5/5 Game: Poisoning The Well

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5/5 Game: Poisoning The Well

Post by Ferguson » Sat May 05, 2012 11:54 pm

<@Northstar_> "How much longer?" Usually Jean-Paul was a bit better about being patient but today was not exactly a normal day as far as that was concerned. He wanted this jet to land and for things to just...get started all ready. He re-checked his boots for probably the fifth time in so many minutes, staring out of the window as they flew.

<Obscure> Sue shrugged, not looking up from her book. "Don't know... stop fidgeting, you're distracting me."

<@Northstar_> "Oh I beg your pardon ever so much."

<Thor> Ankka was already suited up, the plates in his sleeveless suit covering his chest, idly snapping energy between his fingers. Occasionally, he concentrated, and his axe/hammer snapped into being. It was huge, and he'd worked out the runes spelt 'Mjolnir' up the shaft, which was making him all colours of worried. "Maybe I should have bought some wodka, huh, JP?" The huge blond grinned.

<BlackWidow> "Stop the complaining back there, or I'll turn the jet around and fly us back home," Selene remarked from the front seat, her eyes focused on the instruments and making sure the jet was on course. "On a second thought, I probably won't do that."

<Quill> Max was the most nervous of them all. He kept whispering under his breath, hoping that nothing bad would happen.

<@Northstar_> "Vodka would make a good drink for the celebration afterward. I bet Selene'd let us pick some up though."

<Thor> "Vhy do that? I have many back in school." Ankka looked over to his tiny Japanese girl with a fond smile. "Our first mission together, huh?" He murmured quietly.

<Surge> Noriko had found an out of the way corner to bounce around in, little tiny jumps from side to side so she could do something other then check her equipment. Oddly quiet for once.

<Surge> "Yeah it is isn't it?" Ankka getting a nervous smile between bounces.

<BlackWidow> "I understand we're all nervous and restless," she said, turning around to face the team. "That's good. Hold on to that feeling. It'll keep you from making reckless mistakes."

<Thor> Ankka moved to stand with Noriko, a hand going to JP's shoulder and squeezing slightly as he passed him. He leant on his massive axe...thing...and leant down in front of Noriko. "Does Thor get a good luck kiss from his beautiful mortal lover?" He murmured with a smile. "Even a god can't vin if he has no reason to fight, yes?"

<@Northstar_> "...is that really your pick up line?" Despite the situation Jean-Paul found himself having difficulty not laughing.

<Obscure> Sue frowned and turned her page.

<Surge> Noriko certainly stopped bouncing from nerves then as an entirely different set of nerves hit her, face flushing a violent red before giving him a quick kiss. And then proceeded to giggle at him.

<BlackWidow> "Why don't we go over what we know so far one more time," Selene suggested, turning one of the large screens that displayed nothing but on onslaught of news reports. "We must assume that everyone taken during the Marauder's attack on the school to be under the influence of either Essex or someone he's affiliated with."

<Thor> Ankka grinned at JP. "Hey, vith a codename like Thor...vhat else am I going to, huh?" He blushed at Noriko too, smiling, before ruffling her hair. "There ve go, now nothing can stand in my way!"

<DrSummers> Scott checked his medical bag again. He'd brought extras of everything. His lips thinned at the mention of Essex, but he remained silent he was here on a purely medical basis.

<BlackWidow> "Blink's charming little speech at the West Side Stadium last Sunday left little doubt about that," she added, enlarging videos that showed the chaos at the football game and the aftermath.

<@Northstar_> "Fair enough." Jean-Paul shrugged, looking to Selene for the rundown of what was going on, cringing at being reminded about what state they were more than likely going to find Clarice and whoever 'Pestilence' was to be out of who was taken.

<Surge> Noriko frowned at the screen trying not to let got of her determination, that had to save Clarice, her friend would never be doing this out of choice.

<Quill> Max looked up as he listened to Selene. Or should he think of her as Black Widow. Oh god, he thought then unbuckled himself and ran for the toilets, shutting the door behind him. Vomity noises could be heard from outside.

<@Northstar_> "So, how many places are they believed to have attacked so far?"

<@Northstar_> "....that doesn't sound pretty."

<Thor> Ankka leant on Mjolnir, listening and watching, a hand on Noriko's shoulder. After all, they were all really good friends...it was hard to believe it was Clarice doing this.

<Surge> Noriko reached up and put her hand on Ankka's. "It's ok we'll stop them and save Clarice, it's what we do." Saying more for her benefit then Ankka's.

<Obscure> Sue wrinkled her nose but closed her book and went to the toilet door, knocking gently, "Are you alright, Max?"

<Quill> A toilet flush and a wash at the basin later, Max opened the door. "Yeah... nervous..." he said, shifting past Sue to get back to his seat.

<BlackWidow> "While no one seems to be sure what exactly Clarice's message as this.. . Herald means, we can assume that the underlying scheme is neither harmless nor pleasant," she explained, bringing up the pictured from today. "There have been reports from attacks on several service plants in rapid succession today."

<Obscure> Sue gave him a sympathetic look and a pat on the shoulder as he passed.

<DrSummers> "You'll be all right," Scott gave Max a thumbs up. "I was just as nervous my first go." He looked at Selene. "How many casualties are estimated?"

<BlackWidow> "Eye-witness reports, as well as the short time between strikes, indicate that this Pestilence is acting with the aid of a teleporter," Selene continued. "Naturally, we have to assume it's Blink. There's also a very good chance that whoever she's accompanying might be another of our friends, controlled just like her."

<Thor> Ankka raked a hand through his long hair, before hugging Noriko to him - more for his own benefit. Not only was he worried about her - she got hurt every time - but it looked like they'd be going up against their friends...

<@Northstar_> "So...all we have to do is knock them out, bring them back, and work from there?" Jean-Paul tried to sound hopeful but nerves was preventing him from really succeeding.

<BlackWidow> "That's hard to tel at this point," she replied, looking at Scott. "Most sites hit only just now realized they've been targeted by intruders. There seems to be surprisingly little damage, but apparently there was some substance added to the local water supply."

<Obscure> Sue sat back in her chair and curled up a little, leaving her book where she'd put it and turning herself invisible.

<Thor> "They vere contaminating it?" Ankka frowned. "That doesn't sound like an impressive attack, if they're just making people a bit sick for a vhile..."

<BlackWidow> Selene nodded. "All in all, that's what the plan comes down to, yes," she confirmed. "Our primary goal is to prevent any further damage and innocent casualties and to save our friends. I figure we achieve both goals by trying to take them out - with as little force as necessary. Brainwashed or not, they are our friends."

<@Northstar_> "That all depends on what they're contaminating it with." Jean-Paul said, eyes falling to the back of the seat in front of him, picking at it nervously.

<DrSummers> "It could be a lot worse than just sick - poison or a virus or whatever else they're putting in can have long-standing and far-reaching problems."

<Surge> "Yeah but imagine if they infected all the water with the stuff that’s made Clarice turn all nasty, they could control all the mutants, or just kill all the mutants off." hugging ankka back with worry.

<Obscure> "If it's already in the water aren't we a bit late for containment?"

<@Northstar_> "Hence the 'any further damage' part in all that." He muttered, sighing and forcing himself to look back up. "We'll have to find out what it is, as well."

<Quill> Max wished he brought some mouthwash along. He looked back down to his arms and legs. The whole idea looked weird to him, having a mesh made from the same material of the normal suit on his arms and legs and back, while the rest of his body was covered in the normal material.

<BlackWidow> "There's nothing we can do about the areas already affected at this point," Selene told the others. "Right now, I best chance is to prevent any further spread and find out what they're poisoning the water with - then we can see if we can help in any way to control the damage done."

<DrSummers> "I'm going to find a testing kit." Scott got up and went to the hold.

<Thor> Ankka nodded. "Damage control." He sat back down, patting the seat beside him for Noriko and making Mjolnir snap out of existence. Weird as hell...

<BlackWidow> The control panel behind her vied for Selene's attention with a beeping sound and a blinking light, informing her that they were approaching their destination. "Getting closer," she said, before looking back at the team. "The trail of targets points straight towards Chicago, so that's where we're trying to intercept them."

<Surge> Jumping into the seat beside him she started swinging her legs, she needed to keep calm and look what she was doing, no Toxic to take bullets for her this time.

<@Northstar_> "Well then," Jean-Paul took a deep breath as he tried to prepare himself for this. Maybe it wasn't the best idea that he had come on the mission but he sure as hell wasn't going to wait this out sitting at home. "Anything else we should know, our most wonderful leader?"

<BlackWidow> "We're approaching the main water treatment plant," Selene announced, turning around to take manual control of the jet again. "That's the most likely target for an attack, and probably our only chance to stop them. Now let's see if anyone told our hosts we're coming to help."

<DrSummers> "Not likely."

<BlackWidow> She looked at Jean-Paul. "Yes, everyone should be on their guard, more than ever," she replied. "They may be our friends and fellow students, but as we've seen at the stadium incident, that won't stop from doing things we would have never expected from them."

<Thor> "I don't know, did anyone remember to ring ahead?" Ankka joked nervously, tightening the fingerless gloves and tying back his hair. "You alright, Noriko?"

<@Northstar_> Unable to help but think that was probably directed especially at him considering how he had handled seeing Blink the first time, he nodded, straightening up in his seat a bit. "Understood."

<Surge> "I'm ok just worried I'm gonna screw up again, or we can't save Clarice or a hundred other things that could go wrong you know?" Sighing she smiled at him. "I don't like the idea of hurting our friends but I'm sorta prepared for it."

<Obscure> Sue reached for her book again but remained invisible. Which was odd even to her to watch the pages turn by themselves.

<BlackWidow> "If you're unsure what to do, trust your training and your instincts, and focus on keeping innocents save," Selene tried to assure the others. "And don't take any unnecessary risks. I wish I could tell you more, but we're all moving in very unfamiliar territory here."

<BlackWidow> Glancing out the window, she steered the jet over the vast industrial complex at a low altitude, aiming for a large clear area where to touch down.

<Surge> Noriko nodded then taking a deep breath. "Hai! Sounds like an idea for me then, promise I'll try not to explode stuff this time."

<Thor> Ankka smiled. "If you're getting too...I don't know, overcharged? Remember you can earth out on me, yes?" He gave Noriko a kiss on the forehead.

<Obscure> "I'll try to keep shields up if I need to...." Sue offered, "Keep everyone safe."

<Herald> The Herald sat in the security office, the cameras now under their control, and she sighed deeply, touching her finger to her earpiece, "Master, they have arrived, just as you said. Orders?"

<Surge> "unfortunately around me we need them, just lucky your so good at them now right?" Smiling over at the hovering book.

<Obscure> "Well I've been practising so... hopefully..."

<@Northstar_> The orders came in. Show them your might.

<BlackWidow> "Don't doubt yourself," Selene told Sue, a faint smile on her lips. "You'll do well. And be prepared to catch anyone who gets teleported to who knows where by Blink."

<Obscure> "I'll do my best and I'll stay invisible so they don't spot me."

<Surge> "Yes Ma'am." Nodding and straightening a little in her seat.

<@Northstar_> "We can do that." Jean-Paul nodded to Selene, fidgeting again as he got his stomach under control.

<Herald> "... As you will," Clarice stood up from the seat and teleported to the room Reed was working in, "We're about to have some guests, Pestilence, how much longer do you need?"

<Thor> Ankka resummoned Mjolnir. As the plane started gliding in, thunder began to roll in an apparently clear sky, and he kissed Noriko on the forehead again.

<BlackWidow> The jet touched down and Selene quickly shut down the engines and lowered the ramp. "Okay, this is it - time to get serious." She opened her seatbelts and grabbed her gloves.

<Surge> Which earned him a giggle and another kiss before she pulled off her rubber gloves and stowed them in a pocket.

<Venom> Eddie blinked awake, taking a deep breath and looking around the interior of the jet. He made a "Hrrm?" sound as the jet landed, suiting himself in his black tendril armor and getting unstrapped.

<Venom> Tiredness was NOT going to help this mission, but he owed Xavier's lot everything. "Ready when you all are..."

<@Northstar_> "Hey Venom, welcome back to the world of the living." Jean-Paul stood up, clutching at the back of the seat and waiting for the word.

<Obscure> Sue put her book back on her seat and headed for the door. Nice and invisible.

<Venom> "Huh? Oh...yeah. Sorry.", Eddie managed out of his mask, looking at JP. "I haven't slept well recently...", 'Tell him WHY...', "...bad dreams."

<BlackWidow> Selene loaded the map of the water plant into her datapad and stepped out of the jet, trying to get her bearings. "Let me try and get a psychic scan of the area first," she said. "Everyone maintain radio contact, and try to stay in sight of each other."

<@Northstar_> "Yeah, I don't think any of us have been." He sighed, drumming his fingers against the headrest on the seat. "I know I haven't been."

<Thor> There was another rumble as they landed, and what had been a clear sky began to darken as clouds rolled across it. Ankka made sure his earpiece was on and in properly, then ducked out of the plane, Mjolnir put over a shoulder.

<Surge> "Me neither, nightmares means extra build up for me which means more stupid trips out into the forest at night." Huffing at the memories of creepy walks to her grounding patch in the forest.

<Venom> Eddie double-checked his radio, frowning behind his mask at Jean-Paul's words. "Starting to get the impression our 'hidden base' isn't so hidden(!)", he tried to joke back, stretching and flexing a fist. "Anyway, to work..."

<Pestilence> "Oh I'd say that I'm ready to go," Reed stood up and stretched his hands, fingers elongating into needles and then back.

<Obscure> Sue laughed a little, "Stay in sight... funny...."

<BlackWidow> She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, focusing on her senses as she reached out. "I can make out plenty of frightened workers, and some unconscious minds, too," Selene told the team. "I doubt us landing could have been that scary, so we have to assume they're already here."

<Venom> Standing, Eddie cautiously stepped down the ramp and gave the area a slow scan with his eyes. "Being the natural 'Splinter Cell' of the team, d'you need me to get high and give you eyes on?"

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Re: 5/5 Game: Bucked Off

Post by Ferguson » Sat May 05, 2012 11:55 pm

<BlackWidow> Looking around, she pointed at the largest building, straight ahead and across the open lot. "That's the main processing plant," she announced. "According to this thing here, that's where you want to be if you want direct access to all outgoing water-flow"

<@Northstar_> "Time to move out then?" Jean-Paul couldn't help but grow even more anxious now that they were there.

<Venom> "On it like a ca-....", Eddie frowned. Terrible, terrible reference. "I got it.", with a flick of his wrist and a hiss of jet black webbing, Venom was away.

<Surge> A few quick stretches on the ramp before she quietly followed everyone down and towards the plant. "Any bets on my injuries this time." She joked quietly.

<Obscure> "Going to say none or I'm not doing my job properly."

<Herald> "Let us hurry then," she nodded too him, "I can think of a way to slow down our guests while you work," The Herald closed her eyes and concentrated, and with a noise more similar to wires shorting reddish pink portals opened in every doorway and window in the facility.

<Thor> Ankka put his hand on JP's shoulder. "It's going to be okay, JP." He looked at Noriko. "None, hopefully." He said hurriedly, frowning worriedly. "No ending up in med bay this time, yes?" He swung his hammer experimentally, a low 'whum' following it as the first heavy raindrops started to fall. "Oh joy, rai-" He then swore in Finnish. "Vhat is that?"

<Venom> <'I usually get shot at first: I have a knack for ...'>, Venom chuckled over the radio. He landed atop the building Widow had pointed out and crouched, scanning it for guards. <'In position.'>

<@Northstar_> "I know it will be." He nodded to Thor, sighing. "I'm just...impatient today." He admitted, practically buzzing in place.

<Herald> She took a few deep breaths to steady herself, she was going to have a hell of a headache but thanks to her Master's alterations, maintaining all these portals wouldn't be too tricky. She smirked at Pestilence, "I hope they liked Scooby-Doo as children, come."

<Surge> <So far I've either broken something, taken a bullet or electrocuted myself on every mission.> Giggling back a little nervously, as the trip to the med bay was becoming a tiresome one.

<Venom> <'...are...you guys seeing this?'>, Venom noticed the portals. "...that's Blink's work.", he reminded himself.

<@Northstar_> "Well," Jean-Paul responded to Venom over the radio. "I suppose that clinches the fact they're there."

<Surge> "Means we have to be extra careful those portals could go right into the contaminated water."

<Pestilence> Grinning a wicked grin, Reed made his way to the chemical distribution main for the water supply ", lets hope so." Leaning forward over the opening, Reed concentrated for a moment and then started "distributing" the virus from his mouth.

<Venom> Venom turned and approached the building's fire escape door. Opening it, he was greeted by the bright purple-pink aura of another portal. "....huh.", he sighed, <'So, it's ALL the doors and windows? What do we do? Should I even TRY and enter?'>

<BlackWidow> "Is everyone ready," Selene asked via radio as she stood in front of the massive building. "I can't detect anything or anything hostile close by, so we should be good to scout ahead. Any volunteers?" She frowned, listening in. "Yes, I'm afraid we'll have expect trickery. Be careful."

<@Northstar_> Jean-Paul just waved in answer, hurrying ahead to scout and find where it was people were. The first people he found, however, were the workers who could running out of the building.

<Obscure> "I can go in... I'll just put a field around myself in case and remain invisible." Sue offered.

<@Northstar_> "Civilians coming out, I'm directing them back to Dr. Summers."

<Venom> "Well, I suppose that settles it...", Venom took a deep breath and touched the portal at first with his finger, then pushed both hands into its wake before stepping into it.

<Surge> Noriko pulled the new hood up on her suit, not wanting to risk the rain. "I can't exactly risk getting dumped in the water itself, so I'm going to be careful with those."

<BlackWidow> "Good thinking," Selene replied. "And yes, make sure to get all workers out of the way as soon as possible." She headed up to the main entrance and opened it, almost stepping into the glowing portal herself.

<Obscure> Sue headed for the nearest window and boosted herself up on a field before stepping through it.

<BlackWidow> "We probably can't do anything about all the doorways inside, but the least we should be able to do is get a proper entrance," Selene mused, purring on a thoughtful expression. "Anyone volunteering to make us one? I'm looking at the guy with the big hammer, by the way."

<@Northstar_> "On it then." Jean-Paul hurried along, herding as many people as he could out into the open and towards where he knew Scott would be setting up shop.

<Herald> Clarice frowned to herself briefly as Pestilence did his thing, "Oh, how silly of me, I forgot a door," a few seconds later a portal popped open just as the civilians ran through it, and they vanished.

<Venom> <'Ah! Ha...Jesus!'>, Venom gasped over the radio alongside the sound of webbing and muffled movement. <'I'm alright! The portal did NOT open on ground floor though...>, he grinned awkwardly to himself, hanging upside down in what he could only assume was the warehouse they kept spare pipe components in. "...well, fucking A..."

<IronFist> Danny walked out of the plane, finally. He had been a little late getting the uniform on. "Wait-hold on! Don't do anything too cool without me!"

<IronFist> He slid out and poised himself for attacks. "What-where is?"

<Thor> Ankka snorted. "You vant a hole? I'll give you a hole." He weighted Mjolnir, the weapon suddenly slamming with power, and threw it as hard as he could at the wall beside a door. It crumpled completely, the weapon singing back to him and catching it easily. "...Coool..."

<Obscure> Sue didn't know where she was but she could work that out. She focused her invisibility field to look for the wall to the outside.

<Venom> <'Doesn't look like there's any civilians in here...'>, Venom added. <'Oh, we've been joined by the mighty Iron Fist? Welcome to Chicago.'>

<Surge> Noriko was keeping her head down as she stood behind Black widow looking up the side of the building along a drain pipe. "Want me to see if I can get in through the roof?"

<@Northstar_> Jean-Paul had been running along with the workers as well as suddenly he was not at all where he should be. "Blink blinked me as well...I've no idea where this is." He looked around the unfamiliar place, wishing very much he had at least been brought to a portion of the plant that didn't look so...dark and industrial.

<Obscure> "Hang on... working on locating everyone." Sue sat down and spread her field out to invisible most of the walls. "Anyone see anyone else yet?"

<BlackWidow> Selene shielded her face from the dust and debris, then took a look at the nice big hole. "Well, that should do the trick," she said. "Though we maybe should try more discreet methods once inside. Okay, anyone who hasn't found a way in yet, come on!" She ran ahead.

<Thor> "One door." He called, before stepping over the rubble, a hand cupping a sputtering ball of blue, crackling energy.

<@Northstar_> "I see a lot of pipes." Jean-Paul managed rather unhelpfully as he walked along, keeping an eye out around him for anyone else.

<IronFist> "Why don't we bring teleporters with us?" He wondered aloud. He tried to beep into Sue. "What are your surroundings, Obscure?"

<Venom> With a flip, Venom gracefully landed atop a girder running the length of the roof and slowly slinked his way across it, keeping eyes on the rows of machinery below. <'Anyone near me?'>, he chimed over the radio. <'I'm in....erm....'>, he noticed the painted sign on the walls, <'Stock Warehouse 2A'>

<IronFist> He realized that sentence sounded redundant. Oh well, she'll figure it out.

<Surge> Shrugging she followed the others in fingers twitching with her own energy thanks to the nerves, have to stay calm and not get jumpy. "That was pretty cool Ankka."

<Thor> "Because, Fist, the school's teleporter is vhat is doing this." Ankka said shortly, shouldering the axe-hammer, before blushing at Noriko. "...Thank you."

<Obscure> "Some office... concentrating. I'm trying to blanket the area so we can locate people...." She pushed her field out further, spreading it over all the walls.

<IronFist> "Venom, I'm headed your way, now." He took off, full sprint. "We only have one?" He said on the com to Thor.

<Herald> "I know genius should not be rushed, Pestilence, but we are outgunned here, how much longer?"

<Thor> "Yes, as far as I know." Ankka moved quietly, pointing the newly-made door to any civilians they found. "Am I the only one that's a little vorried by lack of things attacking?" The entire place shook with the force of the thunder outside, making him jump.

<@Northstar_> "Our other one is rather new at the whole fighty fighty thing." Jean-Paul hurried out of the room he was in, deciding it was just too creepy to linger in there, though the creepy factor went up as he heard familiar voices ahead. "I think I hear them."

<IronFist> "Obscure, stay put. I'll come for you next." He said as an aside into the com.

<Venom> <'Careful, Fist: all the doors and windows: you may find the warehouse but I guarantee the door won't lead inside.'>, Venom pointed out.

<Pestilence> Panting a bit, Reed expelled the last of the dose into the water system and sat back up ", I'm done with this. We can move on." He wiped his sleeve over his mouth and licked his lips. "Who's closest to us?"

<BlackWidow> "I'm trying to find out where our marks are located," Selene announced, again focusing on her psychic senses, extending them in the direction of her teammates. "Yes, I can't recall Blink being able to create portals beyond her line of sight, so expect anything. You must be getting close... there is something..."

<Obscure> "I'm fine where I am, worry about everyone else." Sue looked around through the invisible walls to see if she could see others to make sure she could shield them if needed.

<Surge> Ankka jumped? Noriko had to hold on together mind so she didn't just blow it all now by accident thanks to the stupid weather. "So which way now?"

<BlackWidow> There were two signs of life, impossible to miss, as they shone so much more intense than anything around them. "That must be them..." Selene muttered, zeroing in on the location. "Everyone, follow my telepathic directions. And move quickly!"

<@Northstar_> That was definitely a familiar voice now. "...it's Reed. I don't see them yet but I can hear them."

<IronFist> He ran through a door, rolling his eyes. "I'll be fine." He said.

<Venom> Rappelling down, Venom landed carefully on the ground and approached the double doors at one end of the warehouse and forced it open with some effort. "Super-strength is GO!", he smirked, dragging the door open and looking around the inside of what he presumed was the main building.

<Obscure> "Are the invisible walls helping anyone?" she asked.

<Thor> Ankka found another door, opening it to another portal. Muttering, he stepped back. "Stay back and cover your eyes." He warned this time.
<IronFist> "Yes!" He said, running through. "Venom I don't see you... I see a lot of stuff but not you." He tried to follow The Black Widow's directions.

<Herald> "I'm not sure, but I'm sure that they will be fun to play with," Clarice removed two crystals from her sheath.

<Venom> Suddenly, Venom was aware of where he was going - talk about luck, picking the right direction! <'On the way, Widow.'>

<Surge> Nodding she got back and covered her face away from the door and Ankka's hammer. "Go for it."

<Obscure> "Awesome because I can't move while I'm doing this."

<Thor> The hammer slammed into the wall beside the door, once again reducing it to do much rubble, and he stepped around the portal. "You get the directions too, No- uh, Surge?" Codenames, Thor, codenames.

<Venom> Venom paused, jogging back a bit until he saw Danny. "Fist! Over here!", he called, pointing down the corridor he'd come from and retreating back down it.

<Surge> "Hai!" Hole made she ran past him and jumped through it, a rude Japanese gesture at the the portal before pointing down the corridor they needed. "That way!"

<IronFist> He nodded to Venom. "Very covert-looking, today."

<BlackWidow> "Careful with the walls, Obscure," Selene said. "Blink might be able to use her abilities at any distance. We don't want them to spot us before it's absolutely necessary."

<Pestilence> Looking at the Herald, Reed grinned and mouthed ", leave them to me." Turning, Reed put on a look of absolute terror and threw over a table, taking off running down the hall. The first of the others he came across happened to be just who he was hoping for ", J-Northstar! Please you have to help me!"

<Obscure> "Don't worry, I don't think I can spread it that far...."

<Thor> "Lead on then!" At least he could get round the occasional blank spot with telepathy thanks to his girlfriend. Ankka ran after her, keeping up easily, Mjolnir held low

<Venom> "Bitch, I MADE this look; not sure about the 'X'-shaped spider, but I think it has its pluses.", Venom smirked back almost visibly behind his mask.

<Venom> Venom stopped at a door at the end of the corridor. "...wanna get this one, Fist?"

<@Northstar_> That...was not what Jean-Paul had expected. "Reed? You're not...like Clarice?" Hearing the others getting closer, Jean-Paul moved out of the place he had been crouching and waiting, staring up at Reed quite shocked.

<IronFist> He pulled his fist back, focused his 'chi', and fired it directly into the door, blowing it off its hinges. "Tah-Dah. Now let's go through together, 'less we get separated again."

<Herald> "Have fun," Clarice smirked, teleporting up to the security room again, spotting Danny and Eddie chatting in the hallway, "Oh dear, shouldn't you two be working?" With a wave of her hand a portal opened up under Danny's feet, and then spat him out onto the roof.

<BlackWidow> A frown darkened her expression when she listened in on Jean-Paul's thoughts and radio signals. "Team! I think Northstar made contact! Everyone to his position!" She fell into a sprint herself. "Northstar, take care!"

<Surge> Noriko was happy to lead on, following the directions with a frown and occasionally pointing out walls to ruin so they could get there faster.

<Thor> Ankka heard that over the radio. "...Who vants a lift? I can fly faster and I'm a cannonball."

<Obscure> Sue pushed her field out to find JP and put up a field between him and Reed just in case.

<Quill> "Me!" Max said, huffing a little behind Thor and Surge. "I would love a lift."

<Thor> "Good job I'm invincible, huh?" He joked, Mjolnir disappear and picking up the little guy. "Surge?"

<Herald> Her gaze shifted to Ankka and Noriko, "Oh, the lovebirds, let's motivate them with some separation anxiety, she caused another portal to open up under Noriko's feet, teleporting her to the opposite side of the building.

<Surge> "Sure if its gets us there faster just beware of those portals!" Running back to him and bouncing slightly as the lights flickered.

<Venom> Venom already stepped through the portal, noticing that Danny wasn't behind him too late; he already spawned in what he assumed was an office complex. <'Iron Fist! What happened? Did you follow me through!?'>

<Pestilence> "No, she's been holding me hostage. I...I don't what they did to her powers but no matter what I do I can't escape where I've been held." He pressed against Jean-Paul and shivered into his shoulder, doing his best to hide a smirk. Looking up at JP he leaned up and then was slammed back by the forcefield. Reed turned to see Sue and grinned viciously, breathing deeply and vomiting virus all over her ", it's not nice to interrupt!"

<Thor> Ankka stared as Noriko disappeared just as he was going to grab her. "Surge!" He called, then there was a stream of Finnish swearing as he tapped into his radio. <Surge? Surge, vhere are you? Are you safe? Are you alright?>

<Herald> Oh look, the girl was spoiling Pestilence's fun, we couldn't have that ... where was the kung-fu guy again? Ahhh.

<IronFist> The portal opened and Danny went flying into Susan. "Gah! Incoming!" He impacted her, hard.

<Surge> And then she disappeared with a confused squeak. Luckily landing on her feet with a few choice swearwords of her fathers. <I'm good I'm good. Just &%£^%! lost that's all.>

<IronFist> The portal threw Danny out so fast, he had no control or ability to stop, tumbling into Susan, butt cheek-to-face-first.

<Venom> Looking around the office, Venom got a bearing on Widow's psychic co-ordinates.

<'Ah...apparently I'm not too far away: I'm gonna try and rendezvous at your waypoint, Black Widow.'>

<Pestilence> Turning back to JP, he reached out now that Sue was distracted and pulled him into a kiss, legacy virus coating his tongue.

<Obscure> Sue yelped and fell over, her fields pulling back as her concentration broke. "Ow! What the hell!?!"

<Surge> Looking round she spotted something a security camera? Line of sight wasn't a problem if you could see the whole building right? The cameras and security system got a good hard jolt of electricity then.

<IronFist> "Sorry! Not my fault!" He looked around as he got up, trying to pull Sue with him. "You alright?"

<Thor> Ankka didn't know whether to try and find his girlfriend or get to JP. He looked at Quill. JP first, mission had to be done, he just had to pray she was safe. He turned, kicked off the ground and headed straight for where everyone else was.

<Quill> "That's a new kind of swearword," Max said after hearing Surge.

<BlackWidow> Tapping into her reserves, Selene moved fast enough to make her motions blur, coming to a sudden halt when she stood in the room where Reed showered Sue in some kind of abhorrent substance, with Jean-Paul standing by.

<Thor> "She's good at them vhen she's annoyed enough." Ankka said proudly as they moved, everything blurring around them.

<Obscure> "I'm fine.... I just... damn it. I lost everyone..." She frowned, "Reed's with JP... I was trying to keep an eye on it...."

<@Northstar_> That...was the single most disgusting thing Jean-Paul could even conceive of at the moment. "Gerroff!" Shoving Reed away, he fought to not actually be sick. Shuddering, he pulled himself together, making a lunge for Reed. They had to get him back to the school and back to him.

<BlackWidow> "Move away from him," she called out, at no one in particular, while attempting to push Reed away with a telekinetic assault herself.

<Herald> Clarice shrieked and leapt back as the monitors sparked and blew thanks to Noriko, "Bitch!" she had to get to Pestilence.

<Surge> There was plenty of power sources as she started running along the corridors picking up speed, making sure every damn camera was ruined along the way as her movements became a blur following maps on the walls and painted arrows to try and find everyone.

<Venom> Venom lost count of the different turns he'd made running down corridors, finally reaching a door. "...right.", he opened it. No portal? "Sweet!", he continued following the directions.

<Pestilence> Holding his hands up, Reed stepped back, still smiling and licking his lips ", well it looks to me like you've got me cornered. What with all these lovey former friends of mine around. We'll be friends again, soon, don't worry. You'll all see the light soon."

<Thor> Ankka shouldered through several walls on his way through before hitting the room with JP and...Reed? in. He set Quill down, another rumble of thunder heralding him suddenly crackling with energy. "Vhat now?" He murmured uncertainly.

<Obscure> Sue pushed her field out again to try and relocate JP. "Is Northstar still alright?" She asked into the comm, "Anyone in the area? Danny fell on me...."

<Herald> Her memory was good enough that she knew where he was and she reappeared at the end of the corridor, and her eyes flashed under her hood, "Pestilence!" Shew threw her crystals like knives, one heading for Selene, the other at JP.

<@Northstar_> "I'm fine, thanks though." Jean-Paul was answering Obscure back as the crystals came, running to avoid his and trying to get to Selene before hers could land.

<Venom> Venom burst into the room Sue and Danny. "What's good?", he asked the others. "Seen the other guys?"

<Surge> She heard Clarice's voice and darted down a hallway picking up speed and bursting through the door to were the noises were coming from and straight at her friend at blurring speed.

<Quill> Max squinted as something had gotten into his eye. He should wear goggles if he ever got a lift with Ankka again. "Hit something with that hammer of yours, that usually helps." Max said, ducking in case one of those flying flashy thingies hit him.

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Re: 5/5 Game: Bucked Off

Post by Ferguson » Sat May 05, 2012 11:56 pm

<Obscure> "I was seeing all of them til I got hit in the face by Danny... Working on it...." she swung her field to try and find them again.

<IronFist> "No, let's go." He punched the door open and looked behind him. "Sue, run with us. Keep walls around us transparent. Anyone who can hear us, we're coming, now."

<Thor> Ankka blurred. His hammer was suddenly flung, one of the crystals shattering with a miniature explosion as Mjolnir hit it, the axehead burying into the wall.

<Venom> 'We can feel them!', Venom shot bolt upright, pointing at another door in the room: "That way! The others are in danger!", Spider-Sense was a real help today, it seemed.

<BlackWidow> Eyes widening at the rapidly approaching crystal, Selene raised a hand in an attempt to block the projectile with her powers, not even sure if those things were affected by it. She didn't have to find out, as Jean-Paul zoomed right into her and took her out of the way.

<Obscure> "I can't run and concentrate at the same time! Why do you think I was sat on the floor?!"

<IronFist> "Good!" He followed. "Sue, keep the transparency! Stay as close as you can, move slowly if you must. I'm worried about getting too separated."

<Pestilence> With the crystals distracting, Reed laughed and took off running towards Clarice's voice.

<Obscure> "I'll just stay here and watch you. I'm fine. I can shield myself." She sat down again and spread her field further.

<@Northstar_> "I see you've bonded with the hammer thing." Jean-Paul slid to a stop as Thor destroyed the crystals. "Any orders?" He turned to Selene, catching his breath for a quick moment.

<Herald> "Pestilence, are yo-GAAAH!" Clraice shrieked as a ballistic Noriko barreled into her, sending her flying.

<Thor> His face a mask of concentration as he spotted Reed running, throwing a bolt that slammed into the floor at Reed's feet.

<Surge> Another quick focus and Clarice got one hell of a grounding shock right through her.

<Venom> Venom charged the door at the other side of the connecting hall with a dropkick, landing crouched and surveying the combat. "...'the fuck is Reed going?", he found himself asking, suddenly aware of Clarice being knocked about. "...well, shit."

<IronFist> "Well shit, indeed." He said, sliding up behind him.

<Obscure> Sue blocked Reed's escape with a forcefield and tried to keep an eye on Danny and Eddie.

<Venom> "...erm...I'm not sure what the hell I'm seeing here...", Venom looked around. "...s-should we...help or...?"

<BlackWidow> Selene's gaze darted around rapidly, as she tried to process the situation. "Try to keep them occupied and distracted," she said. "As long as they're toying with us and don't leave, we can still end this in our favour. I'll try the psychic approach and end whatever it is that's trapping their minds."

<Thor> Trusting that was a distraction enough, Thor flung himself at Reed, barreling into him and attempting to wrap his arms around him.

<Herald> Clarice screamed, arching up off the ground before gritting her teeth and slamming her elbow into her friend's face.

<Pestilence> Reed threw a hand out, entire arm sharpening into a needle to slam into Noriko, injecting ", that's my ride you're attacking!"

<Venom> Venom looked at Iron Fist: "Huh. Let's kick ass?"

<Surge> The elbow knocked her off but the needle in her side was the one to drain her a nice ram of electricity slamming right thought it as Noriko screamed in pain.

<Thor> That earned Reed a slam from Ankka, Mjolnir crunching out of the wall back to his hand. "You do not hurt my girlfriend!" He hit him with the hammer end to get him away from people.

<Thor> [STOP! Hammer time!]
<Venom> (WoooOOOOh-OOOh-Ooh! OOh-ooh-ooooh!)

<Pestilence> Slamming into the wall and bouncing to the floor, Reed laughed ", I'm made of rubber, Thor, don't think you can hurt me with that hammer!"

<IronFist> "Deal." He said, winking to Venom. He ran towards Clarice and focused his chi into his hands. He used this iron fist as a grip and pulled back Clarice's arm, as if he were preparing to arrest her. "Don't make this harder than it needs to be. Whatever this is that has you, let yourself free!"

<Herald> Clarice flipped and spun out with her foot, knocking Ankka off his feet, "And you do not strike the agent of your salvation!"

<Obscure> "Let me contain Reed! Focus on Clarice!" Sue got ready to put a field up around Reed.

<Surge> Noriko forced herself to her feet and hearing the rubber comment aimed the next blast at Clarice, clutching her side.

<@Northstar_> Distract, Jean-Paul could do distract. With a nod he flew back into the fray.

<Thor> "That's vhy I'm hitting you with it, Reed-" Ankka suddenly found himself hitting the floor with a hard 'oof', the hammer sliding to Reed's feet.

<BlackWidow> Steeling her mind, Selene hoped the team would hold its own against her friends and could keep them from fleeing long enough. She had to act before someone on either side ended up hurt or worse. Focusing, she reached out to locate Reed and Clarice's minds.

<Quill> Max ran towards Clarice, wanting to at least keep her busy like Selene suggested, swinging his arm around for a nice quill filled swipe.

<Obscure> Sue wrapped her field around Reed and focused on keeping it tight. "Okay. Got one."

<Venom> Venom fired a stream of webbing at Clarice. "Seriously, this is my most over-used trick - originality is dead..."

<Herald> "First rule, never treat a real fight like the dojo, ninja-boy," Clarice spat, before simultaneously smacking him in the nose with the back of her head and kicking back with her heel between his legs to stun him, and when she felt his grip loosen slightly she ducked under Max's strike and shoved him in the chest, right into the way of Norko's jolt.

<BlackWidow> They weren't hard to find among the others, their life-signs standing out like shining beacons. Not merely observing this time, Selene pushed forth, attempting to force her way into the mind's of her brainwashed friends.

<IronFist> He stumbled backwards holding his nose. He hoped his pupil had a better sense of how to handle himself than he had.

<BlackWidow> As expected, they were heavily guarded against any kind of intrusion. "Here's more at work than simple brain-washing," Selene remarked, her expression strained.

<Surge> Dancing round the teammate she'd just accidentally just hit she went for the superspeed glomp and jolt attack!

<IronFist> His grip let go completely as he saw Max get struck by the electricity. "No!" He flung her arm out of his grip to go to his pupil.

<@Northstar_> "Like what?" Jean-Paul winced as he saw the problems Quill was having. "Quill, are you still with us?"

<Quill> "I can't feel my chest!" Max yelled, stumbling back.

<Herald> Clarice grabbed three crystals like throwing stars and threw them at the group, Selene's presence like a rodent gnawing at her brain, "The Master defends those who are his own!" She declared.

<Pestilence> Hitting the forcefield, Reed laughed ", oh little Suuuuuuueeee......Where are you dear?" He expanded his body outward to match the shield, using all his strength to expand it.

<Venom> "Yo, Blink!", Venom released the webbing as it was torn apart by her crystals and charged into a jumping punch, dodging the glowing shrapnel, "Think fast, babe!"

<Obscure> Sue pushed back against Reed, making her field more dense to cope with the strain.

<Surge> "Defend from this!" Slamming into Clarice and hitting her toward the oncoming Venom.

<Thor> Ankka pulled himself up, shaking his head and trying to blink it clear. Ow. He looked up, trying to spot where Mjolnir went.

<@Northstar_> As, for the moment, both Clarice and Reed seemed contained, Jean-Paul slowed down beside Quill. "Lets see, how hurt are you?"

<Pestilence> Reed pushed harder and grinned ", Suuuuuueeeee, do you think you can stop me?"

<BlackWidow> Clenching her jaw, Selene focused her psychic assault and attempted to breach Clarice's defenses. "If you can't remember who your friends are, I'll have to remind you of it," she said, her mind overcoming the shields to push forth, entering the other woman's thought. "I'm ending this now..."

<Herald> Clarice fell ungracefully into Eddie, though she did manage to get a crystal out to stab him ... which was as useful as chocolate teapot.

<Obscure> Sue was starting to wish she'd practised with bigger weights. "Uh guys... Reed's really straining my field...." And the familiar pain was coming back.

<Quill> "Everything's starting to feel tingly now." Max told JP, "Yeah, feeling's coming back... and fokking hurts."

<BlackWidow> Selene froze, her eyes widening. Her mind felt as if it had just stepped into quicksand, clouding and enveloping her senses. "What is this..."

<IronFist> Danny stepped over Quill. "Hold on!" He took his glove off of his hand and prepared to place his palm over Quill's chest. "I can do this,..." He told himself.

<@Northstar_> "You need a run out to Cyclops?" Jean-Paul glanced up at Sue's warning, watching Reed expanding. "If it bursts I've got it covered."

<Venom> Venom's fist connected with the back of Clarice's head, he winced as the crystal blade went into his side, but it wasn't too bad. "You've done worse...", he assured her, attempting to floor her with a kick to the back of the leg.

<Pestilence> Laughing louder, Reed kept pushing ", do you feel that, Sue? That's the sound of you failing. That's the sound of you being too weak to stop me. Can you feel your power slipping?"

<Venom> 'Hey, go easy!', 'This is NOT our friend...', Venom winced a little.

<Surge> "Someone fucking help sue! I can't hold him with the rubber issue!"

<Thor> Ankka finally managed to get up. He looked at Reed, then at his weapon, inside the shields. What the hell did he do? It wasn't disappearing, and if he called it back it would shatter Sue's shield. "I can't either - there has to be a vay-" He spotted girders above the expando-man.

<Obscure> "Does Reed need to breathe?" She wondered, sealing the air out of the field. Guess they'll find out. Assuming she could keep it up. Keeping things out was way easier than keeping things in. "Not weak...." her nose was bleeding, she could feel it.

<IronFist> Danny placed his palm over Quill's chest and concentrated his chi from his very core, through his arm, out his palm, and into Quill. His essence and life poured out of himself and into Max. Danny felt his eyes become droopy and his mind fuzzy.

<Herald> Or was it? Clarice grinned ferociously at Eddie, "I wonder what happens when a blob like you get's every single atom of their being separated for a moment ... care to find out?" Not that she gave Eddie a chance to answer, using her displacement power on him.

<BlackWidow> Reeling from the contact, Selene stumbled and almost toppled over, a groan coming over her lips. "It just goes deeper and deeper without end," she muttered, desperately trying to pull back. "It's like a pit of poison."

<IronFist> He began to experience tunnel vision but he wouldn't stop until he was sure. When he was he stood up, slowly, and felt the world spinning.

<Pestilence> He kept up the continuing strain against the shield, feeling the oxygen slowly leave. She would fail before he needed it.

<Thor> Kicking into the air, he grabbed one, working to wrap it around the shields. He did it with several, trying to create a seal around the shields.

<Surge> "Come on Sue you can do it!" Hand ramming into the back of Clarice;s neck as Venom got displaced and shoving a jolt into her, trying to knock her out.

<@Northstar_> "Black Widow, you'd better get out of anything you describe as a pit of poison."

<Venom> Venom had a moment to feel the excruciating pain of every cell in his body severing at once. With a hellish scream, his mass collapsed at will as the pain wracked him for just a moment enough for his mind to decide escape was the way forward.

<BlackWidow> Forcefully separating her mind from Blink's, Selene gasped and dropped down to a knee, coughing and struggling for air.

<Quill> "Now that feels unusually warm, um, Ironfist, you can stop Ironfisting me now. Pain's almost gone..." Max told Danny/

<Thor> As he worked, blue-white lightning snapped through him, seeming to create another shield around Sue's, almost containing everything.

<Herald> Clarice barreled into Danny, and rammed a crystal into his leg, then going for JP with another razor edge.

<Obscure> Sue pulled her invisibility field back, blocking her view of the scene so that she could focus solely on the shield. "Is he out yet?"

<Herald> "The Master how powers you can't compare Black Widow, he will crush your mind like a toy, he has made his chosen invincible!"

<Pestilence> With a last surge of strength, Reed slammed the shield open through the cracks in Sue's power and immediately turned to putty, hitting the floor with a splat and slipping through the nearest crack.

<IronFist> "Gah!!!" He crumpled to the floor at the feeling of the hot (or was it cold?) crystal shearing through his flesh. And then his knee.

<@Northstar_> Seeing Clarice come towards him, Jean-Paul flew at her, charging as quickly as he could to get around her back and get her into the air.

<Obscure> Sue screamed in pain and blacked out.

<IronFist> "Fffrraaaaahhh!" He cried out.

<Venom> In a writhing tower of black ink, tendrils arose and re-formed Venom, down on one knee, he patted his body down, half expecting pain again. "...honestly, the SHIT we put up with...", he looked up to see the others. This fight was going to hell.

<@Northstar_> "...Who has Reed?! Where did he go?" Jean-Paul looked down, not seeing him and seeing Sue passed out.

<Thor> "...If you mean out of the shields..." Mjolnir tore through the metal and everything back to his hand, watching the putty. "..." He didn't know what to do. "He escaped. Vatch your feet! He's putty!"

<Herald> "I warned you, Northstar! The Master will not forgive, you will all burn, Pestilence is but the first of the four. We will remake the world in His image and there will be no place for you, not now!" She ranted.

<Pestilence> Reforming on the floor below, Reed laughed quietly to himself as he strode towards the nearest exit. The Herald would know where to find him.

<Surge> Apparently that jolt hadn't worked so she blurred again, pulling Thor's excess power from the air around her and blasted her best friend again.

<Venom> Venom scowled at Clarice. "...the fuck is that bitch talking about!?", he flexed a fist into a blade, only just holding back his rage. "Hey, asshole!", he called over to Clarice. "I got your 'New World' RIGHT HERE!"

<BlackWidow> "Clarice, please," Selene said, her face pale and covered in cold sweat, as she stood in the doorway. She was visibly exhausted, holding on to the door-frame.

<Venom> "Wake up, damnit, Blink! It's us! It's ME! Venom!"

<@Northstar_> "I don't think I'm asking anyone with the name of some Buffy the Vampire Slayer villain name for forgiveness." Jean-Paul tried to get as good of a hold on her as he could manage, ready to knock her out.

<Venom> Venom glanced at Northstar, nodding at him slightly.

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Re: 5/5 Game: Bucked Off

Post by Ferguson » Sat May 05, 2012 11:56 pm

<Herald> She kicked JP in the knee and flung herself away from him and stood at bay, panting and sweating, "Your day's are numbered, we are coming," she smirked, pulled her hood back up and vanished in a flash of red light, Noriko's blast hitting the wall behind where she had been standing.

<Thor> "Clarice!"

<Quill> Max cringed when he saw the crystal that was jutting out of Danny's leg. Yeah, he is completely useless in fights.

<Venom> Releasing a snare of webbing from his blade-arm too late, Venom cursed. The webbing contacted the wall, but Clarice was already gone. "SonofaBITCH!"

<BlackWidow> "No!" Selene attempted to rush after her, but the psychic confrontation had drained her of all her reserves. She merely stumbled forward, struggling not to fall down.

<@Northstar_> Swerving to avoid the wall her kick had readjusted his course to be, Jean-Paul merely slid down it.

<Surge> Noriko took a few breaths and started forcing herself back into a run so she could find out where Sue was in the higher levels, she couldn't be in a good state.

<Herald> She reappeared half a mile away, in a small bunch of scrub trees. Dropping to her knees she panted and swallowed for a few moments, trying to catch her breath. Then she got back too her feet and her finger went to her earpiece, "Pestilence, good game. I will meet you at the rendezvous point."

<@Northstar_> "They've gotten away, haven't they?" Jean-Paul said as he forced himself up. "Both of them."

<Venom> Venom gripped his head, crouching onto one knee again. How could he have lost? The aggravation didn't help the roaring in his mind. Eddie's face revealed itself as his mask receded. "...what do we do?"

<BlackWidow> "Bloody hell," she muttered, straining to find the energy to stay conscious. Raising her head, she looked around the room, trying to account for all the others of her team. "Report in, everybody! What's your status? Is everyone alright?"

<Surge> Noriko found sue in one of the upper unconscious with one help of a nose bleed, falling to her knees she tried to shake her awake. "Sue! Sue!"

<@Northstar_> "I'm in need of a gallon of mouthwash but okay." He chimed in over the radio, looking around to the others.

<Pestilence> "I'll be waiting, Herald. That was a lovely stretch," he smirked and kept heading towards the point.

<Venom> "Right here, seriously not alright...", Eddie looked over at Sue. "Shit....we need medical."

<Thor> Ankka sank to the ground, landing lightly, Mjolnir scraping the concrete. "...Yes, they have, JP." He said finally, wiping his forehead. "I'm good, Widow. Vhat about vhatever they did to the vater supply?"

<Herald> "Herald out," She rolled her shoulders, she was going to be sore in the morning, and changed frequencies, "My Lord, Pestilence and I were successful, we will proceed on schedule .... Yes, my Master .... Of course, I will give you the full report upon our return ... I live to serve, Herald out."

<BlackWidow> "We need to shut down the plant, before it can spread," Selene announced, forcing herself back on her feet. "First, though, we have to take care of the wounded. Anyone still able to move by themselves, try to get them to Cyclops by the jet."

<Herald> And with another flash of light, she was gone.

<Surge> Giving up trying to wake Obscure she started getting her into the recovery position, checking her belt wasn't to tight. "Venom any chance you can grab Sue? Not sure I'm strong enough."

<Quill> "Hey, it's Quill here, can someone help me with Ironfist, his leg looks really bad."

<@Northstar_> "Yes, ma'am." Jean-Paul shook his head, slightly dazed as he rushed off towards Max and Danny. "You might as well hitch a ride with me...ugh, yeah, that does look bad."

<Venom> Eddie nodded to Noriko as he approached them Sue. "Sure, kid. I got her."

<BlackWidow> Selene thought quickly. "Surge! Can you get to the pumps in the main hall? Think you can drain their power?"

<IronFist> He gritted through the pain and tried to sit up right. "Not happening, sorry."

<Thor> "I can help her." Ankka added in. "No need for her to be overcharged - if she vants the help?"

<Surge> "Thanks Eddie." Smiling at him before she started running following the wall directions again. "No problem I got it!" And taking a deep breath she forced her self back into the blurring run, draining anything she already hadn't to keep herself going as she headed for the pumps. Just keep breathing.

<Venom> "Lighter than I expected.", Eddie commented as he lifted Sue in both arms, <'I'll get Obscure to safety...'>

<Surge> "I could using the grounding after but I need the power right now Ankka."

<@Northstar_> "Here, give me your arm and we'll be on our way for help." He held out his hand to Danny, ready to pull him up and run. "I'll be right back for you, Quill."

<Thor> "Right behind you." Mjolnir disappeared as he headed for Noriko, not minding being a walking grounding post for her.

<BlackWidow> "Thanks, Surge; that's quicker than trying to figure out how to shut these things down manually." Selene made her way to the others, swaying a bit, but managing to remain upright.

<Surge> The pump room turned out to be huge, but it didn't take long to find the big generator. She needed to do this properly now. Eyes glowing fiercely she dragged the power from everything in the room, pumps rolling to a stop as she filled up on everything.

<Thor> Ankka slowed to a walk as he made it into the room, standing quietly and watching her with a faint smile.

<Quill> Max looked up as the lights flickered and darkened. He felt at his chest. He may be useless, but hopefully he'll have a kickass scar because of this.

<Venom> Eddie approached the Jet's co-ordinates, frowning at Sue's slow breathing. "...good job, you.", he tried to smile at her.

<Thor> A roll of thunder murmured over the compound again, the rain turning everything a murky, miserable grey to reflect the general mood.

<Surge> With everything drained completely she took a few slow breaths, power crackling of her skin with no lights or appliances to kill. No something better. One by one the controls started exploding, now there was no power or a way to turn them on.

<Obscure> Sue stirred a little and winced. Ow. So much pain in her head.

<Venom> Eddie carried Sue into the Jet and set her down on one of the seats. "Hey, Sue. You awake?", he half whispered, webbing himself over the medkit from one of the walls.

<BlackWidow> The sounds of the large machine's dying down filled Selene with the slightly reassuring sense that they might have accomplished something, after all. "Good job, everyone," she said, trying to sound somewhat confident. "How are the injured?"

<Obscure> She groaned a little in response and shielded her eyes from the lights.

<Surge> Once done Noriko clicked on her comn <Hey Venom I packed some of Sue's migraine medicine in one of the med packs for her. Just in case>

<Venom> "Hey, try and stay with me, alright?", Eddie withdrew some cotton and tried to clear up some of the blood on her face, tapping his radio back on. <'Where is it? She looks like she needs something like that...'>

<BlackWidow> After making her way to where the wounded had been gathered, Selene took a look around. "Not sure what it was that Reed was spewing out, but we might have to decontaminate everyone who got hit by it," she said. "Just in case. I doubt it was something healthy."

<Thor> Ankka smiled, coming up behind his girl carefully so not to startle her. "See, I told you you'd be able to control it one day, yes?" He gently wrapped his arms around the tiny girl.

<@Northstar_> Once Danny was safely on the jet, Jean-Paul doubled back for Quill. "And here we are. Is that everyone?"

<Surge> < In the med pack in the cock pit, put it there so I didn't forget it.> Comn off she held the arms holding her and sighed, everything was really starting to hurt. "I'm getting better, just need to be more useful really."

<BlackWidow> Selene slowly nodded. "Yes, everyone accounted for," she said. "Thor and Surge should join us shortly."

<Quill> "Almost thought you forgot me." Max told JP.

<Obscure> Where was she? She could hear voices. Ugh. She felt dizzy. Going back to sleep sounded nice.

<Venom> Eddie turned around as the others entered, looking at Selene, "Are you fucking serious? He was spewing that stuff out? Eww...", he double-checked the medkit, finding the medicine Noriko mentioned. "Sue, stay awake a sec. Here.", he handed her the bottle. "Do you need this?"

<@Northstar_> "Don't put it passed me right now, I'm a bit spacey as it is." And a bit worried that whatever Reed had shoved into his mouth was going to really be a bad thing as well. "You're hard to forget though, Prickles.”

<Thor> "You did just fine." Ankka kissed the top of her head, before picking her up. "Come on, ice cream and milkshake, and some of your vierd sveets vhen we get home." He smiled, walking out of the now-silent room and heading for the jet...the rain actually stopping the moment he stepped outside.

<Venom> "These are pills, right?", Eddie opened the bottle, "How many d'you need?", he was getting the impression Sue wasn't feeling too chatty.

<IronFist> Danny groaned as he tried to wrap his knee. "This is... not how I expected this to go"

<Quill> Max grimaced at the name, "You gotta find a different nickname, that just makes me feel inadequate."

<Obscure> Sue forced her eyes open enough and squinted at the bottle as it swam into her field of vision. "Some..." she mumbled, closing her eyes again. Ow.

<Thor> "Vell that's good, last thing ve vant is you getting vet this charged up, yes?"

<Venom> "That's 'three' then, is it?", Eddie smirked a little, popping a few out and handing them to her carefully. He put the bottle down. "Do we have any water?"

<@Northstar_> "I think we all feel a bit inadequate right now." He admitted, flopping into his seat. "You did well though."

<Surge> Noriko was quite happy to get picked up, even with the power up, the stab to the side and everything else made it painful to move without adrenaline. "Yeah guess so, I want Clarice more then sweets right now."

<BlackWidow> "I think we all expected this to go better," Selene commented, leaning against the landing gear of the jet. "We did what we could, however, and if that means we saved Chicago from being contaminated, that's worth some points. We may have been in over our heads, but I believe we managed to delay their plans."

<BlackWidow> "I hope so, anyway," she added.

<Obscure> Sue closed her hand around the tablets and curled up in her seat. "Cold...."

<Thor> "I know..." Ankka sighed, the moment he stepped onto the jet the thunderstorm picked right back up, deluging everything around them, including the contaminated water. "Soon, Noriko."

<Venom> Eddie reached under Sue's seat, pulling out the emergency thermal blanket and handing it to her. "There you go, kiddo.", he looked around in the medkit, finding a flask of water. "Here, take this too."

<Quill> "Well? I did well? I didn't even get a hit in, I had to be carried everywhere and I'm pretty sure if I take off my suit's top, it'll look like I've got a superhero suit with an insignia on my chest. Still burns a bit as well." Max told JP as he poked himself.

<Venom> "...I should have become an army field medic.", Eddie pondered aloud.

<@Northstar_> "Yeah, well, I got a tongue coated in god knows what down my throat. Call ourselves even?"

<Quill> "I should have let my girlfriend take my place." Max added to Eddie's pondering.

<Obscure> Sue took the water with a small smile and managed to sit up enough to take the tablets. She used the last bit of water to clean the blood from her face.

<Thor> "Eddie, you got a med kit spare?" Ankka tried a smile, a hand going to the stab wound. "I know you have healing, Noriko, but I don't vant to - hey, it's already healing!" He watched the wound sealing under his fingers with awe. "It's getting stronger, huh?"

<Surge> <I didn't break any bones this time!> came a tired but cheerful voice over the comn and through the ship. "Just stabbed with a nasty needle."

<Surge> "Oooo I guess so, cool!"

<BlackWidow> "If it's any consolation, I didn't achieve much either," Selene pointed out with a dry chuckle, putting on a faint smirk for the others.

<Venom> Eddie picked up the cotton dressing and rubbed Sue's cheek, "Yeah, ya missed a bit.", he winked at her, "Ankka: kit's here if you want it."

<@Northstar_> "Yeah...we're probably going to have to have Scott check us out, aren't we?" Jean-Paul glanced back at Noriko, cringing a bit as he imagined what it could be they might contract.

<Obscure> "Thanks..." Sue gave Eddie a grateful smile, "Is everyone else okay?"

<Surge> "You know what considering everything? I'm good aside from getting checked out for evil viruses I have no reason to be in the med bay! you feeling better Sue?"

<Thor> "I think Noriko's okay now, Eddie...her healing's kicking in." Ankka was still keeping hold of her, though.

<Venom> "Everyone's fine, I think. Pride's wounded though.", Eddie confessed, standing and sitting beside Sue after closing up the medkit. "Alright: by the way, awesome moves, 'Thor'.", Eddie smirked.

<Quill> "Yeah," Max agreed with Eddie, "For a second there when we arrived I thought you were gonna throw me or something. Scared me for a sec." Max told Ankka.

<@Northstar_> "Yeah, pride is definitely wounded." He admitted, drawing his knees up to his chest and leaned against the window, trying not to think too much about what had just happened.

<Obscure> "I'll be fine in a bit... once the painkillers kick in... maybe I'll sleep..." she pinched the bridge of her nose. "Is there more water?"

<Thor> Ankka gave him a tired grin. "Thanks. Same to you too..." He went to staring out of the window, thinking about Clarice, arms wrapped around Noriko.

<BlackWidow> "Well, there's plenty of water around here, but I probably wouldn't drink that right now," Selene said, nodding towards the water processing plant. She smiled at Max. "We'll remember to try that the next time."

<Venom> Eddie gestured to Sue's left, "Bottle's there."

<Surge> "Ooooo yeah sorry for however I accidentally hit with the Jolt by the way I didn't mean to!" Snuggling into Ankka's chest before huffing, wanting her roommate back.

<Obscure> "Thanks..." she took the bottle, shifting again to sit up better.

<@Northstar_> "So...this thing is good to fly us back on auto-pilot basically while we lick our wounds, isn't it?"

<BlackWidow> "Yeah, though we maybe should make sure all the workers are alright and being taken care of before heading out," Selene commented.

<Venom> "This is the part where I text my girlfriend and let her know that I'm TOTALLY gonna need that Adventure Time marathon tonight.", Eddie sighed, drawing his cellphone.

<@Northstar_> "Right, we should." Jean-Paul pulled himself back out of the way he had folded up. "Shall I make rounds of the place then?"

<BlackWidow> Selene nodded. "If you feel up for it."

<@Northstar_> "I can surely manage to put one foot in front of the other, no matter the speed." He put on a smile and waved, running out.

<Obscure> Sue idly wished she had a girlfriend to call for cuddles....

<@Northstar_> Plus, going on the rounds meant he didn't have to listen to Eddie texting his girlfriend for any kind of Adventure Time, something Jean-Paul was very keen on avoiding right now. Soon enough he was back though. "It looks like emergency services has everything under control out there now."

<Venom> "Ha! LSP...", Eddie grinned at the picture Liza replied with. "I fucking love this chick, seriously..."

<BlackWidow> "Good." Selene nodded again, pushing herself up to her feet again. "Time to wrap up and lick our wounds then. Everyone hope we'll have more luck next time." She took a deep breath. "We're going to need it, if that was any indication what they'll do to the rest of our friends."

<Surge> Noriko sat up a little so she could whisper in Ankka's ear, arms wrapping around his neck and holding him close. "Come stay with me tonight? My rooms kinda lonely at the moment and I want more or your cuddles."

<Venom> Looking up from his cell', Eddie frowned. He'd been down too long fighting thugs and keeping NY safe - and now he'd let the X-ers down. "We won't make the same mistake twice, Sel - next time, we play to win."

<Thor> Ankka blinked, the whisper catching him off-guard before he smiled, ducking his head. "Of course...vouldn't be anyvhere else."

<Quill> Max raised his hand to get Miss Selene's attention. "So will this be a bad grade on our reports or a good one?" he asked.

<Obscure> Sue curled up again. She decided not to talk to Johnny about this. He was worried about Hope as it was. Maybe she'd just go and get drunk with Melati....

<@Northstar_> Leaning back against the window, Jean-Paul decided it was best to just tune everyone out and hope maybe he would fall asleep.

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Re: 5/5 Game: Poisoning The Well

Post by Slarti » Sat May 19, 2012 7:58 am

<Quill> "I can't feel my chest!" Max yelled, stumbling back.
I snorted my drink out my nose. Well done, sir.

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Re: 5/5 Game: Poisoning The Well

Post by Ferguson » Sat May 19, 2012 7:15 pm

We absolutely decided it needed to happen << and also Danny took a bolt to the knee because we're all nerds here.

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