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10/9 Instance: The Electric Pink Club

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 10:49 pm
by puppygirl
Timeline - Evening after 'Windows, Wessles, and Welwet Lounges'

Clarice finished packing the last of her clothes into the chest of drawers and scrunched up the bin liner she'd been carrying them in, tossing it into the bin ... hmmm, she was maybe going to need more clothes? What she had fit into two drawers and there were six in the set ... now for her costume! The green tabard style costume was laid out lovingly on the bed, maybe she could hand it up in the wardrobe?

Noriko had wandered back from the kitchen using the map to find her room again, munching happily on her sweets she nudged open her and Clarice's door, headphones blaring round her next and humming along. "Hey Clarice! want some sweets? what you up to?"

"Heya Noriko!" Clarice looked up from the bed, "Oooh, what kind? And I'm just unpacking, i haven't got much to do after all," she picked up the main part of her costume and hung it from a hanger.

Noriko looked guiltily at her still unpacked bags suitcases and back pack. "Yeah.... I need to unpack." Holding the small packet out she jiggled the bag at her pink companion. "There called Calpis balls, made from yoghurt and white chocolate and all sorts of flavourings, their like my favourite sweets!"

"Hmmm, okay," Clarice took one and popped it into her mouth, "Mmmm, they are nice," she smiled, "so they're Japanese candy then, huh?"

"Yes I knew Iwouldn't be able to buy them here so I brought afew packets with me to stop me feeling home sick the first few days here." Smiling she went and bouced onto her bed next to her pile of stuff, wondering where to start.

"Good plan!" Clarice hung up her costume in the wardrobe, it looked kinda lonely hanging there by itself, "So, is America a lot different to Japan?"

"Yeah I'd say its *alot* different, everyones manners are so different here and attitudes towards everyone else. Not to mention all the strange food!" Sprawling on the bed she prodded a bag reluctantly, wondering how long she could leave it. "The bathrooms are the weirdest though!"

"The bathrooms? Really?" She'd expected the culture difference and stuff but ... they have different bathrooms? She sat down on her own bed and pulled her Kermit doll into her lap.

"Well yeah, we don't have sit down toilets like here, or not many of them. back home with have.... er whats the word? Urinals? just different onesfor Boys and girls." Pulling an old battered case open she flicked the catchers and pulled a much loved Violin out checking it and the bow over.

".... Urinals for girls?" Clarice looked into the distance as she tried to work out how that worked ...

"Well yeah.... more hygeinic that way rather then everyone sitting on seats everyone else had sat on." Bow fine it got put back away and the case carefully stored up ontop of her wardrobe.

Clarice continued to stare as she tried to work this out ... nope, it wasn't happening, "Soooo ... in Japan girls like ..." she flushed, "girls like ... pee standing up too?"

Noriko blushed back trying to explain wavy hand gestures probably not helping much. "Erm well not so much standing up more crouching down.... kinda like peeing in the woods when you go camping."

"Really? That can't be comfy and like .... don't you ever like ... if you're wearin pants worry about .... you know?" Clarice joined in the redundant hand gestures, flushing harder.

"It's going to the toilet its not exactly the height of comfyness.... and well you hold the pants out of the way of course." Noriko and Clarice seemed to be finding whole new shades of red to turn, well pink in one case.

Well, this certainly wasn't hos she imagined her first 'getting to know you' session would go with her roomie, discussing toilet habits, "But what if you're ... you know ... sick and ... need to be there a long time?" She couldn't stop talking about it!

Noriko just sat and stared at her for a moment but it dropped into place. Waving her hands frantically she shook her head looking weirded out. "Oooooo nonononono we have the sit down toilets for *that*!"

... Now what did she say to that? "Umm ... good ... I guess?" She stared awkwardly at Noriko, nervously fiddling with her doll.

Grabbing the larger of her to cases she hoisted it up onto the bed while her blush went down. "Yeah.... our baths are different to, we have like showers first before getting in the bath to soak, but everyone here just does one or the other."

-Drop it, no come on lets drop this and find another line or talking before our room mate starts thinking of us as the weird forgein girl- Nope no good apparently as she opened her suitcase.

"Really? Don't you take baths to get clean?" Clarice played some more with the doll, "Isn't taking two like ... a waste of water?"

"Well we use alittle of the water from the tub to get clean first from a shower head, then we have a soak in the hot water." Pulling a pair of roller blades out of the case she shoved them under the bed. "We all use the same bath water in one house to save it see."

"So we get clean out of the tub then soak for alittle bit, so the waters still clean for whoever goes next."

It still didn't sound very hygenic to Clarice though, "Right .... so ... um-" Do you share toothbrushes as well? No! Bad Clarice! "-now that we've finished like ... the most awkward conversation on the planet ... what do you like to do in your free time?" Hopefully that would be a safer topic ... thought people had been talking about satanists when she'd arrived at the party ... eep.

"Spare time?" pulling the Ice skates out she carefully hung them up in the wardrobe. "Ice skating, roller blading, walking my dog occasionaly sneaking round my best friends for Sake.... then there was all my clubs, but I had to stop all those." looking saddened for a moment.

"Clubs?" Clarice tilted her head, "What sorta clubs, and why did you have to stop?"

"My school... after I found out about me... well I had to leave, before that I was in the music group, atheletics, forgein languages and the dance team." pulling out the small amount of clothes from that suitcase she started putting them away. "What about you?"

"Oh, that explains why your English is so good!" Clarice blushed again and looked away, her hair falling slightly over her eyes, "Well ... umm, I didn't have a home, so I didn't really have any hobbies ... unless you count being a crime-fighting super-hero a hobby!"

"Well having an english pen pal also helps, and my dad paid for extra lessons in english..." Looking slightly embarrased by that as she flung more clothes into the draws or hanging up skirts and dresses. "No hobbies?! Like wow......... we so need to find you some! everyone should have something fun to do in their spare time!"

"Putting the rightous smack-down on criminals is fun!" Clarice protested, thought she wasn't against the idea of finding some hobbies ... "Ooh! I have an idea!" She squeaked, bouncing on her bed slightly, "Why don't we make our own club!?"

"Ooooo our own club?!" One suitcase finished she knocked it off the bed and put her rollerblades back in it. Bouncing happily on the bed she nommed on somemore sweets before handing afew more to Clarice. "A club of what though?"

"A club ooooof ...." Clarice pondered for a moment, "Of ... Of trying to find awesome stuff to do! We'll do all the things, and then do them again if they're fun!"

Noriko couldn't resist bouncing on the bed again, she loved western beds, she missed her futon but it didn't have springs. "That's such a cool idea! We can like find something different to try each week! and maybe do it again if we aren't sure! or if we are sure we like it!" Squeaking excitedly with each bounce.

"We need a club name though," Clarice looked thoughtful.

Noriko stopped bouncing then, she hated thinking of names. Pouting she scratched her head before pulling her other suitcase onto the bed. "Erm....... The awesome club?"

"Naah, too obvious how abooout ..." hmmm, Noriko had eletric powers right? "The Electric Pink Cub! We'd sound like a band too!"

"Ooooo I like! The electric pink club.... cool! OOO ooo oo can we make anyone that joins have to wear some sort of neon clothing!?" giggling as she started digging out the clothes from this suitcase.

"We'll make pink armbands! Or ties ... maybe that could be our first assignment, sewing?" Clarice made Kermit do a happy dance on her lap.

Clothes ignored she bounced afew times on the bed and bounced her way onto her feet in a superhero stance on the bed. "Not just pink all the colours! so we can get everyone to join us! and yeah armbands sounds cool.... ooo or ninja style headbands to!" The bouncing stopped for a brief moment. "Wait... your gonna have to teach me how to sew though...."

"Like I said, out first mission!" Clarice joined in the pose, "It's gonna be super-awesome!"

"This is gonna be the coolest club like ever!" She felt the need for theme music now. "Oooo and then we like need a secret sign or theme music for when we're doing something new!"

"So that's second and third project down," Clarice giggled, "hey, shall I go get us some snacks for while you're unpacking Noriko?"

"Yes! we should totally make a list to of plans and projects so when we find more cool stuff to try we can write it down and make sure we do it!" Looking at the suitcase and all the bags left to unpack she nodded. "Yeah I think i'm going to need it...."

"Right, I'll be right back then!" And with that, a portal appeared below Clarice's feet and she dropped down into it and vanished.

10/9 Instance: The Electric Pink Club

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 11:02 pm
by Ferguson
Aw, excellent roommates and the joy of toilets! (lord how I hated being surprised by the random squat toilets still around in places. Urine samples at a hospital, not the time I expected that.)