What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Nov 26, 2015 9:29 pm

<Christopher> Chris sat with his lighter just lighting it and staring off into space. His encounters with Heather and Carol already glazed over by apathy. The only thing that was keeping him from chain smoking his pack of cigarettes was that he didn't know when he'd be able to get another. He was starting to get a little stiff just sitting up against the side of the car but he still didn't feel like moving.

<Joe> Dinner was served and Joe found everyone to inform them of this... or at least everyone that was near the motel. Given that he'd eaten whilst they were preparing the dinner and with Cess and Greer, he grabbed a plate for the missing party and went to find him - helping himself to a couple of beers from one of the trucks on the way.

<Joe> The light flashing on and off helped to locate Chris and Joe stopped in front of him, "Brought you some dinner..." he held the plate out.

<Christopher> "I'm fine, thanks." Chris missed the lid of the lighter and managed to put it out with his hand before realizing it. He closed the lighter and put it away in his pocket. "Wouldn't mind one of those though, if you're sharing."

<Joe> "Don't be ungrateful..." he rolled his eyes, setting the plate down beside Chris and handing over one of the beers. "Everyone eats - even the inorganic one."

<Christopher> "I'm not, and I don't have to. Healing factor, my cells don't die when I don't eat." Chris opened the beer and took a sip.

<Joe> "Yes, I'm completely aware of that but some people have spent the better part of an hour and a half on this so the least you can do is say thanks and eat it."

<Christopher> "Or someone who needs to eat can have it." Chris sighed.

<Joe> "Everyone else is already eating. You going to waste it?" For someone who said he wasn't ungrateful, he sure sounded like he was. "It's good and it's not poisoned...."

<Christopher> "Wouldn't matter if it was. I'm pretty hard to get rid of." Chris took the plate and contemplated just humoring him.

<Joe> "Apparently so... Carol told me she dropped you on your head." He raised an eyebrow as he took a drink from his own bottle.

<Christopher> "She's pulled me out of a car wrapped around a tree before." He did decide to humor him and ate some of the food. "I also used to be married to Greer."

<Joe> "I know all about that... who do you think Carol talks to? And I know Greer." He glanced back at the motel, "Carol used to bring her and Heather by sometimes... as a buffer I guess."

<Christopher> "I'm guessing you've never slept with her or you'd get why I mentioned that." He laughed a little, reminiscing was nice at least. Chris took another drink before taking another bite.

<Joe> His eyebrows went up and he slowly shook his head, "If I did that I think Carol would be dropping me on my head."

<Christopher> "Or off at the hospital. Then maybe on your head." He shrugged a little as he played with the food on the plate.

<Joe> "Either way there'd be pain and a near-death experience involved... though, of course, the same rule applies to Greer and Heather."

<Christopher> "Yeah, she definitely gives Greer a run for her money. Rage issues and all."

<Joe> "She has a temper... but that's not it. There are rules when you have a sister, that's just the way it is... doubt even Steven could have gotten out of trouble if he broke that one." He leaned against the car and took another drink.

<Christopher> "Well I mostly meant them attempting to kill me but I could see Carol doing the same as well if I crossed either of them. I'm assuming the only thing that saved me was me and Greer were divorced before they became friends?"

<Joe> "This has nothing to do with me upsetting them in any way what-so-ever... I wouldn't be that stupid - they'd kick my ass long before Carol could get to me. Dating your sister's friends is not okay... unless you both get permission from the sister involved."

<Christopher> "I've never been a permission person." Chris took a long drink. "So this my pep talk?" He figured Carol had told him everything that had happened, and he wasn't yelling at him so he assumed this was an attempt to, for lack of a better term, fix him.

<Joe> Joe laughed and shook his head, "I'm not peppy - too laid back."

<Christopher> "Then why? I'm sure I'm the last person here you would like to spend any amount of time with."

<Joe> "I brought you your dinner?" He offered.

<Christopher> "Welp easy enough." He took another drink and ate some more of the food. "You guys don't have to worry about feeding me though."

<Joe> "Yeeeeah... I'm not going to get into that discussion with the crazy old people again. I'll lose. Just eat the food, there's plenty to go around - don't worry about it. Where we're going there's supposed to be plenty too so it's no big deal..." he shrugged a shoulder.

<Christopher> "Except we don't know how long this shit will last. And I'm sure Greer can help you convince them. She's usually pretty rational." No sense wasting food on me.

<Joe> "Yeah, Carol's got a plan for that. She's good at plans... and it'd be weird if everyone was eating and you weren't. Just eat the food, it's less hassle... when we get to Colorado you can hunger strike all you want."

<Christopher> "Welp at least someone does." Chris finished the plate and set it aside.

<Joe> "Carol's good at plans, even when she's pissed... actually, especially when she's pissed if you can get her to stand still for five seconds and use the time to think."

<Christopher> "She can hold still for five seconds?" He finished the beer too. "Gonna have to raid the next liquor store we come by...."

<Joe> "She can hold still for a disturbingly long time if she wants to... and no, no liquor stores." He shook his head.

<Christopher> "I don't think my stocks will make it to colorado though..." Chris frowned.

<Joe> "We're only a few days away..." he frowned, "I know Carol's not your favourite person but we're avoiding liquor stores out of solidarity with her... and she's had a rough week so I'm not thinking going near one is a good idea right at the moment."

<Christopher> "Actually she used to be really my only friend besides Cess." Chris decided to smoke another cigarette. "Want one?"

<Joe> He shook his head, "I don't smoke..." he frowned a little, "So what did she do that was so bad?"

<Christopher> "Got close to me? I don't know what she's told ya about me but I'm pretty much a walking disaster."

<Joe> "That doesn't explain why you were hanging onto all that anger at her... and, either you're still mad at her or you're hiding behind it now. Neither is helpful."

<Christopher> "There's a reason I've been single for a very long time. Rage issues aren't very attractive."

<Joe> "... You've met Carol, right? The woman is crazy easy to piss off - she's her own worst enemy." He shook his head, "It's just an excuse."

<Christopher> "Not to toot my own horn but I'm more than sure I could rival her."

<Joe> "You're definitely ahead of her on missing the point entirely... are you evading on purpose?"

<Christopher> "See you just might hate me yet."

<Joe> "I don't hate people - it's a waste of energy," he shrugged a shoulder, "Doesn't really get you anywhere either."

<Christopher> "See you say that now. But it'll happen." Chris just shrugged. "So Mr solidarity, scotch or water?" He got up to get into his stash in the back of the car.

<Joe> "I'll stick to my beer," he held up the bottle that was still mostly full, "I've only hated one person in my life... and there's no way I'll ever meet anyone that could get me that angry again."

<Christopher> "Give it some time." He decided to go without the cup and just opened the bottle to take a swig. Only the cheap stuff was left so he pulled an awful face the first few swigs.

<Joe> "Not gonna happen. Unless you think I'm going to meet someone who's more of a murderous asshole than Norman Osborn? And bear in mind - zombie apocalypse... chances of meeting new people are slim."

<Christopher> Chris paused as he thought back to all the people he killed in Alaska. "Ask Carol about Alaska...."

<Joe> "What's Alaska got to do with me and a zombie apocalypse?" He blinked at Chris in confusion.

<Christopher> "It's got to be with me being a murderous asshole." Chris took a long swig from the bottle.

<Joe> He frowned, "Why don't you tell me about Alaska?"

<Christopher> "I leveled two cities. It was all over the news..."

<Joe> "That was you?" He cocked his head on one side, "You planning on doing it again?"

<Christopher> "It was. And I really hope not... but I didn't have a choice that time."

<Joe> "Then there's nothing to worry about." He had another mouthful of beer to punctuate the statement.

<Christopher> "If they actually fixed me back then. Though Carol could easily deal with me. She should have back then after all I had done."

<Joe> "Why? You just said you didn't have a choice."

<Christopher> "Doesn't change the fact that I murdered hundreds. I got myself into that and the mistakes I made cost innocent people their lives. I killed children in front of their parents. Even the people who begged... So many of them begged me to stop."

<Joe> "Seems like you hate yourself more than enough for anyone else," he sighed, "Look, Alaska's probably zombie food now... all that stuff happened years ago. It's time to move on.... and I'm pretty sure no one here would hold it against you."

<Christopher> "You don't move on from that. You don't move on from watching children die, not when you're a teacher."

<Joe> "But you can stop expecting other people to beat you up over it... and you can stop trying to encourage them."

<Christopher> Chris sighed. "I wasn't encouraging her. I just wasn't doing what she wanted."

<Joe> "Which is the same thing, you know. It has the same result... and you basically just told me you want me to hate you."

<Christopher> "Nah I just know it'll happen eventually. And really... Heather just caught me at a bad moment for the both of us."

<Joe> "I'm telling you it won't happen. Carol doesn't hate you either - she's worried about you... she's just really bad at using her words."

<Christopher> "We both are. And she has every right to hate me. Haven't met a person yet that I couldn't give a reason to hate me."

<Joe> "Your reasons are bullshit," he finished off his beer and straightened up, "Maybe you just don't like yourself very much, I don't know... but don't push all that onto other people. Let them decide for themselves... you might figure out you're not so bad if you listen to them a little bit."

<Christopher> "Carol really hasn't told you much about me. I don't listen I don't learn and I'm an ass."

<Joe> "Yeah... you two have a lot in common... and she knows what it's like to have someone hate her for something horrible that wasn't her fault. So, if you decide you want to talk... talk to her." He raked the fingers of his free hand through his hair, "We're all sleeping in proper beds tonight, there's a room for you if you decide not to sleep in your car." He started back toward the motel.

<Christopher> "Don't really need to sleep. I was just going to keep watch." Chris put the bottle away.

<Joe> He laughed, "You two could be twins!" He called over his shoulder, raising his free hand in a wave, "Bring your plate back when you feel like it."

<Christopher> "Don't tell her that, she might drop you on your head next."

<Joe> "Pretty sure that ship has sailed." He threw the other guy a grin before he disappeared into the darkness entirely.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:02 pm

<Christopher> Chris had spent most of the night destroying the whole room, tearing it completely apart. There were bits of wood, porcelain and all sorts of other things strewn across the room. He was so mad he didn't even stop when bits of broken things cut him, no matter how deep. The rage wasn't directed at anyone but himself so the pain just helped to fuel it. Eventually he had collapsed on the broken bed to sleep it off.

<Greer> Greer had spent the morning with the Danvers' and Kincaids and Heather. It had been rather nice, relaxed and normal - or as normal as it could be given their situation. A welcome distraction. But Chris had been nowhere in sight so now now she was playing the tracking game. She was so good at that game.

<Greer> Locating the room was easy, she knocked on the door when she reached it, her tail curling around her legs as she waited for a response in the chilly morning air.

<Christopher> Chris was still asleep when she knocked and responded by throwing the closest piece of what used to be a lamp at the door. He really didn't want to get up.

<Greer> She startled a little at the thud against the door, "Chris?" A shiver went up her when a cold breeze blew through the area and she decided to let herself into the room, "Chris? Are you-...?" she trailed off when she saw the state of the room.

<Christopher> "Go away...." He rolled away from her, the guilt and self loathing all coming back to him.

<Greer> "Did you do all this...?" she looked around at the destruction, ignoring the instruction and closing the door behind her once she was inside.

<Christopher> Chris just sighed at first, he should have known she wasn't going to go away. "Yeah."

<Greer> "Why?" she picked her way carefully through the debris and climbed onto the bed beside him.

<Christopher> "Had to get it out." Chris sat up as best he could on the broken bed.

<Greer> "Get what out?" She frowned, "Is this about what happened last night?"

<Christopher> "Just everything. You know me, ball of rage and hate." Chris ran his hands through his hair slowly. "Heather had a disagreement with me last night. Carol too. Thought Joe was coming to have his turn but he just brought me food. So I guess I'm two for nine on making people hate me."

<Greer> "Only because, for some reason, you think everyone should hate you..." she sighed, "Chris... none of this is your fault. You know that, right?"

<Christopher> "Why not? I'm a jerk. Don't even try to do it most of the time." If we'd left sooner we could have saved your parents. "I'm just dead weight."

<Greer> "No you're not! Stop talking like that!" It worried her to hear him say those things, "How can you think that?"

<Christopher> "I've already almost been zombie food once.... I let them over charge me. I haven't let that happen since I wrecked my car and I was dating students." Chris couldn't look at her. He'd never been so focused on his own feet before. "What would have happened if Carol and Heather hadn't shown up?"

<Greer> "If Carol hadn't been there, we wouldn't have even stayed at that motel and it wouldn't have happened anyway. It wasn't your fault, Chris..."

<Christopher> "It's always my fault..." Chris muttered forgetting about her hearing.

<Greer> "No it's not..." she rolled her eyes, "You just like to blame yourself for everything."

<Christopher> "I've got a lot I should blame myself for. And this isn't my usual 'woe is me' shit. All I am is a hindrance. I have a temper that far rivals Carol's. I'm an ass. Apparently I'm worthless in a fight now. And apparently I've checked out and want to die if you ask Carol."

<Christopher> Chris got up and moved about the room, his hands starting to shake slightly. I fucked things up with you and everyone else I've been with, I couldn't save your parents, and I just want you all to leave me here to rot alone. He didn't have the will to tell her the last few things.

<Greer> "Well... the way you're talking right now... maybe she has a point...." she watched him pacing the room, "You're only going to be a problem if you keep going like this... I'm telling you this wasn't your fault. You can either believe me or not..."

<Christopher> "This is just me... I've always been like this." He tried to lie. He'd never been like this until he'd left her.

<Greer> "No you haven't..." she frowned, her tail tapped on the bed, "What's wrong with you?"

<Christopher> "I don't know... I really don't Greer." Chris moved to lean up against the wall. He really wanted to tell her that ever since they split he hadn't known how to be himself, that he missed being with her on a daily basis and didn't until recently figure out he was just trying to find ways to distract himself.

<Greer> "Well... figure it out okay..." she climbed off the bed, "There's breakfast if you want some... try to be sociable - it might help."

<Christopher> "Yeah... Sorry." Chris moved to the door to go out with her. He wasn't hungry so he figured he'd just figure out how to slip away back to his car.

<Greer> "Everyone's worried about you..." she tried, "You're not yourself..."

<Christopher> Chris froze for a minute. "You don't have to worry about me Greer," he let out in a defeated tone. A part of him felt a little happy that they would care enough to worry, but he was sure it was just her and maybe Carol. Though he was pretty sure Carol only cared because it would hurt Greer to see him fade away.

<Greer> "I don't? Are you sure?" She came up behind him and rested her hand on his shoulder.

<Christopher> "You gonna believe me if I say no?" Chris stood perfectly still, almost paralyzed by her touch.

<Greer> "My nose is telling me not to..." she slid her arms around him, "This is just temporary, right? You'll be okay?"

<Christopher> He leaned back into her, enjoying every moment of her holding him. "I... I don't know Greer." He thought he could feel his heart in his throat.

<Greer> "Promise you'll talk to someone?" She nuzzled his shoulder, "We want to help you."

<Christopher> "Why...?" Chris moved his hand up to hold her arm. "I've been an ass, why don't you guys just give up on me?"

<Greer> "Because we love you, silly." She gave him a squeeze, "You never give up on the people you love - especially when they're being stupid."

<Christopher> "I gave up..." Not the same kind of love Chris. Not anymore. And he did a complete 180.

<Greer> She frowned, "What do you mean?"

<Christopher> "Nothing sorry." Chris let go of her arm, not feeling worthy of her love anymore.

<Greer> "Chris..." she sighed, "Just... try to remember you're with friends..." she lowered her arms, releasing him.

<Christopher> "I'm sorry Greer." He knew he couldn't get away with slinking off to the car without her or Carol yelling at him.

<Greer> "Don't apologise... just... get better." She leaned across and pressed a kiss to his cheek before she left the room ahead of him.

<Christopher> Chris actually blushed at that. "Yeah... I'll try." He followed her out of the room, planning to slip off and avoid everyone as soon as he could manage it.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:03 pm

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Quicksilver: Howisshe?Isshealright?Imusetspeakwithmysisteratonce.
Hawkeye: What is that noise?
IronMan: That is the noise Pietro makes right before he's tossed out of the airlock. ~ Avengers: The Children's Crusade #6

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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:03 pm

<Viper> Viper had always hated rain. But now, during a zombie apocalypse, rain was of the devil. Especially this much of it at this time of year because it also contained chunks of ice. Ugh. A lonely gas station on the highway was the first building to come in sight in many miles so it would have to do for a sanctuary from the weather.

<Viper> She glanced at Sebastian as she crossed the road, looking at every space in sight to check for zombies. Maybe they didn't like rain either...

<Shaw> Due to virtue of his size, sex, and mutation, Sebastian was the literal pack mule of this leg of their journey, weighted down with the largest items and heaviest packs. As such, he was more interested on watching his footing after taking a cursory look around for walking corpses.

<Viper> Despite that she wanted to be inside, Viper decided to check around the back of the building before she opened the door. On reaching the corner, she stopped and cocked her head on one side.

<Shaw> Only looking up when Viper halted, it took Sebastian a moment to catch up. Wet, cold, and miserable, he was in no mood for anything but a rest... then he saw what she was looking at. Zombies.

<Viper> The zombies in question were clustered in the middle of the road. They were doing nothing but standing there in the pouring rain. She glanced at Sebastian, "How odd...."

<Shaw> The nearest one swayed with a gust of wind, but stayed on its feet. "It's not cold enough for them to freeze..."

<Viper> "I want to throw something at them to see what happens... but you will complain if I do that." She eyed him again.

<Shaw> "...yes. Now is not the time for experimentation." He shook rainwater from his eyes and frowned.

<Viper> "Maybe later, then..." she turned back for the building. The zombies weren't a threat right now, "Let's go inside."

<Shaw> "When I'm not laden like a pack mule would be preferable." He followed, but not before giving the eerie tableau another glance over his shoulder.

<Viper> She offered a smile over her shoulder before she opened the door to admit them to the store at the gas station. It seemed deserted.

<Shaw> Seemed being the optimum word, and Sebastian was wary. He quietly slid two of his heavy packs to the floor just inside the door so he could be free to fight if necessary.

<Viper> Rather than be concerned by an impending attack, Viper was more worried about her level of discomfort and set about removing the most waterlogged items of clothing. There were lots of items nearby she could use in an emergency to defend herself.

<Shaw> Unmoved by the stripping woman, Sebastian loosened his revolver and pulled his utility knife. He moved past her, still dripping onto the floor, and started to clear the store.

<Viper> "Try not to fire that if you can help it - you might wake that pack on the road up..." Viper frowned as she wrung the water out of her hair.

<Shaw> "I don't intend to fire it." He didn't smell anything, and it looked like the store had been hastily locked and left, but he wanted to be sure. Soon enough, he was, and went back to the door to check outside. It was still pouring, and though from this angle he couldn't see the standing creatures, there was no movement he could see.

<Viper> "All clear?" Viper was now investigating the store herself, barefoot and in underwear while she wung the water out of her clothes. If there was anything around that wasn't entirely objectionable that she could exchange them with she considered that to be a good option.

<Shaw> When he turned around he raised an eyebrow. "Yes." As an afterthought, he quietly locked the door, then moved away from it to start stripping himself.

<Viper> "So... we've found a gas station... Now I believe we need a car." It was also chilly. But she didn't need to tell him that.

<Shaw> Indeed, she did not. Once free of his body armor, he peeled off his shirt and wrung it out. Impressive.

<Viper> She found some plain t-shirts and used one to dry her damp skin before she pulled a fresh one over her head for some defence against the cold air. It was too big for her really but it'd do for now. "It seems this place hasn't been looted yet..."

<Shaw> "Not well, at any rate. Perhaps that means there is gas left, if we can get to it." He joined her at the cheap t-shirt rack, searching for something that would fit him.

<Viper> "I hope so... this will be a very tedious trip if we have to walk all the way back." She turned to investigate the snack foods. Much more inviting than spam.

<Shaw> He grunted in agreement and located a shirt, pulling it on after he followed Viper's lead and dried his hair and chest with a spare. Then he debated what to do about his pants.

<Viper> Viper was less worried about her pants - she'd draped them over a half empty shelving unit to drip onto the floor. She opened one of the refridgeration units and pulled out a bottle of water, taking off the cap and sipping from the bottle while she perused the snacks on offer.

<Shaw> Now pantsless as well, Sebastian poured water from his boots, expression sour.

<Viper> Viper found a wall to hold up and watched him, eyebrow raised, "What we really need after we find a car... is a department store."

<Shaw> "Or for your people to hurry the hell up and find us," he said, snappish. Sebastian went to get himself a bottle of water and chugged half before he looked at her again.

<Viper> "With what information are they to do this?" she watched him moving around the store, "There may be a base not too far away... but it's not exactly on the way home and it could be compromised."

<Shaw> "I'm honestly truly shocked Hydra doesn't have you tagged." He finished the other half of the bottle and reached for another, propping the door open to inspect the other offerings of soda and energy drinks inside.

<Viper> She laughed, "Oh they tried. I dug them out." She set her half empty bottle on top of the shelving unit the snacks were on and selected some chocolate. "I don't like people keeping tabs on me."

<Shaw> "No, you most enjoy keeping tabs on everyone else." He cocked his head. "If you'd managed to sneak a tracking device into me somehow, now is the time to disclose."

<Viper> She paused in unwrapping her choice and looked up, raising an eyebrow, "Why would I need to do that? I have Jessica."

<Shaw> He bared teeth at her, then leaned past and grabbed the largest candy bar he saw.

<Viper> She smirked to herself as she opened her chocolate and turned to wander around the store again while she ate, "I'm surprised you haven't asked me if I put a tracking device on her somewhere... or perhaps you think you beat me to it?"

<Shaw> "I gave her that Tiffany bracelet that she was terrified to wear, so my efforts to track her through that failed in a rather extravagant fashion." He tore into the wrapper with his teeth and chased his first bite with more water.

<Viper> "Perhaps you should have offered to experiment on her - you can put them anywhere when your subject is unconscious."

<Shaw> Sebastian stopped chewing to give her a withering stare.

<Viper> She laughed, "Did you never ask her where her scar went?" It really was too much fun to mess with him.

<Shaw> "Believe me, I know about what you did." It had taken all his self restraint not to kill the woman, after all. Well, and truth be told he had tried to kill her. Once. Perhaps twice.

<Viper> "I helped her." She wound her way back to the counter and sat on it, crossing her bare legs. "Imagine the difference it's made in her life to be able to play with Miriam in the snow."

<Shaw> "Mmm. That has been a benefit, yes, but I was concerned about what other improvements you may have attempted without her knowledge." He eyed her, taking another bite and speaking around the candy. "But you already know this. It's old history now."

<Viper> She shook her head, "When people volunteer themselves to me, I do only what I say I will. I know you will find that hard to believe. I'm not actually as evil as everyone thinks I am."

<Shaw> "I believe I've said that about myself, from time to time." He smirked at her and continued with his healthy snack.

<Viper> "To other people? Or just to yourself?" she cocked her head on one side, "Because I believe there's a difference."

<Shaw> "Generally to myself, I suppose, as I've generally wished for most people to believe I'm more evil than they think."

<Viper> She laughed, shaking her head, "We're more alike than you think."

<Shaw> "Well, with the current situation, I believe our figurative villainous mustache twirling is a rather moot point." He shoved another bit of chocolate and peanuts into his mouth, reading the wrapper. What was nougat anyway?

<Viper> Her confused frown mirrored his but for a different reason. "It's cold in here."

<Shaw> "Yes... I can tell." His eyes dropped to her chest for a moment, then back to her eyes.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow, easily following his eyeline. She leaned back on her hands, her gaze wandering around the store again as she considered the repercussions of commenting on that.

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled softly at her flustered reaction, finishing off his second bottle of water.

<Viper> Rather than say anything she pulled her legs up to sit cross-legged on the counter and rubbed her ankles in an attempt to warm up her feet. She really didn't want to put her wet clothes back on again, her nose wrinkled as her eyes fell on them.

<Shaw> "But, yes, you are correct. It's cold, and it will only get colder." He cast a glance back toward the door. The rain had yet to let up.

<Viper> "We really need to find another car... preferably one that nothing died in."

<Shaw> "My nose would thank me." Sebastian stood and stretched, irritated when several joints and points along his spine popped, loudly.

<Viper> An eyebrow rose, "And it seems your back would thank you if you got a massage. Did that hurt?"

<Shaw> "Primarily my pride." He strolled to the door to check the weather, and for any unwelcome visitors.

<Viper> She watched him cross to the door, "I'm surprised you have any left where I'm concerned," she offered with a smirk.

<Shaw> "Ah, I always maintain a reserve." He felt her eyes on his back, leaning to the side of the door to check the adjacent street for the bizarre standing creatures. Unfortunately, he couldn't see them, but that hopefully also meant they were still in place.

<Viper> "Well then, I'm sure I'll enjoy seeing how low I can get it." She unfolded her legs and slid to the edge of the counter, putting her feet on the floor.

<Shaw> He heard her moving behind him, but was still interested in what was going on outside. The cloud cover looked low and solid. It was nearly the color of gunmetal, which was never a good sign.

<Viper> She moved up beside him, standing in his personal space in the vague hope of some warmth. "Enjoying the view?"

<Shaw> When her voice cut in, driving home just how close she'd gotten, he looked down at her with a raised brow. "I don't think it's going to stop any time soon."

<Viper> "It seems unlikely..." she sighed, "Do you want to stay here until our things dry out?" With the time that would take, maybe it would even have stopped raining.

<Shaw> Though every delay dragged him further from his family, it seemed the only real option. "I suppose." He was cold as well, though he wasn't quite ready to admit it.

<Viper> She nodded with a sigh, "If we can get a car... it'll be less than a day's travel to a base and then we can see if we can speed things up..."

<Shaw> "I'm almost tempted to start a fire in here, although I am aware it's a terrible idea." He looked around the small store. "At the very least we'd dry out more quickly."

<Viper> Viper nodded, "It's not such a terrible idea..." She folded her arms across her chest, gripping the tops of her arms in an attempt to retain some warmth. She decided to move away from the draughty doorway.

<Shaw> "We'd need to keep it quite small," he said, glancing over at her finally.

<Viper> "Yes... but it can be done and we should try to keep it out of sight of the windows - the road especially." She ran her fingers through her hair in an attempt to detangle it.

<Shaw> Sebastian didn't take much convincing, and nodded, reaching for a pack to search for a lighter, and their blankets.

<Viper> Locating the t-shirt she'd used to dry herself off with, she ripped off a strip and used it to tie up the ends of her hair once she'd plaited it, "Anything we can do to keep warm and dry off we should do."

<Shaw> Items found, he joined her, looking for the best place to set up their makeshift fire and shelter.

<Viper> She gestured toward the far corner so that the shelves would shield the view of the fire from the windows, "If we can move these to make more space we should..."

<Shaw> "Agreed. Carefully." He set the blankets down and moved over to inspect the shelving unit, lifting a corner to test its weight. "I can move it, but I will need help keeping it steady... and quiet."

<Viper> She nodded, "I'll do what I can," she offered a small smile, "At least it's not a tent."

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled softly. "Indeed. Everything in those packs is at least damp, so the opportunity to dry out will benefit us in the long run." He picked a few stray items off the shelf, lest they fall and rattle, then found handholds and hefted it.

<Viper> She helped him steady it until enough space was provided and caught a couple of things that fell off in the process. "We can hang the blankets for a little while... perhaps not tell Miriam we made a blanket fort without her."

<Shaw> At that, he gave her a tired smile. "Perhaps there's a metal trash can we can use to contain the fire?"

<Viper> "I'll look for one," she returned the smile hesitantly then went to locate the trash can, moving around - looking for one would at least keep her warm.

<Shaw> "And we need burnables that won't kill us." He cleared ad arranged their area, draping the blankets over the shelves to help them dry.

<Viper> She nodded, sliding boxes along the floor that were easy to empty when she found some. "There's always the remaining t-shirts too."

<Shaw> "Perhaps those should come later, as we probably will need them to stay warm until our clothing dries."

<Viper> She found a metal mesh trashcan in the back office and a bunch of paper and other supplies. Tossing some of the items into the can, she piled the rest near the door and returned to Sebastian with her treasure. "We should spread them on the floor so we have something to sit on..."

<Shaw> "Indeed." He accepted the the can with a nod of thanks and handed her some shirts, setting the can down in the middle of their clearing and setting the fire.

<Viper> She found a spot on the floor to spread a layer of t-shirts on then folded the rest into a small pile so she could sit on those. She curled up where she sat, folding her arms around her legs. So damn cold.

<Shaw> Once the small fire was crackling and seemed to be somewhat stable - so long as he kept feeding it bits of cardboard - he turned to join her. Well, that was a view he didn't need, so he arranged his own seat beside her quickly.

<Viper> She extended her hands toward the flames once they were going to try and steal their warmth. Now that she wasn't moving, she was shivering and she hated it - mostly because it was a sign of weakness and she never liked displaying those.

<Shaw> He glanced toward the door, then edged the trash can closer to them, hissing a bit at the heat.

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow at that, looking at him, "You just healed and now you're going to burn yourself?"

<Shaw> "Silence, woman. It will be warmer, and less likely to reflect on the glass of the door." He glanced over at her, noting her shivering.

<Viper> Viper smirked, "Woman? Really?"

<Shaw> "Are you not?" His smirk answered hers.

<Viper> She gave him a shove, "I have a name."

<Shaw> "Indeed, but when I use it you tend to threaten me." The smirk spread into a wolfish grin.

<Viper> "Then choose wisely." Her eyes narrowed for a moment though the smirk remained.

<Shaw> Sebastian picked up another shirt and handed it to her. "Next time, do remember to hit harder, Ophelia."

<Viper> "I'd rather strangle you with this," she held up the shirt, "And you thoughtfully provided it yourself."

<Shaw> "Then you'd need to carry all the packs alone." He sniffed, clearly unimpressed with her threat. "And explain my demise to my wife."

<Viper> "I know... you should count yourself lucky." She leaned against him, "You're useful to me. You get to live."

<Shaw> "Mmm. For several reasons, obviously." He sighed to himself and shifted, sliding his arm around her shoulders. She was useful to him as well, after all.

<Viper> "I'm sorry this happened... maybe helicopters need mirrors..." she curled up, draping the t-shirt she'd threatened to kill him with over her bare legs.

<Shaw> He chuckled softly. "Agreed, on both counts." Staring into the fire for a few moments, he tossed in another piece of cardboard. Luckily, ramen noodles burned quite well.

<Viper> "I never thought something like this would happen... I didn't plan for it..." she raised a hand to cover her face.

<Shaw> Sebastian became slightly alarmed by her admission, but instantly hid it. "Accidents can always happen," he said.

<Viper> "But flying zombies?" she shook her head, "It doesn't seem fair..."

<Shaw> "Now, now." He smirked, glancing down at her. "When is life ever fair?"

<Viper> She laughed, "That depends whose life you're looking at, surely?"

<Shaw> "Some of us are more gifted than others, true." He bared teeth in a grin.

<Viper> "And some seem to have more bad luck than is their fair share..." she frowned a little and curled up in defense against a sudden shiver.

<Shaw> Curious, he studied her, then shifted to wrap his arm more securely around her. "Indeed. Jessica often believed she was cursed."

<Viper> "Some people are very superstitious..." This was another thing she struggled to understand.

<Shaw> "She believed everything she loved would eventually be taken from her, as evidenced by the deaths of her parents and her... circumstances, when the X-Men found her."

<Viper> "Then we should try to prove her wrong and return you safely, yes?" she rested her head against him.

<Shaw> "That is my general plan," he agreed, sighing and holding her gently. "She must be beside herself... and with both children there now..."

<Viper> "I left instructions to look in on them... I know Jessica has a tendancy towards hiding away."

<Shaw> "Yes... with Micheal and Hope missing, and now us..." He shook his head and sighed again. My koibito.

<Viper> "I'm sure David will take care of her..." She rested her head against him, "And, if anything should go wrong, Valeria has her instructions too."

<Shaw> He couldn't recall any of her lackeys with such a theatrical name and gave her a curious look. "Valeria?"

<Viper> "You think Jessica and Yuriko are the only ones that named their personal preadator?" She raised an eyebrow at him, lifting her head a little.

<Shaw> That startled a short, soft laugh from him. "And you named it Valeria? I had no idea you were such a fan of the Bard."

<Viper> She shrugged the shoulder that wasn't using him as a prop, "I'm not especially... but it seemed to fit."

<Shaw> He raised his eyebrow, unsure of that. "Well... what are Valeria's instructions?"

<Viper> "To protect Jessica and the children at all costs," she caught the note of skepticism and added; "The name means 'strength'."

<Shaw> "As, of course, would Sharky." He tilted his head. "Surely those creatures can't affect the predators?"

<Viper> "I very much doubt it, they are not biological entities... of course, any attempts to test this ended in the death of the subject long before the preadator was in any danger."

<Shaw> His nose wrinkled. "It's a pity Valeria isn't with us now, frankly."

<Viper> "Indeed... but I didn't anticipate something like this happening...." She sighed.

<Shaw> There was nothing to say to that, he supposed, so he simply fed the fire.

<Viper> Much to her horror, something happened then. She sniffed - an involuntary response - was she crying? Oh God would this nightmare ever end? She sat up and moved away from Sebastian under the pretense of checking the state of the blankets.

<Shaw> Considering the source of the small sound, he was surprised, and twisted to watch her escape.

<Viper> As soon as all this insanity was done with, she was going to find a way to fix her brain. She reached idly up to wipe her cheeks with the back of her hand while her back was turned toward him. While she was on her feet she decided to collect her things to bring them closer to the fire and maybe buy herself more time to stop crying.

<Shaw> Sebastian gave himself a moment to tamp down his amusement at her quandry. Then, he counted to five. "You have nothing of which you should be ashamed."

<Viper> "That's easy for you to say." It was hard work to keep her voice level and, frustrated, she hit one of the displays at the end of the aisle and sent the contents flying across the store.

<Shaw> He turned around completely at that, pushing himself upright. "Shhh, you know we can't afford to make noise," he hissed.

<Viper> "I don't care!" she snapped. At least anger was familiar.

<Shaw> Sebastian closed in on her. "I understand that you're frightened of these feelings, but they're normal."

<Viper> "Not for me!" The rage seemed to be warming her up nicely too.

<Shaw> "Perhaps not before, but now..." He thought about it for only a moment, then moved in close to her and grasped her arm.

<Viper> He was stronger than she was and it was useless to try and pull her arm free but she did anyway, "I don't want it to be normal! Don't you understand?!"

<Shaw> "I never will, because I'm not you." He pulled her against him, trapping her and stilling her.

<Viper> She'd never wanted to bite anyone so much in her life. It was her only option if she wanted to fight back but she resisted the impulse - though it was with a huge effort - and pressed her face into his shoulder instead, letting out a cry of frustration.

<Shaw> "Just relax." She needed to calm down, for many reasons.

<Viper> The frustration boiled over and spilled out in a sob that was, thankfully, mostly muffled by Sebastian. The humiliation she felt - also new - only made the situation worse.

<Shaw> He didn't say anything and didn't move.

<Viper> After a few minutes of this she managed to gather enough willpower to stop crying and steady her breathing. It hurt. She didn't lift her head though, the unfamiliar feeling of shame washing over her keeping her frozen in place.

<Shaw> "No one will ever know what happens here," he promised her, and glanced toward the door. If they'd been heard, they could have problems.

<Viper> "You're going to use it against me..."

<Shaw> "I swear to you I will not." He would need to gloat quietly.

<Viper> "I'm going to have to hold you to that..." She took another breath to steady herself and finally lifted her head. "You can let go now."

<Shaw> "Of course." He released her, taking one step back and surveying her.

<Viper> She turned her back on him and covered her face with her hands, sighing heavily. "I don't know if I can do this..."

<Shaw> "Of course you can." He smiled, faintly, then turned back to feed the fire.

<Viper> She shook her head, "I've been this way my whole life... that's over a hundred years... I'm not sure I can adjust... and I don't know what it'll do to me... I don't know what I'm going to turn into...."

<Shaw> "Even those of us who've had an entire lifetime to learn to handle our emotions have our failures. You can adjust." He reached for the blankets, checking to see if the fire had done its work.

<Viper> "I don't want to... I like who I am already..." She prodded one of the spilled display items with her bare foot. "Having emotions will ruin everything..." she sighed, "if it hasn't already..."

<Shaw> "For the moment, we simply need to focus on getting back home." He pulled a blanket from the shelf and draped it around her shoulders.

<Viper> "I know... and then we have to find your other children.... and then there's the zombies... and then whatever other problem shows up at my door..." she rolled her eyes as she pulled the blanket tighter around her.

<Shaw> "Such is life," he smirked. "I do believe that comes back to my observation that life is not fair."

<Viper> "Mine has never been fair... but until now I didn't care." She returned to the fireside and sat down, curling up under the blanket. "Until now, I laughed at the obstacles and enjoyed the challenge... now, for the first time in my life, I think I'm feeling fear of the future...."

<Shaw> Sebastian moved to the door. Someone had to keep a check on their status, after all. "We're all afraid right now, love," he said distractedly.

<Viper> The term of endearment received a short, surprised, laugh from Viper. "You don't understand..." she sighed and turned her attention to her hair, untying the piece of cloth fastening the braid before she started carefully combing it out with her fingers.

<Shaw> "No, not truly. There's no way I could, but trust me when I say that at least you're not alone in your fear." He still saw no movement, and now the light seemed to be dying. Soon they'd need to cover the glass so their small fire wouldn't give them away.

<Viper> "I don't think far ahead..." she offered, "It's not something I can do... not wired that way... or I wasn't... I work through one problem at a time or until I get bored and find something else to do... Except now, I can't focus on the problems in front of me like I used to. Everything is wrong."

<Shaw> He leaned, trying to see over to the side where the creatures stood. "And now you cannot stop yourself from thinking of what could happen in the next moment, the next hour, the next day..."

<Viper> "Yes... and not just to me either..." Which was something else she was entirely unused to. She shook her hair out then fed the fire a little before pulling the blanket back up around her.

<Shaw> "It is something with which we all must deal, but I realize you are not accustomed to such feelings. I'm sorry." He started looking around for something to cover the doors.

<Viper> "You should be sorry..." It was, after all, his fault.

<Shaw> That made him pause and raise his eyebrow at her.

<Viper> "My brain was just fine before you shot me," she pointed out. "You did this to me."

<Shaw> "Your healing ability did this." Sebastian picked up some additional pieces of cardboard and tossed them next to the fire.

<Viper> "It wouldn't have needed to if you hadn't shot me in the face." She challenged, raising a brow.

<Shaw> "I wouldn't have needed shoot you in the face if you hadn't taken things that don't belong to you." He found a banner advertising beer - plastic and useless to burn - and a roll of duct tape.

<Viper> "She didn't belong to you either." Viper watched him with his search, "And she got voluntarily into my car."

<Shaw> "She belonged to herself, but you manipulated her into believing no one cared for her." His tone was even, as this was all old history by now.

<Viper> "I needed her to trust me..." she frowned, "But, if she thought people were coming for her she wouldn't have given me a second thought... It was the only thing I could think to do." She sighed, "Having no ability to empathise is not always a blessing..."

<Shaw> Sebastian grunted in agreement with that statement, taping the sign over the glass doors. It would have to do. They were stuck here for the night.

<Viper> She watched him for a few moments more before she lay down, half the blanket under her in defence against the floor. "At least it was effective..."

<Shaw> They were stuck, and Viper was feeling chatty. He decided not to dignify that with a response. "Perhaps we should get some sleep."

<Viper> "I suppose so..." she sighed, turning her head to rest her forehead on her arm. "You know what the worst part about this is?"

<Shaw> The endless talking about it? He stopped himself from saying it, but as he finished up his taping and returned to the fire to make a bed he was certain his expression showed it. "What is it?"

<Viper> "That the only person I can talk to about any of this is you." She pulled the blanket up over her head.

<Shaw> He couldn't help it. Sebastian threw back his head and laughed.

<Viper> She groaned and curled up in a tight ball. Humiliation complete.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:10 pm

<Shaw> After waking and attending to his business in the furthest corner of the store, Sebastian returned to their makeshift camp. Viper was still asleep, curled up in the blankets that, once again, they'd shared. It was strange to see her this way. So very vulnerable... and human.

<Viper> She stirred in her sleep and stretched out a little which threw off her balance without Sebastian lying beside her and made her grumble in complaint when her head slipped to an uncomfortable angle. Curling up again, she folded her arm beneath her head and settled down once more. She wanted to stay asleep.

<Shaw> He wasn't opposed to that idea, at least for a while longer. If she woke up in the same mood in which she'd fallen asleep he was in for a long day. Stretching, he brushed his fingertips against the low ceiling, noting how they'd stained it with the smoke from their small fire.

<Viper> The movement near her made her stir again and this time she opened her eyes, rolling onto her back and looking up at him. It took a few moments for her to remember where they were as she stretched in an attempt to wake up.

<Shaw> "Good morning," he greeted her with a smirk, then strolled to the door to check outside, popping his back as he went.

<Viper> "Good morning..." the trouble with falling alseep in nothing but an over-large t-shirt was that they rode up. "Has it stopped raining?" she tugged the offending item back down over herself after she sat up.

<Shaw> "Yes." He tilted his head. "Well... for the most part." The undead were still out of sight.

<Viper> "Anything has to be an improvement on yesterday..." She pressed the heels of her palms against her eyes and pushed the ends of her fingers into her hair. So many things were wrong with yesterday.

<Shaw> "Agreed," he said with a slight chuckle. "We should probably pack up and see if we can find a vehicle. Perhaps this will all be an unpleasant memory soon."

<Viper> "I hope so..." She rubbed her legs as they began to register the chill in the air then she got up to see how damp her clothes still may be.

<Shaw> He turned back to their camp and started to check his own clothes. They were stiff, but dry. "Ah, well, that's something at least."

<Viper> She nodded, pulling on her clothes in silence and tossing the t-shirt into the remains of their small fire. Today she was going to try and be her usual self. She was going to try really hard.

<Shaw> Sebastian yanked on his pants and pulled on his shirt over the tee. Layers seemed like a good idea.

<Viper> She sat down against the wall to put her boots on and hoped the insides were dry. "I wonder if that group in the road is still there..."

<Shaw> "I don't see any wandering about." They would find out soon enough, he supposed.

<Viper> "Well that's good..." at least they'd be able to make it out of the store in one piece. Boots on, she started packing their things up, "Maybe our luck will hold and we'll find a car we can use today..."

<Shaw> "Hope springs eternal," he said with a smirk, grabbing a trash bag.

<Viper> "Well we don't have much else to rely on..." she shrugged a shoulder as she carefully folded the blankets so they'd fit back in the bags. "If we do make it to a base and manage to establish contact... have you given any thought to whether you'd like to go straight back there or continue our search?"

<Shaw> Sebastian took the blankets and slid them into the trash bag. "I don't know," he said quietly, meeting her eyes.

<Viper> She held his gaze for a moment, probably uncomfortably long for most people, before she nodded, "Alright."

<Shaw> Luckily, Sebastian was quite good at staring contests. At her nod, he ran his tongue over his teeth. "Jessica probably thinks me dead, and there is a possibility that if I continue this hunt I may die."

<Viper> "We could request backup..." she suggested, "It's unlikely she would want you to give up the search entirely..."

<Shaw> "I'll..." He tilted his head and then sighed. "Time will tell."

<Viper> Truth be told, she wasn't in much of a hurry to get back so she merely nodded again before turning toward the snack foods for breakfast and to add the more sensible foodstuffs to their luggage.

<Shaw> Sebastian started packing, then reached to snag yet another bottle of water. He couldn't leave Michael and Hope out here like this, but he couldn't abandon Jessica and Miriam either.

<Viper> [Time Passes]

<Viper> Bags were packed and an approximation of breakfast was had and so it was time to leave. She opened the door and stepped out ahead of Sebastian without even asking him whether he'd like to go first.

<Shaw> He was rather accustomed to this now, so he didn't bother to be irritated. The drizzle outside was better than the pounding rain, but it was cold. "Lovely day..."

<Viper> The weather still wasn't especially favourable but the rain had eased up considerably. She moved to the corner of the building first to look for the group of zombies from the day before. They were still there. She frowned and turned to look at Sebastian. If they were spotted there was no way to know whether these zombies were still capable of speed.

<Shaw> He's spotted them as well and frowned. Perhaps we should speak this way?

<Viper> Yes, I think that would be for the best... She had lowered her shields on the assumption of this. We need to pass them... we might be able to use the building as cover.

<Shaw> Sebastian shifted the packs on his back and ensured he could reach his weapons, then nodded and turned to circle the building the other way.

<Viper> She overtook him and drew her knife just in case. Her movements were quick and silent - she'd had a lot of practise at that. She also kept an eye open for threats approaching from other angles.

<Shaw> Once again relegated to pack mule, Sebastian followed, but watched for movement just as closely.

<Viper> Vegetation was sparse but it was just enough for a bit of cover as long as she kept low and soon the road came into view. So that wasn't the only cluster... This is potentially more problematic....

<Shaw> Christ. He scrubbed his hand over his face. There were cars, further down the road, though it was hard to tell in what condition they were. There were also more standing corpses.

<Viper> A car would be nice... she put her knife away, I can draw them away?

<Shaw> Sebastian gave her a look. That may be the best tactic. There are too many to take on at once...

<Viper> Alright then... let me know when you have a car we can use. Wait here til they're suitably distracted. She passed him her remaining bag, patted his cheek, then took off into the brush, emerging onto the road several yards away where she whistled loudly.

<Shaw> He accepted the bag with a soft sigh, slinging it over his shoulder and attempting to hide behind a large tree. Drawing his knife, he watched her move.

<Viper> Dodging and weaving between the cars, Viper made sure to get the attention of all the zombies in the immediate area before leading them off the road. Some of them still had a bit of energy so she drew her knife in case they got too close.

<Shaw> It was unsettling to see the dormant corpses lurch into motion. He heard a rustling in the wet leaves behind him and turned. Wonderful.

<Viper> Viper disappeared into the trees on the far side of the road with her troupe of zombies behind her, making sure to be as noisy about it as possible to keep their attention.

<Shaw> She was certainly being distracting, but the corpse shuffling through the woods behind him still had its eyes. Unfortunately. The creature veered off toward him. There wasn't time for this, and he swore under his breath.

<Viper> How's the search for a ride coming? Viper asked, ducking under a reaching arm and stabbing the creature in the head to still it.

<Shaw> It isn't as of yet. I have a friend. Sebastian decided it would take longer to wade through the underbrush to get to the creature and dispatch it than it would to simply ignore it.

<Shaw> He ventured out onto the road, headed for the nearest car.

<Viper> Well, if you could speed it up, that would be appreciated. Some of the zombies were faster than others and she didn't want to get too far from the road so she was attempting to zig zag through the trees but the pack didn't bunch at the same speed. She was starting to feel a little surrounded.

<Shaw> Unfortunately, the nearest car was already occupied, and the vehicle rocked with the energetic flailing of the creature inside. It wasn't even buckled in. Tsk. No wonder it died.

<Shaw> The thought made him smirk and he sped up to a trot to check the next car. He had dim hopes when he saw the door was slightly ajar. The battery would be long-dead.

<Shaw> Behind him, the corpse on his tail thrashed about in the roadside brush and fell onto the pavement.

<Viper> I'm running out of room... Viper killed another that got too close, I'm going to have to start heading back to you.

<Shaw> Understood. It was all he could spare for her as he sprinted to the next car. The corpse behind him staggered to its feet and picked up speed as well.

<Viper> Viper came out onto the road some way up and was glad of more obstacles to weave around to throw off the mob behind her. "Just shoot it!" she couldn't believe he'd let one trail after him as a distraction.

<Shaw> Well, apparently they were no longer bothering with quiet. "I was hoping the first car would work and I wouldn't need to bother!" This car was empty and the doors all firmly shut. He opened the door and dropped the bag blocking him from getting into it, checking for keys. No such luck.

<Viper> "Well bother!" She yelled in alarm when another runner broke free of the pack and caught her coat. Twisting around, she finished it off with her knife but not before more of them closed the gap. Using the corpse at her feet as a step, she climbed up onto the roof of a car for some respite.

<Shaw> In theory he knew how to hotwire a car, but practice was somewhat harder, and there was no guarantee that once he did it that there was gas in the tank. Still, he had to try.

<Shaw> But first, he checked behind him and Viper was right. Swearing, he dropped all his packs and pulled his belt knife.

<Viper> A leap across two other cars confused the zombies a little and bought her some time to join Sebastian at the car and grab the baggage he'd dropped.

<Shaw> He closed with the corpse and kicked it first, knocking it from its feet and pinning it beneath his boot.

<Viper> While he was busy with that, Viper tossed the baggage into the car. The horde was approaching rapidly. This car better have some damn gas.

<Shaw> The corpse clamped down onto his arm, teeth shattering on the body armor. Swearing, he stabbed the thing in the temple and pushed off of it to jump to his feet.

<Viper> She looked through the rear windshield - the zombies were almost on them. "Get in here!" she moved into the other seat to make room for him.

<Shaw> Another running corpse rounded the back of the car and tackled him.

<Viper> Why was he so slow?! With a groan she shrugged her coat off and launched herself out of the car at the creature.

<Shaw> The assist was surprising, and unnecessary since the attack had only given him a power boost. "Sarkissian!"

<Viper> "Get in the car!" She stabbed the creature through the head, even as the scrapes from her impact with the road surface healed. She got to her feet and gave him a shove toward the vehicle.

<Shaw> He rolled to his feet and let his momentum carry him into another corpse on his way back to the car, taking its head off with a punch.

<Viper> Viper followed him, turning to defend the open door while he got himself inside. More runners were breaking free from the pack now, bouncing off the cars in their haste to get to their potential meal.

<Shaw> "In, now!" He slid across and turned his attention to the corpses. There were far more of them than he expected.

<Viper> She didn't need to be told twice, climbing in quickly and slamming the door shut behind her as soon as she was able. "Are you regretting voicing your appreciation of our luck with zombies?" she turned her attention to Sebastian.

<Shaw> He raised an eyebrow at her and reached to break the steering column.

<Viper> "Should I interpret that as a yes?" She watched him with the steering column, "Do you know how to hotwire a car?"

<Shaw> "Yes." Sebastian wedged himself under the dash and started pulling wires. His focus was broken when the first bodies hit the car and rocked it on its struts.

<Viper> "Are you sure?" she raised an eyebrow, unphased by the zombies bumping against the glass.

<Shaw> "I am an electrical engineer," he snapped, stripping wires with his bloody knife. "Let's hope the glass holds."

<Viper> "I'm well aware of your credentials," her eyebrows went up at the tone, "But knowing how to do it on paper and actually doing it when you're in a hurry is not the same."

<Shaw> "Then quit distracting me!" The thumping against the car continued and he swore.

<Viper> "Are you sure you wouldn't like me to do it?" Viper smiled pleasantly at him, despite his obvious irritation.

<Shaw> He finished the connections and sat up. "We need a screwdriver, a fork - something."

<Viper> She reached for her coat and extracted a nail file from her pocket, passing that to him to hold.

<Shaw> He sat up, trying to get a look at the dash from his odd angle. "In theory there should be power, unless the battery is dead. Is there gas?"

<Viper> She glanced over, "Yes... which is just as well." They couldn't go back to the gas station now. Not locating anything of particular use to her, she reclaimed the nail file and jammed it into the ignition.

<Shaw> "Thank the heavens and hades and all in between." He sighed, casting his eyes heavenward, but unfortunately seeing nothing but a corpse attached to the driver's side window just past Viper's head. Its lips slithered across the glass, making it look like a large, human remora.

<Viper> After a small amount of fiddling, the engine roared to life. Viper enjoyed driving. It was all kinds of fun, especially when there were no more rules. Like running people over. That was allowed now. Especially when they were already dead. Ramming other cars out of the way was also perfectly fine now, as was leaving the road surface to avoid other vehicles that were too large to ram.

<Shaw> Sebastian wasn't one to worry much about dangerous driving. In fact, he relished it, but generally only when he was behind the wheel. He scrambled up into the passenger seat, wishing he'd found a vehicle with more leg room. And head room.

<Viper> Soon the zombie trap and abandoned cars were far behind them and Viper looked over at him as she shifted in her seat to get comfortable for the long stretch of nothing.

<Shaw> The bumping of the vehicle made him hit his head on the roof. Again. While he enjoyed the small energy boosts, it was annoying. He slid down into the seat and sighed.

<Viper> She smirked, "Perhaps next time we can find a car more your size."

<Shaw> "That would be helpful, though hopefully there will be no next time." He glanced over at her. "How much gas do we have?"

<Viper> "A little over half a tank... in theory, that should get us to where we need to go." Provided that, when they got there, they would find some assistance.

<Shaw> "Good." He sighed in relief. "I need to get home to Jessica."

<Viper> "Yes." She frowned, "And then we need to decide what to do about Hope." If they could find her, perhaps that would score her some points with David.

<Shaw> "And Michael." He looked out the window at a creature tearing apart a deer at the side of the road.

<Viper> "Yes, him too." The stretch of road they were on was straight so she turned in her seat to pick up her bottle of water from behind her chair.

<Shaw> He snagged it and handed it over, then rummaged for his own bottle. "Fancy some spam?"

<Viper> Her nose wrinkled, "No." She turned her attention back to the road. "Keep your spam to yourself."

<Shaw> He chuckled, low, then plucked the can from his pack.

<Viper> She was longing for real food but she kept that to herself, "You're enjoying torturing me with that, aren't you?"

<Shaw> "Oh, most definitely." He removed his gloves and popped off the lid, sucking the gelatin off his fingers.

<Viper> "Stop it or I may abandon you on the side of the road." That was his one and only warning.

<Shaw> "No, you wouldn't." He cleaned off his knife on his trousers and cut a slice for himself. Sebastian took a bite and savored it, if only for the pleasure of annoying her.

<Viper> "I think you underestimate my dislike of that substance."

<Shaw> "At least it won't kill either of us," he said, taking a sip of water. "And perhaps the preservatives will make us unpalatable to the undead."

<Viper> "I don't even want to imagine how much of that you'd have to eat for that to work..." she wrinkled her nose.

<Shaw> Locating a cup holder to place his water, he cut off another slice and gave her a smirk. "If we take too much longer, we may find out."
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:19 pm

<Carol> Carol had avoided dinner with the family at this stop. She was aware of their proximity to Colorado and their final stop and was still wondering how the hell to tell Heather about Warren's arm. She frowned to herself as she patrolled the perimeter of their camp and kicked at some small pebbles.

<Christopher> Chris spotted Carol while he was doing the same as her, avoiding dinner. Eventually someone was going to force him to eat, but for now he just couldn't bring himself to so he just tried to avoid meals. "Hey Carol..." He made his presence known before getting too close, didn't want to surprise her.

<Carol> She looked up, offering a small smile as she stuffed her hands into her pockets, "Hi... you're not going to lecture me about avoiding dinner are you? Because I already got that from Joe and Heather."

<Christopher> "Don't think it'd be very meaningful coming from me. Penny for your thoughts?" He kept his distance still not feeling like he deserved anyone's friendship.

<Carol> "You don't want those, they're not great...." she shook her head, closing her hand around her sobriety coin. "Yours any good?"

<Christopher> "Not even remotely... I can prolly cheer you up a little though." Chris sighed a little. "I'm sorry, for the school, for, fuck, everything I've ever said to you basically. I'm such a fucking ass and all you've ever done was try to help me."

<Carol> She sighed, shaking her head, "It's okay... I won't pretend it didn't hurt... but I'm not going to hold it against you... I could have worded things better myself..."

<Christopher> "I deserve worse." He ran his hands through his hair. "If it helps more, you're right." Chris' hands were shaking.

<Carol> "About what?" She cocked her head on one side, taking a couple of steps toward him.

<Christopher> "Don't make me say it..." Chris took a heavy swallow. "I... I don't know what to do anymore Carol."

<Carol> She looked up at the dark sky overhead, "At this point... I don't think anyone does."

<Christopher> "Not... yeah. Shit's just gone so far down hill." He stared up into the sky trying to see if she was looking for something.

<Carol> "Really damn fast too..." she took the coin from her pocket and turned it over in her hands, somewhat absently. "It's been a tough few weeks... SHIELD is... SHIELD is gone."

<Christopher> "Damn... that sucks. I'm sorry. I'm sure you and Heather lost a lot of friends."

<Carol> She nodded, "Yeah... She's not taking it well..." she dropped her gaze to him, "I'm probably not either..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, I wasn't talking about the world though... I was talking about me." Chris plopped down on the ground.

<Carol> She watched him, brushing her hair out of her face when a breeze took it, "So... what are you going to do about it?"

<Christopher> "I don't know Carol. It's not like I choose to feel like this..."

<Carol> "I know... but you can choose not to let it rule you." She crossed the rest of the distance to him and sat down beside him, flipping the coin into his lap.

<Christopher> "Yeah, I haven't figured that out yet." He rolled the coin across his knuckles slowly.

<Carol> "Well I'm telling you... and I'm also telling you that you can't dig yourself out of that hole on your own... you have friends here, Chris. If you want our help, just ask."

<Christopher> "I don't know what to do anymore Carol. The only thing keeping me from walking off and not coming back is that Greer would just come looking for me."

<Carol> "And she'd find you too," Carol pointed out. "I probably wouldn't be sat here right now if it wasn't for Heather..."

<Christopher> "I know. And I'm not going to endanger her. I just can't see the point most of the time." Chris tossed the coin back to her. "I wanted Heather to kill me... I wanted that fall to snap my neck."

<Carol> She caught the coin and studied it for a few moments, "Why do you feel like that?"

<Christopher> "I don't know." Chris pulled at his hair. "I..." He didn't know what to say to her, how he felt, how to describe it to her.

<Carol> "Take your time," she reached to put a hand on his back and rubbed it gently.

<Christopher> "I've fucked up so much Carol..."

<Carol> "We all have," she reminded him softly, "But you're going to have to be more specific."

<Christopher> "Greer, Hope, Kat, Alaska, and now I left the school, and didn't even manage to save two people... two people." Chris pulled himself into the fetal position. "I've fucked up so much and I can't even try to atone... I... I can still see the blood on my hands sometimes. Not the hallucinations, but I know it's there."

<Carol> Carol sighed and turned, pulling him into a hug. "Greer's still here, she still cares about you - I wouldn't call that a fuck up. Hope's happy and married... and hopefully still alive so that worked out well enough... Kat was a stupid idea in the first place - which I recall telling you at the time.... and Alaska wasn't your fault."

<Carol> She gave him a small squeeze, "Yeah, okay, you made some dumbass choices that led you there but the responsibility for all of that lies with the people that experimented on you. And Greer's parents? In no way could that possibly be considered your fault. You got there as fast as you could."

<Christopher> "Silver linings..." He lied, he didn't believe anything she'd said. "All I ever do is hurt people. Must be some side mutation."

<Carol> "All you ever do is hurt yourself," Carol corrected, "I know what it feels like to be where you are right now... Take it from me, you need to be around people that care about you. It helps."

<Christopher> "Not when I hurt them. I know I hurt myself. I've never cared. Never cared when other people hurt me. But I always hurt everyone I care about."

<Carol> "Chris... you're not listening to me." She sat up and lifted his face to hers to make him look at her, "Whether you hurt them or not, the people that care about you aren't ever going to stop doing that. So, like it or not, you're going to have to deal with us worrying about you and checking up on you... and forgiving you when you inevitably screw up."

<Christopher> "That's the only thing that is inevitable with me. I'll always screw up."

<Carol> "Well, luckily for you, there's no limit on forgiveness... unless you're not sorry."

<Christopher> "Why can't all of you just give up on me... I did." Chris grasped at the dirt under him.

<Carol> "Because that's not what friends do." She brushed a hand over his hair, "There's no use trying to get out of it. We're going to keep coming back and checking on you."

<Christopher> "All I've done to Greer and she just keeps trying to help me. I left her. I abandoned her like I do everyone else. If I can why can't you all... I've been nothing but an ass and she was always amazing."

<Carol> "Okay so are you telling me you'd seriously ignore one of us if we were sat out here feeling sorry for ourselves and wanting to die?"

<Christopher> "No." Chris sighed. "I need worse friends I guess."

<Carol> She laughed and gave him another hug, pressing a kiss to his cheek, "You're an idiot."

<Christopher> "Always." He barely returned the hug with one hand. "Careful Cess'll get jealous."

<Carol> "She knows I only have eyes for her shiny boobs... I'd be more worried about Greer."

<Christopher> "Yeah I know how fond she is of your ass. And those shiny boobs. You three must have fun."

<Christopher> His voice a solid monotone the whole joke.

<Carol> "Oh honey..." she shook her head, straightening up again, "You guys should really talk."

<Christopher> "I don't do talk well. You saw how well my talk went with Heather."

<Carol> "You talk fine, you just don't listen or engage your brain before you open your mouth," Carol pointed out with a small smile, "But you don't have to do either of those things with Greer - she knows how to translate your dumb."

<Christopher> "I don't know how to talk to her anymore Carol. Not like I used to..."

<Carol> "Well you seem to manage talking to everyone else just fine... just do that. Or listen to her when she talks to you.... or you could just tell her how you feel."

<Christopher> "I've tried. It doesn't work."

<Carol> "So try harder. What's the worst that could happen?"

<Christopher> "Rejection, soul crushing hatred. I don't know why she doesn't hate me Carol. I hate myself for betraying her."

<Carol> "Chris... you've got to let this shit go. It happened years ago. You've worked together for years since. It's all in the past. She's left it behind, you should too.... and she's not going to reject you. Listen to her when she talks to you, watch her... you know her."

<Christopher> "I'm weak and broken Carol... I don't deserve her. How would I even begin to tell her how massively I fucked up by leaving her. How do I tell her I've missed her every day I was gone and not being with her anymore feels like I've cut out my own heart?"

<Carol> "Uh... I'd start with just like that and go from there." Another hug was required it seemed so she provided one, "And I think it's up to Greer to decide whether or not you deserve her. Though, if you ask me, she already made that decision."

<Christopher> "Yeah... if you say so." Chris let her hug him but didn't return it. "Can we go back to talking about how I was an ass to you? That conversation was easier."

<Carol> She laughed, "That conversation is over. You were an ass, you apologised, I forgave you. We're done. Okay?"

<Christopher> "Guess I should apologize to Heather too?" He sighed and shoved his hands into his pockets.

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "No, you don't have anything to apologise for there... but I wouldn't be surprised if she apologised to you."

<Christopher> "I egged her on. I wanted her to kill me. I'm pretty sure that is something to apologize for."

<Carol> "The best apology you can make for that is to get better and stop feeling like that."

<Christopher> "You're not going to let me feel sorry for myself are you? You sure you're not the counsellor? I thought that was Cess' job."

<Carol> "Feeling sorry for yourself isn't productive. I'm not qualified to talk you out of your bottomless pit of despair... but I know what it's like to be in one so... I can empathise." She shrugged a shoulder. "My first piece of advice... give up the booze."

<Christopher> "But then who would remove it from the world for you so you're not tempted."

<Carol> "We could set it on fire - it'd be fun."

<Christopher> "Probably attract unwanted attention though."

<Carol> "Well so we'll find somewhere safe to light it on fire later. Come on, live a little." She nudged him with her elbow, "It's okay to have some fun."

<Christopher> "Usually that's what someone says when they're trying to convince someone a bad idea is good."

<Carol> "When have you ever known me to have a good idea?" she laughed, "At least I'm not drunk - they're the worst ideas."

<Christopher> "So then I should just disregard everything you've told me?" Chris was starting to cheer up a little.

<Carol> "No!" she gave him a shove, "I'm sensible now! ... Mostly."

<Christopher> Chris actually laughed at that. "So no more trying to kiss me then huh? Sad story." He teased her.

<Carol> "That would end so badly." She bumped him with her shoulder, "And I thought we agreed not to bring that up again?"

<Christopher> "Only with other people around. I gotta have some ammo."

<Carol> "Clearly I was still drunk when I agreed to those terms," she grinned, "Now I'm going to have nightmares!"

<Christopher> "Damn and here I thought I was a gentle lover." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Carol> "Gentle? You've got to be kidding."

<Christopher> Chris just laughed. "Hey now... Can you blame me I got used to someone who likes it really rough?"

<Carol> "Yes. I can totally blame you." She shoved him harder to knock him into the pile of leaves beside him.

<Christopher> "Ouch. Wound my pride. D...do you really think there's..." Chris cut himself off. He didn't want to humor those thoughts.

<Carol> "Think what?" She cocked her head on one side, watching him, "I promise not to laugh..."

<Christopher> "Nothin, brain no work. You dropped me too hard the other night."

<Carol> "Oh come on, you can't not finish a sentence around me. That's not fair..." she pouted.

<Christopher> "Sorry you're dating my best friend the pouty face has no effect on me."

<Carol> "I don't know that we're dating..." she frowned, "It's kind of hard to get any alone time when you're sleeping in a tent with your brother and best friend..."

<Christopher> "Damn, well if you clean up any mess you can use the car." He bumped into her a little.

<Carol> She laughed and shook her head, "Nooooo because then there's the danger my dad could look over... and that's so creepy. We can hold off for a few more days. It's really not that far away now."

<Christopher> "Have you never had to hide that you were having sex?" Chris laughed. "I mean damn girl did you have the most boring childhood ever? I thought I was alone!"

<Carol> "I grew up with two brothers. If I was having sex they'd have made my life hell.... and then I joined the Air Force. Sleeping with your fellow cadets is discouraged."

<Christopher> "Damn and here I thought I was the only one Cess corrupted." Chris decided to give her a hug. "Life's a weird lil bitch innit?"

<Carol> "Yeah it is..." she returned the hug, "I know it's kind of a cliche but I feel very blessed."

<Christopher> "At least we're alive. And you and Cess. Tooootally a couple. Just talk." Chris didn't want to be weird but all this physical contact was nice so he let the hug linger.

<Carol> "Noooo we're not labelling anything. I'm not ready for labels." She shook her head, resting against him, "I guess we're back together... it's just not really a normal situation to be in..."

<Christopher> "I don't think we're going to get normal for a loooong time. As long as you're not crossing any weird lines. I think you're good."

<Carol> "I guess that depends on your definition of weird... Don't worry, mine's pretty abstract."

<Christopher> "Okay do you want me to gross you out?" Chris rolled his eyes. "Do you really think I still have a chance with Greer?"

<Carol> "Sure," she glanced at him before settling back against him, "Why not?"

<Christopher> "I divorced her?" Chris stared at her completely dumbfounded.

<Carol> "So what? Cessily and I broke up too. Things change, Chris. We're all different people now."

<Christopher> "I think broke up and divorce are a little different. Also Cess doesn't have a feral." Chris sighed. "The deck feels so stacked against me Carol. I don't even think I deserve a second chance."

<Carol> "I already told you, that's up to Greer to decide. You need to talk to her... tell her you want to try again. It's the end of the freaking world - you might not get another chance. Don't leave stuff unsaid."

<Christopher> "Yeah. Think you can write me up a script?" He laughed weakly. "Watch me put my foot in my mouth and end up with more scratches."

<Carol> She laughed, shaking her head, "Don't forget you have the bonus that Greer knows you're an idiot."

<Christopher> "See I don't see that as a bonus I see that as a 'she should know better' thing."

<Carol> "The heart wants what the heart wants, it does not listen to reason."

<Christopher> "Am I allowed to have some of that alcohol before we burn it...?"

<Carol> "No. You should do this sober. If it's important to you, you have to do it with a clear head. Promise me."

<Christopher> "Meh well I haven't done much with a clear head in life. Guess I could give this a try." He bumped her again.

<Carol> "It'll be good for you," she offered a smile, "You never know, you might like the adrenaline rush."

<Christopher> "I don't think she's going to just jump me as soon as I confess... Oh wait you weren't talking about that were you?"

<Carol> She slowly shook her head, "Noooo I was just talking about the doing something scary without the alcohol in your system."

<Christopher> "But isn't it called liquid courage for a reason...." He whined.

<Carol> "Yeah - it makes you stupid... and you have enough stupid all on your own."

<Christopher> "Damn so that's my probelm. Where have you been all my life of wise woman of glow."

<Carol> "Working." She gave him a grin, "Unlike your brain."

<Christopher> "I don't think this thing has ever worked. Too much blunt force trauma." Chris tapped his head.

<Carol> She giggled, "People have said that about me... but I remind them I have a hard head. Hitting me just makes me mad."

<Christopher> "See you don't wanna know what it does to me." Chris gave her the worst naughty grin he could before he started laughing.

<Carol> She laughed too and gave him a shove, "You're an ass."

<Christopher> "Pfft please tell me you aren't just figuring that out?" Chris shoved her back.

<Carol> "I've known for a loooooong time, I just think it's good to remind you on occasion," she brushed her hair out of her face. "So... shall we go steal some dinner?"

<Christopher> "Thought we were avoiding that?" He moved to get up and offered her his hand.

<Carol> She accepted the help up but hardly put any weight on him as she mostly used her powers, "I figure I can use you as a human shield if my dad starts in on me..."

<Christopher> "I'll make dirty comments about you and make him run away if needed."

<Carol> She laughed and shook her head, "You have no idea how badly that would backfire on you." She put her arm around him, "Come on."

<Christopher> Chris just laughed. "You know I'm not afraid of anything but a certain fuzzy tiger right?"

<Carol> "Spending an hour in a car with my dad would convince you otherwise.... or with Cessily's Grandparents. Man, talk about inappropriate."

<Christopher> "More inappropriate than me? I mean damn only person I know that bad is Doreen."

<Carol> "Yeeeeeah... speaking of captain pantsless.... she's in Colorado."

<Christopher> "Uhmm... We're in for some fucking craziness aren't we?"

<Carol> "Probably," She nodded, "But, hey... at least it's a good distraction?"

<Christopher> "Yeah you say that until naked squirrel is running around the house chasing Cess or being chased by Greer."

<Carol> "I already told Warren that she's going through a wall if she sneaks into my bed... but I would pay good money to watch Greer chase her around.... is that bad?"

<Christopher> Chris just stared into space for a minute. "Okay I can't be thinking about this right now!"

<Carol> Carol burst into laughter, "You're such a perv! Oh my god!"

<Christopher> "I haven't had sex since Kat... Can you really blame me?"

<Carol> "Really? Jeez. You need to get laid. You should talk to Greer as soon as possible."

<Christopher> "Are you really suggesting what I think you're suggesting?" Chris laughed.

<Carol> "If it's that you should beg Greer for sex? Yep. Hell, I'll ask her to sleep with you."

<Christopher> "No you won't!" Chris blushed red.

<Carol> She giggled and reached up to ruffle his hair, "You're way to easy to mess with."

<Christopher> "Are you sure you're one of the good guys?" He rolled his eyes. "I'll talk to her. I swear if you get to her first though, fuck I can't do anything. Why do you have to be so damn strong?"

<Carol> "Because, if I wasn't, this would be way less fun for me." She grinned triumphantly, "I'm more awesome than you, suck it up."

<Christopher> "You're just mean." Chris shoved her.

<Carol> She laughed and shoved back, "Only in a helpful way." The camp came into sight and she waved to Joe when he looked up.

<Christopher> Chris just hoped that Greer was asleep and didn't hear any of that. "I guess I should talk to Greer soon..."

<Carol> "Yeah you should... but let's eat first. Food is good." She left his side to help get some plates ready for them, "You better have saved us something nice!"
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:19 pm

<Viper> Viper's driving was not easy to sleep through but she absolutely refused to stop now that she was within sight of their first goal so Sebastian would just have to deal with it. The end of the journey was bumpy to say the least. Winding back streets through fields and no buildings in sight until she pulled to a stop at a very run-down looking shed.

<Viper> The sky threatened rain again and she frowned out of the window at it before she opened the door. Cold! She almost pulled it shut again.

<Shaw> Stirred from his restless sleep, Sebastian slid up into the seat and reached for his water to wash the taste of spam from his mouth.

<Viper> Once out, she leaned back into the car to retrieve her coat and pulled it on for defence against the biting wind. "We're here."

<Shaw> That took a moment to sink in and he looked around. "And where is here, precisely?" It was rather unimpressive, but he knew the base itself was underground.

<Shaw> He pushed open the door and started to get out and his back protested. "Christ... how long was I out?"

<Viper> "I'm not sure. Several hours." She closed her door, "I stopped paying attention once you stopped snoring." She rounded the car and stepped onto the gravel path that led up to the shed door. "This base is for weapons research... mostly. So, at the very least, we can arm ourselves."

<Shaw> "And there should be several weapons systems trained on us as we speak?" He did notice numerous corpses littered the ground outside, but they all looked old. He stretched and readjusted his body armor, breath steaming in the air. It was just getting colder. Next they'd need to deal with freezing rain, or snow.

<Viper> "Not me," she smirked over her shoulder at him.

<Shaw> "Then I'll endeavor to stand behind you." He didn't move to do so, however, reaching back into the car for his revolver and knife. "Where is the welcoming party?"

<Viper> "Cowering inside, most likely." She opened the door to the shed and bent to raise the door in the floor that would permit them access to the stairs.

<Shaw> "Mmm." Sebastian checked their perimeter, since Sarkissian seemed disinclined to do so, then closed the car door and followed her in, keeping alert. "I do hope they have showers."

<Viper> "Of course there are showers." She rolled her eyes and headed down the stairs ahead of him. At the bottom of the short flight, there was an elevator. Viper keyed in her access code and awaited the arrival of the car.

<Shaw> "How would I know how spartan you like to keep accommodations for your back-water operations?" He smirked at her back, taking the time to close the shed door behind them in case they attracted attention.

<Viper> "Back-water?" She raised an eyebrow, "None of my bases are lacking in resources, I'll have you know. I only kept the ones I liked." The elevator doors opened silently and she straightened up.

<Shaw> He chuckled softly, but stopped suddenly when she did. Then, the smell hit him and he drew his gun. "Christ..."

<Viper> She sighed, "Ugh, and I was really hoping for an easy day." Stepping over the corpses in the elevator doorway, she picked up their weapons to check their suitability. They were, at least, still useful. "Here." She held one out to him. "Don't worry. There's a protocol for this."

<Shaw> "It doesn't look like they followed it." He accepted the weapon and checked it over, holstering his revolver.

<Viper> She laughed, "They panic and forget all about their instructions. It's really quite amusing." She pulled an ID card from one of the corpses and offered it out to him, "Put this on."

<Shaw> The ID was wet with congealed blood and he wrinkled his nose, accepting it with two fingers and stooping to wipe it on its former owner before he shoved it into a pocket. "I suspect they find it less amusing."

<Viper> "Of course they do. They particularly dislike the consequences of failing in their drills." She hit the button for the deepest level. "You need to wear that somewhere visible, not in your pocket."

<Shaw> He rolled his eyes and clipped it to his belt instead and moseyed over to join her, taking note of her selection. "Perhaps we should clear this hole level by level instead of pitching head-first into the pit?"

<Viper> "We don't need to do that," she assured him, "I have an incendiary protocol. There's a safe room on this floor. Once we clear our way to that it should be a simple matter to clear the rest of the base. Then we can shower." She offered him a smile. "Of course, if you'd rather clear some other levels to work out some aggression, you're welcome to try."

<Shaw> "So long as the communication equipment here is operational, I have no aggressions to speak of." He flashed her a toothy grin and faced the elevator's doors, squaring his shoulders and training the energy weapon.

<Viper> "There's no reason why it shouldn't be..." of course, the staff were occasionally incompetant so they could have broken something important when they panicked after the spread of the zombie infection. She frowned.

<Shaw> Her tone gave him pause and he looked over his shoulder at her. "I hear a but in that statement..."

<Viper> "When they panic... their aim is not so good." The elevator car slowed as they reached their destination.

<Shaw> "Wonderful." He frowned, turning back to the doors and rolling his shoulders as they slid open.

<Viper> The effect on the occupants of the corridor was immediate and Viper reacted quickly, taking down three in speedy succession, "Stay close to me."

<Shaw> Not bothering to respond, Sebastian fired two shots, taking down a corpse with each. He circled around to cover her back.

<Viper> From what seemed like every lab and office on the level, more corpses appeared. Some shambled, others sprinted. She took down the ones she had to and ignored what she could to speed up the process. It would have been far less difficult, perhaps, if the base was smaller. Oh well.

<Shaw> While dispatching walking corpses, Sebastian was also keeping an eye out for collateral damage to the electronics and swore when he saw scorch marks.

<Viper> Viper had noticed them too but she was less concerned about them at the moment. "Left," she instructed when they got to an intersection, knowing his back was to her. She wondered if there was anyone left alive on the base at all. She could check this... in theory.

<Shaw> "Left," he echoed, but swore again when one of the corpses Viper failed to completely dispatch grabbed his ankle. Another shot and the woman's head exploded all over his trousers.

<Viper> She ducked into a lab half way down this corridor and took down the afflicted technicians inside so that she could get at a cupboard behind them.

<Shaw> Sebastian closed the door behind them, tired of the fight already, and a moment later heard bodies thumping against it.

<Viper> After pocketing several vials from the cupboard, she turned to look at him, "It's not that far now."

<Shaw> Watching her, his eyebrows rose. "I thought this was it." His eyes traveled to her pocket. "And those are?"

<Viper> "Mine." That was all the explanation she was prepared to give at the moment. "I don't want them destroyed." Despite the thudding on the door, it was nice to get some respite.

<Shaw> He gave her a look that clearly said that conversation wasn't over, and took a deep breath, staring at the door. "Impossible to say how many there are."

<Viper> "Well then... we should be careful when we open the door." She decided to be the one to do that and reached for the handle.

<Shaw> "Indeed." Taking up a position, he shot the first mangled corpse that lurched into the room.

<Viper> Viper let the door open wide and stood beside Sebastian as they cleared a path through the horde. She took them back the way they'd come once the way was clear, taking the other path from the intersection this time.

<Shaw> Sebastian watched their backs, following her closely. "Once we clear this place, where is the communication equipment? And is there transport here?"

<Viper> "There's communication equipment in the safe room," she glanced over her shoulder at him, "There are vehicles here... whether they will survive the flames is another question entirely."

<Shaw> "Well then, we must hope the communication equipment is intact and that your home base can spare a ride." Perhaps now he did need some zombies to take out aggression.

<Viper> "Assuming the surveilance equipment in the hangar still functions, I can check for contamination." She turned another corner and paused to put her hand on a scanner.

<Shaw> "Contamination?" He turned to look at her instead of at their backtrail.

<Viper> "More of this," she gestured around them at the walking corpses. "Depending on how bad it is, I may leave that room out of the protocol."

<Shaw> "Ah." His first thought had leaped to contamination at home, and Jessica and Miriam. One of said walking corpses lurched out from a doorway and he fired, missing in his distraction.

<Viper> "How many do you think is too many?" She glanced over her shoulder at him as she shot another.

<Shaw> "I have no wish to be stranded here. Certainly with weapons we could handle a small mob of the creatures."

<Viper> "Well... that depends on the definition of small... I feel mine may be somewhat larger than yours." She pushed a hidden panel on a wall and the wall slid up out of the way. Grabbing Sebastian without warning, she pulled him in after her and let the wall slide back down again. The small alcove on the other side was tight with the two of them in there but she managed to turn around to scan herself into the room beyond.

<Shaw> Her commentary, and then the actions, made his eyebrows shoot up. Mashed in behind her, he smirked. "I know of none larger than my own."

<Viper> Pausing, Viper turned her head slowly to look at him, eyebrow raised in incredulity, "Really?" She may have missed most metaphors but she knew an inuendo when she heard one.

<Shaw> "Indeed." Pleased she'd for once caught his meaning, he grinned.

<Viper> She rolled her eyes, "I'm begining to regret my decision to invite you along."

<Shaw> "No, you're not." If anything, his grin grew larger.

<Viper> "I am." She turned back to the door, punching in a code before a bio scanner did the job of identifying her.

<Shaw> He just chuckled softly, waiting.

<Viper> The door in front of them finally opened on a safe room and Viper led the way inside. "Make yourself at home." She gestured around her at different doorways, "Food, sleep, shower."

<Shaw> Surprised, he took a look around. "Shower, you say?"

<Viper> "You think I wouldn't make sure I could stay in here for several days if I had to?" she smirked over her shoulder at him as she booted up the security system.

<Shaw> "It was largely rhetorical, Sarkissian." He glanced at her, locating the bathroom and disappearing inside. The lure of running water was too much.

<Viper> "By all means, go first..." she muttered with another eyeroll while she tried to find out what happened on the base.

<Shaw> A few moments later, he emerged, and with at least a clean face and hands. "And what is the status?"

<Viper> "The status is my staff here are all dead... and I'm not even a bit surprised." She shook her head, "Idiots."

<Shaw> "How many of your idiots are wandering dead amongst our transportation?"

<Viper> "Thirty or so. Not that many really." She shrugged a shoulder.

<Shaw> He made a dismissive sound and found a chair, slouching into it to attempt a moment of relaxation. "We can handle that many."

<Viper> "Yes. I think so." She worked on typing in some commands, "I'll leave it out of the protocol."

<Shaw> "Excellent." He stretched, annoyed when, yet again, several of his joints popped. "Do you yet know if site-to-site communications are online?"

<Viper> "Not yet. I first have to initiate lockdown for this room's communications to be active... but if I do that before I remove the hangar from the incendiary protocol then we will lose our ride." She shifted in her seat, the vials clinking in her pocket.

<Shaw> "Mmm." He wanted to know as soon as possible, but he'd certainly learned that badgering her earned him nothing. The slight clink drew his attention.

<Viper> "Alright... lockdown initiating." Beyond their safe room, sirens and warning announcements could be heard across the base. They were fairly muffled by the nice thick walls though. While she waited the requisite amount of time, she started emptying her pockets of the vials, lining them up on the table in front of her.

<Shaw> Sebastian watched. "Do your fangs need a refill?"

<Viper> "Not yet." She glanced at him. "But now you should try harder not to tempt me."

<Shaw> He chuckled. "So, what did you have your idiots working on in this facility?"

<Viper> "Weapons," she replied, vaguely. Getting out of her seat and taking off her coat now that she'd removed the vials. "Offering specifics will not help us now. They will all be destroyed in a moment."

<Shaw> "Well, they won't all be destroyed, now will they?" He nodded toward the vials, sitting up and stripping off his own armor while he had the chance.

<Viper> "The ones useful to you will be." She bent over the keyboard again to activate the mechanism that would destroy everything on the base. "I'm going to take a shower." And then she had every intention of taking a nap.

<Shaw> "Now that's hardly fair. You never know what might be of use to me." He dropped the body armor onto the chair and started peeling off his layers of shirts, including the ugly convenience store tee.

<Viper> "I sincerely doubt you will be biting anyone to poison them any time soon... and I would not reccommend getting any of those into your system."

<Shaw> "My dentist would be both horrified and fascinated by a request to craft me a set of fangs." He strolled over to her and picked up a vial to look at it curiously.

<Viper> "I'm sure." She sat down on the desk to take off her boots. "It's not the easiest thing to transfer the venom from there to the fangs either. I'm immune to every ingredient in there so it holds no danger for me. You would likely poison yourself."

<Shaw> His brow raised and he shook the vial in her direction. "So, that is what this is?"

<Viper> She paused, mirroring the expression back at him, "Yes. What else would it be?"

<Shaw> "Oh, I don't know..." He studied the vial and then set it down. "I was hoping it was your experimental serum to counteract your... condition." He looked back up at her with a knowing smile.

<Viper> She shook her head, "If I was going to do something like that, I would do it myself." She hopped up from her seat once her boots were removed and moved toward the bathroom.

<Shaw> He hummed in understanding. "I once truly considered a regimen of toxin consumption to build a tolerance."

<Viper> "It's not easy," she paused in the doorway, "And you have to keep doing it over a long period of time... It's probably pointless now though."

<Shaw> "Indeed." He turned to the monitors to watch the white-out of flame in the facility.

<Viper> She watched him for a moment before she turned to go into the bathroom and take her shower. She didn't bother to close the door behind her.

<Shaw> One monitor wasn't useless, and he watched Hydra-uniformed corpses staggering toward the doors to the rest of the compound.

<Viper> Having undressed, Viper turned the shower on and climbed in under the hot water. Ahhhh better. She had missed showering.

<Shaw> The sound of the water caught his attention and he looked toward the bathroom, catching a glimpse of pale skin before she disappeared into the shower. Well.

<Viper> Shampoo was also good because it didn't smell of rain or death or burning noodles. She took her time washing her hair and wondered vaguely if any of the changes of clothes stored in this area would fit Sebastian. Between shampooing and conditioning, she poked her head out of the shower to size him up.

<Shaw> Caught watching, he smirked.

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow in response to the smirk, a small smirk of her own on her lips before she straightened back up to continue her shower.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Dec 13, 2015 7:03 pm

<Shaw> The saying went that cleanliness was next to godliness, and while Sebastian had never felt particularly godly in his adult life, he was at least clean. He supposed he shouldn't have been surprised that Sarkissian had a stash of mens toiletries and clothing in her safe room.

<Shaw> So, still damp from his shower and freshly shaven, he tried on said clothing, despite his better judgment, and burst into laughter. Well, at least the shirt was passable, but he would be washing his own trousers unless he wanted his ankles fashionably exposed.

<Shaw> Deciding the laundry could wait, he started poking about with the electronics, after checking on Sarkissian, who was asleep. He supposed he shouldn't be surprised, but he couldn't sleep. After a few false starts, he managed to raise one of the Hydra communications people, and demand to speak to his wife. Now.

<Jessica> Jessica first thought the request was a joke but, once she had been assured it wasn't, she dropped the children off with the carers assigned to the orphans and hurried down to the communications hub. She practically threw the agent at the screen out of his chair, "Sebastian?!"

<Shaw> "Jessie, love." Sebastian smiled, his expression bright and genuine. She was alive, and well, although she looked tired and frazzled. He touched the screen lightly, wishing he was there.

<Jessica> "You're okay!" She was so relieved... and pissed, "Where the hell have you been?!"

<Shaw> "I'm okay," he agreed, and recognized that look on her face. "Our helicopter went down, love. It was... a mutant creature capable of flight. Since then, I'm afraid we've been on the run..."

<Jessica> "Where are you? And where's Viper?" She shooed a hovering agent away.

<Shaw> "I'm frankly not sure." He looked around the safe room as if that would tell him. "This facility was compromised and we're the only survivors..." He sighed and ran a hand through his damp hair. "She's sleeping."

<Jessica> "Well it's nice to know that one of us is able to sleep." She sat back in her chair, "Can't you go and wake her up so we can send someone for you?"

<Shaw> "I'm afraid we need time to finish clearing this facility." He frowned. "How is Miriam?"

<Jessica> "Wondering where her daddy is. I didn't know what to tell her, Sebastian..." She covered her face with her hands.

<Shaw> "I'm so sorry, koibito..." He leaned forward in the chair, wishing he could comfort her. "Tell her I miss her and I'll be home soon..."

<Jessica> She shook her head, "I'm not going to tell her that. She'll want to know when. And if you're late she'll get upset."

<Shaw> He frowned, not liking it, though he supposed he followed the logic. "And how is Connor?" he asked, deciding to change the subject. For now. "Are things stable at the base?"

<Jessica> "As stable as they can be with a dozen terrified orphans running around. Connor's... fine, I suppose..." she sighed, "He's worried... so is Miriam... I've been working on trying to distract them..."

<Shaw> "I'm sorry," he repeated, glancing over his shoulder toward Viper's room. "Has there been any word on Hope and Michael?"

<Jessica> She shook her head, "Nothing... We're not optimistic..." She sniffed and looked away. "But maybe, if you two are in one piece..."

<Shaw> "Indeed, and between their abilities..." Sebastian looked down, running a hand through his hair again.

<Jessica> "Yeah.... I'm trying not to get my hopes up though.... even if they are alive, the chances of us seeing them again are slim...." She reached up to brush the tears away. She'd done far too much crying over the past week. "How long until you can be back here?"

<Shaw> "That depends on if there's transport and personnel to spare there, I assume. We should have transport here, if we need come to you instead."

<Jessica> "Of course there is! You've seen how many people there are here. We just need to know where you are."

<Shaw> "Well, then when Viper wakes up we'll formulate a plan." He sighed and mustered up a half smile for her.

<Jessica> "Go and wake her up! You can both sleep when you get back here." Her impatience was showing but she had been sitting on a lot of stress for days now.

<Shaw> "I..." The hesitance took him by surprise.

<Jessica> The hesitance surprised Jess too and she raised her eyebrows, "Really? You choose now to start giving a crap about what she may or may not want you to do?"

<Shaw> "No, we've just had a difficult time of it." He stood up. "Stay, love, I'll try to rouse her."

<Jessica> "I'm not going anywhere." She folded her arms and settled back for a wait.

<Shaw> He crept into the bedroom area and surveyed the lump on the bed. "Viper?"

<Viper> It didn't take much to wake her and she grumbled in complaint, "What do you want?"

<Shaw> "I have Jessica on the line. We should decide how we're returning home."

<Viper> "... You couldn't have waited until after I was done sleeping?" She pushed a hand through her hair and sat up.

<Shaw> "Don't you wish to go home as well?" He moved back into the main room, looking at Jessica on the screen.

<Viper> She sighed, getting out of the bed and finding a robe to pull on as she left the bedroom. "Hello Jessica."

<Shaw> Sebastian took his place in the chair again, giving Jess a smile.

<Jessica> "Well you're both in one piece... when are you coming home?" Jess glanced over her shoulder again, "Oh my God, will you go away!" The agent coming up behind her turned on his heel and walked back the way he'd come.

<Viper> "We can't leave the base until all the fires have burned out," she pulled another chair over and sat down beside Sebastian, leaning over him to check the security monitors.

<Shaw> The corner of his mouth ticced as she leaned into his personal space, and he looked back up at Jessica on the monitor. "Is everything well there?"

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "Yeah... everything's fine... well... the test subjects are all dead so Viper will have to get new ones... but other than that...." she watched the woman.

<Viper> "One thing at a time..."

<Shaw> "I would think that's good news. Certainly safer, considering what happened at this facility." He shot Viper a look.

<Viper> She straightened up, raising an eyebrow, "They were not instructed to take specimens for study. This was more than likely caused by some sort of unrelated stupidity." She turned another screen toward her to check some numbers.

<Shaw> "Irregardless..." He shifted his chair away from her slightly and turned his attention back to Jessica.

<Jessica> "Any estimate when those fires will be out?" Jess looked between Viper and Sebastian.

<Viper> "A few more hours yet. Then I can vent the fumes and it'll be safe to let Sebastian out into the halls."

<Shaw> That made him look back at her with a questioning brow raised.

<Viper> She returned the look, "Unless you'd like to be poisoned by toxic fumes today?"

<Shaw> "I assume there is a way to test the air quality before we open the door?" He tugged down his borrowed shirt.

<Viper> "You don't trust my systems?" She feigned offense.

<Shaw> He signed and looked at the screen, smirking at Jessica. "As you can see, we're quite unharmed by our... ordeal."

<Jessica> "Yeah you seem to be bickering just as well as ever..." she bristled a little.

<Viper> "Probably better after a week of his whining." Viper added unhelpfully as she got to her feet. "I'm getting coffee."

<Shaw> "Whining?" He snorted, moving aside for the woman. "That'd best be coffee for two."

<Viper> "That depends," Viper glanced over her shoulder, "Are you going to do anything in return for this coffee?"

<Shaw> Sebastian flashed her a grin. "Perhaps I'll stop whining."

<Jessica> Jessica folded her arms and frowned hard at Sebastian.

<Viper> "I'm told false hope is a bad thing. You better not be trying to get away with that." She disappeared through the door into the kitchen area.

<Shaw> Turning his attention back to the screen, his smile faded, head tilting. "Love?"

<Jessica> "I'm glad you two are having such a nice time."

<Shaw> Sebastian's eyebrows rose. "I wouldn't go that far."

<Jessica> "Well you seem to be enjoying yourselves from where I'm sitting."

<Shaw> His head tilted. "I did not choose to be in a helicopter crash, koibito."

<Jessica> "I know that..." she looked away, "It just looks like you're doing a whole lot better than the people you left behind when you went galivanting off in a helicopter and didn't think to tell your wife why. Do you know how many people I had to threaten to find out?"

<Shaw> Sebastian had the sense to look down. "I'm sorry, love."

<Jessica> "How are you planning on making amends? I'd suggest starting with not doing it again."

<Shaw> "The plan was to search their last known location. It was meant to be simple, and so I didn't wish to alarm you... or get your hopes up."

<Jessica> "Well congratulations on screwing that up." Yep. She was still pissed.

<Shaw> Looking back up at the screen, he sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "Perhaps we can do this later?" He glanced up at her, studying her face and lowering his voice. "In person?"

<Jessica> "It's better if you're far away when we have this conversation." She leaned back in her chair.

<Shaw> That gave him pause. "Or is the subtext here that you wish me to stay far away?" Sebastian swallowed past the lump in his throat that was much larger than his annoyance.

<Jessica> "No. The whole text is that I'm pissed off and you should be glad there's hundreds of miles between us right now so I can't throttle you."

<Shaw> He resisted the observation that under normal circumstances he'd enjoy that. "I said I was sorry, Jessica."

<Jessica> "Sorry isn't good enough! We made a promise to each other that we wouldn't keep secrets! What if you hadn't come back? I wouldn't even have known why you went!" Behind her, people were looking.

<Shaw> "It wasn't a secret-" he started, then cut himself off as he put a lid on his temper. "I should have told you, but it was meant to be simple reconnaissance. It's Hope and Michael!"

<Jessica> "I know! But don't you think I might have wanted to come with you?! I don't like being stuck cowering in a hole underground! You know I hate being forced to hide!"

<Shaw> "And then Miriam and Connor would have been left all alone!"

<Jessica> "David's here." She pointed out, "Not that anyone asked him if he'd like to go either." She shot a look at Viper who had appeared in the background - presumably with the coffee.

<Shaw> He heard Viper's return and looked over his shoulder.

<Viper> "It was my idea." Viper set the mug of coffee down beside Sebastian, "I had people searching but they were having no luck so I suggested we fly the route ourselves. I also suggested we keep it from you."

<Jessica> Jessica's eyes narrowed and she looked sharply at Sebastian for confirmation.

<Shaw> Mouth set in a line, he nodded once, meeting his wife's eyes. "As I said, it was meant to be a quick survey of the area."

<Viper> "It would have been, too... but for a flying zombie." She rolled her eyes and sat down beside Sebastian. "Don't be angry with Sebastian. I should have foreseen this."

<Jessica> Jess frowned, looking between them for a long moment. "I'm still not happy."

<Shaw> "I wanted to talk with you after seeing for myself," he said, and adjusted the mug of coffee, looking back up. "I wanted to see if a more thorough manual search of the area was even a viable option, then consider how to accomplish it."

<Jessica> "And did you manage to find anything before you crashed so spectacularly?"

<Shaw> Sebastian ran his tongue over his teeth and looked at the monitors, which still showed flickering flame. "No."

<Jessica> "So it was a big waste of time..."

<Viper> "Not entirely..." Viper looked between Jessica and Sebastian, "We've established that Sebastian is woefully inequipped to survive in the wild."

<Shaw> He shot her a wry glare. "I'm still alive, however."

<Viper> "You're welcome," she smirked.

<Shaw> "As are you." He bared his teeth, then looked back to the face on the screen. It was still not a happy face.

<Jessica> "Let us know when you're on your way home." She got to her feet.

<Shaw> "Jess, love, as loathe as I am to do this now, since you insisted, will you not accept my apology?" He couldn't read her expression, which troubled him.

<Jessica> She sighed, looking away from the monitor, "I will... but I'm still not satisfied. With either of you."

<Viper> Frowning slightly Viper glanced at Sebastian and leaned to mutter to him, "Should I apologise?"

<Shaw> "Perhaps. It could do no harm." He slanted a look her way. "It was your plan."

<Jessica> The discussion didn't escape Jess' hearing despite the interference of technology, "Don't bother. It's fine. I'll see you when you get home."

<Shaw> He knew that tone. Turning his head to meet Sarkissian's eyes, he gave her a grim smile. "I would like to speak to my wife in private for a moment."

<Viper> She nodded, "Of course... I think I'll go and find more food that isn't spam." She got to her feet and took her coffee to the kitchen with her.

<Shaw> Once she was out of sight - if not earshot in the small space - he laced his fingers together on the desk and leaned in to study her face on the screen. "Koibito, I realize you're angry, and that I frightened you..."

<Jessica> She didn't move, remaining stood with her head slightly bowed and her hand resting on the table beside her. "You should have told me."

<Shaw> "Yes," he said softly, wishing he could see her eyes. "I should have told you."

<Jessica> "We can talk about this when you get home..." assuming he and his new best friend made it back in one piece.

<Shaw> "And we will, but I can see you're troubled." He sighed, watching her. "I was so relieved to see you again..."

<Jessica> "I'm relieved you're okay..." she cleared her throat, "I just wish we weren't in this position in the first place."

<Shaw> "I know..." Pausing to swallow, he thought through his response quickly. "I hoped we would quickly locate them, bring them home... we would all be together, and safe. Instead I nearly widowed you..."

<Jessica> "Well maybe you'll think of that before you go out a fourth time..." her tone was resigned.

<Shaw> He closed his eyes. "I will not go out again."

<Jessica> "Never say never..." she finally looked at the monitor again, "Just... come home safely, alright? I don't want to have to tell Miriam something happened to you."

<Shaw> Sebastian nodded and met her eyes, holding her gaze. "I love you, koibito."

<Jessica> "I love you too... and tell Viper she's in big trouble." She offered a small smile then blew him a kiss before she walked away.
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Re: What if...? Zombies! (Again!)

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:09 pm

<Christopher> The talk that Chris had with Carol had a bigger effect on him than he had expected. He just planned to apologize to her and hopefully feel a little better. Somehow she had a way with getting his brain to actually work from time to time. He hadn't slept that whole night, his thoughts kept him up wondering how the talk he was about to initiate with Greer was going to go.

<Christopher> The further they drove away from camp the less he paid attention to the cars ahead of them. Chris kept glancing over to Greer and back, hoping she wouldn't notice. He chewed his lip wondering just how to start this conversation. "G...Greer?" His tone was hesitant, showing the fear he was trying to hide.

<Greer> Greer gave a start, having half nodded off in her seat. Driving across country was soooooo boring. "Huh?"

<Christopher> "Oh uhmm sorry, didn't notice you dozed off. Go back to sleep everything's fine." It was only half a lie.

<Greer> She laughed and stretched, "Noooo it's fine. You know I can sleep anywhere... I actually got plenty last night, I guess it's just being in the car."

<Christopher> "You sure? I was just breaking the silence... Nothin important."

<Greer> "It's okay, really," she smiled, sitting up in her seat and running a hand through her hair, "How long have we been driving for?"

<Christopher> "Not that long I don't think. But I really haven't been paying attention." Chris bit his lip trying to encourage himself to say something - that it wouldn't go as bad as he thought it would.

<Greer> "Well I guess it's boring to drive looking at the back end of another car too," she gave him a grin, twisting in her seat to get a bottle of water, "You thirsty?"

<Christopher> "Yeah. It's not too bad when you have a beautiful co-pilot." He tried flirting, he used to be good at flirting. He thought maybe that would make this easier.

<Greer> She laughed a little, dropping a bottle of water into his lap before she straightened up again. "Man I miss planes...."

<Christopher> "Yeah... I'm getting stiff from all this driving." Chris opened the water and took a drink. "I uhmm..." His words were definitely failing him. For the life of him he couldn't figure out why he had ever listened to Carol about this.

<Greer> Greer cocked her head on one side, raising an eyebrow as she took a sip from her own bottle.

<Christopher> "Sorry, brain still isn't working right. I think Carol broke it." He fiddled with the bottle trying to get the lid back, but it wouldn't cooperate.

<Greer> "Broke it how?" She blinked at him, putting the cap back on her own bottle and taking his to help because he should really be focusing on driving not being clumsy.

<Christopher> "Oh... uhmm she dropped me on my head. At the hotel." Chris frowned a little. "I uhmm apologized to her finally."

<Greer> "I know she dropped you - I saw it... and heard about it when she was telling Joe.... but I'm glad you finally apologised. Did it go okay?"

<Christopher> "Yeah... we talked for a little bit. Less about us and more about other things though. Mostly she just confirmed I'm an idiot."

<Greer> "Well she does like to remind you." Greer giggled, "You feeling better now?"

<Christopher> "Little..." Chris shrugged a little. "She said I should give up drinking. Wants to burn all the booze."

<Greer> "It's not a bad idea...." Greer frowned out the window, "Better to give it up when it's your choice than just because it's run out everywhere."

<Christopher> "Yeah I guess. She also pointed out it's never been my friend. Guess the whole I can only be drunk for so long kept me from realizing that... She uhmm, we uhh. We talked about you too."

<Greer> "Oh yeah? Not all bad I hope?" she smiled playfully at him.

<Christopher> "Well there was the comment that you like shiny boobs." He smiled back trying to keep everything light. Chris was still beyond scared that she'd tell him he lost his only chance when he left.

<Greer> She laughed, shaking her head, "Those days are over."

<Christopher> "Really? I mean they are really nice ones." He chewed his lip hoping she'd get it was a joke.

<Greer> She laughed and gave him a playful shove, "Careful, if Carol hears you talking like that she'll drop you on your head again."

<Christopher> "Maybe I was talking about Heather. You know how I love a girl with claws who knows how to use them." Chris stuck his tongue out at her.

<Greer> Greer's nose wrinkled, "And now it's creepy."

<Christopher> "Sorry..." He chewed his lip. "I... uhmm." Chris stammered on a little, trying to figure out what to say. "Ugh why is it so hard to talk anymore? When did I become such a wuss Greer?"

<Greer> "I don't know," she gave him a small grin, "You tell me."

<Christopher> "When I left..." He sighed. "I'm so sorry Greer. Carol said I need to let stuff go. But I still can't even imagine how you can stand me."

<Greer> "I moved on," she shrugged, "Shit happens, Chris... we both made some dumb decisions.... it's all in the past now."

<Christopher> "Yeah... I. Greer, I made the biggest mistake of my life leaving you." Chris really wished he wasn't driving right now, he just wanted to say his piece and run off and avoid anything she would say.

<Greer> Greer looked at him for a long moment before reaching over and ruffling his hair.

<Christopher> "Stop that... I'm trying to spill my guts here." A small smile appeared on his face.

<Greer> "You're an idiot."

<Christopher> "I'm pretty sure you knew that when I first asked you out..." Chris squeezed the steering wheel a little.

<Greer> "Yeah, I've know that for a while," she shifted in her seat, leaning a shoulder against the door to face him better. "But it never put me off."

<Christopher> "Am I that good looking?" Chris was still avoiding what Carol told him to talk to her about.

<Greer> She laughed, "It was never your looks."

<Christopher> "You were really high?" He laughed a little.

<Greer> She giggled and shook her head, "Nope."

<Christopher> "Then I really don't know what you could have ever seen in my dumb ass. I mean you're amazing, you're beautiful and caring and fun. I'm a doof."

<Greer> "Yeah... but you're a loveable idiot."

<Christopher> "I... I still love you Greer. And I miss you so much." He finally croaked out and then swallowed hard after.

<Greer> She smiled, glancing out of the window before she looked down at her lap, "I know, you moron."

<Christopher> "Okay Han..." Chris rolled his eyes with a smile on his face.

<Greer> She giggled, and gave him another small shove, "Is this why you've been so weird? Did you think you were hiding it from me?"

<Christopher> "No. Just always beating myself up. It's... it's really been getting to me lately. And well, yeah a little was me trying to hide it. I don't deserve someone like you in my life Greer."

<Greer> "Well... I guess it escaped your notice but... I'm already in your life. I'm not planning on going anywhere... are you?"

<Christopher> "Honestly... I'd thought about it. At the motel. I knew that you'd come drag my stupid ass back though."

<Greer> "And what does that tell you?"

<Christopher> "You'd make a really good mother." He teased her with a smile.

<Greer> She laughed, "Apart from that... and also apart from that you're an idiot because I think we know that by now."

<Christopher> Chris' mouth felt incredibly dry all of a sudden and he took another sip of water before answering. "I... dunno." He lied.

<Greer> "It tells you that I care about you... Just because we're not married anymore it doesn't mean all those feelings went away."

<Christopher> "Y...yeah?" He really hoped they could stop soon. Trying to focus on driving while having this conversation wasn't working well. "I... w...would you give an idiot a second chance?"

<Greer> "Depends... that idiot going to make me regret it?"

<Christopher> "Is there a word more negative than no?" Chris tried to fidget as little as possible as he drove. "No Greer. I can't promise I won't be the idiot I always am and stick my foot in my mouth. But I think I learned my lesson..."

<Greer> "Just don't stick it so far in there that you choke on it and you'll be fine," she smiled over at him. "We can try again.... but let's not rush okay?"

<Christopher> "Yeah. I didn't think that we would just jump right back to tying the knot." Chris reached over and gave her leg a squeeze.

<Greer> "I think we'd be lucky to find someone that could marry us still alive... but that's not what I meant..." She took his hand to return the squeeze.

<Christopher> "Don't talk to Carol then." He squeezed her hand back.

<Greer> She raised an eyebrow, "Why not?"

<Christopher> "Basically told me if I wouldn't talk to you she was going to tell you to jump me."

<Greer> Greer laughed hard at that, "Well maybe I should talk to her just to put her out of her misery!"

<Christopher> "I'm pretty sure I blushed furiously. We had a fun chat." He laughed a little with her.

<Greer> "Awkward conversations are her favourite... unless the subject is her," she was still giggling, "You have to learn how to turn the tables."

<Christopher> "I threatened to hit on her in front of her dad. It failed. I think I'm hopeless."

<Greer> "Yeah, you can't threaten Carol - she has no fear." She shook her head, "Hang out with Heather and me... we'll teach you the ways."

<Christopher> "I don't think Heather quite likes me." For the first time in a while he was feeling a lot better.

<Greer> "Eh, she'll get over it. Just... try to listen to what she says to you... properly, I mean."

<Christopher> "You might have to teach me. Think you're up to the task? Might be the toughest mission of your life."

<Greer> "I can do that," she smiled, "I'll pinch you if you get the answer wrong."

<Christopher> "I might like that." Chris gave her a smirk.

<Greer> "So not the point," she rolled her eyes.

<Christopher> "I know. I'm just teasing you. Me and Carol actually get along pretty well when I'm not being an ass. She helped me a lot when I thought I was going insane."

<Greer> She nodded, "Yeah... she's good like that." She offered Chris a smile, "I think the reason she gets so mad all the time is because she feels helpless a lot... which, with her powers, doesn't seem fair."

<Christopher> "Yeah. I kinda know how that feels. Though, she's a little outa my league power wise."

<Greer> "She's out of everyone's league... except maybe Heather," Greer shrugged a shoulder, "But, unlike Heather... or me, even if she was really pissed... she'd never hurt any one of us. She'd protect us all until she couldn't do it anymore."

<Christopher> "Yeah, I know. I felt terrible about the stuff I said to her. We bicker like siblings when we get pissed at each other. She's the sister I never wanted, but I wouldn't give her up."

<Greer> "It's up to all of us to make sure she doesn't self destruct... she likes to pretend she's not scared of anything... I know better." She tapped the end of her nose.

<Christopher> "Yeah. I'll do what I can, you know I'm protective of my friends too. And you know that's cheating... I always forget about that. Can't get away with anything around you." He squeezed her hand again, afraid to let go, as if all this would slip away if he did.

<Greer> "I know it's cheating... but it makes things way less confusing."

<Christopher> "Sometimes. I remember you yelling at me plenty of times for not speaking my mind and giving you mixed signals. It's not a bad thing you know. I love everything about you, and you don't need the nose to read me. You never did."

<Greer> "I did... in the beginning... now I know you well enough I hardly even need to use my nose." She shifted in her seat, "It only gets confusing when scent and body language clash horribly with what people are saying... which you used to do a lot."

<Christopher> "Well... I was kinda head over heels for you and I was bad with girls. Can you blame me? I lived a pretty sheltered life before I came to that school. And now... well damn that place horribly corrupted me." He laughed a little.

<Greer> "And yet... you're still trying to get away with not saying things to me. Some things never change."

<Christopher> "I was scared." Chris stated honestly. "I've done so much wrong in my life and I'm not the same man you fell in love with back then... It's childish I know but I was scared you'd tell me I lost everything when I left."

<Greer> "And my actions lately didn't make you stop and think that was dumb? You're really living up to that blond gene there."

<Christopher> Chris just laughed. "And now you sound like Carol. There's hope for the blonds of the world!"
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