What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

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What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:43 pm

Prologue: Day one. Z-minus 10 days.

<Shaw> For his daughter's sake, Sebastian kept a tight rein on his temper, singing to her softly and stroking her long, dark hair. Miriam was resting, fitfully, still coughing, and he offered her water when she would accept it.

<Viper> For her own sake, and a brief respite, Viper had managed to sneak past most of the snitch patrols and knocked out the one that wouldn't turn around. Cracked ribs were healing slowly and taking precedence over the the bruises and cuts. This was getting irritating. Finding a room with few occupants she leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor with a bump.

<Shaw> He glanced sharply at the woman, but Miriam's cough brought his attention back to the little girl. "Shh, love," he said quietly, rocking her gently and picking the song back up where he'd left off. In his head, he was compiling a list of who he would kill the moment they were free of this place.

<Shaw> The list started with Tony.

<Viper> She recognised the voice and risked a glance up, sucking in a breath and wincing in pain. She coughed, which also hurt, "Well well... this is a surprise."

<Shaw> Sebastian took a second look at the woman, then narrowed his eyes. With the collar, his eyesight wasn't quite up to its usual snuff. After a moment, he drew in a breath. "How?"

<Viper> "I could ask you the same question... but the answer is obvious." Her eyes fell to Miriam. She probably shouldn't try to get up while her internal injuries were healing but she levered herself up with the help of the wall.

<Shaw> "Yes, and it doesn't answer mine." He watched her, noting the slow movements, the bruises, and the lack of a collar.

<Viper> "Would you believe I'm here on purpose?" She crossed the small distance between them, "If the team that were supposed to aid my escape didn't turn out to be as incompetant as everyone else in my day to day life, I wouldn't still be here now."

<Shaw> He snorted and made room for her. "So. What do you know of the situation?"

<Miriam> "My throat hurts..." Miriam blinked and whined, looking over at the newcomer. She blinked again. "Auntie Viper?"

<Viper> Viper carefully sat down beside them, offering Miriam a smile, "Hello Mäuschen," she gently reached over and touched the back of her hand to her forehead.

<Shaw> Sebastian offered Miriam more water and met Sarkissian's eyes over the girl's head. "The fever has yet to break."

<Viper> "It will. There are a number of people here that have been sick... I haven't heard of a case being fatal." She tickled Miriam under her chin when she refused the water, "You need to drink, it will help your throat."

<Shaw> Sebastian blew out a relieved breath and this time helped his daughter drink. "Why did you attempt to infiltrate the camp?"

<Viper> "I wanted to know what they were really up to," she looked at his face instead of watching Miriam. "Where is Jessica?"

<Shaw> "Free, thankfully." And he hoped she was leaving the country at this very moment. "When Miriam took ill our doctors recommended she go to a specialist." Sebastian gave a bitter huff. "Clearly I underestimated the reach of this insanity."

<Viper> "It seems many people have..." she sighed, wincing again as she jarred that cracked rib.

<Shaw> "You're uncollared." His gaze dropped to her neck and back to her eyes. "Yet you're injured. When were you captured?"

<Viper> "Oh this isn't from them." She waved it off, "This is from other mutants. Fortunately, my abilities aren't considered threatening so I will heal soon enough."

<Shaw> "From other mutants?" Sebastian's brow lifted. "Why?"

<Viper> "I have a reputation. The guards took great pleasure in informing everyone of some of Hydra's achievements... not all of which I was involved in but it has given them a distraction." The cuts on her face were starting to heal which meant her ribs were healed at last.

<Shaw> Despite himself, Sebastian chuckled, which earned him a curious look from Miriam.

<Viper> "I'm glad you find my predicament amusing." She narrowed her eyes, "But, I should warn you that it could quickly become your predicament if they see us talking."

<Shaw> "Well, there could very well be safety in numbers." He sighed, sobering and shifting Miriam, who whimpered.

<Viper> "Have they given you a room assignment yet? I know they can be a little slow..." She wasn't entirely sure about the safety in numbers, it just gave them more targets. Would they consider harming a child in their misguided quest for revenge?

<Shaw> "No." He kissed the top of Miriam's head, soothing her. "Have you seen anyone you actually recognize?"

<Viper> "Not yet but I haven't been looking." She got to her feet, "Come on, let's get you a room with a bed in it for her."

<Shaw> "Thank you," he said, though slowly. However, what option did he have for the moment but to ally with the woman? At least he knew she would be sincere in Miriam's safety and that was more than he had just moments ago.

<Viper> She offered him a half smile, "Don't thank me yet." She led the way back into the maze of corridors.

<Shaw> With Miriam on his hip, he tried to keep track of their location, noticing other mutants on occasion. This was unacceptable.

<Viper> Skipping several cells in an area she knew to be shady, she took them to a better area and stopped in a doorway. There was one occupied space in the room and the 'owner' was in there reading, she turned back to Sebastian, "Do you mind sharing?"

<Shaw> "With whom would I be sharing?" His brow was nearly at his hairline. "And where is your room?"

<Viper> "I didn't ask his name... and I find it's safer if I don't have a room." She went back into said room and stared at the occupant until he looked up then she pointed wordlessly to the door. It took a few moments for the hint to sink in, he was about to not take it seriously, she could tell. She ran her tongue over a fang. That did the trick.

<Shaw> Sebastian marked the man's face in his memory as he slunk past them, then he joined Sarkissian in the room. "As I said then, perhaps there is safety in numbers?"

<Viper> "There are more of them than there are of us," she pointed out, "Besides... do you really wish to sleep in the same place as me?"

<Shaw> "If it serves to keep my daughter safer, yes." He eyed the door.

<Viper> "I'll do what I can..." she glanced out into the hallway then decided it was better if the door was closed.

<Miriam> "Daddy, I don't want to stay here..." Miriam found herself set on the floor and wrapped her arms around herself, staring into the darkened corners.

<Shaw> "I know, my love. It won't be for long." He moved to the bed and ripped off the sheets, inspecting it for vermin. "I promise."

<Miriam> Spotting Viper, she shuffled to her and wrapped her arms around her leg.

<Viper> Viper looked down at her and gently stroked her hair, "I don't want to stay here either, Mäuschen... but we have to, for now."

<Miriam> "Why?" She looked up at the woman, pressing her cheek to her thigh.

<Viper> "Because you need to get well and I don't know the way out yet." She offered the girl a smile, "Don't worry, we won't be here forever."

<Shaw> "No, we will not." Satisfied with the bed's state, he partially reassembled it and looked over at his daughter clinging to Viper. He sighed.

<Viper> Crouching briefly, Viper picked Miriam up and brought her over to him, "You need to rest so that you get better."

<Miriam> "I'm not sleepy," she protested around a yawn as her daddy took her.

<Shaw> Sebastian smiled until the yawn was punctuated by a cough. "Some more water, and then sleep, little love."

<Viper> Viper gave her a smile before going to the door and peering out of the tiny window in it. So far there were no repercussions for turfing the original occupant out so that was something. She went to the other bed to make it up.

<Shaw> He sat down beside Miriam as she finished her drink and got settled, watching Sarkissian. "Perhaps if I slept behind the door to block it?"

<Viper> She shook her head, "No. Stay with Miriam. There's no reason for you to get hurt trying to stop them getting to me." She glanced at him over her shoulder, "I will heal."

<Shaw> Sebastian tilted his head at her in consideration. "Are you often dragged from bed?"

<Viper> "Not since I stopped sleeping." She leaned back against the bed once it was made, arms folded across her chest. "In the beginning... yes."

<Shaw> That answered the concern in his mind, and he kissed Miriam goodnight and took one of the discarded blankets to the door, lowering himself to the floor with his back against the room's only entrance.

<Viper> Viper sighed, glancing out of that window again for the projection of the time on the wall. "Lights out soon." She climbed into the bed, deciding she may as well take advantage of the likely brief time with a mattress. "Do you mind if I try to sleep?"

<Shaw> "Be my guest." He dropped the blanket beside him for the time being and tipped his head back to rest on the cheap wood. Knees drawn up, he clenched and relaxed his fists at his sides. So many were going to pay for this.

<Viper> She lay back, folding her hands on her stomach. "If they do come looking for me... move aside."

<Shaw> He bared his teeth. "Perhaps."

<Viper> "Consider your options, Sebastian. You can be left alone... or you can let your daughter see them beat you. Which would you prefer?"

<Shaw> "I always consider my options, Ophelia, which you well know. So, as I said, perhaps." The lights flickered and died and he sighed, closing his eyes.

<Viper> "Good night, Sebastian." She sighed, rolling onto her side and clearing her mind.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:45 pm

Prologue: Day 3. Z-minus 8 days.

<Viper> It was dark and she was still exhausted from healing so it took her a moment to register that she wasn't alone. Viper jerked away from the other body, sitting up quickly and forcing her eyes to focus. Miriam? She glanced over at the other bed. Sebastian was still sleeping soundly. She wondered how long the child had been there.

<Viper> She was in no danger though, Viper lay back down and drew the child closer. Her fever was still raging and she coughed in her sleep - Viper sent another glance Sebastian's way before smoothing Miriam's hair back and pressing a kiss to her forehead, "Shh, Mäuschen, you will be better soon."

<Shaw> Their first night had been uneventful, and their first full day in the camp had been fairly uneventful as well. Sarkissian had vanished, then later returned, again injured, and again he'd started the night at his post in front of the door but in the wee hours Miriam's nightmares had brought him to the bed.

<Shaw> He awoke with a jerk, half sitting up and panicked. His night vision was poor now, but it took him just moments to focus on the other bed, and his daughter cuddled with Sarkissian. Sebastian let out a sigh of relief, then his mouth twisted sideways. Of course.

<Viper> Viper heard the movement in the other bed and looked over in his direction, "Oh... you're awake."

<Shaw> "Yes," he said with a jaw-cracking yawn. "How is she?"

<Viper> "Hot." Viper stroked a hand over her hair as she stirred again. "I don't know how long she's been here."

<Shaw> He rubbed a hand over his face and looked at the window, attempting to gauge the time. "How long does the fever typically last, in your experience?"

<Viper> "It's variable... but no longer than a week. I think she'll be over it soon," she glanced at him again, "How are you faring? Any symptoms?"

<Shaw> "I'm..." Sebastian closed his eyes. "Uncertain. With my abilities gone, it could simply be that I require time to adjust." He drew a deep breath. "Have you had it?"

<Viper> "Not so far... but then I have my abilities." She shifted to sit up again, being very careful not to jostle Miriam too much and wake her.

<Shaw> "Have you healed from your latest encounter?" He laid back down, pressing the heels of his hands into his eyes and willing the headache to go away. Unfortunately, this only made his inhibitor collar dig into his throat.

<Viper> "Yes, I think so..." it wasn't hurting to move anymore, at any rate. She pulled the blanket off herself and tucked it around Miriam to keep her comfortable before she turned to put her feet on the floor.

<Shaw> Her voice was moving, but he couldn't pinpoint what she was doing and so didn't bother. If he was getting ill, there was every possibility Jessica could be infected as well. And she was alone.

<Viper> Viper crossed the room to him, reaching to check his temperature with the back of her hand. There were more effective ways but their options were limited.

<Shaw> Sebastian jumped at the touch, staring up at her.

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow at the look, though she'd withdrawn her hand when he startled. She tried again. "You have a fever."

<Shaw> He swore softly and dropped his hands to cover his face.

<Viper> She let her hand fall to her side and looked over at Miriam, "It's no surprise, you've been in close proximity to Miriam for some time."

<Shaw> "No, but it simply makes the situation more complicated." His voice was muffled by his hands.

<Viper> "Just follow your own advice an-" she paused looking at the door. Frowning, she went to the window and peeked out.

<Shaw> Curious, he looked up at her, then sat, wincing when his head swam. "What's going on?"

<Viper> She put a finger to her lips and gave a half shrug, watching again. Beyond the window, there were doctors with a cot that seemed to have someone on it. One of them paused to look around and she ducked out of sight just in case.

<Shaw> He watched her, glancing over at Miriam. They needed to be free of this place.

<Viper> Waiting a moment more, Viper risked another look through the window and watched the cot get wheeled away down the hall and through a door. "They took someone."

<Shaw> That could not bode well. "Perhaps they hide fatalities?" He again looked at Miriam, the desire to snatch her up and never let go strong.

<Viper> "It's possible..." she stole another glance at the empty space beyond the door.

<Shaw> "This is intolerable. You're not expecting another extraction team?" If so, he was willing to swear almost anything to the woman to escape.

<Viper> "Perhaps, but I have no idea when and no way of knowing. I doubt they'd just leave me here, though. They're rather fond of my brain." She pushed both hands through her hair and leaned back against the door.

<Shaw> "One would hope they'd be smart enough to insert another agent, one of lower rank than you," he pointed out.

<Viper> "And they would have been killed by now," she countered, "Besides, I volunteered."

<Shaw> "If they were foolish enough to be discovered." He sighed and rubbed his eyes again. "Viper..."

<Viper> She turned her head to look at him, "Sebastian?"

<Shaw> "We both know this situation is... unfavorable. I do believe you are in the position to name your price if at the very least you take Miriam with you when Hydra comes for you."

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "I wasn't aware that was up for debate. I assumed I would be taking you both with me, if the opportunity arose."

<Shaw> He nodded and let out a breath. "Thank you."

<Viper> "There's no need to thank me," she waved it off, "Just make sure you rest." Pushing off the door, she went back to her bed and sat down beside Miriam, stroking a hand over her damp hair.

<Shaw> "Still, I'm in your debt." He watched the woman with Miriam and leaned forward, resting his face in his hands again. "I'm also concerned about Jessica."

<Viper> Viper nodded, "I understand... but, even if she were sick, she would not seek help from these people. She would find somewhere safe to hole up and wait it out."

<Shaw> "As you know, she doesn't deal well with sickness." He sighed.

<Viper> "One of the best things her father did for her was to make sure she was immunised against anything he foresaw as being a problem, especially when he discovered her immunity to drugs.... but, this does mean she has little experience with being sick. It's natural that she would panic." Viper kept her tone soft in case she woke Miriam.

<Shaw> "Precisely." He looked up at her with a soft, mirthless laugh. "And she can't come to you for assistance."

<Viper> "She will be fine, Sebastian. She's less fragile than you think she is." She looked over at him, "You, on the other hand, are more vulnerable than you're used to being."

<Shaw> "Unfortunately." He pressed the side of his hand to his forehead, trying to gauge his own fever. And he could only hope she was right about Jessica. Take care, koibito.

<Viper> "You will just need to be patient until you are better," Miriam stirred and she ceased the movement of her hand while she waited to see if she was waking up or just moving around.

<Shaw> Hearing her, Sebastian looked up to watch Miriam squirm in her sleep. Of course, there was no answering echo in his mind, even if he could have maintained the link over a distance. Still, the emptiness made him feel worse.

<Viper> Viper decided to install herself in the corner and gathered Miriam and the blanket into her lap. She blinked her eyes open briefly before she settled back down again. "You should go back to sleep," she offered in suggestion, lifting her gaze to Sebastian.

<Shaw> After a moment, he nodded and slowly laid back down, trying to find a comfortable position with the collar around his throat. He couldn't allow himself to be sick. He simply couldn't.

<Viper> Lying her head back against the wall, she tried to relax enough to go back to sleep herself but kept focusing on Miriam's breathing instead. Every so often it would hitch and the girl would cough again and she would tighten her hold just enough to soothe her until it passed.

<Shaw> Listening to Miriam, he drifted between awareness and oblivion, teetering on the edge until his daughter settled. Then, he fell.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:46 pm

Prologue: Day 7. Z-minus 4 days.

<Viper> Taking care of a small child was not something Viper had forseen herself doing when she'd been intentionally captured but here she was. At least, for the time being, Miriam's presence offered her some protection from the other prisoners. She took her with her when she went to get food and water for them, Sebastian was hardly in a position to protest, and Miriam enjoyed the exploring.

<Shaw> This much was true, as Sebastian spent the next day drifting in and out of awareness. Sometimes, he found himself back in Boston, at home with Jessica and Miriam, and sometimes he awoke to Viper of all people offering him water.

<Viper> Viper had managed to steal some paper and a pencil for Miriam so she had something to do. There were no colours but she'd have to make do for now. There were worrying rumours floating around the camp about the illness, some of them more than a little troubling. She was in two minds about whether or not to mention these to Sebastian but, in his current state, he probably wouldn't recall them anyway.

<Viper> After another trip, she sat down on the bed beside him and gently started the process of rousing him and trying to get him to accept some food.

<Shaw> He awoke slowly and his eyes refused to focus on the woman beside him. Raising a hand, he reached for a lock of dark hair. "Jessie?"

<Viper> She caught his hand just after it brushed over her hair and shook her head, "No, Sebastian..." her tone was close to apologetic.

<Shaw> Sebastian's eyes cleared for just a moment and his sigh turned into a racking cough, forcing him to roll away from her to the wall. Fists clenched, he tried not to choke.

<Viper> Tugging at the corner of her lip with a fang, she reached to rub his back soothingly. Miriam had paused in her drawing with a startled look so she offered the girl a reassuring smile.

<Shaw> This entire situation was unbearable, but at the moment he was too sick to care. Eventually, he calmed, catching his breath. He was wheezing and this was horrific.

<Viper> Viper reached for the water and offered it to him, "Here... you should also try to eat."

<Shaw> He nodded wearily and thanked her for the water, attempting to slowly sit up and take a sip. "Daddy will be alright, little love," he told Miriam with a tired smile, willing his voice to sound normal.

<Viper> Viper helped him sit up and propped up the pillows behind him before she bent to pick up the food. It was some kind of stew, she didn't want to guess what meat it was but it was edible and hot. She drew the line at feeding him and she was sure he would too.

<Shaw> Accepting the bowl with another nod he stared at it and then looked back to Miriam. "When did her fever break?" The little girl had smiled at him shyly and moved a little closer, scribbling on a piece of paper and talking to herself softly.

<Viper> "A day or so ago... you've been fairly... absent..." she frowned, "How do you feel?"

<Shaw> Shooting a glance at Miriam, he looked back at Viper and shook his head. "How is the... situation?"

<Viper> "There are some interesting rumours floating around," she glanced at the door, "People missing."

<Shaw> His eyebrow raised. "Those fatalities we discussed?"

<Viper> "It seems so," she frowned a little, "But others have been saying that they were receiving treatment... so perhaps they are still in the infirmary somewhere."

<Shaw> After scooping up just a bit of the broth and avoiding the unidentifiable chunks, he tasted it and coughed.

<Viper> "It's not the best you'll ever eat," she agreed, "But you need to eat something." Miriam had eaten all of hers, she'd been hungry after several days of hardly any food. She was drawing again and Viper tilted her head, trying to make out the contents of the picture.

<Shaw> Once he recovered he made a sour face and tried again. "And what do you think?" he asked, looking up at her face to gauge the reaction.

<Viper> She thought Miriam should probably not consider art as a career path but that wasn't what he was asking about. "Given that the only ones missing are people they've been treating and most people seem to be getting better on their own... I'm not entirely convinced they're helping."

<Shaw> "Sounds... likely." He took another bite. "Does anyone know I'm ill?"

<Viper> "Well, I haven't told anyone but they might have heard you coughing... last night I thought I saw a shadow by the window but I couldn't get up and look without waking her," she nodded to Miriam.

<Shaw> He closed his eyes. It was sometimes impossible not to cough, and once he started he could barely stop. The fever was still there as well, he knew, and he was in no condition to defend himself, let alone Miriam.

<Viper> "If they come in here," she looked between them, "I can try to convince them not to separate you but, if they try to treat you with something, I'm not equipped to stop them and I shouldn't try to for Miriam's sake..."

<Shaw> "No, you shouldn't." Sebastian stifled another cough. "Should something happen," he started, shifting to sit up and look at her, lowering his voice. "I know you'll care for her well."

<Viper> "Of course I will do my best but I am no substitute for you and Jessica. I've had experience raising a child, I can do it... but I'd rather not have to."

<Shaw> "Keep her safe, get her to Jessica if you can." He watched Miriam sadly, then lifted his eyes to Viper. "She looks like she could be yours..."

<Viper> "She's not." Viper frowned, wondering why he would say something like that.

<Shaw> "I know." He blinked, rapidly, watching the woman stare at him in confusion and seeing another woman altogether.

<Viper> "Then don't say things like that..." she looked away, her gaze falling to Miriam, "No child would want me as a mother if they had a better option."

<Shaw> "I miss you," he whispered, gaze unfocused. Where was she? Was she sick too? Alone and afraid?

<Viper> Viper sighed, taking the stew from him and steering him back to lying down, "Go back to sleep, Sebastian..."

<Shaw> He looked up at her, not truly seeing, but didn't resist.

<Viper> Once he was settled, she covered him with the blanket then leaned to check his temperature again. "I'll wake you in a few hours for another meal, alright?"

<Shaw> Already absent, Sebastian didn't respond, but after a few moments his eyes drifted closed.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:47 pm

Prologue: Day 8. Z-minus 3 days.

<Viper> For several nights now, Viper had hardly slept. It had no effect on her health to do this thanks to her healing but it left her rather bored. She dozed, thinking about their options for escape when Sebastian recovered and listening to his laboured breathing with concern.

<Viper> Miriam slept beside her, or occasionally sprawled half across her, and seemed none the worse for wear after recovering from the illness herself. It was during a period of considering whether or not to slip out and look around that Viper heard the door open.

<Shaw> Dead to the world, Sebastian heard not a thing. His dreams were still disjointed, and sometimes took a terrifying turn into nightmares revisiting horrors long past.

<Viper> Viper moved Miriam and sat up, shielding her eyes when a light was shone in her direction. "Stay where you are," the figure with the light instructed while others moved into the room behind him and went to Sebastian's bed.

<Shaw> He only dimly heard movement in the room, and by the time he awoke it was too late. There were at least two figures standing above him and another pressed him to the bed, pinning him down by his shoulders.

<Viper> "What are you doing?" Viper demanded, shifting to put herself between them and Miriam and get to her feet. The staff didn't answer her, which was something that never sat well with her. She narrowed her eyes, her gaze shifting to the hallway where she could see something metallic catching the scant light.

<Shaw> Viper's voice brought him focus, and then he heard Miriam crying. "Off!" Sebastian struggled, freeing a hand to take a swing at one of his captors and heard a grunt.

<Viper> Damn it, now the child was awake. She glanced over her shoulder at her then looked back over at Sebastian, "We don't need your help," she informed the so-called doctors. They were attempting to restrain Sebastian now but she could to little about it with Miriam wailing behind her. If she moved, Miriam would follow.

<Shaw> Even collared and ill he had the advantage of size if he could just get free. He threw another punch at the man he'd already struck, this time with better aim. While the man doubled over in pain, Sebastian rolled off the bed, tangled in his own sweaty blanket.

<Viper> Behind her, Miriam slid off the bed to try and reach her daddy. Viper caught her and picked her up (which resulted in an increased volume of wailing), "Sebastian!"

<Shaw> He aimed a kick and felt a satisfying crack and the man screamed. Sebastian bared his teeth. There was no time to respond to Viper or Miriam, and he needed his breath to fight.

<Viper> After the first punch, one of the men had pressed a button on their belt to summon reinforcements and now they arrived, two of them tackling Sebastian at once and slamming him into a wall. Miriam screamed all the louder and Viper's patience was wearing very very thin. She tightened her hold on the squirming child, "What do you want?" she looked at the man who had yet to do anything other than watch.

<Shaw> Sebastian's head cracked on the wall, stunning him, and he could only blink.

<Viper> The reinforcements pressed their advantage, pinning him to the wall while the man Viper had addressed smiled blandly at her, "We just want to help."

<Viper> "Well, might I say, you're doing terribly." Viper replied without missing a beat, "He'll be in a worse condition after you leave."

<Shaw> Recovering enough to fight back again, most of his energy was spent. Sebastian attempted to heave himself off the wall and found himself slammed back, spurring a coughing fit. He aimed his cough at one of the men and had enough presence of mind to spit in his face.

<Viper> Viper would have face-palmed had she not needed both hands to keep hold of Miriam. "Just do whatever you came to do and leave. You've done enough damage."

<Viper> Their sort of leader merely laughed, "Someone is far too used to giving orders."

<Shaw> The man didn't release him, and he was frustrated and angry enough now he shifted his weight toward his target and struck the man with a vicious headbutt. The pain was blinding, but this time the man let go to grasp his bleeding nose. "So am I! You have no idea!"

<Viper> "You are harming a sick man and traumatising his young child," Viper pointed out, "I don't think dragging this out any longer is going to do anyone any favours."

<Shaw> In the silence that followed, he heard Miriam's sobs and straightened up in the remaining guard's grasp. The man who'd held himself apart from the fray smirked. "I know who you are," he said with a nod at one of the recovering men. He was well dressed beneath his lab coat, Sebastian noted with a sneer.

<Shaw> "Clearly not," Sebastian snapped. The man selected a syringe from a case under his arm.

<Viper> Viper held Miriam close and tried to calm her down, sitting down on the bed with her and putting her in her lap. "Sebastian..." her tone was cautionary - he really needed to not make this worse.

<Shaw> "Since you don't seem interested in accompanying us for treatment, we will make do." The two remaining upright guards ensured he remained in place and peeled back his sleeve.

<Viper> "Of course he's not accompanying you - he has a daughter to think of," Viper rolled her eyes.

<Shaw> Sebastian struggled, but had lost most of his strength. He wasn't struck again, but then again he wasn't given the chance to fight back. The man stepped forward and plunged the needle into his forearm, depressing the contents quickly and backing away.

<Viper> "Good. You've given him his cooties shot now go away and don't come back." Viper shooed them. The underlings looked at their boss a little bemused.

<Shaw> Once their boss was out of range, the men released him and stepped between the parties. Sebastian swore and clutched his arm. It felt as if it was on fire.

<Viper> Viper skirted the men with Miriam and went to Sebastian's side. She set Miriam down on the end of his bed where she was still sniffling and staring wide-eyed at the people who had attacked her dad. "Get out!" she lunged toward the guards which had the desired effect and got them moving toward the door.

<Shaw> Sebastian slid down the wall, a grimace on his face.

<Viper> Viper slammed the door on the intruders once they were through it then hurried back to Sebastian. She took his face between her hands to check his eyes, "Sebastian? Can you stand?"

<Shaw> Choosing this moment to move, Miriam slid off the end of the bed and ran to her father. "Daddy!" He freed one arm to catch her.

<Viper> "It's alright, Mäuschen," Viper glanced at her, removing one hand from Sebastian's face to stroke it over her hair. With the other she kept his head raised as gently as she could, still watching his pupils for any changes.

<Shaw> "Give me a moment." He gasped, closing his eyes and pulling Miriam in. The girl whimpered and burrowed her face into his neck. Her sharp knees and fingers managed to find some of his bruises and he bit his lip.

<Viper> Viper sighed, lowering her hand from his face and backing away a little to give them what little privacy was available. She stood up and went to the window, a few cells down the group of medics were wheeling some other poor soul away on that gurney. At least it hadn't been Sebastian.

<Shaw> He tried to reassure his daughter and not think about what they could have injected him with. His head was pounding and his arm still burned. It could be anything, and the possibilities terrified him.

<Viper> Deciding she'd given them enough time, Viper went back to them, "You should get back into bed." She bent to help him up, taking him under the arm that wasn't around his daughter.

<Shaw> "Any bets on what that was?" He hissed as she manipulated the injected arm. "Feels like bloody lava." Miriam wasn't letting go, so it took extra effort to drag himself just to his knees.

<Viper> Viper bent to put his arm around her shoulders, catching him around the waist to haul him to his feet. "It's impossible to say... do you feel any other effects? I realise it might be difficult to separate them from your illness and... other injuries."

<Shaw> "I can't tell, no." He stood, slowly and with a groan that made Miriam cling even more tightly. "I'll be okay, Miri." The few steps back to his bed seemed to take an eternity.

<Viper> Viper settled him on the bed then bent to pick the sheets up from the floor, untangling them before she put them back partly over him. "You shouldn't have fought them... you're worse off than ever now..." she frowned a little.

<Shaw> "I could not let them take me," he said, looking up at her in surprise. "Have any of those taken resurfaced back in the general population?"

<Viper> "No... but they might not have taken you. They may have just given you the shot and left you here." She took his arm to check the injection site, "How is your head?"

<Shaw> "That is a chance I was not willing to take." He closed his eyes and rubbed Miriam's back. "Pounding."

<Viper> "Shocking." She deadpanned, "You're an idiot." She prodded the injection site with a thumb experimentally, "Any nausea or dizziness that wasn't there before?"

<Shaw> "I don't believe so." He didn't deign to respond to her other comment.

<Viper> "And your breathing? How is that? Does it hurt?" She dropped his arm, moving to tug the back of his shirt up and check for bruising, she gently moved Miriam's arm out of the way too.

<Shaw> "Yes." Sebastian pried Miriam off just enough to settle her in his lap instead.

<Viper> "And did it hurt prior to your introduction to the wall?" She carefully tested his ribs with her fingertips, applying light pressure where bruising was starting to show.

<Shaw> "It did, but yes, I likely have some cracked ribs." He winced, feeling lightheaded.

<Viper> "Cracked but not broken... still, they will hurt for some time." She was inclined to think he deserved it for being a dumbass. "You need to lie down..." She checked his eyes again, they were looking a little unfocused.

<Shaw> They focused on her long enough for a weak glare and then he moved to comply, slowly.

<Viper> Viper's lips twisted into a small amused smirk at the glare. "Move aside, Mäuschen, let your father lie down then you can cuddle..." she gently gathered the girl up out of the way.

<Shaw> Sebastian laid down and had to close his eyes when the room kept spinning.

<Viper> One handed, Viper pulled the blanket up to cover him then carefully laid Miriam down beside him, "There you go..."

<Shaw> The girl snuggled into her father immediately and Sebastian put his arm around her, still not opening his eyes. "Thank you," he said quietly, voice rasping. He felt terrible.

<Viper> "Show your gratitude by making better decisions in the future," she sighed, bending to press a kiss to Miriam's head. "Get some rest..."

<Shaw> "Mm." Sebastian had no further comment, and as his head was swimming soon couldn't comment at all.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:48 pm

Prologue: Day 11. Zero Hour.

<Shaw> His recovery was slow, and he was in dire need of a shower, but such luxuries seemed rare in this wretched quarantine camp. Sebastian sat on the floor of the cell he still shared with Viper, playing tic tac toe with Miriam, who seemed to be coping with all of this the best.

<Viper> Viper had been out wandering around in an attempt to glean more information from the other mutants. Minus a Miriam, she earned a few more bruises but she did acquire lunch and returned to their cell with it, setting it down between Miriam and Sebastian. When she straightened up again her head swam and she put her hand on Sebastian's shoulder for a moment to steady herself.

<Shaw> He looked up at her questioningly and then studied her face. "How are you feeling?" Instinctively, he put out a hand to help her with her balance.

<Viper> "I'm fine." She went to her bed and sat down on it, pushing a hand through her hair. Ugh. She didn't know if it was the concussion but she had been feeling fairly off when she'd woken up. With slow, measured movements, she lay down, one arm over her eyes and the other across her lower ribs. Ouch.

<Shaw> While Miriam dove into the food, he watched her. "Are you quite sure?" She'd cared for him, and Miriam, and it stood to reason she would get ill. "Did you encounter any trouble?"

<Viper> "Some." She winced, shifting to try and reduce the pressure on her ribs, "I'll heal." She moved her arm to peer at him from its shadow, "How are you feeling?"

<Shaw> "Better." He was still weak, and standing too quickly made his head spin. His ribs were still painful and if he coughed too hard, he saw stars. "Did you eat?"

<Viper> "I'll eat later." She sighed, which made her cough, which made her ribs hurt. She curled up, hiding her face between her arm and the pillow and biting down on her lip. A fang drew blood but it'd probably not be noticable given her other injuries.

<Shaw> "You're ill. Do you think you have a fever yet?" He sighed and picked up a piece of the dried fruit she'd brought. Clearly he needed to get his strength back and quickly.

<Viper> "I don't know," she peered out at him again, "Don't worry about me."

<Shaw> He made a dismissive sound, already plotting if there was a way they could store a bit of water in the room. Popping the bit of food into his mouth, he pushed himself up on the bed and wavered for just a moment, then moved over to Viper to rest the back of his hand on her forehead.

<Viper> She moved her arm for him, somewhat reluctantly, and watched his face for clues while she prodded her cut lip with the end of her tongue.

<Shaw> "You're hot," he proclaimed, smirking slightly.

<Viper> "I know," she replied with a smirk of her own.

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled and Miriam jumped up from her food, getting interested. "Auntie Viper is sick too?"

<Viper> "It seems so, Mäuschen," Viper reached to touch her cheek softly, "but I'll get better."

<Miriam> "Awww, we'll take care of you," she said, taking her hand and playing with her fingers. "Right, daddy?" She looked up at her father.

<Shaw> "Indeed," he said with a smirk, sitting on the edge of the woman's bed before he fell over.

<Viper> Viper smiled at the girl, which hurt, her eyes following Sebastian's movements. "You'll have to show your father where the food is for me. Do you remember the way?" Her vision swam and refocused on the door that was still ajar, a noise somewhere beyond the hall outside drew her attention.

<Miriam> "I remember! I can show him!" She nodded, proud of her contribution, then after a moment frowned. "Did you fall down?"

<Shaw> Scratching at his beard, Sebastian heard the sound as well and looked at the door. "How are things... out there?" He decided he would give himself just a brief rest and then take a look himself and close the door.

<Viper> "I did, that was clumsy of me, yes?" she tickled Miriam under her chin and looked over at Sebastian, "Tense... frosty... you may have better luck than I."

<Shaw> "Is there any word on those... taken?" There was no real way to talk around Miriam, so he didn't bother. Sebastian slowly stood and moved to the door, taking a look outside. Down the hall, he saw a man moving quickly across an adjoining hall.

<Viper> "No... but they probably think I'm somehow involved." She shifted to sit up, wincing at another stab of pain from her ribs, "What's going on?"

<Shaw> "I can't tell, but there seems to be some restlessness." He looked the other way, then closed the door and leaned against it, instead watching through the window.

<Viper> "Restlessness?" She got to her feet and used the bed to steady herself as she made her way to the door. "Anything we should be concerned about?"

<Shaw> He moved aside to let her see, but not before he saw another person sprint down the hall past their door. "Perhaps..."

<Viper> Viper peered through the window, eyes going to the door she'd seen them take the sick through. There was movement beyond the frosted glass before it was suddenly darkened with red. The next moment an alarm sounded inside the complex and something started banging at the door. Viper looked at Sebastian.

<Shaw> "I would say that answers that question..."

<Miriam> Loud! With a wail of her own, Miriam clapped both hands over her ears. "Make it stop!"

<Viper> Viper turned for Miriam as the door started to give way. "We need to find a room without windows." She bent to pick the girl up, remembering her bruised and fractured ribs too late.

<Shaw> Sebastian didn't want to know what was going on over there, unless it presented them an opportunity for escape. He picked up Miriam instead, though it hurt, and offered Viper his hand. "You know this place far better than I do."

<Viper> She nodded, catching her breath again after her mistake before going to the door. She peeked out again, the door was on its last legs and someone was yelling about a containment breach. They were never good and she didn't have a gun on her. She opened their cell door, "Hurry." One hand on the wall to steady herself, she set off.

<Shaw> Instructing Miriam to hold on and not to look up, he looked over his shoulder at the door and the bloodstained windows as he followed Viper closely. What in hell were they containing?

<Viper> People were running for exits but there'd be no escape that way because why would they release good bait when they had their own asses to save? She stopped short when someone caught her arm and demanded to know what she'd done. She stared at them for a long moment then took a swing at them. She was five hundred percent done with taking their crap.

<Shaw> He was distracted by Viper's encounter just long enough to hear shattering glass and screaming. Then, he didn't have to guess what was behind the door. A man fell through the door, another on top of him, and Sebastian saw the attacker bite the man on the ground.

<Viper> With a glance over her shoulder, she shoved the stunned man away and grabbed for Sebastian to pull him forward again. Her vision swam again but she shook it off and turned right when they reached the end of the row.

<Shaw> Skidding around the corner in his dress shoes, Miriam startled and squealed, looking back and then screaming louder. "Shhh, I know! Be very quiet so they can't hear us!"

<Shaw> Still, when he looked over his shoulder again, he saw a bloodied figure starting toward them at a sprint.

<Viper> Viper stopped, "Keep going. Go straight to the end of the hall and turn left. Wait for me there."

<Shaw> He wasn't inclined to argue since Miriam was sobbing and he could hear more screaming from the courtyard area. "Understood."

<Viper> Viper went back the way they'd come to meet the threat. Striding into a recreation area, she broke the leg from a chair to help with that.

<Shaw> Sebastian turned at the end of the hall, looking back to check if they were followed. At the moment, it seemed clear, so he rounded the corner and searched for cover.

<Viper> Viper left a few of her tormentors as bait to slow the experiments down and discarded her weapon, turning to follow Sebastian and Miriam. Once she was inside the canteen area, she closed the door behind her and leaned against the wall for a moment to catch her breath and her balance. She should probably lie down somewhere really.

<Shaw> He tensed, preparing to defend himself and Miriam, but relaxed instantly when he peered over the counter. Viper. "We should block the door."

<Viper> She nodded, "The tables are bolted down but I'm open to suggestions." She headed over to them, catching her reflection in the polished metal surfaces. She was a little bit covered in blood.

<Shaw> Of course they were. He kicked a table, running on adrenaline, and looked around the room. Before this had been turned into a quarantine camp it may have been some sort of nursing home, so the options were limited. There were, however, chair rails still installed around the walls.

<Shaw> Going to work on one of those, he took a second look at Viper. "What is going on out there?"

<Miriam> She peeked out from behind the counter and stared at her daddy and auntie.

<Viper> "Whatever they did to people behind those doors... they didn't think it through." She leaned on the counter, looking for a cloth or something, "I recognised one or two of the missing... they're biting people and they don't seem to react to being hit beyond attacking and trying to bite some more." She looked at Miriam, not sure if she should say the rest while she was being stared at like that.

<Shaw> "Biting..." That was what he'd seen as well - people acting like wild animals. He ripped a section of the rail free and jammed it through the door handles. It was the best they could do at the moment.

<Viper> Making her way behind the counter, Viper found a towel and dampened it with a tap in the kitchen area to clean off some of the bood, "We should hide in back."

<Shaw> He nodded and gestured for Miriam, who sprinted for him and attached herself to his leg until he could pick her up. "The best of all worlds would be if we could locate a roof access to see this from above."

<Viper> "The exits out there are all blocked by people, there may be some this way but they're probably locked." She finished wiping off her hands and face, "It's what I would do."

<Shaw> Grunting in response, he started into the kitchen proper to look for the best places to hide and to see if there was a back door. There had to be, somewhere, and it was both a security concern and an asset.

<Viper> Viper leaned against the counter in the kitchen, rubbing her forehead with her fingertips. Her head was pounding now after the exertion, she dampened the cloth again with cold water and stared hard at the door when a shadow passed the window.

<Shaw> "Miri, I want you to look after Viper for just a moment," he said, placing her on the counter beside the woman and reaching to slowly close the rolling steel shutter that would block the kitchen from the cafeteria and its dangerous doors.

<Viper> Viper gave Miriam a small smile, poking the end of her nose with the cloth before she held it to her forehead. And then the coughing started, which hurt like hell with her injuries and made it near impossible for her to breathe.

<Shaw> He shot Viper a somewhat sympathetic look and latched the shutter. "You know we need to keep it down..." In the kitchen there luckily was more equipment he could move to block the door into the cafeteria, and then he began the search for the back door to secure it.

<Miriam> She rubbed her auntie Viper's back, but pulled her hand away when she encountered something wet and sticky... and red...

<Viper> Viper saw the movement and the red out of the corner of her eye and held off the coughing long enough to use the cloth on Miriam's hand. That done, she took off her overshirt and threw it into the sink with the cloth, leaving her in a vest and somewhat chilly but less bloody. The coughing resumed after a few wheezing breaths.

<Shaw> Luck was for once in their favor and the back door had a drop bolt. He secured it, listening at the crack for a few moments. It was utter chaos outside. Sebastian moved back to Viper and Miriam, locating a glass and filling it with water for her. "Here," he said, keeping his voice low. It rasped uncomfortably.

<Viper> In a moment's pause she took a sip from the glass. It helped but she was still wheezing and didn't feel like she was getting enough air between that and the bruising keeping her breaths shallow. "This is intolerable."

<Shaw> "I understand." He checked her fever with a hand to her forehead before she could protest, then started clearing off a counter. "You may as well lie down while you can."

<Viper> Viper eyed the counter. It didn't look at all comfortable or inviting. "No thank you..." it would also be freezing. She sighed and put the glass down beside her, "At least we won't starve while we wait this out..."

<Shaw> "True enough." Since she turned it down, he located several towels and helped Miriam make herself a nest. Then, he moved back to Viper, keeping his voice down. "Were you injured?"

<Viper> "No more than I was already," she leaned forward because it was somehow easier to breathe that way and also tried to keep her voice down, "They're eating people, Sebastian..."

<Shaw> "That was... what I saw as well." He frowned and slouched against the counter, rubbing his face with both hands.

<Viper> "We have no choice but to wait it out," she coughed again, gripping the edge of the counter hard. "Hopefully they have some sort of plan in place... but I would suggest we make our own plans just in case."

<Shaw> "I agree. There is a back door, but I have no idea to where it opens and there was definite activity on the other side. Now, perhaps in a few hours that won't be the case, but there's no way to know." He rubbed her back, hoping she would settle, or at least be quiet.

<Viper> It subsided again and she tried to keep her breaths shallow so she didn't provoke another attack. "I think I'll sit on the floor..." carefully she moved to do just that, hissing at the cold against her back when she leaned against the counter. It caused another coughing spasm but only a short one.

<Miriam> The metal countertop was boring since daddy took everything off of it, so when she saw auntie Viper sit on the floor, she decided that was a great idea. Tossing her towels down one by one, Miriam shimmied off the counter.

<Shaw> Sebastian sighed, stifling his own cough, and helped his daughter down, before joining them both on the floor.

<Viper> Viper shifted to lean against him, he was warm and she was feeling shivery. It was probably the fever. She curled up hugging herself and tried not to start coughing again.

<Shaw> He stiffened for just a moment, but recalled everything she'd done for him and Miriam. Sebastian slid his arm around her shoulders, wincing when he heard a scream and thump from somewhere down the hall. Miriam whined and burrowed into them both.

<Viper> Uncurling just slightly, Viper pulled Miriam into her lap to comfort her and curled up around her. She rested her head on Sebastian's shoulder, recalling another uncomfortable set of hours sat this way a very long time ago. She decided to do something she hadn't back then and turned her head to offer him a small smile, "Thank you."

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her a slight smile in return and nodded, then tipped his head back to rest against the counter, closing his eyes to listen. Rabid cannibals. If he stopped to think about it too closely he would lose his mind.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:49 pm

Three hours and seventeen minutes after containment failure.

<Viper> The banging at the door hardly registered over all the other noise. The experiments had found their way into the dining area over an hour ago, following the trail of blood Viper had left on the wall. They had so far not figured out that the shutter led to another room but it was only a matter of time.

<Viper> After so long suppressing the need to cough, Viper's breathing was laboured. Her healing was focusing on the fever so her bruises and factures were still as painful as they had been hours ago when they occured, she tried to ignore it and rest, her head still on Sebastian's shoulder.

<Jessica> What did they make fire exit doors out of? Jeez. Jess gave another shove and something cracked and gave. "... Has someone barricaded this?" She shoved again, hearing a scraping sound on the other side. Yep. Their route in had been interesting and full of surprises - not so nice surprises. But still no sign of Sebastian or Viper.

<Shaw> He heard the sound from the back door and swore under his breath. "We're out of places to go..." Sebastian looked around the room, steeling himself for what was to come. He had a knife, and a meat mallet, but it would be little help against the numbers he heard. Still... for Miriam...

<Shaw> He leaned over and kissed his daughter while she whimpered quietly and burrowed between them. She would not be torn apart, not while he still lived, even if he had to... No. For now he wouldn't think of it.

<David> David adjusted the silencer on his gun. "Come on Super Woman," he told her, impatient. He didn't like this. Not at all. He double checked his ammo. Plenty of extra clips. He'd drop every last government official he found.

<Jessica> "It's alright, now I know how hard to shove." With one final kick, the door gave way and everything slid across the floor to unblock it.

<Viper> Viper winced and made a sound of complaint when Miriam's knees and elbows jarred her ribs. She tightened her hold on the girl, hating that she was stuck here without the energy to even go down fighting. "Close your eyes, Mäuschen..."

<David> Gun drawn, David moved in front of Jess to lead the way inside.

<Shaw> The back door gave way, but he didn't immediately hear anything but the new attention of the mob behind them in the cafeteria. Wary, he struggled to his feet, knife at the ready.

<Viper> The sound of tearing metal drew Viper's attention. "Oh no..." a bloody arm had crashed through the metal shutter. One of the uncollared mutants with strength seemed to have found their way into the dining hall and was ripping a hole in their only protection. Her gaze shifted to Sebastian.

<David> They hadn't gone far when David got his first up close view of the beings terrorizing the place. "The fuckity fuck?" He almost lowered his weapon, but instinct and training kicked in. He fired at the chest. It moved with the impact and came at him again. "Oh hell no." He fired at the head.

<Shaw> The things were coming in the kitchen door now as well and he started toward them, but stopped when one rebounded from what seemed like a shot. Then he heard a voice and its head exploded. Shocked, Sebastian searched for the shooter.

<Viper> That voice... she turned her head, raising a hand to shield her eyes from the light in the doorway. David? Maybe she was seeing things...

<Jessica> "Sebastian!" Jess dodged around David and sprinted for her husband.

<David> "Jess!" David started to grab for her, but they were clearly under siege. He moved, taking out anymore... creatures? he saw in the immediate area.

<Shaw> He recognized David Sum the split second before he heard Jess. With barely the presence of mind not to drop his only weapon, he met his wife for a fast, hard hug. "Love, we have to go!" He looked over his shoulder for Viper and Miriam.

<Jessica> Jess returned the hug just as tightly, "Are you okay?" she felt something against his neck and pulled back to look, her eyes narrowing on the collar. Her hands closed around it and she ripped it off him before she went to her daughter. She paused at the sight of Viper, not prepared for that at all. "Viper?"

<Viper> Or maybe she wasn't seeing things. Today was a strange day. "Mäuschen, someone is here to see you," she loosened her hold on Miriam.

<Miriam> "Mommy!" She screamed, running for her mom and leaping into her arms.

<David> "Any day now, Jess," David warned, following her as he dropped the empty clip and reloaded his gun.

<Viper> Her lap now free of a small child, Viper attempted to lever herself up but found she didn't have the energy or lung capacity to manage. Her vision swam and she sat down again, holding a hand to her head. Nope. On the plus side she could stop holding back that cough.

<Shaw> Sarkissian wasn't moving quickly enough and with his collar gone he was already feeling stronger. "Come," he said, crossing back to her and ducking a reaching bloodied arm. "Up you go." He assisted her, hoping he could carry her if necessary.

<Jessica> Jess was barely able to contain her temper when she saw the collar on her daughter, it got the same treatment as Sebastian's had and she held Miriam close. "It's okay, sweetheart."

<Viper> Much to her dismay, she let out a yelp of pain at the swift movement and had no choice but to lean on Sebastian, putting an arm around his waist to hold herself up.

<David> David spared them a glance, his own temper flaring when he saw Sebastian and Viper. "Jess. Take them out the way we came." He kept firing at anyone who got close enough, mind on the task at hand.

<Jessica> Jess nodded, gesturing for Sebastian to follow her and heading to the door with Miriam. She was not putting her down for anything.

<Shaw> He had to pocket his knife to help her, moving as quickly as Viper would allow behind Jess. Sum seemed to be keeping them at bay, but the screaming and growls were unnerving.

<Jessica> Jess led the way back to their ride and climbed in with Miriam. One of the agents offered to take her for a moment but Jess refused it and turned to look out for the others.

<David> David was mortified by the body count he racked up, dropping another empty clip and reloading. He glanced behind him, finally making his way backwards after the group. "What the hell is wrong with these people!?"

<Viper> "They... are already dead..." Viper managed to get out between wheezes as she focused on staying upright.

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her a disbelieving stare as he helped her onto the transport and into a seat.

<David> "In that case..." he didn't feel bad for killing them. He kept his post as rear guard, looking to see if his team was all in.

<Viper> Once in a seat, Viper settled into ignoring everyone else for the time being. Her head was pounding again and she closed her eyes, putting her face in her hands. Even she could feel that she was feverish.

<David> "All aboard!" David hopped in as they took off, firing a couple more shots for good measure. That done and gun holstered, he sank down beside Viper, immediately pulling out a first aid kit from his pack.

<Shaw> Sebastian was all too happy to ignore Viper, and went immediately to Jessica and Miriam.

<Jessica> Jess wrapped an arm around Sebastian to pull him to her, her other arm still securely around Miriam. "I'm so glad you're both okay..."

<Viper> "I'm alright," she assured David, "Most of this isn't mine..." she gestured to the blood smeared on her skin and clothes. "There's nothing in there that will help with the bruising." She put her hand on his so he didn't waste his time and offered a small smile, which pulled at the self-inflicted cut on her lip.

<David> He started to argue, but pulled her to him instead, kissing her temple. "You have a team to punish when we get home. The leader is no longer with us. Most unfortunate accident with the barrel end of my gun."

<Viper> Despite herself, she laughed, leaning against him. It hurt to laugh and resulted in more coughing but she was pleased, "If they thought I was angry when they failed, they have no idea how much worse it is now."

<Shaw> "Miriam was quite ill for several days, and I caught it..." He looked her over and kissed her cheek, still mindful of his state. "You're well?"

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "So far... think it helps that most of Hydra is human... don't get exposed that much."

<David> David smiled and held her securely against him, sighing a bit. "They just thought you were angry."

<Viper> "They don't know you very well." She rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes against the spinning, "It will be nice to sleep without the threat of people breaking into our room."

<David> He smirked at the our room part, nodding.

<Shaw> Sebastian noticed the display across the chopper bay and raised a brow, but dismissed it. "I don't want to infect you," he said, turning back to Jess. Closing his eyes, he re-established the link more firmly. Could you help me? With the request, he sent the image of her electric fingers.

<Jessica> "Well... Miriam's all better and you're on the mend... maybe Hydra can mix me up a vaccine and I won't have to be sick at all." She followed his gaze as she moved the arm around him to gently charge his abilities. I love being proven right...

<Shaw> Proven right? He gave her a quizzical look and then closed his eyes again to enjoy the surge of energy. Vaccine. He still didn't know what they'd injected him with.

<Jessica> I've had suspicions for years. He tried to deny it... like I couldn't tell. She smirked a little.

<Viper> "David..." she could feel herself on the edge of sleep and there was no telling when she'd be awake again, "They were experimenting on mutants instead of curing them... we need to know how far this madness reaches."

<David> He nodded, kissing the top of her head. "We'll deal with it."

<Viper> She shook her head, "If this is goes beyond one base, I don't know that there will be any dealing with it. It may be a case of finding a bunker and waiting it out. We need to prepare." Some minor turbulence jarred her fractured ribs and she doubled over in pain.

<Shaw> With his abilities returned, he could hear their conversation. "She's right," he interjected, opening his eyes and feeling himself begin to heal.

<David> David winced with her, holding onto her carefully. "I know... we'll deal with it." He glanced over at Sebastian. "We'll have to do what we can. Our base is secure."

<Jessica> Jess blinked at Sebastian, "... Pod person."

<Shaw> He smiled at her, but it was brief. "They did something to me, love..."

<Jessica> She wasn't able to stop the concern making it to her face, "What something?"

<Shaw> "When I had the fever, they tried to take me as they did those others... obviously, they did not, but I was still injected with something." He held up his arm, though the marks were already fading.

<Viper> "We can run tests," she assured him, lifting her head, "If you'd be willing."

<David> "Even if you're not," David gave him a look. "I don't want whatever it is they had."

<Shaw> "I feel... as normal as to be expected," he said, giving Viper a wary look.

<David> "Until you try to eat our faces off..."

<Jessica> Jess squirmed uncomfortably and cuddled Miriam to her, "They didn't give Miriam anything, did they?"

<Viper> "Don't worry, Sebastian. I have no intention of shooting you after all I did to see you both well... at least not until we have all the facts." She offered a small smirk.

<Shaw> "No, they didn't touch her." He looked down at his arm again, then shot Viper a look. "What did you mean - they're dead?"

<Viper> "Exactly what I said." She winced again, gripping the edge of her seat as another bump upset her injuries, "When I went back... after I sent you on with Miriam..." she paused to stifle a yelp - the pilot called back an apology, "Several were dead... some of those people were back up and walking around when we were leaving."

<Shaw> "The dead don't get up and walk around." He frowned. "Generally."

<Viper> "I know..." and sometimes that was a terrible shame. There were some people you really wanted to kill more than one way.

<David> David frowned, considering that.

<Shaw> "Then how are you certain they were dead?" He was certain he wasn't, and pressed his hand to his throat where the collar was. Indeed, there was a steady pulse.

<Viper> "I know for certain one of them was because I did that... another had his throat ripped out around a collar.... I could go on?"

<Shaw> He shot a glance at Jessica and Miriam. "No."

<Jessica> Jess was cradling her baby in her lap and stroking her hair. She had been through an ordeal.

<Viper> "I didn't think so." Viper sighed, settling back against David and resting a hand on his leg.

<David> David held onto Viper, thinking. "That's why they didn't drop when I shot them in the chest."

<Shaw> Sebastian didn't want to think about it anymore. Dead cannibals were the stuff of fantasy, until they weren't. He moved close to Jessica and Miriam, though he was afraid to touch them.

<Jessica> Jess watched Sebastian warily. He seemed okay but who knew how much of whatever it was they needed to pump into him before he turned into one of those things? Maybe he'd already had enough. She tried not to think about it as the pilot announced they were begining their descent.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jun 13, 2015 4:58 pm

The year is 2022.

Over the past few months: The legacy virus has seen a resurgence. President Stark has authorised the construction of quarantine camps to try and stifle the spread of the mutant killing disease. So far, no one who has entered the camps has come out again with doctors only suppling fatality lists. Drugs companies have stepped in to help manage these camps and try to come up with a treatment plan.

In the current news: Quarantine camps across the nation have been overrun by human cannibals. So far no one is talking about how this happened but, on the internet, there are rumours that experiments were being conducted on the mutants. The cannibals move fast, those that are not still wearing the power dampening collars imposed on mutants at the camps have retained their abilities (barring psychic abilities). The creatures cannot be stopped except by severe injury to the head, seem to feel no pain and have a strong compulsion to bite other people. Whatever this thing is, it appears to be contagious and spreading quickly.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jun 14, 2015 2:30 pm

<Viper> Viper didn't know how long it had been since they'd landed at the base. She awoke to find herself in her room, the lights were low and she had no idea what time it might be. She raised a hand to scrub at her face and found an IV line attached to the back of it. She frowned at it for a time, trying to separate the illness from the odd floating sensation she had. Had they given her morphine?

<David> David was totally going to figure out this Tweeter thing... Twitter? He frowned at the tablet, pecking away at the keys as he tried to type an update. His feet were propped up at the foot of Viper's bed, not really paying attention to her for some hours now.

<Viper> She prodded experimentally at her ribs, wondering if they were still broken and she just couldn't feel it or if they'd healed. Still none the wiser, she rolled onto her side and attempted to sit up.

<David> He laughed outright, reading a post by Hope. "Stark... you can't be funnier than me." He frowned and went right back to typing away. "Hashtag girl please!"

<Viper> Viper startled a little at the unexpected voice and turned her head toward it, "... David?"

<David> He jumped mid sentence, blinking as he took her in. "What are you doing?" He quickly finished and hit send, putting the tablet down and moving over to her side.

<Viper> "I thought I might check my bruises..." She stopped trying to sit up though because she was a little dizzy again.

<David> David carefully eased her back down. "You can check them later," he assured her. "You need to rest. Are you in pain?"

<Viper> She shook her head, "No... that's why I wanted to check..." she lifted a hand to brush her fingers against his cheek.

<David> He smiled at her, turning his face to kiss her fingers. "You're on a lot of painkillers. Just try to relax." He sat down on the edge of the bed beside her.

<Viper> "I thought I might be," she smiled, trailing the hand down his arm to capture his. "How long was I out?"

<David> "Not sure," he admitted, wrapping his own hand around hers. "I resorted to getting a Tweeter account. Twitter! Never get that right."

<Viper> She laughed, "But you've resisted for so long!"

<David> "I know. Stark told me if I was that bored, I could follow her on Twitter. Have to admit... it's entertaining." He leaned down, kissing Viper's forehead.

<Viper> She laughed again, "Well I'm glad you found something to do... and I appreciate you not leaving me alone..."

<David> "Just got you back. I'm not going anywhere," he pointed out, smiling down at her as he sat back up. "I'm sure Jess will be back to see you soon."

<Viper> "She's been in here? Don't let her... not until there's a vaccine..." She reached her free hand to prod her lip to see if that was healed yet. If it had then her ribs would have.

<David> "Why do you think I ran her off?" He poked her. "I think I'm immune at least."

<Viper> "I didn't get sick until I was nursing Miriam and Sebastian..." she squirmed at the poke, "So make sure you get vaccinated too... I wouldn't wish this on anyone."

<David> "Vaccinated... for what?" he shook his head. "I'll be fine."

<Viper> "Just do it, alright? Please..." she frowned at him, "I don't want to see you like this..."

<David> "You won't," he assured her. Had he ever been sick? He tried to remember a time... ever.

<Viper> "So you will accept a vaccine?" She squeezed his hand a little.

<David> "Of course," not. There was no vaccine. But he didn't tell her that. Nope! He squeezed her hand back.

<Viper> "Good...." she smiled, pulling his hand to her to kiss the back of it.

<David> David smiled, watching her. "You don't need to worry about me. Worry about getting better."

<Viper> "Of course I'll worry about you... we're friends..." she blinked, trying to make her eyes focus.

<David> Reality kicked him square in the gut. He'd forgotten. Things had been so good, so close to how he'd always wanted. He forced the smile on his face to stay there. "Right." Friends. That was why he'd left to begin with. That's all he'd ever be to her.

<Viper> The smile was still there but something behind his eyes was different and she frowned, reaching to touch his face again, "Don't... don't do that..."

<David> "I'm not doing anything," he assured her, pressing her hand to his face.

<Viper> "You don't look right...." she frowned, trying to find the words through the fog of fever and pain killers. "Don't leave..."

<David> He laughed at her. "Where else would I go?"

<Viper> Confusion showed on her face for a moment, "SHIELD... they won't be as fun... and Howard's not as pretty as me...."

<David> "But he has a much cuter ass," he argued, clearly amused now.

<Viper> She pouted, "He won't let you sleep with him..."

<David> "You never know," David smirked at her. "I can bat my eyelashes at him."

<Viper> She shoved him weakly and attempted to roll over but that was too much effort.

<David> He laughed at her and pulled her hand to his lips, kissing it. "That was 50 years ago, Cupcake. I'm back now."

<Viper> Viper frowned in confusion, trying to put the pieces together. "I need you..."

<David> "You've got me. I'm not going anywhere," he brushed her hair back from her face, eying her IV. Maybe he should up her dosage.

<Viper> "You promise?" She searched his face for clues of whether or not he was just humouring her.

<David> He smirked, trying hard not to. "I promise."

<Viper> "I miss you when you're not here..." she tugged at the corner of her lip.

<David> "I miss you too," he told her softly, stroking her cheek.

<Viper> "It's lonely... being me..." she turned her face toward his hand. "Even if I wanted it to change... it's too late now."

<David> "I'm sure I could find you a cute cabana boy to keep you company," he told her with a smile.

<Viper> "But I don't want a cabana boy..." she sighed, looking away again.

<David> "What if he heals so you can shoot him when you get mad?"

<Viper> "Are you going to be my cabana boy?"

<David> "...are you saying you want to shoot me?"

<Viper> She was confused now and she stared at him for a long moment before she slowly shook her head, "You tricked me..." she added a pout.

<David> "I have to be sure with you..." he told her very seriously, snickering a bit afterward.

<Viper> "I wouldn't mean it..." she offered by way of consolation, "But I still don't want a cabana boy..."

<David> "And what do you want, Cupcake?"

<Viper> She wanted lots of things, largely to be better. But she tried to make her brain think past the illness and injuries, "I want..." she frowned, "I want people to stop asking me questions like I know how to answer them..." she sighed, "When I lie people are upset with me... when I tell the truth it's worse... how am I supposed to know? I don't want to upset you... that's the worst thing..."

<David> "You aren't going to upset me," he assured her, though wasn't entirely positive what she was going on about. "Just be honest."

<Viper> "I want to be..." she shifted, taking his hand in both of hers so he couldn't escape, "I try to be with you..." She chewed her lip, "You're important to me... Sometimes..." she frowned, "I don't know... I can't figure it out...." it was hard to remember these complicated things at the best of times but the drugs and fever weren't helping.

<David> He sobered a bit, watching her. She was serious. He swallowed, squeezing her hand. "Then when you do figure it out, clue me in."

<Viper> She shook her head, trying to find it again, "Have to say it now..." because it wouldn't matter as much days from now. "I don't know if I'm right... I don't know how to figure that out... how do people know? How do you just put labels on things? Chemical reactions...." she frowned, trying not to get lost again.

<David> Ahha! He kind of figured what she meant. That was actually a very good question. "Practice... precedent... comparing it to other feelings."

<Viper> "But what if you don't have any to compare it to?" She frowned, "I only work with facts... things I can measure..."

<David> He smirked, pulling her hand back to his lips to kiss it. "Not everything is measurable."

<Viper> "Maybe it is..." she watched their hands, "When I'm better... do you want to conduct an experiment?"

<David> "As long as it doesn't involve me being shot," he told her with a smile.

<Viper> She laughed, shaking her head, "Noooo but it does involve a metal tube...."

<David> "Not so sure about that one," he laughed at her.

<Viper> "I promise it's safe? I need a control group... and I don't want anyone else to know..."

<David> "You'll have to explain everything before I consent to this," he told her with a raised eyebrow.

<Viper> "Just an MRI... that's all... with other things... I can't plan an experiment in detail right now..." she'd been trying since she thought of it.

<David> He shook his head. She was clearly high. "Sure, babe, whatever you want."

<Viper> "Okay... brain pictures later..." she rubbed her eyes distractedly, the blurriness coming back with a vengeance. "I think I should sleep now..."

<David> "You should," he agreed, tucking her into bed.

<Viper> "Have fun with your new hobby..." she offered him a grin.

<David> "I have a redhead to show up," he told her with a grin.

<Viper> "Can't be too challenging, she's a Stark... pick on the Shaw instead..." she rolled onto her side and reached for his hand again. She was going to keep it for a little while longer.

<David> The kid was far too easy. David made a face, going for his tablet again. However... he made excellent fuel.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by JackSkulls » Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:30 pm

Warren woke up to what he assumed would be a normal boring day. He stretched his wings out as wide as his bed would allow, mentally noting that it was lonely being in such a large bed by yourself. His usual routine began; alarm turned off, quick shower, teeth brushed, making his morning coffee and then to the TV so he could watch the news and figure out how the businesses he consulted for would need his help today.

The mug holding Warren's coffee fell to the ground, shattering and spilling it's contents everywhere. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. The channels he watched always showed propaganda but this was something completely different. Warren had seen enough horror movies and played enough video games to know this was bad. The mess would have to wait, he had to get prepared, had to make sure his friends knew and were okay.

Less than an hour had gone by since he'd saw the news and Warren was already on the road to the closest markets. He had enough of his wits about him to grab his SUV and take the seats out of the back so he would have as much room for supplies as possible. Warren hoped that being out in the middle of nowhere would for once pay off and the few people that lived nearby wouldn't have already emptied the stores. The drive to the closest towns wouldn't take very long but he made sure to go to the smallest town first knowing they rarely knew what was going on outside of their little city.

Once he was in range of the nearest cell phone tower Warren frantically started dialing Heather. He knew she could take care of herself but he had to hear it from her that she was safe. Call after call each went to voice mail, he was starting to get worried. "Heather Call me when you get this!" Warren finally gave up, he'd try again before he got back to the house.

The first trip was extremely uneventful. He went in to the store bought out almost all of the little mom and pop store's non-perishables. He felt bad not telling them why, even though he knew if he told them they probably wouldn't believe him. The second market and hardware store were the exact same way. Every time the store owners thanked him for his business he felt worse and worse. These were nice people and he was taking advantage of them.

Completely loaded up the car couldn't carry anymore even if he wanted to. He cringed a little when he noticed how low the SUV was sitting and worried a little that the tires would burst. The hardware store owner pulled him out of his internal worry about the tires with a few questions about what all the supplies were for. Warren lied again, telling him that he'd gotten into the doomsday prepper fad and felt the need to stock up. He gave the helpful store owner a final good bye and headed back home feeling absolutely horrible for not telling them anything.

It seemed like he'd wasted the whole day driving to and from the stores, but he'd successfully filled his house with enough food rations to last himself for a very long time. The rest of the fortifications would have to wait while. He sat down at his desk and opened up his computer. "Damn I hope this gets to people before the grid goes down....." Warren started to type up an e-mail addressed to everyone he'd ever known at Xaviers students and staff included.

'To all out there that haven't seen the news WATCH IT NOW! There's something fucking crazy going on and I have no idea how to describe it. Whatever you're doing wherever you are get to somewhere safe. If you don't have anywhere safe my home address in Colorado will be attached to this as well as a map for once you get close it's hard to find. All students and staff are welcome I have more then enough room. I've stocked up on everything I could manage and I'm going to try and make another trip tomorrow to get as much as possible. I might be over reacting but this looks like the start of a bad horror movie/video game. Hope I see some of you soon. Aim for the head guys!'

He felt crazy typing that out, but if it helped anyone he didn't care about sounding crazy. Warren sat at his desk for a minute hoping for a reply and when none came he started to fortify the house. Heather being alive and safe still weighing heavily on his mind.

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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Slarti » Tue Jun 23, 2015 5:41 am

<Hope> Breakfast at the White House was a daily routine by now. The Shaws joined Tony, which was often the only time they saw him with his busy schedule. Hope glanced up from her newspaper to reach for her orange juice. "Did you see four?"

<Tony> Without looking away from his own paper, Tony took a sip of his coffee. "I am not helping you cheat on the crossword puzzle."

<Hope> Pouting, Hope took a sip of her juice. He never helped.

<Shinobi> Obi smirked into his coffee and took another bite of toast. "Call me crazy, but I've never figured out why you have newspapers at all." He tapped his phone.

<Hope> "I like the crossword!" Hope nudged him a bit, grinning.

<Tony> "I like a way to block out the kissing."

<Shinobi> At that, he picked up Hope's hand and obliged his father-in-law.

<Hope> Hope giggled at her husband and leaned over for a proper kiss.

<Shinobi> He smiled into the kiss, closing his eyes to better ignore the president.

<Tony> The president cleared his throat, glaring a bit. Who cared if they were married? He didn't want to see it! "I should get to work."

<Shinobi> Straightening up, he kept her hand. "Have you seen the news today? The updated news and not what was printed twelve hours ago in your antique paper?"

<Hope> Hope used her powers to quickly roll that paper, keeping his hand in her own, and lightly swat his nose with the paper. "You leave my paper alone. What is it you want me to see?"

<Shinobi> He wrinkled his nose. "There are reports of some sort of riot at the Boston quarantine camp." Obi attempted to keep his concern from his voice and watched Tony for a reaction.

<Tony> Tony lowered his newspaper to see them, pressing a button on his watch.

<Hope> "What?!" Hope was grabbing for Shinobi's phone.

<Shinobi> "My father and my sister... are they still in that camp?" Now he was looking directly at Tony.

<Tony> "We'll so find out," Tony told him, looking to the aide who walked in. "Get me everything on the Boston Quarantine Camp. Everything."

<Hope> Hope wrinkled her nose in concentration as she read what the news was saying.

<Shinobi> He reached for his reading glasses and leaned over to see the update. It had gotten worse. "I'm surprised Jess hasn't called."

<Hope> "She may not know. You should call her."

<Tony> Tony excused himself quietly and went to get intel.

<Shinobi> "I don't understand why they were in the camp at all," he said quietly, watching the president vanish.

<Hope> "Wasn't she sick?" Hope tried to remember. "They may not have had much choice." Tony had put the White House on such a lock-down that no mutants were allowed inside it until the threat level diminished. Which also meant she wasn't leaving either. She'd been stuck there for days.

<Shinobi> "Yeah, she was, but... he's Sebastian Shaw." He gave her a look. "Why would Tony let him be locked up in a camp?"

<Hope> "Well he wasn't bringing them here," she reasoned. "It's not like it's a prison or anything. It's just a quarantine zone."

<Shinobi> "Well, no, not here... of course not. But do you really think if you got sick he'd stick you in one of those public camps?" The idea of her getting sick made him uncomfortable and he rubbed her hand.

<Hope> But he wasn't going to bring sick mutants here where she was... where she and Shinobi had been trying to have a kid. She'd accidentally let that little detail slip. Hope pulled his hands to her, kissing them softly. "I think he would if I wasn't here. If we weren't here. Maybe he thought they'd be fine."

<Shinobi> "But they're not fine - if even the mainstream media is reporting gunfire and no contact with camp officials?" He was quickly losing his act of indifference.

<Hope> "Well not now!" She pointed out, running her hand through her hair. "I said was!"

<Shinobi> "I know, I know." He took the phone and put it down, pulling her into a hug. "Sorry, I'm just... worried."

<Hope> "Well I am too," she pointed out, hugging him a bit tightly. "They're my family too you know."

<Shinobi> "Maybe our dads got a divorce," he attempted, holding onto her.

<Hope> That made her giggle... then laugh properly. "Yeah, sounds like they are having a quarrel."

<Shinobi> "Apparently." He laughed as well, relieved at the break in the tension.

<Hope> "Guess Tony got custody of us," she leaned in, nestling into him.

<Shinobi> "He only wanted half of that deal, but it was a package," he snarked, but nuzzled her.

<Hope> "Yeah, too bad he has no choice but to claim me," she teased, closing her eyes.

<Shinobi> That made him laugh in earnest and give her a kiss.

<Hope> She laughed with him, which dropped off as she was distracted by his kiss. She lingered there, savoring it. "Do we have to work today?"

<Shinobi> "Mmm, we could work on our side project." He smirked, working his hand into the hair at the back of her head. It would be a great distraction at least.

<Hope> She grinned at him, kissing him again. "I like this project."

<Shinobi> "Me too," he said, dragging out the word and nibbling her lower lip.

<Hope> Hope got to her feet carefully, pulling his hands carefully. The least they could do was leave that room so the staff could get it cleaned up.

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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:05 am

Carol hated recon on the best day. It was boring doing repeated flyovers of the same spot but at least when you were in a plane you had company. All she had was the person on the other end of her comms who was doing a similar job miles away.

She made another pass and peeked in a window, the lights were on but no one was home. "Hey, Lifeguard? Can I get a sitrep?"

Heather was having less of a boring time on her recon flight. She would have given anything to swap with Carol. "Yeah you can have one... let me just get some height..." She took off from her perch on the roof of the building and shot up in to the air with a single beat of her wings. "I don't know where to start."

"Start with why no one's answering their damn phones," Carol hovered over the abandoned facility below her. It was in kind of a mess... and there were a lot of bits of bodies...

"Oh that part's easy... they're all dead... or they're not themselves..." she chewed her lip, "They were just kind of wandering around... and then I went down there to see if they were okay... and they tried to bite me..." Fortunately her skin had hardened so they didn't even leave a dent but still.

"Bite you? Were they foaming at the mouth at all?"

"No?" Heather didn't think so anyway, "Although... some of them looked like they'd been gnawed on a bit... and now that I think of it some of their wounds looked potentially fatal but they were still kind of... mobile... like... really fast."

Well that didn't sound good. "I have nothing here... the place is empty except for remains of people... which isn't promising... sit tight, I'll be right there."

"No problem..." Heather circled the quarantine centre below her like a great golden vulture. The people on the ground followed her progress round and round. She didn't have to wait long before she spied the trail of light in Carol's wake and she turned to land on the roof she'd previously vacated and waited for the other woman to catch up.

Carol took a low pass over the camp's population to investigate the injuries Heather had described. It didn't take any medical knowledge to know that some of these people shouldn't even be conscious never mind running after her. She landed on the roof beside Heather and pushed a hand through her hair, "Okay so... this is a problem."

"What is 'this' exactly?"

"I have no idea... but it's a problem. At least here they're still contained... there was a giant fucking hole in the fence where I just was so all of this..." she gestured at the horde of bitey people, "is out there somewhere... probably trying to chew on other people that are less everything proof."

"I feel like they might have known more than they let on and sent us on purpose... or maybe I'm just being paranoid?" Heather's tone was hopeful.

"I don't know... I wouldn't put anything past them..." She frowned, "Okay... let's get back to base and tell them what we know... and then we'll see."

"I'm all for getting out of here as fast as possible - it's creepy here!" Heather lifted into the air again, "Go on ahead of me, I'll only slow you down... that way I don't have to explain all this."

Carol laughed, "Okay, see you back there." She gave the girl a wave and sped off.

[Time Passes]

Heather wandered into the control room, thumbing through her phone. That was a whole lot of missed calls from Warren. She came to a stop just inside the door and looked around - there were a lot more people in here than there usually was, "... Bitey people a problem?"

Carol glanced over her shoulder, "Remember the empty camp? Apparently they've been chewing on hikers... The drugs companies have gotten ahead of the press and are talking about a rabies outbreak... we're not convinced."

"That wasn't rabies," Heather shook her head, watching the people talking about attacks by these missing quarantinees. "Do they know they're from the camps?"

"Not for sure... but there are rumours... and the words 'reliable source' were used so Fury's hurling insults at anyone that'll maybe provide an answer." Carol turned her attention to the girl fully, "But it doesn't matter if they know for sure or not, it's out there now... there's no getting it back."

"Damn... that explains all the calls... what else is going on?" Heather moved closer to read the taglines on the news casts.

"Well the internet is all over it like a rash - talking about experiments and God knows what else... the word 'zombies' has been used." She rolled her eyes, "People will believe anything. They're talking about putting a team together to round up some of the... sick from the camp we were at earlier and see what we're dealing with... want to come?"

Heather gave a shrug and pocketed her phone, "Sure. I guess I should wait on calling Warren back until we know what we're allowed to say...?"

"Yeah... there'll be a memo or something. Let's go get something to eat and wait for someone to page us."

[Time Passes]

The collection mission had started well. They'd flown in and landed the quinjet on the roof, making their way down through the building clearing floor by floor. They worked quickly and quietly through the top three floors then they reached the ground floor and got their first experience of just how fast the afflicted moved.

Two agents were gone before Heather managed to block the door, her powers rendering herself and the rest of the team invisible until the attention of the sick changed focus. The team was shaken and reluctant to continue but they had their orders.

Moving to another door, they regrouped in what looked like a treatment area. There, Carol and Heather volunteered to do the grabbing of their sample group and try to find the other agents to bring their bodies back. The remaining members of the team were to return to the jet and wait for them.

Finding the agents turned out not to be the problem. The problem was that they were now running around and trying to bite just like the rest.

"Holy shit that acts fast..." Heather spread her wings to give them some breathing room in the narrow hallway.

"Yeah... and it seems really contagious whatever it is..." Carol checked behind her. "I hate to say this... but I don't like our chances if one of them gets loose on the ride back or on the base."

"So what do you want to do?" Heather dug the claws on her feet into the flooring as arms tried to reach around her to get at Carol. She could feel mouths trying to bite into her metal skin and suppressed a shudder.

"I don't know..." she had the authority to scrub the mission but she didn't want to go home empty handed.

"Well decide fast... the floor isn't going to hold up to any more additions behind me."

"Damn it!" Carol employed her finger-gun to take out a few of the ones she could get a clear shot on. They dropped quickly from the headshots which released some of the pressure on Heather. "Okay... okay... I'm calling it... let's jus-" there was a crash from one of the other doors, "Fuck! That was in the direction of the stairs!"

"Go, I'll keep them back!" Heather shoved back against the horde behind her.

Carol nodded and bolted for the stairs, taking flight to try and beat the mob of crazy former patients to the roof. But there were too many and they were going too fast. The sound of gunfire above heralded the doom of the other agents, a garbled message over the comms confirmed it.

"We don't have to take the quinjet back, right?" Heather's voice came over the comms.

"Not anymore..." Carol decided to crash through the wall in an effort to get back to Heather faster, then through the floors between them. She hovered to see how many were behind Heather now - a lot. "Okay, I'm going to make a hole so you can just go straight up..." She flew up and blasted the holes wider, knowing she didn't have to worry about hitting Heather with chunks of concrete because her powers would compensate. Once she'd cleared a hole all the way out the roof, she moved out of the way and gave Heather the word.

Heather shot up through the building like a golden bullet, spreading her wings wide once she was outside to circle the camp. "I need a shower."

"Yeah you do..." Carol wrinkled her nose, poor Heather. She'd been chewed on and she was covered in chunks. She looked down at the fences around the camp, checking for weak spots. They seemed pretty solid. "Well... at least they're contained."

"Yeah here they are," Heather looked over at her, "But what about all the other camps, are they as secure as this one? Or that one you were at earlier? Wasn't that empty?"

Carol nodded, "Yeah... and that camp's outside Boston... my family lives in Boston."

"Then you should go and warn them! These things could have run straight for the city!"

"Or they could have run in the opposite direction... and there are rules about this..."

"Screw the rules! They're your family! I'll go back and tell them what happened here... you go get your family somewhere out of the city because when the panic starts they'll be stuck."

Carol chewed her lip. She could lose her job... but Heather had a good point. "Alright... I'll get them somewhere safe and then come back..."

Heather gave her a smile, "Good luck!" She checked her direction then headed off back to base.

Carol watched her until she was a speck on the horizon then headed off to Boston at top speed.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:39 am

<Viper> Viper dipped in and out of consciousness between the morphine and the fever. She recalled mostly nothing of the short conversations she had with David when she was awake and repeated herself often but she did manage to stay awake long enough to steal his tablet and leave a note to herself about an experiment in case that slipped her mind later.

<Viper> After that she'd passed out again for some time and awoke hungry. Reaching a hand out for the wall, she made a gesture that brightened the lights a little before she attempted to sit up.

<Shaw> Hearing the movement, Sebastian sat up from his seat not far from the bed. He'd watched her restless movements since not long after David left, but this was the first time she truly seemed awake. "Don't fall out of bed."

<Viper> Confusion was written on her face as she turned toward the voice and she tried to make her eyes focus, "Sebastian...?" She had to guess, it certainly wasn't David. She scrubbed her face with her hands before shifting to adjust her pillows.

<Shaw> "In the flesh." He stood and went to the bed, helping her move the pillows. "Do you need anything?"

<Viper> She shook her head, "Nothing you can help me with..." she offered him a small smile, "Hungry." It was probably a good sign. She shuffled to lean back against the pillows, it was nice to be sitting up.

<Shaw> "Would you like me to find someone to get you something?" He tilted his head and watched her face. She still didn't look well.

<Viper> "I can send for something..." she gestured toward her desk, "There's a control over there... activates my work station... don't press the red button or the green one."

<Shaw> "Duly noted," he said with a chuckle. "How do you feel?"

<Viper> She shrugged a shoulder, "It's hard to say... I don't feel worse..." She ran her hands through her hair.

<Shaw> "You're not coughing. That was a good sign in my books." He eyed the IV line, wondering if she was still on morphine. Leaning in, he felt her forehead before she could stop him.

<Viper> "My healing is probably expediting my recovery..." She raised an eyebrow at him.

<Shaw> He raised his in response and smirked. "You're still quite warm." Straightening, he crossed his arms to regard her. "Yes, I felt normal within a few hours of the return of my abilities. Jessica gave me quite a boost."

<Viper> "Hopefully I won't be here too much longer then and I can get back to work," she frowned a little, "Have they made any progress on a vaccine?"

<Shaw> "Not that I know of," he said, moving around the bed to press one of the non-prohibited buttons to activate her comm. "Nor do your people know what I was injected with."

<Viper> Workstation now active, another gesture on the wall beside her summoned her holographic screen and she sent a request for food, "They will figure it out eventually," she eyed him through the screen, "Would you like anything?"

<Shaw> He cocked his head, consideringly. "Coffee, please." Eventually. That wasn't comforting.

<Viper> Viper sent that request along too then got distracted by the thought train. Her fingers moved across her screen, slower than her usual speed because she had to concentrate through the drug haze but she found what she was looking for eventually. "Whatever it is they did, we have the resources here to counter it."

<Shaw> "Mmm, even if I decided you started to look especially tasty and wanted to dine alfresco?" He watched her hunt and peck on the holographic screen and ran his tongue over his teeth.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow at him, "Why, Sebastian, I never knew you felt that way." She smirked.

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled, as it was better to do so than to lose his temper.

<Viper> "Don't worry," she laughed softly, "These are my personal quarters. I'm perfectly safe here." She pushed her screen at the wall and settled back in the pillows again, wincing a little. So her ribs did still need more time. This virus. Ugh. She looked for the button to up her morphine.

<Shaw> "I'm not worried about you, per se, but I am concerned about myself, and my family." He caught her wince and her search for the pain pump control and reached for it.

<Viper> "How do you feel? Any concerns there?" She took the control from him with a small smile and pressed it a couple of times.

<Shaw> "I feel normal," he admitted. "But Jessica is unconvinced, and due to her... prior experiences, she is understandably terrified by the idea of cannibalism." So was he, but that was not something he was willing to admit to Viper.

<Viper> She nodded, "I understand..." frowning a little, she remembered what she'd been doing with her screen, "Oh! Before I forget again... The vaccine... they don't need to start from the beginning. In the stores there are vaccines from the first outbreak." She tried to find the index page she'd pulled up, "Here... LX-19-H." She highlighted the entry.

<Shaw> "That's welcome news." He sighed and sat back in the chair. "The mainstream media is still in the dark for the most part, of course."

<Viper> "Oh they never know anything," she waved a hand dismissively, "What do they think is happening?" She was feeling the effects of the morphine now and it was good. She pushed the screen toward the wall and it faded out.

<Shaw> Sarkissian's tone became more laissez-faire and he smirked, realizing the drugs had taken effect. "An outbreak reported of another ailment - not legacy - in the quarantine camps." His tone dripped disdain at the last two words.

<Shaw> "Although a few have seemingly lost contact with the outside world, including, of course, the one we were in."

<Viper> "Oh well, sooner or later they'll figure it out..." she pushed a hand through her hair and decided she should lie down again, "Just wait until someone catches one of them on camera."

<Shaw> "It may not take long, because there have been a few strange attacks. It's being blamed on rabies in the local transient population... or a new street drug." He sighed. "I want to know what in hell they were thinking."

<Viper> "I could send some people to try and catch a scientist so you can ask?" She pulled her blankets back over her.

<Shaw> "I'm entirely too tempted, and if I don't like their answers I may feed them to their creations."

<Viper> Viper laughed, "I think we've been spending entirely too much time together - you're starting to think like me."

<Shaw> "I've always thought this way, I just tend not to advertise." He smirked.

<Viper> "Oh you should, it makes you much more likeable."

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled darkly.

<Viper> There was a knock at the door and Viper stared at it for a long moment before looking at Sebastian expectantly.

<Shaw> "This is your facility," he pointed out, but called for the lackey to enter anyway.

<Viper> "If I call loud enough for them to hear I'll start coughing again." She sighed, attempting to sit up again so that she could eat. The lackey left the trolley just inside the door and ran away.

<Shaw> Sebastian sighed, closing the door behind the imbecile. His coffee was on the tray with her food and he picked it up and took a sniff.

<Viper> "It should be good, they'll have assumed it's for me." She settled with her back to the wall, "If it's not good... someone will be sorry."

<Shaw> "It smells wonderful," he assured her, then uncovered her soup, picking up the tray. "Lunch is served," he said, tone arch, as he approached her bed.

<Viper> She tucked the blankets around her legs before she took the soup bowl and placed it in her lap, "Thank you." She offered him a smile, "You know... I'd never have imagined this was possible."

<Shaw> "And what is that?" Sebastian returned to his seat with his coffee, taking another deep breath before sipping the hot liquid. It was quite excellent, not that he'd tell her that.

<Viper> "You and I sitting here being all civilised and taking care of each other." She carefully adjusted her position so she could start on her soup.

<Shaw> "Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures, no?" He watched her eat for a moment, mulling over recent events.

<Viper> She nodded, content to eat in silence for the moment - she was surprisingly hungry and she wondered how long it was since she last ate anything. It was definitely easier to eat from your lap when you couldn't feel how much your ribs hurt.

<Shaw> "It seems the extraordinary is everywhere... a top SHIELD agent commanding Hydra, for example," he said casually, watching her from the corner of his eye.

<Viper> She nodded, her gaze fixed on her soup. "He was Hydra first... our history together goes back a very long way."

<Shaw> Sebastian's eyebrow arched. "I would imagine that is a fascinating tale..."

<Viper> She shrugged, "Not really... We were sent on a mission together in 1942... we had to pose as a married couple fleeing oppression on the continent." She gestured vaguely, "The whole trip to England was tedious."

<Shaw> "Only improved by the company?"

<Viper> She laughed, shaking her head, "Oh no. Not at the start. I was new and he was uptight. We had to pretend but it wasn't easy for me in those days... I hadn't had so much practice fitting in with normal people."

<Shaw> "Well, some things never change," he said drily, smirking into his coffee. Jessica was certainly correct in her hunch.

<Viper> That made her laugh again, "He's not so bad he just takes his work seriously."

<Shaw> "No," he said, smirk just growing as that sailed over her befuddled head. "He certainly cares deeply for you."

<Viper> A small frown creased her brow, "I know... I keep telling him it's no good."

<Shaw> Sebastian tilted his head. "Why?"

<Viper> "Because I'm not wired properly... the best I can do is pretend and it isn't fair," she gave a half shrug, prodding at the remains of her soup.

<Shaw> Well, he'd been saying that for years. Still, it was interesting to hear the woman admit it so readily. "You have no fondness for him at all?"

<Viper> Her answering shrug was accompanied by another frown, "I suppose I must..."

<Shaw> "Surely you know?" He took another drink, afraid to move too terribly much and break the spell.

<Viper> She leaned her head back against the wall and thought about this for a long moment, "It's hard to remember... but this..." she gestured at the scar on her face, "I don't get that distracted usually."

<Shaw> Sebastian tried not to think about that horrible day in Japan often, but he remembered it well. "He was beaten and collared and chained up like a dog. It was natural for you to wish to help him." He was still grateful she had, and for that scar as it had saved his son's life.

<Viper> She shook her head, "Not for me. Someone else I would have probably ignored... I can't say for sure but... past experience."

<Shaw> "But for him..."

<Viper> She nodded, "For him I take risks... you know there are very few people on that list."

<Shaw> "That must mean something then." He considered his coffee.

<Viper> "I guess so..." she leaned to put her bowl to one side. "You have to understand... I don't have any scale to compare any of this against."

<Shaw> "Perhaps then you're merely a late bloomer." He picked up the bowl and returned it to the tray, giving her a smirk.

<Viper> She laughed, "Perhaps... did you know I am over a hundred? That's very late indeed."

<Shaw> "Quite, but as you don't look a day over twenty-five you must be doing something right." He tidied up the tray and stood by her bedside. "Perhaps you should rest."

<Viper> "I'm sure people have speculated that I bathe in the blood of innocents." She smirked, pushing a hand through her hair and eyeing her pillow, "I've been resting for... I don't know how long."

<Shaw> "True, but you need to recover, because there is something terrible happening and I'm certain we'll need your help."

<Viper> "I suppose I should be flattered that you consider my help to be useful..." she sighed and flopped sideways to lie down again, stretching her legs out under the blanket.

<Shaw> "You're of far more use than Tony at the moment," he said, tone sour, and flipped the blanket over her.

<Viper> "Pfft, I'm always of far more use than Tony..." she waved it off.

<Shaw> "Yes, anyway. Rest, and I'm certain David will be back when you awaken." He raised his coffee in salute.

<Viper> "I hope so... I'm enjoying mocking his attempts at social media." She smiled and shifted to get comfortable before closing her eyes.

<Shaw> Sebastian watched for just a moment, then turned for the door. He needed to chat with Jessica.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Jul 19, 2015 8:42 am

<Carol> It wasn't a long flight to Boston from where she'd left Heather but convincing her family of the danger took forever. She was missing Steven again but she'd managed to get her mom and Joe into the car with a few essentials. Her dad had refused to leave the house but, with a promise to try again later, they were finally on their way.

<Carol> When they hit traffic, she simply flew them over it and, in no time at all, they were at the bottom of the driveway to the Danvers Institute. Joe gave Carol a somewhat dubious look but, to his credit, said nothing as they drove up to the top of the hill.

<Christopher> Chris was out in the parking lot working on his car. He didn't know much but he had remembered a few things Greer had taught him. He barely noticed the car pull up, but got out from under the car when he did and gave them a wave.

<Carol> Carol pulled to a stop and asked Joe and her mother to stay put for a moment while she got out. "Hey, Chris... long time no see..." she gave a small wave, leaning on the car door a little once it was closed.

<Christopher> "Oh uhmm yeah, hey Carol." Chris gave her a little smile. It wasn't that he didn't like her, he just felt awkward around her since her and Cess broke up.

<Carol> She shifted uncomfortably, realising she was still in her uniform and Joe was peering out the window beside her. Plus this was something of an awkward subject to bring up... oh well. "Uh... is... is Cessily here?"

<Christopher> Chris' smile turned into a confused frown. "Uhmm, no. She's taking a little break."

<Carol> "Oh..." damn it! "Okay.... you wouldn't happen to know where, would you?" she glanced at Joe, who was rolling his eyes. She straightened up and stepped sideways to block him from Chris' view.

<Christopher> "I might, but I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to be bothered." Chris grabbed a rag and wiped off his hands.

<Carol> "I need to tell her something... it's kind of important..." she fiddled distractedly with one of the items on her SHIELD issue belt.

<Christopher> "Well she should be back in a few days? Dunno I could give her a call for you I guess." He wasn't about to let Cess' ex ambush her at her grandparents.

<Carol> "I can't wait that long..." Carol glanced back at the car before taking a few steps toward Chris.

<Christopher> "You want the nice answer to that or the 'I'm a dick but I really don't care' answer?" He rolled his eyes.

<Carol> "Chris... it's really important..." she glanced over her shoulder at the car again, "I can't explain why.... I shouldn't even be here..."

<Christopher> "Carol... What's going on? I mean you two aren't dating anymore and you just randomly show up to 'talk' to her? If she wanted to talk to you you'd have her number and could have called her."

<Carol> "I can't call her, I don't have a cellphone... and I sort of... I'm kind of AWOL..." she wrinkled her nose.

<Christopher> "Shit.... really what the hell Carol?" Chris was definitely surprised now. "Are you okay? And who are they?"

<Carol> "That's my mom and my brother..." she stole another look at the car, "Look... something's happening... we need to get out of the city..."

<Christopher> "And that's not knowledge you'd want to share with everyone?"

<Carol> "I can't! There are rules about this crap and it's bad enough that I have my family in the car...." Or two thirds of it anyway.

<Christopher> "You mean like not being AWOL, involving civilians, telling your ex-girlfriend?" Chris rolled his eyes. "She's somewhere, that's what ya get, see ya later Carol."

<Carol> She put her face in her hands, "Have you seen the news? Like... any of it?"

<Christopher> "Just that shit is pretty fucked up out there for mutants?"

<Carol> She shook her head, "No not that part.... The other crazy stuff that's happened in the last couple of days... rabid crazies in the area? Hikers getting attacked? Any of that?"

<Christopher> "Only slightly. Figured it was just media propaganda crap."

<Carol> "Well it's not..." She pushed a hand through her hair, "You didn't hear this from me, okay? Any of it. A handful of the quarantine camps have gone dark, we checked two out this morning. One is overrun... people are biting... eating each other.... and it's contagious. We lost a whole team... The other one..... The other one is empty... and it's only a few miles from Boston."

<Christopher> Chris just stared at her for a while. "You're....what? What the hell?"

<Carol> "I'm not lying. This is not a joke. Why else would I be standing here right now with my family instead of at work where I should be? You know how important my career is to me."

<Christopher> "Why the hell would the government cover up something like this? I mean rabid fucking canibals?"

<Carol> "They're not covering it up, we just left the camp a few hours ago. It takes time to mobilise a formal response to something like this... the rabies reports are coming out of the drugs companies that run the camps..."

<Christopher> "You've got to be fucking kidding me? I mean... I've seen some fucking crazy shit. But there's no way."

<Carol> "This afternoon, Heather and I were laughing because one of the conspiracy theorists used the word 'zombies'.... Having been there? Not so funny now."

<Christopher> Chris just sighed. "So time to go run and hide? I mean shit what about the other teachers? Just come kidnap Cess and run off?"

<Carol> "I don't know! I wasn't thinking about that..." she looked away over the grounds. This place had been her home once but she was a stranger here now. "I just wanted to make sure she was safe..."

<Christopher> "I hear ya Carol, but shit rules or not you'd think there'd be a little loyalty....."

<Carol> "Greer's still here, isn't she? And Bobby? They'd have gotten a message and told you all even if I hadn't!"

<Christopher> "And they wouldn't tell Cess? Only slightly disappointed here Carol, but I'll let Cess know she needs to get somewhere safe."

<Carol> "No! Just tell me where she is so I can go and get her!" She was so worried that Cessily might be somewhere near one of the camps and in danger that she was rapidly losing her patience.

<Joe> Hearing Carol's voice get louder, Joe sensed an imminent explosion and decided it was time to get out of the car. "Is there a problem?"

<Christopher> "Bite me G.I. Jenny. You're not the only one who can take care of people they care about."

<Joe> Seeing Carol's stance shift and her hand make a fist at her side was another warning sign and Joe hurried over, putting a hand on her arm. "What's going on?"

<Carol> "He won't tell me where Cessily is."

<Joe> "Why the hell not?" He looked at Chris for an explanation.

<Christopher> "Because it's none of her damn business. Y'all go off be zombie apocalypse family and I'll make sure the school and its staff are safe. Don't worry I won't tell them you told me about it."

<Carol> "Did it occur to you that wherever she is might be within range of one of the camps that's gone out of contact? Exactly how are you going to help her from here? How long would it take you to drive there when the roads are full of people panicking? Faster than I could? Not likely."

<Christopher> Chris ran a hand through his hair. "She's at her grandparents. Now get off your god damn high horse and go make sure she's safe."

<Carol> "Thank you." Carol decided that warrented a hug. "Warn everyone here... tell them to watch out for anything suspicious.... this place isn't in a direct path from the empty facility to Boston but they could still come this way... be careful, okay?"

<Christopher> "Yeah. Be safe." Chris didn't return the hug. "Don't hurt her again."

<Carol> "I didn't intend to hurt her the first time..." Carol pointed out, stepping back from him. "And don't make the mistake of thinking she was the only one hurt."

<Joe> "Carol..." Joe took her arm and gently tried to pull her back to the car.

<Christopher> "That sucks, but yeah winter is coming apparently and I have to go warn people." Chris turned to walk away giving them a wave.

<Carol> "Yeah, you're welcome, asshole..." Carol said to his back, turning for the car again.

<Christopher> "Yeah this coming from the bitch that was going to let us get nommed on."

<Joe> "Hey! That's enough! She didn't have to come here at all!"

<Christopher> "Why does it matter? She didn't plan on telling us anyways."

<Joe> "Did she say that? At any point in your conversation did she say she had no plans to tell you anything? That she was just going to leave the school to its fate?"

<Carol> "Joe..." Carol was at a loss, she'd never really seen Joe lose his temper - he was the calm one.

<Joe> "No. He's got no right to talk to you like that."

<Christopher> "Basically. And you're wasting time." Chris kept walking towards the entrance.

<Carol> "I never said that!" she'd found her voice, "I said I hadn't planned exactly what I was going to do but I never said I intended to keep the whole damn thing a secret from everyone here! This place was my home for God's sake!"

<Joe> Uhoh... glowing eyes was a sign to run for cover.

<Christopher> "Better late than never right?" Chris let out sarcastically.

<Joe> He ducked.

<Carol> A bright orange blast of energy left Carol's hands before she realised what she'd done and went straight at Chris' back.

<Christopher> The blast connected with his back and he stumbled a little. "Thanks I'll need the extra energy apparently."

<Carol> "Who's on the fucking high horse now?!" she yelled after him, "What the hell did I ever do to you?"

<Christopher> "Broke my best friend's heart? Tried to come whisk her away and let us all die? Either or, pick your poison."

<Carol> "She broke mine too!" And damn it, he'd hit that button as well and now she was crying. "I wasn't going to just abduct her!"

<Christopher> "You chose your job over her I get it. I did that once, biggest mistake I ever made. But yeah go try and be her knight in shining armor, that's the point of all this isn't it? Save her, fuck everyone else."

<MrsDanvers> Marie Danvers was not a large woman. Her own children towered over her by at least half a foot but she would defend them until her last breath. She'd slipped out of the car when all the yelling started and now stepped in front of Chris, her hands on her hips. Holding a hand up for a moment to stop Carol interjecting, she addressed the young man.

<MrsDanvers> "I don't know you, but after the last ten minutes, I'm not sure I want to. My daughter came here for whatever reason to make sure you people were safe and all you can do is yell at her for something that happened years ago? Stop living in the past! Today there are zombies running around eating people! Prioritise! Or don't they teach that in school these days?"

<Christopher> Chris just laughed a little to himself. "You're right you don't want to know me. And you're right zombies are coming apparently so I need to go inform the school since your daughter only wanted to whisk her shiny ex off to wherever the heck she's taking y'all. Enjoy."

<Carol> "STOP PUTTING WORDS IN MY MOUTH!" Carol's temper had hit the limit, she was now in the air with glowing eyes and hands. "You don't know what I did or didn't want to do! I had no intention of taking Cessily anywhere, not that it's any of your fucking business you ungrateful bastard."

<Christopher> "Then why even second guess telling me? Why not just be upfront? I've been turned into a god damn monster, did you think I wouldn't believe you?"

<Carol> "Because I don't know what the fuck is going to happen! I was just going to pick up my family and get them somewhere safe and then go back to work and beg them not to fire my ass so I can help them deal with this! But you just love to assume the worst about me, don't you? What the hell did I do to deserve that?"

<Christopher> "Then get your family somewhere safe. I have to do the same for mine."

<Joe> "Answer her question." Joe narrowed his eyes on the back of Chris' head. Their mother was still blocking his way, he had to hand it to her - she was ballsy. Probably all that practice she got with Carol.

<Christopher> "Doesn't matter. Priorities." First he was going to inform the staff, then he was going to forge himself some fun toys to deal with zombies.

<MrsDanvers> "It does matter. If this is the last time you see each other do you really want the last words you say to be spoken in anger?" She folded her arms across her chest, "I realise there is some bad blood between you and my daughter but she is trying to do the right thing. The least you can do is respect that."

<Christopher> "Doesn't really matter anyways. Zombie apocalypse, deadly mutant virus. I'm fucked so I don't quite care. I'm going to go kiss the woman I love and do my best to survive, I suggest you do the same."

<Carol> "That was the plan." Carol lowered herself back to the floor, "The sumtotal of the plan, actually."

<Joe> Joe facepalmed. Now it all made sense.

<MrsDanvers> "Oh sweetheart..." She gave her daughter a sympathetic look.

<Christopher> "Well good luck. Don't die."

<MrsDanvers> How could one person be that much of a dick? Marie Danvers didn't make a habit of slapping people but, for Chris, she made an exception.

<Joe> "... Holy shit."

<Carol> "Mom!" Carol exchanged alarmed glances with Joe.

<Christopher> "A for effort. Is there a reason you're still hanging around here? Wasn't the idea to rush off and get Cess?"

<Joe> "What the hell is wrong with you?! You have managed to make my normally calm mother raise her hand to you, a complete stranger, in under twenty minutes. That is some feat. But the fact you can't even bring yourself to look at the woman you've been hurling insults at says plenty more. I don't know how she could have ever considered you to be a friend if you can treat anyone like this."

<Carol> "It's okay... he can hate me if he wants to. It's retarded and I don't know why he hates me because I didn't do anything to him and two people got hurt in the breakup he's so hung up on and neither of them were him... Don't look at me like that. So I still love her and I thought it would be nice to tell her before the world goes to hell... it was a stupid idea..."

<Joe> "I didn't say it was a stupid idea... I just didn't know you were a romantic."

<Carol> She shoved him a little. "Shut up... I'm embarrassed enough."

<Christopher> "I don't give a damn. How have you not gotten that yet? More stubborn than mules, the lot of ya."

<Carol> "You don't give a damn because you're a heartless jackass. We get it. I'd offer to stay and help you tell people but now I don't want to... but I'll try not to tell Cessily how much of a jerk you're being."

<Christopher> "Yeah she knows better than that."

<Joe> "Sooooo she knows you're an ungrateful asshole?" He ignored the glare from Carol.

<Christopher> "I live to please." Chris just rolled his eyes. Did he really think the judgment of a complete stranger would bother him?

<Joe> "Awesome, then we're good to go. Back in the car, Mom..." He went to fetch her before she could protest.

<Carol> Carol sighed, moving over to Chris and reaching to touch his arm, "Chris... seriously... what do you want me to say? I didn't have a plan when I drove up here - I only abandoned my job a few hours ago. I've spent all the time since then trying to talk my dad, who hates me, into the car but he won't leave the house... And then I just drove up here because.... I don't know why."

<Carol> "But now I'm half wishing I hadn't because of you. I asked for Cessily because I knew she'd listen and she wouldn't give me a hard time, despite everything that happened. I regret all of that... but I don't get to choose where SHIELD send me and she knew that when we started dating. We knew that could happen even if we hoped it wouldn't. But it's not up to you to punish me."

<Christopher> "And you need my approval why? You need me to like you why? Good bye Carol. Keep your family safe, don't die."

<Carol> "Because of what my mom said. I don't want us to part on bad terms... what if this is the last time we see each other? That could happen. Will you at least just look at me? Or tell me why you hate me so much? We were friends..."

<Christopher> "Bad blood, a lot of time for it to fester and bad choices. I don't know what you want me to tell you."

<Carol> "Tell me you can let it go? It doesn't matter anymore...." She tugged his arm to try and make him turn to face her, "We didn't break up because our feelings went away, you know that, right? Stop holding it against me, it was out of my control."

<Christopher> "Go get her Carol. Maybe we'll get a chance to talk about this later."

<Carol> She sighed, "I doubt it." She turned back for the car, "Good luck."

<Christopher> "You too."

<Carol> "That'd be more welcome if I thought you meant it..." she muttered as she walked away.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jul 21, 2015 2:15 am

<Christopher> Chris had managed to convince enough people what was going on for him to go searching for who he really wanted to talk to; Greer. He found her, in her classroom, a stack of papers on her desk. "Hey there good-lookin'."

<Greer> "Hey," Greer offered him a brief smile before turning her attention back to the paper in front of her, "... I'm sending this kid to remedial math." The red pen was getting a workout today. "Or maybe counselling... this formula could blow up the building..." her tail tapped on the floor under her chair.

<Christopher> "Yeah... I've got a few like that. It doesn't really matter for now though." Chris ran a hand through his hair. "You trust me right?"

<Greer> She blinked, "It doesn't matter if someone in my class wants to blow up the school? Have you seen the chemicals I have access to here?" Though something was off... "What's wrong?"

<Christopher> "A lot." Chris made his way into her classroom grabbing a chair so he could sit down. "Carol was just here. Apparently the virus shit has gotten worse than quarantine camps."

<Greer> "Oh God, really?" She put the cap on her pen, "Wait... Carol was here? Damn it, why am I the last to know these things? I haven't seen her in ages..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, a lot worse. Apparently the drug companies are trying to cover up a pretty massive disaster. The people are going crazy, eating other people and apparently whatever is doing it is contagious."

<Greer> "Eating... people...?" Her nose wrinkled, "How widespread is this...?" she started looking in drawers for her SHIELD cell.

<Christopher> "I don't know, Carol said a few places had gone dark and people had definitely escaped from another. Apparently we aren't supposed to know this."

<Greer> "Well, duh, they've had a hard enough time getting people in to those places." Found it! "Plus, you know... there's this whole panic thing they'll try to avoid until they absolutely have to tell people..."

<Christopher> "Well the one where people have escaped is close to here. So I've made sure the whole staff knows. Hopefully we can make sure this place is safe."

<Greer> "Yeah... I guess we'll have to fortify a little bit just in case, huh? Make sure the kids know evacuation plans... we have those, right?" She chewed her lip.

<Christopher> "Hell if I know...." Chris sighed. "My plan was to tell everyone that could do something and then make some weapons just incase."

<Greer> "The hell do you need weapons for?" Greer raised an eyebrow as she looked through her messages.

<Christopher> "Zombie defense?" Chris shrugged. "I was thinking a big fucking hammer."

<Greer> "But... you have energy blasts..." she looked up at him then. "And Tigra."

<Christopher> "I have Tigra huh? When did this happen?" He gave her a coy grin. "I'm a lot stronger than my blasts. Something gets close I want to be able to smash it into the ground."

<Greer> "We're friends, Chris... and she's protective, you know that." She offered a small smile in return, "You're really worried about this, huh? What exactly did Carol say?"

<Christopher> "Carol was worried. That's why I'm worried. She had her mom and brother with her and she was looking for Cess. So I'm not going to take any chances."

<Greer> That made Greer's eyebrows go up, "That worried, huh? And she was looking for Cess?"

<Christopher> "Yeah. She went off to get her."

<Greer> "But... why? They broke up... and Cess can take care of herself..."

<Christopher> "I don't know, she's scared and still loves her. I get it. If she hurts her again though I'll make sure she doesn't turn into one of those zombie things or whatever they are."

<Greer> "She still loves her? Oh damn, that's tough..." Greer chewed her lip, "So she left in a hurry?"

<Christopher> "Yeah, my fault mostly. Kinda got all grrr at her. And it went south from there."

<Greer> "Chris..." Greer gave him her disappointed look, "How can you be mad at her for wanting to warn us about this?"

<Christopher> "She didn't, or at least that's definitely how it sounded. She made it sound like she wanted to come take off with Cess and leave us in the dark."

<Greer> Greer frowned, "That... doesn't sound like her at all... Are you sure? She's kind of more stay put and punch things than ride off into the sunset...."

<Christopher> "Dunno Greer.... like I said she made me mad and shit went south." He sighed. "I probably owe her an apology. Dunno if she'll get to collect."

<Greer> "You should really watch that..." she sighed, going over to him, "What do you want to do?"

<Christopher> He contemplated telling her he wanted to kiss her. "Dunno Greer. If it wasn't for how freaked Carol was I'd probably blow this off."

<Greer> "If she's worried enough to come here, it's something we should definitely take seriously... do you want me to make some calls?"

<Christopher> "If you think it will help. If it wasn't so heavy I'd say I could make armor for everyone. And yeah I'm definitely taking this seriously, she wouldn't lie about something like this."

<Greer> "Well... most people here can take care of themselves so... I guess we can all just club together and figure out what we're lacking and work on that." She sat down on the corner of the desk opposite him, "And Carol doesn't lie well... so no, she definitely wouldn't lie about this."

<Christopher> "Here's hoping we're safe out here. Dunno how long this shit'll last." Chris got comfortable.

<Greer> "We're never that safe," Greer pointed out, "But usually it's our own fault stuff goes to hell..."

<Christopher> "Aint that the truth. And for the most part it's usually me." He laughed a little.

<Greer> "Mmhmm, but I wasn't going to say anything..."

<Christopher> "Makes things more interesting you know it." Chris gave her leg a gentle tap and smiled up at her.

<Greer> She laughed, "If you say so." She got to her feet, eyeing the stack of papers, "... Do you think this means I can get out of grading papers for a while?"

<Christopher> "I think viral disaster is a good excuse not to grade."

<Greer> "My hero!" She laughed, "Ooooh this means I can make things that explode!"

<Christopher> "Aren't I always?" Chris smiled. "Uhmm I think things that don't draw more attention this way would work better. But last ditch effort hell yeah explode away."

<Greer> "I'm a chemist! We only do flashy," she giggled, "Plus... I'm bright orange."

<Christopher> "Yeah but you're also extremely smart. I'm sure you can figure something out." He laughed a little. "Nothing wrong with being orange."

<Greer> "I like being orange... it's just flashy." She swished her tail at him.

<Christopher> "You pull it off quite well." He was flirting with her, but she hadn't told him to stop so he assumed she was enjoying it or that he just sucked at flirting. "And tails are all the rage this year."

<Greer> "Tails never go out of style," she assured him, "Ask anyone."

<Christopher> "Hmm I dunno. It's kinda cute I guess." Chris gave her a grin. "Are we really making small talk at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse?"

<Greer> "Oh come on, we don't know it's the apocalypse yet... and, if it is? What the hell else are we supposed to do?"

<Christopher> "Uhmmm rob an army storage facility? Get a lot of guns and go a zombie huntin'?" Chris laughed a little.

<Greer> "The army might need their guns if they have to fight zombies," Greer pointed out with a giggle, "But, before we do anything else... I'm getting coffee. Because I feel like it'll be a vanishing resource in a post-apocalyptic world."

<Christopher> "So game plan, rob crazy rednecks, they have enough guns as is. Drive down to Columbia to wait it out in coffee heaven?"

<Greer> ".... I like this plan." She grinned fangily and headed for the door.

<Christopher> Chris followed her out of the room taking a moment to check out the woman he still loved but couldn't have. "All the coffee you can drink and zombies I can shoot... I might need to get some practice though. I'm a terrible shot."

<Greer> "Wanna go to a gun range after I get coffee? Get some dinner? I was thinking steak." She was always thinking steak.

<Christopher> "Sounds like a plan. Didn't know you liked shooting."

<Greer> "I'm a SHIELD Agent, Chris. Guns are a neccessary part of the job." She led the way to the kitchen and headed straight for the coffee machine.

<Christopher> "Damn how'd you get even more badass on me. I feel all sorts of emasculated now." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Greer> She gave him a shove and laughed, "I've always been more badass than you. You're a spoilt rich boy, remember?"

<Christopher> "Pffft I have no idea what you're talking about. You can't just throw money at all your problems?" He shoved her back.

<Greer> Still giggling she shook her head, "Sadly no."

<Christopher> "Damn guess I'm screwed. How will I ever survive?"

<Greer> "It's okay, I'll take care of you," she assured him, "Don't I always?"

<Christopher> "Hey now, I'm pretty sure I can take care of myself. Now you look down the end of the gun with the hole in it right?"

<Greer> She laughed, shaking her head, "It's a good thing you're indestructible."

<Christopher> "See why doesn't anyone but you get this?" He laughed a little.

<Greer> "Because they haven't known you as long as I have and they haven't had to live with you when you have no one else to blame your fail on." She nodded sagely, pouring them each a cup of coffee when it was ready.

<Christopher> "See now that started out really sweet but yeah that end took a sharp turn." Chris put on his best fake upset face. "That hurt right here. Just rip out my heart and stomp all over it." He made sure to clutch at his heart.

<Greer> She giggled, smacking him with her tail and offering him the coffee.

<Christopher> Chris took the coffee from her and took a sip. "Hey there missy, watch where you swing that thing."

<Greer> "You say that like you don't like it," she giggled, hopping up to sit on the counter and curling her tail onto her lap.

<Christopher> "Hey now, don't be puttin' words in my mouth." Chris leaned against the counter next to her. "Okay maybe, just maybe I kinda like the tail. Sometimes."

<Greer> "You definitely like being hit with it, you're a sucker for punishment."

<Christopher> "Mmm you know me, Mistress Tigra." Chris struck his best spank me please pose.

<Greer> She laughed, "I'm so not dressing up in leather."

<Christopher> "Aww but that would be hot as fuck." Chris laughed a little. "Yeah I wouldn't want to either. Leather is all sorts of uncomfortable. I mean I have no idea why you wouldn't enjoy it."

<Greer> Chris got another shove for that, "Fuuuuuuuur."

<Christopher> "Hey now don't spill the nectar of the gods." He pushed her back gently.

<Greer> "I would never shove you hard enough to make you spill coffee, have no fear. It's too precious."

<Christopher> "To see my expression of pain. You know you love inflicting pain upon me."

<Greer> "Not as much as you like getting it."

<Christopher> "Damn you just know me so well. Lemme go change into my assless chaps and you can get the paddle."

<Greer> She laughed, "Oh God, no one wants to see that."

<Christopher> "Hey now you know I have a rockin' ass."

<Greer> "You're not pulling me into this discussion," she giggled and shook her head.

<Christopher> "I don't ever remember you complaining." Chris stuck his tongue out at her again.

<Greer> "You're missing the point entirely, I'm talking about traumatising students here."

<Christopher> "Yeah.... I think I've done more than enough of that." Chris sighed.

<Greer> Greer frowned a little, resting her coffee cup in her lap. "We should probably give the kids the option to go home to their families..."

<Christopher> "Yeah... probably I mean yeah we're just a school but don't you think they'd be safer here?"

<Christopher> Chris shrugged. "I don't know. How do you tell kids, hey this might be the zombie apocalypse or you might be okay?"

<Greer> "Well probably... but I don't think it's right to keep them from their families with something like this going on... they should at least get the opportunity to decide for themselves what they want to do. Maybe we should organise a staff meeting about it..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, probably. I know all the staff should know by now but we should probably make some kinda plan for all this."

<Greer> "We need to organise so we can defend properly if it comes to that.... But first we're going to see how poorly you shoot." She grinned, finishing off her coffee and hopping down from the counter.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Aug 04, 2015 12:44 am

<Carol> It was late and long since dark by the time they'd reached their stop in Maine. Carol had alternately driven and flown the car through the journey. She now got out of the car and gently woke her sleeping brother and mother then pointed them at the house before heading to the door herself.

<Carol> Pushing a hand through her hair and adjusting her uniform, Carol attempted to make herself look more presentable before she raised a hand and pressed the doorbell.

<Cessily> Instead of the door, a window in the second floor opened, the faint starlight reflecting off the silver head poking out. "Who's ther- Carol?" Cessily paused for a heartbeat. "Carol is that you!?"

<Carol> Carol stepped back from the door and looked up, smiling brightly, "Hey!" she raised a hand to wave, "Are you going to throw things at me or can I come in?"

<Cessily> The only thing Cessily threw at Carol was herself, the silver mutant simply jumping down from the window to pull Carol into a tight embrace. "I'm so happy to see you!" she said, while attempting to squeeze the blood out of the other woman. "Are you all right?"

<Carol> Carol returned the hug just as tightly, "Better than I thought I'd be right now," she smiled, though she was a little worried that maybe the hug was going on too long. "Chris' reaction to me didn't instill me with a lot of confidence..."

<Cessily> "You met Chris?" Cessily asked, finally loosening her hold on Carol and freeing her from her embrace. "How is he doing?"

<Carol> "He's still angry with me..." she shrugged a shoulder, "But he was being so much of an ass about it that my mom slapped him... which I've never seen her do ever."

<Cessily> Cessily blinked. "Wow, that's hard to imagine. Then again, it's Chris, and if anyone has the talent to piss off someone, it's him." She looked past Carol and at her car. "Is she with you? I think you guys should better come inside now."

<Carol> "Yeah... we have some stuff to tell you..." she looked back at the car and gestured for them to come inside, "Chris was just trying in his misguided way to protect you until I pointed out that I'd be better for that job..."

<Cessily> "Protect me? Why would you think I needed protection? Not that I mind the sentiment though. It's rather sweet." She waved at her grandparents, who had come to see what the commotion was all about outside. "It's okay! That's just Carol... and her family, I guess."

<Carol> "Because of why we're here..." Carol chewed her lip, waiting on her family to go inside ahead of her, "And I need to ask you a huge favour..."

<Cessily> "Oh?" Cessily waited next to Carol while her grandparents welcomed their guests inside. "Uhm, of course. What is it you need?"

<Carol> "You remember when we used to joke around and I said if there was a zombie apocalypse I'd probably have to work? Well... guess what..." She closed the door behind them and looked at Cessily somewhat apprehensively.

<Cessily> Cessily stared at Carol first, then she smiled, before breaking into a laugh. "Wow, for a moment you really scared me there," she said. "No, really, what can I help you with?" She looked after Carol's family. "Did their house burn down or something? If they need a place to stay, you know it's no problem."

<Carol> Carol shook her head slowly, "If I was kidding, I'd have come during the day...." She chewed her lip, "My dad stayed in Boston because he doesn't think I'm serious and if I am he wants to guard the house against looters... I have to go back and try to change his mind but I wanted to see you before I went back to work...." She glanced over at Joe when she heard him introducing himself and their mom to Cessily's grandparents.

<Cessily> The smile vanished from her shiny face. "You're serious," she said, having known Carol long enough to tell. "You're actually dead serious."

<Carol> "Yeah..." She covered her face with her hands, "I'm not supposed to be here - I'm supposed to be at work right now and I'm definitely not supposed to be talking about it because it's still just an isolated incident... at least it was when I left. It could have gotten worse by now."

<Cessily> Cessily bit her lip, before taking a step forward to put her hands on Carol's arms and give her a squeeze. "I would have done the same," she told her. "You wanted your loved ones to be safe. There's nothing wrong about that."

<Cessily> She offered a small smile. "And you wanted my folks to be safe, too. For that alone I owe you."

<Carol> She nodded, "Yeah... and there-" she glanced over at their relatives to make sure they were suitably distracted, "There's a fence down near Boston... the camp is empty. So they're out there somewhere... I went looking for you at the school and Chris was being so obstructive it completely threw me off. He got it into his head that I wasn't going to warn the school - of course I was going to, I just wanted to see you first..."

<Cessily> Cessily sighed. "He can be so difficult sometimes. Which is usually all the time." Her smile returned. "But thank you again for warning me, and our friends. And of course I'll help you in any way I can. But maybe let's get inside first. You all look like you could do with something to drink."

<Carol> "Just coffee, thanks..." she reached to take Cessily's hand and gave it a squeeze, "Thanks... I really owe you one... And I'll try to come back and check on you... if you have to leave for whatever reason, leave me a message, okay? I'll find you..."

<Cessily> She nodded, her smile growing a little bigger. "I believe you will," she replied. "If you're worried they won't be able to contain whatever this is, I'll have to see to the rest of my family. Just make sure they're prepared and well protected, you know?"

<Carol> "I know... And I apologise in advance for my dad..." She followed Cessily the rest of the way through the house, "At least he can shoot straight though..."

<Cessily> "So, these are really zombies?" Cessily asked, keeping her voice low so not to scare her grandparents. She led Carol into the kitchen, where she put on a big pot of coffee. "Like, the legit walking dead, trying to eat the living?"

<Carol> Carol nodded, leaning against the counter, "We don't know how it started but we know where. Camps where they've been treating mutants effected by the legacy virus resurgence have been going off the grid the past couple of days. This morning Heather and I were sent to investigate two of them. That's how I know for a fact the one near Boston is empty - I was there."

<Carol> She stuffed her hands into her pockets, "Heather went to Virginia. The camp there is intact but the people... they're not right. We went back there later in the day to try and contain a couple to take back and find out what happened. We lost an entire team to whatever this thing is. They're biting... eating people... and it's really contagious... so, 'zombies' seems pretty accurate right now."

<Cessily> "This is horrible!" Cessily had listened with a mortified expression. "All the times we used to joke about something like this happening." She bit her silver lips and swallowed. "It feels even worse that I'm not even shocked any more, after all the frightening stuff we have had to deal with already."

<Carol> "I know... it's not fair..." she sighed, "I left Heather in Virginia, she agreed to go back and tell SHIELD what had happened so that I could come back up here and warn everyone.... But I know when I go back I'm probably going to be in a lot of trouble."

<Cessily> "Don't worry about that now," Cessily said, crossing the distance between them to give Carol a gentle hug. "Whatever trouble they give you, it'll blow over eventually. But this here is our family. The people we love. I would have done the exact same thing in your place."

<Carol> She returned the hug, closing her eyes as she nodded, "I know.... I should just know better... I'm taking advantage of the fact I can fly faster than most of our jets at a sprint... I just wish there was more I could do... but we can't warn everyone, that'd be worse than not doing anything."

<Cessily> Cessily sighed. "I think you're right about that," she said, and ran a hand through her unkempt hair. "I can't imagine what those apocalypse nutjobs with their bunkers full of guns would do if they heard there's an actual zombie epidemic."

<Carol> "It'd be messy for sure," Carol agreed, "I just hope we have enough people on the ground to keep this contained... but after what I saw today, I'm not thinking that's realistic."

<Cessily> "Then what else is there we can do?" Cessily asked, looking up to Carol. "There has to be something we can try to keep more people from being hurt. Perhaps... I don't know." She sighed and slumped her shoulders.

<Carol> "You know I'll do whatever I can... I hate feeling like I have to choose who to warn or who to just... leave to fate." She lifted her hand to Cessily's cheek, "I knew I wasn't going to leave you though... I know we didn't end things on the best terms but... I'm sorry, okay?"

<Cessily> "It's all right," Cessily replied, a sad smile showing on her lips. "That's all in the past." She reached up to cover Carol's hand with hers. "I'm more worried about the future at the moment."

<Carol> "Me too," she admitted, stroking Cessily's cheek softly with her thumb, "And about how long that coffee's taking." She had to make light of the situation or she'd do something stupid.

<Cessily> The coffee machine used that awkward moment to make a sputtering sound, as if it took offence at the complaint. "I think it's about done," Cessily replied with a chuckle, making no move to pull her head away from Carol's hand.

<Carol> "Good... I think I'd about lose it if I thought coffee had abandoned me," she offered a small smile, making herself lower her hand, "Are you going to be alright here?"

<Cessily> "I think so," Cessily replied, trying not to look too disappointed when Carol moved her hand away. "I guess I'll discuss with my grandparents what they should best do, and then try to warn the rest of my family. Ideally convince them to get away as far as possible from other people, hopefully before word gets out and everyone panics."

<Carol> "They should find somewhere they can fortify and defend properly... most of the camps are outside the cities so it'll take them time to get there... but that does mean that people living outside cities are vulnerable right now." She straightened up and turned for the coffee pot, pushing a hand through her hair. "Is it okay if I stay here tonight? If I go back to work I'll be stuck there and I still have to convince dad..."

<Cessily> "Of course you can stay." Cessily poured several cups of coffee, before handing Carol one of them. "I think my grandparents are making your folks feel right at home already, so I'm sure it'll be okay for you guys to stay as long as you need to."

<Carol> "Thank you... I really appreciate it... you don't have to do any of this if it's too awkward...." she looked down at the coffee cup in her hands. She drank entirely too much coffee.

<Cessily> "No worries, I spent most of my life feeling awkward, so what's another night?" Cessily giggled. "It's not like you asked to share a blanket with me. Even though I totally would if you did."

<Carol> Her gaze snapped up in surprise and she studied Cessily for a moment, trying to work out if she was just kidding to make light of the situation. Rather than ask, she looked back down at her coffee and took a measured sip, wishing it was something stronger.

<Cessily> Cessily bit her lip and focused on her own coffee, as well. "Uhm, I should see if your folks need anything," she said, thumbing towards the living room.

<Carol> She nodded, "I'm sure they're fine though... your grandparents are good hosts from what I remember... if a little inappropriate... I should probably have warned them about that." She winced a little in sympathy for her brother and lifted her gaze to Cessily again, "I think Joe could maybe hold his own though - he does have me as a sister."

<Cessily> "I think so, too," Cessily replied and gave Carol a grin. "I mean, how scary can the zombie apocalypse still be when you've had to grow up with you as a sister?"

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Yeah... I'm not even going to pretend to be offended." She leaned back against the counter, "I need to tell you something... but I'm not really sure how to do it..."

<Cessily> "Like what?" Cessily asked, leaning against the kitchen counter while cradling her coffee. "You met someone else?" Her question was a shot in the dark, but it was the first thing to come to her mind. "I dunno, it's what I would feel awkward talking about when meeting my ex again."

<Carol> She shook her head turning to put her coffee down before reaching into her pocket. She should probably start at the beginning. "After we broke up... some stuff happened..." From her pocket, she produced a coin and put it down on the counter, '18 months' stamped in the center of the side facing up.

<Cessily> Cessily studied the coin, before picking it up to take a closer look. "18 months?" Her thumb traced the numbers. "Is this-?" She looked up, realising the coin's significance even though she had never seen one before. "Oh, Carol."

<Carol> "I got that last week..." she sighed, "Today has been pretty hard... so that is a good thing because if anything was going to make me fall off the wagon, it'd be this..."

<Cessily> She did not know what to say, which felt even worse because this actually was her job. However, she had always found it difficult to counsel the people close to her, and Carol was closer than most others. Even after such a long time. Stepping forward, she pulled the other woman in for a hug.

<Cessily> "You're amazing, and I'm so proud of you," Cessily said, her face pressed to Carol's neck as she held her tight.

<Carol> Carol returned the hug just as tightly, "If you guys ever cross paths again, you should thank Heather - she was the one that kicked my ass." She turned her head and pressed a kiss to her cheek before she realised what she was doing, "... Sorry."

<Cessily> "You never have to apologise for kissing me," Cessily replied, smiling. "And I'll have to thank Heather on my behalf, too, for having the balls to do what I should have but never did. I'm so sorry, Carol! I often thought you were overdoing it, but I was always so frightened to bring it up."

<Carol> "It's okay... I probably wouldn't have listened back then..." she offered a small smile, "Don't be sorry... I'm the one that should apologise for making you feel like that... you shouldn't have been afraid to tell me what you thought..."

<Cessily> "I know, and I'm sorry I-" Cessily cut herself off when she realised she was apologising again. She laughed and looked at Carol. "Let's just be happy you're doing great now. That's what matters."

<Carol> "Well... I'm doing okay. Like I said... today has been hell, but I'm handling it." She sighed, feeling a little better for getting past that issue. There was still one more however, "There is one more thing before we go back in there with everyone else..."

<Cessily> "Oh dear, what else?" Cessily tried to lighten the mood with her smile. "Let me guess, you're actually an alien? Sorry, I shouldn't be joking."

<Carol> Carol laughed at that and nudged Cess with her elbow, "You already know the answer to that question." She reached to take her coin back and stall for time, "There was an ulterior motive for coming to find you... I wanted to tell you something before I go back because I don't know how this is all going to end and I don't want to regret not saying anything...."

<Cessily> Cessily reached for Carol's hands and took them in hers. "Then just tell me," she said, giving a gentle squeeze. "After all, if this is really the apocalypse, there's no more reason to keep anything unsaid."

<Carol> She nodded, looking down at their hands, "I still love you... I never stopped.... and I just wanted to make sure you knew that... I'm not expecting anything to happen, the timing really sucks..."

<Cessily> Cessily didn't reply, as the lump forming in her tense throat wouldn't allow it. Something in her chest tightened, and for a moment she believed to have a beating heart again. She felt her expression dissolve in emotion, and before she knew what she was doing, her lips pressed against Carol's.

<Carol> Carol was surprised but it was so familiar and so easy she just fell back into it and returned the kiss, wrapping her arms around the other woman. It was going to be a lot harder to go back to work now, that was for sure.

<Cessily> Cessily almost spilt her coffee when she put the cup down without looking, all her attention focused on the woman she had missed so dearly, and who was now back in her arms. "I never stopped loving you," the silver mutant admitted between kisses, holding Carol close.

<Cessily> "I don't know what's harder to believe." She laughed nervously, her fingers running through the other woman's blonde hair. "That there's an actual zombie outbreak, or that you're really here with me now."

<Joe> "What I find harder to believe is that you didn't bring anyone else coffee before you started making out..." Joe's voice cut in from the doorway.

<Cessily> Cessily jumped a little and pulled her lips away from Carol's. "Oh hey, hi there." She gave Joe an awkward smile. "I think that would be my fault then. I... just got carried away for a second there..."

<Carol> Carol blushed and laughed at the interruption, "Oh yeah... there's coffee..." She looked for a tray to make it easier to carry the cups through to the other room.

<Joe> "You're both to blame, don't try to take all the credit," Joe told Cessily, "Do I need to worry about this all ending in tears again?"

<Cessily> Cessily decided to help by shifting another pair of arms to carry the cups, milk, and sugar. "Well, you always have to worry about that when I'm involved, I guess, but I can promise you I'll try my best not to let it come that far."

<Carol> "I don't want to commit to an answer..." Carol answered, "It's not really a normal situation...." She used her powers to warm the coffee to its freshly brewed temperature.

<Joe> "I guess not..." He frowned, "But don't let on to mom, she'll only worry."

<Cessily> Cessily looked between the two of them, before showing a small smile. "I gotta admit our little exchange here won't make it any easier for me, but I promise I'll do my best to keep a straight face in there. I planned on letting Carol do all the talking, anyway."

<Joe> "All the talking? ... You're going to tell the really old people, no matter how crazy, that there's zombies on the loose?" He stared at his sister.

<Carol> Carol gave a small shrug, "They're going to figure it out eventually..." Like when their neighbours got their brains eaten.

<Cessily> "I think we have to," Cessily agreed, giving a nod. "I mean, if we want them to be safe and prepared for anything, we'll have to tell them what they need to expect. And as Carol said, if this really gets out of control, it'll only be a matter of days until it's all over the news."

<Carol> "Well someone already leaked something to the press, there are crazy rumours all over the net... When I left, Fury was living up to his name and determined to figure out who that was..." Carol chewed her lip.

<Joe> "It's probably not looking good for you, right now..." Joe pointed out, giving Carol a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.

<Carol> "Yeeeeah.... I really didn't think this through, did I?"

<Joe> "It's okay, we're used to it."

<Cessily> Cessily bit her lip to conceal a goofy smile. "Don't worry, we still love you," she told Carol. "And I know it won't do much, but I'll always vouch for you, even though I really don't know anything."

<Carol> "I'll handle it... first I have to forcibly remove our dad from the house but I'll do that in the morning.... before he's had coffee."

<Cessily> "I can make you some before you leave," Cessily offered. "Then you'll have the caffeine edge on him."

<Carol> "That would be awesome," Carol laughed, leaning to press a kiss to Cessily's cheek, "Now, speaking of coffee, let's go give this to the old people."

<Cessily> "Yes," Cessily agreed. "And tell them about the impending apocalypse."
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Aug 05, 2015 1:06 am

7 Days after the infection begins.

By the time Viper was able to sit up unaided and function without painkillers (and therefore usefully), she discovered that she'd been out of comission for a week. This would not do. A lot could happen in a week.

Her first task was to decipher all the notes she'd made to herself while under the influence of morphine and a fever. She worked on putting them into some kind of order and formulating a plan while watching news feeds and other chatter for clues on what to do first.

Having done all she could from her workstation in her quarters, Viper finally decided it was time to venture out again. After a shower and a change of clothes she felt much more like herself and, once she'd selected a few favourite items to stash in her pockets, she stepped out into the hall and started for her lab.

It took surprisingly little time for news that she was up and about to filter down to Jessica. She had to hand it to the woman - her ability to get people to do her bidding in such a short timeframe was remarkable. So much so that she was at the door to her lab only five minutes after Viper had arrived herself, child in tow.

Miriam had collided with her legs before she'd even managed to get around her desk, "Hello Mäuschen," she looked down at the grinning face of the girl.

"You're better!" Miriam squealed and hugged the green-glad legs of the woman.

Miriam had an uncanny ability to find the pressure point on the back of the knees and Viper bent to pick her up to remove that issue. "Yes, I am quite well again," she told the girl, looking up at her mother then.

Jessica smiled and went to join Miriam in the impromptu hug, "It's good to see you."

Viper endured the hug and freed an arm to give Jessica a gentle pat. "You saw me a week ago, although I'm sure I look more like myself now."

Jess nodded, deciding to liberate Viper from her daughter and prying her off. "Still not quite though," she gestured at the hair colour.

Relieved to be free of obligation to entertain the child, Viper headed for her coffee machine to set it on for a pot. "I thought it not being green would afford me some protection in the camp. I didn't consider that those people running the camp would use my presence as a distraction from their boredom."

"Sebastian told me you'd had a hard time of it..." Jess chewed her lip, watching her with the coffee.

"Yes, somewhat. It slowed my recovery from the virus, I'm sure," she glanced over her shoulder and assessed the other woman's body language. She seemed worried. "I'm fine now. How is Sebastian?"

"He's okay..." Jess gave a half shrug, glancing at Miriam. "He's recovered from the effects of the virus but he's worried about whatever it was they dosed him with."

"Then I will add that to my list of things to check up on today." People really slacked off when they weren't afraid she'd burst in at any moment.

"Thanks," Jess smiled at her, "I'm really glad you're alright... I don't know where else we'd go right now..."

"You'll always have a home here," Viper assured her, "I have no doubt that, between you and Sebastian, you could bully and talk your way to the top in no time at all."

Jess gave an awkward sounding laugh, "I'm not sure Sebastian would agree to that."

"You could talk him around," she had no doubt of this but Jessica was giving her that look she could never decipher again. Alarm? Disgust? Amusement? She gave her customary response because it never failed her; she raised an eyebrow. Success! A laugh.

"My ability to change Sebastian's mind notwithstanding... it's good to know we still have you in our corner... it's sort of reassuring to have you there."

"I'll try not to disappoint you." It would never not surprise her to hear that her presence was reassuring to anyone, never mind someone who had spent her early years running from the organisation she worked for. "In the mean time... have you explored much of this base?"

Jess shook her head, putting Miriam down but keeping hold of her hand.

"There is a garden here if you'd like to take Miriam there. I'm sure she'd enjoy it." Moving back to her desk, she summoned one of her holographic screens to show Jessica a map of the complex. "This section here. Most of it is for food but this corner is just for aesthetics." She watched Jessica try to work out a route. "We are here," she supplied after a beat and touched a spot on the map. "If you think of anything we can add to make this place more habitable for Miriam, don't hesitate to suggest it. Hydra don't usually construct bases with children in mind."

"I will... thanks again..." Jess bestowed her with another smile, "I'm not sure how long we'll be here though... Sebastian...."

"Will do whatever you ask him to," she finished for her. "You worry too much."

"Everyone always says that..."

"Perhaps you should listen to them?" Viper left her screen up so Jessica could stare at the route some more while she went to pour some coffee. "Worrying doesn't get you anywhere. You spend all that time thinking and then the moment has gone."

"But when I don't think it all goes to hell..." her nose wrinkled.

"Overthinking things hasn't worked out well for you either," Viper pointed out, "You just need more practice."

"I'll think about it..."

Viper wasn't convinced by the tone but Jessica had picked Miriam up again and turned toward the door. Assuming this topic of conversation had made Jessica uncomfortable somehow, Viper frowned while she tried to figure out why then realised she should say something, "Enjoy the garden."

"We will," Jess offered a smile over her shoulder.

"Bye, auntie Viper!" Miriam waved as they disappeared into the hall.

"See you later, Mäuschen," Viper returned the wave and even managed a small smile. Once the door closed behind them, she got back to work on plotting the events that had transpired since the outbreak at the camp she'd been in.

While she worked on a timeline, she pulled up a separate screen and contacted the lab that were working on a vaccine and Sebastian's blood samples. Sufficiently terrified and absolutely back on task, Viper left them to their work and continued to gather information.
Most of the chatter was from SHIELD and other government agencies as they tried to work out how to deal with this problem under the radar. Several departments were panicking and there was talk of moving the President and his family to a safer location.

A leak somewhere had stirred up the conspiracy theorists but most weren't taking them seriously amidst interference from the government 'experts' and the representatives from the drugs companies. Satelite feeds told a different story once she'd tracked the movements of the escaped infected from the camp near Boston. There were several groups now on the edges of the city and any day the supposed hoax would explode into the national news.

The camp in Virginia was swarming with SHIELD agents attempting to keep the infected within the walls - with varying levels of success. Other camps had since gone dark and further satelite feeds showed them to also be infested with infected patients or empty and missing large portions of their fences. So whatever they were doing with the victims of the legacy virus was nationwide at the very least and on a similar timescale everywhere.

This was going to get much worse before it got better.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:07 am

<Shaw> His coffee cup refilled, Sebastian made the circuit back to the laboratory door and went right in without pause. He stared at the nearest lackey, who gave him a more wide-eyed than typical respose. Interesting.

<Jessica> Having taken Miriam to the garden, Jess felt a little better. It was peaceful there with the sound of the fountains to block out all the noises of the base. Miriam had enjoyed it too... and picked flowers. She wasn't sure if flowers were allowed to be picked but Miriam wanted to bring some for her daddy so...

<Shaw> It took just a short interrogation before he realized the cause of the increased pace of work in the lab. He supposed if it took Viper's gentle coercion to get a quicker answer he was grateful.

<Jessica> Jess had to stop in the doorway to the lab and ask a lackey to get Sebastian's attention. These people were doing delicate work and having a hyper four-year-old throwing flowers around was not going to help them do it any better.

<Shaw> One of the techs was stammering his way through an explanation when yet another cleared his throat for the fourth time directly at Sebastian's elbow. Finally, he rounded on the man. "What?" he snapped, then looked past him to the doorway. Ah.

<Jessica> Attention achieved, Jess gave a small wave with her free hand. "Hi daddy!" Miriam waved too and dropped some mangled flowers onto the floor in the process, "Oh..." she looked down at them.

<Shaw> "Hello, ladies." He smiled and wound his way back through the lab, dropping into a crouch in the doorway to greet Miriam and pick up her flowers. "Those are very pretty, Miri."

<Jessica> "We went to the garden... did you know there was a garden? Miriam wanted to bring you some flowers to show you her favourites." Since she liked all of them, it had taken some wittling down.

<Shaw> "I did not know there was a garden." He smelled one of the slightly squished blooms. "Thank you, little love," he said, pulling her into a hug and then picking her up as he straightened.

<Jessica> "It's reallly nice," she smiled, bending to rescue some of the the dropped flowers from the floor. "Good place to clear your head, if you're interested..."

<Shaw> He let Miriam investigate his coffee cup, taking a sniff and wrinkling her nose. "That does sound like a good idea." Sebastian watched Jessica, wondering when he should share his news.

<Jessica> "We could get something to eat and go back there...?" she tried to read him past Miriam's happy.

<Shaw> Miriam was very happy, burrowing into his neck and squishing her flowers. "Yes. That sounds lovely." He wished for a free hand to offer her, but Miriam was wriggly and his coffee was still warm.

<Jessica> She offered a small smile and turned for the cafeteria, "Viper's better... she said if we think of anything to make Miriam's stay here better we should just ask for it..."

<Shaw> Sebastian spotted a passing lackey and handed off his coffee to the confused man. "Yes, I heard that she was up and about. Excellent." He shifted Miriam to his other hip and caught up with Jessica, taking her hand.

<Jessica> Jess gave his hand a small squeeze, "We're safe here... maybe we should try and get some other people here...."

<Shaw> He sighed. "I'm afraid things will get much worse outside these walls, so you're quite right, love."

<Jessica> "So we can stay here, right? Until we have to leave for whatever reason... but only if we have to?" She reached her free hand across them both to brush her fingers over Miriam's hair.

<Shaw> Sebastian stopped in the hall and gave her a soft smile. "Of course, koibito. This is the safest place we could possibly be." He squeezed her hand and leaned in to give her a quick kiss, which amused Miriam. She clapped.

<Jessica> Jess laughed at Miriam's reaction and kissed her too, tickling her at the same time, "Have... have they finished testing everything yet?"

<Shaw> Well, there was a subtle segue. He could feel her hesitance through their link and smiled more confidently. "Yes. It would seem Viper's recovery is all the motivation required."

<Jessica> "And...?" she prompted, trying not to let her frustration bleed over. He always dodged the questions he knew she was actually asking.

<Shaw> "I'm fine, love." Sebastian let go of her hand to slip his arm around her.

<Jessica> "Really?" she smiled, feeling a lump rise in her throat before she hugged him and Miriam both.

<Shaw> "Really." The swell of emotion was touching, and he sent her his reassurance and love, returning the hug. Once again, Miriam was all too happy to join in, wrapping an arm around each of their necks.

<Jessica> Jess made a small sound of protest as Miriam squeezed a little too hard, "That's the best news I've had all week."

<Shaw> "Gentle, Miri," he laughed, extricating them both. "I have to agree, although looking up to see you, and Sum... That was the best news I'd had all week."

<Jessica> "Viper too, I should think," she smiled, "Buuuut I hope she dyes her hair back to normal..."

<Shaw> "Mmm, yes, it took me a moment to recognize her, in the camp." He sighed, taking her hand back to continue their stroll to the kitchen. "Thank heavens I did."

<Jessica> "For all of your sakes..." She pulled them both close to her again and pressed a kiss to each of their cheeks, "I'm glad I didn't lose any of you."

<Shaw> "And according to the test results, you should be saddled with me for years to come." He brushed Jessica's nose with his own to get her into a better position and then kissed her lips.

<Jessica> Jess smiled and returned the kiss, Good. I don't think I can wrangle Miriam all by myself.

<Shaw> You'll never have need. When they broke apart, he met her eyes and smiled.

<Jessica> She smiled back then tickled Miriam again to make her squirm, "Come on, let's get you both some food."
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 07, 2015 5:07 am

<Warren> Warren had boarded up anywhere that he was worried about, most of his house was pretty much impossible to get to with it being on the side of a mountain. The few windows and doors that weren't very secure were now perfectly well in his eyes. A skilled carpenter could tell you though that he did a horrible job.

<Warren> He grabbed a beer, and then his phone and dialed the only person he really wanted to hear from. The whole time it was ringing he was just saying to himself, "come on pick up," over and over again.

<Carol> Carol was on a breif stop by the barracks to pick up her reminder not to fall off the wagon when she heard a phone ringing somewhere. Following the sound to Heather's bunk, Carol decided it could be someone she knew and dug out the phone to answer it. Oh look! It was Warren! Again! The guy was persistent, she'd give him that.

<Carol> She thought about putting it back but, after a quick glance around, she sat down on Heather's bed and answered the call, turning her 18month coin over in her other hand. "Hey Warren."

<Warren> "He... uhmm... not Heather. Hi?" Warren panicked a little but he knew better, there probably wasn't anything wrong. "Heather around?"

<Carol> "She's not right now..." truth be told she was a little worried about Heather being sent to the font lines so frequently over the past few days. "It's Carol, by the way. I know you've been calling a lot so I figured I should do you a favour and answer."

<Warren> "Yeah... I was expecting a stern bitching from a mad Aussie.... Hi Carol. I was just uhmm worried I guess? It's been a while since I've heard from her."

<Carol> "Yeah we're kind of on a communications lockdown... so, if anyone asks, I totally didn't talk to you..." She glanced to the door to check she was still alone.

<Warren> "Who was this again?" Warren gave her a little chuckle to make sure she knew what he meant. "So, Heather's okay then? I mean yeah I know real life super heroine but still...." Warren ran a hand through his hair. "Like I said I'm just worried ya know?"

<Carol> "I know, I get it," she pushed a hand through her hair, "Heather's fine... well, as well as can be expected at the moment - things are kind of crazy around here. We've been really busy."

<Warren> "Yeah... I've seen the news. The sane and insane.... I kinda freaked out a little. If you haven't heard of my little crazy e-mail yet." Warren felt pretty embarrassed that this could all just be a little thing that he blew out of proportion.

<Carol> "I haven't actually... we can't get online here at the moment - afore mentioned communications lockdown. Secure lines only." She sighed, "I already got in trouble for leaving and talking to people about it though so I'm not that worried...."

<Warren> "Well... the big media is saying rabies. Religious nuts are saying end of days. Nerds and doomsday-prepers are saying zombie apocalypse. I kinda assumed the latter with what I saw and went crazy on my own."

<Carol> "Well we're hoping not for an apocalypse but the zombie part is pretty accurate..." she kept her voice low just in case, "We're working on containment... I'm not optimistic."

<Warren> "Fuck.... This shit's serious isn't it?" Warren started to pace, his wings pulled tightly to his back so he didn't knock anything over. "Fuck.... I really hope some of the guys take me seriously now. Fuck... I need more shit."

<Carol> "Well I stopped by the school on the way to get my parents the hell out of Boston so the news should hopefully trickle down. That's why I got in trouble, by the way," she got to her feet and put her coin in her pocket nice and safe.

<Warren> "I hit up all my contacts and old friends, sent them how to get to my house. I raided a shit ton of stores and stocked up. I think I spent a few grand in a few days..... So shit hits the fan come to Colorado, we can get stoned and wait out the apocalypse."

<Carol> "Only if you promise to never run out of coffee... and before you do that, just think back to how much I used to drink and double it," she laughed.

<Warren> "I have around three hundred cans, a decent bit of the instant crap. And oh yeah a hydroponics garden in the basement I'm sure we could rig up for coffee. You don't know about that though." He laughed a little. "Little recreational side of one of my small business ventures."

<Carol> "If I didn't turn Cessily's grandparents in, I'm not going to turn you in... can't see the point right now anyway." She turned to straighten the covers on Heather's bed and crossed to her own. "Look... if this really all does go to hell... I'm hoping I can get a bunch of people out safely... how much room do you have?"

<Warren> "I have a pretty big mansion out here. I've done well for myself. It's not fully gated so I wouldn't suggest outside arrangements unless we can handle fencing it all in. But it's not easy to get in the non fenced areas. I'm not really the best judge though... you should see my horrible reinforcement job."

<Carol> "I can flyby and fix it for you maybe," she offered, "But space is good. I'll have my family and Cessily's at least... And Heather, obviously... assuming I can get her to stop punching things."

<Warren> "Good luck. I don't have any suggestions about that. Well any that would work. But yeah I've got more than enough room. All are welcome, but if we get too many we'll have to figure out food."

<Carol> "Well... if we really are going to end up stuck for a while, you should look at getting stuff we can grow to eat or, you know.... animals we can eat. But that can maybe hold off 'til we're sure there's really no hope..."

<Warren> "Uhmm I don't know about figuring out livestock. But I can definitely figure out growing things. My other crops are easily harvested and dealt with and then we have a safe place to grow year round."

<Carol> "Well google whatever you think you might need to now and print off the instructions because there'll be no electricity and no internet if this really goes south. You want to be prepared? Do it right," she glanced at the door, hearing footsteps.

<Warren> "Wish me luck... I mean I hope you remember how my grades were, math and business were all I was good at. But I'll research till shit fails and figure everything else out. Hopefully I get some help setting up here."

<Carol> "Well you could always raid a library later, I guess.... Have you stockpiled gas too?" She was whispering now, hunkered down beside her bed out of view of the door.

<Warren> "For the most part I'm set up geothermal. Hard to get any kind of conventional power out here." Warren could tell that she was whispering. "Do I need to let you go?"

<Carol> "I don't mean for powering the house, I meant for transport for those that can't fly. Much as I want to, I can't carry everyone." She peeked over the top of her bed, "Probably should go soon, there's a shift change coming up so people will be in here for sleeping..."

<Warren> "Alright I'll try my best to go all mad doomsday prepper, maybe I can get us a good set up. Keep everyone you can safe.... I already feel bad enough buying up all this stuff and not saying anything to the regular people out there."

<Carol> "Well how do you think I feel? We're not supposed to be talking to anyone and I know how bad it really is..." She ducked down again when a shadow passed near the door, "Okay I really have to go now..."

<Warren> "Yeah.... can you find a way to get Heather to call me? I know it'll be tough but if you can I'd appreciate it. Take care Carol."

<Carol> "I'll do my best... but if I can't manage that maybe I can get her to drop by instead.... Look after yourself, Warren. I'm going to turn Heather's cell off because I don't want her getting in trouble... so don't panic okay?"

<Warren> "Too late, but I'll do my best to pull together and plan. Gonna have to get back in practice with my powers. Talk to you later hopefully."

<Carol> "Bye Warren..." she hung up the phone and looked at it for a moment, tempted to call Joe to see how they were doing. But the door behind her opened and she had to turn it off, stuffing it under her bed to hide it. Maybe later.

<Warren> Warren turned the ringer on his phone up to the highest setting and set it down on his desk. He was going to get to the research she'd tasked him with immediately. The only problem he couldn't wrap his head around was any kind of livestock.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

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After another long day of battling hordes of undead doctors, patients and SHIELD agents, Carol was more than ready for a shower and bed. But she also needed to talk to Heather. So, instead of sleeping, she was now lurking in the dark behind one of the command buildings and waiting for the walking Oscar to finish her dinner.

She hated sneaking around under her bosses' noses. It felt wrong and she was already in enough trouble but sometimes it was just easier to do it this way around. What was that saying? It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission? Sure was!

Footsteps alerted her to the approach of someone and she pressed her back against the wall of the building in case it wasn't the one she was waiting for.

Heather had taken her time with dinner, not realising that Carol was waiting for her until she returned to the barracks and found the note hidden in her bunk. She had gone back outside then and to the location specified but she couldn't see anyone. "Carol...?" she peered into the darkness, slightly alarmed when two glowing eyes were suddenly looking back at her. "What's this about?"

Quickly, Carol reached out and pulled her into the shadows too, blinking the energy out of her eyes. "I did something today and I don't want people to overhear us..."

"Okay...? But now I'm worried. Are you alright?" She was careful to stay out of the light because it would reflect magnificently off her golden skin.

"I'm fine," Carol assured her hastily, "Even though this week has sucked. I'm okay." She gave the other woman a smile, "But... I may have answered your phone earlier."

Heather blinked in confusion, "...Why?"

"I heard it ringing while I was here on a break and figured I should turn it off or something but then I looked at the caller ID - Warren again... Aaaaaand I kind of felt sorry for him so I answered it and talked to him for a while...."

"Carol..." Heather's tone was reproachful, but she was also worried that someone would find out and she'd get in trouble again.

"It's fine, no one was there and no one heard me." Admittedly it had been a close call but she decided not to mention that part. "He's worried about you... and he'd like you to call him back sometime. I told him I'd try but I did mention that we're not supposed to be talking to people."

"You're insane, you know that right?" Heather sighed, "But thanks..." she leaned to give Carol a hug.

Carol levitated a little to return the hug more comfortably - Heather was a good foot taller than her when she was all gold and shiny. "Way I see it, when they fire my ass I can go take care of my family."

"And after there are no more zombies...?" Heather loosened her hold to look Carol in the eye.

"I'll admit, it's not a well thought out plan, okay? But I'm not optimistic about no more zombies..." she wanted more hug time because thinking about the future filled her with dread.

Heather sighed and returned the hug tightly, "We're not doing so bad on our end..."

"Yeah with one camp. There are hundreds of the things... and every time I'm in comms there's more bad news..."

"I know you're worried about your family... but they'll be safe with Cess, right? And you're indestructible so don't worry..." Heather gave her a squeeze.

"I'm not worried about me," Carol shook her head, "Just everyone else... I know you're pretty much indestructible and Cessily too... but not everyone I care about is."

"Well you've done your best to warn them, there's nothing else you can do except thin the numbers of walking dead people." She stepped back again and gripped Carol's shoulders, "And we're doing that."

"I know..." she fowned and looked away, "It just... feels wrong to keep this so quiet, it's been a week now an-" The rest of her sentence was drowned out by the sound of the perimeter alarm.

Heather's eyes widened and her wings errupted from her back, "Finish this later?"

Carol nodded, taking to the air with her friend (though she still really needed a long rest) and going to seek the source of the alarm.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

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Having a mutant that was able to sense danger with you when flying blind was useful. They located the source of the disturbance in no time but it was very obvious that they were going to struggle to handle this alone.

These people weren't from the camps - it was obvious just looking at them. They were from a city a couple of miles away and must have been walking for a few hours to get as far as the base. There were hundreds of them and they made short work of the wire fencing.

Being bullet proof put Carol and Heather on the front line trying to stem the tide while, behind them, SHIELD agents opened fire. The two mutants had no choice but to get their hands dirty and, though Carol employed energy attacks where she was able, she was low on reserves and exhausted from doing the same thing all day.

Heather wasn't faring much better but for different reasons. Her powers kept her stamina up so that wasn't so difficult but what they were doing was getting to her. It was awakening something primal inside her, a part of her she tried very hard to keep locked away.

But this was too much. This was somewhere that was supposed to be secure and safe where they could rest and recover from the horrors of the day. And now those horrors were in their backyard.

Carol saw Heather's features slowly becoming more overtly avian and realised that her worst fears were coming true. This had only happened once or twice but she knew that, once Heather had gone this far into a berserker rage, there was no getting through to her.

It was now dangerous for anyone to be around her, even the living, and reinforcements in body armour were showing up. It wouldn't protect them against an enraged Heather and now they were in more danger than ever.

She had no choice. While she still had the strength, she had to get Heather away from people. Carol communicated as much to their fellow agents before tackling the woman and dragging her from the fight. It took all her strength to tear her from the ground and Heather fought her the whole time. But, once she had her attention, all Carol had to do was keep moving.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

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<Jessica> With Sebastian having the all-clear and Viper also back to her usual self, Jessica finally had some good news to share with the rest of the family. Now she just had to contact them through the web of security and silence around the government. Though she prided herself on being a damn good spider, she didn't have the skills to navigate that web. Fortunately she knew someone who did.

<Jessica> It was alarmingly simple for Viper to break through the government's network and soon the phone on the other end of the line was ringing and, with a smile of gratitude, Jess went to the other side of the lab for something resembling privacy and sat down at an empty station.

<Shinobi> He'd been told that the first year of law school was the hardest. This was clearly said by those who hadn't made it to the second. Alone in the White House residence wing quarters he shared with Hope, Obi worked on a paper he wasn't sure he'd be able to turn in, considering the way things were going. It was more force of habit than anything else that made him keep his phone nearby. When it rang, he practically jumped.

<Shinobi> When he picked it up and saw who was calling, he scrambled to answer. "Jess?!"

<Jessica> "Heeeey!" She was so relieved to hear his voice, "How are you guys?" She turned her grin on Viper who smiled faintly back and went back to work.

<Shinobi> "We're fine... more importantly, how are you?" She didn't sound upset, so that was something. "I've been trying to get in touch with you."

<Jessica> "Yeah, I've been kind of busy..." she rotated slowly on her chair, "Had to get some help to get Sebastian and Miriam out of the camp.... and we found Viper in there too. So we're staying with her now."

<Shinobi> Viper? Why was he not surprised. "Dad and Miri are okay? That camp went dark and we've heard the debriefings..." He lowered his voice, looking over his shoulder. "Tony has been keeping the White House on lockdown."

<Jessica> "They're both fine, Viper was pretty sick when we got there but she's better now - it's thanks to her I'm even calling you." She sighed, "What do you know?"

<Shinobi> He blew out a breath. "I thought Miri was sick and that's how they got Sebastian too?" Taking off his glasses, he rubbed his eyes. "It's not rabies, I know that much. Some fast-acting virus, it creates zombies of some kind. They don't know if it's related to legacy..."

<Jessica> "Yeah Sebastian got sick after taking care of Miriam... Viper got sick taking care of them both. According to her, they've been experimenting on the sick mutants and something went horribly wrong... they're lucky they got out of there alive." Jess slowed her spinning with a foot and watched Viper for a few moments.

<Shinobi> "Wow. Sounds like the spirit of Doctor Essex is alive and well." He sighed. "I knew there was more to it than the brass was reporting to the White House."

<Jessica> "Viper says they're talking about evacuating you guys... which good. You need to find a bunker and stay in it, okay?" She found a loose thread on her pants and picked at it. "That's what we're planning on doing."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, they've been talking about that. Tony hasn't let any other mutants in or out for a couple weeks now, but this isn't just mutants anymore." He straightened his tablet and papers on the desk, powering down the electronics. No more work would get done today.

<Jessica> "No, it's not.... when we left the camp there were doctors running around too.... Also Viper might have hacked government communications already.... don't tell Tony."

<Shinobi> He laughed quietly. "I'm not surprised. Tony seemed... he regretted, I think, that Sebastian ended up there. The camps... they weren't what was advertised, were they? He didn't know. Not at first anyway. Tell dad that, okay?"

<Jessica> "I can try but I don't know that he'll want to hear it..." she chewed her lip, "I'm glad you guys are still okay... Viper's people are working on a vaccine for this new strain of the legacy virus so at least we won't have to worry about that... and David's here somewhere too. He helped me get to the camp."

<Shinobi> He grinned into the phone. "That's where David disappeared to, huh? Shouldn't be surprised." Viper was working on a vaccine? He chewed his lip for a moment, then nodded to himself. They needed to know the risks. "Hey, could you check to see if there's any data on the virus affecting pregnancy?"

<Jessica> Jess blinked, "... Sure... why...?" Her tone was careful.

<Shinobi> "You can't guess?" Really, did he need to draw her a diagram?

<Jessica> Jess tried to contain the squeal, "Is Hope...?"

<Shinobi> "Maybe." He grinned. "It's too soon to really tell, but we were trying before... all this."

<Jessica> And the squeal escaped, which made Viper stare at her in alarm. "Sorry..." she apologised, then grinned, "That's the best news!"

<Shinobi> That excited squeal made him laugh. "Yeah! And it would be, if it wasn't for legacy and apparently zombies." He ran his hand through his hair, staring at Hope's sweater slung over a chair. "That's why Tony went a little overboard..."

<Jessica> "I'll let you know as soon as I know anything... and if we have a vaccine. Congratulations," she smiled, then mouthed 'Hope might be pregnant' at Viper. Viper's eyebrows rose.

<Shinobi> "Thanks." He smiled to himself, then sighed. "I trust that you can always get through the firewall with Viper's help, but I don't know if I can call out if the military decides the first family's security is more important..."

<Jessica> "I'll check in every couple of days, how about that? What time should I call?"

<Shinobi> He checked the time. "Maybe late evening? Hope and I are generally together then, too. You still have her number, right?"

<Jessica> "Yeah I still have it," Jess spun her chair again, "I'm really glad you're okay. We're thinking of you guys.... so make sure it stays that way."

<Shinobi> "You too. I'm glad dad and Miri are okay. Tell them hi for us, okay?" He got up, reaching through his link for Hope. "We should be okay. We have the whole secret service, right?"

<Jessica> "Yeah... and I'll tell them. Miriam misses you... I'll make sure I give her cuddles for you both." She was reluctant to hang up.

<Shinobi> "Thanks," he said with a laugh. The line was quiet for a moment, then he drew a deep breath. "Which of Viper's bases are you at? ....just... in case?"

<Jessica> "We're in Massachusetts... I'll get Viper to send you GPS data when I get off the phone... and when she stops giving me that look."

<Shinobi> "Great, thank you." He nodded. It was always good to have a backup plan. Essential, really.

<Jessica> "You know I'll always do whatever I can to help you, you don't have to thank me for this. Just stay alive."

<Shinobi> "That's the plan." He bit his lip again. "Talk to you later, mom."

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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

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Heather groaned as she slowly came round. She felt awful. Pushing herself up a little, she sucked in a breath, then spluttered because her mouth was full of hair. The weight of her wings was hampering her ability to sit up until she focused enough to get them under control and used them to lever herself up.

She realised then that the hair she'd all but inhaled wasn't hers but the woman who lay pinned beneath her. She brushed the hair out of her face and recognised her instantly. "Oh God, Carol! Please don't be dead..." She felt for a pulse but her clawed hands and her panic made it difficult. Instead, she leaned down and listened for a heartbeat, feeling instant relief when she heard it.

She sat up then and ran her hands through her hair, taking a look around her. They were in a forest. And it was day time. What the fuck had happened? And why was Carol unconscious? She leaned over her again and tried to rouse her.

Carol was reluctant to leave dreamland. It was nice there. No zombies. And no homicidal winged ladies. She felt a clawed hand on her shoulder as she was dragged from her sleep and let out a shriek, rolling to try and escape.

"Carol!" Heather caught her and pinned her again, "Carol, snap out of it! It's me!" She spread her wings for more leverage.

Carol stopped fighting her and focused on her face, "Heather? You're back to normal! Thank God!" She reached up and pulled her down for a hug, flattening them both beneath Heather's enormous wings again.

"Yeah I'm fine," Heather managed through the leaf litter, "What happened? Where are we and how did we get here?"

"We're... I don't know... twenty, thirty miles out from base..." Carol let her go so she could sit up again and ran a hand through her hair when Heather was out of the way. "You... did that thing again. I had to get you out of there..."

"Thirty miles?" Heather shook her head, "Shit... it's been hours, we should go back..." she made a move to get up but stopped when Carol caught her wrist and gave her a questioning look.

Carol shook her head slowly, holding her gaze for a moment before she looked away.

Heather scrambled backwards, her wings kicking up debris from the forest floor in her haste to escape. "No... please tell me you're joking..."

Carol shook her head again before covering her face with her hands. She wanted to roll over, curl up in a ball and cry. But, after her outburst, she found she didn't have the energy to move. "The base is overrun," she choked out, "They hit the failsafes..."

Heather covered her mouth with her hands, folding her wings around herself in an effort to protect herself from what Carol was telling her. It was all gone. All their friends.

In an effort to pull herself together, Carol struggled into a sitting position and looked around to get her bearings. "We can't stay out here... it's not safe..."

Heather lowered her wings enough to peer out over the top of them at her, "It's safe right now..." she knew that for sure. "But... I see your point... Except you're exhausted..." She folded her wings back and moved back over to Carol, "Can you even fly right now?"

Carol shrugged helplessly, "Maybe get into the air but I probably can't manage to go in a straight line..."

"Then... I'll carry you until I find somewhere you can rest and maybe recharge those batteries. How does that sound?" She didn't wait for an answer and gathered up her friend before taking to the air.

"Thanks," Carol smiled and rested her head against Heather's shoulder, "We'll be okay."

"I hope you're right." Heather made sure she was secure before choosing a direction and locking her wings.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Aug 18, 2015 6:19 pm

<Warren> The mass panic had still yet to set in, which surprised him, the stores were all still stocked and he was able to load up the SUV and even rent a trailer to load even more this time. The first thought that popped into his head as he got out of the vehicle to unload everything was that this was too much work for one person. He gave out an exasperated sigh and switched to his arch-angel form so that he could lift the fencing that he'd gotten off the trailer.

<Warren> The whole time he mumbled and cursed about always being the good guy and being too nice for his own good.

<Heather> Heather couldn't fly as fast as Carol could even on a good day so it had taken some time to get from their obliterated field base in Virginia all the way to Colorado. Carol had been slow for the first day or so with her low reserves so she hadn't complained so much but now she was flying in loops around her and Heather was trying not to get wound up.

<Heather> They had stopped at a rest area to shower the remnants of zombie off themselves and ditch their SHIELD attire for street clothes. Carol minded less the stops for food so they had those as often as they fancied. Which slowed them down considerably but gave Heather opportunities to mention she needed to sleep.

<Carol> Now that they were in the right state, Carol had detoured them into an internet cafe to check her email for a more accurate location on Warren's cabin. Directions in-hand, she was pleased to find they were almost there when she dropped to the road level and communicated as much to Heather.

<Warren> Warren's complaining could probably be heard from a few miles away as he unloaded the rest of the supplies that needed to be stored away before he could start putting the fence together. To sate his own sloth he just threw the stuff inside the door so he could at least get the chain link fence put together before nightfall.

<Heather> The cabin (way too big to be called a cabin in her opinion) came into view and Heather followed Carol down from the clouds, folding her wings to drop like an arrow before spreading them wide to arrest her fall and land lightly on the road.

<Warren> Warren used his flechettes to pin the fence to trees, hopefully he had enough fencing for the whole place. He didn't even notice Carol and Heather getting closer, if they had been zombie's he would be lunch.

<Carol> Landing beside Heather, Carol exchanged glances with her before grinning and giving a loud whistle - punctuated with a blast at Warren's feet to get his attention.

<Warren> Warren spun around so quickly his wing cut straight through a tree. "What the hell!" The flechettes in his wings were spread out and ready to fire until he saw who it was. "God! Don't sneak up on people during the apocalypse...."

<Heather> Heather laughed hard, "You should probably be paying better attention with zombies wandering around!"

<Warren> Warren rolled his eyes and went over to pull his best friend into a hug. "I'm a little busy. The taskmistress back there told me I had to fortify this damn place solo." He acted upset but he was beyond happy to see the both of them and the smile on his face made that evident.

<Heather> Heather returned the hug tightly, "Well maybe she was worried you'd get bored with no one to talk to and go creeping on the neighbours?"

<Warren> "I think my closest neighbor is like an hour away." Warren didn't want to let go of Heather but he didn't want it to get weird either.

<Heather> "Maybe if you had to drive," Heather pointed out, straightening up, "Which would have taken us way longer than it already did to get here," she gave a small awkward laugh and turned to look for Carol.

<Carol> Carol stood a little awkwardly on the road now that Heather had left her side, she gave a small wave.

<Warren> Warren let go when he noticed Carol again. "Hey there Carol. No farm aminals yet sorry."

<Carol> She laughed and waved it off, "Don't worry about it, I don't think you can take care of them by yourself anyway.... maybe chickens, they can't be that hard."

<Warren> "I dunno about that... I'm a business guy... not farm hand. Stocks and investments, that's what I do. I'm trying to load up as much as I can in case my money becomes worthless...."

<Carol> "Which is why I told you to make the most of google while it still exists..." Carol pointed out.

<Heather> "Speaking of chicken..." Heather prompted, "I'm hungry."

<Warren> "I've printed hundreds of how-to's and D.I.Y. stuff. I'm down to one ream of copy paper." Warren switched back to his natural form, the shift taking more out of him than he would admit. "I've got spam and spam and more spam." He teased them.

<Carol> "I wouldn't mind some coffee..." Carol moved to join Heather.

<Heather> "Coffee sounds like a good start - Carol assures me you have plenty of that," Heather smiled brightly.

<Warren> "I made sure to get a lot of coffee just for her." Warren led them straight to the coffee pot. "I haven't made any yet today so you'll have to wait for it to brew."

<Carol> "I think I can hold on long enough for that," she found a wall to hold up and leaned against it.

<Heather> Heather folded her wings back before she decided just to deactivate her powers entirely. She leaned against the wall beside Carol and bumped her shoulder. "You okay?"

<Carol> "Yeah... just trying to work out how long it'll take me to get to Maine...."

<Warren> "Pretty long... bad part of being out in the boonies. My computer's over there if you want the exact time." Warren pointed over to his desk. "I'll get the coffee going you two look exhausted."

<Carol> "I can fly up into space and come down that way, it's faster..."

<Heather> "Unless I come over there with you...."

<Carol> "I told you you don't need to do that," she frowned.

<Heather> "Shut up, I'm going to anyway."

<Warren> "Damn just leave me here all alone." Warren pouted a little as he made the coffee.

<Carol> "I have to go get my family," Carol told him, "I can totally manage on my own...."

<Heather> "I know you can but I'm still coming." Heather folded her arms in challenge.

<Warren> "I understand, just going crazy out here all alone. But I'l make sure there's a safe place for you guys to come to."

<Heather> "You chose to live in the ass end of nowhere..." Heather pointed out with a small smirk.

<Warren> "Hey leave my summer home in Australia outta this." Warren stuck his tongue out at Heather.

<Heather> "Pfft, Australia's awesome. It's warm there."

<Carol> "And everything there is trying to kill you - even the cute things."

<Warren> "Australia, cute but deadly. Sounds about right."

<Carol> Carol nodded in agreement to that, giving Heather a small smile.

<Heather> Heather rolled her eyes, "Coffee ready?"

<Warren> Warren raised an eyebrow at Carol's agreement. "Uhmm yeah should be." He grabbed mugs for the both of them.

<Carol> "You got anywhere we can shower after we eat? We've been flying all day..."

<Heather> "You trying to say I smell?" Heather raised an eyebrow and gave Carol a small shove.

<Carol> Carol laughed and shoved back, "I was trying to be polite."

<Warren> "I wasn't going to say anything. But yeah one of you can use the guest shower and one can use the master. I'll get some towels and stuff. Haven't had guests in a while. Hope you don't mind smelling like a man."

<Carol> "You invite people to stay here and you don't think to stock up on girl shampoo? What the hell is wrong with you?"

<Heather> "He's a dude." Heather took her cup of coffee, "They're impaired that way. It's okay though, we don't mind."

<Carol> She gave a half shrug, "We have smelled way worse this week."

<Warren> "Yeah.... I can only imagine how bad zombies must smell. I'll add girl products to my next shopping run. Or maybe I could give one of you guys my credit card...." He grimaced a little thinking about the other feminine products he might need to buy.

<Heather> "Suck it up, feather butt." Heather blew on her coffee before she took a sip.

<Carol> "I'm with her - Your stupid idea, you have to suffer the consequences." She didn't bother blowing on her coffee.

<Warren> "Damn.... maybe I should just let the zombies get me. This is getting brutal." He tapped Heather's butt with his wing gently when he walked past her with his coffee. "And here I am trying to be a good guy again."

<Heather> Heather's posture shifted and she turned to face Carol so Warren couldn't see the effect his words had on her.

<Carol> Oh shit. It was way too soon for that joke. Carol moved over to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, muttering reassuring words in her ear.

<Warren> "Shit.... Sorry." Warren bit his lip. He hadn't thought that they had probably lost a lot of people already. "I'm sorry Heather. Usual dumbass me I didn't... I'll just go get some good food to cook for ya." He hurried back to the kitchen to start prepping stuff to cook. The only way he could feel any worse at this moment would be if he killed some small cute animal that Heather liked.

<Carol> "The base we worked at was hit..." Carol supplied, setting her coffee cup down so she could hug Heather properly.

<Warren> "God... that's horrible." Warren wanted to hug her and comfort her but he fucked up and Carol had it covered. "I'm a fuck head... Shouldn't joke about things like that, not anymore."

<Heather> "It's okay..." Heather managed, her head on Carol's shoulder, "It's just a bit early..."

<Carol> "If you hadn't sworn off alcohol out of solidarity, I'd suggest getting you drunk..."

<Warren> "Yeah.... I could really use a drink now. But I can wait." Warren gave Carol a small smile. "I'm sorry." He grabbed a few pans. "Salmon or Steak?"

<Carol> "Steak!" Heather and Carol answered in unison. "We totally earned it," Carol added.

<Warren> "Steak it is." Warren pulled a few packages out of the fridge and all the fixings to make them the best steak dinner he could.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Aug 18, 2015 6:19 pm

<Viper> Since the destruction of the SHIELD base in Virginia, Viper had been working on a plan. A plan that had been put into action in the small hours of the morning and was in the process of completion. She watched her staff install the subjects in their cubes. It was noisy and they were all probably terrified despite their body armour.

<Viper> She wondered if any of them had been bitten by the afflicted. She'd have to make sure they were honest about it. And then she would time it to see how long it took them to get sick - if, indeed, they did. She glanced down the hallway toward the inner complex. My that sound carried.

<Shaw> Sebastian had no idea what that racket was, but he was determined to find out. He followed his ears through the maze of corridors.

<Viper> She peered at the corridor below her observation window. Ah. Perhaps she wouldn't need to wait so long. She pulled up a screen and started a timer while the lackies below panicked and activated containment fields.

<Shaw> He caught sight of a few of Viper's minions dashing about, seemingly in a dither, and gathered he had found the source of the sounds. As he came closer, it became obvious what was making that noise, but he'd hoped he was wrong.

<Viper> "Quarantine the injured," Viper instructed via an intercom. She had several timers running now. And a notification popped up with a magnified image of a Shaw.

<Shaw> Then he heard her voice, amplified over a sound system, and cocked his head, trying to locate the true source point. He slipped in a door behind one of her uniformed techs.

<Viper> "Turn left and take the third right up the stairs," a box on the wall spoke as Sebastian passed it.

<Shaw> He stopped, then looked up and located Viper's cameras. Smirking slightly, he inclined his head in acknowledgment and followed the directions, soon finding himself in a control room looking at the woman's back.

<Shaw> She appeared to be overlooking... hell. "Tell me you're not..."

<Viper> She looked over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow at him, "Not what?"

<Shaw> Sebastian stepped up beside her and looked into what appeared to be a hastily converted loading dock, filled with cubes. Inside the cubes were... creatures. "Why would you bring them here, knowing what these things can do?"

<Viper> "Where would you suggest I put them?" She turned her attention back to the cubes. Things seemed to be getting under control now.

<Shaw> "Not where I sleep. Not where my family sleeps." He frowned.

<Viper> "They don't sleep in the loading dock and neither do you." Viper mirrored the frown. "We need to study them."

<Shaw> "You know what I mean." He ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

<Viper> "Well do you have any better ideas? I'm open to suggestions." Cubes were sealed and timers were still running. Now they just had to wait.

<Shaw> "Lock them in another facility?" He leaned, looking down into a cube, and swore. "I do understand the need to understand how this... problem arose. And how to best combat it. But I believe this is simply asking for disaster."

<Viper> "Keeping them in another facility would make it difficult for me to study them. Don't worry, there are failsafes." Of course, they weren't currently installed but they had them.

<Shaw> "Failsafes are made to fail, it's in the name." He turned back to stare at her.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "Do you have so little faith in me?"

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked.

<Viper> "Don't worry, there are hundreds of personnel in between this place and where you sleep. There'll be plenty of time to escape."

<Shaw> "That is hardly comforting." He rubbed a hand over his face and pinched the bridge of his nose to stave off his sudden headache.

<Viper> "It's not?" both eyebrows were up now, "What would be comforting?"

<Shaw> "Well, if they were not in the facility at all, but as I know that will hardly happen, it's rather a moot point, yes?"

<Viper> "Indeed." Oh look, how fortunate, one of those bitten seemed to have died of exsanguination. She reset the timer on his cube. "You needn't be concerned. This is how Hydra has always operated. It may surprise you to learn that containment breaches are rare... unless you count the ones that are only accidental on paper."

<Shaw> Sebastian hummed. "So. What are you hoping to discover?"

<Viper> "Firstly, how long it takes for the infection to take hold in the dead. And, secondly, how long it takes for infection to take hold in the living. Then some lucky individual will get the delightful task of taking samples from the infected for testing. We lack data. I intend to rectify this. The destruction of a SHIELD base on the front lines provided me with an opportunity I couldn't pass up."

<Shaw> "It's hardly encouraging if SHIELD is being so easily overrun..." He looked down into the maze of cubes again.

<Viper> "They've been spread rather thin," Viper told him, "They were attempting to clear the camp in Virginia of infected but it seems their forward unit was overrun and the infected found their base. They blew it up rather than risk them escaping."

<Shaw> He hummed. "So, you gathered the... stragglers."

<Viper> "Indeed. However... this is just from one camp and there are many more. There are large groups on the edges of cities, I expect to see large scale casualties very soon." A few gestures on the glass in front of her summoned aerial feeds from satelites and military installations.

<Shaw> "All while the public at large remains blissfully unaware..." He sighed.

<Viper> "Would you do it differently? If they inform the public they risk mass panic... though, not telling them risks the same but they probably thought they could contain it."

<Shaw> "I don't know what I would do." The news that Tony hadn't known how bad the situation in those camps had been both mollified and worried Sebastian. "I'm thankful it's not my decision. Yes, the course they follow is the most logical for the short term, yet..."

<Viper> "It leaves large numbers of people vulnerable." Something she wouldn't normally care about but if those people got infected there'd be more of these undead creatures to deal with later.

<Shaw> "Precisely. It's... worrisome. For several reasons." He frowned and decided he would call Erik as soon as possible.

<Viper> "We are safe here," she assured him again, "You know I wouldn't put Jessica or Miriam in any danger."

<Shaw> "It's not exclusively us I'm concerned about," he said, rubbing a hand over his jaw and feeling the stubble.

<Viper> "Is there anything I can do to help?" she raised an eyebrow at him, taking a note of the time as the dead lackey turned.

<Shaw> Sebastian had made note as well, watching the monitor closely. "I'm unsure. As you know, my son and Hope are at the White House... in theory they should be safe with Tony..."

<Viper> "They've been talking about evacuating them for a while now, I suspect it will happen soon... but probably not before the first attacks in cities happen or people would ask questions."

<Shaw> "Monitor where they are taken, please. I'm sure that you will, but I would like to keep track of their location, and obviously here I lack my own resources." He added calling Emma and his board of directors to his mental to-do list.

<Viper> "Of course," she inclined her head, "Would you like me to provide you with a workspace?"

<Shaw> He mulled that over for just a split second. How better to monitor this insanity? "Yes. Thank you," he said, putting on a predatory smile.

<Viper> "How large would you like it? ... And may I request a small favour in return?"

<Shaw> "Whatever you can spare, that would be adequate to assist you, if necessary, and to analyze some data of my own..." He dipped his head in assent. "Your favor is?"

<Viper> "Have you had much experience with MRI?" she glanced over her shoulder away from her monitoring of her test subjects.

<Shaw> "I have had an MRI... in fact, I had one due to treatment experienced at your hands." He raised a brow at her.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "Well they're fairly straightforward to run. If I gave you some instruction, would you mind?"

<Shaw> "And I suppose you wish me to run MRI tests on those creatures?" He jerked his chin toward the cubes.

<Viper> "No. I could do that myself." She turned her attention back to the cubes, "I'd like you to run a functional MRI on me."

<Shaw> Sebastian moved to face her squarely. "Why?"

<Viper> She turned her head to look at him again, "You mean to say you aren't interested?"

<Shaw> "Quite the contrary. I'm intrigued. But, I feel I should know for what we are searching."

<Viper> "I have a suspicion that something within my brain chemistry may have changed and I would like to check."

<Shaw> He narrowed his eyes to regard her. "Very well. I will help you."

<Viper> "Thank you," she offered a small smile, "I will explain what you're looking for nearer the time."

<Shaw> "I shall await with bated breath." He smirked, though in fact he was dying to know.

<Viper> She mirrored the expression back at him before she turned her attention back to the cubes again, "Would you like a chair?"

<Shaw> He bared teeth again. "Yes, please." There was no way he was letting this woman work unobserved.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:59 am

<Warren> The alarm on Warren's nightstand went off, waking him from a pretty nice dream. He got up and stretched a little, or a lot if you factor in how big his wings are. He had gotten into such a routine that he wasn't really even awake yet. He was on auto-pilot. First thing on his mind was coffee, so obviously he started towards the kitchen to make it. Only problem was he had guests, and he was completely nude.

<Carol> Carol and Heather had fallen asleep on the sofa of the living area after a long night of talking. Heather had woken her at some ungodly hour complaining that she couldn't sleep and Carol had reluctantly followed her to the sofa so they didn't wake Warren. Given how long it had taken Heather to fall asleep once they were there, Carol was not at all pleased to find the sound of Warren's alarm was loud enough to wake her.

<Warren> Warren turned on the water, got out the coffee and brought the pot over to fill it. "Ugh so much work to do." He mumbled to himself as he poured the water into the pot and turned it on waiting for the hiss and sputtering noises that the old thing would make so he knew it was heating and he should get a cup.

<Carol> Carol groaned and tried to extract herself from under Heather, she sat up enough to peer over the back of the sofa, muttering about hoping there was a cup for her when she stoppped and cocked her head on one side. That was a butt. With no clothes on. "Well hi."

<Warren> "Hmm? Hi." Warren groaned a little, still groggy. "Coffee'll be ready soon." He had no idea of the view he was giving Carol, so he just stretched and ruffled his hair still trying to wake up while he waited for the coffee.

<Carol> "Awesome.... you gonna put pants on before that?" She rested the side of her head on the back of the sofa.

<Heather> Carol's movements had disturbed Heather and she stretched a little, one arm reaching up and her feet appearing at the other end of the sofa to Carol's head, "What's going on...?"

<Warren> Warren didn't realize what she was saying at first. Once it finally clicked he dropped his mug out of embarrassment and quickly wrapped his wings around himself. His face was completely red. "S...sorry."

<Carol> Carol chuckled and shook her head, "Don't worry about it, I've seen worse."

<Heather> Heather sat up, leaning heavily on Carol due to their awkward position, "Oh hi Warren..." she mumbled through a yawn, while attempting to brush her hair out of her face.

<Warren> "Didn't mean to wake you two... kinda forgot you were here. I'll... uhhh, I'll be right back." Warren rushed off to his bedroom even more embarrassed when he saw Heather cuddle up with Carol. "Sorry."

<Heather> Heather looked confusedly at Carol.

<Carol> "He is naked." Carol informed her with a grin before lying back down again and taking Heather with her by removal of her prop.

<Heather> Heather giggled, "Ooooh I bet he's so embarrassed."

<Warren> Warren got dressed quickly, but he didn't leave his room for a few minutes. He was embarrassed and there was also a tinge of jealousy over how her and Carol had slept. "God you're an idiot Warren, you know it's not gonna happen." Warren had to tell himself that before he could leave his room and go get coffee. Without making any form of eye contact he made a beeline for the coffee so he could get his cup, hide in his room and pretend the morning hadn't started yet.

<Heather> "Is the coffee ready?" Heather attempted to roll off the sofa but got tangled with Carol and, with a thump, they both ended up on the floor. "... Ow."

<Carol> "Jeez, you have no coordination in the morning..." Carol decided to just stay on the floor.

<Heather> "Uuuuuugh bite me... I need caffeine...." Heather managed to get to her feet and decided to go around the sofa rather than over it to get to the kitchen.

<Warren> Warren grabbed mugs for the both of them as well. "Yeah, it's ready." He was not his usual outgoing self but he wasn't going to be rude.

<Heather> "Mmmmm wake up juice..." Heather took her cup and gave a hug in return.

<Carol> "It's your own fault we're in need of mega caffeine...." Carol reminded Heather as she got to her feet. She did go over the sofa but only because she could fly and it didn't involve the use of her legs.

<Warren> Warren returned the hug lightly, with a lot less feeling than the one from the day before. "There's plenty. Cream in the fridge and sugar in the cupboard."

<Heather> Heather was confused by the weirdness of the hug and frowned a little bit, "Are you okay?"

<Carol> Carol claimed her coffee and inhaled deeply before she took a sip.

<Warren> "Yeah fine. Just a little outta it. Carol can vouch for that I'm sure.... Might go sit on the roof for a bit with my coffee."

<Heather> "That sounds kind of nice..." Heather gave him a smile, "Mind company?"

<Warren> Warren wanted to be alone but he wasn't going to tell her no. "Sure. More the merrier right?" He led the way to the deck so they could get up to the roof. "Sorry about yesterday."

<Heather> "It's okay... I'm alright," she gestured that Carol could come with them if she wanted. "It's just been a really bad week..."

<Carol> "And it's not over yet..." Carol sighed, fidgeting with her tags because her coin was in the bedroom she was supposed to have slept in.

<Warren> "Yeah, I'm expecting the days to just get longer until this shit is solved. I really hope people can get out here safe, or it's going to be really lonely...." Warren switched forms so he could get to the roof without spilling his coffee.

<Heather> Heather handed Carol her coffee so she could get to the roof without spilling, "Well we'll get back here no problem...."

<Heather> Carol followed them both up, handing Heather her coffee when she landed on the roof. "It'll just take us a little while..."

<Warren> "I'll be here waiting. Guess I've got plenty to do while I wait." He sipped at his mug, still in his arch-angel form, not wanting to turn back yet because it made him feel stronger.

<Heather> Heather folded a wing around Carol to protect her from the strong breeze and offered a smile to Warren, "We'll help you when we get back like we did yesterday."

<Carol> "Of course we will... Actually, my brother's pretty handy around the house too, and my dad - he worked in construction his whole life... of course, he's an ass so he probably won't help so much..."

<Warren> "Many hands and all that jazz." He let his wings fold away, enjoying the cool breeze. "Any other suggestions besides livestock and girl products?"

<Carol> "Candles? Batteries? Weapons for those not fortunate enough to be blessed with the mutant power to kick ass?"

<Warren> "We should be good for the most part, I'll try and stock up on some weapons. If you can acquire some government issue stuff on your way that'd be helpful too. But just focus on getting your family here safe."

<Carol> "I'll see what I can do," Carol nodded, "I'm sure there's a few places we can try on the way."

<Warren> "All I can get gun wise is hunting stuff. Maybe I can raid a gun store near here. I'll just keep stocking up on supplies and stuff until a state of emergency is declared I guess."

<Heather> "Hunting stuff sounds useful... we might need that anyway." Heather finished off her coffee, "You know, for food..." she folded her wings back and headed for the edge of the roof, "I'm going to go shower."

<Carol> Carol gave a small wave before turning her attention to Warren, "I think the state of emergency thing will happen soon... maybe in the next couple of days even." She looked down at her coffee, "I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet."

<Warren> "So finish bulking up on supplies. I'll find a way to get us as many guns as possible without hurting anyone. There's a few gun stores I know close pretty early so I'll load up on some giant bags and raid them. Can't make any promises." Warren stared at his coffee. "I'll make sure to save some coffee for you."

<Carol> "Thanks... it's all I drink these days..." she gave him a smile, "We'll try to get back here as fast as we can..." she promised. "Believe me, I don't want to be on the road any longer than I have to be..."

<Warren> "Hopefully some of the people from the school can make it here. Or at least some old classmates." Warren stared down at the dark liquid. "Maybe I'll grab some board games or something for down time. Can't be hell all the time right?"

<Carol> "God, I hope not." Carol managed a small laugh, "That would suck! Games are a good idea. See you can totally do this," she reached to give him a small shove.

<Warren> "Hey, no spilling the coffee. This'll be worth it's weight in gold eventually." He still wasn't himself but didn't want to be too obvious about it. "This is going to work right?"

<Carol> "I really hope so... if it doesn't... at least we can say we did our damn best." She gave his shoulder a squeeze, "Are you really okay?"

<Warren> "I will be. Just lonely. Been rough since I left school. Profitable, but rough. It'll be good to have people here. This place is way too big for just me."

<Carol> "I know we're leaving soon but we'll be back and then you won't have to feel lonely anymore," she offered a reassuring smile, "And we'll have another mutant in our number so that'll help too."

<Warren> "You guys'll just have to make sure you get here in one piece as fast as you can. Any personal requests while I'm making my list?"

<Carol> "Don't get your ass killed?" Carol suggested, "I really do not want to know what that'll do to Heather."

<Warren> "Yeah you keep her safe for me. Plus I'm pretty weaponized so you don't need to worry. I've gotten better with my energy powers. And there's always my wings."

<Carol> "Just don't do anything dumb... and when more people do show up, you might want to start sleeping in pants... or not... but maybe save the not for Heather."

<Warren> "Huh?" Warren gave her a puzzled look. What did that mean? He was all sorts of confused now.

<Carol> She raised an eyebrow, "What are you 'huh'ing at?"

<Warren> "Uhhh.... The pants part maybe?" He downed the rest of his coffee.

<Carol> "You don't want Heather to see you pantsless?" Carol was confused now, "I thought you liked her."

<Warren> "Well yeah.... I have for a pretty long time. But uhmm." He didn't know how to address the fact that the two of them were sleeping together.

<Carol> "You should probably just tell her, you know..."

<Warren> "So I'm thinking I read this morning wrong then." Warren's face started to get red again.

<Carol> "Read what wrong now?" They'd only been up twenty minutes or so...

<Warren> "Nevermind." Warren grinned a little. "Yeah I think I should talk to her." He got up carefully.

<Carol> "Maybe not right now - she's in the shower," Carol laughed, catching on, "We're just friends, you dumbass."

<Warren> "Hey can't blame a guy. You two were pretty snuggly this morning." Warren gave her a little bump. "And who knows maybe shower confession'll do better than years of puppy dogging?" He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "That happens when you fall asleep after the sun's already up on a tiny sofa," she pointed out. "And I really wouldn't risk surprising her in the shower, you might regret it."

<Warren> "Yeah I like my parts all attached. I should probably leave her some towels outside the door though." He laughed a little.

<Carol> "Assuming she didn't get them herself," she smiled, "I'm hoping we'll pick up more people on the way but, when we do get here, we'll have Cessily too. I left my family with her because I knew they'd be safe."

<Warren> "You just keep poking holes in my plans to see her pantsless don't you?" Warren laughed a little. "I haven't heard from anyone yet but I'm still hopeful."

<Carol> "Well, once the shit hits the fan, things'll happen faster. You're just getting prepared early. Preparation is good. We don't want to be fighting people for stuff later on...."

<Warren> "Yeah, and plus just about no one knows I'm out here. Don't have to worry about looters. Though, I'm pretty sure I can scare anyone off."

<Carol> "We'll be back here before you have to worry about any of that, I promise."

<Warren> "You really think I should tell her Carol...?" Warren changed back to his usual form.

<Carol> "I think it's better to say things than regret not saying them.... before I went back to work when all this started, I told Cessily I still have feelings for her... best idea I ever had."

<Warren> "Lemme guess you owe her a new bed." Warren laughed a little. "But then shit could get weird. We've been like family for the longest time Carol." He ran his fingers through his hair.

<Carol> "Things change, Warren... she's changed. Working for SHIELD does that to people. If you want... wait til we get back. Get to know her again."

<Warren> "I think I should tell her before you guys leave. Don't want to jinx it, but you know anything could happen."

<Carol> "I know... and if you want to try and talk her out of leaving with me, I'll understand. Honestly, I can handle it alone... but I know she'll worry."

<Warren> "You two are heading into the thick of things to protect your family. You need the help, if I wasn't prepping I'd say I'd come too. I kinda expect her to turn me down or laugh at me. So it might help if you guys have to go."

<Carol> "I don't think she'll laugh at you," Carol gave him a smile and got to her feet, "Now... what do you have for breakfast?"

<Warren> "Rich Carol, I'm rich. I have basically whatever you want. There's the fridge in the kitchen and a few in the garage if you can't find something you want."

<Carol> "... You don't want me to cook." She walked to the edge of the roof and stepped off it, dropping to the floor.

<Warren> "So I have to confess my love and cook you breakfast?" Warren jumped down with more of a thud. "Why did I invite you again?"
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