3/8 Instance: What Powers Are For

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3/8 Instance: What Powers Are For

Post by Starfish » Mon Mar 09, 2009 2:08 am

((Timeline: After Sarah is intro'd))

Ben: Ben shook his laptop furiously. "Work damn you!" He really needed to send that e-mail by the end of the day, or Carrey was going to have his head. "I need this reservation! Damn it!"

Ben: "Okay... Calm down Ben... it's only a computer. No need to get angry at a stupid... hunk of freakin' junk! Argh! Work!" He shook the frozen screen again. "Please!?"

Sarah: Sarah looked up from one of her laptops at the other in the kitchen. She had a dark, yet sleepy gaze as she took a loud sip from her box of chai she had discovered in the back of the fridge. She wondered if she should help.

Ben: Ben finally noticed the new girl and waved. "Hey... sorry... just, got some computer problems. Again." He shook his Mac. "Poor thing just refuses to cooperate sometimes. At least, since I started recording on it." He put his hand out for a shake. "I'm Benjamin Reilly. Welcome to XU.... I'm assuming you're new?"

Sarah: "Sarah Vale." she said taking the other's hand. Her nervous energy of being new had eventually surrendered back to her apathetic and lazy attitde. "What did you do to it to get it upset?"

Ben: "I got it upset? How can it be upset, it's a machine. Granted, I treat it like a sheik treats his prized virgin daughter on most days, but today all I did was ask it to send an e-mail!"

Sarah: "Nine times out of ten, the problem for all computers can be found inbetween the keyboard and seat." she looked down at the Mac, "And a Mac, I thought those were not supposed to have problems." a weak laugh remembering all the I'm a PC and I'm a Mac commercials. "And machines can be quite tempermental." she patted one of her computers.

Ben: "Well, it's a good Mac, and normally no problems. But I go overboard with recording stuff and I think I beat its memory up sometimes storing all these songs that I write and using all the music programs. That and it's on pretty much all the damn time." He suddenly felt bad. Hearing her talk about the computer like it was a person made him feel like the Devil who wore Prada. "Uhh... so what do I do, since you seem to be knowledgeable and all... to uh.. make it less temperamental with me?

Sarah: She got up from her computers. "Not really knowledgable." she admitted. "I can talk with computers." she placed her hands on the keyboard. "Why don't you send this e-mail for Benjamin?" she asked it with a tone much different than what she used for Ben. "And I am sure soon he will take you to the Mac Store to get upgraded."

Ben: Ben's jaw dropped. "Whoa! That's a nifty power!" he watched the computer screen blink and then suddenly, the e-mail was sent.

Ben: "Wow! Cool!" He pat his computer and shook Sarah's hand again. "Very nice! Sarah Vale you are incredibly useful." He wondered if this meant she could mess with the security computers around here... he would have to warn Selene and some others.

Sarah: She blinked very much in shock, "I am sure someone with enough real computer skills can do the same as me." she sighed, "I mean, I can really only talk with them. I haven't done anything real amazing.."

Ben: "Okay... well. Try this." He turned the laptop back to him and went to a website. Coming up to a main log-in page he turned it back to her. "This is the page for making reservations in the recording studios. I got two bands taking my slot for the next coming weeks... I can't have that."

Ben: "I got a baby being born in June and if I don't pop this album out by March, I'll be on tour when she's born... can you make the changes? Before my request is even forwarded to the right guys?"

Sarah: "I don't know." she admitted, "And even if I did...that would be illegal." she looked at Ben.

Ben: "Yeah but... it's not like it's unethical. I'm going to miss the birth of my daughter for a crappy concert that I got contracted into. If I can get the album done earlier, I can have the concert earlier, and I can take my two month break period from the concert after my contracted one month worth of concerts." He shrugged. "It's a win-win."

Ben: "You get to figure something new out about your powers, and you save me a ton of red tape, pleading, and b.s. from the music industry."

Sarah: She didn't do well under peerpressure. She really didn't and it was showing in her hands and in her voice. "I've already done one illegal thing before I got here." she started, voice cracking. "Arn't we told to be responsible?"

Ben: "Responsible?" Ben snorted. "The people in this school can be called a lot of things, but I don't know if responsible is a good word. With all the bingeing and swinging going on in here? Then again, it is college... still, it wouldn't be the most unethical thing to happen in this school. You could sell us out to the government for registration, that might suck."

Sarah: That was true... "And why would I do th-" then she realized. "We are also illegal, huh?"

Ben: "Very." Ben said. "I'm registered, but I'm breaking the law. I actually have to use an alias when I record. I go by Boston Jones. Corny, I know, but it sounds more punk rock than the other options. Sarah, if you can do this for me..." He looked around. "I'll owe you. Huge."

Sarah: She never did well under peer pressure. "A-and this is for a good cause, right?" she said more to herself.

Ben: "I get to see my daughter being born... I'd call that a good cause. I even get to spend two solid months with her before the contract rips me away from both my loving wife and my child." He gave her puppy eyes.

Sarah: Peer pressure equals one, Sarah nothing. "Tell me evreything you need and we can try..."

Ben: "I need you to find the password. I'm scheduled for a Thursday two weeks from now, I need to be on there for tomorrow. There's two bands in front of me, both have been given extensions but they aren't aware of what times yet. It can be done very easily. The man who makes the schedule is Marresh."

Sarah: Sarah swallowed and nodded, "Alright," she sat down in front of the computer. She hated calling it 'computer'. "Alright, Mac, Ben needs a password for this site. Can you find it for us?"

Ben: Ben leaned into her ear. "Psst... its name is Josephine."

Sarah: She nodded, "Sorry Josephine, I am just a bit nervous. But could you pull up the password for us?"

Ben: Josephine did so. She suddenly was logged into the schedule editing program for the entire record company. Ben could see the times that Lenny Kravitz was in for God sakes. "Wow!"

Ben: "okay... so... Hulublu is the band that's in there tomorrow... and the day after I think. They have it for a straight week and after them is... The Jerk Offs."

Sarah: She quitely scooted out of the way. "I-I did that?" she let out finally, she felt sick she did something illegal... But it was for a good cause tight?

Ben: Suddenly the computer began to scroll through scheduling. Soon the Jerk Offs were put back two weeks and the Hulublu were back three. "Wow... WOW!" Ben said, rubbing his hands together. "That's great!" The screen blinked a few times.

Sarah: "Oh Goodness." she mumbled, "U-Um are we almost done?" she stuttered, feeling like for some reason she had opened Pandora's Box.

Ben: "Sure. Actually... you are done! Thank you!" The computer chirped a happy response as well and then, restarted. "Wow... that was awesome. Thank you Sarah!" He hugged her, happy to know he was going to be there for the completion of his family now.

Sarah: "N-No problem." she mumbled, wishing she didn't bend so easily as she went back to her computers and tea. A look of guilt was on her face, no one got hurt right? She rested her hands on the keyboard of Ness.

Ben: "I'm going to go make myself some Green Tea. You want some more of your kind there?" He asked, pointing to her half empty mug.

Sarah: "O-Oh, yes please." she said. "I was drinking Chai." she was stil shaking some about what she had done. "So..Um... what can you do?"

Ben: "Me?" Ben put the kettle on and looked to her. "Uhm... this..." he leapt to the ceiling and stuck to it. Crawling over her head he smiled. "And this..." he lowered himself as usual, hanging upside down from a strong thread of the webbing which emitted form his wrist. "And I can shoot stingers that paralyze or knock one out. And I also have like a spider-sense."

Sarah: Her eyes widened, "That is amazing!" she couldn't belive it. A human spider! "I bet you can do a lot of neat things with that."

Ben: "The list is pretty endless yeah. Remy and a few others get bothered with the webbing, but it breaks apart and degrates in like a day."

Sarah: She looked at her computers then at the webbing, then tried to scoot them away from it. "Well, it does look like a giant spider made it."

Ben: "Sorta kinda what I am." He said, dropping to the kitchen floor with a flip and some grace. "In actuality, it's made my life a lot easier. So you talk to computers and technology. I think you'll be an incredibly important asset on the Security team. Though I can see you being on Infiltration too... Someday. Who picked you up and brought you to XU?"

Sarah: "Lorna, Bobby, Remy..." she listed off the names she could remember. "I was a bit panicked when it happened." she laughed a little, "The fist thing I did when I saw them was scream."

Ben: "Yeah well... I hear Selene went. I do that when she's around too. She likes violence..." He looked around to make sure she wasn't listening. "I hear she brings people up to her attic and has real kinky vampire sex... like stuff you see in those weird Dracula movies." he nodded enthusiastically and gave her a glare that said 'don't go up there'.

Sarah: She looked absolutly terrified, it was obvious she never thought of things like that. "They were scary, it was night time and they were in dark leather outfits.."

Ben: "Oh, that's our uniforms. They're less scary in the day. It's very... hip. I promise. We wear them because we don't know what problems will arise if we go on a recon mission or something. Let's say you were actually more of a threat than they had bargained, or you didn't know how to control your powers and your computers started trying to strangle them... the suits would uh... make them look good while they fought the computers off I suppose."

Ben: "Most of them are made to have practical uses to each of our powers. Mine is sort of stretchy so my flexibility isn't hindered. And also, it doesn't block my webbing, there's a nice gap in the cuffs of the wrist."

Sarah: "That doesn't change the fact that they are creepy at night with a matching van." The computer screens were pulling up images of Vans that said 'FREE CANDY' on them and such. "But because I don't fight, I probably won't have to worry about a Uniform..."

Ben: "You won't have to for a while anyways... and it's usually a choice thing. I'm not incredibly hostile either... or I try not to be, but I know the cause is always good. Others like Raya would sooner not lift a finger. But thankfully her sand ability allows her to do so. I have a family I need to protect, and I have the means to do so."

Sarah: She nodded, "Well, that is good. I couldn't think of what good I would be that a mechanic or a computer nerd can't do."

Ben: "You'll do fine 'round here. Trust me." The kettle whistled and Ben took it off and poured it into the mugs, making the tea. "Okay... so I'm gonna sit here, and if you don't mind, I'd love to get to know you. Tell me about yourself Sarah." He said stirring his mug.
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3/8 Instance: What Powers Are For

Post by Bamfsticks » Mon Mar 09, 2009 2:19 am

[size=-1]If I were X, I'd supercharge my wheelchair so I could blast all over the place! Some big fat tires- How sweet would that be? Juggernaut comes running in all "I'm the Juggernaut, I can't be stopped--' WHAMMMM!!! I am sawwing out on his face, doing doughnuts all over his head! Then he's laying there all "Uhh" and I back up and point at him and go "Get back in that ruby, Chump! X!!!"

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3/8 Instance: What Powers Are For

Post by fourpawsonthefloor » Mon Mar 09, 2009 2:28 am

LOL poor girl.

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3/8 Instance: What Powers Are For

Post by Raven Hare » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:33 pm

LOL - Yes, I think the team should spray paint "FREE CANDY" on the side of the van!
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