What if...? 2033

A section for all the stories we can't tell within the game, but still kick ass! Anything goes!
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What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:42 am

The year is 2033 and we're starting out in early January. In Boston there is heavy snowfall and it is very cold.

The school is still running, is now accepting mutants of all ages and is no longer being overseen by SHIELD though they still request help from the school from time to time.


Bear in mind that this is 15 years on from current game time. Have a think about where your characters will be now. What relationships might they have now with people they were friends with while at Xavier University or the Danvers Institute? What might their relationships with their enemies (former or brand new) be?

Using Jessica and Carol as examples:

Jessica is now 39 years old. She looks good for her age but she has aged as she does not possess a healing factor. She still lives in Boston in the clock house with Sebastian, Miriam and Widget but there has been an addition to the family - Miriam now has a younger brother called Tony. Sebastian is 51 now and still looks no older than he did in his 20s. Miriam is 14 and about to have her 15th birthday. Tony is 9. Miriam still likes bugs. Widget now talks. Tony likes everything and talks a lot. Sebastian is still building things. Jessica is now a qualified Forensic Psychologist and works long hours talking to patients. The Shaws have taken over the building next door to their house for indoor parking and extra living space but in the main they still circulate mostly in the clock house.

Carol is 42 now, though she looks no older. She still works for SHIELD and does odd jobs for the Air Force too. She is no longer stationed at the school. She has been through a lot in the 15 years that have passed. After the Brood experimented on her, Carol struggled with the change in her powers and turned to alcohol to help her cope. It put pressure on her relationship with Cessily and, when her powers took another shift toward burning out, the drinking got worse. Her relationship with Cessily collapsed and sent her into a spiral that threatened her career and her life. Feeling unwelcome at the school and at home, due to her increasingly bad relationship with her father, Carol turned up on the Shaws' doorstep. After a long struggle and a lot of help from her new adoptive family, Carol got better. She stopped drinking, deciding to give up alcohol for good, and focused on getting her career back on track. Once her life was back in balance, Carol's powers began to return and she is now back to her pre-Brood state and 7 years sober. Due to her time with the Shaws, Carol is close with both Miriam and Tony and also adheres to the truce with Viper who now regularly rewards Carol with intelligence to help SHIELD under a pseudonym. For the last 5 years, Carol has been in a friends-with-benefits relationship with both Chris and Greer.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:42 am

Here follows a list of ages in order of when the birthdays occur (Important: These ages are the ages the characters will be in 2033 when they have their birthday. If they have not yet had their birthday they are one year younger than it reads on this list). If you would like your character added to the list, please feel free to pm me with the name and birth date of your character and I will happily make the addition :)

Sebastian Shaw - 51 - January 12 1982
Miriam Shaw - 15 - January 15 2018
Ripley Drake - 17 - February 14 2016
Thomas Grant - 16 - February 20 2017
Greer Grant - 41 - March 13 1992
Viper - 114 - April 12 1919
Illyana Maximoff - 36 - April 13 1997
Heather Cameron - 37 - June 3 1996
Paige Drake - 44 - July 9 1989
Tony Shaw - 10 - July 26 2023
Pietro Maximoff - 44 - October 17 1989
Bobby Drake - 44 - October 31 1989
Christopher Nord - 43 - November 29 1990
Jessica Shaw - 40 - December 7 1993
Catrin and Peter Maximoff - 18 - December 8 2015
Carol Danvers - 43 - December 12 1990
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:56 am

<Jessica> Jess hated driving after dark, especially in the snow, so it was with a great deal of relief that she pulled up outside the house. It was a bit of a struggle to pull her coat on inside the car but she'd be damned if she was getting out in that without one even for a few seconds. She gathered up her files for the evening and braved the wind, hurrying to the front door.

<Jessica> So cold! And she dropped her keys. Bugger. She pulled off her glove to use the biometric system instead. COLD! She stepped inside and dumped the files on the table inside the door before going back out to dig for the keys in the drift building up on the steps. Success! She slammed the door on the weather before calling up the stairs, "Hello!"

<Miriam> She rolled her eyes from her sprawl on the sofa, having heard her mom since the second the car pulled up. And sensed her, but ew. No doing that with family. Never again. Like, never. "Did you totally forget we have, like, a whole other building that's a garage again?" she called.

<Jessica> "The opener is broken. I think Carol stole the batteries..." She hung up her coat and picked her files up after depositing her keys in the bowl in the hall. "Remind me to withhold coffee next time she visits." She started up the stairs toward the kitchen and tea. Mmmm tea.

<Miriam> She blinked. Oh, maybe she'd stolen the batteries... Oops. "When's dad get home? He promised we'd go out."

<Jessica> "I have no idea..." she wasn't even sure what time it was and she didn't want to look. "Going somewhere nice?" She headed into the living room and dropped the files on the floor beside her spot on the sofa.

<Miriam> "Car shopping." She looked up at her mother from her position and barely lowered her tablet to peer over it. Miriam smirked, waiting for the explosion. "And Tony can't come."

<Jessica> Jess straightened up very slowly while she worked on containing her temper. "Car shopping?"

<Miriam> "Mmmhmm. You know Tony'd just whine the whole time, and he can't even drive!" Neither could she, really, but that was beside the point.

<Jessica> "Uh-huh. And haven't I made my own feelings on the subject perfectly clear?" She folded her arms across her chest, her expression set.

<Miriam> She lowered the tablet and grinned a toothy grin.

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow at her. She was having none of that. "I'm going to be having words when he gets home." She turned and headed across the hall to the kitchen, digging in her pocket for her inhibitor because today called for wine.

<Miriam> Nose wrinkled, she flicked the tablet aside and sat up. "Ugh. Can you do it, like, quietly?"

<Jessica> "That depends on how much your father argues with me." She selected her favourite red and opened the bottle, leaving it to breathe while she raided the fridge for food. She'd worked through her lunch again and now she was realising that she was crazy hungry.

<Miriam> "You know he's going to win because I have to learn to drive sometime." Now she was on a mission, so she vaulted over the back of the sofa and followed her mother, climbing up the wall to sit and watch her, arms crossed.

<Jessica> "You can learn to drive perfectly well in one of our cars or at school. You don't need to learn in your own car." She made herself a sandwich and poured a glass of wine, leaning against the counter while she ate.

<Miriam> "Ugh, yeah, which one? That tank nobody ever drives?" She inched closer to the cabinet and picked up the wine bottle, giving it a sniff.

<Jessica> "Your father wanted the tank, it's nothing to do with me." She was still scared of that monstrosity. "I'm sure Carol wouldn't mind teaching you in her car. She crashes all the time, she's used to it."

<Miriam> "You want Carol to teach me to drive?" She goggled at this concept, and since her mum seemed distracted she took a drink from the bottle. Ugh! She quickly wiped her mouth.

<Jessica> "I'd rather you totaled her car than your own?" She managed a small smirk, "Carol's a good driver... she just has a short fuse."

<Miriam> "You know daddy wants to teach me." After a moment, she decided to try her luck and a smaller sip again.

<Jessica> Jess reached a hand out and took the bottle without looking up. "Then he can teach you in his car."

<Miriam> Damn. She didn't fight her mother, but she did pout. Then the words caught up. "Eeeew, not his car." Her nose wrinkled, and she worked her tongue over her teeth to try to get the wine taste out. "You know... if he gets me one and I crash it... we can just get another one..."

<Jessica> "... You do realise that's entirely not the point, right?" She finished her sandwich and put the plate in the sink before picking up her glass and the bottle and starting for the living room.

<Miriam> "Then... what is the point?" She pushed off the wall and landed lightly on the floor, opening the fridge to look for anything good.

<Jessica> "The point is you don't need a car of your own." She flopped down on the sofa and set the bottle down on the coffee table, taking a sip from her glass. Ahhhhh.

<Miriam> She looked up from the fridge and then just closed the door and turned around. "Why not?" This was an alien concept.

<Jessica> "Because you can't drive on your own." Jess rolled her eyes. She knew letting Sebastian spoil her occasionally was going to come back to bite her in the ass.

<Miriam> "But... like... next year I can." She decided this warranted the full court press, so she followed her mom into the living room without further snack hunting.

<Miriam> She sat down on the chair opposite and put on her best serious face. "But... wouldn't it be best if I learned how to drive in the car that I will be driving?"

<Jessica> "There's plenty of time for you to get a car after you pass your test. There's a whole year to go before you're sixteen. That's loads of time." She leaned back into the sofa cushions and had another sip of wine while she tried not to think about how much work she had to do before bed.

<Miriam> "But... mom... it'd be the greatest birthday present..." She turned on the sad eyes, leaning to get into her mother's line of sight.

<Jessica> "I'm sure it will. When you're sixteen." That expression rarely, if ever, worked on her. She raised an eyebrow at her daughter instead.

<Miriam> She sniffed at that eyebrow and slid back into a slouch. After a moment, she huffed and pushed off the sofa, stomping to the kitchen. There had to be some more of those cupcakes somewhere.

<Jessica> Victory over one party. The trickier one was Sebastian but he wasn't home yet so maybe she had time to get a couple of glasses in before she had to tackle that one.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:57 am

<Shaw> An hour later, when Sebastian got home, he couldn't sense his wife. His daughter, however, was all-too-apparent, and frustrated. Oh, joy. She must have told Jessica their plans.

<Shaw> Pulling into the garage, he helped Tony extract himself from the child seat and unloaded the car. Love? he tried.

<Jessica> Jess almost knocked her glass of wine all over her work at the unexpected voice in her mind. Oh hello... are you home? She'd been so focused on her work she probably wouldn't have heard the door or even noticed if anyone came into the kitchen.

<Shaw> Now that he'd made contact, he could maintain it, and sent her a rush of warmth. We just arrived. Where are you?

<Jessica> Usual spot. She topped up her glass and frowned at the file in front of her. She really needed to find more time in her day somehow.

<Shaw> We'll be right there. He chatted with Tony while they headed for the kitchen. The boy ran ahead as they got closer. "Mommy!"

<Shaw> Tony tackled his mother for a hug.

<Jessica> "Heeeeey!" She caught him, moving her glass of wine to a safe distance. "Did you have fun at school today?"

<Shaw> Like his namesake, Tony never stopped talking. He babbled to his mother about the day while Sebastian put things away and chuckled to himself.

<Jessica> Jess responded in all the right places with all the right sounds and questions to keep Tony smiling, cuddling him on her lap after she closed the file she was working on.

<Shaw> Where is Miriam? He had expected her to be on him the moment he arrived, but then the tension he sensed and the nearly empty bottle of wine might be the answer.

<Shaw> He strolled to the table and ruffled his son's unruly dark hair, then picked up the bottle and took an appreciative sniff. Sebastian raised a brow at his wife.

<Jessica> "Get your own," she nodded to the table for him to put it back where he got it. "Looooong day." She's in her room because I told her no.

<Shaw> His other brow rose and he sloshed the bottle, gauging how much she'd had and giving her inhibitor bracelet a pointed look. Why?

<Jessica> Because you want to buy her a car. She raised an eyebrow at him. "Okay, Tony, homework time, okay?" She released him so he could exit her lap.

<Shaw> Tony protested, half-heartedly, as only a little boy can, and wriggled to press his face into his mother's neck. Sebastian smiled.

<Shaw> Well, why not? He turned the smile on her and added a slow blink, still swirling her bottle in one hand.

<Jessica> Jess cuddled him again, "If you finish your homework before dinner you can have whatever you want for dessert." She doesn't need a car, Sebastian.

<Shaw> "Listen to your mother," he said, putting down her wine bottle to go fetch his scotch instead.

<Jessica> Jess let Tony go again after pressing a kiss to his temple, "Go on." She gave him a small nudge off her lap.

<Shaw> He gave the boy a friendly swat on his way past, returning to the table with three fingers of scotch, neat, in his glass. He would likely need it.

<Jessica> Jess picked up her glass of wine, taking a large sip. "So. Why is it you think she needs a car?"

<Shaw> "Not just any car," he said, taking a seat and swirling his glass. Sebastian gave Jessica a grin.

<Jessica> "She doesn't need a car, Sebastian..." Jess rolled her eyes, "She can't drive."

<Shaw> "Yet. But if we purchase a... specially enhanced vehicle? Then, we have better opportunity to control variables that will surround her when she does start driving." He took a sip.

<Jessica> "Which can all wait until she can drive unsupervised. We don't need to get her one right now."

<Shaw> "No, but a special order takes time." Sebastian smirked into his glass.

<Jessica> "So are you going to tell her she can't actually have the car until she's sixteen? Because she seems to be under the impression she'll be getting it right away."

<Shaw> "Well... the actual timeframe for delivery may be flexible..." He coughed and covered it with another sip.

<Jessica> "She's not having it until she can drive on her own. There's no point when she'll be in the car with one of us anyway. I'm not in the mood to argue about this, Sebastian, and I really wish you'd spoken to me about it before you told her." She pinched the bridge of her nose. "You know I'd rather she not be driving at all."

<Shaw> "I didn't promise her anything, especially not for today." His gaze softened and he reached over to take her hand. "I know, Koibito, but she must learn."

<Jessica> "Then please tell her she has to wait at least another year before she has a car of her own... for my sanity, okay?" She turned her hand over to take his and gave it a squeeze.

<Shaw> Oh, that would be a fun conversation. "Of course, for your sanity." He smirked and lifted her hand, brushing her knuckles with his lips. "We can't have a mad doctor in the family, after all."

<Jessica> "Nope - I might talk all my criminal patients into breaking out and commiting more crimes." She offered him a small grin.

<Shaw> "Presumably to extract revenge on your husband," he laughed, nipping her fingers.

<Jessica> "You never know... but I'm pretty sure there's only one phonecall I need to make to get that." She grinned around the rim of her glass as she took another sip of wine.

<Shaw> "Mmm," he grumped, wrinkling his nose. "Please, let's not. She drops by enough without calling on her."

<Jessica> "I like it when she's here, it's a good oportunity for work..." she grinned again, teasing him.

<Shaw> "You can observe me if you need a bit of insanity." Sebastian dropped her hand and picked up his scotch, watching her over the rim as he took a long sip.

<Jessica> "But you're positively boring compared to her," she giggled.

<Shaw> "Oh, but I could get quite exciting if you give me the opportunity." His voice dropped an octave as he smirked into the glass and slid lower into the chair to bump her knee with his own.

<Jessica> She giggled again, "Maybe I will... assuming I'm still conscious when I finish all this..." she gestured with her glass at the files on the table.

<Shaw> His gaze shifted to the pile of files. "All of that? Really, love?"

<Jessica> "Sadly, yes... and that's in addition to all the stuff I already had to go through at work because a couple of my regulars decided to be stupid yesterday and get in trouble with the police... yay." She rolled her eyes, "So they effectively doubled my workload. I don't have much to write up on most of these though..."

<Shaw> "Is there anything I can do to help?" He ran his tongue over his teeth, wondering which take-out restaurant to suggest. Ordering dinner was something he excelled at, after all.

<Jessica> "Not really..." she wrinkled her nose, "Go talk to Miriam and we'll see how far I can get in that time... then I'll start on dinner." She gave him a small smile.

<Shaw> "Or, I can order take-out and then talk to her?" He put on a winning grin.

<Jessica> She frowned a little but was too tired and too tipsy to argue, "Pizza?"

<Shaw> "Pizza it is. Tony will be overjoyed." In fact, he might let the boy pick the toppings. At least one of his children would be happy with him today.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Slarti » Fri Aug 19, 2016 8:40 pm

<Shinobi> He really wished the ride to Tony's house was longer. Obi glanced over at his wife and grinned. "Not too late to just turn around..."

<Hope> Hope grinned and slid her hand to his thigh. "Welll.... nobody says we have to rush there you know..."

<Shinobi> The wheel jerked, slightly, and his eyes widened, darting between her and the road. "...you're tempting me." Obi looked at his watch.

<Hope> Isn't that what I do best? she questioned, smirking at his reaction. After all these years... she still have that power over him. "We could... pull over. You know. For a break. Such a long drive and all."

<Shinobi> "It really is..." Well, not what you do best, but you are pretty good at it. "It's dangerous to push yourself, after all." He started looking for a turn off on the winding road.

<Hope> "So dangerous," she agreed, now smiling at her husband as she watched him. "I need to tell you something."

<Shinobi> "Hmm?" He was entirely preoccupied now by finding somewhere to park for their... break.

<Hope> "I love you. And I'm glad I married you." She kissed his shoulder gently, letting him find them a spot to park.

<Shinobi> His heart melted a little and he turned to give her a happy smile, kissing her forehead as he shifted into park.

<Hope> Sometime.... much later... Hope shoved her sunglasses to the top of her head as she leaned back against Obi's car, staring up at her dad's mansion. "Why does he need a house this big?"

<Shinobi> Snorting, he gave her a look. "He's a Stark. What other reason does he need?"

<Hope> "Hey!" she shoved him gently, laughing. "I guess we do like large... things," she smirked and took his hand.

<Shinobi> "Yes, you do." Obi smirked and laced their fingers together before they went into the lion's den. "I wonder if he bought them more ponies while we were gone?"

<Hope> "They are so staying here with him if he did," she muttered, pleased when Jarvis' voice greeted them and opened the door with a, "Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Shaw."

<Shinobi> "Hey, Jarvis. Good to see you're still in one piece. Literally." He looked around the robot. "Do we have a code green situation?"

<Jarvis> "Yes sir. I did try to contact you sir." He moved aside to let them in, a giant bouncy castle visible... in the house.

<Hope> Hope's face paled a little, but the shrieks of laughter were unmistakable. She moved quickly to check on her babies.

<Shinobi> "Oh, shi..." He let Hope go have at it and gave the robot a look. "Wow."

<Hope> Hands on her hips, Hope watched her (elderly) father bouncing with her two three year olds. Her shoe tapped the floor as she cast a glance back at Obi. What the hell? She slid her heels off and dove into the bouncy castle.

<Faith> "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" She bounced over to her mommy for snuggles.

<Edward> "Hey mom!" He waved, but stayed with Grandpa Tony. Maybe he'd flip again!

<Hope> Hope snatched her baby girl up and smothered her with kisses. "I see you have a bouncy castle. In the house," she gave her dad a look.

<Tony> "Where else would you put one?"

<Edward> "The outside has cold, and bugs!" He shuddered and bounced extra hard into his grandfather's arms.

<Tony> Tony caught his grandson with ease, grinning at Hope.

<Faith> "And I was scared," Faith whispered to her mommy. "It was dark."

<Hope> Hope kissed her baby girl's head and held her tighter. How had she produced something so fragile?

<Edward> He put up his dukes to box his grandpa, just like he'd taught him. "Faith cried. Like a baby."

<Faith> "I'm not a baaaaabbyyyyyy..." she started to cry again.

<Edward> "Just like that!"

<Tony> Tony put up his own dukes to play box his favorite grandchild. "Exactly like that."

<Hope> Obi. Hope prodded her husband for help, trying to calm her daughter. "Edward. Apologize.”

<Edward> "Papa said like that!" He just kept boxing, falling over and bouncing when he started giggling.

<Shinobi> Obi had been ready to step in, but now he wasn't sure which one he was supposed to yell at. Huhm? He looked from one Stark to the other. There were too many Starks. "Be nice to your sister," he managed.

<Faith> "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, DADDY!!!!" Faith ran for him.

<Hope> I'm chopped liver. Hope's heart totally melted at how much Faith loved her daddy though. "Dad. You can't say things like that in front of them."

<Shinobi> "Faith!" Obi sped up his pace to catch his little girl and gave her a tight hug, parking her on his hip.

<Edward> "Papa Tony says it how it is!" That's what he said all the time after all.

<Hope> Hope scooped up her son for a tight hug and kisses. "Just because it's true doesn't mean you have to say it," she whispered to him.

<Faith> Content now, Faith stopped crying and snuggled into her daddy, thumb in her mouth.

<Edward> "But I like saying all the things that are true!" He wriggled in his mom's arms, flailing to get free again and bounce.

<Shinobi> We're both chopped liver compared to Papa Tony. He smirked, but tilted his head to rest his cheek against Faith's bright hair. "Tell me you rented this and didn't actually buy it?"

<Hope> Hope stole one last kiss before she let him go. Maybe he'd bounce out all that energy... she could dream. And Papa Bastian. She smiled over at Obi.

<Tony> "Rent? What's that?" He bounced hard to make Edward fly.... and Hope fall on her butt.

<Edward> "Mommy, your face!" He fell over giggling and pointing at his mom and the mess of her red hair.

<Shinobi> Obi rolled his eyes at the mention of his father. "It's all yours, then. We don't have room for it." He started to take a step forward at the bounce, but it was too late.

<Tony> Tony was laughing just as hard as Edward was.

<Hope> Hope smoothed out her hair before rubbing her behind a little. Your son. She laughed though, ruffling Edward's hair.

<Shinobi> Your father, he added, laughing a little and then realizing Faith was asleep. Wow.

<Hope> I guess we're all pretty much alike, Hope relented, melting a little at Faith asleep on her daddy. She loves you so much.

<Shinobi> And I love her. And you. He smiled, swaying a little with the girl. And even your son.

<Hope> That's a good thing since he's exactly like me. She bounced to the edge and slipped out, her arms sliding around Obi's waist.

<Edward> Making a gagging noise, he bounced back to papa. Gross mushy stuff!

<Shinobi> That's true. #nofilters. He put his free arm around her, snuggling Faith between close.

<Hope> Hope laughed a little and stole a kiss.

<Tony> Tony made a face too. Gross! He caught Edward instead.

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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Aug 26, 2016 4:54 am

<Christopher> Chris threw some things at the bag on his bed. He'd followed Carol's lead and got some leave so he could help Greer take Thomas to Miriam's birthday, and spend some time with his family. Nothing he threw even managed to get into the bag.

<Viper> Viper invited herself in by teleportation as per usual and flopped down onto the sofa, depositing her coat beside her. She was dressed uncharacteristically casually and even had her hair up for a change.

<Christopher> "Viper." Chris acknowledged her presence but went back to throwing some things at his bag.

<Viper> "Good afternoon," she watched him in his version of packing for a few moments, "Are you going to the party too?"

<Christopher> "Yes, going to spend some time with my family. Carol had a good idea, we definitely needed some time off."

<Viper> "She's still very upset about spending Christmas here," Viper got up from the sofa and headed for the pile of mess on the bed. "She keeps complaining about the food." She started folding things and putting them in the bag for him.

<Christopher> "I can handle that." Chris looked back at the bag. "Hmm... well maybe my present for her will make her happy?"

<Viper> "You got Carol a present?" Viper paused, raising an eyebrow at him. "And I wouldn't worry about the food complaints, Jessica's cooking will make her forget all about that." She went back to folding.

<Christopher> "Why wouldn't I? She's one of my best friends." He grabbed his shirts and started folding them. "Maybe I should have Greer bring some of my clothes from home?" He looked at all his clothes and the fact that they were all uniforms.

<Viper> "You're not going home first? I'm sure there's time." She went back to folding things. "I know Carol went early because she has other things to do while she's there and she managed to get a whole week. She was proud of that accomplishment."

<Christopher> "I don't pull as much weight as her, I was just going to go for the party and a few days after."

<Viper> "I could bring you something in the morning before you leave?" She offered, "Then you could change first and not have to take up a room in the Shaws' house." Folding done, she perched on the edge of the bed.

<Christopher> "It's alright, I basically live in this uniform. I just didn't want to put anyone off." He shrugged.

<Viper> "I'm sure they won't mind. You look good in the uniform," Viper assured him with a smirk.

<Christopher> "Thanks." He grinned a little. "So what do I owe the honor?"

<Viper> "I wanted to know if you were going to be there..." she cocked her head on one side, "And I've been thinking...."

<Christopher> "Of?" He grabbed the bag and set it out of the way.

<Viper> She sighed, knowing this was a touchy subject, "You arm."

<Christopher> Chris just sighed a little. "You know I don't like talking about it, Viper..."

<Viper> "I know... but things have advanced since we last spoke about it and I've had another idea..." she went over to him taking his disfigured arm in her hands, "What if there was a way to have the best of both worlds?"

<Christopher> Chris let her hold his arm. "And what if you make me lose control over it..."

<Viper> "Oh, have a little faith," she gave him a small smile, "This is what I do, Chris. This is my job. When I am finished you will be able to choose when your arm looks like this and when it looks just like it used to. All I will need from you is a blood sample... and your permission, of course."

<Christopher> "You don't have plenty of those already?" He sighed. "I don't know Viper..."

<Viper> "If you want it done properly it has to be recent." She let go of his arm and gave him a hug instead, "Say you'll think about it?"

<Christopher> "I'll think about it. It's just it scares me, that I could turn back into that." He frowned but hugged her back.

<Viper> "You won't. I promise you that... I've been looking into what happened to you, the research they did... I'm confident I can do this for you." She gave him a small squeeze.

<Christopher> "One hundred percent?" He ran a hand through his hair.

<Viper> "I wouldn't have brought it up if I thought there was any danger to you," she lifted her head to look up at him. "The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you think you can trust me."

<Christopher> "Let me think about it, Viper." Chris gave her a little squeeze. "I didn't used to, but I think I can now."

<Viper> "Take as much time as you need. The offer won't go away." She gave him a small smile, "I like to help my friends."

<Christopher> "Thanks Viper." He moved his arms to rest on her shoulders gently. "I got you a present too by the way."

<Viper> "You did?" She was surprised, and confused, "Why?"

<Christopher> "You just answered that question." He laughed a little.

<Viper> "I don't understand...." she frowned a little. She wasn't used to people giving her gifts.

<Christopher> "You're my friend, a little bit more than that actually." He smirked.

<Viper> "People don't give me gifts..." she offered by way of explanation. Jessica had tried one Christmas and it had been so awkward for both of them that they decided not to repeat the incident.

<Christopher> "Welp too late, already bought it." He kissed her softly.

<Viper> She returned the kiss but she was still confused. "When are you planning on giving me this mystery gift?"

<Christopher> "Eventually." He pulled back a little. "Is it okay I got you a gift?"

<Viper> "I... I suppose so.... I'm just not used to it.... and I don't understand why...." She gave a half shrug.

<Christopher> "Friends do things for friends. Like get them gifts for special events."

<Viper> She cocked her head on one side, "What is special about January?"

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Not January, before that."

<Viper> "For Christmas?" she guessed, "Was I supposed to get you something?"

<Christopher> "No you didn't have to, you didn't know. Do you want it now?"

<Viper> She nodded, "Okay..." it had never been wise to keep her waiting and now she was anxious. She decided to turn that off and took a seat on the bed again.

<Christopher> Chris dug around in his foot locker for a few moments and pulled out a box for her. "Hope you don't hate it. I didn't have my tools."

<Viper> She took the small box and patted the bed beside her. Once he was sat, she opened the box to see what was inside and smiled, taking out what she found. It was a viper, made of metal, coiled and ready to strike.

<Christopher> "Well?" Chris leaned back on his bed. "Do you like it?"

<Viper> She nodded, setting it carefully back in the box before she climbed into his lap to kiss him and thank him properly.

<Christopher> Chris returned the kiss a big smile on his face when she pulled back. "I could have done better if I had my tools."

<Viper> "Thank you.... it is a very thoughtful gift," she smiled back. "I shall keep it on my desk."

<Christopher> "Glad you like it." He kissed her again.

<Viper> She kissed back, sliding her arms around his shoulders and settling astride him, pressing her body close to his.

<Christopher> "Mmm hi there."

<Viper> She grinned cheekily at him, her elbows resting on his shoulders while her fingers played with his hair. "What am I going to do with myself with you and Carol both gone for a week?"

<Christopher> "Mmm I don't know but you should take pictures to show me what I missed out on." He grinned.

<Viper> She laughed, "Can I send them to you whilst you're eating dinner to tease you? Otherwise it's no fun at all."

<Christopher> "Hmm that sounds like a fun little plan. Are you going to use some of the toys we've gathered?" He kissed her chin.

<Viper> "I could..." she raised an eyebrow at him, "Maybe I'll take some before the party and send them to you, if I should decide to show up and we have to sit in the same room...." a small smirk tugged at the corner of her mouth. "Then I can see the reaction for myself."

<Christopher> "Mmm careful you're going to make Greer jealous. You know she can tell when I get turned on."

<Viper> "Oh I know... but maybe that will end up being worth your while too," the smirk became more pronounced.

<Christopher> "Maybe I'll have some pictures to show you." Chris moved his hands up her legs slowly.

<Viper> "Oh, you promise?" She cocked her head on one side, moving her hips a little for the reaction.

<Christopher> "There's a reason my phone has a huuuuuge amount of storage." He smirked.

<Viper> She laughed softly, "Then perhaps this week won't be so bad after all..."

<Christopher> "I'm looking forward to it more already."

<Viper> "I'm still going to be lonely until you come back..." she slid her hands down his chest and tugged at the bottom of his shirt, "I might want a little more than your gift to keep me going in your absence."

<Christopher> "Oh like what, Viper?" He smirked, "A new toy maybe?" He let his hands move back to her butt.

<Viper> "I was thinking something a little closer." She pulled his shirt up his back. "I have some time before I was going to visit someone else..."

<Christopher> "Oh?" He let her get the shirt off him. "Do I want to know?" Chris moved to take her shirt off.

<Viper> "It's nothing illegal," she assured him, moving her arms down to her sides so her shirt slipped down off her shoulders. "I like to give Miriam her gifts without an audience."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Quickie or more fun?" He moved his hands back to her butt and started to kiss at her neck.

<Viper> "I can't be here too long," she said somewhat apologetically as she tilted her head back to expose more of her neck to him. She reached up to unpin her hair.

<Christopher> "Stand up." Chris gave her a neck a harder bite.

<Viper> She slid out of his lap, dropping the pins from her hair into the box with her gift so she didn't lose them.

<Christopher> "Clothes off. Now." He started to undo his pants.

<Viper> She smirked, slipping her feet out of her shoes as she unzipped her own pants. "I do like it when you take charge."

[Time Passes]

<Christopher> "Mmm that felt amazing."

<Viper> She nodded, letting herself spread out across the table as she relaxed. The table was her favourite place in Chris' quarters. It held some particularly good memories. "I will look forward to having some more fun here when you get back." She tapped on the table top.

<Christopher> "Mmm you just love being bent over my furniture don't you?" Chris kissed up her back slowly.

<Viper> She nodded with an amused laugh, "It's my favourite," she admitted, turning her head to the side so she could watch him out of the corner of her eye.

<Christopher> "I can tell." He turned her around and gave her a kiss. "You should probably get cleaned up."

<Viper> "I should..." she slid her arms around him and stepped close to him, catching his lips for a deeper kiss.

<Christopher> Chris returned the kiss, his tongue slipping into her mouth to play with hers. "You're making it hard for me to let you."

<Viper> She grinned, giving him another quick kiss before she slipped away to step into the bathroom and make use of the shower.

<Christopher> Chris followed her into the bathroom and sat on the counter. "You better make sure to send me lots of sexy pictures to tide me over not getting to see that gorgeous body for a while."

<Viper> "I'll see what I can do," she promised, stepping under the water, "Perhaps I'll share some with Carol too. You can compare notes."

<Christopher> "Greer is going to be really jealous. I'm going to have fun on this vacation."

<Viper> "She doesn't have to be jealous. I'm sure you're planning on having fun with her too," Viper offered him a smile as she held her hair off her neck.

<Christopher> "She'll be jealous of all the attention I'm getting. Cats love attention." He smirked. "How do you think I got so good?"

<Viper> She laughed, "I would have thought all that practice you've been getting has had something to do with it."

<Christopher> "I was good before this." He smirked. "But I have learned some new tricks thanks to you."

<Viper> "Let it never be said that I won't share my knowledge when I think it will benefit me," she smirked.

<Christopher> "And we both know it does." Chris stretched a little.

<Viper> "Yes it does," she stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around herself.

<Christopher> "And it's easy to learn when your teacher is so beautiful." He stood up and pulled her into a soft kiss.

<Viper> She smiled in the kiss and returned it, wrapping her arms around him. She liked to be told she was still beautiful despite the scar on her face.

<Christopher> "Mmm you shouldn't tempt me to make you late." Chris kissed her again.

<Viper> "You started it. You're the one tempting me." She reminded him between kisses as she backed away.

<Christopher> Chris managed to give her another kiss and squeezed her butt before she got away. "And?"

<Viper> "And, unfortunately, I can't allow myself to be tempted today." She shot him a pouty face over her shoulder.

<Christopher> He frowned a little. "Alright. I'll attempt to be good until you leave."

<Viper> "Is it really that difficult for you?" She asked, turning and walking backward the rest of the way to her clothes as she dropped her towel.

<Christopher> "It's even worse now." He looked her up and down, not wanting Viper to put her clothes back on.

<Viper> She laughed, her actions having the desired effect. Then she turned and bent to pick up her things.

<Christopher> Chris took the chance she was giving him and gave her a sharp spank on the butt his hands moving up to her hips. "You're terrible."

<Viper> She hissed, straightening up again and leaning back into him, "I have poor impulse control." She turned her head a nipped at his jaw.

<Christopher> Chris pushed her against the wall, kissing her aggressively. His hand pinning hers to the wall.

<Viper> She gasped at the cold against her chest and the surprise of the action but she liked it, her back arching as she returned the kiss. And she'd just showered and everything.

<Christopher> "You shouldn't tease me." He bit her lip gently. "You'll end up needing another shower."

<Viper> She laughed softly, "You say the nicest things."

[More Time Passes]

<Viper> She turned to face him, sliding her arms around his shoulders, "I suppose I should go and shower again...."

<Christopher> "If I let you." He held her against the wall like he wasn't going to let her move.

<Viper> "Now who's the bad influence?" She smirked, her head cocked on one side. She shifted her stance slightly to brush against him.

<Christopher> Chris leaned in until his nose was almost touching hers. "Still you."

<Viper> She grinned, feinting biting the end of his nose. "Flatterer."

<Christopher> "Always." He turned the attempted bite into a long slow kiss.

<Viper> She slid her hands into his hair, raising a foot from the floor to wrap a leg around him.

<Christopher> "Too bad you have to go take that shower."

<Viper> She pouted, nipping at his jaw, "Awww, don't start something you don't intend to finish...."

<Christopher> "Oh no you're on a deadline." He smirked, his other hand moving to her butt to squeeze it tightly.

<Viper> "No deadlines on a surprise...." She licked his neck just below his ear.

<Christopher> "Hmm, I don't know, you seemed pretty adamant earlier that it was only a quicky." Chris laughed a little.

<Viper> "I haven't been here that long...." she breathed into his ear.

<Christopher> "I think someone is making excuses."

<Viper> "Maybe a little...." she admitted, bowing her face into his shoulder with a grin. She lifted her other foot off the floor to wrap both legs around him.

<Christopher> "I think you'll need to try harder than that to turn me to the dark side." He smirked and pressed his lips to hers to start a long slow kiss.

<Viper> She pushed her fingers into his hair as she returned the kiss and pressed her body close to his.

<Christopher> A smirk crossed his face as he pulled away from the kiss. "Well Viper?"

<Viper> She rested her forehead against his, meeting his eyes, "Well what?"

<Christopher> "I don't hear you convincing me." He kissed her nose.

<Viper> "I can't talk when you're kissing me," she pointed out with a small smirk.

<Christopher> "I never said I wasn't going to resist. And here I thought you were a skilled super spy able to get anything you want." He shot the smirk right back.

<Viper> "If you want me to cheat I can do that... But I thought we knew each other better than that..."

<Christopher> "Cheat?" Chris frowned a little.

<Viper> "Spies like myself have a number of tricks up our sleeves.... some nicer than others...."

<Christopher> "Well... I really prefer when you're nicer." He frowned a little, obviously still puzzled by what she was talking about.

<Viper> "You don't want me to do that..." she cocked her head on one side, letting her grip on his waist with her legs slacken so that she could put her feet back on the floor.

<Christopher> "I killed the mood didn't I?" He pressed a kiss to her lips softly.

<Viper> "It's not your fault... you don't know what you're asking...." She touched his cheek gently and stepped away from him, turning for the bathroom to take another shower.

<Christopher> Chris followed her into the bathroom, pulling her into a hug from behind. "I'm sorry Viper."

<Viper> She leaned back into him, resting her arms over his and closing her eyes, "It's alright... you were right anyway... I should probably be going..." she sighed and turned her head to nuzzle his jaw before she straightened up again and pulled away from him.

<Christopher> "Alright well lets get cleaned up. I need to leave soon too, I guess." He sighed, mad at himself for upsetting her.

<Viper> Viper didn't like the feeling that had settled over her so she shut it off, going to the shower and stepping under the water. She bowed her head and just let the water run over her for a few moments, focusing on the feeling of it running over her skin.

<Christopher> Chris didn't wait for her this time, he got in with her and grabbed the soap to help her clean off.

<Viper> She ran her fingers through her hair and turned her face up toward the water, closing her eyes. She felt much better now. She leaned into Chris when she felt his hands on her skin.

<Christopher> He worked slowly across her body, making sure to get her clean while he massaged her. "Feel good?"

<Viper> "Mmhmm," she tipped her head back to rest on his shoulder.

<Christopher> "Good." He made sure not to miss a single spot, focusing a little too much on a few spots.

<Viper> She turned her face toward his, her eyes still closed.

<Christopher> Chris pressed a soft kiss to her forehead, then her cheek. "I am going to miss all this fun we have."

<Viper> "Not as much as I will," she countered.

<Christopher> "Always have to win don't you?" He smirked a little. "I'm sure you could convince Carol to have some fun with you."

<Viper> "Perhaps... but sneaking into the Shaws' house is no simple task..." it could be fun though. "I'm not sure Carol would want them to know about our arrangement. She's kept it a secret for a very long time."

<Christopher> "Oh? I assumed you could come and go as you pleased because of Jess." He got comfortable holding her against him as the water ran over them.

<Viper> "I can... but usually I go for a specific reason. If I go and just visit Carol I think they might get suspicious..."

<Christopher> "Probably. I don't think Greer would mind if you came and visited us if you get lonely though. Plus side, Thomas isn't as big of a terror as he used to be."

<Viper> "I don't want to put you in an awkward position," she tilted her head to rest her forehead against his cheek, "It's only for a few days."

<Christopher> "It's not awkward Viper. We just don't have a normal relationship." He gave her a smile. "I did get in trouble when I first told her about you, but that was because we didn't discuss it before hand. That turned into a fun night of making up for my lapse in judgement."

<Viper> "She's not concerned I'm on the most wanted list?" She lifted her head and turned slightly to raise an eyebrow at him.

<Christopher> "It took a lot of explaining." He sighed. "That wasn't the fun part. Told her it was more than sex, that you were working with us. She relented when I showed her a few pictures I snapped of you." Chris smirked a little wondering what she would think of that.

<Viper> Viper laughed, putting her head back down on his shoulder, "You are full of surprises."

<Christopher> "Hmm how's that?" He nipped at her neck playfully.

<Viper> "I didn't know you were capable of planning ahead," she teased.

<Christopher> "Ouch, that acutally hurts." He attempted to tickle her in retaliation.

<Viper> She laughed again, turning in his arms to distract him with a kiss.

<Christopher> "Mmm distractions won't save you." He kissed her back only relenting for a moment.

<Viper> "Are you sure?" her arms encircled his shoulders.

<Christopher> "Oh ye of little faith." He grinned.

<Viper> Her lips slid into a smirk as she stepped back from him, withdrawing her arms, "Oh, well if you're sure...." she stepped past him to exit the shower.

<Christopher> "Hey." Chris frowned when she stepped out. "Where are you going?"

<Viper> "To get dressed," she replied with another amused smirk, taking a towel and wrapping it around herself.

<Christopher> Chris pouted a little bit. "Alright, I'll be out in a second." He stepped back under the water and ran his hands through his hair.

<Viper> She wrung her hair out over the sink then headed into bedroom again to collect her things for the second time. Once she had underwear on, she sat down on the bed to towel her hair.

<Christopher> Chris finished washing off, having let the water drop to as cold as it could get thinking Viper had decided no more. "You're pure evil you know that right?" He came out with his towel wrapped around his waist.

<Viper> She paused, raising an eyebrow at him, unsure if he was serious. "I've been told that before."

<Christopher> "I'm pretty sure it's rubbing off on me." He gave her a smile and moved to sit with her.

<Viper> "I'm teaching you well then," she replied, the smirk returning for a moment. She continued to dry off her hair.

<Christopher> "Maybe." He laid back on his bed. "Sure you have to leave?"

<Viper> She sighed, letting her hands and the towel fall to her lap, "I think it's for the best, don't you?"

<Christopher> "Why's that?" He frowned a little.

<Viper> "Because I have somewhere to be and so do you..." She reached to extract her hair pins from the box and headed back to the bathroom to fix her hair.

<Christopher> "I guess." He stood up and let the towel drop as he went over to get clothes to put on, hoping to tempt her again.

<Viper> She finished putting her hair back up and returned to the bedroom to pull the remainder of her clothes back on. "I might see you at Miriam's party then... if I turn up."

<Christopher> "I won't be hard to miss. I'll be the one avoiding Sebastian like the plague." He pulled his clothes on, making sure his uniform looked impeccable. "

<Viper> "And I'll be the one doing everything possible to piss him off," she offered a grin as she finished buttoning her shirt and slid her shoes back on.

<Christopher> "Having sex against one of his cars does that extremely well." He laughed a little.

<Viper> She laughed, "Perhaps we should pencil that in?" She picked up her coat from where she'd left it on the sofa then went to collect the gift he'd given her.

<Christopher> "Maybe. This time he might actually kill me though. I'm almost certain he's tried in the past."

<Viper> "Don't worry. You'll have me with you. I'm fairly certain he'd be more upset with me than you. He definately has tried to kill me in the past." She slipped the box into her coat pocket.

<Christopher> "Sounds like this party is going to be hell for him. I'm looking forward to it a bit more now."

<Viper> "Oh he'll hate it. All those children in his house making noise and mess," she grinned, going to Chris and sliding her arms around his waist. "And you will have front row seats."

<Christopher> "Only I'll be attempting to control my child." He let out a soft sigh.

<Viper> She tutted, "His mother will be there and it is not your house. I think you can relax for just one day."

<Christopher> "Don't know how. And Greer has to be mom on a daily basis. I've got to do my part when I'm around."

<Viper> She pouted then leaned to press a kiss to his cheek before she released him, "Try. It might be fun."

<Christopher> "Maybe." Chris gave Viper a warm smile and a wink. "Don't miss me too much."

<Viper> "I'll try if you will," she offered a smile in return before she teleported out.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Sep 26, 2016 6:03 pm

<Carol> Flying in snow was always an interesting experience. Carol was soaked through. She debated going in through the roof garden but probably no one would thank her for tracking water through the library. She landed at the front door instead and let herself in, starting to use her powers to dry off as soon as she was inside to mitigate the puddles.

<Shaw> Sebastian looked at his phone when the security system beeped. Ah, Danvers. For the moment, he'd allow Widget to greet her while he finished up. He was in the middle of a new artificial intelligence program and this was delicate work.

<Carol> Carol looked round from hanging up her coat and gave the robot a smile, "Hi R2. Anyone home?" she ran her fingers through her hair to detangle and dry it faster then fluffed it up a little.

<Widget> "....Artoo." The evolved artificial intelligence creation gave the woman a slow and thoughtful look before it continued. "Yes... Fireball. Mister Shaw and Miriam are upstairs. May I make you some fresh coffee?"

<Carol> "Coffee would be awesome, thanks." She decided to take off her boots too before she started up the stairs.

<Widget> The robot nodded, noting a tiny squeak in a servo that should not be squeaking.

<Miriam> Hearing Carol's voice, Miriam quickly shut down the holo chat screen and sat up, looking into her phone's screen to check her reflection. Did she look okay? Yes. Of course. More than okay. But did she look innocent? Noooo. She tried to think of unhappy things to get her blushing under control.

<Carol> Free of her boots, Carol started up the stairs to the kitchen and coffee, leaving her bag in the hall with the rest of her wet things.

<Shaw> Sebastian saved his work and started down the stairs to the kitchen, still lost in algorithms and organic processing. Once there, he saw at first only Carol's back, and the long blonde hair.

<Carol> Carol poked around in cupboards that she knew held treasure and found cookies. She took one out and held it in her teeth so she could get another one out before she put the jar away and then she turned and saw Sebastian. Busted. "Want one?" she said around the cookie.

<Shaw> "Yes, indeed." He smirked, since Colonel Danvers was, as usual, making herself completely at home. Sebastian crossed the room and met her eyes, reaching past her to take the cookie.

<Carol> She took a bite of the cookie in her mouth, shifting to lean more against the counter in an attempt to be less in the way and avoid the awkward of having him pressed up against her and she was still very damp. "Pretty sure Jess puts crack in these."

<Shaw> "Indeed." Sebastian looked down at her, biting off a bit of cookie and chewing contemplatively.

<Miriam> Miriam charged up the stairs, then skidded to a halt when she reached the kitchen level. Wow, her dad was way close to Carol!

<Carol> "One of my favourite things about coming here," she raised an eyebrow at Sebastian, her gaze sliding to the doorway at the sound of footsteps on the stairs. "Hey Miriam!" She quickly exited the space between Sebastian and the counter. "I got you something but I left it downstairs."

<Miriam> "Carol!" She bounded over to the woman and gave her a hug. "You got something for meeee?"

<Shaw> Turning and leaning against the counter, Sebastian watched the exchange while he ate his cookie.

<Carol> "Yep," she returned the hug and snuck another bite of her cookie, "Early presents are okay, right?" She looked over at Sebastian.

<Miriam> She squeezed and looked over Carol's shoulder at her dad. Pleaaaaaase?

<Shaw> Of course, if you wish to have your pleasure now instead of on your birthday. Just remember that, when you open gifts at your party. His gaze flickered between his daughter and the back of Carol's head. How long had it been since Jessica had let her hair return to its natural color?

<Carol> Carol raised an eyebrow at Sebastian's silence, "If it helps you decide, I totally brought you something too...." she figured she should throw that out there to sweeten the deal.

<Shaw> His brow quirked up. "You did?"

<Miriam> Her nose wrinkled. She did? What the fuck?!

<Carol> "Of course I did. You think I'd forget your birthday?" Her surprise was genuine. "Wait here and I'll go get it." She finished off cookie number one and started for the stairs.

<Shaw> Surprised, Sebastian blinked at Danvers' back, and then his daughter. "Well, it looks like we both get a birthday surprise..."

<Miriam> "Um, ew."

<Shaw> His eyebrow lifted. Ew?

<Carol> Carol rummaged in her bag in the hall for the gifts she'd brought, tucking Miriam's in her pocket and carrying Sebastian's carefully. When she returned to the kitchen, she hid Sebastian's gift behind her back.

<Shaw> "What on earth are you 'ew'ing about now?" Sebastian cut off when their perennial guest returned, feinting a lean to the side to see what she was hiding. "Well, it's smaller than a breadbox..."

<Carol> Carol laughed, going over to him and producing the expensive bottle of scotch from behind her back. "No, you're not allowed to ask what I had to do to get this."

<Shaw> "Why, thank you." Sebastian accepted the bottle with a formal bow and a smirk, then took her hand for a kiss. "You know just the way to my heart."

<Miriam> Her nose wrinkled, then she punctuated the display with a gagging noise.

<Carol> "In fairness, it used to be the way to mine too so I cheated." She laughed then looked over at Miriam, raising an eyebrow, "So you don't want your gift then?"

<Miriam> "Well that's not what I said at all! I just..." She looked at her father. "Bleh."

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled and shook his head, retreating to study his gift.

<Carol> Carol laughed softly again and retrieved Miriam's gift from her pocket, "Happy early birthday."

<Miriam> She made grabby hands at the box and then took it with a giggle and popped it open. "Oooh, sparkly! Is that a dragonfly?!" Bouncing happily, she gave Carol an impulsive hug.

<Shaw> Looking up from his label reading, Sebastian watched his daughter with a soft smile.

<Carol> Carol returned the hug, "You're welcome." She was good at presents! Woo! She gave Miriam a small squeeze, "I'm glad you like it."

<Miriam> "I love it! Mom will probably try to steal it!"

<Carol> "Well don't let her, okay?" She let Miriam go, "That's yours. If she wants one she'll have to ask nicely where I found it."

<Shaw> He moved in and took Miriam's hand to inspect the jewelry. "Or, tell me where you found it and I can just get your mother one. Unless you'd like to get her one for Mother's Day?"

<Miriam> "Ugh." She jerked her arm away. "Like you can just buy everything."

<Carol> "I think maybe she'd rather not have matching jewellery with her mom..." Carol rolled her eyes, "Don't blame your dad, he's a guy. They don't get it."

<Miriam> "Guys are stupid." She gave her father a glare and started for the stairs. She paused. "Thanks, aunt Carol!" Then, she was gone.

<Shaw> Sebastian watched her go with a sigh.

<Carol> "You're welcome!" Carol called after her, turning back to Sebastian, "She's a teenager."

<Shaw> "Oh, I don't need a reminder. Two days ago she thought I hung the moon, and today..." He shook his head and gestured to the stairs.

<Carol> "Look on the bright side. She thinks guys are stupid." Carol shrugged, going to help herself to coffee.

<Shaw> "Today." He followed her to the counter and pried open his new bottle, taking an appreciative sniff. "Tomorrow is a new day and the wind will blow the other way," he singsonged.

<Carol> She laughed, "Having a teenager is really bringing out the pessimist in you. I like it."

<Shaw> "And the poet, it would seem." He searched out a suitable glass for his scotch and poured a healthy dose.

<Carol> She leaned against the counter, holding her mug between her hands and inhaling the scent of coffee. The Shaws had the best coffee. "So.... any more visitors for Miriam's Birthday?"

<Shaw> "I'm not quite sure. I'm sure we'll get at least one unexpected, expected guest." He smirked over at her. Sarkissian would never change.

<Carol> "Well she's unlikely to want to miss the birthday of Jessica's kid..." Carol nodded, "Woman's obsessed. Speaking of, where's Jess and the chatty one?"

<Shaw> "Shopping. He needed a new calculator for school. It's shocking how soon they start teaching advanced mathematics these days." He sipped at his scotch.

<Carol> "Well, if he has even half your brains, he'll have no trouble at all." She topped up her coffee, "But I have to say I don't envy her shopping in this weather... especially with a kid in tow." Her nose wrinkled.

<Shaw> "I think she just wanted to escape the moody teenager." He chuckled when he heard Miriam's annoyed protest from upstairs.

<Carol> "Aww she's not that bad," Carol laughed and shook her head, "She listens to you, at least. I never listened to my dad."

<Shaw> "She applies her genetic gift of enhanced hearing very selectively."

<Carol> "I'm pretty sure that's normal for a teenager but, what I mean is that she's mostly sensible and doesn't give you too much cause to freak out... otherwise I know I'd be hearing about it from Jess."

<Shaw> "Oh, then you haven't talked to Jessica in the last few days then." He rolled his eyes at the car disagreement.

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "Been busy wrapping up work stuff. Had to pull some long nights to finish paperwork so I could get a few days to myself."

<Miriam> "He promised to buy me a car and then mum butted in and now he's not!" Miriam bellowed down the steps while she sat up on the wall, her arms crossed and her fingers toying with her new dragonfly necklace.

<Carol> Carol's eyebrows went up and she went to the door, peering up the steps, "You can borrow mine?"

<Shaw> "Love, I'm still going to buy you a car, just not immediately." He watched Carol.

<Miriam> "It's the idea! You promised!"

<Shaw> "Yes, I did. And you'll still get a car. Probably several before you're twenty-one, considering the odds." He swirled his scotch.

<Carol> Carol eyed Sebastian, "Maybe don't say that where Jess can hear."

<Shaw> "Good point." He knocked back the rest of his scotch and went for a refill.

<Miriam> "My mom wants me to drive the tank!" She crawled down the wall a little into the stairwell to glare at her father's back and wave at Carol.

<Carol> "Well... my car isn't a tank but it is a nice non-descript black SUV and I don't mind if it gets dents. It's seen worse. You can really borrow it if you want, I don't care." She gave a small shrug and sipped her coffee. "I have wrapped more SUVs around trees and poles than I care to count."

<Miriam> "Aww, thank you auntie Carol!" She hopped down from the wall for another hug attack.

<Shaw> "I once wrapped a Jaguar around a pole after a fight with your mother..." he mused, taking another drink. "I loved that car."

<Carol> Carol returned the hug, "Never drive when you're mad. I have yet to learn this lesson."

<Miriam> Miriam's mouth fell open onto Carol's shoulder.

<Shaw> Sebastian toasted that sentiment.

<Carol> "And especially never drive mad and drunk." Carol nodded sagely. "That's how you wind up parking on people's front lawns."

<Shaw> "I wasn't drunk," he pointed out, quite helpfully, he thought.

<Miriam> "Ugh, dad..." She let go of Carol and looked between the two of them. "Whatever."

<Carol> "I didn't say you were! I was using me as an example... again. I'm really good for examples of what not to do. I used to have a manual of what not to do and crossed off most of those things... but I gave it away."

<Miriam> "Okay," she said, tucking her dark hair behind her ear. "Well, I'll be sure to write that in my manual. Like, if I write one." Miriam shrugged and hopped back up onto the wall. From her angle, she saw something.

<Miriam> "Aunt Carol?"

<Carol> Carol had another sip of coffee, "Everyone should write their own manual. It would help a lot." She looked up at Miriam when she climbed up the wall, "Yeah?"

<Miriam> "Did you pee yourself?" She cocked her head.

<Shaw> Sebastian choked on his scotch.

<Carol> Carol raised an eyebrow, "No? I flew here in the snow. It has a problem staying snow on me... I guess I should change..." she wrinkled her nose and looked down at her pants. "Oh also there's probably a puddle downstairs because my coat is dripping all over your floor...." Maybe she'd put a towel on that if she got to it before Jess did.

<Miriam> "Oooo, mom's gonna kill you."

<Carol> "She can try," Carol grinned, "Those venom blasts feel good."

<Shaw> Recovered just enough to hear their conversation again, this time he merely sputtered. "Agreed," he leered.

<Miriam> She just stared at her father in abject horror. "Oh my God. No. Ew! I didn't..." Raising her hand, she just shook her head and skittered back up the wall. Nope!
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Oct 02, 2016 2:45 pm

<Jessica> Home at last. Jess sighed with relief as she herded Tony inside. "Shoes off! Coat off!" she called before he could get too far into the house. She offered him a small smile as he came trundling back to her and leaned against the wall to remove her own shoes.

<Shaw> In a state of happy inebriation, Sebastian hummed to himself and stared into the depths of his glass. It was nearly empty. That was unacceptable.

<Carol> Carol saw the look and shifted on the sofa to pluck the bottle from the coffee table and hold it out to him, "You know the idea wasn't for you to drink the whole bottle in one sitting, right...?" She looked over at the door as Jess' voice rang through the house and wondered if she'd get in trouble for enabling him.

<Shaw> "I won't," he protested, as he accepted the bottle and poured himself another round. "It is quite excellent scotch, love." Sebastian gave her a somewhat sloppy grin.

<Carol> "I know, that was kind of the point," she laughed, "If you can get it every day, what kind of gift would it be?" She prodded him with her foot. "And if you could get it that easily I wouldn't have suffered to get you that," she teased.

<Shaw> "Suffered, on my behalf?" He laid his free hand on his chest and blinked slowly. "I'm touched." Since her feet were more or less resting in his lap at this point, he gave her a nudge.

<Carol> "I had to ask some favours... things got really complicated for a while," her nose wrinkled, "Buuuut it was for a good cause. Drunk you is fun."

<Shaw> "Oh, my... complicated favors at that?" His grin slid into a leer. "If it involved you and another buxom blonde - or even a redhead - then I'd be honored to hear all about your trials."

<Carol> Her grin slipped a little at the mention of a redhead but she recovered quickly with a laugh, "Oh yeah I'll bet."

<Shaw> "It truly would be my pleasure to hear you unburden your... soul." He wrinkled his long nose, brain catching up. "And I'm always fun." The snort from upstairs was ignored.

<Carol> She giggled, "Sure, sure, I believe you," she nodded, "Actually no, I'm calling bullshit on both of those statements." She giggled again and prodded him in the ribs with her foot and then the incomprehensibly quick footsteps of a small child reached her ears. "Uh oh. Incoming..."

<Shaw> "It's hardly bullshit," he protested. "Just ask Paige Drake." Again, it took Sebastian a moment and then he realized his enhanced senses had failed him spectacularly. Not only was his son hurtling toward him, but his wife was as well. Hello!

<Carol> Carol intercepted Tony incase he took out the scotch and bundled him, squealing, into her lap. "You're cold!" She complained.

<Jessica> I see we have a guest, Jess came in behind Tony at a more sedate pace, her eyes landing on the scotch before she smiled at Carol, "Long time no see."

<Carol> "Yeah... they don't like vacation time." She shrugged.

<Shaw> Sebastian protected the scotch by tucking the bottle between his hip and the arm of the sofa and then reached to ruffle his son's dark hair. "Cold and wet! I think someone played in the snow." He leaned his head back against the sofa and grinned up at his wife. She brought me a birthday present.

<Jessica> And you're well into it. She leaned to press a kiss to his cheek. "Then we should be glad we get to see you at all, huh? Will you be here for Miriam's birthday?" Tony climbed from Carol to his dad's lap and started telling him about all the things he'd done in the snow today.

<Carol> She nodded, "I should be unless there's some kind of world ending disaster. I demanded a couple of weeks because they made me work through Christmas and it was just awful. The food... it was just... ugh."

<Shaw> Sebastian was having a hard time following his son's babbling, but he could affect rapt attention with the best of them. The Hellfire Club was good for something, after all.

<Jessica> "Well it's good to know you missed my food." Jess plonked herself down on the sofa. It would have been between Carol and Sebastian but as Carol's legs were taking up that space she just sat on those.

<Carol> "Anyone that doesn't miss your food needs their head examined." She tried to move her legs but decided she didn't mind being sat on all that much.

<Shaw> Jessica's weight did put more pressure from Carol's feet on his legs, but, of course, a little pain never bothered Sebastian. After setting his drink down carefully, he snaked his arm around his wife.

<Jessica> "Well at least we know how to summon you in an emergency. Roast turkey," Jess laughed.

<Carol> "It's a valid theory," Carol nodded in agreement. "I would totally ditch work for that unless, you know, there was a world ending disaster," she laughed.

<Shaw> Both Sebastian and Tony perked up at the mention of turkey.

<Jessica> "World ending disasters are pretty common, all things considered..." Jess frowned a little, reaching to stroke her hand over Tony's hair.

<Carol> "But we're pretty good at avoiding the ending part because of all the practice," Carol assured her.

<Shaw> "That is the important part to avoid," he agreed, realizing he was having a difficult time ennunciating. Sebastian glared at the scotch.

<Carol> Catching that look, Carol giggled, "I think I remember telling you to pace yourself and you were all 'quiet woman'."

<Shaw> "As women should be, right, Tony?" He ruffled the boy's hair and waited for the explosion.

<Carol> Carol snorted.

<Jessica> Jess merely reached over and zapped the end of his nose.

<Shaw> Sebastian sneezed, which Tony found hilarious.

<Jessica> Jess smiled smugly, "Who's side are you on, Tony?"

<Shaw> The boy suddenly looked terrified and looked back and forth among the adults. "It's all right, little love," Sebastian said. "She's just teasing you."

<Jessica> Jess tickled her son by way of an apology for putting him on the spot.

<Shaw> Sebastian chuckled and finished off his tumbler of scotch, then setting the glass aside. He rested his slightly woozy head on his wife's shoulder and closed his eyes.

<Jessica> Jess cuddled her son after the tickle attack and snuggled up next to Sebastian.

<Carol> Carol considered that now would be the time for escaping but, as she was being sat on, she decided to join in on the cuddles.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:41 am

<Christopher> Chris pulled up to the house in his rental car. He hated not getting to drive his baby but he had some leave now, so he was going to make sure to give it a good long drive. The first thing he wanted to do was go see his partner and their son. Chris took his time getting to the door, looking over his house. When he got to the door, he gave it a few taps. "Honey I'm home."

<Greer> The door opened a second later and Greer pounced Chris for cuddles. She'd recognised the footsteps on the driveway the second he'd gotten out of the car and was already at the door.

<Christopher> Chris dropped all his stuff and hugged her tightly, letting the force of the impact knock him back to the ground. "There's the sexiest girl in the world."

<Greer> "Why didn't you call?!" She smacked his shoulders a little but hugged him again right afterwards, peppering his face with kisses.

<Christopher> "Felt like surprising you." Chris moved his hands to her butt and gave it a big squeeze. "Plus how could I resist finding ways to get you on top of me?"

<Greer> "You only have to ask," she caught his lips for a kiss before she climbed off him and offered her hands to help him up.

<Christopher> Chris took the chance to pull her down and roll over and pin her. "Oh really? Is that all it takes?" He kissed her back.

<Greer> She giggled, wrapping her limbs and tail around him as she returned the kiss.

<Thomas> Above them a window opened. "Ewwww! Don't make me get the hose!"

<Christopher> "I don't hear a 'hi Dad I'm happy you're home'." He gave Greer another kiss and rolled off her to look up at his son.

<Thomas> "Stop making out on the driveway! It's embarrassing!" The window closed again.

<Greer> Greer giggled and got to her feet.

<Christopher> "It's fun though." Chris gave his best play whine and then just laughed. "I'm never gonna grow up huh?" He smirked.

<Greer> Greer shook her head, "Nope. But that's okay. You'll always look the part too." She leaned and licked his cheek before turning back to go inside the house.

<Christopher> "Hey save the licking for the bedroom." He laughed a little and followed her in, giving her butt a little grab. "How's things been here luv?"

<Greer> She nodded, "Pretty okay.... Thomas is sulking as usual because snow is cold which means clothes... but now that he's a teenager it's worth it because the thick winter coat is all extra fluffy so the hot girls are petting him at school..."

<Christopher> "Yeah.... he's mine." Chris sighed. "Do I need to get a team to follow him around with spray bottles?"

<Greer> Greer shook her head, "Nah, he's at least sensible enough not to get anyone pregnant...."

<Christopher> Chris slipped his arms around her from behind. "You sure?"

<Greer> "Pretty sure...." she frowned then shook herself, "Don't do that! It's fine!"

<Christopher> He kissed at the back of her neck. "I could talk to him."

<Greer> "Wouldn't that be awkward for both of you?" She turned her head, raising an eyebrow at him.

<Christopher> "Probably, but isn't it the whole Dad thing?" He kissed her cheek. "We need to uhmm have a talk to." Chris let out a sigh.

<Greer> "Okay.... well... I guess go talk to Thomas and I'll put some coffee on or something...." she offered him a smile. "Want anything special for dinner?"

<Christopher> "It's nothing terrible Greer. Just something I've been offered." Chris pulled her into a kiss and pressed his forehead to hers. "I... I don't know what to do. Wanted to see what you thought."

<Greer> She gave him a smile and swatted him with her tail, "Go on. Coffee'll be waiting."

<Christopher> "Hey careful with that thing or Thomas really will get the hose out on us." Chris smiled back and started towards Thomas' room.

<Thomas> Thomas lay on his bed, his tail dangling lazily off the edge, the tip flicking from side to side while he read a book for school. An ear twisted toward the doorway as he heard his father's footsteps approach.

<Christopher> Chris got to the door of Thomas' room and gave it a few taps. "Hey fuzzball. Got time to talk to your dad?"

<Thomas> "Sure," he glanced over his shoulder and thought about getting up to open the door but he figured his dad was old enough to know how to do that himself. Instead, he put the bookmark in place and tossed his homework assignment in the general direction of the desk then let his pillow welcome his face.

<Christopher> Chris opened the door and walked in. "What's up big guy?" He gave him a smile. "How's school going?"

<Thomas> "Fine, I guess... not failing anything." He sat up and fluffed up his hair, tucking his tail into his lap.

<Christopher> "What's your favorite subject?"

<Thomas> He shrugged, "Not sure... I guess I'd like art if I didn't have all this fur..." Then there was science which was fine until they brought out the fire. "English is okay..."

<Christopher> "Good boy." He laughed. "So any girlfriends yet?" He nudged Thomas a little.

<Thomas> A small frown found its way onto Thomas' face. "No...?" This was a trap.

<Christopher> "Yeah? Why not? No cuties in your classes?"

<Thomas> He wrinkled his nose, "Of course there are... but having a girlfriend seems like a lot of work... Don't know if they're worth the effort."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "You'll find one eventually that is. Your Mom's always been worth the effort." Chris ruffled Thomas' hair.

<Thomas> Bleargh! He pulled a face. "Not in my classes... preening peacocks."

<Christopher> Chris laughed at that too. "Yeah, they can definitely be like that. Just don't be stupid about it when you do find that girl. Got it?"

<Thomas> So a trap! "I'm not stupid, dad...." he rolled his eyes.

<Christopher> "I didn't say you were. But hormones make you do stupid things. Trust me." He laughed a little. "I know it's not something you want to talk to your parents about. But I'd rather you be safe than sorry. So seriously... if you need condoms eventually... please not anytime soon... But if you do let us know."

<Thomas> "....." He stared at his father, "You can go now."

<Christopher> "I'm serious Thomas. I know it's definitely not something you want to talk about with us. But I meant it. Just let us know."

<Thomas> "Yeah, yeah, I heard you the first time..." his nose wrinkled.

<Christopher> "Alright bud I'll leave you alone now. But seriously unless you want the full talk, and a torturous lesson to go with it. Condoms, remember them."

<Thomas> "Okay! Okay! Go away now!" He shooed his father toward the door, pulling another face.

<Christopher> "Alright alright." Chris let Thomas kick him out of his room and went back downstairs looking for Greer. "Well that wasn't as bad as I expected."

<Greer> Greer raised an eyebrow as she poured a cup of coffee, "Yay?" She offered the cup to him.

<Christopher> Chris took the cup and sipped at it. "No girlfriend. If you didn't hear that."

<Greer> "Well... that doesn't neccessarily mean there's no sex...." Greer frowned a little.

<Christopher> "It doesn't but he definitely seems smarter than I was about it. Plus he's pretty disenchanted by the whole girls dolling up thing." Chris leaned in and gave her a kiss.

<Greer> She laughed, "Of course he's smarter than you were - he inherited my brains."

<Christopher> "Hey now, I'm pretty intelligent too." Chris cocked his eyebrow.

<Greer> "You are... but not science smart," she giggled and leaned to kiss his cheek.

<Christopher> "My degree is in marine biology..." Chris frowned a little this time and didn't return the kiss.

<Greer> Greer decided to keep her opinion on biology to herself, "Oh you know what I mean... I've always been more about school than you."

<Christopher> "I was a teacher... I might have been a little bit of a playboy at school, but I still focused on all my classes and passed them."

<Greer> "I know that, Chris..." she frowned, "I was making a joke..." she turned her back to him to pour herself some coffee, her tail swishing a little in irritation.

<Christopher> Chris sighed a little and slipped his arms around her waist. "Alright, alright. Lets just keep this homecoming happy." He nuzzled the back of her neck. "He likes art." Chris smiled a little to himself.

<Greer> Greer smiled and tipped her head back a little, "Shame it's not fur friendly..."

<Christopher> "I'm sure I could show him some fun things that are." Chris pressed a small kiss into her neck. "It just ya know makes me really happy when he's into stuff I like." He squeezed her waist a little.

<Greer> "I know... you should be here more and spend more time with him..." She sighed, "You guys need to bond more."

<Christopher> "I know... maybe I can get switched to a guard detail at your facility?" Chris kissed up to her jaw. "I miss you too."

<Greer> "You wouldn't miss all the excitement of the A-team there?"

<Christopher> "Not as much as I'd enjoy coming home with you at night. And getting to spend time with my son."

<Greer> "Talk to Carol about it?" she suggested, "But... only if you want to, okay? I don't want to pressure you...."

<Christopher> "What do you want Greer? We're a team." Chris ran a finger down her tail just a little.

<Greer> Her tail curled around his leg, "I'd be happier if you were here... but I don't want you to be bored."

<Christopher> "I'd never get bored of you. I didn't join cuz I was bored. I wanted to do some good. Make up for this shit I did." He sighed, still running a finger up and down her tail.

<Greer> "I know that... but it doesn't mean you're not used to all the action and the fun you have there..." she put her cup of coffee down and turned to face him, "You have to think about this properly, okay?"

<Christopher> "I will Greer. You know you two mean more to me than anything." Chris kissed her nose. "I'll talk to Carol about it though I promise."

<Greer> Greer nodded, wrapping her arms around him, "Try to let her down gently."

<Christopher> "Maybe I'll convince her to come visit." Chris pressed his forehead to hers. "Got time before dinner to talk?"

<Greer> She nodded, "Sure... want to go into the study so he doesn't eavesdrop?"

<Christopher> "Yeah, might be for the best." Chris let her go so they could walk.

<Greer> She picked up her coffee and led the way to the study, sitting down on the sofa and curling up.

<Christopher> "I... it, it's my arm." Chris paced a little. He didn't know how to touch the subject. "Th-there might be... Someone told me they think they can fix it." He ran his hand through his hair. It was getting more and more obvious he was worried about this, he wouldn't let himself even look at Greer. "I don't know if I should."

<Greer> Greer watched him for a moment, "Do you want to fix it?"

<Christopher> "I don't know... Last time didn't work. And this time... it's just a stop gap. An amazing stop gap that the most ingenious woman in the world figured out." Chris' hands were shaking, if he was still drinking he would have probably downed a whole bottle. "I'm scared Greer. That if she tries I'll go back."

<Greer> "... Do you trust this person? Do you think they could do it?"

<Christopher> "I don't know... part of me does." He sat down. "It's Viper... She thinks she can fix me. Or at the very least give me control over it."

<Greer> Greer chewed her lip while she thought about it, "Do you think she could do it?"

<Christopher> "Maybe. She does." He leaned forward, head almost to his knees. "What if it doesn't? What if I turn back to that thing...?"

<Greer> Greer put her coffee down to slide her arms around him, "Then she'll undo whatever she did and you'll be like this again. What I know from working with SHIELD and our own experiences with Hydra from college is that she is a brilliant scientist. And she's experienced in a lot of fields... if anyone can do this and get it right it's her.... but, ultimately, it's up to you."

<Christopher> Chris fidgeted nervously. "I know Greer, that's the only reason I'm considering it. I just... I don't want to be that monster again. I still have nightmares of turning back to it when stuff gets really rough..."

<Greer> "Then... I don't know... ask her questions. Lots of questions. Make sure she's sure... whatever it takes to help you."

<Christopher> "What do you think I should do Greer?" He sighed and slipped his good arm around her.

<Greer> She sighed, "I think you should do whatever will make you happiest."

<Christopher> Chris pressed his head to hers gently. "If you think it's worth trying I will." He started to calm down a little. "You're too good for me you know that right?" A slow steadying breath left his lips as he snuggled with Greer.

<Greer> She crawled into his lap and cuddled him tightly, purring gently, "If it will make you happy then go for it. Whatever happens... we'll deal with it." She pressed a kiss to his temple.

<Christopher> "You make me happy, beautiful." He smiled and gave her a little kiss.

<Greer> "I'll always be here. You know that." She nuzzled him.

<Christopher> "See too good for me." Chris rubbed her back gently.

<Greer> She laughed softly, "Maybe I'm just right for you."

<Christopher> "Oh? Why's that?" Chris tickled her a little.

<Greer> She giggled and squirmed, "Because I always seem to find myself saying right what you need to hear right when you need to hear it."

<Christopher> "Mmm no you're just amazingly perfect." Chris grinned and kept tickling her.

<Greer> She laughed and tickled back, burrowing into his neck and nipping at it.

<Christopher> "Mmm hey now that's cheating." Chris laughed a little at first but the nipping quickly changed his tone.

<Greer> "Cheating is how I win," she licked his neck to punctuate that statement.

<Christopher> "Mmm I think you just know too many of my weak spots." He stopped tickling her, his hands moving down to her hips.

<Greer> "And you know all of mine. I think that makes us even..."

<Christopher> "I don't know. Maybe we should make sure." He grinned a little and gave her a little squeeze.

<Greer> She giggled again and made herself comfortable in his lap, "Think we have time before dinner to go over everything?"

<Christopher> "Hmm I really don't think so. But we could get a head start." Chris kissed her shoulder slowly.

<Greer> "I'm all for that," she grinned and nipped at his earlobe. "Maybe we can have dinner a little later than usual..."
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Oct 10, 2016 4:04 pm

<Miriam> Downstairs, it was still a festival of vomit, so Miriam stayed in her room. Her music was turned to the limits of reason - it made no sense to hurt her own ears after all - while she painted her nails.

<Viper> Viper was wearing her usual amount of green when she teleported into Miriam's bedroom but today her hair was up for a change. She gave the girl a smile.

<Miriam> "Auntie Viper!" She wanted to bounce up from the bed, but nails! She showed off her manicure and flailed a hand.

<Viper> "Hello Mäuschen," Viper went to her and hugged her carefully, mindful of the nail polish.

<Miriam> She cocked her head at the hair and reached out carefully to touch a bit. "Pretty. I like! I don't think I ever remember you wearing it like that..."

<Viper> "I haven't in a long time," she gave Miriam a smile, "But thank you for the compliment." She sat down on the bed beside her.

<Miriam> She smiled, showing off her mother's dimples, and settled in beside Viper. "If you haven't been downstairs yet? Don't." She shuddered.

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow, "Why not?" She tried to think of reasons why Miriam would be afraid to go downstairs but the mind of a teenaged girl was a complete mystery to her. Even when she was a teenager herself.

<Miriam> "Auntie Carol brought dad a birthday present." She looked down to inspect her nails. "He was doing... that thing."

<Viper> Now she was even more confused, "What thing?" She made a mental note to go and say hi to Carol later.

<Miriam> "You know... he stands all... close. Gives her this weird smirky smile." She wasn't completely naive, but she hated to spell it out.

<Viper> "Oh... flirting." She laughed and waved it off, "It's perfectly natural and nothing to worry about." She doubted it would help the situation if she pointed out that Carol was a very attractive woman.

<Miriam> She just stared for a moment. "How is that nothing to worry about? Mom would..." Cry, probably. "He's not supposed to look at other women like that!"

<Viper> "It's healthy to look, Mäuschen," she reached out a hand to stroke it over Miriam's hair, "But he won't act on it. He loves your mother."

<Miriam> She studied her hands in her lap, stopping herself from picking her nails. "You're sure?" Her voice was small.

<Viper> "Of course I'm sure," she turned Miriam's face to look at her, "And if he ever made the mistake of hurting your mother like that, I would be first in the queue to make sure he didn't do it again."

<Miriam> She quickly brushed her hand under her eye. "Um... Auntie Viper... you know you can't kill dad..."

<Viper> "Oh I know," she gave the girl a half smile, "But there are plenty of other ways to teach someone a lesson."

<Miriam> She supposed she shouldn't have been comforted by that, but she laughed a little anyway and leaned against Viper.

<Viper> Viper put an arm around her shoulders and gave her a small squeeze, "Are you looking forward to your birthday?"

<Miriam> "I was more before mom said I couldn't get a car..." She wrinkled her nose.

<Viper> "Well I'm sure the ban isn't permanent..." though it very well could be with Jess. "However...."

<Miriam> Miriam harrumphed at that. Her mom would totally ban it forever! Then, she heard... the tone. It was that tone of voice that meant Auntie Viper was potentially about to get fun. She looked up at her through her hair, trying and failing not to get her hopes up. "...however?"

<Viper> Viper got to her feet and offered Miriam a hand, "Come with me."

<Miriam> She practically bounced up; her trust in her Auntie Viper absolute. Her father would be horrified.

<Viper> Viper closed her fingers around Miriam's hand and teleported them both from Miriam's room to the expansive garage where Miriam's gift awaited them. When they arrived, she put a hand in her coat pocket then held up a set of keys.

<Shaw> He was working, but only in the academic sense. Primarily, Sebastian had just been staring at the screensaver on his tablet for the last hour. When the alert popped on-screen, it took him some time to process what he was looking at.

<Miriam> There was a new car in the family garage. Miriam looked between the car and Auntie Viper, then at the keys. She looked back at the car. It was a purple so deep it almost looked black. "...is that?"

<Viper> "Your Birthday present." Viper clarified with a small nod, "And I can promise you that there is not another like it anywhere."

<Miriam> She just stared at the car. Oh. My. God!

<Miriam> The noise she made would have made Sharky howl. "EEEEEEeeeee!" She bounced to Auntie Viper and gave her an enthusiastic and tight hug.

<Viper> Viper made a small sound of protest as all the air left her lungs but she returned the hug as well as she could manage. "There may be one or two extra features that aren't available for others...."

<Miriam> "Like that color! Holy shit! It's gorgeous!" She twisted to look over her shoulder at the car again, never letting go.

<Viper> Viper laughed softly, "Yes, like that colour... it will also come to you if you need it to.... and it flies."

<Miriam> "Come to..." That part was utterly overshadowed by her final words. "It flies?!"

<Viper> "Of course," she stepped back a little from Miriam to give her a smile. "Can't very well have you driving around on the road where just anyone could get to you.... unless you feel like sitting in traffic, of course."

<Miriam> "Ugh, traffic. Boring!" She grinned, then bounced over to the car to circle it. "Wow."

<Viper> "You can get in if you'd like," Viper told her, watching the girl with a half smile. It was nice to see her so happy.

<Shaw> He shook the tablet when Miriam's tiny location marker reappeared. Perhaps it was time for an upgrade.

<Miriam> "Yeah?" She didn't waste any time in opening the driver's side door.

<Viper> Viper crossed to the passenger side and slid in beside the girl to show her where all the controls were for the fun things.

<Miriam> "Wow..." That was all she could manage for some time. Then, she turned to Viper with a grin. "Thank you."

<Viper> She smiled back, "You're very welcome. And I think your parents will just have to accept this. Who can say no to a flying car?"

<Shaw> He could. That's absolutely who could say no to a flying car... although his protests were more about the source of the gift than its attributes.

<Viper> Viper's eyeline drifted when she heard the footsteps and she leaned out of the car to give him a wave. "I came to deliver Miriam's gift."

<Shaw> "So I see..." He gave the car a critical eye, and frankly was impressed. That was a thought he would never, ever express, however. Sebastian looked over at his wife, certain she would have an... entertaining reaction.

<Jessica> Jess was trying really hard to contain her temper... and Tony who wanted to climb all over the car and tackle Viper for cuddles all at the same time.

<Carol> Carol peered out from behind Sebastian and 'oooohed'.

<Viper> Viper decided to exit the car so that she could flee if things went south.

<Miriam> "Mom..." she started, torn between getting out of the car and standing her ground when she saw the look on her mother's face.

<Jessica> "Don't say anything." Jess warned, her tone deadly. She decided to release Tony and set him down on the floor.

<Carol> Carol took a couple of steps away from Jess to Sebastian's other side.

<Shaw> Frankly, Sebastian wanted to take a couple steps away from his wife as well. He could sense her fury through their link.

<Miriam> "But..." She thought through possible arguments. "It's rude to turn down a gift!"

<Viper> Viper caught Tony and picked him up for a cuddle. Now she was protected by the presence of one of Jessica's babies.

<Jessica> Jess scowled, her hands balling into fists at her sides as electricity crackled around them. "How many times do I have to say no?!"

<Miriam> "That's all you ever say! I can't be a baby forever!"

<Jessica> "Don't start!" Jess snapped, "This is not about you!"

<Miriam> "How is it not? You wouldn't let dad get me a car!" She gestured angrily at her father. "And he's so whipped he didn't even argue!"

<Shaw> Sebastian coughed, shifting just slightly away from his wife. "Miriam..."

<Viper> Viper really tried to hide her amusement at that... honest. She decided to try and make her case before Jessica's next outburst. "I can assure you this vehicle is perfectly safe. It is safer than anything else you would be able to find or make your additions to." She eyed Sebastian pointedly, "I knew you would be concerned."

<Shaw> His attention turned to his rather frequent and still generally unwelcome house guest. "I'm certain it's far from street legal, however."

<Viper> "On inspection it would pass any test you care to give it. I didn't arm it, if that is your concern." She rolled her eyes.

<Miriam> Miriam was slightly disappointed at that, truth be told. Still, she moved back to her gift and gave it a pet.

<Jessica> "What have you done to it?" Jess was willing to give her one chance.

<Viper> "It's entirely bullet proof and has teleport assist." Viper informed her, still safely behind a small child.

<Miriam> Miriam gasped and grinned, hopping back inside.

<Shaw> "And to where does it teleport?" He was pleased that it was bulletproof, but if it sent her straight to a Hydra base in case of trouble he was less thrilled.

<Viper> Viper sighed, "In case of emergency it will teleport only the occupants to the nearest safe location."

<Jessica> Jess's brow creased with a frown.

<Shaw> Creases led to wrinkles. "Define safe," he said, brows only giving a slight twitch.

<Viper> "Here or a Hydra base to be transferred here. Whichever is closest."

<Miriam> "See, mom..." she whined.

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow, "What am I supposed to be seeing exactly?"

<Miriam> "That it's safe! And it's purple." She clasped both hands in her best begging pose.

<Jessica> Jess rolled her eyes and turned on her heel to exit the garage.

<Carol> Carol watched her go then turned to look at Sebastian, both eyebrows raised. This was so not over.

<Shaw> Sebastian was massaging his temples. His hands dropped to watch his wife's back. Then, he sighed.

<Miriam> "...dad?" She leaned and looked beseechingly up at her father. "Isn't it cool?"

<Viper> Tony was leaning to look inside the car and Viper had to turn her back to it so she didn't drop him.

<Carol> Carol sidled past Sebastian toward Viper under the guise of peering into the car herself.

<Shaw> "It's quite... attractive. Distinctive." He gave Sarkissian a sidelong glance, then laid a hand on the roof to lean in and look at the interior.

<Viper> Viper didn't turn around because she was still wrestling Tony but watched Carol approach out of the corner of her eye. "I should also mention that the car can drive itself so it's certainly safer than letting Miriam drive around unsupervised."

<Miriam> "Hey!" She peered around her father to glare at Auntie Viper. "I might be an awesome driver!"

<Viper> Viper offered a smile over her shoulder, "Even the best driver could find it a struggle in an emergency or get distracted." She raised an eyebrow at Carol when she got closer.

<Shaw> "I would think you would have considered conferring with Jessica before you... undertook this endeavor." He spoke over his shoulder to Sarkissian, still looking the vehicle over himself. He straightened to circle the car, propping a foot on a tire to give it a shake.

<Viper> "You and I both know she would never have agreed. It wouldn't matter what safety measures I installed. It would never be enough."

<Carol> "I've never seen her that mad at you ever," Carol muttered to Viper with disbelief, offering to take Tony from her with a gesture now that the threat had departed.

<Viper> Viper offered Carol a small smirk as she handed Tony over.

<Shaw> Opening the passenger side door, he smirked. "Indeed. That's why I didn't tell her, either."

<Viper> Viper turned to watch him now that she was free of the small child, "And yet I succeeded where you did not." As usual. She couldn't keep the smug tone out of her voice.

<Shaw> "That is a matter of perspective." He smirked and got into the car, running his fingertips over the dash.

<Miriam> Miriam watched her dad, not sure she liked his interest in her car.

<Viper> "And what is your perspective?" She eyed him all over the car then leaned to catch Miriam's eye, "You will have the only set of keys, Mäuschen."

<Shaw> The long game, as always."

<Miriam> She smiled and gave Auntie Viper a shifty thumbs-up.

<Shaw> "Little love," he addressed his daughter. "I would not usurp your gift." He would just scan it and reverse engineer the model, of course.

<Viper> Viper managed to stop herself voicing the thought that the game wasn't so long these days and frowned, glancing over her shoulder at Carol.

<Carol> "Don't look at me. I've never seen her this pi-.... mad. This might take a while to untangle." Tony was climbing over her shoulder and was now upside down being held up by his knees.

<Miriam> "Good. You better not." She wrinkled her nose at her dad, then smiled a familiar toothy smile.

<Shaw> "She will calm." He hoped.

<Viper> Viper shoved her worry away and ignored it like she did with all the other emotions she didn't like, "Of course she will." Maybe she should give Jessica a gift too.

<Carol> "You coming to the party?" Carol asked, keeping her tone casual. What she really meant is 'still coming' because she already knew Viper planned to make an appearance there.

<Shaw> "I'm certain she wouldn't be stopped by any rescinded invitation," he chuckled.

<Miriam> Miriam gasped. "Mom wouldn't do that!" Would she? She might... she'd gotten crazier lately. Miriam totally blamed menopause.

<Viper> Viper nodded, "I had planned to be there." She had a promise to keep after all and it was sure to prove entertaining.

<Carol> Carol smiled, somewhat relieved, "Awesome. At least I know I'll be amused."

<Shaw> "Well, there was no need to book that clown when we'll have a floor show," he observed, sitting back in the seat and scratching at his stubble with a smirk.

<Miriam> That made her head whip. "Dad! I'm too old for clowns!" Now why was he laughing?

<Carol> Carol laughed too, "He's kidding," she assured Miriam.

<Viper> Viper raised an eyebrow then rolled her eyes.

<Shaw> Sebastian grinned at his daughter, who huffed.

<Carol> Carol grinned and reached to pat Miriam fondly while Tony slipped further down her back so now she was holding him by his ankles and he was giggling like a maniac.

<Viper> Viper cocked her head on one side watching Carol with the ten-year-old for a moment then turned her attention to Sebastian again. "While I am here... Sebastian, I would like to talk to you about something."

<Shaw> Distracted by Carol with his son as well, Sebastian looked up. "Mmm?" His brow arched. "I don't think you can buy Jessica's favor back by offering her a matching vehicle. Not even if it was red."

<Viper> She shook her head, "No. Though it is related to Jessica." She inclined her head toward the house indicating she wished to talk in private.

<Shaw> Frowning slightly, he looked to his children, but Tony was still laughing and squealing and Miriam was admiring her gift. "Of course," he said after a pause, blanking his expression after he bade Miriam to enjoy herself and got out of the car.

<Viper> Viper turned toward the house ahead of him. She didn't see the point in saying good bye as they would be seeing her again very soon. Once back in the house, she waited for Sebastian to catch up.

<Shaw> Not inclined to trail her through his own house, Sebastian took his time doing so.

<Viper> "I would like to put a suggestion to you regarding Jessica.... but I know you won't like it," She said when they were alone.

<Shaw> His eyebrows rose and he again moved slowly to lean against the wall, crossing his arms. "Oh?"

<Viper> She sighed. "Jessica is... aging... and we are not." She glanced down at the floor before she continued, "I could fix that..."

<Shaw> Of course he knew his wife was aging, but the observation, delivered like this, rendered him speechless. It only lasted for a moment. "There's nothing to fix," he snapped.

<Viper> She sighed, having expected that kind of reaction. "So you are content to watch her fade away?" She lifted her gaze to meet his eyes.

<Shaw> The muscle in his jaw worked. He looked away.

<Viper> "I didn't think so." Viper folded her arms, "I can look into it or I can continue to ignore it but I will have to distance myself. If I am going to do something about it I will have to do it soon."

<Shaw> He swallowed, finally looking back to Sarkissian. "Specify something, please." Pausing, he cleared his throat and inspected the wall again.

<Viper> "It's really very simple. I could give her a healing mutation."

<Shaw> Sebastian blinked. "As you did temporarily for Michael?"

<Viper> Viper nodded, "Yes... but this would be slightly more complicated... and involve questionable research."

<Shaw> His son's misadventure in Japan was long ago, but he clearly remembered that horrible day and those that followed it. "You need to be more specific." He paused. "Does she know you are thinking about this?"

<Viper> Viper shook her head, "No... I thought that might be better coming from you. She is more likely to agree to it if she knows you are on board with the idea." She unfolded her arms and stuck her hands into the back pockets on her trousers. "Do you remember a Magnus Maximoff? He did research into blending mutations together..."

<Shaw> His hackles rose. "Of course I remember!" He had to work to keep his voice down, flashing a glance at the door and using his link with Jessica to determine where she was and if she could hear him.

<Viper> Viper blinked at the reaction but continued, "Then you'll know his work was indeed successful. I am in possession of much of it and I have been studying it in my free time for... academic reasons."

<Shaw> He ran his hand through his hair, looking for something to do other than pace the room. "You know I will not allow experimentation on her."

<Viper> "I am well aware of that." She looked down again, "I believe I can apply the theory without too much difficulty. He was very thorough."

<Shaw> "And from where would this mutation come? Me? You?"

<Viper> "There are many different forms of healing mutation... it may be something of a hobby of mine."

<Shaw> "That did not answer my question, which is always worrisome where you are concerned."

<Viper> "What I'm saying is that it needn't be either of us... I have quite the collection."

<Shaw> Sebastian rubbed his eyes. "That... is exactly my concern."

<Viper> "Why does it matter where it comes from, Sebastian? Surely what matters is that we don't have to watch her die of old age. But if I am going to give her a healing mutation I think it would be good to let her choose how it operates."

<Shaw> "You know she would not agree to using something that was harvested through less than ethical means." He frowned. "She has far too much of a conscience for it. She would rather die of old age."

<Viper> "Who said anything about less than ethical? I certainly didn't. You always jump to the worst conclusions." She pouted.

<Shaw> Sebastian simply raised a brow.

<Viper> "They were all willingly donated," she assured him. "For science."

<Shaw> "Very well." He decided to accept her answer, and turned his attention to a more troublesome topic. "How on earth am I to broach this subject with her?"

<Viper> "That is up to you. You know very well that tact is not something I have in abundance."

<Shaw> Sebastian's long nose wrinkled. "Nor I."

<Viper> "But you are her husband," Viper pointed out, adding; "And I have already upset her."

<Shaw> "I'm not bringing it up before Miriam's party," he said, giving her a curious look. "The current storm should be allowed to pass."

<Viper> "Certainly. Let's try not to ruin her day. It should be fun... even if there are no clowns." She offered a small amused smirk.

<Shaw> Despite the conversation, he smirked. "I confess I'm quite tempted to hire one, if only to see Miriam's face."

<Viper> Viper laughed, "If you do, be sure not to tell her that I encouraged you. She likes me." People that liked her were few and far between.

<Shaw> He leaned in. "In that case, I'll be sure to tell her to thank you for the entertainment." With that, Sebastian gave her a wink and went looking for his wife.
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Re: What if...? 2033

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Christopher: Chris had managed to wrangle himself a chance to get down to the school, under the pretenses that he'd be checking up on them. It was a complete farce, he just wanted to go see old friends. When he got to the building in his rental car he hopped out and didn't even wait for somoene to come retrieve him.

Christopher: In the door and down the halls he went looking for a specific nameplate. All of the students giving him weird looks since he was in his full SHIELD get up, gun and all. He had quite quickly gotten used to always carrying a gun and mostly forgot it was even there until he needed to use it. When he finally came to the door he was looking for he gave it a good knock.

Cessily: "Come in," Cessily called, checking her clock before casting a glance at her schedule to see if she had forgotten an appointment. Perhaps it was Erik with some kind of problem, or a student who wished to talk. Either way, the silver woman saved her work, then closed her laptop and turned towards the door.

Christopher: Chris opened the door with a big smile. "Mam I've got some complaints from the neighboors that this place is still too awesome." He walked into her office and closed the door behind him.

Cessily: "Chris!" Cessily's shiny face brightened even more when a grin lit her expression, her eyes wide with surprise. "Oh my god, what are you doing here!?" She was on her feet in an instant, sidestepping her desk to close the distance between them. Without hesitating, she put her arms around him in a hug.

Christopher: Chris quickly returned the hug, picked her up off her feet and spun them around. "Had to come see my best friend. It's been way too long. So I snagged a check up job so I could get here." He set her down and pointed to the SHIELD symbol on his shirt.

Cessily: "Really? Aw that's so sweet!" Cessily was still grinning from ear to ear when she took a moment to look Chris up and down. "You're looking good. That uniform suits you. And you're right, it's been way too long."

Christopher: "I do look pretty badass don't I?" Chris grinned. "I missed your shiny butt." He was all smiles. "Missed this place. It is a little weird being here and not taking classes or teaching."

Cessily: "You do," Cessily replied, shooting him a grin over her shoulder as she led the way to the set of comfy chairs in her office. She was in no rush and gave her guest ample time to admire what he had missed. "Is that why you stopped by? Because you heard that shiny butt was on the market again?"

Christopher: Chris laughed a little, but did take the time to check her out. "No. I came to see one of my best friends. And technically I'm supposed to be here inspecting things." He did the air quotes. "How're you doing babe?" Chris pulled her into a one armed hug, still smiling wide. He was just happy to get to see her again.

Cessily: "Pretty great, actually," Cessily replied, a smile on her lips as she leaned into the embrace. "Even though I'm more busy than ever now that I work as Erik's assistant. Helping him manage the school barely leaves any time to do actual teaching anymore, but I find it very rewarding nonetheless."

Cessily: "How about you?" she asked, showing a smile. "How's the life of action and adventure treating you?"

Christopher: "I'm growing to miss a lot of people. But it keeps me very busy." He sighed a little. "Sadly I don't get to see all of my friends as much as I'd like but I'm making up for a lot of the crap I did when I was younger." Chris cracked a little grin. "So not getting to corrupt impressionable young minds anymore?"

Cessily: Cessily chuckled and gave him a smirk. "Oh, I'll always make time for that." She put a hand on his arm and gave it a gentle caress. "That's good. I'm glad you found something you enjoy." Her smile turned bittersweet. "Though I know what you mean. A lot of people have moved on, and I often find myself thinking about them."

Christopher: "Yeah, but hey there's always ways for us to keep in touch. I mean look I'm getting paid to come see you right now." He grinned. "That's the best!"

Cessily: "That's pretty neat, you're right." Cessily returned the grin, before she checked the clock again. "You know what? I think I'm going to take an extended lunch break today. So why don't we go someplace nicer to catch up?"

Christopher: "Sure. Where do you want to go Cess?" He took her arm in his. "Lead the way!"

Cessily: Cessily grabbed her purse and keys from the desk, then led Chris to the door. "There's a lovely little pub not too far from here," she said. "They serve good food and a great coffee, and it's quiet enough to talk in peace. We can take my car, if you like."

Christopher: "Sure. I'd offer you a ride in my vette but I had to get a rental. The Corvette's at the house." Chris gave her a little bump.

Cessily: "That's too bad." Cessily laughed. "But I guess also a great excuse for me to come visit you sometime. Not that I'd need one." One of the benefits of co-managing the school was that she never had to walk very far to her parking lot. "It's just a five minute ride from here."

Christopher: "We both know you'd come just to see my sexy ass." He smirked and got into her car. "You sure I don't need to worry about you kidnapping me?"

Cessily: Cessily gave him a mischievous grin as she started the car. "I never said you needn't worry." She switched on the radio and steered the car down the driveway, taking the first exit after leaving the estate.

Christopher: "They're going to find me in a dungeon somewhere chained to the wall naked aren't they?" He stuck his tongue out at her.

Cessily: Cessily laughed. "Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?" She turned her head to shoot him a smile. "I figured we'd start with a cup of coffee and just see where it takes us."

Christopher: "Coffee's great babe." He smiled. "So any crazyness going on at school? Any new cool mutant powers we've never seen?"

Cessily: "So much that I've lost count," Cessily replied, pulling up to the rustic cafe located by the edge of a small pond. "With more and more mutants being born, the school is busier and crazier than ever. But I like having lots of new faces around me. Reminds me of the time when I first enrolled."

Christopher: "I bet. I'm mostly surrounded by regular people so it's not as exciting. But the job definitely is." Chris got out of the car once she stopped. "Hmm this doesn't look like a sex dungeon to me I think I'll be okay."

Cessily: Cessily giggled. "What makes you think it's not just a harmless facade?" She got out of the car as well and locked it, before heading up the short flight of stairs to the entrance of the cafe. "Nah, you only have to start worrying when I invite you to my home," she added with a wink.

Christopher: "I'll keep that in mind." Chris followed her up the stairs having trouble keeping his eyes off her backside. "I'll take coffee for now. Don't need you thinking I'm some weird sexual deviant." He gave her a smirk, knowing that she knew better than that.

Cessily: "I'm afraid it might be a little late to start worrying about that." Cessily snickered and led him to one of the free tables. The cafe wasn't very busy that time of the day, so they had the corner of the room to themselves. Once seated, the waitress approached, and Cessily ordered two large coffee.

Christopher: "Hey you started me on my road to corruption." Chris laughed a little. "I remember a certain someone constantly pushing my limits in the bedroom."

Cessily: Cessily looked Chris in the eye, the corner of her mouth curling to reveal a tiny smirk. "I never claimed to be innocent," she said. "And something tells me you're not regretting it."

Christopher: "Not in the least." He smiled. "School was fun, especially with you around."

Cessily: "Oh yes, it was," Cessily returned the smile, waiting to continue until the waitress had put down their coffee cups. "I really miss that sometimes."

Christopher: "Miss what. The freedom of school? Or me fucking your brains out?" He laughed a little when the waitress' eyes went wide. "Thank you miss." He grinned a little.

Cessily: Cessily laughed, no trace of shame in her voice. "Both," she replied, while stirring some sugar into her coffee, before taking a sip. She put the cup down again and licked her silver lips. "Mostly the latter though."

Christopher: "Oooh naughty naughty Cessily. Yeah I miss school a bit too. But it's not hard to find fun if you look hard enough." He sipped at his coffee.

Cessily: "That's true," Cessily admitted, tilting her head. "So, how about you? Found any good fun recently?"

Christopher: "I have. There's not very many cute girls on base. But I've managed to run across a few that think they can keep up with a mutant with a healing factor." He smirked. "They're usually wrong."

Cessily: Cessily giggled. "I missed your shameless bragging, too." She took another sip of coffee. A grin formed on her lips. "Though, I also know it's not baseless bragging."

Christopher: Chris laughed a little. "You just love hearing the lurid details of all my sexual acts."

Cessily: "Well, I certainly wouldn't mind hearing about them," Cessily replied. She leaned forward a little, her fingertips on the warm cup of coffee. "That is, unless you'd prefer to show me instead."

Christopher: "Well aren't we bold today?" Chris grinned. "See though if I showed you all my pictures I'd be giving away all my naughty accomplices secrets. "Maybe if she's feeling nice I can show you Greer's cute backside bent over a few things." A smirk crossed his face as he texted his partner for permission.

Cessily: Cessily laughed. "I wasn't talking about pictures," she said, leaning further across the table as she sought Chris's gaze. "I was thinking more about a demonstration."

Christopher: "Oh? Greer even said she was okay with it. Winky face and all." He started to consider doing things with Cess again. The thought of getting to sleep with her being a plus but he didn't know how Carol would feel about it.

Cessily: "Really? That's really nice of her." Cessily bit her lower lip, one arm propped up on the table to rest her chin upon her hand, the other one idly stirring her coffee. "And I had really hoped she would say something like that."

Cessily: "So why don't we finish our coffee, head over to my place, and work on some pictures you can show her in return?"

Christopher: Chris took the liberty of showing her a few pictures from their last encounter. "Mhmm, might not be married but we still have a pretty active sex life." He smirked. "The one on my car is my favorite."

Cessily: "Very lovely," Cessily commented, taking her time with the pictures. She glanced up at Chris and smiled. "I really need to come visit sometime."

Christopher: "I'm sure Greer would love to see you. Just no corrupting Thomas." Chris laughed a little.

Cessily: Cessily laughed. "Hey, I've never been that bad." She became serious again. "I really should make time to stop be. How's everyone doing? Good, I hope?"

Christopher: "Heh I know babe. Everyone's pretty good." He smiled. "I feel kinda bad though..." Chris sighed and sipped his coffee. "I've been away a lot with training and missions."

Cessily: "Yeah, I can imagine. And I know what you mean." She gave him a sympathetic smile. "I guess that's just part of this kind of work. I mean, there were times when Carol and I wouldn't see each other for days or longer."

Cessily: She chuckled. "That's probably why you see so few superheros with a stable relationship in the comics."

Christopher: Chris laughed a little. "Yeah I bet. There is sooooooo much sleeping around at base. I am so glad I can't get diseases."

Cessily: Cessily almost spilt her coffee when she had to giggle right before taking a sip. "Sounds like you're trying to outdo my reputation now."

Christopher: "Pretty sure I have by now babe." He gave her a little wink.

Cessily: Watching him across the table, she took a swig from her coffee and licked her lips as she set the cup down. "Seems like I have some catching up to do."

Christopher: "Good luck." Chris smirked and gave her a wink. "I've had to retire the headboard."

Cessily: Cessily laughed. "Now that's something I'd have loved to see."

Christopher: "There's nothin left of it. Or I'd gladly show." He smirked. "You know I'm just teasing you right?"

Cessily: "Oh, I do." She put on a wry little smile. "What do you think I'm trying to do here the whole time?"

Christopher: "Pretty sure I'm immune to your charms after being your friend for so long." Chris gave her a mock sympathetic pat on the shoulder. "You'll have to up your game you must be getting rusty."

Cessily: "Well, I planned to show you my new lingerie later, if you're interested," Cessily replied in a sweet tone. "Is that good enough, or will I have to take off my clothes right here?"

Christopher: "You're gonna get me in trouble missy." He smirked, a lewd grin slipping across his face.

Cessily: "Hey, which one of us just bragged about how much he messes around at work? Or was that all it was?" She grinned right back at him. "Bragging?"

Christopher: "Oh it was bragging. But you know I wouldn't lie to you." Chris stuck his tongue out at her.

Cessily: "Well, I'd hope so." Cessily chuckled. "So, would you like to go someplace else after we finish our coffee? It would be no problem for me to take the rest of the day off to catch up with an old friend."

Christopher: "Sure I've got all day to make inspections." He laughed a little. As if he was actually going to inspect the place.

Cessily: "Awesome!" Her expression brightened. "How about we stop by my place later and I cook us something nice for dinner, or just have something delivered? That should be more enjoyable than hanging out in a crowded restaurant."

Christopher: "Sounds like a plan Cess." Chris gave her a big smile. "This is nice. I need to catch up with all my old friends. Especially the pretty ones." He gave her a little wink.

Cessily: "Then I take it as a compliment that you started with me," Cessily replied with a smirk on her lips. She gestured in the direction of the waitress to ask for the bill.

Christopher: "Prettiest first. You know you're not paying right." He poked her with his foor as he sipped his coffee.

Cessily: "Well, if you insist on acting like a gentleman, I certainly won't stop you."

Christopher: Chris pulled some cash out and set it on the table. "Just because I work for SHIELD doesn't mean I'm not still rich. Investments for the win."

Cessily: "Yes, I can understand that." Cessily nodded. "I'm glad you found something to feel passionate about. And I really appreciate what you're doing. I'm sure our students do too."

Christopher: "Heh don't make me seem more awesome than I am babe." Chris sat back and ran a hand through his hair. "I won't bring up old shit, but you know what I did."

Cessily: "We both know," Cessily replied, giving him a sympathetic smile. "So there's no need to dwell on it."

Christopher: "Yeah I know. I try not to think about it. It's easier when I have things to keep my mind off it. Hence knew job, where I don't have to think as much."

Cessily: Cessily laughed. "That doesn't exactly fill me with confidence about what you guys are doing there."

Christopher: "You know me better than that Cess." Chris poked her.

Cessily: "I do, which is why I enjoy teasing you." She giggled and returned the poke.

Christopher: "You have always been a tease." Chris pulled her into a hug. "How have I put up with you for so long."

Cessily: "Well, for one, I've always been here to listen to you," Cessily replied, leaning into the hug. "Also, I'm both cute and insanely hot."

Christopher: "Hmmm you do have a point there." Chris tickled Cessily a little. "Definitely cute."

Cessily: Cessily giggled and squirmed in Chris's arms until he stopped. She then stretched her arm to reach for the cupboard by the wall, retrieving a stack of fliers and menus. "Here, you're my guest, and the one with a digestive system, so I'll let you pick where we order food."

Christopher: "Hmm Chinese?" Chris shrugged. "You just want me to stop tickling you."

Cessily: "If I wanted that, I could just get up," Cessily pointed out, picking one of the menus. "Chinese it is then." Stretching her other arm to retrieve her phone, she called the the restaurant and simply ordered a whole range of different dishes. "There, that should last us through the evening."

Christopher: "And leave this comfy seat?" He smirked. "Man sounds like you're trying to fatten me up." Chris gave her another hug. "Ugh I've missed you Cess."

Cessily: Cessily smiled and put her arm around Chris's shoulder to return the hug. "Missed you too," she said. "I'm glad you decided to stop by for a surprise visit."

Christopher: "Me too. Even if they find out and I get chewed out." Chris' smile was ear to ear.

Cessily: "Don't worry about it," Cessily said, grinning back at him. "If anyone gives you trouble, I'll just say the school was attacked by aliens again and you had to help us fight them off."

Christopher: "Good plan." Chris laughed a little. "Next time I'm in trouble I'm going to call you. You've got quite the devious mind."

Cessily: Cessily's grin grew a little bigger. "How do you think I ended up becoming assistant headmaster?"

Christopher: "Taking out the competition." Chris poked at her.

Cessily: She turned her head to look at Chris, the edge of her mouth crooked by a small smile. "Why would I ever do that, when there are so much more fun ways to make them do what I want?"

Christopher: Chris laughed a little. "If I didn't know better I'd think you were one of the bad guys. Maybe I should have brought my tactical gear."

Cessily: Cessily raised her eyebrows. "Do I look that dangerous to you?"

Christopher: "In some ways." Chris smirked and gave her a little wink.

Cessily: Leaning closer, she mimicked his smirk. "Then maybe you should better apprehend me, before I decide to misbehave."

Christopher: "I don't think I have the right gear to apprehend you." He tickled her a little more. "Shapeshifters are just too tricky."

Cessily: Cessily giggled again, writhing between his hands. "I promise I won't resist," she told him. "Much."

Christopher: "You're terrible babe. Absolutely terrible." Chris didn't let up tickling her.

Cessily: Cessily continued to giggle. "Hey, you're the one who won't stop!"

Christopher: "Pfft nope I'm just having fun till the food gets here." Chris stuck his tongue out at her and kept tickling.

Cessily: "You do realize that might take a while?" Cessily asked, wiggling towards safety.

Christopher: Chris relented his attack and got comfortable on the couch. "Hmm I guess I can't just tickle you until they get here then. How would you suggest we pass the time?"

Cessily: "We could catch up on each others adventures and compare our wildest mutant related stories," Cessily suggested, kicking off her shoes so she could pull her feet up on the sofa and get comfortable.

Christopher: "Mine are mostly just kickin badguy ass."

Cessily: "Well, that sounds pretty exciting to me," she said and showed him a smile, reaching for her glass on the table.

Christopher: "Sometimes, usually it's a lot of chasing people down. Here and there we get to take down a few powered people. That's sometimes fun." He laughed. "Had a gal with super strength rough me up a bit a while back. She thought she was tough shit till she realized it made me stronger."

Cessily: Cessily chuckled. "You always needed to be smacked around first before realising your full potential," she said. "I'm afraid my job rarely gets that intense, but I see that as a good thing, because it means the school is a safe place for our students."

Christopher: "Safe is good. I won't be happy if I hear my old school is in trouble." He smirked. "And hey what's life without a little pain."

Cessily: "Well, you're certainly not wrong about that." Cessily snickered, before taking a sip from her glass.

Christopher: "Though the other agents don't really like that philosophy when we're training. Though there's a few cuties that don't mind some spanking." Chris grinned. "I have a regular that really likes it when I pin her against my table."

Cessily: Cessily grinned and brushed a stray strand of hair out of her face. "I can't blame her at all," she said, giving Chris a suggestive look. "After all, I'm quite fond of being handled a little rougher myself."

Christopher_____: "Peas of a pod aren't we?" He laughed a little and had to turn his head to avoid the look she was giving him. She was starting to get to be far too tempting.

Cessily: "That's why we get along so well," Cessily replied, a wry smile on her lips. "And something to consider should we get bored waiting for our food."

Christopher_____: "Hmm? I'm sure we could think of something to entertain ourselves."

Cessily: Cessily set her glass aside without taking her eyes off Chris. "Then why don't you tell me what you would like me to do."

Cessily: Cessily tilted her head and raised her eyebrows. "That's right," she replied. "And as my guest, it's your prerogative to decide how I will keep you entertained."

Christopher: "Surprise me. That should be a tough task for you." He smirked.

Cessily: Cessily gave him small smile, not letting her impatience show. "Alright then," she said. "Let's play some cards then."

Christopher: "Sure what do you have in mind?" Chris was enjoying toying with her a little too much. "I've gotten pretty good at poker thanks to late night games on base."

Cessily: "Sounds great!" Cessily got up from the couch and strolled to the drawer by the wall, searching it for a deck of cards. "Though, we'd need to think of something interesting to wager."

Christopher: "Hmm what to wager what to wager." Chris smirked, watching her butt as she walked away from him. "Candy?"

Cessily: "You got any on you?" Cessily sat back down on the couch, pulling up her legs again so she could lean back against the armrest, then began shuffling the cards.

Christopher: "Nope, just me and the clothes on my back." He turned to face her and scooted back a little to give them room to play.

Cessily: "Then this will be a very short game," Cessily pointed out, smiling at him as she set down the stack of cards between them.

Christopher: "Oh? You really think you can beat my pants off?" He smirked.

Cessily: "I thought you wanted to play for sweets," Cessily said, and dealt both of them a hand of cards.

Christopher: "Well since I don't have any I guess I'll have to play with what I've got huh?" He smirked.

Christopher: He gave her a smile and took his cards, keeping his poker face up.

Cessily: "Who says I even want them?" Cessily replied, reclining on the sofa to get comfortable. "Besides, I don't think they're worth that much."

Christopher: "I don't think it's the clothes you want so much as what's under them." He discarded two cards and picked up two.

Cessily: With a small smile adorning the corner of her mouth, Cessily looked into her card, before exchanging one of them. "Maybe I do," she said. "But it's like I said, I'm not a teenager anymore, and I just don't have enough free time to play games. If you're not interested, that's absolutely fine, but you should tell me."

Christopher: "Aww what's the fun in life if you don't play a few games now and then." Chris frowned a little, he wanted this but a small bit of him kept telling him he shouldn't.

Cessily: Cessily smiled. "Well, it's what we're doing right now, no?" She grabbed her empty glass, then looked at Chris's on the table. "Want something more to drink?"

Christopher: "I'm fine, thank you. So what do ya got." Chris laid out his hand, it was good but not amazing.

Cessily: Cessily flipped over her cards as stood up to get herself a refill. "One more pair than you, it seems," she said, giving him a smile, before heading for the kitchen.

Christopher: "Drats I guess that means you win. So what do I owe ya?" Chris gathered up the cards and started to shuffle.

Cessily: "Hm, I don't know," Cessily replied, returning with a refilled glass, a thoughtful expression on her face when she sat down again. "You mentioned how filthy rich you are earlier, so how about you pay for our food when it gets here?"

Christopher: Chris laughed a little, with how heavy she was laying it on he hadn't expected that. "Gladly. Though I thought you'd be a bit more imaginativ."

Cessily: "Hey, there are no riches to be made in public eduction." Cessily laughed. "Us teachers need to take anything we can get if we are to survive."

Christopher: "So next hand." Chris dealt her out a hand and then his own.

Cessily: "All right," Cessily said and picked up her cards, crossing her legs and shuffling on the couch until she was comfortable. "If you like, we could put on a movie when the food gets here."

Christopher: "Sure got anything good?" Chris didn't put any cards down this time, he had an awesome hand.

Cessily: She chuckled and exchanged two of her cards. "I'm sure Netflix will have at least something we can both agree on."

Christopher: "Probably. Alright what chya got?" He laid down his hand sure it would win.

Cessily: Cessily made a face as she revealed her hand. "Just a pair," she said, putting on a lopsided smile.

Christopher: "Looks like I win this time. Hmm what to pick what to pick." Chris smirked giving her a lewd grin.

Cessily: "I don't know," Cessily replied, shuffling her cards back into the stack, a small smile on her lips. "Though keep in mind I'm just a poor teacher."

Christopher: "Hmm weeeell." Chris' grin grew wider. "I think I like your shirt. Maybe I'll take that and if you're good enough you can win it back."

Cessily: Cessily tilted her head and raised a brow, then simply shrugged. "Okay." She sat up straight so she could pull her shirt off over her shoulders and head, chucking it at Chris. "And what if I don't want it back?"

Christopher: "Hmm you'll just have to think of something else to go for then." Chris caught the shirt and laid it over his shoulder as he gave the cards to her to shuffle.

Cessily: Cessily smirked, shuffled the cards, and dealt out a new hand. "Maybe I'll just settle for getting yours instead."

Christopher: "I don't think they'd fit very well." Chris smirked. "Though I don't think this'll fit me either."

Cessily: "What a dilemma," Cessily replied. "I guess we'll have to leave them off then."

Christopher: Chris just laughed. "I missed your free spirit Cess." He drew a hand and frowned a little.

Cessily: Cessily glanced up from her hand to give Chris a suggestive smile. "I'm sure you miss more about me that just that," she said, keeping the hand she had been dealt.

Christopher: "I'm sure I have no idea what you are talking about." He feigned ignorance and discarded two cards to pick up another two. "Welp looks like your win, I don't even have a pair."

Cessily: Cessily flipped open her full house, revealing a grin. "So, how about a shirt for a shirt?"

Christopher: "To the victor goes the spoils." Chris took off his shirt and tossed it to her. He gathered up the cards and shuffled them. "If the food doesn't come soon the delivery guy is going to get a good show."

Cessily: Cessily giggled, before a thought crossed her mind and she gave Chris a mischievous look. "Want to make this a little more exciting?" she asked. "All or nothing, and the loser has to open the door."

Christopher: Chris just laughed. "You have the most devious mind. But I'm pretty sure the student has surpassed the master. I'm in. But the loser has to show up shortly after, same condition." He grinned and dealt the cards.

Cessily: She picked up her cards with a grin. "Oh, I don't expect any of us to remain dressed much longer," she said, replacing a single card of her hand.

Christopher: Chris grinned. "Really now?" He picked up his hand and only got a few cards this time. "Pretty sure I'm gonna win this one."

Cessily: Cessily glanced up at him, a wry smile on her lips, and flipped over her cards. "Only if you can beat three kings."

Christopher: Chris pondered for a minute trying to keep up his poker face. "I do think... I lose." He laughed a little. "Guess I have to strip now huh?"

Cessily: "Ooh, you bet!" Cessily clapped her hands and put on a gleeful grin, shimmying back on the couch to get more comfortable. "You can start the show whenever."

Christopher: "Oh so you get a show now too? I don't remember that being a part of the deal." Chris smirked even as he stood up and started to undo his belt.

Cessily: "Think of it as extra effort," Cessily replied, her gaze wandering across Chris's body as he undressed. "You'll even get a free wish in return."

Christopher: "Oh will I now?" He smirked as he stepped out of his pants.

Cessily: "Mmhmm." Cessily bit her lower lip and kept her eyes on him, enjoying every second. "And it can be anything you like, so I hope you make it count."

Christopher: "Hmm I don't know what else I could want." Chris gave her a little wink, took his underwear off and flicked them at her by the elastic waist band.

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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Nov 13, 2016 1:39 am

<Viper> Viper sat on the end of her bed, her phone lying on it beside her as she watched the door, listening for footsteps in the hall beyond.

<Christopher> Chris knocked on the door before entering. "You summoned?" A wide cheesy grin crossed his face when he saw the state Viper was in.

<Viper> "And you came," she leaned back on her hands, the corner of her mouth lifting in a smirk as she uncrossed her legs.

<Christopher> "If the treat wasn't so tasty I might not have. You know my son and Partner are at the party too." Chris closed the door and moved towards the bed slowly, slipping off his belt as he went.

<Viper> "Oh I know...." she pouted at him, "But I was so very bored."

<Christopher> "Mmm I could tell Viper." Chris manged to get to the bed and get mostly undressed without falling. "I could really tell." He licked his lips and pulled her into a quick lust filled kiss.

<Viper> She returned the kiss, falling back on the bed with him as she wrapped her arms around him. Her fingers went up into his hair as her legs lifted around his waist and pulled him hard against her.

<Christopher> "Miss me?" Chris grinned as he pulled away from the kiss. "And did you wear this pretty little number just for me?"

<Viper> "I did," she grinned, not giving any indication to which question she was answering.

<Christopher> Chris shook his head a little and just decided to go straight for the prize. "Good." He started to kiss and bite at her neck his hands moving to her bra to undo it.

<Viper> She tipped her head back into the sheets and let out a long sigh of pleasure, keeping him pressed against her so that she could move her hips against his.

<Christopher> "Mmm tease." Chris moaned into her ear as he kissed and nipped at it. Her bra coming off and being tossed aside.

<Viper> She ran her hands over his chest once she was freed of her bra, turning her head to laugh softly into his ear and breathe in his scent. "You're surprised? I've been doing that all day."

<Christopher> "No, I love it. And the thrill of doing it with everyone here is a nice rush." He grinned. "You know, Greer knows exactly what we're doing right?" He smirked.

<Viper> "If she didn't, she would surely know later." She nipped at his earlobe, raising a hand to his face to turn it so she could kiss him again.

<Christopher> "My kitty is going to be jealous." Chris returned the kiss. His hands slipping to her panties to push them down.

<Viper> She moved her legs from around him to aid him in his endevour but once that was done she returned them to around his waist to draw him back against her. "I would be more than willing to let her join in but I think they might miss the both of you...." she murmured against his lips before kissing him again and slipping her tongue past his lips.

<Christopher> "Maybe we can talk to her about that." He bit at her lip between kisses.

<Viper> "But not right now..."

Time Passes

<Viper> Viper pulled the sheets around them, the silk feeling wonderful against her skin, and she rolled them so that they lay on their sides, finding his lips again for a passionate kiss.

<Christopher> Chris returned the kiss, his hands moving to her butt to squeeze it gently. "Do we really have to go back to the party?" He smirked and gave her jawline a few nips.

<Viper> "Unfortunately...." but they could have a little time more. She curled against him, burrowing into his neck and enjoying the attention and the feel of the silk sheets. "But at least this brief excursion has been worth it."

<Christopher> "Very." Chris enjoyed the snuggling. "Now the question is who's gonna ask where we've been first?" He ran his hand up and down her back slowly.

<Viper> She laughed, "Well the only person that would care where I've been is Sebastian. I often wander off on my own. I am an adult, you know."

<Christopher> "I would hope so. I've done some terrible things but I'm not adding that to the list." Chris kissed her softly.

<Viper> She smiled in the kiss as she returned it, stroking her fingers through his hair. "Well, don't worry... I probably wouldn't tell anyone."

<Christopher> "Anyone in my life that needs to know does." He kissed across her chin.

<Viper> The corner off her mouth lifted in a slight smile though it didn't reach her eyes, "I have no one to tell. What I choose to do in the bedroom is my own business."

<Christopher> "Heh lucky for you." Chris smiled. "Speaking of telling... I have something to tell you Viper."

<Viper> Lucky was not the word she'd have chosen but she shoved those feelings aside like so many others and covered it with a look of curiosity, her eyebrow raising. "Oh?"

<Christopher> "I'm asking for a transfer when I get back." Chris moved to laying on his back staring up at the ceiling.

<Viper> She didn't move, too surprised to navigate that one. "Transfer?"

<Christopher> "Guard duty or something along those lines at Greer's facility." Chris sighed, this was easier than telling Carol but still harder than he expected.

<Viper> "Oh..." she still didn't know what to do with that but she didn't feel like cuddling anymore so she unfolded herself from the sheet and got up, going for her robe.

<Christopher> Chris sat up, the situation went a lot more awkward than he'd expected. "You okay Viper?"

<Viper> "Of course. Why wouldn't I be?" Lying was easier than being honest. She turned to face him and offered him one of her trademark fake smiles.

<Christopher> "Because you're not acting like you're okay with that news." He frowned. "I didn't think that news would upset you since you can, ya know, teleport?" Chris ran his good hand through his hair. "And I'd hate to not get to see you anymore."

<Viper> "It won't be as simple if you move to a facility where you can go home every day." She went to sit on the corner of the bed once her robe was fastened.

<Christopher> "I'm sure something can be figured out." Chris felt terrible now. "Plus I'll need you around."

<Viper> "You will?" She turned her head to look at him.

<Christopher> "Unless you know someone else that's hot as hell and can fix my arm." He moved next to her and gave her a little hug with his good arm.

<Viper> "You want me to do that?" She leaned into the hug a little, "You are sure?"

<Christopher> "I trust you." Chris smiled. "Gotta find ways to keep you around right?" He was still nervous about letting her do it.

<Viper> "You would have to come to one of my facilities... you understand this, yes?"

<Christopher> "You sure that's a good idea? Bringing a SHIELD agent into a Hydra facility?" Chris gave her a confused look.

<Viper> "It is the safest place to treat you," she sighed, running a hand through her hair. "If something unexpected were to happen I would have the ability to deal with it there. Would you rather I came to your home to do this and endanger everyone in your neighbourhood? I cannot and will not do it in a SHIELD facility. It will require all of my attention and risks us being discovered."

<Christopher> "Alright Viper. I'm trusting you so whatever you think is best. I just don't want to be a problem for you." He didn't want to them to think he was a traitor either and cause trouble for Greer or Carol.

<Viper> "I will make arrangements and we can discuss the details at a later time... if you move very soon you will have to contact me when it is convenient."

<Christopher> "Viper..." Chris frowned, still feeling like this was going south. "You know I'm not doing this in spite of you or anything right?"

<Viper> "I would hope not, given what we just did. I assume you have your reasons but they are not my business." She reached to put a hand on his cheek and give him a small smile to reassure him that she wasn't taking this personally even though it was a lie. Having done this, she got to her feet, going to the ensuite to turn on the light and the shower.

<Christopher> Chris followed her to the shower. "You don't have to hide things from me Viper." He didn't pull her into a hug like he usually would but instead moved to lean against the wall.

<Viper> "And what do you suppose I hide from you?" She looked at him over her shoulder as she untied her robe.

<Christopher> "Your emotions. It's okay to be upset or whatever." Chris did his best not to stare at her body when she disrobed.

<Viper> "What have I to be upset about?" She was going to avoid the subject until he dropped it... or until she got annoyed and bit him. She stepped under the water after twisting her hair up out of the way.

<Christopher> "Fine Viper... You can ignore it. I'll get out of your hair." Chris went to grab his gear and put it on.

<Viper> "Would you rather I was upset?" People were so confusing. "Would you like that?"

<Christopher> "I'd rather you not hide your emotions. You're not as good at it as you think. At least not to people who have gotten close to you."

<Viper> "Maybe I don't want to acknowledge them myself. Did that thought not occur to you?"

<Christopher> "If that's what you want Viper. I won't pester you about it." Chris came back to the bathroom with his clothes. "It's just frustrating."

<Viper> "Do you want me to be upset, Christopher?" She turned to look at him, "Because I don't want to be upset. I ignore the feelings I don't like. I don't like to display weakness."

<Christopher> "It's not weak Viper." Chris got in with her. "Caring about people is far from weakness. It's a lot harder to care for people to wear your emotions than it is to hide them. Weakness is letting things break who you are. I'm always going to be that guy that cares too much about people. And it's fucked me up more than a few times."

<Christopher> "Gotten me into more messes I can count. But it's also made me stronger. I'm almost immortal Viper. I'm going to have to watch friends age and die. If I couldn't accept that I wouldn't be able to go on living. I've broken hearts and had mine broken, but that's also how I can tell when I'm actually in love when people actually care for me now."

<Viper> "And you have had emotions your whole life to get used to them. I have gone for most of mine without them and I was perfectly fine, thank you very much. Showing my emotions does not come naturally to me... and I shouldn't have to remind you that I will also be watching people grow old and die. I already have, in fact." And it never used to bother her but it sure did now.

<Christopher> "But you do now. So don't over look a new skill. And I'm sorry Viper. Sharing your emotions is just something you do once you have them. Makes things more interesting too." He leaned in and gave her a kiss.

<Viper> "I don't consider emotions to be a skill..." she admitted, "They're an inconvenience." She stepped past him, trailing a hand over his skin as she exited the shower.

<Christopher> "Alright Viper." Chris started to wash up more frustrated than when he started. Maybe she's right sometimes emotions just suck.

<Viper> She wrapped herself up in a towel and went back to the bedroom, sitting down on the bed and bowing her face into her hands while he couldn't see her. SHIELD agents were always trouble. She had no doubt they would one day be her undoing.

<Christopher> Chris finished washing up and got out and got dressed. "I'll let you know what's going on when I find out Viper." He ran a hand through his hair and went for the door.

<Viper> "Okay..." she turned her head toward him, "Christopher... have I done something to bother you?"

<Christopher> "It's fine Viper. It's not your fault." Part of him wanted to say yes but it wouldn't make a difference.

<Viper> "So I have done something..." she frowned and looked away again. She didn't want to watch him leave. "Have you told Carol you're going to transfer yet?"

<Christopher> "No. I've been avoiding her cuz I did something stupid. And it's nothing you did." Chris sighed.

<Viper> "Alright..." she didn't believe him. She removed the clip keeping her hair up, tossing it toward the bathroom, then lay down on the bed.

<Christopher> "What do you want me to say Viper? It's really not you. I just don't know how to handle the emotionless thing. It's hard to put myself out there and get pushed away. But it's something I've dealt with and I can handle it. I'm a big boy."

<Viper> "Pushed away?" she looked at him over her shoulder, "When have you ever been pushed away? And I wasn't aware it was supposed to be that kind of a relationship anyway..."

<Christopher> "You constantly hiding your emotions. And I didn't expect it to be anything but sex. I'm just frustrated. Forget it."

<Viper> "What good would it do to show my emotions in this instance? Surely it would make it more difficult for both of us."

<Christopher> "If I knew what you were feeling I'd know how to react. Or at least I could try. I get this way you have control Viper but it's alienating."

<Viper> She sat up again, pushing a hand through her hair and turning to look at him, "I don't want to complicate things."

<Christopher> "Like I said Viper it's fine. It just frustrated me. If you want this to be nothing but sex that's all it is." He leaned up against the door. He was starting to care for her, but if she didn't want it, he didn't have to give it.

<Viper> "How could it be anything else? Like it or not... we're not on the same side in a century old secret war... I have been here before..." she looked away again.

<Christopher> "And yet you're helping me. I haven't arrested you and we have sex on almost a regular basis. At the very least I'd consider you my friend."

<Viper> There was that word again. She couldn't help it. She laughed. It followed her around just to torment her.

<Christopher> Chris just sighed. "Guess I was mistaken."

<Viper> She got up from the bed and went to him, managing to cut off the laughter, "I'm sorry... it's not you... it's just.... it's that word...."

<Christopher> "What's wrong with having friends?"

<Viper> "Nothing..." she assured him, sliding her arms around him for a hug. "Nothing at all."

<Christopher> "You're being all sorts of confusing Viper." Chris returned the hug if a little reluctantly.

<Viper> She shook her head, "I told you I've been here before... and I said that word and everything changed... And now I'm on the other side and I still don't understand why."

<Christopher> "What do you want Viper?" Chris gave her a squeeze.

<Viper> She gave a small shrug, "That feels like a trap..."

<Christopher> "No trap just a simple question."

<Viper> "What if I give you an answer you don't like?"

<Christopher> "Then I'll have to deal with that." He gave her a little smile.

<Viper> It couldn't be that simple... She frowned a little. "I was enjoying our time together... now things will be difficult... I don't want to things to be difficult... or complicated... it means there are more opportunities for things to go wrong...."

<Christopher> "Such is life Viper." Chris rubbed her back a little.

<Viper> "I don't like it... If I am caught it won't just be me that gets hurt. I used to not care about that... but things are different now. Everything is different now."

<Christopher> "You still haven't told me what you want."

<Viper> "Because I don't know... other than to say I want things to be simple again..." she sighed, hiding her face against his shoulder, "You have a family that will suffer." As did Carol but they were estranged so it was less of a risk for them.

<Christopher> "Don't know how to make it simple again for you Viper." Chris just held her waiting for her next words.

<Viper> She tugged at the corner of her lip with a fang. "I will fix your arm... and then we will see..."

<Christopher> "Alright Viper. Now I just have to break it to Carol that I need a transfer." He sighed.

<Viper> She nodded, lifting her head and raising herself on tiptoe briefly to press a kiss to his cheek before she pulled away from him.

<Christopher> Chris pulled her into a proper kiss before she could get away. "Thank you Viper. If you can fix this I don't know how I'll thank you."

<Viper> "I'm sure, between the two of us, we could come up with something." She offered him a more genuine smile at that, it quickly shifted into a smirk as she walked away and dropped the towel once her back was to him.

<Christopher> "Trying to tease me again hmm?" Chris just smirked at her.

<Viper> "Trying? No. I'm doing." She smirked over her shoulder as she opened her closet for some fresh underwear.

<Christopher> "You sure you want the outcome of that line of thought." Chris stood there watching her movements, his own desire building up.

<Viper> "I think we've already passed the point where people won't notice we're missing..." She made her selection and crossed to the dressing table to sit down and brush her hair through before she got dressed again.

<Christopher> "I meant are you sure you want to put those panties on if I'm just going to rip them off you." He smirked and started over to her.

<Viper> She laughed as he caught her and lifted her arms around his neck, "Why do you think I didn't put them on yet?"

<Christopher> "Mmm you're terrible." Chris started to undo his pants again. His lips pressing against hers.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Nov 13, 2016 1:46 am

It was 1am and the Shaw household was already quiet with the residents fast asleep. One who was not sleeping, however, was Viper. Her conversation with Chris at the party kept replaying in her mind and it bothered her a great deal.

She found she didn't want to be alone and, seeing as Chris was the source of the problem and at home with Greer, Viper had only one option. It was a simple matter to hack the security to make it ignore her presence and so avoid disturbing Sebastian. After pulling on a robe, she teleported herself from her base to Carol's room in the Shaws' house.

Carol was sound asleep, curled up on her side with an arm tucked under her pillow. Viper stood at the foot of the bed, caught in indecision. She could leave and risk getting no sleep and driving herself crazy or she could risk waking Carol. She decided on the latter and moved to the other side of the bed, behind Carol. After discarding her robe on the back of a chair, she slid between the sheets and curled up around the other woman's body, lifting an arm around her.

Carol stirred at the contact and mumbled incoherently as she was dragged from her sleep by the presence of another person... in her bed. Her eyes snapped open and she half turned to see who it was. She was even more surprised when she discovered it was Viper. "Huh?" was all she could manage.

Viper lifted her arm a little when Carol turned, "I didn't want to wake you..."

"It's okay..." Carol shuffled around to face her. "Did you want something?

Viper shook her head, "Not really... Just company."

Carol raised an eyebrow. Was that code? Then she remembered Viper didn't do euphemisms. "Really? Nothing else?"

"Nothing else... I..." she frowned, "I couldn't sleep."

Now she was concerned. "Are you okay?" She reached to stroke her fingers through Viper's hair.

"I don't know." She really didn't. "Is it alright if I stay for a while?"

"Of course it is," Carol offered her a small smile, shifting to wrap her arms around Viper and pull her close.

Viper smiled and returned the embrace, turning her head to give her a soft kiss on the cheek. "Thank you."

"No problem," she gave her a squeeze, "Anytime..." she was already drifting back into sleep. Viper wasn't far behind her.


The Sun was up, or at least Carol assumed it was behind the clouds because it was a painfully bright light that crept though the gap in the curtains. She groaned and rolled over, then frowned in surprise for the second time since she'd retired for the night.

Viper was still there. And she was still asleep. This never happened. By the time she or Chris woke up, Viper was always long gone. Come to think of it, she'd never turned up only wanting cuddles before either. Carol was officially concerned.

She wondered if she should wake the other woman but she didn't want to break the spell. She'd never seen Viper sleep - up until now she hadn't been a hundred percent sure that sleeping was a thing that Viper did. She looked so relaxed and so young it took Carol by surprise and she found herself transfixed and studying Viper's features. She was so beautiful even with the scar on her cheek that made her so self-conscious - though it was currently hidden by the pillow.

After several minutes, Carol decided her staring was probably bordering on creepy so she rolled onto her back and scrubbed her face with her hands. It was probably time to get up. Then she remembered that Jess had the day off which meant pancakes. Mmm. Now she was awake. She dragged herself out of bed and headed for her bathroom to take a shower.

To Carol's immense surprise, Viper was still there when she came out of the bathroom but she was awake now. "Hey," she offered her a smile as she towelled the ends of her hair. "Feeling better today?"

After a moment of thought, Viper gave a small nod. "I think so. Yes."

"Good," Carol tossed her towel into the hamper and started to use her powers to finish drying her hair.

Viper reached for her robe, "I should go..."

Carol blinked, "Go? Why? Stay for breakfast..."

Viper paused half way through pulling her robe on. "I never stay for breakfast."

"Well you seem to be getting through a lot of firsts today. Why not add one more? I'm sure Miriam would be glad you're there and, if it helps you decide, Jess is home today so she'll probably make pancakes or waffles."

"Waffles, huh?" Viper raised an eyebrow, her trademark amused smirk sneaking its way onto her face.

"They're really good..." Carol replied in a sing-song voice to try and entice her further.

Viper laughed, "I'm sure they are." She finished pulling on her robe. "Alright. I'll stay. But I will shower in my own room." She moved over to Carol and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips, "See you soon." Then she teleported out.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:31 pm

<Thomas> Thomas grumbled to himself with his face in the pillow. He'd been trying to get back to sleep for a while now but it was no good. He had to go to the bathroom. He rolled out of bed and straightened up, stretching... and then he cringed as his tail took out a lamp. Right. Not at home. He shushed the lamp and prodded it with a foot. Didn't seem to be broken... he'd check later.

<Miriam> Miriam wasn't sure what woke her up, but rolled onto her back to listen. Sometimes, her parents' paranoia rubbed off.

<Thomas> He rubbed his face with his palms as he walked to the door then slipped quietly into the corridor and headed for the bathroom, his ears turning this way and that, picking up the sounds of the house.

<Miriam> She sighed. The furball was quiet, but he wasn't quiet enough for her to not hear his potty break.

<Thomas> While he was up, Thomas decided that he may as well get a drink because now he was realising he was thirsty. He didn't bother turning lights on because his night vision was excellent and he made for the stairs to the kitchen, yawning and being mindful of his tail and random obstacles along the way.

<Miriam> "Good for you," she yawned, reaching over her head to grab the iron headboard and stretch. "You didn't drink out of the toilet."

<Thomas> He paused half way down the stairs as his ears picked up the sound of Miriam's voice. He grinned to himself, "Ewwww..." shaking his head, he continued on the way to the kitchen.

<Miriam> Score. She laughed softly and sat up, running her hands through her messy bedhead. "Get me some water? Pleeeeaaase?"

<Thomas> "Only water? I bet there's something good in a box somewhere..." He was thinking cookies. Sure they were a few hours late for a midnight snack but he figured they could make it work. He plucked two bottles of water from the fridge anyway.

<Miriam> "...I wonder where mom hid the cake." She picked up her stuffed spider and flopped back over sideways onto her pillow.

<Thomas> "Easy." His sense of smell took him right to it, "Want a slice or shall I just bring the whole thing and a fork?"

<Miriam> "Do I look like a pig to you?" She loved not needing to yell or her dad's creepy telepathy power. Enhanced hearing rocked. Sometimes. "Bring two forks. Duh."

<Thomas> He laughed quietly and shook his head, "I thought two was a given." He juggled the bottles of water and the cake tin and grabbed two forks then headed back to the stairs.

<Miriam> "Never know with you. Fluffy between the ears." Miriam half sat up again and tried to do something with her hair.

<Thomas> "Just because I'm fluffy on the outside, doesn't mean my brain is fluffy too." He opened the door with his tail because he was out of hands and poked his head inside. "Boo."

<Miriam> "You sure about that?" She gave him a theatrical gasp, both hands to her mouth. "I'm so not jumping on the ceiling. Sorry."

<Thomas> He pouted, "But that's your best trick!" He stepped into the room and closed the door behind him, offering the cake tin out to her.

<Miriam> "Wrong, that's my mom's best trick." Miriam grinned up at him and accepted the tin. "There are no calories in birthday cake if it's your birthday, right?"

<Thomas> "Of course not," he plonked his butt down on the end of her bed and tucked his tail into his lap. "That would be totally unfair... and then I'd have to eat all of the cake.... I should have said yes."

<Miriam> She laughed. "What was that about not having a fluffy brain?" Scooting over closer, she forked off a bite for herself and held the container out to share.

<Thomas> He shifted so she could put it between them and put the bottle of water down on her side of the tin, "There is cake in front of me..." food was totally his achillies heel. Especially food made my Miriam's mom.

<Miriam> "Better do something about that before I eat it all." She took another quick bite.

<Thomas> Challenge accepted! He went for a bigger bite. "So do you think they'll be mad when there's no cake tomorrow?"

<Miriam> "All we have to do is look innocent." She laughed at his overlarge bite and went in for her own.

<Thomas> "I can totally do that." He had ninja cat skills. "And failing that, I can duck like a pro."

<Miriam> She covered her mouth before she sprayed crumbs and giggled. "It's pretty funny when she gets a venom blast too close though..." She gestured at his fluff.

<Thomas> "Uuuuugh," he wrinkled his nose, "Don't remind me... takes forever to get it to lie flat again." He sniffed, "Anyway... why would she want to venom blast this face?" he pointed to himself and did his best impression of puss in boots.

<Miriam> "Awww..." She started to sit up to reach for her bedside table. "I'm sure I have some catnip around here..."

<Thomas> He had half a mind to use the cake as a missile... but that would be a waste of cake. "Say no to drugs." Though now he was distracted. New smell.

<Miriam> "God, sometimes I wish that shit would work on me." She flopped back onto the bed, of course as dramatically as possible. "Would really relieve some of my totally family caused stress."

<Thomas> "What stress have you got? Your family is awesome..." That was a distracting smell. What was making it? He followed his nose. Closer... closer.... wait. He frowned when he realised where his nose was aiming him. Boobs. He sat up again and stuffed more cake in his mouth.

<Miriam> "Awesome?" She looked up, just in time to see him sitting upright and eating aggressively. Weird. Oh well, she was hanging with a giant cat dude, after all. Things were weird. "What alternate definition of awesome do they have on your planet?"

<Thomas> "One where your mom makes food like this? And your dad doesn't give you awkward talks... or make out with your mom on the driveway." More cake was needed.

<Miriam> "Ew." She wrinkled her nose and rolled over into him. "No, they do other things... and don't try hard enough to be quiet."

<Thomas> "And you should be grateful it's only them." He nodded sagely, "And that you can't smell it." Speaking of smells.... He was distacted again.

<Miriam> Smell it. That made her shudder, and she didn't even need to fake it. "Ugh!"

<Thomas> "Yes. That is my life. Smells everywhere." And he meant everywhere. But there was a nice smell now. "Are you wearing perfume?"

<Miriam> "That's awful." Technically, she was told she'd inherited both parents' enhanced senses, but other than the unsettling knowledge of when her little brother didn't change his underwear, she didn't notice any particular smells.

<Miriam> Oh, wait. He asked a question. "Um... no? I mean I put some on when I showered this morning..." Did she stink?! Miriam ducked her head and tried a quick pit check.

<Thomas> "Oh... is it a new perfume?" He could probably still smell it.

<Miriam> She pulled in her lower lip and nibbled it, considering.

<Thomas> He cocked his head on one side while he watched her, his ears flicking forward and back while his tail tapped in his lap. He decided to try and explain, "It's just.... there's a new smell.... it's nice... I just don't know what it is."

<Miriam> "I don't think so... I can't really remember, but I might have borrowed some of my mom's shower gel or something..." She reached up and flicked at his twitchy ear.

<Thomas> The ear protested with an involuntary rapid flick but he shook his head, "I'd know that smell..." He leaned closer to sniff her again because now that he'd explained the thing about the smell it would be less weird. In theory.

<Miriam> It wasn't. Her eyebrows went up, but she smirked, then laughed.

<Thomas> He gave her a fangy grin to cover the embarassment he felt. "It is a very nice smell...." he attempted a defence.

<Miriam> "Well, that's good!" She giggled, then settled back against him. For a moment, she was quiet, and even picked up her fork and took a bite of cake.

<Miriam> Then, curiosity won out. "What's it smell like?"

<Thomas> "Don't know... just nice..." he turned his head and nosed her hair before he realised what he was doing.

<Miriam> It felt pretty good, and she smiled to herself. "Nice, huh?" Her eyes slid closed.

<Thomas> "Yep..." he shifted a little, still unable to put his finger on why it was so nice. But now that he was distracted by thinking about that he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing and now he was nuzzling her and purring.

<Miriam> "...are you purring right now?" She sat up and looked at him.

<Thomas> Her movement distracted him from his thoughts and then the question registered. Was he purring? Oh crap! He stopped abruptly and shook his head, "Nope!"

<Miriam> Miriam grinned. "Yeah you were! You totally were!" She punctuated each sentence with a poke to his chest.

<Thomas> He shook his head again and flailed at the pokes, catching her hand in case she tried to do it again. "I don't purr! It's not manly!"

<Miriam> "It's very... cat of you!" She laughed and tried to pull her hand back, then stopped and just poked through the hand encasing her own, giggling madly.

<Thomas> He was never going to live this down! Never! He fought the instinct to pounce and reclaim dominance. "I can growl too, you know...."

<Miriam> "And I can scratch your belly and make your leg shake!" She lunged for his middle to do just that.

<Thomas> Nope! He did pounce her this time to avoid that humiliation, a low warning growl in the back of his throat. He hadn't meant to growl but it just slipped out.

<Miriam> Miriam found herself pinned, but she was hardly alarmed. She grew up with Thomas, and he so didn't scare her. "Grrrr!"

<Thomas> He leaned close to her face... then licked her cheek.

<Miriam> She squeaked, then laughed, wrapping her arms around him.

<Thomas> He laughed too, folding her in a hug to return it. She still smelled nice and he buried his nose in her hair, nuzzling her a little.

<Miriam> What was he doing? Sniffing her? Snuggling? She kept giggling and shook her head, petting the fur she found uncovered and relaxing into the hug.

<Thomas> He was purring again as he nosed her hair. Smelled so nice. He burrowed his way to her neck through her hair. Nice nice nice...

<Miriam> "Tickles," she mumbled. He was sooo sooooft.

<Thomas> "Mmm?" What tickled? Oooh skin. Soft. He licked it.

<Miriam> Miriam sucked in a breath. Did he just... lick her? Was it weird? This is weird, right? Maybe? But, her hand was still moving on his fur.

<Thomas> He was distracted by the mysterious scent and the pettings and all thought of weirdness was very far from his mind. He nuzzled her neck and jaw, the purring growing more intense.

<Miriam> Nah, it wasn't weird. Felt too good to be weird. Miriam hummed happily and wrapped her leg around him.

<Thomas> He shifted to get more comfortable over the top of her, now working along her jaw to her lips, his tail curling around her leg.

<Miriam> All this purring and warmth was making her a little sleepy... and tingly. She didn't want to examine some of her sensations too closely right now.

<Thomas> His lips found hers and he kissed her, his hands moving from her back. One slid around to her waist and the other went up into her hair.

<Miriam> One part of her was surprised, but another welcomed this. She whimpered a little and returned the kiss, her leg hitching higher and her hands stroking his sides.

<Thomas> He grew bolder as she hadn't shoved him off, moving the hand on her waist a little lower as he deepened the kiss and pressed himself against her.

<Shaw> Sebastian wasn't sure what exactly woke him, but once he was awake he was most certainly awake. After glancing at the clock, he debated getting up to work for a time. Then, he realized he was hungry.

<Miriam> Miriam smiled into the kiss, deciding she quite liked this turn in their relationship.

<Thomas> He slipped his fingers under her shirt and found skin, the end of his tail curled into her inner thigh. He'd forgotten all about the nice smell now.

<Miriam> Arching her back, she brought him closer.

<Shaw> With bare chest and feet and running a hand through his hair, Sebastian wandered into the kitchen in search of some of his wife's cake.

<Thomas> He brought his other hand down to aid in the task of pushing her shirt up to expose her stomach. He didn't want to stop and ignored the memories of his conversation with his father that tried to surface. He wanted her and she wanted him and that was all the priorities he needed.

<Miriam> Miriam broke the kiss and looked up at him, reaching up to smooth back his hair. So fuzzy, everywhere. She smiled a little.

<Shaw> He searched in a few potential hiding places and then sighed.

<Thomas> He smiled back, noticing how pretty she was. He liked the pettings too and leaned into her hand a little, still purring like crazy.

<Miriam> She giggled. "Should I scratch behind your ears?"

<Shaw> Sebastian's head tilted toward the sound upstairs. Well, now he knew where the cake went.

<Thomas> His mouth was already forming the word 'yes' before his brain caught up, "... Are you teasing me?"

<Miriam> "Maybe." She drew out the word and moved her hand to the back of his ear, simultaneously rolling her hips up to meet his.

<Shaw> He heard the other voice and this time was fairly certain he made out words. Hmm. Turning, he started swiftly and quietly up the stairs.

<Thomas> "Evil." He replied, though the purrs said otherwise. He leaned down to kiss her again, pushing one hand into her hair as the other wandered over her bare stomach, waist and back.

<Shaw> Once at the top of the stairs, he paused, crouched next to her door. He listened for just a moment, but it wasn't difficult to discern what was going on inside.

<Miriam> "That's what they say..." Miriam was silenced by the kiss. Her hand moved over his shoulder and down. She'd always wondered if his ass was really as squeezably cute as she'd noticed.

<Miriam> Hmm, yup!

<Thomas> He made a small sound of surprise at the grope, his tail twitching and tickling her leg in the process. He decided to return the favour and gave her ass a pinch too.

<Miriam> Miriam squeaked and giggled, clamping both legs over his hips. "No fair!"

<Shaw> Right. Quite through listening, Sebastian leaped to his feet and jerked her bedroom door open, letting it rebound off the wall. He took in the scene and felt his blood pressure spike. "What is the meaning of this!"

<Thomas> The surprise of Sebastian's appearance caused an instinctual reaction. His claws came out and he crouched low over Miriam and hissed at Sebastian, a low growl rumbling in his chest.

<Shaw> His brows shot up and he stepped into the room, staring the boy down. "You will get off of my daughter. Now."

<Miriam> "Dad!" Shock made Miriam slow to react, and she wasn't sure if she wanted to kill her father or smack Thomas first.

<Thomas> His tail unwrapped from around Miriam's leg and he shifted to cover more of her. He wasn't going to move. He was going to protect her from what his feral side registered as a threat right now.

<Shaw> His head tilted and he moved closer. "Did I not speak slowly enough for your primitive mind to process?"

<Thomas> He hissed again, his claws now digging into the floor and his tail swishing behind him. He wasn't going to budge.

<Miriam> Miriam struggled to sit up. "Oh my God. Thomas! Stop hissing at my dad!"

<Thomas> Miriam's voice distracted him and he looked down at her, "Huh?"

<Miriam> She leaned and looked up at him. "You're hissing at my dad."

<Shaw> His eyebrow quirked, but he couldn't help but be amused by his daughter's defense of him.

<Thomas> He was? He was! Oh crap! His ears flattened down and his tail ceased its flailing. "Uh...."

<Shaw> Smirking, he crossed his arms. "How feline is your anatomy, my boy? As I understand it, the feline penis is spiked."

<Miriam> Squeaking, Miriam scampered out from under Thomas. "What?!"

<Thomas> That was a really inappropriate question! And now Miriam was freaking out and he really didn't want to try and reassure her in front of her dad! Gah! Too much! His brain hurt. He sat down on the floor and tucked his tail around himself. It's not spiked! he thought at Miriam and hoped Sebastian wasn't eavesdropping.

<Miriam> Miriam was too emotional to focus on anything right now, so she certainly didn't hear him.

<Shaw> That's good to know. Sebastian's lip twitched as he looked down on the boy.

<Thomas> Gaaaaah! His ears flattened down again and he tried to make himself as small as possible. He was torn between staying put and trying to explain himself and fleeing to hide under the bed in the guest room... or on top of the wardrobe. The wardrobe seemed safest.

<Shaw> The wardrobe, a holdover from Hope's residency in the house, shook violently at the weight. "Well..." He looked at his daughter. "That's a rather overlarge house cat you've taken in."

<Thomas> Thomas peered down at them from the top of the wardrobe and tried to figure out how he'd gotten into this mess.

<Miriam> After picking herself up and shifting her jammies back into place, Miriam was not pleased. She looked up at her father and planted a hand on her hip. "Whatever."
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:35 am

<Jessica> It felt like forever since Jess had had the time to make breakfast for everyone so this morning she was making the most of it. She had mixed a large amount of batter for pankcakes, more than she normally would because Carol and Thomas were there and they always ate a lot, and had prepared fruit and various other things for people to put on them.

<Shaw> After his encounter with Miriam and ... the boy... Sebastian had gone to his work room to do what he did best. Still in his pajama pants, but with at least a semi-clean shirt on by now, he padded barefoot to the kitchen when he heard - and smelled - Jessica about.

<Shaw> "Good morning, love," he greeted her, sliding in behind her to wrap his arms around her waist and kiss her beneath her ear.

<Jessica> "Good morning," she leaned back against him, "You weren't in bed..." she turned her head toward him a little.

<Shaw> "No." He paused momentarily to nuzzle her and breathe in. "I had... something of an adventure in the wee hours, I'm afraid."

<Jessica> She raised an eyebrow, "What kind of adventure?" She looked over the counter and decided waffles should be on the menu too because Carol liked waffles.

<Shaw> "It seems Miriam and Thomas are a tad... closer," he paused, clearing his throat and letting her go to tend to her cooking. "Than we'd believed," he continued, leaning on the counter to watch her reaction.

<Jessica> She was a little stunned for a moment, "Are you sure?"

<Shaw> He huffed a dry laugh. "Oh, yes... quite."

<Jessica> She frowned a little, "How sure is sure?" She was worried for several reasons.

<Shaw> Opening their link, he shared his unwelcome wake up call with her. "As I said, quite."

<Jessica> Her eyebrows went up, "Okay... Well... what do you want to do about it?"

<Shaw> He sighed and stared at the ceiling. "I don't know. What I would like to do is likely far too heavy-handed and will only infuriate... several parties." Sebastian looked at her from the corner of his eye and smirked.

<Jessica> "Yeah... okay so maybe I should handle this so you don't piss off his mom because you really don't want to anger the feral..." She chewed her lip, "But after breakfast... can you be civil and not in a scary way?"

<Shaw> Sebastian bared teeth at her in his best insincere grin.

<Jessica> "I'll put syrup in your shoooes...." she warned in a sing-song voice.

<Shaw> "Heathen. You know how much those shoes cost!" The shark grin melted into a laugh and he leaned in to give her a quick kiss. "I'll let you handle it, love. You are far better equipped."

<Jessica> "I am," she turned to give him a hug. "But let's get breakfast out of the way first. It's the first time I've been able to do this in ages."

<Shaw> "Of course." He held her for a moment, resting his cheek against her hair, then sighed. "I suppose I should shower and make myself presentable."

<Jessica> "Probably... or you could just let Carol mock you mercilessly. She is on vacation..." She gave him a grin. "I'll put the coffee on."

<Shaw> "Well then, I'll hurry." He returned the grin and leaned in for another quick peck and a swat on her ass before he turned for the stairs.

<Thomas> Thomas' ears tracked the movement of Sebastian across the hall and down the stairs and decided it was now safe to venture out of the guest room. He'd been fully dressed for a while but hiding and, in the interests of a buffer, he paused to knock on Miriam's door on the way past.

<Miriam> She'd been listening, too, and wasn't sure if her mother's intent to handle this was a good thing or not. Her father she could deal with because he was all talk, but mom...

<Miriam> Hearing Thomas coming, she was already waiting for him and opened the door before he could even knock. She gave him a nervous smile. "Hey," she said quietly.

<Thomas> "Hey..." his tail flicked behind him, betraying his uncertainty. "So... are we going to talk about this before we have to talk about it with them?"

<Shaw> Downstairs, Sebastian rolled his eyes before turning on the shower and tuning out their voices. It was better if he didn't interfere. Hopefully.

<Miriam> She shifted her weight from foot to foot and didn't meet his eyes. "I don't know... do you want to?"

<Thomas> "Well... I think we should... maybe..." he frowned, "Just... I'm sorry..." he bit his lip.

<Miriam> Her head shot up. "Sorry?!" She'd said it a little louder than intended.

<Thomas> He blinked at her sudden outburst, his ears going back briefly, "Well... yeah... I'm not really sure what happened...." he rubbed at the back of his neck.

<Miriam> "So..." she blinked. "You didn't want to kiss me?" What the hell was wrong with him? More importantly, what was wrong with her that he was sorry?

<Thomas> He was still confused so that was an unfair question to ask. He wasn't sure on the answer. But somehow he figured being honest and saying 'I don't know' would make the situation worse. But probably so was the long silence. Crap. Why was everything a trap?

<Miriam> She watched his face and his slicked back ears, her irritation growing by the milisecond. "Uh! Okay, whatever." Miriam pushed past him and started down the stairs.

<Thomas> Crap! He hurried after her, "Miriam, wait... I didn't even say anything!"

<Miriam> "Uh, yeah! That kind of says something all on its own, y'know?" She kept walking.

<Thomas> "Nooooo..." he caught up with her and took her hand to make her stop. "I already told you I don't know what happened... I'm all confused... I definitely wanted to kiss you last night or I wouldn't have...."

<Miriam> Stopping, she looked down at his hand, trying not to glare. Or, cry. Whichever.

<Thomas> "But... there was that nice smell... and I got distracted... and I don't know why... and you always smell nice but this was different..."

<Miriam> That... wasn't making her feel any better. She frowned up at him and jerked her hand back, crossing her arms over her breasts.

<Thomas> She was still mad. He sighed, his ears drooping and his tail hanging limply behind him. He was so bad at explaining himself.

<Miriam> After watching him for a long moment, she huffed and kept on down the stairs.

<Thomas> He followed her slowly, and tried to think of a better way to explain after breakfast.

<Miriam> The problem with hurrying downstairs away from Thomas was that her mom was in the kitchen. She hadn't thought that through and was soon faced with a parental. "Um, hi..."

<Jessica> "Hello," Jess gave her a smile. "Pancakes for breakfast, have a seat."

<Miriam> She was trying desperately to act normal, but her smile looked pained as she pulled out a chair. "Um... what's the occasion?"

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow, "Your birthday? And I have the morning off for a change so I thought why not?" She smiled at Thomas as he came in behind her.

<Thomas> Ooooh pancakes. He perked up a little bit.

<Miriam> "Oh... right." Her expression flickered again when she caught sight of Thomas, and looked down to rearrange silverware.

<Jessica> Jess sighed and looked between them, "After breakfast... I want to talk to both of you, if that's alright."

<Thomas> Thomas looked at Miriam because she didn't seem all that keen on being around him right now.

<Miriam> Her nose wrinkled. "Whatever dad said... it wasn't that bad. I mean..." Biting her lip, she glanced over at Thomas.

<Jessica> "He showed me." She leaned against the counter, "I wanted to wait until after breakfast but if you'd rather talk about it now...." She kept her tone light so they didn't feel like they were in trouble.

<Miriam> Now? Eyes wide, she looked over at Thomas fully. Well?

<Thomas> Every time I say something you get madder at me....

<Miriam> She crossed her arms. Not saying anything will make my mom mad now.

<Thomas> Well do you want to talk about it now? Or wait til after breakfast? Because I'm worried other people might come in....

<Miriam> Since he didn't want to, she totally did. "It was a mistake anyway, so you don't have to give us the big lecture."

<Jessica> "Who said anything about a lecture? I certainly didn't." Poor Thomas looked terrified. "I just want to know what happened, that's all. Before your dad walked in."

<Miriam> She gave Thomas a pointed look. He wasn't getting any sympathy from her.

<Thomas> He sighed, "I stole the cake and brought it to Miriam's room... and we were just talking and then there was a new smell and it was nice...."

<Jessica> She frowned, "Okay... I was worried something like this had happened..."

<Miriam> That brought Miriam's head up in a snap. "Something like what?"

<Jessica> "Miriam... do you know why I wear this when ever Greer or Thomas visit?" she held up the wrist with the inhibitor on.

<Miriam> Honestly, she thought it was because her mother was weird, but she knew better than to say that. "Um... no?"

<Jessica> "Because, if I didn't, they would fall under the influence of one of my abilities without any one of us having control over it." She sighed, "One of the things I can do is release certain types of pheromones... and, unfortunately for them, feral mutants are extremely suseptible to them... I think you might have developed a similar gift."

<Miriam> She just stared at her mother.

<Jessica> "It's not your fault... I should have warned you that this could happen... I developed that ability at around your age..." At least Miriam's experience with it hadn't been as scarring as hers. Well... maybe for Thomas. "I can help you learn to control it but in the mean time you should wear an inhibitor and Viper can supply you with the means to cancel them out."

<Miriam> "Oh... my God." She closed her eyes and covered her face with her hands.

<Thomas> "So.... does this mean I'm allowed to be confused?" Thomas looked between Miriam and her mother.

<Miriam> "So I will never fucking know if somebody likes me or if it's just... these... pheromones?!" She exploded, standing up and giving Thomas a dirty look too.

<Thomas> Thomas tried to slide under the table.

<Jessica> "I know exactly how you feel... I can help you with that... just... try to calm down...."

<Carol> There was yelling upstairs. Why was there yelling? Was there no pancakes? Carol quickened her pace up the stairs behind Viper which meant she had to push her a little, "Oh my God, you've eaten here before it's just a different time of day. Don't make me carry you."

<Viper> "You wouldn't dare." She glanced behind at Carol.

<Carol> "Try me." She grinned to herself as Viper hurried up a little.

<Miriam> "Does dad know about this?" Of course, he had to, and she supposed she knew, too, but it was too much all at once. She couldn't stop the tears now.

<Jessica> "Of course he knows about it... it was a huge concern for me when we were dating. Especially when he asked me to marry him... I can help you..." she went to her daughter and wrapped her arms around her, "It'll be okay. I worked it out and so can you." She pressed a kiss to Miriam's temple.

<Carol> Carol had somehow ended up in front of Viper and had grabbed her wrist so she couldn't sneak away while she was still out of sight as Carol had stopped in the doorway. There was pancakes but now there was crying. "What the hell happened?"

<Miriam> She wasn't sure she wanted the hug, but yet she found herself sniffling into her mother's collar. "Worked it out by wearing that thing?" She prodded the bracelet.

<Miriam> Then she heard Carol's voice and looked up. "I'm even more of a freaky freak. Happy birthday."

<Jessica> "That, many showers and a very special perfume that Viper made for me to cancel out the passive pheromones. There's a way around it, I promise." She gave her daughter a squeeze.

<Viper> The conversation topic drew Viper through the doorway after she'd freed her wrist of Carol's grip, "I can have some made for you within the day." She offered.

<Miriam> "Aunt Viper?" She looked past Carol and tried to focus her teary eyes. "Aunt Viper!" In a flash, she abandoned her mother for Viper, tackling her in a wet hug.

<Shaw> Now showered, shaved and dressed, Sebastian listened to the chaos upstairs with a smirk until he heard Viper's voice. What in hell was she doing here this early?

<Viper> Viper barely managed not to flail. It was a struggle. She returned the hug somewhat reluctantly. "Good morning..."

<Carol> Carol eyed the lack of already cooked pancakes then spied the furry kid trying to hide under the table. He was way too big for under the table hiding. She decided to take a seat next to him after she helped herself to coffee.

<Shaw> Buttoning his shirt, Sebastian took the stairs three at a time to get to the kitchen. His path was blocked by his daughter clinging to his former arch-enemy, however. "Well, to what do we owe this early morning pleasure?"

<Viper> "Apparently, fate." She didn't feel the need to tell him her reasons. She gave Miriam a small squeeze, "It's alright, Mauschen. This is fixable."

<Miriam> She sniffed. "You sure?"

<Shaw> Sebastian pursed his lips and looked over their heads to meet Jessica's eyes. So you're sure it's pheromones?

<Jessica> Pretty sure. Thomas mentioned a new smell... She decided to start making pancakes, throwing blueberries in the first few for Carol.

<Viper> Viper nodded, "Of course I'm sure. Have you ever known me to say things I'm not sure about to you?"

<Shaw> Wonderful. Sebastian didn't comment, but instead went to get himself a cup of coffee.

<Miriam> She sniffled, wiping her nose on her sleeve. "I just... it's a lot."

<Viper> "I know," she brushed Miriam's hair back from her face, "I will help you as soon as breakfast is over, alright?"

<Carol> "Because there's pancakes!" Carol eagerly awaited the blueberry pancakes, "Pancakes are awesome. No one can be sad while eating pancakes."

<Miriam> Nodding, she let Viper soothe her, then laughed a little at Carol.

<Shaw> Sebastian sat down, leaning to look at Thomas under the table. "Comfortable?"

<Thomas> "Yes thanks." He gave Sebastian a small grin. He was feeling much better knowing about the pheromones. Which made him feel a little bad. And he was confused again.

<Carol> "Gonna eat your breakfast off your seat?" Carol raised an eyebrow then passed him a plate down at his nod. "I had a lot of breakfasts like that when I was a kid. I'm not judging."

<Shaw> "Unless Sharky decides to join you down there." Sebastian smirked and thanked Jessica when she handed him a plate.

<Thomas> "Pfft. Sharky doesn't eat pancakes." He tucked his tail into his lap to avoid feet.

<Carol> "Unless they're hamburgers pretending to be pancakes." Carol added helpfully.

<Viper> Viper decided it was time to sit down and took the space on the other side of Carol. She wasn't sure how she felt about a giant teenaged cat under the table but she supposed this was just an average day in this house.

<Carol> "I promised Viper waffles," Carol announced because she figured Viper wouldn't.

<Miriam> "I'll help," she said quietly, and joined her mother, opening a cabinet to find the waffle iron. "Not really hungry, anyway," she mumbled.

<Jessica> Jess reached to rub Miriam's arm a little, "I am sorry... it's not a very easy topic to bring up."

<Carol> "So where's the chatterbox?" Carol looked around at all the tall people. Pancakes just weren't the same when there wasn't a chatty human catapult flinging fruit at you across the table.

<Shaw> "That's a good question." Sebastian had been so distracted by his daughter's problems that he hadn't even noticed Tony's absence. Tilting his head, he smirked. "I do believe he'll be along shortly."

<Tony> Indeed, said chatterbox had been up for a while, but had belly-crawled his way to his television and turned it on, with the volume on mute.

<Tony> But now? Cartoons were so five minutes ago. He smelled pancakes!

<Carol> "Awesome. My partner in crime." Carol half drowned her blueberry pancakes in syrup.

<Viper> Viper decided not to comment on Carol's syrup choice but did raise an eyebrow until she got distracted by the hand feeling for a fork. She leaned around Carol to push the fork to the hand.

<Thomas> "Thanks whoever that was..."

<Shaw> Sebastian rolled his eyes at the cat boy's antics and after taking another bite leaned down. He chewed, watching the boy's big eyes peer up at him from under the table.

<Thomas> Thomas considered moving further along the table.

<Jessica> Jess passed Viper her waffles then took her seat at the table, swatting Sebastian on the arm. You promised. Remember the syrup.

<Shaw> I'm behaving, he responded, giving her a quick look. "Thomas, why don't you join the rest of us?" Sebastian patted the seat of the chair the boy was using as his table. He even smiled, and didn't bare any teeth.

<Thomas> Thomas looked at Carol for clues on whether or not it was safe.

<Carol> Carol picked up his plate and set it on the table then pulled the chair out so he could get up easier. "So... do we get to know why pheromones were the topic of conversation and why Thomas thinks under the table is safer for breakfast or should we just draw our own conclusions?"

<Shaw> And you tell me to behave! He glanced between Jessica and Carol, then over to Miriam, who was still fussing with the waffle iron and clearly pretending to cook. Sebastian noted her back stiffened and sighed softly.

<Jessica> You know as well as I do that if you tell her not to do something that's a giant invitation. And at least she's not scaring anyone under the table.

<Carol> From the reactions Carol decided that drawing their own conclusions was fine. "Well okay..." Breakfast was totally more awkward than normal. But at least it wasn't Viper's fault... though there was still time.

<Shaw> I didn't scare him under the table, he protested, again trying for a reassuring smile at Thomas and patting the seat. "Come on. Sit."

<Jessica> Oh please. He's terrified of you.

<Thomas> Thomas slid out from under the table and sat on the chair finally, his tail curling around one of the legs. There. He was sitting. But now he could see Miriam. He tried to avoid looking at her.

<Shaw> I wasn't even in the room when he went under there. Sebastian turned his attention back to his pancakes.

<Miriam> The sound of Thomas' chair scraping across the floor made Miriam drop the plate in her hand. It clattered on the counter and she winced, looking over her shoulder at the table.

<Carol> Carol looked around the table, "It's super tense in here... are people mad? Because if no one's mad then can everyone try to be less tense? There's pancakes."

<Shaw> "I'm not tense," he said, offhandedly, and flashed a grin around the table before taking another bite.

<Miriam> She loved Carol, but sometimes...

<Tony> "Pancakes!" He bounced into the room and headed straight for the food.

<Carol> "Hey, there you are!" Carol smiled at Tony, "Look who's here!" She gestured at Viper. Then she picked up a blueberry and, with typically excellent aim, tossed it at Sebastian's forehead.

<Tony> "Auntie Viper!" Tony turned around just in time to see the blueberry bounce off his father. He laughed, pointing. "She got you, dad!"

<Shaw> Sebastian managed to catch the offending berry and pop it into his mouth, giving Carol a playful leer. "You know you have to hit me harder than that."

<Miriam> Rolling her eyes, she forked pancakes onto a plate and shoved them at her brother.

<Carol> Carol laughed, "You really shouldn't tempt me." She skewered a strawberry with her fork.

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked and reached across Thomas, picking a bit of fruit off her plate. "Temptation is my specialty."

<Miriam> And now he was flirting again. Ugh. Shaking her head, Miriam gave up and started for the stairs. "I don't feel so great. I'm just... gonna go lie down."

<Carol> Carol couldn't resist that challenge and aimed a strawberry this time.

<Thomas> Thomas watched Miriam leave then got up to go after her.

<Shaw> This time the fruit not only hit him, it flopped into his lap as he watched first his daughter, then Thomas depart. He glanced over at Jessica.

<Jessica> Let him try... we'll figure out the rest later. She moved the syrup out of Tony's reach once she'd poured him a sensible amount.

<Shaw> He sighed, retrieving the strawberry from his lap. After a moment, he ate it, then reached for his napkin to blot the tiny stain from his trousers. Never a dull moment.

<Jessica> Keeps us on our toes...

<Carol> Now that the teenagers were out of the room, Carol decided to ask the question that had been bugging her, "So... are we happy or what?" She nodded to the doorway to indicate what she was talking about.

<Shaw> Swinging his head slowly back to the blonde, Sebastian put on his best shark's grin.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Dec 01, 2016 1:35 am

<Miriam> So she had these freaky pheromone powers now, and she couldn't control them. Great. Wonderful. Also, her dad was a whore. That was also fantastic.

<Miriam> Slamming her bedroom door was so last year. This year, she stress cleaned. Just moments into her room and she was picking up clothes that had laid on her bedroom floor for the last week.

<Thomas> Thomas paused in the doorway and knocked on the door frame, "Miriam?"

<Miriam> Shit. And she hadn't been paying attention so now she had this to deal with. "Yeah," she said with a tired sigh, not looking up.

<Thomas> "Um... are you okay?" She clearly wasn't but it was polite to ask.

<Miriam> That made her stop and give him a withering look. "Do I fucking look okay?" She slammed a drawer closed.

<Thomas> Okay. He chewed his lip then stepped into the room and pulled her into a hug.

<Miriam> She jumped, then froze, her arms pinned by the weird sideways hug.

<Thomas> "Are you still mad at me for being useless?"

<Miriam> "Useless?" She frowned, then started to worry. What if she was... what did you even call it? Pheromoning? What if she was pheromoning now!?

<Thomas> "About explaining myself earlier... I completely failed and I made it worse and I really didn't want to make it any more worse..." he sighed, "It was just... confusing. But now that I know why it's less confusing."

<Miriam> "Maybe for you." She wriggled, wanting free.

<Thomas> He released her but didn't move away from her, "What's the matter? You know you can talk to me..."

<Miriam> "How? Is it because I'm like... whammying you to?" She backed away from him.

<Thomas> He blinked, "Whammying me to what? Miriam, we've been friends for years... we always talk about stuff...."

<Miriam> "Yeah, but..." Miriam chewed her lip. "Now I smell, apparently."

<Thomas> "It's a nice smell," he assured her, "But... just because that's a thing now, it doesn't really change anything.... we've still known each other forever, we still talk about everything..."

<Miriam> She sniffed, not sure if that mollified her or not. "But... now I don't know... like... if you're just talking to me because of that, or because of... this." She waved her hand to indicate the invisible... whatever.

<Thomas> "Pfft. You're being silly. Of course I'm going to come after you if you're upset." He took her hand to give it a squeeze, "Last night was just all kinds of confusing... and scary... but it's okay now."

<Miriam> "So..." She looked down, picking at her nails. "Um. Y-you never... thought about it? B-before?"

<Thomas> "I don't know... I guess not so much... but it's not because I think it's stupid or you're not pretty...." he was trying to tread ccarefully so he didn't upset her again. "I just... I never really thought about you that way because we've been friends for so long...."

<Miriam> She sniffed hard and nodded, keeping her eyes downcast. "Right. Sure. Forget it."

<Thomas> "Noooo don't get upset again.... Miriam, I don't know what you want me to say... I'm trying to be honest but I don't know how you feel about it all and I feel like every where I step in this conversation there's the potential for a giant scary landmine..."

<Miriam> The tears finally spilled over and she opened her mouth but nothing came out.

<Thomas> He sighed and pulled her into a hug again. "Please don't cry...."

<Miriam> This time she relaxed into his arms, crying for... everything. "I c-can't help it!" she wailed.

<Thomas> He picked her up and sat down on her bed, cuddling her in his lap. "It's all going to be fine - you heard your mom and Viper.... and your mom manages just fine, she figured it out and everything."

<Miriam> "Some of my powers are cool, but..." She shook her head and more tears came. "How can I ever know now?"

<Thomas> "You'll figure it out and you've got tons of help...." He rubbed her back soothingly, "And maybe you don't have to wear an inhibitor. I can wear one instead and then my weird brain can ignore the pheromones, right?"

<Miriam> She sniffed, shaking her head. "You shouldn't have to..."

<Thomas> "Well I'd be kind of a crappy friend if I left all the suffering to you. You can't tell me you won't think it's funny watching me muddle around with weird balance and no senses."

<Miriam> Unfortunately, his attempt at making her laugh worked, and there was a snot bubble. Miriam managed to wipe her nose on her sleeve and prayed he didn't notice.

<Miriam> "Yeah... maybe," she admitted. Taking a shuddering breath, she tried to calm down.

<Thomas> He gave her a squeeze, "See? It'll be fine. And you know how your mom does the self guilt thing all the time so now you'll probably get another cake."

<Miriam> "That is a bonus," she admitted weakly, wiping her eyes. Sighing, she leaned against him. Still warm and fluffy, even if he didn't want to kiss her.

<Thomas> He settled his arms around her so she could be comfortable and warm, "Cake is always good." He rested his cheek against her head, "So... um... how do you feel about it?"

<Miriam> She tried not to tense. "Cake? Just like you said, it's always good. Especially my mom's cake."

<Thomas> "No not cake..." he sighed, "If you don't want to say anything because you're worried you'll hurt my feelings... I'd rather you were honest."

<Miriam> "I just... I don't know." Miriam closed her eyes.

<Thomas> ".... But you got mad at me when I said I didn't know..." how was this fair?!

<Miriam> "I know!" She covered her face again, trying to sort through the dozens of horrible things she could say.

<Thomas> He frowned. This was so confusing. "Okay so... what do you know?"

<Miriam> "Well..." Miriam nibbled the edge of a nail. "I'm freaked."

<Thomas> "Because of the pheromones thing, right?" He shifted to look at her face.

<Miriam> She could only look at him for a moment, and nodded.

<Thomas> "And they are also why I was all confused... they have much to answer for. But other than that....?"

<Miriam> "Um..." She went back to picking her nails. "Y-you know... I didn't smell anything... different..."

<Thomas> He gave her another squeeze and nuzzled her hair. That was a good answer.

<Miriam> What did that mean?! She chewed her lip, brow furrowed.

<Thomas> He sat in silence for the a few moments, the end of his tail ticking up and down as he considered how to word things. "Please don't take this the wrong way.... but... before last night I didn't really think about you as a girl..." his nose wrinkled, "I mean... you're Miriam... and you're awesome... and girls are all... weird. But you're not weird...."

<Miriam> Not a girl?! She glared at him, indignant.

<Thomas> "I told you not to take it the wrong way! It's a compliment!"

<Miriam> "It's a compliment that I'm not a girl?" She grabbed her chest for emphasis. "Oh, wait, what are these?"

<Thomas> Boobs. They were boobs. He shook himself. "That's not what I mean!"

<Miriam> She let go of herself with a smirk. "So... what do you see me as now?"

<Thomas> "Well... you're still awesome... but now you're also a girl."

<Miriam> Miriam licked her lips, studying his face. Feeling something move against her leg, she looked down. His tail was swishing. Well, at least she wasn't the only one nervous here.

<Thomas> Damned tail. His ears were no help either. "I liked kissing you...."

<Miriam> Now that made her blush. "I liked you liking it..."

<Thomas> At least no one could tell when he was blushing. But Miriam looked cute when she blushed. He managed a small smile.

<Miriam> And now he wasn't talking again! She looked up at him in time to catch his smile and huffed. "Jerk," she said softly, giving him a playful shove. She couldn't stop her own smile from growing.

<Thomas> He laughed and tickled her in retaliation for the shove.

<Miriam> Giggling, she ducked away from the tickle, catching his hands. She wrapped his arms around her.

<Thomas> Excellent! Now he could tickle and she couldn't escape!

<Miriam> Miriam squealed, twisting in his grasp. "Oh, now you're playing dirty!"

<Thomas> "Bwahaha! You made it too easy!" He wrapped his tail around her legs in case there was kicking.

<Miriam> Miriam wriggled, deciding two can play at this game. She worked her fingers through his fur to find the skin on his side.

<Thomas> "Gah!" Notcoolnotcool!

<Miriam> "Uh-huh! You made it too easy!" She showed no mercy now, pressing her advantage.

<Thomas> He scooped her up and stood up again to turn and put her on the bed then tried to wrap her in the blankets so the tickling would stop.

<Miriam> Miriam flung her legs around him and jerked him onto the bed with her. "Now I've got you!"

<Thomas> "Onoes!" He laughed, folding her into a hug instead.

<Miriam> She sighed, returning the hug and closing her eyes. This certainly wasn't weird.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:01 pm

<Carol> Carol was doing her version of relaxing (throwing things at the tv with the news on) after her post-holiday debreifing on all the things that had occured during her short break. Fortunately there was nothing world ending so all the yelling could wait until tomorrow. For now she had coffee.

<Christopher> Chris stopped at her door and sighed a little, he'd been avoiding Carol for long enough. She deserved the truth. "Carol?" Chris knocked a few times.

<Carol> Carol muted the tv and put her coffee and ammunition on the coffee table, getting up to answer the door. "Hey!" She was surprised to see him but it was a good kind of surprise. She stepped aside to let him in.

<Christopher> "Need to talk." Chris frowned seeing her happy to see him was like a kick to the gut.

<Carol> His tone made her frown as she closed the door behind him, "Um... sure... want some coffee?"

<Christopher> "No... I'd rather you beat me to a pulp." Chris frowned. "I fucked up, Carol."

<Carol> She cast her eyes toward the popcorn covered sofa and decided that was not the place for what was apparently a serious chat and went to sit on the edge of her bed. "What happened?"

<Christopher> "I went to check up on the school. Ran into Cess... It's why I've been avoiding you. We got caught up and things got out of hand." Chris completely expected her to deck him.

<Carol> "Out of hand?" What did that even mean? She braced herself.

<Christopher> "We had sex." Chris ran his hand through his hair. "I'm sorry Carol... I knew I fucked up after it happened. I should have told her, should have stopped."

<Carol> Carol stared at him for a long moment while she tried to work out how she felt about that. It hurt. A lot. She got up and went into her bathroom, closing the door behind her and leaning against it.

<Christopher> "I'm sorry Carol." Chris got up and stood outside the door.

<Carol> "It's fine." She forced out, "You can do what you want." She slid down to the floor and put her face in her hands.

<Christopher> "It's not fine Carol... I'm sorry. My past caught up to me and I messed up. I fucked up. Yell at me, kick my ass, throw me through a wall, but don't tell me it's fine." He pressed his forehead to the door.

<Carol> "How can I tell you it's not fine? We're not exactly exclusive. You can sleep with whoever you want..." It would be better if he hadn't told her, really.

<Christopher> "We're friends, I shouldn't have done it. I don't know why I did it." Chris tapped his head against the door. "I'm an idiot that makes idiot moves."

<Carol> "Yeah you're an idiot. But you didn't have to tell me about it." She lifted her face from her hands and tipped her head back to lean it against the door.

<Christopher> "I'm sorry Carol. I didn't want to betray you more by lying, even if it was by omission."

<Carol> "What the hell am I supposed to do with that information, Chris?"

<Christopher> "Kick my ass? I don't know Carol. I'm sorry. I just couldn't. I feel more than terrible. I care about you a lot Carol... I'm just a fucking idiot."

<Carol> "Well now two of us feel like shit so congratulations." She pushed the ends of her fingers into her hair as she bowed her head again.

<Christopher> "I'm sorry Carol. So ridiculously sorry."

<Carol> "You can cram your apology up your ass. It's not worth anything right now."

<Christopher> "Alright Carol..." Chris frowned and sat down himself.

<Carol> "Do you have anything else to say?"

<Christopher> "I deserve the biggest beating you've ever given someone?" He sighed. "I don't know how to make this up to you Carol... Whatever I have to do I'll do it."

<Carol> "Beating you isn't going to make me feel better." She raked her fingers through her hair.

<Christopher> "I don't know what to say Carol... what to do."

<Carol> "Just... just go. I don't think I can look at you right now." She curled up against the door.

<Christopher> "Alright Carol... Bye." Chris got up and went for the door slowly. Completely defeated and she never laid a hand on him.

<Carol> As his footsteps retreated she felt the weight of the sense of betrayal hit her again and attempted to stifle a sob.

<Christopher> Chris stopped when he heard her crying. "Carol..."

<Carol> She tried harder to cover up the next one, sucking in a breath and trying to steady her voice, "I told you to leave!"

<Christopher> "No... I fucked up. I can't stop saying sorry for that. But I can't leave you hurting like this. Carol I don't know what to do, there's nothing I can even begin to say." He went back to the door and put his hand on it.

<Carol> "Why, Chris? Why did you let that happen? I don't understand... you had to have known that'd hurt me..."

<Christopher> "I let old feelings get the best of me. I should have known better." Chris bit his lip. "I've had a thing for her for so long I... I didn't think any of that was still there or I would have kept everything professional. I'm sorry Carol."

<Carol> "Why didn't you stop when it stopped being professional?" Her voice was quiet and thick with emotion.

<Christopher> "I wanted more than what we are now. I've always wanted something with Cess I couldn't have... I shouldn't have done it. I should have known better."

<Carol> If anything, that made her feel a hundred times worse. "I wanted those things with her..."

<Christopher> "I know Carol. A part of me was always jealous that you got to be with her when you were together... Especially when I didn't have Greer anymore."

<Carol> "But you have Greer now... and you have a kid... and you had me too.... how is that not enough for you?"

<Christopher> "I messed up Carol. Ignored the part of me that said this was more than just sex, that cared for you. Ignored it for sentiment and feelings I should have shut out, I thought I shut out a long time ago."

<Carol> "If it's so easy for you to shut out that you might care for me... I guess you can just do it again."

<Christopher> "If it was easy Carol I wouldn't have told you. I wouldn't still be here trying to fix this. Trying with all my might to apologize in anyway I can."

<Carol> "I don't know if you can fix this." He wasn't hearing her. She pulled a folded towel down to her and pressed her face into it to muffle scream of frustration.

<Christopher> "I can't if I don't try..." Chris pulled at his hair. He didn't know what to do.

<Carol> "Then don't try..." she sniffed, rubbing at her cheeks with the back of her hands. "Just... leave it alone... go on with your life..."

<Christopher> "No!" He pressed his forehead to the door. "Carol please. I made a mistake, probably up there with the biggest mistakes I've ever made."

<Carol> "And you can't fix this... you can't make it go away." This was hurting her too but she didn't know what else to do.

<Christopher> "I know Carol. I don't expect to make it go away. But I'm going to try and make up for it in anyway I possibly can."

<Carol> "And what the hell do you think can make up for this? It's never going to go back to how it was...."

<Christopher> "I don't know Carol. But I'm not going to give up. I won't walk away from you. I made that mistake with Greer." Chris let himself drop down to the floor sitting by the door.

<Carol> "You don't care what I want right now?"

<Christopher> "Carol I care more about you than I realized... If you want me to go that's what I'll do. I'm sorry so sorry I did this to you. I wish I hadn't. I wish I'd been what you needed. I'm sorry."

<Carol> "It's too late now... don't you get that? It's already broken... I can't see a way I can forgive you right now... maybe I can't..."

<Christopher> "Alright Carol... but I'm not going to stop trying to fix it." He leaned against the door.

<Carol> "Right... well... You get that I'll have to take you off the team right now... okay?"

<Christopher> "I... I put in for a transfer already. I came to tell you that too. I didn't want to leave without telling you everything."

<Carol> She felt cold. He'd already put in for a transfer? So all this talk about trying to fix it was clearly bullshit. "Just go."

<Christopher> "I didn't do it to get away from you Carol. I didn't want to leave you. I put in the transfer so I could spend time with Thomas, with Greer. I miss my family but I didn't want to leave here, leave you. I'm sorry." He knew everything had gone to shit now. Chris got up and went for her door.

<Carol> She opened the door, "Maybe you should have just left without saying anything. Probably would have hurt less."

<Christopher> "I'm sorry Carol..." Chris couldn't even look back. He needed a drink, he didn't care about being sober anymore. He just wanted the pain gone.

<Carol> "No. You don't get to say that anymore. If you were sorry you'd stay until it was fixed. You're running away. I don't care what your reasons are, coincidence or not. You're leaving and you won't have to deal with this anymore and see me every day. And you know... that's fine. Because I won't have to see you either."

<Christopher> "I'm going to have to deal with this until somehow I die Carol..." He wasn't sure if that wouldn't be sooner than later. Chris stood at her doorway.

<Carol> "Then go and deal with it. I don't want to see you again." She closed the door again and curled up on the floor.

<Christopher> "I'm sorry Carol." With the last sorry he left the room fully intent on going straight to the nearest liquor store to make the owner rich.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:02 pm

<Christopher> Chris sat in his room, everything packed up except the bottles all over his room. He'd gotten all the booze that he could and gone back to his room to drown his sorrows. The bottle in his hand was empty so he got up to get another. He walked past the table his 8 year chip broken next to many broken bottles. "You're a curse Chris..."

<Christopher> He grabbed another bottle and just broke the top off, drinking straight from it, not caring about the jagged edges cutting him.

<Viper> Viper gave no warning. She teleported in, located the heap of self pity and shot it. The weapon made no sound but released an electrical blast that both disabled Chris' powers and hurt.

<Christopher> Chris didn't scream he just dropped. He'd expected this sooner. The pain was excruciating but he deserved it and hoped for more.

<Viper> "I had hoped to avoid something like this. You were doing remarkably well. I did tell you what would happen if you hurt her, did I not?" She stood over him, her weapon pointed steadily at him.

<Christopher> "I didn't want to... Didn't mean to." He tried to get up but his muscles wouldn't listen.

<Viper> "But did that stop you?" He was moving again, she raised an eyebrow, "You have far more to hold onto than she does. But I see you're well on your way to throwing that away too."

<Christopher> "I'm a curse to everyone and thing around me." He picked up the bottle and emptied the rest of it that didn't spill.

<Viper> And he was moving enough to drink so she shot him again. "You're a fucking idiot is what you are."

<Christopher> Chris cringed dropping the bottle again, this time it broke. "Two out of many." He waited for his healing to kick in again and got up to grab a new bottle.

<Viper> Viper changed the setting on the gun and hit him with a dart that would work despite his healing to paralyse his nervous system. "Do you know what you have done to her? Last night she almost broke her ten year sobriety. Do you have any idea what it took for her to hold on to that? When she does this job every day? Before she had your company it was a battle she fought day and night for five years."

<Viper> She kicked the bottles nearest him out of his reach, "You have a family at home. People who will be there for you no matter what. What does she have? What has she got left now that you have destroyed your friendship with her? Do you think she can recover from this alone?"

<Christopher> "I fucked up I always do. I'll probably ruin their lives too. Probably better if I stay away. You're the only smart one, got rid of me before I could ruin your life too."

<Viper> She crouched by his head and leaned to mutter into his ear. "I want you to listen to me very closely. The only person this spiral serves is you. The people that you love will be more hurt seeing you in this state and you know it. If you want this to end you need to work harder. This has never worked for you. Learn from your mistakes or you will be doomed to repeat them over and over."

<Viper> Viper refused to pass comment on whather or not he'd already ruined her life. That was a discussion for another time.

<Christopher> "It'll only hurt for as long as they remember me..."

<Viper> "You have a son, Christopher. A son that you care for enough to move your work to boring and tedious in order to be closer to him. Do you think he'll forget this so easily? Do you think Greer will forget you abandoning her again so easily?" She stood up again. "Selfish. You are a selfish coward who would rather wallow in self pity than face up to what he has done. I don't know what I ever saw in you."

<Christopher> "Story of my life." He tried to move still paralyzed. "I'm broken beyond repair aparently. They don't need me, Greer's stronger than I am and better than I am. She'll find someone worth her time."

<Viper> "Beyond repair? What would you call the last ten years of your life? You have thrown all of that away for what? This?" She toed another bottle in his eyeline. "What good has this ever done? And how dare you lie there and tell me that a child does not need their father?"

<Christopher> "He doesn't need a father that will screw him up more than not having one."

<Viper> Angry. She hadn't been this angry in a long time. She fired another dart at him, one that would make his veins feel like they were on fire. "You have no idea the damage that can be done to a child without their father's protection!"

<Christopher> Chris clenched his jaw trying not to scream out in pain. Every nerve ending screaming for it to stop. But he didn't want it to stop.

<Viper> "You have fallen into old patterns. You think you are saving people by giving in to your own fears. You are a child. You owe it to your family to stop this pathetic tantrum and fight for them. If you are not prepared to do this for them then, yes, they would be better off without you. But if you claim to love them? You will fight and earn it."

<Christopher> "I ruin everything I love. Everyone is better off without me." Chris scraped at the floor, not even knowing why.

<Viper> "Your son isn't." She put her foot on the back of his hand. "Are you listening to me, Christopher? Protect your son."

<Christopher> "I am. Don't you get it. Everything I touch rots. I'm a plague. This arm is proof enough."

<Viper> "The arm was not you and I will endevour to fix it. This is not protecting your son. If you abandon him now then you may as well be handing him over to any number of organisations that oppose SHIELD. Do you want that for him?" She applied pressure to his hand, "Do you?"

<Christopher> "He doesn't need me, he has Greer. The best thing I can do for everyone is die like I should have when I was a complete monster. Part of me will always be a monster."

<Viper> Viper rolled her eyes. This was going nowhere. She teleported him to her room on her base and deposited him in the shower where she turned the water on. Nice and cold. "Part of you will always be an idiot."

<Christopher> "Up to three." Chris still couldn't move. "Either you do it or I will."

<Viper> "I'm not going to kill you, Christopher. And neither are you. I will keep you here as long as it takes." She fired a final time, giving him a boost to his healing factor to burn through the alcohol in his system. "But you will no longer be permitted to attempt to numb yourself to the pain you have caused."

<Christopher> "It's not pain it's emptiness. Everything falls to black." He didn't move, couldn't move. His own body wanting to give up.

<Viper> "What will fill this void?" She put her weapon to one side, standing in the doorway to the shower.

<Christopher> "Nothing fills it Viper. It always comes back. Like I said I'm a plague and I spread it to everyone I love."

<Viper> "Because you refuse to accept that sometimes bad things happen and the only way to deal with them is to face them instead of hiding in the bottom of a bottle." She turned the temperature of the water up to a comfortable level and moved under it to undress him. "Why do you never understand that drinking only makes these things worse?"

<Christopher> "I tried that. Eight years of it. Didn't work."

<Viper> "It worked just fine. You were happy, were you not?" She helped him off with his shirt and shoes then moved onto his pants. She didn't care that she was now entirely soaked through herself.

<Christopher> "It was only a matter of time."

<Viper> "And did you feel that before or just now after the fact? Because I have my suspicions that that is the guilt talking." Now he was down to his underwear she decided that was enough and picked up his wet things, depositing them in the bathtub for now. She removed her own clothes also down to her underwear and pulled on a towelling robe.

<Christopher> "Takes catastrophe to realize things. Hindsight's twenty-twenty..." Chris just sat there body and mind broken.

<Viper> "So it is the guilt talking." She sat down on the edge of the bath tub and surveyed the pathetic heap of half naked man in her shower. "Chris... do you want things to get better? Because they can. You just have to be willing to try."

<Christopher> "You said it yourself. I ruined Carol's life and almost drove her to drinking again. You don't change a disease you destroy it."

<Viper> "You are not a disease. You are a person. People can change. And do you think for a moment that your death would in some way lessen the hurt you have caused her? Or do you just not care because you won't be around to witness the results of your actions?"

<Christopher> "No, I'm not that naive. It just won't give me a chance to hurt her again."

<Viper> Viper had half a mind to electrocute him again. She tutted instead and shook her head. "Idiot."

<Christopher> "You covered that one." Chris wouldn't look at her, he had definitely given up. Now it was just a matter of what she wanted to do with him and when she was going to do it.

<Viper> "It's clearly not sinking in." She crossed her legs. "Christopher. I am not going to let you give up. Not when I have spent so long working on a way to fix your arm. I am not in the habit of wasting my time."

<Christopher> "Then you messed up getting involved with me. All I am is a waste of time."

<Viper> "Then I shall stop wasting my time on you and send you to someone else who has nothing better to do."

<Christopher> "Just more wasted time and effort. I'm not worth it."

<Viper> "Tell that to your not-wife and your child. See if they agree with you."

<Christopher> "Yeah alright." Chris frowned a little, he didn't want them seeing him like this.

<Viper> Was he agreeing to that? She raised an eyebrow. "Alright? Are you sure?"

<Christopher> "Do whatever you want I'm not in any position to fight back..."

<Viper> Viper shut the water off and threw a couple of towels at him then got up to go into her bedroom.

<Christopher> Chris barely even attempted to dry himself off. He didn't want to move, didn't want to waste the energy with what he deemed pointless tasks.

<Viper> Sitting down at her desk, Viper penned a note and pulled up a holographic screen to find out where Greer was today.

<Christopher> Chris finally got up, barely getting the towel wrapped around himself before he gave up. "Ready whenever..."

<Viper> Viper signed the letter and folded it then checked the schedule on her screen. Location acquired, she sent the coordinates to her teleportation device then got up from her seat, going to Chris and taking his arm. They materialised in the living room of Chris and Greer's house.

<Greer> Greer had been snoozing on the sofa but the sudden arrival of Chris and Viper surprised her awake. She hissed and jumped up from her spot, perching on the back of the sofa with claws out until she realised who it was. Now she was just confused.

<Christopher> Chris just pulled away from Viper and went to get clothes on. His pace and the effort it took for each step giving away his present state.

<Greer> Greer watched Chris cross the room then looked to Viper.

<Viper> Viper held out the note, "This will explain why he is in his current state. I have no patience for this behaviour. When he is himself again, tell him to contact me." She teleported out again when Greer took the note from her hand.

<Greer> Greer quickly read the note then hurried after Chris, balling up the piece of paper and throwing it at the back of his head.

<Christopher> He'd expected worse, like a lamp or something else hard. It didn't stop him though, he was going to get out of the wet boxers and put on dry clothes. He knew it wouldn't happen but a part of him made plans to get in his car and just drive till he ran out of gas.

<Greer> "So. Is this it then? You're done?" She stopped in the doorway to their bedroom, her tail swishing angrily behind her.

<Christopher> "I don't know..." Chris pulled out his clothes and changed slowly, not caring that he didn't match, or that he looked like a mess.

<Greer> "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

<Christopher> "It means I don't know. I'm trash Greer... I'll never be more than that. Everyone deserves better than me."

<Greer> "Great. You couldn't have maybe told me that when we were in college so I didn't marry you and have a kid with you? It's too late for that shit now, dumbass. You made your bed. You have to lie in it. Or are you going to leave again? Because if you can do that now when you know you have a kid... you can't come back. I'm not going to give you the chance to hurt him twice."

<Christopher> "If I left I wouldn't be able to come back either way..." He braced himself against the dresser. "One little bump and I break apart again... I cleared a liqour store. Eight years and I'm still ruining lives."

<Greer> "The only life you're ruining is your own, Chris. You can stop this right now. Stop moping around and work on fixing it. Either way... you need to shut the hell up because you're talking crap." He was clothed so Greer crossed to her nightstand. After a moment of searching in the drawer, she went to Chris and slid an inhibitor cuff on his wrist.

<Christopher> "You know that just makes it easier..." He stared at the cuff, remembering how bad he was the last time he had one on.

<Greer> She said nothing to that but just picked him up, putting him over her shoulder and carrying him along the hall to the guest room where she deposited him on the floor and turned for the door.

<Christopher> Chris sighed. "Yeah alright..." He moved to lean his back against the bed.

<Greer> Greer slammed the door behind her and locked it so there was no chance of him sneaking out and binging on her wine. "If you're lucky, you'll get dinner. It depends on whether or not my current state of pissed off lessens." She walked away down the hall.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:45 pm

<Christopher> Chris paced around the room, prisoner in his own home was not something on his list of things to do right now. He wanted to be alone, but this wasn't enough. He wanted a drink anything to keep his brain in the off position.

<Thomas> Thomas had waited until his mother had fallen asleep in front of the tv while she attempted to get some work done after dinner, then he snuck along the hall to the guest room. He crouched at the door then stuck his nose to the gap at the bottom, "Dad?"

<Christopher> Chris sat down on the bed when he heard Thomas' voice. "Hey bud, you can come in."

<Thomas> "Nu-uh. Mom has the key..." he frowned, "I could try picking the lock. I googled how..."

<Christopher> Chris frowned, still a little upset he'd been locked into the room. "And why are you googling how to pick locks?" He knew how to do it too, it was part of his training, but there was really no reason for his son to know.

<Thomas> Thomas decided to answer that question with a question, "Do you really want to know that or do you want me to try?"

<Christopher> "I want to know, because at your age you don't need to know these kind of things." Chris moved over to the door, part of him wanted to see if his son could do it, the other part was frustrated that he was googling these kinds of things.

<Thomas> "I was curious... and mom locked you in the guest room." He headed back to his room to find suitable things to try with. Returning a short time later, he set to work on the lock.

<Christopher> "You know curiosity killed the cat, right Thomas?" He grinned a little and listened to his son working on the lock, trying to hear the pins move into place.

<Thomas> Thomas rolled his eyes, "Haha. Like I've never heard that before..." he shook his head, one ear turned toward the lock to listen. After a few moments of fiddling there was a click and the lock popped open. "Google made it sound way more complicated than it is."

<Christopher> "Depends on the lock." He ruffled his son's hair. "But you did really good for your first try at it."

<Thomas> Thomas grinned, closing the door behind him because he didn't want to wake his mother up. "So how come she locked you in?"

<Christopher> "Mom's mad at me, I'm getting a time out basically." He sighed and gave his son a hug. "Shouldn't you be in bed or studying?"

<Thomas> "I'm not tired and I finished all my homework. Your turn. Why's she mad at you?" He plonked himself down on the bed.

<Christopher> "You don't need to worry about that. And not tired doesn't mean you shouldn't go to bed early enough that you won't be tired tomorrow."

<Thomas> "I'll be fine, dad..." he rolled his eyes again, his nose wrinkling a little. "You're avoiding the question...."

<Christopher> "I'm not avoiding the question. Just not answering it how you want me to." Chris sat on the bed with him.

<Thomas> "You're avoiding answering it." The end of his tail tapped on the bed, "She's mad, you smell like you're sad and she's locked you in here and it doesn't make any sense..."

<Christopher> "It'll be okay Thomas. Just don't worry about it." Chris cursed the whole super sense Greer had passed on to him.

<Thomas> "How can I not worry about it? It's weird..." his nose wrinkled again, "I don't like not knowing what's going on. It's obviously something bad...."

<Christopher> "Just trust me Thomas, everything is going to be okay." He wasn't entirely sure of that but being close to his son and Greer, even if she was mad at him, helped.

<Thomas> "Promise?" His ears and tail betrayed his worry.

<Christopher> "Promise buddy." Chris pulled him into a hug to try and reassure him. "Would some good news help?"

<Thomas> He returned the hug, his cat genes always getting the better of him when it came to contact with other people. "Maybe?"

<Christopher> "I'm going to be transfering to Mom's base so I'll be living here again. No more months between visits."

<Thomas> He grinned, "That's awesome! So you can come to school stuff too?"

<Christopher> "If you want me to yeah." He gave Thomas a genuine smile. Chris hadn't expected his son to be so excited that he was going to be around more.

<Thomas> "You can meet my teachers finally and hear how awesome I am at everything. Mom says I'm lucky they let me play sports."

<Christopher> Chris laughed. "Well obviously you're going to be awesome. You're my son." He gave Thomas a little wink.

<Thomas> He grinned again, "Sometimes though... things don't work out so well... because fur..."

<Christopher> "Yeah, but you'll figure it out. Maybe Dad can find you some art stuff that won't mess up your fur. Then we can have some fun together."

<Thomas> "Just no paint or glue... or glitter." He shuddered. Glitter was his worst enemy.

<Christopher> "Oh god no glitter!" Chris shuddered too. "That shit needs to be illegal."

<Thomas> Thomas nodded in agreement. "It'll never happen though... too many little girls."

<Christopher> "True... If you can stand the stuff you'll have to wear I can even show you metalworking stuff."

<Thomas> "Don't know about that being a good idea... isn't there fire involved?" He still hadn't been able to ignore the instinct to run the hell away from even small amounts of fire in a controlled setting like a chemistry lab.

<Christopher> "Maybe we'll save that for another time then." Chris rubbed his shoulder a bit.

<Thomas> "Fire is a work in progress..." he nodded somewhat apologetically. "If mom can do it, I can do it... Eventually."

<Christopher> "I know bud. It just takes time. You'll get it." Chris gave Thomas another hug so he'd know that he wasn't dissapointed with him.

<Thomas> He leaned against his father, tucking his tail into his lap. "How long do you think til mom stops feeding you like you're in jail?"

<Christopher> "Don't worry bout your old man. Me and Greer will talk and things will get better." Chris didn't want to lie to Thomas but he also didn't want to tell his son that part of him wanted to jump off a cliff right now.

<Thomas> "Okay... because it would really suck if you moved to the same base as mom and then went away again."

<Christopher> "I'm not moving away bud. You're stuck with me."

<Thomas> "Good," he smiled, "This means we get more outside food when it stops snowing, right?"

<Christopher> "Huh?" Chris gave Thomas a puzzled look at his choice of words.

<Thomas> "I like it when you cook the steaks..."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Oh you mean you want me to grill. Yeah deffinitely bud. If I get my forge set up I can grill when it snows too." He gave Thomas a big grin.

<Thomas> "Yay!" He grinned, "Mom's cooking is great and everything but there's a whole other flavour when it's cooked outside..."

<Christopher> "Everything's better cooked over a campfire."

<Thomas> This struck Thomas with an excellent idea. Or one that he considered excellent. "We should go camping."

<Christopher> "I'm sure that could be arranged. We'll have to talk to your mother about it sometime." Chris smiled.

<Thomas> "I'd be awesome at camping," he decided.

<Christopher> "I bet you would be buddy. Mom and Dad are both pretty awesome at camping so it reasons to say you would be too. Your Dad was a boyscout back in the day, even got to Eagle scout."

<Thomas> "Really?" His eyebrows went up then he grinned trying to imagine his dad in a scout uniform. That was too funny. He giggled.

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Do I have to find the pictures?"

<Thomas> "I don't know if you want to do that...." he snickered again.

<Christopher> "Oh you seem to think your good ole Dad has any shame left huh?" He started to give thomas tickles.

<Thomas> "Gah!" Thomas flailed and tried to escape the tickles. "You have to have some left!"

<Christopher> "Nope your Mom helped murder the last few shreds of it." He kept up tickling his son. "That and dealing with your crazy butt when you were little."

<Thomas> "I was adorable!" he argued, still flailing at the tickles.

<Christopher> "And you loved to run around naked." Chris laughed at his failed attempts to stop him from tickling him.

<Thomas> "You say that like it's still not the case," he squirmed away and took a few steps to put some safe distance between them.

<Christopher> Chris just laughed at that. "Just be careful where you do it."

<Thomas> "I'm always careful! What's with all the careful talks lately? I didn't do anything!"

<Christopher> "Just don't want you getting in trouble bud. I've gotten in enough to know you don't want to."

<Thomas> "I thought getting in trouble was the whole point of being a teenager?" He cocked his head on one side.

<Christopher> "No it's having fun. The trouble part is what sucks."

<Thomas> He gave his father a grin, "It's a good thing I'm smart then, huh? I can figure out how to have fun without getting in trouble."

<Christopher> "Yes yes it is. Always be smart." Chris gave Thomas a warm smile. "You should be going to bed soon. Don't want Mom finding you and then get into trouble."

<Thomas> "I guess... can't lock you back in again though... google doesn't have reverse lockpicking so I guess you'll have to pretend..." he offered another grin and a small shrug.

<Christopher> "It'll be fine Thomas." Chris ruffled his hair. "I'll see you in the morning."

<Thomas> "Night dad..." he gave a small wave and turned to leave.

<Christopher> "Night Thomas. Sleep well."
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:46 pm

<Cessily> Delicately brushing the twigs aside, Cessily hunted for dry leaves and snipped them off one by one with her index finger, currently shaped like a tiny pair of scissors. She gave the potted plant a once over and smiled, happy with the result. "There you go," she said. "Now you're pretty again."

<Cessily> She rewarded it with some fresh water from her can, before moving on to the next plant on her window sill. "Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you." The decision to spend her day off with getting some housework done had turned out to be quite relaxing.

<Viper> Viper had spent another morning ridding Carol's room of booze - where the woman got it all from was beyond her - and was now thoroughly irritated. As one half of the guilty party was doing a fine job of beating himself up, Viper decided it was high time the other was paid a visit. She appeared a few feet behind Cessily, her arms folded across her chest, "Good afternoon."

<Cessily> Cessily made a rather undignified noise and dropped her watering can, barely avoiding knocking over her plants as she whirled around on the spot. The frightened look on her face was replaced by a scowl. "You!" Her good mood couldn't have been ruined any quicker. "What the heck are you doing here!?"

<Viper> "I wanted to talk to you." She raised an eyebrow at the reaction, trying to think if she'd done anything lately to deserve that. Nothing sprang to mind.

<Cessily> Cessily picked up the can before it could make too much a mess of her carpet. "And you couldn't just call?" she asked, still fixating Viper with an irritated look. "Or at least knock?"

<Viper> "If I called you would hang up and if I knocked you probably would tell me to go away. This seemed faster."

<Cessily> Cessily huffed and watched the other woman in silence. She honestly couldn't fault Viper's logic there. "I guess that's true," she admitted, folding her arms. "So, why are you here then?" There had to be a good reason for Viper to want to talk to her, after all.

<Viper> "I need to talk to you about Carol Danvers." She knew this was going to be awkward so she decided to just rip the bandaid off.

<Cessily> Her composure slipped when she heard Carol's name, her arms dropping to her side. A couple seconds later she realised what a dumbfounded look she must have had on her face. "Carol? Why? What is this about?"

<Viper> "For ten years now, she has been entirely sober. But she was recently told something that has put all of that in jepordy. I have been visiting her regularly to check on her though I do not know how much longer I can keep that up." Or how much longer she'd need to. She frowned.

<Cessily> "What?" Cessily's irritation about Viper's unannounced visit seemed all but forgotten. "What happened?" She swallowed, her voice filled with worry. She couldn't believe Carol would just start drinking again like that. She didn't want to believe that.

<Viper> "I think you know what happened." Viper fixed Cessily with a look, "For some time now, she has been engaged in a kind of relationship with Christopher Nord. He informed her that he had been to see you and that you had been intimate... on the same night he also told her he had requested a transfer to a base closer to home. Needless to say, she feels entirely betrayed."

<Cessily> "What?" Something tightened in Cessily's throat, and she managed to looked shocked enough even without any blood circulating through her body to make her flush. "But... Chris never said anything-" She could feel her hands starting to shake, bringing up her left to cover her mouth.

<Viper> "Of course he didn't. He is an idiot." Viper rolled her eyes, "I don't care what he does but I did tell him when this started that if he hurt her there would be consequences. Currently he is wallowing in self pity though so his punishment will have to wait until later. Would you rather try to help or await a similar fate?"

<Cessily> It didn't matter what Viper said, or what Chris hadn't said, the dreadful feeling of guilt crept all over her regardless. Cessily closed her eyes and took a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down enough so she was able to speak without stuttering.

<Cessily> "Of course I'll help," she said, a sharp bite in her voice. "But before you go about spewing any more threats to anyone, you better remember that I have never forgiven you."

<Viper> "For what?" She managed not to roll her eyes. There was always something.

<Cessily> "I don't care what you made the others believe, I'll never trust you," she replied through grit teeth. "But I'd rather not even waste any time thinking about you, so just tell me where Carol is."

<Viper> "You don't have to trust me." She cast her eyes around the room, "I can take you to her."

<Cessily> "Which incidentally requires me to trust you," Cessily pointed out, before calming herself with a sigh, reminding herself of what was important right now. "Fine." Then she paused, looking worried again. "Wait. Does she even want to see me? What if she blames me, and I just make everything worse?"

<Viper> "At the moment, I don't think there is a way to make it worse." Viper admitted, "I had to hack into SHIELD's systems twice this week to give them both some time off. I am concerned that I will have to do it again to give them an extension."

<Cessily> "Oh god." Cessily closed her eyes and ran a hand through her hair, trying to build her resolve. In the end, her concern for her friends won out over any doubts she may have had, and she nodded. "Alright, let's go then."

<Viper> Viper closed the distance between them and took Cessily's arm, teleporting them to Carol's room on the base. When they arrived, she groaned. She'd tidied before she left and now it looked like she hadn't bothered. "I will make some coffee."

<Carol> "I don't want coffee." Her voice came from beneath a heap of blankets in the middle of the bed. "What the hell are you doing back here anyway? You already stole all my booze."

<Viper> "You're welcome." Viper headed for the kitchen area.

<Carol> Grumbling to herself, Carol pulled the blankets tighter around her. If Viper wanted her to drink coffee, she was going to have to come in and get her.

<Cessily> Cessily looked around the room, trying to ignore the mess - as well as the urge to rush to Carol's side immediately. Standing still, fidgeting with her hands, and generally looking helpless, she wondered what best to do. Eventually, she brought herself to speak up. "Hi." She couldn't have sounded more pathetic.

<Carol> Viper had brought a visitor with her? Wait. She knew that voice. Despite her powers and the pile of blankets, she felt herself go cold. She rolled over and buried her face in her pillow. Great. Now she was crying again.

<Viper> Viper had finished filling the coffe machine and now she approched the bed. Without any warning, she grabbed the corners of all the extra blankets and yanked them off the bed. Carol could keep one.

<Cessily> Cessily instantly felt even more awful than she already had when she heard the faint sobbing from the blanket pile. Her mind raced trying to come up with something to say, worrying that every word would only hurt Carol more. "I'm so sorry," was the best she could think of, spoken almost in a whisper.

<Carol> "It wasn't your fault..." Carol managed, though it was muffled by the pillow, "Chris told me you didn't know."

<Viper> While the coffee made itself, Viper moved around the room tidying again. How could one person make so much mess in such a short space of time? She was familiar with the phenomenon in children but was fairly sure that most people grew out of it.

<Cessily> "I still feel responsible," Cessily admitted, her hands clasped in front of her lap. She certainly felt awful about it. "Had I just called you more often, I might have known you two were together." She couldn't keep away any longer, stepping up to the bed to kneel by Carol's side.

<Carol> "We weren't... not like that..." she sighed, scrubbing her face with her hands then running her fingers through her hair before she pulled the blankets down as far as her nose. "We were just... sleeping with each other... He's still with Greer..." and now he'd gone back to her. She squeezed her eyes shut and hid behind the blanket again.

<Cessily> Cessily frowned, briefly wondering how one single guy could manage to keep messing up that badly, but decided to worry about it later. She reached out cautiously, putting her hand where she believed Carol's shoulder to be. "I'm so sorry, I don't know what to say," she said truthfully.

<Carol> "I wish he hadn't told me... I don't know why he did."

<Viper> "Because he's an idiot." Viper put in, setting two cups of coffee down on Carol's bedside table and offering the third to Cessily.

<Cessily> Cessily looked up at Viper, before accepting the offered cup. "Thank you," she managed, then turned back to Carol and bit her lip. "I hate to admit it... but I think she's right." She sighed. "I have yet to meet anyone with his talent to mess things up."

<Cessily> "It's like, he has that power to find out what would be the worst possible choice, and then goes through with it."

<Viper> Viper sighed, "You say that like he actually uses his brain." She peeled the blanket back from Carol's face and encouraged her to sit up, holding out her cup of coffee when she was comfortable.

<Cessily> Cessily managed a small smile and put her hand on Carol's arm, giving a gentle squeeze. "Anyway, I'm here to help," she said, pausing to chew on her lower lip. "If you want me to be here, that is. I'd understand if you didn't."

<Carol> Carol didn't take the coffee right away but leaned to give Cessily a hug.

<Cessily> Her surprise lasted only a moment, then she wrapped her arms around Carol, holding her close. "I'm here," Cessily assured her. "And I'll be here for you for as long as you need me."

<Carol> "I missed you..." She didn't want to hold onto her too long so she released her and took her coffee from Viper with a small 'thank you'.

<Cessily> Cessily's smile came easier and with more confidence when she looked at Carol. "I missed you too," she said. "I should have visited more often."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "It was my fault... I was drinking alot and my powers were screwy.... I distanced myself..." She frowned as Viper got up to tidy the rest of the mess, taking her own cup of coffee with her, "You don't have to do that... I like it messy...."

<Viper> "There is 'messy' and then there is 'health hazard'," Viper replied with a small smirk.

<Carol> "Oh come on, it's not that bad... yet...."

<Viper> "I'd hope not as I only tidied it this morning." She shook her head, going into the bathroom to pick up the towels from the floor. At least Carol had showered.

<Cessily> "Don't blame yourself," Cessily told Carol, getting up from the floor so she could sit down on the edge of the bed beside her. "I could have made more time, but I let myself get carried away by work all the time." She squeezed her hand again and smiled. "Let's just agree that we both could have done better, okay?"

<Carol> "Yeah... okay..." she didn't have it in her to argue the point. "I guess I could be handling this better too...."

<Cessily> "You'll get there," Cessily assured her. "Don't beat yourself up for getting hurt. Just let me... let us help you get back up again." She cast a glance in the direction of the bathroom.

<Carol> "I didn't think- ...I didn't expect... that it would hurt this much.... we weren't even... I don't know what we were..."

<Cessily> "That's the stupid part about relationships, isn't it?" Her smile became a little lopsided. "They do weird things with your feelings, whether you want them to or not." She took a sip from her cup, cradling it between her hands. "I guess that's why I mostly preferred casual hook ups."

<Cessily> "Well, that, and because I'm somewhat of an insatiable slut," she added with a grin.

<Carol> Carol only managed a small smile in response to that. "Yeah... I, uh... Since you... there's been... two... and one of them is cleaning my bathroom right now." She awaited the judging.

<Cessily> It took a while until the meaning of Carol's words sank in. Cessily raised her eyebrows and looked back and forth between the bathroom door and the woman by her side. "Wait, you mean..." She turned her head again, before giving Carol a wide eyed look. "With her?"

<Carol> Carol nodded, "She's been pretty great through all this drama too.... well... she's been a little weird but she was weird before this started and I'm afraid to ask what's wrong...." she frowned, looking toward the bathroom.

<Cessily> Cessily kept looking at Carol with big eyes, blinking a couple of times while trying to make sense of everything. "And-" She looked towards the bathroom again. "You really-" She tried to stop stumbling over her own words. "I mean, I can see what you see in her, but... I... I never knew what to make of her."

<Carol> "She's different now... she's changed since I was working at the school... She feels things now..." Carol looked down at her coffee, "I don't think she likes it very much."

<Cessily> "Well, she has every reason not to, considering all the things-" Cessily cut herself off when she noticed her voice was rising. Instead she took a deep breath and let out a sigh. "Maybe you're all right," she begrudgingly admitted. "It's just, it's hard for me to be rational when it comes to her."

<Carol> "Yeah... you're not the only one," she gave her a lopsided smile, "She's... and this is beyond top secret, okay? She's been helping SHIELD out in secret... passing information. She's trying..."

<Cessily> Cessily arched an eyebrow, before a tiny smile curled her lips. "See, this is why I'm willing to consider I may have been wrong about her," she said. "Because when I know that you can trust her, then maybe it's true she's really a changed person. Because I trust you, and your judgement."

<Carol> Carol raised an eyebrow, "Really? You trust my judgement? Are you insane?"

<Cessily> "It's crazy, right? I mean, you were willing to date me of all people." Cessily chuckled. "Seriously, though, I know you would never take any risks when it comes to the safety of innocents, especially our school and its students."

<Cessily> She reached up and brushed some of Carol's dishevelled hair out of her face. "You should start to trust yourself more."

<Carol> Carol shrugged a shoulder, "I don't know... I seem to always end up here... sitting in my room alone thinking about drinking...."

<Cessily> "Maybe," Cessily conceded, lowering her gaze for a moment. "We all get knocked down once in a while. There's no helping that. But don't tell me you believe you can't push yourself up again. Because we both know that's not true. You made it one time, so you can do it again."

<Carol> "I had a lot of help last time... Kind of moved in with the Shaws.... still sort of live there when I'm not here.... Jess helped put me back together again before."

<Cessily> "So what, you'll have a lot of help this time, too!" Cessily did her best to exude confidence. It had been a while since she did any actual counselling. "I'll take time off if necessary. I have so much overtime, Erik keeps pestering me to do that anyway."

<Carol> "I can't ask that of you, Cess... it's been... it's been a really long time.... we hardly know each other now...." and she was so afraid she'd screw up and end up hurting all over again.

<Cessily> "You don't have to ask, because I want to," Cessily replied. "It's true it's been a while, but you really should know me well enough that I'd never leave you to deal alone with this. Because that would be something you can't ask of me."

<Viper> "She isn't alone," Viper said softly, she'd been stood in the doorway of the bathroom for a short time now, leaning against the doorframe. "But I think some help would be appreciated."

<Carol> Carol looked over and gave Viper a smile before looking back at Cessily, "I don't know... I... won't it be awkward?"

<Cessily> "Oh, it definitely will be," Cessily replied, showing Carol a crooked smile, before she cast a glance over her shoulder at Viper, her expression actually non-hostile this time. She turned back to Carol. "But you're worth it."

<Carol> "I guess I'll have to take your word for that..." Carol gave Cessily a small smile, then looked down at her stomach as it made a noise. "Oh... guess I'm hungry...." She tried to remember when she'd last been coaxed into eating food.

<Viper> Viper didn't even bother going to look in Carol's fridge, "I'll be right back..." she set her coffee cup down on the coffee table and teleported out.

<Cessily> Cessily looked at the spot where Viper had been just a moment ago and frowned. "Should I have hope she'll bring something for me to? Not that I get hungry or need food, but eating something helps when I'm stressed."

<Carol> "Pretty sure she's not bringing ready made food... That's another thing she does. She cooks. The first time she did that, it totally confused me because it doesn't fit into the whole terrorist mental image..." She gave Cess a small grin. "Totally worth the confusion though. Oh my God."

<Cessily> "Really now?" Cessily gave Carol a look of disbelief. "I don't know why I'm even surprised anymore, seeing as this seems to be day of shocking revelations."

<Carol> Carol nodded, "She even..." pause for dramatic effect, "does laudry!"

<Cessily> After quietly looking at Carol for a moment, Cessily couldn't help but start laughing. "Okay, I have to admit, that mental image was priceless."

<Carol> Carol giggled, "I know, right?! It totally ruins the picture. But that's okay now... she's more like a real person these days. And, she'd never admit it, but she loves Jess' kids."

<Cessily> "Really? That's... really not what I would have expected." Cessily raised the cup and took a sip of coffee, then spent several seconds looking down into the black liquid, lost in her thoughts. Her chuckle sounded dry. "Maybe I owe her an apology, after all."

<Carol> "You can try... she still doesn't know what to do with those." Carol finished off her coffee and decided it was time she got out of bed.

<Cessily> Cessily eyes flicked up when Carol stood up, revealing more skin than she had expected. She caught her thoughts drifting, and averted her gaze, pretending to be deeply interested by the contents of her cup again. "Want me to find you some fresh clothes?"

<Carol> "It's okay, I know there's some..." she opened her closet and found some pants, pulling them on before she took off her t-shirt and swapped it for a fresh one. There. That'd do.

<Viper> Viper reappeared in the kitchen area with a collection of ingredients and cooking tools (because Carol had none) and set to work chopping things.

<Cessily> Cessily tried her best and failed, sneaking a look when Carol changed in front of her. She was actually thankful when the noise coming from the kitchen announced Viper's return. "Maybe we should help her," she suggested. "I think it might be good to give you something to do."

<Carol> Carol wrinkled her nose, "I don't know... I shouldn't be around food that's cooking. I'll jinx it."

<Viper> Viper glanced over her shoulder, "There's still coffee if you'd rather just sit on the sofa and watch."

<Carol> "That I can do." She picked up her mug and headed over for more coffee.

<Cessily> Cessily smiled at Carol, before getting up herself. Cup in hand, she stepped towards the kitchen area and looked over the collection of food items Viper had brought. Her fingers tapped the cup while she hesitated. "Can I help with anything?" she finally asked.

<Viper> Viper shook her head, "I can manage, thank you. You're welcome to watch if you're concerned I'll poison anything."

<Carol> Carol giggled at the in-joke and flopped onto the sofa, frowning when some popcorn popped out from between the cushions. Ugh. She stamped on it.

<Cessily> Cessily bit her lip and glanced in Carol's direction, like a child looking for an adult's assistance. "Are you sure?" She had decided to give it another try. "I'm quite handy for chopping things up."

<Carol> Carol reached for Cessily's hand and pulled her to the sofa, "She said she's fine," she rolled her eyes a little but smiled in amusement. "She's not going to poison anything... even if Sebastian still expects her to."

<Cessily> Cessily flopped down by Carol's side. "That's not what I meant," she told her. "I was only trying to be friendly."

<Carol> "I know that," she shook her head, "Don't worry about it. Just enjoy the show."

<Viper> Viper glanced over her shoulder with a playful smirk, "Should I be wearing less clothes for this?"

<Cessily> She turned her head to Carol, then looked at Viper, and back to Carol. "Would I get into trouble if I said yes?"

<Carol> Carol laughed, "Not with me."

<Viper> Viper laughed too, shaking her head. Though she was glad to see Carol acting more like her usual self. It seemed she'd made the right decision. Excellent. "In that case..." she obliged by stripping down to her underwear somewhat slower than necessary.

<Cessily> Cessily raised her cup to her lips and took a slow sip from her coffee. Without taking her eyes off the show, she leaned a little closer to Carol. "Okay, I'm starting to see why you like her."
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:44 am

<Christopher> Chris sat back in a camping chair in the back yard. He'd set up a little fireplace for alone time, and cuz he wasn't dumb enough to smoke in the house. He couldn't get away with drinking anywhere near Greer so he resolved himself with smoking alone in the cold.

<Viper> Viper had received the message that Chris was behaving like a normal person again and decided to drop in for a visit. She instantly regretted it because it was damned cold outside! She had not brought a coat. Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she cleared her throat.

<Christopher> "You shouldn't be out in the cold without a coat." Chris took a drag and put a few more logs in the fire.

<Viper> "Had I known you were outside, I would have brought one." She moved closer to the warm then thought better of it and sat in his lap instead. Ahhhhh.

<Christopher> "Comfy?" Chris raised an eyebrow, a little surprised that she decided to sit in his lap. He had thought she was done with him and his crap.

<Viper> "Warmer." She settled against him, "So. Are you feeling better?"

<Christopher> "Stupid as ever but I've figured out how to survive that." He shrugged. "How've you been?"

<Viper> "Fine." Yep. That was a lie. "I've been working on something."

<Christopher> "Oh? Anything fun?" Chris took another drag wondering if he could get away with pot again.

<Viper> "It's a pet project... so I suppose so." She shrugged a shoulder. "I'm not sure it's something you'd be interested in though."

<Christopher> "Oh? Why's that?" He was actually curious now. "I'll stop smoking if you want." Chris didn't want to but he didn't want to annoy her with it.

<Viper> "It's fine..." she decided to help herself to a cigarette, "I collect healing mutations."

<Christopher> "Huh?" Chris was completely confused now. "You collect what?"

<Viper> "Healing mutations." She settled back against him again, "There are so many variations. It interests me."

<Christopher> "Uhmm okay." Chris just shrugged a little. "I'm guessing you've already gotten a taste of mine then."

<Viper> She shook her head, "No. All of these samples are given freely... this project is too important to be tainted by forcing people to give up a piece of themselves. Everything is given for science." She shifted to look at him, "Are you offering to donate yours?"

<Christopher> "Don't see a reason why not." Chris gave her his best fake smile, it was still hard to smile.

<Viper> "Then I will do that as part of our other arrangement." She sighed, "Speaking of... when would you like that to start? And do you have any questions?"

<Christopher> "I have plenty of free time now that I'm not running missions. And not really I trust you." Chris finished his cigarette and grabbed another.

<Viper> "That doesn't really answer the question..." she settled back into his chest again, "Have you discussed this with your family?"

<Christopher> "Yes. Short story it's my decision. Whatever is best for you I guess Viper." He lit the cigarette and took a long drag.

<Viper> "Well... I could do it now if you wanted... but I thought you might want to warn Greer at least before you disappeared...." Just in case.

<Christopher> "I can let her know. Ya know we live in this era now where people have phones and can get messages to people almost instantly." He stuck his tongue out at her.

<Viper> "No, I know..." she looked down at her lap, "I just thought... I don't want to have anything... left over..." she was bad at this.

<Christopher> "Huh?" Chris frowned a little.

<Viper> She'd tried being delicate but she was very terrible at it so she decided to be her usual blunt self. "I just don't want there to be anything left unsaid if something goes wrong..." She was a little alarmed that her voice cracked at the end of that sentence.

<Christopher> "Oh... yeah. Guess we should wait for her." Chris fidgeted a little. "Well... that got real, really quick. I'll uhmm text her to come home if she can." He pulled out his phone and texted Greer.

<Viper> She nodded, shifting to get up, "I'm going to go inside..."

<Christopher> "You okay?" Chris gave her a questioning look.

<Viper> "I'm fine..." she finished her cigarette and went to hide in the house, hugging herself to keep out the cold and to protect herself from her feelings.

<Christopher> "Viper I told you that you don't have to hide stuff from me." Chris threw his cigarette into the fire and followed her in.

<Viper> "I know. I remember." She leaned against the counter in the kitchen and ran a hand through her hair. "I'm not hiding anything." Clearly.

<Christopher> "And that's okay Viper. I'm not going to kill you for it." He got himself a drink. "It's kinda nice you worrying about me."

<Viper> "Of course I worry... we're..." she cast around for the right word. Friends was probably accurate but she disliked that word for all the trouble it caused. "Close..." she settled on, though her nose wrinkled a little.

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Sorry. Not laughing at you. I know we're close. I like it." He smiled for real this time.

<Viper> "You do?" She frowned a little, "Why?"

<Christopher> "It's nice. Having people that care about me. You're a strong, smart woman and attractive as hell Viper. Why wouldn't I want you close to me?"

<Viper> "Because we're on different sides? Because people don't like me? Because I don't behave like a normal person?" There were many other reasons but those were just the ones off the top of her head.

<Christopher> "Different sides doesn't matter to me. I try to help people, that's all I care about. I like you. And normal's boring." He went to grab a drink for the both of them.

<Viper> "But... we have to be friends in secret.... it's... I don't know... it doesn't seem right somehow..." she frowned, wondering if she was making any sense. Probably not.

<Christopher> "Spice of life?" Chris shrugged. "It doesn't bother me. I knew what I was getting into when I started this." He gave her a bottle of water and a little poke.

<Viper> She sighed, "So did I... and I knew it would end badly."

<Christopher> "It could. Or it couldn't. Life is random and crazy." He gave her a little hug.

<Viper> She leaned against him, "You don't understand..."

<Christopher> "I don't understand a lot. And I do understand that this could go extremely south. Just gotta be careful I guess?" He gave her shoulder a rub.

<Viper> She shook her head, "It's not about being careful... it's about what's... it doesn't matter. I should just know better than to get involved with SHIELD agents... it's asking for trouble... and here I am seeing two of you..." and it was all kinds of confusing. "Or... just one now I suppose."

<Christopher> "Shit happens Viper. I'm not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do. And I'm sure by now you know we trust you... It should be pretty obvious." He held up his arm. "I haven't trusted anybody to try and fix this."

<Viper> "Trusting someone to use their skills to solve a problem is not the same as trusting someone to be part of your life... and you know I can't be that... not properly. Until SHIELD stop trying to hunt me down."

<Christopher> "Already found and caught you. A few times." Chris poked her. "And I know. It's not like I wouldn't help you either. Some things I don't utterly fail at."

<Viper> "I know.... but sometimes... at least now.... sometimes I want to do normal things... go and have coffee somewhere or sit in a park.... and not have to look over my shoulder all the time..."

<Christopher> "I'm sorry you can't. You can be normal here though." Chris gave her a smile.

<Viper> "Yes..." it wasn't the same though. She tried to smile back. "I would like to change the subject now...."

<Christopher> "Alright Viper. Whatever you want." Chris texted Greer again wondering how long it would be.

<Viper> She tried to think of a different subject and her mouth seemed to act on its own accord and ask a question that had been on her mind a lot lately, "Is it hard to raise children when you have emotions?"

<Christopher> Chris frowned a little. "Greer'd be the better one to ask. I haven't been the best dad..."

<Viper> "Then you are the better one to ask... I raised a child... but I don't know that I did a good job...."

<Christopher> "Being a parent's hard either way. I guess as long as you try to do what's best for them that's all you can really do..."

<Viper> She frowned, trying to figure that one out. "I don't think I did that."

<Christopher> "Dunno Viper. I can't really judge..."

<Viper> "You can judge... you have a free pass. Just for today." She offered a small smile.

<Christopher> "Not what I meant Viper. I mean all I can say is try harder?" He shrugged.

<Viper> "I didn't have emotions then... I did my best.... the intention was for him to go to his father.... but it never happened. I tried my best... I didn't want to break him... he wasn't mine..."

<Viper> She frowned, "Not that I would want to break a child if they we're mine...."

<Christopher> "If you did you best no one can blame you. You can't do your best with your hands tied. I'm sure you'll do better next time."

<Viper> "Next time?" She blinked at him, entirely blindsided by that.

<Christopher> "Uhmm well if there ever is a next time. I wasn't trying to suggest anything."

<Viper> She shifted uncomfortably, looking anywhere but at him now. "I'm not sure that would ever happen."

<Christopher> "Don't want a kid of your own?" He chewed his lip.

<Viper> "I've never really thought about it... well... other than that it would be rather inconvenient..."

<Christopher> "It can be. It's pretty rewarding too. It's nice to make other people happy. Especially your family."

<Viper> "Yes... but... it's not safe.... my life.... there's no room." She was in dangerous territory again, "Besides... I'd have to find two people I trusted before that could even happen so it is very unlikely."

<Christopher> "Two?" Chris gave her a puzzled look. "Why two?"

<Viper> "Because... one would be the father and the other would need to be a surgeon..." She was avoiding his gaze again.

<Christopher> "Ahh. I guess I wasn't thinking about the doctor part."

<Viper> "Of course not. Not many people have taken such permanent solutions to avoid unwanted pregnancy and have the option to reverse it."

<Christopher> "Sorry Viper. Maybe one day?" He sighed. "As you can tell I'm not a plan guy..."

<Viper> "I already knew that," she offered him a half smile, "I don't know that I want a child... it seems like a lot of work... and I already have a job...." she frowned. "Emotions make everything very complicated."

<Christopher> "Yeah they are. They're worth it. And ya know you have plenty of people that'd help you." He smiled.

<Viper> "I think if I was going to have a child I'd be expected to do a large portion of the work myself... especially the pregnancy part of it."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Well yeah. I meant the after part."

<Viper> "That is the part that bothers me the most... I would be.... vulnerable...."

<Christopher> "You think any of us would let someone hurt you?" Chris raised an eyebrow.

<Viper> "You can't be with me every hour of the day for ten months... I have a job and you have a job... and everyone else has their own things... I am not a child. I can look after myself."

<Christopher> Chris frowned a little. "I guess not. I was just trying to say at the very least I'd be here for you."

<Viper> "I'm not your responsibility, Chris...." she sighed, "And a hypothetical child is also not your responsibility. It would be the responsibility of its father.... and me, obviously."

<Christopher> "Didn't say you were. Just said I'd be there for you." He gave her another hug. "It's what I do."

<Viper> She was confused again, "Okay." It was easier to just agree. The spell was broken when she heard a car pull up on the drive. Her posture stiffened and she straightened up, "I'll... go... somewhere else...."

<Christopher> "Uhmm... okay Viper." Chris frowned. Sometimes I have no idea how to handle her...

<Greer> Greer closed the door behind her and followed Chris' scent to the kitchen. She didn't fail to recognise Viper's and wondered where she'd vanished off to when she found Chris alone. "Hey... everything okay?"

<Christopher> "Yeah. Everything's fine." Chris gave Greer a kiss and slipped his arms around her waist. "Little confusing." He murmured in her ear.

<Greer> "Confusing? How come?" She had to come home for confusing? She returned the hug and nuzzled his shoulder.

<Christopher> "Nothin to worry about. Been talking to Viper." He gave her a warm smile. "She thought we should talk before we go and get started..." Chris placed a small kiss on her shoulder.

<Greer> "You're going... now?" She was more than surprised and slightly worried. "That's... that's soon."

<Christopher> "The... the sooner the better right?" Chris frowned, he was worried more than anything.

<Greer> "I guess...." She chewed her lip, "Are you sure you're ready?"

<Christopher> "No." Chris wasn't going to lie to her. Not about this. "I'm scared, so much could go wrong."

<Greer> She hugged him tightly, "You can change your mind."

<Christopher> "I don't think I want to." Chris hugged her back. "Viper can do it. Pretty sure she could stop the world turning if she really wanted to." He laughed a little.

<Greer> "Just as long as you come back in one piece. That's all I ask." She gave him a squeeze and pressed a kiss to his cheek. "Because if you don't... I don't know what I'm supposed to tell Thomas."

<Christopher> "Yeah... I don't know. I wasn't too worried till Viper said we should wait for you to come home to let you know..." He bit his lip.

<Greer> "I suppose she's just planning for all eventualities... confident in her abilities or not. She's good at plans, you know that." She nuzzled the side of his face and purred softly, "It'll be okay."

<Christopher> "Y...yeah, just a little freaked out. Last time..." Chris stopped talking there.

<Greer> She gave him another squeeze before she loosened her hold to step away enough to see his face, "You'll be back here before you know it. And then we can properly think about what to do next." She offered him a small smile.

<Christopher> "Yeah." Chris gave her a soft kiss. "I'll be better before you know it I guess."

<Greer> "Just make sure you tell her thank you when it's done." She gave him another smile and nuzzled him again before pulling him into another final hug.

<Christopher> "I will Greer." If I can. Chris hugged her back. "I love you Greer."

<Greer> "I love you too," she buried her face in his shoulder and inhaled his scent, afraid it would be for the last time. "Now you better go before she gets impatient and leaves without you."

<Christopher> "I'll be back Greer. Promise, no more leaving right?" He rubbed her back a little.

<Greer> She nodded, letting him go again, "I'll hold you to that."

<Christopher> "If you didn't I would think something is wrong with you. I guess I should find where she ran off to."

<Greer> "I know she went that way," she pointed off toward her study. "I'll see you when you get home."

<Christopher> "Alright Greer. Don't miss me too much." He gave her another kiss before he went off to find Viper.

<Viper> Viper was indeed in Greer's study. She was nosing around the bookshelves at all the random items that sat between books in all the odd nooks. Greer had a number of these items and Viper wondered if they had some significance to her or if they just looked nice. She did seem to like crystal animals. Rather a lot.

<Christopher> Chris walked into the study slowly. "See anything you like?" He walked about the study a little.

<Viper> She hadn't heard him coming and almost dropped the one she was holding. She set it back on the shelf hastily. "I was just killing time... are you ready to go?"

<Christopher> "Yeah good to go." Chris gave her a smile, hiding the fear.

<Viper> She moved over to him and offered her hand, "It will be okay."

<Christopher> "I trust you Viper." Chris smiled. "So lets get this started hmm?"

<Viper> She returned the smile and took his hand before she teleported them to her room on the base they would be working in. "Do you have any questions before we go to the lab?"

<Christopher> "No I think I'm just ready to give this a try." Chris shook his head and shuddered a little. He hated teleporting.

<Viper> "Then, follow me..." she started for the door and then paused, "You will need to spend a few days here... would you like your own room or to stay here with me?"

<Christopher> "Up to you Viper. It's your room." He didn't want to be more of a burden than he already was.

<Viper> "I don't mind you being here, that's why I asked. If I minded I wouldn't have given you the option, would I?" she offered a small smile, "If you would rather have your own space I can give you a room nearby."

<Christopher> "It's fine Viper." Chris smiled. "You can just poke at me whenever you want if I'm staying with you."

<Viper> "That's not the reason I asked..." though it would make keeping him under observation easier. She walked the rest of the way to the door and opened it to lead the way down to the lab.

<Christopher> Chris followed her to the lab. "Then why?" He poked her side.

<Viper> "I thought you might like the company..." and she would like it too.

<Christopher> "I wouldn't be upset by it." Chris pulled her into a little hug.

<Viper> She managed a small smile before she remembered where they were and she shooed him. No hugging when people might see and think she wouldn't shoot them!

<Christopher> "If someone sees you can just shoot me." He poked at her again. "Make them think I'm your new pet or something."

<Viper> "I don't make a habit of bringing home strays." She stopped by an elevator, "You're already getting special treatment."

<Christopher> "Alright alright. I'll be good. Or at least when people can see me."

<Viper> "Good." They took the elevator down to her private lab where everything was waiting, "Go and sit on the exam table so I can take samples."

<Christopher> "Yeah alright." Chris frowned and did as he was told. He didn't like people poking at him but he would have to deal with it while she worked.

<Viper> Viper disappeared into another room to wash her hands and change into a lab coat. "Remove your shirt please," she called through the doorway.

<Christopher> "Can't keep it in your pants till later?" Chris gave her a little wink as he took his shirt off.

<Viper> "I like to have something nice to look at while I work," she replied as she emerged, a smirk on her lips.

<Christopher> "Maybe I should take my pants off too then." He smirked.

<Viper> She laughed, "Maybe after we take samples or I won't get any work done at all."

<Christopher> "Can't look without touching?" His smirk turned into a lewd grin. "Didn't know I was that tempting."

<Viper> "Well... you're here... in my place of work... it's different." She shrugged a shoulder, picking up the items she'd need to take blood.

<Christopher> "Different?" Chris cocked his head a little. "You know you'll need to depower me to make this easy, unless you want to break your needles."

<Viper> "One thing at a time," she finished setting everything out on a tray and then picked up an inhibitor cuff, "And it is different. You've never been here. No one has."

<Christopher> "Is that a good different or a uncomfortable different?" Chris held out his right arm for the cuff and her to draw blood.

<Viper> "I haven't decided yet. I'm still getting used to it." She clipped the cuff into place and prepped his arm, "Are you sure you want to donate to my project as well?"

<Christopher> "Why not?" Chris gave her a warm smile. "You're helping me, I can help you."

<Viper> "Well.... I should lay all my cards on the table I suppose... I have brought up the subject with Sebastian to give Jessica a healing mutation... but I wanted her to be able to choose what type she had. Would you rather I left yours out of the choice? She won't know who the donors are...."

<Christopher> "Well if mine works for her that'd probably be pretty awesome for her. I mean, it's pretty damn fast. I ever tell you the time I got my throat ripped out? Woke up a few minutes later completely fine."

<Viper> She nodded, "Yes, you've mentioned that... there are a few that act very fast...." she looked away for a moment, "But she may not need something like that."

<Christopher> "I would hope not. But it comes in handy. Takes the thrill out of a lot of things though. First time I went skydiving I wasn't really scared at all. It was kinda just boring."

<Viper> "It will be her choice..." She picked up a swab, "Mouth open."

<Christopher> "Well I'm glad to contribute." Chris opened his mouth wide.

<Viper> She took her samples and sealed them carefully, "If you're good, maybe I'll show you my collection."

<Christopher> "And if I'm bad?" He smirked.

<Viper> "Hmm.... I could show you my dungeon?" She removed her gloves and collected up the samples and the tray to take away.

<Christopher> "I don't know if that scares or arouses me." Chris looked around a little, still a little nervous about all of this.

<Viper> She laughed softly as she returned from the other room again, "I suppose it would depend on what sort of dungeon I brought you to."

<Christopher> "And who's getting strapped down." He poked her in the side when she got close.

<Viper> "We're in my domain now," she reminded him with a wicked grin, "I'm in charge."

<Christopher> "Oh that just gives me all sorts of ideas." Chris shot his own grin right back at her.

<Viper> "Well we have some time to kill while your DNA is grafted into the serum so...."

<Christopher> "So? What do you have on your mind hmm?" He licked his lips.

<Viper> "Well... I could give you a tour... we could go back to my room... I could make good on showing you the dungeon... or anything else you want.... are you hungry?"

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "And here I thought you were going to tell me to strip."

<Viper> "That would be too easy - you're already half way there." She gave him a half smile, "But you are my guest so I feel I should ask you what you want to do while we wait."

<Christopher> "Anything is fine with me Viper. Down deep I'm a pretty boring person." He shrugged. "I usually just work out to pass the time."

<Viper> "I... work." She shrugged a shoulder, "How about something to eat then?"

<Christopher> "You're a little too far away for that." Chris smirked and got off the table and put his shirt on.

<Viper> She shook her head, smiling a little, "Maybe later." She led the way back to the elevator, "What would you like to eat?"

<Christopher> "Burger?" Chris shrugged. "Maybe a salad. Greens aren't big in our house."

<Viper> She leaned against the wall in the elevator, "That's all you want? We're not going to a restaurant or a caffeteria. We're going back to my quarters... I intend to cook."

<Christopher> "Well what do you suggest? Show me whatchya got." Chris grinned.

<Viper> "Then I will cook you something German and you will like it." She straightened up again when the elevator stopped and led the way back to her room.

<Christopher> "Is that a promise or a command?" Chris followed her back into her room.

<Viper> "Do I have to pick one?" She threw him a smirk as she opened the door and gestured him in ahead of her.

<Christopher> "I don't do so well with commands. Always had trouble listening." He smirked.

<Viper> "Well you don't have to listen - just taste." She closed the door behind her and crossed to her favourite chair to take off her boots. "Make yourself at home."

<Christopher> "You'd like that too much." He shot her a grin before finding a spot to sit as well.

<Viper> "Well the last time you were here you were in your underwear in my shower..." she pointed out.

<Christopher> Chris frowned a little remembering that night. "Yeah..."

<Viper> Boots gone, she got to her feet and headed for her kitchen. "Would you like coffee to drink while you watch me cook?"

<Christopher> "I'm fine, thank you." Chris stared down at the floor a new wave of self pity washing over him.

<Viper> "If you're sure..." she was making coffee anyway. Once that was sorted she got to work on dinner.

<Christopher> Chris got up and walked about her room a little. "That's a lot of books."

<Viper> "I like to read," she replied from the kitchen as she took out utensils.

<Christopher> Chris looked through a few different ones. "Never been much of a reader. I prefer hands on things."

<Viper> "My job is all 'hands on'. I do have other things I like to do... but most of my day is taken up by working."

<Christopher> "Like?" Chris kept looking around trying to keep his mind off the other night.

<Viper> "Well... I like to cook," she decided to use the obvious example.

<Christopher> Chris stumbled across her paintings. "Holy shit Viper these are good."

<Viper> The sounds of movement in the kitchen stopped as she realised what he'd found. "Uh.... Thank you..... I've had a lot of practice...."

<Christopher> "Sorry... wasn't trying to snoop. Distracting myself." Chris bit his lip, now he felt bad for a different reason. He didn't like people seeing anything he did that wasn't complete, he knew people could be weird about their own works.

<Viper> "No... it's fine..." she supposed he was allowed to know. Sebastian knew. "I used to draw when I was a child... it's something I have always done."

<Christopher> "It's all really good. I haven't gotten back to my stuff in a while..."

<Viper> "You can keep some if you want..." she hadn't given them to anyone for a while.

<Christopher> "It's fine Viper, you don't have to." Chris walked back to the kitchen. "Just saying they were good looking, almost as good looking as you."

<Viper> She offered him a smile over her shoulder, "You really can take one if you want. It's not obligatory or anything..."

<Christopher> "I'll think about it." Chris held her hips gently. "Maybe I'll make something for you."

<Viper> "You already did that," she reminded him. "See if you can find it while I cook."

<Christopher> "I can't just stare at your sexy ass?" He stepped back a little, not wanting to distract her while she was busy cooking.

<Viper> "You can I suppose," she laughed softly, "There's coffee if you want it." She gestured to the pot.

<Christopher> "Thanks." Chris ran his hand across her butt as he went to search now that he had permission.

<Viper> She poured him a cup of coffee and set it on the dining table before she went back to cooking.

<Christopher> Chris spied the little sculpture on her bedside table. "Keeping it close hmm?"

<Viper> "I think it looks nice there...." she hedged, not willing to admit it had been there since he'd told her he was leaving.

<Christopher> "Yeah I like it." He gave her a smile.

<Viper> She returned the smile, "Good. Now I have to concentrate because the pan is hot."

<Christopher> "Alright alright I'll be good." Chris sat down in front of his coffee.

<Viper> She got to work on the cooking process. "Would you like to get started right after dinner or perhaps leave it until tomorrow?"

<Christopher> "Sooner the better I think... Unless you have other plans." He sipped at the coffee. "I... uhmm don't want to get cold feet about it."

<Viper> She nodded, "Okay..." she tugged the corner of her lip with a fang while she cooked.

<Christopher> "That doesn't sound too reassuring." Chris looked up at her, worry starting to creep across his face.

<Viper> "I'm sorry.... it's just... when this is done you will go...." she poked at the potatoes in her pan.

<Christopher> "And you want me to stay?" He gave her a confused look.

<Viper> "No I don't mean... I don't mean just here..." she shrugged a shoulder.

<Christopher> "Viper...?" Chris chewed his lip. "I'm not just using you to fix my arm."

<Viper> "I know that... but we already discussed how much more difficult it will be for us to see each other now..."

<Christopher> "You'd think it'd be easier for you to sneak into my house than base." Chris ran a hand through his hair. "I'm sorry I didn't expect this to hurt you."

<Viper> "Your house has your son and your... whatever Greer is... and I don't want to put your family in danger..."

<Christopher> "Greer's my partner. Wife without getting remarried I guess. My son isn't always there. And I know, but I don't think I'd have to worry about that past my usual worry about people coming after me."

<Viper> "You don't know that.... SHIELD and Hydra are the same in that they are everywhere... and I don't want to confuse things for your son. You know he would recognise my scent."

<Christopher> "They're not in my house, unless you are there. And I'm sure he's figured out we're not a regular family by now." Chris shrugged. "Though we've never really discussed it all as a family."

<Viper> She shook her head, "I have rules... this would be breaking them." She sighed, the food was cooked but now she wasn't hungry. She plated it up anyway and brought Chris his.

<Christopher> Once she set the plates down Chris carefully pulled her into his lap. "Rules are more fun when you break them sometimes."

<Viper> She sighed, resting against him, "It's probably for the best anyway..."

<Christopher> Chris gave her a squeeze. "Just think about it Viper. We can figure something out. You are the smartest woman in Hydra aren't you?" He kissed at her neck.

<Viper> "Yes.... but there is only so much I can get away with before the authorities notice..."

<Christopher> "Anything is possible Viper." Chris started to rub her shoulders.

<Viper> "For you," she closed her eyes and leaned against his chest. "I am not like you."

<Christopher> "Then by that logic it's possible since I am involved." Chris kissed her ear softly.

<Viper> "My involvement in it cancels out yours..." she sighed heavily and shifted to get up, "You should eat that before it gets cold."

<Christopher> "Alright Viper I won't press. I just think it's worth considering..." He really did, he didn't exactly know why, but he did. Chris took a few bites of the food she gave him. "Damn... that's great."

<Viper> "Thank you." She sat down at the table and started on her dinner. She would have liked a glass of wine but she was trying to be considerate to Chris.

<Christopher> Chris finished a good portion of the food before speaking again. "Do you want to start tomorrow instead?"

<Viper> "If you'd rather get it out of the way today we can do it...." She would rather do it tomorrow but it was Chris' choice.

<Christopher> "I'm more than happy to spend time with you Viper." Chris poked her with his foot.

<Viper> "I know... but you're going to have to do this sooner or later... and I think it will be more difficult if we put it off...."

<Christopher> Chris got up and moved over to her. "Viper, just shut up and be happy for once." He lifted her chin and kissed her softly.

<Viper> She returned the kiss, sliding her arms around him and trying to ignore the horrible knotty pain sensation spreading through her.

<Christopher> Chris pulled back from the kiss for a moment. "Better?"

<Viper> She tried to lie and say yes but ended up shaking her head and looking down at the table. It was harder to ignore that pain now.

<Christopher> "What's wrong then?" Chris frowned a little.

<Viper> "I don't know... eat your schitzel."

<Christopher> "Alright Viper. I'm sorry." He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek and went back to his spot.

<Viper> Why were emotions so confusing? She stabbed frustratedly at her potatoes. "I can't afford to get attached..."

<Christopher> "Seems like you already have... If you want the truth I have." Chris played with his food.

<Viper> She looked up at him, surprised. "To me?"

<Christopher> "No your cooking. Yes you Viper. I wouldn't have come with you if I wasn't. I don't trust this much to just anyone."

<Viper> "Oh..." she frowned and went back to her potatoes. "Well... you won't have to see me after this..."

<Christopher> "Why would I want that?" Chris moved the food around.

<Viper> "Because I'm complicated... people don't like complicated...." she sure didn't. "And I'm dangerous to you...."

<Christopher> "I have time for complicated. And I'm complicated too. Yet you still try to help me."

<Viper> "This.... this I can do..." she gestured to his arm, "This is easy... but just.... personal things.... I don't do it well.... you know that... and you hate it..."

<Christopher> "I don't hate it. It's just frustrating at times. I've gotten used to emotions being out in the open. Comes with being with someone for so long."

<Viper> "You've been seeing me for years, you should be used to me not displaying my emotions very well.... sometimes... sometimes they just come out... but it's never the good ones...."

<Christopher> "Seeing you just for sex and being with you are different Viper. You Grew on me apparently." Chris was still playing with his food.

<Viper> She cocked her head on one side, trying to figure that out. "I don't understand..."

<Christopher> Chris just shrugged. "Don't think I can explain it Viper."

<Viper> "But... you can't be with me... it can only be sex..."

<Christopher> "Why not?" Chris just shrugged.

<Viper> "Because you have people... and I have... this..." she gestured vaguely around her, "I gave up normal things when I said no...."

<Christopher> "Well right now you have me. And I'm sure you could have me for longer than this if you wanted."

<Viper> "No... I don't have you... you're just... temporary..."

<Christopher> "That's up to you... Well and Greer." Chris wasn't leaving her not again.

<Viper> "And Carol?" Viper frowned. Everything was so so complicated now.

<Christopher> Chris sighed. "I'm pretty sure Carol will never want to see me again."

<Viper> "But... I've been seeing her..." She prodded the potatoes again, "I wanted to make sure she was okay..."

<Christopher> "Then I guess you'd have to talk to her about this if you want more. I don't want to hurt her again..." Chris set his fork down, he wasn't going to be eating more, probably not for a while.

<Viper> "What more can I have, Chris? You know my situation..."

<Christopher> "If you'd stop just giving up you could have more than you think you deserve. But you'll never get anything more than you have if you keep giving up."

<Viper> "I'm not giving up, Chris... I don't give up... but I have lived this life for a long time. I know how it works... I had my chance to change sides a long time ago and I chose this life."

<Christopher> "I don't care what side you're on. If I did I wouldn't have slept with you so many times. And I wouldn't be here now."

<Viper> "It's not about you!" She put her face in her hands, "We are not the only two people involved in this. I have a job and I have work to do and you have a job and we work at cross purposes and you could get in a lot of trouble and you might not even see it coming and that would endanger everyone else in your life. You didn't choose that."

<Christopher> Chris let out a sigh. "Alright Viper. I'm sorry I won't press the matter. You feel so strongly that it's wrong, then I'll respect that." He always said the wrong thing, always pushed too far.

<Viper> "I just don't want to ruin your life by being selfish..." she sighed, "I want things I never wanted before and I don't know why... Everything is confusing so I think it's better just to leave things as they are. At least I know they work that way."

<Christopher> "If you want more, if you're not happy then it's not working." Chris sat there staring at his plate just wondering to himself why he was trying to pound his head against this wall. If she didn't want anything more why did he keep trying to argue with her.

<Viper> "Why would I not be happy?" She wasn't sure she knew what that was anymore anyway.

<Christopher> "It doesn't seem like you are. You want me around, if you were happy how things are why would you want me to stay longer than you need to fix me?"

<Viper> "I don't know!" She got up from the table and walked back out to her living room, sinking into her chair and curling up. She was even more confused than ever and was she crying? She hid her face in her hands.

<Christopher> "Viper... I'm sorry." Chris followed her into the living room. "I know you don't get all of this. I'm not trying to upset you, you know that right?"

<Viper> "Sometimes it's hard to tell..." She pushed the ends of her fingers into her hair. "There's just too much stuff... too many variables...."

<Christopher> Chris sat down in one of the chairs and looked over at her. "I don't know how to help you Viper."

<Viper> "You don't have to help me..." She mumbled into her hands, "I'm helping you and then you are going back to your life."

<Christopher> "It won't be the same without you around Viper." He sighed.

<Viper> "Well maybe you should have taken that into account when you decided to move."

<Christopher> "My family needed me." Chris ran a hand through his hair.

<Viper> "Which was fine until you fell off the wagon. I'm sure they would rather you hadn't done that first." And now she was being mean. He had to sleep here. She should stop talking.

<Christopher> "I'm sure..." Chris frowned. "Apparently I do lots of stupid shit."

<Viper> "Yes you do. And you should stop it. You have a good life - you should be happy with what you have and stop trying to ruin it." Her mouth wasn't listening to her brain.

<Christopher> "It's not like I do it on purpose." He sipped at the coffee.

<Viper> "But you do stay in your cycle and it seems wilfull from the outside. You do a bad thing. You apologise. You move on. That is how people usually do these things. But you don't do that and it's frustrating from the outside. Why do you do that? Why do you be so hard on yourself when everyone else forgives you?"

<Christopher> "Just don't feel like I deserve any of it. I've burned so many bridges and fucked up so much. Part of me still wishes they'd killed me in Alaska..." Saying it out loud hit him harder than he thought it would. "I ran away from Greer instead of figuring stuff out. And then there was everything with Hope."

<Viper> "Christopher. That is in the past. You are going to live for a very very long time. If you hold on to all the bad things in your past you are going to find that really difficult. Hope is happy - she is married with children and going on with her life. Greer and Thomas are back in your life and they are happy too. Alaska was not your fault. Move. On."

<Christopher> "It was my fault. If I hadn't taken the drugs I wouldn't have become that monster. And it's not that easy for me to forget the wrongs I've done to people. Usually the best I can do is distract myself from them."

<Viper> She sighed, looking over to him, "Do you realise who you are talking to? I have been in Hydra since I was a child. Can you imagine how many bad things I have done since then? How many people I have killed? And I had a choice. I was not turned into a creature by unethical scientists and set upon a small village that couldn't defend itself. I did all of those things of my own free will."

<Christopher> "Apples and oranges. Everyone's life experiences are different. Can we not talk about this?"

<Viper> "We can stop talking about it when you understand that you will need to learn how to stop holding all of these things against yourself. You need to find a way to get closure. I know there is nothing I can do to make it better because most of the people my actions affected are long since dead. There is no point trying to make it better. Just learn to live the best way you can now."

<Christopher> "How do I ask forgiveness for murders that were covered up? Their families think it was some rabid beast. I can't give those kids their lives back..." Chris stood up and went to take his plate back to the kitchen.

<Viper> "You don't. You can't. What you need to do is forgive yourself or, if that is too difficult, just accept that it happened and let it go. There is nothing else you can do. Punishing yourself isn't going to make it better either, is it? The people that did this to you have been punished, there is nothing left to do."

<Christopher> "If it was that easy don't you think I would have already done it?" Chris really wanted a drink right now.

<Viper> "It is that easy. You just haven't realised that yet. You are the only person that hasn't forgiven you. Once you do that this will stop. That's all you need to know." She got up from her chair to start cleaning up the dinner things.

<Christopher> "Yeah whatever..." Chris wanted to find somewhere to be alone but he didn't have anywhere to go in her room, so he just resigned himself to sitting in one of her chairs.

<Viper> Viper left him alone in the living room while she cleaned up the dinner things. She was frustrated again and wondering why she bothered trying to be helpful.

<Christopher> Chris got as comfortable as he could, planning to just sleep in the chair. The whole time he sat wondering why everyone thought it was so easy for him to just forget about everything.

<Viper> Viper took her time in the kitchen and made more coffee when she was done. She poured two cups and returned to Chris, setting the cups on the coffee table before going to him and sliding her arms around him, "I'm sorry."

<Christopher> "No you're not. You thought that's exactly what I needed to hear to pick myself up and stop moping about. But I've heard it before. It doesn't work."

<Viper> "I'm sorry it upset you... and I'm sorry it didn't work." He wasn't returning the hug and that hurt a little so she straightened up and stood awkwardly for a moment before she turned to pick up her coffee.

<Christopher> Chris sighed and grabbed one of her hands. "I'm sorry Viper, I know you're just trying to help... Come back."

<Viper> She turned back to him and climbed into his lap. "I don't want you to be sad anymore."

<Christopher> "I don't want to be either. But I can't turn it off Viper." Chris laid his head on her shoulder.

<Viper> "Is there nothing that will help?" she rested her head against his and gently stroked his hair.

<Christopher> "I don't know. I haven't really tried to fix it. Part of me will always think I deserve this misery..."

<Viper> "But you don't... is there any way that you can see that you don't? You're a good person... you care about other people... why would you think you deserve to hurt all the time?"

<Christopher> "Because all I do is hurt other people. No matter how much good I do. I always turn around and do something utterly stupid."

<Viper> "Have you considered that you do these things because you think you should be miserable and not the other way around? Even so these other people forgive you because they love you... they won't stop loving you because that is what you deserve."

<Christopher> "I don't know why they do..." Chris sighed and gave her a little squeeze.

<Viper> "Because of all the things I already said... you care about people and people appreciate that. You love them and they love you back. That's how friendships and families work..."

<Christopher> "You're not supposed to break your loved ones hearts."

<Viper> "Well the thing about that is that you can fix it but only if you don't break your own heart out of solidarity because then you're no good to anyone." She leaned to give him a small smile, "Carol is okay. I have been taking care of her and I brought Cessily to see her. She's doing much better now. You don't have to worry."

<Christopher> "That doesn't make up for what I did...I should have known better. I should have told Cess what was going on with me and Carol."

<Viper> "You are grownups, you make your own decisions. She understands that. You made no promises to each other and everything is fine now."

<Christopher> Chris just sighed and leaned back into the chair staring at the ceiling. "Doesn't mean I didn't royally fuck up. I think Karma's going to end up dropping a nuke on me one of these days..."

<Viper> "No, you do that all by yourself." She shifted to sit astride him and look down at his face, "Everything is going to be better now, okay? Make up your mind to make it better. Believe it."

<Christopher> "Never thought you'd be into that new age hippie stuff Viper." Chris moved his hands to her hips.

<Viper> "You forget - I was alive when hippies were actually new." She gave him a small amused smirk, "It works though... I have never doubted my ability to do things."

<Christopher> "I've always doubted myself... Never cared not to try but never thought I'd manage anything." Chris pressed his forehead to hers, his hands moving to her back to hold her.

<Viper> "But you've managed so much already. You graduated college, you got married, you became a teacher, you became a father and now you're a SHIELD agent. That is a lot of accomplishments." Her arms encircled his shoulders, "Even if you occasionally mess up. Everyone does that."

<Christopher> "I got divorced and left my pregnant wife when I went to become a teacher. As a teacher I had an inappropriate relationship with a student who I caused nothing but strife. I became a drug addict and suicidal murderer before I became a father."

<Viper> "You have to stop focusing on the bad things. They are not what makes you you. You are good. Your family loves you. Your friends love you. I-" she cut herself off before her mouth got carried away again.

<Christopher> Chris gave her a little smile as a reward for that. "I know Viper... It's just hard not to see it." He pressed a soft kiss to her lips.

<Viper> "I know it's not easy... but I promise it's worth it." She kissed him back, stroking her fingers through his hair.

<Christopher> "Yall won't be happy till I give up and be happy will ya?" He gave her another soft kiss.

<Viper> She shook her head, "No I won't. I hate seeing you sad." She pouted at him.

<Christopher> "You're cute when you pout." Chris peppered her face with light kisses.

<Viper> She laughed softly and burrowed into his neck, hugging him tightly to hide the blush.

<Christopher> "I can feel you blushing." Chris gave her exposed neck a soft nip.

<Viper> "No you can't," she replied stubbornly, nipping his neck in response.

<Christopher> "Mmhmm, your face is all warm." Chris started to kiss and nip at any exposed skin he could get to with her shirt on.

<Viper> "Maybe I'm just warm..." she nuzzled his neck and nipped at his skin just below his ear.

<Christopher> "Only your face huh?" Chris moved his hands up from her waist, pushing her shirt with them as he went. His kisses starting to get rougher.

<Viper> "Maybe not just my face... you should investigate." She kissed her way along his jaw to his lips and shifted in his lap.

<Christopher> "Oh I should?" He pulled back from kissing her only long enough to get her shirt off. "Where oh where should I start?" His hands moved up her sides, gently scraping her skin as he went to undo her bra.

<Viper> "Well I think that's up to you... but you should definitely be thorough." She kissed him again, slipping her tongue past his lips as she pressed herself against him.

<Christopher> Chris started to kiss down her neck slowly to her collarbone. "Hmmm is it here?"

<Viper> "You tell me," she muttered into his ear, grinding her hips against his slowly.

<Christopher> "Hmm I'm not sure I guess I'll have to keep investigating." Chris kissed across her chest slowly, his hands moving up her back. His nails leaving small red streaks behind them.

<Viper> She hissed and her back arched a little, lifting her chest closer to his face in the process. "Have you enough room to investigate here? Or should we go somewhere else?"

<Christopher> "I'm sure we could figure it out." Chris smirked and kissed down her breast slowly, giving her nipple a teasing lick. "But it might be more comfortable somewhere else."

<Viper> "The bedroom's through there," she nodded to a closed door. "Are you going to make me walk there?"

<Christopher> "Was that a request Viper?" Chris placed soft kisses across her breasts while he waited for her answer. His nails scraping across her back as he teased her.

<Viper> "Are you going to fulfill it if it was?" She shifted to secure her hold on his shoulders in case he took the thinly veiled hint.

<Christopher> Chris grinned a little, "maybe." His hands slowly moved down to her butt giving it a good squeeze before he picked her up.

<Viper> She wrapped her legs around his waist, kissing him deeply while they moved and gathering the back of his shirt up so she could pull it off him when he set her down.

<Christopher> "Mmm impatient?" Chris stopped when he got to her bed. "I'm starting to think you missed me." He returned the kiss carefully sitting back on the bed so he didn't drop her.

<Viper> "I did miss you," she murmured against his lips as she pulled his shirt off, only moving back enough to get it out of the way.

<Christopher> "I missed you too Viper." Chris let her get his shirt off and immediately rolled her over to start kissing her more passionately.

<Viper> She returned the kiss, pulling him tight against her and letting her hands roam over his back.

<Christopher> Chris moved his hand down to start undoing her pants, his hand slipping inside them once there was room. "Mmm I think I found what you were talking about."

<Viper> She gasped, kissing along his jaw to his ear, "And what are you going to do about it?"

<Christopher> "Whatever I want. Is that a problem?"

[Time Passes]

<Christopher> Chris returned the kiss and moved from on top of her to lay next to her. "Enjoy?" He gave her a little smile his arm gently moving over her.

<Viper> "Mmhmm," she cuddled against his chest and pulled the other side of the sheet over them too, the silk feeling good against her bare skin.

<Christopher> "Good." Chris snuggled into her and rubbed her back gently. "Guess we're waiting for tomorrow to get started."

<Viper> "I was hoping that would be the case," she pressed a kiss to his chest and closed her eyes.

<Christopher> "Mmm who said you can sleep?" Chris kissed the top of her head.

<Viper> "Who says I'm sleeping? Maybe I'm just enjoying lying here with you."

<Christopher> He laughed a little. "You're cute you know that?"

<Viper> "No I'm not..." she pouted even though he couldn't see her face. "Never cute. Always scary."

<Christopher> "Nope completely cute and cuddly." Chris gave her a squeeze.

<Viper> She gave up protesting and snuggled, "No one can know. I already swore Carol to secrecy."

<Christopher> "Hmm I don't know. It's pretty obvious you're cute." He attempted to tickle her a little.

<Viper> "It's not!" she protested, catching his hands, "I shoot people for less."

<Christopher> "Shoot me then." Chris leaned down and gave her a kiss.

<Viper> She kissed back, sliding an arm around him. "I'd rather not... I like not having blood everywhere."

<Christopher> "Hmm then I guess you'll just have to be cute." Chris grinned and kissed her nose.

<Viper> She wrinkled her nose at that and hid her face against his shoulder. "You'll be sorry when I turn you into a frog tomorrow."

<Christopher> "Nope I'll just ribbit and not care cuz my brain won't be large enough to understand." Chris kissed the top of her head.

<Viper> "How do you know? Have you ever been turned into a frog before?"

<Christopher> "Maybe." Chris poked her side.

<Viper> "Maybe? Are you trying to pretend that you have?"

<Christopher> "Are you a hundred percent sure I haven't?" Chris gave her a little smirk and poked her again.

<Viper> "Hmm... I don't know... that school you went to had all kinds of crazy things happening all the time..." she poked him back.

<Christopher> "That it did. That it did." He poked her twice this time.

<Viper> She made a small sound of protest at the pokes.

<Christopher> "See just more signs that point to you being cute. You're just proving my point Viper." He grinned.

<Viper> "Shhh, you're ruining the cuddles."

<Christopher> "Nope I'm winning the cuddles." Chris went back to rubbing her back.

<Viper> "It's not a competition...." she nipped his shoulder.

<Christopher> "It's not? Hey ouch, who's ruining the cuddles now?"

<Viper> "That didn't hurt," she kissed the spot where she nipped anyway, "And no, it's not a competition. It's supposed to be nice."

<Christopher> "I never said it wasn't nice." Chris let out a soft sigh.

<Viper> "Teasing me makes it not nice." She cuddled into him a little more and tried to get comfortable.

<Christopher> "I'm not teasing you, just telling you how cute you were." Chris let her snuggle into him however she wanted.

<Viper> "That's teasing." She pressed her face against his skin,.

<Christopher> "Only if it wasn't true." He slowly ran his finger tips up and down her spine. "Greer's gonna be jealous that you got cuddles."

<Viper> "She will get to cuddle you every day when I send you home. She can spare you for one night."

<Christopher> "You know you could come join the cuddles." Chris' fingers wandered up her spine until they made it into her hair and started to play with it lazily.

<Viper> "We've been over this..." she reminded him, not wanting to get into another discussion.

<Christopher> "I know I'm sorry Viper. I'm just greedy I guess." He kissed the top of her head as an apology. "I'll try not to bring it up."

<Viper> "Shh," she reminded him, settling against him again. "Big day tomorrow. More relaxing is needed."

<Christopher> "Mmm this is really nice. Naked hottie cuddled into me, comfy bed, maybe I'll just stay here and be your live in sex slave." He smirked.

<Viper> "You say the nicest things," she murmured, smiling against his skin.

<Christopher> "Mmm I know. I just have the best ideas sometimes." Chris ran his hand through her hair slowly.

<Viper> "Do you want to do anything else this evening? Shower? Dessert? Sleep?"

<Christopher> "Mmm more of you maybe?" He laughed a little. "No I'm fine Viper. This is pretty great."

<Viper> "Okay." She lifted her head enough to press a kiss to his cheek and settled back down again.

<Christopher> "Do you want something else?" Chris turned his head to catch her lips.

<Viper> She returned the kiss, shifting to roll him onto his back and lean over him. "I'm perfectly happy to just lie here with you... but I think if we're going to stay here then we should get under the sheets."

<Christopher> "Aww I'm not hot enough for you?" He smirked up at her and leaned up to kiss her neck.

<Viper> "You're just fine but I like my sheets." She moved off of him to climb under the sheets, "And the pillows are nice too."

<Christopher> "And here I thought I was nice and comfy. I don't even have all my metal anymore." Chris moved to get under the sheets with her.

<Viper> She made a noise of protest at all his protesting, "I don't have to justify myself to you."

<Christopher> "Oh shush I'm just being difficult." Chris kissed her cheek. "Come back here and cuddle, please?"

<Viper> She shifted back close to him and hooked an arm over him, "Stop trying to annoy me and just relax."

<Christopher> "Alright alright Viper, I'll be good." He kissed her softly.

<Viper> She kissed him back and settled back against him, "You're never good."

<Christopher> "You like it." Chris slipped his arms around her and pressed his forehead to hers.

<Viper> "Most of the time..." she conceded.

<Christopher> "Good I like being bad sometimes." He gave her a warm smile.

<Viper> "Me too," she returned the smile then tucked her head under his chin and closed her eyes again.

<Christopher> "Mmm bed time?" Chris snuggled into her, and gave her a small hug.

<Viper> "Mmhmm," she gave him a small squeeze, "At least for now."

<Christopher> "Yes ma'am." He let out a small yawn.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Jan 17, 2017 1:23 pm

<Viper> The moment of truth had arrived. She'd prepared as much as she could and run all the simulations she could. The only way to know if it would work now would be to actually inject the serum into her patient. She triple checked the dose in the syringe in her office before she carried it out to Chris.

<Christopher> Chris was beyond nervous at this point. The things that could go wrong almost eclipsed the only thing that would happen if it worked. "A...are you sure about this Viper?"

<Viper> "As sure as I can be without injecting you with it and watching..." she gave him a slightly apologetic look, "Are you ready?"

<Christopher> "Y...yeah." Chris looked at the syringe for a moment. "Guess we can just give it a shot."

<Viper> "Okay..." she sighed, prepping his arm at the injection site. "We'll just see how it goes...." she steeled herself and pulled down the mask as she plunged the needle in.

<Christopher> Chris winced a little. Pain was always going to be a strange feeling to him when it didn't come with energy too. "H...how long you think it'll take?" He swallowed hard.

<Viper> "It shouldn't take that long...." she moved the syringe to a table and took off her gloves, taking his hand and holding it between hers.

<Christopher> Chris squeezed her hand, she was right something was already feeling weird. "I... something's happening I think." He didn't want to look, but if he did he would have seen the claws were receding and turning back to his regular fingers. Slowly but surely the serum was working.

<Viper> Viper did look and gave him a small smile. The results were encouraging but he wasn't out of the woods yet. She gave his hand a small squeeze.

<Christopher> "I...it working?" Chris didn't look anywhere but her eyes, the smile reassured him but he was still worried.

<Viper> She nodded, giving him a small smile, "So far." Once it stabilised it would be time to take the inhibitor off and that was the part she'd struggled with in the serum's creation.

<Christopher> "C...cool." He still didn't want to look. His arm felt weird, felt lighter. He had already gotten so used to how it was that he couldn't remember how it used to be.

<Viper> She let go of his hand to inspect the one that had changed, turning it over and examining the skin, "Can you feel this?"

<Christopher> "Mhmm." He clenched his other hand as she inspected his arm. "I...it's kinda weird. Haven't been able to feel much with that arm since it turned. Not unless you really tried hard. Guess it must have worked?"

<Viper> She nodded, "Seems so..." She bit her lip and reached for his other hand, "As it seems to be holding... now we take this off and see if it sticks." She tapped the inhibitor cuff.

<Christopher> "Alright." Chris flexed his left hand a little. It felt stiff and alien. "You're amazing you know that right Viper?"

<Viper> "Let's hold off the compliments for now..." she deactivated the inhibitor cuff, "Just wait...."

<Christopher> Chris tried not to think of the worst while they waited. "Just trying to stay optimistic..."

<Viper> She offered another smile, "I know... but I don't like to get ahead..."

<Christopher> "It's gonna work." He chewed his lip as they waited. "How long you think we need to wait?"

<Viper> "In theory... not much longer. If your healing is going to reverse the process it will do it soon."

<Christopher> "You know I'm going to have to do something extra special for you if you manage to pull this off right?"

<Viper> "You don't have to do anything. I offered this before we even embarked on this friendship. You don't owe me anything." She took his transformed hand in hers again, "Does it still feel okay?"

<Christopher> "It's kinda weird." He flexed his hand and gave her a squeeze with his left hand. "It been messed up so long I think I forgot how it used to feel."

<Viper> "You'll get used to it... you might find it's extra sensitive for a little while." She removed the inhibitor cuff from his other wrist.

<Christopher> "That's better than ruining anything not scratch resistant..." Chris gave her a smile. "I think you pulled it off." He moved his arm around a bit.

<Viper> "Good. We will observe your progress for a few days and aclimate you to your new hand and then we can do a proper assessment." She returned the smile.

<Christopher> Chris pulled her into a kiss. "Told ya you're fucking amazing."

<Viper> She laughed after she returned the kiss, "Oh I know..." she turned to go into the small office and take off her lab coat so they could go soomewhere more comfortable for the observation portion then froze. An alarm sounded for a moment and red lights came on all around the room. Moments later she was at one of her holographic screens and swearing colourfully in several languages.

<Christopher> "Viper..." Chris was starting to freak out. "What the fuck is going on?" He was on his feet moving towards her quickly.

<Viper> "SHIELD." She turned toward him, "We need to leave."

<Christopher> "You not fucking serious right? Tell me you're fucking with me." Chris didn't know what to do, if he was caught he was beyond fucked.

<Viper> "Unfortunately, I'm perfectly serious." She turned back to her screen. A few swipes activated the base auto destruct on a timer and then she was disappearing into an adjacent lab.

<Christopher> Chis was right on her tail cussing up a storm as they went. "It's always something huh?"

<Viper> "Never a dull moment." She started gathering vials of things and putting them into a case. She barely needed to look what she was doing - she'd clearly done this many times before. "I don't plan on being here when SHIELD arrive."

<Christopher> "Yeah that's something I do NOT want to experience. Pretty sure I have no way to explain why I'm here."

<Viper> "Carol is supposed to warn me when things like this are about to happen." She opened a hidden compartment and pulled out the contents, setting it into the empty space in the case before she closed it.

<Christopher> "Maybe it was an on the fly job..." Chris frowned. "Or its not her team."

<Viper> "To attack a Hydra base? It's always her team. You know that. Besides, she's usually in the loop with these things anyway. Her rank is high." Not that it mattered anyway. She picked up the case, "Follow me."

<Christopher> "I know, trying to rationalize and not think about what's going on." He wasn't leaving her side. "Need me to grab anything?"

<Viper> She shook her head, "I always plan to do this alone so I make sure I can do that." She opened another hidden panel to a different elevator than the one they'd come down in and gestured him inside. "This may feel odd, it doesn't go straight up."

<Christopher> "I'll be fine." Chris got inside the elevator. "I've got my guardian angel with me." He gave her a little wink.

<Viper> She smiled as the door closed and the elevator whisked them away from the lab at an alarming speed. "I always have emergency plans in place. We will get out." As for what would happen after that, it was anyone's guess.

<Christopher> "Holy shit this thing is fast." Chris grabbed onto Viper not to steady himself.

<Viper> She laughed a little, "It's for emergencies. It wouldn't be any good if it was slow."

<Christopher> "Hey don't laugh at me." He prodded her a little.

<Viper> "I can't help it. That was funny." The elevator slid to a stop and the door opened onto a private hangar with a single helicopter inside.

<Christopher> Chris followed her out of the elevator. "I will pinch your butt, don't tempt me." He smirked.

<Viper> "Promises..." she singsonged back at him as she smirked over her shoulder. She leaned into the helicopter and secured the case before she climbed into the pilot seat.

<Christopher> Before he lost his opportunity he gave her butt a quick pinch. "Oh that and some." He was still worried but she was helping. "Get us out of here and I'll do whatever you want to that pretty butt of yours." Chris got up into the seat opposite her and strapped himself in.

<Viper> She hit the controls to open the hangar roof and started up the rotas. Uuuugh it was snowing again. Stupid winter. The last thing she needed was to be flying around mountains during a snow storm. Oh well. Perhaps that was why SHIELD had picked now to attack? She could analyse it later. The doors on the helicopter closed and they lifted off the ground.

<Christopher> Chris squeezed the seat, he hated flying with a passion. It was different when Carol was flying him somewhere, but helicopters and planes, those were a different story.

<Viper> Viper focused on her task to get them as far away as possible as fast as possible. She was aware that SHIELD personnel were in pursuit both fliers and pilots in jets. She turned for the mountains to lose the jets, working hard to compensate for the increased turbluence and the terrible visibility. The fliers were more tricky.

<Christopher> "What I would give for a better power right now." Chris did his best not to rip the seat apart under him.

<Viper> "Define better," she challenged as she changed course rapily to avoid an energy blast. This was getting dicey. There was a valley nearby so she headed for that, avoiding the peaks of the mountains as well as she could.

<Christopher> "Ya know one that doesn't make me useless in the air. Are there masks in here?" He fiddled with his restraints, at least he could help fend people off.

<Viper> "Masks? For what reason?" She glanced at him, "What are you doing?" Another energy blast shot past the window. That was too close.

<Christopher> "So I can shoot back. Just focus on flying." He couldn't manage to get the straps off.

<Viper> "Are you insane?! You work with these people! What if they recognise your powers?!" Speaking of recognising powers, another bright orange blast just missed the window. It was so close the heat of it took the moisture off the outside. "Is that Carol?"

<Christopher> "I can't just sit here..." Chris felt useless yet again.

<Viper> "Yes you can. Just sit there and don't distract me." Another blast grazed the front window at an angle. Was she herding them? Viper frowned and checked the monitor for what was behind them again. The sky was empty but for one dot. She decided to take a chance and hoped it didn't come back to bite her in the ass.

<Christopher> Chris sat quietly. If it wasn't Carol, they were beyond screwed.

<Viper> The valley came into view on the gps even if it was impossible to make out below them and she made preparations to descend as another blast sailed over the top of the helicopter. Then, out of nowhere, something struck the side of the cockpit. Alarms sounded as the sensors registered that the item was explosive and then there was a loud noise before everything went black.

<Christopher> The huge intake of force was far too much for Chris to handle at once. His body charged almost instantly making him glow bright purple and then flashed out as he passed out.

<Viper> [Time Passes]

<Viper> Waking up was a singularly unpleasant experience. Everything hurt. So very much. And, my God, it was cold. So very cold. Viper risked opening her eyes and wished instantly that she hadn't. She was impaled. On a tree. By a helicopter propellor. There were several other wounds but that was the most uncomfortable by a long way.

<Viper> She made a noise of pain and protest at her situation and tried to pull the blade out herself but they were stuck fast. Stupid tree.

<Christopher> Chris groaned. His head felt like it went through a wood chipper. "V...viper?" He coughed out and attempted to pull himself up, but something was pinning him down. It didn't take him long but he got the piece of metal off of him. "Viper?" He called out trying to look for her but the severe headache was messing with his vision.

<Viper> The voice distracted her from the desire to pass out again and she looked around to find the source, "Chris?"

<Christopher> Chris barely heard her voice, but it was enough for him to stumble towards her. "V...Viper!" Chris just stared at her. "I... what... F...fuck." He looked her over. "This is bad."

<Viper> "Yes. It hurts." She tried again to pull the blade out to relieve some of the pressure. It didn't want to budge and she could feel herself losing consciousness again. At least that would be nice for a while.

<Christopher> "If I take it out will you heal?!" Chris hit himself a few times until he built a good glow. His healing finally helping him get his bearings back.

<Viper> "Huh?" She blinked and tried to focus again. Healing. Right. "Yes... just go slowly once it's out of the tree... there's a very real possibility I will bleed out..."

<Christopher> "F...fuck." Chris got as close to her as he could and grabbed the blade and pressed on the tree. "This is really going to hurt..." He slowly started to pull it out of the tree.

<Viper> She didn't need to be told that and she yelled as the blade slid through her body. Once the blade was out of the wood, she slipped down the tree and crumpled to the floor. She was so passing out again.

<Christopher> "Stay with me Viper... I swear to god if you die I'm not forgiving you." Chris' hands started to shake as he very slowly slide the blade out of her, trying to make sure she healed enough not to bleed out.

<Viper> Being mostly unconscious was nice but the pain was stopping her from reaching that state of blissful ignorance of what was going on. "I hate snow...." she mumbled. It was so cold and the ground was hard and it just kept snowing. She could feel it landing on her face.

<Christopher> Chris finally managed to get it out and pulled his shirt off and pressed it to the wound. "It's gonna be okay Viper. Gonna get you healed up then get out of here."

<Viper> "Find my case..." she managed to get her hand to cooperate long enough to put her hand over the shirt. "There are emergency packs somewhere... if they survived the crash..." she tried to prop herself up on an elbow to look for them but it hurt too much so she gave up. In the mean time she would work on pulling out all the pieces of shrapnel she could see out of herself.

<Christopher> "I'll look for it in a second." Chris got to work making a shelter for her, it wasn't hard with all the wreckage and limbs. The fire was next, again easy cuz lots of things were burning, he put out the excess fires and drug enough over to her to keep her warm. "Alright case..." Chris frowned at all the other wreckage.

<Viper> She protested the weight on her and that it was hampering her ability to remove the random chunks of tree and metal that she could reach. "It's important... please find it...." she slipped out of consciousness again.

<Christopher> "I've got ya covered Viper." He searched the wreckage carefully trying to find the case, eventually he did manage to find it and brought it back to her. Chris let out a little sigh when he found her unconscious and got into the shelter with her. "Rest up babe you're gonna be okay." He wasn't a doctor but he could manage to help her get the larger pieces of shrapnel.

<Viper> After a while she woke up again and spied the case, sighing in relief. "Thank you..." her gaze wandered over him. "Are you alright?"

<Christopher> "Yeah, I'm pretty indestructible remember." Chris kissed her cheek. "How you doing?"

<Viper> "Cold... and sore..." She looked along herself, "I can't tell if my feet are numb from cold or because I can't feel them yet...."

<Christopher> "It's gonna be okay, promise." Chris gently cuddled up to her, trying to share his warmth. "The shelter and fire will help for now and when you're more healed we'll get something better figured out."

<Viper> "Why are you so warm?" she pouted. It wasn't fair. And it was probably that he hadn't lost a large amount of his blood volume.

<Marrina> "I'm just awesome like that." Chris held her close. "You just picked the perfect person to crash in the wilderness with."

<Viper> "We didn't crash. We got blown up...." crash implied it was somehow her fault... at least in her mind.

<Marrina> "We did. Boom." Chris rubbed her shoulder gently.

<Viper> "I need to eat... and drink... it'll help with the healing process." She attempted to sit up again.

<Marrina> Chris helped her up. "Didn't make any plans for that did you?" He helped support her so she didn't have to work to hard.

<Viper> "There are emergency supplies... or there was... did you not find any?" She pulled a face at the offending tree but scooted back to lean against it. Standing was not happening. Her legs weren't especially responsive yet.

<Marrina> "I wasn't looking for them. I was more worried about you Viper." Chris carefully moved the fire close enough to keep her warm. "I'll see if I can find something."

<Viper> "Please do..." She rested her head against the tree behind her and closed her eyes, crossing her arms and rubbing the tops of them with her hands in an attempt to warm up. The holes left in her clothes by the blade weren't helping at all.

<Christopher> Chris looked around for any of the supplies she'd mentioned. He managed to find a pack and brought it back to her. "Pretty sure I found it." He was starting to wish he'd had his bug out bag it had more than everything he needed for this.

<Viper> Viper took the bag and rummaged through it, pulling out random items. Among them were first aid packs which she disgarded, rations which she set to one side, and blankets. She also had a change of clothes in there but she couldn't do much about that at the moment. She did take off the lab coat that was now red with blood and the top half of her clothing, replacing it with a blanket.

<Christopher> Chris went back to working on making their shelter better. "You gonna be okay Viper?" He ran a hand through his hair.

<Viper> "I'll be fine... I just need to rest. Healing something like that is exhausting." And get warm. Warm would be nice. "Are we safe here? Have you seen any SHIELD patrols?"

<Christopher> "No I haven't but I've made sure to kill all the other fires and they won't be able to see this one when I'm done. Then I'll come help keep you warm, promise." Chris kept up making sure their shelter couldn't be found without a lot of effort.

<Viper> She nodded, "Okay... as soon as I'm able to move, we should look for somewhere better protected...."

<Christopher> "And leave this beautiful shelter I made for you?" Chris smirked a little and came to sit with her once he was done, he wasn't going to perfect it if they were leaving. He just made sure they wouldn't be found.

<Viper> "I would rather have at least three walls for protection from the wind..." She leaned against him, "I'm sorry about this..."

<Christopher> "It's not your fault and it's not a problem. This is my forte." Chris snuggled up with her wanting to help warm her.

<Viper> "This was what I was afraid would happen all along..."

<Christopher> "And we're going to get out of it perfectly fine. Have some faith in me." Chris gave her forehead a kiss.

<Viper> "No no.... SHIELD.... Chris were you hurt at all? Did you get cut?" Please say no....

<Christopher> "Just popped. Gave me a bit of a headache like always. Why? You know I'm basically invulnerable without a cuff on, why are you so worried?" Chris held her close and rubbed her shoulder gently.

<Viper> "Because I don't want SHIELD to find your DNA and ask why it's here...."

<Christopher> "Yeah. It's gonna be okay Viper. We're gonna mend you up and get you outa here. Trust me okay?" Chris gave her a warm smile. "I'm a trained agent, an ex super hero, and when I need to be I can be pretty smart too."

<Viper> She offered him a smile, "I can help when I can move. I'm quite capable of surviving this... I just would rather not have to."

<Christopher> "Just let me take care of you." Chris gave her a soft kiss. "Let me know when you think you can move."

<Viper> She nodded, "I will... and then I will get changed properly because I'm very uncomfortable."

<Christopher> "Anything I can do for now?" He checked her over again wanting to make sure there wasn't anything they missed.

<Viper> She eyed the ration packs, "Food? It'll help me recover faster."

<Christopher> Chris grabbed one for her. "Yes mam. These look.... tasty. I won't need food for a good long while, so it's all yours."

<Viper> "You just need to add water... they don't taste great but it's the calories that count. Find one with the highest number printed on it..."

<Christopher> "Can do." Chris grabbed some water from the pack and found the highest calorie count ration. He read the instructions and set it all up for her. "Should I pretend it's a train for you?" He smirked.

<Viper> She rolled her eyes, digging for the cutlery and poking at the pasta in the ration pack with a fork while it heated up. "I think I can manage to feed myself.

<Christopher> "I know Viper. I'm just trying to lighten the mood." He gave her enough room to eat and still give her heat.

<Viper> She settled against him and picked at the food. It wasn't the most appetising meal but it would serve the purpose. "We need to find a way to send a distress signal."

<Christopher> Chris frowned, electronics were not something he was good with. "I don't know if we can scavenge enough parts from the helicopter for it. I'm bio and chem not electronics..."

<Viper> "Well that's what I'm for," she reminded him. "Once I'm mobile I'll see what we're working with."

<Christopher> "Guess we make a good team huh?" He rubbed her back gently.

<Viper> "Apparently..." she sighed, looking away at the wreckage through the trees.

<Christopher> "Guess we get to have some hardcore camping for a little while hmm?" Chris kissed her shoulder softly.

<Viper> "It seems so..." she frowned. "I don't like camping."

<Christopher> "Aww too bad. I love it. Maybe in better conditions I could help you like it more." He kept trying to comfort her as best he could, trying to keep her warm was priority though.

<Viper> "I doubt it," she offered a small smirk, "You wouldn't be the first to try and get me to like things like this."

<Christopher> "I'm sure you would at least enjoy me trying. You know you love when I fawn all over you."

<Viper> She laughed though it made her wince in pain, "Well I won't lie and say I don't like being pampered..."

<Christopher> "Maybe glamping would be more your style then." He kissed her neck softly. "No laughing you're still hurt."

<Viper> She raised an eyebrow at the term, "I think I would rather a nice hotel with a spa."

<Christopher> "Those can be nice too. But sex in a tent while it's raining has it's own special flavor." Chris smirked.

<Viper> "Rain is all well and good while you're in the tent but what happens later when you want to eat or shower?"

<Christopher> "Depends on where you're camping. And I've got tents that are pretty big." He nuzzled her neck.

<Viper> "You're never going to convert me, you may as well give up." She shook her head as she took another bite of the terrible pasta.

<Christopher> "I cook better over an open fire." Chris smirked. "Just gimme one chance. You might like it."

<Viper> She eyed him for a moment, "I'll think about it."

<Christopher> "That's all I ask. Though making plans would be nice too. Then you're less likely to back out."

<Viper> "I haven't agreed to it yet." She reminded him, "Let's try to survive this first."

<Christopher> "That's the easy part." Chris smirked. "This is my specialty. We'll figure it out."

<Viper> "Chris we are stranded in the middle of nowhere..." it wasn't easy at all.

<Christopher> "I can handle that Viper." Chris kissed her cheek. "Trust me."

<Viper> She sighed, resting her head on his shoulder again as she was done with the food. "Okay..." She wasn't sure he knew what he was dealing with here.

<Christopher> "You might not like it but we can survive out here for a good long time. I'm also pretty confident that I can get us back to civilization. I'd really rather it not come to that so I'm hoping you can figure something out with the wreckage. But if not I promise you we'll make it out fine either way."

<Viper> "Chris, we're in a mountain valley with mountains all around us. We have no gear for climbing, the snow is neck deep and prone to avalanche... there's a reason Hydra built a base out here...." she sighed, "Even if I could build something to transmit a signal, we're still going to have a dangerous climb ahead of us to get it out."

<Christopher> "I never said it wasn't going to be hard. I'm just sure I can handle it Viper. Plus, I'm not going to let you get hurt again." He gave her a little squeeze, making sure not to hurt her.

<Viper> "That is a very unrealistic endevour, you know." She raised an eyebrow at him.

<Christopher> "I'm a very unrealistic person." He grinned.

<Viper> "I've noticed..." she settled back against him again and curled up as best as she could under the blanket. "I think I'll try to sleep some more."

<Christopher> "Anything you need babe." He gave her a soft kiss.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Jan 19, 2017 5:42 am

<Shaw> The addition to their home was the best investment Sebastian had ever made. Not only did it make parking easier - and in the snow that was always a bonus - but it accommodated their always-fluctuating house guests.

<Shaw> Coat over his arm, Sebastian hummed on his way to the main house, using their link to locate his wife. And how was your morning, love?

<Jessica> Much less busy than I expected it to be. Several appointments got cancelled due to illness. She was now enjoying some time reading on the sofa with a cup of tea and some biscuits.

<Shaw> Excellent. I'm not going back in. My afternoon appointment was postponed. The Pentagon doesn't know what it wants these days. Loosening his tie, he found Jessica and leaned down to give her a greeting kiss. "Hello, love."

<Jessica> "Hi," she smiled, "So we're going to be alone in the house for a few hours? What shall we do with that all that time?"

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked, quirking a brow. His tie slid through his collar with a hiss of silk and he looped it around her neck to draw her closer. "I have no idea."

<Jessica> She put her book to one side to slide her arms around him, "Well don't worry... I have plenty."

<Shaw> "Mmm, I believe I'm getting some inspiration." Leaning over the back of the sofa was awkward, but he made it work. Sebastian's hand slipped into the hair at the nape of his wife's neck as he gave her a grin, then a kiss.

<Carol> Their moment was interrupted by a loud bang as the front door almost flew off its hinges in Carol's haste to go inside. Still in her uniform, she flew up the stairs, "Jess? Are you here?!"

<Shaw> With a growl of frustration, Sebastian straightened up. "She's paying for that."

<Jessica> "I knew it was too good to last..." She sat up, "She sounds... off." She got to her feet and went to the hall, "Living room!" She called down, though she needn't have bothered as Carol was rounding the corner and almost crashed into her. Fortunately, Carol's reaction times were excellent and she managed to stop before the collision.

<Carol> "Oh thank God. I went to your work and they said you weren't there and it's an emergency..." She hugged Jess.

<Shaw> "She is off," he muttered, not sharing Jessica's concern in the slightest as he straightened up and shrugged out of his suit jacket.

<Jessica> Jess blinked in surprise and patted Carol distractedly. "What happened?" And what the hell use was she supposed to be?

<Carol> "There was a thing... at work... and I need to know if you have any way to contact Viper in an emergency...." She caught sight of Sebastian out of the corner of her eye and figured she should stop crushing his wife now.

<Shaw> He watched the women out of the corner of his eye but turned when Carol mentioned Sarkissian. "Why? What's the emergency?" He unbuttoned a few buttons on his shirt and flung himself into the nearest chair.

<Carol> "SHIELD attacked a Hydra base today..." She pushed a hand through her hair. "The whole base is.... gone there's just a giant crater in the ground... and there was only one flight out of there... but it got shot down."

<Shaw> Sebastian's eyebrow ticced. "I'm sure she's aware." He turned his attention instead to unbuttoning his sleeves to roll them up.

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "Noooo no you see... there was a thing... and I didn't do the thing... and I think that maybe she was on the flight that left... and maybe with Chris... and I need to find out because Greer is freaking out and I can't go back up there and look for them until SHIELD leaves the area..."

<Shaw> "A... thing?" He surveyed the woman. "You believe she was a casualty." He wasn't entirely certain how he felt about that possibility.

<Jessica> Jess knew how she felt about it and it wasn't good. "Got shot down how?" She went to sit down again and took a fortifying sip of tea.

<Carol> "I thought it might be her... so I tried to steer them somewhere safe with energy blasts... but there was a teleporter with a rocket launcher shadowing me... so I really need to know if you have a number for her that I might be able to reach her on."

<Shaw> "Well, I certainly don't." He felt his wife's unease through their link and tried to send her some reassurance. "But, I believe this calls for coffee."

<Jessica> "I have about fifteen different numbers for her... I'll get them... but why was Chris with her?" She took the express route to their bedroom through the gaps in the living room floor.

<Carol> "Apparently she's fixing his arm I guess... I haven't really spoken to him in the last little while..." She rested her elbows on her knees and put her face in her hands.

<Jessica> "I thought you two worked together?" Jess was digging around in the back of a drawer downstairs.

<Carol> "Yeah... so did I...."

<Shaw> With a sigh, Sebastian got up to go to the kitchen and make fresh coffee. "I rather doubt Sarkissian would risk her own hide if SHIELD turned up at one of her facilities."

<Carol> "She wasn't supposed to have to worry about that..." Carol muttered. God she wanted a drink.

<Shaw> "Oh?" He turned and looked at Carol. He knew of course about some of the unusual relationships going on in his house, but that was interesting.

<Carol> "We had a deal... I was supposed to warn her in case she was on the bases SHIELD identified for attack... it's been working fine til now... but this was a surprise attack...."

<Shaw> "Well, how inconvenient for her." He couldn't help but smirk.

<Jessica> Jess returned with her numbers and passed them to Carol, "I'm sure she's fine... she ususally is..."

<Carol> "I hope so..." She sighed and got up to go to the kitchen for that coffee. "Thanks..." she stuffed the numbers in her pocket to try later.

<Shaw> "I agree with Jessica." He slid his arm around his wife's waist as she came by, catching and holding her. "She's not named Viper for naught - slippery."

<Carol> "She's lucky, I'll give you that... but she doesn't normally have an idiot to look after at the same time...."

<Shaw> Sebastian didn't bother to contain his snort. "Perhaps we'll be as lucky as she and the idiot was the only casualty."

<Jessica> "Sebastian!" Jess chastised.

<Carol> Carol just stared at him in disbelief.

<Shaw> He shrugged one shoulder with a sly grin, giving Jessica a quick kiss by way of insincere apology.

<Carol> Now was not the time to pick fights. Carol downed her coffee and turned to leave, "I guess I should go make those calls... so I can give Greer an update."

<Shaw> Blinking, he gave Jessica an innocent look. "I do apologize. I'm sure you are concerned, but it's likely unfounded worry."

<Carol> "You didn't see what happened." Carol reminded him, "I did. I can't help being worried."

<Shaw> "Well, what makes you think she wouldn't teleport away from danger the moment the alarm sounded?"

<Carol> "If she was teleporting away why would there be a helicopter? That's what I want to check. I need to know if it was her on that thing or not. If they teleported out... great. That's a load off. But if they didn't and they're still in those mountains somewhere? I need to know so I can go and get them."

<Shaw> "But, you said SHIELD is still there. If the helicopter went down with any survivors they would likely already be in custody, no?"

<Carol> "I don't know... I haven't heard anything about survivours... which is also a problem. The terrain there is difficult... it's high in the mountains, there's deep snow everywhere and it's near white-out conditions right now. It's hard to see anything so there's a chance survivours might have got away from the crash site but I have no idea where they'd go after that."

<Shaw> "I'm afraid, when one's time is up, some things can't be helped." He gave a nod and dusted a bit of lint from his trousers.

<Jessica> "Sebastian, don't..." This was hurting her and she could feel it was hurting Carol too. Rather a lot which was unexpected. She went to give Carol a hug, "If it was them... Viper's resourceful and Chris was a scout... they know how to survive. They'll be okay."

<Carol> Carol nodded and returned the hug, trying very hard to stop shaking and contain the tears. This week was turning out to be pretty crappy.

<Shaw> You know as well as I that Viper is a survivor. He tried to soothe Jessica, but was puzzled by Carol's extreme reaction. He moved in a little closer. "You really do care for her, don't you?"

<Carol> "We're friends..." Carol hedged, "She's been helping me out a lot...."

<Shaw> Sebastian smirked. "You are a terrible liar." He sipped his coffee.

<Carol> "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Carol straightened up and looked at him.

<Shaw> "Friends," he scoffed.

<Carol> "We are friends," she folded her arms across her chest. "Why is that so hard to believe?"

<Shaw> "Don't make the mistake of believing I don't know what goes on in my own house, Carol." Sebastian turned to look in a kitchen cabinet. He knew Jessica had some of those tea biscuits of hers somewhere.

<Jessica> "Sebastian..." Jess sighed, Do you really think winding her up is the best way to deal with this?

<Carol> "You better not be judging me right now."

<Shaw> "Far be it for me to judge. I merely... observe." He glanced over his shoulder at Carol and gave her a wan smile. I'm not winding her up. She's pre-wound.

<Jessica> And you thought you'd make it worse?

<Carol> "Well keep your observations to yourself."

<Shaw> "Duly noted." He turned around with a tin in hand. "Cookie?" he offered. She's likely overreacting.

<Jessica> Can you blame her? Imagine if it was Tony and I on that transport and we were lost in the mountains or dead or perfectly fine and you had no way of telling which.

<Carol> Carol's eyes narrowed on the cookie tin as though it had offended her in some fashion.

<Shaw> That is of course my point. There's no need for her to act coy about the nature of her relationship, traitorous though it may be to her career. He gave Danvers a bland smile.

<Carol> She took one of the cookies and went to pour herself more coffee. She may have wanted something stronger but Viper had worked very hard over the last little while to stop her going down that road again and she refused to screw it up now.

<Jessica> Maybe she's not ready to talk about it with people yet. Why else keep it a secret? Or maybe Viper asked her not to talk about it?

<Shaw> Sebastian shrugged and offered the cookies to Jess.

<Jessica> Jess shook her head at the offer, "You can make your calls from here if you want to," she offered, "Then you don't have to do it alone."

<Shaw> Deciding to keep his opinions to himself now, Sebastian popped a cookie into his mouth and topped off his coffee.

<Carol> Carol nodded, "Thanks..." That would hopefully make things less difficult. "I've had a really rough week... I owe her."

<Shaw> What would make things less difficult for him right now was scotch.

<Jessica> "Come on... we can use the library." Jess gestured Carol ahead of her.

<Shaw> He watched the women, thoughtful. He loved his wife, but there was no denying that time was not on her side.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Sat Jan 21, 2017 9:38 am

<Viper> Viper sat at the entrance to their cave and frowned out at the snow. Would it ever stop? It had worsened over night but there was enough light at the moment to try and work. Her hands were cold and it was difficult but she wasn't going to give up on trying to build something to help them.

<Christopher> "You should rest, Viper." Chris came up behind her and slipped his arms around her. "We're not going anywhere for a little while."

<Viper> "I don't need to rest. I need to do this." She sighed, putting down her tools and leaning against him.

<Christopher> "You need to rest and warm up. It'll be easier when you have all your wits about you, and I'll worry less." He took her hands in his to try and warm hers.

<Viper> "I can't warm up... the only good light is here. It'll be too dark soon to do anymore and I'll rest when that happens. I promise."

<Christopher> "It's gonna be okay, Viper." He kissed the back of her neck.

<Viper> "I hope so..." She sighed heavily, "It's just so frustrating to be stuck out here with just scraps..."

<Christopher> "I know Viper. I know. We can do this. We're both pretty damn amazing remember?"

<Viper> "I miss coffee..." she complained, shifting to rest the back of her head on his shoulder as she leaned back against his chest.

<Christopher> "I'll get you all the coffee you can drink when we get out of here. Promise." He kissed her neck softly.

<Viper> "So... what terrible thing shall I eat for dinner today?" A subject change would hopefully stop her thinking about coffee.

<Christopher> "Uhmm... Couple of choices. None sound good. If you want I can go out and look for something." He placed a few more slow kisses along her neck.

<Viper> She shook her head, "Don't... you're warming me up." She tilted her head to expose more of her neck to him, his warm breath on her cold skin made her shiver.

<Christopher> "Am I now?" He kissed up to her ear. "We could go get under the blanket if you're still too cold."

<Viper> "Give me a few more minutes on this while there's still good light... but stay here..."

<Christopher> "Anything you want, beautiful." Chris kissed at her neck and let her hands go so she could use them.

<Viper> She flexed her fingers now that her hands were warmish again to get the circulation going and got back to work.

<Christopher> "Fine but eventually you're going to let me get you all warm again." He kissed down to her shoulder. "Want me to stop?"

<Viper> She laughed softly, "You're being very distracting."

<Christopher> "You're just too tasty." He gave her neck a little nip.

<Viper> "Mmhmm, you think so?"

<Christopher> "Mhmm." Chris nuzzled at her neck before nipping it again.

<Viper> "Maybe I should send you out for food. At least then you'll have something to do..."

<Christopher> "I could think of things to do." He whispered in her ear.

<Viper> "Things that don't get in the way of me doing this?" she gestured at her project.

<Christopher> "Hmm nope they all do. But I can wait." He kissed her ear gently.

<Viper> "Are you sure you can wait?" She turned her head and raised an eyebrow at him. It didn't seem like he was waiting.

<Christopher> "Not always but if it's what you want then yes." He rested his head on her shoulder.

<Viper> "I do want that... there isn't a lot of hours a day when the light is good enough so we should make the most of it..."

<Christopher> "I know Viper. I'm just trying to cheer you up. I'll be good I promise."

<Viper> "The only thing that would cheer me up would be four walls and a roof... and coffee." And heating. "Don't worry about it."

<Christopher> "Alright Viper. I'll be good. Save the distractions for later."

<Viper> "Okay..." she wasn't used to anyone being this close to her while she worked but she tried to block it out and focus on the task at hand.

<Christopher> "You want me to leave you alone Viper?" Chris tried not to impede her in any way.

<Viper> She shook her head, "No, I told you... you're keeping me warm."

<Christopher> "Alright, beautiful." Chris stayed close to her, trying not to be in the way.

<Viper> She settled against him again and continued to work, glad of the source of heat. In an hour or so, the light faded and she gave up for the day, downing her tools and slouching back against him.

<Christopher> "If you want more light you can always hit me." He tried to cheer her up knowing it wouldn't help much, not till he got her out of there.

<Viper> "I need white light or natural light." She shifted to curl up against him and take advantage of that warmth properly.

<Christopher> "Space heater it is." Chris gave her a smile and wrapped her up in a hug.

<Viper> She tucked her arms close to her chest and snuggled into him, "I think I should take advantage of the blanket now too."

<Christopher> "Mhmm Come on I've gotten something setup for us. It's not super comfortable but it's better than stone." Chris kissed her cheek.

<Viper> She climbed out of his lap and picked up her work to take it deeper into the cave in case the wind changed and blew snow in.

<Christopher> Chris followed her back deeper into the cave. "I should probably get a fire going soon too."

<Viper> "Please do..." she set her project down next to her case and climbed under the blanket, shivering again.

<Christopher> Chris grabbed up some of the wood he'd brought with them and set up a small fire near them. He gave himself a few hits until he had enough energy to superheat a rock and he used that to start the fire. "Alright, we just have to keep it small, so there isn't a lot of smoke." He moved closer to her and got under the blanket.

<Viper> She pulled him close to her then tucked her arms between them to try and warm them up. "So cold...."

<Christopher> Chris held her close making sure to cover her as best he could. "We should strip, body heat transfers better skin to skin." He ran a hand through her hair slowly, he was starting to get really worried.

<Viper> "If I didn't know that already I'd be convinced you're just trying to get me naked." She joked, burrowing against him.

<Christopher> "Can't it be both?" Chris kissed her forehead.

<Viper> "Of course it's both," she prodded him in the ribs.

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Can you tell me after all this crap you wouldn't be happier seeing me naked?"

<Viper> "It might help improve my mood a little...."

<Christopher> "Oh only a little?" Chris pulled his shirt off and folded it up so she could use it as a pillow.

<Viper> "I am very grumpy today...." she unzipped the jacket she was wearing and pressed her cold skin against his chest.

<Christopher> "Hmm how should I try to cheer you up, Viper?" Chris frowned a little, she was very very cold. "I don't want you moving away from the fire for a while." He gave her his best concerned look, which was easy with how worried he was.

<Viper> "Well, as I have nothing to do, I don't think that'll be a problem..."

<Christopher> "If the wind picks up I'm making a bigger fire and something to hide us from it." He ran a hand through her hair and slipped his pants off.

<Viper> "But then you'll have to move..." she pouted, not wanting her main source of warmth to vacate the space he currently occupied.

<Christopher> "Not for long. And I'll stay here till you're warmer." He gave her a soft kiss. "I'm going to make sure you're okay. That's my first priority."

<Viper> "I'll be fine... at least we know I can't get frost bite." She shifted to pull off her shoes.

<Christopher> "I still want you to be more comfortable than shivering till you fall apart." Chris rubbed her back.

<Viper> "I'll be alright..." though she hated it, she wasn't too worried. Shoes removed, she considered the merits of taking off her pants but decided against it.

<Christopher> Chris got them as comfortable as he could still rubbing her back slowly. "I know, I know. Just trying to do anything I can."

<Viper> She slipped her arms out of her sleeves and wrapped them around him. "This is helping."

<Christopher> "Good." He smiled and pressed his forehead to hers. "I'll make sure to be a good little space heater for you."

<Viper> "You're very good at it."

<Christopher> "I'm good at some things. You know it works better when you actually take all your clothes off." Chris made sure as much of his skin was touching hers as possible.

<Viper> "I know... but I thought maybe you'd prefer I didn't share all my coldness at once...."

<Christopher> "I'll be okay. I've been in worse situations." Chris moved his hands down to her pants moving to start undoing them.

<Viper> "You have? Aww now I feel sorry for you."

<Christopher> "Only because I didn't have a beauty like you to help me out of them." Chris slowly unzipped her pants and started to push them down.

<Viper> She shifted to help him get them out of the way without dislodging the blanket and letting the cold air in. It was tricky but they managed it.

<Christopher> Chris made sure to cover them back up before moving back close to her. "Being stranded with you has some perks." He rubbed her legs slowly, trying to get her a little warmer.

<Viper> "That you get to feel me up in a non-obvious way?" She offered a smirk and raised an eyebrow.

<Christopher> "That and more time with you." He made sure his legs were pressed to hers, sharing his body heat. "Promise if we go camping it will be much better than this."

<Viper> "I can't imagine how it could be much worse..." she conceded, tucking her face against his neck.

<Christopher> "If we didn't have each other it would be." Chris gave her a little smile.

<Viper> "I would still be stuck to a tree..." that would suck. A lot.

<Christopher> "And you wouldn't get me here almost naked cuddling you." He kissed the top of her head. "Or giving you this nice rub down." Chris tried to joke and keep the mood light, even though he knew it probably wouldn't work.

<Viper> "Oh I don't know about that... you'd still have been with me anyway... and what better way to keep an eye on your progress than to make sure no changes can hide?"

<Christopher> "I meant if we weren't here together." Chris gave her neck a soft kiss. "We'd be having a lot more fun if we weren't here too."

<Viper> "Well at least we have company...." She pressed herself as close to him as she could for the warmth.

<Christopher> "Mhmm." Chris kissed at her shoulder gently. "Plus we'll get out of here, it's just a time game."

<Viper> "Yes...." she nodded. It was just a question of who would be finding them.

<Christopher> "Don't worry so much. It'll be okay." Chris kissed up her neck slowly.

<Viper> "I can't help it... there's so much at stake..." she sighed, tilting her head to expose more of her neck to him and closing her eyes.

<Christopher> "No matter what I'm not going to let anything happen to you." Chris gave her neck a few nips.

<Viper> "I'm not worried about me, Chris. Even if it's SHIELD that finds us and they lock me up... I'll escape. It's what I do." She shrugged a shoulder, "It's you I'm worried about... and your family."

<Christopher> "They won't be expecting me here. Anyone but Carol shows up and they won't remember the interaction I promise." He kissed her ear.

<Viper> "And if they send mutants? Then what?"

<Christopher> "Like I said, unless they send Carol I'll make sure they don't remember it." Chris moved his hands up from her legs to her back slowly.

<Viper> She frowned, not sure he'd really thought that through either. "Okay..."

<Christopher> "It'll be fine Viper I promise." Chris held her close still kissing along her neck.

<Viper> "I hope so..." she cuddled into him again. "Honestly... at this point, as long as it's warm, I don't care where I end up."

<Christopher> "Maybe that was my plan. Now I'm just gonna kidnap you and store you in my basement." Chris smirked and leaned down to give her a kiss.

<Viper> She smiled in the kiss as she returned it, murmuring against his lips, "I think someone might notice I'm missing."

<Christopher> "But they'd never think to come looking for you there. You'd be all mine for the taking." He smiled against her lips before kissing her again.

<Viper> "I don't know... I think Carol might figure it out..." She was feeling a little warmer now so she ran a hand up his side and over his back.

<Christopher> "Maybe. Maybe not. But I'm sure I'd get some fun while we wait to see." He kissed up to her ear and gave it a little nip.

<Viper> She hissed at the nip, "I guess we'll never know..."

<Christopher> "Maybe, maybe not." He murmured into her ear as he kissed at it.

<Viper> "Are you saying you're thinking of kidnapping me after this?" She nipped at his neck.

<Christopher> "Why would I tell you my plans hmm?" Chris let out a sigh when she nipped him and started to kiss her neck in return.

<Viper> "So I can wear something nice for you?" She trailed her hands over his warm skin, kissing at his neck and shoulder as she did so.

<Christopher> "What if I just plan on chaining you up naked?" His hands moved down her back just barely slipping into her panties.

<Viper> "You don't want to unwrap your prize and find something pleasing to look at first?" She nipped his neck a little harder.

<Christopher> "Mmm you're pleasing with or without clothes." He did the same, down her neck to her shoulder.

<Viper> "And what about in between the two?" She closed her eyes, savouring the warmth of his touch.

<Christopher> "I guess that all depends. Maybe we should do some shopping when we get out of this?" He gave her a smirk before going back to biting and kissing at her neck. The whole time her panties being pushed further down by his fingers.

<Viper> "You don't like my underwear choices so far?" She pouted.

<Christopher> "Oh don't pout. It's too cute." Chris gave her a soft kiss on the lips. "And sometimes. But maybe I would like to help you decide?"

<Viper> "You like shopping for lingerie?" she raised an eyebrow, amused now. "Such a rarity."

<Christopher> "Why wouldn't I?" Chris smirked. "Though surprise is nice too." He pushed her panties down as far as he could without moving. "I have a very vivid imagination."

<Viper> "I like surprising people...." She shifted so he could push her underwear down further and then slipped her legs out of them before hooking a leg over his to get closer and more comfortable.

<Christopher> "Maybe you should surprise me more often." Chris kissed and bit down to her collar bone, his hands moving up to her butt to rub and squeeze it.

<Viper> She didn't respond to that, prefering not to get into yet another discussion about how they couldn't see each other anymore.

<Christopher> Chris frowned a little at her silence but decided to just ignore it and keep kissing at her neck. His hands carefully running all over her butt and across her inner thighs.

<Viper> She smiled against his neck and rolled them so he lay on his back, now he was a good barrier to the cold ground. She kissed along his jaw then claimed his lips before he commented on her silence.

<Christopher> Chris kissed her softly and ran his hands up and down her legs. "Comfy Viper?" He smiled up at her.

<Viper> "Of course I am. You're very comfortable," she smiled back and kissed him again.

<Christopher> "Mmm you sure? I should hope there's nothing hard causing you discomfort." Chris kissed her back and nipped her lip. One hand moved its way to her butt while the other moved up and through her hair.

<Viper> "Oh it's not causing any discomfort," she she laughed softly and shifted her hips against his.

<Christopher> Chris let out a soft moan as she ground against him. "Mmm tease." He started to kiss at her neck slowly, giving up on taking it as slow as he usually did and moved his hands down to take his boxers off. "I want you Viper." He murmured into her ear as he kissed along it.

<Viper> "You have me," she murmured back, turning her head to kiss him again and pushing her fingers into his hair. He had no idea how far reaching that statement was and she wasn't about to give him a chance to ask.
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Re: What if...? 2033

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:55 am

<Carol> Carol was driving herself crazy at work so she'd snuck out for the afternoon and was now seeking a distraction. She found herself flying over the school that still bore her name and landed on the lawn. Given the time, classes should be over so she headed for the staff building and climbed the stairs to Cessily's room almost on auto pilot, then opened the door without knocking. "Help me."

<Cessily> Cessily nearly dropped the big mug she was carrying from her kitchen corner to her sofa, but with some quick flailing managed to save the precious treasure of hot chocolate she had just made. "Carol!" Her response was both greeting and a shout of surprise. "What is it with people sneaking into my home lately!?"

<Carol> "I'm freaking out and I need a distraction. Please distract me before I do something stupid? And I'm sorry for barging in I totally forgot that I'm supposed to knock but at least I didn't break the door..." She bit her lip when she realised she was rambling.

<Cessily> "Oh no, it's okay," Cessily was quick to reply, her surprise replaced by concern. "You're always welcome here, you know that." She rushed over to her visitor and did the first thing that came to her mind, which was offering Carol her mug. "Here, get yourself comfortable and drink this. I just got this off the stove."

<Carol> Carol sniffed it, "Ooooh chocolate." She took her treasure to the squishy sofa and sat down on it, putting the mug on the coffee table so she could untie her boots and curl up.

<Cessily> "I can make plenty more, if you like," Cessily said, as she followed Carol to the sofa. "I'll make a new one for myself, anyway." She didn't want to press for details of Carol's visit right away, as much as she wanted to. "Is there anything else I can get you? Are you hungry?"

<Carol> She tucked her legs up under herself while she thought about that, "I don't remember when I last ate so probably..." She reclaimed her hot chocolate and had a sip, "Mmmmmm...."

<Cessily> Cessily gave Carol a smile. "I still have some leftover lunch in the fridge that I can just pop into the microwave," she said, returning to the kitchen area. "That should tide you over until the delivery service can get here." Once the food was heating up, she joined Carol on the sofa, sitting down next to her.

<Carol> "Pizza?" Carol asked hopefully, "Now that I think about it I'm really hungry.... maybe pizza and chinese..." then she remembered why she'd been too distracted to eat and wished she hadn't given up drinking so that she could throw whiskey in the hot chocolate. She bit her lip and looked down at her mug.

<Cessily> "Well, you're in luck then, because I had Chinese for lunch, and ordering pizza sounds like a great idea to me." Cessily smiled, watching Carol in silence for a couple seconds. Eventually she spoke up again, her voice calm and soft. "What happened?"

<Carol> "Everything went to hell.... really fast. And I can't do anything about it until whenever they decide the crater is boring and in the meantime she could be dying out there and I can't go and look for her...." The hot chocolate was suddenly offensive so she put it back on the coffee table and picked up a cushion to hug.

<Cessily> Cessily listened and kept looking at Carol without blinking, until she raised a silver hand. "Okay, I feel like you need to back up a chapter for me there," she said, trying to make sense of what she heard. "Who's dying?"

<Carol> "Viper..." Carol curled around the cushion in her lap.

<Cessily> Even though she somehow had expected that answer, it still took Cessily by surprise. "Carol," she said, sounding genuinely worried, "what happened?"

<Carol> "SHIELD happened." She looked down at the cushion as a tear rolled down her cheek, "I'm supposed to warn her when SHIELD are going to hit a base so she has time to leave... it was part of our deal.... but this time I didn't know until we were nearly there. There was one flight that tried to get out before the base self destructed."

<Carol> "I figured that was her so I tried to steer her somewhere safe so I could check on her later... but then when we got there someone shot the helicopter down... a teleporter had been tracking her too. They assumed my aim was just off because of the weather because everyone knows I hate flying in blizzards so I got away with it but it went down hard and disappeared into a valley..."

<Cessily> "Oh my god, Carol, that's- that's horrible." Cessily shifted closer so she could put a hand on Carol's shoulder, the silver girl looking equally distraught by what she had just heard. "When did all that happen? Maybe... maybe she's just hiding?"

<Carol> "It happened yesterday... but I can't go back there and search for her because SHIELD are still all over the crater that was the base and I have a really unique energy signature.... and when I got back to the base, Greer told me that Chris was with her so now I feel a whole lot worse about it... but, I mean... he's probably fine.... his healing is crazy powerful..."

<Cessily> Cessily bit her lip. "You're probably right," she tried to assure both Carol and herself. "I don't think there's anything that could get through that thick skull of his." She attempted a smile with questionable success, feeling a sense of worry creep up inside of her. "I'm sure- I'm sure he's all right."

<Carol> She nodded, "Yeah..." She leaned toward Cessily and pulled her into a tight hug all of a sudden. "I don't know if I can do this..."

<Cessily> Cessily's surprise wore off after an instant, and she wrapped her arms around Carol to hold her close. "You can," she told her, resting her cheek against Carol's hair. "You're not alone. I'm here, okay? And... and I'll do anything I can to help you."

<Carol> "This is helping," Carol gave her a small squeeze. "I just... I don't have anyone else in my life.... I need her right now."

<Cessily> Cessily returned the squeeze. "You'll always have me," she reminded Carol. "You know I'd never abandon you, right?"

<Carol> "I don't want to... impose.... I don't even know why I came here...."

<Cessily> "You're not imposing at all," Cessily assured her, trying to comfort Carol by stroking her hand up and down her back. "I'm glad you came. Especially since I know how difficult it is for you to ask others for help."

<Carol> She nodded, "I'm getting better with that... obviously..." she sighed heavily, trying to calm down. "I just... I feel so helpless... I hate this..."

<Cessily> Cessily lowered her gaze. "I can imagine." She ran her fingers through a strand of crimson hair, before looking up at Carol again. "Maybe I... we can help you... somehow."

<Carol> She shook her head, "No one's going to want to help Viper.... and I don't want to get anyone else in trouble..."

<Cessily> Cessily took a breath out of habit and sighed. "Well, you have a point," she admitted, knowing that Viper had only few allies at the school. "But I do," she added, barely believing to have said such a thing. "Perhaps because I may have been wrong to judge her that harshly, but mostly because I realized how much she means to you."

<Carol> "Yeah... we've been through a lot together in the last decade... I couldn't even begin to tell you what I owe her...."

<Cessily> Cessily managed a small smile. "See, this is why I want to help you. Because I want to see you happy again."

<Carol> "I was happy... God, I was so happy.... and then Chris told me what happened between you two and everything just.... it fell apart.... and now it's completely fucked up."

<Cessily> "I'm so sorry." Cessily looked down at her hands, hit by another pang of guilt. "I just wish there's anything I can do to help make things right again. Somehow."

<Carol> "It wasn't your fault, Cess... things just got complicated... and Chris shouldn't have told me. I don't know why he did.... I wish he hadn't.... but I'm glad we're talking again." She offered Cessily a smile.

<Cessily> A smile returned to Cessily's face as well. "Yes, I really missed that," she replied. "To be honest, I sometimes doubt even Chris knows why he says or does certain things. He means well, though."

<Carol> "Yeah... but he's an idiot a lot of the time..."

<Cessily> Cessily nodded her head from side to side and shrugged. "Well, I can't really disagree here," she admitted, a wry smile on her lips. "A well-meaning idiot, then."

<Carol> "I need them to be okay.... I hate having to sit on my hands like this...."

<Cessily> Looking up at her, Cessily gave Carol a small smile and reached out to take her hand in an attempt to lend some comfort. "I wish I could help somehow," she muttered. "Perhaps I could ask Broo or Danger if they have some gadget to search for them without SHIELD noticing..."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "Noooooo Broo can't know. Already freaked out one sibling. Can't do that to the other one too. He might eat my face."

<Cessily> Cessily frowned. "You're right, I wouldn't want to do this to him." She sighed and bit her lip. "I guess Danger might keep quiet about it if I asked her to. Probably."

<Carol> "I know where they went down... finding them isn't the problem.... I just can't go and get them until SHIELD are done up there because they'll notice. Stupid powers."

<Cessily> "Hmm..." Cessily's lips were pressed tightly together as she looked into the distance. "Maybe I could go," she offered, before even giving herself a chance to think through what she said.

<Carol> "How are you planning on getting there?" Carol sighed, "It's fine, Cess.... I can do it... I just have to wait.... It can't be that much longer... I mean, how interesting can a crater be, really?"

<Cessily> "If I shapeshifted large enough wings, I'm sure I could fly there," Cessily replied, musing more to herself, the next thought bringing a frown to her face. "But then they'd probably discover me." She turned to Carol, seeking her gaze. "Are you sure? I mean, you're probably right."

<Carol> She nodded, "I'm sure... if anyone can survive this, she can.... I just need to distract myself for the time being..... where's that pizza and chinese?"

<Cessily> "Oh darn it!" Her eyes went wide. "I completely forgot!" She leaped off the couch and hurried to the kitchen corner, stopping the microwave before pulling out a steaming bowl. "I hope you like it searing hot."

<Carol> "You know temperature never bothered me," she laughed, "Honestly I'd have eaten it cold out of the fridge too."

<Cessily> "Oh, I'm sure you would have. Some things never change, I guess." Cessily chuckled, grabbing a fork before bringing both cutlery and food back to the sofa. "Here, I hope you like it. I'll ring up the pizza place while you devour that."

<Carol> "Thanks," she gave Cess a smile, "Really... I appreciate it... you didn't have to do any of this...."

<Cessily> "Oh, shush you." Cessily gave Carol a grin and got comfortable next to her on the couch. "You know I'd never allow you to be alone and without someone to spoil you in a situation like this."

<Carol> Carol leaned against her shiny ex and sighed, "Thanks... I owe you."

<Cessily> "It's quite alright," Cessily assured her, resting her cheek against Carol's hair as she put an arm around her shoulder for additional comfort. "It's the very least I can do."
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