield himself from another lap attack until the pain of his ribs stopped him.

<Monet> "So then why are you telling me?"

<Shaw> "You asked."

<Monet> "I didn't care about the elaboration."

<Shaw> "What are you playing at, Monet?"

<Monet> "Nothing anymore. You're no fun now." She gestured to the door, "You may leave."

<Shaw> Sebastian just stared at her, his eyebrows climbing high.

<Monet> Monet arched an eyebrow back at him, "What?"

<Shaw> "I don't suppose you would be inclined to remove this?" He tapped the inhibitor collar.

<Monet> "Not particularly, non. I quite like being able to control you however I wish."

<Shaw> "Very well." He shifted his weight forward, bracing his arms to attempt to push himself up.

<Monet> "By the by, Sebastian... You might like to know that we are several miles from where I found you. So I can only imagine how far we are from your 'secret' hideout."

<Monet> She smiled sweetly at him, "Have fun walking."

<Shaw> He was already sweating, shaking from the strain of trying to get up, which he and she both knew was the point of her dismissal. However, he was far too stubborn to just give in, and he made it to his feet, but leaned heavily against the wall, panting.

<Monet> "Why aren't you any fun now, Sebastian? One would think that this kind of world would bring out more reckless behavior behind walls, rather than less."

<Shaw> "They need to know." The words came out slowly, between harsh breaths.

<Monet> "They need to know? Who? Your new family? Know what? That you're alive? Why would I do that?"

<Shaw> "That Jessica is a traitor - and she's completely unaware of it."

<Monet> "And do you really think they'll believe me, of all people? I highly doubt it."

<Shaw> "No, but they would believe me."

<Monet> "So then go home and tell them. Au revoir."

<Shaw> He snarled at her.

<Monet> Monet simply grinned back at him.

<Shaw> "You claim you're not a monster, yet by keeping me here out of spite you condemn all those in the resistance to death. All those you knew from Xavier's - dozens more." Sebastian spat the words with all the frustration and venom he felt. "Men, women, children. My-"

<Shaw> He cut himself off before he could say more. My child. My love. And Hope and her child... his godchild, now. Closing his eyes, he lowered his head, trying instead to concentrate on standing.

<Monet> Monet shrugged one shoulder. "It would be Jessica's fault, really. It was her mistake that got all of you in this mess."

<Shaw> "No. She had no way to know this would-" He shook his head and pushed himself off the wall, wavering.

<Monet> "She was careless. She is always careless."

<Shaw> Dizzy, and completely failing in his effort to walk, he sagged back against the wall. Though Monet was technically correct, it and his failure just enraged him. "She's carrying my child!" he screamed it at her, voice cracking.

<Monet> Monet stared at him for a few moments, then started laughing. "I repeat: careless."

<Shaw> "Much like Jason," he sneered.

<Monet> Monet charged him, hand around his neck, pulling him up straight as she held him against the wall. "Say that again."

<Shaw> Despite the pressure on his throat, he grinned viciously. "Now you see - your reaction? Even after all this time, how strongly you feel about him?” Sebastian narrowed his eyes to meet hers. “This is what Jessica is to me."

<Monet> "She's just your whore." She threw him from her and turned her back to him. "She was just smart enough to figure out how to make you a lesser man."

<Shaw> He yelped, feeling a crack as he landed, but his anger was enough to get him back up on his hands and knees to throw himself at her legs. "She is far more to me than that.” He hissed. “Jason was the posturing son of a funeral home director! You would define him only by this?"

<Monet> Monet fell backwards, but brought her fist around to crack on the top of his head. "At least I admit it for what it is. He brought himself past that, didn't he?! I bet that Jessica only got to you because you're powerful!"

<Shaw> "She didn't know me! She cared nothing for my power, or my money, because I have none in this world!" Sebastian saw stars, but held on. "Wake up, Monet! None of us are what we were, and clinging to that past is what makes us less!"

<Monet> Monet laughed at him, "So you're weak now?" She looked him over, "Well, I guess if you want to be technical, you definitely are very weak at the current moment."

<Shaw> As if to illustrate her point, his burst of adrenaline chose that moment to end and he let go of her to slump back against one of the theater seats. "You will think what you will."

<Monet> "My thoughts were just proved by your actions, Sebastian."

<Shaw> "After all I've done in the name of power, the things that should have gone so differently, I refuse to believe that what I now have is a weakness."

<Monet> "I bet that you can't even pick me up without hurting yourself. Even if I helped you by flying."

<Shaw> He just stared at her, then reached to his collar and tapped it with a finger.

<Monet> Monet laughed and shook her head, "I never said I was going to let you try."

<Shaw> "What is the point of this, Monet? If you plan to kill me, just do it." He was tired of this. Tired of the pain and worry and hopelessness. "I've already admitted defeat, more than once."

<Monet> "The point is that I like it when you can't cocktease me. Even if you tried right now, you would fail so miserably and that would be hilarious to me."

<Monet> "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice..." she shrugged.

<Shaw> "You're joking."

<Monet> "Do I ever?"

<Shaw> "No... lack of a sense of humor was always one of your major failings," he flashed her a flat grin.

<Monet> Monet backhanded him for that, but not hard. She did pity him a tiny bit, after all. "So are you leaving any time soon?"

<Shaw> "The very moment I am able, my dear." In fact, he pushed himself up and managed to slouch into the seat. He inspected his wrists and the raw wounds marking the former location of his restraints and sighed. More scars.

<Monet> Monet went to the edge of the balcony and looked down at the empty stage and worn down seats below them. "Do you even know where we are?"

<Shaw> "I haven't the slightest idea, nor do I care." He looked around again at the abandoned theater. "Though I applaud your flair for the dramatic in this choice. I'm a little surprised I'm not pilloried on the stage."

<Monet> "This is where Lincoln was shot." She turned to face him, "You're sitting in his chair. I chose it for dramatic effect, oui. But, I have decided not to kill you."

<Shaw> Sebastian started to speak, then simply looked down to the seat and around at the theater with a smirk. "Well, I applaud your choice then. It speaks more of your true opinion of me than of dramatic effect, I believe."

<Monet> "Does it? Because I don't believe that you helped abolish horrible things happening to people. I believe that you caused things."

<Shaw> The smirk fell. "I have, yes, but that was long ago. If anything, I have done far more to help our people over the last several years than you, my dear Monet."

<Monet> "I have helped those that matter to me. So long as they are safe, I don't care what happens to anyone else."

<Shaw> "I am helping those who matter most to me, of course, as well as mutantkind as a whole. Shocking, I understand, but I have realized I do care what happens to others."

<Monet> "What do they matter to you? You are lower than I on the caring for others scale."

<Shaw> "What does it matter to you? Does it suddenly sting that you are not on the list?"

<Monet> "Of course not. I'm on my own list." She popped herself up to sit on the railing. "Does it sting that you're not on mine?"

<Shaw> "Oh, but I think I am. Why else am I here?" He watched her, shifting in the seat slightly to a less painful position. The urge to kick her off the balcony was rather strong.

<Monet> "You're here because I would rather kill you than let other people do it. You make a lovely punching bag."

<Shaw> "Yet you just said you've decided not to kill me, unless your plan is to talk me to death."

<Monet> "And I also just said you make a lovely punching bag. What good is a dead punching bag?"

<Shaw> With far too much bravado, he held out his arms, eyebrow up.

<Monet> Monet laughed at him, "You can't be serious."

<Shaw> "You haven't thought this plan out terribly well, Monet." He sighed, fixing her with a level look. "You wish to beat me, yet you refuse to do so. You tell me to leave, knowing I cannot walk. If your plan is to wait for me to heal before exacting your revenge, you must realize I will escape as soon as I am able."

<Monet> Monet shrugged, "I'm not a monster, remember. I choose not to beat you because I don't wish to make it worse. I have not blocked your way so you can't escape. But, I also know that not taking you back is killing you emotionally and that is a joy in and of itself."

<Shaw> "How charming," he said with a grin, irritated that hurt as well.

<Monet> Monet smiled at him. "So, now that you understand where I'm coming from, I suggest you reevaluate your opinion of me."

<Shaw> "That we're more or less on the same level of despicability? As I was willing to inflict psychological torture on you, yet I had no intent to rape you? So we're both just monsters with a smidge of morality? Oh, I knew this already."

<Monet> "Ah ah. I'm not a monster. I'm just a cruel bitch."

<Shaw> Sebastian laughed, shaking his head.

<Monet> Monet grinned at him, "So you agree. Bien. That's much better."

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Mar 22, 2013 10:15 pm

<Harvey> "They're going to be mad."

<Heather> "Shut up."

<Harvey> "I'm telling you, Hope will flip her shit."

<Heather> "And I'm telling you to shut the hell up. I never promised not to do this. Not once. They can't be mad for breaking a rule that was never set down." Heather steered their blindfolded visitor ahead of her, stopping at the door and knocking after shooting Harvey a challenging look.

<Harvey> Harvey knew better than to accept that challenge. He sighed and moved out of sight because he refused to accept the blame for this.

<Bobby> Bobby opened the door and just stopped halfway through the motion. Heather and Harvey... and... a woman with green hair. He made a strangled sound in his throat and before he could stop himself, "...Lorna?"

<Viper> The smirk the woman wore beneath the blindfold only grew and she chuckled a little, reaching up to remove it, "Haven't we already had that conversation?"

<Bobby> "Uggggh." Scrubbing his hand over his face, he rubbed his mouth for a moment, just staring at the woman. Finally, his gaze narrowed on Harvey and Heather and his hand fell. "What the fuck is she doing here?"

<Harvey> Harvey opened his mouth to say 'I told you so' but thought better of it and closed it, holding up his hands and backing out of view again.

<Heather> "You wanted me to keep you in the loop. This is me keeping you in it." Heather motioned Viper into the room.

<Bobby> "This is not keeping me in the fucking loop, Heather, this is compromising our motherfucking security and you fucking well know it!" He had to jump out of the way of the trio, and if Hope or Maddie had been there he would have been freezing things.

<Heather> "It is not. She's been blindfolded the whole time. She doesn't know where we are." Heather rolled her eyes. "Honestly, do you think I'm an idiot? It's not like we'll be staying here for long anyway. I kind of thought that was the whole point.."

<Harvey> Harvey threw Bobby a look that plainly said 'I tried'. And flopped down onto the corner of the bed.

<Bobby> "It's totally beside the point, actually. Jesus." He closed the door quickly and rounded on them, giving Harvey a look as well. "Okay, great, she's here. Why?"

<Heather> Heather gestured for Viper to pick up that question.

<Viper> Viper didn't take much encouragement, "They..." she raised an eyebrow at Harvey who shook his head vigorously. "She thought it best if you heard this first hand and then you could ask all the neccessary questions."

<Bobby> "Oh, well, that just makes it all so much better, doesn't it?" He shook his head, exasperated, since he was just there to shower before he was back out looking for his evil... uncle-in-law?

<Bobby> "Okay, mean green," he said, looking at Viper. "Why are you here?"

<Viper> "I've been performing recon for your dynamic duo here." she gestured towards Heather and Harvey. "I have found where they are storing the information they've been using for their experiments. I thought you people would be interested especially."

<Bobby> "Thhheeeey, meaning STRIKE." Bobby sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. "Okay. What do you have?"

<Viper> "Well I'm sure you can work it out... what do you suppose was the most highly fortified non-federal building?" Viper folded her arms and surveyed him.

<Bobby> "I'm so not going to play games with you, lady. You either tell me or you don't, but don't take too long. I got shit to do."

<Viper> "Xavier University." Viper supplied.

<Bobby> Bobby's mouth fell open, and he didn't bother to hide his reaction.

<Viper> "It is not a University anymore, I shouldn't have to tell you that." Viper continued, "They thought they'd make an example of the place... to prevent it becoming somewhere you could all fortify or use to generate hope or whatever you do. But this does present a unique set of obstacles."

<Bobby> "They're using the school as their.... like... Mengele's lab?" This... was almost bigger than Shaw. "Fucking hell."

<Viper> "Indeed." Viper invited herself to sit down and crossed her legs. "So. I have a proposition."

<Bobby> ".....yeah, I bet you do." Bobby crossed his arms.

<Viper> "I will provide you with all of the information I have on their security and floor plans and so forth, a distraction should you require it and a computer virus. But getting into the facility to take care of those things is up to your people."

<Bobby> "Why?" He tilted his head. "Why would you even offer that much? What's in it for you? How do I know this isn't a massive trap?"

<Viper> "I have to protect my interests... and I rather enjoy a little anarchy." She smirked.

<Bobby> "Yeeeaaaaah. That's not really an answer, is it?" Bobby returned the smirk, adding to it a bit because he was annoyed.

<Viper> "We want the same things, why are you so suspicious?" Viper laughed.

<Bobby> "Well, 'cause maybe I want those things spelled out to make sure they're really the same."

<Viper> She leaned back in her seat, quite relaxed. "The downfall of this corrupt government, mutants back on a level playing field...? Are they not things you want?"

<Bobby> "Level? Or are we superior? You don't think we're the master race who should reign over everybody?" Bobby watched her, still off-balance from the green hair, but trying to keep his emotions in check.

<Viper> She laughed, "If we ruled the world then what would be the point? Where would all the fun go?"

<Bobby> Yeah, that wasn't really the right answer. "Yeahuh. Um, so, what do you expect in payment for your help?"

<Viper> "Payment?" She smirked, "No, this is free of charge. What they did to that building is a step too far. They need to know there's a line."

<Bobby> Bobby tilted his head, eyes taking in her face and her body language.

<Viper> "You don't have to accept my offer," She told him, "But it is your best option. They know how to contact me when you have made your decision." She reached to the ring on her hand.

<Bobby> "Yeah, okay." He sighed, thinking. Hope wasn't gonna like this. "One more thing."

<Viper> She cocked her head on one side, raising an eyebrow, "Yes?"

<Bobby> If he didn't do this - take every opportunity - Hope would kill him. "Sebastian Shaw. Have you heard of him?"

<Viper> "Of course." Her expression was unreadable, "Why?"

<Bobby> "Have you heard of him recently?"

<Viper> "How recently? What is it you wish to know exactly?"

<Bobby> Fucking... "If STRIKE has any recent information on him, as in from the last few days?" Bobby licked his lips. "Or, um, if you've heard where he's being held?"

<Viper> "I haven't been looking into their logs in that way... but I can if you wish?"

<Bobby> "Yeah, please do."

<Viper> "I will do what I can." She got to her feet, saluted Heather and Harvey then, with a twist of her ring, teleported out.

<Bobby> Bobby just covered his face with his hands.

<Harvey> Harvey broke the silence, "Before you say anything, this was not my idea. I was against it. Heather is stubborn and Viper has a taser."

<Bobby> "She's, like, totally nuts," he said, dropping his hands. "You guys know this, right?"

<Harvey> "Oh we know. We've seen firsthand how nuts. But apparently Heather thinks this is fine."

<Heather> "She didn't shoot anyone, did she?"

<Bobby> "I would have fucking killed the bitch the second she had, green hair or not."

<Harvey> "I don't think that's argument against the crazy, Heather..." Harvey raked his fingers through his hair.

<Heather> "Well it's fine. And we got an offer of help so I think we can call it a win."

<Bobby> "Yeah, but I don't buy her whole bit of wanting the same things. She's too... well, crazy." He looked at Harvey. "Especially if you saw it first-hand."

<Heather> "Why not?" Heather took a seat next to Harvey, "What's so hard to believe?"

<Bobby> "I don't know... I just don't trust nutcases?" Bobby mirrored Harvey's gesture, running his hands through his hair.

<Heather> "You're dating a nutcase." Heather pointed out.

<Bobby> "Right now, the most important thing on our agenda is finding Sebastian Shaw."

<Bobby> He glared at Heather. "Whatever."

<Harvey> "Okaaaay...." Harvey tried to divert that one before it became a thing. "We'll find him. It'll be fine. Let us coordinate this thing with Viper. No one else has to go. This is our monster to slay."

<Bobby> "I'm fucking serious. Shaw is the only one who knows where the rightful goddamn president is, guys, and if STRIKE finds out..." he shook his head.

<Heather> "Maybe we should assign the crazy as a body guard to Stark. I'm sure he'd enjoy it." Heather suggested.

<Bobby> Bobby just sighed. "Yeah, okay. You guys just deal with her. Whatever."

<Harvey> "Are you going to tell Hope?" Harvey asked, "Because if you are, I need sufficiant warning so that I can be on a beach in Hawaii before she gets to Heather."

<Bobby> He looked between the two of them, a dark smile on his face. "Hope is more worried about her uncle and her dad than much of anything else right now."

<Harvey> "So that's a no?" Harvey couldn't tell.

<Bobby> "That's a 'you let me worry about that.' Okay?" He smirked.

<Harvey> "Okay." Harvey looked at Heather, "Come on, back to the infirmary before you get us in more trouble..."

<Viper> Heather rolled her eyes and got to her feet. "You act like it's all my fault..."

<Bobby> Bobby watched them go and sat down on the edge of the bed, waiting until the door closed with a click. Heaving a weary breath, he laid back to stare at the ceiling. Things just got better and better.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:06 am

<Bobby> Dropping the pack he carried, Bobby pulled out the tablet and thumbed it on, staring out at the street as he waited for it to power up. Finally, it loaded and Bobby frowned, shaking his head at Rachel.

<Rachel> As she looked over the empty street, Rachel blew out a sigh and vaguely wished that she was still drinking with Hisako. Well, she wished that she was still drinking. She wasn't entirely sure how she felt about Hisako or the conversation they'd had. She caught Bobby shaking his head and glanced over to him, "What now?"

<Bobby> "Fuck if I know." He sighed, leaning back against the wall of the burned-out building they had ducked into after the last patrol. Running his hand through his hair, he slapped the useless tablet against his thigh. "You guys sure they said secure location six?"

<Rachel> "Well, I'm not deaf," Rachel replied with a shrug, adding as an afterthought, "When I feel like it." Thinking back on the radio message, she quoted, "'Second and Third Patrol, rendezvous with Fifth at Ops Point Alpha - Package is being moved to Secure Location Six pending removal from the Dead Zone. Sound off'."

<Bobby> "Package sounds... well, ominous, of course, but what doesn't involving these guys?" They were at what they believed was Secure Location Six, according to their intel, but of course, there wasn't anything here. There was a STRIKE operations center down the block, but it was quiet.

<Bobby> "I really can't help but think this whole thing is a wild fucking goose chase."

<Rachel> Rachel nodded in agreement on the ominous bit and looked out over the street once more, peering up and down it. "We could be late. Or early. Plus, if one of the patrols we overheard was second or third... Well, they won't be showing up."

<Bobby> "Yeah." Bobby shoved the tablet back into a pocket on the pack. "It could be anything, and fucking Sharky could be anywhere. He could be halfway across the country by now, or dead." He snorted. "If we're lucky, and I mean really lucky, they killed him before they got anything out of him, but I doubt it."

<Rachel> "If he's dead, this was definitely a waste of time, and there'll be so much crying..." she pulled a face at the prospect, even though it wasn't likely she'd have to deal with it. At least she hoped not. "Not that I know why anyone would be that upset over him."

<Bobby> "Thank you!" He nodded, spreading his hands. "He's always been a creepy bastard. Hope and I already got into a fight over this. We're wasting resources looking for him, and risking ourselves. What we should be doing is fucking reworking all our plans, because he knew goddamn everything."

<Rachel> "Totally," she agreed, "While he was somewhat useful, he definitely won't be doing us any favors now, and, if they haven't killed him, they're probably still torturing him for information. Cracking will only be a matter of time."

<Bobby> "If he doesn't just tell them to save his own ass." Bobby snorted, then made a face. "What kind of telepaths have they got on interrogation? Obviously they have agents like the one who fucked with Jess' head, but any at your level?"

<Rachel> Rachel let out a snort of her own, shooting him a cocky smirk as she shook her head, "I mean, I guess their telepaths are alright, average, but no one's on my level. With his telepathy, even being collared, he should have some decent shielding... I'd hope."

<Bobby> "And modest, too." He had to reach over to ruffle her hair with a chuckle for the smirk. "That's another thing - I didn't even know he was a telepath until Jess told me. It's weird. Too many fucking secrets with that guy."

<Bobby> Secrets... "And you know he's the only one who knows where big Stark is? We should be looking for him and writing Sharky off."

<Rachel> "I've always been modest," Rachel gave a grin, giving him a small shove for the hair ruffling. She reached up to fix any damage potentially done to her hair with a face. First, the trip to Vito's with Hisako and now messing with her hair... The reminders of better times was getting old today.

<Rachel> With a shrug, she replied, "I didn't know until I was in his head, and Stark would be a hell of a lot more useful."

<Bobby> Bobby grinned right back, happy for a little normalcy. "Yeah he would, although... he might kill me."

<Rachel> "Yeah, he'll have so much luck killing the guy that I can't even kill," she rolled her eyes.

<Bobby> "Well, I didn't mean literally, but he can make my life hell in creative and devious ways. He's fucking Tony Stark!"

<Rachel> Rachel shot him another smirk, "Maybe we shouldn't find him. At least Shaw won't torture you... Well, that we know of.."

<Bobby> Bobby rolled his eyes and growled under his breath. "Good point."

<Rachel> Sighing, she took in their desolate surroundings once more. "So, what? We just going to stand here all day?"

<Bobby> "Fuck, Sunshine, like I know? This was the only lead we've had and nothing, but we don't dare just go back this soon." He checked the street again, then started pacing. "I don't suppose you could, like... distance brain melt somebody for intel?"

<Rachel> "Hell, they're what? Just down the street?" she nodded in the direction of the operations center, "I could make someone walk their ass down here to us."

<Bobby> "That might be a little obvious." He stopped and turned around to look at her. "But we could lure somebody out and snatch them... do a little interrogation of our own?"

<Rachel> Rachel considered that and gave a bit of a shrug. She liked to think she was pretty good at interrogating people. "Sounds far more productive than standing around."

<Bobby> "Okay, well..." Bobby chewed his lip, thinking about this. "I brought my STRIKE uniform if we wanted to go that route or I could mist up and just knock 'em unconscious and bring them here. Then you can take over."

<Rachel> "I'd just mist up and steal someone unless you'd rather me walk in there and lure someone out."

<Bobby> "Nah, I like to feel I contribute," he grinned. "Plus, now I can get naked. Just what you always wanted, right, babe?"

<Rachel> "Any opportunity to get your clothes off," Rachel sagely nodded, not quite able to keep a straight face.

<Bobby> This seemed a secure enough location, and they wouldn't be that long. So, no time like the present. "That's right." Bobby gave her a wink and actually did start stripping, though, thankfully, he only kicked off his boots and socks and peeled off his shirt, dropping them onto the pack.

<Bobby> After blowing her a kiss, he shifted and vanished, his jeans dropping to the floor with the faint clatter of his belt buckle against the scorched tile.

<Rachel> Laughing as she shook her head, Rachel peered around the place to make herself somewhat more useful, searching for a makeshift chair or something to tether their victim to while they questioned them. She wasn't exactly sure what they'd use to do the tethering, but she supposed Bobby could contribute again there with some ice shackles.

<Bobby> Traveling with the currents of air, Bobby infiltrated the building as he always did - through the vents. He would be so fucked if someday they got wise to this trick.

<Bobby> It took some time and some listening in before he found a target - a techie sitting at a computer terminal, who seemed to be somewhat in charge, but not too high-ranking. He waited until the balding, middle-aged man was alone and slowly unsecured the vent from its lower screws by shearing them with razor-sharp ice.

<Bobby> Propping open his newly-made door, Bobby descended on him just as he finished a sip of coffee. The mug clicked to the desktop the moment before he struck. Forming a pillar of ice behind the man, he molded into a humanoid shape and snatched the man straight up from his chair. Covering first his mouth with a band of ice, he lowered his body temperature until the struggling stopped.

<Bobby> Quickly, he froze the man from the inside out, shifting him to a vaporous cloud he could hold close to his own essence. The clothing he caught with another tendril of ice and pulled it back to the vent with him, securing it just inside. The vent dropped closed with barely a sound. The room was empty.

<Rachel> While she hadn't found a chair (not one that wasn't warped anyway) in Bobby's absence, Rachel had found a good chunk of rubble from a collapsed part of the burned-out building they'd taken cover in. Having used her telekinesis to drag it out from the others, she impatiently paced the length of the floor, anxiously awaiting Bobby's return.

<Rachel> She hoped he returned because she didn't want to explain that one to Hope, and she'd probably end up with the job after the last time.

<Bobby> The cold mist traveled back into the building through an upstairs window and settled to the floor. He couldn't resist giving Rachel's ankles a goose before reforming with his unconscious charge. Bobby heaved the man to the floor and went for his pants. "You miss me?"

<Rachel> "Oh, you're an ass," she grumbled at the chill, staring a bit as the man appeared from nothing. That never ceased to be amazing. "But, yes, I missed you."

<Rachel> After giving Bobby her response, she wiped the slight smirk from her face, expression going blank. She reached out with her telekinesis to haul the guy up and roughly shoved him back onto the relatively flat surface of the debris, holding his slumping form there as she grasped for his mind. He clearly knew something, as he had some decent shields, but they shouldn't take too long to break through.

<Rachel> Looking back to Bobby, she gestured, "Want to hold him down, so I can focus?"

<Bobby> "Sure..." Bobby pinned the guy against the broken concrete by his shoulders, trying not to look down at his nakedness. Of course, he didn't want to look at the guy's face either, considering what Rachel was about to do. "Need me to wake him up?"

<Rachel> "Go for it," she shrugged, "Maybe he'll just spit any intel out when he sees us... However, I doubt we're that lucky."

<Bobby> There was no real trick to it. He'd already brought the guy's body temperature back to normal, so it was just a matter of time... or trauma. So, he let go for a moment until he started to slide down the concrete block, then backhanded him.

<Bobby> Bobby caught the guy, at the throat, blowing a frosted breath into his face. At that, the man jerked. Once he realized he was being pushed back against the rough concrete, the man made a noise of protest and opened his eyes groggily.

<Bobby> Quickly, he shifted to ice and contorted his features. "Wake up!"

<Rachel> As the man jerked, Rachel shifted herself, golden flames flickering around her. She shot a quick glance to Bobby's creaking form and gave a brief nod before looking back to the man, meeting his gaze with a blank stare, the corners of her lips twitching into a slight smirk. Fire and ice... Bobby had made that joke way back when they'd been taken by Essex.

<Rachel> Glancing between the two once more as she finally found the chink in his shielding, Rachel picked at it, slowly worming her way through it as painfully as possible. Over his anguished screams, she assured them both, "This shouldn't take very long."

<Bobby> He steeled himself against the man's cries, blanking his mind and working again to remind himself of everything STRIKE had done to him, and to everyone. Finally, he clamped a hand over the man's mouth as he held him down.

<Rachel> He was struggling, violently jerking, against Bobby's grip, and she backed off slightly, deciding they should at least give the option, offering, "Unless he wants to simply tell us everything he knows about Sebastian Shaw."

<Bobby> Tilting his head, Bobby moved his hand away from the man's mouth. "Well?" His voice sounded particularly harsh.

<Bobby> "N-n-no! I don't know a-a-anything! I'm j-j-just a clerk!" The man's eyes were wide with terror.

<Bobby> With an unnatural creaking, Bobby opened his mouth wide and hissed at him, the sound hideous. Feeling a temperature change, he looked down at the stream of urine. When he looked back up, the man was still shaking his head in denial, babbling incoherently.

<Rachel> Despite her feelings on the unnatural noise emitting from Bobby and narrowly avoiding being pissed on, Rachel's expression remained passive. Her hand curled into a fist, and she swung as hard as she could without adding any telekinetic force, grinding out as she looked to Bobby to make it so, "Shut the fuck up then."

<Bobby> This time, Bobby just froze the man's mouth shut.

<Rachel> As she flexed her hand a bit after the hit, Rachel didn't waste any time forcing her way through his shields, easily shattering them. She was unsurprised to find that the man had been lying. Well, partially. He was a clerk, but he definitely knew plenty.

<Rachel> Her jaw set, and her brow furrowed as she thoroughly worked her way through his head, not being particularly careful because she wasn't all that concerned as to whether he was brain dead afterward or not. After a few moments, Rachel's eyes widened slightly, and she muttered a string of curses, immediately pulling away.

<Bobby> Rachel's reaction was enough to make Bobby turn to her, dropping the guy like a forgotten sack of shit. "What? Does he know where he is?" Oh fuck, if he was dead...

<Rachel> "Nah, he's fucking gone," she shook her head, irritably raking her hand through her hair. They really weren't that lucky. "It's worse than that though."

<Bobby> "Worse?" Oh, shit...

<Rachel> Rachel took a deep breath, "They have Tony fucking Stark. He was the package we missed."

<Bobby> "Oh... shit."

<Rachel> She would've rather gone back to Hope and told her that they did nothing in the search for Shaw than go back to tell her the fucking government had her father. Nodding to Bobby's pack, she decided, "We should head back."

<Bobby> "Yeah." Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Looking down at their prisoner, he flash froze the sobbing heap and dissipated him into the air as if he'd never lived.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:16 am

<Hope> After a long, long day in the lab, Hope had somehow managed to get Maddie fed, bathed, and into bed. She had then collapsed onto her own bed, passing out almost instantly. She woke only briefly after that to take her shoes off and properly crawl into the bed where she hadn't moved since.

<Bobby> Exhausted, Bobby dragged himself down the hall to his room. He did not want to have this conversation with Hope, or with Jess. Unfortunately, he had to do it... to break both of their hearts. Quietly, he opened the door and spotted Maddie curled up in her bed. Taking a moment, he dropped the pack and went to her, smoothing back her blonde, curly hair. Murmuring a soft endearment, he bent and kissed her cheek.

<Bobby> Peeling down to his t-shirt and shorts, he climbed into the bed and slid his arm around Hope. Moving in close behind her, he closed his eyes and breathed her in. "Hope?"

<Hope> Hope just barely stopped herself from elbowing Bobby in the stomach as she jolted awake at his touch. She breathed a sigh of relief and pressed herself into him, wrapping her arm over his. "You're hoooome," she whispered to him.

<Bobby> "I am," he said, voice tired as he nuzzled her.

<Hope> "Did you find him?" She ran her fingers lightly over his arm, going slowly.

<Bobby> Licking his lips, he sighed. "Baby, we need to talk."

<Hope> "No."

<Bobby> "...no?"

<Hope> "There is only one reason you would phrase the beginning of the conversation like this. I don't want to hear the rest." She pressed herself more against him, however.

<Bobby> "Yeah, I know." He held her closer, sliding his hand down to her stomach. "It's not good... it's really not good."

<Hope> "Looks like you win... he won't be the godfather after all."

<Bobby> "Hope... don't. I shouldn't have said that."

<Hope> "It's not... it's just... yeah." Hope ran a shaky hand through her hair. "What... officially..."

<Bobby> "We caught a STRIKE agent. A pencil-pusher." Goddamn he never thought he would be wishing Sharky was here to annoy him. "Rae... did her thing. Sebastian... they got the intel they wanted from him and he's gone..."

<Hope> "Gone....?" Hope shifted, rolling over to look at Bobby.

<Bobby> He could see her eyes glinting in the darkness. "Yeah... you know."

<Hope> "Then why aren't you still looking for him?"

<Bobby> "Babe... who knows what they did with his body... and we got bigger problems..."

<Hope> "If he's gone he could still be out there." She knew she should have gone herself!

<Bobby> "Hope, they have Tony." He'd been trying so hard to break this to her gently, but now his own emotions were getting the better of him. "Sebastian's dead and they found out where Tony was from him. They've got him in custody. We don't know where... yet."

<Hope> Her mouth felt dry. Hope struggled to accept what he said, switching from concern for Sebastian to terror. Her detail oriented mind made a list, weighed options, calculated costs, and made logical predictions. After a few long moments of silence, Hope carefully pulled away from Bobby to get dressed.

<Bobby> "What? ...where are you going?" He sat up, going after her.

<Hope> "I am not burying anyone else." Hope pulled her shirt over her head.

<Bobby> Bobby shook his head. "You can't just take off after him."

<Hope> Tying her hair back, Hope raised an eyebrow at him. "Watch me."

<Bobby> "Nooo, babe, no."

<Hope> "I sat here and did nothing and now Sebastian is dead. Do you see a pattern?"

<Bobby> "Yeah, but how are you going to find him? You can't use your powers, because he doesn't have any. It's the middle of the night and they're gonna be on alert because of what we just did." He glanced over at Maddie.

<Hope> "And the longer I wait, the greater the risk that I won't make it in time. You need your rest." Once her boots were ties she pulled him into a hug.

<Bobby> "Hope, please, think about this - they're not going to kill him. Not yet anyway. He's a hell of a prize!" He held on tightly. "Please... you can't risk this. Not yourself and not the baby."

<Hope> And he was a trap for her. Or they could force him to engineer for them. Either way, it was her dad. Even though she wouldn't tell Bobby that she thought they could make another baby but not another Tony, she felt guilty for even thinking it. "I don't know what to do," she finally admitted.

<Bobby> He stroked her hair. "Let's just try to get some sleep... I'm fucking wiped out... and in the morning we can talk about it and I can go after Tony."

<Hope> "I can't keep taking you from Maddie just to track down my family." She rested her head against his chest, sighing.

<Bobby> "Well, he was my boss, you know... I kinda like him too."

<Hope> "He's also the grandfather of your child. So keep that in mind."

<Bobby> "Oh, believe me, I can't forget it. I expect him to want to choke me for it." Bobby tried a tired chuckle and kissed her forehead.

<Hope> "I just hope he can," Hope told him softly, hugging him more tightly. "You know I won't sleep... but I'll lay with you."

<Bobby> "Let's lie down then." He let go and tugged her toward the bed, lifting the hem of her shirt to get her undressed again.

<Hope> Hope smiled weakly. She slid her shirt back off and went for her boots, getting back into her night clothes. "Are you going to try and keep me locked away after I birth your child too?"

<Bobby> Bobby paused and looked at her in the dark room. "Babe... I'm not trying to keep you a prisoner. I just want you to be safe. You know that, right? I love you."

<Hope> "I love you too. I just needed to know if it was just a pregnancy thing." She poked him gently once she was dressed for bed.

<Bobby> "You remember I was like this before you were pregnant, too." He sat down and pulled her into his lap. "I am your bodyguard, after all."

<Hope> "I don't remember your arguments working before though." Hope kissed on his cheek lazily. "They were not very compelling."

<Bobby> "I've just gotten more persuasive, Cupcake." He grinned and nuzzled her, lying back and scooting onto the bed and taking her with him.

<Hope> "Mmmm or I've gotten weaker." She lay down with him, kissing him softly.

<Bobby> "Naaah." Bobby returned the kiss, threading his fingers into her hair and relaxing. Things sucked, and he'd have to talk to Jess in the morning, then go looking for Tony... probably kill more people. But for now, he was safe and his family was safe, so he was okay.

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:17 am

<Shaw> It shouldn't surprise him, he supposed. He was weak, barely able to get up and piss, so why would Monet be concerned with the collar? Still, it took him hours to realize his abilities had returned.

<Shaw> Drowsy and stretched out on the floor of the theater box, Sebastian was alone... and then he realized he truly was alone. Monet wasn't here and he couldn't sense her in the area at all. The first thought he had when he realized it was for Jessica.

<@Jessica> Jess was struggling to sleep, in and out of nightmares she burrowed under the sheets and curled around a pillow. She woke suddenly and sat up, looking around the room into each of the darkened corners. She was sure she'd heard a noise but maybe it was just part of a dream...

<@Jessica> Rubbing her hands over her face then raking her fingers through her hair, she lay back down and closed her eyes to try and get back to sleep.

<Shaw> It was the slight, startled response that made him open his eyes to stare at the ceiling of the box. Jessica?

<@Jessica> Her eyes opened again and she looked around. Not asleep this time. She sat up again, "Is someone there...?"

<Shaw> He shouldn't be able to do this - to sense her. Not at the distance he was probably at, unless Monet was lying. Also a possibility. You can hear me.

<@Jessica> Oh great. On top of everything else. Now she was hearing things. She supposed it was only a matter of time before she went off the deep end. Crazy was apparently genetic. "Nope. Can't hear you. You can go away now."

<Shaw> That made him laugh, coloring his mental voice. Maybe it's me going crazy. He still couldn't recall everything STRIKE did to him, which was probably for the best, but begged many questions.

<@Jessica> "Who's the figment of whose imagination?" No! Stop talking to it. Don't encourage the crazy. She hid under the blankets.

<Shaw> I imagined you often... but you never answered before.

<@Jessica> Right. Of course she couldn't hide from her brain under the sheets. "My imagination has imagination. Cute."

<Shaw> If this is real, if neither of us is insane, they found the device... It was an argument that this was all in his own mind as wish fulfilment, and he sighed, eyes fluttering closed again.

<@Jessica> "I'm pretty sure this isn't real and you know they found it because you're my imagination."

<Shaw> Of course she would think this was all in her own mind, but wouldn't they want the same things in their own minds? It was giving him a headache now. This is impossible, really...

<@Jessica> "Of course it is. That's why you're my imagination." She sat up again, running a hand through her hair and getting out of bed. There was no point trying to get back to sleep.

<Shaw> There is... was... only one person I've had this with... For him, the effort was dragging him back to sleep, but the thought of Elisabeth made him smile. The link was more necessity... I wanted her to trust me... but she never knew... at least I told you.

<@Jessica> She pulled a robe on and picked up her plush spider, deciding on tea. "Link? What are you talking about? Also, you realise if people see me talking to myself they'll probably lock me up for real, right?"

<Shaw> Either this was real or it wasn't, but either way... he projected his emotions to her - desperation and hope, love and desire, tied up with the images of what he wished he could do to her, if he were truly with her.

<@Jessica> Woah okay. That was a lot to process all at once. She put a hand out and leaned on the wall to steady herself, coming to a complete stop on her walk down the hall. "Please don't do that again."

<Shaw> Her protest didn't make him stop, not immediately, as he placed himself there to hold her. It's a bond... I didn't know we had... or I could... but of course... Maybe Monet was right. This was making him weak. ...it means I'll always be with you.

<@Jessica> "Are you real?" she closed her eyes, resting her forehead on the wall in front of her. "Because if you're real... tell me where you are and we can come and get you..."

<Shaw> I believe so... but I don't know where I am. A theater. Monet... took me from STRIKE and kept me for herself. He rubbed his palm hard against the rough carpet. It made his eyes pop open again and he repeated the movement. It's real.

<@Jessica> "Monet has you? But... How? How did she find you?"

<Shaw> I don't know. He reached for the collar around his neck and ran his fingers along it, looking for a crack or a clasp or something.

<@Jessica> "I... I have to find someone.... tell them..." unless she was crazy...

<Shaw> That would help, yes. He could feel a slight electronic vibration from the collar, just in one area, and this was certainly new. Monet's violent streak was helpful after all. Working his fingers between the collar and his skin, he tried it and yelped at the shock.

<@Jessica> Jess felt a sharp pain in her neck, putting her hand over it and letting out a startled yelp herself. Once she was over the surprise, she realised it felt different. "Sebastian...?"

<Shaw> Jessica? "Jessica!" The link was severed, his abilities again cut off and he cursed, jerking the collar again and again.

<@Jessica> There was silence in her mind. After a few moments to gather herself, she decided to forget the tea and changed direction. Stopping outside Bobby's room, she knocked on the door.

<Bobby> "....the fuck?" Bobby tried not to curse in front of his daughter, but sometimes it just happened, especially when people were knocking on his door in the middle of the night. His face had been blissfully buried in his pillow, but now he was staring at the door. Maybe he imagined it?

<Bobby> Then Hope poked him. So much for that. "It's fine," he mumbled. "I'll take care of it... just go back to sleep."

<@Jessica> Jess pulled her robe tighter around her and realised she was cold. She listened for sounds of movement from inside the room before knocking again.

<Bobby> "Yeah! ....yeah... keep your shorts on..." He pried himself up, tripped over Yoda, and caught himself against the door. After a moment, he managed to open it, squinting at the light in the hall, and at their visitor. Oh... this was never good.

<Bobby> Suddenly awake, he slid out into the hall and closed the door behind him. "Jess?!"

<@Jessica> "I'm sorry! I didn't want to wake you but I didn't know what else to do..." she chewed her lip, "I'm not crazy..."

<Bobby> "...because that's always a good way to start a sentence in the middle of the night?" Bobby scrubbed both hands over his face and through his hair, making it mostly look worse.

<@Jessica> "I know... but I'm not... at least I don't think I am..." She ran a hand through her hair, "Sebastian's alive..."

<Bobby> Oh. Well. Bobby sighed and reached over to her to rub her arm. "Yeah, there's something I need to talk to you about..."

<@Jessica> "No no... he is... he spoke to me..."

<Bobby> "...um, what?"

<@Jessica> "I thought I was dreaming at first... but now I don't think so..."

<Bobby> "You... what?" Bobby rubbed his hair again, shaking his head. Was he still asleep? "Wait, how?"

<@Jessica> "He was talking in my head... I asked him where he was..."

<Bobby> "I thought you said his, uh, telepathy thing..." Bobby gestured vaguely at his own head. "That it wasn't very strong?"

<@Jessica> "No it's not... I know... but he said something about a link... except I don't know how that works...."

<Bobby> He licked his lips. "STRIKE doesn't have him anymore, babe."

<@Jessica> "Oh I know. He told me."

<Bobby> "We, like, just found out... Rae and I... but we got back late and you were in bed, so I decided to wait until morning." Rae had said he was gone and they'd assumed that meant dead. Bobby laughed, shaking his head. "Guess what? You're not crazy then."

<@Jessica> "I said I wasn't." She managed a smile, "He said Monet has him... in some old theatre. He's sure it's real... he was talking to me but then there was pain... and he stopped and went away..."

<Bobby> "Monet?!" His expression said exactly how he felt about that. He almost felt worse for him with Monet than with STRIKE. "Well, if he can reach you, Rae can track him." She would so kill him for waking her up.

<@Jessica> "Really? You think so?" She wasn't sure she should let herself get so hopeful but...

<Bobby> "Yeah, I would bet money on it, babe." He gave her a quick hug. "Looks like we'll get your Sharky back after all." Thank God.

<@Jessica> She hugged back and squeezed a little, "I hope he's okay... I don't know why he suddenly just stopped...."

<Bobby> "Yeah... Monet might have caught him." He chewed his lip a bit. "Try not to worry, and we'll get back on the hunt, okay?"

<@Jessica> She shook her head, "Monet got him out... and kept him... there was pain, Bobby..."

<Shaw> Sebastian's efforts paid off when the collar shorted with a quiet pfft and he felt the connection to Jessica return.

<Bobby> "Well, yeah... still say that sounds like Mo."

<@Jessica> She nodded, "It's not fair, he-" she stopped, "Sebastian?"

<Bobby> Bobby's eyebrows shot up and he just watched her.

<Shaw> Relief overwhelmed any other message Sebastian might have sent her.

<@Jessica> Jess wasn't sure if that was his relief or her own. He was okay. "He's back..." she told Bobby, smiling properly.

<Bobby> "Well... good. I don't suppose you can ask him where he is?" This was weird, Bobby decided.

<@Jessica> "I already did that... but I'll ask again..." she frowned a little, focusing back on Sebastian. "Any further details on where you are?"

<Bobby> "You, uh... can ask him without talking, you know... that's kind of half the thing of telepathy." Bobby watched her talk and do that weird inward focus thing he was more familiar with.

<@Jessica> "Well I'm not used to sending my thoughts at people..." she muttered in her defence. Sebastian?

<Shaw> Monet mentioned Washington DC. He still didn't believe her, and he hated to send anyone into a trap, or on a wild goose chase. Ford's Theater, of all places. I have no idea if this is correct.

<@Jessica> "Monet said they're in Ford's Theater in Washington..." Are you okay?

<Bobby> "Yeahuh... well, okay then." Bobby shook his head with a chuckle. "We'll check it out. Tell him to... sit tight, or whatever. Stay in touch... get more details." He nodded and gave Jess a kiss on the cheek before heading back into his and Hope's room. "I'll go get dressed."

<Shaw> The collar is shorting out. We'll see how long it lasts. Sebastian sat up, rubbing his hands against his thighs and feeling a slow build of energy.

<@Jessica> "Okay..." she hugged Bobby again, "I'll be in the kitchen..." Now she could get that tea. Bobby's going to get Rachel on it right away. Just hold on, okay?

<Shaw> I intend to do more than that if I can manage it. Confidence building as well, he crushed the collar.

<@Jessica> Do what? Sebastian... please don't get in more trouble... just wait...

<Shaw> Carefully, he pulled himself up to his feet. I'm simply going to assist in my own rescue, love. No worries.

<@Jessica> But we're still in New York and it might take time and what if Monet hurts you before we... they get there...? Her concern was bleeding over the link they shared.

<Shaw> He felt it, and sighed, sending her reassurance while trying to hide his exhaustion and the pain he was still in from just attempting to move. She isn't here. If she were, she would most certainly sense this and block it.

<@Jessica> She could come back... where are you going to go?

<Shaw> To find out where I truly am. In part. He smirked and started to move slowly down the hall, one hand braced against the wall.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:57 am

<Hope> Hope glanced around her family's room, relieved to find a stray toy she had missed the first 14 times she cleaned the room. Waiting for Bobby and Rachel to return with Sebastian was sheer agony. She turned around a couple of times and started making the bed. Again. Her hands had been too jittery for working in the lab and housework was horridly boring, but it kept her busy. How did housewives do it?

<Shaw> Teleportation did nothing to help his state. Even half-leaning on Drake, the dizziness and disorientation made Sebastian collapse to his knees the moment they materialized.

<Bobby> "And here we aaarre... this isn't right." He tried and failed to catch Sebastian, but managed to steady him enough to keep him from faceplanting. He was in... his room? "This isn't the medlab." He looked around again. "Where's Rae?"

<Hope> Hope whirled around at the voices, hardly able to process let alone believe what her eyes saw. "Sebastian...." Oh he looked horrible! And she didn't care. She moved quickly to help him ease back onto her and Bobby's bed. "You are alive!"

<Bobby> "Um..." He looked down at the teleportation device then at Hope. Luckily, she was all distracted by Sharky anyway. "I'll, uh... just be back in a few..." He pressed another series of buttons and cringed when the process started. Soon, he was gone.

<Shaw> He looked up at her voice, just staring at her for a moment. Even when he'd seen Rachel and Drake it had taken him time to believe it was real. "...Hope." Sebastian raised a hand, balling it into a fist for a moment when he realized he was shaking. "I'm so very sorry..." He laid his hand on her cheek.

<Hope> And her resolve disappeared with Bobby. She was aware of the tears that fell down her face, though she refused to admit they existed. She hugged him closely and carefully, burying her face against him. "Don't even worry about it. You're alive."

<Shaw> "I am," he smiled slightly, closing his eyes and holding her. "Thanks to Monet's tender mercies, in fact."

<Hope> "Remind me to not kill her then." She snuggled into him, refusing to let go of him at all as she cried on him. "We thought you were dead."

<Shaw> "I thought so too. Several times, in fact." Sebastian went with his urge to stroke her hair, needing the comfort as much himself as for her. Eyes closed, the room was still spinning around him.

<Hope> "I'm so sorry, Sebastian." Hope tried to stop the tears, feeling somewhat comforted by his touch. "I should have done more."

<Shaw> "No... you shouldn't. Not at risk to yourself or your child..." He smirked. "That is my god child, after all."

<Hope> Hope sniffled and looked up at him, smiling a bit. "It is your godchild. And the only reason I didn't go after you myself."

<Shaw> "I attempted to get them to kill me, from the very beginning." He laughed a little, then coughed.

<Hope> "Well... I'm glad they didn't." Even if they did find Tony. She pulled back enough to look up at him. "I'm not ready to bury you." She pressed her forehead against a non bloodied spot on his face. She needed to get him to the medlab.

<Shaw> "Jessica... she's all right? Really?"

<Hope> "She's fine. She remembered most, if not all, of what happened. And no she isn't locked up. She's fine. She couldn't remember the baby at first, but the medical test clued in everyone else."

<Shaw> "Good... It wasn't her fault." His head was pounding and he couldn't focus enough to try to touch her through the link he still felt. The news that the baby was all right was another relief and the tears he'd been holding in for what felt like ages spilled over.

<Hope> Him crying made Hope start crying too. "You're both going to be okay." She left out the part where Jess didn't know what he looked like.

<Shaw> Sebastian nodded, hating this display of emotion but unable to help it.

<Hope> After a few moments, Hope was able to calm down a little. Unfortunately, that did not last. She sat up, hand on her stomach, trying to figure out what she had just felt.

<Shaw> Wiping away his tears, he managed to focus on Hope, then registered the look on her face. "Hope? What's wrong?"

<Hope> "I... I don't... I don't know." She licked her lips, looking down, then quickly back up at him. "But I think we both need to go to the medlab now. Something is wrong."

<Shaw> Eyes widened, he pushed himself up again, wavering on his feet and fighting down another wave of dizziness and pain.

<Hope> Without a second thought, Hope grabbed onto him to steady himself. "I've got you," she assured him, despite her hand on her stomach. Something was very, very wrong.

<Shaw> He looked down at the hand on her stomach and stood straighter. "All right... we'll take one another."

<Hope> Hope nodded, moving carefully with him toward the medlab. Her thoughts, however, were on Bobby. After all their hard work.... it had been useless.

<Shaw> Once again, he had no idea where he was going in this new safe house. "Should I try to summon someone? Of course, you can do it just as easily," he shook his head at himself, still not thinking clearly.

<Hope> "No... no I know the way," she told him softly, tears threatening her eyes again. "It's not far... I just wish Bobby was back already." She led him down the right hallway, taking the left turn to go to the medlab.

<Shaw> "It appears there are still a few details to iron out with the teleporters, perhaps." He could hear the tears in her voice and shifted his arm around her. "I'm sure he soon will be..."

<Hope> "Yeah.... I can fix that... shouldn't be too hard." And she'd need a project to take her mind off what she was sure was happening. "He was so excited about this baby..."

<Shaw> "You think... are you in pain?" He certainly was, but he was trying to move faster for her benefit.

<Hope> "It... I don't know how to describe it. I just know something is very, very wrong." She picked up the pace to match his.

<Shaw> "Have you had any complications before now?"

<Hope> "No... I don't know... how would I know? I've never had a baby before." Until recently, she hadn't the desire for a child either.

<Shaw> "If Dr. McCoy or one of the others had mentioned anything..." His vision was graying out at the edges, but he pushed himself forward and... were they there? Sebastian caught himself on the door frame.

<Hope> "Sebastian?!" Hope pulled her attention and refocused on him, steadying him again. "Let's get you into a bed." She tapped into powers to pull one with her mind over to them so he didn't have to walk any further.

<Shaw> "I'm all right." He was panting, and collapsed readily enough onto the bed. "Go see to yourself."

<DrMcCoy> "Oh my stars and garters!" Hank got up, coming over to join them. "We were informed you would teleport in here..."

<Hope> "Bobby has shit aim." Hope informed Hank, stepping back to give him room to see to Sebastian.

<Shaw> "No," he waved Hank away. "Her first."

<DrMcCoy> Hank turned to look at Hope questioningly.

<Hope> Hope just looked again, hand resting on her stomach. "Something is wrong."

<Dr McCoy> "Oh?" Glancing between his two patients, he wished Heather or Harvey were here, then relented and led Hope to another bed. "What are you experiencing?"

<Hope> "It doesn't feel right," was all she could really say. She didn't really know how else to describe it.

<DrMcCoy> "Oh, then we'll have a look." Once he settled her onto the bed, he moved her shirt up and pressed his stethescope to her belly. After a few moments, and moving the scope a couple times, he looked thoughtful.

<Shaw> Though he wanted to watch, if he didn't lie down soon he would likely pass out, which would not help Hope at all. Sebastian eased back onto the bed and closed his eyes, satisfying himself with listening and staying conscious.

<DrMcCoy> Hank dropped the scope and moved over to their somewhat beaten-up ultrasound machine, quickly readying it and checking the small bump.

<Hope> Hope glanced between Hank and the screen, back and forth, back and forth. "So what's happening?!"

<DrMcCoy> Hank gave Hope a reassuring smile. "Absolutely nothing, my dear girl. Everything is normal." He glanced up at her face. "What exactly are you feeling?"

<Shaw> From his spot on the bed, Sebastian heaved a sigh at the doctor's words.

<Hope> "I don't really know how to describe it... just... feels weird in my stomach." She bit her lip despite her relief, glancing over at Sebastian. "You really should get to him... I can wait."

<DrMcCoy> "Does it feel like fluttering?" He looked over to his other patient.

<Shaw> "No, I can wait. Finish with her."

<Hope> "Stop being stubborn." Hope shot Sebastian a look. "Fluttering... yeeeeeeeeeah that might describe it."

<Shaw> Sebastian snorted softly.

<DrMcCoy> "I believe what you're feeling then might simply be movement. The fetus is quite active." He pushed his glasses up his nose. "It was once called quickening."

<Hope> "Wait... what?" Hope pulled her eyes from Sebastian to look at Hank. "It's... fine? And it's just moving?"

<DrMcCoy> "Yes, precisely. As the fetus grows, you will begin to feel its movements. Of course, once it reaches a certain size, these movements will be felt from the outside as well. But for now, you're just feeling the baby move."

<Hope> "My baby is moving..." It was alive... it was healthy... and it was moving! Relief flooded Hope, and she buried her face in her hands as she cried. It was okay!

<Shaw> Sebastian smiled to himself, relaxing.

<DrMcCoy> "I'll just do a few measurements while I have you..." Hank smiled at her and found some tissues.

<Jessica> Jess had gone to the kitchen for tea because she couldn't stand waiting in the medlab any longer. Her timing obviously sucked because in her absence the medlab seemed to have gained occupants but none of them were Bobby. She came to a stop in the doorway. "Um.... what did I miss?"

<Shaw> Hearing her voice, Sebastian struggled his way back to awareness and managed to open his eyes. Again, he had to wonder if this was real.

<Jessica> Assuming the man on the bed near the door was an agent afflicted with stupid that Hope had yelled too hard at, Jess passed him and moved over towards the doctor and Hope, "Is she alright?"

<Shaw> That just reinforced his feeling of disconnection, though he could sense her again - strongly. She was so close, he closed his eyes again. Jessica.

<Jessica> She paused, her grip on her mug tightening so much the crockery protested. Sebastian?

<Shaw> He smiled, then winced and slowly rolled onto his side to push himself up to see her again. "Right here."

<Jessica> She let out a startled cry, dropping the mug which shattered spectacularly, and turned around to stare at him.

<Shaw> That hadn't helped his headache at all, and he gave her a sad smile at her expression. It was more than shock at his condition, and he could feel it. The confusion of sensing her emotions earlier and her face were at odds and it was overwhelming. It broke his heart. "You... don't remember me, do you?"

<DrMcCoy> Looking up from Hope with a startled expression, as soon as he determined no one was hurt, or more hurt, he went back to his work.

<Jessica> Jess covered her mouth with her hands, "Sebastian... I'm so sorry...." How could no one have told him she couldn't remember? She moved over to him.

<Hope> Hope realized what was going on with Sebastian and Jess finally and winced a bit. "Oh yeah... there was something I needed to tell you...."

<Shaw> Sebastian looked away. Everything he'd gone through, hoping to see her again, to return to this new-found life with her...

<Jessica> "I didn't know you til I heard your voice..." she chewed her lip, "My visual memory... it's kind of.... gone...."

<Hope> "So she still remembers you," Hope chimed in.

<Shaw> He closed his eyes and sighed, feeling her guilt and uncertainty.

<Jessica> Jess wasn't sure what to say... or do. "I don't.... Sebastian... Are you okay?"

<Shaw> Everything was overwhelming, and he sat up enough to hold out his hand to her, letting her feel what he did. I need you.

<Jessica> She went to him and took his hand, pressing a kiss to his palm. I missed you...

<Hope> Hope turned her attention back to Hank, trying to see anything that had to do with the baby instead of Sebastian and Jess.

<DrMcCoy> Deciding himself to just leave them alone for the time being, he smiled at Hope and pushed up his glasses. "The fetus is really quite active, Miss Stark."

<Hope> "That's good right?" She raked her fingers through her red hair, feeling like an idiot. Maybe she should spend some time studying on pregnancy. She smirked a bit to herself. Yeah, she'd get right on that.

<Shaw> Forcing himself to sit up again, Sebastian pulled her to him.

<Jessica> Jess wrapped her arms around him, both to steady him and just to hold him. "I'm so glad I wasn't crazy...."

<Shaw> "I agree," he chuckled, closing his eyes again and holding her. Turning his head, he kissed her temple and stayed there.

<DrMcCoy> "It's quite good, although considering the father we shouldn't be surprised it's active."

<Hope> Laughing, Hope sighed a bit. "Yeah... do you need me for anything else?"

<DrMcCoy> "No, everything appears quite normal." Hank started to put his equipment away. "I should see to my other patient, after all."

<Jessica> She smiled, turning her face more into his neck. "I'm sorry I forgot your face...."

<Shaw> "Well, I must confess it's normally more unforgettable," he smirked.

<Jessica> She laughed a little, "I won't forget this now though...." she stood back from him a little to take in his features. "This is the first time I've seen you for all I remember..."

<Shaw> "No, the first time you saw me in this world was in a kitchen." Sebastian ran his hand through his hair, suspecting it did little to help, and looking over to Hope. She surely hated this. The thought made him smirk.

<Hope> "Thank you thank you." Hope got to her feet quickly. She moved toward the door, but paused to go poke just a bit. "Come see you later?"

<Shaw> "I'm glad everything is all right." The smirk faded into a real smile at Hope. "We of course must talk... but later?" He truly wanted to beg off, but there was one thing he should say. "I... told them nothing, Hope."

<Hope> Hope wrinkled her nose at him. "Yeah... we can talk later. I know you didn't tell them anything." Not on purpose. "They have Tony though. So we're working on fixing that. Rest up." Hope kissed his forehead, smile still on her face.

<Jessica> "I know... I remember that was where we talked... I remember scotch and food... but I don't remember what the kitchen looked like..." she sighed, not able to look at Hope.

<Shaw> At Hope's words, he had to steady himself. "No..." They had Tony?

<Hope> "Yeah... they either found him or.... something. Bobby just barely stopped me from going after him myself."

<Jessica> Jess avoided both of their eyes and backed off a little more. She felt responsible. "I should... clean that up..." she gestured vaguely to the shattered mug and the tea it had contained.

<Shaw> He shook his head. "They had a telepath..." Glancing to Jessica, he looked right back to Hope. "I'm so sorry, Hope... I managed to block the telepath while I was conscious..." His injuries spoke to how long that had been.

<Hope> "Don't. It isn't you fault, and I intend to make STRIKE pay dearly for all their crimes. You just rest, ok? We need you better."

<Jessica> No it wasn't his fault... it was her fault. All of it. She grabbed some paper towels to mop up the tea.

<Shaw> Nodding, he took Hope's hand. "I shall help to find him, of course, as soon as I'm able."

<Hope> "I hope he'll be here long before that. If not, screw Bobby, I'm going myself."

<Jessica> Carefully, she collected the broken pieces, looking for Hank, "Have you got anything I can sweep this up with....?"

<Shaw> He closed his mouth on an argument, since he was in no condition to enforce it.

<DrMcCoy> Finally noticing what she was doing, he bustled over. "Oh! No, let me get that!"

<Jessica> "No, it's fine... I made the mess... I should clean it up...." she glanced over at Hope and Sebastian and bit her lip before focusing back on her task.

<Hope> "So get well." Hope gave him a smile.

<DrMcCoy> "It's quite all right." He fussed with her, taking some of the pieces of mug.

<Jessica> "Please... let me..." She swallowed and took a deep breath, "Just... I need the distraction..."

<Shaw> "Thank you." Sebastian squeezed her hand and let her go, looking back over at Jessica.

<DrMcCoy> "Ah... I see." He gave her a sympathetic smile and placed a big hand on her shoulder. "Well, I'll just help you slowly then!"

<Hope> Hope took the opportunity to hurry out, going to hunt down her frozen boyfriend.

<Jessica> Jess nodded, offering him a small grateful smile. "Thanks..."

<Shaw> Sebastian watched Hope go, then turned his attention back to Jessica. As if he didn't know what she was doing.

<DrMcCoy> "Of course." He found her a dustpan and rattled on about the importance of safety in cleaning up sharp spills.

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "Mmhmm, that's why I asked." She smiled, getting up to drop the wet paper towels in the trash. "Sorry for staining your floor..."

<Shaw> Knowing this was inevitable, Sebastian unbuttoned his shirt slowly, hissing when removing it strained his aching shoulders and ribs.

<DrMcCoy> "Think nothing of it." He helped her finish up and moved to wash his hands and prepare for his next patient.

<Jessica> Jess washed her hands too but hung back, unsure of herself.

<DrMcCoy> "Now, let's take a look at you." Hank brought his first aid kit and started on the badly stitched gashes along his ribs, cleaning him up as he went and tsking under his breath.

<Shaw> "Monet did more than I expected, but her bedside manner is sorely lacking," he said between gritted teeth.

<Jessica> Jess bit her lip, looking down at the floor. She was so sorry...

<Shaw> I know you are, love. He looked over at her, willing her to look up at him while McCoy carried on.

<Jessica> This is all my fault... Tony too... She covered her face with her hands, still not lifting her head.

<Shaw> Sebastian squeezed his eyes closed, trying to at least block his pain out of their link. You did not know, and could not.

<Jessica> I shouldn't have gone out alone. It was stupid. I was stupid.

<Shaw> You'll not make that mistake again.

<Jessica> But it's too late! Don't you see? The damage is already done. She lifted her head, trying to brush the tears away so he didn't see.

<Shaw> He didn't need to see them, but he did when he opened his eyes to look at her again. Again, he held out his hand to her.

<Jessica> She went to him, taking his hand in both of hers. I ruined everything... didn't I keep saying... they should have left me...

<Shaw> If they had left you, I would have been deprived of this. He curled his fingers around hers, projecting his feelings for her again and trying to reassure her he held no grudge for this.

<Jessica> And all the extra scars with it... She gave his hands a gentle squeeze.

<Shaw> He smirked. My vanity aside. "Doctor McCoy, as much as I appreciate your efforts, I believe Monet did do me a fair service and I would rather just rest in my own room." Attempting to put on his authority, he stared the older man down.

<DrMcCoy> Hank was not impressed. "You have several cracked ribs and I can't rule out internal injury."

<Shaw> "If I had that, I'd already be dead."

<Jessica> "I'll take good care of him... I promise..." Jess attempted to help.

<Shaw> "Now, how can I turn down such a lovely nurse?" He put the smirk back on and squeezed her hand.

<DrMcCoy> Hank had to admit Shaw's wounds were healing and the majority of his bruises were days old. He fixed the other man with a polite stare that said he saw completely through his bullshit. "No strenuous activity. None. At all. And you will come see me tomorrow."

<Jessica> "I'll make sure he behaves himself and rests." Jess promised, "And attends all of his appointments on pain of Heather.... Can we go now?"

<Shaw> Sebastian raised an eyebrow at that, but stayed quiet.

<DrMcCoy> "You may, if you insist." Hank gave his most put-upon sigh and started to clean up. These people.

<Jessica> Jess smiled and leaned to give Hank a light kiss on the cheek, "Thank you." Before she turned to help Sebastian. "Lean on me, okay?"

<DrMcCoy> "Yes, yes, of course. You're welcome." He waved her off, but couldn't help a smile.

<Shaw> Sebastian got to his feet with a wince, leaving his ruined shirt behind. I fully intend to. The sooner alone with you, the better.

<Jessica> Jess slid her arm around him carefully and let him put his weight on her. Well it's not that long of a walk this time, thankfully... "See you tomorrow, Hank..."

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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:51 pm

<Jessica> Jess smiled a little as she stirred and stretched slightly. It may not have been a long sleep but it had been the most restful sleep she'd had in days. She cuddled close to Sebastian, tucking her head under his chin and just breathing him in.

<Shaw> As this had been the first time he hadn't slept strapped upright to a chair or on the floor of a theater box, Sebastian wasn't about to wake up yet. He shifted in his sleep, turning his face toward hers.

<Jessica> She smiled again, unfolding an arm and reaching up as she shifted to brush his hair back from his face gently.

<Shaw> That made him stir - then jump, jerking back from her with wide eyes.

<Jessica> Jess quickly withdrew her hand, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to wake you..."

<Shaw> "No... no, it's all right." Sebastian sighed and rubbed his hand over his mouth. It had just taken a moment to realize he was home, with Jessica, and even clean.

<Jessica> "Everything alright? Did you sleep okay? Can I get you anything?"

<Shaw> "I have all I need," he smiled, closing the distance to her again.

<Jessica> She smiled too, sliding her arms around him and cuddling close. "So you're okay....?"

<Shaw> Kissing her slowly and more tenderly than he thought himself capable of, he answered her with that action.

<Jessica> Returning the kiss, she closed her eyes, sighing softly when they broke apart and resting her forehead against his. "There's nothing I can get you...?"

<Shaw> Shaking his head, he closed his own eyes and relaxed, holding her. Are you all right with this?

<Jessica> She considered the question. It bought up all kinds of issues but... it was Sebastian. She trusted him. And he still trusted her after everything. Yes... I'm okay....

<Shaw> "I shall endeavor," he started, voice soft, "to respect your space with this, but it is as new to me as to you."

<Jessica> "I know you won't go poking through my head... I trust you... As for the rest... it's kind of reassuring to have you there..."

<Shaw> "Though you lack the ability, you are in my head as much as I am in yours. That's the nature of it."

<Jessica> She nodded, "I'll attempt to understand... I don't really... the whole telepathy thing... it's weird..."

<Shaw> "I'm not entirely certain I would know how to sever the connection as I'm not sure how I made it." The fact was, he didn't want to, either. This was more than a little startling.

<Jessica> She shook her head, "Don't... it's fine, really. I think I can get used to it...."

<Shaw> There are advantages to it. Closing his eyes, he let her feel a measure of his feelings for her again.

<Jessica> She smiled, returning the favour and capturing his lips for a kiss at the same time.

<Shaw> And this was why, exactly. This time he deepened the kiss, threading his fingers through her hair.

<Jessica> Pressing herself closer to him, she enjoyed the kiss for a long moment before breaking it off, "You're supposed to rest..."

<Shaw> "This is quite restful." He stroked her hair, taking in her face.

<Jessica> She laughed softly, "Mmhmm, now it is... but if you keep kissing me like that..."

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked at her, but decided now they had time. He moved his hand to her lower stomach, spreading out his fingers. "So, tell me more about this peanut."

<Jessica> Jess put her hand over his, "There's not much to tell at the moment... except that it's being nicer to me than Miriam was."

<Shaw> "Oh? How so?"

<Jessica> "Morning sickness with her was... awful. But so far..." she crossed her fingers, "Doing okay..."

<Shaw> He couldn't help himself. "Clearly the result of superior paternal DNA," he said, eyebrow arched.

<Jessica> She laughed, "If you want to go on thinking that, sure..."

<Shaw> "You think I'm joking?" He sniffed in mock disdain.

<Jessica> She shook her head, smiling though feeling slightly guilty, "I just... he's Miriam's father..."

<Shaw> "I know." Sebastian kissed her forehead.

<Jessica> Part of her would always care for him and wonder what might have been if things had turned out differently. It didn't matter now, of course - she was happy with Sebastian but she wondered about their future when this was over.

<Shaw> Though he could feel her inner conflict, he chose not to comment further and upset her. He owed Kevin, in fact, for giving him this opportunity with Jessica.

<Jessica> She sighed a little, cuddling close to him again. She didn't want to think about that, it only stressed her out. "Sebastian... are you really okay with this whole... baby thing....?"

<Shaw> "Until the very real possibility of never seeing you again, or this child, arose, I wasn't entirely sure." He sighed and frowned. "I do believe I've rethought my stance on guns, after all this. Sometimes, one does need some range."

<Jessica> Jess frowned a little, "So... that's a yes?"

<Shaw> "Yes." Licking his lips, he went on. "I can make no guarantees on how good I will be at all this. Mistakes will be made, of this I'm certain."

<Jessica> "Hey... as long as you try, Sebastian... that's all I can ask." She smiled and kissed him softly.

<Shaw> He nodded and returned the kiss. It was all still very, very new to him. And strange.

<Jessica> Just make sure our baby knows you love him or her. Everything else will fall into place. That was the best piece of advice she'd ever been given.

<Shaw> Her presence in his mind was more comforting than he could say. I will do my best. Staying in the kiss, he caressed her stomach, then moved to her hip to pull her closer.

<Jessica> She allowed him to pull her to him, sliding her arms back around him carefully. I know you will.

<Shaw> Breaking the kiss before it could get too heated, though he didn't want to, Sebastian cleared his throat. "Tell me what to expect, during the pregnancy. As Hope illustrated for us so well, ignorance is not bliss in this."

<Jessica> She curled into him, nestling her head by his shoulder, "For you... not a whole lot apart from some annoyance about how frequently I'll have to get up to pee... at least for the next few months until you can feel the baby move from the outside.... I, on the other hand, have all kinds of delightful things to look forward to. Particularly peanut kicking my internal organs and the fake contractions that can happen towards the end."

<Shaw> "Well, that sounds simply delightful." He reached up and stroked her hair, tucking curls behind her ear.

<Jessica> "Oh yeah. It's all great fun," she laughed a little. "I'm probably going to have to make friends with the supply teams though..."

<Shaw> "Oh?" It sounded fairly horrific, he thought. Though, picturing her as Hope looked now, knowing she carried his child... it filled him with an emotion he couldn't identify.

<Jessica> Jess felt it over their link and teared up a little, cuddling him tighter (but not too tight because Hank had mentioned cracked ribs). "Oh yeah... there's also all the mood swings..." now she remembered.

<Shaw> "So I see..." He brushed his thumb under her eye, smiling a little. "And yes, I suppose I can see how a baby will require rather a lot of... stuff." The word made him smirk a little at its ineloquence, but it seemed to fit.

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "Yeah... so it's going to make me crazier than normal... and crave some odd things... so... good luck, I guess."

<Shaw> "I've told you time and time again that you are not crazy." He kissed her forehead.

<Jessica> "Well give it time..." she advised, "You'll see..."

<Shaw> I have seen, you forget.

<Jessica> You haven't seen me pregnant. She had punched so many people that looked vaguely like Kevin.

<Shaw> "So are you planning to punch me? Once I'm healed, I'll hardly mind, however the implications are a tad disturbing."

<Jessica> "I don't know.... depends how much the peanut makes me suffer... and whether or not you catch me at a bad time..."

<Shaw> Sebastian just snorted softly.

<Jessica> Jess gave him a small grin and turned her head to kiss his neck as that was as high as she could reach in her current position. "Don't take any of it personally..."

<Shaw> "I shall try my best." He stroked her hair again, thoughtful for a moment. "This all begs the question, I suppose, if you are 'okay' with all this? After all, you believed you had been sterilized and childbearing was behind you."

<Jessica> She gave a small shrug, "I don't know.... I'm happy... but I don't know how I feel about having another baby... it was difficult enough the first time around." She sighed, cuddling into him and burying her face against him, "But you're here... and I won't be alone..."

<Shaw> "No. I will not leave you of my own free will, Jessica." He did echo her sigh, enjoying the feel of her body pressed against him. "Even though it was just a few days, really, I missed this."

<Jessica> "I missed this too... even though I couldn't remember what you looked like..."

<Shaw> "Well, I hope you weren't terribly disappointed," he smirked up at the ceiling. "I assure you, I normally look much better."

<Jessica> She laughed, "Never disappointed." She shook her head to emphasise her point and burrow deeper. "I knew I wouldn't be."

<Shaw> While normally he might not have much patience for so much cuddling, Sebastian sent her another little wave of affection. Good. He was warm and comfortable for the first time in what felt like longer than it truly was. Even though she was burrowing into some sore spots, he didn't mind.

<Jessica> She responded by allowing her own feelings of happiness and contentment to bleed over the link. "Shall we go back to sleep? Or are you hungry?"

<Shaw> "I'm not quite up for what I hunger," he smirked, giving her a squeeze and stifling a yawn. "Sleep, however..."

<Jessica> "Sleep it is then." She pressed a kiss into his shoulder. "I missed sleep."

<Shaw> Sebastian didn't bother to answer, and just made himself comfortable and rested his head against hers. He closed his eyes.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Apr 02, 2013 4:10 pm

"You can't tell me you trust her."

"Of course I don't trust her."

"Well then!"

"Harvey, it's not that simple." Heather sat down on the corner of her desk. "She's the only lead we have. We've got no other choice and you know as well as I do that we can't let this continue."

"But there has to be a better way," he leaned against the door frame, casting a glance into the infirmary to check there were no patients appearing for them.

"If there was, don't you think I'd be doing that? None of them trust her either and the powers that be aren't about to risk taking her intel for what they'll look at as some sort of vendetta. And, even if they did, it would go on the back burner with all this Tony Stark business because Hope is an emotional leader at best and he is family."

Harvey sighed and scrubbed his face with his hands. "I hate that you're right."

"Of course I'm right. I'm always fucking right... I hate it too." she beckoned him over and held her arms open.

Harvey blinked at her. Signs of affection from her were so rare that every H2O molecule of his being screamed that it was a trap and she was going to punch him in the groin.... but he went to her anyway because what was life without a little risk?

Heather didn't punch him. She wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her head against his chest, closing her eyes for a few moments after he slid his arms around her shoulders. "I don't want to do this alone... but I will if I have to."

"You won't have to." He gave her a squeeze, "If you think I'm going to risk losing you again without doing everything in my power to stop it, you're a bigger idiot than I am... and I like to hope that's impossible."

Heather laughed a little, lifting her head to look up at him. "So you're going to stop trying to talk me out of it and help me?"

He sighed, "I suppose so..." He hugged her again and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "I guess if we do pull this off, it'll be good for all of us. We can finally close that chapter in our lives."

Heather nodded. "Not just us... Pietro too. He carries Magnus' burdens around like they're his own."

And that's why we're not telling him. I know. Not until it's over." He paused and frowned, "Is that why you're in such a hurry?"

"No... well... maybe a little. You do kind of have a tendancy to blurt..."

He groaned, knowing that was perfectly true. "Damn you for being full of good points."

"It's a blessing and a curse." Heather nodded, wearing a serious expression.

That just made Harvey laugh, hugging her again. "I love you. I'm very glad they found you."

She smiled and gave him a gentle squeeze, "I love you too... but don't tell anyone - I have an image to maintain."

"It's okay - they probably wouldn't believe me anyway. Maybe look at me like I've grown a second head.... actually I probably could do that..."

Heather wrinkled her nose, looking up at him again, "Please don't. You talk enough as it is."

He laughed again, "Okay okay... I'll save it for parties." He looked to the door again when voices floated down to them. "And now we have work to do... I'll help you with this afterwards, okay?"

Heather nodded and offered him a greatful smile, "Thank you." She got to her feet and pressed a kiss to his cheek before picking up her labcoat and heading out to greet their patient.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

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Shaw: Sebastian felt better now, after catching up on sleep and a few days to heal. Well enough to leave his room and spend some time in the lab, though he was alone there, and then to go to the makeshift gym.

Shaw: He shielded his link with Jessica just enough so she wouldn't feel it when he used the punching bag. No one believed him that this really did make him feel better, even if he was moving very slowly.

Viper: Viper leaned back against the wall, watching with a small smirk on her face. "My my, you do keep some strange company, Sebastian Shaw."

Shaw: The strange voice made him miss the bag and he gasped in pain at a newly-pulled muscle. Catching the bag with both hands, he turned and his eyes narrowed to slits. The other women with green hair he knew were dead, or at least missing, so this could only be one. "You."

Viper: "Good afternoon." She smiled pleasantly, straightening up. "I see they found you, then?"

Shaw: "How in all the hells did you get in here?" Sebastian started toward her, hiding his limp.

Viper: "You think Hope had an original idea?" she laughed, "That's adorable!" She held up her hand, the teleportation ring visible. "I've been using these for years and years."

Shaw: He suppressed an eye roll. "Yes, yes, you and your superior intellect. Why then are you here? Certainly not to exchange pleasantries with me over STRIKE accomodations."

Viper: "Certainly not. I have better things to do with my time." She smirked, crossing her arms. "Actually I thought your superiors might like some information I have come across but, naturally, I assumed they would be less inclined to listen before they try to shoot me or turn me into an ice cube."

Shaw: "My superiors?" He scoffed, eyebrow arched.

Viper: "Am I mistaken? Do you not take orders from the mini-Stark and her bodyguard?" She raised an eyebrow in return.

Shaw: "I believe orders is a bit of an overstatement, Viper." Sebastian moved in closer to her to loom a little.

Viper: Viper would not be intimidated. She laughed, "Indeed. Well perhaps you should remind them of who is really in charge, hmm?"

Shaw: "Get to your point, woman."

Viper: "They requested I use my considerable resources to locate you." She cocked her head on one side, looking him up and down. "Obviously they don't need me to do that anymore... but they might want me to look for someone else instead."

Shaw: Sebastian's smirk fell. "Where is he? You wouldn't just come here asking for a job to do, so you already know."

Viper: Her eyebrows went up briefly before her face fell back into it's usual smirk, "Well, someone's eager." She pulled up a holographic map. "There are several possible locations. My people are working on narrowing them down." Red dots appeared scattered across the map. "Each location has had security increased over the past few days. Very suspicious."

Shaw: He was through playing her games, and he stared intently at the map, attempting to memorize the locations.

Viper: Viper rolled her eyes, removing the device that projected the map and holding it out to him, "You need only ask."

Shaw: "And what do I owe in return?" Sebastian met her eyes again, taking his measure of her.

Viper: "Nothing." Viper replied, "I needn't tell you how unfortunate it would be for him to remain in their custody... perhaps even be forced to provide them with technology. It is in everyone's interests to see him freed as soon as possible."

Shaw: He took the device, inspecting it briefly out of curiosity, then looked back up to Viper. "Agreed."

Viper: "I have already managed to provoke the other Stark's bodyguard's distrust concerning another matter, that is why I came to you... that and he keeps calling me 'Lorna'." She shook her head, waving the issue away. "I will send any location updates to that device so remember to check."

Shaw: "Heh. Indeed?" He looked her over again, smirk back in place. "Lorna was far more attractive."

Viper: The eyebrow went up again, "I have shot people for less."

Shaw: "Of course you have." He grinned.

Viper: "But I suppose you'd rather enjoy that, wouldn't you?" she smirked again, "No matter, I have several other things I could try."

Shaw: "I look forward to it, perhaps at a later date." He held up the device. "For now, I believe we have our calendars booked."

Viper: "Indeed we do." She produced a card and offered him that too, "In case you have need to contact me."

Shaw: He took the card with an amused chuckle. "Such formality, considering we're old friends." It was a different design than he'd last seen, but the same function, so he poked the logo and smiled at her.

Viper: "You have tried so hard to remove traces of many of your old friends. I thought it best to bring a spare in case you lost other things in your purge." She inclined her head politely to him, "Until next time."

Shaw: "Some things are better left in the past, my dear." He returned the gesture, still amused. "I wait with bated breath."

Viper: "And some things have a nasty habit of coming back. Perhaps we can work on that later." With a twist of her ring, she vanished.

Shaw: Pocketing the device - he'd investigate it later - he shook his head and went to find Hope.
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Re: What if...? The Registration Act went super enforced?

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 28, 2013 8:09 am

<Hope> Hope sat with Maddie on her lap in the lab, having her put the pieces of a flash light together. "There you go! Now that part..."

<Bobby> Going into the lab with his offering of gummies, Bobby just stopped in the doorway and stayed quiet, watching. He bit his lip.

<Hope> "Ut oh! That doesn't fit there!" She tickled the giggling Maddie and kissed on the baby's cheek. "Try again!"

<Bobby> This was far too cute, and he didn't want to ruin the moment. Maddie was happy, and Hope too, with her little apprentice.

<Hope> With just a little more coaching, and helping with the final twisting of the top, the girls had light. "Yay!!!" Hope cheered, spinning around in the chair with her, pausing when she noticed Bobby in the doorway.

<Bobby> "Good job, ladies!" He grinned at them both, coming into the room and giving each a kiss - though Hope's was on the lips. "Guess she shows more promise with the gadgets than I do, huh?"

<Hope> "Don't be silly... your lego gadgets provide hours of entertainment." Hope grinned, picking up Maddie as she got to her feet. "Somebody was sad at day care today." She poked the sad child just a bit as she hid her face against Hope.

<Bobby> Bobby hugged them both, with Maddie in the middle and delivered a few more kisses to them both. "Aww, well Hope fixed that!"

<Hope> "Sure did." Hope rested her head against Bobby, stroking Maddie's hair. "How was your day?"

<Bobby> "Fine, but better now." Even with their somewhat dubious help from the crazy lady, the search for Tony was ongoing. He shifted enough to rest one hand on her stomach. "How's the family today?"

<Hope> "Your child is happier now that you are here. Well, I guess both of them, but that one especially. And hungry. You should feed it."

<Bobby> He laughed, kissing her forehead again. "Well, I meant you too... other than hungry."

<Hope> "I'm ok, I'm always ok." She leaned up for a kiss. "Have everything I need. Almost."

<Bobby> "Working on it," he mumbled in the kiss, then fished in his pocket and held up the bag of gummies at her eye level. "This might help though."

<Hope> "Have I told you lately that I love you?" Hope grinned, taking the bag of gummies with her spare hand.

<Bobby> "Yes! But it's always good to hear!" He turned his attention to Maddie, who was watching them with her big blue eyes. "Right, baby girl?!"

<Hope> Hope kissed Maddie's forehead, offering her a gummy. "Just one... until after dinner. And I love you too, sweetiepie."

<Bobby> Bobby gave Hope a bright smile. "I love my girls more than anything." His mouth twitched, and he patted her stomach. "And you too, but you might want to be a boy to even up the odds, kiddo."

<Hope> "Awww well I've taken to calling... the baby Fetus.... well it needs a name! I can't keep calling it 'it.'"

<Bobby> "...Cletus the Fetus?" Bobby made a face at Maddie at that one, and stole a gummy from Hope.

<Hope> Hope gave Bobby a horrified look. "I will fight you over this baby name. I swear I will." She laughed, taking his arm to head to the kitchen.

<Bobby> "Eskimo the Embryo?" He cocked his head and let her lead him, enjoying Maddie's giggles just as much as torturing Hope. "Maybe baby names will be our dealbreaker. Hey, maybe and baby rhymes too!"

<Hope> "Well... it is half of your DNA... there's no telling what kind of terrible taste Fetus has." Hope smirked as she teased him.

<Bobby> "Now now, call him Cletus." He considered this. "It is half my DNA, and your power is to copycat, so maybe he's really a clone."

<Hope> "Oh....." Hope did not like that idea. "But... one of you is more then enough... and I am so not calling the baby Cletus."

<Bobby> Haaa, got her with the clone thing! "Snowball? No? Frosty?" Bobby started humming Frosty the Snowman to renewed giggles from Maddie.

<Hope> "Nooo!" Hope cringed. "Stooooooop!"

<Bobby> Soon, Bobby's giggles matched Maddie's and echoed down the hall. Dinner was gonna be fun.

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