4/18 Game: A Country is Born all with no Pants.

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4/18 Game: A Country is Born all with no Pants.

Post by Ferguson » Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:46 pm

Timeline Saturday, March 5th

Remy: Taking an apple out of the fridge he made his way to the unsurprisingly full rec room. "Hey. Whatchy'all up to?"

Anna: Anna was sat on the floor watching her video of Wade hiccuping on her phone. She looked up at Remy, "Wanna see something cool?"

Tessa: "Enjoying not hearing crying for an hour," Tessa answered, leaning her head back against the arm of the couch. "Blessed quiet."

Cessily: "Hey!" Cessily looked up from her magazine and smiled at Remy. "Reading the new National Geographic." She said, holding up the mag. "Or rather admiring the pictures."

Nezhno: Nezhno walked into the rec room, he noticed all the people around, and then he noticed Cessily, He walked over to the couch and plopped down next to her. "Hey you."

Remy: "I dunno. How much skin is involved in it an' whos?" He shot back to Anna before turning to Cessily. "Guess I could ask y' d' same thing, chere."

Cessily: "Hey, Nez." Cessily gave him a smile and sat up. She closed her magazine and shifted a little closer to Nezhno. "How are you doing?"

Anna: "No skin." Anna told him, "It's Wade with hiccups.... from the inside." She grinned, "I got to cut him open!" She bounced up and down on teh spot, "Was fun!"

Cessily: "Same here." Cessily told Remy, laughing. "No skin. Just beautiful pictures of nature."

rachel: Rachel made her way into the room and blinked at the cutting people open comment. Maybe she should just turn around and go back to her room...

Tessa: "That sounds...unsurprisingly strange." Tess blinked as she sat up, raising a brow. "Dare I ask why you were cutting someone open?"

Nezhno: Nezhno gave a little smile to Cessily. "I'm good, just got back from cleaning up after my workout. You wouldn't think a guy with my powers would have to constantly work out."

Remy: He blinked and took a definate step back from Anna. "Think I'll stick wit' d' magasine Cessily's got, petite."

Mayhem: Mayhem sidled into the rec room, blinking as he saw the amount of people in there. Well, he knew most of them, so that was a plus - and Monet wasn't there. Another plus. Making his way to an empty seat, he flipped open his sketchbook.

Anna: "It was his idea!" Anna argued, "Well.. actually I suggested it as a joke... anyway it's fine. He heals... and I got him drunk during the procedure!"

Cessily: "No, I really wouldn't have thought that." Cessily told Nezhno, looking back at him. "The results show, though. And they suit you." She smiled, before noticing Mayhem. She raised a hand to give him a wave.

Tessa: "And that makes everything okay..." She sounded dubious--she was dubious. She'd have to watch that girl. "Evening, Mayhem."

Remy: "Dere's funner ways of gettin' inside people, y' know?" He left it at that and wedged himself in beside Cess.

Anna: Anna gave a shrug, "It was fine, he's fine now." Actually that was a lie. He was different now. She blinked up at Remy, "Ew...."

Mayhem: " 'Lo all." Mayhem returned the wave, then industriously hunted for a pencil, keeping half an ear on the conversation. Ack. That just made him think of Monet. His cheeks flamed and he sank a little further into the seat.

Tessa: Tessa merely shook her head, reaching for the drink glass on the floor. As glad as she was to be away from the baby for a while, she was a little apprehensive of leaving her with someone else. "You'd know all about that, wouldn't you Remy?" she asked with an amused smirk.

Cessily: Cessily found herself seated between Remy and Nezhno. Looking back and forth between the two boys, a smirk stole to her face. "Hey, I could get used to that."

rachel: She eventually decided to plop down in a free seat, "Hey, everyone..."

Cessily: "Hey, Rae!" Cessily smiled and gave her friend a wave.

Remy: "Ew? Ok, sex is gross but guttin' someone is fun? Y' got a weird sense of priorities dere."

Nezhno: Nezhno smiled at Rachel. "Hey Rachel. Hows it goin'?"

Tessa: "Name me someone here who's got a normal one, Remy."

Anna: "It was interesting. And I want to be a doctor - gotta get used to it some how!" Anna went back to watching her video and giggled.

Mayhem: "Hey! I'm relatively normal. Er. For a guy with a tail."

Julian: Julian walked in and had a look around the room. "Have I missed anything exciting?" He wondered, joining Anna.

Anna: Anna grinned at him, "Not really, you took your time - get lost?"

Tessa: "While I will give you that relativity is everything, in any of our cases, normal comes nowhere close." Tessa sent a look over at the catboy, considering him.

Cessily: Cessily looked over her shoulder, noticing the unfamiliar face. "Oooh, new person!" She put on a big friendly grin and waved excitedly. "Hey there!"

Julian: "Yeah, I'm still adjusting to my new surroundings." Julian nodded.

Nezhno: Nezhno whirled around and looked at the new guy. "Wait, you mean I'm not the new guy anymore?"

Nezhno: "Thank you Jesus!"

Julian: Julian waved, "Apparently not! Wait... that's bad?"

Anna: Anna patted him, careful not to get any bare skin, "You'll get used to it. He's my cousin!" she told the others with a grin.

Julian: "It's Julian, by the way... not Jesus." He grinned

Cessily: Cessily giggled and poked Nez into the side. "Well, maybe you're not. But I promise you that I still think you're cute."

Mayhem: Mayhem pouted a little at Tessa. "I don't have anything more weird then an outdated fashion sense and a pipe." He looked at the very new face. "Awwww, does that mean I lose cute newbie status?"

Cessily: "Hey, Julian." Cessily smiled at the new boy. "Nice to meet you. My name's Cessily. But you can call me Cess, if you like."

Tessa: Tessa laughed for a moment. "Cute, no. Newbie, yes." She rolled her eyes. He was cute, in the boyish and way too innocent way. But funny, at least. "Hmm, new, who now?"

Nezhno: Nehno put his poked Cessily back. "Well of course you do. How can you resist the striped chocolate?" He turned his head back to Julian. "Just a word of advice, don't do any drinking games with these people, if you are the new guy, you will get hosed."

rachel: "Everything's good," she answered Nez, glancing over at the new guy. Where did they all keep coming from? She gave a small grin, "I'm Rachel."

Remy: He chuckled at Cessily and gave a nod to the new bright eyed kid. "Remy. Know a guy wit' y're name already."

Julian: "Thanks, it's nice to feel welcome." He smiled.

Mayhem: "No one's tried a drinking game on me yet. Mayhem, by the way."

Andreas: "Okay, the princess is okay, Tessa, seems like Raya's going to earn herself some extra money...wha-...?" Andy had spoken casually when he entered the rec room until he noticed the small crowd. "Seriously, what is this shit?" His gesture included the whle room.

Anna: Anna put her phone back in her pocket at last and stood up because she was losing the feeling in her ass. She rubbed said body part to get the circulation going again.

Tessa: "Hmm. Another telekinetic. They're getting popular," Tessa noted with a shrug, smiling up at Andy. "Yes, I know she's alright."

Mayhem: Mayhem waiting for something exciting to happen, and after giving it due chance shrugged and returned to sketching some sort of...well, it looked like a steam-powered dragon...ship thingy. Eh. It lookked cool.

Remy: He bit into the apple. "What shit? Y're bein' cryptic Andy."

Tessa: Tessa smiled at Remy's question. "He left before you all came in."

Terry: Terry eyed the phone, phones rather, and worked hard to decide which one was the real one. Choosing the left one she reached for it...and realized she had two left hands. "Fuckin' a!" That made things simpler. Now, dialing. That was a trick but after only one mishap she manged. The five and the seven shouldn't be so close together.

Cessily: "Ooh, is that an offer?" Cessily asked Nezhno, smirking. "If that's the case..." She was cut off by her cell phone playing "Somebody to Love."

Andreas: "Come on, whenever I'm in this room half of the school is in here too! You could think this is some kind of meeting." Then he pointed at the new kid. "And what's that?"

Anna: "He's my cousin." Anna said porudly, "And don't point - it's rude!"

Julian: Julian waved sheepishly. "Hi."

Mayhem: Mayhem looked up, eyeballing the new guy to just walk in. "Um. Hey."

Remy: "D' big screen is in here an' y' expect people t' stay out?" He nodded a head towards the window. "Maybe when it gets warm enough t' neck in d' woods, but for now..."

Cessily: Cessily searched her pockets for the phone, eventually pulling it out. She frowned at the caller ID, then her eyes widened. "Hello?" She said.

Tessa: "You get used to it, really," Tessa shrugged. "It's a public room, Andy; people come in here all the time." She rolled her eyes at the necking comment. "Pity for you all we keep it in our room."

Andreas: "And that cat?" He pointed at Mayhem, ignoring Anna's advice completely. "That Vic's little brother?" The little princess really had gobbled up a lot of his time lately, he seemed to have missed some kind of invasion of newbies.

Terry: "Silver slinky!" Oh wow, that was loud. Terry laughed. "Dude! You're not gonna believe this shit. Hey, do you do conja...conju...whatever the fuck they call those booty call visits in the clinker?"

Anna: Anna rolled her eyes and muttered something about 'born in a barn'.

Remy: "Kitties seem popular here is all." He shrugged. "Dere's Heppie after all."

Mayhem: "Who's Vic?" Mayhem frowned, then squirmed, blushing again, at the mention of necking and keeping it in a bedroom, eyes flicking to the kitchen door.

Tessa: "Dissimilar DNA says no. Just a similar mutation," Tessa answered, pulling her fiance down the the arm of the couch with her. "Vic was someone here before you."

Cessily: Cessily blinked a couple of times. Okay, these words had erased any doubts, but she asked anyway. "Terry!? Is that you? Wow... where have you... how are you?"

Cessily: She looked up from the phone, speaking louder. "Hey guys! It's Terry on the phone."

Andreas: "I really had hoped for a bit of personal time, you know?" He rubbed his temples slightly while sitting down.

Remy: "Really? Which bar is she callin' from?" He gave Cessily a knowing grin.

rachel: "...Terry? Oh god..." Rachel shuddered.

Nezhno: Nezhno was slightly confused. "Who is Terry?"

Anna: "Who's Terry?" The word bar meant this person might be interesting to her.

Julian: "Yeah, who's Terry?" Julian joined.

Terry: "Yeaaaah is'me." She plunked down against the wall as she slurred. "Ah man, the gang's all there? HEY PEOPLE! Oh, spittle...ewww."

Mayhem: "I'm with the chorus on this one."

Tessa: "This can be personal time. But Meg has been keeping us both up all night," Tessa turned to kiss Andy's cheek lightly. "Oh, god. Terry's calling you? From the bar?"

Cessily: "I'm not sure, but she does sound drunk." Cessily said, while keeping her hand over the phone. "She's a former student. Really funny girl. Hey, Terry! Nice to hear from you again. Oh, wait! Let me put you on hands-free so the others can hear you."

rachel: "Funny only because there's the drunk part," she commented, sitting back in her chair.

Terry: "Oh fucking rock, you're all just not gonna believe this shit." Terry trailed off, cleaning the accidental spittle out of her hair. The guard was giving her the eye. "Don't you get ideas lady. You'll have to go find your club first."

Tessa: "Oh, this should be priceless." Tessa shifted to hear this call better. "What'd you do, Terry?" she called.

Remy: He laughed as the last bit came out on speaker. "Y're all d' same, cherie. Y' got d' bottle yet? Or still goin' off shots?"

Cessily: "Club?" Cessily gave the others in the room a questioning look, then spoke under her breath: "Sounds as if she's in some kind of very kinky bar."

Cessily: Cessily spoke in the phone again. "You doing alright, Terry? Having a fun time?"

Tessa: "When isn't she in one of those, though?"

Andreas: "Oh great, now we're getting former students too?" He felt a migraine sneaking up on him. Little Meg had been so much work and instead of sleep he had been sneaking into the basement for that little project that had been on hold during the last days before the birth. He really had wished for some alone time with his girlfriend.

Terry: "Nah, not inna bar now." Terry swore crankily. She missed her home. "The fuckers at Seaworld have got it in for me man. You try to swim with the dolphins once and they call the po-po on you the second they see you in the parking lot next. I just wanted my pants."

rachel: "Do we want to know how you lost your pants in the dolphin tank?"

Mayhem: Mayhem raised his head at the slurring from the phone. "....Swimming with dolphins...?"

Anna: Anna blinked, "Wow she sounds fun!" she giggled quietly.

Tessa: Tessa was about to lean into Andy when she heard 'swim with the dolphins' and 'Seaworld' and broke up laughing. "You're supposed to keep the pants on, Terry! No molesting the dolphins!"

Remy: "Oh Terry. Jus' be glad y' didn't get it wit' d' sharks on accident." He shook his head. "Actually I'd have expected y' t' be tryin' t' get dem drunk too."

Terry: "Oh the dolphin tank was last time. That's how I got banned. Thought I could be sneaky sneak this time, ya'see." There was a sound that was very unlike a dolphin on the other end but that was what it was supposed to be.

Cessily: "Well, sounds to me as if you do have fun there." Cessily replied, blinking in confusion. "So, where are you now? Like, right now."

Terry: "But yeah, I was gonna come up to visit ya all...but yeah that's why I'm callin'. The MAN's got me."

Remy: "The man?" He frowned in confusion and looked at Cessily. "Which man?"

Tessa: Tessa just laughed harder. "We've gotto bail you out of prison for trying to get into Seaworld. That's a new one."

Nezhno: Nezhno silently laughed his ass off at this Terry character.

Nezhno: "Wait you mean you have had to bail her out before?"

Andreas: "I'm not driving the getaway car."

Remy: "Oh. Dieu. Y' got locked up? Why didn't y' jus' fly away." He wiped a palm over his face. "How much?"

Anna: Anna cracked up, "I wanna meet this girl!"

Cessily: "Well, at least you're not in the petting zoo or something equally embarrassing. Right?" Cessily frowned. "The man? Does that mean you're in prison?"

Mayhem: "....Ah?" Mayhem just blinked at the phone. "Bailed out for...this girl sounds like fun!"

Terry: "The po-po's holding me down! Well, not literally. Yet. The guard's givin' me the eye man." Fly a..."Fucker have you ever tried to fly drunk? I hit the telephone wires."

Tessa: "Generally does, Cess." Tessa was colored so amused, right now. "You hit the power lines too? Jesus, Terry. Where are you?"

Terry: "Yeah, and those wires are tricky to get out of. Don't listen to squirrels man, that's some treacherous shit there."

Remy: "Can't say I have." He said mildly. "So where are y'? Where can we come get y'?"

Cessily: "Okay, can you tell where you are?" Cessily tried to speak loud and clearly. "Like, in which prison?"

rachel: Rachel shook her head, not sure whether she should be disappointed or not that Terry didn't make it back. "Well, glad I'm not the only one that's called Cess for bail..."

Tessa: "No, we'll keep that in mind...listen to the pigeons next time, no squirrels."

Anna: Anna was curled up on the floor by this point from laughter, which only got worse after Terry's mention of pigeons.

Cessily: "I think Selene warned me about the squirrels before, too." Cessily mused to herself, then shook the thought off.

Andreas: "So wait. "Against his will Andreas started to become interested. "I shse in prison now or hanging from some power lines?"

Cessily: "Well, she did mention a guard..." Cessily told Andy.

Tessa: "Who knows, they might be onto something. Evil little fuzzballs." Tessa was trying not to let her laughter swallow her voice, which it wanted to. "I think prison. Though god help us if we have to get her out of power lines."

Anna: "I can heal anyone that gets electrocuted," Anna put in helpfully, between giggles.

Cessily: "I'm definitely not going anywhere near powerlines." Cessily warned the others, just in case.

Terry: "Um....hold on." Terry apparently did cover the mouth of the phone because the next part was at a normal volume over the phone. "Oi! Dykey McBadgepants. Where are we?...Wha? Righto." She uncovered the phone. "Whew, for a second there I thought she said I was in Canada. Didn't think she had a horse. "I actually made it to Westchester."

Remy: "Oh. Well dat's a bonus. Y're in our backyard. Should be easy enough, neh?"

Tessa: Tessa laughed harder at hearign Terry yell at the guard. "Jesus. Don't get her hot and bothered, Terry, she probably has a nightstick on her."

Mayhem: "Seeing as I seem to be the only...'feral' without healing, neither am I." Mayhem huffed. He didn't know whether to be irritated, amused or just go back to drawing. This place was definitely not boring.

Terry: "Well...they did sorta see me flyin'...an' no, she don't have her nightstick yet. I was hopin'."

Tessa: "Well we'll let you finish before we come rescuing you, then?"

Andreas: "So, is there bail or do we need to bust her out?"

rachel: "You ran into powerlines... how could people miss you flying?"

Terry: "Duuude, jail break? Now that's somethin' I've only done once."

Julian: Julian laughed at the thought.

Anna: Anna wiped her eyes on her sleeve. "You sound like fun Terry!" she told the phone.

Terry: "Oh shit, shouldn't say jail break while i'm in the big house, yeah?"

Cessily: "Uhm, I think we shouldn't talk about jailbreak while a guard is overhearing our conversation, no?" Cessily said.

Terry: "Well I'd be happier about the situation of she'd just get the nightstick."

Nezhno: Nezhno really didn't know if he wanted to meet this Terry or not.

Cessily: "I say we go and visit her." Cessily told the others in the room. "And bail her out, if possible."

Tessa: "Why don't we do it the legal way, and get you out on bail?" Tessa shook her head; god she'd missed Terry, she was fun. "Oh, let's. We need it."

Anna: "Oh I'm all for that idea!" Anna sprang to her feet, "She sounds like way too much craic to ignore!"

Cessily: "Sweet!" Cessily grinned. "I'd offer that we take my scooter, but it might get a little too comfortable for us all."

Terry: "Yeaaaah, bail me out? I'll make it..." Terry's leer was almost visible over the phone "worth your while."

Nezhno: "Yeah, no way I'm missing this little adventure." Nez said as he poked Cessily in the ribs agian.

rachel: Huge group of mutants walking into a police station. Yeah, sounded like a fantastic idea...

Julian: "Yeah, I want to meet her, she sounds funny." Julian laughed.

Remy: "So we gonna take one of d' big vans? Dere almost a short bus. Suitable, neh?"

Cessily: Cessily grinned at Nezhno. "Yay! Let's have a little fun roadtrip."


Anna: Anna bounced on the balls of her feet, "Yay!" she clapped her hands.

Mayhem: Mayhem's tail flicked up. "I'll come. Um. She sounds cool." Though maybe after his last run in he should stay at home. Eh. Where was the fun in that?

Nezhno: Nezhno perked up and smiled. "Cess and I call the back seat!" He said as he started laughing.

Terry: "Oooh, backseat lovin'? Better the fuck be room for me."

Nezhno: Nezhno stopped in his tracks and turned to the phone. "Huh?"

Andreas: Andreas rose a hand. "Does anyone in here know how to drive a short bus?"

Remy: "Y' know we'll always look after y're drunk ass. We'll see y' later, cherie."

Anna: Anna put her hands over her ears at the last comment, "Lalalalala! Didn't hear that!"

Tessa: "Yeah, Terry, 'bout that. We've got new kids, you'll get to corrupt them too!" Tessa smiled at Terry, wondering what could possibly go wrong with this. "there will be, Terry!"

Mayhem: "Oh no, this new kid's had enough corruption, thanks!" Mayhem laughed. "No more for me."

Cessily: "Hey, I like the way you're thinking." Cessily said, chuckling a bit. She leaned over to kiss Nezhno on the cheek.

Anna: Anna gave Julian a nudge, "What do you think? Wanna come meet the crazy drunk lady?"

Tessa: "Oh, no. you have no idea. Naked table dancing at Vito's is corruption, you haven't even gotten close." Tessa shook her head at Mayhem. "Trust me."

Julian: "Yeah, that sounds like an adventure that shouldn't be missed." Julian replied.

Mayhem: Mayhem just gave Tessa a Look, ears flat on his head. "I've been hanging out with Monet. Nuff said."

**************************************************************************** (Now at the Prison)

Terry: Somehow, Terry had managed to procure herself a can. This wasn't really to anyone's happiness other than hers though as she decided that it was a mallet and the bars where her giant windchimes.

Remy: The guards were somewhat amiss at the large group that was crowded in the lobby, but Remy had his wallet and a very promising bail at least.

Andreas: "Okay, couldn't she have get herself caught in a less hicky part of the state?" Andreas left the bus and stretched himself a bit.

Anna: Anna looked around, having never seen such a large police station before in her life.

rachel: "I think we should just be glad that she made it to Westchester. Can you imagine a farther trip?" Rachel glanced over at Andy.

Cessily: "Shall we share the bail?" Cessily asked, following inside. "If so, I can't really add much. But Andy should be rich."

Remy: "Now all y' gotta watch what y' say, right?" He hissed out monotone. "An' I got it, Cess. It's fine."

Mayhem: Mayhem was trying not to loom, which at seven foot tall was virtually impossible and hadn't been helped when he headbutted the top of the door walking in. So now he was slouching with a peeved pouty expression and a dent in his forehead. "Chairs and doors. Need to make allowances or something."

Tessa: "I doubt it. But hey, it's a good excuse to get otu of the school," Tessa said, wrapping her arms around Andy's waist. "Want to be a school hero?"

Andreas: "You know, I'm surprised she didn't make it to Tijuana. I thought the inner compass of all drunks points there."

Tessa: "Nah. I think it's New Orleans."

Anna: "Personally my drunk compass points to Dublin." Anna put in second.

Remy: "It definately is N'awleans. Come t' d' streets of d' quarter sometime."

Mayhem: "Plymouth for the sailors, my lover."

Andreas: "Oh my, did you just make a pun on drowning people? May I have influenced you that much? I'm so proud..." Tessa received a kiss on her forehead.

Cessily: "Well, I'm silver. It doesn't matter what I say. People are mostly suspicious of me." Cessily chuckled, but then put on a thoughtful expression. "I'm pretty sure that I'm not welcome in a police station. Not since Arnie shot one up in the first Terminator."

Nezhno: Nezhno went behind Cess and wrapped his arms around her. "Yep, I know how you feel. My stripes aren't the most appealing things in the world."

Remy: "Well...don' do anythin' t' get dem t' ask if y're registered. I am, so it should be ok." He shook his head and went up to the window, sliding the money across and starting on the forms.

Cessily: "I like them." Cessily told Nezhno, leaning back into his embrace.

Tessa: "Already did, remember the Mardi Gras we all went down and got smashed, Remy? God that was the best." Tessa snickered at Andy, latching their fingers together and looking up at Mayhem. "Hey, don't feel too bad. Least you're at home with us, as much as can be."

Terry: Clank, clank clank. Terry giggled at her music. Now say, ther was an idea. "It was on the good ship Venus. By Christ, you should've seen us. The figurehead was a whore in bed
And the mast was a mammoth penis!" She was pretty sure she had the melody of the song right. Eh, who was going to argue with her anyway?

rachel: "Surprisingly, I remember some of Mardi Gras..." she shook her head, "Mainly the drunken table dancing..."

Andreas: He leaned over Remy's shoulder and whispered into his ear. "You going to enter your real name?"

Anna: Anna stuffed her hands in her pockets and played with her loose change. Clink clink clink.

Mayhem: Mayhem looked down at Tessa from where he was rubbing his forehead ruefully. "Yeah well....walking into the tops of doors isn't high on things to enjoy in life." He muttered. Black eye, bruised tail and now a doorjam dent. Goddamn.

Tessa: "Oh, how could you forget? Were you with us when we started table dancing out on the street?" Tess asked Rachel. "That was hilarity."

Remy: "Mais oui. What d' y' expect? I'm known an' respected in d' business community." He hissed back, eyes careful on the people near them.

Tessa: "Could be worse, you could be two inches tall and have people step on you."

Cessily: "How did I miss that?" Cessily asked, looking at Tessa.

Mayhem: "True, I guess. Just had Amara step on my tail instead." He showed her the fading boot-shaped bruise on his tail. "Really hurt too."

Andreas: "Yeah, but you're bailing out an unregistered mutant. They will be asking you questions later..."

Terry: "The cap'n of the...something, he was a dirty bugger, wasn't fit ta shovel shit fro' one place ta anotha!" Say, was that familiar voices she heard? Terry caught herself wondering if they had brought pants. Then she decided that was silly, who needed pants?

Anna: Anna looked up at Mayhem, "Aww, if it was more serious I could heal that for you in a jiffy."

rachel: "How couldn't you forget with all the drinks?" Rachel grinned. "I know I ended up dancing with Terry on a table, and I had to drag Josh back to the hotel."

Mayhem: "Well, everyone seems convinced I'm supposed to have a healing factor or something." Mayhem huffed good-naturedly. "Eh, I'm fine. And I already said no to experimenting on me." Especially now that he knew she'd cut someone open. Yeeck.

Cessily: "Something tells me that I should have been there with my camera." Cessily mused, smiling to herself.

Remy: "Well I'm legal. It's fine. I don' have links t' anythin' else but my work, comprends? She's an' ol' friend is all." His face soured as he looked at the clusterfuck of people behind them. "Dey may have questions about dem though."

Tessa: "Ahh. I can't remember, weren't you there watching us?" Tess asked, smiling. "I remember nearly being locked out of our room, I was out too late."

Terry: "Hey, hey people! I can hear people! ...Is that sexybee I can hear?"

Anna: Anna giggled, "It wouldn't be me experimenting on you. I know I can do it already." She gave Mayhem a grin.

Julian: Julian was intrigued and found it hard to take in all the information from all these new people.

Cessily: "I like experimenting with people." Cessily tossed in, a wry grin stealing to her lips. "Though, they're usually very fond of my way to conduct experiments."

rachel: Rachel debated answering Terry, "Yeah, it's me..."

Andreas: "Right..." He kissed Tessa's hand and then let go of it. After clearing his throat he spoke to the others a bit louder. "Okay folks, I think Terry will be as happy with seeing you out in front of the building as seeing you in here, so why don't we step out and wait?"

Terry: "Fuck yeah! Come on and sing with me, Sexybee!" Terry cleared her throat dramatically before starting in on the chorus "Friggin in the riggin! Friggin ina riggin! Friggin in the riggin! There was fuck all else to do!"

Julian: "Good idea, it's getting a bit crowded in here." Julian agreed.

Nezhno: Nezhno started to break away from Cessily. "You comin' outside, or gonna stay?"

Mayhem: Mayhem looked to where the singing was coming from, and the stares he was getting. "Um. I like outside. It's a good place to be.

Tessa: "Nice, Terry, we needed to have that blasted at us," Tessa smiled, laughing at the belted-out song.

Cessily: "Let's head outside." Cessily said, stepping towards the door. She wouldn't mind getting out of there a little sooner.

Anna: Anna giggled as the sounds of the song drifted towards her. It was more than a little familar to her.

Terry: Oh, there was her friend the guard again. "Oooh, you've got your stick now! Give me a whack, I'mma bad...Oh, I kin come out?" Terry bolted, laughing. "I'm FREE! FREE! Prolly see you again. Keep your stick nice 'n polished!"

Andreas: "Okay people, let's clear the room." He started to push them towards the exit, except Tessa, obviously, since she'd have his balls for that.

rachel: She shook her head as she followed the others outside. That nickname was never going to die...

Tessa: "God, you are so wasted, Terry."

Remy: "Well here she is anyways..." He put the pen down and grinned at the redhead. "Now, aren't we better dan dolphins?"

Anna: Anna waved at the Red-haired girl and grinned, "Hi! I'm Anna!"

Cessily: "Oh my, I missed you, Terry." Cessily remarked with a smile on her face. "I'm so happy to see you again." She spontaneously hugged the other red-head, dangerously drunk or not.

Terry: "Free! People!" She flailed and tipped as she saw everyone heading towards the door. "Naaah, I'm soberin' up!" She leaned towards Tessa to whisper conspiriatorily and much too loudly. "An I didn't even get to the drugs." She straightened up, tilting too far back and clunking her heels for balance, grinning at Remy. "Fuckin' load better. Dolphins can't sign bail papers...or have money."

Terry: "Heeeey!" Terry waved to Anna, laughing as she flailed and hugged Cessily. "Heeeeeey!"

Mayhem: Mayhem blinked at the...rather buxom red-head, running his hands through his dreads. Wow.

rachel: "Hey, Terry," Rachel gave a grin.

Terry: Like there was going to be an ass this close to her that was going to go ungrabbed? Like hell. Terry gave Cessily a firm smack and laughed. "God it's good to see ya'll again. And new people too!"

Andreas: "Hello girl. Please don't throw up in the bus."

Cessily: "I think Rachel missed you the most." Cessily told Terry as she took a step back again.

Tessa: "Dolphins and squrrels. Don't forget the deceptive little rodents." She laughed at Terry's conspiratorial whisper, shaking her head. "Uh-huh...you haven't changed much, after all, have you?"

Remy: "C'mon den. Enough of a scene." He pushed at the backs of the departing people. "Lets get out an' into our damn fine ride."

Cessily: Cessily giggled at the smack and gave Terry a wink in return.

Mayhem: Mayhem allowed himself to be herded out, tail curling in curiousity at he watched Terry.

rachel: "Yeah, I really missed being molested," she rolled her eyes and gave Terry a suspcious look, "Speaking of which... don't even think about it..."

Terry: "Think? I don't think about molestin'." Terry staggered forward, leering now. "I just do."

Remy: He smacked her bare bottom and grinned. "Molest in d' van. No indecent public exposure."

Mayhem: Mayhem suddenly realised what his mind had been trying politely to point out to me. "Um. Does. Anyone have any trousers or something...?"

Julian: Julian eyed Terry up and down. I'd let her molest me!

Tessa: "Someone should really lend you pants, Terry. Before we get any more looks in this place," Tessa deapanned, as much as she was able.

Andreas: "The problem is that we all only have the pants we're wearing right now, dear," he told Tessa.

Cessily: "Well, I could take off mine." Cessily offered, strolling back to the van.

Terry: "Naaah, I don't need no pants. Don't need a shirt either but I keep getting hung up taking it off. The thing has straps. Don't know how I ever got in it." Now molesting in the van sounded like a good idea. She remembered something. "Now who's it that was up for the backseat lovin?"

rachel: Yeah, she didn't like that look Terry was giving her, and it was worse since she was pantless...

Julian: "I think she looks fine without pants." Julian laughed.

Terry: "I like you. You've got taste." She pointed at Julian.

Anna: Anna giggled and swatted Julian's arm, "You behave or I'm writing to your mother."

Julian: Julian giggled. "You're not wearing any pants." He laughed.

Mayhem: "Not me. No loving for this cat." Mayhem got to the van, figuring he'd probably be safer as soon as he was actually in it. Monet had frayed his nerves enough.

Julian: Julian mimed zipping his lips up and nodded at Anna.

Tessa: "He's got hormones, Terry."

Cessily: "I guess everyone is expecting me to say something now, no?" Cessily wondered, turning around to look at the others when she reached the van.

Remy: "Like what? baby come here." He grinned at Cessily.

Anna: Anna rolled her eyes and got into the van, "If you're gonna go at it in the back can we please play some really loud music to drown it out?"

Nezhno: Nezhno just laughed. "I don't really know if I want in the back now."

Andreas: "No, she will be able to restrain herself for the drive, right Terry?" He gave her the withering stare that doesn't accept a no.

Mayhem: "Why play loud music? In-car entertainment." Whups. Hadn't meant to say that one out loud.

rachel: "Music is less mentally scarring."

Tessa: "What, you mean I don't get to sit in the back with Terry?" Tessa gave her fiance a mock-puppy look.

Cessily: "Pretty much." Cessily replied, nodding at Remy. "Though, I guess it wouldn't really be fair towards poor Nez now." She giggled and leaned up to give him another kiss on the cheek.

Julian: "Can I sit with her?" Julian wondered.

Nezhno: "I think if Julian sat with her, there would be more than backseat lovin' going on in there."

Mayhem: "Uh. I'll be sat up front. Can we get in now?"

Julian: "Ah, go on... I just want to make sure she doesn't pass out." He nodded, "I'll be a gentleman." He grinned.

Terry: Getting in the van was a trick. A trick that was pulled off because gravity was strangely kind to Terry. Perhaps it took pity on her. "Ahha, you're the one that was talkin' bout the back seat earlier. For that you get a smack." Terry doled out her 'punishment' for Nezhno's backside as she flopped into her seat. "Gonna keep me up, are you?"

Andreas: "I think anyone who#s making out with her right now might risk ending up covered in puke."

Anna: Anna glared at him, "Keep your hands to yourself. Dirty boy."

Anna: "I wonder if I can heal the drunk...." she thought outloud.

Remy: Remy wondered how he'd ended up driving. "Alright. Everyone in?"

Nezhno: Nezhno reeled a little at Terry's punishment. He then returned Cessily's kiss with a little squeeze around the shoulders.

Cessily: Cessily got into the van with the others and flopped down on a free seat next to Nezhno. "Yeap, we're good to go." She called back to Remy.

Tessa: "Who said anything about making out?" Tessa laughed. "I'm with you, remember? I just want to hear her talk more."

Mayhem: Mayhem was curled a little weirdly on the seat and adding car seats on things to be modified. "Yeah, I'm in."

Terry: "Only amatures puke. I" Terry put her hand over her chest, "am a professional."

Remy: "Dat she is. So hang onto y're balls." He twisted around as he thought of something. "So...we're goin' back t' d' school? Or what?"

Andreas: "And as a professional you don't puke?"

Terry: "'xactly! You catch on quick, Hans."

Anna: Anna gave Remy a shrug, putting her seatbelt on, "You're driving, I think it's up to you."

Andreas: "Andreas, Terry. The name is Andreas."

Tessa: "You can call him andy, it's easier."

Cessily: "If I didn't think that Terry already had more than enough, I'd say we go somewhere fun to celebrate the reunion." Cessily suggested.

Terry: "You're not Hans Gruber? 'm disappointed."

rachel: "I don't think she cares what your name is considering she doesn't call me by mine..."

Mayhem: "Wouldn't the school be better?" Mayhem looked at Remy, then at Terry and the rest. "Though I wouldn't say no to a party."

Terry: "Party! Man, lessgo to Vitos? Maybe I could get a job 'gain...actually I've got a job. Think. Not sure."

Andreas: "You should glad I'm not Hans Gruber. He would have thrown your ass out of a building."

Terry: "Bitch I can fly."

rachel: "Except when drunk..."

Cessily: "I second Vito's!" Cessily raised her hand.

Mayhem: "What's Vito's?"

Terry: "Fucking wires."

Remy: "Not right now, cherie, remember d' power lines?" He nodded. "Fine. Vitos it is."

Julian: "I say we shouldn't let her drink any more." Julian pointed at Terry.

Mayhem: "Um. What's Vito's?"

Tessa: "It's a bar, Mayhem. good bar."

Remy: "Dat's like sayin' we shouldn't let d' tide come in."

Cessily: "A bar near the school." Cessily explained to Mayhem. "It's something like our regular place to go to."

Terry: "Where ev'rybody knows your naa-aame!"

Mayhem: "Oh. Right." Mayhem smiled, siting back. "Can live with a bar."

Andreas: "I want to see you fly into a building, Terry. I imagine it's a funny noise."

Anna: Anna looked over her shoulder at Terry. Apart from the random gropings that she would aparently have to put up with, she thought Terry would be a fun person to be friends with.

Cessily: "They know us there already, so won't be weirded out by seeing more mutants showing up. They got used to us hanging out there."

Nezhno: "Oh I have a feeling this will be a memorable trip."

Julian: "I like the sound of that, let's do that." Julian smiled.

Terry: "It is. Chest hits first and saves me."

Cessily: "You mean like... boob-bags?" Cessily asked.

Remy: **************************************************************************************************
Remy: (In vitos!)

Terry: "Hi honey, 'm home!" Terry flung her arms out wide upon entering the bar, narrowly avoiding hitting her freedom bringers behind her.

Anna: Anna looked around and headed straight for the bar. What she needed was a good strong drink. She grinned to herself as she remembered her last time in there. Shortly after she'd been introduced to Xavier's place. Seemed like a lifetime ago now.

Julian: Julian just missed an arm to the face and joined Anna at the bar.

Mayhem: "Um. Shouldn't she have got pants before coming in here?" Mayhe ducked through the door, taking in the new sights and smells of the place.

Remy: "We'll make her a hula skirt outta paper towels. She'll be stylin'." He grinned at Terry. "Crazy girl dat one."

Andreas: "I am seriously considering sending you all off to the lunatic bin, guys. This woman needs a bed, and not more alcohol."

Anna: Anna ordered a bottle of whiskey and two glassess pouring one for herself and one for Julian. "Cheers," she raised her glass.

Cessily: Cessily followed inside. "Ooh, that's a sweet idea, Remy." She said. "We could also use beermats."

Remy: "Ok. Y' try stoppin' her." He jerked a thumb at Terry. "An' remember she can blow y're eardrums out."

rachel: "I think she'd only be going to bed if someone was going with her..."

Terry: "Hula? I wanna hula." Terry attempted this, though tables weren't a good dance partner when she wasn't on them.

Julian: "Cheers," Julian grinned, enjoying the whiskey.

Tessa: "It's just fun, Andy," Tessa protested. "Everyone needs it lately, with the registration act."

Mayhem: "Well, whether she should drink or not, I ain't had a drop since I got to America and I need one. So whoever wants to buy one, I'll have a cider." Mayhem rubbed his hands together, grinning.

Cessily: "Yep, I wouldn't want to be the one who makes Terry cry." Cessily commented. "And Tessa is right. Let's relax a little. We all more than need it."

Nezhno: Nezhno walked back over to Cess. "I'm gonna get a drink, you want anything?"

Andreas: "I believe by now she'd be crying tears of bourbon, Cessily..."

Terry: "Someone get their ass over here and hula with me!"

Mayhem: "Not until I'm at least half-cut, my lover." Mayhem smiled at Terry. "The last time I danced was with a pole."

Tessa: "Hey, dancing!" Tessa kissed Andy's cheek quickly and dashed off to join Terry, glad she had on clothes from the waist down.

Cessily: "So you're suggesting to lick her tears?" Cessily asked Andy, before settling near the bar with Nezhno. "I'll have a zombie, please."

Anna: "Be right with you!!" Anna poured Julian another drink then took herself and the bottle to Terry.

Cessily: "Ooh, you're doing pole-dancing, too?" Cessily asked Mayhem, arching an eyebrow at him.

Terry: "Excuses, excuses. Ahha! Dancers!" Terry clapped her hands, jumping a bit before going back to hula.

Nezhno: "Will do." He gave her a little pinch and a wink as he went to the bar to order their drinks.

Mayhem: "What? Oh, no, not professionally. Just a club I used to go to had a free pole. Where's my cider?"

Andreas: Being left alone to his own devices Andreas just folded hi arms and stood in a corner, eagerly observing the others to make sure no one would do anything too crazy.

Anna: Anna threw a five dollar bill at Mayhem's head, "Get you're own, lazy bum!" She grinned at him.

rachel: Rachel found a place to sit and ordered herself a drink.

Cessily: "Hey, still sounds like a lot of fun." Cessily replied, waiting for Nezhno to return with their drinks.

Mayhem: Mayhem caught the bill and poked his tongue out. "Bum's right, I ain't got any money on me." He laughed, heading to the bar. In the end, he ordered three shots and a cider. It'd do him good to chill.

Terry: Terry saw Andreas attepmting to be calm and peaceful in the corner. "We could switch to polka if ya like, Hans! C'mon!"

Tessa: "This is craziest hula I've ever done..." Tessa laughed, trying to follow along with Terry.

Nezhno: Nezhno returned with the drinks, but kept them away from Cess. "There is a delivery fee." He said putting his cheek out for her to kiss.

Andreas: "I don't know polka," he said coldly.

Anna: Anna looked over at Andreas, "Oh lighten up!" She told him.

Terry: "What are you, slow? Everyone knows polka!" To demonstrate, Terry started in on the Chicken Polka.

Cessily: Cessily arched her eyebrows at Nezhno and gave him a smirk. "Oh, is that so? Well, I'm afraid I'm out of spare change." Leaning up to him, she put her hand on the back of his neck and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips. "That enough?"

Mayhem: Mayhem downed the shots and then turned, leaning against the bar with his cider, watching everyone. He sipped the cider, feeling a little light-headed from the alcohol already, and found himself missing Chaos suddenly.

Anna: "Come boogie, Julie!!" Anna called to the bar, "It's fun! And you might get more whiskey!"

Remy: Remy finally emerged from the bathroom, skirt that he'd russled up in one hand. He tracked down Terry but it was more interesting to get her to hold still.

Julian: "Did you just call me Julie?" Julian frowned, but soon lightened up at the thought of more whiskey and joined Anna.

Anna: "Yes," Anna replied, "Yes I did. You wanna make something of it? Huh? Huh?" She waggled her eyebrows at him.

Terry: Terry turned to dance with Remy, but saw what he was holding. "You've made me a pretty! Awesome! Bail me out and make me designer ware. If only you didn't come with a toddler."

Julian: "Oh shut up and dance." Julian laughed at Anna.

Andreas: "She's after yur tail, LeBeau. Be afraid!"

Anna: Anna giggled and slurped some whiskey.

Remy: He laughed and tied it around her. "Ah well. We all have our little glitches, neh?"

Mayhem: "Hey, it's a fine tail to be after, to be fair."

Terry: "'m after everyone's tail. Nobody's ass is safe!" Terry gave the skirt an experimental shimmy shimmy shake and decided it was a treasure."

Mayhem: "Hope mine is." Mayhem muttered into his cider, taking a healthy gulp. Not quite a Scrumpy but it would do.

Anna: Anna giggled at Terry then gave Mayhem and odd look that even made her pause mid-boogie.

Remy: "We're safe if we can get y' drunk enough t' not know a dick from a bottle." He tweaked a lock of her hair and laughed.

Terry: "I come with flash cards to help me there...they're in me other pants."

Tessa: "You've got a pretty cute ass, yeah," Tessa shrugged as she came back to sit down at the bar. Dancing that energetically required alcohol, which she couldn't really have.

Cessily: Cessily turned to watch the increasing number of dancing people. "Oh my, I'm afraid sooner or later I'll have to join that bunch today." She giggled to herself. "And I won't guarantee that all my clothes will stay on."

Anna: Anna giggled at Terry, "The pants you left with the Dolphins?"

Terry: "Those're the ones! The dolphins are getting an education!"

Nezhno: Nezhno was still reeling from Cessily's little "tip." "Wow... that works so much better than loose change. And is it too forward of me to say that I would love to see that little dance number happen?"

Cessily: "I'd be more concerned if you weren't interested in seeing that." Cessily replied, still smirking at Nezhno. She took her drink from him and thanked him with another kiss.

Anna: Anna offered Julian the bottle, "Hold this. I gotta go potty."

Remy: "If I remember correctly, dolphins are pretty horny on dere own. Doubt dey need any tips."

Julian: Julian took the whiskey bottle gratefully and started swigging.

Anna: "Don't drink it all or you can buy the next one!" She called over her shoulder and disappeared into the bathroom.

Julian: Julian ignored Anna and continued.

Terry: "They really are." Terry flashed Remy a grin before hopping onto a barstool, giving it a spin. "Oooh, wheeee!"

Nezhno: Nezhno grinned from ear to ear. "Maybe I should have been giving you drinks a long time ago?" He said as he tood a drink of his whiskey.

Terry: She grabbed the bar to stop the spinning, laughing as she did. "Man, I was spinning the opposite way my head was going. That's trippy."

Cessily: "Maybe." Cessily said, smiling, then took a deep swallow from her drink, before she bounded over to the others. "Alright! Come on, everybody. Let's dance!" She raised her hands over her head, careful to not spill any of her drink, and began to sway her hips. "Let's all celebrate Terry's return."

Mayhem: Mayhem finished his cider and wandered back into the group, using a thumb to push his tophat out of his eyes. "Give me someone to dance with and I will." He grinned, showing off his fangs.

Julian: "Yeeeeeah!" Julian approved, and raised his hands in the same way, taking occasional swigs of whiskey.

Nezhno: Nezhno, not being much of a dancer, took a seat close to the group and took another gulp of his drink.

Anna: Anna returned from the loo and walked up to Julian to retrieve her drink, she held out her hand.

Julian: Julian looked puzzled, then realising what Anna was after, handed her the almost empty bottle.

Anna: Anna peered into the bottle and frowned, "You're getting the next one!" She told him, finishing the first. She started dancing again, then remembered something, "Oh yeah you haven't got money you can use yet." she fished some notes out of her pocket and handed them over. "You owe me."

Terry: More dancing? It sounded like a good idea. Terry eyed the floor, then eyed her feet, trying to decide if the two could get along well enough.

Julian: Julian grinned, took the money from Anna and headed back to the bar for another bottle.

Cessily: Twirling around, Cessily saw Nezhno sitting close by instead of dancing. Placing her glass on the bar, she danced over to him, wearing a wry grin on her face. She stood right in front of him, arms still raised high above her head, and gyrated her bare midriff along to the music.

Mayhem: Mayhem slid into a seat when no one took him up on his offer, placing his tophat on the table and sitting back.

Nezhno: Nezhno smiled and took and finishe his drink. "Whoa watch it with that thing! Come here you!" He pulled her down and onto his lap and laid a kiss on her lips.

Terry: "Okay." Terry looked over to Mayhem who she was fairly sure she didn't know. "Twenty says I can still stand. Gonna take me up on that?"

Mayhem: Mayhem looked up at Terry, blinking, then grinning. "Don't see why not." He stood up, stretching.

Julian: Julian joined the dancing group again, this time with a full bottle of whiskey. He handed Anna the change and took a few swigs from the bottle whilst dancing, causing him to spill some on his face.

Anna: Anna grinned at Julian as he returned with another bottle and some change. She stuffed the change in her pocket and took a swig of whiskey. "Mmmmm that's the good stuff."

Cessily: Cessily returned the kiss as she straddled Nezhno's lap. Her lips lingered against his, and the grin returned. Even while sitting down, her body moved gently to the rhythm. "Well, no we'd need someone to hand us more drinks." She said. "Unless we wanna get up again."

Terry: "Right. Wish me luck." Terry stretched her legs out in front of her before pushing off of the stool, taking a few stumbling steps forward before getting under her own power. "Woo!"

Nezhno: Nezhno saw Terry stand up and gave her a round of applause.

Mayhem: "Damnit! No, don't clap, I owe her twenty bucks now." Mayhem pouted. "Wait. Do I even have twenty bucks?"

Cessily: "We can sponsor you." Cessily called out, flashing Mayhem a grin.

Terry: "Eh, it don' matter. Just buy me a drink?" Terry waved her hand dismissively. "An' thank you, hold you applause though, I accept gratitude in the form of sexual favours and remote island getaways."

Mayhem: "Sponser me? Do I wanna know how I'd work that one off?" Mayhem arched an eyebrow at Cessily.

Cessily: Cessily winked at Mayhem. "I'm sure we can think of something."

Anna: Anna continued dancing, ignoring the conversation around her that was rapidly veering towards the rude and crude.

Nezhno: Nezhno had managed to get the bartender to hand them their drinks and gave one to Cessily. "Here you go sexy."

Terry: Now, standing was done. It was time to get her groove on. This time, disco seemed appropriate.

Cessily: "Thanks, sweetie." Cessily took the glass and thanked Nezhno with another kiss. "So, maybe you'll feel up to some dancing later." She smiled, then took a sip of her drink. "I definitely feel like dancing today."

Nezhno: "Maybe later. When there is a more private audience?" Nezhno said with a cheeky grin.

Terry: "So, you won't even join in now, Andy?" Well, not everyone could be as much fun as her, Terry supposed.

Cessily: Cessily chuckled. "I'm sure that can be arranged." She winked, before returning to kiss Nezhno, not feeling in a hurry to stop with that anytime soon.

Andreas: "Someone has to make sure you don't go back to jail, this time with company," he told Terry.

Anna: Anna handed her bottle to Julian and rubbed her hands together then marched over to Andy. Hmm.... he was taller close up. She shrugged, "Hi!"

Terry: "Pfft, Andy, I'm now a known mutant with a criminal record. I may be drunk but I do have some sense of reality. I'll be back even if I live like a nun."

Andreas: "The naughtiest nun I've ever seen." He looked down on the approaching girl. "Hallo."

Anna: "So, how come you're being boring?" She asked him, realising too late that the alcohol had already erased what little tact she had, "Er... I mean... bah never mind...." She grinned at him. "Let's start again.... Hi!"

Andreas: "Mind you, I think there are alternatives besides of doning the good old black and white and lifelong abstinence..." The girl received another downward glance and a frown this time. "Hallo."

Mayhem: Mayhem lurked by the bar, hands in pockets, watching the group. Damnit, being the new guy with no connections sucked.

Anna: "So, where are you from? Do you have any hobbies? Do you believe in fairies?" She blinked up at him, with a worryingly interested expression.

Andreas: "Germany, no, and no..." The frown got deeper. "Are you drunk?"

Terry: "You know any good ones then?" Terry slowed her dancing, talking was easier that way plus she could have sworn the girl started talking about fairies and that must be a lack of blood flow to Terry's head causing that.

Anna: "Not by a long shot." She grinned again, "I'm Irish! And why don't you have any hobbies? That must be boring. And faires are real!" she poked him in the chest, "I saw them!"

Cessily: "You could flee to Mexico." Cessily suggested with a quick laugh, taking a short break from locking lips with Nezhno. "Though, I'm really not sure if that's the better alternative." She frowned. "Nothing against Mexico, of course. I'm sure it's a nice country. Kinda." She sighed, deciding to better be silent now, and returned to kissing.

Andreas: "Well, you could leave the country...obviously you can't come back, seeing that you're out on bail now. So I'd guess you need somewhere nice." Then he removed the poking on his chest by slowly wiping the offending finger away with his hand. "I'll believe in fairies when I find them squished on my Porsche's windshield."

Anna: "They don't like technology, so that won't happen." Anna told him matter-of-fact-ly, "But I'm currently on a mission to get pictures so I will give you one as soon as I get one!" She grinned at him and patted him on the arm. "And if I find a live leprachaun I'll take a picture of that for you too!"

Terry: "It's an idea." Tijuana would be nice, after all but...somewhere nice sounded intriguing too. She arched an eyebrow Andreas' direction, feeling a bit more sobered. "Somewhere nice is always good. You know a place?"

Nezhno: Nezhno stopped locking lips with Cessily for five seconds while he chimed in. "Don't go to Africa, a shitty place to live. Trust me."

Mayhem: "England's nice." Mayhem tossed his tuppance in, sitting down at the table again.

Anna: "Ireland is good too, assuming you don't piss off the fairyfolk," Anna chimed in, sparing a grin for Terry too, "Mostly it's very green."

Andreas: "I know many places, Fräulein." Somewhere special did come to mind, though. Question was: Did he want her there? "Though what I'm thinking does not have a bar..."

Terry: "If I build it they will come."

Anna: Anna giggled, "I like how you think, Terry!" she gave her a thumbs up.

Andreas: "'They' would have to swim fore miley without end to come, though. If they dare. Good old grandfather on mother's side of the family used to shoot at any native that sailed as close as three miles to the coastline. He especially imported a big cannon, it's still there..." The idea of her on his family's island was amusing, he had to admit.

Anna: Anna looked up at Andy again, eyes wide, "You have a cannon?"

Andreas: "And a tropical island."

Terry: "...I think I might like the sound of this." If she found it boring, there was always a cannon. "Fuck yes."

Anna: "Wooooooow!" Anna had a new-found respect for Andy now.

Andreas: "Me and a few others spent the vacation there. Cessily could tell you a bit about it. I'd obviously take care of food and clothing. It might be a bit lonesome..." He wasn#t sure about giving her the normal amount of servants the family used to have while on the island. Doing good was one thing, but she was able to turn perfectly fine domestic help into drunken hoodlums.

Terry: "So what's my new home called?"

Andreas: "Oh, grandfather used to call it 'Neu-Wolfenstein', but the official name is 'Genosha'."

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4/18 Game: A Country is Born all with no Pants.

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 19, 2009 4:04 am

LOL Terry!!!

And woo, Genosha. :shifty

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4/18 Game: A Country is Born all with no Pants.

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Nezhno: Nezhno stopped locking lips with Cessily for five seconds while he chimed in. "Don't go to Africa, a shitty place to live. Trust me."

WTF?!? Nez, Dude! SOME parts, SOME parts in africa is a shitty place to live. SA is sweet! It's like saying America is a great place to live, and then end up in some one alpaca town in argentinia or something, just because you never mentioned which part of America.

great game you all!

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4/18 Game: A Country is Born all with no Pants.

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Whoops! Sorry Steyn!

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