7/23 Game: We Put A Cap In Capcom

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7/23 Game: We Put A Cap In Capcom

Post by Ferguson » Sun Jul 24, 2011 12:11 am

Lorna waited in the for now blank danger room, clicking her pen on her clipboard as she waited for everyone to finish suiting up and coming on into the room.

Chris walked into the room fully armored. "This is gonna fucking rock!"

Scott was one of the first to arrive, greatly saving time by simply growing into his one-piece suit with built-in goggles. "Hello, boss!"

"Sweet mother of tight leather, I rock this suit." Wade announced the fact as he stroked over his body and smacked his bottom. "Ssssss. Hot."

In a flurry of black tendrils, Eddie transformed into his Venom fatigues, taking a moment to stretch and scratching his head as he spotted Wade. "Ah, the team wouldn't be complete without you...", he muttered.

"You are too homoerotic for even Prince, Wade."

"You better believe it." he said. What he also rocked was his mask, which strangely haven't gone off his head since he put it on, the previous night.

Emma waltzed into the room in her white outfit that honestly didn't do much for protection due the amount of skin showing. Not that she needed it thanks to diamond skin. "Oh jeez you are too much."

Greer strolled into the danger room dressed, as usual, in as little as possible. She stretched and yawned, "Am I late? I took a nap and forgot the time...." she rubbed her eyes a little.

Now that's hot. Chris grinned under his mask.

Eddie's eyes found the two ladies. "And just like that, life is beautiful again!", he announced with all the comedic flair of Charlie Sheen. "So, when do we get started?"

Raising her arms above the head, Penny stretched in her black uniform, greatly pleased with its tight and firm fit. She walked in behind the others, not missing the opportunity to perform a cartwheel behind their back when the way was clear.

"Anytime, is that everyone changed and out of the locker rooms, then?" She looked to the others to answer.

Mee-ow, now that's a pussy I'd like to my cock to meet. "You leave Mr Chickensworth out of this, you've always been jealous of him since I rescued him from the farm. Wait, what are we doing again?" Wade suddenly asked.

She stretched and touched her toes, trying to shake off the sleepiness. "I don't know... I didn't get to the locker rooms..." she looked around at the others.

"So who's ready to kick some ass." He grinned and popped open the mask giving everyone a big smile.

"I'm totally ready!", Eddie smirked behind his mask. "After all the training I've done recently, this should be a breeze."

"Not me!" Scott rose a fist.

"I am, but I also want to chew some bubblegum, but I'm all out." Wade said with a sad.

Perching next to her fellow students, Penny cocked her head sideways as she glanced down the line, especially at the other girls waiting along with her. She took the time to scribble a message on her blackboard. "Mrs. Drake, did I do something wrong? I thought we were training and not going out to the club?"

Eddie glanced at Penny's board, suddenly laughing uncontrollably. Bless her!

"Yeah, need suits for training." Lorna assured and drifted to the locker rooms to check in on any lingerers. "Hellooo?" She turned, glancing at Penny's sign and shook her head. "You're golden, Penny not to worry."

"Need me to protect ya Scott?" He laughed.

"Not really, I am a pacifist at heart."

Greer patted Penny, "My fur makes clothes uncomfortable," she explained to the red girl. "Less is better."

Emma couldn't help but smile at Penny's comment. "I have thick skin."

"Pft! I could tell you about something 'thick' right now.", Eddie snickered, stretching a little more.

"Yeah, I totally know, same here." Wade agreed with the fuzzy chick.

"Yeah, I totally know, same here." Wade agreed with the blondie chick.

"Hey I'm mostly bullet proof and I'm still wearing armor." Chris laughed.

Emma turned her head to the boys and gave them the most evil look she could muster. "I would watch it boys. We are training after all."

"Yeah, I totally know, same here." Wade agreed with the armored chuck.

"My skin is tough, too," Penny replied, tapping the tip of a claw against her temple. "I still like the look of the uniforms."

"Yeah, I totally know, same here." Wade agreed with the spiky chick.

Tigra leaned to whisper to Penny, "I think Emma just likes the attention her outfit gets her." she gave Penny a conspiratory wink and a grin.

"Bring it cutie." Chris grinned and closed his mask again.

Eddie gave Wade the blankest look he could in his mask, shaking his head and glancing at Emma again. "Ohoho, she's getting attention, make no mistake!"

"I thought you did, too," Penny replied, her written answer not actually working in a whispered mode, as she showed Tigra a wry smirk.

"You people need less hormones." He folded his arms and waited for the things to come.

Tigra giggled, "I like attention but that's not why I wear this."

"Maybe you should just learn to live in the moment Scott."

"Yeah, I totally know, sam- oh screw it. My words fall on deaf ears, except you Ed-dee." Wade said, scratching his chin.

"I think we're going to have to start going over what constitutes uniforms one of these days." Lorna just clicked her tongue. "Right! I will be in the control room, observing how you perform as a team, looking for places you excel at as well as points for improvement. If I see anything that would be dangerous in real life I will be on the intercom, other than that you will have no interference from me."

"Sweet, solo round!", Eddie grinned.

"This is my uniform...." Tigra mumbled, "The other one has too much fabric..."

"I'm definitely not complaining about the costumes prof." Chris looked around the room.

Danger appeared in the observation window as she looked down at the assembled students. "I feel delighted by your decision to keep me company for the duration of the training exercise, Professor Drake," she announced via intercom. "The requested program has been loaded and is ready to commence."

"Oh, we're going to have fun, Danger, fire it up!" She went to the control pad, bringing up everyone's health bars. "Now, these are pretty self explanatory. Keep your health up, keep an eye on everyone else's health to make sure you're not about to lose a teammate." She gave a wave and the door shut behind her. After a moment she appeared in the observation room.

"How's that work for healers? We just keep mega regening?"

"Hey, wait a second. Why are all our health bars the same size? Mine should definitely be bigger than Eddie's!"

"Oh, that is so fucking awesome...", Eddie whispered to himself, looking up at the health bar marked 'Venom'. "One life all, bitches."

Penny glanced upwards as a long floaty bar appeared above her head. She instinctively tried to take a step back and move away from it, but is just kept following her.

"... I don't like this anymore..." she eyed her health bar dubiously, "I get hit a lot..."

"Have fun with that one life Eddie. I'm gonna laugh when it hits zero." He grinned

She clicked the intercom. "They're tailor made for you and your powers, so enjoy."

"Hey, how many lives do we have?" Wade asked as he teetered closer and closer to a dangerous looking rusty nail.

Eddie lazily gave Chris the finger he seemed to be asking for. "Happy to help!"

"Careful now don't wanna have to watch your back for friendly fire."

"Only one, make it last Wade." She chuckled, clicking the panels to bring the scene up, a warehouse covering the empty room now.


Almost instantly, Tigra sprang up somewhere high so she could see everything around her. High was better.

Lorna pulled her clipboard to her, getting ready to grade on what she saw.

"Well guess us healers will be pretty set." He cracked his knuckles. "Guess we'll be the ones left standing in the end wade."

Emma went into diamond form and looked around. "I wouldn't count the rest of us out just yet."

Scott shrunk down in order to be harder to notice. Loudmouth McSmartpants could draw the fire first until he could figure out how many and how bad the opponents were.

Wade jumped for the first thing he could use as a weapon, then dropped Eddie back down before going for the second weapon of choice, a plank with a couple nails in it ly8ing to the side of the warehouse. "This is mine, I do plank-fu."

"These specifically designed health bars do not take your powers into account," Danger explained. "They are a representation of your fighting skills - get hit, overpowered, or otherwise outmatched, and you will lose a portion of it. You cannot pass this exercise by relying on your inborn abilities."

"Yeah I'm screwed...." Tigra muttered to herself.

Eddie shook himself free of Wade, shaking his head. "Sounds like it's skill and not 'omg I'm so brilliant' that gets graded, awesome!", he readied himself for the fighting.

Reed walked up and cracked his fingers, having been in the corner trying to get used to all this, He smiled a bit ", this'll be fun. I don't like that the health bar is following me though....it's mocking me."

"This is my plank. There are many like it. But this one is mine." Wade said, as if he was quoting a great sage.

"Welp looks like this is gonna be fun." He stomped the ground until his body was glowing purple.

Tigra extended her claws and dropped into a crouch, her senses all on high alert. She even prodded the feral awake just in case.

Warily, Penny let her gaze drift across the dimly lit warehouse, focusing on her senses to detect anything that might cause them harm. She retreated into the shadowy area between two large pieces of machinery, almost blending into the dark.

Wade stomped the ground until his feet made the 'knock it off' pain, but then he decided to disturb his feral inside, and then decided against it seeing that this wasn't the right time and there wasn't any prostitutes nearby.

"Man all we need now is some bad ass music."

"Like the Mortal Kombat song."

Maybe I can find a rat and ride it into battle. Give the enemies rabies so they slowly die, their health bars dwindling away... Scott looked around sneakily.

A shadow flashed across one of the warehouse windows, catching Eddie's attention. "Ah. Contact!", he pointed to the shadow dancing across the 'night sky'.

"Music would completely distract us," Tigra replied, "And block out useful sounds."

Lorna clicked her tongue at herself, not sure if writing 'nice plank' on Wade's comment sheet was constructive or not, scribbling it out and writing a + for using materials found on-site.

Reed looked to Tigra ", you've never played a video game have you."

Scott had found a rat! And he was riding it through the dark corners of the warehouse now. "Hi Ho Silver!"

"Scott that's hilarious but I don't think it's useful."

"This isn't a video game. It's a combat training simulation."

"Looks like a....lady?", Eddie tried to make out the figure, coming to a halt at a window in the distance and suddenly breaking in. The shadow appeared as a woman with green hair and a...generous bust, complete with bat wings.

"With video game characters. And we have health bars. Relax a little," he snorted.

"Oh, there IS a God.", Eddie smiled darkly behind his mask, approaching the front of the group slowly.

It was a combat training simulation with a video theme though...and Lorna was too much of a nerd to not include intro music and sound effects...yes, as Morrigan appeared there was theme music.

"Rah!" said the hefty man with blue and white mawashi. The sumo wrestler seemed to have come from nowhere.

Wade looked at the fat man. "You!"

(( (Link: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_taowg_eveoI/T ... nsland.jpg)http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_taowg_eveoI/T ... nsland.jpg - Add to previous line as link? Cheers! ))

"You!" the sumo wrestler said, pointing back at Wade.

Suddenly dust was coming down from the roof and it started to shake from great impacts. A few moments later a fury green ball just dropped through a hole in the ceiling and left a crater on impact on the floor. All this was accompanied by a scream that went right up the back and straight into the stem brain, triggering the old flight receptors.

"Shut that noise off, I'm busy with a dramatic moment with a fat guy in a diaper!"

"Jesus!", Eddie jumped at the two new combatants. Morrigan smiled at the males, licking her lips seductively. He looked to the group, "Uhm...guys?"

"Holy hell! We are being attacked by freaks!"

Lorna glanced to Danger, smirking. "This might be too much fun to count solely as training."

Tigra flattened herself to the floor, her ears going back and her eyes narrowing. The feral didn't like to be told to run. She launched herself at the woman with wings, claws and fangs bared.

"Well this is going to be fun. Blanka has electricity that shit sucks."

"May I suggest that there is no need to start this scenario at level one," Danger said, controlling the program with her electric mind. "I propose to start with a bang." She spawned an additional group of virtual characters, making sure that each of the students would have their hands full.

At that, Morrigan seemed to magically manifest two large cannons that flanked her, which released a bombardment of missiles towards the party.

"Disperse!", Eddie yelled, webbing away like a true survivalist.

Lorna grinned. "I do believe you're right, Danger!" Imagine, they used to have trouble working with her!

"Woo it's party time!" Chris fired a blast of force at the missiles intercepting them in air.

Tigra sank her fangs and claws into a wing as she landed on the woman's back.

Oh balls. He wished he could glare at Danger. Too busy ducking and stretching.

"Tubby mcLard is mine! RAWR!" Wade yelled, then grabbed the edge of his pants and pulled them off with his mighty slightly above normal strength, his own muwashi underneath. "Come get some." he told the sumo wrestler.

(((Link: http://techaddictionblog.files.wordpres ... blanka.jpg)http://techaddictionblog.files.wordpres ... blanka.jpg))

Penny was robbed of her cover when a swarm of missiles soared in their direction, tearing up crates and machinery alike. She leaped forward and out into the open, quickly dodging on all fours.

Morrigan winced in pain, immediately trying to shake herself free by punching for the Tiger girl's face.

(( (Link: http://cdn1.gamepro.com/global/radar/bl ... 4754-5.jpg)http://cdn1.gamepro.com/global/radar/bl ... 4754-5.jpg ))

Emma noticed a young Chinese girl in a blue outfit and spiked bracelets walk up behind the group and take a fighting stance.

Scott simply rode int between the separate battles, trying to avoid being stepped on.

((Link: http://www.fightersgeneration.com/chara ... li-cv1.jpg)http://www.fightersgeneration.com/chara ... li-cv1.jpg)

Tigra took the hit, digging her claws in harder so she didn't fall. She tugged the wing, trying to get her ride to land.

Blanka released another bone-shattering scream. Then electricity started to circulate all over his body, making his hairs stand one end. Yet another scream, and suddenly a very electric green furball started rolling through the warehouse with incredible force, not paying attention to friend or foe.

Morrigan struggled to get herself free, "Off me, you filthy thing!", she cried. Dive-bombing towards the floor and wrapping herself in flames as she did so.

Chris squared up with a fighter in a red headband. "Come on tiny." He motioned for the fighter to come after him, and the fighter charged with a war cry.

Honda stood in his sumo stance, and then charged at Wade.

FIRE BAD! Tigra let go, leaping away and scrabbling up another tower of boxes.

Wade stood ready in his sumo stance, and then swung the plank at the charging fatman.

Scott finally saw an opponent he felt okay fighting. He rode straight up to the Chinese girl and grew to three times the size of a normal person. "Yield!" He also threw the rat at her, for good measure.

*PLANK!* went the plank.

As the plank went plank a smacking bubble came up with the word PLANK! in it...yes, Lorna had cued in sound effects that amused her as well.

Honda took the hit straight on, but just shrugged it of. His health bar made an teeny weeny tiny move.

Bounding across the open space in the middle of the warehouse, Penny was pulled off her feet when something fast and heavy crashed into her sideways. She found herself tackled by what looked like a green and sparkling version of herself.


A bald, machine-man stepped into the warehouse, looking almost casual. His plain blue eyes scanned the fighters as he tried to pick out the weakest link. He smiled grimly at the carnage that met him, arming himself with some kind of light-saber. (((Link: http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f91/C ... aClone.jpg)http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f91/C ... aClone.jpg))

Chun Li quickly kicked the rat out of the way and glared at Scott. She jumped up and went at him with a barrage of high kicks.

Blanka grabbed the new opponent and started gnawing on her head. In a very non-dramatic fashion though, the resulting sound effect was displayed as *NOM!*

Morrigan impacted the ground violently, sending flames and wood smashing about. Eddie winced in the rafters as he dodged the splinters.

Chris dodge the first punch and put his knee cleanly into Ryu's side sending him into a pile of crates. "I know all your moves Ryu. You're going down."

"Ouch! Ow! Hey! What the...?" He smacked the girl aside with his huge hand. "That hurt!" Also, it had made his health bar move. "Hey, unfair! I barely felt that!"

Eddie looked down at Chris. Ha, show-off. He sighed and caught the attention of the robot-man. "Shit, Sigma!?", he almost smiled as he swung down to meet him. "Aww, this makes my life."

Tigra eyed her previous prey as she peered over the edge of her perch. The fire was out. She was fair game again. She pounced.

Honda grabbed a hold on to Wade, turning around and gettin a nice spin going before he threw the red and black clad mutant across the room.

At first Penny was more confused than overwhelmed, making a strange face when the green feral freak starting nibbling on her head. Letting out a low growl, she decided to repay him in kind, wrapping her long limbs around his body to pull herself on his back.

He set off his electric attack again.

Narrowing her eyes, she snapped at Blanka's ear with her teeth and pulled on it, still growling.

"Wheee!" Wade yelled before he *Thud*ded on to the ground. His health bar seemed to be lower as he looked at it. "That's more than a plank's planking's worth! How is one toss more damageable than a plank with nails in it?!"

Morrigan climbed out of her impact crater, sighing in irritation. Where was that ginger furball, anyway? She hovered upwards, scanning the area for her.

The sound-effect appearing over Blanka's head was a resounding *D:*. He amped up the volts.

Chris dodged a blast from Ryu when he heard him yell Haruken. "Shouldn't yell out your moves." He shot a force, heat blast at him that ripped a huge chunk of his health bar.

Penny's eyes widened, her spiky hair suddenly standing on edge to transform her into a human-sized red sea-urchin. She gave a miserable squeaky sound and rolled off the green fighter, proceeding to tumbled ungracefully across the floor.

Tigra landed heavily on Morrigan's head, "Boo." She tug her claws in again and started slashing.

Blanka went right after the hurt opponent.

Chun Li flew into a pile of boxes and quickly got up. Cartwheeling her way to Scott and letting off another few kicks in his direction.

"Ah, you are Organics?", Sigma smirked, scoffing at Eddie as he readied himself for battle. "You think you can defeat me?", Sigma prepared himself to charge, readying his sword.

Honda charged at Wade once more.

Ryu got up from the crater his clothes singed and blood coming off his mouth. "Hah!" He charged into the fight and dodged one of Chris' kicks and put his own into his chest sending him sprawling and taking a bit of his health away.

Eddie shrugged, prepping himself for Sigma's onslaught. "Well, you know what they say...", he readied his fists. "With Great Power, comes a Great Beatdown!", he announced rushing for the mecha-man.

Eager to protect the girth and virility of his long, glowing thing, Scott instantly shrunk down, completely dodging the girl's kicks. "AHA!"

Reed had managed to back himself as far away from the other fighting as possible and took a moment to survey his surroundings. That, just happened to be when he heard the click of boots on the ground and the more resounding click of a gun. "Awww shit." He turned to see a man in nothing but black, trench-coat sweeping the ground, sunglasses hiding his eyes and blond hair pushed back. Loading a gun. "Aw shiiiit."

Chun Li looked down at Scott and frowned. Her kicks turned into well placed stomps.

Coming to a stop, Penny shook her head and looked up just in time to see her opponent jump at her again. Glaring at him, she pulled up her legs to catch him before he could land on top of her again.

"Agh!", Morrigan exclaimed in many variations, trying to get Tigra off again. This time she simply flew directly up at high-speed. "I will break you, irritating creature!"

Wade got up and charged as well, but away from the charging fat guy, "You're more nimble on your feet than I thought you'd be!" Wade called over his shoulder.


"Remember, keep an eye on each others' health bar, watch for who on your team might need some help." Lorna came over the intercom

He landed on a pair of very hard feet. "Argh!"

Chris got up and caught a kick at his head and threw Ryu at the big sumo wrestler. "Lets see if you can fly!"

Tigra was fairly sure she'd be fine hitting the ceiling so she stayed right where she was, chomping down on Morrigan's neck.

Knocked back and falling on his back, Eddie realized the fight against Sigma was already going awry. He stood up, healing up the many, many laceration's Sigma's sword had left in his chest. Sigma laughed, "You have speed, but no strength, Organic!"

Emma looked around and noticed Wade having some issues with the fat guy. She quickly ran over and intercepted Wade. "Need some help with weight watchers over there?"

Honda got almost bowled over by Ryu, but a second later and a shove later, Honda was back on his feet. His health bar was a little less as well.

Eddie glanced at his health bar, it wasn't too low just yet, barely a quarter was missing. He looked to everyone else. "Pft, they're alright...now, you!", he turned back to Sigma, webbing him in place.

"Any sword experts!?", Eddie called out. "Y'all can have Sigma!"

"Not really," wade told Emma, "There's reason to my madness. Or it's the other way around."

Letting out another growl, Penny kicked the green feral right over her head, towards the large crate behind her. She instantly turned around and jumped back on her on feet, getting in position to attack for herself.

Scott skipped away from the girl and towards Wade, climbing up his trouser leg. "Throw me at him!"

"There's one down. Need some help Wade?" He pounded his feet again and fired a blast at Honda.

"Yeah, but running away never does seem to be a good strategy. Unless you are getting you ass kicked."

Eddie looked back at Sigma, struggling at the webs. "A-ah, screw it.", he shrugged, charging Sigma and leaping on his back.

The man walked out of the shadows and into the light. Reed swore ", why did I get him? Why him!?" Wesker laughed and brought the gun up, shooting it at Reed's feet with not quite normal speed. Reed jumped and backed away ", it's not fair, he's got a gun!"

Wade stopped running when he saw Honda go down again. "Come on, I'm trying to get him to build up some nice speed. Now I gotta wait for him to get up again. Dude's never going to lose all those pounds if he keeps lying on the floor like that."

Blanka hit the crates quite hard, resulting in a drop in his health bar. He didn't care, though, and jumped right back out, cowering into a ball, and speeding towards Penny like a goddamn freight train, bristling with electricity.

Morrigan went through the roof with a cry of pain, at probably fifty feet above the warehouse, she passed out in pain, falling with Tigra in tow,

"I fail to observe any kind of organized tactic or combat order," Danger remarked calmly as she watched the action down below. "In fact, my analysis of the situation matches with the data I gathered when I studied the band of raccoons that regularly fight over the remains in the trashcan behind the mansion."

"Take it from him then reed!" He stopped and looked over to Reed running over to help him.

"It certainly is a bit of a melee...what can we introduce to this?" Lorna tapped her chin as she watched, glancing to Danger.

Tigra clambered around so that she was sitting on top of Morrigan and riding her back to the ground. At the last moment, she jumped away and landed on the roof, rolling and using her claws to stop herself.

"Red spiky girl! Make him run this way!" Wade called out to Penny. "I wanna see what happens if green and blob hit each other!"

Chris launched a few blasts at the guy that was trying to shoot reed.

Penny's eyes widened when the sparkling green ball came rolling towards her. She dismissed her first instinct to simply pounce her opponent, instead forcing herself to wait in place until the last possible moment, then jumping up as high as possible to avoid getting hit again.

Lorna intercommed in again. "Gross things will happen, gross things."

Finally, Eddie reached Sigma's sword and disarmed it, backflipping off him. "Aha, bitch!", he laughed, charging at Sigma and slicing his back, causing the mecha-man to roar in pain. A few stabs and swishes and that was it for Sigma, with a satisfying explosion that sent Eddie hurtling backwards and through a wall.

"But I must see it! Oh, he's back on his feet!" Wade started running again, "This way Tubby! Run!"

Morrigan's form reached up and finally gave out, flickering and flashing out of reality defeated.

Tigra let out a roar of triumph! She had killed it!

"Good Job Tigra. Now come help me and Reed with this guy. He can disapear or something."

Taking a deep breath, or as much of one as possible when Wekser kept shootiing and dodging, then ran full force at him, letting out a rather pathetic warcry as he dove for the gun. The blond dropped back and brought an arm up, a flare of purple light that bounced Reed off of it.

Scott was still dangling from Wade's trouser leg.

Eddie climbed in through his hole in the wall, sword still in hand. "Woo! I killed Sigma 'IRL'! Yeah!"

Danger tilted her head to the side to an almost unnoticeable degree. "I suggest we introduce a type of opponent that both works together and required team-play to properly fight."

Lorna looked down at the fight, then smirked slowly. "Should we unleash the hounds, Danger?"

Tigra clambered back down, landing in the middle of the floor and rushing to help Chris.

Blanka didn't stop rolling when he missed his opponent, instead he made a big circle and then jumped at Penny again so quick that he reached her while she still was in mid-air.

Emma stood back and noticed a very lanky Indian man with skulls around his neck jump into the fight.

((Link: http://touchofmeh.com/blog/wp-content/u ... illust.png)http://touchofmeh.com/blog/wp-content/u ... illust.png)

Eddie staggered back into the arena with his lightsaber. "Uhm...anyone need help then?", he looked around at the group, still locked in grim combat. "Ah, yes.", he webbed the ceiling again and swung towards Wade.

"I fully support this notion," Danger replied, giving the mental command to load up the Cerberus zombie-dogs.

Chris threw a few punches at the guy, trying to help reed out.

Scott noticed that what in the heat of the moment he had thought off as a trouser leg was just a piece of fabric having come loose from its job of covering Wade's unspeakables. "Oh, ewww."

There was a barking now, a sinister barking from beyond the grave as well as Lorna's voice over the intercom again. "UNLEASH THE HOUNDS!"

Tigra circled the room, pushing off a wall to tackle the guy attacking Chris and Reed.

Cerberus zombie dogs came running through, surrounding the area and snarling dangerously.

"Eddie, this dude. Web his ass up so he can't move!!!!"

"What is that sound? Am I going mad?!" Wade looked down at the little man hanging from his sumo mawashi. "It's the little groin pixie come to steal my jewels!"

Eddie perched on a crate, spotting Chris asking for his help. "Won't pretend I didn't see that coming!", he called over, aiming his wrist and doing as requested. "Web-ball, bitch!"

Penny knew she wouldn't escape the green beast's claws this time, instead bracing herself for impact, wrapping her arms and legs around the opponent. She held on even when the electricity started to surge through her body. They crashed to the ground together, forming a red and green combined ball of spikyness.

The blasts hit Wesker and knocked him to the side, too fast to bring up his shields. He blocked a few punches from the new challenger and then brought the gun up and shot at the woman attacking from behind ", give me all you got." Reed recovered and ran over to him, arm stretching to snatch the gun.

"What the fuck are those?" Chris stared at the dogs.

"Eeek!" Wade yelled as he snatched teh little guy and threw him at the charging sumo wrestler like a baseball.

Dhalsim saw Eddie perched on the crate and quickly ran up the crates and kicked him square in the back.

Reed looked over to the dogs ", ohhhhh fuuuuuuck. They're......zombie dogs."

Emma ran to Reed and the other and noticed the dogs. "Oh this is not good."

Tigra took the blast to the stomach and flew backwards, curling up as she slid across the floor. That huuuuuuurt.

"Who would want your unwashed balls?" Scott shook a tiny fist, flying through the air, making this the weirdest battle cry ever. When he realized he was finally approaching the huge sumo wrestler, he just grew as big as he could in the short amount of airborne time. The result was a cadillac-sized ass crushing their opponent. "Fatality!"

Like a football, Eddie flew across the room and landed face-first in the center of the arena, dropping his lightsaber. "NO! My 'Sonic Z-Sword'!", he growled as the saber bounced away into the fighting. He flipped up and spotted Dhalsim. "Ah, hell."

"Mr. Fantastic's got it." Lorna's voice could be heard again as the dogs seemed to pour in all around, nipping their teeth teeth at the scent of the living and delicious.

"Bastard." He threw a powered punch into the guys chest as hard as he could.

Wade saw the monstrous zombie dogs with flesh hanging from their jaws, red patches of muscle showing. "Puppies!"

Eddie also spotted the dogs. "Oh, God no.", he shuddered, popping web-shots at Dhalsim.

With a laugh, Wesker disappeared in a black and purple fog and threw a punch at the back of Christopher's head.

Tigra's healing was slower than that of most ferals so she took time to recover. She coughed and pushed herself up, turning her head at the feeling of hungry eyes watching her. Dogs! She let out a low growl.

"Danger, should I be enjoying this?" She asked as she cued up the dogs to attack.

Chris dodged to the side and threw a kick straight back behind him. "Shouldn't make sounds if you want to sneak up on someone!"

Dhalsim stretched his legs and tried to dodge the web shots, but one caught his foot and he tumbled down the crates, taking a chunk of his health.

Seeing his window, Eddie leapt, swung, and delivered a drop-kick towards his target. "Bite the dust!", he called out dramatically.

The first group of dogs charged, ready to bite and drain all kinds of health points.

The sumo wrestler, having been defeated, vanished while Scott got up. He then gave the approaching zombie dogs a funny look...and stepped on five of them.

The dogs did not approve of this, a good deal circling around Scott and becoming dread zombie anklebiters.

Dhalsim quickly dodged the drop kick and smiled. Puffing his cheeks out he unleashed a steady stream of fire from his mouth towards Eddie.

Blanka started gnawing Penny's head again.

"I'll take that into account," the blond nodded as the kick caught him and skidded him over the floor. Reed was doing his best to try and distract Wesker so Chris could land any powered punches he could ", this guy's always completely shit to fight."

"Ouch! You bastards!" He kicked the dogs around like not-so-furry footballs.

Tigra leapt up out of the way and onto a piece of machinery. She looked around at it, selected a large part of it and promptly tore it off. The metal didn't hold up to her strength. She jumped down again and started smacking at anything that barked.

Emma braced herself as one of the dogs charged at her. Delivering a nice kick to the dog flew it across into a crate.

"Puppies!" Wade cried as he charged at the dogs surrounding the giant groin pixie's ankles. "PUUUUUPPIIEEEEES!" he yelled, frothing at the mouth.

Another group of the dogs seemed to realize that there was a cat girl among them! Ready to jump and bite as much flesh as they could.

Eddie's Spider-Sense triggered as the flames approached. He flipped himself up and out of the way, landing out of range and spotting the group of dogs, webbed two of them and swung them towards Dhalsim.

Tigra back to a wall and swung wildly at any movement, sending the zombie dogs flying into walls. There was much splattered dog flying around.

"Aside from the sheer pleasure derived by gathering such novel and unique data alone, there is a deeply visceral enjoyment in watching this chaotic mayhem of pointless violence and clueless struggling," Danger replied. "There is an unique insight into the human psyche hidden in this."

Dhalsim made contact with the dogs and faded away.

Chris caught Whesker's next punch and threw him into a power amped lock,the next move was a swift kick across his leg and dropped him to his knees holding him there and slowly draining his health from how hard he was holding him. "Kick his ass Reed!!!!"

Penny got angry with the green beast's affection and threw him off. This time she didn't give him any chance to speed up and charge her again, but instantly jumped him, her long claws slashing in wide swipes.

Eddie nodded at Dhalsim's defeat. "Fuck yeah...", he muttered, turning th the group and noting the remainder of the Dogs. He webbed two more and bought them up and down in a C-arc over his head, crashing into their digital oblivion.

"Argh!" Blanka's health bar rapidly shrunk under the assault.

Wade was able to tackle a zombie dog, "Who's a good boy!? Who's a good boy?!" he yelled and giggled as the beastly monster tried to snap at his neck, "Hee he he he, you are! Yes you are!" and Wade hugged the thing, maybe a little too much, as the poor zombie's health bar started to shrink.

Wesker snarled as he was caught and tried to get an arm free so he could deliver a nice little surprise but Chris was holding him too hard. He looked up at Reed sharply and then to the nearest dog. Reed hesitated and then reared back and brought a knee up, cracking Wesker in the jaw and brought an elbow down on his face, shattering the sunglasses.

Scott proceeded with the dog-stomping, casually wiping his feet off from time to time.

Tigra was busy playing whack-a-zombie with her chunk of metal. SPLAT. FUN!

The cuddling unfortunately had to stop once the dog flickered out of existence. "Aww, puppy go bye bye. Oh look, a green monkey thing." he said as he sat up.

Glowing red eyes stared up for a moment and then the blond flickered and disappeared.

Her next attack was stopped by and absolutely not nice doggy jumping up and digging its teeth into Penny's arm. She spun around, reacting on pure instinct as she threw off the half-rotten thing.

Satisfied the team was alright, Eddie started about looking for his sword. "Hey, anyone see a lightsaber?"

Emma noticed Blanka and Penny still fighting and the dogs not helping things. Emma quickly ran to Penny and gave a few good punches and kicks at the lunging dogs.

SPLAT! "Lightsaber?" Tigra paused long enough to give Eddie a funny look.

"Good job bro!" He got up and gave him a pat on the shoulder. "Fuck where's Tigra." He saw the dogs going after her and started off into a quick run tackling one of the dogs as it ran after her. "BAD DOG!"

"Here I come to wreck the daaay!" Wade jumped into action, charging at the green guy who seemed rather angry. Wade grabbed the first thing he could to swing at the guy. *HEALTHBAR!* went the healthbar that he smacked with full force at Blanka.

Blanka got up again and pounded his chest, releasing yet another scream.

Aha! Eddie webbed up his toy and smiled, turning to Wade. "Oh, HELL yeah!"

Penny slashed at the dogs, striking several of them mid-air with fast swiped of her claws, making them disappear in a flicker.

He started gnawing on Wade's health bar, making it shrink slowly.

She shot a quick smile in Emma's direction to thank her for the assistance.

Reed turned and looked for the nearest dogs, arms stretching out to gather them all up, snapping necks and using the dogs as projectiles to launch at Blanka.

Tigra was enjoying whack-a-zombie.

"Argh! Argh! Oh god, it's like that night with that chick who didn't understand the phrase 'no teeth'!"

"Whoa, seriously?", Eddie sighed at Blanka somehow munching health LITERALLY. "Wade!", he called out, throwing the lightsaber to Wade.

Chris pounded the head in on one of the dogs as the others surrounding him. "I always hated fucking resident evil." He kicked the first dog that got close to him with a powered kick as his glow began to fade a little.

Wade got hit in the face with a lightsaber, and his healthbar went down faster. "What the fuck?!"

Eddie facepalmed, "Use it, damnit!", he complained, racing to aid the fight against the boogey-beast,

"Screw this!" and Wade reached up and grabbed Blanka's healthbar, smacking the thing on the ground repeatedly to get it lower and lower.

Danger noted that the student's performance seemed to noticeably increase. "They moved on from fighting separately to combining their efforts to take out single opponents, thereby reducing the enemy's combat capability with each victory while reducing their own weak spots."

Chun Li had taken her time and now saw the opportunity to fly in and give Wade a good kick to the back knocking him down.

Eddie whipped himself into the air, coming down on Blanka with a spray of webbing to stop him interfering with Wade's 'health-bar assault'.

Blanka dodged the flying dogs and gnawed on Wade's health bar even faster. Then he got webbed up. But he kept gnawing. It tasted like chicken.

Wade just started smacking the chick wit hte legs repeatedly with Blanka's healthbar.

Reed ran over and grabbed the lightsaber from where it had fallen and grinned at Wade ", don't worry, I got it!" With that he turned to Blanka and brought the saber up, running at him.

Lorna could be heard, despite not being on the intercom, absolutely cracking up at Wade's health bar assault.

Eddie nodded to Reed, webbing for the roof and pulling himself away.

Letting out a hiss, Penny launched herself into the air and onto Blanka's back, digging her claws into his skin as she resumed snapping at his ear.

Tigra smacked the hell out of more zombie dogs with her bit of machine. She was not getting bored or tired. She was in fact rather enjoying herself.

"Yes, they seem to be doing much better on team work, keeping an eye on each other better." She nodded to Danger, smiling proudly.

Blanka got rid off the webbing by electrifying himself. Then he noticed the young man running at him with a light sabre. He blocked it with Wade's health bar, making it shrink ever so faster.

"Good adaptability, people. Keep it up."

"We should regard it as an incentive to increase the challenge," Danger commented.

By now Scott was crushing the dogs by the handful. But they had gotten fewer. So he decide to return to his old nemesis. "I will get you, China girl!"

Chris took a bite to the leg and yelled in pain as his health bar went down and he sent the opposing dog flying into the rest. "Fuck that hurt."

Eddie stuck above, noticing Penny nearing a bad electric shock, "Damn, Penny!", he shouted, trying to web her away.

Emma continued her holding off of the dogs and noticed a man in bullfighter pants, a mask, and a Freddy Krueger like claw glove thingy. "Keep alert people, new player in the game."

((Link: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e ... SFVega.png)http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e ... SFVega.png)

Reed yelped when hit with the healthbar, his own shrinking at that. He got up and rammed the light saber into Blanka's arm.

Penny's assault was stopped again, not by Blanka himself this time, but by a string of sticky webbing attaching to her back to pull her away from the sparkling green hulk.

Wade managed to get a free hand in, smacking Chun Li on the bottom, looking back at his healthbar in Blanka's mouth. "That is it! I have had enough of him." And as if he had a power level bar, Wade came at Blanka with what he considered a mighty powerful secret combo attack, and kicked Blanka in the nuts. Several times.

"Hey, sorry!", Eddie winced, dangling Penny above everything. He let her gently down away from the combat and joined her by flipping down. "Apologies again, Pen."

"Hmm, I think you're right, cue up some more 'bosses' to add to the fight? It can test their stamina as well."

Spotting what the feral considered to be her mate in trouble, Tigra leapt the distance between them and started smacking the dogs away from Chris.

Blanka screamed and finally dropped Wade's considerably shortened health bar.

Chris kicked another dog and one caught him off guard jumping on him and nocking him to the ground. "Get off my you nasty bastard." He punched at it's side gaining back energy.

She waved at Eddie, before bolting off again to scale a stack of crates, getting to a high point from where to spot her opponents.

Emma finally had finished up her string of doggies with some damage being done to her health bar. "I hate dogs."

"Mine! Bad ape! Bad bad ape!" Wade yells, holding his own healthbar under an arm while smacking with Blanka's health bar.

Tigra aimed at the dog chewing on Chris and sent it flying across the room.

"Thanks Tigra." He frowned up at his health bar as his wounds healed.

He finally flickered out of existence, not before doing the pointing-two-fingers-at-his-eyes-and-then-at-Wade's thing.

"Oh better believe it!" wade shouted before there was nothing where Blanka once was.

"I am absolute shit at combat, but give me a weapon and I'm ready to go," sees Blanka's gesture ", Wade, I think you made a friend."

"I propose of some enemies making use of tentacled weapons," Danger replied, loading up the group of Tyrants and Lickers to prowl the dark corridors of the warehouse.

Eddie sighed, Blanka was down at least. He looked up at his health-bar. Halved!? "Balls! When did that happen!?"

(( (Link: http://images.wikia.com/non-aliencreatu ... Licker.jpg)http://images.wikia.com/non-aliencreatu ... Licker.jpg ))

Tigra purred in response and smacked a few more doggies away.

(( (Link: http://images.wikia.com/residentevil/im ... Tyrant.jpg)http://images.wikia.com/residentevil/im ... Tyrant.jpg ))

Suddenly, Eddie's spider-sense triggered. "Shit. Something's here, I can almsot taste it...", he glanced into the darkness.

Making his way around the combatants, Reed was the first to encounter the tongue ", OH GOD WHY?!"

Chris noticed the giant mutated beasties coming in. "What the hell with all the resident evil!" He frowned and kicked another dog into the air.

Chun Li saw Scott racing after her and quickly started to run away.

"Because I love my students!" Lorna answered Reed, obviously cackling on the other side of the glass.

Wade stroked his poor abused healthbar, wiping away the digital drool. "Oh poor Hubert Healthbar, you need a hospital." Wade turned and kicked a dog.

"I will get yooouuuuu!" Without seeing what it was, Scott grabbed something and threw it after the girl. Too late did he realize it was some thing with a huge tongue. "Oh god, I made Hentai!"

Reed looked to Chris ", because zombies?" He then did his best to avoid the brain and the tongue.

Chris fired a force blast into the side of the licker going after Reed and sent it into the wall. "Yeah, zombies, something I never liked."

Chun Li was hit with the thing and disappeared.

With some disappointment Penny watched Blanka disappear from the fight, upset she didn't get to defeat him herself. Moments later she spotted a brand new opportunity in the dim pathway between the crates below, a shadow figure creeping through the narrow space to sneak up on her friends.

Eddie readied himself, webbing one of the Lickers and bringing it crashing down, he followed it up with webbing a forklift over and growing his form to lift it. "Not quite the same but: ZA WAURDO!", he roared, swinging it on top of the Licker.

Her spikes standing on edge, Penny aimed herself, eyes narrowed, then lunched herself several meters downward, right at the tall clawed creature.

Reed brought up Eddie's lightsaber, wishing he'd brought one of his own weapons, and effectively cut off a Licker's tongue ", evil evil bastards!"

Scott gave the vanishing girl a satisfied smile and then proceeded to start a game of wack-a-mole with the tongue-monsters.

The forklift crashed down with a groan. Eddie smiled at his efforts. "Venom scored one!", he pointed at himself, noticing everyone elses issues before a tongue lanced through his arm. "Agh, bastard!", he winced, health bar decreasing.

Tigra flattened the last couple of dogs and grinned, thoroughly pleased with herself. Cat 1. Doggies 0

"Oh hey look, my pants." He said, bending down to pick them up, a tongue narrowly missing as it flew over him. Wade put his pants back on.

"I'm glad we don't fight too many things with tongue powers." Lorna admitted to Danger, cringing as she watched the others deal with it. "Oh, thank god, Wade's got pants to keep things safe."

Vega leaped off of his high vantage point and tackled Tigra.

A tongue wrapped around Tigra's neck and pulled back away from the dog remains, just as Reed got tackled from behind by another.

Scott grabbed one of the things at its tongue and started to swing it around as a weapon.

Wade suddenly had an urge to yell welcome back at Scott. He got over it, and turned towards the current threat to Hubert.

Chris ran past Tigra giving her a kiss on the cheek as he went by. "Thanks for the help cutie." He grinned and then ran straight into a licker tackling it and slamming punches into it's body.

Tigra slashed at the tongue and flailed at the impact from above. She hissed and slashed at every bit she could reach.

Penny and her victim crashed into the nearby crate, claws instantly striking out at the respective opponent. The red girl managed to slice the creature's arm, her other hand slashing at its abdomen. Almost assured of her victory, she was caught unprepared when the monster's chest opened up to give her a face-full of tentacles.

Vega jumped off of Tigra and landed on a crate, glaring at Tigra.

"You know, I am amazed on how many crates there are around here." Wade mentioned.

Reed hissed when his healthbar took another blow in the form of a massive claw raking across his back ", BALLS! TYRANT!" He shrieked and tried to get some distance.

Chris threw a powered punch into the back of the licked crushing it's bones. "That's right bastard stay down!"

Eddie leapt into a Licker, slamming it onto the floor and laid into it with his fists until it flickered out of existence. On his knees he glanced to Reed, and then to the..."Shi-it."

"Yo, those that are bad at close combat come and take cover between my legs. I can keep them on distance." To underline his words, Scott squished a few Tyrants.

"...Okay, Scott gets extra credit for inviting people to come between his legs in a perfectly valid strategic way."

Tigra was still being dragged across the floor by the licker. She twisted and dug her claws into the floor growling and narrowing her eyes on the creature. Her turn. She pulled on the tongue to drag the beast towards her, dropped to the floor and kicked out with all her strength as it flew above her, seding it crashing into some crates.

Reed got up and ran full stop at Scott ", I DON'T LIKE TENTACLES COMING AT ME!"

Eddie looked between the Tyrants approaching and Scott's legs. "Yeah...naah.", he shook his head, webbing for a tyrant and for a stack of iron poles, slinging them at the beast.

The tentacles wrapped around Penny's head, so she tried to slice them to pieces with her claws, but found her wrists wrapped up, too. Glaring at the creature's face through a gap in the tentacly mass, she leaned back and pulled up her legs, the claws on her feet slicing the wriggly appendages.

"...I think we've uncovered a phobia of Reed's." Lorna admitted.

Finally freed, she ducked another desperate blow from the howling creature, before stabbing her claws at the hole in its chest. It flickered and vanished.

Scott grabbed a handful of Lickers and threw them at the Lickers that were after Reed.

Chris fired a blast into a tyrant that smashed it through some crates. "Fucking zombies!"

She rolled to her feet again, panting a little. Now. Where was that asshole that jumped on her?

Eddie's Tyrant forced itself up, throwing the iron poles back at Eddie. The Spider-Man reacted by shotting tendrils to catch them and re-impaling the beast over and over. "Ye-eah! Suck it!", he laughed, walking closer. He was...rather enjoying it.

"Even though it may be counterproductive, I feel curious about confronting Reed with another enemy," Danger said. "Sadly, the fictional deity Cthulhu is not part of the program."

Vega took Tigras moment alone and did a swan dive down to her, claws first.

"We can always make it later." Lorna comforted Danger. "Perhaps we should do Elder Gods for next week?"

Tigra let out a yell as the claws pierced her shoulder. She fell backwards, her own claws extending as she slashed at him again.

Hiding behind Scott's leg, Reed took a moment to take a few breaths. He closed his eyes and shook himself, then looked up at his health bar, pouting. Less than half left. He looked at Eddie's lightsaber and did his best to fend off anything that came at Scott from behind.

Emma made her way to Scott's legs and started pounding on the tongue things helping Reed.

Eventually, Eddie stood above the bloody remains of the Tyrant with several poles still in hand. "Unlucky...", he half hissed, driving the lot into it and sighing in relief at the tension relief.

Chris fired a blast straight into Vega's chest. "Get away from her!"

"That might be a rather one-sided engagement," Dander reminded Professor Drake. "Then again, I believe we definitely should confront the students with a no-win scenario. It might prove enlightening. If not to them, at the very least to us."

"Good thinking Reed, cover my backside!"

Vega was blown back into a crate and quickly lunged at Christopher.

"Oh definitely you know a lot of them will have difficulties with a Kobyashi-Maru examination. I've just not been certain about how to design one...I'm sure you can help me, though, yes?"

Chris caught his clawed arm and threw him into another pile of crates. "Your ass is grass!" He fired a blast at him again.

Eddie turned to the group, "Guys, we good?"

Tigra rolled onto all fours again, the pain in her shoulder confusing her separate psyches.

Vega disappeared in the blast.

Reed looked around ", is it just the tirants and the lickers left?"

"Gladly," Danger replied, not taking her eyes off the action below. "Among the data gathered during the student's training sessions are psychological assessments of each one of them. We might also want to consult other members of staff with knowledge on this field."

"No, I said yellow, I didn't order them in orange, I ordered them in yellow!" Wade yelled at the phone in his hand. He then immediately stopped. "Can I call you back? Something's licking me."

Emma looked to Reed and winced as one of the Lickers tackled her. "Ugh, get off me!" Emma said flipping the thing over her and hoping to her feet watching her health bar go down a little.

Eddie spotted another licker and webbed for it, slamming it about until it blinked out. "Looks like it, Reed!"

She'd barely gotten to her feet when the licker she'd thrown into the crates reappeared and went after her again.

Penny started across the hallway and lunged through the air, tackling the licker that Emma had just kicked off.

Eddie spotted the Licker on Tigra and webbed it as fast as he could, pulling it over. "Get over here!", he cameo'd.

Chris huffed a little and then fired a blast into another one of the bastard creatures. "Is this ever gonna end?"

The licker's claws caught her as it was pulled away and she yowled in pain. Her health bar was in something of a sorry state by now.

Zangief appeared from behind some of the rubble and looked around for an opponent.

The Licker Eddie pulled slammed into him, clawing wildly and ripping into him and his health bar. He shot three tendrils through it and crashed it into the ground. He lay down for a moment, watching it fade to death and sighed, his health bar was awfully low.

The creature tried to wrap its long tongue around Penny's neck, but the red mutant girl struck her claws at its exposed brain, causing it to flicker and vanish.

Zangief spotted the group underneath Scott's legs and charged at them.

((Link: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e ... angief.png)http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e ... angief.png)

Wade was tangling up with a tongue when he noticed how Penny got rid of hers. "You just shove something sharp into it's brain and that's it?"

"Ohho, this could end badly." Lorna leaned in, watching the charge.

Tigra climbed up to a high place and curled up while she healed. She was hurting a lot and it messed up who was in control. She had no choice but to wait.

Chris pounded a fist into a licker and fired a force blast with it sending it flying.

Reed turned just in time to be charged into the ground, rolling to the side and coughing ", I....don't think this is going to end well!"

Penny perked up and showed Wade a quick grin, before bounding off to find a favourable position again.

Scott looked down at the Russian and then reached out for him.

Emma jumped onto Zangief and landed a good hit to the back of his head, but was quickly flung off of him.

"Damn that dude is big...."

"Okay, people, rally! You're almost done!"

"Your mother wears army boots, and your daddy likes it!" Wade yelled, and a *Wit!* sound effect appeared. He grabbed it and shoved the sharp sound effect into the licker's brain. It diededed. "I win!"

Danger decided it wouldn't harm to have another batch of fighters to take the field, giving a series of quick mental commands. A young man and woman dropped from the ceiling, both sporting blond hair and dressed in camo patterns.

Eddie charged for Zangief, leaping into him and transforming into his bestial form, punching for his chest.

(( (Link: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e ... -cammy.png)http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/e ... -cammy.png - (Link: http://pixelatedgeek.com/wp-content/upl ... _58518.jpg)http://pixelatedgeek.com/wp-content/upl ... _58518.jpg ))

Scott's hand reached Zangief and he simply squished him under his thumb.

Zangief disappeared under Scott's hand.

Eddie's fist instead struck Scott's hand. His form shrunk down again. "Ah, sorry!"

"This is like fighting an arcade tower of sheer horror," Reed yelled and turned to the new opponents.

"Well that was uneventful ..."

Eddie swung around to face the newcomers, shooting webs for them both. "I'll hold them, guys: lay in!"

Tigra staggered to her feet, shaking her head to clear it. She was mostly healed she could handle it now. She looked down at the others, assessing the situation.

Wade spotted the blonde chick, "Niiice," and pulled out a comb from somewhere, stroking it over his masked head and putting it away and holding up a bottle of peppermint spray to his mouth, spritzing it at his mask and putting that away as well. "Hello, blondie. Rowr."

Penny attempted to pounce the girl with the red beret, but only caught a quick foot to the side of the head, sending her into the nearest crate and taking off a bit of her health bar.

Chris fired a blast of force straight at guile. "Lets get this over with!"

Lining herself up, Tigra aimed for the girl and jumped off her perch.

Shaking herself, Penny sent some pieces of wood flying. Looking up, she spotted Tigra perching overhead and waved at her.

Scott wiped his hand off and told Eddie "Don't worry."

Reed looked up to Scott and raised an eyebrow ", remind me not to get on your bad side."

Emma laid on some good hits to the lickers brains and watched them fade away. H

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7/23 Game: We Put A Cap In Capcom

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:freak :andreas They're fighting!

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7/23 Game: We Put A Cap In Capcom

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That has to be up there for best thing ever.

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7/23 Game: We Put A Cap In Capcom

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Epic win!
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