2/4 Game: Kobayashi Xavier

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2/4 Game: Kobayashi Xavier

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:51 am

Dec. 5

Jean-Paul: "So," Jean-Paul looked confused as no simulation had been started up in the Danger Room just yet. "From the sounds of Lorna's lecture I got telling me to come down here suited up this should be pretty serious. Anyone heard what we're getting into today?"

Rose: "Probably more boring training on how to not get yourself killed." Rose offered, filing her nails as she leaned back against the wall, already bored.

Melati: "Can it be worse than crazed hobos with guns," Melati asked, still getting accustomed to the black uniform. She gave her tail a few swings to test if it got ample room to move. "People need to stop blaming my special soup recipe for the riot."

Christopher: Chris gave Tigra's butt a quick grope, because he was bored too. "I'm pretty durable... does that mean I can just leave?"

Calvin: "Not getting killed is very important for your health." Calvin looked up from his book on "Fun with Spores: The Genetics of Fungi".

Jean-Paul: "I'm pretty sure a part of it would be making sure others don't get killed as well, afraid you're not off the hook."

Tigra: Greer's tail curled around her legs while she waited, eyeing JP a little and wondering if there would ever be a suitable time to apologise.

Rose: "So much easier to just kill the bad guys..." Rose grumbled to herself.

Christopher: "Or break them."

Jean-Paul: "Would rather not get pinned for murder again, thanks." He pulled a face at the thought of it, not sure how anyone else could think that was a good option.

Danger: "You are very close to the mark with your assumptions," Danger remarked, stepping in from the control room. "Avoiding serious bodily harm while achieving your respective mission goals shall be the core of today's training session. Even though I can't guarantee there won't be any dying involved."

Calvin: "But if we kill them, aren't we the bad guys too?" He closed the book, but not before putting a bookmark on the page about combustive potential of mykorhiza.

Tigra: "I don't want to die..." Greer said suddenly in response to Danger's statement.

Jean-Paul: "...why do I always forget the room is watching us?" Jean-Paul did his utmost not to jump out of his skin as Danger spoke up. "Um...when you say dying...I do hope you mean figuratively?"

Rose: "No." Rose reasoned with Calvin.

Danger: "However, since you humans can't afford the luxury of regular backups, let me assure you that the security protocols are still intact, so any death your may experience will only be of a temporary nature," she added.

Tigra: "Oh... that's.... still not okay..." Greer wrinkled her nose a little.

Christopher: "Stand behind me love I'll protect you." He gave her a smiled and put his helmet on.

Tigra: Greer tapped on his helmet with a claw, "Okay tin man."

Calvin: Calvin rose a hand to pose a question at Danger. "Have you included the routine I asked you to instal? That one that is connected to Hobbes' virtual reality helmet? He wants to participate."

Melati: "This starts to sounds like some kind of first person shooter deathmatch," Melati commented, watching the feminine robot with a frown. "Guess it can't get more first person than this, right?"

Christopher: "Don't make me get out the paddle."

Tigra: Greer grinned fangily, "You say the nicest things."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul couldn't help but chuckle to Mel despite not really being to hep on the whole false death deal. "I'd say that sums it up quite well. So, what happens when we 'die' exactly?"

Christopher: "You know I live to please you." He ran a gloved finger down her spine and across her tail.

Danger: Danger gave a brief nod in Calvin's direction. "Indeed I did," she assured him. "You may inform him that he can log in his persona at any time now. Personally, I'm looking forward to the opportunity to interact with fellow AI this way."

Rose: "....save it for the bedroom?" Rose pleaded with them. "

Christopher: "Aww you wanna watch all by yourself? We can save it to when we all have some more free time." He gave her a wink.

Rose: Rose just shook her head at him and put her file away.

Tigra: Greer giggled and leaned to hug Rosie.

Calvin: "Thank you very much." He bowed at Danger and pulled out his modified iPad. After typing in a few commands...Godzilla appeared in their midst. And he posed.

Jean-Paul: "...you've turned him into Godzilla? Doesn't that sort of not sit well with most of Tokyo?"

Danger: "Your uniforms have been outfitted with neural stimulators," Danger told Jean-Paul. "A project between me, Dr. McCoy, and several of our more scientifically inclined students. Basically, they will allow me to monitor your activity while training much more efficiently than ever before. And also provide you with enhanced feedback on the situation."

Jean-Paul: That...did not sound pleasant. Jean-Paul wasn't overly sure he wanted enhanced feedback on fake dying.

Danger: "Specifically, it will allow you to feel the effects of injury without actually suffering the physical consequence of such injury," Danger explained, waving her hand. "Isn't that an exciting achievement?"

Jean-Paul: "...yeah, it's great."

Christopher: "God none of you are any fun." He grinned and cracked his neck getting ready for the fun.

Tigra: Tigra raised a hand, "What about those of us who don't wear their suits because they make our fur feel nasty?"

Jean-Paul: "How exactly is seeing your friends in any kind of state of dead, fake or real, fun?"
Calvin: "Hmmm...He has fiddled with his holograms again." He typed in a few more commands and the good old huge pink robot appeared in front of them. He had no face muscles to speak of, but somehow he still managed to give Calvin a disapproving look. "Don't be silly, Godzilla is far bigger than you."

Rose: "Well, if it was Eddie...." Rose just smirked.

Tigra: Greer grinned again at Rose, "So bad."

Danger: "No need to worry, student Tigra," Danger said, and reached into a compartment hidden in her leg. "Your aversion to clothing will not prohibit you from experiencing the full scope of this program. If you wouldn't mind wearing this net of electrodes in your hair? Alternately, I could quickly implant a neural transmitter close to your spine..."

Tigra: Tigra weighed up her options. "I'm not wearing a hairnet. Inject me with your miniself." She walked over to her.

Christopher: "I'd rather if you didn't perform any kind of weird experiment on my fiancee if I have any say in the matter."

Rose: "Guess not?" Rose offered.

Christopher: "Nope..." He shrugged. "I guess it is her body after all."

Tigra: "Of course it is. I'm my own property." she poked her tongue out at Chris.

Calvin: "How sad. I came up with the hairnet. The guppies actually liked it." In the background Hobbes went through a number of clearly self-programmed holographic representations of himself, such as a Gundam, King Kong, and Samuel L. Jackson.

Danger: "I'm afraid it's her choice, Christopher." Danger stored the electrodes in the compartment, before stepping over to the feline student. "To be honest, I'm somewhat excited you picked this option. I have been anxious to try out this neural interface, but so far lacked a willing volunteer."

Tigra: "I'll try anything once." She gave Danger a grin.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul found himself taking a few steps away for fear Danger got over excited and decide to stick them all with neural controls.

Christopher: Chris gave her butt a spank. "I could say something but you'd prolly beat me up."

Danger: She held up a hand, the index finger transforming into a pointy injector. "Please turn around. This might hurt for a moment, but hopefully there should be no averse side-effects."

Tigra: "Ooooh only hopefully? Awesome." she laughed and turned around as Danger instructed, pulling her hair out of her shoulder and out of the way.

Melati: "Okay, sanity check, everyone," Melati announced, holding up her hand. "I can't be the only one in the room who would have picked the nerdy hairnet over getting stabbed in the neck by some creepy tin-lady, right?"

Rose: "Right." Rose agreed with Melati.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul simply nodded. "As much as I find hairnets a bad move I think I would sacrifice style there. I just hope it doesn't short out later on." he shrugged, just ready to get things started.

Danger: Danger switched her vision to X-Ray and put two fingers against the back of Tigra's neck, tiny tendrils penetrating her skin to map the perfect location for the implant. As soon as the spot had been pinpointed, the injector shot forward in the blink of an eye. "There, all done," she said, stepping back.

Rose: Rose just stared in horror.

Tigra: "You all have no sense of advent- ow...." she rubbed her neck a little.

Christopher: Chris kissed her cheek. "No you're just a little crazy babe. But it's what I love about you."

Danger: "The procedure appears to have been successful," Danger said, conjuring a monitor from her lower arm. "The nanoscopic device already interfaces with your neural tissue and will allow me to not only monitor your brain activity, but also provide you with unique sensory input. What a thrilling opportunity..."

Calvin: "Direct neural-chip interaction, very fascinating." He took a note on his iPad to check Tigra for signs of Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and, aw, what the heck, multiple sclerosis.

Christopher: "Does this mean you can send me texts when she's really horny? Cuz that could provide me with a lot of fun danger!"

Tigra: "Well don't mess with my sensory input for now. You can play with that later." Tigra patted Danger.

Melati: "Okay, I gotta hand it to you, kit-kat," Mel said, cocking her head as she looked at Tigra. "You're either totally crazed, or you have bigger balls than me."

Christopher: "She has two sets. When I'm around she's just gotta out do me on crazy Mel."

Tigra: "I don't have balls... but I may be crazy. My mom seems to think so and she is a psychologist." Tigra shrugged, shaking her head so that her hair fell back into place. "So.... play time now?"

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul found himself siding with her mother on that decision as well but now there were other things to worry about as he was sure that little incident would not be the most painful thing to happen in this room today.

Danger: "Yes, with that out of the way, let's get to the reason you have been summoned here." Danger looked at the assembled students. "As you all are undoubtedly aware, a former student has gone missing recently, and the information gathered so far indicates that certain individuals might be involved who have a somewhat violent past with this team."

Rose: "Violence... awesome." Rose smirked a bit.

Tigra: "This already sounds more fun than other training sessions."

Danger: "Since a large number of new students joined our ranks and still lack any meaningful combat experience - particularly with opposition of such skill - I was tasked to create a training program based on past encounters."

Calvin: "A best-off of the X-Men's fights?"

Jean-Paul: "...I do not want to get stuck in an inky tentacle monster again...I assume it'd just be people we figure have something to do with Rachel's disappearance?"

Danger: Pressing a button on her virtual display, Danger conjured the holograms of several mutants. "This group of people refers to themselves as the Marauders, a criminal band of mutant mercenaries. While they seem to work for several employers, we have no reason to believe they cut their ties with Dr. Essex."

Tigra: Tigra snorted, "Oh that's so bad..."

Jean-Paul: Some of the faces in the ranks of the Marauders were recognizable, that Arclight woman and Vertigo were there at least. They hadn't been too terrible to beat so maybe this wasn't going to be as bad as Jean-Paul had first assumed.

Danger: "Therefore, to prepare yourself for a worst case scenario, you will have to expect having to face these mutants once Ms. Grey's whereabouts have been discovered. Also, since Dr. Essex has proven to be a quite resourceful individual, I have anticipated several steps he might take to safeguards his endeavors from X-Men involvement."

Calvin: "Can we expect independent contractors too? Mercenaries?"

Danger: Danger nodded in Calvin's direction. "The simulation entails this and more. You will have to work together as a team, overcome any adversity, and infiltrate a fortified compound." She looked at the students. "Expect failure."

Tigra: "As long as I can claw up some badguys without getting in trouble I'm good."

Calvin: He noted down Subject Tigra shows homicidal tendencies. The implant already influencing her behaviour?

Danger: "You might not succeed with your first attempt," Danger explained. "Hopefully, you won't be discouraged, but find your creativity spurned to find different and more effective approaches. Also, try to have fun. The training will commence... now." She turned and stepped back into the control room.

Tigra: Tigra dropped into a crouch, ready to run as soon as necessary.

Jean-Paul: The room changed to that of a slightly rundown warehouse, Jean-Paul glanced around as quickly as possible, which for him was pretty damned quick, in search of any enemy around.

Calvin: Leaving aside the conundrum of how Hobbes had entered this warehouse without leaving a huge hole in the wall, Calvin nodded at his big pink friend to pick him up and put him on his shoulder.

Rose: Rose wrinkled her nose at the scene, but stayed close to her friend, lest any fire surprise them.

Melati: "Okay, all I heard the metal lady talk about was kick ass, and then kick some more ass," Melati said, cracking her knuckles. "Wow, I'll never get over how damn sweet this room is."

Tigra: Tigra's tail swung behind her as she scented the air.

Jean-Paul: The room seemed to shift and in what must have been only a blink of an eye the upper balconies were flooded with uniformed security firing up on the group and a blonde woman watching from the center, arms crossed over her chest and smiling quite pleased with herself.

Calvin: He typed in a few commands, and the iPad turned into...an iGun, if the writing on the barrel was any indication.

Tigra: Tigra dashed for cover then looked for a suitable route up onto that balcony.

Melati: "Well, look who showed up to host that party for us, so we shouldn't keep them waiting, yeah?" Melati briefly looked at the others over her shoulders, not waiting for a reply before she stormed off towards the warehouse, using the spare cover provided by the dim alley.

Jean-Paul: The room shifted again as cover seemed to vanish or move around the room on it's own accord and Lady M attempted to wall in her foe to make for better fish in a barrel.

Tigra: Tigra scrambled up the walls, claws digging into the surface easily as she ran at the enemies on the balcony, baring her fangs as she leaped towards them.

Jean-Paul: "Who wants a ride up to that balcony?" Jean-Paul tried to keep up with the ever-changing cover, swearing as it seemed to vanish after he had caught up to it.

Rose: "I need claws..." Rose looked for another way up there.

Christopher: "I could use a lift if you wouldn't mind."

Melati: "What the hell!?" The small wall she was crouching behind suddenly vanished. Seeing several uniformed figured aiming in her direction, Mel bolted sideways - only to run right into the reappearing wall. "Yowch!"

Tigra: She landed on one of the people with guns, tearing into them with her claws.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul grabbed onto Christopher before gaining speed and taking off, only to narrowly dodge another forming wall covering that side of the balcony.

Calvin: Calvin didn't really need to worry about cover, what with riding a huge robot. Which was holding its hands up now, releasing big spheric lightning bolts into two directions at once. While Hobbes took care of the grunts, Calvin tried to carefully aim (he had practiced with ego shooters all week long!) and shot a jelly-like green bullet at the blonde woman, who seemed suspicious.

Jean-Paul: The bullet went through the air as the illusion of the blonde woman vanished, the real Lady M on one of the catwalks above beating a hasty retreat as her illusions of the security on the balcony faded as the real ones came in through the door now behind the students.

Melati: The guards obviously didn't think of playing fair, unloading their automatic rifles at the green-skinned mutant while she was on the ground. Melati scrambled back to her feet, bullets impacting all around her. A couple even grazed her before she could find cover. Fortunately, the uniform proved up to the task, and so she only suffered some mild bruising.

Jean-Paul: "Balls, time to go back down then." Jean-Paul went back to the floor with Christopher, making a charge at the security hoping nothing else joined them for now.

Tigra: Tigra roared as he prey vanished, turning quickly towards the new targets, her ears going back as she vaulted the railing and pelted towards them.

Calvin: "Noooooo!" Calvin noted with a little pride that he managed to sound very Darth Vader-like.

Calvin: But then he just shrugged and start spreading green bullets into the ranks of their opponents, gluing them to walls, floor, and to each other. Hobbes just stuck to blocking his squishy little friend from getting riddled by bullets for now.

Christopher: Chris laughed a little and landed a few hard punches into the guards.

Rose: Rose made her way up a back stairwell before she ran into trouble. With a smirk, the stairwell became an fiery inferno.

Tigra: Tigra sank her fangs into the neck of the guard she landed on, her claws easily piercing the armour they wore.

Jean-Paul: "The glue bullets are quite nice, must say." Jean-Paul cracked a smirk as he found himself closer to Calvin. "Komodo, you're still all right?" He asked knowing Mel was also nearby.

Calvin: Wow, aiming and hitting targets was harder than he had expected. Well, it sure was a difference shooting at targets on a screen in front of a chair, or from atop a big moving robot. Oh well, only good that the jelly-bullets had such a big area of impact.

Melati: Sprinting fast to make up for the delay caused by wall to the face, Melati reached the edge of the warehouse and joined the others in handing out some serious hurt. She leaped at their enemies, clawing guns apart and dropping guys to the ground with sweeps of her tail. "Doing great," she shouted back. "Thought I'd take the scenic route."

Jean-Paul: "There's some great sights to see." Jean-Paul bantered back, using his speed to plow through the ranks and disarm as he did.

Tigra: Tigra sprang off the probably dead guard when it stopped moving and pounced on the next one.

Christopher: Chris just grinned when the guards tried to hit him or shoot him and it didn't do anything.
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Re: 2/4 Game: Kobayashi Xavier

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Rose: Rose made her way on up the stairwell, keeping the fire with her to prevent any surprises.

Melati: She jumped into another group of guards, punching, tossing, and kicking them the ground. "Is it just me being a badass, or did Ms. Tin-Tits exaggerate the difficulty of this exercise." She grinned triumphantly at the other. Later she would be absolutely convinced that Danger added the high-caliber sniper bullet that hurled her through the air the next moment just for having said that...

Calvin: Calvin frowned at his feline comrade. "Hey, Tigra! I think we're not supposed to kill them!," he shouted.

Christopher: "Never heard that in the rules." He had easily broken most of the bones in his attackers.

Melati: Melati was thrown against a nearby brick-wall, getting the air knocked out of her lungs, her chest a source of throbbing pain. "Oww... crap."

Jean-Paul: "...Mel?!" Jean-Paul turned to see her go down, really, really wishing that did not look how it did.

Rose: Rose finally caught up with Tigra. "Hey kit-kat, need a hand?"

Melati: Looking down, she realized the limits of their suits armoring, a gaping hole eagerly spilling blood down over her stomach. "Ouch." She groaned, trying to move. "Sniper... somewhere..."

Tigra: Fire bad! Her ears went back and she hissed at Rose, backing away a little.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul skidded to a halt by the lizard girl, definitely a bit sick to his stomach at exactly how real that looked coming from someone he quite got along with. "Right, I'm going to do a run of the place to dig them out. You good?"

Rose: Rose rolled her eyes at Tigra. Clearly she needed more fire in their room. Rose cut off the enemy's escape with more fire.

Christopher: "Finding the sniper would be a good idea. I don't think I can stop high caliber rounds."

Danger: Danger monitored the scenario unfold from the observation room, noting that Scalphunter had reached his position on the rooftop and already injured the reptilian mutant with a precision shot. She made some adjustments, setting up Vertigo to watch his back and disable anyone who would try to engage him directly.

Calvin: He checked where Melati had hit the wall. He calculated the trajectory of the bullet and, yes, there WAS a man kneeling from where it had come. He aimed, pulled a switch, and shot. "Jean-Paul, I hit the sniper with a glowing orange glue bullet!"

Jean-Paul: "On my way then!" Jean-Paul ran for where Calvin motioned, soon catching sight of the orange glow and charging towards it away from the others.

Tigra: Tigra tore through more of their enemies, disemboweling a good few of them without even blinking.

Melati: Not one to let herself be stopped by sucking chest wound, Melati was already getting back on her feet, the tissue slowly knitting itself back together. For better or worse, the bullet had passed right through her body, sparing her the ordeal to pick it out herself.

Christopher: Chris sighed. "Tigra's gone feral anyone that likes their limbs attached should keep back."

Melati: "Figure no one got any painkillers on them right now, yeah," she asked, wincing a little. "I really wish I couldn't feel my chest at the moment..."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul kicked himself off of the ground, landing on the rooftop where his target was and making a run for him.

Calvin: Calvin continued to spread his now again green sticky love amongst the attackers, well protected by his big pink friend.

Christopher: Chris moved closer to Tigra going to attempt to snap her out of her feral mode. "Tigra... Calm down kay? No reason to go this far."

Rose: "If you need help let me know, Chris."

Danger: Watching the student's progress, Danger took note of Tigra's loss of control, a detail she would add to the training evaluation. Conjuring a virtual map of the scenario, she decided to contain the situation by deploying Arclight against the rampaging feral.

Tigra: There wasn't much hope of snapping her out of it at this stage, she felt threatened and the feral naturally wished to protect herself. Anything that tried to harm her would be in a great amount of pain.

Christopher: Chris moved closer trying to get her to focus on him. "Listen up! I'm the alpha remember. So either calm down or you're in trouble."

Calvin: Okay, the amount of mercenaries at this point was simply ridiculous. He had already painted modern art of more than questionable quality all over the place by sticking them to whatever was around. "Hobbes, release them!"

Calvin: Hobbes, still protecting his friend, opened several hatches on his body, from which oodles of mecha-squids crawled forth to attack and knock out their attackers.

Tigra: Tigra crouched defensively and vocalised her disapproval of the order.

Danger: With Scalphunter impaired by the strange glue, Vertigo did what she was supposed to do - watch his back as soon as one of the mutants made the mistake of trying to attack him directly. The moment Jean-Paul landed on the roof, she projected her nausea inducing powers right in his direction.

Christopher: "I won't let anyone hurt you. That's my job right? Keep you safe, keep you happy?"

Tigra: Tigra growled at him.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul felt the wave of nausea hit him and knew exactly who else was on this roof and, despite desperately wanting to cave into hurling off the side of the building, forced himself to chance directions and search the green-haired woman out, barreling into her as quickly as he dared.

Melati: "And they thought epilepsy inducing video games were bad," Melati muttered, trying to stay clear of both Tigra and the second wave of guards. "This one apparently causes your catgirl to go berserk."

Calvin: "Fly, my pretties!" He laughed manically a the squids clearing the room of the mercenaries, which by now were running, disorganized, and, he noted with an impressed nod towards Danger's sense for detail, one or two even had peed their pants.

Christopher: "Give Greer back control now Tigra. She's strong enough with help to keep you both safe and I won't let anything happen to either of you. I love you both."

Danger: The gadgets attached to his uniform were easily transformed into some useful cutting devices, slicing through the annoying goo that held Scalphunter down. The moment he was free he jumped back to his feet and picked up his gun. "Time to shoot me some squids," he said, rapidly unloading at the mechanical squids.

Jean-Paul: "You know, I really dislike you." Jean-Paul muttered as he let go of Vertigo, not at a height that would kill her but definitely one that would leave her not exactly getting up of her own free will before flying back after Scalphunter, plowing into his back.

Tigra: Tigra growled again and turned to attack more of the guards because they were too close for comfort.

Christopher: Chris blasted them away with a burst of force and pulled her back to him. "I didn't say you could go Tigra!"

Calvin: Calvin watched his squids explode into the faces of mercs all around. "Damnit." He'd tried to get a lock on the sniper.

Tigra: Tigra twisted in his grasp and sank her fangs into his hand.

Melati: "Guess it's up to girl who nearly got her spine shot out to actually get anything done here," Melati said to herself, making a break for the warehouse. Her sharp claws made short work of the lock on the large main door, which she promptly kicked down.

Christopher: Chris pulled her into a tight embrace holding her from behind. "I'm starting to like that sweetie. Find a new trick."

Melati: The moment she stepped inside, a fist connected with her jaw, both breaking and dislocating it in one swipe. "Finally something fun to break," the woman said, stepping out to stand over Mel's fallen body.

Tigra: Tigra roared and kicked out at him. They were vulnerable like this! Stupid stupid stupid!

Calvin: Out of the corner of his eye he saw Melati entering a door very quickly, and then coming out of it backwards even quicker. And then another woman stepped out into the open. "Oh great, another one..." All of this really would be easier if he could let Hobbes simply step on people...

Christopher: "Stop! I'll let you go when you let Greer back into control." He squeezed her tighter.

Danger: "Spare me the melodramatics, inferior trash," the imposing figure spoke, appearing in a flash and floating right next to Chris and Tigra. "Just do me a favour and die quietly." Exodus unleashed a powerful telekinetic attack, sending the mutants smashing into the nearest wall and pulverizing the bricks in the process.

Tigra: Tigra lay unmoving once the dust had settled.

Hope: Rose sent a weak fireball at Exodus' hair.

Melati: "Hey, I was just about to say the same thing," Melati replied, mumbling due to her broken jaw. She curled the end of her tail around Arclight's ankle and pulled her off her feet, then quickly stood back up herself and wiped the blood from her mouth.

Christopher: Chris held her close to him, trying to protect her. "I'll fucking kill you!" His body was glowing bright purple from all the force and he got up and went straight for Exodus, launching heat and force blasts as quickly as he could.

Danger: The bright ball of fire exploded against the invisible forcefield Exodus had raised to defend himself, before he teleported behind Rose's back. "At lease you tried," he said, shooting another wave of force at her.

Hope: That one got her. She braced herself for the impact, moving against the force in an attempt to weaken the impact.

Jean-Paul: Flying over where he had dropped Vertigo, Jean-Paul let Scalphunter fall as well, landing nearby and quickly making his way over to make sure the impact had done it's job and not too much over. He could just imagine the write up Lorna would give him if he went too far, after all, and he'd rather like to be allowed on the missions at least.

Calvin: Oh hey, THIS guy seemed to be able to take something. Hobbes seemed to agree, as he opened his mouth and released a huge plasma ball at Exodus.

Melati: Instead of getting up, Arclight smashed her fists into the ground. The shockwave not only made the metal door fall out of its hinges, it also sent everyone in the close by to the ground. "You need to work on your footwork," she said, standing up to stomp her foot on Melati's leg, easily breaking it.

Danger: Exodus teleported again, this time high into the air, dodging all attacks directed against him. "Impressive. Almost."

Christopher: Chris fired more blasts at Exodus. "Stop moving and fight you bitch!"

Calvin: Calvin didn't even care about the gloating. He simply shot off another glue bullet. Right at the guy's stupid face. Okay, maybe he did mind the gloating a little bit.

Danger: "Careful what you wish for," Exodus replied, holding up his hands to deflect the attacks with his force-fields. "Your body is formidable. I wonder, does that go for your mind, as well?" He assaulted Chris with the full force of his psychic powers, trying to swipe his defences and take over control.

Jean-Paul: Vertigo was definitely down and out, that much was clear. Jean-Paul picked his way over to his other victim, not seeing any movement from him as he came up beside him.

Tigra: Tigra stirred and slowly pushed herself up onto her hand and knees, blinking as her vision swam a little. Ugh. Ow.

Jean-Paul: There didn't seem to be anything else along the roofline or at the outside of the building either. "Looks like it's back to the firefight then."

Melati: Melati clenched her jaw and muttered a muffled curse, then pushed herself up with a hand and used her good leg to try and kick back the other woman. She barely budged, instead grabbing the green girl's foot, twisting it around, the lifting her whole body into the air to smack it against the nearest concrete pillar.

Calvin: Hobbes decided that he didn't like Exodus either. He was annoying. A bit like a fly. so he clapped his huge robotic hands around the guy. That should teach him!

Melati: "Is... that... all you got," Mel asked, spitting some blood as she tried to push herself up again. She only caught a glimpse of Arclight step up behind her, then the blow landed on her head and took her out. Fortunately it was just a simulation, so she was spared the inconvenience of having her skull shattered, too.

Tigra: A low growl sounded deep in Tigra's chest as she fixed her gaze on Arclight.

Jean-Paul: Arclight merely smirked, dusting her hands off a bit as she looked up at the growling girl. "You want a nibble?" She motioned to the ground to the for all appearances dead Melati.

Tigra: Tigra hissed at her then launched herself at her, claws and fangs bared.

Jean-Paul: The second the girl was in the air Arclight brought her hands smacking together, all her force aimed at the lunging Tiger-girl.

Tigra: Tigra was thrown backwards and hit a wall hard but she wasn't down for long. Her claws found purchase in the floor and she dashed back for another attempt.

Jean-Paul: This time the shockwave Arclight sent aimed at the ceiling above, sending more and more debris down towards her opponent.

Danger: Exodus wiped any resistance in the mutant's mind away, before taking control and instilling his orders. "So much anger," he said. "Why don't you unleash it something more worthy of it. Like that giant eyesore." He pointed at the large robot.

Christopher: Chris tried to fight it but it was worthless. He threw a few strong force blasts at the Robot.

Tigra: Tigra was buried under the debris.

Jean-Paul: "Here, kitty, kitty." Picking her way through the rubble, Arclight soon found the girl's tail...well, she all ready had so much fun with the first one she swung around, why not give this one another go? Picking up the tail, the woman gave a mighty spin and released, sending her foe across the room as far as she could manage.

Calvin: "Aaaaaaahhhh!" Hobbes wobbled backwards, wildly flailing his arms so he didn't fall. As did Calvin, though falling for him was probably a tad bit more dangerous. Luckily, though, they both regained their compaosure.

Tigra: Tigra yowled at the pulling on her tail and landed heavily, sliding a little on the floor. Her injuries from the rubble were still healing and she wasn't in much of a condition to fight back at the moment but she wasn't going to go down without trying. She got to her feet with some difficulty and dropped into a stance, extending her claws.

Calvin: Calvin and Hobbes simply nodded at each other, and a hatch opened in Hobbes' chest, revealing a seat. Calvin jumped into it and it closed again. With his friend safely tucked away, and his self-repairing abilities thus maximized, Hobbes came at Exodus swinging.

Jean-Paul: "Nine lives, hmm? What's number is this now? I'm thinking third or fourth?" And for that, Arclight had to applaud her furry enemy, clapping her hands in quick succession and sending a shockwave with each hit.

Tigra: Tigra dug her claws into the ground to keep her position, flattening her ears against her head. It was going to die. She roared at it.

Jean-Paul: The roar just made Arclight drop her stance, once again punching the ground.

Danger: Figuring that his newest plaything could deal with the giant robot, Exodus simply teleported away to hunt down the remaining member of the X-Men. He was curious to see how fast Jean-Paul would be able to run when trapped inside a telekinetic bubble.

Tigra: The ground beneath her exploded and sent her flying again. She rolled when she hit the ground but didn't move. Now she really needed some healing time.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul, meanwhile, was just now walking away from his own fight and making his way back to the building, finding himself stumbling back at one of Arclight's waves even from the outside. "Oh I hope that thing stays standing."

Jean-Paul: That was time Arclight wasn't interested in letting her kitty cat have at all, punching the ground time and time again, though also keeping a watch on the walls as she didn't exactly want to bring the place down on herself just yet either.

Danger: Looking at the diagrams of her holographic screen and running some quick calculations, Danger concluded that the students were now at risk of suffering a total team casualty with a probability of 87 percent. Briefly considering to reset the program and let them try again, she decided against it. They might learn a useful lesson, after all. Besides, she was entertained.

Christopher: Chris was broken out of the control by watching Tigra get beaten to a pulp. "Get away from her!" He fired a giant blast of force and heat leaving himself drained.

Tigra: Tigra couldn't do anything except curl up and move with the explosions. Which was not at all pleasant.

Jean-Paul: Glad that her attacker had the decency to call out at her before attacking, Arclight sent a wave at the incoming force, trying to push it right back that direction to avoid the attack, sliding away quickly just in case it didn't manage that.

Danger: "Why in such a rush," Exodus asked, raising a force-field around Jean-Paul the moment he caught sight of the speedster. "You're like a buzzing, annoying fly."

Tigra: Since Arclight was distracted, Tigra earned a reprieve but she couldn't take advantage of it except to try and crawl behind some cover.

Christopher: Chris ran directly into the wave that Arclight sent back at him relishing in the strength it gave him. He fired off another blast and moved in front of Tigra to give at least a little cover.

Jean-Paul: Running straight into the force-field, Jean-Paul recoiled and quickly scrambled to his feet, kicking off the ground to see how far the field extended, only to find it had a roof as well...and nobody else was out here. "So, you bubble people? That's a party trick there."

Calvin: Noting that the attacks my Christopher had stopped, Calvin/Hobbes could finally concentrate on the big scary guy again. There was one more option they hadn't tried yet. Big holes opened in Hobbes' hands again, but this time, instead of two separated spheric lightning bolts, a constant torrent of sheer electricity shot out towards Exodus. This was enough to overload a battleship, it should at least give him a headache!

Jean-Paul: Ducking away, Arclight aimed her attacks again at the ceiling. Maybe it was time to bring this place down, after all.

Christopher: Chris blasted her square in the chest when she wasn't paying attention.

Jean-Paul: She clapped again, quickly ducking further away in her cover as the balcony started to tumble down.

Danger: Exodus actually cried out in pain, the powerful lightening bolts punching even through his defenses, leaving his hair singed and clothes smoking. "Obstinate fools!" He retaliated by compacting Jean-Paul into telekinetic hamster bubble and launching it straight at the robot's head.

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Re: 2/4 Game: Kobayashi Xavier

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:53 am

Calvin: This time, Hobbes lost his balance and toppled over backwards. Only the self-repair protocols managed to keep his head attached to the rest of his body.

Jean-Paul: No amount of running changed the course of the ball and no amount of struggling against it seemed to damage the forcefield one bit. Jean-Paul was well and truly lost as to how on earth he was supposed to get out of this...and also really hoped whoever this was couldn't just keep making the field smaller.

Danger: Danger wondered what would happen if someone actually made that field smaller and whether the neuro-feedback suits could adequately simulate the experience of death by squashing. Curious like a schoolgirl with a toad in a blender, she programmed Exodus to do just that.

Jean-Paul: Unfortunately for Jean-Paul, it could, and the panic as he realized that was exactly what was happening was bad enough without actually feeling it happen. It was almost a relief to passing out unable to breath as everything closed in and after feeling so many bones snap when he simply had no place to go in the bubble any longer.

Jean-Paul: With a laugh witnessing what her fellow programmed Marauder had done, Arclight punched a nearby column, running as fast as she could manage as the whole building started to shake and bits of it started tumbling down.

Christopher: Chris grabbed Tigra and did the only thing he could think of while the building came down, shield her with himself.

Danger: Satisfied with the results, Exodus decided to aid Arlight in her endeavors, rising up to float above the collapsing building, finishing the job with a powerful telekinetic wave that ground the remains into rubble.

Danger: Also satisfied with the results, Danger eventually decided to shut down the program, the room returning to its basic state and any simulated injuries the student might have suffered disappearing again.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul sat up almost too quickly even for him, taking in a huge lungful of air even though he knew he had to have been actually breathing the whole time he had been 'dead'. "Oh that was just victimization!"

Christopher: Chris hugged Tigra tightly. "You okay?"

Melati: "Well, at least you still had fun while I was forced to watch from the ground how you guys failed," Melati said, rubbing her head to make sure it was actually in place.

Calvin: "Ouch!" While Hobbes' giant body had done a good job in shielding Calvin from being crushed, he still had got a few bangs from the falling debris, nevermind the falling in the robot. He rubbed his head.

Tigra: "No." Greer frowned.

Jean-Paul: "So...is the nausea just left over neural issues from Vertigo or am I in serious jeopardy of actually losing my lunch?" Jean-Paul caught his breath back finally, not sure he was up for standing just yet but laughed at Melati. "Says the one that died first?"

Danger: "You certainly did better than anticipated," Danger remarked, stepping out of the observation room again. "Perhaps I was too lenient with the difficulty. The next time I shall not go so easy on you."

Jean-Paul: "...next time? When's that?"

Melati: "Hey, you can't say I didn't leave a pretty body," Mel replied, smirking at Jean-Paul.

Jean-Paul: "Sure I can, mine was probably even not pretty after being squished to death." Oh that was going to be the thing of nightmares. He laughed though, not really sure what else to do as he pulled himself to his feet.

Christopher: "Lets get you to the infirmary kay?"

Tigra: "I don't need to go there."

Danger: "Right now, if you feel up to the task," Danger said. "However, I could understand if some of you feel the need to exchange their uniforms."

Jean-Paul: "...Actually I think I'm going to take a bit longer of a break...but thank you all the same, Danger. You did...great."

Christopher: "Fine but you're going to lay down at least."

Tigra: "I don't need to."

Danger: "Glad I could be of service." Danger tipped her head to perform a slight bow. "I hope you found the experience to be enlightening. And while the capabilities of your opposition is mostly accurate, you actually were not supposed to beat the simulation during your first attempt."

Christopher: "Come on then we'll find something you do need then. How bout Ice cream?"

Jean-Paul: "...So you were being extra hard then?" Jean-Paul sounded hopeful as he made his way to the door, turning to the others. "I don't know about you lot? But I need a drink. Who's with me?"

Tigra: She shook her head, "I'm going for a run... I'll see you later...." actually she was going to go hunting so she could at least feel like she accomplished something today.

Christopher: "Well.... guess I'll go nurse my wounded pride somewhere then." He frowned.

Melati: "Don't be such a mother hen," Melati told Chris with a chuckle as she got back on her feet. "Right, I guess that calls for a drink. Or something. Not sure what's the tried and true way of dealing with getting killed."

Christopher: "Drinks. I'll drive."

Jean-Paul: "I hear it's vodka." Jean-Paul was out of the room at that, definitely looking forward for said vodka.

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Re: 2/4 Game: Kobayashi Xavier

Post by Slarti » Sun Feb 05, 2012 10:31 pm

Ha! Very entertaining guys! I do always love me some marauders... :shifty

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Re: 2/4 Game: Kobayashi Xavier

Post by Dedicatedfollower467 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:53 pm

:shifty I know where you got the title from. Does that make me even more of a nerd than I already am?

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Re: 2/4 Game: Kobayashi Xavier

Post by Starfish » Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:09 am

It does! And a perfect fit for our wacky little band of nerds. :)

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