12/1 Game: And to All a Good Night...

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12/1 Game: And to All a Good Night...

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:40 pm

timeline: Dec. 22nd

Laura: Laura hadn't exactly been sure what to make of the jolly trolley when it was decided they were to ride on it into the park, and she was even less sure what to make of the caroling elves that had stationed themselves next to where she had sat. She shot them a wary look before glanced around to see if any of the others found it strange.

Jean-Paul: "Oh my god, it's actually called the Jolly Trolly!" Jean-Paul jumped aboard, really quite taken with their blinking ride for the night. "This is both fabulous and slightly dirty. This is my new favourite euphemism."

Laura: If Jean-Paul was any indication, it was just her.

Paige: "Have a holly jolly trolly!" Paige giggled after she sang out.

Darren: Darren chuckled to himself as he held out an arm to help his good, lady wife up onto their ride for the evening.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul wasn't bothered by the elves one bit, as a matter of fact he felt some sort of kinship with them even if they were merely faking his ears. He could still sing along, however, which more than made up for that.

Cecilia: Cecilia raised an eyebrow at the 'Jolly Trolly.' Trying not to feel like a five year old as she climbed into her seat. "This is gloriously trashy," she muttered, smirking and shaking her head.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul wasn't bothered by the elves one bit, as a matter of fact he felt some sort of kinship with them even if they were merely faking his ears. He could still sing along, however, which more than made up for that.

Cecilia: Cecilia raised an eyebrow at the 'Jolly Trolly.' Trying not to feel like a five year old as she climbed into her seat. "This is gloriously trashy," she muttered, smirking and shaking her head.

Laura: "It is... something..." Laura finally commented.

Selene: Selene couldn't help performing a little curtsey as she took Darren's hand, a sly smirk on her lips, and stepped up onto the frighteningly cheerful trolley.

Hisako: Hisako sat behind Cecilia, "....America sometimes scares me.", she admitted, adjusting her scarf a little bit as she settled into her own seat, "Is this normal?"

Jessica: Jess wasn't sure what to make of all this either. There was so much noise all around them, the lights and movement were all very overwhelming. She climbed up inside and took a seat, trying to get used to everything.

Paige: Taking her seat, Paige bounced a bit on the trolly. "Whee!! I don't know if I've ever been on a trolly before."

Cecilia: Cecilia turned to face Hisako. "Unfortunately yes. Trashy, flashy and in your face. That pretty much sums up this country," she laughed.

Darren: "How many elves do you think we can send into therapy this year, my love?" Darren asked in a low voice as he sat next to Selene and started to rummage through his backpack for the 'special' hot chocolate.

Johnathon: Johnathon pulled a spot out from under his scarf. He just put it into thin air, where it stuck, reached inside, and his formerly empty hand came back holding a coke.

Hisako: "I wonder also why the song says 'one horse open sleigh' when they have reindeers.", Hisako pondered, tapping her face with her finger, "Do people just ignore these strange things?"

Selene: "Hopefully all but one," Selene replied, shifting in her seat to get comfortable and adjusting the thick coat she was wearing against the cold. "He needs to be spared so he can tell the others what happened here."

Laura: She pulled her gaze from the lights back to the elves. Dressing up was supposed to be for Halloween... or so she thought... "I do not think most of these songs make sense..."

Jessica: "I think it's more to do with the kind of sleigh, Hisako..." Jess hazarded.

Hisako: Hisako frowned a little, "But if it is 'one horse' why so many reindeers?"

Selene: "It's Christmas, my dear," Selene told Laura. "Of course if doesn't make sense until you've ingested sufficient amount of eggnog and sugar canes."

Cecilia: Cecilia shrugged. "I dunno, I guess people sacrifice accuracy for holiday spirit...I can't believe I'm saying this... but I actually preferred Christmas when it was more about Jesus and less about flashy lights and presents..."

Jessica: "Because santa's drunk on whiskey and has to carry a bunch of heavy presents on the back? I don't know..." Jess shrugged helplessly.

Jean-Paul: "Hey, it's awesome." Jean-Paul defended the lights. "And I believe it's a different sleigh in that case."

Johnathon: "I also got a spot in front of the fireplace in the mansion, in case someone has cold hands," offered helpfully. "Though it's better not to look through it. Earlier I say professor Farouk in his bathrobe with a towel around his head..."

Darren: Ahhh, he did love Christmas, it was the perfect snuggling season, he put an arm around Selene's shoulders and drew her to him, tucking her head onto his shoulder as he held the thermos of hot chocolate to her, "True, you always need to spare one so that they can carry the tales of our victory to thier compatriots."

Jessica: "Ooooh Johnathon, that sounds lovely..." Jess smiled at him.

Paige: "Oh oh candy canes!! Where is Hope?! She always has that kind of stuff." She left out the part that it was possibly how Hope had As in her class.

Selene: "That sounds like such a delightful way to set yourself on fire," Selene remarked with a sideways glance in Johnathon's direction, while she leaned into Darren's embrace.

Johnathon: "Here you go." He just put a spot in between them.

Hisako: With a sharp sneeze that made her sound like a little mouse, Hisako sniffed, reaching into her pocket for a tissue, "So where will we go?"

Darren: "With the possible bonus of naked Fatty Farouk," he shuddered at the thought, "I can think of better way to sustain third degree burns."

Selene: "Wherever the jolly trolly may take us," she replied. "Which, considering the name and look of this thing, might be some form of Christmas hell."

Paige: "I spent years avoiding that very thought... and here you people put that in my head! Evil!!!" Paige tried to rub the thought form her mind.

Hisako: "The Spirit of Christmas is a chaotic thing.", Hisako grinned, "But it is nice everyone is so happy, of course."

Jessica: Jess put her hands tentatively into the hole, glad for the warmth.

Laura: A baffled look crossed her face as she tried to work out what exactly eggnog was, however the start of another song interrupted the line of thought. She focused back in on the conversation and wished she hadn't. The thought of Farouk... Ack...

Jean-Paul: "This is supposed to be a happy time, damn you for bringing up such terrors!" Jean-Paul complained, pulling a face and taking advantage of the snack possibilities.

Paige: Paige giggled at Selene and munched on a gummy bear.

Darren: "All that fat, he must generate a lot of heat, and if he's had a bath it'll be nice and extra steamy."

Jessica: Jess wrinkled her nose, "Stoooop that's not fair.... my mutation makes me really cold...."

Johnathon: "He had rosy cheeks." Johnathon nodded.

Laura: "I believe I would rather be blinded by the massive amount of lights we are approaching than continue discussing this," Laura decided.

Paige: "It's ok Jessica. Farouk will keep you nice and warm!"

Darren: "Which ones are you talking about? Top or bottom ones?"

Hisako: "Who is Farouk?", Hisako pipped up.

Cecilia: "One of the professors here," replied Cecilia.

Jessica: "Stoooop!" Jess withdrew her hands to use them to cover her face.

Laura: "The round one with a cane."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul decided vibrating in place was much better than using the warmth of what was possibly Farouk. "The econ teacher. You'll know him when you see him."

Laura: "...And fez," she added.

Paige: Paige couldn't stop giggling at Jess.

Hisako: Hisako scratched her head, "Surely he cannot be so bad?", she smiled a little wryly.

Darren: "You'll know him when you see him, he's so large smaller objects are drawn to him and orbit him like tiny moons."

Jean-Paul: "He's terrifying." Jean-Paul said truthfully.

Paige: "I still think the remote is lost in one of his rolls." Paige offered up again.

Darren: "I'm also pretty sure he's the anti-christ on top of everything else."

Selene: "i believe that happened to poor little Leech once," Selene remarked, looking thoughtful.

Johnathon: "He doesn't like art," was the worst he could say about the feared teacher. For his standards, that was basically a fire and brimstone-level curse.

Cecilia: Cecilia shrugged. "I dunno, I don't have any classes with him. Honestly though, he can't be anywhere near as bad as Lensherr. That guy keeps giving me really exasperated looks, like he's disappointed in me or something and I'm not that stupid."

Paige: "Awwww I'm sure he likes you..." Paige tried to cheer Cecilia up.

Darren: "See, Fatty Farouk would tell you you're a stupid girl and then give you psychic detention ... whatever that this."

Jean-Paul: "I don't mind Lehnsherr...Farouk is terrifying, brilliant but terrifying."

Jessica: "I don't like Lehnsherr... he's creepy..." Jess wrinkled her nose again. "Bobby's a much better math teacher."

Cecilia: "That sounds disturbing and vaguely kinky, Boss," snorted Cecilia to Darren.

Laura: "I also prefer Professor Drake," Laura added.

Paige: "That's because he's Bobberz!" Paige grinned at the girls.

Cecilia: "I never had Bob as a teacher," remarked Cecilia. "Can't comment on his teaching skills."

Paige: "He's a sweetie piiiiie. You'd adore him if you had him."

Jessica: "He made math fun... now it's just creepy. I'm glad I can go through everything with him later when I get stuck."

Selene: "I'll attribute it to the general air of fear that no one has named me as their favourite teacher yet," Selene said, a smile showing on her face. "Good. That means I'm still doing some things right."

Paige: "Just don't as him to fix your hair for you. He would fail my class."

Cecilia: "I don't hate Lehnsherr," clarified Cecilia. "I just want him to look like he's actually pleased with me for once...and goddamnit that makes me sound like I have serious daddy issues...how depressing..."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul couldn't really understand why people thought Lehnsherr's class was creepy but that was no matter because the trolly started to slow and.... "Oh god, light sequence put to music." And was that a giant leg lamp? That was fantastic.

Laura: "I believe you were more frightening while you were still brainwashed," Laura stated, glancing to Selene.

Paige: "Ohhhhhhh...." Paige was distracted by the shiny lights.

Jessica: "I'll bear that in mind," Jess laughed at Paige.

Darren: Darren coughed as he tried to hide his laughter at Laura's comment.

Johnathon: What is your position on the avantgardist movement, professor?" Johnathon asked Selene. "Maybe I can make you my favourite teacher?"

Selene: Selene gave Laura a long, stern look. "Don't make me bring the pom-poms to my next class," she warned, the hint of a smirk on her lips.

Hisako: "Dasai....", Hisako pouted, looking up at the others in the group from her PS Vita, slowly going back to her game when she realized everyone was busy with their conversation.

Laura: Laura's head tilted, brow furrowing, "I thought we did not have any classes after this..."

Jessica: "It's an empty threat, Laura..." Jess patted her.

Selene: "I believe some of it is... salvageable," Selene replied to Johnathon's question. "If you can get over the all the self-important schlock."

Cecilia: Cecilia eyed the lights and the leg lamp. "What the fuck?" She muttered. "Did they steal this lamp from a whorehouse?"

Jean-Paul: ((Next light station, woodland creatures! http://cbswsocfm.files.wordpress.com/20 ... .jpg?w=420 ))

Jean-Paul: "It's A Christmas Story....we're movie marathoning when we get back if you don't know the leg lamp...oh god, it's Jack in lights." Jean-Paul pointed ahead.

Laura: "Oh..." she still wore the puzzled look as she glanced around at the lights, "I do not understand why people make threats they do not mean... or what rabbits have to do with Christmas."

Darren: "... Is it wrong I want to steal that giant bunny and put in Jack's room while he's passed out drunk and then hide a camera to see what his reaction is?"

Jessica: "Oh don't do that... he shares a room with Kevin... it won't end well..." Jess shook her head. "I think they're cute..."

Paige: "...I can put a pretty wig on the bunny."

Jean-Paul: "It's a winter wonderland, it's allowed to have woodland creatures." Jean-Paul shrugged, figuring that worked well enough.

Selene: "I think it would be the perfect Christmas gift," Selene told Darren, mesmerized by the light bunny.

Hisako: Hisako shuddered at the brightly lit animals, "They are pretty, but look like they're on fire. Which is.....not so nice.", she hid behind her handheld console.

Cecilia: Cecilia didn't know what 'A Christmas Story' was but the way that leg lamp looked it could only be equivalent to the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show.' "Oh thank God. Woodland creatures." Nothing even remotely obscene about that.

Johnathon: "Very good, Ma'am, I think I can put you on the shortlist for favourite teacher." He gave Selene a big smile and then watched the woodland creatures

Darren: "Right, when the park closes we're coming back for that bunny if Paige can get us a nice wig for it."

Cecilia: Cecilia eyed the little lights. "I'd actually prefer candles to lights...something very peaceful about candles..."

Jessica: Jess facepalmed. "Will you warn me in advance so I can warn Kevin?"

Paige: "Of course I can. It's my joooob!" Paige patted Darren a bit.

Selene: "Perhaps they're trying to reenact the forest fire scene from Bambi," Selene told Hisako.

Jessica: "If they had candles then they really would be on fire... less of a winter wonderland then I think."

Hisako: "There was no fire in Bambi?", Hisako gave Selene a puzzled look, "Gunshot, but no fire...yes?"

Jessica: Jess frowned, "What is Bambi?"

Cecilia: "There was a wildfire in the end when the humans come to shoot all the animals," said Cecilia. She frowned, "I'm not terribly fond of Bambi..." No shit, there was a small parallel between the movie and her own life. Depressing.

Darren: "No there was a forest fire in Bambi, I'm pretty sure, when he's like all grown up and shit."

Jean-Paul: "In any case, I think we can rest assured they're not recreating flaming animals." Jean-Paul laughed. "It's a movie, Jess, more Disney stuff."

Laura: "I have not seen that movie."

Hisako: Hisako hummed, "Bambi was a male, too? Strange to make him look like 'she'.", she looked at Jess, "Watership Down is worst. It's very strange for animation..."

Selene: "Oh, you're in for a treat then," Selene told Jessica. "It's such an educational movie. Basically, it teaches young kids not to get too attached to the little fluffy friend they've got for their birthday, because the fate of everything cute is to perish horribly."

Jessica: "Watership Down is a book..."

Cecilia: "I loved that book," remarked Cecilia. "Never saw the film though."

Hisako: "Books can be made films.", Hisako deadpanned, "You are unaware?"

Jean-Paul: "It's a movie, too, and it's fantastic as well...just not Christmas fare, too many dead rabbits."

Selene: "I wonder if Jack has seen it..."

Jessica: "I've never seen it... but I've read the book... I don't think it'd be good for children..."

Jean-Paul: ((http://cbsbaltimore.files.wordpress.com ... .jpg?w=420 Yarrrr, Pirate Christmas next!))

Cecilia: "Why not?" Said Cecilia, raising an eyebrow. "Most fairy tales are pretty sinister. Why is Watership Down so bad?"

Paige: "That is a horrible lesson anyway."

Johnathon: "Pirates and Christmas! I love it! How dada!"

Hisako: Hisako gestured with her hand, "And that iiiiis what I say, Jessica-san.", she looked off the side of the trolley, "Pirates with Christmas?"

Jessica: "It's a bit... gruesome..." Jess wrinkled her nose a little.

Jean-Paul: "Speaking of ships." Jean-Paul laughed as he saw the next display. "Is it bad I hope the ship is called the Jolly Trolly as well?"

Darren: "Oh man, I loved Watership Down as a kid, it's brutal!" Darren grinned, "The cartoon actually has the adorable little fuzzballs tearing each other to shreds in gory detail ..."

Paige: "I never read it..." Paige admitted to them. She couldn't think of many books that she had actually read.

Laura: "I believe I shall add this to the list of movies I must see," Laura decided.

Jessica: "Yeah... I definitely don't want to see that... the book was bad enough..."

Darren: "Good choice Laura, good choice."

Hisako: "You are a Japanimation fan also?", Hisako asked Darren, unsure of his name, "I have not met you, sorry for no name."

Laura: Laura managed a grin.

Jean-Paul: "We're definitely having a movie night when we get back." Depressing children's movie time was a good Christmas tradition, wasn't it?

Paige: "Oh oh can we watch Charlie Brown Christmas?!"

Jessica: "I'm feeling glad I'm living in the boathouse again...."

Darren: "Oh, yeah, you're not in any of my classes. Darren Kent, I teach ... many classes, and this is my wife Selene."

Cecilia: "Watership Down's film was Japanimation?" Asked Cecilia. "I didn't know that. Now I have to see it. I love Japanese films."

Selene: "We should name one of the school's vans the 'Jolly Trolly'," Selene mused, as they slowly drove past the big, bright ship.

Johnathon: "Japanimation is a disgrace to the fine art of animation!"

Darren: "Pffft, it was not, it was made in England."

Darren: "Back before the Brits figured out that we just make movies better."

Hisako: "Kent-san, and the beautiful Kent-toro,", Hisako nodded, adding those names to her mind's library, "Japanimation very different from western cartoons. Studio Gibli is known well here, of course."

Jean-Paul: "I think the van has to be the Jolly Trolly now." Jean-Paul agreed with Selene. "Can we paint it on the side when we get back?"

Paige: "I request pink paint!"

Laura: Laura eyed the pirate ship, not exactly sure what pirates had to do with Christmas either. Hm... She supposed pirates were cheery enough when they had treasure, and Christmas was about being cheery, right? At least that was the impression she got from the elves.

Darren: "You would."

Cecilia: "I liked Akira," Cecilia muttered. She eyed the garish pirate ship. "How has this got anything to do with Christmas?"

Paige: "Well, it is only the best color ever. It is also the color that Rachel, Bobby, and I have all had our hair colored."

Jean-Paul: "All colours paint." Jean-Paul was going to have fun with this. "Actually, we should just turn Johnathon onto painting the vans, what do you say?"

Jessica: "I don't know what is to do with Christmas and what isn't... not properly anyway..."

Laura: "I was just wondering that," she stated.

Hisako: Hisako shrugged, "Does American Christmas tradition have anything to do with the Pagan festival?", she asked Cecilia, "So much is very different - perhaps it is just happy thing?"

Cecilia: Cecilia shrugged. "Traditionally it had a lot to do with my former religion...now it's just sorta morphed into a commercial holiday everybody celebrates."

Darren: "I think this is less 'Christmas' and more 'what do people like that we can screw money out of them for'," Darren mused, "Give it a couple of years and we'll be on it."

Selene: "Ah yes, we should go for that psychedelic effect," Selene remarked.

Cecilia: "The Christmas trees are pagan at the very least," said Cecilia.

Jean-Paul: "All sorts of things are pagan about the holiday but this is just for shits and giggles."

Hisako: "I like it.", Hisako giggled, "It's all very big and bright, almost overbearing but still very nice and happy! It reminds me of home."

Jessica: "It's a bit much for me, really..." Jess confessed.

Selene: "If I'm not mistaken, it was originally a pagan festival that got incorporated into the Christian belief system by the missionaries to appease the locals," Selene said.

Jean-Paul: ((http://www.okiedokiephotos.com/wp-conte ... _9-e-b.jpg our next light station))

Paige: "Ohhhhhh pretty lights!"

Darren: "Heh, that is kinda pretty ain't it?" Darren smiled, leaning his head on top of Selene's as he watched the lights ripple off the surface of the water.

Selene: Selene frowned. "I hope the trolley driver doesn't actually plan to go over that bridge, because in that case, I can see several of us finding their cold, watery grave tonight."

Cecilia: Cecilia stood in the middle of the bridge and looked out at the lights reflecting on the water. "I think this is supposed to be romantic. Bridges are romantic right?" She frowned, she didn't find them particularly romantic.

Laura: "They are?"

Cecilia: "So I've been told in the past."

Jessica: Jess looked at the reflections on the water's surface. "They are in Venice..." she muttered.

Johnathon: Johnathon cocked his head. "This looks like unicorn ejaculate..."

Hisako: Hisako placed her console on her lap, clapping, "It's beautiful! I imagine it is romantic for a couple.", she smiled and nodded, turning to Laura, "Two people meeting on a bridge to kiss above the lakeside is a good image."

Cecilia: "Aaaaannnddd you completely killed the mood..." said Cecilia to Johnathon.

Jean-Paul: "He's good for that." Maybe he would make his way back here with Reed later before they headed off for Christmas trips.

Selene: She gave Johnathon a long, thoughtful look. "You just earned an A on your next assignment."

Johnathon: "But it's true, isn't it?"

Cecilia: "It does look like a rainbow threw up in it..." said Cecilia, eying the water a bit distastefully now.

Paige: "I... why? That is all I can ask... is why?" Paige shook her head and looked back at the lights. Safe lights!

Laura: She gave a nod to what Hisako had said, brow furrowing when it came to the unicorns. But... they didn't exist....

Hisako: "There are many things to see in Art, I suppose...", Hisako shrugged.

Jessica: "Some people have to ruin everything for everyone to be happy..." Jess nodded sagely.

Darren: "Oh I dunno, he hasn't ruined it for me," Darren smirked.

Cecilia: "I dunno it's sorta funny," snorted Cecilia. "Rainbows...hehe..."

Selene: "A definite improvement here, as well," Selene agreed, nodding.

Hisako: "Perspective is important, too: to see what everyone sees with different eyes.", Hisako tapped her nose.

Jessica: "... There's something wrong with all of you."

Hisako: Hisako glanced at Jessica, "Have an open mind, Drew-san."

Laura: "To be fair, there is something wrong with everyone."

Jessica: "I don't want to have a mind open to the ideas of unicorns humping things or throwing up in rivers..."

Cecilia: Cecilia laughed at Laura's comment, but snorted even harder at Jess'.

Hisako: "Then keep your own opinion, but acknowledge the differing.", Hisako smiled.

Jean-Paul: "And that is why there are no unicorns. People judged them for their fabulous humping." Jean-Paul chuckled, settling back in his seat on the trolly and just enjoying the sights.

Cecilia: "Stop! Stop! I'm gonna fall off into the river!" Laughed Cecilia hysterically.

Paige: "I should have brought earplugs..." Paige was horrified.

Laura: She smirked slightly, remembering that Cecilia had told her to use her sense of humor more often, "That is supposed to make us want to stop?"

Jean-Paul: "I figured out of all of the professors you would have been the most okay with unicorn breeding." Jean-Paul frowned, slightly disappointed by Paige's reaction. "Don't you want a unicorn, Professor?"

Paige: "...but... but yes I do want a unicorn...." Paige was stuck. She gave Jean-Paul a horrified look.

Darren: Darren snorted loudly.

Cecilia: Cecilia looked slightly hurt at Laura's comment. "Well, hopefully...I'm sure someone would." I hope someone would...

Selene: "I believe the best way to go about that would be to get a horse and a rhino and buy them a dinner," Selene suggested.

Johnathon: "I think we have enough crazy scientists to create a unicorn, don't we? We could make it an art project."

Jessica: "A narwhal would work better...."

Hisako: Hisako laughed at Selene, "Ahaha! Hamatta!",

Jean-Paul: "...people need to get on this. Also chickens large enough for us to ride."

Laura: It took Laura a moment to interpret how she was supposed to take the look, and she eventually said, "I am sure one of us would fish you out of the river."

Jessica: "Not it. Water's cold..."

Jean-Paul: "Nobody's going to let you fall in the water, don't worry." He assured Cecilia, laughing. "Superspeed is good for something after all."

Laura: "Any of us but Jess," Laura amended.

Cecilia: If you weren't busy trying to drown me first , thought Cecilia uncharitably at Jess. "Thanks, JP. Besides that theory's already been proven, I've already been yanked out of the lake back at XU."

Hisako: Hisako picked up her console, switching it off and slipping it into her jacket pocket - being sociable seemed to be the best thing for now, "Strange we have no swimming mutants?"

Jessica: "If I went it'd make two casualties." Jess nodded sagely. "I'd fall right asleep."

Paige: "Well... in theory... I could turn into a small fish... but I've never been brave enough to try it."

Jean-Paul: The trolly came to a stop and Jean-Paul disembarked from the brilliant ride. "I guess we walk back to the parking lot from the other side, yeah?"

Cecilia: "Can't you fly?" Remarked Cecilia to Jess, skeptically.

Laura: As the trolley stopped, Laura quickly stood and moved to follow Jean-Paul, wanting to escape the elves as quickly as possible, "It would be preferable to riding back."

Johnathon: "Ho Ho Halloween! Brilliant!"

Hisako: With an enthusiastic clap, Hisako rose from her seat, "It was very fun to talk and meet people this way!"

Darren: "Guess so, Petals, unless there's one of those porto-pubs set up selling german beer?" Darren looked around hopefully.

Paige: "Walking... I don't want to walk..." Paige whined a bit. "I thought it took us all the way back!"

Jessica: "Yes, I can fly but I'd still have to get wet if I was pulling someone out. Safer not to try..." she hopped out of the trolly.

Selene: "I'm certain we can find something that will sell alcohol to us on the way back," Selene remarked as she rose from her seat and climbed out of the trolley. "Personally, I'd prefer hot mulled wine."

Jean-Paul: "Come on, it'll be nice." Jean-Paul laughed, leading the way to the other side of the river. "And maybe there will be a pub."

Cecilia: "Coffee or hot chocolate, stat."

Cecilia: "Or Irish coffee, that's nice too."

Johnathon: He poked Selene. "I smuggled a spot into Farouk's private reserve, Ma'am?"

Paige: "...well I do like hot chocolate..." Paige smiled again. "With whipped cream! And sprinkles!"

Laura: Taking in the surroundings as she followed along, Laura set her sight on a particular spot and frowned as she tried to work out what seemed out of place. The light seemed to be gleaming off one spot on the ground, and she decided it best to point this out to the others, "There is a strange spot over there."

Cecilia: Cecilia eyed Laura. "Strange how?"

Darren: "Then tell Johnathon to move it."

Hisako: Hisako looked to where Laura indicated, "....I don't see anything strange from here."

Jessica: Jess followed Laura's gaze, "Want to check it out?"

Laura: "Not that kind of spot," she shook her head, sniffing as she started that way, "The light should not be reflecting off the ground like that."

Darren: "Huh," Darren frowned, then followed after Laura to check it out.

Cecilia: Cecilia felt a chill crawl up her spine that had nothing to do with the weather. "Guys..."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul glanced over, squinting at the spot Laura had indicated. "Well, I think we can go over there, no barrier or anything." He started over.

Selene: "Oh, that should make it extra tasty," Selene replied to Johnathon. "I hope you aren't trying to bribe me into another A, though." She turned her head, looking after the others, and frowned.

Paige: "We shouldn't go someplace we aren't supposed to..."

Cecilia: Cecilia felt the hair standing up on the back of her neck with every step. There was something wrong. She couldn't explain it but she felt it. Something horrible was going to happen, she knew it.

Johnathon: He pulled out a bottle of brandy from somewhere around his armpit (kind of unfortunate placement for that particular spot) and then looked over to that spot.

Laura: Whether they were allowed to be over there or not wasn't one of Laura's concerns as she approached the area, nose wrinkling in disgust at the smell.

Jessica: Jess followed the others, frowning slightly and trying to make out the shape with all the lights.

Selene: "Paige, the greatest part of my work consists of going where I'm not supposed to be," Selene remarked, following the others.

Paige: "Yes but... well... boo!" Paige pouted, but followed.

Laura: "It smells... dead." That was the most accurate word she could think of at the moment as she brushed some leaves out of the way with her foot.

Jessica: Jess pulled off a glove, raising her bare hand and igniting a venom blast to shed more light on the area.

Darren: "Dead? Probaly just like ... a squirrel or something?" Darren said distastefully.

Paige: Paige pouted. "Poor squirrel..."

Jean-Paul: "It's a bit big for a squirrel." Jean-Paul pointed out.

Hisako: "It smells....kimochi warui!", Hisako cringed, "I-it is not a person, right!?"

Cecilia: Cecilia didn't have enhanced senses, but nobody could mistake that smell for anything else. "Oh Christ ..." she breathed. She didn't want to see, but when she saw she couldn't look away. "Oh God please no..."

Jessica: Jess flared the light, "Definitely not a squirrel..."

Paige: "A person?" Paige actually looked over... and then realized she was screaming.

Darren: "Oh, we're not finding a dead person three day's before Christmas," Darren groaned, despite proof to the contrary.

Jessica: Jess cringed at the scream, the light flickering with her wavering concentration.

Laura: Laura felt far more comfortable discovering the body than she had all evening. Dead things were far less baffling than strange holidays. Glancing it over, she nodded, "It does appear to be human."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul couldn't take the smell coming at him any slower and kicked off of the ground and zipped over the rest of the way. "Oh God. Someone phone for the cops, this is...there's not much left of him."

Johnathon: "Oh well, crap." He took a big gulp from the bottle.

Cecilia: Cecilia knelt down beside the body, covering her mouth with a hand, to protect herself from the smell and to prevent herself from throwing up. "Oh Christ, what is...a suicide?" She asked. "Or a...?" She couldn't even say it.

Selene: "Yep, not a squirrel for certain," Selene remarked, cocking her head as she looked over the gruesome scene in front of her. "Well, a squirrel-person, perhaps, if there is such a thing."

Paige: Paige covered her mouth and tried to stop herself from making it worse for the students.

Darren: "No point speculating, no one go near the body, we don't want to mess things up before th cops turn up, so if folks could just back up a bit?" Darren asked.

Jessica: "We're going to start drawing attention..." especially with the screaming. "We should try to divert people away…."

Cecilia: Cecilia moved back as told. Eyes still on the body. "Fuck...is it a man or a woman? Can anyone tell?"

Selene: "If this is a suicide, the victim clearly chose one of the worst way to go," Selene remarked.

Hisako: Hisako backed away, shaking her head, "I-I....the person is dead!", she cringed at the word, turning and running away in panic.

Paige: "Darren... please call it in. We need to get back." The last thing they needed was people thinking the group of mutants did it.

Darren: "If someone could take Professor Guthrie somewhere to chill a sec, and someone check on new girl, i'm calling the cops now."

Jessica: Damn it! She pulled back the charge and ran after Hisako, "Hisako-san! Wait!" She pulled her glove back onto her freezing hand.

Johnathon: "Anybody else want some? Helps against the smell..." He very carefully made sure not to look into the direction of the corpse.

Cecilia: Cecilia was rooted to the spot. She couldn't move...she couldn't and she couldn't breathe for some reason...and her hands were shaking...Fuck, why were her hands shaking?!

Jean-Paul: "I'm not exactly a bio person. There's not enough left for me to tell." Jean-Paul backed away from the sight, now completely out of the Christmas spirit and maybe losing his appetite to boot.

Hisako: Slowing down at the call of her name, Hisako leaned on a tree, forcing herself not to be sick. She turned to Jessica, "I-it's not.....why did we find this!?", she winced, unsure whether vomiting or crying would follow her deep breaths.

Darren: "Cecilia, please, move away from the corpse," Darren said gently as he finished the call, "The cops should be here in five."

Jessica: Jess put a hand on Hisako's arm, "Apparently this crap follows us around... you're alright... just breathe..."

Cecilia: "Everytime I think I have something good...something goes well..." she muttered, moving back farther but her eyes still fixed on the corpse. "...Everything...Everything I touch goes to shit..."

Laura: Some areas were completely picked clean, some had chunky bits clinging to the structure, and another bit was still pretty fleshy. Laura continued to eye the corpse from her spot, "So, what happened to the rest of it?"

Selene: Selene took a look around, her gaze passing over the collection of lights that lit up a great stretch of the public part, trying to focus on the shapes of the people moving in between. She swept the area with her psychic senses, just to be sure that no one with suspicious intentions was still nearby.

Selene: "The area appears to be otherwise clear," she remarked.

Laura: (( in case it was missed: http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l192/ ... leaves.jpg ))

Hisako: Hisako hesitated under Jessica's touch, "I-I'm fine.", she pushed the other girl's hand aside, "Don't touch me.", she looked back, looking distraught, "....w-what do we do, Drew-san?"

Darren: "You're over-reacting Cecilia, this isn't your fault, we just have shit luck when it comes to this sorta thing," he nodded at Selene, "Cheers, babe."

Jessica: Jess withdrew her hand, "We just stay together as a group and wait for the police to get here... then it's their problem." She gave Hisako an encouraging smile.

Johnathon: He took another big swig. Farouk knew his booze, gotta give him that.

Paige: Paige looked over at Cecilia. "This isn't your fault..."

Cecilia: "Animals maybe..." remarked Cecilia. "Or just decomposition...who the hell knows? Maybe we never will...I think they're going to need a DNA test for the family..." Cecilia threw down her hand and walked off. "That's it. That's fucking it. I'm just...done."

Hisako: "Alright.", Hisako nodded, watching Cecilia, "....this is too much for students so young.", she sighed.

Darren: Darren sighed, "Cecilia, you'll have to give the cops a statement when they get here, don't go to far."

Jean-Paul: "It's...it looks a bit fresh for decomposition. Plus I think the people who put the lights up would have noticed."

Selene: "Speaking of animals, this does in fact looks like the work of one," Selene said, crouching down to get a closer look at the body. "Looks like something took a bite. What kind of animal remains the question, though. I guess tigers aren't exactly endemic to the region, am I right?"

Jessica: "Yes... it is... and most of us have suffered enough..." Jess sighed, "Come on..." she gestured her back towards the others, "Let's go back..."

Hisako: Hisako shook her head, "No. I-I want to stay here. Away from......it."

Cecilia: Cecilia frowned and sat down a little way away. "I'm not big on talking to the police." Especially not with her history. "But if you tell me to I'll stay, Boss."

Paige: "You won't be in any trouble, Cecilia. All you have to tell them is what happened. Everything will be ok."

Jessica: "Alright..." she chewed her lip, "Do you want me to stay with you?"

Darren: "I dunno, to strip the flesh but leave the bones so intact ..." he shrugged, "I dunno ..."

Hisako: With a shrug, Hisako leaned on the tree nearest to her, "If you feel you need to, Drew-san...."

Laura: Laura glanced around, not exactly sure why everyone was carrying on as they were. It was only a body.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul broke down and got his cellphone out, turning the flashlight app on and shining it over the body they were looking at. "Oh god, I'm not going to be able to eat after this."

Jessica: "I'll stay with you..." Jess stuffed her hands in her coat pockets.

Cecilia: "You think they won't?" said Cecilia bitterly, watching Jean-Paul. "If you say so." Even though her aunt was a cop, Cecilia had little love for the police. The whole ordeal after her father died had been a very bad experience in her books.

Johnathon: He finally decided to come over too. Maybe there was some inspiratio-...oh boy...

Selene: "Try not to trample too much of the area," Selene reminded everyone, standing back up. "We don't want to step on any potential evidence."

Jean-Paul: "Hovering, got it." He kept to the air.

Darren: Red and blue lights flashed and the sound of sirens could be heard, "About time," Darren muttered, pulling out his wallet and going to meet the cops.

Cecilia: Cecilia visibly tensed at the sight of the car. "Goddamnit..." She muttered.

Jean-Paul: "...This looks weird." Jean-Paul's descriptive words failed him as he landed a bit away from the body, pretty sure that he didn't want to be caught out flying over it.

Selene: "Very well, everyone, try to not look suspicious," Selene said taking a few steps away from the scene and stuffing her hands into the pockets of her coat.

Laura: Laura took a few steps back herself, as she hadn't backed up all that far when Darren had said to.

Cecilia: The time not to look suspicious had passed in Cecilia's case. She looked like she'd just robbed a 7/11 and shanked a puppy with the nervous looks she kept darting to the police car.

Jessica: Jess had no strong feelings one way or the other to the police. She stood beside Hisako and waited with her hands snuggly in her pockets.

Hisako: "You....say this happens often?", Hisako asked Jessica, "...the Police catch them, right?"

Misty: Misty stepped out of the squad car, partner in tow, and eyed the mohawked kid approaching them with a raised eyebrow. She shot a glance over her shoulder to the other detective, who simply shrugged.

Jessica: "So far my experience is they always catch the bad guys one way or another." She burrowed into her scarf because her nose was cold.

Laura: "They clearly are not that good at it, or there would be less dead bodies popping up," Laura decided.

Jean-Paul: "Well, this particular thing doesn't happen often but life's never dull." Jean-Paul joined them, having a seat on the ground. "I mean, it looked like whoever that was had been stripped."

Darren: "Darren Kent," he introduced himself, "Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, I called in about the body."

Selene: "If not, that's where we come into play," Selene remarked, deciding to join her husband at his little friendly chat with the police. "Selene Kent," she introduced herself. "And ditto."

Cecilia: Shitshitshitshit ! Cecilia hunched over a little and stuffed her hands in her pockets.

Jessica: "They look like they've been out for weeks and the insects have had a good go.... but that can't be right..."

Misty: "Misty Knight, NYPD, major crimes and homicide," she replied, motioning to the guy next to her, "This is my partner, Detective Dukes."

Hisako: Hisako bowed a little to the officers, "Koncha", she said shortly, greeting them both.

Jean-Paul: "Officers." Jean-Paul inclined his head. Well, at least it wasn't the people from when they were all questioned over what the Brotherhood had done.

Darren: "Pleased to meet you, we discovered the body with a group of our students just coming off the ride here. They're all a bit shaken but you should be able to talk to them no trouble."

Cecilia: Cecilia didn't look at the officers or greet them. First rule from where she came from: Mr.Policeman was not your friend.

Paige: Paige glanced around at her students, then back at the officers. She had to set a good example and stay calm.

Selene: "We came across this body over there on our way back the to parking lot," Selene added, nodding in the direction of the crime scene.

Jessica: Jess blinked at the officers over the top of her scarf. The picture of innocence.

Laura: The officer gave a nod at the greetings and glanced to where had been indicated, deciding, "We'll take a look and then gather statements."

Jean-Paul: "Yes ma'am." Jean-Paul nodded, glancing over to the remains, still pretty sure he was off of ribs for life.

Selene: "Certainly," Selene replied, turning around to watch the body from a distance and make sure her students were all still accounted for her. "We'll be here when you need us."

Darren: "Hope you've got a strong stomach, it's pretty messed up," Darren shrugged, stepping aside to let the cops through, "Alright, kids, could you all come over here please?" He indicated a space just to the side of the pathway, "Leave the cops to do their thing?"

Cecilia: Cecilia shuffled over to where Darren had directed them, studiously hiding herself from view behind a few of her peers.

Paige: Paige helped Darren usher the students to the waiting area.

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul made his way, not wanting to turn his back on the site for some unfathomable reason as he joined Cecilia. "Hey, it's okay. We've made it through questionings before."

Jessica: Jess inclined her head to Hisako, keeping her hands in her pockets and moving to where Darren indicated.

Hisako: Hisako stood aside as directed, remaining silent.

Cecilia: Cecilia shook her head. "I can't give them my real name!" She hissed. "If I do they'll connect it back to my dad's death!" And then God knew what would happen? She'd be blamed somehow, she knew that much.

Jean-Paul: "...I think you can go ahead and give them your real name, there's nothing incriminating about that."

Jessica: "Why would they do that? It's completely unrelated..." Jess gave Cecilia an odd look.

Laura: Laura grouped together with the others, glancing around at the lights and then back to the police who were talking amongst themselves.

Jean-Paul: "It's a little unnerving but it'll be fine, trust me."

Cecilia: She eyed the parking lot. Could she make a run for it? But no, then she'd look guilty. "They'll blame me somehow! They did last time!"

Jean-Paul: "What last time?"

Darren: "... Cecilia, your dad was gunned down when you were a kid, how can they blame you for that?"

Hisako: Hisako glanced to Cecilia, confused also.

Paige: "I'm not sure how they could blame you for this..."

Jessica: "You're being irrational. Just calm down, this isn't any of our fault..."

Selene: "Unless you ate parts of him after the was dead, I'm fairly certain you should be safe," Selene tossed in.

Cecilia: "I don't know!" She said, eyes panicked. "All I know is one minute they were patting my back and the next they were asking me if my dad and I were running drugs or if he had connections to a gang!"

Hisako: "This is an abused corpse: how could they think we buried it there and then told them we found it?", Hisako shook her head, "It would make no sense, you worry about nothing."

Darren: "Oh for fuck's sake," Darren sighed, "We're not in the bronx now, Cecilia, nothing like that is going to happen now."

Jean-Paul: "Why don't you sit down?" Jean-Paul suggested, sitting as well. "You don't have to worry, really. I mean, if anyone's going to get suspicious looks it'll be me because I made it pretty far in questioning for Brotherhood because of all the shit I was into before I came here."

Misty: "It looks like the others." Misty gave him a questioning look, "Which others?" He merely gave her an incredulous look in return, not exactly sure why she was asking which others because it was obvious to him, "Y'know, the others that have human teeth marks on the bones."

Darren: Darren's ear's pricked and he half turned as he heard that, Others?

Jessica: Jess turned her head too, hearing the muttered conversation easily.

Cecilia: Cecilia looked at Jean-Paul. Well thank God it wasn't just her that was afraid of the cops. "Thanks...I'm sorry...it's just...I've had really bad experiences with cops back home.."

Laura: Laura hadn't missed it either, mumbling herself, "It appears we were correct in our assumption that the rest has been eaten."

Paige: Paige ran her fingers through her hair. She was so stealing Bobby and Rachel for vodka after this.

Jessica: "By a person?" Jess hissed, "That's... that's... awful!"

Darren: "Shush, cops don't like being eavesdropped on," Darren whispered.

Jessica: "I can't help it!" Jess protested, also whispering.

Selene: "I doubt they'd blame us for being curious. Not with such a lovely corpse lying around in the open."

Darren: "I know, just don't let on that you can hear them."

Laura: "They are not being that quiet about it," Laura protested as well, adding, "And, they did say human."

Hisako: Hisako frowned, "Can't help eavesdropping, but continue to....", she shrugged a little, "So....c-cannibals?"

Jean-Paul: "What's awful?" Jean-Paul asked in a low voice, not able to hear. "Wait...what. Oh god, that's why it looked all weird and scratched up?"

Paige: "Wait what?!" Paige quickly lowered her voice. "What are you talking about?"

Hisako: "T-the 'zombie monsters' from years ago?", Hisako looked around the group, "But that is over, right?"

Cecilia: Cecilia looked absolutely distraught. Cannibalism? Could this get any worse?!

Jessica: "I can hear everything they're saying perfectly clearly but I will pretend I can't when they start asking questions...." she promised.

Misty: "We won't know if it matches the others until we get results back," Misty rolled her eyes, shaking her head slightly as she looked back to the poor bastard. "Plus, all the bodies have had different sets of bites."

Jean-Paul: He was off of meat forever. Jean-Paul may very well face life as a strict vegan just from the horror alone. "Uuuuugh."

Darren: "Good girl," Darren scratched at the back of his head, "Why can't we ever have nice things? Like german beer?"

Jessica: Jess wrinkled her nose, "Multiple cannibals..." she muttered, shaking her head, "Wonderful. Just when I was out of nightmare fuel..."

Laura: "Cannibals does appear to be their consensus," Laura nodded.

Cecilia: Imagine the Lizard, Venom or Spider-May. Now imagine them actually eating you. UGGGHHH. Nooooo. Why?!

Selene: "It's like they always say, the holidays bring out the weird stuff in people," Selene said.

Jean-Paul: "This is New York. Who the hell eats people in New York?" This wasn't exactly the kind of thing that was typical even in a place so eclectic.

Selene: "Tourists from New Jersey," Selene offered.

Paige: "I think I'm going to be sick..." Paige tried to breathe.

Jessica: "Maybe they flushed some CHUDS out of the sewers...?" Jess tried.

Laura: "I am sure that would smell better than the body."

Darren: "Could someone walk Paigey over to the trash can?" Darren pulled a face.

Jean-Paul: "I thought all the CHUDS were probably dead from the last time."

Jean-Paul: Jean-Paul got up and swiftly went to get Paige to a trash can.

Paige: "Thanks, Jean-Paul." Paige gave hm a weak smile.

Selene: "I could walk the trash can to Paige, if that were easier."

Cecilia: "Oh God, guys, please. Just shut up..." She moaned. "This is so disgusting and disrespectful to the guy that's lying there dead."

Darren: "Petals has got it covered it seems," Darren smiled, "Does anyone have any water for Professor Guthrie?"

Misty: A flashlight was pulled from her belt, and she scanned the area, "Nothing sticks out. Go call in forensics, and I'll take the kids' statements."

Darren: "Looks like we're up kids," Darren straightened up, "Just stay calm and don't get flustered, okay, this shouldn't take too long."

Jessica: Calm. Calm she could do now. She snuggled back into her scarf.

Laura: Laura nodded. She liked thinking she was always the picture of calm.

Hisako: Hisako stood up straight, taking a few deep breaths, "Hai, Kent-san."

Cecilia: SHIIIIITTTTT . It was time to face the music. Cecilia hunched over a bit where she was sitting.

Selene: "Can we vote for this as the best Christmas ever," Selene asked, wearing a genuinely curious expression as she turned to look at the others.

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Re: 12/1 Game: And to All a Good Night...

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Jack have seen Watership Down, and it gave him nightmares as a child. For weeks. Heart pounding, yell himself awake, pee in the bed nightmarish fear.

Johnathon: Johnathon cocked his head. "This looks like unicorn ejaculate..."

Best description ever.

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