3/8 Instance: A Carnie Tail

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3/8 Instance: A Carnie Tail

Post by fourpawsonthefloor » Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:46 am

Timeline after intro of Sarah

Remy: He strolled around, sunglasses firmly in place, the smell of cotton candy strong in his nose. "So...where d' y' think dis one would be?"

Tessa: "We're in a circus, I'd say we're pretty close." Tessa was barely resisting laughing at all the vague thoughts filtering their way through; some were just funny. "The nine-year-old about four feet to your left thinks you're pretty, by the way."

Monet: Monet had her arms crossed as she looked around with a frown, barely reaching out with any telepathy so she wouldn't set anyone off. "She's here at least. Somewhere in that general vicinity," she gestured to a large portion of the carnival that had the Freak Show and House of Mirrors and the like.

Tessa: "You don't say."

Bobby: "Robbing the cradle there, Rem?" Bobby chuckled, hands in his pockets as he walked with the group. As missions went, this was pretty different.

Remy: "Pretty?" He turned to look at Tessa and Bobby and gave a huff.

Monet: "She's nine, LeBeau. Pretty is probably the best word she's got. And even that's a stretch."

Tessa: "Hey, I'm just the reporter. Thought you oughta know." Tessa smiled, obviously amused at the look. "But if it upsets you I'll leave off what the boy we just passed thought."

Kyle: Kyle felt so out of place wearing long pants and long sleeve jacket, even the cap was weird. "I'm hot." he said. "And I smell hotdogs."

Monet: "So then strip off some layers and join the freak show. It is your decision after all, chein."

Boston_Jones: "Ugh, I'm so hot in this coat." He said, sweating and dragging behind the others. "Wow... I hate going 'under-cover'."

Remy: He shook his head and crammed his hands in his pockets. "Lord save me from children."

Bobby: "So do I. We need to stop and get a snack pretty soon, man. That'd be stealth."

Bobby: Bobby looked over at Ben. "....then why are you wearing the giant coat, Nanook?"

Tessa: Tessa chuckled at Remy, smiling broadly. "What, you don't want to see my little girl have Johnny as a friend?"

Monet: "You have one, Remy. You cannot be saved this late in the game. At least he won't think you're pretty." She looked over at the funnel cakes, "I think I'd like one of those instead of a hotdog."

Remy: "If she's checkin' out Johnny, fine. But not me." He rolled his eyes at Mo.

Boston_Jones: "Ugh... 'Cuz I was told we were under cover!" He shrugged off the coat and stuffed it into his near empty satchel. "Forget it,... So what're we doing here again?"

Tessa: "I'll have to introduce them when she's older." The outings were so good to have. And really it couldn't be that much of a downside to be rescuing someone from this hellhole. (She'd always hated carnivals.)

Bobby: "Briefings, attention span boy." He snapped his fingers in front of Ben's face and smirked. "Paying attention during those helps."

Kyle: Kyle patted his pockets and gave a light growl in his throat. "Forgot wallet....Think it's in my room....and I think I just scared that one." He said looking at a child crying in a parent's arms.

Monet: Monet rolled her eyes and headed away from the group to get a funnel cake. When she got it, she started picking off pieces to munch on as she walked towards the Fun House area of the carnival.

Boston_Jones: "Well like... I don't get why we didn't just drop down, grab the newbie, and run." He said shrugging.

Remy: "We're lookin' for a kitty." He turned to Kyle with a big assed grin on his face. "Y' smell a kitty boy? Kitty! Get d' kitty!"

Tessa: "Remy..." Tessa gave him a look barely hiding a grin. "Really now."

Bobby: "Well, because that's not so undercover, brother." Bobby continued the smirk and tried to not laugh at Remy.

Tessa: "Think you'd make more progress if you told him to fetch."

Boston_Jones: "Oh... yeah. That's right." Ben smirked back. "Okay so... a kitty?" He looked around. "Don't see anything. Would she be in a cage?" He went over to a ball throwing game. He paid the man two dollars and took the ball. Nailing the target in the bulls eye he proudly received a stuffed Sylvester. "Sufferin' succatash!" He exclaimed.

Kyle: "I smell a lot of stuff. Too many people." Kyle told Remy. "Umm...can always go there." he said pointing at Monet and the funhouse and freakshow place.

Kyle: Kyle realized something. "Umm....wait were you making fun with me...with the kitty thing?" he asked

Remy: "Yeah, but not t' put y' down. More t' try an' put some smiles on people's faces." He clapped Kyle's shoulder. "Y' know y're a cool guy, cher. Was jus' havin' fun."

Monet: Monet paused at a game and looked up at an overstuffed teddybear. "Remy," she called out, "Come here, sil vous plait."

Bobby: "Well, Ben found a kitty, maybe he should run point to find the next one?" Bobby waved a hand at Ben's prize.

Kyle: Kyle took a second of thinking and added, "Oh, okay."

Tessa: "How about where the staff of this lovely establishment lives? Mightn't we find someone there, you think?" Tessa looked around lazily at all the humans. So far, no mutants.

Remy: He raised a brow but joined Monet. "Yeah?"

Boston_Jones: "I 'taught I taw a puddy tat?" He said, to Bobby with a screwed up facial expression. "Okay, so maybe we should go to the live exhibits section... over there..." He pointed. There was a sign for a petting zoo and "ninth wonders!"

Monet: "That...stuffed animal. The new child, Leech, would he enjoy something like that?" She frowned, under cover, right. "I mean, would you win it for me, please?" She pulled out a few ones and held them out to him.

Remy: "Dere's easier ways..." But then perhaps not. Odd that Monet was taking an interest in the kid though. He usually thought of her as the ice queen. It was an easy matter for him to meet the targets though. He didn't spend all that time chucking cards for no reason at all.

Tessa: Tessa paused at the airgun game, considering. There was a small stuffed duck that looked very cute hanging up there...and she knew how to shoot... Why not. She paid her two dollars and took aim, pinging down the requisite four targets. The stall owner gave her a look, but she got the duck. It really was cute.

Monet: The man handed over the bear and she gave him a smile then turned to Remy, "Merci, cher." Now then, what to do with the bear. Tape a picture of Remy to it and throw darts at it, or give it to the child...

Kyle: Kyle wandered further from the rest that was busy at the games, getting closer and closer to the other tents and funhouse things. He looked up and around him, sniffing the air and went further around the funhouse and big tent with the sign "amazing creatures of the world". Kyle smelled a different kind of cat.

Monet: Monet followed Kyle with her eyes and offered the untouched half of her funnel cake to the rest of them so she could follow him.

Remy: "Hah. See? He's off. Knew dat'd work." He hurried to try to catch up with Kyle who looked more put together at the moment than any of them.

Boston_Jones: Ben kept at Kyle's heels as well, being sure to watch the people walking in a line, as if looking for something.

Bobby: Bobby crossed his arms, watching the others win toys. It'd been a while since he'd given Lorna any random stuffed animals, hadn't it? He was searching the overhead toy displays for an appropriately weird toy when he noticed Kyle.

Tessa: "No thanks. But thanks." Tessa caught sight of Kyle and went to catch him, tucking the stuffed animal into the small backpack she wore. "Got something?" she asked casually when they all rejoined the herd.

Kyle: Kyle looked over his shoulder seeing everyone follow him. "Err...think so." he told Tessa. "Back this way." he looked ahead again and walked on, getting to a bunch of smaller tents. "Think it's that one...the one over there." he pointed.

Tessa: Tessa nodded, looking towards where Kyle pointed. "Let me check." She wandered with the rest, idly checking anyone they passed for a latent signature.

Boston_Jones: Ben tried to step over a bucket and accidently stepped into the bucket. "Whu!" It was filled with apple cores and pear remnants. Old ones too, they were moldy and smelly. "Ugh!"

Tessa: "Nice going, Ben."

Bobby: If this was their idea of stealth, he was just gonna go back and win that green rabbit for Lorna.

Hepzibah: Inside the tent she shared with a dozen other carnies, Hepzibah pulled the drawstrings shut tight on her backpack. She shrugged it onto one shoulder and looked up from her cot. A small poster adversting the amazing cat woman. She crumpled it up in her hands and tossed it on the ground. "Didn't look a thing like me."

Hepzibah: Suddenly she froze. She crinkled her nose up. Something smelled....wrong. No, not wrong exactly...different.

Hepzibah: Her tail twitch under her long skirts and she felt her fur starting to stand on end under her long sleeves.

Monet: Monet rolled her eyes at Ben and pushed past him and Kyle, looking around a bit. "Hmm... Someone around here isn't very happy with our presence."

Boston_Jones: Ben poked his head into the tent. OH, wow! he pulled his head back and nodded enthusiastically to the others.

Remy: "Well den, lets get a move on. We're already makin' enough noise t' raise d' dead."

Hepzibah: The twitching under her skirts was rapidly turning into full fledge swish.

Hepzibah: There were new people here. People who didn't belong back here with the carnies. Hepzibah fought to keep her claws sheathed. She was in enough trouble for slashing the snotty nosed kid for pulling her tail.

Tessa: Tessa sidestepped the majority of the group and stopped short, digesting the new signature for the mutant in front of her. Half apparent, and half not. "Well that's new."

Kyle: Kyle followed his nose. "..scuse me." he mumbled and pushed past Monet and finally Ben, to get to look who it was. "Hello." he just said looking at someone looking back at him.

Bobby: Bobby loitered outside the tent with the others, watching out for trouble since they'd strayed off the beaten path into deep carnie territory. He didn't need some bearded lady sneaking up and kicking him in the ass.

Hepzibah: The scent was so strange and threatening, before she even realized what she was doing, the feline humaniod lashed out and caught Kyle right on his nose.

Hepzibah: Leaping up, Hepzibah fought for higher ground on top of a stack of trunks. But the weight of her skirts pulled at her, making her clumsy.

Remy: "Whoops." Remy took a good step back as he caught a bit of the end of that action.

Bobby: The yelp from inside sounded like a very surprised puppy boy, and the crashing sound that followed wasn't any more reassuring. He looked over his shoulder and at Remy questioningly.

Tessa: Surprised at the clawing, Tessa stepped between Kyle and the cat-girl for a second, watching her awkward moves to leap. "Hey, come back down from there for a minute, we're no threat."

Hepzibah: Hepzibah arched up on the trunks with a feral hiss.

Tessa: "Skittish, pussycat?"

Hepzibah: "Get back!!" she warned, branishing both sets of claws.

Remy: He gave Bobby a returned look. "Evidently she's got PMS."

Monet: Monet poked her head around and laughed at the cat in the corner. "Here, kitty, kitty." She shook her head on a sigh and set the bear down. "How about you talk to us instead of ordering us around?"

Kyle: Kyle was just rubbing his nose, giving growling sounds in his voice, looking up at the girl. "That tickled."

Tessa: "She's got claws and cat-senses, is what she's got..." Tessa raised a brow, watching her balance on the trunks. "Come down, please, then. And no clawing."

Bobby: "Reeer." Curiousity getting the better of him, Bobby lifted back the tent flap to watch. "We might wanna add an order of hurry the hell up to the dinner special, guys, since we're not in stealth mode now."

Hepzibah: Hepzibah stared down from her perch, taking each of them in. They ranged from mildly human to decidely....mutant.

Monet: "Cool down, Frosty. We're fine. Go get some cotton candy or a deep fried rat or whatever they serve here."

Remy: "Y' know...if she's already dis catty, maybe havin' Mo an' Tessa in on dis wasn't a good idea. We're jus' a few inches away from a literal cat fight."

Hepzibah: "Who are you?" she demanded, sheathing her claws only a little.

Tessa: Tessa kept her eyes ont he cat-girl while she stood below her, taking in the mutant signature. "Nice. Enhanced cat-senses. This should be fun. My name's Tessa."

Monet: "Monet," she growled back at Remy.

Bobby: "Maybe you could make yourself more useful keeping the carnies from noticing us back here with their kitty girl than clawing at her yourself, Queen Mo."

Boston_Jones: Ben looked around and waited for someone to introduce him. No one did. "I'm Ben Rei-eer..." can I use my real name "Yeah. Ben Reilly.

Tessa: "I'm decidedly more of a lap cat for the time being, Remy, you know that." Tessa chuckled; she knew she was fully capable of being just as catty as Mo.

Remy: "Dunno about dat. Y're lap is disappearin'." He gave her a grin.

Monet: "Monet!" She snapped at Bobby that time and took a breath to try and calm down. "I would rather the carnies come. Make for a more interesting show than this scaredy-cat."

Kyle: Kyle took off his cap and rubbed his ears, "Kyle, hi," he said waving at the girl. "Are you stuck up there? Or...umm you gonna get down?" Kyle asked the girl. "Want me to get you?"

Hepzibah: Hepzibah was completely still except for her tail which was beating wildly against the back of the tent wall behind her. "You're not supposed to be back here."

Monet: "No one stopped us, obviously."

Tessa: "By that, of course, I meant I prefer sitting on someone else's, dearest Remy." Tessa grinned back, shaking her head. "Yes, but we are," she answered the cat-girl, "so it's just as easy to actually come down and talk."

Bobby: "Yeah, we have a talent for going where we're not wanted." He tried to smile at her.

Hepzibah: "Who are you? What are you" she demanded,

Tessa: "Same thing you are," Tessa supplied, tucking her hands in her pockets.

Monet: "My name is Monet,"

Hepzibah: She stopped short again at the sight of Kyle's nose. It had completely healed. That was impossible. "What are you?" she demanded again

Bobby: "We're a lot like you. He just looks it a little more." Bobby nodded toward Kyle.

Hepzibah: Hepzibah's twitched her head at the sound of this woman in her head.

Kyle: Kyle shrugged, "Mutant?" he aswered the girl.

Tessa: Tessa chuckled a little at the twitching head, flicking a glance to Monet. Of course.

Hepzibah: She spared the group another stare then slowly climbed from the trunks to the ground.

Remy: "Nothin' like absolutely overwhelmin' a girl t' win dere confidence, neh?" He asked Bobby. They were the only ones in this group that had been in the previous.

Bobby: "Well, at least we're not in the SM squad gear this time." He snorted.

Hepzibah: She made a wide circle around Kyle and kept her eyes on the group. "What do you want?"

Monet: Monet arched an eyebrow at Tessa then went back to the cat thing. "There now. That's a good girl. No cherry picker for you then."

Boston_Jones: He rolled his eyes to Monet. "We're here on a good will mission of sorts. We represent a school for people like you. Well people like us, really."

Hepzibah: Hepzibah's claws sprang back out in reply. "Just try it!"

Tessa: "Ah, you, for a start." Tessa echoed the raised eyebrow to Monetwith a half-grin, until the claws came out. "Fully retractable claws, too. Will you please coem down and ignore Monet?"

Monet: Monet laughed, "Try what? And those won't do a thing to me." She mocked and held out an arm, "Try it."

Hepzibah: "A school?" she turned, having lost interest in Money.

Bobby: Bobby rolled his eyes. They really need some kind of training course for this. "Yep. A school. For mutants. Like us."

Tessa: "A school." Tessa echoed, nodding. "You'll be very welcome there."

Hepzibah: "Don't you think I'm a little old for school?" Hepzibah hadn't seen the inside of a classroom since she was 13.

Benjamin: "We're here to offer you a chance to come back with us. Leave the life of uh..." He made finger quotes. "Show biz... if you can call it that, and maybe hang out with some real kids who are just like you." He flashed a kind smile. He should make them buttons with happy faces.

Monet: "It's a university. So no, you aren't."

Bobby: "But, it's a different kind of university. And it's free. We won't force you to come, but we want to offer it to you... since things aren't easy for mutants right now."

Tessa: "It's a clean bed and free food, at least. And some good company."

Hepzibah: "Of course not." she snarled. She stepped further away. "Sorry, the last time I took candy from strangers - it didn't work out so good."

Bobby: "Yeah, but were those strangers mutants too?"

Benjamin: "Oh, we understand. Sort of hard to believe an act like this, I know." He gave her a frinedly wink.

Tessa: "Lucky for you, we're not offering candy. But don't worry, we really are just like you. Pheremones and all."

Hepzibah: "And you're not strange?"

Monet: "No one ever said that."

Tessa: "Pot, kettle, black."

Benjamin: "Oh we're strange alright." Ben said, making a webbing ball in his hand and showing it to her.

Remy: Heaven help him if Reily was trying to flirt with her. "Cherie...ain't like we don' know what it's like. Ain't like some of us ain't been screwed over either. An' petite? We're pretty strange, for sure, but we also behave. Most d' time."

Hepzibah: That caught Hepzibah's attention. Pheremones. "How do you know about that?"

Hepzibah: She stared at the webbing on the wall with slight amazement.

Tessa: "It's what I do. I can see your DNA, to make a long explanation short." Tessa smiled. "And alter it."

Hepzibah: "Alter it?"

Bobby: Well, the altering part might scare the crap out of her.

Monet: Monet sighed and hovered in front of her, hands on her hips. "Just so you realize, these people can be very persuasive..."

Benjamin: "We all have abilities. I could smash that chair on Monet's head right now, and she wouldn't even flinch, except to kick me clean through the next three tents."

Monet: "Merde, Benjamin," she mumbled under her breath. "You are such an enfant."

Remy: Yeah, that wasn't so great. "Point is, we're not gonna do anythin' you don' want, chere."

Hepzibah: Hepzibah took a hesitant step forward.

Hepzibah: This....school...

Remy: He held his hand out, offering it as a shake. "I'm Remy. Remy LeBeau. Sorry we jus' all kinda piled in on y' here. Didn't catch y're name, petite."

Hepzibah: She stared at his hand for moment and resisted the urge to sniff it. Slowly, she extended her own hand to meet his.

Hepzibah: "Hepzibah." she answered, slowly.

Benjamin: "Gesundheit." Ben said.

Tessa: "Pretty name." Tessa joined her hands in front of her obviously pregnant stomach, resisting the urge to roll her eyes at Ben. "Pretty mutation, too."

Remy: He shook his head at Ben. "Very pretty, chere. Nice t' meet y'."

Hepzibah: Hepzibah started to snarl a reply to Tessa, then stopped short when she realized she was sincere. "Thank you."

Monet: "Must be extremely hot in the summer though."

Bobby: Very neko, at least. Bobby was reminded of Sharon, then stepped forward himself. "I'm Bobby. Promise, we're not all rude... just some people are kind of exciteable."

Hepzibah: She looked around. "This school..." the last thing she wanted was to waltz back into another research facility.

Benjamin: Ben suddenly pictured Wade with some shears in a straw hat in an open field, cliping Hepzibah. He shook his head and got the thought out quickly.

Tessa: "You're welcome. I apologize, sometimes my comments come off badly, I meant the sequence; it's very elegant."

Hepzibah: Hepzibah wasn't sure how to take that compliment.

Hepzibah: "Who runs this school?"

Remy: "Excitable like d' little dogs who kinda leap all over y' an' make a puddle on d' floor when y' come home. Annoyin' but endearin' in dere own way."

Benjamin: "This school is a college. Xavier promotes free speech and free thinking minds, but he uses the place as well to keep safe and better educate young mutants on their abilities in a place where they are safer from their.... uh... more ignorant peers. Such as the guy outside licking his ice cream cone backwards."

Tessa: Tessa turned and stared at Ben. "Did you seriously memorize that mission statement?"

Benjamin: "No." He said confused. "I totally just made that up." He looked around. "Oh the punk rocker can't say something intelligent?!" He said at the blank faces.

Hepzibah: Hepzibah tugged at her backpack. Where else was she going to go? Thanks to the Mutant Registration Act, there were fewer and fewer circuses that would even touch her. And those that did put her in the freak shows...

Tessa: "It's just so unexpected."

Bobby: "Well, at least the mission statement isn't condescending. Good one, Ben." He gave him a thumb's up. "He's right. Professor Xavier is a good guy."

Monet: Monet ignored Ben and looked Hepzibah up and down. "You don't have to come if you don't want to. Or you could come and decide you don't want to stay. No one will keep you there."

Hepzibah: "And..." she took a breath, trying to decide if thiese mutants were really telling the truth. "Mutants are....are safe there?"

Monet: "For the most part."

Tessa: "Yes, we are."

Benjamin: "I'm glad I could blow your mind." He said happily to Tess. Turning to Hepzibah he said; "As safe as it gets for people like us. Which is very." No need to bring up the Hive right?

Remy: "Yeah, well birds of a feather an' all dat..." Though maybe birds weren't a good example. She may like birds a different way, if she was like Kyle.


Bobby: "Safer than we'd be anywhere outside of the school if people know you're a mutant." Well, safe except from the British government, and Essex, and the bee people...

Benjamin: Ben looked around startled and began to swat the air. He wasn't use to Monet ever talking in his head... it was always Raya or Rachel. He flashed an awkward grin to her.

Tessa: "And we can stop there, Bobby?"

Hepzibah: Hepzibah twisted the pack straps in her hand. "Of course, people know I'm a mutant!" She flung a hand in her face. "Just look at me!"

Monet: "Yes. And look at Kyle. And Remy. And there are several others who are very obvious at the school."

Tessa: "At the moment Andy, too."

Hepzibah: "All right." she forced her tail to stop twitching. She flung a glance at Kyle. He seemed happy enough.

Bobby: Bobby waved at Kyle in the corner, who perked up and waved back.

Remy: "Oh. Right." He flipped his glasses up and gave her a wink.

Benjamin: Ben's thoughts traveled to Neena. She looked excellent naked, with her pale skin lit up in the moon light. He smiled a large, smug, smile.

Monet: "Stop projecting before I hit you, Spider-boy."

Tessa: "Thank you, Monet."

Monet: "Anytime."

Benjamin: Ben's face turned beet red and coughed. "Uh... dunno what you were uh... let's just uh... get back, huh?" He looked awkwardly to his wonderful shoes.

Hepzibah: Hepzibah gaspes that Remy's strange eyes. "I don't know if I'm 'college' material."

Tessa: "If a pregnant woman can do it so can you."

Remy: He shrugged. "Well it ain't like y' have t' be ready for Harvard."

Benjamin: Ben snorted. "I'm a high school drop out and an alcoholic. I do pretty good."

Monet: "Yes, if you could go to Harvard this place would be quite boring. Trust me on that one."

Hepzibah: "I'll see your drop out status and raise you a-" She stopped short.

Hepzibah: She shrugged. Where else was she going to go? "All right. I'll go with you. But so help me God, if you bunch are lying..."

Benjamin: "I give you permission to attack Bobby." Ben said. "If we're lying. Or maybe if some of our information was slightly off." He smirked.

Monet: "You'll what?" She smirked, "I think I want to hear this."

Bobby: Bobby snorted at Ben.

Hepzibah: She couldn't stop a tiny laugh. At least they had senses of humor. You needed a sense of humor if you were going to be a mutant.

Benjamin: Ben laughed. "Please, you can just ice it back together."

Tessa: "She could attack Monet and it wouldn't do anything."

Hepzibah: "It would make me feel better..." she growled.

Remy: "Still doubt his wife'd like her slicin' him up. Expecially certain bits. But Mo? Have at it, petite."

Hepzibah: She laughed again, this time louder. "So, where is this 'school'?"

Monet: "Monet," she snarled. "Do you want to have a go, ma chat? Come on then." She smirked and opened her arms wide.

Tessa: "I vote for Remy to get between them if it gets to that point."

Benjamin: Ben made some three stooges impressions behind Monet at the drop of the name "Mo".

Remy: "Upstate. In Westchester." He laughed at Mo. "Mo, mo, bo bano...mooonet."

Hepzibah: Hepzibah flexed her hands, but kept her claws in check. "Maybe another time." she promised.

Monet: "Add some pudding and I think you have mirror-girl's fantasy." She turned on her heel to glare at Remy. "Enough."

Tessa: "Hey, can we call her Claude now?" Tessa smiled at Remy's teasing of Monet's name.

Benjamin: Ben imitated Monet careful to only be in Remy's view.

Monet: Monet snapped a hand out to grab Ben's collar. She turned just her head to him with a look that shot daggers. "You will stop that."

Remy: ((She's a telepath you dork))

Hepzibah: Hepzibah switched shoulders with her bag. "You caught me at a good time at least. I'm already packed."

Monet: ((hee, paws. exactly.))

Benjamin: Ben gave her a very calm smile and raised his hands. "Stopping. Very much stopping." He said smoothly.

Remy: "Perfect." He offered to take her bag. "Den our car is dis way, petite."

Hepzibah: She prayed she wasn't making a mistake trusting this group of misfits. She held tight to her bag. "No thanks." She clutched her nap sack. "It's not much, but it's all I have."

Tessa: "That's okay. You don't have to."

Hepzibah: She shrugged as she pushed past the little group. "When you got nothing - you got nothing holding you back." But she spared a little smile to Tessa.

Tessa: Tessa smiled back, following Hepzibah. "You should be right at home, in a good way."

Hepzibah: Hepzibah glanced back over at Kyle, then Monet. "Uh-huh - It's be just like dogs and cats." School - she must be out of her damned mind.

Tessa: "And telepaths and shapeshifters, and the occasional blue priest."

Benjamin: "And webslingers"! Ben said, pointing his two cents in. "And lucky girls!"

Remy: "One thing y' can say for sure. We ain't borin'."

Hepzibah: "Telepaths, I get. Shapeshifters, ok. Webslingers" she moitioned to the webslinger in quesiton "naturally." She frowned. "Blue priest?"

Hepzibah: She shook her head. "You know - nevermind."

Tessa: "He's cool. Got a great tail."

Hepzibah: "What's so awesome about that?" she replied, actually feeling a little more at ease. "Doesn't everyone?" she grinned, her own tail swishing behind her under her long skirt.

Remy: "Well everyone likes good tail."
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3/8 Instance: A Carnie Tail

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Yush~ Everyone does. ANd it is good the SM squad learned a lesson there :3
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3/8 Instance: A Carnie Tail

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wish i didn't have to leave early. don't think kyle did a good first impression.

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3/8 Instance: A Carnie Tail

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Heee! Yey kitty girl! Mara will like here :naughty
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3/8 Instance: A Carnie Tail

Post by fourpawsonthefloor » Mon Mar 09, 2009 4:45 pm

Aww. Kyle can always have a second chance hey?
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3/8 Instance: A Carnie Tail

Post by Elfdame » Mon Mar 09, 2009 5:12 pm

Full of wit -- esp Bobby, "Moe," and Beejammin'! -- and fun to read, really kept my interest. Sorry that Kyle disappeared too.
You needed a sense of humor if you were going to be a mutant.
Don't you and I both know it from real-life experience, Rave! *snicker*
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3/8 Instance: A Carnie Tail

Post by Ferguson » Mon Mar 09, 2009 9:26 pm

Aw man, I missed this? Looks like it was a lot of fun, welcome to the game!

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3/8 Instance: A Carnie Tail

Post by Starfish » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:47 pm

Awww, same here. I'm sad that I had to go to bed and missed out on this. So much fun. Welcome to the game! :D
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3/8 Instance: A Carnie Tail

Post by Raven Hare » Mon Mar 09, 2009 10:55 pm

steyn wrote:don't think kyle did a good first impression.
LOL! See what happens when you leave early! No worries, though. Those two are just going to have to come to an understanding. They've got the whole cat-dog issue to work through. ;)

And the SM outfits probably wouldn't have freaked out Hepzibah nearly as much as it did poor Sarah! So of course they wear Halloween costumes to Sarah's house and street clothes to the circus! :oops:
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