10/26 Game: Fury in the Classroom

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10/26 Game: Fury in the Classroom

Post by Starfish » Sat Oct 26, 2013 11:11 pm

Timeline: January 30th, 2017

Jack: Jack was reclining back on his seat, fluffy big feet propped up on an empty seat next to his, tapping away on his cellphone, sending out messages and updating schedules.

Heather: Heather got stuck in the doorway, as was becoming the norm, and flailed a few times until she freed herself, stumbling a little. She shook herself off, smoothed down her clothes and continued to her seat as if nothing had happened.

Melati: "What's up, cotton-butt?" Melati flopped into the free chair next to the rabbit-like student, balancing it backwards so she could lift her feet up on the desk.

Warren: Warren ducked into the room, rubbing his forehead. He wasn't feeling too great, but well...it was a school. And he was obviously educated. Anything to try and jog memories that were annoyingly juuuust beyond his reach. Maybe if you pay attention, idiot, you'd remember.

Jack: "Prices... I get a feeling I'll have to push up drink prices next month, because the stuff is costing a ton. Owning a bar is slowly draining the life out of me. I need to get a manager or someone that can do the work while I just sit back and rake in the money." Jack told the lizard girl without even looking up from his phone.

Melati: "Man, this place really is turning into an aviary," the green-skinned lizard girl commented as she watched the winged students struggle with the doorway.

Carol: Having made her coffee more suitable (i.e. by putting scotch in it), Carol emerged from her office in her Air Force uniform, heels clicking on the tiled floor as she crossed the hallway to the classroom.

Jack: Jack's ears perked at the clicking, and his head looked up. "Love a good uniform. Especially form fitting like that." he commented.

Warren: Warren paused, white wings fluffing slightly before he spotted Melati. Giving a small smile, he sat down with her and the bunny, reversing the chair and leaning on the back. "Hello."

Carol: "Everyone likes this uniform." Carol shook her head, adding yet another student to the growing list of ones hitting on her.

Cessily: "Oh, good morning, Ms. Danvers," Cessily remarked, quickly catching up with the other woman as they headed down the short trip across the hallway. "I'm so excited that Mr. Fury could find the time for this."

Heather: "You're just jealous," Heather grinned fangily at Melati, doing the same as Warren with a chair and plonking herself down in the seat.

Carol: "You probably want to remember his rank when you're talking to him..." Carol suggested to Cessily, quietly.

Melati: "Me? Jealous? No way." Melati returned the grin and took the time to seize up the shiny new girl, before she leaned over to Jack. "What would you say if I did a little talent scouting?"

Cessily: "Oh, of course!" The silver teacher smiled sheepishly. "Thanks for the reminder." She put down her own cup of coffee on the front desk and tucked a loose strand of red hair behind her ear. "Good morning, everyone! I'm glad so many of you could make it."

Jack: Jack looked back at Melati, "Only if they're as talented as you are." he told her, waggling his eyebrows. He turned to look at the other shiny person in the room. "Morning Miss K."

Warren: Warren looked up at the silver teacher, smiling - and then wincing. Ow, headache. She's damn fine, isn't she? Bet you can't remember any of that though, poor bastard. "Morning, ma'am."

Carol: Carol leaned casually against one of the vacant desks and sipped her coffee, checking her watch to see how long they had before the agent giving Fury the tour showed up with him.

Cessily: Cessily gave Jack a smile, before she turned towards Heater and Warren. "It's especially nice to see that you two decided to join us," she said. "Allow me to extend an official welcome to our new school."

Warren: "Thank you for giving me a home." Warren smiled back sheepishly, running a hand through his hair.

Heather: "I came all the way to the US just to meet you guys, this is awesome!" Heather grinned at Cess.

Cessily: "And I'm so happy to have you here," Cessily told the two winged mutants, before she had to giggle. "Though I better keep my distance from Miss Cameron on sunny days, or we might risk blinding everyone around."

Melati: "Which is why I'm the best person for this job," Melati told Jack, giving him a fangy smirk. "It takes talent to find it in others."

Warren: Warren smiled, a wing twitching as he watched the teacher, half-listening to the conversation next to him. He didn't know why but he was easily distracted today, unable to focus.

Carol: "You'll have a job outshining all the snow at the moment," Carol offered.

Cessily: "Oh, that reminds me, we could all make snowmen after the official part of the lecture is over!" Cessily suggested rather excitedly.

Warren: Warren blinked at the mention of snowmen, focusing on the teacher. "What? Oh...that sounds like fun." He smiled, rubbing a shoulder, stretching a wing out away from anyone.

Heather: "I am all over that!" Heather's fascination with the snow still hadn't worn off.

Jack: "Ah yes, I love snowballing... throwing snow at people... anyway, I'm in, need a break from this thing." Jack said waving his phone and tucking it away in his pocket.

Cessily: "I think it might be a nice way to unwind and get to know each other at the same time." Cessily clasped her hands and smiled at the class. "Anyway, we've managed to convince a very special guest to join us today and welcome us in our new home."

Warren: "Haven't done it in - I mean..." He trailed off, then ended up shrugging, looking down. Not like there was much to get to know about him, was there. Go blue. That'll tell them everything. You know you want to.

Fury: "- And the kitchen is still intact? According to Drake that's some kinda record," a voice echoed along the corridor outside, presumably belonging to their 'special guest'.

Carol: Carol smirked a little at hearing Fury and shook her head, straightening up and putting her coffee down on the desk behind her.

Melati: "Now look at that - they've shipped in the big chief himself," Melati commented, her pointed ears perking up when she heard the voice outside of the classroom. "Who wants to bet he wants to make sure we don't wreck this place, as well?"

Fury: There was a second voice, slightly muffled, and Fury could be heard sighing, "Uh-huh, yeah, well, not much we can do till we get a report back," the door opened and the General stepped into the room, pausing to look around the occupants, Christ, it's like some kinda convention in here.

Carol: Carol stood at attention and saluted Fury like a good girl.

Warren: "...Who's the 'big chief'?" Warren blinked, before the door opened to reveal - wow, for a moment he thought the guy was a lot bigger, but he blinked and no, normal human. "Who's he?"

Heather: Heather lowered a wing so she could look over her shoulder when the door opened.

Cessily: "Class, please welcome Mi... General Nick Fury," Cessily introduced him as he entered. "A wonderful morning to you, sir. I hope you've had a good trip."

Warren: Oh. Well he felt a little dumb now... "...Why do we have a General here?"

Melati: Melati put on a crooked smile and raised her right hand for a casual salute. Her feet remained right on top of her desk, however, and she made no move to get into a more respectable position.

Fury: "Leiutenant Colonel at ease," Fury nodded at the woman before smiling at Cessily, "Nice to see you too, Ms. Kincaid, the flight wasn't too bad," he quickly scanned the room again, "These all the students you have left?"

Cessily: "General Fury's organisation has been incredibly helpful in the aftermath of the attack on our old home," Cessily quickly told the newcomers. "If it weren't for Shield's aid, we'd still be without a place to stay. Not to mention the shiny new jet they provided us with. Or his lovely assistant..."

Carol: Carol dropped her salute and picked up her coffee. Ah sweet sweet caffeine.

Carol: She raised a hand in a small wave when Cess mentioned her.

Warren: "...Oh." Another headache, fingers tapping irritably as he debated the painkillers in his pocket. Great, military. Wonder if he knows Dad? He shook his head, frowning for a moment before the thought disappeared.

Melati: "Speaking of lovely..." Melati leaned to the side and cocked her head in Jack's direction. "What do you wanna wager that I have the guts to ask Colonel Cutie if she wants to do something to further the mutant cause in our club?"

Heather: "So... he's the guest lecturer?" Heather blinked at this General person.

Cessily: "Why yes!" Cessily nodded excitedly. "I assume he'd also like to see the results of all the hard work that has been put into this place yet, and that we've made ourselves right at home."

Fury: "And haven't wrecked the place, you're government sponsored now after all. Though if this is all that's left of you maybe we should think about downsizing."

Cessily: "Well, the ones that I could find on short notice, anyway," the silver teacher informed the general. "Things are still kind of chaotic, and not everyone has moved into the new estate yet. I'm not sure if everyone will even return eventually. The attacks scared all of us."

Carol: "After we put all this work in? I'm not doing this again somewhere else." He could send her to Alaska for all she cared.

Fury: Fury chuckled at Carol's response, "Don't worry, we've invested too much into this already. I guess you can't blame most of the kids for not wanting to turn up."

Jack: "Knowing this place, I'm sure more new kids will get on the block." Jack said, shifting in his seat and sort of wished he didn't open up his mouth.

Warren: "Well...I'm here because I don't have anywhere else to go, sir, but it seems safe enough." He smiled at Fury. "And there's plenty more people here, but like Miss Kincaid said - we're not all here."

Melati: "Don't worry, I at least don't plan to leave anywhere," Melati announced. "So like it or not, you're all stuck with me for now."

Heather: "I came all the way over here for this, you're stuck with me now."

Fury: "Good, being stuck with some of you is good," Fury nodded.

Warren: Warren stayed quiet. Maybe he came over here to find these people, like Heather had? He tried to think, a wing twitching - with an oddly metallic 'snikt' sound, strangely for feathers. "Ow. Um. Sorry..."

Fury: "You okay?"

Heather: Heather looked to Warren at the sound, eyeing the wing.

Warren: "Y-yes, it's okay, just - I mean - don't worry about it." He gave his wing an odd look. It wasn't meant to change unless he told it to, but oddly there were a few metal feathers mixed in the white. "Just...having an argument, apparently."

Fury: "... an argument?"

Melati: "With yourself?" Melati asked, a wry half-smile on her lips as she raised an eyebrow.

Carol: There were so many crazies. Why did no one tell her how many crazies?

Warren: Warren blushed harder, ducking his head. "No, not with - I mean - it's just a...something I'm not good at controlling."

Warren: Go blue go blue you know you wanna flyboy, it feels good!

Carol: "I thought the point of this school was so you could get help with that stuff...?"

Cessily: "Don't worry, Warren, that is the reason why this school for mutants was founded in the first place," Cessily assured the winged boy. "To help you understand what you are and control it. There's no reason to be ashamed of anything."

Christopher: Chris had heard mention of a guest lecture and decided to check out what was going on. He eyed all the people in the room as he tried to sneak in without drawing attention.

Fury: Fury wondered if he could use this kid as an example to his bosses who'd wanted to know exactly what this new establishment would be doing.

Carol: He failed, Carol turned her attention to the door.

Warren: Warren realised the whole room was staring at him, wings folding down with more metallic sounds as he tried to make himself as small as possible. "Um...sorry..."

Melati: Melati raised her hand. "Uhm, General, sir? Do we have any news on those Hydra bastards yet? As much as I appreciate the new place and all, I was kinda fond of our old home, and I really can't wait to thank them for blowing it to pieces."

Fury: "Nothing yet, sadly," Fury shook his head, "Viper's been doing this a long time, she's hard to track down."

Warren: He was distracted watching another white feather solidify and turn to metal. It always fascinated him when this happened, but it worried him a little - was this going to mean he was going to end up blacking out again? "W-was that the...explosion you told me about when you first saved me?" He couldn't help the puppy eyes at Mel then.

Carol: "That'll be it." Carol gave Warren a nod then took another sip of coffee.

Melati: "Yeah, those suckers hit us hard," Melati told Warren. "Wrecked our old school. Not all of our friends made it out."

Heather: "I saw what they did... what was left of the school."

Christopher: Chris cringed a little at the topic. He still felt bad he wasn't able to be there to help save people or at least try to.

Warren: He remembered he got free food at the homeless shelter that day, because they thought he was an X-Man. And now it looked like that was actually going to happen. Another headache spiked. "And...the military's helping you track the people who did it then?" He nodded to Fury.

Warren: Oh god, you're kidding right. Those asses can't find WMD in Iraq, and they're trusting them for this? He rubbed his forehead. Where the hell had that come from? Looking around guiltily, he tried to remember if anyone in here was a psychic. Nope, but I'll bet they'd have a field day with this. Go blue already!

Carol: "SHIELD is using its considerable resources. It's not the same thing."

Cessily: Cessily lowered her head when she remembered all they had lost. Turning slightly to the side, she tried to not let the others see how she wiped her cheek. "That was a horrible day for all of us," she remarked, her voice a little unsteady.

Christopher: Chris moved over to Cess to give her a rub on the back. "Hey you okay?" He whispered to her.

Warren: "You'll have to forgive me...I have no idea what SHIELD is. I didn't even know what the X-Men were until Melati explained it, or that...you'd lost people until I happened to be at the...the wake." And that hadn't been awkward at all.

Melati: "Any news about those suits who keep their tight asses parked on the estate and won't even let us return to our own home?" Melati asked next, looking between the two SHIELD officers standing in the front of the classroom.

Cessily: "I will be," Cessily replied, a grateful smile on her lips as she looked up at her colleague. "Thank you."

Fury: "That we're having a little more sucess with I think, but I'm not at liberty to discuss it right now."

Carol: Carol raised an eyebrow at Fury and wondered if that included her too.

Melati: "Thought as much," Melati remarked, huffing in frustration as she slumped back in her chair.

Heather: "We'll get to discuss it later though, right?"

Christopher: "Stay strong." Chris gave her a small hug not wanting to be unprofessional in front of students.

Cessily: "Don't worry about me," Cessily assured him, her smile growing more confident. "I'm strong as heavy metal, remember?"

Christopher: "That mean I should start listening to recordings of you now?" Chris' lips formed a wry smile.

Fury: Fury gave Carol a small nod.

Cessily: "You have our thanks regardless," Cessily assured the general. "You did so much for us already. We just hope that we can return to see if anything can be salvaged from the old school, and retrieve any belongings that might have survived."

Warren: Warren put his head on the table as his head spiked again. "Well that was about as useful as a fart in a thunderstorm, hmm? Not at liberty to discuss something that affects these people? That's pretty assholish, wouldn't you think?"

Carol: "Sometimes it's better to not discuss things with students who might go off half-cocked and get themselves killed."

Melati: "Why do I believe that was directed at me now?" Melati asked, looking up from her desk.

Fury: "Or accidently blurt out details of a current investigation to the wrong people."

Carol: "Because it is a little bit." Carol gave Mel a smirk.

Melati: The reptilian mutant bared her sharp teeth with a grin. "Just wanted to make sure."

Warren: "Because it was." Warren pushed himself up. His skin had darkened down to a metallic blue, his wings completely metal. "Frankly, I call bullshit on the whole thing and say they know nothing. Wrong people? You really think we'd go running to Hydra?"

Carol: "Hydra is not the concern here." Carol's posture stiffened slightly.

Fury: "You feeling all right, kid?"

Heather: Heather's wings flared a little, not really sure whether she should stay seated - Warren looked different and a bit pissed.

Melati: "Whoa, you okay there?" Melati sat up when she noticed the change Warren had undergone. "You look a little blue to me, mate."

Warren: "No, keeping secrets is, and I'm just fine. Abso-fucking-lutely perfect, in fact." He gave Mel a cocky grin before switching it to Fury and Carol. "You know, considering you were nice enough to give everyone a home, I'm wondering if those suits are something to do with you."

Christopher: "Why don't we all calm down a little? Might do us all some good few. Few deep breaths? Maybe a something these guys might not condone?" Chris gave a playful smile and pointed his thumb at Carol and Fury.

Carol: "I can assure you they're not, if they were they'd have let me onsite the other day." She put her coffee down somewhat forcefully.

Cessily: "Warren, what's wrong?" Cessily did her best to give off a calming presence. "I understand you're upset - believe me, we all are - but these people here have never been anything but our friends and allies."

Warren: "Sure. Just means they were above you. Not accusing you, sugar." Warren flicked hair out of his face. "Hell, not accusing anyone. Me, upset? I'm not upset, ma'am, I just smell bullshit - I mean, what have I to be upset about? I don't really know you guys. Well." He held up a finger. "Yet. We haven't got drunk together yet. Need to fix that."

Carol: "It sounds like you're accusing SHIELD. Which is as good as accusing me."

Melati: "Now that sounds like a plan, if you ask me," Melati said to the suggestion of getting drunk. "I'm starting to like the blue version of our bird boy here."

Fury: Fury was content to just let carol handle this, it's what underlings were for after all.

Warren: "Well, if you're going to take it personally, I can't help that." Warren slouched a little in his seat, the cocky smirk still there. "Personally, I'd want to take a good, hard look at my bosses if it was me." He lazily saluted Mel - his accent hadn't changed at all, though his voice was a little metallic. "Then you and I, m'dear, shall drink some poor pub dry tonight, if you'd like."

Carol: "I don't like your tone. I'm going to remind you who's footing the bill for all of your food and the roof over your head. So think about that before you start accusing us of anything underhanded."

Cessily: "Don't be so harsh to the boy," Cessily kindly advised Carol, gently putting a hand on the colonel's lower arm. "Remember we're not military, and not all of us are used to have such horrible things happen around them. It's only understandable some are angry or scared."

Carol: "Angry or scared I can understand. What I don't get is accusing the only people that stepped up to help you."

Cessily: "I hope my word means something when I say that I trust our friends from SHIELD, and that I'm sure everyone will do what they can to resolve the situation," she then told Warren, offering him a smile, as well.

Warren: "And I don't like anything in a uniform, but that's just me. Daddy issues, you understand." He gave her a lazy grin. "And Mel's the only one that did that, not you, and I'm not accusing. I'm raising a point." He raised an eyebrow at Cessily. "I'm glad you trust them. Me, I'm going to remain skeptical until I'm proved wrong. If I'm proved wrong."

Melati: "Damn right we will!" Melati grinned as she returned the salute. "We can drink for free at my club. I'm too broke to afford any booze anywhere else, anyway."

Christopher: Chris just sighed. This wasn't going well not that he expected much to go well until everyone was settled down and settled in.

Carol: Carol's eyes glowed briefly as her temper rose before she got it under control. "It's a bad point."

Cessily: "I think that's only fair," Cessily conceded, still wearing her faint smile. "All I'm asking is that you give them a chance to earn your trust."

Heather: "Probably not pissing them off would help with that too...?" Heather offered.

Melati: "I don't know, that's one of my favourite sports, too," Melati commented with a chuckle.

Christopher: "Yeah I like that plan. Lets just all be nice and try not to start world war three in a classroom."

Warren: Warren just watched her cooly with an arrogant smirk. "So you say. But forgive me for remaining suspicious of covert government operations that like to keep secrets. I'm a little iffy on them." He nodded to Cessily. "Sounds fair. And my dear Heather, what on earth would I do if I didn't have anyone to piss off? I'm British, being sarcastic is my national sport."

Carol: "We haven't kept anything that concerns you a secret from you. If that happens, sure, be mad at me. But I can promise you that I am the wrong person to pick a fight with."

Cessily: "I'm sure no one is trying to pick any fights," Cessily spoke up hastily, and stepped forward to position herself between the students and the SHIELD officer. "There is no need for any hostilities, right?"

Warren: "Miss Danvers, I'm not angry. I'm suspicious and an asshole, you'd know if I was angry because I'd be shouting." Warren smiled at her, running his hands through his hair. "Same deal if I was picking a fight with you. I will say, though, you do look rather fetching when angry."

Carol: Carol's eyes narrowed, "The correct salutation is 'Agent' or 'Colonel' and I will thank you not to forget it."

Melati: "I can only speak for myself, Miss Kincaid, but personally I wouldn't mind to see you wrestle Miss Danvers," Melati tossed in.

Warren: "And I will call you that just as soon as I have half my brain removed to join the military.]

Fury: Fury .... really should step in, it would be the professional thing to do ... but this was pretty entertaining actually.

Christopher: This kid's got some balls. Chris rolled his eyes a little. He knew what he was doing once this lecture was over with.

Carol: "Then I will ignore you until you get it right."

Cessily: "Well, I think this little meeting has been really enlightening, but maybe we should all take a break now," Cessily suggested in an attempt to calm the waves. "I can provide coffee and refreshments. How does that sound?"

Warren: "Oh good! You see, being an ass has its perks. Now, Melati, I think drinks were mentioned at some point...?"

Carol: Carol wanted scotch more than coffee. "Coffee sounds great."

Christopher: "I'll help you with that coffee Cess... Just lead the way."

Fury: Fury did a pretty good job of masking his disapointment that a fight wasn't going to break out ... probably for the best though, it wouldn't look too good for the place to get wecked this soon.

Melati: "Well, if I'm not getting to watch my classroom brawl, we might as well start to hit the pubs early." Melati chuckled and took her feet off the desk.

Heather: Heather looked between the teachers, then at Warren. They were really going to leave him and Agent Coloenel Carol in the same room unsupervised?

Cessily: "Oh, thanks, that's really kind." Cessily smiled at Christopher, before she turned back to face the class. "Everyone who likes to can join us in the kitchen."

Christopher: "Or not." Chris said under his breath as he followed Cess.

Warren: "Well then, perhaps we should vacate and find somewhere a little more civilised?" He grinned at the lizard girl, flicking a piece of dust off his arm and ignoring Carol completetly. He just had to hope he didn't end up running out of juice before he could get drunk, but he should be okay...

Fury: "I think I'd like to see the kitchen before the inevitble accident appens to it.2

Carol: Carol's eyes narrowed, glowing again with energy. The lights overhead flickered ominously.

Cessily: Cessily laughed. "Then we have no time to waste, General."

Heather: "I think I'd like some coffee too."

Melati: "I had hoped we'd be looking for something less civilised." Melati grinned as she got up on her feet to accompany the winged blue boy.

Warren: "Oh trust me...the moment you and I arrive, it will hardly remain so." Warren grinned at her, casting one last smirk at Carol before exiting the room, metal wings gleaming dully under the lights.

Heather: "I think I like the other Warren better..." Heather frowned after him, leaving by the other door to get to the kitchen faster.
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