3/8 Instance: Cars and Computers, what more does a girl need?

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3/8 Instance: Cars and Computers, what more does a girl need?

Post by fourpawsonthefloor » Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:33 am

Timeline after: This is what powers are for.

Sarah: She did better at night then during the day. During the day people were about and curious and oh-so-very social while she wasn't that. She blinked and the TV channel changed, it was playing some infomercial with a guy yelling about some puddy. She pulled her feet closer to her as she pondered about what she did earlier for Ben. "...Maybe I should go?" she mumlbled aloud.

Remy: He padded into the rec room, considering crashing on the couch again given that his house was still empty. He had a beer in one hand and a plate full of chocolate chip cookies in the other. Life was good. Only, the room wasn't as empty as he expected. "Oh. Hey. Sarah, right?" He gave her a smile. "Am I botherin' y'?"

Sarah: She blinked and then recognized the man. "I-It is alright."She stuttered as scooted some so Remy could sit down if he liked. "And y-yes, it is Sarah. Thank you." she wrapped her arms around her knees and then reached for the remote. "Y-you can change it if you like."

Remy: "Nah. It's good." He plunked himself down and set the plate between the two of them. "I brought lots of cookies. Help yourself. There's always more in the kitchen. Only got one beer though." He chuckled. "So still a bit shocked, petite?"

Sarah: She bobbed her head as she kept her arms around her knees. "Y-Yeah, everyone seems to be able to do so much more than me. I-I don't think I fit in here."

Remy: He shook his head. "Oh, don' worry about dat. Everyone's got different powers. I had a best friend here who talked to computers too, way back when. So you're different dan some of us here, but den y' could say d' same about me or anyone else. We're d' same, but different, y' know?"

Sarah: She nodded then thought for a few moments, he was there when she was brought here so he is trusted... "Plus, I already did something bad."

Remy: Ah, so maybe that explained why she looked miserable. "Chere, I doubt y' did anythin' dat bad. Y' didn't set anythin' on fire or put a hole in d' roof, oui?"

Sarah: "No. I just hacked into a record company's computer system so someone could change the day they got to use the studio..."

Remy: He gave her an odd look and took a sip of his beer while he put two and two together. He sighed. "Ben?"

Sarah: "I'm sorry. I know I should've done better and if I already messed up..." she pulled her legs closer to her. "He is really nice and stuff, I think he is nice..."

Remy: Shaking his head he took another sip. "It ain't your fault or your problem. Dat was his brainy idea. An' he should really know better by now." He mentally added smacking Ben to his chore list for tommorrow. "An' oui, he's nice, but has d' brains of a hamster, so keep dat in mind." Flashing her a grin he shrugged. "Still, ain't you. Don't worry on it."

Sarah: "B-But I shouldn't have done it." she frowned, "But he should be able to see his daughter getting born. B-but it is illegal!" she shook her head. "I should've said 'Find a hacker to do it!' B-Because I already did one illegal thing this week.."

Remy: "Illegal is all relative. Y' didn't really hurt anyone or nothin' like dat, so I wouldn't worry about it." Lopsided grin on his face he tipped his head. "Y're a good girl aren't y'?"

Sarah: "N-No, I am just me." she said, "Not really anything. I-I mean before coming here I only passed school because the teachers e-mailed me my homework because I-I missed so much and stuff."

Remy: "Y' missed school? How come?" He leaned a little closer. "An' petite, I ain't gonna bite. So don' worry so much, bien?"

Sarah: "I-I didn't like it." she said, "T-Too many people, too many expectations... It was stressful." then with the next bit, "I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make it look like I didn't like you or anything!"

Remy: "Y' ain't. Y're jus' lookin' like I'm gonna scold y'. Trust me, I've done a lot worse shit dan y' ever could have. So no judgin' here, ok?"

Sarah: She picked at her pants leg, "B-but still, I should've been firm. W-what if the other people needed the slots for an important reason also?"

Remy: "True. Y' shouldn't have t' do things y' don't want t' do. Why didn't y' say no?" He picked up a cookie and took a bite.

Sarah: Sarah cast a look at the TV. "Because," she said softly, "He should be there for his baby a-and he is nice and I didn't want to upset him."

Remy: He sighed again. "An' he shouldn't have asked dat. Well. Things happen. It's done now. Don' feel so bad about it, alright? Y' can' change d' past."

Sarah: "But now people probably wouldn't want me here..." she frowned, "Because if I did it once, I might do it again."

Remy: "Oh chere." He reached forward and took her hand and gave it a small squeeze. "Trust me. It's fine. Y're worryin' way too much about dis. We keep Ben after all, don' we?" He let her go to grab a new cookie. "Now, eat dis. An' think about it. Y' know whatcha did. It's not somethin' y' wanna do again. An' we'll help y' wit' d' rest."

Sarah: She accepted the cookie, "S-sorry." she sighed, "I should work harder b-but I just don't see what good it will be." she nibbled a little on the cookie. "After all, Ben can climb walls, and Lorna can make pens hover..."

Remy: He chuckled. "Ok. So y' have d' power t' hack into any computer an' y' think in dis day an' age dat ain't a powerful sorta power?"

Sarah: "People on 4chan can do it without being a mutant."

Remy: "On what?" He figured she just meant regular hackers. "So what y're more worried about is not dat y're a mutant...but dat y' don' feel dat y're one of d' cool ones?"

Sarah: "One of the useful ones." she said, "People in comic books can fly and melt stuff with their eyes. I got the ability to change your wallpaper and maybe DDoS Scientology." she frowned. "And 4chan, the cesspool of the internet that is kind've fun..."

Remy: "Well I can break through security systems, but dat stuff is beyond me. So dere y' are. We all have different thigns we can do. An' I can't fly or melt stuff wit' my eyes either."

Sarah: She pondered then asked, "What is your ability? Ben is like... a spider."

Remy: "Yeah. Kinda gross, isn't it?" He laughed. "Not much petite. I make things go boom."

Sarah: "I actually find it kind've cool." she said trying to imagine what it would be like to climb on the walls and shoot web. "...Like anything?"

Remy: "Well, no. I can't do it wit' things dat are livin'. So y're safe." He tried to give her a reasurring smile. "D' couch now...it'd be a gonner."

Sarah: "So, it can be small or big things?" she asked, honestly curious. All the powers here confused her as she wondered how one little gene could make so much happen. Then in response the TV flickered to Harry Potter and someone shouting, 'MAGIC!'

Remy: "Yeah..." His eyes slid to the tv and he smirked. "But if I don' wanna be blown up wit' it - better t' go small. Can' run far enough if I charge somethin' big. Even jus' small things make a pretty good dent. More of an outside activity really."

Sarah: "So, you can't do implosions?" She was starting to relax a little.

Remy: "Nope." He frowned. "Least I don' think so. Never tried. But it's kinda more instinct dan effort, y' know?"

Sarah: "Yeah, l-like before this when I wanted something to happen, bam! it did." he popped her knuckles. "But now... I have been actually asking for these things to work or they happen on their own."

Remy: "Not everyone realizes dere a mutant right away." He shrugged. "Sometimes it's more subtle. Me? I nearly blew my ass up. An', well, d' eyes, but I was born wit' dem. So dat's not so much subtle."

Sarah: "Your eyes?" she asked before she actually looked at them. Then one could pretty much see her hair standup on end and then she did her best fish out of water impersonation.

Remy: He chuckled. "Were y' lookin' at my chin dis whole time, petite?" He raised a brow and gave her a sassy grin. "Or somethin' else?"

Sarah: She grew bright red, "S-S-sorry! Bad habit of mine! I-I tend to avoid looking in people's eyes because it feels too..." she tried thinking of a word. "Weird. Ack! Not that your eyes are werid! Not that I thought that!"

Remy: Laughing he finished off his beer and set it down. "Don' worry about it. People've taken dem a lot worse."

Sarah: "B-b-but that was rude of me!"

Remy: "Nah. Kickin' me in d' balls woulda been rude. Anythin' short of dat I can deal wit'. Dey are weird."

Sarah: She nodded, "B-but I do like it here." she admitted finally. "People here are nice and the fridge has a lot of snacks though I feel bad for taking some."

Remy: "Dere's enough t' feed plenty here. An' trust me, Xavier ain't hurtin' for money. So don' feel guilty. D' point of us bein' here is t' learn an' help others. If y're ready t' do dat...den dere ain't any shame in it, oui?"

Sarah: She nodded, "Maybe I can get a part time job to help." then she realized, "I have no contacts outside of my parents." Oh yes, her years of hiding away was starting to show.

Remy: "If y' want t' get a job so y' have some extra spendin' cash, for sure. But don' worry about havin' t' pay y're way. Think about it. It'd be like someone who's a millionaire askin' someone who's livin' on disability t' go dutch."

Sarah: She frowned, "I don't want to be a leech." she admitted. "A-after all, this seems too good." she knotted her fingers into her shirt. "Like all those cars..." she gave a happy sigh when thinking about them.

Remy: "Cars?" He raised his brow again. "Which cars?"
Sarah: "I think I found the garage." she said, "It was so amazing to see the different kinds up close..."

Remy: "Ahh." He passed her another cookie and took one of his own. "Well some of dem are people's own cars. But d' school has some dat everyone can use - like d' vans. Y' have t' get approved first though...but it ain't hard. D' real fancy ones tend t' be d' prof's. D' SUV wit' d' car seat in d' back is mine."

Sarah: She accepted it, "I think I spent about six hours in there," she admitted, "After all, cars are amazing machines. But a few in there people should remember basic maintence on..." then she covered her mouth after all she shouldn't have been peeking around too close at the cars.

Remy: He smirked. "Y're a bit of a buff, hey? Dat's cool. Maybe y' can help d' others wit' dem...keepin' dem fixed up. Sure bet people'd like d' help."

Sarah: "Cars are simple." she admitted, "Easier then people. As are computers." another bout of panic. "N-Not that people are bad or anything!"

Remy: "It's alright. Y' look like a bunny dat's scared I'm gonna eat y', petite." He gave her knee a pat. "I didn't really talk t' people till I came here, unless I had t'. We all have our own stories. So we ain't gonna be judgin'."

Sarah: She nodded, how was she ever going to survive in a classroom enviorment if she kept on panicing like that? She was sure there was going to be people who would laugh at her for this.

Remy: "Y' got any questions about dis place? About anythin'? Want y' t' feel more at ease here."

Sarah: "I-I am sure I can figure everything out. It is I am just trying to think of a way to be useful." she sighed, "Back home, I would clean and stuff so my parents would have to, but here..."

Remy: "Y'll be useful. Trust me, we all put in our time here helpin' as we can. Like when we got y'. But y' can't start off like dat right away, non? So y're job first is t' learn a bit. Experience life here. Trust me...it's a lot t' take in."

Sarah: She nodded, "I'll do my best, thank you."
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3/8 Instance: Cars and Computers, what more does a girl need?

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:05 am


Ben made a great first impression.
And yay! The newbie is really cool! She's a tad shy, but that's okay!
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3/8 Instance: Cars and Computers, what more does a girl need?

Post by Slarti » Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:50 pm

She'll have lots of cargasms to look forward to then when she finds Andy's Porsche and Lorna'a Corvette. :D

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3/8 Instance: Cars and Computers, what more does a girl need?

Post by Bamfsticks » Fri Mar 13, 2009 8:45 pm

I can wait.

Watch out or she might change your oil.
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