5/19 Game: Special Hugs and Painting the Roses Red

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5/19 Game: Special Hugs and Painting the Roses Red

Post by Ferguson » Sun May 20, 2012 12:44 am

<@Lorna> The danger room was bare for the moment aside from Lorna and a rack of suits. She drummed her fingers against the rack, telling herself that she was doing all she could to get people prepared but hoping at the same time she was over-preparing even. That, however, was wishful thinking.

<KevinFord> Kevin walked in, feeling nervous. He'd been on strictly monitor-duty, but if something happened, he needed to be able to fight back, right? So here he was, doing something he'd told himself he wouldn't do. He waved nervously at Professor Drake.

<Jimmy> "You know what we need, a flyings base, that would be awesome! Then no one would be able to track this place and kidnap anyone, right?" Jimmy told Mick as they entered the room, "Hey Mrs. Drake."

<Spot> Johnathon entered this so-called "Danger Room", which undoubtedly had cost far more t construct than a normal American family had to live on for thirty years! He gave the green-haired lady a once-over that might best be described as "I am aware of your pseudo-democratic power-mongering and your neo-fascist tactics will not work on me", or so he hoped.

<Jessica> Jess ran a hand through her hair and peered around the edge of the doorway. It seemed she was in the right place....

<Mick> "Would be kinda awesome, but a bitch if the non-flyin' mutants wanted out, righ'?" Mick came in, scruffy as usual. "'Lo, Mrs Drake." He nodded, hoping his training would come in handy today and- "Omygod, is that the X-Men suits there?"

<@Lorna> "Well, we're not sending you out naked now, are we?" Lorna gave a grin, her expression having faltered as she wondered what exactly Johnathon was doing with his face. It was...she didn't quite know what that was.

<Jimmy> "... Oh man," Jimmy stared at the suits, "Those look really ... gay," was all he could manage.

<Spot> "So, uniforms. Training us to be good little soldiers. Erasing any last glimmer of creativity. Uniformity for the masses, huh?"

<Mick> "Hey, shut up dude, that's what the superheroes've been wearin' to protect themselves'n shit." Mick lightly punched Jimmy on the shoulder. "Show some respect, dude."

<Rubin> Rubin was a little late to the training class, trying not to be noticed as the tardy one, which was really difficult when you're an elephant mutant.

<Jessica> Jess slipped inside but stayed near the door, looking around at the others. She recognised the voices but wasn't sure about the names.

<Mick> Then he gave the guy he didn't know a weird look. "Do what wit' the whonow?"

<@Lorna> "You...don't have to participate if you don't want. Nobody is making you be here." Lorna quirked an eyebrow at Johnathon. "However, there is a good chance that even if you do not join the x-men portion of the school you will need to defend yourself one of these days."

<KevinFord> "I think they're a bit too form fitting," he agreed with Jimmy.

<Rubin> "Tell me about it," said the hefty big guy.

<Mick> "I don'. Seriously, have you seen some of the girls in those things? Man, I-" He realised he was in the presence of one of the said girls. "-Uuuuuh..."

<Jimmy> Jimmy snorted at Mick.

<Spot> "Oooohhh no, I know that's what you want. Having your secret meetings, doing secret things, making plans to oppress arts. I'm onto you, I'll look over your shoulder, trust me." He also gave the weird looking and talking fellow a mean eye.

<Mick> Mick coughed into his hand. "Anyway, beats English school uniforms, tellin' ya right now. And seriously, what the hell dude? You're more paranoid'n me when I've found out someone touched my coffee tin."

<Jessica> Jess raised an eyebrow at the guy with all the black spots.

<@Lorna> "...you realize I'm one of the arts teachers, right?" Lorna shook her head, swallowing a laugh and held up the uniforms. "You know about unstable molecules those of you who are newer?"

<Rubin> Rubin raised a hand, "They're the molecules that gets sent to the crazy house?"

<KevinFord> "They change easily with uh...the flow of our powers?" Kevin offered.

<Spot> "Art for the establishment, yeah," he mumbled into his non-existant beard.

<Jessica> Jess shook her head slowly.

<Mick> "Yeah - seen your shapeshifters wearin' 'em in the vids. Suits that shift with you, right?" Mick nodded. "Guessin' it has some shit to do wit' helpin' the armour too...sorta like the military-grade custard, yeah?"

<Mick> "Dude, are you like...some kinda freakin' anarchist-hippy? Because if you are, keep yer antiestablishment bullshit the hell away from me." Mick gave spotty a wary eye-up. Bad enough he'd had it from his parents.

<@Lorna> "...yeah, that sums it up pretty neatly." she chuckled again, glad to not have to go through that explanation. "Right then, Tantra, you've all ready got your suit so you're taken care of."

<Spot> He looked at the uniforms. "I'm not sure this really helps with my spots..." he pointed at the black spots that wandered over his face and vanished under the Karl Marx shirt he was wearing fromt ime to time.

<Jimmy> "So these things just ... what, mold to fit us? One size fits all?" Jimmy asked the green haired teacher.

<Rubin> Rubin patted his belly. "Yeah, reason why I'm a little latee as well. The zipper got stuck."

<Mick> "...Tantra? Oh no..." Yeah, he'd had the tantric-talk from his parents too. He eyed up the elephant man worridly. With a codename like that, that trunk was looking worrying.

<@Lorna> "First up is Arachne then!" Lorna held up the suit triumphantly. "They work with you so they're tailored to you and your powers pretty much." She explained to Jimmy as she held out the suit to Jessica.

<Jessica> Jess frowned a little, "We won't have to put those on in front of everyone right now will we?" She eyeballed all the guys in the room. So awkward.

<@Lorna> "There are locker rooms, not to worry."

<Jimmy> "Oh good, so I don't gots to worry about someone measuring my inner thigh while I slept or nothing?" Jimmy looked relieved.

<Jessica> She walked over to Lorna and took the suit, "Is that my codename now?"

<Rubin> "Just out the door to your left, girl's locker room on the left, guys on the righ." Rubin said helpfully.

<Mick> "Nah, they drug y' food and then do it, mate."

<@Lorna> She gave her a nod and a smile. "Yep, so keep an ear out for it today to get used to it."

<@Lorna> She grabbed up more suits. "And here we have Pea-oh, no Distract!" A suit was tossed out to Jimmy. "Spot!" to Johnathon, "Pipeline" to Mick. "Aaand Wither."

<Rubin> "I wanted the codename Lovesparkle, but apparently that didn't fly so well."

<Jessica> Jesss nodded and headed for the door to the locker room. Holding up the suit for inspection at the same time.

<KevinFord> "I like Tantra better than love sparkle. Too much like Creme de l'amour."

<Spot> He caught the suit, kind of disappointed that they hadn't tried to give him a corporate codename he could rebel against. He proceeded to get out of his shirt right then and there. "I assume I can leave my shorts on?"

<Mick> Mick caught his suit, holding it up. "Duuude...never thought I'd ever get a real one of these..." He grinned happily. "Pipeline?" He considered for a moment. "...Yeah, yeah, that works, I can get tha'." So saying, the blue lines built up, and he disappeared, to reappear a few moments later suited up.

<Rubin> "Actually there was a poll, apparently lovesparkle made people think of vampires for some reason."

<@Lorna> "Oh god, I thought I had sponged that out of my brain." Lorna mumbled about the Creme de l'amour. "Yeah, your choice on commando or none. So get suited up and meet back here and we'll start this off."

<Mick> He tightened the gloves, then felt the body armor over his chest, shoulders and legs. "Feel safer in this shit already, seriously." He bounced. "Fits like a goddamned glove. Like it!"

<Jimmy> "Distract? I could live with that, sounds pretty badass," Jimmy grinned, "Which way to the changing room, miss?"

<Spot> He got into the suit and put the gloves on. "This looks like the BDSM meets van Gogh exhibition I went to a while ago."

<Mick> "Soooo...Mrs Drake...is uh, Danger gonna be joining us?" He looked around for the fembot, trying not to be too hopeful.

<KevinFord> "Will one of those work for me?" He asked. He didn't relish the idea of wearing his clothing under skin-tight clothing.

<Jessica> Jess folded her clothes neatly and put them in a locker before she pulled on the suit, zipping it up and tugging at it a little until she felt comfortable in it. Then she headed back into the Danger Room, stretching to test the give in the material.

<@Lorna> "She'll be monitoring us, giving us a few surprises." Lorna nodded to Mick. "And yes, it should work for you...though if it falls apart when you put it on put your usual clothes back on and we'll work something out. This suff is definitely inorganic though." Lorna snapped her own uniform pant leg, still never quite accustomed to it.

<@Lorna> "Right through that way." She pointed Jimmy off.

<Rubin> "Only reason I got dressed before class was because I didn't want the other guys to feel inadequate when putting on the suits in the locker room." Rubin mentioned to Lorna.

<Jimmy> Jimmy saluted and ambled off in the general direction Lorna had pointed, returning a few minutes later, still wearing his beanie and looking a little bashful, this outfit left nothing to the imagination, "I feel like a gimp ... and I look like one too."

<Mick> Mick bounced, nodding, feeling the freedom of movement. "Y' know, this would be epic t' do skatin' and shit in." He stretched a little, not wanting to pull something in this. The constant training that he'd started with Lorna was starting to show in his build, slightly less skinny and more defined than he had been when he arrived.

<Mick> "Hey, dude, could be worse, trust." Mick laughed at Jimmy.

<@Lorna> "...that's very good of you, Rubin." She snorted, trying not to think of that but it was...well, it was the elephant in the room for her now.

<Rubin> "Yup yup yup, it's a curse."

<Jessica> "I think this is the most covered by clothing I've ever been...." Jess commented, straightening up at last.

<Rubin> "And yet I still see a lot more than usual." Rubin added to Jessica.

<Jessica> She looked down at herself and shrugged, "I'm not shy."

<Jimmy> "How could this be worse?" Jimmy eyed up Lorna and Jessica, "And how come they're not wearing bikinis like that tiger-girl I saw? If they're gonna make us dress up like this, they could at least give us chicks in bikinis and boots, am I right?" He muttered to Mick.

<Spot> He stretched himself a bit, trying to find out what was what. Then he reached into his collar and pulle dout a handfull of spots, putting them on his uniform. "There, better."

<Mick> "Because bikinis don' stop bullets, smartarse." Mick snorted. "Does this look like a fuckin' comic book to you?"

<KevinFord> Kevin took off a glove and poked at the uniform Lorna handed him. "Well, it seems to be okay...I'll go try it on." He exited to the locker room with the uniform. He returned some minutes later, wearing his jacket over it. "Just in case it fails. Nobody needs to see an eyeful."

<Jimmy> "You mean the comic books lie? I only read those things for Powergirl's tits!"

<Jessica> "Bikinis aren't practical at this time of year. It's cold."

<Mick> Mick laughed at that, shoving Jimmy lightly. "Yeah, righ'. That's why I play Warcraft, y' know - Blood Elves an' Night Elves." He nodded wisely, then tried not to think about Danger's Blood Elf Rogue. Hoo boy.

<Rubin> "I like his reason for reading comicbooks." Rubin said pointing at Jimmy.

<Jimmy> "Powergirl's tits and Zatana and Black Canary's fishnets, all your arguments are invalid, and that doesn't stop the cat-chick, I saw her on youtube with all those goods on display man, seriously, well nice!"

<KevinFord> "You guys do know that our teacher is a lady and can hear us, right?"

<Mick> "If you like fur, that's your doin', mate."

<Jessica> "Fur? Well there you go then. If she has fur she's warm enough." she rolled her eyes.

<Rubin> "He he he, furry tits." Rubin chuckled.

<Spot> "You people are talking about sex far too much..."

<Jimmy> "She should be used to it, there's at least fifty different facebook pages devoted to appreciating her butt," Jimmy waved a hand to indicate Lorna.

<Jimmy> "... Not that I looked or anything ..."

<@Lorna> "...okay, are we back to a working mode or shall we talk about butts?"

<Rubin> "Wait, I thought we were still on the tit subject." Rubin said confused.

<KevinFord> "Work, please!" He very carefully avoided looking at her. The suits were very tight.

<Jessica> Jess sighed and sat down on the floor, crossing her legs and resting an elbow on her knee and putting her chin in her hand.

<@Lorna> "I don't like talking about tits that much."

<Spot> "They are lovely birds." He nodded.

<Rubin> "We can always switch the subject to tat's. Tit for tat. Ha!"

<Jimmy> Jimmy realised he was getting looks from Lorna and visibly cringed, "... I did it again didn't I?"

<@Lorna> "I'm not sure if that was you or boobs." Lorna frowned, trying to decide but shook her head. "Anyway! Training!"

<KevinFord> "Do I get a code name?"

<@Lorna> "Did I not say Wither?" Lorna looked confused again.

<Rubin> "Dude, I think she already said it... think it was something lik Rot or... yeah Wither."

<KevinFord> "Oh." Yes, the uniforms were very distracting.

<Jessica> Jess nodded, "You said it, I could hear from the locker room."

<@Lorna> "Okay! Training!" Lorna was determined to keep her focus as long as she could to get them through this. "Danger has set up simulations of 'the horsemen' and what we might face with them today. We're going to go through, see how we do as a team, and hopefully we can come up with some ways of defeating our friends without hurting them."

<@Lorna> "See Spot? We do need creativity."

<Rubin> "And I'm guessing that's why I was told to join? Or was it because I'm flunking Gym?"

<@Lorna> "Because if all else fails we're going to have you get them all mellowed out."

<Spot> "I don't see how this is a problem that can't be solved by a baseball bat to the back of the head..."

<@Lorna> "We're not taking a baseball bat to fellow students heads." Lorna clarified, wondering how on earth she got to the point where she had to say that.

<KevinFord> "So what is it that we're actually going to do?"

<Rubin> "Geeze, you're sounding like that Wade guy that hangs around the mansion." Rubin told the spot guy.

<Jessica> "I think that's the point of the training, Kevin... to figure that out."

<Spot> "I like the way he thinks. Very outside the box." He nodded in appreciation of his fellow student's abilities.

<Jimmy> Jimmy had elected to spend the duration of Lorna's talk with his hand covering his mouth, incase his power caused a tangent again.

<Mick> "Thinkin' out the box is what X-Men do, Spot." Mick managed to not snort at the name, before sobering. "There's gotta be a way t' take 'em down without hurtin' 'em, right?"

<@Lorna> Going over to the control pad, Lorna made to start up the simulation. "As we know the most about him, we will be starting with Pestilence."

<Jimmy> "... Didn't he-oh wait, not talking," Jimmy covered his mouth again.

<Christopher> Chris ran into the danger room, late as usual. "Hey guys! Don't start the party without me."

<Mick> "That's...Reed, righ'?" Mick nodded. "Stretchy-dude...th' one poisoning everythin'."

<@Lorna> "Yeah...it's Reed." Lorna sighed just a bit, looking up at the sudden entrance. "Hey there, Chris, just in time. We're even starting with someone you can hit without hurting."

<Wither> Kevin slipped between the others to the back of the group. He could run, yeah, but attack? Not so much.

<Christopher> "Oh yeah? Sounds a wee bit boring."

<Jessica> Jess got to her feet again running a hand through her hair and pulling it back into a ponytail.

<@Lorna> "Right, objective! Work as a team to take down Reed so he can be brought back and hopefully fixed." With that the room filled up with a factory not unlike the water treatment plant they had fought Pestilence and Herald at not that long ago.

<Rubin> And Rubin just stood still, something that he had perfected to an art.

<Jessica> Jess managed to contain the yelp of surprise, looking around her new surroundings.

<Mick> Mick tilted his head a little. "Thinkin' wit' portals for this one, then..." He pulled his hair back, tying int out of his face though strands escaped and looked around, testing out the simulated lines, eyes flaring as he hooked up to them, used to the room shifting around him.

<Spot> He looked around and pulled out a few more spots, deliberately putting them on walls and the floor.

<@Lorna> A few rooms ahead was the simulated Pestilence, crouching open a grain storage unit and letting lose his plague.

<Jessica> Jess jumped straight up and adhered herself to the ceiling, favouring crawling along it and the walls to flying.

<Mick> Mick switched over to his 'other' sense, blinking as he immediately had the real DR faintly overlaying the simulation and hurridly focusing on the factory to stop the headache. He couldn't see his teammates clearly, just as pulsing green wireframes, everything else murky shades of grey. "Righ'. Guess we hafta find 'im. C'mon."

<Spot> Two more spots where thrown like frisbees and finally stuck to the ceiling. "There we go." He patted off his hands.

<Jimmy> Jimmy held up a hand, "Am I allowed to talk yet then?"

<@Lorna> "Right, X-men, move forward, don't lose sight of each other if at all possible." Lorna hovered cautiously, listening for any indication that anyone else was there beside them. "Yes, you can talk...just be careful."

<Jessica> She tilted her head this way and that to listen to the sounds from around the place. "I can hear something that way." she pointed in the direction of the location of sim-Pestilence.

<Jimmy> "Right ... so ... uhh ... where's the door to this place, I'd better watch it incase ... you know, he has any backup?" Jimmy suggested hopefully, removing his hand.

<Christopher> Chris pulled his helmet on and then turned on the visor, switching it over to infared spectrum so he could see everyone. "I'll keep eyes on everyone. Just keep your ears open." He smiled.

<Mick> X-Men. He was an X-Man. Oh god, wait until everyone at home heard this. "Man up, dude, seriously." He muttered, moving carefully, the 'other' sight helpful by highlighting sharp edges that might hurt. "That-a-waaaay!"

<@Lorna> "Good ear, Arachne." She gave the girl crawling along up there a salute, turning in the direction that had been indicated.

<Rubin> Aaaand Rubin followed the group.

<Spot> He made sure to stay behind the professor. He was an artist, not a fighter.

<Wither> Kevin blinked, mouth dropping open as the room transformed into a different one. "Wow." He followed too, coming up last.

<Christopher> "Hey big guy. Wanna give me a nice tap? I need a little energy."

<Jimmy> "I'm short, unfit and my power is talking, also ... we're talking about the guy that voms down people's throats? No thanks, man!" Jimmy made sure he was trailing at the back.

<Mick> "...Whoo, Mrs. Drake, you know your magnetism schtick's strong enough I could totally jump wit' you? Not that I would. Can' imagine it's a pleasant experience."

<Jessica> Jess followed along on the ceiling, dodging the spots on things and listening out for any other sounds or sounds that their target was on the move.

<Mick> "Hey, Jim, you do know th' guy at the back always gets picked off firs', right?"

<Rubin> Rubin sighed, "You know I'm more of a lover than a fighter. Well, not an actual lover lover... you know." He made a fist and gave Chris a punch on the shoulder.

<Christopher> "Come on I'll keep you safe. Scouts honor." Chris grinned when the punch was more than enough to light him up with purple energy.

<@Lorna> "That does sound a bit strange...we'll try things like that later though." She told Mick, concentrating on the simulation and smiling at the banter she was hearing. At least they seemed to have each other's backs.

<Jimmy> .... Jimmy moved to the center of the group.

<Wither> Kevin undid a glove. If he was picked off first, he wasn't going alone.

<Spot> "So, just to make sure, are we allowed to knock him out in some way? Like, maybe a cricket bat to the head?"

<Jessica> "Would electricity work?" Jess looked down at them.

<Jimmy> "How is a cricket bat less worse than a baseball bat, a baseball bat is hollow, cricket bats are solid wood!"

<Christopher> "I'm pretty sure it will take more than that. He's stretchy if I remember right. I don't know if he'll absorb kinetic force easily."

<Jessica> "Because, if not, I have no idea how useful I'll be... probably not very."

<Rubin> "You can always just shove him through one of yoru spot things into a jail locked up room or something." Rubin suggested to Spot.

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Re: 5/19 Game: Special Hugs and Painting the Roses Red

Post by Ferguson » Sun May 20, 2012 12:44 am

<Jimmy> "You'll probably be ore useful than me," Jimmy muttered.

<Mick> "...I could jus' port him. If I shift people through th' lines they tend t' be out cold the other side - consciousness don' take well to bein' turned into data packets I think."

<@Lorna> "He's essentially rubber. Hitting and electricity isn't really going to get us very far." Lorna pointed out.

<Spot> He looked at the elephant man. "I am not touching the guy that goes by the name 'Pestilence'."

<Jimmy> "Hey, maybe you could do what they did in that Charlie and the Chocolate factory film, and just like .... teleport him into a tv?" Jimmy suggested to Mick.

<Rubin> "Cant you use your spot things without touching someone?" Rubin asked Spot.

<Jessica> Jess supposed if she got cornered she'd just have to try the pheromones to confuse him and hope the others didn't get too close.

<@Lorna> Hearing the voices, Pestilence moved towards them, stretching himself thin against the wall.

<Wither> " I could uh...decay him?"

<Mick> Mick stared at Jimmy. "...Y' know, I've never tried that...but I don' think I can do it, honestly. Hey, Jim, talk at him, see what it does - if he's distracted, we can get th' drop on him, righ'?"

<Christopher> Chris sealed off his suit and stretched a little as they walked. "Best I got going is human meat shield and heat blasts."

<Spot> "Well, if I can make him reach through the spots, I could probably tie him in knots, if that is what you mean."

<Jessica> Jess paused, "Hang on... he's on the move...."

<Jimmy> "What, you want me to walk up and strike a conversation with the red lantern? Nooooooo thanks!"

<Wither> Kevin looked behind him reflexively. "Where is he moving to?"

<Mick> "No, jus' talk at him - y' don't have to be havin' a conversation, remember?"

<Jessica> "Towards us I think... it's hard to tell with all the talking going on...." she frowned.

<Jimmy> "And then he rage-vomits on me, or hits me, I'm pretty sure I can't zombie people while I'm unconcious, unless I talk in my sleep ... I dunno ...."

<Christopher> "Why don't we stop whining and get this show on the road." Chris looked around. "Walls are too think for me to see him. But as long as he's alive I'll see him when he's in the open."

<@Lorna> "Right guys, zip it for a moment." Lorna stopped, giving Arachne the chance to listen.

<@Lorna> Reed practically slithered against the wall, now in sight for anyone who could make him out flat against the wall in the badly lit factory.

<Jessica> Jess turned her head this way and that, listening. That didn't sound good... her eyes scanned the area ahead of them. "He's really close... and.... not walking... it's like a dragging sound...."

<Christopher> "He's trying to be a wall...." Chris fired a heat blast directly at him.

<Jimmy> Jimmy whimpered, and then at the sudden blast of energy from Chris shrieked like a little girl and rann behind some boxes.

<Mick> Warned by the dude with the awesome visor, he blinked...and saw a wall completely covered by green lines that were obviously...pliant. "Oh man, that's freaky as hell..."

<Jessica> Jess charged up a venom blast to provide some light (sure it was green but it was better than nothing).

<@Lorna> At the heat blast the simulated Pestilence leaped, well, as well as a rubbery blanket could leap, towards the team, spewing his plague as he attempted to wrap around them.

<Christopher> "Gonna get hot!" Chris slammed a heat blast into the ground causing a heavy updraft to get rid of the plague and Reed.

<Rubin> "Gah, he looks like a japanese horror movie!" Rubin said, slapping his hands together and concentrating on making a ball of sparkles, before throwing it at the stretchy guy.

<Jessica> Jess left the ceiling and sprang in the opposite direction, firing the charged blast as a distraction. She did not want to be thrown up on!

<Jimmy> Ewewewewew! Jimmy was staying in his box away from the rage vomit, that was his plan, it was a good plan and didn't involve being vommed on.

<Mick> "Fucking eeeeww-" Mick wasn't there any more, the blue lines heading for above Reed and landing on the blanket.

<Spot> "Aaaaannnnd bye!" Johnathon put a spot on the floor and escaped through it, coming out of another spot on a wall.

<Wither> Kevin stood rooted tot he spot. He had no idea what he should do. His power required him to be rather close...and he did not want to do that.

<@Lorna> With the added weight the Reed blanket plummeted down faster, flailing in sheets as the edges of him hardened into rubber needles, trying to stab at the thing that had just landed on him. The move had trapped in the sparkle ball from Rubin, however, and the motions started to slow as it took effect.

<Rubin> "Incoming." Rubin said as he tried to move away.

<Christopher> "Fuck!" Chris grabbed Kevin and threw him out of the way as the spikey reed blanket came down.

<Spot> "Hooray! Give it to him!" He cheered the others on.

<@Lorna> It flailed as if it was at war with itself, wanting to destroy and under the influence of the sparkly ball as well.

<Jessica> Jess crouched at the end of the hall, "What did you just do to him?" She called to Rubin.

<Rubin> "I made him like us. You know, just soothe him to not attack."

<Mick> Mick had been working on his shifts to move out of the way of punches. It was working now, and then he reached down and shifted again - this time taking sheet with him. Only about three inches, but it should have been enough to put him out...hopefully...

<Jessica> "Oh... good..." which meant she didn't have to resort to that. Yay!

<Jimmy> A behatted head peered from behind the box, "Is he still rage-voming?"

<@Lorna> "I think he's just sort of...leaking." Lorna looked at the puddle that was coming out from under the Reed mat, sort of intrigued by what had just taken place.

<Mick> "No, y' safe, Peanut."

<Wither> "Thanks." Kevin stood up shakily. Okay. He was alive. And now the fake Reed-Pestilence thing was on the ground. He took off his other glove and reached, inching closer for a flailing rubbery arm. He grabbed it, squeezing his eyes shut, not wanting to see it decay.

<Spot> "Can we get a vacuum?"

<Mick> Mick prodded the mat. "Hey...he unconscious? Did it work? How can y' even tell?"

<@Lorna> The needles went away and Reed continued flopping. It wasn't the flop of violence, however, as it reached out give the closest people a nice, friendly hug of love.

<@Lorna> "I....I would call that a success."

<Mick> "Awwww." Mick couldn't help it. He scritched the mat.

<Jimmy> "Peanut?" Jimmy was cut off as he felt the slithery, rubbery thing wrapping arounf his ankle, "... It's touching meeeeeee!" He wailed.

<Jessica> Jess decided she liked being at the other end of the hall away from the hugging.

<Rubin> "Make love, not war, man." The large, gray hippy said.

<Mick> "Hey, hey, manhugs dude, stick t' the safe areas." Eeesh. Mick peeled the touchy-feely mat off his leg.

<@Lorna> "Though...is it the best thing to use your powers on our people?" Lorna looked over to Wither, not sure how to feel about that as she saw little bits of Reed looking a bit grey.

<Christopher> Chris made his way out and away from the rubber man. "Well that was a little annoying."

<Spot> Johnathon had found a broom in some corner and started to brush Reed together into a more manageable heap.

<Rubin> "Hey, shouldn't we like... have brought a container or something when we subdue mr stretchy pants?"

<@Lorna> "...like rubbermaid?"

<Wither> At her words, Kevin let go and cracked open an eye. "Is the lesson over, then?" He stepped away from the cracked and flaking rubber stuff. He was breathing hard, rubbing his finger tips together. It had actually been...fun...to do it. "No, Professor Drake, I don't think it's good."

<Mick> "Well...I can port him t' any point you want, once we've got 'im. Best go-to delivery guy, me." Mick gave Rubin a thumbs up.

<Christopher> Chris laughed at the obvious pun. "I'm sure we can find one big enough. Shall I start looking for the real deal?"

<Jimmy> Jimmy was shaking his leg, trying to get Reed to let go "Get it of! Get it off! I'm having hentai flashbacks man!"

<@Lorna> "We'll keep that as a very last resort if they're about to hurt someone then." She nodded to Wither, offering him a smile as she wasn't quite sure if he was all right or not. "Yeah, we might as well stock the Blackbird with anything we can think we'd need."

<Rubin> "I was think Tupperware, but I guess Rubbermaid would work as well..." Rubin mentioned.

<@Lorna> "Now then...are we ready for Famine?" Lorna asked, looking about at this rather ragtag team, impressed and bemused all at the same time.

<Mick> Mick looked up. "Think as we'll ever be." He saluted lazily.

<Christopher> "Can we get some lunch before? I'd rather not be hungry fighting someone who makes you hungrier."

<Rubin> "Right, if Mr Zippy-forgot-the-codename isn't available, I suggest as a backup to bring a giantass containter."

<Jimmy> "I'm ready for anything so long as mr. happy here lets go!"

<Spot> He put the broom aside and dusted off his hands. "Seeing as I didn't really do anything here, I think I'll skip on 'Famine', prof. I also got a project in the microwave, which should be done by about now. Toodles." With that he went through one of his spots and out of the room.

<Rubin> "Hey Mick, what's your codename again?" Rubin asked.

<Mick> "...Zippy, dude? It's Pipeline."

<Jessica> "Maybe?" Jess wrinkled her nose a little, unsure who they were getting now for certain.

<Jimmy> "Look, can someone like .... get a stick or something and wedge him loose?" Jimmy whined.

<Christopher> Chris laughed a little. "Try to remember codenames guys. It's not good people knowing who you really are."

<Rubin> "Right, Pipeline, Pipeline, Pipeline, won't forget it noe." Rubin told Mick.

<Mick> "Two words y' can associate with drugs, man, don't let me down now." Mick chuckled.

<Jessica> Jess rolled her eyes a little and went to help Jimmy, her enhanced strength making it a simple enough task.

<Wither> Kevin wandered over and poked at the appendage wrapped around Jimmy's leg a few times until he was able to break it off.

<@Lorna> "It's all in practice." Lorna gave a chuckle. "If anyone needs alist of names I'll give them to you." She went to the controls, keying up the program Danger had fixed for what Famine might be like. "Is everyone up on their feet now?"

<Jimmy> Once free Jimmy did a little hopping dance of disgust, "Thanks chick," he told Jess.

<Wither> "I'd like a list."

<Jessica> "You're welcome.... and if our identities are such a commodity, shouldn't we be more worried about our faces?"

<@Lorna> "Well, we've also become a bit of a media frenzy so it's a bit late for the faces. Plus a lot our more obvious mutant members...well, I don't think anyone's ever going to mistake Tantra for anyone else."

<Christopher> Chris tapped his mask. "I thought ahead about that."

<Jessica> "Well no one's seen my face... and you don't want the kind of publicity it'll get you if anyone recognises me from before...."

<Rubin> Tantra waved.

<@Lorna> "I wouldn't worry about it too much." Lorna went ahead and started the program, the factory switching instantly to an overgrown garden...that looked as if it was more than capable of eating each and every one of them.

<Jimmy> "... That's gonna really such for that Herald chick when you get her back though, isn't it? Or did she not look like that before being crazyfied?"

<Jessica> Jess didn't like the lack of walls and ceiling. She chewed her lip and lifted into the air instead.

<Wither> "Feed me, Seymour!" Kevin said, looking around. He bent over to poke at the grass. It withered properly. This was truly a very interesting computer program. He couldn't even begin to imagine how uch code it was.

<Christopher> Chris just laughed. "Anyone got a hedge trimmer?"

<Mick> His sight was a sea of green, so he switched back to normal, blinking and narrowing his eyes in the sudden brightness. "Eesh, I need shades f' that." He muttered, before laughing at Wither. "Best. Quote. Ever."

<Wither> "I think masks would be a good idea." But then again, his ability needed to be used through skin contact, so he'd end up leaving fingerprints all over. He was sure he was in some sort of system database by now.

<@Lorna> "Forget hedge trimmers, we have weed-be-gone here! Wither, can you do your thing on the plants if we distract them long enough so they can't try and get you back?"

<Mick> "I don't care if I get recognised. It'll be a kick in th' teeth to the bitch who used t' make my life hell for my eyes back in year nine, tell y' that right now." Mick cackled. "Right, I can help wit' that. Anythin' that goes for him's gonna get shifted."

<Wither> "Distract away." He waggled his fingers.

<Jessica> And again, her powerset was useless here. She decided to just stay up out of the way.

<@Lorna> "...I wonder if Peanut's powers will work on powered up apparently sentient enough to snap at you plants?" Lorna looked to him before she realized what she said. "Distract I mean...sorry Peanut...Distract."

<Rubin> "Did you jsut call him Peanut?" Rubin asked.

<Jimmy> Jimmy just stared at Lorna.

<Jessica> Jess looked down at Lorna, "Why do people keep calling him Peanut?"

<Wither> "Do you need to review the list, Professor?" He made his way to a large snap-dragon looking plant and slapped his palm against it.

<Mick> Mick skipped out the way of one snappy Venus and touched the stalk, a section disappearing in a flicker of blue lines and reappearing in his other hand, the head of the plant falling to the ground. "...Sah-weeeeet."

<Jimmy> And then very slowly pulled his beanie down lower over his head, muttering evil things.

<@Lorna> "...yeah, yeah I did." Lorna ducked and rolled as one of the plants snapped at her, running for it's stem to climb up and give it a right go. "...it fits! I can't help it!"

<Jimmy> And then came the vines, around his ankles, with a yelp he was pulled off his feet and dragged off into the underbrush, "FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-"

<@Lorna> "I'm sorry!" She called down as she scaled the giant flower, pulling leaves off to keep it focused on her.

<Wither> He grinned as it decayed and withered into a pile of dust. He ran after Jimmy, diving to grab the vines.

<Rubin> Rubin stepped on a small plant wanting to chew on his foot. "Okay, seeing that this is america and we're a democracy, I vote we change the screaming guy's name to Peanut."

<Jessica> "Uh... I'll just..." she thumbed in the direction of Jimmy and flew off after him.

<Christopher> "Man is everyone just gonna run away?"

<Jimmy> Jimmy kicked the remains of the vines away from him, "Thanks," he gasped at Kevin, before looking for somwhere to hide.

<Wither> "No problem." He stood up, brushing dust off his jacket. "Where are we going? Do you want me to attack randomly, or go in a line toward something?"

<Mick> A few more plants were deheaded (har har) before Mick was suddenly bitten on an armoured part of his suit and yanked up into the air, presumably to be eaten. He didn't wait to find out, flickering in mid air, landing on the plant and making it disappear. "Fuck yoooooou."

<Mick> Then he wheezed. "Ow. Y' know...Ysera would not approve of this shit."

<Jimmy> Instead he found himself looking a giant daisy with a fang filled mouth, "... Uhh ... hi? So, come here often?" He staretd to babble, "It's a nice garden, could use a hedge trimmer, this reminds me of the time that some russian vine got into my nan's garden and we had to set fire to it .... you're not feeling sleepy at all, zombieish?"

<Jessica> "I don't know what we're looking for.... otherwise I'd fly around until I found it..."

<Jimmy> The flower drooled at him, and Jimmy figured now would be a good time to head for the hills, "MY POWERS DON'T WORK ON THINGSTHATDON'THAVEEAAAAAAAARS!!!!!!" He shrieked.

<Wither> Kevin grabbed the daisy around the stem and pulled it away from Jimmy. "Stop screaming."

<Jessica> "Would you prefer to be off the ground?" She offered.

<@Lorna> "We're looking for Michael. Fly around until you see someone controlling the plants." Lorna called down, punching the flower portion of her plant. "Attack in a circle pattern until we get a direction from Arachne!"

<Christopher> "Find a lighter." He slammed into a menacing looking tree a few times before he eventually toppled it. "Native American dude prolly at the center of all the plants but who the hell knows the guy was anti-social or something."

<Mick> "Hey, Jimbo." Mick flickered beside him and wheezed. "Try blindin' a few with your epic cueball." He grinned, flickering away to get one that was going for Lorna. "Iiiiiyam an X-Man!"


<Jessica> "Okay if you're yelling that loud, I'm withdrawing my offer." She flew up again and looked around for clues.

<@Lorna> "Peanut! Damnit! Distract! Stop screaming and go with Arachne! If you can distract Michael the plants will all die."

<Wither> "I would like to be able to hear after this." He ripped off some petals of another flower, and crashed to the ground as some vines wrapped around his legs and pulled him through the underbrush. "Help!" He screamed as he was hauled high into the air.

<Jimmy> All Jimmy cared about was getting away from killer plants with teeth, there was a door in this room, he could find the door and get out couldn't he? Which way was the door again? That way right? He settled for running that way.

<Jessica> "Kill the plant and I'll catch you, just don't touch me with your crazy hands." Jess moved beneath Kevin.

<Mick> Mick flickered, appearing in mid-air, grabbing a couple of vines that had Wither and shifting parts of them. "Incomin'!" He yelled down."

<Christopher> Chris used his energy he was building up mostly to fire heat blasts at vines and other assorted plants

<Wither> He stared at her. "You're going to catch me?" He scrambled to reach the vines, but it was hard, hanging upside down like this.

<Mick> Then he flickered back to the floor before he fell, landing a little heavily thanks to the transfered force. He staggered a little, a sudden tingly feeling hitting him and then fading. "No you fuckin' don't, bitch."

<Jessica> She wrapped her arms around Kevin when Mick got rid of the vines holding him and easily took his weight.

<@Lorna> "There we go, that's teamwork."

<Wither> "Wow. I feel rather uh...inadequate." He held his hands out in front of him. "Better just take me to the guy responsible for the plants."

<Jimmy> Jimmy was too busy checking to see what was chasing him that he didn't notice the figure infront of him, and crashed into the other guy, knocking him over.

<@Lorna> "Mind getting my plant, Wither...I think the petals are a bit...too toothlike for me to punch wisely.

<Jessica> She gave him a smile, "Hey this is all I'm good for..." she looked around and spied a likely spot, heading that way.

<Wither> "Wait, the Professor..."

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Re: 5/19 Game: Special Hugs and Painting the Roses Red

Post by Ferguson » Sun May 20, 2012 12:45 am

<Jimmy> Wait ... this wasn't someone he kne-"ARGHOHMYGODIFOUNDHIM!"

<Mick> "...Follow tha' scream!"

<Jessica> At Lorna's request, she changed direction so Kevin could badtouch the plant for her then headed after Jimmy's voice.

<Christopher> "Shouldn't be too hard, dude's blind."

<Jimmy> "Hey this your garden it's a nice garden nice flowers nice colours good arangement got any sunflowers are they killer sunflowers I like roses and i'm shitting myself so bad I have no idea what I'm saying just please turn into a zombie okay?"

<@Lorna> Lorna rode the withering plant down, making a forcefield to clear their way to where Jimmy was, the plants snapping away at the barrier. "There we are!"

<Rubin> "Argh, it's like I'm a big, giant, gray target for plants." Rubin said, pulling off another weed trying to wrap iself around a limb, only to be replaced with another.

<Jimmy> "Zombie good no killing me I don't wanna die I'm not plant food and I hated that movie we watched it in DT once and I swear those singing black women pissed me off so much but I'd rather not be hacked up and fed to Seymor or was the plant called Trudy I dunno."

<Wither> "So... now we found him, what now?"

<@Lorna> The simulation of Michael listened to the droning voice, unable not to as the plants' attack against the forcefield started to weaken.

<Jessica> Jess landed and set Kevin down gently, "Thank you for flying air-Arachne."

<Mick> "Want I-I should try displacin' him, see if I can knock 'im out?"

<Jimmy> "Oh good and now the heroes are here to save me saving is good I like saving are you a proper zombie yet can I stop talking 'cos seriously this whole thing is freaking me out and the teacher keeps on calling me Peanut and man that sucks please stop trying to kill us and just be a good zombie."

<Christopher> Chris laid a forceblast into the side of his head. "Nope he's squishy, easily dealt with."

<@Lorna> "...yeah, I think Peanut's got him pretty well zoned out....Distract...balls, I'm going to keep doing that."

<Wither> "Thank you." He turned to Mick. "I could slap him a few times?"

<Rubin> "This is where tranquilizer darts would come in nicely." Rubin said, "While Pea-Distract has him in his trancy thing. Now you got me doing it as well."

<Jimmy> "Can I stop talking yet i'm scared the plants will eat me if I stop talking and I really wanna stop talking so can I stop talking stopping talking would be really great about now."

<@Lorna> "Right, on the mission we'd have tranqs so that takes care of that then. End program." Lorna told Danger and the room was dropped back into it's bare state.

<Wither> "Do we have tranqs?" He rubbed his palms on the sides of his jacket. "That works too."

<Christopher> Chris stretched a little. "I'm sure I can get some."

<Mick> Mick put a hand to his temple, squeezing his eyes shut. "Yeah...'cause my head's goin' tingly." Overuse of powers again. He sighed, concentrating on making it go away.

<Jimmy> Jimmy gasped and sat down heavily, gibbering quietly to himself.

<Rubin> "My hand feels a little numb. I think one of the plants stung me or something... Question, how the heck does Danger do the numb thing anyway? Does she shoot like little darts with localized anaesthesia or something?"

<Jessica> Jess gently patted Jimmy in what she hoped was a comforting manner.

<Mick> "She's a talented lady, Tantra." Mick muttered.

<Rubin> Rubin eyed Peanut....Distract. Jimmy. "Hey, buddy, you want somethign to relax a bit? You look a little stressed, man."

<Jimmy> "Hope .... you guys don't mind ... but I think I'll skip the real deal?" Jimmy muttered, "I don't think I'm cut out ... for this hero stuff ...."

<Christopher> "It's not everybody's thing." Chris gave him a pat on the back.

<Wither> Kevin stood apart from the others, rubbing his hands against his jacket. He hadn't really felt the fabric in a long time. "I kinda like it."

<Jimmy> "Depends?" Jimmy asked Rubin, "I'm not gonna wanna hg everyone, am I?"

<Mick> "I can get used t' this...only problem is the side effect of usin' lines too much." The tingly feeling had gone, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

<Rubin> "Nah, you'll just love beign relaxed and feeling good." Rubin replied. "Mind you, if I were you, I'd find a bed as soon as possible as well." he said, then added, "or maybe a bathroom for privacy." in a mumble.

<Jessica> "Aaaand that's my cue to go on a really long walk somewhere far far away....."

<Jimmy> "Bed? For like a nap?" Jimmy asked, starting to get his breath back.

<@Lorna> "Maybe one day. You all did well, actually. We'll train for the other two after you have had a break, put your suits in the lockers and go relax." She waved, heading to the lockerroom to get dressed as well.

<Christopher> "I think I will go back to working on some school work... Yeah school work."

<Rubin> "Yeah," Rubin nodded. He probably would want to nap afterwards, which guy wouldn't, "So, want a smidgen of pixie dust?" he asked Jimmy.

<Jessica> "I'll just wait my turn in the locker room...." she pulled the tie from her hair as she headed for the door.

<Mick> Mick nodded. "Think...think I need t' go lie down for a bit anyway." He sighed. Better be safe then sorry. "Jus'...buzz me when we're goin'...hey, Rubin, that shit work f' epilepsy?"

<Rubin> Rubin looked up at Mick, "Uhhh, not sure, never tried... why, you want to love being an epileptic?"

<Wither> Kevin went to the locker room, feeling confused. He shouldn't have liked using his powers. But it had been so freeing to be able to do so. But that would make him a killer. He got dressed in his normal clothes, stuffing his gloves in his jacket pocket. "I'll see you guys later."

<Jimmy> "... Couldn't hurt I guess, hit me then, big guy."

<Jimmy> "Later Kevin, thanks for the save back there."

<Mick> "No. I don' want to have a seizure. Don' worry about it, though, shit smacks too much of drugs an' I don' do that...no offence." Mick smiled. "Later, team." He waved, then flickered out and down to his room.

<Rubin> Rubin rubbed his palms together, then just held one hand over Jimmy's head, flicking his fingers and sprinkling some little flickering lights on the little guy. "And that's that. It'll kick in in a bit."

<Rubin> "Wait... did Mick just say I'm a drug dealer?" Rubin asked confused.

<Jimmy> "Awesome, thanks mate, I'll go get changed then head up to me room," Jimmy patted Rubin on the elbow before climbing to his feet and headding to the changing room.

<Jimmy> "And I dunno man, why don't you go ask him yourself?" He called over his shoulder back at Rubin.

<Rubin> Rubin was about to do as Jimmy suggested, but then remembered what he was wearing. Not something to wear around friends. The teasing would be immense. Instead he followed Jimmy to the locker room to change.

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Re: 5/19 Game: Special Hugs and Painting the Roses Red

Post by Starfish » Sun May 20, 2012 7:55 am

Hee, that looks like so much fun! Sorry I missed it, guys - thunderstorm killed my internet last night.

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