What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:00 am

<Heather> Heather had enjoyed her shower but it made her sad to think it may be the last one she'd have for several days now. She sat down on the corner of the bed while she towelled her hair and pulled items of clothing toward her.

<Warren> Warren walked over to the room he'd told Heather she could use. The talk he had with Carol had lit a fire under his ass. For a second he paused at the door rethinking if he should say something to her or not. It took him a few seconds but eventually he knocked on the door and waited for her to answer.

<Heather> "Just a sec...." Heather pulled her pants on then found a sweater that would do for now and pulled that down over her head before she opened the door, "Hi," she smiled.

<Warren> "Hey." He returned the smile, forgetting why he'd gone to see her for a moment. "Have a good shower?"

<Heather> She nodded, "Yeah thanks," she gave a smile, pulling her hair back into a ponytail and tying it.

<Warren> "I uhmm." He ran his hands through his hair trying to think of a way to say what he wanted to say. "I've missed you, and Carol too I guess."

<Heather> "I've missed you too," she moved away from the door to gather her things together, "You know... I was thinking... maybe you should get some clothes in different sizes too... for in case people lose everything..."

<Warren> "Yeah I can probably manage that. Maybe get you some sequins to go with your shinier side." Warren teased her a little as he let her side track him from his original goal.

<Heather> She laughed, "No sequins!" She gave him a shove, "Ass."

<Warren> Warren shoved her back. "Aw but you'd look even cuter." He chuckled a little, somewhat imagining her in a Vegas-style showgirl outfit.

<Heather> "I don't think so..." her nose wrinkled a little. "And I don't think sequins are really zombie-apocolypse appropriate..."

<Warren> "Probably not. Man this shopping list is getting big." Warren paced a little, starting to feel awkward about the whole situation.

<Heather> "At least you'll have something to do? And we can help when we get back," she smiled, "Don't worry."

<Warren> "Yeah, it's going to be a long couple of weeks with you guys gone. If I tell you something do you promise not to laugh at me?"

<Heather> Heather frowned, "I don't know if I can keep that promise - you do say a lot of stupid things."

<Warren> Warren frowned a little. "Yeah never mind, it's probably stupid anyways."

<Heather> "Oh now come on... you can't say stuff like that and chicken out..."

<Warren> Warren shook his wings a little. "You sure about that? I have the look down."

<Heather> She laughed, "Now you're changing the subject!"

<Warren> "I am? I had no idea." He bumped her with his wing playfully.

<Heather> "Okay fine, don't tell me..." she held up her hands, "I'll just pack and be on my way."

<Warren> "Just don't laugh at me. I... I like you Heather. Like more than friends." He ran his hands through his hair, starting to wish he hadn't said anything. "Sorry never mind. I'm stupid right? I mean we haven't seen each other in forever...."

<Heather> "Will you shut up and stop being an idiot for five minutes?" Heather rolled her eyes, "You can't say something like that and then not give the other person time to absorb it." She sat down on the bed.

<Warren> Warren bit his lip and sat in silence for a second. "Sorry." He leaned up against the wall.

<Heather> Heather frowned, "So.... why did you not tell me this years ago?"

<Warren> "I don't know... I don't know, Heather. I didn't realize it? Scared you'd say I was stupid? Either... both..."

<Heather> "..... You're an idiot." She sighed, "I thought maybe you might like me but you never said anything so I thought I was imagining it and then I joined SHIELD and it seemed pointless to say anything..."

<Warren> "Yeah, I missed you, like a lot." Warren sat down next to her. "Can't imagine how happy I was to see you yesterday. And then... jealous when I saw you and Carol together which, yeah, I'm stupid, I know."

<Heather> Heather laughed and leaned against him, "You think I like girls? Do you even know me?"

<Warren> "It's been a while." He bit his lip and stared up at the ceiling a little.

<Heather> "No amount of time will change me from being straight to liking girls, you drongo." She shoved him.

<Warren> Warren let her shove him and laughed a little. "I know. It was just jealousy and stupidity."

<Heather> "Well you don't have anything to be jealous of, okay? But... you have terrible timing."

<Warren> "Yeah.... I just wanted to tell ya before you guys left. Didn't want something to happen." He laid back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling.

<Heather> "We'll be okay," she smiled, "Carol's a badass and I can hold my own too."

<Warren> "That doesn't mean I will be. And I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you forever ago... Just chickened out I guess."

<Heather> "You'll be fine," she said confidently, "You can handle yourself."

<Warren> "I'm sorry Heather. It's just that whole end of the world don't wanna leave anything unsaid thing."

<Heather> "Yeah, Carol had that same thing with Cess. I get it." She lay down beside him and rested her head on his shoulder.

<Warren> Warren leaned his head against hers. "I'm sorry I sprung this on you when you guys have to leave."

<Heather> "Well, like I said, your timing could use some work... but it's okay, I get it. We still have to go though."

<Warren> "I know. I told Carol when she told me to convince you to stay. Well not exactly but basically."

<Heather> "I know why she told you to do that," Heather sighed, "I've been sent into combat a lot lately... when the base got attacked, we weren't there for long because she had to take me out of the fight. I don't remember a lot of what happened."

<Warren> "Damn... It's been pretty crazy out there hasn't it?" Warren slid his arm around her carefully.

<Heather> "Yeah... it's been difficult... sometimes when there's too much for me to process in battle... something happens. Carol and I get sent out together because she's one of the only people that can stop me."

<Warren> "I'm sorry Heather. It's good Carol's around to help." Warren gave her a little squeeze.

<Heather> "Yeah, I don't know what kind of a mess I'd be if she wasn't around... but we're even because she was a mess for a while. I helped her get better - that's mostly why we're so close."

<Warren> "Guess I'm easy to replace huh?" He poked at her side. "I figured I'd break out the alcohol once you guys left."

<Heather> "You're not," she squirmed at the poke, "And don't drink too much... alcohol'd be worth something if it all goes to hell. Stockpile that shit."

<Warren> "Do you remember how much I used to drink? This place is loaded. I'm going to have to clear out like three rooms full of shit." He laughed a little.

<Heather> "Hide it in the basement?" She suggested, "Just try not to get wasted around Carol... Not going to tell you not to drink but just... moderation, okay?"

<Warren> "Okay mother." Warren was really enjoying this. "I'll make sure to hide the temptation before you get back. And get some pajama pants..."

<Heather> Heather laughed, "Yeah, don't want to break the old people."

<Warren> "Never know maybe they'd enjoy it." He grinned. "I mean look at all this."

<Heather> She smacked his chest, "Should I tell Carol you're planning to give her parents heart attacks?"

<Warren> "Death by sexy." Warren shoved her playfully.

<Heather> "Death by ego," she corrected with a giggle.

<Warren> "Pfft death by being too awesome." He attempted to tickle her a little.

<Heather> She laughed and squirmed some more, "Careful, you might be crushed under the weight of it!"

<Warren> "Pfft. I can handle it. I'm just that awesome."

<Heather> "Well I don't have to handle it," she poked him in the ribs and sat up again.

<Warren> "No, but I could probably dial it back if you wanted to try." Warren leaned up, supporting himself with his elbows.

<Heather> "I don't think you know how," she laughed, "But maybe you can practice while we're gone."

<Warren> "Oh ye of little faith." He sat all the way up. "I'm going to have a pretty full plate while you guys are gone."

<Heather> "That's not a bad thing - it'll help take your mind off it," she smiled, "Just be careful if it does hit the news."

<Warren> "Yeah, if I have to go out when shit hits the fan I'll make sure I'm all smurfed out." Warren ran a hand through his hair. "So..."

<Heather> "So... I better finish getting dressed and gather up my things..." Heather looked around the room, "Probably no bad thing all our stuff got blown up..."

<Warren> "Oh... yeah. I uhmm guess I'll leave you to that. I can uhmm put some stuff together for your trip back." He got up slowly. "If you want you can borrow anything of mine that fits."

<Heather> "Well we can't take a lot... Carol can manage a backpack but I can't. We stopped at diners on the way over here we can do that again... and when we get to Maine there'll be cars. We'll be alright."

<Warren> "Yeah I figured some water and maybe some power bars or something." Warren hesitantly started for the door.

<Heather> "Ask Carol what she's willing to packhorse," Heather laughed, "She can tell you better than me."

<Warren> "Yeah I can manage that. You guys better get back here in one piece."

<Heather> "We will, I promise." She crossed over to him for a hug, "Just stay in one piece yourself 'til we get back."

<Warren> "I don't know about one piece." He hugged her back. "I really missed you."

<Heather> "I missed you too," she gave him a squeeze, "And I'm really sorry I didn't call you back... I couldn't... and Carol told me she spoke to you but then the alarms went off...."

<Warren> "It's okay. I really do understand. I just went a little crazy when I saw all that stuff on the news and the whole virus thing and all that."

<Heather> "Things were going crazy on our end too," she admitted, "At least you were allowed to tell people."

<Warren> "Yeah but eighty bucks say they all think I've gone nuts out here. Crazy billionaire hermit."

<Heather> She laughed, "So tell them Carol and I have been here? Send them an update."

<Warren> "I could probably manage that. No surprise mutants when I'm roaming the house naked. Apparently Carol says I'm supposed to save that for you."

<Heather> Heather grinned, "She has no tact, that woman."

<Warren> "Yeah you coulda cooked an egg on my face when she pointed out I was naked..." He sighed.

<Heather> She giggled, "I'll bet. Don't worry, we're used to seeing people naked."

<Warren> "I don't know if that concerns me or not."

<Heather> She shrugged, "Nature of the job. Mostly it's people we worked with..."

<Warren> "If you say so." Warren gave her a little shove. "I'll get to work I guess."

<Heather> She smiled, shoving back, "Yeah, get to work you bum."

<Warren> "Pfft I'm the one doing all the work around here. I could survive here by myself for like thirty years with all the supplies I got."

<Heather> "Only because Carol fixed your shoddy carpentry skills," she poked her tongue out at him.

<Warren> Warren poked her tongue. "Don't stick that thing out at me unless you're planning on using it. And I never said I was a carpenter."

<Heather> "Good, because that'd be a helluva lie." She grinned.

<Warren> Warren rolled his eyes at her. "I think I've done pretty damn good for an investment banker. I usually hire people to do these things."

<Heather> She laughed, "I'm not saying you haven't done well, I'm just poking fun. You know I don't mean it."

<Warren> "Yeah I know I was just kinda hoping you'd stick your tongue out at me again." Warren gave her a smirk. "I guess I should go talk to Carol."

<Heather> "Probably.... at least so I can get dressed properly...." she had no underwear on.

<Warren> "I have comments but I'll keep those to myself. I'll get some stuff ready." Warren took the chance and leaned in to kiss her cheek before he started out the door.

<Heather> Heather smiled, blushing a little, "I'll be out in a few."

<Warren> "Let me know if you need some help." He stuck his tongue out at her as he slipped out the door.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:00 am

<Viper> The MRI scanner finally finished all of its beeping and Viper was free to sit up again, having completed all the tasks required for the readings to get the data needed. She got to her feet and crossed to the door to return to the control booth and her belongings.

<Shaw> Sebastian manned the computer, taking note of a few interesting findings for later consideration. He looked up as she approached. "I believe everything went as expected."

<Viper> "Do you now?" She disappeared behind a screen to change, "On the system there are results of previous tests, you should be able to find them."

<Shaw> He rolled his eyes at her commentary and pulled up her prior results. Opening the first files, he displayed them side by side for comparison.

<Viper> "What do you see?" She peered out from behind the screen for a moment.

<Shaw> "Well, I located two sets of old magnetic resonance images of your brain." He looked at the date of the second and smirked, more amused than he dared show. "They are fairly similar, so I would hypothesize that my shot to your skull did little good."

<Viper> "There was no lasting damage," she agreed, stepping out from behind the screen as she pulled her coat on, "How does the latest scan compare?"

<Shaw> "Well, it would appear there is more dense grey matter here," he pulled up the image and tapped the screen. "In comparison with the first in the series the difference is more than remarkable."

<Viper> Viper frowned, "I knew something had changed." She sighed, leaning back in her chair.

<Shaw> "And what, may I ask, has changed?" He watched her closely.

<Viper> "This area," she gestured to the area that had seen the change, "Is the paralimbic cortex.... it is responsible for processing things like emotions."

<Shaw> Sebastian's lips twitched. "Are you telling me you've become emotional?"

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "I wouldn't go that far. But... something is different."

<Shaw> "Evidently you have noticed a difference to wish to perform such a scan..." He flipped among the images on the screen again, highlighting the differences.

<Viper> "When I was sick I left a message to myself to run this test but I don't remember much of what happened."

<Shaw> "You hedge with the best of us," he snorted.

<Viper> "It's true," she told him, "It took me several hours to decipher all the notes I made to myself whilst under the influence."

<Shaw> "Point of fact, you did exhibit rather more... feeling than I am accustomed to sensing from you." Sebastian tilted his head in consideration.

<Viper> "It seems it will only get worse." She wasn't entirely sure she wanted emotions.

<Shaw> "Well." He smiled, slightly. "Welcome to the club."

<Viper> "Doing my job may become difficult..." she frowned.

<Shaw> "Emotion does tend to... get in the way." He considered this. "At times."

<Viper> "Yes, I've seen that happen many times... it makes people hesitate." The frown deepened. "I can't afford to hesitate."

<Shaw> "It is something you learn to deal with," he said with a shrug.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "Perhaps... but people don't usually learn to deal with these things as adults."

<Shaw> "Well, at least you will have the advantage of reason, yes?"

<Viper> "The timing could not be worse." She leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, trying to think.

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled. "That is how things generally work, yes."

<Viper> "We don't have time for distractions," she turned her head to look at him, "And, if one of you becomes infected, who would you rather be the one to pull the trigger?"

<Shaw> That, of course, made his chuckle die with a sigh. "I'm certain Sum would be more than willing."

<Viper> "That makes one of us..." She sat up, looking at the scans again and trying to work out how long she had before she ended up like the rest of them.

<Shaw> "It's hardly the worst news a brain scan could give you," he pointed out, watching her stare at the screen.

<Viper> "Coming from someone who has had emotions his entire life. You are not in a position to say what is the worst news."

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked to himself.

<Viper> She sighed, "Imagine this: You are suddenly diagnosed with a brain tumour that will alter your personality until you become someone you do not recognise. It is inoperable. And, when it is done destroying your personality, it will not do you the courtesy of killing you but it will cease to grow leaving you in this new state for the rest of your life. Now imagine that you could very likely live forever."

<Shaw> "I understand your point, to a degree, however emotions are not a disease. Would it truly be so horrendous to care?" He ran his tongue across his teeth. "Sum very obviously loves you. If you were capable of returning those feelings, would it be so terrible?"

<Viper> "How can I possibly give you an accurate answer to that question? Sebastian, you cannot understand this... I have never had any feelings to speak of. I don't know what it's like, I doubt I could identify them if I did. I don't get scared, I don't worry about anything. These are all things I have simply observed as an objective outsider for almost one hundred years." And she'd never understood them.

<Shaw> "Well, I can tell you that right now you are likely experiencing worry."

<Viper> She covered her face with her hands for a moment, "Wonderful."

<Shaw> He tipped his head in agreement. This was most entertaining.

<Viper> "This stays between us." She reached to clear the screens, moving the files to her private servers.

<Shaw> "As you wish. Jessica may sense a change, you realize."

<Viper> "I am aware... it is not my intention to keep this a secret from those of you that consider me a friend... but I need time." She needed a lot of time to adjust to the idea. And then figure out how to tell David.

<Shaw> "I understand, I just wanted to ensure you recalled her abilities. It's easier for something to slip your mind when you're... distraught." He attempted to say it without any sort of inciting tone.

<Viper> She looked at him then, eyebrow raised, "I wouldn't go that far...."

<Shaw> "Give it time." He smirked.

<Viper> "You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Her eyes narrowed a little.

<Shaw> He blinked, all innocence. "Not at all."

<Viper> "You're a terrible liar." She sighed and pushed her chair back to get to her feet again.

<Shaw> "I'm not trying very hard." He grinned now, all teeth.

<Viper> "Well try not to look too pleased, people will ask questions."

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her a mocking bow. "Duly noted."

<Viper> "I am grateful for this..." she told him, "I'm sure you're going to struggle to contain your glee."

<Shaw> "Don't worry. I believe I can manage." He stood as well, giving the screen a last glance.

<Viper> Don't worry. That advice had never applied to her before. She frowned. "I'll be in touch about your lab." She turned for the door.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:13 am

<Christopher> Chris stared down the road as they got closer to Boston. "So what're we getting this time?" He turned down the radio so they could talk.

<Greer> "Mostly booze... but also snacks.... and more steak because I ate it all..." She gave him a small grin.

<Christopher> "We're going to have to start raising cows or something for you. And mmmm booze, that'll be great." Chris prodded her playfully.

<Greer> "I'm not sure having livestock around me on a permanent basis is a good idea...." she frowned, "I might eat them or something..."

<Christopher> "That was the point I was implying. Free food and all. But I can see what you're getting at." Chris patted her leg gently.

<Greer> "No one wants to wake up to a teacher eating a cow on the lawn...." her nose wrinkled and she looked out of the window. Then she rolled it down and looked again.

<Christopher> "I dunno about that. I find your feral side quite attractive." He teased her slightly, wondering what she was looking at.

<Greer> "You're the exception that proves the rule..." she shifted into her furry form, adjusting her position to free her tail, then inhaled the scent on the wind... and gagged.

<Christopher> "Yeah I'm a freak I know." Chris slowed down and frowned a little when he heard her gag. "Hey what's wrong you okay?"

<Greer> "Pull over..." she unclipped her seatbelt and was all but climbing out of the window.

<Christopher> "Greer?" Chris did as he was told, unbuckling himself because he knew if he didn't she would just jump out the window. "What's wrong?"

<Greer> After shifting out of her fur, Greer promptly threw up her breakfast. She stepped back from the mess and took a few steadying breaths. "I'm okay... now..." she shook herself.

<Christopher> He hurried over to her from his side of the car and rubbed her back gently. "Woah hey, what's wrong?" Chris looked for something to wipe her face with.

<Greer> "There's a very bad smell on the wind... and it's coming from the city... smells like dead things.... lots of dead things... that have been dead for a while and started rotting...." She paused to battle the wave of nausea that followed the explanation.

<Christopher> "That can't be good.... Should we call SHIELD? I'll text someone at the school." Chris started to get a little frantic. He was still doubting what Carol had told them.

<Greer> "I am SHIELD," she pointed out, "What are we supposed to tell them? We don't know anything yet... we should get closer..."

<Christopher> "I meant like the cavalry or something. I don't know how all this stuff works. I'm just a teacher remember?" He chewed his lip. "Uhmm shit I didn't even bring a hammer or anything with me. I really don't want to fist fight a zombie...."

<Greer> "You'll think of something if that happens..." She went back to the car and picked up her water bottle to rinse out her mouth. "Believe me, I don't want to get close to them either."

<Christopher> "Yeah, fuck me I didn't really believe this could be real." He got back into the drivers seat and started back towards the city.

<Greer> Greer rolled up the window again and shut off the vents in the car before she reassumed her less squishy form. "You didn't? There's no way Carol would joke about something this serious."

<Christopher> "Yeah but it's one of those things. Like if she'd said fairies were real. Or some crazy shit like that, it doesn't matter who it comes from it still sounds crazy."

<Greer> "You know, there's probably a reality out there where fairies are real...." she shifted in her seat to try and get comfortable with her tail.

<Christopher> "Don't remind me of the whole parallel universe crap. Shit's above my head. This shit is really about to be real isn't it?"

<Greer> "Looks that way..." she sighed, texting Bobby to let him know what they were up to. "We need to be really careful..."

<Christopher> "Yeah... Greer. No second thoughts. I get bit kill me." He sighed, he shouldn't have to be asking his ex-wife to do something like that. "Don't wanna be grim.... just realistic."

<Greer> "No problem... feel free to do the same...." She offered a half smile.

<Christopher> "Aint gonna happen babe." He gave her a smile. "Can't let some zombie get further with ya than I have in years now can I? I have a reputation to uphold."

<Greer> She laughed, "You're ridiculous." She punctuated this with a small shove.

<Christopher> "Yeah but you know that's what you like about me." The closer he got to the city the more worried he got.

<Greer> Greer's eyes scanned the surrounding area until she saw movement, "Okay... time to pull over again..."

<Christopher> "You sure about this?" Chris pulled over and cracked his knuckles. "There better be a shower open when we get back."

<Greer> "We can make them leave with the power of stench..." She braced herself, then opened the door. The force of the smell still had the affect of a brick wall on her.

<Christopher> Chris got out of the car and got into the trunk to get the tire iron. If he was going to fight zombies he was going to have some kind of weapon. "We got this."

<Greer> "Yeah... good thing I already lost my breakfast..." She rid herself of her shoes and jacket and tied her hair back. "Okay. Let's go sneak up on the stinkers..."

<Christopher> "I'll make you something when we get back, if we still have an appetite after this." Chris followed her lead keeping his attention up so nothing would catch them off guard.

<Greer> Greer headed for the cover of some shrubs and went into kitty stealth mode, keeping low to the ground. There was a lot of movement on the edge of the city, her sensitive ears picking up screams. "Okay this is bad..." she muttered to Chris.

<Christopher> "How bad we talking?" Chris was starting to wish he had more ranged powers.

<Greer> "Death and destruction bad..." she glanced at him, "Stay close..." she moved off toward the noise, keeping to the cover of the fences and plants of suburbia.

<Christopher> "Shit." Chris kept quiet and close. "Greer if shit goes south you get your ass back to the school."

<Greer> "Shut up. Don't talk like that.... tempting fate..." she peered out from behind a dividing fence when she heard a crash from inside the house it surrounded. Without thinking about it or waiting for Chris, she was over the fence and through the nearest window.

<Christopher> "Shit Greer wait up." Chris climbed the fence as quickly as he could trying to follow her into the house.

<Greer> Greer pounced the first target, breaking its neck before it hit the ground, then clawed her way up the stairs to the sounds of panicking humans.

<Christopher> "Ugh fuck" Chris took in the carnage and made sure to smash the zombie she'd taken out's head in to make sure it was dead.

<Greer> There was another three upstairs and they seemed to have cornered the occupants of the house in the bathroom. "Hey!" Greer yelled to get their attention... it worked. "Hi smelly guys! Come chase the kitty!" She scrambled past them for one of the other rooms, pleased that they were following her.

<Greer> "Chris! Get the civilians out of here!" she yelled over her shoulder.

<Christopher> "Fuck me." Chris got up the stairs and to the civilians. "Come on we gotta get outa here. Get to your car and go. We got these freaks."

<Greer> Greer dove out of the upstairs window - the zombies followed.

<Christopher> "Hurry! I aint letting those bastards eat the woman I love cuz you guys are too busy freaking out to get to safety!" Chris got them into their car and out to get away, running into zombies of his own when they opened the garage. Chris quickly slammed a powered punch into the side of one of their heads popping it clean off.

<Greer> Greer broke a fence picket off and smacked her zombies over the heads until they stopped moving.

<Christopher> The other zombies got a few good cracks to the head with the tire iron but thankfully none of them got close enough to bite him. "Greer?" He called out softly knowing she would hear him and hopefully zombie bastards wouldn't.

<Greer> "I'm good," Greer came through the house from the back yard, "Garden is less good... sorry..."

<Christopher> "Got the ones out here. But I'm pretty sure that's not the last of them." Chris frowned at the blood and other bits covering his hand and the tire iron. "I'm going to boil myself in bleach back at the school....."

<Greer> "I'll be right behind you..." She wiped her hands on her pants. "Car. Go." She instructed the humans, adding a growl when they didn't move. It had the desired affect.

<Christopher> "You'd think they want to be eaten..... Apparently we really are homo superior." He sighed. "I'm never going to forget my suit or weapons again. This is just nasty."

<Greer> "Maybe they think they should pack?" She started for the front yard, "Willing to bet they're not the only house under attack... this smell is everywhere... of course now it's on me so I'll be smelling it for days but that's not the point..."

<Christopher> "I don't know. But I don't think we can help single-handedly." Chris did notice a baseball bat in the garage and picked it up.

<Greer> "Hold on... I'll make a call...." wiping her hands off a little more, she pulled out her phone.

<Christopher> "Take your time I could use a little batting practice." He was making light of the situation, but only to hide the fact that he was freaking out. The last real mission he'd been on was a long time ago and this one came with the added chance that they could get eaten.

<Greer> She offered him a small smile before calling Heather's phone, figuring she'd have some information. The call wouldn't connect. So she tried the main base switchboard. Also no joy. Frowning, she tried the local base but got the same result. Well fuck. "Chris... I think this has already gone past the point where SHIELD can help..."

<Christopher> "Fuck... We need to get back to the school. Lock down, prepare for the worst." Chris started to panic a little. "We need to get back to the car."

<Greer> "Yeah... guess we'll have to do without steak..." she was more than a little upset by this revelation.

<Christopher> "We survive this and I'll get you all the steak you can eat forever." Chris gave her a quick kiss without thinking. "Uhmm we should go to the car now."

<Greer> "Yeah..." she didn't react one way or another to the kiss, still worried about what had happened to the SHIELD bases within reasonable range and what had happened to Heather.

<Christopher> Chris headed back towards the car. "I swear to god if zombies are in the car I'm going to lose my shit."

<Greer> "Huh?" She trotted a little to catch up to him having gotten lost in her thoughts.

<Christopher> "So gun it all the way home?" He pulled the keys out of his pocket to start the car. "Maybe try to run over a few zombies in the process?"

<Greer> "Uh, yeah I guess..." she opened the passenger door and slid into her seat.

<Christopher> Chris made sure there wasn't anything lurking in or around the car and got into it. "Hey.... you okay Greer?"

<Greer> "Worried... I couldn't reach anyone at all, none of my calls would connect..." she put her seatbelt on after she pulled the door closed.

<Christopher> "Shit. That's definitely not good. So remote island with it's own wildlife?" He rubbed her leg gently trying to calm her. "Lets get back home where it's safe." Chris turned the car on and started off back to the school.

<Greer> She nodded, "Back home... hopefully we can find out more...."

<Christopher> "We'll be okay. I promise." Chris gave her a reassuring smile.

<Greer> "It's not us I'm worried about, Chris..." she turned her head to look at him, "One of the calls I tried to make was to Heather Cameron."

<Christopher> "I'll try to get ahold of Carol when we get back and if I can't get her Cess. I'm sure she can give us some more info on what's going on."

<Greer> Greer shook her head, "Carol's no good... they've stopped giving her cellphones because she just kind of breaks them..."

<Christopher> "Maybe that other winged kid knows if she's okay. He was like her brother or something wasn't he? He sent that blast email to all the staff and students. I could try getting ahold of him."

<Greer> "Yeah... God I hope he knows something..." She almost went to cover her face with her hands but realised at the last moment that this would be a bad idea.

<Christopher> "Lets get you back and get you a shower and then we'll try and get in touch with Warren." Chris stepped on the gas. "Nice warm shower!"
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:48 am

<Carol> The few days it had taken to get from Warren's cabin to Cessily's grandparents' house in Maine had been tedious at best. Carol was struggling to fly at what was an agonisingly slow pace for her and she knew her attempts to relieve the boredom were wearing thin with Heather. Finally their target was in sight and it was with no small amount of relief that she started the descent.

<Heather> Following Carol, Heather started for the ground. She recognised the car when they were low enough and folded her wings to drop faster. Spreading her wings, she halted her descent at the last moment and landed lightly on the driveway.

<Carol> Carol landed beside Heather and hurried up the steps to the front door without even pausing to catch her breath.

<Cessily> "You're back!" Cessily exclaimed as soon as she spotted Carol, assaulting her with a hug right after opening the door. "So happy to see you again. And you brought a guest. Hi, Heather!" She waved at the winged mutant in her driveway.

<Carol> Carol returned the hug tightly, all but clinging to the silver mutant, "I'm so glad to see you're okay."

<Heather> Heather returned the wave, looking past Cessily and also waving at Carol's brother who hurried down the steps to greet her with a hug. "Hi, Joe, long time no see," she smiled and returned it.

<Cessily> "Glad you're alright, too - even though I know you're more than able to take care of yourself." Cessily reluctantly let go of Carol and gestured the two mutants to come inside. "I guess this is where living in the middle of nowhere pays off. Even non-braindead people have trouble finding the place most of time."

<Carol> "That's a good thing, trust me..." Carol took Cessily's hand, not wanting to be separated from her. "Things have gotten a lot worse..."

<Heather> Gesturing Joe ahead of her, Heather followed them into the house, allowing her wings to disappear so she'd more easily fit through the door.

<Cessily> Cessily squeezed Carol's hand and bit her own lip. "Yeah, I heard," she replied. "It's actually all over the news now, even though no one seems to know what's really going on. I guess trying to keep it contained didn't work out."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "The base we were at in Virginia was attacked... it's gone...." she put her free hand in her pocket, closing her fingers around the sobrietry coin she kept.

<Heather> "We took a detour over our base in Massachusetts on the way over here... it's gone too." Heather sighed, "And Boston's not looking so good."

<Cessily> Cessily froze for a second, looking Carol straight in the eye. "I had no idea it was that bad already," she said, her voice shaking. "I'm so sorry..." The silver girl swallowed. "Boston? Have you heard anything from the school?"

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "Heather's cellphone was lost in the base self destruct and you know I don't have one... I was going to do a flyby later."

<Heather> "I was slowing her down so we thought we'd just get here and then she can go and poke around on her own time..." Heather found herself being hugged by Mrs Danvers once they entered the living area and she waved over the smaller woman's shoulder at Carol's father.

<Cessily> Cessily smiled when she saw Heather being welcomed by her grandparents. "I'll help you in any way I can. We stocked up on supplies and secured the house as best as we could, and I could convince my parents to take their vacation abroad a little earlier this year, so I hope none of my family will be in immediate danger."

<Carol> Carol nodded, "We took another detour on our way here..." she exhanged glances with Heather, "To Colorado..."

<Joe> ".... That's half the country away in the opposite direction."

<Heather> "But we had a good reason!" Heather sat down on the arm of the sofa, "Warren's there - he spoke to Carol just hours before our base blew up and we knew he'd be worried if I didn't talk to him so we went to make sure he was okay... he's been stock piling stuff in his cabin and he's got plenty of room there for a lot of people..."

<Carol> "We were kind of hoping we could convince as many people as possible to head over there..." Carol chewed her lip.

<Cessily> "That's a good distance away from here," Cessily pointed out, before exchanging a look with her grandparents. "Which given the circumstances, is probably a good thing." She turned back to Carol. "So you're suggesting we pack up and head out there?"

<Carol> She nodded, "It's up in the mountains with few points of entry and it's easily defensible..."

<JoeSnr> "We only just got here under your instructions. How many more times are you going to tell us to move?"

<Cessily> "I gotta be honest, that sounds a lot safer than here, no matter how far off the beaten path this place might be," Cessily replied, followed by a sigh. "I'll have to talk to my folks, and see if they're okay with leaving."

<Cessily> "Did you say Colorado?" Cessily's grandpa asked, before his granddaughter even had the chance to say anything. "They still sell legal pot over there, don't they?"

<Cessily> Cessily looked back at Carol. "I think they'll be okay with moving..."

<Carol> "I can go one better than selling.... apparently Warren's growing it in his basement." Carol offered with a small cringe at the expression on her father's face.

<JoeSnr> "And how," Mr Danvers' voice was strained in his effort to keep his voice at a reasonable volume, "Are we intending to get all the way to Colorado?"

<Heather> "Uh.... we haven't gotten that far yet... but probably driving....?"

<Cessily> "Road trip!" At most half the people in room found Cessily's reaction appropriate. "That, or we try to find one of our teleporting friends. But I guess heading for an airport right now would be the biggest mistake we could make."

<Cessily> "Unless they still have one of the X-Jets at the school," Cessily added, before her expression darkened. "Unless they have already been overrun, of course."

<Carol> "They'll probably ground flights soon to stop this from spreading... and two cars full of people is too much to carry, even for me." Carol sighed, "Our best bet is to avoid the highways, Heather and I can fly ahead of the cars to make sure the way is clear.... We can go by the school, maybe...."

<Joe> "Which would be less of a headache?" Joe attempted to draw the attention of his father away from the encroaching ragefit.

<Heather> "Go straight to Colorado, do not pass go, do not collect two-hundred dollars..."

<Cessily> "We could use our trucks," Cessily's grandma offered, exchanging a look with her husband. "They're not the latest models, but they're reliable, large enough to carry several people plus supplies, and get across almost any terrain. The roads here get really bad in winter, but we've never had any problems with them."

<Marie> "Then we'll do that," Marie Danvers smiled at her daughter and former girlfriend, "How soon can we be ready to leave?"

<Cessily> Cessily nodded. "Yeah, I'm sure they could take us anywhere, even if the roads are blocked." She then bit her lip. "I know everyone says it's one of the stupidest mistakes one could make in survival situations, but I really can't think of anything better at the moment, so maybe we should split up?"

<Carol> "Split up?" Carol shook her head, "No way... I'm not letting any of you out of my sight."

<Cessily> Cessily bit her lip and almost looked ashamed to even have made the suggestion. "I know it's a foolish idea, and I agree we should make to a safe location on the direct way, but what if any of our friends are still in Boston and need our help?"

<Cessily> "If we start packing up now, we could be on our way at the break of dawn," the girl's grandmother said. "These roads are too treacherous at night."

<Carol> "We'll go back and help just as soon as we can," Carol promised, "But not before you're all safe. They can handle themselves in the mean time, you know that as well as I do."

<Cessily> Cessily forced a smile and nodded. "I know, it's just that I can't stop worrying." She leaned close to wrap her arms around Carol. "You're right, of course. I just wish I could do more to help."

<Carol> "Help us get everyone to Colorado and then I'll be happy to carry you all the way back to Boston to help the school, okay?" Carol gave her a squeeze.

<Cessily> "Okay." Cessily smiled and returned the squeeze, holding Carol close for a moment, until she realized that everyone else was pretty much watching them. "So, we should probably start making a list of things we need, and then see about loading the cars."

<Heather> "Bring what you really can't leave behind... and food for a couple of weeks just in case. Warren's got us covered for after that," Heather offered a smile, "We even helped him fortify the place a little bit.... well Carol did. I just passed her tools."

<Cessily> Cessily chuckled. "We should probably see how much gas we can scavenge from the garage and any cars we leave behind," she suggested. "We won't be the only ones trying to leave the area, so there's probably going to be a run on the gas stations. And plenty of water, too."

<Carol> "I'll help with that," Carol offered, "That way, if there's any trouble, none of us get hurt."

<Heather> "I'll help pack the cars.... and we should get some maps and draw a route so we don't get super lost..."

<Cessily> Cessily smiled at Heather and nodded. "Yeah, that would probably be helpful." She looked at Carol. "Alright, I'll show you the garage shed then."

<Cessily> "Then I guess I should make myself useful too and prepare snacks for the road," the girl's grandma offered. "A zombie apocalypse is no excuse not to eat healthy, after all."

<Cessily> "And I'll check if my old hunting rifle still works, just in case," her grandpa said and began sauntering off.

<Cessily> "Please don't shoot anyone," Cessily called after him. "Or yourself again!"

<Marie> "I'll help you," Carol's mother offered, getting to her feet to follow Cessily's grandmother to the kitchen, "Joseph, help your father gather our things together."

<Joe> "No problem..." at least if they were packing he wasn't going to pick a fight with Carol.

<Heather> "I'll keep an eye on things here," Heather promised Cessily, "Danger detection and all that..."

<Carol> Carol was already to the door waiting for Cessily, eager to be out of the way of her father and alone with her.

<Cessily> "Thanks, having you around makes me feel a lot safer," Cessily said, and gave Heather a genuine smile, before she followed Carol to the door. Once they were out of earshot, she took the other woman's hand. "How are you doing?"

<Carol> "Better than Heather...." Carol admitted softly, "We lost a lot of friends when the base got attacked and we couldn't do anything about it... she blames herself."

<Cessily> Cessily lowered her head. "I'm sorry," she said. "If you like, I can talk to her later." She squeezed Carol's hands. "This had to be hard for both of you."

<Carol> "I don't know if it'll help... what happened to her wasn't her fault. I'd been telling them for days to let her take some time out... they did that to her. She went berserker and I had to take her out of the fight. She doesn't remember anything that happened after the zombies breached the fence."

<Cessily> "Oh god, that sounds horrible. I had no idea it would be that bad." Cessily bit her lip. "I wish I could have been there to help, even though I don't even know if it would have made much of a difference."

<Carol> "It probably wouldn't have..." Carol sighed, "I was hardly even a mile away with Heather when the base went up. I don't think us being there would have made much difference either, there was just too many..." she lifted Cessily's hand to her face and pressed the back of it against her cheek. "We'd been out all day... I was exhausted before it even started and my energy reserves were seriously low..."

<Cessily> Cessily put on a small smile, while her silver fingers caressed Carol's cheek. "Why don't you take a rest? I doubt anything will reach us out here in the next couple of hours, and we have enough helping hands to prepare the cars. And if not, I can always shapeshift a couple more."

<Carol> "I'm okay now... it took everything I had to get Heather under control and we both passed out in a forest somewhere.... That was a week ago. Really, I'm fine... I just can't believe this is happening." And the sheer number of people they'd lost hadn't really registered with her yet.

<Cessily> "Okay, but tell me if you need anything." Cessily closed the distance between them, resting her forehead against Carol's. "You won't help anyone if you run out of juice when we need you the most. Also, if you want to talk about anything that happened..."

<Carol> "I'm alright, really." She pulled Cessily against her for a hug, "If I feel like I need to talk, I'll talk... but help me keep an eye on Heather, okay?"

<Cessily> Cessily nodded. "I will. I can keep her some company later, and make sure she gets some rest." She smiled. "In the meantime, I'm sure my grandma will keep her well fed at least."

<Carol> "Yeah... I'm sure Joe'll be glad to have someone to talk to - he and Heather are kind of friends after everything..." she gave Cessily a squeeze, "They've both had so much practice deflecting my dad. I hope he hasn't been too much of a handful..."

<Cessily> "I think he spent most of his energy debating politics with my grandpa, whether he wanted to or not." Cessily chuckled. "I'm just glad our families are safe for now. And those we care about most." She hesitated only a moment before lightly pressing her lips to Carol's.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by JackSkulls » Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:15 am

<Doreen> Doreen stared at the road ahead of her, it had gone from asphault to gravel to dirt and now she was a little more than worried they were lost on their way to see an old friend of hers. "Uhhhh.... Nico, honey, darkness incarnate. You might be the sexiest GPS I've ever had but I think we're lost."

<Nico> "Don't always be so negative, Doreen. I told you I got this." Nico fidgeted with the fold-out map in her lap, illuminated by the little pink lights dancing around her head. "Just see it as a scenic detour. Wait, what did that sign say? I don't think this is supposed to be here."

<Doreen> "We're going to get there at like three in the morning and feathers is going to kill us for waking him up." She leaned over and kisses Nico's cheek quickly.

<Nico> "You mean he won't be thrilled to have a creepy witch and a hyperactive mutant squirrel knock on his door in the middle of the night? He sounds boring already." Nico returned the affection by biting Doreen's earlobe, oblivious to the fact that the other girl was steering the car when she sneaked a hand down her shirt.

<Doreen> Doreen jerked the wheel a little at the surprise hand finding it was up her shirt. "Mmm not fair Nico. And hey you're supposed to be finding his house not my boobies." She stuck her tongue out at her girlfriend, slowing the car down a little so they would actually see the next sign. "And that all depends on how clothed we are when he comes to the door. If I remember right he doesn't like to wear anything to bed."

<Nico> "Why didn't you say so before we left? Then I wouldn't have packed so many spare clothes." Nico looked out the car window, then checked the map again. "What do you know, we actually are lost. Looks like you took the wrong turn back at the last intersection."

<Doreen> "If we run outa gas before we get there I'm not pushing" Doreen managed to get turned around on the road that she barely felt could be called that. "And if this craziness is really happening you might need those clothes. I'm sure he won't have anything cute for you to model for me." Doreen's smile curled into a mischievous smirk. "But I'm pretty sure he's just crazy and we'll get a nice vacation outa this!" She bounced a little in her seat, expecting to get pampered at least a little.

<Nico> "A vacation out in the godforsaken middle of nowhere with a crazy guy who has an aversion to clothes," Nico said, giving Doreen a smirk in return. "How do you always know what gets me excited?" She spotted an even more dubious road forking off ahead. "Look over there, that's where we need to go."

<Doreen> "Because I know how to make panties melt. I'm pretty sure it's a mutant ability." Doreen veered down the supposed correct road. "And hey he's rich and cute, he's allowed to be a little crazy. But if you hear a banjo we're getting the fuck outa here!" Doreen giggled a little and sped up, she was starting to get restless.

<Nico> "Come on, Doreen, don't be scared of the locals." Lounging in her seat, Nico shot Doreen a grin as she played with her girlfriend's tail. "I'm sure they would love to get their hands on your pelt."

<Doreen> At the mention of someone getting their hands on her fur Doreen froze up. "Not nice.... Getting hunted isn't fun at all!" She started to pout until she noticed up ahead of them was a large metal gate. "Oooh I think we're here!"

<Nico> "Don't take it so seriously." Nico chuckled. "I was just messing with you." She sat up straight and got the map out of the way. "I guess your friend isn't keen on any neighbors coming by unannounced to visit."

<Doreen> "Yeah.... Uhmm maybe he is getting crazier. Look at all that fencing. He might have gone hardcore survivalist on us." Doreen punched the code into the gate that she'd gotten from the e-mail and drove down the drive. "Finally! Paved road! Even in a jeep those roads were horrible. I wonder if he's still up."

<Nico> "If he is, he's not going to shoot at us from the roof or something, right?" Nico eyed the fortifications surrounding the estate with wary suspicion. "Unless we drive over any mines or pitfalls before we even get there. No offense, but your friend seems to be more on the paranoid side."

<Doreen> "Yeah... I might be a little worried about him now." Doreen bit her lip and parked the car next to the house. "Think we should risk it? I think we can take him." She gave her best tough girl stance when she got out of the car.

<Nico> "Totally," Nico agreed, hopping out of the car as well. "After all, what's the worst thing a crazy loner could want from two hot teenage girls he coaxed into coming to his private fortress far away from civilization?"

<Doreen> "Maybe he's just lonely. He did blast that out to like everyone at school?" Doreen walked up to the door and tested the knob to see if it was unlocked. "Well, it's unlocked I guess we can just walk in?"

<Nico> "You're right, this doesn't look like a trap at all," Nico commented with a deadpan voice, nevertheless strolling after Doreen into the large house. "Hello? Anybody home? Just two dangerous mutants not to be messed with stopping by."

<Doreen> "Hey he might have gone a little cucoo but he's still a friend. I'm sure he'll see us two sexy vixens and snap back to his lecherous self." Doreen wiggled her butt a little for Nico to prove her point.

<Warren> Warren had barely heard the noise and didn't register that someone was in his house. He did however want some water so he got up and started for the kitchen. His sleep addled mind not even noticing Doreen or Nico as he walked past them.

<Nico> Nico stopped dead in her tracks when the naked winged man walked right by, apparently completely oblivious to their presence in his home. "Why hello there..." Her gaze drifted down his body while her hand moved up to her mouth so she could bite her little finger.

<Doreen> Doreen leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Still having second thoughts about coming here?" She giggled a little and slipped her arms around Nico from behind. "Hi there Warren, I guess you weren't expecting company tonight. I'd say sorry but I'm pretty sure my girlfriend is enjoying the view too much to be sorry."

<Warren> Warren's eyes popped open and he quickly covered himself with his wings. "Ugh not again. I'm stealing some pajama pants next....." He sighed a little. "Well at least you guys go here safe. Good to see you Doreen. I'd give you a hug if I wasn't naked."

<Nico> "I don't mind a hug," Nico said, a goofy grin on her face when she forced her eyes off the guy's crotch. "Hi, I'm Nico. Pleased to meet you. Very pleased, actually."

<Warren> "Warren Worthington. And it looks like Doreen's got you covered on that one, I'll be right back. going to at least puts pants on....." Warren hurried back to his room trying his best to cover his body with his wings.

<Doreen> "You're lucky I'm not the jealous type." Doreen nipped at Nico's ear. "Aww don't let us hamper your comfort Feathers."

<Nico> "Don't inconvenience yourself for us." Nico tilted her head sideways as she appreciated the view from a different angle. "It still was you who dragged me here. I'm merely appreciating the scenery."

<Doreen> "It is a nice view isn't it? Still nice and perky even after four years." Doreen nipped at Nico's neck.

<Nico> Nico smiled and leaned back into her girlfriend's hands. "Not as nice as my favorite one," she replied, turning her head to kiss Doreen's cheek.

<Doreen> "Sweet talker." Doreen turned her head to catch Nico's lips. "I did never get my hands on that cute little butt." She played with the idea of seducing him.

<Warren> Warren came out of the bedroom with a pair of pants on but still not much else. "So how crazy is it getting out there? Heather and Carol were here a few days ago and they said stuff was getting bad."

<Nico> "Maybe you will get your chance now," Nico replied quietly, a mischievous smirk curling her black-painted lips. She looked at the half-clothed guy. "We stayed mostly on the smaller roads, as you suggested in your message. We did hear some news of rioting and chaos on the east coast, though. Something about an outbreak."

<Doreen> "Yeah.... but I don't think this is the Zombie apocalypse Mr. Super survivalist." She slipped out from behind Nico and went over to poke Warren in the abs. "So what do you have to drink in this place? We had a long drive and I want to get my drink on." She laughed a little.

<Warren> "Actually good idea, should kill off the beer at least before Carol gets back." Warren went to the fridge and grabbed a few beers for them. "You know I was sleeping pretty well before you got here. Ya coulda called and warned me."

<Nico> "And the end result would have been the same," Nico said, taking one of the offered bottles. "You'd be awake now either way." She smirked at their host. "See it from the good side. We let you sleep a little longer."

<Warren> Warren laughed a little and opened his beer. "I'm Warren by the way. Please don't call me feathers. I don't know why Doreen feels the need to call me that."

<Nico> "Nico," she supplied, before taking a swig from her own bottle. "I could take a guess how she came up with that name. Don't take it personally, she loves giving people nicknames. If you're annoyed by her, just call her Nutty in return."

<Warren> "Yeah she'd just make some pass at me with that. Something like I'm not feeling too nutty can you help?" Warren shot Doreen a smile. "Nah she's fine we've been friends too long for me to care about some stupid nickname."

<Doreen> Doreen snickered. "Hey you used to like all those lines and come ons." She stuck her tongue out at Warren and found a comfy spot to sit.

<Nico> Following Doreen's fluffy tail, Nico sat down behind her and draped her arms over her girlfriend's shoulders. "This is a cool place you've got here," she said, looking around the room. "Thanks for letting us stay here."

<Warren> "Least I could do. I have more room than I can manage on my own and I have a shit ton of money that if things keep going south will be worthless. Plus it's lonely as hell out here." Warren laughed a little and sat in his favorite chair.

<Nico> "Is that why you invited us here?" Nico asked, smirking around the rim of her bottle as she took another swig from her drink. "To help you alleviate your loneliness?"

<Doreen> Doreen smirked. "I think the dark princess is smitten by the angel." Doreen snuggled into Nico's embrace.

<Warren> Warren rolled his eyes a little. "Side effect. I really just wanted to protect my friends. Don't get me wrong you two are beautiful, but I'm not trying to get laid."

<Nico> "Thank you." Nico chuckled. "Even though I'm sure Doreen is disappointed to hear that."

<Doreen> Doreen pouted. "Pfft doesn't mean he doesn't still want it. He's just a gentleman." Doreen turned around and gave Nico a passionate kiss knowing Warren would enjoy it.

<Nico> Nico leaned into the kiss, knowing her low-cut corset would provide their host with a pleasant view as she pushed her tongue into the other girl's mouth.

<Warren> Warren just laughed a little. "I think you two have yourselves covered pretty well."

<Doreen> Doreen enjoyed the kiss and snuggled into her when the plan failed. "Mmm we could always use another pair of hands."

<Nico> Nico laughed and looked up at Warren as she wrapped her arms tightly around Doreen. "I hope you don't feel too intimidated by this horny squirrel," she said. "She's been more needy than usual today."

<Warren> "She's always horny and always needy. But eh I enjoy her company. Has she drug you to a punk concert yet. It's like watching a kid loaded with coffee in a candy store."

<Nico> "Oh yes, she likes to make sure I don't get too much rest," Nico replied with a chuckle, her free hand caressing Doreen's belly. "So, for how long have you been living out here? Don't get me wrong, this is a lovely place, but it doesn't seem like there's a lot going on around here."

<Doreen> "I don't really live here. I mostly just take vacations out here. I have two other places, an apartment in New York. And another in Los Angeles. If I didn't know she just wanted me for my awesome ass I'd think Doreen just wanted my money."

<Nico> Nico laughed. "I honestly never took Doreen for much of a gold-digger, seeing how she took in this poor runaway with little else but the clothes on her body."

<Warren> "Depending on the shape in which those clothes were in, I'm sure I can see why." Warren laughed a little. "Doreen's not shallow though, just frisky."

<Doreen> Doreen pouted. "You know I am sitting right here." She poked at Nico.

<Nico> Nico chuckled and pulled Doreen closer. "How could I not?" Flashing a grin, she made use of the opportunity to cope a feel of the squirrel-girl.

<Doreen> Doreen jumped a little. "Mmm hi there honey. I think someone likes an audience." Doreen gave Warren a dirty grin.

<Nico> "If I remember correctly, you nearly took me in the front row of the last gig we've been to." Nico snickered and nipped Doreen's earlobe. "Anyway, it's been a long day and an even longer drive, so maybe we should ask Warren to show us the bed."

<Warren> "Yeah that definitely sounds like Doreen to me." Warren set his bottle down and stretched a little. "Alright, I'm guessing the two of you will be sharing a room."

<Doreen> Doreen groaned a little. "Awww but I was having fun." She reluctantly got up and followed Warren to the room.

<Nico> Nico rose to her feet, then turned her head and winked at Doreen. "Like we said, we don't want to be an inconvenience," she said, trailing behind Warren's wings. "We'll be happy to share any bed you have available."

<Doreen> Doreen took the chance to pinch Warren's butt. "Mmhm I'm sure we'll be comfortable in any bed. Maybe a feathery one?"

<Nico> "No need to find an extra set of blankets for us if those big wings of yours would do." Nico couldn't resist the temptation to reach out and stroke down the soft feathers of Warren's wings.

<Warren> Warren shuddered a little. "Beds are made, I'm sure you'll both be fine, keeping each other warm enough."

<Nico> "We'll do our best," Nico said, taking Doreen's hand with a smirk. She turned back to Warren. "Thanks again for everything."

<Warren> "Yeah, I'll make some breakfast for you guys in the morning. Get some rest." Warren opened the door to one of the guest bedrooms for them. Two doors down is soaps and shampoo and stuff if you want to take a shower. I got a butt load of everything so people could choose."

<Nico> "Doreen, why did you never tell me we would get treated to a five star stay?" Nico asked, laughing as she stepped into the room and threw herself on the bed. "Zombie outbreak or not, I think I can tolerate staying here for a while."

<Warren> Warren laughed a little. "Don't get used to it. You're just lucky you're the first ones to get to stay. Once we get through the perishables it'll be survivalist living."

<Doreen> Doreen stayed next to Warren just watching Nico roll around on the bed. "Tease."

<Nico> "I'm sure Doreen will be able to find some nuts for us in the woods outside," Nico said, a smirk on her lips. "Well, you're welcome to join me anytime."

<Doreen> "Weeeell I was talking to Warren. And I'm sure I could find some out in the woods since I can't find any in here." She gave warren a smirk and slowly walked towards the bed, her hips swaying back and forth to give Warren a nice little show."

<Warren> "Hey now. Be nice Doreen." Warren laughed a little. "You know your feminine wiles never worked on me. No need to insult my manhood."

<Nico> "Don't take it too hard, Doreen." Nico laughed, lounging on the bed. "At least you won't have to play nice with me."

<Warren> "Alright well I'll let you two get comfortable." Warren gave them a wave. "If the cooking doesn't wake you up, I'll come get you two in the morning."

<Nico> "Better knock before you come barging in," Nico advised, wearing a sly little smirk. "Or don't."

<Doreen> "Or we could just leave the door open." Doreen smirked and joined Nico on the bed. "I don't mind an audience."

<Warren> Warren just rolled his eyes. "I'll yell for ya."

<Nico> "Only if we don't wake up first and check on you instead." Nico wrapped her arms around Doreen and shot a grin at Warren.

<Warren> "Sleep well you two." Warren laughed a little as he started off towards his room, turning the lights off as he went.

<Doreen> "Mmm I like how you think Nico." Doreen kissed Nico softly. "Have a good night Feathers."

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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:23 pm

<Viper> SHIELD were failing pretty hard at the containment job by now but Viper had been forced to terminate her test subjects because they were really starting to smell so now she was looking for new ones. And, this time, she had brought company - largely for entertainment value.

<Shaw> As soon as Sebastian had learned where Sarkissian planned to hunt for her new specimens, he invited himself on the mission. Now, he looked over at the woman skeptically.

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow at the look she was getting and pointed out a building. It was unfortunately a bit surrounded but that shouldn't be a problem.

<Shaw> "And what is inside that building?" He kept his voice low and shifted his weapon, glancing around to ensure their area was still clear. He was fairly certain there was at least one or two of the creatures in a strand of trees to their south.

<Viper> "Fresh victims, I hope. It is their most fortified building and likely the place they would have retreated to." She murmured back, taking out a small device from her pocket, "I'm going to teleport us to the roof."

<Shaw> "How fresh?" Sebastian turned his attention back to the surrounded building.

<Viper> "A day old at most," she finished her adjustments after checking the distance again. "If all goes to plan, an extraction team will meet us there."

<Shaw> "And if things don't go to plan? I do seem to recall they rarely do." He checked his revolver - thankful Jessica had remembered to bring it - as well as the other weaponry he'd borrowed from Sarkissian.

<Viper> "If things don't go to plan, I will teleport us both out of there and my extraction team will be in a lot of trouble." She slipped the device back in her pocket, "First, though, we need a distraction."

<Shaw> Sebastian was always wary of her distractions. "Should I have brought earplugs?"

<Viper> "Don't worry, the explosion will be on the other side of the compound. Wait here, I'll be right back." She handed him a device from her pocket, "Don't press anything."

<Shaw> "Of course." He accepted the device with a smirk and immediately started to inspect it.

<Viper> "That is the detonator. They don't travel well." She moved back down the slope they were using as cover so that she could stand up. "Do not press anything."

<Shaw> Well, he didn't plan on pressing anything, but she didn't stipulate he couldn't remove the back panel... Sebastian was distracted from his study of the detonator's circuitry, by a sound behind him.

<Viper> Viper didn't say anything before she disappeared, teleporting herself to the other side of the complex to their target building and placing a charge of C4. Or five. She moved quickly and quietly, staying in the shadows out of sight.

<Shaw> He shifted to look and, of course, there was a creature that looked like it had once been a low-level SHIELD agent staggering up the hill. Slowly. It didn't look like the thing had yet spotted him, so Sebastian moved slowly, bringing his borrowed Hydra weapon to bear, and observed it.

<Viper> She had to take a few zombies out, one or two obviously travelled in from the camps. But soon her charges were set and she'd planted gas cans next to them for maximum impact. That was the best distraction they were getting.

<Shaw> The Hydra energy weapons were fairly quiet, so he took aim and fired. The creature fell to one knee, then dragged itself back up and kept moving forward, this time in a more direct path to Sebastian. Interesting.

<Viper> Stage one complete, Viper teleported back to Sebastian where she found him watching a victim of this plague crawl towards him. Raising an eyebrow and her weapon, she fired a shot at its head. "What are you doing?"

<Shaw> He made an irritated sound. "You conduct your own experiments, I can certainly conduct mine."

<Viper> "And you choose now to do this?" She rolled her eyes, "And you think my timing is bad."

<Shaw> "I was taking advantage of an opportunity." He tilted his head and checked the weapon. "It seemed to be able to hone in on my location after I fired once."

<Viper> "They're attracted to light and sound," she gestured him to her, "Which should help us considerably."

<Shaw> Popping the back of the detonator into place again, he flung himself over the crest of the hill and stood, smirking down at her.

<Viper> "Now you can press anything you want," she informed him with a small smile and offered him her hand.

<Shaw> Amused, he shifted the small device in his hand and held out his other, taking her smaller hand in his own. "Three, two," he counted, thumb over a red button - because those were delightfully obvious. "One."

<Viper> The explosion rocked the base, sending a huge plume of smoke and fire into the air. Viper pressed a different button on another device and teleported them both to the roof of their target building. Oooh the helicopter had no bullet holes in it! Maybe it was still good! She released Sebastian's hand to go and investigate.

<Shaw> Since Viper was already distracted, he quickly checked the security of the roof then moved to the edge to watch the fire - and watch the zombies at the base of the building moving away from the doors and windows and toward the flame and smoke. Most seemed slow, but a few sprinted at a worrying speed.

<Viper> The helicopter was fueled and ready to go. Excellent! She was so having that. Now she went for the door to the stairwell and unholstered her weapon before she opened it.

<Shaw> "Some warning of that could be helpful," he snapped, turning when he heard her movement.

<Viper> "I thought you were busy enjoying the scenery," she took out two turned agents in the stairwell that had been attracted by the opening of the door then shone a flashlight into the darkness to check for more.

<Shaw> "You wish to dissect these things," he punctuated his words with a hand flung toward the corpses. "I wish to observe them in the wild, so to speak, to see how best to predict their reactions."

<Viper> "You will get your opportunity tonight, I'm sure." She slipped inside and started down the stairs.

<Shaw> "Indeed." He certainly hoped the Hydra body armor was up to the task. Sebastian followed, whipping out his own light and holding it at the ready in a two-handed grip with his weapon.

<Viper> "We need to seal anything in a SHIELD uniform in a room if we can - put the others down." She muttered, glancing over her shoulder at him. "We'll clear one room at a time."

<Shaw> "Why do you only want SHIELD? More fresh?" Sebastian stepped in front of her at the bottom of the stairs, averting his flashlight to look through the small window in the fire door.

<Viper> "Yes. The fresher the better. Otherwise they start to smell... unfortunately, the fresher ones are surprisingly quick, so be careful..." She raised an eyebrow at his stepping in front of her.

<Shaw> "Indeed." He eased the door open, only then bringing up the light and weapon and quickly looking both ways. Of course, one lurched around the corner, wearing the remains of a camp uniform. Sebastian swore and downed it with one shot.

<Viper> Viper moved through the door behind him, keeping her back to him to watch the other end of the corridor and shining her light down to the end to attract any more that were loose. She also kicked the door closed with her foot to alert them with the noise.

<Shaw> Sebastian stifled an eye roll. Could they make more noise? They came upon a closed door and he paused. "I suppose we should clear everything so there are no nasty surprises."

<Viper> "Yes... and because I have little confidence in my extraction team's ability to follow directions to a specific room." Satisfied the corridor was cleared, she turned her attention to the door in question.

<Shaw> "Did you bring anything to mark cleared rooms? As I assume they'll all begin to look the same." He knocked on the door and received a thump and groan in return. "Aha."

<Viper> "I thought we could just leave the doors open but I'm sure I can find something," she offered him a small smile, "After you."

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked and stepped to the side of the doorway, then opened the door, swiftly backing away to let the thing lurch out the door before he fired. It dropped like a stone.

<Viper> Viper took down a second that shambled out after the first and slipped inside the room.

<Shaw> After checking the hall again, Sebastian followed, but stayed near the doorway to listen for more. He could certainly hear crashing and moaning from downstairs

<Viper> Viper went through the office, pocketing what was useful and checking situation maps on the walls. The base may have been overrun but it still held information they could make use of.

<Shaw> "Get a permanent marker or something," he urged her quietly, taking a step into the hall to take aim and wait for the thing he heard coming up the stairs rapidly.

<Viper> She located one in a drawer she had to break into and rejoined him at the door, making a mark on it.

<Shaw> The former SHIELD agent cleared the stairs at a dead run, the corpse's slick shoes skidding on the linoleum floor. "Right. Is there a plan for this?"

<Viper> "Yes." She shoved him into the hall in the opposite direction to the running agent then shoulder-checked the zombiefied agent into the office she'd just emptied, slamming the door closed behind it.

<Shaw> Sebastian staggered and swore, spinning back around to face her. "That is the plan?"

<Viper> "Without knowing exactly where they are and how many of them there are, we can hardly plan in advance now, can we?" She blinked at him, "Do you have a better idea?"

<Shaw> He did not, but he scowled at her anyway. "Perhaps some of your study should be focused on testing methods to debilitate your subjects? Perhaps a taser? They must have some form of nervous system still functional!"

<Viper> "I do have this..." she unholstered her other weapon, "It's an electrified net... but I'd rather not use it unless I have to. There was only one of them," she rolled her eyes and turned to write the number '1' on the door.

<Shaw> His brows shot up at the eye roll. Really.

<Viper> One room down. She now turned to continue down the hall for the next room.

<Shaw> Muttering, Sebastian followed.

<Viper> "You wanted to come with me," she reminded him, her tone light, "You know how I work."

<Shaw> "Slapdash, clearly." He took up a position near the next doorway. "I have a wife and child I need to return to, preferably in one piece and uninfected."

<Viper> "I improvise," she sighed, resting her hand on the door handle while she fixed him with a look, "I have every intention of getting us both home in one piece. Try to trust me."

<Shaw> "I did trust you, in that camp. My trust was not misplaced." But, he would be cautious. Sebastian gave her a nod.

<Viper> "It was not." She agreed, readying her normal weapon before she opened the next door.

<Shaw> Another uniformed officer rushed out and Sebastian pulled his shot at the last moment, swearing and taking a long step forward. He pivoted and kicked the dead woman in the stomach, hard. The thing staggered backward from whence it came. "Close it!"

<Viper> Viper slammed the door shut again. "Well, that room will have to wait for later."

<Shaw> "I may have damaged that specimen just a tad." He gave her a smirk.

<Viper> "I'm sure it won't even notice," she made a mark on the closed door, "This floor is very quiet. I hope the next one will be more interesting."

<Shaw> "I'm sure you're familiar with the saying," he sighed, starting for the stairs. "Be careful for what you wish..."

<Viper> "I'm not superstitious..." she shook her head with a small smirk. Shining the flashlight down the stairs again, she toed a spent tear gas cannister down the steps and listened for the sound of feet.

<Shaw> "You don't know that. You could be." Sebastian grinned over at her. "Now."

<Viper> She laughed and shook her head, "Superstitions make no sense." There was nothing moving in the hallways or toward them up the stairs so anything downstairs was already contained it seemed, she started down.

<Shaw> "There are many things in life that make no sense," he pointed out, shadowing her. "It seems clear. I don't hear anything."

<Viper> "Nothing loose anyway..." she agreed with a glance over her shoulder, "And I had noticed that... perhaps they will make more sense now."

<Shaw> "Mmm. Some things may make more sense, some less." He gave her a side glance and then passed her up to step onto the lower floor first. "How goes it, anyway? Your... adjustment."

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "I'm not sure..." a slight frown creased her brow.

<Shaw> "Well, that's probably... dare I say normal?" He looked around, spotting a very dead corpse on the floor, but little else. There were many closed doors, however.

<Viper> Viper toed the corpse, nose wrinkled, "I don't think I've ever been accused of being normal before."

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled softly. "No, I would think not." He moved to the nearest door, gesturing to her when he realized it was already ajar. Raising his weapon, he closed in.

<Viper> She offered a smirk, going into the room with him to clear it. "I don't want to be normal... things like this may not be so much fun."

<Shaw> The room was empty, although the bloody streaks and handprints on the wall told a different story. "Oh, I don't know. I find this fun." He grinned. "Exhilarating, really. Coming close to death reminds you that you are alive."

<Viper> "You need reminding?" she smirked, "My life is never that boring."

<Shaw> "From time to time." He rummaged through a desk drawer, coming up with another marker and little else.

<Viper> "Well... then this situation should be good for you, yes?" she stayed near the door, keeping an eye on the hallway.

<Shaw> He bumped the desk chair into the wall and heard an answering thump from the next room. "Well, well..."

<Viper> She laughed a little, "You could almost feel sorry for them being cut off."

<Shaw> "Yes, it would be more convenient if it would tell us its state." Sebastian knocked on the wall again, walking along it to see if the thumps would follow.

<Viper> "But that would lessen the fun of opening the door considerably," she stepped out into the hall ahead of him.

<Shaw> "Personally, I would lure it to the far end, then open the door, in case it was a more... active corpse." He shrugged and readied his weapon. "But, it does get the blood pumping."

<Viper> "Exactly - it's fun!" She smiled brightly and opened the door.

<Shaw> Sebastian bared teeth at the creature when it barreled out of the room, taking a split second to assess it before aiming another kick. Unfortunately, its companion was right on its heels.

<Viper> Viper was surprised by her surprise and it took her longer than usual to react to this interesting turn of events. She grabbed the back of the uniform belonging to the second zombie-agent and steered it back into the room.

<Shaw> Since Sebastian's aim was off due to the unexpected second zombie, he found himself grappling with an agent as well, narrowly avoiding its snapping teeth. It snarled and spit blood at him. "Christ!"

<Viper> "They're only human - you're stronger than it," Viper reminded him, whilst keeping hold of her agent. It was torn between turning around to attack her or following its friend to Sebastian.

<Shaw> He knew he was stronger than the zombie, but it was certainly wild. Sebastian was sorely tempted to snap its neck. A fresh brain was useful, yes? "How attached are you to this one?"

<Viper> "Not as attached as I am to this one." Viper slammed her zombie against the wall to stop it flailing so much and give her better control.

<Shaw> "Excellent!" Now not as concerned about preserving it, Sebastian gave into temptation. The crack was satisfying and the thing collapsed instantly, teeth still snapping. He avoided those easily and picked up the rag doll, flinging it back into the room. "Do you need assistance?"

<Viper> "I don't think so, just stay in the hall and clear of the door." She gave the zombie another shove against the wall.

<Shaw> "Of course." He nodded once and moved to the hall, listening for more walking - or running - corpses. There was definitely movement, but with the echoing floors and the sound from Viper's struggle he couldn't pinpoint its source.

<Viper> After another good shove that made the zombie stagger, Viper bolted for the door and pulled it shut behind her with a bang. "Okay. That's three so far."

<Shaw> "I certainly hear more, but..." He tilted his head to listen again, moving to the next door. "Not this one... I don't think. But likely we should check.

<Viper> She made a note on the door with their latest trapped zombie and joined him, "Yes, we should check every room. Zombies or not, there may be something useful in there."

<Shaw> He hummed in agreement and moved to the next door. By now he felt he had this maneuver down, so he opened the door... then stared. "Oh... my God."

<Viper> "What?" Viper peered around his shoulder and also stared, "Ich glaub mich knutscht ein Elch..." she muttered as she took in the sight.

<Shaw> Sebastian blinked at the phrase as much as the sight... and the smell! He gave her a sideways glance. "How did it get on the ceiling fan?"

<Viper> "I have no idea..." she cocked her head, watching it slowly rotate as it flailed weakly at them.

<Shaw> He leaned into the room and located the switch, but it was covered in.... a smelly brown substance he didn't want to truly identify. "I don't think there's anything we need that badly in that room..."

<Viper> "No... I don't think so either..." her nose wrinkled and she stepped back into the hall some way.

<Shaw> Sebastian closed the door and took out his own pilfered marker to proclaim it off limits. After a moment, he opened the door again, aimed, and fired.

<Viper> Viper didn't appreciate the door being opened a second time as the smell was sucked into the corridor again. "Let's move on..."

<Shaw> "Gladly." he closed the door again and surreptitiously rubbed his nose. Ugh.

<Viper> She started for the next door and paused. It was the only door on that side of the corridor. She put her ear to the door.

<Shaw> "Anything?" He heard something at the end of the hall and trained his light and weapon.

<Viper> She frowned and tapped on the door to see if she got a response, "Multiple somethings..."

<Shaw> "Wonderful. Should we formulate a plan?" One of the somethings thudded into the door.

<Viper> "I think the safest option is to try and open the door as small a way as possible so we can shoot the ones we don't need..."

<Shaw> "Sounds reasonable." He moved into position, still keeping an eye on the end of the hall. Perhaps it was an echo, but he was wary.

<Viper> She nodded, readying her weapon before she turned the handle and pushed the door. Almost as soon as it was opened, fingers found their way into the cracks, the force of them trying to get out almost pushing the door closed again on grasping arms.

<Shaw> "Christ. How many do you think?" Sebastian moved a little closer to her in case he need help her hold the door with his greater strength.

<Viper> "It's hard to say.... SHIELD uniforms all look the same and most of them seem to be pressed against the door." She raised her weapon to thin the crowd a little through the gap.

<Shaw> Distracted as he was by the door, he didn't hear the first of the runners reach their floor.

<Viper> Viper also didn't hear them as she was trying to wrestle her arm free of a grabby hand, she swore as she had to relinquish her weapon so that she could pull her wrist and hand through the grip of the zombie.

<Shaw> Sebastian grabbed the door, holding the mob at bay. Until a fast-moving and heavy corpse slammed into him from behind at full speed.

<Viper> Viper yelled in alarm as the doorhandle was snatched from her grasp with the combined affect of Sebastian's absence and the zombies. "Sebastian!" She ducked a lunge from one of the zombies in the room and tried to find where her weapon had gone.

<Shaw> The impact, of course, did nothing but charge and enrage him, but from underneath the substantial weight of the zombie he was stuck at an awkward angle - and trying to avoid teeth. He fired, blindly, and was sprayed with blood.

<Viper> Well he was still alive, that was something. She hoped he got up soon because she was having to improvise and now she was stuck in the large office with a substantial number of freshly zombied SHIELD agents... plus some really stinky not so freshly zombied patients. The patients were not the problem. "Sebastian!" she tried again, ramming a couple with a chair while she looked for something she could use.

<Shaw> "Bit busy!" He fired again and spit out blood in a panic, screaming when he felt teeth close on his arm.

<Viper> "Well hurry up!" She grabbed one of the agents by the belt and managed to steal their weapon allowing her to fire at some of the zombies that had cornered her.

<Shaw> The body armor saved him, and Sebastian snatched his revolver from his belt, shoving his forearm further into the thing's mouth to give him enough leverage to press the muzzle to its forehead and fire.

<Shaw> He heaved it off and scrambled backward, taking aim at the knee of the one sprinting down the hall toward him now, then finishing it with a shot to the head. Where was his Hydra weapon?

<Viper> The magazine was pretty empty having already been used before the agent died and she was soon searching for another. "Sebastian!" She was cut off from her own weapon; it lay on the floor near the door.

<Shaw> At least Sarkissian was still alive as she was bellowing at him. "Coming! There are more somethings!" He fired three more times, only dropping two, and swearing when he clicked on empty. A corpse kicked his flashlight and the beam of light skittered across the hall, casting shadows that were not at all helpful.

<Viper> "I have no weapon and there are at least six of them between me and the door! Hurry up!" She started throwing things at the zombies to keep them back.

<Shaw> Or, perhaps it was helpful! He spotted the weapon, half under his first attacker. Kicking aside the woman he'd only winged with his last bullet, Sebastian dove for it and rolled, coming up to finish her off. "I understand!" He fired again on his way to the door.

<Viper> She had no choice but to resort to the net weapon. She aimed it at the middle of the group for maximum impact. It took down three but had little affect overall. At least they were weighted down though and no longer a threat. That was something. But now she was really in a corner and had nothing to hand with which to defend herself. She activated her personal forcefield and hoped the charge lasted long enough.

<Shaw> He spotted her easily enough - she was surrounded, mobbed, and if it wasn't for the lack of screams he would assume she was being devoured. Force field. Of course. "If I fire, your field will hold?" He crushed the skull of the small, decomposing thing dragging its way toward him and slammed the door.

<Shaw> With his back to it, he located her weapon too. Things were looking up.

<Viper> "I hope so! But do it quickly!" She really wasn't enjoying being this close to the zombies, forcefield or not.

<Shaw> Sebastian snatched up her weapon and smirked, firing with both to clear the corpses from her.

<Viper> The final two shots broke through the forcefield and hit the walls either side of her head. At least the startle response she didn't have was still not entirely there. "Well that's no longer an option... how does the hall look?"

<Shaw> Something hit the door from the outside as he handed over her weapon, turning to finish off the last of the crawling zombies in the room. "I'd say that answers that."

<Viper> Putting the three in the net out of their misery in quick succession, Viper then levelled her gun at the door.

<Shaw> "I don't know how many are out there." He gave her a look and moved to the door to listen.

<Viper> "Well... we can count them or we can shoot them," she toed the corpses on the ground to check they were properly dead before she followed him.

<Shaw> "As previously established, I prefer to have a plan," he sniffed. Unfortunately, though he heard shuffling outside, he couldn't tell how many corpses that entailed. There was another thump on the door and he jumped.

<Viper> "I think they want to come in," Viper offered, "Either we can let them in or we abandon the task and teleport back to the roof..."

<Shaw> "Perhaps both." He gave her a questioning look.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, "What do you have in mind?"

<Shaw> "If there are too many, perhaps we teleport to a more strategic location? Recoup, then take them by... well, I suppose surprise is the wrong word..."

<Viper> "If we go back up we could lure them up the stairs - the narrower space would make their number more managable...." She eyed the door.

<Shaw> There was another thump, then a scrape. "I favor manageability."

<Viper> She nodded, "Alright... back to the roof." She checked her teleportation device and the coordinates in case the activity had damaged it then offered her hand to him again.

<Shaw> For once, he took it without protest and stepped even closer to the woman. He wanted out of this trap.

<Viper> Viper activated the teleporter which took them to safety though it made a small beep of protest at the other end and she frowned. They were running out of options for emergencies rather fast.

<Shaw> Sebastian's head whipped around at the beep. "And what does that mean?"

<Viper> "It means we need to find another way out because we can't teleport to the edge of the base now. Fortunately..." she nodded to the helicopter.

<Shaw> "Well..." He followed her gaze to the helicopter and raised a brow. "That does make things more... interesting?"

<Viper> "Indeed.... I can pilot it, if you're concerned. It may just attract several more of them with the noise..."

<Shaw> Speaking of noise... Sebastian stepped to the edge of the building and looked down. He blinked, counted, then counted again. "Oh, perhaps more than several."

<Viper> She followed him to the edge of the roof and peered down, "Hmm... perhaps I should come back with a larger team...."

<Shaw> He looked over at her. "Perhaps."

<Viper> "Well... we have three contained. That's better than none." She turned back for the helicopter.

<Shaw> With a nod to himself, Sebastian turned and started after her.

<Viper> Sliding into the pilot seat, Viper buckled herself in and started flicking switches. "Now let's hope the area around home is clear or the landing will be problematic...."

<Shaw> "You do know how to land, yes?" Sebastian fastened his straps in the co-pilot's seat, though he was largely ornamental in that capacity.

<Viper> "...." She fixed him with a look. "Are you under the impression I would skip that part of any lesson?"

<Shaw> He smiled, baring teeth. "Yes."

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, firing up the rotas. "I'm offended."

<Shaw> "Clearly," he said, tone amused

<Viper> "I do know how to land, if it's such a concern." She took the controls and they lifted off the roof.

<Shaw> Sebastian just laughed. Perhaps she was offended after all. How wonderful!
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

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<Carol> Their second night on the road and Carol couldn't sleep. She lay on her back, staring at the canvas above her which was occasionally obscured by one of Heather's wings every time she shifted. The previous night, she'd snuck away and checked out the general area, doing a fly-by of the SHIELD bases. Several of them were on fire and deserted. They were struggling and she'd abandoned them.

<Carol> The guilt was setting in.

<Carol> She sighed and covered her face with her hands for a moment, peeking out when she heard Joe grunt in complaint - one of Heather's wings had nudged him in the back. The poor girl had tried dropping her powers but her danger sense was working on overdrive. She reached over and gently rubbed Heather's arm.

<Cessily> Cessily had never needed much sleep, but since they had started on this journey, it wouldn't come to her at all. She knew Carol was lying awake, as well. Her restless shifting and breathing gave that much away. They both stayed silent for the sake of Heather and Joe, who seemed lucky enough to get at least some sleep.

<Cessily> She carefully shifted to lie on her side, sneaking an arm around Carol's waist. Her face pressed against the other woman's neck, breathing in the faint scent of her hair. It felt good to know she was there.

<Carol> She smiled a little at Cessily's gesture and, once Heather had settled again, turned around to face her. "You okay?" she whispered.

<Cessily> "As okay as I could be right now," Cessily whispered back, her silver smile shimmering in the faint light that reached the inside of their tent. "Can't sleep. How are you?"

<Carol> "I don't know..." she lowered her gaze, avoiding meeting her eyes, "I feel like I should be somewhere else."

<Cessily> Cessily bit her lip. "Yeah, I know," she replied after a moment of silence. "Me too." She tightened her hold on Carol and pulled her close into an embrace.

<Carol> Wrapping her arms around Cessily, she returned the hug tightly, "Missed you."

<Cessily> "I missed you, too." Cessily pressed her lips to the skin of Carol's neck, followed by another kiss to her cheek. "I'm grateful you're here with us."

<Carol> "I have to make sure my family's safe," she pointed out, "I won't be able to concentrate otherwise..." Speaking of concentrating... She looked over her shoulder and had to stifle a giggle - Joe seemed to be wrestling with a wing in his sleep.

<Cessily> "I know," Cessily replied, resting her cheek against Carol's shoulder. "Once we know they're someplace safe and looked out for, we can help the others." She grinned when she watched Carol's brother wrestle with his feathered blanket.

<Cessily> "Speaking of, maybe I should check on them," she whispered then. "Can't sleep anyway."

<Carol> "I'll come with you... maybe giving Heather some extra room will help...." She started to carefully extract herself from beneath the blanket.

<Cessily> Being a shpeshifter, Cessily had little trouble untangling herself from their cramped sleeping conditions without nudging anyone. She was careful to make as little noise as possible as she unzipped the entrance of their tent. The cold didn't phase her, so she didn't bother putting on any more than the top and underpants she was already wearing.

<Cessily> Climbing outside, she looked up into the night sky while she waited for Carol to join her.

<Carol> Carol was also not bothered by the cold and, once she was out from under the blanket, she cheated and flew the rest of the way, grabbing a sweater just in case one of the old people woke up. She zipped the tent up behind her after she'd grabbed her boots.

<Cessily> "The night is kinda beautiful, don't you think?" Cessily asked when Carol joined her. "As long as you don't think about what is happening out there, you could almost pretend we're on a family camping trip."

<Carol> Carol gave her a grin as she pulled her boots on, "Except my dad hates camping. This is like his worst nightmare. You'd think a hardass like him wouldn't mind peeing in the woods."

<Cessily> Cessily couldn't help but chuckle. "Really? I would have expected him to be right in his element out here, going all Rambo and, I don't know, put on camouflage made out of deer excrement or something."

<Carol> Carol had to put a hand over her mouth to stifle that laugh, "Oh God, that's so disgusting and hilarious."

<Cessily> Cessily snickered. "It's good to see you laugh again," she said, stepping closer to put her hands around Carol's waist. Before she could lean in to kiss her, she paused and turned her head. "Did you hear that?"

<Carol> Carol tensed up at the question and followed Cessily's gaze. Raising a hand, she fired a bright blast into the treeline. What it illuminated was not just trees.

<Cessily> Cessily was frozen in place. This was the first time she saw in person what she had only heard about before. In one instant, the distant horror of news reports became real, and it was coming right for them.

<Carol> Carol reacted quickly and darted back for the tent, opening the flap again, "Joe! Get in the truck!" She shook both of them awake as she gave this instruction. Heather's flailing wings almost collapsed the tent on them.

<Cessily> Carol's voice pulled Cessily's mind back into the here and now, and she sprung into action. With a few leaps she was by the vehicles and started banging against the windows. "Everyone wake up!" she called. "We gotta move!"

<Joe> It took him a moment to figure out what was going on in the flurry of activity but Joe managed to gather his wits enough to start grabbing up belongings to bundle into the trucks. And duck Heather's wildly flapping wings, "Heather! Focus!" He managed to catch her shoulders to force her to look at him.

<Carol> Carol was already back outside, her hands and eyes glowing with energy as she hovered over their camp and kept her eyes on the treeline. The noise from the camp started drawing the zombies out and she opened fire.

<Cessily> "Ohgodohgodohgod!" Cessily bolted from one truck to the other, not letting up until the people inside began moving. "This isn't happening. This isn't happening." She caught movement at the edge of her vision and turned her head to see several ragged shapes head straight for them. "Start the cars!"

<Heather> Heather burst from the tent and landed between the cars and the approaching horde, spreading her wings wide to present a large target.

<Carol> Carol was glad that Heather was able to help them and she stole a glance at the tent as Joe hurried to empty it and bundle their things into the back of the nearest truck.

<Cessily> Cessily realised that she had to do something, and that that included stopping to run around like a scared rookie. Their folks would manage to pack up and get the trucks running without her help, but only if the zombies didn't get to them first. She turned around and faced the approaching horde.

<Cessily> "Oh please, I really don't want to this." They still looked almost human, and the thought that they were just innocent people infected with... something drilled into Cessily's mind. "Hey! Over here! Get me!" She waved her arms, trying to draw their attention away from the vehicles.

<Carol> Carol was picking off the faster zombies as quickly as she could. It hurt every time she had to take one out in a SHIELD uniform.

<Heather> Heather couldn't bring herself to kill those particular zombies but she did keep them back and tried to ignore the horror she felt every time one of Carol's energy blasts pierced their heads. She was reaching the limits of what she could comfortably deal with, the foggy feeling of the berserker rage creeping into the corners of her mind.

<Cessily> Her plan didn't work, and the infected continued undeterred, making for the trucks full of people without falling for the silver girl's attempt to distract them. As Carol blasted more and more of them, Cessily knew there was no other way. She had to do something.

<Cessily> "I'm so sorry," she said, as she lashed out with an elongated arm, her hand formed into a solid metal ball. The swing connected with the nearest zombie and knocked it several feet back and to the ground. "Oh god, please, I'm sorry!" She knocked back another, and a third following behind. There were so many.

<Carol> Stealing another glance at Heather, Carol recognised the preadatory lunges that she was making as a bad sign. "Heather! Help Joe with the tent!" She fired a blast at the girl's back to make sure she got her attention.

<Heather> The blast made her stagger but it had the desired effect. Shaking off the fogginess in her mind, she hurried to do as instructed.

<Cessily> Cessily realised she would need a couple more hands to deal with all the zombies swarming in around them, and grew another pair of arms to help her. Those she had knocked back quickly leaped back on their feet, as if driven by some relentless power.

<Cessily> She just didn't have the heart to use lethal force. Stretching her limbs even longer, she caught the attackers closest with silver tentacles, keeping them from getting any closer to the trucks. Far more kept coming, and Cessily soon ran out of arms.

<Carol> "You have to kill them," Carol told her, "The only thing that works is a headshot..." She gave Cessily an apologetic look as she relieved her of some of her captives.

<Cessily> Cessily clenched her jaw and pressed her lips together. An entire pack of infected had gotten themselves entangled in her flexible limbs, pushing onwards with unwavering, mindless ferocity. As they tried to pull themselves free of the silver tentacles, she wondered why they weren't trying to simply attack her instead.

<Cessily> "I'm so sorry," Cessily said, before forming a metal spike and driving it through the head of the closest zombie. The poor creature twitched and made a horrible sound, before going limp in her grip. She couldn't think of the infected human as anything but a victim. "I'm sorry," she said again, forming more and more spikes.

<Joe> Between them, Joe and Heather had managed to get the tent folded up and in the back of a truck. Joe was now freezing because he was still in pyjamas but he wasn't sure about just jumping in a truck because he was worried about the other three. "We're good!" he called to Carol and Cessily.

<Cessily> Cessily winced at the inhuman sounds the infected made when she struck them, and she didn't even want to think about the blood, bone, and other bits that splattered her arms and chest. When she heard Carol's brother call for them, she looked over her shoulder. The trucks were running and ready to go.

<Cessily> Slimming her limbs into fine, serrated blades, Cessily pulled herself free with one quick move that sent blood splashing everywhere. Had she still had a stomach, she might have thrown up at that point. She certainly felt like it as she turned and ran as fast as she could. "Go go go!" she yelled. "Start driving!"

<Heather> Heather grabbed Joe so he didn't have to make the hazardous run to the trucks, folding her wings around him to protect him from the spray of blood from Cessily's captive zombies. Then she lifted them both into the air out of harm's way.

<Carol> Glad that she didn't have to worry about either of them anymore, Carol dropped back to the ground level to cover the rear as the trucks started moving.

<Cessily> While more and more zombies came out of the woods, the small trek made for the open road and picked up speed. Cessily caught up with the trucks and latched on by sticking herself to the roof of one of them, pulling herself up.

<Carol> As soon as there was some distance between the zombies and the trucks, Carol took off to catch up with them, still making sure to blast the running zombies because they were fast enough to catch them. She flew alongside the truck Cessily had stuck herself to, "Everyone okay?"

<Cessily> Cessily looked down herself, covered in blood and other fleshy bits, before she stared at Carol and nodded. "I think so," she said, sounding as mortified as she looked. "But don't touch me. I'm infective, aren't I? We need to get this stuff off me!"

<Carol> "Heather's covered in it too... we'll find a lake or something." She gave Cess a smile and reached to touch her cheek, "You should have seen us after we left the SHIELD base."

<Cessily> Cessily managed a weak smile in return, but winced instinctively when Carol touched her. "I... I don't think I can catch what they have, having no real organic bits," she said. "I hope so, anyway. But I don't want get anyone else infected."

<Carol> "I'll scout ahead for somewhere, how's that?" She looked over to the other truck that had Heather and Joe flying above it.

<Cessily> "Alright, thanks so much." Cessily gave Carol another weak smile. "I guess it would be a expecting a little much out here, but I wouldn't mind if you managed to find a hot shower. If not, I'll gladly take any cold lake."

<Carol> "I'll see what I can do," she promised before picking up speed and vanishing into the night.

<Cessily> "Be careful!" Cessily called after her, then decided that this was not the time to worry about decency and took off her blood-soaked top to start wiping off the worst of the bloodbath they left behind.

<Heather> Changing course a little, Heather moved over enough that Cessily would be able to hear her, "Where's Carol going?" There was, of course, no way she'd catch up to her. Especially with a passenger.

<Cessily> "She's scouting ahead," Cessily replied, while wiping down her arms. Thanks to the nature of her body, at least the blood didn't stick to her metal skin. "And trying to find us a spot to rest and get cleaned up."

<Joe> "I think I'm right in saying no one's getting any more sleep tonight." Joe was resolutely not looking at Cessily.

<Cessily> "I doubt any of us will even think of sleep for tonight, or tomorrow night even," Cessily replied, oblivious to Joe's reaction to her state of undress. Once her top was soaked to the point where it wouldn't take any more blood, she tossed it into the night. Even with all the cleaning in the world, there was no way she would ever put that on again.

<Heather> "I'm very grateful for my powers right now..." Heather could feel her wings slicking off the blood every time she beat them to keep up with the trucks.

<Joe> "So am I..." he wasn't sure he could have coped with being splattered by all that gore.

<Cessily> Cessily hoped that by making her skin as slippery as possible she would be able to get rid of most of the blood and gore, but decided to remain on the roof for the time being, staying away from the others until she had had the chance to thoroughly scrub herself down.

<Heather> Watching Cessily, Heather chewed her lip, "Are you okay?"

<Cessily> Cessily looked up, not saying anything, and simply nodded. "I think we've lost them," she said, looking back the small road they'd came from. "Of course, they seemed to have sneaked up on us out of nowhere before."

<Heather> "They won't do it again..." Heather promised, resecuring her hold on Joe to make sure he didn't drop to the ground below.

<Cessily> "I hope so," Cessily replied, still scanning the darkness behind them. "I think we should have someone keep watch at night from now on, just to be on the safe side."

<Joe> "Pretty sure Carol will volunteer for that..." Joe frowned a little.

<Cessily> "Yeah, I know." Cessily took a deep breath and sighed, forcing herself to calm down. "But maybe we can at least convince her to take turns with me."

<Heather> "We'll all talk to her together, maybe one of us'll get through?" Heather offered.

<Cessily> Cessily looked up at the winged girl and gave her a thankful smile. "Yeah, I hope so. Thanks, by the way. For everything. But especially for your help back there."

<Heather> "Ugh... I don't think I was that helpful... having some trouble...."

<Joe> "Are you kidding? There's no way I'd have got the tent down all by myself."

<Cessily> "Seriously, you did great," Cessily reassured her, giving her a smile. "I'm glad we have you with us."

<Joe> "Me too, or I'd look worse than Cess does right now." Joe patted the arms around his waist.

<Heather> She had to laugh at that, "Yeah... I guess you're right."

<Cessily> "Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Cessily laughed. "That's the first time I've heard that when I took off my clothes around people."

<Joe> He pulled a face, "Don't say things like that! You dated my sister!"

<Cessily> Cessily snickered and smirked. "Then now you know why she dated me," she replied. The banter helped her ignore what just happened back there in the woods.

<Joe> "Gah! Noooo mental images!" He flailed - an act made much easier while Heather had him suspended over the ground.

<Cessily> "And why she still can't keep her hands off me," Cessily added, a mischievous grin on her face while she drained the zombie blood out of her already crimson hair. Who knew that messing with Carol's brother would cheer her up this much.

<Heather> Heather laughed at Joe's reaction to that too, "Awww Cess, you better stop before his head explodes."

<Cessily> "You're right," Cessily agreed, laughing along. "I think I've had my share of exploding heads for tonight."

<Joe> "See... you say she likes you for your looks. I know she likes you because you torment people for kicks just like she does." Joe sulked.

<Cessily> "What can I say, it's just one of my hidden qualities." Cessily grinned, thankful to leave the horror of this night behind her for at least that moment.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

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<Viper> Viper had been struggling with identifying each new sensation since her discovery about her brain. She had come to the conclusion that she would have to learn like every human learned when they were children. Except she was not a child. And she hadn't been all that sociable when she was. Fortunately, the situation had provided her with a subject to observe.

<Viper> She had 'borrowed' Miriam from her parents - lured would be more accurate - and was currently watching her preside over a tea party. The guests at this tea party included Sharky, Miriam's plush spider 'Lulu', and a borrowed teddy bear that was in remarkably good condition for its age.

<Miriam> "Auntie Viper?" Miri looked up from her plate of imaginary cookies. "There's enough tea and biscuits for you, too."

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow, "I'm not hungry, Mäuschen." She raised her cup of coffee in explanation.

<Miriam> She shuffled her bum in place and made with the large sad eyes. "Pleeeeaaaaase?"

<Viper> Frowning a little as she realised that look would soon start having an affect on her, Viper sighed. "If I sit, am I allowed to continue drinking my coffee?"

<Miriam> She grinned and nodded vigorously, scooting aside to make room. "Thank you, Auntie Viper! Mummy says it's not polite not to share..."

<Viper> "Well... it's probably also not very good to make people take things they don't want, yes?" She sat down in the space provided and wrapped her hands around her mug.

<Miriam> That made her bite her lip and look down. She couldn't remember anything about that...

<Viper> Viper studied Miriam for a long moment. What had she done? "Perhaps we can ask your mother to clear that up for us later, hmm?"

<Miriam> "I'm sorry... I just..." Miri's lip quivered. "I-I wanted you to play..."

<Viper> Uhoh. She knew that look. That look was bad. Thinking quickly, she picked up one of the tiny plastic cups and scooped out some of her coffee from her mug with it. She could play along!

<Miriam> "There's j-just n-no other k-kids, a-and..." Miri watched her scoop coffee into her cup and stared, blinking with big eyes and her smile grew.

<Viper> There were no other children and she supposed Miriam probably wanted people her own age around. Maybe she could do something about that? She offered the girl a small smile in return and took a sip of her coffee from the tiny cup.

<Miriam> Happy now, she pushed an empty plate toward her and poured more imaginary tea for Lulu, humming under her breath.

<Viper> Relieved, Viper summoned one of her holographic screens so that she could adjust the monitoring settings while she sat there.

<Miriam> "What's that?" She scooted closer, leaning to look at the screen. "Daddy has some kinda like that..."

<Viper> "You mean here? Because I gave him a lab like mine," she turned the screen, pulling up the footage of them in the lab at the table. "See yourself?"

<Miriam> "Well, yes... but I mean at hooooome." She looked at the picture on the screen and waved, giggling.

<Viper> "Ah, I see." She offered a smile, "There's a camera on the wall there," she pointed for Miriam.

<Miriam> "Oh!" She turned her wave on toward the camera. "Wave, Sharky!" After the silver pet mimicked her actions, she dove for him in a tight hug. "Goooood boy! You miss home too, don't you? I'm so glad mummy brought you!"

<Viper> Well she was really easily distracted... clearly that was an age thing. "Did you know I gave him to your mother?"

<Miriam> She nodded again, squishing Sharky, who luckily had no internal organs to crush.

<Viper> "Did you know I have one too?" She cocked her head on one side. She was constantly disappointed by 'Sharky'.

<Miriam> He nose wrinkled. "Daddy said he's not the same as Sharky..."

<Viper> "She." Viper corrected gently, "And, she's not... she's much larger, for a start."

<Miriam> "How large is larger?" Now she was interested, but she wasn't letting go of Sharky, either. Now her silver friend was licking her cheek.

<Viper> She keyed in a few commands and a holographic form of her own preadator appeared, its silver shape was that of a large cat - about the size of a fully grown tiger.

<Miriam> Miri squeaked in surprise and ducked behind Sharky, who puffed up into spikes.

<Viper> Viper laughed at the reaction, "It's not real." She raised a hand and waved it through the hologram, "At the moment she is doing a job for me."

<Miriam> Edging out from behind her protector, she copied Viper. "What's she doing?"

<Viper> "She's guarding some things," her gaze fell to Sharky who was always hilariously terrified of the larger preadators. It was as if he feared they'd eat him.

<Miriam> "From the dead things?" She was playing with the hologram now, and Sharky had finally figured it out and settled... a little. He made small whining noises whenever Miriam got too close.

<Viper> "Yes." Sort of. "She's very good at guarding things. Usually she's guarding me."

<Miriam> Sharky had slunk closer to the hologram and was still making those sounds, so when Miri noticed she tackled him and they rolled end over end.

<Viper> Viper picked up the cups filled with real liquid for the inevitable collision with the table.

<Miriam> Colliding with the table, Miri's high-pitched giggling turned into a delighted scream and Sharky pounced, back in dog form and tail wagging. "That's what Sharky does! He guards me!"

<Viper> "He does," and it was the only useful thing he did. Still unsure whether it was safe to put the cups down, she tipped the remainder of her coffee from the tiny cup into her mug so she only had one thing to hold.

<Miriam> "He's my best friend!" She pounced said friend and they wrestled, right into Auntie Viper's legs.

<Viper> Viper set her coffee mug down on the floor behind her and gathered Miriam up into her lap.

<Miriam> The happy squealing continued and she flailed, then settled down. Sharky righted himself and sat, tail wagging. He barked once and Miri threw her arms around Viper's neck, hugging tightly.

<Viper> Viper returned the hug, rocking the girl a little bit.

<Shaw> Using his telepathy, Sebastian tracked his daughter to a most unexpected location and walked in without preamble or invitation. A tea party with Viper... and hugs. He blinked.

<Viper> Viper heard the door and sighed a heavy internal sigh. The screen she still had up told her who it was. "Hello Sebastian."

<Miriam> "Daddy!!" She screeched her greeting in Auntie Viper's ear, wriggling to face her father.

<Shaw> "Hello, little love." He smiled for his daughter, but raised an eyebrow at Sarkissian. "Having fun?"

<Viper> Viper loosened her hold on Miriam but steadied her in her lap in case she wanted to run to Sebastian. "Miriam was hosting a tea party."

<Shaw> "So I see..." He smirked. "She makes excellent tea."

<Miriam> Sliding off the lap that'd held her, she nearly fell over and then corrected to fling herself at her father's legs.

<Viper> "I had coffee," she turned to pick her mug back up again. It was sadly cold by now. She dismissed the hologram of her preadator and got to her feet, frowning a little at the two stuffed animal party guests that sat forgotten.

<Shaw> Sebastian scooped up his daughter and cuddled her, catching the frown at the stuffed animals. Interesting. "Coffee." He tsked at Miriam. "She doesn't understand the rules of a tea party, does she?"

<Viper> "Have you ever known me to drink tea?" Viper raised an eyebrow, "There has been a gap in her education though over what to do when someone doesn't want what's on offer."

<Shaw> He bared teeth. "You offer it until the offer becomes the most appealing option, of course." Miriam giggled.

<Viper> "If you want her to turn out like you or I, certainly." Having rid herself of the cold coffee, Viper returned to the tea party to rescue the bear. The plush spider was Miriam's business.

<Shaw> Well, that was even more interesting. Sebastian moved past her to greet Sharky, crouching beside the table. "She knows I'm joking, right little love?" Miriam nodded, clinging to his neck. "Although, there is a time and a place to be insistent."

<Viper> "There's a time and place for everything. It's learning those that is difficult." She set the bear on her desk for now and went to get a fresh cup of coffee.

<Shaw> "Yes, indeed." Miriam noticed Lulu sitting alone and flailed until Sebastian picked up the plush spider and handed her over. "Especially for those learning late."

<Viper> "Indeed." She sat down at her desk with her cup of coffee and looked over at him. "Were you looking for me or for Miriam?"

<Shaw> "Miriam. So imagine my surprise when I tracked her here." He smirked, despite the spider being bounced off his head.

<Viper> "I thought she might be able to help..." She frowned again, wondering if Sebastian would find the idea ridiculous. Even if he didn't, he was sure to take the opportunity to laugh.

<Shaw> "Yes, to help?" He raised a brow, inviting her to continue. The teddy bear was on her desk now. How quaint.

<Viper> Her frown deepened. He knew what she was talking about. She sighed heavily, "To help me learn."

<Shaw> One corner of his mouth lifted. "And did she?" Miriam snuggled her spider and hummed a song.

<Viper> "I've had her for two hours."

<Shaw> "I find two minutes is often enough for me to learn something new." Sebastian grinned.

<Viper> "Well good for you." She raised an eyebrow, "But you have an unfair advantage."

<Shaw> "Such is life." He was always amused by these conversations. "I'm certain Miriam would be happy to help." Turning to his daughter, he smiled. "You enjoy spending time with Miss Ophelia, yes?"

<Miriam> "Auntie Orfeena is fun!"

<Viper> Oh would the humiliation ever end? "I'm going to have to acquire some activities for her."

<Shaw> "She does enjoy coloring tremendously." Miriam bobbed her head in agreement and his grin turned wicked. "I hear adult coloring books are all the rage..."

<Viper> "For those suffering from anxiety disorders," she countered, "I do not have one of those."

<Shaw> "Yet." He waved his hand as if to dismiss the suggestion, straightening up with Miriam and Lulu and moving closer to her desk.

<Viper> She found herself frowning again and distracted herself with the cup of coffee in her grip.

<Shaw> Sebastian smiled to himself, hiding it against Miriam and nuzzling her, much to her delight.

<Viper> The silence prompted Viper to pick up the teddy again, putting it in one of the drawers of her desk for safekeeping.

<Shaw> He noticed, of course. "Coloring and the companionship of a nice plush animal does much to sooth, right little love?"

<Viper> "The bear is mine, actually. It's quite valuable." She would not give him the satisfaction of reacting.

<Shaw> Now interested, he looked up. "Really now?"

<Viper> "It was mine when I was a child. One of the few things that survived the accident, the orphanage and the Hydra training facility."

<Shaw> His head cocked. "You saved it all this time."

<Viper> "Of course. It's mine. And it's a Steiff bear."

<Shaw> Sebastian really had no idea what that meant, but obviously it did have meaning. "You may not be quite as new to emotion as you believe."

<Viper> "You think I kept it for sentimental reasons?" she laughed, "I kept it because it was mine. Ownership is everything when you have nothing."

<Shaw> "Yet you let Miriam play with it." The girl was settling down now, snuggled into his neck.

<Viper> "There was no real liquid or cookies involved so no danger to it."

<Shaw> Sebastian hummed, obviously unconvinced.

<Viper> "Have you ever tried to refuse her?" she nodded to Miriam, "She was concerned that three people wasn't enough for a tea party. I provided her with a fourth."

<Shaw> Smiling, he simply nodded. "Of course."

<Viper> "I was thinking, actually... if the world as we know it is coming to an end, the value of the bear is of no consequence. She might as well keep it."

<Shaw> Hmm. Spoilsport. Sebastian sniffed and shifted Miriam in his arms. "She may come visit it, from time to time."

<Viper> She inclined her head in acknowledgement, "She also expressed a concern that there are no other children here... I was wondering if we could do something about that..."

<Shaw> "I knew she was... lonely." He rested his cheek on her head. The girl was fast asleep. "It would be good for her, if we found other survivors." Pursing his lips, he tried not to think about her older brother, and Hope.

<Viper> "I had another idea..." she turned in her seat, setting her coffee down.

<Shaw> "Oh?" He rocked in place, soothing Miriam and watching Viper.

<Viper> "Didn't you open an orphanage for Hope?"

<Shaw> He blinked. "Yes... as well as one for Michael..."

<Viper> "And who do you suppose will take care of all of those children now?"

<Shaw> "I would say we should certainly check..." He frowned. If Hope and Michael even remembered, likely they would not be in a position to do anything to assist their foundations.

<Viper> "There is room here..." she suggeested, "We could easily bring all of them here."

<Shaw> "Yes," he said, nodding and turning to look at her. "As soon as possible."

<Viper> "I'll start organising it at once." She offered a small smile.

<Shaw> Sebastian nodded, turning to go, then paused. "That will give you a few more to study."

<Viper> "Yes... I suppose it would. Though I studied my fellows when I was a child and it didn't help me at all."

<Shaw> "Perhaps you lacked a shared frame of reference at that time." He smirked. "Now you do not."

<Viper> "Indeed... I suppose I should let you take her for her impromptue nap..." At least she had something else to distract herself with now.

<Shaw> "Yes," he started for the door. "You have more tea parties to plan, after all." He grinned over his shoulder and kept walking. "Do let me know if I can be of assistance with the mission, of course."

<Viper> "If I require your assistance I will let you know." She picked up her coffee cup and vanished behind several screens.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Sep 26, 2015 9:19 pm

<Heather> Heather was spending her first day inside a truck and was enjoying not paying attention to where they were going. Given the Danvers' habit of arguing about something when one of their kids was in the same car, Joe and her had been bundled into the vehicle with Cessily's family to leave them to it.

<Cessily> "I think we're good on this road for another fifty miles or so," Cessily said, while wrestling the fold-out map in her lap. There was no telling when they would be able to charge their electronics again, so she tried to conserve their power. "We're making good progress, so here's hoping we're ahead of any traffic jams."

<Cessily> She looked up at the mutant resting in the seat next to her and gave her a smile. "How are you doing?"

<Heather> "Better now that I can turn my powers off again... Don't get me wrong, I like flying... just sometimes sitting is also nice." She gave Cessily a small grin in return.

<Joe> "I'm a big fan of sitting..." Joe agreed, somewhat distractedly as he looked out of the window for signs of his sister. She'd vanished again.

<Cessily> "Don't worry, she can look out for herself," Cessily assured Carol's brother when she caught his concerned look, before turning back to Heather. "I think we're all in need for a good rest. I don't know about you guys, but I'm ready for a proper bed."

<Heather> "Pretty sure Joe would be glad for a bed that didn't have three girls in it next to him," Heather giggled, "Or maybe he wouldn't."

<Joe> "I'm not above throwing you out of a moving vehicle." Joe turned his gaze to Heather, eyebrow raised.

<Cessily> Cessily giggled. "I would never throw you out of a car, or out of our bed," she said, giving Heather a friendly nudge against the shoulder. "Joe can have the doggy bed outside if he has a problem with that."

<Joe> He groaned, "Need I remind both of you that one of those women is my sister?"

<Heather> She joined Cessily in giggling then leaned to give Joe a hug. "We don't mean it...."

<Joe> "Uh-huh." He retuned the hug anyway, "I am looking forward to a night where I don't get flattened by giant wings every few seconds."

<Cessily> "Awww, we're just trying to lighten the mood, you big grump." Cessily laughed and stretched her arm so she could tousle Joe's hair. "Try to have some fun sometime. We all could use some laughing."

<Joe> "I just don't see why it it always has to be at my expense..." He pulled a face at Cessily's efforts with his hair.

<Heather> "And also he's not used to being in the fun car," Heather nodded solemnly.

<Cessily> "Well, he can go back to the grump car if he prefers constant arguing over hanging out with funny cute girls," Cessily added, playfully poking out her tongue. A road sign came by, and she checked the map again. "Do you think there's any chance of finding a motel that still has any rooms left?"

<Joe> "Sure... but one that's still open? I think we should check it out if we see a sign though... A hot shower would be awesome."

<Cessily> "That would be wonderful." Cessily sighed, and for a moment imagined soaking in a hot tub. "Though we better not get our hopes up too much. Those that are still open are probably swamped with people trying to get away."

<Joe> "Well maybe Carol can talk someone into letting us use their shower then," Joe offered optimistically.

<Cessily> "Talk, or intimidate her way into someone else's shower?" Cessily asked with a laugh. "Though, to be honest, I'd be surprised if anyone even opened their doors for us if they saw us coming." She looked at Heather and back down at herself.

<Joe> "Intimidate, duh," he laughed, "I don't think she knows how to be diplomatic."

<Heather> "Hey! I can look completely normal!" Heather protested, "I just like being warm..."

<Cessily> Cessily snickered and gave Heather a smile. "Actually, I like your birdy self," she said. "Besides, and I know this sounds a bit selfish, but I'm happy to not be the only odd looking one in a crowd. Also, it's totally pretty."

<Heather> She grinned, "Thanks... though it's a good thing I can drop the wings now or we'd be a bit crushed in here."

<Cessily> Cessily laughed. "Yeah, otherwise we might have to tie you to a rope and drag you behind the car like a kite."

<Heather> She laughed too, "Oh we should totally try that then I could sleep while I fly!"

<Cessily> "I suggest wearing goggles in case we drive through a swarm of bugs." Cessily giggled. She turned halfway around and reached into the stuffed trunk behind her. "Okay, who's up for some rations? You guys should eat something."

<Joe> "I could eat... better make sure we save something for Carol too.... whenever she shows up." He frowned.

<Heather> "She'll be fine... she's like a cat, the rustling of food packets'll bring her back."

<Cessily> "That's true." Cessily grinned as she handed out some cereal bars, taking none herself. "I swear she has like a sixth sense when it comes to fast food and fresh coffee."

<Heather> "Oh she does, it's kind of scary," Heather giggled, opening the cereal bar.

<Joe> "She's always been like that... honestly we never figured out where she put it all. I always figured she'd slow down eventually... but nope."

<Cessily> "I'm convinced she must have something like a black hole inside her stomach that keeps powering her, and it's never sated." Cessily grabbed some of the water bottles and handed them out, too.

<Joe> "A black hole, huh? Seems legit." He gave Cess a smile then spotted a small dot in the sky in the wing mirror. "Damn, she's good."

<Cessily> "Wow, it really never fails," Cessily commented, leaning over Heather to look out the window. She held up one of the cereal bars and waved it as if to lure out a hungry kitten.

<Carol> Having finally located the trucks, Carol gave a little speed boost to catch up to them that little bit faster then tapped on the window, "Hey!"

<Cessily> Cessily reached out to roll down the window. "Hey, sweetie, we were just talking about you. Care for a bite?"

<Carol> "Hell yes, gimme!" She practically climbed in through the window onto Joe's lap.

<Joe> Joe tried to press himself into the back of the seat to avoid being crushed by his sister's enthusiasm, "Please give her something before she hurts me."

<Cessily> Cessily giggled and handed Carol a small packet with rations. "Aw, come on, she's tame as a kitten if you keep her fed," she said. "How did the sightseeing tour go? Saw anything interesting out there?"

<Carol> "Lots of destruction... but also something... can you guys pull over? It's easier to eat when I'm not flying at eighty miles an hour..."

<Cessily> "Sure! Up there looks like a good spot." She reached out the window to signal the car following them to pull over too, their little convoy slowly coming to a stop. "Is it really that bad out there?"

<Carol> Carol didn't answer but slid backwards out of the window to wait for them at the side of the road. She cracked open her bottle of water while she watched the two trucks slow down and roll her way.

<Cessily> "Come, let's get our legs stretched," Cessily told the others, before slithering out the open window to flex her malleable limbs outside. She took a look around, relieved to find the spot to be relatively open. If anything were to sneak up on them out there, they should be able to spot it in time.

<Carol> Carol took the opportunity to hug Cessily now that she didn't have to climb over Heather and Joe to get to her.

<Heather> "What's up?" Heather followed Joe out of the truck and looked around, her wings errupting from her back so she could act as a wind breaker.

<Cessily> Cessily returned the hug, holding Carol tight for a second before releasing her again. When she let go, she gave her a concerned look. "What did you see out there?"

<Carol> Carol sighed, looking down at the ground, "While we've been travelling, I've been checking out SHIELD facilities...."

<Cessily> Cessily bit her lip and promptly wrapped her arms around Carol again, silently giving her another hug. "How... how bad is it?" she asked, already dreading the obvious answer.

<Carol> "I haven't found any that are still operational..." She looked at Heather over Cessily's shoulder, "It's really really bad..."

<Cessily> "Oh god, what are we going to do now?" Cessily asked, her question not directed at anyone. She looked back at Carol. "Are they very close? We have to get our families to safety as fast as possible." If there even was anything like a safe spot. If they could overrun SHIELD bases like this, what could possibly stop them?

<Carol> "They're not close... but I don't know how long they've been down." She had no choice but to be honest about it, no matter how bad the news was. "But there is one glimmer of hope..."

<Cessily> Cessily's eyes lit up. "What do you mean?" she asked, a hint of hopefulness in her voice. She was desperate for some good news for a change.

<Carol> "A couple of miles up ahead on the right there's a dirt road. It's kind of an out of the way spot so it's pretty deserted... there's a motel and I already checked to see if there was still working showers." She offered a smile, "Figured it'd be nice to sleep under an actual roof for a night even if that loses us half a day of travel time."

<Cessily> Cessily's face brightened and she hugged Carol for a third time. "You're a heaven-sent. I've been praying for a shower and a bed for days now." She looked over her shoulder. "We shouldn't lose any time then. If there are other people at the motel, we need to warn them, too."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "It's abandoned.... but that's okay, everything still works and there's no sign of anyone getting hurt there.... I guess the owner saw the news and decided to go find their family or something."

<Cessily> Cessily smiled with a feeling of relief. "That's good," she replied. "Perhaps we even get lucky and find more supplies there. In any way, it'll be safer to stay inside than camp out in the wild for another night."

<Carol> "I'll take another look around while you guys drive the rest of the way," Carol offered, holding out her water bottle to Joe to look after. "It looks clean though..."

<Joe> "Clean is good," Joe nodded with a glance to their parents as he accepted the bottle of water.

<Cessily> Cessily nodded. "About time we had a little lucky break," she said, trying her best to keep up a positive attitude. "Who's ready for a proper bed?"

<Joe> "So far past ready."
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Sep 29, 2015 1:05 am

<Shaw> If this was how Omaha looked, he hated to see how Alaska was faring. The power was out, yet half the city was on fire. Sebastian looked out over the skyline, thankful they were upwind - not that it really helped with the smell. It was overpowering.

<Viper> If they'd had any other option than helicopters, Viper would have taken it. The noise was sure to attract the infected to them so she'd made sure to bring ample numbers with her this time. She directed some of the groups to fan out around their target to draw the attention of any wandering hordes and to provide them with an early warning. And then it was time to land.

<Shaw> Sebastian looked over at Sarkissian, eyebrow raised. "And your intelligence -- and I use the term loosely," he added, gaze sliding to the Hydra troops in the belly of their chopper and back. "Is certain there are still survivors in the building?"

<Viper> "As certain as they can be without going inside and sitting with them until we arrive, yes." She gave a nod, her eyes on the building in question as they got closer to the ground.

<Shaw> "Mmm. Perhaps that's what they should have done." He looked back toward the building, recalling the opening ceremony he'd attended with Michael, just three short years ago.

<Viper> "Oh yes. Because they'd react so well to Hydra agents with guns strolling in." She raised an eyebrow at him, "We're not SHIELD, you know."

<Shaw> "I do believe it's possible anything with a pulse would be welcome, considering." Sebastian swept a gloved hand over the carnage as their helicopter bumped down on the roof of the orphanage.

<Viper> "You'd be surprised." Experience had taught her that people were especially stupid when they were terrified. She got out of her seat ahead of the agents and stepped out onto the roof.

<Shaw> He followed, checking his Hydra weapons without comment and unholstering his trusted backup weapon -- his father's revolver -- to spin the chamber. Just as he'd done during their other mission, Sebastian went to the edge and looked down. Of course there was a crowd growing.

<Viper> Viper was unconcerned by the crowd, knowing she had a distraction about to start, and she went straight for the stairwell access. She cleared her throat loudly to get his attention as he'd complained about it last time she'd done this.

<Shaw> Hearing her terribly subtle warning, Sebastian turned back to regard her for a moment and then strolled to her position, slowly, checking his body armor as he went. While he obviously wasn't concerned about impacts, getting bitten was a death sentence.

<Viper> For this go around, Viper had made sure to bring a more substantial power source for her forcefield and teleporter. She was less concerned about falling victim to the infected. When he was close enough, she opened the door a small way and shone a light into the darkness.

<Shaw> Weapon ready, Sebastian waited, glancing over his shoulder to their Hydra backup.

<Viper> Satisfied this portion of the stairwell was clear, Viper opened the door all the way and waved a team down ahead of her, "I want a full sweep," she instructed, "No corner unexplored."

<Shaw> "Remember these are children, and they may be frightened. There are children between the ages of three and fourteen here, according to the last record I could locate." He followed behind them, curious.

<Viper> The agents had no idea why there was a sudden interest in rescuing people, never mind children, but they had more sense than to ask questions. They also knew that if they disappointed Viper it would be the last thing they ever did. The woman in question followed the advance team down the stairs and sent them down the hall on that floor before she continued to the next level herself.

<Shaw> Noticing the woman was peeling off by herself, again, Sebastian turned away from the team to follow. "Who will care for all these children, if we locate them?"

<Viper> "Hydra will." Obviously. She glanced at him before opening the door onto the next corridor a crack.

<Shaw> Sebastian snorted, taking up a position on the other side of the doorway to cover her. "You will forgive my skepticism of your agents' parenting skills."

<Viper> "My organisation isn't just full of them she nodded in the direction of the team above. There are scientists of varying descriptions too. And, don't forget, they're all people - they all have families."

<Shaw> "Mmm." Unconvinced, he simply nodded. It was still a better fate for any child than dying here, so he supposed the point was moot. After a moment, he held up a hand, hearing movement. He tilted his head toward the opening in the door.

<Viper> Viper nodded, opening the door a little further and stepping into the hall. "We'll make do," she muttered back to him, her weapon ready just in case.

<Shaw> His weapon was already leveled, and he checked behind them and then followed, placing his back to the wall. "We are uninfected and we're here to help you," he tried, just in case it was a living child. Children were entirely unpredictable in the best of times, after all.

<Viper> Down the hall, a door opened a crack and hushed voices floated toward them. Viper raised an eyebrow but lowered her weapon, holding up her free hand in a placating gesture.

<Shaw> Sebastian smiled, though kept on his guard. "Yes, thank you. Tell me, is there any... danger, around?" He started moving slowly toward the door, keeping an eye out.

<Viper> The kid pulled the door closed again and Viper looked at Sebastian. "Suggestions?"

<Shaw> He sighed and moved to the door, crouching and moving close to the crack to speak. "Don't be frightened. We're here to take you somewhere much safer. Are you hungry?"

<Viper> There was some discussion going on behind the door between older voices and younger voices. Viper's patience was severely tested and her hand was almost on the door handle when it opened again. It was one of the older children and it was wearing a look she often wore herself. She was trying to figure out if she could trust them. Viper decided to leave that to Sebastian. She could not be trusted.

<Shaw> Staying in his position, Sebastian just moved back slightly. He had no desire to stand and frighten them off now. The child was dirty, and in the poor light he could just make out more movement in the room behind the ... boy? Girl? "Hello. How many of you are in there?"

<Viper> A stage-whispered voice from somewhere in the dark said: "Don't tell him!" Viper raised an eyebrow, "Oh now, that's hardly practical." She shook her head, moving away so she could watch the hall better.

<Shaw> "I understand why you're frightened." He attempted his most non-threatening smile, one he liked to think he'd perfected for Miriam. The older child - the silent spokesman, apparently - just shifted its feet. Sebastian glanced over at Sarkissian.

<Viper> She rolled her eyes, "Swap places." She offered her weapon to him as she moved back to the door.

<Shaw> Sniffing, he stood. The child took a step back into the doorway and looked up, then up some more. Sebastian accepted her weapon and checked both ways down the hall. He could hear fighting from the upper floor now.

<Viper> "I know he's creepy but we're trying to help you," Viper told the child, "We just want to get you all out of the building safely and then you can do whatever you want. You have my word on this." Her expression was impassive and she watched them as another discussion took place. A democracy. How cute. She glanced over her shoulder at Sebastian.

<Shaw> Since the attention was off of him, Sebastian reached for his wallet and located his Massachusetts driver's license. "This is the Shaw Foundation home, yes?" He handed over his license and flipped on his small flashlight to better illuminate the situation. "I'm Michael Shaw's father. We're here to help you, I promise."

<Shaw> Sebastian saw the child's - girl, he now realized, with short hair - eyes widen. She looked between the picture and the man a few times. "B-bastian?"

<Shaw> The door behind her opened just a bit more and he saw eyes shining in the light. He tried the smile again. "Yes. Come, let's get you out of here."

<Viper> "You couldn't have lead with that?" Viper asked him with another eyeroll. Men. She moved aside to allow the children to cluster together in the hallway and kept watch for zombies.

<Shaw> "I was getting there, before you interrupted." He smirked, then did a head count. Five, of various ages. "Do you know if there are any other children still here?"

<Viper> Viper looked up, following the sound of boots on the floor above. Then there was a yell and gunfire followed by more yelling.

<Shaw> "I-I-I don't know..." The girl picked up a young boy, who buried his face in her neck. "There was... but M-mister Henderson ate Sammy..." Another young girl started crying and Sebastian stepped in closer, resting his hand on her head.

<Shaw> "Right. We'll just have to search then..." He glanced toward the ceiling and then at Viper. "Suggestions?"

<Viper> "Not that way..." she offered, "Let's search this floor for more survivors."

<Shaw> He nodded mildly, then ruffled the child's hair and stepped in close to the woman. "Can you teleport this many, should the need arise?" he asked softly.

<Viper> "Not all at once. Too much biomass." She frowned a little.

<Shaw> "Mmm. Just yourself and them?" He knew that would cut out a significant bit of mass. As he eyed the children, he felt it might be a necessary sacrifice.

<Viper> "It'd be a stretch.... I could take an older one and a younger one... then the remaining three and come back for you. They aren't designed to take more than one person really."

<Shaw> "Well, then we'll just be careful." He flashed his teeth at her and started back down the hall. "Stay together, and stay between us, children. If you see anything suspicious, quietly let us know."

<Viper> "I'll take point," Viper offered, "I'm less likely to hesitate..." she started down the hall.

<Shaw> He supposed he couldn't argue that, and dropped to the rear of their strange little party. Upstairs, there was a scream and another surge of fire.

<Viper> "Keep up," Viper urged them, moving quickly from room to room. The first two were empty. The third was not.

<Shaw> "Sammy!" one of the children screamed. The dead child was fast, and Sebastian could only shout out a warning before it was on Viper. He tried to get a shot, but the children scattered into his way as well as behind him. "Stay here!"

<Viper> Viper threw the thing off and fired a shot to take it down. Surely much to the horror of the other children. "Well at least we know how recently this happened."

<Shaw> "And that there may be a Mister Henderson to contend with..." Sebastian did a fast head count. Four. "Four... we're missing someone! Who is it?"

<Shaw> The eldest girl looked around and whimpered, scooting in close to Sebastian again. "Jeff. It's Jeff!" This set off another wave of tears.

<Viper> "He probably just got scared and hid somewhere." Viper moved back to the group, "Would you rather I went?"

<Shaw> "Perhaps I should contain the rest until we've regrouped." Sebastian started herding children toward one of the rooms they'd already cleared. "Or, perhaps we should call for more backup?"

<Viper> "I think they're a little busy..." She glanced up as more gunfire sounded, "One of us should stay with them."

<Shaw> "Indeed." He smirked. "I will. As you pointed out, you are less likely to hesitate."

<Viper> She nodded, moving away once Sebastian and the children were in the room. "Take this," she offered her teleporter, "Just in case."

<Shaw> Sebastian arched a brow, but assented and took the small device. He gave her a nod and then turned to reassure the children, crouching down to gather them around.

<Viper> Viper started back down the hall to check the rooms they'd cleared again. Perhaps the child was back in the room they'd found them in? That was a safe space. She decided to look in there, moving quietly.

<Shaw> The remaining children were as reassured as they were going to get, so Sebastian instructed them to sit inside the door and close it should trouble arise. Then, he took a post outside the doorway, weapon at the ready. He couldn't see Viper, and it was quiet upstairs now. Was that good or bad?

<Viper> Found him! She held out a hand to the child and he took it after a moment of hesitation. Then she picked him up because it would be faster - he was around Miriam's age and they weren't good at running unless they were doing it to piss you off. And then there was a sound down the hall.

<Shaw> Sebastian heard it as well, squinting into the darkness. One of the children must have heard it too because he heard a whimper. "Shhhhh..." he cautioned softly, taking a silent step further into the hall.

<Viper> "Hold on tight," Viper whispered to the child as she shifted his weight so that she could carry her weapon. She leaned out into the hall to check the path back to the other room and spied Sebastian.

<Shaw> He signaled he saw her and that he'd heard an unidentified sound. Then, it repeated. The echo in this building was unbelievable and he frowned. "She found him, little ones. He's fine... be calm..."

<Viper> Viper checked the other end of the hall before she stepped out to start back to the others. Movement behind Sebastian caught her eye, "Look out!"

<Shaw> Sebastian heard the footsteps and spun just in time to spot another child corpse sprinting toward him, quickly overtaken by an adult male. He raised his weapon, fired, and swore when he ripped the man's ear off and little else. They went down in a tumble of snarls and swearing.

<Viper> Damn it! Viper quickly put the child back on the floor, "Stay right here. I'll come back for you." The kid shook his head and clung to her waist. Or not. "Sebastian, I might hit you, is that alright?"

<Shaw> "....yes!" He could hear the children crying. "Shut the door!" Now the child was on him as well, making throwing the creatures off without getting bitten much harder.

<Viper> Viper kept the child between her and the wall as one of the older kids slammed the door of the room the others were hiding in. Now if only Sebastian could hold the others still. She raised her weapon and took out the larger target first - it took her a few tries. Maybe not neccessarily.

<Shaw> Each shot showered him with blood and when the man's corpse fell on him he swore and kicked it off. The child zombie flew backward as well, striking the wall and sliding down it. It shook itself with a growl.

<Viper> As soon as it was on its feet again, Viper fired on it and watched it drop like a sack of potatoes. "You alright?" she called down to Sebastian.

<Shaw> He had never been as thankful for Hydra body armor as he was in that moment. He sat up and checked for any more visitors, then climbed to his feet. "Took your time," he observed, shaking blood from his armor.

<Viper> "Next time I won't bother to ask your permission before I shoot you." She offered, bending to pick the child up again. He was shaking now and crying so she holstered her weapon to hug him.

<Shaw> Shocked at her cuddling ability, he noticed the child was Miriam's age and sighed, opening the door for the other children. "It's alright. I promise."

<Viper> She hurried to rejoin him and the other children, "You're all unhurt, yes?"

<Shaw> "I wasn't bitten," he reassured them, crouching down to let the children inspect him. The children whispered responses to Viper, or just nodded. "I want to go..." a little boy whimpered.

<Viper> Viper nodded, "Yes, we all do," she assured the child. "We have a helicopter on the roof if we can all stay together and get up there."

<Shaw> Despite the blood, the boy tugged at Sebastian's arm until he picked him up for a cuddle. "We'll go as soon as we can." He looked up at Sarkissian. "Have you heard from your teams?"

<Viper> "No... but that's not unusual." She frowned a little, "Let's just get these children up to the roof and then we can find out what's going on."

<Shaw> "Right." He had no problems with this course of action and stood with the boy, shuffling so he could access his weapon. Starting for the stairs, he listened for movement.

<Viper> "I'll go first." She activated her forcefield, holding up the device so he knew why she was volunteering. It would be a lot easier if her whimpering limpet would let go but oh well...

<Shaw> Sebastian nodded, adjusting the weapon again to gesture for the rest of the children to keep close. The girl grabbed his hand and he frowned slightly. He needed that hand.

<Viper> Viper went for the door to the stairwell, opening it a small way and listening for sounds of the team above. There was nothing but silence. She exchanged glances with Sebastian then put her finger to her lips to signal the children for silence.

<Shaw> There was another child holding onto his leg now and he felt the last bumping against his opposite hip. He was completely surrounded, and if they were attacked right now it could end badly.

<Viper> Viper started up the stairs ahead of Sebastian and the rest of the children, listening carefully. It was difficult to be stealthy whilst carrying a crying child, however, and a particularly loud whimper got an answering bang from the corridor on the level they'd just reached. She froze.

<Shaw> Sebastian shushed the children and felt them crowd even closer. Carefully, he freed his hand from the girl and when she made a soft sound he pointedly reached for his weapon. That silenced her.

<Viper> The kid was close to cutting off her air supply and it was uncomfortable at best, but she tried to ignore it and slowly crept past the door. But whimpering child just wouldn't stop making noise. The door banged open and she let out a string of colourful curses - thankfully none in english - and raised her weapon to fire at speedy zombie that had stumbled on impact with her forcefield.

<Shaw> The zombie was in a Hydra uniform, and had at least two companions he could see. Unfortunately, Sebastian's curses were in English when he awkwardly opened fire as well.

<Viper> "If you can get past, run for the roof. I'll join you in a moment," Viper suggested, as the sources of the bites on the agents hurried for the noise. Children. Lots of zombie children.

<Shaw> He heard the pitter-patter of little feet and swore, picking up the next smallest child and ordering the girl to pick up the last. "Stick with me. Do not stop. For anything." Sebastian started up the stairs at fast trot.

<Viper> The child showed no signs of leaving her with the others so she kept one arm around him while she fired at the zombies to keep the numbers down. At least the kid was too busy burrowing into her neck to notice she was gunning down his former friends.

<Shaw> "Keep moving!" He still had the use of his legs and kicked a small zombie child out of the way, trying not to think how much it looked like Miriam. Of course, just as he reached the landing, he heard a scream. The oldest girl fell on the stairs.

<Viper> Hearing the scream, Viper turned to keep any that got past her blocking the door with her forcefield from eating anyone on the stairs. "Get up!"

<Shaw> "Come! Hurry!" With both arms full, Sebastian was at a disadvantage and instructed the bigger child to hold onto his neck so he could jerk the girl upright by the back of her shirt. A zombie child darted in, sinking teeth and fingers into one of the kid's legs.

<Shaw> "No!" He kicked at the dead child.

<Viper> Viper's first shot took out the zombie. The second ended the threat of the bitten child turning.

<Shaw> The screaming, terrified child went slack in his arms and Sebastian picked up the sound. "NO!" The little body slipped from his grip, flopping to the floor.

<Shaw> All the children were crying and screaming now and there was nothing he could do but keep running to get the survivors out. He grabbed the girl's hand and moved.

<Viper> As soon as she heard the roof door bang, she turned and took out enough zombies to make a pile in the doorway that would slow the others down then she ran up the steps herself, wishing she'd not given her teleporter to Sebastian.

<Shaw> He realized he was crying when they stopped on the roof and he put down the one live child still in his arms to check her for injuries. "I'm so sorry, loves... so, so sorry."

<Viper> Viper wasn't far behind them and she made sure to blast the lock and melt it to stop the zombies following them. She walked straight past Sebastian and the other children to get their ride started up. Now the child she'd been carrying was in her lap and she frowned when she tried to buckle up. Loosening the straps somewhat, she managed to make them long enough to go around them both.

<Shaw> "T-t-that was m-my s-s-sister!" The boy he'd been carrying screamed and Sebastian found himself helpless to comfort him and choking back his own tears.

<Shaw> "I'm so sorry..." He looked over at the helicopter. "We must go, little ones. Now!"

<Viper> Viper flicked switches and checked controls, starting up the engines, "Seatbelts on," she called, "Quickly - that door won't hold them forever."

<Shaw> He herded the children into the helicopter, trying to help them strap in, except for the little boy who'd latched onto Sebastian's neck and wouldn't let go. Much like Viper, he found himself strapped in with a child in his lap. "Go!"

<Viper> Viper didn't need telling twice and the helicopter lifted from the roof. Moments later, the door burst open with a flood of zombies of various ages and sizes. She radioed to her other teams to abandon the orphanage before looking over her shoulder at Sebastian, "You know I had no choice."

<Shaw> He didn't answer her, though he knew she was right. But, at the moment, Viper had shot a child in his arms, right in front of her brother. Sebastian just cradled the boy, working off a glove to stroke his filthy hair.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by JackSkulls » Thu Oct 01, 2015 3:11 am

Warren: "Hey quit fidgeting. It's hard enough to fly like this with a passenger. Let alone one that can't stop moving for half a second." Warren had completely forgotten to get guns when the world hadn't ended yet. "Hopefully everyone's evacuated but who the hell knows... This place is pretty remote they might not know. You sure you can break into this place?"

Doreen: "Oh yeah the security out in places like this is next to nothing. If it's not unlocked then the dude's probably paranoid." She laughed a little. "Do you think we have enough bags? I mean aren't you like super strong when you're all blue?" Doreen tried to stop moving so much but him flapping and the wind made it hard to hold the bags.

Warren: "Kinda. I don't want to overdue it. Plus you have to be able to hold onto a lot of it. I can't carry guns and you." When they landed he shifted forms quickly. "Be on your guard and be quiet. We don't know if whatever it is has made it this far yet." He led her over to the door so she could get the lock. "I'll clear the building, you just keep close so I can protect you."

Doreen: "Yeah shut up and look pretty. I know the drill." She started to play with the lock with her tools. "Should only take me a minute."

Warren: As soon as the door was opened Warren slipped in and used his flashlight to search around. This was never his forte but eventually he found the lights and got them turned on. "Okay Doreen, it's clear in here start loading up the guns I'm going to check the other rooms. Don't forget ammo."

Doreen: "I got this feathers. You just make sure we don't get eaten. All these guns are locked you're my heavy artillery." She gave him a smile and went about loading up the guns.

Warren: Warren went about the building clearing all the rooms. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew something was off. The building smelled funny and things weren't put away like he assumed they would be. By the time he noticed the figure closing in on him it was too late. He swung his arm at what used to be a man. It bit down hard on his hand and Warren's heart felt like it stopped. From then on everything seemed to move in slow motions. Without even thinking about it Warren's bladed wing shot out cutting his arm clean off just below the elbow and then straight through the zombie's head. "Doreen! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" He got his belt off and tied it as tightly around his arm as possible.

Doreen: "Oh fuck Warren. Fuck..." She stared at him for a minute her brain not processing what had just happened.

Warren: "Doreen come on! We have to get back before I can't fly. Grab the stuff lets go!!!" Warren pulled his arm tight to his body. The pain was almost unbearable. "Now!" As soon as she gathered up all of the bags she filled they rushed out, and Warren did his best to fly them home as quickly as possible. Even with his healing factor he would need medical attention.

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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:04 am

<Jessica> Jess sat on the floor with Miriam working on some colouring books that Viper's people had found somewhere. Miriam chatted away to herself and her plush spider while she worked and Jess smiled, enjoying listening to her. She seemed to be handling things well enough.

<Shaw> Try as he might, Sebastian had been unable to coax a name from the boy, who had clung to him for the entire trip home. Now at a loss of what to do, he went to the person who understood small people much better than he. Once outside the door, he knocked awkwardly.

<Jessica> Jess exchanged glances with Miriam at the knock on the door then got up to answer it, "I wonder who it could be," she gave Miriam her best suspicious look and was rewarded with a giggle. She opened the door and then she stared.

<Shaw> Sebastian attempted a smile. I'm fine. He, however, lost his sister... and won't leave me... He jostled the boy gently and he wound his arms more tightly around Sebastian's neck. I couldn't let Viper's minions pry him off kicking and screaming. He's been through enough trauma in one day, yes?

<Jessica> Yeah... uh... she looked over at Miriam, who was back colouring in her book of bugs, Bathroom... quick...

<Shaw> He shrugged one shoulder, which was the closest she was getting to an apology for this situation. Then he peeked around the corner to Miriam, ensuring she was occupied. One, two, dash to the bathroom.

<Miriam> What was that clanking sound? She looked up just in time to see something large, black and generally shaped like her father round the corner into their small bathroom. "Daddy?"

<Jessica> "Daddy needs a shower," Jess wrinkled her nose mightily for Miriam's amusement, "Let's finish this picture so we can show him when he's done, yeah?"

<Shaw> Daddy was indeed in need of a shower, and once in the bathroom he saw his reflection in the mirror. "...Christ."

<Jessica> Once Miriam was back on task, Jess got up and went to the bathroom too, slipping inside and closing the door behind her. "I don't want to ask what happened, do I?"

<Shaw> "No," he answered tersely, now trying his best to pry the boy loose. "I promise you, we're safe. You can let go now. I've got someone you can meet."

<Jessica> "One thing at a time," Jess ushered them both into the shower fully clothed, "You smell bad and you're covered in I don't know what so you're both taking a shower."

<Shaw> "Oh, you do know exactly what," he snarked, stepping into the shower. The moment the water touched the boy he started to howl. "Shhh! It's fine!"

<Jessica> "It's okay, don't worry about your clothes," Jess assured the kid, using her powers to help soothe him before getting in under the water too, "See? Look, we're all wet now."

<Miriam> What was that?! Frightened, she picked up her Lulu and crept to the bathroom. "Mum? Daddy?"

<Shaw> Sebastian gave Jess a horrified look. "We're fine, little love," he called, then froze when the boy muttered something.

<Jessica> "We're okay," Jess poked her head out and smiled at Miriam, "Finish your picture and we'll be out soon, okay?" She gave her daughter a grin, "Mummy's all wet so she can't help you colour at the moment but I think your caterpillar needs more purple."

<Shaw> "What did you say?" Sebastian was able to pry the boy off since he was staring now at the bathroom door. The layers of filth sluicing off of the child was stunning. He muttered again.

<Miriam> "Okaaaaay..." She looked at the door and scowled, then turned. "Purple. I like purple!"

<Shaw> What was he saying? It sounded like a name, perhaps. Katie? Sebastian started to strip off his body armor while the child was distracted.

<Jessica> "Purple is good!" Jess shooed Miriam back to the other room with another smile before she turned her attention to the boy, "We have to take your dirty clothes off, is that alright?" she crouched down to his level.

<Shaw> Sebastian watched as the boy tore his attention from the doorway and slowly nodded at Jessica, eyes downcast. I had him, and his sister... but she didn't survive. Finally he worked one boot, then the other off, watching blood swirl down the drain.

<Jessica> Jess bit her lip, her eyes flicking up to Sebastian at the news. She reached to start peeling the wet and soiled clothes from the boy's small frame, "My name's Jessica," she told him, "The little girl is our daughter - her name is Miriam." She gave him a small smile.

<Shaw> "This is my wife." He dropped the last of his armor into the corner and yanked off his shirt, taking a moment to wash the blood and filth from his hair before crouching down with them. Sarkissian shot her. Right in front of him.

<Jessica> On purpose?! The look of alarm was spectacular. Why are you telling me this right now? She helped the kid step out of his shoes and pants and reached for the shampoo they used with Miriam.

<Shaw> It needed to be done, I suppose. She was bitten... "What is your name, son?" It slipped out, but when the boy looked up at him, Sebastian could only smile slightly. So you understand... He swallowed, heavily. It should not have been done like that however...

<Jessica> Well... tact isn't her strong suit, let's be honest... Still, that was horrible. She started carefully shampooing the kid's hair for him, "You can tell us whatever you want - we won't know the difference," she offered with a small smile.

<Shaw> Much of this blood is hers. He stood and stripped to his underwear to get the last of said blood off. An idea was forming, and he wasn't sure how Jessica would feel about it.

<Shaw> The boy whispered something again and he tilted his head from beneath the water to see if he could catch the words.

<Jessica> "Connor?" Jess repeated, the boy nodded, "Hello Connor," she gave him a small smile.

<Shaw> He crouched again, extending a now-clean hand. "Connor? It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Sebastian." The little boy just stared at his hand and he smirked, reaching out to pat his shoulder instead. "How old are you?"

<Jessica> Another mumbled response while she helped Connor wash the shampoo out informed them he was four. And holy crap that was some red hair. She raised her eyebrows at Sebastian.

<Shaw> "Four, is it?" He smiled, again attempting his damnedest to be non-threatening. "Our daughter is five." The bright red hair reminded him of Hope and his smile softened. Ever since they'd lost touch he was worried. "We also have a son... but he's a tad older."

<Shaw> The boy just nodded and he reached for the wash to assist Jessica. More washing was clearly called for.

<Jessica> Jess took the soap from Sebastian then picked up his shampoo and swapped it, "Now... I'm not sure we have any clothes that will fit you just yet... but I'm sure we can find something you can wear and then we'll get you something to eat. Are you hungry?"

<Shaw> Connor nodded and Sebastian took the shampoo as a hint and turned his attention to his own hair. What would you think if he stayed with us? He watched her from the corner of his eyes. At least for a time.

<Jessica> If he wants to, he's welcome to. She gave the kid a smile, "They have all kinds of nice things here that you can eat. Anything you want."

<Shaw> Sebastian breathed a sigh of relief. Thank you, love. He has no one. Closing his eyes, he rinsed his hair. "She's quite right. You can meet Miriam and have something to eat. You'll be staying with us."

<Jessica> "If you want to," Jess amended with a look at Sebastian and an internal eyeroll. "And we'll get you some clothes that fit somewhere, too.... even if you don't want to stay with us."

<Shaw> Connor just stared at Jessica, eyes large and sad.

<Shaw> "Yes, if you wish," Sebastian amended, half-heartedly, then looked down at the silence once the soap was out of his eyes.

<Jessica> Jess offered him a small smile, "You can stay with us for as long as you want," she told him.

<Shaw> It was the lower lip that started to quiver first, and before Sebastian could move Connor flung himself at Jessica, wrapping soggy, scrawny arms around her neck.

<Jessica> Jess returned the hug tightly and decided the kid was clean enough. She stood up with him and wrapped a fluffy towel around him.

<Shaw> Sebastian smiled softly, watching them together. Once they cleared the shower, however, he kicked off his remaining clothing to finish up. He still felt filthy, and it was in no small part from what Viper had done.

<Jessica> Once he was dry, Jess bundled Connor into another fresh towel and sat him down on the toilet seat while she quickly took off her own wet things and pulled on a robe. "Alright then, let's find you one of Sebastian's t-shirts to wear for a few hours," she smiled at the boy and went to collect him from his perch.

<Shaw> Shutting off the water, he wrapped a towel around his waist and slicked back his hair. Connor looked so very small - pale and freckled. He felt a surge of sympathy and affection for the child. I wish to keep him safe. As safe as we can.

<Jessica> How many more are there? She gently rubbed Connor's back as she carried him back into the living area, "Miriam, this is Connor. He's going to be staying with us." She turned so Miriam could see Connor's face.

<Shaw> Sarkissian and I were only able to save five. I'm unaware of how many her teams may have found. One of her teams was decimated by the former residents, however, so I am not optimistic. He followed them, watching Miriam perk up.

<Miriam> "Wow, you have Hope hair!" She held up her coloring book. "Do you want to color?"

<Shaw> "Love, Connor needs something to eat first, and some clothing." He looked between the two children, and saw the boy again mouth a word. It wasn't Katie, but something close.

<Jessica> "We can all colour after some food, okay?" She set Connor down on top of the dresser, extracting one of Sebastian's t-shirts to pull on over the boy's small head. It was like a tent on him but it was only temporary.

<Shaw> He suppressed a smirk at the sight and reached past her to grab a shirt for himself. Of course, we need to decide where he should sleep...

<Jessica> He can sleep in the bed with us as long as he feels safe but I'm sure we can get another bed moved in here for him. She braided her hair quickly, deciding she'd wash it later, and went to get some clothes for herself once she helped Connor down.

<Shaw> Locating more clothing, he dressed quickly - rather, he tried. Once Jessica stepped away, Connor hovered close by.

<Jessica> He seems pretty attached to you... She sat down on the nearest chair to pull some shoes on. "Alright, missy, let's see that caterpillar," she gestured for Miriam to bring it to her.

<Shaw> I carried him out. After a few attempts, he managed to get pants on and gave up, sitting down close to Jessica and picking the child up. "Is that better?" The boy settled down quickly, watching the little girl and mumbling.

<Miriam> She wasn't so sure she liked that boy sitting on her daddy, but took the picture to mum. "I made all his stripes purple. See?"

<Jessica> "You did! It's lovely!" she picked Miriam up and cuddled her on her lap, "If we had a fridge, I would put it right on there. Maybe we can ask Auntie Viper to put something in here for magnets, huh?"

<Shaw> Sebastian barely stifled a grunt. Auntie Viper was still on his list. Connor was muttering and he caught a word here and there. "What's that?" he coaxed, then paused. "That was her name, yes?"

<Shaw> Connor sniffled and nodded. "I know it's not at all the same, but yes, Miriam will play with you if you like."

<Jessica> "But after we eat... even if you only eat pancakes. Because I'm starving." Jess stood up, tucking Miriam under her arm.

<Shaw> "Well, pancakes sound quite good." He looked at Connor, gathering him up again and chuckling when the boy looked a little too excited at the idea. "Pancakes it is then."
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Oct 09, 2015 1:06 am

<Viper> After a lot of negotiation, Viper had managed to convince Jeff to spend some time with his fellow rescued orphans so that she could get some work done and not traumatise him further. She found herself distracted though, wondering how he was getting on, and she eventually decided to just follow his progress on the security feeds while she worked on another screen.

<Shaw> Sebastian was sleep deprived and frazzled when he went stalking through the halls looking for Sarkissian. As it turned out, when you had a strange child in the bed, and he started crying, the other child would cry too.

<Viper> The security system also alerted her to Sebastian's approach but she ignored it because she was busy running checks on her other bases. Her predator was out of zombies to patrol around and was currently lounging in the middle of her lab like the large cat it mimicked.

<Shaw> Sebastian entered without knocking and paused, eying her pet. "Good morning," he grunted.

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow at the tone, "Are you sure?"

<Shaw> "No." He took a healthy sip of coffee. "And how was your night?"

<Viper> "Busy," she was also drinking coffee though she was less bothered by the lack of sleep in the short term. "Yours?"

<Shaw> "The same, although also rather loud." He scanned the office for any children. "It seems you lost your shadow easily enough, however."

<Viper> "I had to make several promises before he agreed to spend a few hours with his friends." She got up from her seat to refresh her cup of coffee.

<Shaw> "So, he spent the night with you?" The insinuation surprised him.

<Viper> "Yes, he did." She held up the pot of coffee in offer.

<Shaw> Sebastian nodded and moved closer to top off his cup. "Why?"

<Viper> Viper frowned, confused by the question, "I imagine for the same reason you brought your new friend back to Jessica."

<Shaw> "That would imply you are feeling some fondness for the boy." He sipped from his newly warmed cup.

<Viper> "I could hardly put him down for two minutes without him wailing. I have a fondness for my eardrums."

<Shaw> Sebastian raised a skeptical brow and smirked. "I'm certain you have numerous soundproof rooms."

<Viper> "Of course... but I somehow think causing the child further trauma would be counter-productive."

<Shaw> "To what, precisely?" Again, he sipped coffee.

<Viper> The frown returned, "Are you testing me?"

<Shaw> "Of course not." He smirked.

<Viper> He so was. She returned to her desk and sat down, "What do you want from me, Sebastian? Would you rather I act like the monster you seem to think I am?"

<Shaw> "I never said that." He circled the desk and sat as well, making himself at home in a chair. "However, I will admit to a certain curiosity of which you were already aware."

<Viper> "I don't know what you're expecting me to say." She sipped her coffee, "The child was frightened and he seemed to feel better in my presence."

<Shaw> "Will he be staying with you?" Sebastian tilted his head curiously.

<Viper> She shrugged a shoulder, "I don't know. I suppose, if it makes him feel better, he could. But he may prefer to stay with his friends."

<Shaw> "Jessica and I have decided Connor will stay with us for as long as he wishes." He studied her expression.

<Viper> "Would you like larger quarters?" She rested her elbows on her desk and surveyed him over the top of her coffee cup, an eyebrow slightly raised in silent challenge.

<Shaw> "Perhaps. Miriam gets on well with him, but I would hate to move them all again so quickly. Or, perhaps it would be better to do it sooner rather than later." He cocked his head again, debating that.

<Viper> "Surely it would be better to move them before they get too settled?" She realised the security feed was still on one of her monitors and cleared it in the hopes Sebastian hadn't noticed.

<Shaw> Sebastian's eyes had wandered across the feed once or twice, which, of course, had only fueled his line of questioning. Noticing her actions, he smirked. "My only concern was that if the boy decided he wished to live elsewhere it may make things more difficult for Miriam if we had already made a place for him in our family."

<Viper> "And bringing home a stray and letting him sleep in your room won't already make it complicated for her?" The eyebrow went up, displaying her skeptisism.

<Shaw> He sniffed. "Actually, the boy slept in bed with us... as did she."

<Viper> "Did he now?" She leaned back in her chair, "And here you are judging me."

<Shaw> "I'm not judging you. Far from it."

<Viper> "It sounds like judging."

<Shaw> "I'm gauging your emotional progress by your attachment to this boy -- in point of fact, by your very decision to venture into that home to attempt to rescue the children." He raised his cup in salute and took a sip before he added, drily. "It's almost noble of you."

<Viper> "Not many people have accused me of being noble... far less have been sincere about it."

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her a sharp grin.

<Viper> "Sebastian. Normally I tolerate your playing with me because it amuses me too but lately I'm finding it increasingly frustrating."

<Shaw> "Welcome to the wondrous world of emotion," he said, bowing his head.

<Viper> She shook her head, "It's not upsetting me if that's what you mean."

<Shaw> "Is frustration not an emotional response in your estimation?"

<Viper> "No. I'm familiar with it... usually I shoot people and I feel better."

<Shaw> "Then perhaps you've always had a tad more emotion than you believed." He smirked, not at all bothered by the threat.

<Viper> She shook her head, "Flashes of anger or... the other extreme are perfectly normal in psychopaths."

<Shaw> His brow arched. "I believe the word you are searching for may be joy. Fascinating."

<Viper> "No, Sebastian. I was trying to save you some awkward feeling. The word I omited was 'lust'." She took another sip of coffee.

<Shaw> "Oh, I'm not terribly surprised by that, as I've seen the way you look at Sum." He smirked into his cup.

<Viper> She sighed, her gaze dropping to her desk, "David and I have known each other for a long time. We worked together for a while until Hope's grandfather stole him."

<Shaw> "Mmm. A long-term long-distance relationship. How trying."

<Viper> "It's not a relationship." She wondered if the judging would intensify if she added alcohol to her coffee at this time of the morning.

<Shaw> "Of course it is," he said dismissively, taking another drink and glancing at those monitors again in case anything of interest showed up.

<Viper> "It's not and it never has been. At least, not for me." She set her cup down and pushed her chair out but didn't get up. "He was a friend - and I use the term extremely loosely because I was never sure what that really meant and he was the only one I had."

<Shaw> Sebastian raised an eyebrow and watched her with interest. Well, well. "Friendship is a relationship, by strictest definition. And, from what I have witnessed first-hand, you are far more than friends."

<Viper> She shook her head, deciding to top up her coffee again. "No. We're not."

<Shaw> "Which of you wishes it were not so? You, I'm assuming?"

<Viper> "How does this affect you?" she snapped, putting the coffee jug down forcefully. "He always wanted more from this than I could give. It doesn't matter now."

<Shaw> "It does not." He sipped his own coffee. "Why does it not matter?"

<Viper> "Because things have changed." She kept her back to him.

<Shaw> "Because you have changed?" He watched her body language.

<Viper> "I suppose so." She took a measured sip of coffee, "I wasn't inclined to interogate him about it."

<Shaw> Now that threw him, though he kept his tone even. "His feelings have changed because you acquired feeling?"

<Viper> "I don't know. His attitude has." Which was no less confusing.

<Shaw> "Perhaps he simply needs time to adjust." He took a drink, unsure of Sum's motivations.

<Viper> "I don't know. And this is really not the climate for speculation on the matter." She was having to work now to keep her tone level.

<Shaw> "The situation in the world is not... ideal." That was the understatement of the century, he suspected. "Speaking of, I assume there has been no news..."

<Viper> "About what?" She glanced over her shoulder at him.

<Shaw> Sebastian cleared his throat. He'd been trying not to think about the situation. "About Washington DC..."

<Viper> Oh that. She sighed. "I don't want you to overreact."

<Shaw> He stiffened, then sat up almost painfully straight. "What."

<Viper> "Reports are that the first family was evacuated but they lost contact with the transport some time after that. SHIELD are falling apart so it's possible it's just gotten lost in the fog. I'm sure they're fine."

<Shaw> Sebastian was speechless. He slumped back into the chair, staring into the cup.

<Viper> "I have people checking their route for any sign of them..." she offered, turning to face him before she decided it was time for alcohol and opened a cupboard to get the good scotch.

<Shaw> He was not going to turn it down. Not now. The last he'd heard from Hope and Michael - he had yet to speak to Tony after the camp - the situation was deteriorating and they were expecting an evac soon, but... he swallowed.

<Viper> Pouring two healthy sized measures into two glasses, she picked them up and offered one out to Sebastian. "If you like, we could fly the route ourselves."

<Shaw> Accepting the drink with a nod, he knocked it back, then stared at the glass.

<Viper> Wordlessly, she set the bottle down on her desk within his reach.

<Shaw> Sebastian refilled the glass. This news was... too much for him to process. And he had no idea how to tell Jessica.

<Viper> "Would you... like to go and look for them?" She sat down again, watching him as she took a careful sip of her scotch.

<Shaw> "Yes." He swallowed heavily, taking another long pull of the burning liquid.

<Viper> "When do you want to do that?" She leaned back in her seat.

<Shaw> "The sooner the better." He stared into the glass again.

<Viper> "I have no plans..." she took another sip from her glass.

<Shaw> "Good," he said with a slow nod, never looking up at her, still lost in his dark thoughts.

<Viper> "Would you like me to organise a helicopter?"

<Shaw> Taking another drink, he stood slowly. "Please. We must find them."

<Viper> "I can be ready in half an hour... do you think Jessica will mind checking in on the other orphans...?"

<Shaw> "How can I tell her?" He wasn't talking about the orphans, of course.

<Viper> "Don't tell her anything until we know for sure. There's no point worrying her over nothing."

<Shaw> Sighing, he downed the scotch and nodded. For now, it was for the best.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:04 pm

<Warren> Warren had finally gotten away from Nico and Doreen. He knew she felt bad for what had happened but he was tired of her puppy dogging him. He did at least appreciate them being there, because almost all the chores would be impossible sans half his arm.

<Warren> The sling, bandages and everything else were beyond uncomfortable, he would gladly take itching and soreness over being dead though.

<Carol> Carol had been bored for hours and she decided to fix that by flying several hundred miles ahead to check in with Warren and let him know that they were on their way. In hindsight she probably should have done that the day they set off but he didn't need to know she'd forgotten to do that.

<Carol> She landed on the driveway and shook out her hair before going to the front door and knocking.

<Warren> Warren jumped a little. "Fuck who?" He gritted his teeth a little. Shit this could be bad. He quickly went to the window where he could check, it took him a few minutes to get the boards moved with only one arm.

<Carol> It was taking a while so she knocked again and stepped back from the door a little to look at the windows, "Warren...?"

<Warren> Warren fumbled with the door but eventually got it open. "Sorry it took me a minute." He kept his arm hidden behind the door. "Man you guys musta made amazing time. I didn't expect you back yet. Have some guests though, Doreen and her girlfriend showed up like the day after you guys left."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "We're not all here yet... I just thought I'd come and check up on you... everything okay? I mean... besides the crazy squirrel moving in.... because I'm sure that's killing you and your food supply."

<Warren> "Almost..." Warren moved away from the door to let her in and show her his arm. "They've been kinda doing everything lately."

<Carol> Carol stared at his arm, "Oh my God, Warren - what happened?"

<Warren> "So, don't freak out more. Kay?" He pulled one of his wings over his arm to hide it. "I got bit trying to get guns with Doreen."

<Carol> "Damn it..." How in the hell was she going to explain this to Heather, "How long ago did this happen?"

<Warren> "Few days. He got me right on the wrist. Cut it off as soon as he got me... Hurt like a bitch." Warren moved to sit down, feeling a little light headed remembering it.

<Carol> Carol helped him into the seat, "So... you're okay?"

<Warren> "Yeah... No human munchies I promise. I've been pretty weak lately, pretty sure that was the loss of blood though. Had to fly me and Doreen back here afterwards. Good news, she believes zombies are real now."

<Carol> "Well... great... Can I get you anything? You're staying hydrated, right?" Heather was going to freak out.

<Warren> "Please God don't you start. Doreen hasn't been letting me do anything. I swear I'm going to meld with that bed."

<Carol> "I'm sorry... I'm just shocked... and I really don't want to give Heather any more bad news this week..."

<Warren> "Then don't. I'm fine, I promise. And we have a few guns. Doreen knows bullet to the head if I turn or whatever, but I'm pretty sure I managed to save myself by some miracle. I'm an angel remember." He gave her his best smile.

<Carol> She wrinkled her nose, "I should have come back sooner to check on you...."

<Warren> "You guys are fine, just make sure everyone gets here safe. I fucked up. Wish we coulda gotten more guns. All Doreen managed to get were some pistols and a duffle of ammo."

<Carol> "I think I told you not to worry about guns..." She sighed, "Stay out of trouble until we get here, okay?"

<Warren> "See this is where I used to say 'but trouble is fun'. But yeah I think I'll just, ya know, sit here and be that cranky old man that yells at kids to get off his lawn."

<Carol> "Unless they're zombie kids... then shoot them in the head, 'kay?"

<Warren> "Shoot mangle and burn. Not giving those bastards a chance at anything... I liked that arm."

<Carol> "I'm so sorry, Warren... I don't know what else to say..."

<Warren> "Don't be stupid next time? Come on where's drill-sergeant Carol who would slap me around a lil. Are you okay?"

<Carol> "I'm having a rough week..." she sighed heavily, "I'm glad you're okay."

<Warren> "Yeah nothing's gotten close so far. But no city travel unless ya know, groups, with zombie killing skills. You guys all okay?"

<Carol> "Yeah, we're all fine... well just... it's stressful, you know..."

<Warren> "I'm sorry Carol. I wish I could help you guys. But I'm kinda worthless until I figure this out. At least I have mad chopping skills?" He hoped his bad joke would cheer her up a little.

<Carol> "Yeah..." she managed half a smile, her hand finding her sobriety coin in her pocket. "Look, don't worry about us... Three mutants - two of whom are government employees that know how to shoot."

<Warren> "I know how to shoot, just not dodge. I'm going to have to work on that. I don't have much more I am willing to lose. But yeah you guys get here safe."

<Carol> "We will, I promise. I'm not letting anything happen to Heather... I owe her."

<Warren> "I'd appreciate it too. Though... she might kill me when she sees this."

<Carol> "She won't... she'll probably cry... which would be worse..."

<Warren> "Damn... you're right. Know anyone that can make a really convincing prosthetic?" Warren ran the hand he still had through his hair.

<Carol> "Sadly no... I'd say someone at SHIELD probably could but... I think SHIELD are gone..." she looked down at the floor.

<Warren> "Shit. That's definitely not good. Guess I shouldn't play the who's the crazy one now card... Makes me wish I would have gotten into the whole survivalist thing sooner."

<Carol> "No good thinking like that now..." She reached out to rub his shoulder, "It won't get us anywhere."

<Warren> "Yeah. And hey look at it this way now I get to practice with my powers again. If you knew how bad I've gotten you'd slap me. Missing arm or not."

<Carol> "Well don't push yourself too hard, okay? I don't want to come back here and find you passed out on the floor and Doreen poking you with a stick...."

<Warren> "Pfft you know you'd laugh your ass off. And hey she's not all bad. She managed this, and taking care of me while I was pretty bad. If it weren't for her and Nico I'd be worse off." Warren relaxed into the chair. "How's Heather holding up?" He wanted to ask her more, ask her if she'd said anything about their talk. Zombies seemed to trump personal things though.

<Carol> "She's been better... but between Joe and Cessily, she's holding up okay."

<Warren> "Joe?" There was a little tinge of jealousy that popped out at the mention of Carol's brother.

<Carol> "Yeah... we kind of adopted her as part of the family a while back so he's keeping an eye on her... probably helps that we're spending most nights sleeping in the same tent." She offered a small grin.

<Warren> Warren bit the inside of his lip, maybe that was why she needed time to process him telling her. "Yeah, that sounds horrible. Running from zombies, and camping. How much worse can it get?"

<Carol> "You haven't heard my dad complaining about peeing in the woods."

<Warren> "Well you can tell him I still have working plumbing and a nice comfy bed waiting for him. Gimme a nice house off the beach where I can go from beach to house no sleeping on the ground."

<Carol> "I would like a night where I don't lie awake worrying that something's going to break into the tent..."

<Warren> "Fuck, zombie apocalypse must really make camping horrible. Heather's danger thing must be going crazy." Warren frowned.

<Carol> "Yeah... she's been having trouble turning it off... which has made sleeping almost impossible for Joe...."

<Warren> "Wings?" Warren bit the inside of his lip, he knew what he was thinking wasn't what she was saying.

<Carol> "Yeah... it's kind of funny watching him wrestle them in his sleep.... I know, I'm a horrible person."

<Warren> "Yeah wings make things rough. At least hers go away. Mine are here to stay all the time. But hey free blanket all the time."

<Carol> "Yeah but you get used to sleeping with them there... she's not used to it. She moves around a lot... and she nearly knocked the tent down the other night when we had to leave our campsite in a hurry."

<Warren> "Just think how much you'll enjoy sleeping on your bed when you get here. I'll make sure there's no naked squirrels hiding in it."

<Carol> "Please God... If she makes the mistake of getting into my bed, we'll need to replace a wall."

<Warren> "Please don't do that. I don't think I can get a contractor up here anymore." Warren laughed a little.

<Carol> "Don't worry I'm bringing one with me... and an architect. I think we're good."

<Warren> "Alright well I'll make sure to keep reminding her clothes all the time. Her and her girlfriend are a little... special."

<Carol> ".... As much as I would love to see the look on my parents faces... I don't want to kill either of them. So yeah.... clothes on. All three of you."

<Warren> "Yeah my clothes are staying on. Too many people have seen me naked already. I don't want to add your family to that list."

<Carol> "And they would thank you... but I'm not going to tell them that was a danger because my dad would not let that go.... and Joe probably wouldn't either but he'd just make jokes."

<Warren> "Yeah we'll just keep that to ourselves." Warren sighed. "Doreen's gonna be the hard sell." He sighed. "You'd think that one of her mutant powers were that clothes wouldn't stay on her..."

<Carol> "Threaten her with glue."

<Warren> "Hah! Never thought of that. Glue the clothes on!"

<Carol> "Try it, it could work," she ran her hands through her hair, "Glue is worse than clothes for sure."

<Warren> "Yeah. I'm at a slight disadvantage though. I'll just threaten her with you. I'm sure she remembers how scary you can be."

<Carol> "Feel free. I'm okay with being used as a threat."

<Warren> "So checklist, no naked squirrels, no zombies, uhmm anything else?" He gave a slight laugh.

<Carol> "All the coffee." Carol reminded him, "And find some way to grow your arm back so I don't have to tell Heather?"

<Warren> "Coffee's all yours. I am NOT dealing with a hyperactive girl that doesn't like rules or clothes. And I never thought I would utter that sentence in my life." Warren stared at his nub of an arm his face scrunching up trying to concentrate. "Hmm well that didn't work but I'll keep trying."

<Carol> "... I should go kidnap a crazy Irishwoman."

<Warren> "Uhmm, I don't know if I can survive anymore crazy. Especially not of the female variety."

<Carol> "You remember Anna, right? The doctor at the school? She totally regrew a hand before."

<Warren> "I don't think I do, but that would definitely be handy." Warren laughed a little. "And now I'm doing corny puns."

<Carol> "It's okay, I'll forgive you because you're missing a hand." She offered another small smile, "Buuuut, speaking of missing things... I should go soon or they'll be wondering where I am.... I kind of do this a lot."

<Warren> "I understand. Hey maybe you'll get lucky and by the time you get back here my hand will have grown back and we can just tell Heather, just kidding. Though she might actually cut my arm off then....."

<Carol> "Probably more like rip it off..." Carol wrinkled her nose, "I guess I should warn her though..."

<Warren> Warren just stared at her mouth agape at the idea. "I... uhmm yeah now I feel like I need to take a picture in case it does grow back so she doesn't rip it off."

<Carol> "I'll try and break it to her gently, okay?" She reached over and rubbed his shoulder, "Is there anything at all I can do while I'm here?"

<Warren> "Skin some squirrel for dinner?" Warren laughed a little. "No it's okay I'm pretty sure we're all set for now. When you guys get here I'll show you where the gun shop is so we can raid it for the people without projectile powers."

<Carol> She nodded, "Okay... but you don't get to go in there this time."

<Warren> "Hey at least I killed the guy.... and ya know I'm not flying around chomping on people. That's important too."

<Carol> "That is important..." She got to her feet and ran her hands through her hair, "For now... I'll just get out of your way."

<Warren> "I think I'll let the girls know you're getting close and hit the sack again." He groaned slightly as he picked himself up to see her out.

<Carol> "Yeah, rest up and stay hydrated... and make sure you change the bandages regularly..." She went ahead of him to the door, "Don't forget to threaten the squirrel."

<Warren> "With glue and blonde rage. Got it." Warren held the door open for her. "We'll make sure to survive until you guys get here. Don't let Heather freak out too much..."

<Carol> "I'll make sure Joe's there... maybe Cess too." She leaned to give Warren a hug, "Take care of each other, okay?"

<Warren> He hugged her back carefully. "Just stress I'm fine. She knows I'm tougher than I look."

<Carol> "She also knows you're an idiot," Carol pointed out as she started down the steps, "See you in a few days, I guess."

<Warren> "Ouch, damn pick on the cripple!" Warren gave her a light smile. "Be safe."
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:04 pm

<Hope> The lights inside the chopper flickered on and off as sparks fell down onto a mass of red hair. Hope groaned as she opened her eyes and struggled to look around her. Where was she? As everything came into focus, she could make out that she was still buckled into her seat on the chopper. The chopper that had gone down.

<Hope> Her own screams came to mind as they had crashed, causing her to shudder. "Obi?" she questioned, struggling with the belt.

<Shinobi> Obi wasn't there. Everything had been a blur of chaos from the moment communications in the chopper went down. A cascade of systems failures followed. He tried to shield his wife, but when he awoke, all he could see was ground - dirt, leaves, grass.

<Hope> "Obi?" Hope tried again, more frantic than before as she heard movement. She struggled against the buckle again. It wouldn't budge. A warm drop of blood dripped down onto her hand, causing her to swear.

<Shinobi> He heard her, but at first didn't answer. "Yeah. You okay, baby?" What he didn't realize was he was hearing her in his head from his position a few dozen yards away.

<Hope> Before she could answer she saw what was causing that movement. No. No she was very much not okay! She froze as the zombie that had been Stan turned toward her. "OBI!!" She screamed as he ran for her.

<Shinobi> "Fuck!" He pushed up, hit his head on something and swore again. "Hope!" All he could feel was panic.

<Hope> She screamed and braced for the impact that never came. Instead, a gun fired and Stan dropped to the floor just inches away from Hope. Phil. He moved to her, working to get her free.

<Shinobi> Instinctively, he phased, standing up and surveying that he had been pinned underneath a damaged panel from the helicopter. Was that the door? Fuck. He scanned the woods, searching for Hope and trying to call her through their link.

<Hope> "Phil..." Hope tried to relax as he took out his knife and sliced through the straps, holding onto her to steady her. I... Phil. Phil has me. she was able to send to him as the only sort of coherent thought she had. She nodded that she was alright and they started for the weapons and supplies.

<Shinobi> His head pounded and he shook it, just intensifying the pain. "Smart," he muttered and tried to think at Hope. Good... I must have phased when we went down... There was movement in the woods – zombies.

<Hope> Where are you? she tried to focus on him, her own head aching. She brushed her hand off and wiped the blood on her pants before Phil could notice. He handed her packs of supplies and she started looking through the weapons, pausing at a bow. Silent. A silent weapon. She grabbed it.

<Shinobi> The thing snarled and came around for another pass.

<Shinobi> I don't know. A corpse lurched around a tree and spotted him, letting out a wail and stumbling forward. The creature was obviously confused when it passed straight through him. Careful. We're not alone.

<Hope> Yeah no joke. she affirmed, taking the entire pack of arrows with her.

<Phil> "This way," he motioned, leading the way out of the chopper. "Did you make contact with Mr. Shaw?"

<Hope> "Yeah, he doesn’t know where he is. Do you see... wreckage maybe?"

<Shinobi> Obi smirked at the creature and spotted a thin line of smoke through the trees. Use my power. I'll find you.

<Hope> She smiled softly, despite herself and her situation. He'd always find her. Should I tell Phil to stay put then?

<Shinobi> Yes. He started walking, but unfortunately his friend followed. Shit. He started checking his pockets for anything of use.

<Hope> "Phil wait here. He's coming to find us."

<Phil> Glancing around, Phil shook his head slightly. "We can't stay here."

<Hope> "It's not long." She notched an arrow, surveying their surroundings.

<Shinobi> The corpse was amusingly confounded when he walked through a tree, but it wouldn't last.

<Phil> With a roll of his eyes, Phil moved them toward a more defensible location. "Tell him to hurry or we're leaving without him."

<Hope> Oh Phil. Hope shook her head and relayed that to Obi. Phil is restless. He wants to get out of here.

<Shinobi> "No shit," he muttered, trying to lose his tail. I have to get rid of my followers before I lead them right to you.

<Phil> "Stay alert. Anything moves and it's not him, shoot."

<Hope> "Got it," Hope assured him, looking around calmly... yet nervously.

<Shinobi> He pounded its face into the bark, over and over, until he heard the satisfying crack.

<Shinobi> A gun would have been helpful, Obi thought, but he could work around it. Once again, he stepped through a tree, then solidified, increasing the density of his fist and swinging back around the trunk to catch the corpse by the back of its head.

<Hope> Hope was too busy trying to block out most of what Obi was feeling to notice the zombie on the other side of Phil. Unfortunately, Phil was also looking in the wrong direction. The only warning she got was his scream.

<Hope> She turned immediately and let the arrow fly, landing it through the skull of the zombie as Phil fell to the ground. "Oh Phil..."

<Shinobi> Obi heard the scream, knew it wasn't Hope's, but the option wasn't good either. He turned, sprinting through the woods.

<Hope> Hope tried to hold her emotions back as she moved to Phil and pulled the arrow out of the corpse. "I'm so sorry Phil." She waited until he stopped breathing before piercing him through the skull. Hands shaking, she pulled her arrow back out.

<Shinobi> She was upset, and coupled with that scream it only meant one thing. In his focus to get to his wife, he picked up another zombie follower. There was no time for this.

<Hope> The desire to sit down overwhelmed her, but she pushed it aside. She could mourn Phil later. And Stan. Swallowing hard, Hope notched the arrow back into her bow and wiped her tears onto her shoulder. Focus. Which direction are you?

<Shinobi> Obi sent her an image - it was easier. I'm hurrying. This was a big one - nearly his height and dressed in camo and blaze orange. A hunter.

<Hope> I'm coming your way. I can't stay here alone. She picked up Phil's pack and weapons, straining under the added weight.

<Shinobi> The hunter also had a rifle, and he smirked. Be careful. For himself, he lured the creature closer.

<Hope> Always, Obi, she told him with a smile, staggering as she moved. Or maybe not. Maybe she'd need to stay put.

<Shinobi> Reaching for the strap of the gun, he phased it free and checked it. Loaded. Excellent, but too loud. He flipped the weapon and used the butt of the stock to knock the creature to its knees.

<Hope> I lied... both packs are too much. she admitted, finally dropping Phil's back to the ground.

<Shinobi> I'll be there soon. He made quick work of the hunter zombie and located the rest of his ammo. Shouldering the gun, he took off at a run.

<Hope> A cellphone might be useful. Hope started digging in her pockets for it, wondering if it even still worked. She pushed the button a few times, but it just stayed dark. She sighed and put it back into her pocket.

<Shinobi> He used their link to track her and spotted the helicopter wreckage first. Hope?

<Hope> "Obi." She spoke out loud, looking around for him. Obi! Was he okay!?

<Shinobi> "Are you okay?" She was bleeding, or at least had blood on her, and he caught up to her quickly.

<Hope> She got ahold of him, holding onto him tightly. "Are you?"

<Shinobi> "Yeah, it's not mine..." That was when he realized he was covered in zombie blood and moved back from her to peel off his jacket and throw it aside.

<Hope> "Phil... and Stan..." she looked back at Phil's body.

<Shinobi> He sighed, picking the jacket back up and wiping his hands with a clean portion before using it to cover Phil, then returning to Hope. "I'm sorry..." He cupped her face with both hands, pushing her hair back.

<Hope> Eyes averted to him and off of Phil, Hope took a moment to stare at his face, drawing comfort from him. "I'm okay..." she told him softly. "We need to move."

<Shinobi> "You're not." His eyes were now drawn to her hairline. There was a trickle of fresh blood from a gash.

<Hope> "Okay but I'll be alright," she clarified, oblivious to the blood on her own hairline.

<Shinobi> He tilted his head to try to meet her eyes, checking her pupils. "Nobody to draw healing from..."

<Hope> "I'm fine," she repeated, placing her freehand over his on her face.

<Shinobi> Obi closed his eyes. You're sure?

<Hope> No... but we can't stay here. She swallowed hard.

<Shinobi> He felt her uncertainty and nodded, opening his eyes to lean in and kiss her forehead. Then let's go.

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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:04 pm

<Shinobi> He wasn't sure how long they'd been walking, with Phil's pack and everything else they could salvage from the chopper flung over his back. The angle of the sun was difficult to judge with the trees, and it looked like it was getting overcast as well.

<Shinobi> Do you think it might rain? Silent communication seemed the best way to go, since their movement alone made enough noise, and had attracted undead attention.

<Hope> Trekking through wilderness and hunting dangerous creatures had put Hope into her element. She had long since stopped bleeding and had even taken a slight lead on Obi to blaze their trail. She glanced at the sky, sniffing the air. Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow. Though it could.

<Shinobi> He nodded to himself, glancing off through the woods again before increasing his speed to catch up. I don't think we're going to find a road before sundown, and we need to do something about water at least, if not food.

<Hope> We're following this game trail. It should lead to water, she let him know. She probably should have told him that sooner. Whoops. Not to mention... game. she smirked over at him.

<Shinobi> Oh... Well, they were in the woods, god knew where, so of course she'd know what she was doing. He caught that smirk and his nose wrinkled slightly. I haven't seen any animals either... Or any zombies for the last few hours.

<Hope> Me either. Zombies probably ate anything close by. It's the wrong season for berries. There should be food in these packs though. She gave him a better smile. I'll make sure you're okay.

<Shinobi> Obi pressed his lips together. Not what I'm worried about. Casting another look around, he matched stride with her, shifting the load on his back.

<Hope> With your powerset, we'll be just fine, Obi, she reminded him gently. If her hands weren't on her weapon, she'd have taken his in her own.

<Shinobi> I can't phase if I sleep. We're going to have to take turns, or find somewhere safe.

<Hope> Relax, babe. I got this. She led him down the trail, noticing things were a bit greener. They should be getting closer to water.

<Shinobi> He reached out and brushed his hand over her arm, to reassure himself as much as her.

<Hope> She paused, training her ears to hear. Do you hear that?

<Shinobi> Freezing in place, he listened, twisting to look behind them and shifting the weight of the rifle on his shoulder. No?

<Hope> Water. She grinned and picked up her pace, leading him in the direction of the sound.

<Shinobi> Careful, he warned, starting after her again.

<Hope> I'm always careful, she argued, making sure he was right behind her.

<Shinobi> He snorted aloud, jumping over a fallen log to keep up, and put himself between her and any potential danger.

<Hope> She had to snort too, biting down hard to keep herself from laughing out loud. Okay okay, I get it.

<Shinobi> Good. He glanced back to give her a grin and slipped on the muddy bank.

<Hope> Shit! "Obi!" She dropped her bow to get to him.

<Shinobi> At first he was more embarrassed than anything else, but then he felt something catch his foot. "Fuck!"

<Hope> That was a bad plan. Hope quickly backpedaled, grasping her bow and raising it, arrow still notched.

<Shinobi> He phased free and rolled to his side, reaching for the rifle slung over his shoulder. Sure enough, he heard the growl and the thing took a swipe at him, its hand passing straight through. "I can get it! Just phase and stay back! There might be more!"

<Hope> Hope paused her steps to plant her feet. She activated his power and looked around, waiting for movement.

<Shinobi> Sitting up, he could now see the thing was tangled in underbrush and... was its leg missing? Making a sound of disgust, he pulled himself upright and again turned the gun around to use the stock.

<Hope> Attracted by the noise, another one was approaching their location. Hope immediately let the arrow fly, piercing it through the skull. That was for Phil.

<Shinobi> Instead of beating it to death, this time he phased the weapon, jamming it into the skull and then solidifying as he jerked it free.

<Hope> You alright? she asked, her back to him as she checked for further movement.

<Shinobi> Yeah. You? He looked up from the mess and saw her scanning the trees, then turned to check the bank again. Oh. There was the leg...

<Hope> I'm not the one who was just attacked, she pointed out, standing her ground.

<Shinobi> I'm fine, but I think we might want to move further upstream before we think about drinking any of this water...

<Hope> Good plan. She put her bow on her shoulder and offered him a hand.

<Shinobi> He accepted, but pulled most of his own weight up the bank, despite the shifting pack. Then, he kept her hand, bringing it to his mouth to kiss her inner wrist, brushing his fingers over hers.

<Hope> That gave her pause and she smiled, stepping closer to him. I'm glad you are okay.

<Shinobi> We'll be okay. He wasn't sure who he was trying to reassure. And, at what cost, since the unknown fate of her father's helicopter flitted through his mind.

<Hope> She caught that and swallowed hard, closing the rest of the distance between them. As long as we have each other.

<Shinobi> Obi nodded and pulled her in for a hug, his hand on the back of her head to tuck it under his chin as he kept watch around them.

<Hope> She folded herself into him and held onto him tightly, taking just a moment to be thankful he was alive.

<Shinobi> He smiled, enjoying the warm emotion, and kissed the top of her head. We just have to stick together, and we'll be okay.

<Hope> She nodded, reluctantly pulling away from him. We should get going. We need shelter before nightfall.

<Shinobi> Okay. Obi let go of her and started upstream, still holding her hand.

<Hope> She'd never admit that she was grateful he kept her hand, but she was. She led him onward, still keeping a lookout for food or danger.

<Shinobi> He watched the river - more a creek, really. And knew that if they wanted to drink any of it, they would need to boil it. That required fire, and he knew in theory how to make fire but in reality if there wasn't a lighter in Phil's pack he was fucked.

<Hope> We should have Iodine tablets, she told him gently. Leave the worrying to me. You watch out for zombies.

<Shinobi> Obi glanced at her, smiling slightly. I didn't know I was that loud.

<Hope> I might be overly in. Sorry, she blushed a little.

<Shinobi> It's okay. His smile grew until he heard a rustling in the fallen leaves to his left.

<Hope> Hope stopped immediately and dropped his hand for another arrow.

<Shinobi> The rustling intensified, then silenced, picking up just a moment later. Fuck! What was it? He couldn't see anything since there were still just enough leaves on the trees to block much of the forest.

<Hope> Hope stayed perfectly still, her arrow notched, her eyes scanning the area like an expert hunter. Can you make out anything?

<Shinobi> No... Then he heard a rustle again. It seemed to skip through the trees and then he saw the small streak of reddish brown fur and blew out a breath softly. It's a fucking squirrel!

<Hope> The arrow flew as the creature was recognized by the both of them. Right through the eye. It fell to the ground, lifeless and still. Dinner.

<Shinobi> His eyebrows shot up at her aim and he looked between her and the squirrel. Then her word processed. Ew.

<Hope> We need to save the food in the packs, she told him, carefully moving to collect her kill. There's no telling how long we'll be stranded.

<Shinobi> His nose wrinkled and he looked around to make sure they were still alone. Great.

<Hope> She gave him a look, trying very hard not to laugh. It'll be alright. Just think of it as chicken.

<Shinobi> Furry chicken... He could feel her laughing at him, and he didn't care in the least.

<Hope> His annoyance easily crossed over and she paused her walk to pull him into a hug.

<Shinobi> Never one to turn down a hug from his wife, Obi held on, though he avoided the dead rodent she held.

<Hope> I'm sorry, she snuzzled into him.

<Shinobi> I'm just sorry we're in this situation... let's see if we can find someplace safe to spend the night... He kissed the top of her head and lingered to breathe her in.

<Hope> She nodded and reluctantly released him. I love you. This isn't your fault. Don't be sorry. I'll get us out of this.

<Shinobi> No, but it's a shitty situation. He smiled at her assurance and sent her his feelings on the matter. I love you too. Let's go. Breaking the hug with a quick kiss, he took her arm - not that squirrel hand - and started back up the creek bank.

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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:05 pm

<Viper> Viper wasn't sure what woke her first; the ringing in her ears or the pain in the back of her shoulder. Regardless, she attempted to pull herself quickly out of her daze and assess the situation at hand. First of all... what had happened? She tried to remember but found it hazy. Never mind. Figure that out later.

<Viper> Where was she? Still in the helicopter. There was fuel dripping around, she could smell it so she shouldn't stay there too long. After a bit of fiddling she released herself from her seat and fell forward into the window. That hurt. So did rolling onto her back, it drove whatever was hurting her shoulder deeper. She scanned the other seat for its occupant and found it empty, the door beside it missing.

<Viper> "Sebastian?" She called, trying to shake off the concussion as she crawled to the space the door had occupied. Oh God. She was in a tree. Today was a bad day.

<Shaw> While Viper might be in a tree, Sebastian was not. A good distance away, bent awkwardly on a rocky outcropping, Sebastian was unconscious, and bleeding.

<Viper> Well. There was no way she was climbing back up there again. So, after throwing out everything useful, she jumped down to the ground and rolled. Another decision she regretted because of her shoulder again. Gathering the items up in one of the emergency blankets she looked around for signs of wreckage or a wandering idiot. How dare he leave her up there?

<Shaw> He hadn't left anyone anywhere, since somehow the force of several impacts had completely overloaded Sebastian's abilities.

<Viper> Following a trail of debris around a tree, she came to a stop and took in the sight in front of her. "Sebastian...?" She dropped her things a short distance away and approached him, reaching out to shake his shoulder. "Bist du am leben?" ('Are you alive?')

<Shaw> The voice came as if from a distance and Sebastian tried to focus. He groaned.

<Viper> She took that as a yes. "Wach auf, ich brauche Ihre Hilfe... Und Sie brauchen ein Bad." ('Wake up, I need your help... and you need a bath.') She gave his shoulder another not so gentle shake then attempted to wipe some of the blood off his face with her sleeve.

<Shaw> He coughed, sputtering blood.

<Viper> Viper pulled her hand away and made a sound of disgust. "Vielleicht werde ich nicht versuchen, Ihnen zu helfen, dann...." ('Maybe I won't try to help you then...') She sat down on the ground and attempted to reach whatever it was stuck in her shoulder.

<Shaw> Rolling onto his side, Sebastian retched and immediately regretted it.

<Viper> Well at least he hadn't hit her with that... She wrinkled her nose for a moment then went back to trying to reach the thing in her shoulder so she could have use of both of her arms again. "Lassen Sie mich wissen, wenn es etwas, was ich für Sie tun kann...." (Let me know if there's anything I can do for you...')

<Shaw> "Put me out of my misery..." he groaned, staying where he lay and unable to even begin to calculate the ways in which he hurt.

<Viper> "Außer dass." ('Except that.') She rolled her eyes, "Mir geht es gut, danke der Nachfrage." ('I'm fine, thanks for asking.')

<Shaw> The advisability of telling Sarkissian to put him out of his misery hadn't occurred to Sebastian until a moment after he'd said it, so he was pleased she wasn't feeling obliging. "Why are you speaking German?"

<Viper> "Ich bin nicht...?" ('I'm not...?') She fixed him with a look of confusion, even as her fingers finally located the sliver of twisted metal in her shoulder. She attempted to pull it out but couldn't get enough of a grip between the angle and the coat of blood.

<Shaw> "Yes... you are." Wasn't she? His head was spinning so he couldn't really be sure. Sebastian tried to push himself up on shaky arms and collapsed, realizing one was broken.

<Viper> Deciding to put that on hold for a moment, she moved back closer to him and sat in front of him, gesturing to her shoulder, "Helfen Sie mir mit diesem." ('Help me with this.')

<Shaw> His wandering attention was drawn to the glint of metal. "Christ." Coughing again, he turned his head and spit blood.

<Viper> "Ich kann dir nicht helfen, bis ich beide Arme zu verwenden," she prompted when nothing happened and glanced over her shoulder at him. ('I can't help you until I can use both arms.')

<Shaw> Remembering there were zombies about, he looked around and made himself dizzy. With a groan, he worked his way into a more upright position and cradled his broken arm. Of course, it had to be his right.

<Shaw> With his left hand, he tried to get a grip on the metal, then counted to three before he pulled.

<Viper> Despite herself and the warnings, Viper let out a cry of pain and leaned heavily on the ground in front of her for a moment. The shard of metal had done some serious damage on its way in and out and she needed a few moments to let the blood stop flowing. "Danke," she managed after clearing her chest. "Wo sonst haben Sie verletzt?" ('Thanks.' 'Where else do you hurt?')

<Shaw> "Broken arm, ribs... unsure." He tried to inspect his injuries, still feeling disconnected from himself.

<Viper> After a moment more, she got to her feet, checking the range of motion she had now in her shoulder before she went to collect the items she'd salvaged from the helicopter. Items retrieved, she returned to Sebastian and attempted to help him sit up.

<Shaw> Sebastian groaned and obliged as best he could. "I need... a moment..." he panted. His healing abilities were taxed to their limits at the moment.

<Viper> "Wir können nicht über eine Minute. Ich weiß nicht, wie lange ich bewusstlos war..." She constructed a sling for his arm and offered to help him on with it. ('We might not have a minute. I don't know how long I was unconscious.')

<Shaw> "Wonderful." If his leg was broken, it was a death sentence. Sebastian tried to force himself to his knees.

<Viper> "Auch ist der Hubschrauber in einem Baum..." She tightened the sling to keep his arm secure, "Und es fehlt ein Heckteil." ('Also the helicopter is in a tree... and it's missing a tail section.')

<Shaw> "Your equipment is sub-par," he snarked, lurching to his feet once she finished with the sling. He very nearly fell back over.

<Viper> She managed to stop herself reaching to steady him as punishment for that remark, "Etwas traf uns. Hast du gesehen, was es war?" ('Something hit us. Did you see what it was?')

<Shaw> "I..." Sebastian shook his head. "I can't remember what happened."

<Viper> "Es spielt keine Rolle," she shook her head. "Hoffentlich ist es nicht überlebt die Auswirkungen..." she found herself looking up at the patches of sky overhead. "Komm mit mir - wir werden etwas Deckung zu finden." ('It doesn't matter.' 'Hopefully it didn't survive the impact...' 'Come with me - we'll find some cover.')

<Shaw> "It?" He looked at her questioningly. "And why are you still speaking German?"

<Viper> She shook her head again, offering only a shrug, "Ich weiß es nicht. Ich kann es nicht hören. Vielleicht, weil ich habe mir den Kopf?" Putting an arm around him to steady him, she tried to steer him toward the trees. ('I don't know. I can't hear it. Perhaps because I hit my head?')

<Shaw> "Well could you stop?" he complained, limping along beside her at a snail's pace.

<Viper> "Offenbar nicht," she snapped, being a little rougher with him than neccessary. ('Clearly not.')

<Shaw> Sebastian swore and tripped.

<Viper> Viper steadied him and managed to get him into deeper tree cover where she deposited him rather unceremoniously on the ground and left him to go and pick up her collection of useful things.

<Shaw> "Sie so sanft wie ein Stier sind," he muttered, glad his legs were not broken or she would have finished the job. ('You are as gentle as a bull.')

<Viper> "Wie lange, bevor Sie sind mobil?" She asked when she returned, crouching to dig through the collected items for water and some cloth to clean the blood off. ('How long before you're mobile?')

<Shaw> "I don't know." He slid his ass across the rough ground to brace his back against a tree. "I've never overloaded my abilities before..."

<Viper> "Und die Leute sagen mir, ich bin grausam für die Grenzen der anderen...." she rolled her eyes. "Ich könnte dich treffen und sehen, ob sie wieder zu arbeiten?" The offer would probably prove more theraputic to her than him but it was there anyway. ('And people tell me I'm cruel for pushing the limits of others...' 'I could hit you and see if they're working again?')

<Shaw> He pulled up both legs to remove himself from her immediate reach, then winced. "I prefer you would not, at the moment at least."

<Viper> "Wie du willst." She gave a shrug and started to go through what she'd rescued from the helicopter while, a short distance away, it exploded in the tree. She didn't even look up. ('Suit yourself.')

<Shaw> "I always do." The explosion had a much greater affect on Sebastian, who jumped, swore, then winced again. "Fucking hell..."

<Viper> "Stell dir vor, du würdest wurde in diesem Baum mit gebrochenen Arm stecken..." She offered by way of consolation, tossing half of the rations at his feet. ('Imagine if you'd been stuck in that tree with your broken arm...')

<Shaw> Cradling said arm against his chest, he stared at the food and then around the woods. "That sound will attract more... even more than the crash itself did. Have you seen any?" Only then did he remember his weapons.

<Viper> She shook her head, "Nein. Aber es gibt eine Menge von Bäumen..." she gestured vaguely, "Sie verschleiern die Sicht." ('No. But there are a lot of trees...' 'They obscure the view.')

<Shaw> The body armor he was wearing had probably both saved him and compounded the impacts of the crash. Ah, well. "My rifle is missing." He located his old revolver and sighed in relief that it was unscathed.

<Viper> "Dann sollten Sie es nicht fallen gelassen haben." She divided up the other things - bandages, a couple of knives and some blankets - and gave Sebastian his half. ('Then you shouldn't have dropped it.')

<Shaw> Shoving his gun back into its holster, he counted bullets. Not enough. "Could you at least make an effort to speak English?"

<Viper> "Ich bin bemüht!" She argued, "Es ist nicht meine Schuld, wenn es nicht gefallen, einfach." ('I am making an effort! It's not my fault if it doesn't come out right.')

<Shaw> "Well then, perhaps I should hit you and see if it helps!"

<Viper> "Ich bin sicher, ich werde heilen..." she rolled her eyes, "Es hat keinen Sinn, wütend mit mir." ('I'm sure I'll heal...' 'It's no use being angry with me.')

<Shaw> "Well we're not finding them like this, are we?" Sebastian snapped, gathering himself to attempt to stand.

<Viper> "Ich habe auf dich gewartet, um zu entscheiden, um aufhören zu jammern," she stuffed what she could in her pockets and got to her feet, offering a hand for him to get up. ('I was waiting for you to decide to stop complaining.')

<Shaw> He was in more pain than he'd expected, so standing was not in the books for the moment. Instead, he picked up the items she'd tossed his way, debating where to put them.

<Shaw> After a moment, he looked up at her hand. His gaze traveled to her face and he sighed, unwilling to admit even more weakness to her.

<Viper> "Niemand zusieht...." she gestured for him to just take her hand. "Wenn Sie meine Hilfe benötigen, nehmen Sie es." ('No one is watching....' 'If you need my help, take it.')

<Shaw> "Sie befinden sich gerade," he said, eyes moving back to her hand. ('You are watching.')

<Viper> "Möchten Sie sich besser fühlen, wenn ich versprochen, nicht zu erzählen?" She sighed, "Bevor das hier vorbei ist, bin ich sicher, Sie werden sehen, mich in einer Weise, ich wünschte, ich verstecken konnte verhalten..." ('Would you feel better if I promised not to tell?' 'Before this is over I'm sure you will see me behave in ways I wish I could hide...')

<Shaw> As he didn't have a choice, Sebastian took her hand and allowed her to help him up, afraid his weight might pull her over.

<Viper> Viper winced, discovering fractures and other internal injuries she didn't know she had as she helped him up, "Wir sollten einen Weg finden." ('We should find a road.')

<Shaw> He braced himself with a hand against the tree, and when that wasn't enough leaned on it heavily. "To be more easily eaten on it?"

<Viper> "Weniger verloren." She moved closer to him and reached to put her arm around his waist to help him. ('To be less lost.')

<Shaw> "I'm hazy on where we were when we went down... I can't recall details." He straightened - or tried to - and accepted the help. Everything he could carry was stowed in his pockets or rolled in the blanket at his feet. Of course, that meant picking it up to carry.

<Viper> "Wir sind irgendwo in Süd-West Connecticut." That was the best she could offer at the moment as she was also having trouble recalling details. Finding a road should help... in theory. ('We're somewhere in South-West Connecticut.')

<Shaw> "And there's fuck-all in southwest Connecticut." With the roll tucked between his broken arm and body, Sebastian took the first few painful steps.

<Viper> "Wir können nur hoffen..." Because the last thing either of them needed right at this moment was to have to run anywhere. ('We can only hope...')

<Shaw> They hobbled slowly through the woods, with the helicopter still burning like a torch behind them. "At least we know Tony is safe..."

<Viper> She nodded, glancing in the direction of the helicopter, "Wir haben eine Entscheidung zu treffen." ('We have a decision to make.')

<Shaw> "We go downhill, I can tell you that much." Walking was painful and he was already puffing.

<Viper> She shook her head, attempting to modulate her tone towards the softer, "Wir müssen entscheiden, ob sie gehen oder gehen Sie zurück..." ('We need to decide whether to go on or go back...')

<Shaw> Spotting something in the brush, he paused to stare. It was the tail rotor, and a mangled mess of flesh, clothing, and... feathers.

<Viper> When he stopped, Viper followed his gaze, "Naja... Jetzt wissen wir, was uns getroffen..." ('Well... now we know what hit us...')

<Shaw> "Mm." He leaned closer. "I wonder if it was alive, or..." a clicking sound caught his attention and after a moment he realized it was the thing's head, teeth still snapping at the air.

<Viper> "Wenn er noch am Leben war... Ich denke, es kann ausgewichen sind." She increased the pressure of her arm around him to steer him away. "Sie haben meine Frage nicht beantwortet..." ('If it was alive... I think it may have dodged.' 'You haven't answered my question...')

<Shaw> "I don't know how to answer your question," he said with a sigh. "If your meaning is that you could snap your fingers and contact your people to get us lifted out of here, please do so."

<Viper> "Ich kann nicht." She even managed to sound apologetic, "Es kann ein oder zwei Basis in der Nähe sein, wenn wir Glück haben, aber wir brauchen, um eine Richtung zu starten Fuß in pflücken." ('I can't. There may be a base or two nearby if we're lucky but we need to pick a direction to start walking in.')

<Shaw> "Then I don't see where there is a choice to make." He glanced back at the rotor and tried to speed up.

<Viper> "Wenn wir feststellen, einige Transport müssen wir entscheiden, ob sie wieder in Massachusetts zu gehen oder setzen unsere Suche." Either way it could be days before they could contact the base to let anyone know where they were. ('If we find some transportation we need to decide whether to go back to Massachusetts or continue our search.')

<Shaw> "We can't find them like this, so either way we must first get help, yes?" He wasn't ready to make any further decision than that.

<Viper> She looked up at the sky, the action making her stumble over a half-buried branch, "Zuerst sollten wir Unterschlupf zu finden . Wir haben nicht viele Stunden Tageslicht bleibt..." ('First, we should find shelter. We don't have many hours of daylight remaining.')

<Shaw> Her misstep jarred his injuries and Sebastian yelped despite himself.

<Viper> "Es tut mir Leid..." she slowed a little to help him regain his balance, "Hat diese Über Besteuerung von Ihren Fähigkeiten je passiert ist?" ('I'm sorry....' 'Has this over-taxing of your abilities ever happened before?')

<Shaw> "Not to this degree." It terrified him, truth be told, but his enhanced senses still functioned, and he could only hope his healing ability did as well. Sebastian glanced over at her, considering something.

<Viper> She tugged at the corner of her lip with a fang while they walked, considering their options and trying to remember where they had been on the gps before the impact.

<Shaw> "May I test something?" At this distance he, of course, couldn't sense Jessica, so this was his next option.

<Viper> She turned her attention to him then and raised an eyebrow, "Das hängt davon ab..." ('That depends...')

<Shaw> His attention was diverted to the fang for a moment and he smirked.

<Viper> She absently ran her tongue over the fang and waited for him to elaborate on his request.

<Shaw> "I should test my abilities, and the easiest - and least painful - to begin with is my telepathy." He raised a brow at her.

<Viper> She sighed, offering something between a shrug and a nod as she lowered the outer layer of her shields.

<Shaw> Can you hear me? He wasn't terribly thrilled about touching her mind, either, so attempted with a light brush.

<Viper> Yes, I can hear you... At least communicating would be easier. He wouldn't have to translate her unintentional german and she wouldn't have to keep talking despite the pain in her chest from her injuries.

<Shaw> Sebastian let out a relieved sigh that shot a pain through his ribs. Good, now I needn't listen to that infernal german.

<Viper> Are you sure you don't want me to hit you? She raised an eyebrow at him.

<Shaw> "Mmm." He gave her an assessing look and shifted to free his good hand, snapping his fingers. The tiny flicker of energy was answer enough. Well, well...

<Viper> What? She glanced at him then paused to listen for any helpful sounds.

<Shaw> My absorption abilities are active, but I don't want to place undue stress upon them.

<Viper> Well, the offer to smack you is still there whenever you want to take it... she gave him a small smirk as she started walking again.

<Shaw> Sebastian bared teeth at her and started to walk.

<Viper> The smirk masked her discomfort. She was ready for him to stop leaning on her whenever he felt able. It may get cold over night...

<Shaw> That was quite the change of subject. "Are you proposing we cuddle?"

<Viper> Fairly soon she suspected she may hit him regardless of whether or not he wanted her to. I'm hoping it won't come to that.

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled, then regretted it when his cracked ribs did the same.

<Viper> At the very least we should find some shelter... I would rather find a vehicle though.... It seemed to be difficult to get him to stay on topic and she wondered why. Was he concussed? Or maybe it was an emotional issue?

<Shaw> Well, a vehicle will be in a road, so we'd best find a road. He sighed, looking around at the woods.

<Viper> Then let's hope we're walking in the right direction... She frowned, pausing to listen again.

<Shaw> He glanced over at her, picking up on her bizarre concentration. After a moment, he picked up on her thoughts. Ah. He stopped walking, closed his eyes and listened. Make no noise, and perhaps I can hear something.

<Viper> She nodded, doing her best to keep her breathing quiet despite the wheezing from her injuries. She waited for his verdict, straining her ears for any noise she might detect herself. It worried her that there were no birds. Even with the crash and resulting explosion, they should have heard some by now.

<Shaw> Sebastian tilted his head, listening. He frowned.

<Viper> Do you hear anything? She shifted a little, trying to quietly adjust their combined stance into something more comfortable.

<Shaw> No... He frowned again. In fact, it's most disconcertingly quiet.

<Viper> Yes it is... though I think I'd rather quiet than the sounds of the undead... She hissed and made a small sound of discomfort as one of her fractures realigned itself under his weight.

<Shaw> Feeling her flash of pain, he straightened up with a wince. My apologies. However, while I do agree with your assessment that I prefer silence to the undead, I wish I could hear some, say, traffic?

<Viper> That would be helpful... she agreed, But we may not be near a main road... we'll just have to keep walking until we find something. She took as deep a breath as she was able, feeling the fracture returning to its former position now that the weight was off of her some. It hurt no less than it had the first time. Perhaps we should just look for shelter and worry about the road tomorrow.

<Shaw> Sebastian nodded, exhausted by the day's events. At least I haven't heard any undead either, so that's something.

<Viper> She offered a small smile - so he did know how to be optimistic - and set off again. Optimism or no, this was going to be a long few days.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:56 pm

<Shinobi> The tree was enormous, and it looked sturdy. In fact, it still had most of its leaves. This, however, did not make Obi any more convinced of this plan. He looked from the thick branches to his wife, sighing. "Okay," he relented.

<Hope> Hope leaned over and kissed her husband softly. "You'll be perfectly safe," she assured him, poking the small squirrels roasting over their miniature fire. She'd dug the pit low enough into the ground that she hoped no flames or smoke would be seen. It was risky... but she wasn't about to eat raw squirrel.

<Shinobi> Words could not express how thankful he was of that one luxury in this entire squirrel-eating business. "I'm not worried about me," he explained against her lips, catching the back of her head to prolong the kiss.

<Hope> She lingered, smiling in the kiss. I'm not worried about me. I'm worried about you.

<Shinobi> It tugged at his heart, as it always did. We'll take care of each other then.

<Hope> Acceptable, She told him with a smile, stroking his cheek gently. Kind of need you, you know.

<Shinobi> Not as much as I need you. He broke the kiss and met her eyes. They'd make it through this. They had to.

<Hope> She smiled more and nodded. We'll get through this. Together.

<Shinobi> Either he was thinking loudly or she was still in his mind quite deeply. He decided he didn't mind either way, and gave her a reassuring smile. That's when he caught a whiff of the cooking rodent and the moment was lost.

<Hope> She was just taking his hand with her so she could turn and check on said rodent, picking up her stick once again to poke it.

<Shinobi> "It's so... small." The skin and innards were still in a little pile nearby for later disposal and his nose wrinkled again when he spotted the fluffy tail, spotted with blood, the hairs moving with the slight breeze.

<Hope> "There's some dried fruit we can have with it," she reasoned, not noticing his obvious discomfort.

<Shinobi> "Okay." He shifted slightly and looked at their packs. "How's the water situation?"

<Hope> "We're upriver... but there could be more diseased things further upstream. If you can fill up the canteens, I'll boil the water and add iodine."

<Shinobi> Nodding, he squeezed her hand before he dropped it and moved over to the packs to collect the metal canteens.

<Hope> "Thank you," she gave him a smile, watching him go.

<Shinobi> He caught a flash of thought and looked over his shoulder at her with a knowing smirk.

<Hope> She smirked back at him, blushing just a little at getting caught.

<Shinobi> Filing that away, he cautiously picked a path down to the water, this time keeping himself partially phased. He wouldn't make the same mistake he'd made last time.

<Hope> Distracted, Hope wasn't really paying attention to her cooking. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, as a coal popped out of her pit and landed on the back of her hand. She shouted in surprise before she could even think about it. She jumped and the coal fell to the ground again.

<Shinobi> Half-phased didn't make much of a difference when his wife cried out behind him and he felt her shock and pain. "Hope!" Obi slipped on a slick rock and splashed into the water, canteens only half-filled.

<Hope> She was already on her way to the water to place her hand in it when she felt him fall. Obi!?

<Shinobi> Obi had righted himself with minimal flailing and was halfway back up the bank when she appeared, cradling her hand. "What happened?" He looked around. Was she bitten? No!

<Hope> "Are you alright?!" She asked as she skidded to a halt, nearly toppling down the bank with him.

<Shinobi> "I just slipped," he admitted, most definitely sheepishly, but his eyes were on her hands. He hadn't heard anything! They hadn't seen any zombies for hours.

<Hope> She held out her hand to him, but kept moving toward the bank. "Help me down..."

<Shinobi> "What happened?" he repeated, taking her hand to help her and moving to take her injured hand to see for himself.

<Hope> That made her smile, despite her pain as she let him see, then dunked her hand into the stream. "Burned myself."

<Shinobi> Obi let out a relieved sigh and inspected the burn when she raised it out of the water for a moment. "It doesn't look too bad at least..."

<Hope> "I'll be fine," she assured him, leaning against him as she cooled her hand again.

<Shinobi> "There has to be a first aid kit in one of those packs, right?" He nuzzled her, taking a moment first to check around them. His heart rate was finally returning to normal.

<Hope> "I'm sure of it," she agreed, relaxing a bit herself as the pain left her hand. "Hopefully with some kind of something for burns."

<Shinobi> "I can try to take over with the fire if you want to look for it," he offered, then gave in to his relief and hugged her tightly against him. "Scared me there," he admitted.

<Hope> It occurred to her what he might have thought. She slid her arms around him, holding him tightly. "I'm so sorry."

<Shinobi> "It's fine. It's not your fault. I just... jumped to a conclusion." He closed his eyes and kissed the top of her head. "Can't lose you."

<Hope> "I can't lose you either," she muttered, closing her own eyes.

<Shinobi> "Well, then we'll work on preventing that." He didn't dare keep his eyes closed for long, and raised his head to check the area.

<Hope> "Good," she muttered again. "We should head back."

<Shinobi> "Yeah." He let go and bent to get the canteens. "It's getting darker..."

<Hope> Hope waited for him, pretty sure she was going to need his help to get back up the bank.

<Shinobi> Now laden with canteens full of questionable water, he straightened and tried to squeeze the water from his trousers, then joined Hope to help her. "I smell something burning..."

<Hope> "Oops...." she gave him a sheepish grin.

<Shinobi> Not he wanted to eat squirrel, but he did want to eat. They hurried back to the camp and he saw she must have mostly moved their dinner out of the fire before fleeing for the water... but a back leg was smoking furiously. Gross.

<Hope> "Mmmm burnt squirrel." Hope wrinkled her nose and knelt down, shifting it the rest of the way out of the fire.

<Shinobi> "Because it needed to be worse..." He settled down beside the fire and unscrewed the canteen lids.

<Hope> "You'll get used to it," she told him gently.

<Shinobi> He gave her a side glance as he carefully slid the canteens into the coals to boil. "It's so easy for me to forget you're almost at home doing this kind of stuff."

<Hope> She grinned a little. "Almost at home?"

<Shinobi> "Well, I like to think I've helped domesticate you," he said, smirking up at her as he nudged the last canteen further into the fire with a stick.

<Hope> She wrinkled her nose at him and nudged him back. "We have maids... and professional chefs. I'm hardly domesticated."

<Shinobi> "I haven't noticed you killing squirrels on the White House lawn," he said with a laugh, turning to the packs to look for that first aid kit.

<Hope> "I have to do something to entertain myself," she giggled, plopping down to examine her hand. "Okay so Tony might have scolded me for it. Apparently PETA protested."

<Shinobi> Obi stopped digging through the pack and looked over at her. He blinked.

<Hope> "What?" she asked, blinking back at him.

<Shinobi> "Really? What'd those squirrels ever do to you?" He thought about that statement and turned back to the pack with another nose wrinkle.

<Hope> "Do you have some kind of... attachment... to squirrels, Obi?" She questioned him, eyes locked on.

<Shinobi> Busted. He closed his eyes, shaking his head with a laugh.

<Hope> "They are diseased filled vermin who eat the birdseed and terrorize the place." She watched him a bit more before turning back to their dinner to serve it.

<Shinobi> Now that he was thinking about her, he wondered if Doreen was still alive... summoning squirrels to trip the zombies that chased her or something.

<Hope> Hope passed him his dinner on a stick.

<Shinobi> Suddenly there was half a burned squirrel carcass in his face and he had to stop himself from jumping.

<Hope> She raised her eyebrow at him, studying him. "Alright there?"

<Shinobi> Obi managed a faint smile once he tore his eyes away from the squirrel. "Yep."

<Hope> She smiled, leaning in to kiss him... before pushing off of him and making a dash for a nearby tree. She immediately vomited behind it.

<Shinobi> "Hope!" He gave the squirrel a wary look, but he didn't think she'd eaten any yet. Setting it down, he followed her, placing his hand on her back. "Are you okay?"

<Hope> Do I look okay? she snapped, vomiting again.

<Shinobi> Obviously not. Tamping down his irritation, he looked around for danger and then crouched beside her, pulling her hair back.

<Hope> Once it finally stopped, she slumped against him, her eyes closing.

<Shinobi> "Better?" He rubbed her back, edging them away from the mess -- not that she'd had much to bring up, considering their situation.

<Hope> "Kind of," she admitted, allowing him to move them.

<Shinobi> Obi kissed the top of her head, holding her and keeping watch around them. We haven't even had any sketchy water or squirrel yet...

<Hope> Stress? she offered, she looking up at him. His eyes always seemed to have a calming effect on her.

<Shinobi> Yeah. That makes sense. He rubbed her back and smiled a little. We'll be okay.

<Hope> Shrugging off the incident, Hope nestled into Obi and relaxed a little. Sorry for snapping at you.

<Shinobi> It's fine. Stress, remember? He smiled and just held on. He felt it too, definitely.

<Hope> You're way too nice, she decided, snuggling a little as she looked around, remembering they were actually in danger.

<Shinobi> His expression slid into a smirk. I know. Following her lead, he checked the area, then looked over his shoulder at their little fire and the dreaded dinner.

<Hope> She nudged him, laughing softly. "Come on... we should get back."

<Shinobi> "Yeah." He looked up toward the sky, where night was quickly falling, then gathered her up and stood, moving back to the fire.

<Hope> For once, she didn't protest his help, but allowed him to lead her back to the fire. Thank you for your help.

<Shinobi> You're welcome. He smiled at her before he set her on her feet, making sure she was steady, and took his place by the fire again. Do you feel like eating at all?

<Hope> "Not really..." she admitted, taking a seat by the fire.

<Shinobi> Obi nodded and picked up the charred rodent. He really had to do this, didn't he? Expression set, he looked for a place to start. After a couple of tries, he pulled off a strip of meat, gave it a stare, then shoved it in his mouth.

<Hope> She watched him, then turned her attention to the fire, poking it. She couldn't watch that. Nope.

<Shinobi> He had no idea what it tasted like really, other than char. After a quick glance at Hope, he forced some more down.

<Hope> "I might be sick...." she left it at that, debating on running or not.

<Shinobi> "I might join you," he mumbled around some squirrel, then realized she was likely serious and looked up.

<Hope> Her face was more pale than usual as she glanced over at him.

<Shinobi> "Fuck." Obi carefully put it down again, wiping his hands on his pants and going to her.

<Hope> She reached for him, swallowing hard.

<Shinobi> He made a soothing sound, looking around again as he held her. What the fuck were they going to do?

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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Oct 26, 2015 11:56 pm

It was early and still dark but Carol was wide awake. In fact, she hadn't slept and had spent most of the night stood outside and staring at the sky overhead. It was reassuring to her in an odd way - the stars still looked the same even when the world around them was unrecognisable. Her mind was swimming with everything that had happened in the past couple of weeks. It was no wonder she was having trouble sleeping.

It wasn't the first time in the last week or so that Joe had awoken in the night to find Carol absent from her spot between him and Cessily. He wondered where she'd wandered off to this time. After a few minutes of listening to the quiet, he decided to have a peek outside. Through the tiny gap at the bottom of the zip he spied some legs and frowned. Retrieving a thick jumper, he quietly let himself out of the tent, closing it behind him before he pulled the jumper on. Holy crap it was freezing! "Carol...?" She hadn't turned around but she had to have heard him.

She turned her head a little to the side in acknowledgement, "Everything okay?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing." He moved over to her and followed her gaze to the stars, "Whatcha lookin' at?"

"Nothing really." She shook herself and refocused her attention on Joe, "Just thinking. It's quiet now so..." she gave a half shrug.

"So you're thinking about all the stuff you work so hard at distracting yourself from all day?" He frowned, "Have you even slept?"

"I don't know," she mirrored his frown, "Probably not... it's hard. I have a lot on my mind right now..."

"Anything I can help you with? You know you shouldn't keep things to yourself - that's how you get into trouble."

"I know..." she glanced back at the tent, "I need to tell Heather something... but it's going to upset her."

"And you have all the tact of a freight train."

She stared at him for a long moment, "Yeah. That."

"So what is this thing? Not more bad news about SHIELD?"

She shook her head, stuffing her hands into her jacket pockets, "You remember she has a friend - another mutant with wings?"

"Yeah... Warren, right? She's worried about him a lot."

"That's the one..." she looked down at the ground beneath her feet, "I flew on ahead to check up on him - let him know we're on our way and everything...."

A frown creased Joe's brow as she talked, his mind racing ahead and wondering what he had to prepare himself for.

"He... got bit," she heard the sharp intake of breath and looked up quickly, "He's okay!" she added hastily, "He just... well it got his hand so... he kinda cut his forearm off...."

Joe blinked, "... Ow?"

"Yeeeah..." her nose wrinkled, "But, apart from that, he's fine... and he's not on his own now so he'll still be fine when we get there. Assuming he follows instructions this time."

"You giving him orders now?" He had to laugh.

"I don't think I ever stopped," she gave him a grin, "I give everyone orders, I just can't help myself... At least my orders are sensible?"

"They are... usually," he shrugged a shoulder, "And you've kept us alive so far. So don't worry so much about that for now... As for the Warren thing... Would you rather I told her?"

Carol found herself feeling much love for her baby brother right at that moment. "Would you? I mean... I can be there... just in case she freaks out or whatever..."

"If I do it right we should avoid freaking out but, if it makes you feel better, you can sit on her or something." He gave a small shrug, not really sure what Carol would do if Heather did freak out. He'd heard stories from both of them about her rages but he'd never seen it for himself. He wasn't sure he wanted to.

"I don't know that sitting on her would work but I could try it and see?" She gave him a playful nudge. "Hey, aren't you cold?"

He looked down at his bare feet, pyjama pants and jumper and gave a nod and a shrug. "Yeah a bit... it's okay."

Carol pulled her hands out of her pockets so she could wrap her arms around him. She then used her powers to warm the air around them both. "Better?"

"How do you do that?" He frowned, "You're not microwaving me right now, are you? Because I think I need to not be microwaved..."

"I'm not microwaving you..." she rolled her eyes, "It's just heat. I promise... and it's easy... actually I should probably do it more often because of that overloaded battery issue..."

"Yeah the last thing we need is you frying the electronics in the car or something..." He decided to return the hug because it would be less awkward and because she was warm.

"It's okay. Even if I did do that, I could probably fix it... Whiiiich would probably upset dad more than breaking it in the first place because I'd get covered in oil and everything."

"And you wouldn't care."

"Nope! I actually think I'd be happier then... maybe I should do that just to piss him off."

"Can you wait til after we get to Colorado? Because I don't like our chances if we have to walk all the rest of the way there..." He looked over at the tent again, "And we have way too much stuff to carry."

"For you." She poked him in the ribs, "But if I'm carrying everything I can't sniper any zombies from the air so I'd rather not." She sighed and looked back up at the sky, "I really want this to be over."

"Which part?"

"I don't know... all of it? Or... I don't mind the camping or spending time with everyone so much... but I could do without the rest. Knowing it's probably never going back to anywhere near like it was isn't helping."

"It'll be okay," Joe gave her a squeeze, "You just have to remember to talk to people when you're feeling overwhelmed - we're all feeling like that but we talk all day... you go off on your weird adventures. You should try spending a day with the rest of us... maybe not dad."

"You realise he's mostly why I'm not hanging around? I keep waiting for him to pick a fight with me. I know he wants to..." The air was warm enough now - Joe had stopped shivering - but she still didn't want to let go.

"I know... I don't understand what his problem is... you'd think after all this time he'd just accept it and move on."

"He won't... he misses Steven... and he blames me. I blame myself."

"Carol... it wasn't your fault. Forget what dad says... forget what the guilt's telling you because it's a load of crap. You know as well as I do that if you hadn't asked for Steven's help he'd have been pissed at you... and you might never have found Danger and all of that Sentinel stuff could have gone on forever and got a whole lot worse. It was the right thing to do. You could never have imagined they'd do something like that."

"But I did... and I tried to warn him... but I didn't know if he took it seriously..."

"Of course he did - he sent you that file, didn't he? I just wish he'd had the sense to put a note in there about it not being your damn fault."

"He probably just thought they'd take it off him... not kill him over it..." She sighed and bowed her head onto his shoulder.

He tightened his hold on her and turned his face into her hair, "They killed him, Carol. Not you. That's what's important. You've got to let it go. If you can do that, nothing dad can say to you will make it worse."

She nodded, giving Joe a small squeeze, "I love you, you know." The groan that comment received made her laugh, "Yeah, yeah... surprise. Don't tell anyone I'm actually a big softie, okay?"

"I won't - I know I'd live to regret it." He pressed a kiss to the side of her head through her hair, "Now I'm going to go back to bed before I also live to regret not going back to sleep while it was still dark... you should try to get some sleep too."

"Yeah... maybe later..." she lifted her head to press a kiss to his cheek before she let him go finally, "Good night, Joe."
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:07 am

<Viper> Sleeping outside at the wrong end of Autumn was not an experience she ever wanted to repeat. It was surely compounded by her fractured ribs and other internal injuries or, perhaps, the company. She woke with a groan after sharp (and very cold) intake of breath. Unfolding herself a small way, she prodded Sebastian to see if he was still alive and rubbed at her eyes with her other hand.

<Shaw> Facedown in the leaves, he was not responding to her prodding.

<Viper> "Sebastian?" The prodding became gentle shaking, "Wake up. I'm not losing you to hypothermia after I practically carried you all this way...."

<Shaw> The insistent voice and pokings and shakings were drilling through the pleasant numbness of sleep Sebastian had finally attained. "Mmmm."

<Viper> Oh good. He was still alive. She stopped shaking him and leaned over him to peer out of one of the larger gaps in their shelter to check the surrounding area for zombies. Ugh it was so cold.

<Shaw> He groaned, shifting and zeroing in on the only source of warmth in their shelter, wrapping his arm around it.

<Viper> Viper made a small sound of alarm as she lost her shakey balance and found herself wrapped up in a cuddle. At least it was warm... It was extremely tempting to just go back to sleep but they had an unknown amount of distance to cover and she really didn't want to have to spend another night outside. Wriggling a little, she managed to turn around and free a hand which she used to poke at his injured arm.

<Shaw> "Christ! Was that necessary?" Sebastian was awake now, and fully aware he was cuddling her, but he didn't care. She was warm.

<Viper> "Well trying to be gentle wasn't working..." she offered, wincing when she jarred her own injuries, "We can't stay here all day." She pulled her arms against her to keep her hands between them and warm them up some.

<Shaw> "I didn't know gentle was in your vocabulary anyway," he said with a jaw-cracking yawn. "I'm sorely tempted to stay. I did believe your kind was meant to be coldblooded, but aside from those frozen digits you're torturing me with the truth is quite the opposite."

<Viper> "My kind? Are you talking psychopaths or snakes?" she raised an eyebrow and managed to conjure up a small smirk while she flexed her fingers to try and get the circulation going.

<Shaw> "Snakes." He cracked an eye and looked down at her with a smirk of his own.

<Viper> "I hate to break it to you, but I'm just as human as you are." She patted him gently with her still cold hands.

<Shaw> He hissed at the cold. "My humanity has been a topic of debate for years."

<Viper> "So I've heard," the smirk grew a little. The reaction to her cold hands amused her some so she moved them around to spread the love.

<Shaw> The hiss turned into a low growl. "Careful," he warned. "You might find more reaction than you'll like..."

<Viper> The eyebrow went up again and she laughed, shaking her head, "You have no idea what I like."

<Shaw> "Perhaps then, it's more reaction than Sum would like." He smirked, gauging her reaction.

<Viper> And there he went ruining her fun by bringing up David. She pouted then her cold hands found skin and the pout became a grin as she spread them out on the bare patch.

<Shaw> And since that bare patch was his stomach, Sebastian had to stifle a gasp. Still, the pout had been fascinating while it lasted.

<Viper> Pleased with that reaction, she turned her hands over because the palms were warming but the backs of them were still quite cold.

<Shaw> He sucked in a breath and closed his eyes, then smirked and wrapped both arms around her.

<Viper> The sound she made was not a sound she was used to hearing herself make but it was largely muffled by Sebastian. She couldn't really defend herself against the hug because her arms were pinned between them - clearly his arm was much better than it was yesterday. Left with few options she decided she would accept the hug and its warmness and she - for lack of a better term - snuggled.

<Shaw> Somewhat surprised, Sebastian decided to go with this turn of events, since it was ridiculously cold.

<Viper> "We really can't stay here all day..." she mumbled into his shoulder, hiding her nose from the cold too.

<Shaw> "True, but we should take full advantage of the warmth while we have it." He shifted just enough to find her hair with his own nose. "And once this extended moment is over, it never happened."

<Viper> She nodded, closing her eyes, "Like so many things..."

<Viper> [Time Passes]

<Shaw> His shoulder popped. Again. Glancing over at Sarkissian, then around to the woods that flanked this goat track of a roadway, he decided it was likely louder to him than anyone else.

<Viper> Sensing his attention on her, she looked over at him, "I think I see something through the trees around the bend..."

<Shaw> "Oh?" Sebastian looked in that direction, but was unsure what he saw. He rolled his shoulders, testing the healing arm again.

<Viper> She nodded, hoping it was something interesting because all these trees were so boring. She ran her hands through her hair and stretched, picking up the pace a little to round that corner faster.

<Shaw> Sebastian paused when he thought he saw movement. "Careful," he whispered, reaching for her before she sped into danger.

<Viper> She looked over her shoulder at him when she felt his hand on her arm, "Worried about me?" she was more than a little amused by the thought.

<Shaw> "Of course. I have no wish to be alone in this hell." He was not amused, or at all ashamed of his concern.

<Viper> "You needn't be worried," she waved it off, deciding to cut through the trees to the whatever it was because at least then there'd be cover and maybe Sebastian would relax.

<Shaw> He sighed and followed her, though the deep breath made his ribs twinge and reminded him he was far from his normal self.

<Viper> The mystery object appeared to be a car with a very laden roof rack. She paused to wait for Sebastian to catch up and so she could peer into the windows of the car from the cover of the treeline.

<Shaw> "Wai-" Just as he did so, he spotted the corpse lurch into the partially-open window, teeth clacking against the safety glass.

<Viper> "Well this is interesting..." Viper cocked her head on one side, slowly approaching the captive zombie. She watched it curiously and stopped in front of the window, crouching down to be on the same level as the face. "How fresh are you, I wonder..."

<Shaw> "Judging by the smell it's not fresh enough." His nose wrinkled and he checked the area for others, then circled the vehicle. "And he's not alone..."

<Viper> "It would appear not... but this may be the only car we see in a while so we should at least check if it still runs..." She straightened up.

<Shaw> The windows were filthy and there were countless flies inside, but he could make out movement in the back seat as well. Sebastian swallowed down what little he'd had for breakfast in the form of half of a Hydra ration bar.

<Viper> Viper approached the back door of the car and reached for the handle. The last thing she wanted to do was kill any of the things in the car - the mess would be unbearable.

<Shaw> A toddler, missing a good portion of its face, lurched forward in its car seat. The straps peeled the flesh from its shoulders and Sebastian fumbled for his revolver, noticing the older child working free from its seat belt on the other side.

<Viper> Viper saw the movement and looked up, "Do not shoot them until they're clear of the car." With that she opened the door on the side with toddler. Using her knife, she cut the strap holding the car seat in place and removed it and the toddler from the car in one go, tossing the seat and its contents to the side of the road.

<Shaw> "If we can manage to get them out, perhaps we shouldn't chance the sound to shoot them at all." He hid his flinch when the car seat hit the pavement, turning his attention to the other child.

<Viper> "Well I would rather less noise, if at all possible... just in case our crash yesterday brought some this way and they're looking for us." She eyed the other occupants of the car, restrained by their seat belts. "The question is... how to get them out of there without getting bitten."

<Shaw> "That would be the question of the day." Sebastian sighed, then closed his car door again and moved to the back of the vehicle to raise the hatch and search through their belongings.

<Viper> Turning back for the trees, Viper found herself a nice long stick. Armed with her stick, she returned to the car and decided to start with the other occupant of the back seat. Leaning across the space the car seat had occupied, she jammed the end of the stick into the zombie's mouth before hitting the button to unlock the seatbelt and backing out of the car quickly with her stick.

<Shaw> Shoving items aside, he located a filthy blanket just above the spare tire. Excellent. Rounding the vehicle with his find, he spotted Viper's unique method and swore. "Careful!"

<Viper> "Oh yes, because my safety isn't my number one priority?" She swung the stick at the zombie's head. The act hurt because of her fractured ribs but the walking corpse hit the dirt. She wasn't sure it was dead so she decided to make certain with the help of her knife again. Two seats cleared, two more to go.

<Shaw> Irritated, he huffed and flung open the driver's side door. Sebastian tossed the blanket over the man's head and secured it with a bungee cord, then cut the seat belt with his pocket knife. With a yank that made his shoulder pop again, he pulled the flailing thing free and stabbed it in the head. Since aiming was impossible, it took four tries to still the thing.

<Viper> "I suppose this means you're driving?" She frowned at the cutting of the seatbelt, going to the passenger side to release the final zombie with her stick, keeping that seatbelt intact.

<Shaw> He rolled his eyes and moved to help her with her last zombie.

<Viper> "If we crash and you go through the windshield, you'll be fine," she pointed out, "Perhaps even better than before your impact with whatever surface you land on."

<Shaw> "I'm aware of how my abilities operate, yes." He came up behind her walking corpse - this one a female - and slung the blanket over her head, taking her to the ground.

<Viper> Viper finished that one off too, the blade of her knife embedding deeply into its skull. She withdrew it then wiped it clean on the blanket, "So you are driving... assuming the car still runs." She turned back for the vehicle in question and, rather than checking the keys in the ignition, she started checking the supplies the family had packed.

<Shaw> He grunted in the affirmative and moved over to the car seat, where the youngest corpse still thrashed and tried to get free. Crouching just out of its range, he sighed, closed his eyes for a moment, then ended its unlife.

<Viper> There was food! And water. She tossed out things within the car that were no use - largely clothes and other personal items - and cracked open one of the bottles, taking a sip and holding up another unopened bottle for Sebastian to accept or decline.

<Shaw> Straightening, he nodded and started up the embankment to the car. "Thank you," he said, cracking open the bottle and downing half as he eyed the mess she'd made.

<Viper> She wasn't done yet. Putting the cap back on her bottle, she turned her attention to the contents of the roof rack. "These people were really disorganised...."

<Shaw> "They were probably rushing, and likely lacked the experience of overseeing military style operations in a terrorist organization." He smirked, chugging more water. "Do they have a tent?"

<Viper> "Looks like it," she patted a large canvas bag on the back of the roof rack. It rattled. "Sounds like a tent."

<Shaw> "That could be of use whether or not the car starts." He capped his water and sat it on the ground, then jumped up, using the tire as a foothold. From this position, he could inspect the cooler strapped to the top of the vehicle.

<Viper> As Sebastian was now fiddling around on the roof and she was largely done throwing useless things away, Viper went to the driver's seat and decided to try the ignition.

<Shaw> It was a curious place to put a cooler, but he'd seen many strange things in life so far. He flipped open the lid and blinked, immediately covering his nose as his eyes started to water. Right. Of course.

<Viper> The engine started after a couple of tries and Viper leaned to check the fuel gauge - the level wasn't brilliant but should hopefully last long enough for them to find a gas station. For now though, she left the engine running to give the battery some survivability and moved around the car to open up all the doors and the trunk and let it air out while she repacked everything.

<Shaw> There didn't seem to be an easy way to take care of the problem with the cooler strapped to the roof and surrounded by other mundane necessities of life. He looked for the straps that held it.

<Viper> Viper paused in her reorganising of the contents of the trunk to look at him, "What's the problem?"

<Shaw> Locating them, he cut the cooler free and lifted it down, walking to the side of the road near the carseat. "See for yourself."

<Viper> Abandoning the supplies she was packing, she followed him to the side of the road and looked into the cooler. "Why on Earth...?" There was a zombie baby in there. "Is this something I don't understand because it is emotional or is this crazy? Because it seems crazy."

<Shaw> "It's likely the emotion made them crazy, yes..." It was definitely crazy, but on some level he could understand. "You never want to let go of your children..."

<Viper> "I wouldn't know." She frowned at the cooler then looked at Sebastian, wondering what he wanted to do with it.

<Shaw> He looked over at her, weighing her tone. "No, I suppose not," he said, giving her a faint smile. Thinking of his family and his children - adopted and biological - Sebastian carefully dodged the flailing, once-chubby baby arms and finished it.

<Viper> Threat dealt with, Viper turned back for the car but then she paused, "Which of them do you suppose was infected first?"

<Shaw> "I..." He looked down into the cooler again. "Hmm."

<Viper> "That would be my assumption..." she followed his gaze, "But you have to wonder how that happened..." she started back for the car.

<Shaw> "Very much, indeed." Nose wrinkled, he flipped the lid closed and turned back to the car, shaking it from his mind. "How much gas do we have?"

<Viper> "About a quarter of a tank... I'm not sure where these people were headed but we should choose whether to keep going the way they were going or turn around...."

<Shaw> He sighed, scooping up his water bottle to finish it off. "Your opinion?"

<Viper> "We have no way of knowing which direction will take us to a main road faster so... I'd say we turn around - they definitely came onto this road from a main road so at least we know that end has one." She finished organising what was left in the trunk and started to take things down from the roof to stow in there now that there was room.

<Shaw> "That seems logical." He squinted first one way, then the other. "I would suggest we eat something before we set out. If gas becomes a problem, we will at least have some reserve of energy to carry additional weight." He assisted her, taking down the unwieldy tent.

<Viper> She nodded, "I've set aside some things on the back seat." Wedging the tent into its gap was definitely a two person job. "I'm hoping once we figure out where we are that there might be a base nearby we can use..."

<Shaw> "Here's hoping." After shoving the tent in, he grabbed another water. "We've been far too lucky in terms of undead encounters... I can only hope Michael and Hope were as lucky." He rubbed the back of his neck, shoulder popping again as he stared at the water.

<Viper> "Well, with his powers they would have less to fear from them..." Viper offered, "As for our luck... I think we've balanced it out with our bad luck elsewhere."

<Shaw> Sebastian made a noncommittal noise, then stopped drinking water and looked at her sharply.

<Viper> Confused by his reaction to her statement she merely stared blankly back.

<Shaw> "I'm going to blame this on that bad luck of which you spoke... but I've just realized you're speaking English."

<Viper> She blinked at him for a moment longer then burst out laughing.

<Shaw> "Perhaps I sustained a concussion in the crash as well..." He trailed off into mutters, turning his attention back to his water.

<Viper> She shook her head, her laughter quieting, "It's very likely... or perhaps you're also cold-blooded and your brain hasn't warmed up until now."

<Shaw> Chuckling quietly, he shook his head and then tipped it back to look at the partly-cloudy sky. "Perhaps we should both go sun ourselves on rocks before we go?"

<Viper> "I'd rather the heater in the car," she offered a small smirk and closed the trunk on the supplies. Task completed, she sat down on the back seat to go through what items she'd kept out for food to eat right now.

<Shaw> Capping the bottle, he opened the driver's door and inspected the seat. There was... fluid. At least the flies were finding other homes... primarily with the corpses they'd left on the highway.

<Viper> "Here..." she held out some offerings of food. "There's some blankets here we can put on the seats... We should probably exchange this car for a less contaminated one as soon as we're able."

<Shaw> "Agreed. Although, most may be similarly contaminated." He glanced up at her, accepting the food. "Spam..." He turned the can over to check the date.

<Viper> "It's very likely... but we'll see what we can find." She offered an optimistic smile, "We could get lucky again."

<Shaw> "Hope springs eternal," he said drily, freeing the key on the can to open it. "I haven't had this since college."

<Viper> "I don't think I've had it since World War 2..." she frowned a little. There was a reason for this. However... there were crackers. And she didn't need much food really.

<Shaw> That, coupled with her expression, made him laugh. The wet sucking sound the tin made when he freed the top half of the container was just as hilarious.

<Viper> That sound didn't make it any more appetising. "I think I'll continue my abstinence from spam..."

<Shaw> "Oh, come now... it's an... American tradition." He grinned, jiggling the meat in her direction and grabbing the box of crackers.

<Viper> Her nose wrinkled and she leaned away from the offensive can of meat. She did not want to put that in her mouth.

<Shaw> "Well." Straightening, he selected a slightly stale cracker and slicked some of the gelatin from the meat onto the bread, then dug out a hunk, popping the entire cracker into his mouth. "More for me," he said around the bite.

<Viper> "You're welcome to it..." While he disposed of the spam, Viper set about covering the exposed and dirty seat cushions with blankets, making sure to leave some for when they inevitably needed to sleep in the cold again. Once this was done, she set about adjusting the passenger seat so she would be comfortable and investigating the contents of the glove box.

<Shaw> After a few more crackers full of processed meat, he loaded a cracker and leaned in her direction, waving it under her nose.

<Viper> She jerked upright away from the cracker and exited the car. Nope! Grabbing up her water bottle, she went to lean against a tree.

<Shaw> He laughed aloud at the reaction and ate the cracker.

<Viper> "I'm glad you're amused," she called over, taking a sip of her water.

<Shaw> He moved across the seat and took another bite, taking his time watching her while he chewed. The salty snack made him reach for his water as well. "You moved more quickly than if a zombie was trying to bite you."

<Viper> "Zombies don't try to make me eat them." She raised an eyebrow, "Are you done tormenting me now?"

<Shaw> "You need to eat something." Sebastian fished out a few plain crackers and offered them up.

<Viper> "I'm well aware," she straightened up and returned to the car, taking the packet and leaving him with the crackers he'd fished out. "I won't starve."

<Shaw> Rolling his eyes, he looked into the back seat. "There is canned fruit and soup. Perhaps if we can manage a fire later we should eat the soup."

<Viper> "I can start a fire," she pushed the doors in the back closed before she sat down on the passenger seat. "Hydra taught me all kinds of useful survival things... that I've mostly not needed ever until now."

<Shaw> "Lucky me." He flashed her a sharp grin and went back to his Spam.

<Viper> "You mean to tell me you don't have any survival skills beyond hitting things until they fall down or shooting them with that revolver?" She sat back in her seat and looked out the window, "You certainly did luck out with me, hmm?"

<Shaw> "Why in hell would I need such skills?" Sebastian shook his head and chugged more water. "I grew up in a city."

<Viper> Viper gestured around them by way of an answer. The situation spoke for itself.

<Shaw> "Yes, there was a way to foretell a... zombie apocalypse, to coin the popular cultural terminology." He snorted.

<Viper> "Of course not... but these things... they're useful, zombie apocalypse or no.... even if you only end up in such a situation once in a hundred years." She gave a half shrug.

<Shaw> "Mmm. Indeed." He took another bite, watching her. "So... how much Spam did you eat in World War II?"

<Viper> "More than enough for three lifetimes...." her nose wrinkled a little again, "So I have at least one more to go before I should be forced to eat it again."

<Shaw> "And how did you come by this Spam?" He was trying to recall his history regarding American-made foods in Europe during the war.

<Viper> "It was everywhere. Much like Americans seemed to be at the time..."

<Shaw> "It must have been a fascinating time to be alive... although understandably frightening, depending on where you were in Europe."

<Viper> "I suppose it was frightening for most people... not for me though... I do remember feeling inconvenienced a lot... especially in London."

<Shaw> "Inconvenienced... that's an interesting way to put it." He worked the Spam up out of the can, debating if he really wanted to eat the whole thing...

<Viper> "I'm sure you'd have felt inconvenienced if you'd had my experiences," she got a little defensive, "London during that time was... messy and there were rules, food shortages and air raids. Spending nights cowering under poorly built shelters in the middle of the street is not fun - especially when you discover just how poorly constructed they are first hand."

<Shaw> His eyebrow rose at the reaction and he finished off another bottle of water. "As I said, perhaps you didn't experience fear as most people - at least then - but what you describe sounds more frightening than inconvenient."

<Viper> "Because you don't understand what it's like to be me," she gave him a small smile, "Even when that bomb hit and David stopped breathing for some time... all I could think about was how annoying it would be to have to contact Hydra and ask for a new partner."

<Shaw> He stopped his perusal of the Spam can to stare at her. "How long have you and Sum known one another?"

<Viper> "Since 1939... London was my first field assignment for Hydra, before that I met him on the base... but we didn't talk much.... And I don't know why I'm telling you this...."

<Shaw> "Because you wish to." His tone was neutral, though it took effort. This was fascinating.

<Viper> She shrugged a little, "Maybe... it doesn't matter anyway... it's all very far in the past..." Though nothing had really changed. She was still very much alone though nowadays it seemed to bother her more than it used to. "We should start driving..."

<Shaw> "It does matter. He is still in your life, after all these years." Sebastian was nothing if not persistant.

<Viper> She shook her head, letting out a small laugh at the irony, "He stayed in my life... I never really understood why - I know I hurt and frustrated him regularly... I wondered if it was pity..." She sighed, "Except I suppose I knew it wasn't..." she frowned, glancing at him briefly before she turned her attention back to the trees.

<Viper> "Hope kept him around... hope that I would one day magically be normal and I would return all these feelings he has... and now... now it could actually happen... and he seems to have finally run out of patience... though, really, I should be impressed - he was worse than I am at waiting for things..."

<Shaw> "I still believe it is entirely possible he simply needs time to adjust to the idea that he could finally have that which he most desires..." Sebastian looked down, his own thoughts at the base.

<Viper> "Perhaps..." She scrubbed her face with her hands distractedly, "But I can't really ask him about it right now.... it just seems unfair to have somehow kept my one friend for all this time only to lose him when I can finally appreciate him properly..." she frowned and cleared her throat as her voice did something unusual.

<Shaw> Sebastian smiled to himself at the catch in her voice. "Well, we just need ensure we return to base, yes? Jessica will be beside herself... and I'm certain no matter his bluff in your presence, David will move heaven and earth to find you. Again."

<Viper> "Well... we shall see..." She leaned against the closed door beside her and rested her head against the window, "At least they are all safe where they are."

<Shaw> "Thank the heavens." His smile was sincere. "And, perhaps we should make time while we can..." He nodded toward the road.

<Viper> "Yes... let's find a proper road before we run out of daylight..." she agreed, glad for the subject change, "And then spend another night in the freezing cold..."

<Shaw> "Well," he said, expression sliding into his customary smirk, "We do know how to keep ourselves warm..."
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:41 am

<Viper> Now that they were on the move at a reasonable pace on a real road and hopefully in a direction that would take them to a gas station, Viper was able to relax a little bit. She watched the scenery go by out of the window and glanced occasionally at Sebastian to make sure he wasn't dropping off behind the wheel.

<Shaw> Sebastian was wide awake, and focused. He needed to get back to Jessica and Miriam, and now Connor. Then, he had to make the effort to find Michael and Hope. He swerved around the occasional walking corpse in the road.

<Viper> Viper was not a fan of the twists and turns on the road surrounded by trees. It was reminding her of events long past that, ordinarily, she didn't think about because they had no effect on her whatsoever. But, like so many things now, it was starting to bother her and make her ask questions she never thought to ask before. The light was now failing and this just made those memories more vivid so she attempted to distract herself.

<Shaw> Rounding another hairpin curve, he felt Sarkissian flinch beside him and glanced over to her.

<Viper> Viper was resolutely not looking at him, her eyes now fixed on the road ahead while she counted slowly in her head. There was something wrong with her, a vaguely familiar feeling but it wasn't as fun as it usually was.

<Shaw> He turned his attention back to the road, but listened to her breathing. Another mile flew by before he broke the silence. "Are you alright?"

<Viper> She considered the question and weighed her options, deciding that she had no choice other than to be honest - how else was she to navigate these new things? "I don't know..."

<Shaw> His eyebrow arched and he again gave her a side glance. "Would you like to talk about it?" This was as odd, if not odder, to him as it likely was to her. But, well, it was the end of the world it seemed. Why not?

<Viper> "I'm not sure if that would help..." she tore her gaze from the road to look at him, unwilling to ask him to slow down and pull over for a moment because it would display a weakness he may use later for ammunition.

<Shaw> "You're right. It may not. Then again, it may. Emotion is a funny animal." He rounded another curve and checked the sky. It was getting dark sooner and sooner.

<Viper> Viper was unable to stop herself putting out a hand to stop herself sliding into the door on that bend. "I feel uncomfortable... I don't know what it is."

<Shaw> The gas gauge had been riding on fumes for some time, but of course now was when the engine sputtered once, then died. "Fuck."

<Viper> Well that didn't help at all. The unlabelled feeling intensified. "I guess that means we're done for today..." she offered tightly.

<Shaw> "So it would seem," he drawled as the car cruised down the slight incline and refused to climb the next hill. Sebastian sighed and took his hands from the wheel to rub both over his grimy face.

<Viper> Once the car had come to a stop, Viper got out and walked to the other side of the road. She stuffed her hands into her pockets and attempted to slow her breathing, the low temperature and the smells of the woods around her made this somewhat more difficult.

<Shaw> He glanced over at her, then reached for his water. The cold air coming in from outside was a reminder of the night to come. Wonderful.

<Viper> Breathing and heartrate stabilised, Viper took a slow walk along the side of the road in a wide arc to check suitable spots for sleeping on enroute back to the car. On reaching the car, she opened up the trunk to pull out the tent. "We should do this before it gets too dark to see..."

<Shaw> "Or, should we sleep in here?" He got out of the car and snagged her water bottle as well, offering it to her. "It does offer more protection than canvas."

<Viper> "It also offers more smell and mystery stains to sleep on..." she accepted the bottle of water once the tent was leaned against the back of the car.

<Shaw> "Yes, and believe me, the smell is..." Sebastian trailed off with a shudder. "But I trust in the durability of metal over fabric." He nodded toward the sky. "And I don't like the look of those clouds moving in."

<Viper> "Staying warm in a tent may actually be easier..." she frowned, "And I would really rather not sleep in that smell..." her nose wrinkled. "Provided we get the tent up quickly, we'll be alright."

<Shaw> Women would be the death of him. With a long-suffering sigh, he got out of the car and moved to open the tent bag, peering into the depths.

<Viper> "You're welcome to stay in the car..." she offered, taking a sip of her water, "But, if you feel like helping, there's a relatively flat spot over there," she pointed down the road a little way. "I'm going to find some dry wood."

<Shaw> He rolled his eyes and hauled the tent to the spot.

<Viper> Being surrounded by trees, finding wood wasn't too difficult and her arms were soon full so she took her collection to the spot she'd pointed out to Sebastian. "We may end up spending many more nights in this tent if we have to walk far for gas...." the implication was that they may as well get used to it now.

<Shaw> Still sorting the poles and trying to recall his scant camping experiences as a child, he grunted a response. "We need to set a watch, or devise some sort of security alarm."

<Viper> "One thing at a time..." she dropped her pile of wood and went to help him with the tent poles. "You think too many steps ahead."

<Shaw> "It's kept me alive so far." He started threading poles through fabric, his mind racing ahead again to how on earth they were going to stay safe in this.

<Viper> "It's made you unbearable," she replied with a small smirk, "You should try it my way for a while. You might like it."

<Shaw> Sebastian stopped his actions to give her a raised brow.

<Viper> She returned the look, the smirk taking on an air of amusement, "Would it help if I dared you?"

<Shaw> That startled a chuckle from him. "No, that won't be necessary." The tent was going up more quickly with assistance, and he searched for the stakes and tie-downs.

<Viper> Inner layer and groundsheet were easy, canvas not so much. These people clearly hadn't updated their camping equipment in a while. However, it seemed there would be room to store any wet clothing out of the sleeping area so that was good news. While Sebastian secured the tent, she worked on creating a firepit and getting them a heat source going.

<Shaw> He used the heel of his boot to drive the stakes into the ground, enjoying the small jolts of power he felt. Soon enough, he was finished and moved over to where Viper was, eying her pile of wood. "We'll need more if we wish to warm up or cook, although I'm uncertain if we should have a fire at all..."

<Viper> "You wanted to eat the soup," she reminded him, glancing up from piling stones around in a circle. "I think it would be nice to have a fire for a little while, we can let it die over night."

<Shaw> Too tired to argue, and wishing for the comfort of a fire as well, in truth, he nodded and ventured into the darkening woods to gather more firewood.

<Viper> Once the fire was going, Viper returned to the car to collect the soup and the blankets along with a few other items that would make eating the soup somewhat less awkward. While Sebastian was collecting more wood she busied herself setting out the blankets and dividing up that evening's rations. She pierced the soup can and set it near the fire to warm along with a pan of water.

<Shaw> With enhanced night vision, the oncoming darkness wasn't a tremendous concern for Sebastian, but it still made him somewhat uneasy. He moved slowly, trying to be as silent as one of his size could, and gathered an armload of wood.

<Viper> By the time he was back, the water was warm enough for the purpose she'd set it aside for and Viper had wet a cloth with it and was attempting to clean up a little bit. It was a shame she had no mirror...

<Shaw> Sebastian returned to a primping Viper. He smirked, dropping his load of wood, then ran his hand over his own stubble.

<Viper> Catching the action out of the corner of her eye, Viper tossed him a clean cloth, "Just because we're stranded in the wilderness, doesn't mean we can't wash up before dinner."

<Shaw> That made him grin, all teeth, as he caught the cloth. "My, aren't we the picture of domestication?"

<Viper> "Mock all you like, but if you could see yourself..." she shook her head.

<Shaw> "Oh, I don't doubt that I look a fright." He decided he may as well do this right and started to peel off his body armor - as mangled and crusted with dried blood as it was.

<Viper> She nodded to the unspoken question and continued on her efforts to clean her face and neck now that her hands were free of dirt.

<Shaw> Once free of the armor, he stripped off his shirt and inspected his arm, moving closer to the fire to get a better look.

<Viper> "How does it feel?" She asked when she saw him looking at it, she also tugged his pantleg when he was in arm's reach to hint at him to sit down.

<Shaw> "Not quite normal," he said, taking that hint and folding his legs to sit beside her. Rolling his shoulders, he cracked his neck as well.

<Viper> "Is it healing in the right position?" she offered him the pan of warm water so he could clean up some.

<Shaw> "I certainly hope so." That thought honestly hadn't occurred to him before now. Frowning, he dipped the cloth and started to wipe himself down.

<Viper> Viper helpfully pointed out a spot on his forehead that needed quite a bit of attention, "While I can't give you an x-ray, I can feel it and check for you," she offered.

<Shaw> After a moment, and a scrubbing across his forehead, he nodded and scooted just a little closer, offering her his injured arm as he tried to loosen the blood in his hair.

<Viper> Putting her cloth down, she took his arm to inspect and tried to be as gentle as possible.

<Shaw> It didn't hurt, precisely, but it ached. He tried to ignore the feeling and kept working on his hair.

<Viper> A small frown creased her brow and her probing of a particular spot became more intense.

<Shaw> Now that hurt, and he hissed despite himself, looking from her to his arm.

<Viper> "Well..." she tugged the corner of her lip with a fang, "Would you like the good news or the bad news first?"

<Shaw> "I gather it's misaligned." Frowning, Sebastian aimed a glare at the arm.

<Viper> "Yes, that's the bad news..." she offered him what she hoped was an optimistic look, "But the soup is ready."

<Shaw> He huffed a laugh and took his arm back, extending the limb with a wince and inspecting it himself. "Well, that is good news, I suppose."

<Viper> "The question is whether you would like to eat before or after I reset your arm?"

<Shaw> That made him stop and look at her with some alarm. "Are you certain that's advisable?"

<Viper> "It would be far less advisable to let it heal badly... it's much easier to reset it now than wait... and, yes, I am aware that it will hurt."

<Shaw> "Not only will it hurt, but it will also incapacitate me for the night, or until I heal..."

<Viper> "If you like, I can hit you with a rock afterwards?"

<Shaw> Sebastian found himself chewing the inside of his cheek, indecisive. He hated being indecisive. "Do it," he finally snapped, tossing the rag down on a rock.

<Viper> She nodded, quickly putting together some rocks and thicker branches that had been collected for firewood so she could use them to manipulate Sebastian's arm. "On three then..." she said once she had everything set up.

<Shaw> Mirroring her nod, he exhaled slowly and closed his eyes. "One," he said, starting the count.

<Viper> On three, Viper put all of her weight into breaking the arm along the weakened points again.

<Shaw> Despite himself, Sebastian screamed and swore, nearly jerking his arm away from her.

<Viper> Moving quickly, she took his arm again to check it had broken in the right place - thankfully it had - and then she manipulated it carefully to get it into the right position this time.

<Shaw> His vision was blurring out around the edges and he struggled to stay upright.

<Viper> Bone positioned correctly, Viper decided to splint it nice and securely for the time being, "Alright..." she lifted Sebastian's chin to focus his attention, "It'll set properly now. How do you feel?"

<Shaw> "If... I had anything... in my stomach..." He met her eyes and shook his head. The woman would be wearing it half from spite and half from pain.

<Viper> "Come..." she put his good arm around her shoulders and tried to help him to his feet to at least get him into the tent.

<Shaw> It took a couple of tries, and his head spun and his arm throbbed, but he made it. Then, he promptly collapsed.

<Viper> "Ugh, Sebastian... you're heavy..." Viper complained as she staggered under his weight and mostly dragged him into the tent where she dropped him as gently as she could manage onto the blankets and decided she'd lie down beside him for a little while to catch her breath.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Nov 26, 2015 5:08 am

<Shaw> It was the sound that awoke him more than the pain, although as awareness returned the throbbing did as well. Groaning, he tucked his injured arm more closely into his chest and buried his face against the hair of his companion. Jessica?

<Viper> Viper had been half awake for some time, listening to drops of water hit the canvas over their heads. The groan suggested that Sebastian was now something resembling conscious and she shifted, stretching her legs out.

<Shaw> He wrapped his uninjured arm around the warmth and sighed, mumbling something against the back of her neck.

<Viper> Viper sighed and turned her head to look at him out of the corner of her eye, "Good morning, Sebastian..." she said softly.

<Shaw> "I had the most terrible dream, love..." It was at this moment he remembered two things - it wasn't a dream, and this was not his wife. "...Fuck."

<Viper> She laughed, though not unkindly, and rolled a little more onto her back which really just made her press herself closer to him. "Did you sleep well?"

<Shaw> It also put pressure on his injured arm, but at the moment it didn't make it hurt any more than any other movement. "I'm uncertain if it was sleep or if again my abilities failed me."

<Viper> "You did pass out a little bit..." she offered by way of explanation, "But pain does that to people whether they have abilities or not."

<Shaw> He grunted, then realized it was day again... he thought. "What time is it?"

<Viper> "I can't say exactly but it hasn't been light for very long..." Rather than rolling further into him, Viper shuffled so that she was facing him and readjusted the blanket over them so her back didn't get cold. "I've been listening to the rain."

<Shaw> "Rain. Lovely." Of course he knew that's what he'd been hearing, but he was still a little muddled so he'd let that slide. His eyes widened. "The food?"

<Viper> "I ate the soup." She pushed a hand through her hair, "If you're hungry, there is other food... I'm sure there's plenty more spam."

<Shaw> "I should eat," he said after a moment, and then his stomach's loud growl belied his lukewarm tone.

<Viper> She laughed again, "Stay there." Braving the cold, she tucked him back under the blanket and went to grab the collection of foodstuffs she'd left near their feet.

<Shaw> He craned his neck to watch her, surprised she was being so accommodating. But, then, he supposed it was in her interest to preserve a traveling companion. Spotting a water bottle, he reached and hooked it, sitting up enough to uncap it and chug half the contents.

<Viper> She dropped her collection of things beside him on top of the blanket then swiftly climbed back under the blanket on his other side because it was much warmer under it. "Enjoy your breakfast."

<Shaw> "Thank you," he said, with some amusement. True to her word, there was spam, and he opened it up with a faint sigh.

<Viper> She couldn't help cuddling up to his warmth, "How does your arm feel?"

<Shaw> "Like it's been broken twice in two days." He used the lid of the can as a knife and sliced himself a hunk of Spam.

<Viper> She laughed softly, "My offer to hit you with a rock still stands."

<Shaw> "Maybe after breakfast." He chewed and swallowed, chasing it with water before going back for more and finding himself ravenous.

<Viper> "I wouldn't dream of interrupting you." She snuggled deeper under the blanket and listened to the rain some more.

<Shaw> He ate for a while in silence, listening to the rain and her breathing, which was more pleasant than his own chewing. After devouring half the can, he drank more water and looked down at her.

<Viper> Aware his gaze was on her, her eyes shifted from unfocused to look at him but they were the only thing that moved.

<Shaw> "You seem..." He searched for a word for a moment, and felt for a bit of processed meat stuck in his teeth. "Calmer today," he decided.

<Viper> An eyebrow raised, "I'm usually calm."

<Shaw> "You were not calm at all yesterday afternoon." He dove back into his one-handed meal.

<Viper> She frowned, turning her head to look away. "I don't know what that was..."

<Shaw> "I'm generally not viewed as a terrible driver," he noted, amused, taking another bite and then picking through the packages on his lap for something to break up the monotony of his spam diet.

<Viper> "I don't think it was your driving..."

<Shaw> "Then what?" He gave her another casual glance, finding a small package of cookies. It wasn't healthy, but he didn't care.

<Viper> "I've been remembering things differently..." she cast him a quick glance over her shoulder before fixing her gaze back on the fabric of the tent, "I already know these things... the memories are just the same..."

<Shaw> "That's... terribly vague of you." He struggled with the package, finally using his teeth to open it, and offered her a cookie, turning just slightly so he could see her more easily without twisting in pretzels.

<Viper> She frowned again, taking a cookie but not eating it. "Normally... I don't think about these things... Unless of course someone asks me a question about something that happened and I think about it to answer the question... but now the memories seem to be surfacing all on their own... and remembering them isn't the same..."

<Shaw> "Memories of what?" He had no problems eating the cookies.

<Viper> "Lots of things..." she cast him another glance, "When I was a child... in an area much like this one... I was in a car accident with my parents. It was cold and it was just getting dark and it was raining heavily... Even now I can still remember exactly the sound of the car leaving the road and the smell of the trees and the dirt in the rain."

<Shaw> "And you could not remember all these details in the past?"

<Viper> "I've always been able to remember them... but, until now, it's just been like remembering a book I read or a movie I saw somewhere... I was... indifferent to it..."

<Shaw> "And now?" he prompted, stretching out his legs. Sebastian was aware she was using him as a human blanket and was undisturbed by it - for once.

<Viper> "It's different..." she lacked the experience to describe exactly how it was different. "You saw for yourself..."

<Shaw> "And now you know it was something to fear? Perhaps the magnitude of the loss?" He tilted his head, unabashedly interested.

<Viper> "I didn't cry... I sat in that car for hours until someone found us... I don't know why but it bothers me now..." she shrugged helplessly. She absolutely hated that she was finding this so difficult. "I knew they were dead... for some reason I wasn't hurt... but I had nowhere else to go. So I waited."

<Shaw> "How old were you?" He asked it quietly.

<Viper> "I was five." She turned her head to look at him, "They couldn't trace my family so they sent me to an orphanage."

<Shaw> Imagining Miriam cast to this woman's fate made him sigh. "I'm going to tell you I'm sorry, and you're going to ask me why, but the answer remains the same. It's what one says in situations such as this. And, I am truly sorry."

<Viper> "I know people say that... lots of people said that. I wondered at first if it was somehow their fault... but then I understood... I decided they said they were sorry because they didn't have anything else to say... or perhaps because they couldn't do anything to help." She sighed, "I was in the orphanage for a few years... and then Hydra came."

<Shaw> "Often, when one feels helpless... that is all that can be said." He took another bite of his canned meat, though didn't taste it. "And did Hydra often shop for children?"

<Viper> "In those days, yes... often for specific purposes," she offered a half smile, "I suppose you want to know what purpose I was selected for now?"

<Shaw> "Far be it for me to interrupt you." He flashed her a smile himself, shifting to get more comfortable and chugging his water.

<Viper> With a small sigh, she scrubbed her face with her hands, "I was brought to a house with a number of other girls all of similar age... I think there were thirty or so altogether. I never bothered to count. We were given lessons - languages, science as it was then and so on... and other things, assassination techniques, how to handle weapons... that sort of thing."

<Shaw> "That sounds... charming." His nose wrinkled. "And now you'll forgive me if I'm a tad more wary of your intentions with the children we liberated from Omaha..."

<Viper> She shook her head, "No. We don't do that anymore." Her tone left no room for argument, "Especially not what happened later..."

<Shaw> "Well. You mustn't leave it at that." He ate another cookie and eyed hers.

<Viper> "When we were finished our studies... and when we were considered to be adults, I suppose... they gave us all a task... like a final exam. They sealed us in the house with very simple instructions: only one of us would get to leave."

<Shaw> Sebastian stopped chewing and looked at her sharply.

<Viper> "I had... I suppose an unfair advantage. I didn't make any friends, even if I had I doubt I would have cared... Anyway, I won and they gave me the title of 'Viper' before they sent me to learn how to be a Hydra agent."

<Shaw> "While I have more than my fair share of blood on my conscience, what was done to you is unforgiveable."

<Viper> She gave a small shrug, "It didn't really effect me..."

<Shaw> "Then, it did not. Now, it may."

<Viper> "Why should it? It's far in the past now..." she frowned, "And I've done far worse to people since."

<Shaw> "Yes, but I assume you never expected the memories of the accident to trouble you again in such a way." He decided he'd best finish the tin since there was no way to preserve the food.

<Viper> "I don't know... I had no connection to those other girls... I've gone through most of my life that way and that's how it suits me. Until I got involved with you people."

<Shaw> "But that's not true. You've had a long-term connection to Sum, for decades." He watched her from the corner of his eye.

<Viper> "I don't want to talk about that..." she rolled over to put her back to him, "It's not the same."

<Shaw> Interesting. Sebastian ate the rest of his spam and set the can aside. "It's not?" he finally said, breaking the silence as he laid back down beside her.

<Viper> She sighed heavily, "Until Jessica... David was the only person that accepted me for who and what I was and didn't expect me to change or see me as some sort of science project. It helped to have someone to show me how to be... normal... that was why I kept him around."

<Shaw> "As you are aware, I love Jessica, and fell in love not long after we met, point of fact. Yet, I told myself for months I kept her for various other reasons..."

<Viper> "But you have always been capable of feeling love."

<Shaw> "True." He sighed and stretched, looking up at the canvas over their heads and watching the pattern of the rain.

<Viper> "You keep forgetting feelings aren't something I'm used to having. It's okay."

<Shaw> He hadn't forgotten at all, but he kept that to himself. It was much warmer under blankets, and he shifted a bit closer to her, arranging the blankets.

<Viper> "I wonder if we should wait for a break in the weather..." She certainly had no desire to get wet though Sebastian was being unusually friendly.

<Shaw> "I'm uninterested in freezing, but if it lasts all day that is a day lost..."

<Viper> "I know... but there is also taking down the tent and walking for an unknown distance to get gas... then walking back or perhaps spending another night out..." She sighed, "If it was just me, I would stay here."

<Shaw> He sighed, relaxing with a full belly and warm under the blankets. "Perhaps I should take advantage of the day to heal..."

<Viper> "That would be advisable... I am fully healed now but it would be nice to start a day with neither of us injured." She offered him a small smile, "We can't afford to take chances if you want to get back to Jessica."

<Shaw> He looked over at her with a smirk. "Indeed." After a moment, he extended his uninjured arm toward her. "And we may as well conserve as much warmth as possible, yes?"

<Viper> She nodded, moving closer and putting an arm around him, "It's a good thing I gave you a bath while you slept."
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:26 pm

<Christopher> Chris floored the pedal on the SUV they had driven up to Chicago. They had been too late, the smoke from burning buildings could be seen from miles away. They were driving out of the city now and Chris was looking for the first safe place for them to pull over. He didn't know exactly what was going on in Greer's head but it couldn't be good.

<Greer> Greer had hardly moved since they'd gotten into the car. They hadn't gotten there in time to save her parents from falling victim to the same sickness that had taken down most of civilisation they'd driven through. She stared out of the window at the destruction around them but she didn't see it.

<Christopher> The first rest stop they got to, Chris pulled over and put the car into park. "Just stay put. I'm going to make sure we're alone and I'll be back." Chris gave her leg a gentle pat as he slid out of the car. He made sure to grab his favorite sledge hammer before going to check the area.

<Greer> Greer hardly noticed he'd moved until the car door closed behind him. That made her start and she looked round for him until she spotted him outside.

<Christopher> There was a single zombie inside the building. Chris very unceremoniously turned it's head into a dent in the tile floor before heading back to the car. "Bad news, no coffee. Good news, no danger here." He pulled her into the best hug he could inside the car. "I'm so sorry Greer."

<Greer> Greer didn't want to return the hug, she was already struggling to stay on top of things. "Don't..." she pulled away and escaped by opening the door on her side and climbing out of the car.

<Christopher> "I... yeah sorry." Chris followed her out. He kept his distance but didn't leave her. "Greer I..." His hands shook slightly, he didn't know what to say to her. What the hell do you say when you can't save your ex-wife's family?

<Greer> "Don't be nice to me right now..." she sighed, "Just... is there anything around here we can use...?"

<Christopher> "I, I didn't check. These places don't usually have much of nothing but I can tear through the maintenance though. The vending machines are all destroyed." Chris frowned a little, everything inside him was screaming to try and comfort her.

<Greer> "Okay... do you think the showers still work?" She looked hopefully at the rooms.

<Christopher> "If not I think I can get them to work. I'll stand out and keep watch for you." Chris jogged back to the car and made sure it was locked up and grabbed his hammer before he came back.

<Greer> She nodded, heading for the nearest door to try it. She did remember to knock first in case of zombies.

<Christopher> "Just uhmm yell if you need me." Chris set his hammer down and leaned against the wall, getting ready to pull out a cigarette and light it. "I'm so sorry Greer..." He mumbled to himself as he slid down the wall, lit his cancer stick and took a long drag.

<Greer> Fortunately the showers still functioned and Greer dropped her feline form to wash off all the grime of Chicago and what they'd had to do there. Chris' words rang in her ears and she curled up under the water, unable to move.

<Christopher> Chris felt completely useless. He couldn't save Greer's parents, he failed at trying to comfort her. The world was definitely turning to shit, until now though it hadn't really sunk in that much. The zombies he'd killed just helped him to work out his aggression and their lives didn't weigh on his conscience.

<Carol> Not quite ready yet for a day in the company of her father, Carol was flying ahead on their route again. She spied a lone car at a rest stop and decided to go lower to investigate the place for useful stuff. When she landed, however, she recognised the car.

<Christopher> Chris didn't even notice Carol land. He'd finished his cigarette and calmed his nerves enough to get up and walk into the bathroom to check on Greer. "Greer? Y..you okay?" He ran a hand through his hair. There was absolutely no doubt in his mind that she wasn't. "I..is there anything I can do?"

<Greer> "Not really..." Greer managed to get out before she tried to muffle another sob with her knees.

<Carol> "Hello....?" Carol called, looking around where she stood and listening for a response.

<Christopher> "Greer... I'm here for you, you're not alone." He stood outside the showers so he didn't invade her privacy.

<Greer> "What did I say to you...?" she sniffed and curled up tighter.

<Carol> Not getting a response made her worry and Carol started going through buildings to check for the owner of the car.

<Christopher> "You know I'm not good at the whole doing what I'm told thing..." He was definitely grasping at straws.

<Greer> "Well learn!" She snapped, a growl slipping out with it.

<Carol> She heard the shout and ran toward it, bursting through the door to the room.

<Christopher> "So..." Chris just stared at the blonde that had come through the door, completely caught off guard.

<Carol> Carol stopped in the doorway. "Uh... hi?" At least there were no zombies.

<Greer> "Carol...?" Greer leaned to see the door.

<Christopher> "Am I hallucinating?" Chris just stared at Carol.

<Carol> "Hey..." she gave Greer a slightly awkward wave and then squeaked as it got more awkward. Greer was suddenly hugging her, "Okay... this is fine... you're naked...." She blinked at Chris over Greer's shoulder.

<Christopher> Chris just bit his lip and shrugged. "R..rough day." Part of him was saddened over the hug, the other part was a mix of confusion and arousal.

<Carol> "Oh right... um... maybe get a towel?" She wrapped her arms around Greer, "I'm glad to see you both..."

<Christopher> Chris managed to find a towel for Greer and handed it over. "Yeah, you showing up is probably the best part of today."

<Carol> Wrapping it around the other woman, Carol used her powers to warm the air a little bit, "What are you guys doing all the way out here...?"

<Greer> Carol's question made Greer start crying again and she waivered between forms.

<Christopher> The question made Chris' resolve falter. "Needed somewhere to stop. We had a pretty bad day today." His hands were shaking again.

<Carol> "What happened?" Whatever it was seemed to have really bothered Greer. "Uh... maybe we should let Greer get dressed... you can tell me outside...?"

<Christopher> "Yeah." Chris made his way out of the room only stopping long enough to get his hammer. Part of him thought about walking back to Chicago to kill every damn zombie he could find.

<Carol> Carol gave Greer a small squeeze before she turned to follow Chris. She pushed a hand through her hair stopping at Chris' shoulder, "Greer's family live in Chicago, don't they?" she said quietly.

<Christopher> "Yeah... we, didn't get there in time." Chris dropped the hammer. "City's gone." He was always going to let her down, or at least that was how it seemed to him.

<Carol> "Boston's gone too..." she sighed, "I managed to get my dad to join us in time... we're all on the way to Colorado right now..."

<Christopher> "I don't know what we're doing now... only really got to, get to Chicago, get Greer's parents."

<Carol> "Well... how about you come with us? I know Cessily'll be so glad to see you both... and Heather too. They're coming this way, I can tell them to take the turn off..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, I'm sure Greer'll be happy to have some company other than me." Chris pulled out another cigarette almost dropping his lighter as he tried to light it.

<Carol> "You better not be thinking of lighting that thing in front of me."

<Christopher> "Oh... uhmm sorry." He just put the lighter back into his pocket and the cigarette behind his ear. "Still have my few vices, never could give up everything."

<Carol> "Are you going to be okay?" She reached to put a hand on his shoulder and gave it a gentle squeeze.

<Christopher> "Dunno, gotta push on though. It's not me I'm worried about. Greer just lost her parents, not me. Wouldn't be so bad if it was mine."

<Carol> "That doesn't mean it's not hurting you too..." she frowned a little, looking back to the door to the showers when she heard a sound. "Hey, clothes are better!" she smiled at Greer.

<Greer> Greer gave a small grin, "Yeah... sorry about that... I forgot..." she crossed the room to join them and hugged Carol again, "First time I've seen another SHIELD agent that's not a zombie since this all started."

<Christopher> "I'll be fine Carol." Chris gave her his worst fake smile. "More worried about-" Chris cut off when he noticed Greer coming. "It is good seeing you Carol."

<Carol> "Well there's another SHIELD agent heading this way soon if you guys want to wait around for a little while..." she returned the hug again, "Pretty sure Heather would be glad to see you."

<Greer> "Heather's okay?" She gave Carol a squeeze, "That's the best news I've had all day!"

<Christopher> Chris smiled a little and silently thanked god that Carol had found them. "Looks like we're heading to Colorado with them. If that's what you want to do Greer."

<Greer> "What's in Colorado?" Greer looked between them, smiling at Carol when she started drying her hair with her powers.

<Carol> "Hopefully, somewhere safe to hole up for a while."

<Christopher> "Safe is always good. Safe with friends is even better." He sat down at the nearest bench.

<Carol> "We're heading to Warren's place... he's fortified it pretty well and he's there with two others waiting for us," Carol offered them both a smile.

<Christopher> "Huh, he must be the student that sent out the e-mail before shit really hit the fan." Chris eyed his hammer, he really just wanted to smash something right now.

<Carol> "Yeah that was him... I didn't actually see the email - you know me and phones." She shrugged a shoulder, "So you guys want to hang out for a while and I'll go tell everyone to meet up with you here?"

<Christopher> "I'm sure we can manage. And if you see anything useful on the way we've got plenty of room in our car."

<Carol> "Room you say? Can I stay in your car?"

<Christopher> "Uhmm sure?" Chris gave her a puzzled look. "I'm sure Greer would love the company. I'm pretty boring."

<Greer> Greer offered Carol a small knowing smile, "The more the merrier - bring Cessily if you want."

<Carol> "Thanks!" Greer's hair was mostly dry now so Carol toned down the heat, "They can't be that far behind me... I'll come back and wait with you after I give them directions, okay?"

<Christopher> "Oh god more women to pick on me." He stuck his tongue out at them both.

<Carol> "Pfft, you love it - you're a sucker for punishment." Carol fired a small concussive blast at his ass with her finger-gun.

<Christopher> "Mmm how did you know?" Chris enjoyed the energy surge and stretched a little. "But then again everyone knows I'm a masochist don't they?"

<Carol> "It's really obvious," Carol told him in a stage-whisper.

<Christopher> "Well... yeah I mean look at the people I've dated." Chris gave her a smirk.

<Greer> "Don't forget the one you married," Greer shifted back into her fur as Carol lifted into the air beside her, "Arguably the worst."

<Carol> "Pfft - you're the most sane by far," she reached down and petted Greer's hair for a moment, "See you soon!"

<Christopher> "Couldn't if I tried Greer. Couldn't if I tried." He gave Carol a small wave as she lifted off. "And wouldn't that make you a sadist then hmm? Miss always made me have to go get touch ups on my tatts."

<Greer> Greer gave him a small fangy grin, "And for the sake of her sanity, let's hope Carol was too far away to hear that."

<Christopher> "Pretty sure Carol's sanity went out the window a long time ago. She is the one who found me in Alaska. And she was Hope's bodyguard most of the time that we dated."

<Greer> Greer shook her head, "No... she's way too hard headed to let that stuff bother her.... You forget - I've worked with her."

<Christopher> Chris just laughed a little. "She is a special one I'll give you that. But I still prefer you."

<Greer> "You're biased - you like the fur too much." She went to join him on the bench.

<Christopher> "I dunno I do remember it making kissing a challenge, I mean who wants to pick hair off their tongue all the time." Chris teased her.

<Greer> She gave him a shove, "Ass."

<Christopher> "That's sexy ass to you and you know it." He shoved her back.

<Greer> "Someone's ego needs a beat down."

<Christopher> "Pfft it's even more masochistic than me. It takes a beating and keeps getting bigger."

<Greer> "Then there's definitely something wrong with it... maybe you should look for an ego-mechanic."

<Christopher> "I dunno I'd have to find one I could trust. I mean you know how precious my ego is. I mean look at all the work I put into that beauty."

<Greer> "Uh-huh." She bumped him with her shoulder, "Did you want to take a shower?"

<Christopher> "I thought about it." He sighed. "I also thought about clearing out all of those trees back there."

<Greer> "What did the trees ever do to you?" she wrinkled her nose, "And that sounds like it'd be noisy... noise is bad."

<Christopher> "Dunno. Relaxes me though. Yeah the noise is the only thing stopping me." Chris gripped the bench a little as he felt the energy from Carol's shot fading.

<Greer> She sighed and leaned against him, "The shower made me feel better..."

<Christopher> "Sorry I interrupted yours. I, well you know how I worry about everything. Over think everything." Chris leaned into her as well, his arm sliding around her.

<Greer> "It's okay... the second part of the interruption was pretty great."

<Christopher> "Damn and here I thought you only had eyes for me." Chris nudged her playfully.

<Greer> She laughed, "She petted my hair."

<Christopher> "And here I thought the way to your heart was through your stomach. And all I needed to do was give you pets?"

<Greer> "Either works," she shrugged, "I thought you knew that."

<Christopher> "Guess I shoulda taken notes huh?" He rubbed her shoulder softly. "Maybe I'll wait for Carol to come back. Safety in numbers right?"

<Greer> "I'll be fine, Chris." She rolled her eyes a little, "I'm not easily broken."

<Christopher> "I know Greer. I wasn't trying to imply anything." Chris gave her a wicked smirk. "Maybe I wanted to see if she'd help me get those hard to reach places."

<Greer> Greer sat up and looked at him, "You know she likes girls, right?"

<Christopher> "Yes Greer, I know. She's dated, is dating my best friend. Cuz I'm sure they've made up by now. Probably a few times knowing Cess."

<Greer> "Probably..." Greer sighed, "Just go and shower..."

<Christopher> "Make me." Chris gave her a squeeze before standing up and stretching.

<Greer> Greer put her foot on his ass and gave him a push toward the door. "I'll wait right here."

<Christopher> "Alright alright. I'll be a good boy for once." He started off towards the showers.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:27 pm

<Greer> "Why did I even bother taking a shower?!" Greer wailed, her fur now more covered in gore than it had been before she'd gotten all clean. "Where the hell are they coming from?!"

<Carol> "Apparently everywhere!" Carol hovered in the air over her, blasting anything that moved in the treeline.

<Greer> "Make them stop!" She ripped a bench out of the ground and started hitting things with it. "They smell so bad!"

<Christopher> "Fucking stay dead already." Chris slammed his hammer through a group of zombies. "I swear to god I'm making a fucking flame thrower as soon as I can." He managed to get the rest of his armor on as he killed another zombie.

<Carol> "We just have to hold on a little while longer and there'll be reinforcements!" She watched Greer's bench flatten several zombies in one sweep, "Nice!"

<Christopher> Chris fired off a few force blasts to blow off excess energy. He pushed forward as they stumbled back and kept up the smashing. A rather large group of zombies gathered around him as most of his strikes only managed to break arms and legs not kill them.

<Carol> Carol spotted the horde around Chris and picked off some of the ones closest to him with head shots from her finger-gun. At least she could be more precise on the ones that weren't moving. The runners made a terrific mess when they were scattered to the wind by her concussive blasts.

<Christopher> Chris was definitely in agreement with Carol on the runners. Most of them got close enough to him for him to have to use his fists instead of his hammer, it didn't bother him as much since when they hit him it made him stronger but the gore was starting to make the hammer hard to hold.

<Carol> As she was begining to feel drained from excessive use of her energy blasts, Carol spotted a light in the distance. She paused long enough to squint at it then her eyes widened, "Get down!" She dove on top of Greer and pinned her to the ground.

<Christopher> Chris started to lose track of what was going on. He was surrounded by so many zombies they were starting to try and pile up on him and all he could do was thrash and fire off force blasts where he could. The only way to tell where Chris was in the pile of zombies was the bright purple glow coming from under them.

<Greer> The glow in the sky got brighter and Greer curled up under Carol. Something impacted the ground with tremendous force and suddenly, everything seemed to explode in a brilliant flash of white light.

<Lifeguard> When the dust settled, the golden form of Heather Cameron stood in a small crater, wings spread wide. "Everyone in one piece?"

<Christopher> With the sudden influx of energy Chris was pushed over his limit on how much energy he could store. His vision tunneled and he frantically tried to fire off energy to keep himself conscious, but it was too much and with a flash of purple light he was out cold.

<Greer> "What the hell was that?" Greer accepted Carol's help to get to her feet and shook herself.

<Carol> "That was Lifeguard doing what she does best." Carol raised a hand in a wave to Heather while, beside her, Greer let out a shout.

<Greer> "Chris!" she ran to the pile of bodies that lay where Chris had been standing and started shoving them off him. "Chris! Say something! And it better not be 'brains'!"

<Christopher> Chris' body just laid there limp under all of the zombies. If it wasn't for his armor and the fact that Heather had killed them all he really would have been zombie chow.

<Lifeguard> Heather hurried to help, checking Chris' pulse when they'd pulled him out. "He's alive," she assured Greer, "Maybe I just wiped out his powers... I did that to Carol before."

<Carol> "Yeah and it really hurt." Carol nodded.

<Greer> "Oh thank God!" Greer launched herself at Heather and hugged her tightly. "You're still so shiny!"

<Christopher> Chris woke up slowly. His head felt like it had just exploded. "I'm dead aren't I?" His body didn't want to respond to what he told it to do.

<Cessily> The whole mess appeared in the headlights when the cars came closer. "Slow down," Cessily said, waving at her grandma behind the wheels. "Don't get closer until we know it's safe." She stood up and poked her head through the roof window. "Hey guys!"

<Greer> Greer looked up at the voice, her eyes reflecting the light like a cat's, "Cessily!" She practically climbed over Heather to get to her.

<Carol> Carol laughed, reaching to help Chris sit up, "No, you're alive... Heather just kind of nova'd the area a little bit."

<Christopher> "Uuugh fuck.... tell her not to do that. I don't think I've ever hurt this much." Chris leaned over and held his head tightly.

<Carol> "I've been there... be glad you weren't a zombie. They fared much worse." Carol patted him gently on the shoulder.

<Cessily> "Greer?" Cessily stared ahead for a moment, before more or less tumbling out of the roof and sliding down the windshield. "Greer! Oh my god, it's really you!"

<Christopher> Chris just groaned. "I think I'd rather be a zombie...."

<Greer> Greer caught Cessily and picked her up in a hug, "I'm sorry I'm all gross! I promise I showered before the zombies!"

<Joe> "Hey, stripeybutt!" Joe leaned out of the window to give Greer a wave too.

<Greer> "Hey!" Greer grinned fangily at him, "It's so good to see you guys in one piece!" She gave Cessily another squeeze for good measure.

<Carol> "Don't say that..." Carol frowned at Chris then looked up and smiled at how happy everyone was.

<Cessily> Cessily giggled and returned the squeeze. "It's okay, I learned the hard way what a mess they can make." She looked from Greer to the others at the rest stop. "Is everyone okay? Looks like you made some friends here."

<Christopher> "But brains are so tasty." His whole body felt like it was made of lead.

<Cessily> Cessily leaned past Greer and waved. "Chris!" She ran over to throw her arms around him in a hug, as well.

<Carol> "Heather got 'em... but we should probably get going to a safe distance before more show up..." Carol got to her feet then looked down at Chris, "Do you want me to carry you to your car?"

<Christopher> Chris fell back when the silver woman connected with him. "Uuuugh. Someone save me from the hugs of death."

<Greer> No longer occupied by Cess-hugs, Greer hurried to hug Joe too. "Carol's right, we should get moving... we marked all the rest areas on our map though so you can follow us to the next one."

<Joe> "Your forward planning skills are legendary." Joe gave her a small squeeze, "Much better than Carol's," he added in a whisper - he was rewarded with a hastily stifled giggle.

<Cessily> "You just survived a zombie attack, and now you complain about my hugs." Cessily chuckled and helped Chris up on his feet. "Glad to see not much has changed. You're still a whiny baby." She gave him an affectionate smile.

<Christopher> "The other shiny one tried to blow me up..." Chris leaned on Cessily, his legs still unsteady.

<Cessily> "You probably deserved it," Cessily replied, looking in Heather's direction with a smirk on her lips.

<Lifeguard> "I saved your lives, you ungrateful jerk!" Heather narrowed her eyes at him and turned back for the other vehicles.

<Carol> "Come on... let's go..." Carol attempted to steer Chris toward his car.

<Christopher> Chris raised an eyebrow at her snap. "Yeah thanks."

<Cessily> "Well, next time you'll know better." She winked at Heather, before helping Chris towards the cars. "Carol's right. We don't know if these guys back there have any friends in the area. Either way, I don't wanna wait for them."

<Carol> "Keep walking, Cassanova..." Carol shooed Chris then went to see if Greer was joining him or them.

<Christopher> "Cassanova my ass... All the women I know just want to hurt me." He got into the car and just laid in his seat while he waited.

<Cessily> "I can't imagine why," Cessily commented, rolling her eyes while wearing a smile.

<Joe> Joe leaned over to mutter to Carol when she was close enough, "I don't think he understands sarcasm."

<Greer> Greer laughed, "Give him a break, Heather just overloaded his powers." She gave both Danvers siblings a hug, "See you in a few!" she hurried to join Chris in the car.

<Christopher> "Sure I didn't die? Pretty sure I'm in hell right now." He sighed and started the engine.

<Cessily> "We should have some clean clothes that might fit you guys," Cessily said, giving Chris a pat on the shoulder before getting back inside the car. "I promise we'll try to find some showers next. Or at least running water."

[Time Passes]

<Carol> The next rest stop was a motel which was as abandoned as the last one Cessily and Carol's group had stayed at but it was still in good condition. Carol sat on the roof and kept watch while showers were had and rooms were explored for supplies.

<Christopher> Chris had finished up his shower and cleaned off his armor then went back to his car. He wanted to be alone. Once again he'd been useless and the constant reminder of his inability to protect the people he cared about was weighing heavily on him.

<Christopher> Chris moved about the car double checking all their gear. He only stopped when he found one of his sketch pads and a few pencils. It had been a while since he'd drawn anything and decided to enjoy the peaceful moment drawing.

<Lifeguard> Having done what she could to help with the cooking, Heather wandered around the parking lot, spying Chris near his car. She frowned.

<Christopher> Chris sat with his sketch book, drawing random doodles, mostly of the people in their group. A few extra kitty cats here and there.

<Lifeguard> Heather watched Chris for a long moment before she cleared her throat to get his attention. Her arms were folded across her chest and her massive wings loomed ominously behind her.

<Christopher> "Hmm?" Chris looked up from his current drawing. He couldn't remember her name for the life of him but he knew she used to be a student.

<Lifeguard> "I was wondering... are you actually going to apologise or just pretend it didn't happen?"

<Christopher> "You might want to be a little more specific. I've done a lot of shitty stuff in my short life. You try not to dwell on shit too long after you murder a couple hundred people."

<Lifeguard> "What about when you hurt the people that are trying to save your life?" her wings flared out a little in her temper, "Joe told me what you said to Carol."

<Christopher> "Carol's a big girl and she's known me long enough to blow me off." Chris went back to sketching a caricature of Greer.

<Lifeguard> "That's not the point! You were a complete asshole to her for no good reason - you owe her an apology... And a thank you."

<Christopher> "I'll get right on that." Chris sighed when he screwed up a few lines and worked to fix it.

<Lifeguard> "You could at least look at me when I'm talking to you!" in the dark it was difficult to see but her fingers changed to resemble claws as her temper rose.

<Christopher> Chris kept on scribbling. "I'm not worth your time so why are you bothering?"

<Lifeguard> "Because Carol's my friend. She's like a sister to me and you hurt her. If you want to stay with us you need to clear the air." Her eyes narrowed into slits.

<Christopher> "If she wants me gone she can tell me and I'll leave."

<Lifeguard> "Do you ever fucking listen to what people are saying to you?!" Her wings spread wide, her features becoming more distinctly avian.

<Carol> From her spot on the roof, Carol saw the glint of gold and the raised voice made her frown. She stood up to get a better look into the parking lot.

<Christopher> "I heard you. I just don't care anymore... Say your piece and leave me be, if you want me gone I'll leave." Chris grabbed his bag and got out of the car to head off.

<Lifeguard> The fact that he clearly missed the point of the question pushed her temper over the limit and she was on him in an instant.

<Christopher> Chris winced when the claws dug into him. She was by far stronger than him. "Just fucking do it." He yelled at her, letting her tear into him.

<Carol> Realising what had happened, Carol took off like a rocket and tackled Heather off of him, "What did you do?!"

<Lifeguard> Heather rolled, her claws digging into the ground to halt her momentum, then she launched herself at Chris again.

<Christopher> "Exist. Obviously she doesn't think I should anymore." He let out a ragged breath. Chris was obviously in severe pain.

<Carol> "Heather!" Carol tackled her again and attempted to pin her. The wings were a problem. "Snap out of it, woman!" She looked over at Chris, "Don't give me that shit. Tell me what happened."

<Christopher> "She's pissed I didn't run over to you and beg your forgiveness and kiss your ass golden." He pulled himself up to the car wishing for once his healing factor wasn't saving him.

<Lifeguard> "You don't listen!" Heather snarled, attempting to crawl out from under Carol to get to him.

<Carol> "Well she's talking..." Carol looked at Heather, "I'm not getting off you until you calm down. You're not allowed to pull anyone's arms off, okay?"

<Christopher> "Just let her get it out." He stayed where he was even though he was finally healed.

<Carol> "You're an idiot. If I let her go, there'll be nothing left of you when she's done." Carol managed to pin Heather's wings under her arms and sat astride her so she wasn't going anywhere else. "What were you talking about?"

<Christopher> "And..." Chris pulled out a his pack of cigarettes and got the only one that was worth even trying to smoke. He threw the rest to the side and lit the one that survived.

<Carol> "She's right. You don't listen." Carol rolled her eyes, "Spit it out."

<Christopher> "She's pissed I haven't apologized to you for yelling at you at the school. And basically told me to get gone, so I was getting."

<Carol> "You should apologise. You were a total ass." Carol sighed, "But don't you dare leave. It'd break Cessily's heart and how would you explain it to Greer?"

<Christopher> "She's got you guys." Chris took a slow drag and tapped his head against the car.

<Carol> "... Do you even hear yourself? Or do you just open your mouth and let the dumbassery fall out?"

<Christopher> "Both, neither..." He let his arms hang loose by his side and just let the cigarette smolder.

<Carol> "Well just... stand there quietly and think for five minutes." She rolled her eyes and looked down at Heather who seemed to have stopped struggling for now. "You done?"

<Lifeguard> Heather gave her a slightly embarrassed smile, "Sorry... I guess my emotions are running a bit close to the surface these days..."

<Christopher> "Finish it next time." He took another drag and them put it out on the ground.

<Carol> "Knock it off! What the hell is wrong with you?" She got to her feet and turned to face Chris.

<Lifeguard> Heather dropped her wings but remained in her golden skinned true form as she got to her feet.

<Christopher> "Same shit different shitty day..." Chris sighed.

<Carol> In one quick move, Carol had caught him and was shooting straight up into the sky. "Wake up!"

<Christopher> Chris froze up for a moment. "Wasn't aware I was asleep."

<Carol> "Really? Really? Then what the hell are you doing?" She resisted the temptation to shake him. Barely.

<Christopher> "I was drawing. Guess Heather thought I needed some red ink." His tone didn't change in the slightest.

<Carol> Nope. The temptation to shake was overpowering. "Snap out of it! You want to get yourself killed, is that it?!"

<Christopher> "I was trying to draw in peace." Chris was completely at her mercy, there wasn't much he could do even if he wanted to.

<Carol> She let go. After letting him fall a few feet, she caught him by his ankles and let him dangle there with a nice view of the ground far far below. "Okay. Let me put it to you another way. Greer lost her parents today. Do you really want to put her through losing you too?"

<Christopher> "Her and me haven't been a thing in a long time." In that moment Chris wanted her to drop him.

<Carol> "You're a fucking moron if you think that means she doesn't care."

<Christopher> "Pretty sure you knew that already. Put me down Carol."

<Carol> "No. Not until you show me you have an actual brain and it's still working in there. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, we don't have time to baby you."

<Christopher> "Then don't. I never asked you to and I don't want you to. Either let me go or put me on the ground. Dealer's choice."

<Carol> "If you don't want us to baby you, you're going to have to stop acting like a child. Like right now. Do you have any idea how this looks to the rest of us?"

<Christopher> "I'm not one of your soldiers Carol. I'm a grown ass adult capable of making my own decisions."

<Carol> "You're not. Your decisions are stupid," she pointed out, "And right now it looks like you're checking out. You want to abandon Greer? Cess? If that's what you want, we'll go back right now and you can explain to them why before you leave because I don't want them to watch you die. They don't need that."

<Christopher> "Let me go Carol!" Chris tried to thrash about. He was beyond done with her holding him upside down.

<Carol> "Fine." She let go.

<Christopher> Chris hit the ground like a sack of potatoes. He felt the energy course through him instantly making him glow. "Kinetic force doesn't hurt me. It's not a very good threat." He picked himself up and grabbed his bag throwing it back in the car.

<Carol> "It's not supposed to be a threat, dumbass." Carol landed lightly a short distance away, "I'm trying to get you to listen to yourself. You can't just check out when things are rough. You know that doesn't end well."

<Christopher> "If I wanted to check out it's not too hard. But I'm not the one who tried to kill me." Chris leaned up against the car again. "Go be with your family. You don't want my company and I don't want anyone's right now."

<Carol> "That's not going to work, you know. You sit out here on your own, someone's going to come bugging you to see if you're okay or to feed you. I just want to make sure you're not going to do something stupid and get yourself killed. I've lost enough friends."

<Christopher> "Well I can't kill myself now can I? I've had my throat ripped clean out and came back a few minutes later. So just leave me be."

<Carol> "Fine. Whatever. I don't even know why I care. You sure as hell don't." She turned her back on him, "Do what you want. Just don't hurt Greer and Cessily."

<Christopher> "I don't know why you care either."

<Carol> "I thought maybe you'd remembered I'm not your enemy but I guess not. You don't want me as your enemy, Chris."

<Christopher> "Good luck you have competition. Wonder who'll take the cake."

<Carol> "Whatever. Try waking up on the right side of the bed tomorrow." She walked away.

<Christopher> "Yeah..." Chris got up and slid back into the car to sleep alone, hoping he wouldn't wake up and have to deal with the next day. "Sorry I'm such an ass." He mumbled to himself.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:28 pm

<Cessily> Once she had made sure her family had anything they needed and were holed up in a secure spot, Cessily made the rounds to see if she could help anyone else somehow. She wanted to check on their new arrivals in particular.

<Greer> Greer was very glad to be clean again and sat wrapped up in a blanket on a chair she'd dragged out of one of the rooms. Closing her eyes, she curled her tail around the chair legs and listened to the breeze in the trees.

<Cessily> Looking outside, she noticed a familiar pair of furry ears poking out from behind the chair. She knew Greer most likely already knew she was there, so didn't bother introducing herself. "Hey," she said, stepping closer. "I wondered if you need anything. I found some chocolate bars in the vending machine."

<Greer> Greer's ears turned before her head did and she offered Cessily a smile, "Chocolate sounds good... not as good as a big juicy steak but I'll take what I can get."

<Cessily> "I'm afraid if you want one of those anytime soon again, you'll have to hunt it yourself," Cessily said and handed Greer some of her looted treats. "I'm surprised to have even found these."

<Greer> "I have no issues hunting my own food," she used her sharp teeth to tear into one of the packets, "It's fun, actually."

<Cessily> Cessily giggled. "I know. I remember you as any squirrel's nightmare back when we lived at the school." She sat down cross-legged next to Greer's chair and tore open one of the chocolate bars herself. She smiled up at her. "It's good to see you again."

<Greer> "It's good to see you too... I was starting to worry we'd never see anyone else that was still alive... and then Carol just showed up out of nowhere." She smiled back, "Her timing is awesome."

<Cessily> "I can't believe how lucky we all got to run into each other out here," Cessily replied, the grin on her face fading the next moment. "Though I wish it had been under different circumstances."

<Greer> Greer swallowed, looking away into the darkness as she blinked away tears, "Yeah... me too..." she took a deep breath to try and steady herself, "It's good that your family is safe though... I like your grandparents, they're hilarious."

<Cessily> "Yeah, me too." Cess had to smile again. "Even though I feel Carol's dad would rather run from the zombies on foot than spend another day in the same car as them." She fell silent for a moment, biting her lip, as she felt she might be headed for a difficult topic.

<Cessily> "How about your folks?" she asked quietly.

<Greer> Greer shook her head, "We were too late."

<Cessily> Cess swallowed, having feared that answer. She didn't say anything at first, but silently reached out to put her hand on Greer's knee and give her a squeeze. "I'm so sorry," she eventually managed, her voice breaking. "I wish..." she trailed off, realizing how futile such thoughts were.

<Greer> "I know..." Greer rested her hand on Cessily's, "I'll be okay... It's just... still fresh..." she sighed, "Give me a few days..."

<Cessily> Cessily looked up and nodded, taking Greer's hand in hers. "You know I'm always there if you need someone," she said. "To talk to, to yell at, or just to sit by your side." She put on a small smile again and dropped another chocolate bar in her friend's lap. "Or to bring you treats."

<Greer> "You can bring me chocolate any time you like... but I have Chris for the other stuff... even if he's probably sick of me by now." She decided she should take a bite of her opened chocolate.

<Cessily> Cessily chuckled. "That's good to hear," she replied. "How has he taken this whole mess?"

<Greer> "I don't know... he seems pretty mad about everything... I guess he just feels helpless... but we're all in the same boat there." She reached to stroke Cessily's red hair, "He'll be okay once he's sure I am."

<Cessily> "Being mad at everything doesn't sound too unusual for him," Cessily said, showing a small smile. "Can't blame him for that. I guess we all feel that way. That we should be doing more. That maybe we didn't do enough."

<Greer> "Yeah..." she sighed, lifting her gaze when she heard more footsteps approaching and then she smelled food.

<Joe> "Hey, you two... I brought food but I see you already have something better so I'll just take this back..." Joe made to turn around.

<Greer> "Don't you dare!" Greer laughed a little, throwing her unopened candy bar at the back of his head, "Gimme!"

<Cessily> Cessily laughed. "Oh, you don't want to make that mistake. Besides, candy fits so much better for dessert, anyway. Here, let me help you with that..." She stretched her arms to snatch the plates away from him.

<Joe> Now that he had a free hand, Joe rubbed the back of his head, "Ow... damn your aim is good."

<Greer> "I know." Greer offered him a fangy grin. "Food smells good... did your mom make it?"

<Joe> "Yeah, she knows you like her cooking." He sat down on the other side of Greer after fishing cutlery from his pocket and passing some to her and Cessily.

<Cessily> "Thanks for bringing it," Cess said, flashing a grin, and took the offered cutlery. "And thanks to your mom for making it. Mmm, smells delicious."

<Joe> "She needs to feel useful," Joe shrugged a shoulder and looked up at Greer, "Where's your idiot?"

<Greer> Greer looked down at him and giggled, "He's over there somewhere," she nodded toward their car, "He told me what happened with Carol... I scolded him good."

<Joe> "Good..." he frowned, "She seems to have let it go for now... but you never know with her."

<Cessily> About to dig into her food, Cessily hesitated before stuffing her face. "Are you sure we have enough for everyone?" she asked, sounding concerned. "I don't actually need to eat anything, so I really wouldn't want to waste any of our resources."

<Joe> "Heather did the math - we have plenty. Even with the extra additions we'll have more than enough to get to Colorado." He gave Cess a smile, "Don't worry about it... and don't offend my mom."

<Greer> Greer giggled, "There's no way anyone with a brain would refuse her cooking anyway. Smells too good and tastes too good not to eat all of it."

<Cessily> Cessily giggled. "Oh I wouldn't dare," she told Joe. "And Greer is right. Besides, it's been days since I ate anything, so I was really hoping you'd say something like that." She stuffed a fork-full into her mouth and sighed with happiness.

<Cessily> "And I wouldn't worry too much," she mumbled while chewing. "I'll talk to Carol and make sure she doesn't punt Chris into the next state or anything."

<Greer> Greer laughed, shaking her head, "She won't do that... okay she would... but she'd go get him after."

<Joe> Joe had to agree to that and nodded along because his mouth was full. After he swallowed the bite he added: "She'd be worried it'd upset you guys if she left him behind somewhere. I just mean... she's pretty good at not talking about the things that bother her. I worry about what's going on in her head."

<Cessily> Cessily sighed and poked the food on her plate with her fork. "I understand this is tough for everyone and we're all on edge, but I really wish all of us could make a bigger effort to get along with each other," she muttered. "We have more than enough problems already, we don't need to fight among ourselves."

<Greer> As she said that Greer lifted her head, hearing raised voices in the direction of their SUV. Moments later, Carol took off from the roof of the motel at a worrying speed. "... Yeah I think we might have to just grin and bear that..."

<Greer> Joe squinted after Carol, "Maybe we should just let them fight gladiator style... get out all that aggression..."

<Cessily> That made even Cess giggle. "Okay, now that I wouldn't mind seeing," she admitted.

<Greer> Greer looked down at Cessily, "You're picturing them in skimpy outfits right now, aren't you?"

<Cessily> Cessily simply grinned. "That, and oiled up."

<Joe> "I'm eating!" He complained.

<Cessily> "Let me know if you won't finish all of that," Cess said, giving Joe an innocent smile. She turned her head to follow Greer's gaze towards the cars. "Is everything okay?"

<Greer> Greer frowned, "I don't know... Heather jumped on Chris... then Carol jumped on her... and now they're all yelling..." She looked down at Cessily, "Safe to assume he put his foot in it again."

<Joe> "And there they go..." Joe watched the streak of light as Carol took off straight up. She seemed to have a passenger.

<Cessily> "Oh no." Cessily looked up and let out a sigh. "Please tell me she isn't really chucking him into the next state."

<Heather> "Only if we're lucky." Heather stalked back toward the hotel, still in her true form and still minus her wings.

<Greer> Greer frowned a little at that, "I'm sorry... he's never been great at conversation...."

<Joe> "Geer, it's not your fault he's a dumbass..." Joe reached up to pat her knee.

<Cessily> "Sometimes I forget they're supposed to be adults," Cessily said and shook her head, before returning her attention back to the food on her plate. She was determined not to let her first meal in days be ruined.

<Heather> "I'm going to go for a walk or something... need to calm down..." her wings errupted from her shoulders and she stretched them, "I'll be back later..."

<Joe> "Be careful, okay?" Joe offered her the candy bar that Greer had used as a missile.

<Heather> She accepted the offering with a smile, "Thanks... I promise I'll be careful. I don't really want to have to shower all over again." She walked away from them a short distance so she didn't spray them with dust then took off.

<Cessily> "Take care!" Cessily waved after Heather. After she had taken off, she exchanged a look with Greer and Joe. "Do you think she'll be alright?"

<Joe> "Heather or Carol? I'm not sure about either of them right now..." he sighed heavily then raised an eyebrow at a heavy thud in the direction of the SUV. "The hell...?"

<Cessily> "Neither am I, to be honest," Cessily replied. She blinked at the suspicious sound. "Please tell me she didn't just do what I think she did..."

<Joe> "You are aware who we're talking about here?" he cast Cessily a sideways glance, "I'm sure she did exactly what you think she did."

<Greer> Greer groaned and slouched in her seat, "I'm so not going over there."

<Cessily> "I know you're right, but at least let me pretend otherwise until I've finished my meal." Cessily sighed and dropped her head. "At least we know Chris has a hard head, and so does Carol. I'm sure they'll be fine, yes?"

<Greer> Greer nodded, "They'll both be fine... it'll just be a battle to see who's the most pissed when they're done."

<Joe> The glowing eyes approaching them made Joe's eyebrows go up, "Smart money's on Carol."

<Cessily> "As long as they leave the cars intact," Cessily commented, before digging into her food once more. "So, about that gladiator idea again..."

<Joe> "Probably shouldn't suggest that to Carol right now..." he got to his feet, "I've got it... finish your meals." He followed Carol into one of the motel rooms, though he had to open the door again because she'd slammed it shut behind her.

<Greer> Greer watched him go and chewed on her lip for a moment. Then she reached down to pick up Joe's abandoned plate. "I guess he won't mind if we eat this..."

<Cessily> "Oh, I'm sure he'll be fine with that," Cessily agreed with a nod, snatching some vegetables off the plate with her fork. "He really didn't look that hungry to me, anyway."
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