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5/12 Game: Dammit Janet!

Posted: Sat May 12, 2012 11:27 pm
by Starfish
Jean-Paul: The window was not the most comfortable thing in the world Jean-Paul was leaning against as they made their way home but it was at least solid and trustworthy as far as not going anywhere was concerned. The mission had been a complete flop as...well...there had been no mission. No sign of Pestilence at the plant they had been sent to or anything.

Jean-Paul: To tell the truth he wasn't sure if he was relieved or disappointed; both, most likely.

Noriko: Noriko was once again singing her legs on her chair, eyes glowing slightly as she magnetized some paperclips out of boredem and disapointment. No chances to save Clarice tonight.

Jimmy: "so THEN Jacob said 'Bitch, when the FUCk are we ever gonna need fuckin' pikey theroy in real life, threw his protractor at Mrs. Davis and stormed out and the funny thing 'bout that story is that he later went on to become a builder's apprentice and his new boss made him go to night school to learn pythagorus' theroum."

Melati: "That day had much less punching than I hoped it would," Melati stated, lounging in her chair, feet propped up on the back of the seat in front of her. "Well, not that I planned to punch our friends, but... well, you get what I mean."

Ankka: Ankka was in his seat, spinning Mjolnir in his hands idly, watching the runes flare and dim with his touch. This was a nightmare, it really was...people he'd known and studied with brainwashed and used to hurt others. The thoughts in his head weren't great, and it didn't help that there was someone on the plane that didn't believe in silence.

Jimmy: Jim was sat up ramrod straight in his chair, fingers digging into the armrest, okay .. so there hadn't been a fight but he was still shitting bricks from there having been a possible potential fight.

Ankka: "...I need mead. And Koskenkorva." He muttered, the hammer making a sharp metallic 'ping' as a snap of his energy went over it.

Jimmy: "So what're we gonna do now? We just gonna go back to the school? 'Cos I'm still not even sure where the bathrooms are there yet. Hey, so that's like, a real weapon? Can anyone use it? Don't you have rules against bringing war hammers into school? Can I play with it?"

Noriko: "Whats Kos-ken-orva?" Frowning up at her Ankka, trying not to zone out on jimmys quiant but unneeded reditions of school life.

Melati: "I have no idea what that is," Mel told Ankka, turning her head to look at him. "I'll take two."

Jean-Paul: "Yeah, definitely get what you mean." Jean-Paul murmured, pulling himself up from the window pillow as it was quickly becoming apparent to him that their newfound companion would make sleeping pretty impossible. "I think we all could use some mead and various other forms of booze."

Ankka: Ankka lifted his head to stare at the new kid, trying to focus on what he'd asked. "Yes, I don't know, probably, and hell no." He answered in order. " a wery potent Finnish drink. Last time I drank it, this happened, isn't that right, JP?"

Jack: Jack just sat still, mouth hanging slightly open as he just kept on watching the bald kid... yammering on and on and on....

Jimmy: "Wait we're going to a bar? Mate! No way would anyone believe i'm over 21, they probabaly won't even believe it when I am 21, it is 21 to drink over here right? So you guys are just like gonna leave me in the van? Suck! Awww, how come, if I had a hammer I'd let you play with it, no homo."

Noriko: "I think I wouldn't mind getting alittle drunk... hehe wow Jp made your hammer appear eh?" Giggling alittle even with the sad look in her eyes and a slight huff.

Melati: "Hey, why don't we stop by somewhere fun and celebrate that we didn't have to fight our own friends today," Melati asked, lifting her head to look at the assembled students. "And to hopefully fill my action quota for the day."

Ankka: He tapped Mjolnir, the hammer snapping again, before blinking at the boy. Why not. "Here." He offered the kid the shaft with a perfectly straight face.

Jean-Paul: "What can I say? I bring a lot out in people." Jean-Paul deadpanned, rubbing at his eyes. "I am very okay with that idea." He nodded to Mel as he fantasized about attempting to bathe in whatever would cause a lasting drunk on him.

Ankka: "And yes...that he did." He grinned at Noriko, before pulling her in for a kiss.

Jimmy: "Awesome-arrrgh!" As Jim tried to take the hammer it dropped like a dead weight to the floor of the van, making the whole veichal shudder, "Holy shit man! How'd you manage to lug this thing about!?"

Ankka: "Qvite easily. Vhat's wrong?"

Noriko: Giving Ankka a kiss she turned her head to watch Jimmy with the hammer and giggled. "Thats why no one else gets to play with his hammer."

Jimmy: "It's like trying to lift a car! Or a giant sea monster!" Jimmy strained, trying to lift it up, "What're you, superman or something!?"

Melati: "Now you're just tempting me to try," Mel commented, looking over her shoulder.

Ankka: "No...just a god." Ankka grinned openly, arm still around Noriko. Hey, it was taking their mind off things. "Feel free, Mel, if you think you can handle the might of Thor."

Jean-Paul: "This is getting dirtier and dirtier by the minute, just so you all know."

Ankka: "Vhy, vant to join in, JP?"

Jean-Paul: "I'd rather not want to put my shoulder out trying to pull your hammer today."

Jimmy: "But you're not a god though, you're just a mutant, man, why can't I have awesome strength? Or shoot eyebeams. Or zap people and fly and all that shit, my mutation sucks, are you even sure I am a mutant, 'cos I'm not so sure, anyone can talk. Except mute people, but they can still sign talk ... why is the rabbit staring at me and drooling?"

Jack: "....................................................................."

Ankka: "Awww..." Ankka gave him a pout, before the big blond zoned out again and there was a snap of energy across the hammer in Jimmy's hands.

Jean-Paul: "Because your talking has numbed Jack's brain and I think we all feel ourselves following down that path...or he thinks you look like a carrot, I don't know."

Melati: Leaning over, she looked down at the large metal hammer, then back at the blond guy it belonged to. "Think I'll give it a try after the first round," Mel said, a smirk forming on her lips.

Jean-Paul: "To booze?" Jean-Paul looked to the others hopefully.

Jimmy: "Argh!" Jim dropped the hammer, "It bit me! You're hammer actually bit me!" He shook out his hand.

Jimmy: "Jaaaaaack, Jacky-boy, Roger Raaaaaabit," Jimmy tried snapping his fingers infront of the guy's face, "Wake up Harvey, ya creeping me out!"

Ankka: Ankka held out a hand, the axe-hammer smacking into his palm and then resting on the floor again. "To booze. Hell yes, to booze." He sighed, gloved thumb testing the edge of the axe-blade vaguely. " How can it bite?"

Jimmy: "I dunno, it did something!"

Jack: Jack shook his head, "What? What the f.. geeze," he wiped his mouth and chin clean from the drool.

Melati: "To booze and beyond," Melati joined in, raising a fist into the air. "Come on, everybody, tonight we're gonna skin ourselves a cat!"

Jean-Paul: "I swear, it's like your voice has drilled itself into my head." Jean-Paul complained as he shook his head, trying to shake the effect off.

Jack: "Man, I just... zoned out... we'res going to a bar, right? Um, yay booze and stuff..."

Noriko: "To booze and playing with hammers!" Grinning at everyone as the happiness came back into her features, next time they would save their friends!

Jack: Jack yawned, "And to redbull."

Ankka: "I don't think Mjolnir likes you." Ankka shook his head. "It's okay though, I do." He kissed Noriko again, putting the hammer across her lap. Oddly enough, Noriko could pick it up easily, he'd found. Tiny Japanese girl with a giant was almost neccessary, he supposed...

Jimmy: "My mutation sucks," Jim sulked.

Jack: "You think yours suck? Look at me, this is my mutation." Jack said gesturing to himself from head to toe.

Ankka: "Hey, don't vorry...vhen I came to the school I vas a cannonball. Now, apparently, I'm Thor himself. Or something. I don't know any more."

Jean-Paul: "At least you can make a killing in and around Easter. How much further to booze?"

Ankka: And, as if on time, a rumble of thunder rolled out of an otherwise clear sky.

Jack: "JP, don't bring easter into things. Do you know what Oviposition means?"

Ankka: "...Something to do vith voman's periods?"

Noriko: Noriko was quite haappy playing with the hammer handle, granted she alone could pick it up but it didn't make it easy, the weight was just to awkward for her size really.

Jean-Paul: " you seriously have an egg giving mutation?"

Jimmy: "Did you do that!?" Jimmy demanded of Ankka at the sound of thunder, "ugh, mate, he totally hogged all the good powers man, didn't he?" He nudged Jack.

Melati: "Don't you worry, kiddo," Melati assured the new kid, flashing him a grin. "Just hang around me, and some of that awesome will surely rub off to you."

Ankka: "Do vhat? The thunder? No, I don't have veather control." Ankka blinked. "Othervise trust me, it vould be snowing right now." He did kinda miss snow, if he was honest...

Jack: "Fuck no," Jack outright told JP, "and I would appreciate it if you would tell every other little kid wanting an egg from me."

Jean-Paul: Despite his current mood, Jean-Paul found himself giggling, fully intending to leave eggs in Jack's bed from now on.

Melati: "Wouldn't that be more my specialty," she asked. "I mean, it would make much more sense if there were an Easter-Lizard. Or Easter-Chicken, at least."

Jack: Jack unconsciously rubbed his side where Elmer fudd nudged him. "I wouldn't mind having that mind reading powers. Or telekinesis. Or teleportation."

Jimmy: "i dunno, I always though that the Easter Bunny had a slave force of caged chocolate geese that lay the eggs for him and he claims all the credit."

Ankka: "Does a Hammerang count as telekinesis...?"

Jean-Paul: "Sorry, don't think so. I think you just have selective accio."

Jack: "Hmm... slave force... tempting." Jack mused.

Jimmy: "And then when one of them stops laying, he eats it infront of the others as a lesson."

Jimmy: "Are we there yet?"

Jack: "...I'm... I'm not sure if I should be aroused or grossed out at that idea..." Jack felt confused.

Jimmy: ".... Ewwwwww! Mate that is RANK!"

Jack: "Wait, you were talking about me eating the eggs... I thought you were talking about the slaves."

Melati: "You should keep that idea in mind," Mel remarked, pointing her finger at Jack. She climbed out of her seat and leaned over the control panel, trying to make sense of the displays. "This was all much clearer to me before we took off, but I think the autopilot is trying to tell me where we're close to home."

Jimmy: "I thought you were talkin' 'out getting aroused from eatin' live geese!"

Melati: "Hey, how do you program a new destination? Just a small nudge, and it should take it to the bar near the school."

Jack: "I'm really confused now."

Jean-Paul: "So we can land and head to Vito's?" Focus on the booze, not the goose dinner. Don't think about any of that.

Jack: "Weren't we talking about geese eating their own chocolate eggs?"

Ankka: "Let me, I've flown fighter jets." Ankka got up, leaving the hammer with Noriko, and sat in the pilot's seat, looking at the dials. Very very advanced, buuuut...he pressed a few buttons, frowning, and the new destination came up. "There ve go."

Jimmy: "I don't know anymore, I just know my mind went to a dark, horrible place and I think we should never speak of this again."

Jack: "Agreed."

Jean-Paul: "...I sort of want goose right now though."

Jack: Jack rubbed his temples trying to reorganise his thoughts, "I could do with chocolate right about now."

Jimmy: "Pheasent is best, we go and poach 'em back home. Geese are evil bastards, and they're sorta resistant to being hidden under yer jumper unless you had a gun and shot it, but shooting animals yer tryin' to poach is a bad idea since generally other people will hear the gun going off, unless you gots one of those fancy ones with a silencer-"

Ankka: And outside the windows, what had been a clear day started to turn cloudy, the clouds low, leaden and heavy. It looked more like the sky just before a very heavy storm, in fact.

Noriko: "I miss eating Calamari.... Think Vitos do any? Cause I......" And cue the zoning out again.

Ankka: Ankka was zoning out, watching the clouds break up...then resurfacing out of the zone. "Can you not control that?" And the clouds rolled right back in.

Jean-Paul: "I'm sure you can find calamari at a good many places here but I don't think Vito's has it, no...he might have a silencer though."

Jean-Paul: "Wait...calamari has nothing to do with silencers...nevermind."

Melati: "Hey, that looks easy enough," Mel commented, watching as Ankka toyed with the autopilot, right before getting mesmerized by the shiny blinking lights. "What do I push to make it do a barrel roll? This one here?"

Jack: "I wonder if you can put a muffler on an elephant gun, seeing that a silencer would be too small..."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul shook his head again, wondering how exactly his mind had thought shooting calamari and then remembered their new friend. "You are going to screw with so many people, aren't you?"

Ankka: "I don't know, honestly...if I take it off autopilot I could probably do one...?" The grin was purely innocent as he looked at Mel.

Jimmy: "NONONONOBARRELROLLS! Hey Melati, I've only ever played the first portal game and that was by accdent 'cos I bought it for Team Fortress-" Jim launched into a long, rambling speech aimed at Mel about Valve games.

Noriko: "Ankka what is a Bar-rel roll? Cause it sounds like your gonna....." Blink.... blink....

Jack: There was something.... something... it started with a 'b'...... chocolate didn't start with a 'b'.... neither did geese, or easter for that matter. Bunnies? No, that's not it. "Booze!"

Ankka: "Booze...booze, yes..." Fuck. He glared at the sky outside the cockpit, and then yelped as suddenly snow. "...Tyr's hand!"

Jack: "Tyson's punch!"

Melati: Fortunately for everyone involved, the jet had already begun its automated descent and landing procedure, while Melati's mind became occupied with video games. "Hey, that Portal stuff reminds me of what we've got in the basement back at the school," she chimed in. "Including the creepy robot lady."

Jack: "She has tapes." Jack added.

Jimmy: "-and that's why Sniper is the best class." Jimmy finished, slightly red in the face, then looked around and his zoned out fellows.

Jimmy: "Tits! I thought maybe if I just talked at her it would only effect her?"

Ankka: "...It's snowing. Vhy is it snowing? This is not normal veather for anything under the Artic circle, is it?"

Jimmy: "It always snows in New York if it isn't summer though, right?"

Noriko: "No snow is not normal...." Shaking her head alittle. " And yes we were planning booze right?" Rubbing her head before picking up the hammer properly to look at the pretty scribbles.

Jimmy: "Hey! She can lift it up! How come she can lift it up? You did something to it when you gave it to me didn'y you!?"

Ankka: "Huh? No...she's alvways been able to lift Mjolnir. Might be because she's my girlfriend and it's part of me...? I don't know."

Jack: "...oh so many jokes."

Ankka: "A little late to be saying them, rabbit." Ankka grinned dirtily, unable to resist.

Noriko: "I'm just that good at playing with Ankka's hammer." Whimsical voice giggling again before she blushed realising she'd actually made a proper dirty joke for once.

Jimmy: Jim squinted at Ankka and Noriko, so they'd done the nasty? But he was so big .... and she was so tiny .... how did it work?

Jack: "That's why I'm not saying any, Thunderhead." Jack replied.

Jimmy: How did everything fit?

Re: 5/12 Game: Dammit Janet!

Posted: Sat May 12, 2012 11:28 pm
by Starfish
Jack: Jack leaned to the side and smirked at Noriko after her joke, waggling his eyebrows at her.

Melati: "Hey guys, I think I can see the booze from here," Melati announced, looking out the window as the jet touched down.

Ankka: The jet landed with a crunch of snow, the world outside already blanketed with a carpet of the white stuff. "I haven't seen snow like this since Finland..." Ankka muttered to himself as he looked out at the suddenly hurrying crowds. He smirked at Jack, snapping his fingers and giving him enough of a shock to make his fur stand on end.

Jack: "Gah." Jack said, sitting up and feeling a little... poofy.

Noriko: Noriko couldn't help but giggle snort at the eyebrow waggle and the power snap, blushing furiously behind the hair. "Yay booze time!" Quick change the conversation!

Jimmy: "I'll just wait here in the jet while you non-babyfaces go and have fun, huh?" Jimmy started to sulk theatrically again.

Melati: "Hey, look at the poofy bunny!" Melati laughed, jumping out of her seat. "Who wants to see if we can stick him to walls?"

Ankka: "No, you come vith us." Ankka shook his head. "Just talk if anyone tries to ID you, yes? That'll distract them."

Jimmy: "But I never get into pubs, i'm too short and hairless," he undid his seatbelt anyways.

Jack: "Hey, mini-Daddy Warbucks, I'm pretty sure that mouth of yours won't let people even think, much less notice you look young."

Melati: "As if anyone is gonna ID us," Mel remarked, frowning at the snow outside as she looked down the ramp. "Not with me around, anyway, and tonight you're my drinking buddies."

Ankka: The snow was falling thickly, and Ankka picked up his coat and held it over Noriko to keep it off her. "Seriously...I know I said I missed Finland but this is ridiculous."

Melati: "Ms Munroe must have watched a sad movie again," Mel mused, stepping down into the fresh white.

Ankka: "Or she vanted to do that red-rose-vhite-snow thing again...but over the whole city?"

Jack: "Even I'm feeling a bit of a chill." Jack said as he stepped outside.

Noriko: Happy to hide under the jacket and keep the quick pace going she was really hoping they could get in without ID after all she wasn't old enough either. "It's freezing!"

Jean-Paul: "Yeah, I think you can probably talk your way into any kind of drink." Jean-Paul assured Jimmy, making his way down. "Lets get to this drinking though, serious drinking." At least the snow was quite nice.

Jimmy: "Nan was right, shoulda brought a coat," Jimmy muttered, hopping down from the jet.

Ankka: "Not that cold." Ankka chuckled, picking Noriko up and wrapping her up in his coat. The hammer crackled, then snapped out of existance.

Jean-Paul: "It'll be warm inside, plus booze'll make you think you're warm." Jean-Paul ushered them on in a hurry to the warm glow of Vitos, looking forward to getting inside.

Melati: "Looks like we're not the only ones with drinks on our mind," Mel stated, making her way across the packed parking lot. As usual, several patrons were gathered in small groups around the entrance to the bar, obviously surprised by the weather, as well.

Noriko: Happy to snuggle into Ankkas warmth waiting for the warm niceness of Vitos she checked she had her purse on her and kissed Ankkas cheek. "We need warming booze!"

Jean-Paul: "I guess everyone wants something to warm them up tonight." Jean-Paul observed as he pushed his way through into the crowd. Great, people. He didn't feel like people.

Ankka: "Not suprised in this veather. Hot mead, I vant it."

Jack: "Does mead still exist? Wasn't production stopped on that back in the 1300s?" Jack asked, already feeling some eyes on him as he followed the group.

Jean-Paul: "I don't even care what it is, just as long as it's boozy." Jean-Paul claimed a barstool and looked to Vito. "Something boozy, please."

Ankka: "Hey, my family brews it. Is not that old-fashioned and is fantastic in the cold." He wasn't in the mood for crowds either as he put Noriko down inside the pub and unwrapped his coat from her.

Melati: "Make that two boozies," Mel added, leaning against the bar next to Jean-Paul, the other patrons making way for the walking, talking lizard girl. "And make it strong, will ya?"

Ankka: "Three, and koskenkorva viina, yes? I know you have it, because you gave it to me last time I vas in and I know I'm the only one who drinks it here."

Jimmy: "-and that is ultimatly why Cameron's 'Big Society' ideas fell through," Jimmy finished, taking a quick moment to check that the doorman had zoned out before darting inside and slinking down next to Ankka, "You, you have a beard, they'll serve you. Buy me cider, pour fahvore."

Ankka: Ankka rolled his eyes, doing as he was told and then sliding it to the new guy. "You owe me coffee later."

Jean-Paul: Booze arrived! Booze arrived and Jean-Paul was on the drink in front of him at a speed even he was surprised at.

Jack: "I'm hurt you didn't ask me," Jack told Chromedome. "What about my manly beard?" he asked, stroking his chin.

Noriko: "I'm female I can get in anywhere with idea, it's wonderful sometimes..." Ordering herself a cocktail off the menu and feeling alittle naughty about it, finally a chance to get alittle drunk...

Jimmy: "I can hide in the lee of this guy, cheers by the way," Jim took a mouthful and then spluttered, "What the fuck? This a joke? I said Cider! Not apple juice!"

Melati: "Does that mean you're volunteering to buy drinks, too," Mel asked, flashing a grin as she grabbed the glass that was put down in front of her.

Ankka: The barman, obviously remembering Ankka, put a shotglass and a bottle with a Finnish label in front of him. The huge mutant grinned, before looking at Noriko with a grin. "Sex and alcohol, Noriko? I'm a bad influence, yes?" He said quietly.

Jack: "Heck no, that's Beardy McChin's job then." Jack told Mel.

Jimmy: "Hey! Helloooooo .... cider would be nic-huh? You don't put alcohol in Cider here? What kind of fucked up country is this!?"

Melati: "The girl's learning, be proud of her," she commented, eying the bottle in front of Ankka while giving him his backside a playful swat with the end of her tail.

Ankka: "America, my friend. Here, have this to make up for it." Ankka poured a full shot of his booze into the guy's glass.

Jean-Paul: "Yeah, I'm afriad you'll have to go to some kind of speciality shop your your cider, though once in a while Vito has it because we have people that request it." Jean-Paul murmured, looking up from his drink finally to notice that there were a few members of the crowd looking their way, whispering and laughing.

Noriko: "Haven't had sex yet...." She mumbled blushing into the cocktail, eye catching afew non friendly glances from other patrons.

Ankka: The swat made him look round, before he grinned at Mel. "Vatch it, or she may learn too fast, yes?" He glanced at the laughing group. Probably nothing.

Jimmy: "You call apple juice cider? Cider is something else? But not always alcoholic? What is the point of tha-ooooooooh," Jimmy's eyes went wide as the booze was added to his baby cider, "Dankat."

Ankka: "...It's 'Kiitos' in Finnish."

Melati: Already having downed her own glass of scotch, Mel found a seat and flopped down next to her friends. "So, can I convince you to share that with me," she asked, a clawed finger tapping the Ankka's bottle.

Ankka: Ankka grinned, pouring her a level shot out of the bottle into the empty scotch glass. "Be my guest. It's 48%, so be careful, yes?"

Jean-Paul: "Sharing is a very, very nice thing." Jean-Paul looked to Ankka hopefully as a few of the laughing people started to make their way closer.

Jimmy: "Kitose, gottit," Jimmy leaned back on his chair to look at the mockers, "HOI HOI! What you lot laughin' at? Never seen a bald guy with a bunch of furries before?"

Jack: "Baldy! Grow some hair!" someone yelled. Jack looked up and turned around, trying to find the person who said that. "Hey asshole!" Jack called back into the general direction, "He has cancer!" The snickering died down immediately.

Noriko: Noriko was quite happy with teh glass of blue and green cocktail for now, last thing she needed was to blow a light. "Whats a furry?"

Ankka: Ankka glanced at the people, before doing the same for JP - and nearly dropping the bottle at the yell, swearing in Finnish. "You know, ve like to be a little unnoticed if possible..."

Jimmy: "Well ... a furry and a ... scaley ... speaking of which," Jim pointed at Mel, "Do you have nipples? You shouldn't even have tits." He leaned out again, "YEAH! Fuckin' lukemia survivor, dickwad!"

Jack: A chill ran up Jack's spine when they used the F word. "It's a thing of nightmares." he told Noriko, "It preys on unsuspecting victims with....mother fucker, I can't even finish a joke with that going on."

Melati: Some unshaven guy came walking to their table, sleazy grin on his face, and stopped a few steps away from the mutant group. "Hey, aren't you the guys playing superhero," he asked, before taking a swig from his beer. "My mates weren't sure if that's really you, or just some stupid kids running around dressed up like fags."

Noriko: "They get to close and I'll cattle prod them away, nothing painful just a hint mind." Sipping her drink while watching the idiots with the silly gestures and insults, wincing alittle at the shout back at the group.

Ankka: Ankka put the bottle down, trying not to facepalm before he knocked back his shot. "Hah! Call yourselves heroes? Fuckin' useless wastes of space more like! You don't save shit!" Another heckler yelled. He sighed. "BEst thing to do is ignore them, yes?"

Jimmy: Jim took a mouthful of his now happily spiked cider and his eyes went wide, "Hoooooleeeeeeeee fuck, that's got a kick to it!" He coughed.

Jean-Paul: "I figured Japan would have been all up on furries." Jean-Paul frowned though as he heard the closest newcomer coming over. "Excuse me?"

Jimmy: "Oi mate, you got somethin' to say, say it to our faces ... only not my face, you'd fuckin' destroy me, say it to his face," he pointed at Ankka.

Ankka: "You heard me." The man sneered. "You pukes keep on fucking up, don't you?"

Ankka: Ankka looked at the new guy, unimpressed. "If you're trying to get me in a barfight, it von't vork. I don't like fighting people who can't hit back."

Jean-Paul: "You heard him, Elfie, after that asskicking you guys got from two of your own a person would think you'd be at home licking your wounds. What's wrong? Drinking away another asskicking?"

Noriko: Noriko turned to look at the guy and glared. "How about you pussies go save your own asses for once? Oh wait you can't can you?"

Ankka: "Yeah, some X-Men you are - what, the others get tired of your lovey-lovey bullshit?"

Jimmy: "Really Ank? 'Cos I'm all about hitting people who can't hit back, safer that way."

Ankka: Ankka looked at Noriko, surprised, before pouring himself another shot and knocking it back, a hand going to Noriko's back. "I don't, because sometimes I'm not so sure on my strength, you know? Plus, vell...the last non-mutant to punch me broke their hand..."

Ankka: "I don't know, you Russian fuck, pretty sure you-" Ankka suddenly stood up, towering over the guy, picking him up by the collar in one hand, eyes narrowed. "Vhat did you just call me?" His voice was dangerously quiet.

Jean-Paul: Some especially drunk woman at the bar decided throwing the complimentary nut bowl at the table was the funniest thing she ever had devised and did so wholeheartedly.

Jimmy: Jimmy figured now would be a prudent time to shifty around so that he was behind the angry Ankka .... and promptly got smacked in the back of the head by the bowl, "MotherFUCK!"

Melati: "Just when I thought the night might get boring," Mel commented, smirking around her glass as she downed the shot that had been poured for her.

Jack: The bowl knocked over Jack's drink into his lap, "Damn it! My rum's gone!"

Noriko: The nut bowl however surprised Noriko alittle to much, getting zapped off the table by accident. "Oooops." "Hey look they can't even control their powers!"

Ankka: "Russian fuck, anyway-" Ankka's eyes narrowed further. "I am from North Finland, actually. Is vhy my codename is Thor. If you apologise, I vill put you down and you can finish your drink and leave."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul sighed, picking peanuts off of himself. "Okay, I've changed my mind, can we go home and drink?"

Melati: "Hey, I think he might be looking for a date," Melati said, chuckling to herself, and reached for Ankka's now unattended bottle to help herself to a refill.

Jack: "That was good rum." Jack said, keeping his cool to ignore the people. Maybe it was a bad thing that he was so used to ignoring hecklers. He just stood up and walked towards the restrooms to clean up.

Noriko: "Home and drink sounds much better, glaring at the guy her boyfriend was holding up with interest.

Melati: "And miss all the fun?" She frowned at Jean-Paul and shook her head. "It's just starting to turn into a party!"

Ankka: The guy, to give him his credit, despite being held two feet off the ground by a very large, very built angry man, didn't lose his sneer. "Oh, so a Laplander then? You a goatfucker too?" There was an eyetwitch, before the guy was thrown bodily into the crowd, sliding down the length of the bar before falling gracelessly off the end.

Jimmy: Jimmy was bend over the bar, hand cupping the back of his head, "That REALLY fuckin' HURT!"

Ankka: Then he sat down, brushed peanuts off the table, took his bottle back and poured another shot before kissing his girlfriend. "Are you okay?" He murmured quietly.

Noriko: "I'll get you another Jack!" getting up to go see to jimmy. "You ok dude?" Leaning down she dropped her voice just for him. "If this gets to bad I have a plan to get us out ok?"

Noriko: Nodding she leaned over and kissed Ankka back. "I'm good I just really don't like people insulting my friends."

Jimmy: "Check it for me, am I bleeded? What plan .... fuuuck this huuuuuuurts!" He whined.

Jean-Paul: "...this is going to end in us being arrested, isn't it?" Jean-Paul held his glass otu to Mel hopefully to get a shot of the drink as well. He was not going to let himself get pulled into it, even as he listened to the one behind him talking about the footage of his last run-in with Reed.

Jack: Jack just gave the thumbs up behind him as he walked like John Wayne with rumcrotch into the restroom.

Ankka: "Noriko, do you think your healing might vork for other people?" Ankka frowned, hand on the guy's shoulder as he checked it before wordlessly handing the bottle to JP. He could order another.

Noriko: Checking she found a small bruise. "Your fine Jimmy, just a bruise." Grabbing some ice out of her glass for it.

Melati: Gladly pouring a shot for Jean-Paul as well, Mel looked over her shoulder where the guy's entourage helped their friend back to his feet.

Re: 5/12 Game: Dammit Janet!

Posted: Sat May 12, 2012 11:28 pm
by Starfish
Jimmy: "Bastards, just gimme the word, I'll talk them into submission and then we can steal thier trousers or something," he took the ice gratefully, "cheers Chick."

Noriko: "No problem, just recite the V speach or something epic, we can back away then leg it while they're distracted." Shrugging at Ankka she sipped her drink alittle more. "I don't know haven't tried it yet."

Jean-Paul: "People are dying because you lot can't keep your shitting drama under wraps and here you are now like this? Some heroes, eh?" One of the hecklers just laughed, grabbing the bottle that kept getting passed around the table and taking a swig of it.

Ankka: Ankka nodded. "He should be fine anyvay." He raised a hand to Vito, who put another bottle in front of him. Sighing, he poured another shot, watching the deadly glances he and his friends were getting from the group surrounding the guy he'd thrown. "Vhy do I get the feeling this hasn't finished?"

Jimmy: "Hey, why you assholes taking this out on the cancer victim, I'm not even like a proper thing yet!"

Jimmy: "Thing ... hero thing ... X-man, does anyone else think that sounds pornographic or is that just me?"

Ankka: "Wrong place. That's the XXX-Men Studios you're thinking of. Don't ask how I know." He flushed, remembering some of his fanmail.

Melati: "Oh, I'm hoping it's just getting started." Melati smirked, then raised her glass and downed the powerful alcohol in one swig. She turned to look at the crowd of boneheaded trouble-makers. "I'm sure we're still capable to handle a bunch of losers like you. So, wanna dance?"

Noriko: "Hey we're doing our best to save people here, and atleast we are here to save people otherwise you'd all be screwed." Voice dropping at Ankka as she looked at him curiosuly. "Whats XXXmen studios?"

Jean-Paul: "Oh what? You lot can't hold your own against two, why would you want to try it against all of us?" A peanut was flicked at Melati

Ankka: "No, vant a qviet drink and a break from all the fighting!" But...did he, really? He'd been all kinds of frustrated and tense after the failed mission...another downed shot and a barfight seemed a little more like a good idea. "It's a pron studio based around mutants...there's a few fans of the X-Men in there, ve get sent material sometimes."

Noriko: "What?!" Giving Ankka the most disbeleiving look ever, porn?! based on them?! "W-wait Melati no! We'll get in so much trouble for starting a fight and their just drunken jerks."

Jean-Paul: "....that's seriously a thing?" Jean-Paul looked to Ankka, brow furrowed as one of the hecklers suggested they look into getting jobs at said studio as obviously they failed at their day job.

Ankka: The big Fin knocked back another shot, feeling a little warm as a snap of energy went across the guy's hand. "At least ve're trying, huh? Listen to yourselves, you're humans challenging mutants to a fight, yes? Who do you think's going to valk avay?" He yelled back.

Ankka: "And yes...remind me to show you the guy they've got playing me there." Ankka shrugged. "He's a big Thor fan, apparently..."

Noriko: Deciding it was the best thing she knocked back her glass and stood next to the bar. "Why would I need to join when all your girlfriends already have all the good spot fucking the real dicks?"

Jimmy: "Oooh, sick burn."

Jean-Paul: "Think you're better than us, then? Some mutant supremisist like this Apocalypse guy?" That particular heckler stepped foward. "Maybe that's it then, the X-men are all a scam to get people to think mutants aren't too bad just in time for your other friends to try and ruin the world."

Melati: "Hey, I didn't get my fill of fighting for today, remember?" She grinned. "And I can get a quiet drink whenever I like." The peanut bounced off the side of her head, and she promptly emptied her glass and put it down. "If you'll excuse me now - I've just got asked for a dance."

Jimmy: "Does this happen a lot with you guys?" Jimmy asked JP.

Ankka: The guy that had just mentioned the scam suddenly had his drink blown out of his hand by a well-placed snap of lightning. "Shut. Up."

Jean-Paul: "I'm more used to having fans." Jean-Paul had went pale at the one suggesting they were just like Apocalypse and what he was doing, standing up despite himself. "That is too far."

Ankka: "Oh-ho, hit a nerve, did I? It was your boyfriend poisoning those plants, wasn't it, Northstar? Fucking queer."

Noriko: She didn't want to fight but at the same time didn't like the idea of standing there and getting insulted for no reason. That however was alittle to far. Jolt sent at the idiot to make his hair stand on end. "Apologise."

Jimmy: Jimmy turned to the barman, who was quickly taking down the expensive bottles from the top shelf, "Mate .... mind if I join ya back there?" Without waiting for an answer Jimmy hopped over the bartop and crouched down below it.

Jimmy: A few moments later his hand appeared, hooked the rest of his drink with a finger and dragged it back down.

Melati: "Sorry, honey, but I'm not into animals," the guy in the leather jacket said to Melati as she rose to her feet and strode over. "You might just be the right type for my dog, though." He and his friends had enough time to start into a round of laughter, joined by a grinning Mel, before she decked him with a single swing.

Ankka: Ankka stood, shoulder to shoulder with JP, people scrabbling back as his hand crackled with energy, the lights on his chest flaring. "Vay too far. You don't have any idea vhat's happening, so vhy don't you just back off." He could feel the shape of Mjolnir in his hand, a vague, wispy shadow of it flickering.

Jean-Paul: That...that was it. It took a moment to absorb in that it had actually been said but the second it was he was moving. Jean-Paul wasn't even aware he had decided to move before he was pelting towards the one who had said it, charging into the bar with him swearing the bluest streak he had concocted as fast as he could.

Noriko: "Ankka no hammer, theres a difference between barfighting and accidental deaths remember?" She would have to watch her own powers, anyone of these people could have a bad heart, or epilespsy or worse.

Ankka: Ankka nodded, shaking off the feel, the momentary distraction meaning he missed a guy punching him...and raised an eyebrow as the man howled, clutching his hand. "Fine, so be it." He lifted the guy off his feet, then put him through a table, smiling grimly at the satisfying splintering.

Jean-Paul: The woman behind the man Mel had punched was pushing him up. "Baby, don't you let her get you like that!" She egged him on, pushing her date for the evening towards the x-men.

Jimmy: "Soooo ...." Jimmy muttered to Vito, who was crouched down next to him with murder in his eyes, "I'm new to the group, this happen a lot then?"

Noriko: Jimmy was behind the bar, Jack was safe in the toliets, and everyone else was fighting.... Join in or start hiding she wasn't exactly bar fight material afterall. Sticking her head over the bar she smiled at Jimmy. "You ok down there?"

Jean-Paul: Vito just watched and sighed. "Once in a while, kid...if it gets too bad we'll grab my gun and start shoving people out."

Ankka: He stuck by Noriko, not wanting to risk her getting hurt no matter how much he wanted to get stuck into the brewing free-for-all.

Jimmy: "Oh I dunno .... you got a megaphone, I might be able to deal with this?"

Ankka: Still though...he took great delight in grabbing people who got too close and tossing them away. Punching was out, but this was theraputic. "Pull!"

Noriko: "Ankka just got play you know you want to, know one in here could hit me if they tried anyway." Proving this by blurring out of the way of a chair thrown at them. Someone needed to look after Jimmy just in case.

Melati: While his friends seemed to be taken aback for now, exchanging uncertain looks, Mel slipped out of her jacket and flexed, her long tail swishing behind. "Alright, anyone else," she asked, putting on a wry smirk. "Come on, you're not scared already, are you? I'll only bite a little."

Jean-Paul: Vito sighed as his bar took more punishment, however, as Jean-Paul left the person who had mouthed off to him sitting inside his now dented bar. "But your Xavier does pay for the damage...afraid I don't but if you yell loud enough I'm sure you can get your message across." The gun shut people up so that wouldnt be a problem. Vito made his way back to look for it. "Mind the bar, let me know if anyone dies."

Jimmy: "Will do," Jimmy saluted the noble barman.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul wiped off some of the drinks that had spilled on him after charging the man into the bar. "....that was probably a bad idea, wasn't it?" He looked to the others for verification of that.

Ankka: "You read me so vell." Ankka pressed Noriko against the bar with a kiss before ducking into the fray, pulling someone off JP and tossing them into another. "Kyllä, I think it vas." He patted JP on the shoulder. "Don't vorry. I've got your back. That vas unneeded, yes?"

Melati: Moments later there was a tangled mess of flailing limbs and flying fists, with a green lizard girl right in the middle of it. The commotion reached a new high when one big guy after the other flew into nearby pieces of furniture. "Fuck me! That's how you party!" Mel flashed a grin when she heard the satisfying sound of a broken forearm.

Noriko: "Bit late for the bad idea thing JP, may as well let some stress out on willing victims though right?" She replied in a dazed voice from the kiss, eyes distant before hecklers noticed the tiny japanese girl properly.

Jean-Paul: Stress relief...that sounded like a good good idea. He smirked at Noriko and Ankka, laughing just a bit unhealthily as he landed a too-fast punch into the ribs of one man weilding a barstool.

Noriko: "So while your pussy boyfriends busy care to come over here and entertain all the rest of the men in the bar?" There was an pained noise from the man as he dropped to the floor, Noriko walking back to the bar cracking her knuckles like she hadn't even moved.

Ankka: A guy suddenly flew out of a window into the street thanks to Ankka, landing in the snow. Another with a piece of table was blocked, then punched so hard he spun with a nasty crack, crumpling to the floor with a broken jaw. Ankka didn't bother ducking any of the blows - joy of being impervious to damage - simply taking weapons out of hands and putting their owners down.

Jean-Paul: Vito came back out of the back room, calmly stepping up behind the bar. "ALLRIGHT!" It was time for this to end, even if he did like the idea of Xavier paying for his remodel.

Noriko: And suddenly silence, sort of.

Ankka: There was one with a knife, and the guy tried to stab him - then looked at the bent blade in disbelief. "I did varn you...vant to try it again?" The man was thrown, slamming against the bar and sliding down it, right under Vito.

Jimmy: That was his cue, Jimmy popped out from behind the bar, necked his drink and started talking about the first thing that came into his head.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul looked back at suddenly armed and stern Vito, letting go of the guy he had grabbed onto rather sheepishly.

Jimmy: "Contrary to popular opinion, everything on QI isn't fact. I know, I know I was horrified to discover this was true too, since I always figured Stephen Fry's word was gospel but the nice thing is that if you say something that's right on the show and they say it's wrong next time you're on they give you bonus points-"

Melati: Melati just took a barstool to the face, deciding it would leave a bigger impression if she'd just let if shatter against her skull instead of bothering to block it. She didn't get to retaliate, however, as everyone stopped and turned to look towards the bar.

Jimmy: "-You know who really needs bonus points, Alan Davis, you'd think what with all the crazy crime solving on Jonathan Creek he'd be a right braniac but really he's dumb as a post. I wonder why the saying is dumb as a post?-"

Jimmy: "Anyways, there's plenty of other things that are dumb. Post boxes don't have ears, neither do library. Pretty sure snakes don't have vocal cords either. Dumb as a snake, snakes arn't very clever are they? They can't be if their heads are that tiny, they'd have minute brains. Have you ever wondered where earthworms keep their brains?"

Ankka: Ankka had a guy by the collar, hand raised, crackling energy suddenly cut off as he completely zoned out on the voice, the guy being lowered gently to the floor and patted vaguely.

Jimmy: "I know I have, which end do they keep it in, I mean, they have to have brains right? All animals have brains ...except maybe football players, have you seen Beckham and Roony? Honestly I think there's just cauniflower between thier ears, and I also think Rooney's mother must have been a cauniflower, have you seen his ears? Shrek's ugly cousin mate seriously!"

Noriko: Noriko was starting to zone out before she remembered something. Purse opened her headphones and tiny ipod came out and the music went on. There. Walking over she nudged JP over to Ankka, and did the same with Melati.

Jean-Paul: Nearly stumbling at the nudge as he had been entranced by whatever it even was Jimmy was talking to, Jean-Paul slowly went the way Noriko had nudged.

Jimmy: "His wife ain't much better, or are they divorsed now? I dunno but she's a RIGHT minger! Fuckin' WAGs man, seriously, who wants to be a WAG, I wouldn't mind the money but they spend more cash than any of us could ever dream of on looking really fuckin' cheap. Standard's man, they're falling everywhere, everywhere!"

Noriko: Melati was alot heavier then she looked as the tiny japanese girl pushed at her towards the men.

Melati: She blinked and stumbled sideways from the nudge, but managed to pull herself away from the mesmerizing speech for a moment. Feeling quite dizzy in the head, she trudged after the Japanese girl.

Jimmy: "And other girl's want to LOOK like them, ew, why!? They're like walking STD's, you look at one of them and warrented or not you think, "Hell, if I tapped that it'd be like throwing a cocktail sausage down the channel tunnel. Speaking of which, I was SO disapointed when I went down the channel tunnel first time-"

Jimmy: "They should put glass pannels in it, with lights so you can see the wonders of the deep, like giant squids. Squids are awesome, I always used to feel bad when Nan had a budgie and we gave it cuttlefish bones, cuttlefish are pretty damn cute-" Jimmy was starting to go red in the face from all this talking.

Noriko: Right they were all together and the crowd was totally memerised, wait no they needed Jack didn't they? Giving her friends alittle jolt she waved at Jimmy to stop so they could actually escape.

Jean-Paul: "...I think I can actually feel my brain leaking."

Ankka: Ankka was still completely zoned, though the jolt suddenly brought him back to earth. "...Wow. That vas nearly as mesmerising as daytime telewision..." He looked around at the crowd of mesmerised humans.

Jimmy: Jimmy grabbed a glass off the bar and necked it, cola and rum but it soothed his throat, "See ya later mate," he gave Vito the thumbs up and hopped off the bar and skittered after his fellow students.

Jimmy: "Go go go! Before it wears off!" Jimmy flailed at the others.

Jean-Paul: "Tell your boss I'll be calling him about half the damages!" Vito called out to the kid, waving the other patrons out as well. He was definitely closing for the night.

Melati: "Hey, I think that drink was stronger than I thought," Melati mumbled, a hand on her forehead as she stumbled along with the rest of the group.

Ankka: Ankka grabbed his miraculously unbroken bottle of Finnish death before starting to usher his friends out. "I feel like I've been asleep..." He muttered.

Noriko: Noriko pushed at everyone before turning and calling back into the bar. "JACK! WE'RE LEAVING HOP TO IT!"

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul hurried outside, still shaking the effect off of himself. "That was messed up."

Jimmy: "... Hur hur, hop to it."

Jack: The ladies' restroom opened up and jack staggered out of there, pulling his jeans up and zipping it. "Coming!" he called.

Melati: "Not sure what just happened, just that it was kinda awesome," Melati commented as she stepped out into the snow. "I think it was, anyway. Hey, I did win, did I?"

Ankka: Ankka looked around as Jack came out of the bathroom, before rolling his eyes as a woman came out after him, a happy smile on her face and staggering slightly.

Jean-Paul: "Are there really winners in this situation?" Jean-Paul frowned, rather angry with himself for letting any of that get to him. "I guess we didn't exactly lose."

Jimmy: "... But I saw you go into the men's bathroom ..."

Jack: Jack made a call me sign to the woman, even though she didn't even know his name or his number. Jack looked back at Jimmy. "I'm magic."

Ankka: "Don't ask." Ankka murmured, once more wrapping Noriko in his coat as the snow had seemed to get heavier. "Don't vorry about it, JP...they vere spoiling for a fight and vould have said anything to get a rise." Though this was not going to look good, when word got out...

Jimmy: ".... Right, let's just get outta here before they finish waking up," he pointed at the other patrons and scooted out into the snow.

Noriko: behind them someone slipped out of the daze and realised the state his girlfriend was in and why. "JANET!"

Jean-Paul: "I know, it's just irritating." He frowned, picking a peanut from his shirt. "Are we all all right?"

Melati: "Aside from not nearly as drunk as I hoped I'd be, pretty much," Mel replied.

Jack: "I had a nice time." Jack said.

Jean-Paul: "Well, lets go home and fix that drunk business."

Noriko: "Fine, just annoyed at the idiots in there..." Leaning on her boyfriend as behind them came the return cry of "BRAD!" No doubt the girfriend had just noticed the state of the bar and boyfriend.

Jimmy: "'Go to the US', they said," Jimmy muttered, "'It'll be fun and you'll learn to controll your powers', they said."

Ankka: "Kyllä. All to my room. I have so much alcohol I may have to open a bar of my own."

Noriko: "Hey I had no idea we'd be getting into Barfights Jimmy, sides what you complaining about you were barely involved! Yes alcohol at home were its safe and warm."

Jimmy: "Instead drunks heckly you, you get a bowl to the back of the head, and you get into a barfight and the barman has a gun ... and they don't even have the decency to put alcohol in the cider ... the US sucks."

Jean-Paul: "You don't mind if I just invite myself over right now, right Ankka?"

Noriko: "People are allowed guns in america and honestly? Normally Vito's is really fun to go to, not full of jerks."

Jean-Paul: "After the whole ink zombo thing you can't really blame Vito for taking extra precautions."

Melati: "Hey, usually the jerks is what makes it fun," Melati replied, the grin returning to her face. "So, any volunteers who'll carry me back to my room once we're done at Ankka's? Actually, any room will do."

Ankka: "And honestly...usually ve don't have failed missions either." Ankka sighed, mood dropping. The snow immediately became driving, nearly a blizzard. "For fuck's sake, this is stupid."

Jack: "I'll be your hero!" Jack told Melati.

Jean-Paul: "We'll make sure to tuck you in, Mel." Jean-Paul promised, sighing as he heard Ankka. "Yeah, things've sort of hit a bump."

Noriko: "If Jack's being your hero tonight I think I'll be stopping in Ankkas room, there are somethings I don't want to try and sleep through..."

Ankka: Ankka ducked his head to Noriko's ear level. "And some things you von't vant to sleep through, yes?" He murmured very quietly with a grin.

Jimmy: "So .... do I get like a comendation for saving the day there?"

Noriko: "Oh no definetely not." Whispering back before giggling and bursting into a blush, holding onto Ankka's arm through the blizzard. They would be having fun no matter where they ended up drinking. "To booze and barfights!"

Jean-Paul: "You get a commendation in forms of your choice of drinks and snacks." Jean-Paul answered, pulling himself out of his momentary funk as best as he can. "To booze and barfights!"

Jack: "You can get stinking drunk for saving the day." Or maybe even a lay with someone... then again, how old is this guy...

Ankka: That earnt her a dirty grin and a kiss, before he looked up at the leaden, snow-filled sky. It hadn't started snowing until he realised he missed the snows of home. He shook off the terrifying, impossible thought. "Sounds good to me - but first ve need to get out of this. Seriously, vhat the hell."

Melati: "No worries, kiddo, I'll make sure to properly accommodate you later," Mel announced, giving the new student a firm pat on the shoulder.

Jimmy: "I'm legal back home, that's the important thing."

Re: 5/12 Game: Dammit Janet!

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by Slarti
Jimmy has the best power ever. That's all!