What if...? Highschool

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What if...? Highschool

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:46 pm

As the post title suggests, this is a highschool whatif! In this universe, powers are hidden and not widely known about. Our mutant teenagers may or may not know about their abilities, may indeed be pre-manifestation as the high-school term is 14/15-18 years old which is in the block where many powers manifest for the first time.

The first few posts are set at the start of their first year when they first arrive at the school. This is to set up personalities and establish first friendships within the school environment. Following these initial posts time will have skipped on a year so friendships made in their first year may have fizzled out or grown stronger or even become relationships. Powers may have started to develop or become a secret shared only between those that are close.

If anyone needs anymore info about stuff and things for this whatif, let me know :)
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Re: What if...? Highschool

Post by Svartfreja » Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:46 pm

<Christopher> Chris had just gotten to school on his first day of high school. He was beyond nervous. He made it to his locker and put away the books he didn't need, chit chatting with different people in the halls. For a while everything was good until he realized what time it was and that he was going to be late to class. Chris fumbled at getting his locker locked up and bolted towards his first class.

<Carol> She was lost and her arms were full of books and her schedule was upside down and shut inside one of those books so, while trying to fish it out with her mouth, Carol forgot to look where she was going. The result was a rather spectacular collision that resulted in her on her ass and her books spinning away from her while her schedule dangled from her mouth. Epic.

<Carol> She spat the paper out and watched it drift to the floor then looked to find out who she'd bumped into.

<Christopher> "Ow..." Chris frowned when he ran into someone and hit the floor. His books and things scattering about a little. He quickly changed his tune from mad to concerned when he caught a look of Carol. "Oh uhmm hey sorry. Let me help you with that stuff." He started gathering up the things she'd dropped for her. "Just didn't want to be late for class."

<Carol> "Me either.... but I think I'm going to be." She stuffed the schedule in her pocket instead and reached for the books. Some had span right out of her easy reach and she didn't want to have to chase them across the floor when some asshole kicked them out of her reach. As she was already down there she decided to make the most of her humiliation and sprawled across the floor to grab the outliers.

<Christopher> Chris grabbed a few of her things and then paused looking at her. "Uhmm probably if you don't hurry. I've got biology. You?"

<Carol> "Uh..." she fished for the schedule, "I have that. But no book... and I lost my locker." She stacked her rescued books and got to her feet, rubbing distractedly at her ass. Ow.

<Christopher> Chris was completely distracted by the ass rubbing, he couldn't help but stare. "Oh uh... you can share my book?" He shrugged.

<Carol> "Is that okay?" Her relief was obvious, "Because that would save so much time. I can find my locker between the next class..." and look where she was going this time.

<Christopher> "I don't see why not?" He shook his head a little trying not to keep staring at her butt. "Lets get to class first." He led the way even though he was lost too.

<Carol> "Pretty sure I passed biology already..." Carol stopped at the next corner and looked up and down the hallway, finding a display cabinet that looked familiar. She led the way.

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "I think it's the only class I got that I'll like."

<Carol> "Because we get to cut stuff up?" She shifted the weight of the books in her arms so she could free a hand to shove her glasses back up her nose. She learned the hard way not to use books for that.

<Christopher> "Not really, okay maybe a little. I like figuring out how things tick. Guess I'm just weird." He was still smiling. "You're shirt is awesome by the way."

<Carol> She looked down at it and grinned, "I know. Yours is okay too." She thought about how things work, "I guess I can understand learning how stuff works being cool... but I think I'd prefer they weren't dead things."

<Christopher> "It'd be kinda cruel to dissect something living though." He poked her playfully.

<Carol> She laughed, shrugging a shoulder, "I think it'd depend how much they pissed you off first."

<Christopher> Chris just laughed with her before a teacher gave them a stern look. "Uhmm I don't think I ever introduced myself. I'm Chris."

<Carol> "Carol." She offered a smile, "We should probably hurry up before we get in trouble... getting lost is a totally acceptable reason for lateness, right?"

<Christopher> "First day. Oh I'm sure we'll be fine." He got them to the class, it was set up at lab tables instead of desks, two chairs per table and they were in luck - a full table was still open. "Oooh hey over there."

<Carol> Carol hurried through the maze to the table and dumped her books by a chair before she sat down. People were looking.

<Christopher> Chris just tried to pretend like nothing was odd about them being late, and coming in together. "Sooooo like star wars huh?"

<Carol> "Shamelessly." She gestured at the shirt as proof.

<Christopher> "Me too. But I felt like going with doctor who today." He smiled, she was cute and nerdy!

<Carol> "You can never go wrong with The Doctor." She pulled out a notebook and dropped her backpack with her books then tried to look like she was paying attention.

<Christopher> Chris opened his text book and flipped through the pages, getting a little shy. "Who's your favorite?"

<Carol> "Ooooh no. I'm not falling into that trap. Wars have been fought over less." She shook her head.

<Christopher> Chris laughed at that. "I guess I'm not that die hard of a fan then. I like 10 the most but the older ones are good too."

<Carol> "They are awesome." She corrected, deciding to write that these were biology notes at the top of her page because she would probably not be able to figure that out later.

<Christopher> Chris tried his best to pay attention during class but it was hard when he just wanted to get to know his new classmate. "So uhmm like any sports?"

<Carol> "Baseball." She watched him out of the corner of her eye, "You?"

<Christopher> "I like the oddball ones. Karate, swimming. But I like watching baseball sometimes."

<Carol> "I got into baseball because of my dad..." she glanced at him again when the teacher was distracted.

<Christopher> Chris gave her a little smile when she looked over. "My Dad's not really a sports guy..."

<Carol> "My dad's a biiiiig Red Sox fan... so I decided to like the Yankees..." She was doodling rather than taking notes but the doodles were topical at least.

<Christopher> "Oh I bet he just loves that." He watched her doodle a bit.

<Carol> "I think the word 'disowned' was thrown around but mom talked him down...."

<Christopher> "Damn! He's a serious Red Sox fan huh?" Chris got out one of his own notebooks. He wasn't planning on taking notes from class.

<Carol> "Since forever. Honestly, if he wasn't so serious about it I probably wouldn't like baseball..." she offered him a small grin.

<Christopher> "Yeah I'd rather play it than watch it. But that's most sports." He gave her a smile back.

<Carol> "I'm good at sports... well as long as I don't have to aim." She took some more doodlenotes.

<Christopher> Chris started doodling himself. "I am for the most part too. But I can aim." He gave her a little wink and kept drawing.

<Carol> "I'm not allowed to throw things." She nodded sagely, "Stuff gets broke. Good arm. Terrible aim."

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little but tried to keep it quiet. "I usually break people. I'm not allowed to spar with other students anymore." He frowned.

<Carol> "Well I have two brothers. I can hold my own." She looked for a clock, wondering how much time there was left in this class.

<Christopher> Chris gave her a little poke and showed her the picture. It was a caricature of her in a Yankees uniform.

<Carol> She managed to bite back a giggle, "That's pretty good."

<Christopher> "Thanks, I like to draw. Kills time. When you have to go to stupid events all the time you learn how to entertain yourself."

<Carol> "Stupid events?" She echoed, curious.

<Christopher> "Dad's a business guy." He shrugged. "We go to a lot of charity events and boring ass black tie things."

<Carol> "Sounds fancy..." Damn. Must be rich. Only rich people went to those kinds of things.

<Christopher> "They're usually pretty terrible." He sighed.

<Carol> "Well... boring maybe but there's nice food, right?" She glanced at him.

<Christopher> "Sometimes, sometimes the shit just tastes weird as fuck. Or is weird as fuck." He started to doodle a little.

<Carol> She giggled, "Sounds like an adventure." She started on a fresh page.

<Christopher> "It can be." He showed her a picture that looked like cthulhu barfed on a plate before having his head cut off on it.

<Carol> She covered her mouth to muffle another laugh. The teacher was starting to look pissed.

<Christopher> "I think we might be in trouble." Chris grinned.

<Carol> "Maybe we should try and pay attention for a while?" she muttered.

<Christopher> "That's no fun." He turned the book to the right page and started taking some actual notes.

<Carol> Carol had already been taking useful notes but the right page in the book sure helped, she leaned closer so she could read the other page without pulling the book further from him.

<Christopher> Chris blushed a little when she brushed up against him. "Didn't expect real classwork first day." He doodled the teacher this time making her look evil.

<Carol> "I guess they figured we had enough vacation time?" She shrugged a shoulder.

<Christopher> "Guess so." Chris gave Carol another little poke to show off their demon teacher.

<Carol> She snorted then blushed and sank lower in her seat. People were looking again.

<Christopher> He smirked a little, she was being cute now. "Sorry I'll stop." Chris started doodling animals this time since that's what they were talking about in class.

<Carol> She carried on making her notes avoiding looking at anyone for the next little while until the bell sounded for the end of class.

<Christopher> "Guess I'll see you at lunch maybe?" He packed up his book and notes.

<Carol> "Yeah or if we have another class together..." She stuffed what she could in her backpack and picked up the rest. "Wish me luck finding my locker..."

<Christopher> "Good luck! If you don't even find it I don't care if you use mine."

<Carol> "Well I probably couldn't find that either." She gave him a grin then headed for the door.

<Christopher> "Well see that's where I come in. I can help you find mine." He smiled and followed her out.

<Carol> "If I can find you first." She fished out her schedule to see what she had to look forward to next. "Ew. Math."

<Christopher> "I've got German." He frowned. "Wish I could have gotten into latin."

<Carol> "Well maybe next year." She checked out her schedule again, "I have French later... but not til after lunch which will help with the concentration thing."

<Christopher> "Sounds like a fun day. I've got a bunch of gifted classes after lunch..." He did the air quotes when he said gifted. "Dad apparently thinks I need to be a scholar."

<Carol> "Steven says I should be in that program. Maybe they'll move me up, I don't know." She shrugged, "Don't really care... oooh fun I have gym tomorrow."

<Christopher> "Weight training." Chris grinned. "Did P. E. stuff in the summer."

<Carol> "I'm signed up to join teams..." She looked up and down the hall finding a display that looked vaguely familiar from early that morning, "I think it's this way!" She hurried off to get to her locker.

<Christopher> Chris followed her to her locker. "What team you joining?"

<Carol> "Track, hopefully... I wanted to do other stuff but the afore mentioned issues with throwing things...."

<Christopher> "Fun stuff. You think you're gonna be an all star?" He looked up at the clock wondering how long it would take him to get to his next class.

<Carol> "I don't know... I can run pretty fast but I haven't seen what I'm up against here." She found her locker at last and, with a sigh of relief, unloaded her books. Muuuuch better.

<Christopher> Chris leaned up against the locker next to hers. "I'm sure you'll do fine. You look fast enough."

<Carol> "I guess we'll see." She extracted her math book and closed the locker again.

<Christopher> "I'll be rooting for you." He gave her a warm smile. "Guess we should be getting to class."

<Carol> She nodded, "Guess so... It was nice meeting you, Chris..." apart from the butt pain. "See you at lunch maybe."

<Christopher> "You too. Hope so." He smiled.

<Carol> She gave him a wave then headed off in the direction she hoped the math classroom was.
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