1/21 Instance: Too Much Of The Kool-Aid

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1/21 Instance: Too Much Of The Kool-Aid

Post by Ferguson » Sat Jan 21, 2012 9:38 pm

Thanksgiving, after Baster Facial

Bobby: Bobby had to admit the turkey smelled fairly turkeyish now... but the marshmallows, sadly, were gone. He attempted to hide the empty wrapper under another bag. "So! What's next?"

Lorna: "Um," Frowning, Lorna consulted the list that was their 'menu'. "Yams...do we need yams? I think their only appeal is that they're called yams."

Bobby: "Yam. Yammy. Yammadammadingdong." His eyebrows lifted and he hummed in agreement. "I think we do, totally because of the name. What's involved in doing yams?"

Lorna: "Um...marshmallows apparently." She looked a bit guiltily at that but laughed. "I'm sure nobody else will know."

Rogue: "Yam's're actually pretty much tha same thing as sweet potatoes... Only a bit sweeter," Rogue commented as she pushed through the kitchen door.

Bobby: Bobby gave up on trying to shove the empty marshmallow bag even further under the other groceries and grinned at the new arrival. "Finally! Well, we don't need you anymore now. Don't you ever answer your phone, woman?"

Lorna: "Rogue! We have made turkey!" Lorna said, pounding a fist over her chest. "We are mighty."

Rogue: Rogue took a deep breath and nodded, "So Ah smell." She shrugged at Bobby's question, "Sure, Bugsy... Sometimes. So y'all don't need me then? Ah'll just be goin'." She snagged an apple from the counter and turned to go, dramatically and slowly making her way to the door.

Bobby: "Weeeeell, I suppose, since you're here..." He hopped down from the counter. "Were we supposed to take that little gift bag out of the turkey before we stuck it in the oven?"

Rogue: Rogue froze as she went to bite into the apple and turned around slowly to face Bobby, making a horribly disgusted face. "Um. Yeah. That's tha turkey's insides. Like tha gizzard an' stuff."

Lorna: "Are gizzards technically insides? Aren't they dangly bits?"

Bobby: "Y'know, like turkey jingle balls?"

Rogue: Rogue blinked, "No... It's kinda like their version o' tha appendix. It breaks up rocks an' stuff they eat on accident. Did ya really not take it out?"

Lorna: "Actually we've got it and are trying to come up with something truly horrific to do with it. Bobby didn't think my miniature Kraven scene was a good idea."

Bobby: "No, what I said was putting it on the bed was a bad idea," he corrected, lifting the drippy bag from the sink and making to slingshot it at Rogue.

Rogue: Rogue made a disgusted face and made ready to duck just in case. "Ah think it'd be funny ta do that. Maybe set it up 'round an early nativity scene."

Lorna: "And the lion lays with the lamb and Turkraven eats them?"

Rogue: "Ha! Yeah. Somethin' like that."

Bobby: Bobby flicked the bag back into the sink and draped an arm around each of them. "I knew I kept you ladies around for a reason!"

Lorna: "For our skill with gore decor?" Lorna flopped her arm up over his shoulder, grinning ear to ear.

Rogue: Rogue pat Bobby's hand that was over her shoulder and looked up at him then over at Lorna, "'Cause o' our gore-tastic ideas?"

Bobby: Bobby laughed. "Well, that's one of your numerous doubled charms, for sure."

Lorna: "...you're leading up for a boob joke, aren't you?"

Bobby: Bobby turned up his innocent grin and slid away from the ladies before they hit him. "Hey, you guys sure you're not bee people, right? You had hive there."

Rogue: "Done it once. Don't wanna try it again, thanks." Rogue jumped as her text alert sound went off. "Who tha hell is that? Everybody knows Ah still haven't figured out tha textin' on this 'too-smart phone'."

Lorna: "Aww, should I go put Thus Spake Zarathustra on the intercom for your phone epiphany?" Lorna craned her neck over to try and see the text as well.

Bobby: Bobby nosed found a stray marshmallow and considered if the wet spot on it was from the turkey or his soda. Oh well. He popped it in his mouth and watched the girls scrabble with the phone.

Rogue: Rogue moved over so Lorna could help her figure out which buttons... or... parts of the screen to push. Touch. Whatever.

Lorna: "Oh hey, Josh messages!" Lorna merrily touched away, poking the screen to see what he had to say. "Wait...what?" She frowned, leaning in closer to read the hurriedly typed message.

Bobby: "Wait what what?" Bobby frowned, trying to pick a marshmallow bit from a back tooth.

Rogue: Rogue's mouth dropped as she read the message. "Oh mah Gawd... OhmahGawd! Bobby!" She shoved the phone in his direction. "Oh mah Gawd," she whispered to herself as she tried to let the message sink in.

Bobby: Bobby let the smartass dirty comment slide at the looks on their faces. "Josh? Oh shit. What? Is he okay? Is Rae okay?"

Lorna: "It's...not sounding good but at least Josh got the time to send this so he's okay. Someone should go over there, though, make sure."

Rogue: "He came home ta their trashed place..." She looked up at Bobby, "He cain't find Rachel. Flyin' sound good ta y'all?"

Lorna: "Definitely got to get someone over there." Lorna frowned, thinking back to the run-in with some of the Marauders not that long ago and what Doug had said about someone keeping tabs. "We might need the whole team rounded up though. You good to fly on ahead?"

Rogue: "Ah'm good. Let's go. We gotta find her."

Bobby: ((time passes))

Bobby: ((no, really. they gotta fly and everything))

Rogue: Rogue hugged Josh again and left him outside as she pushed through the door that was half off its hinges. He wasn't kidding about the 'trashed' comment. "Gawd..."

Bobby: "You ain't kidding," Bobby said after his farewell to Josh. He stepped inside, wincing as something crunched and ground into the floor beneath his feet.

Rogue: Rogue stepped through to the living room and started looking around for some clues as to where they took her. "At least she was able ta get Josh that telepathic message in time..."

Bobby: "Yeah. Just wish it was a little more clear." He crouched in front of the remains of a small table. End table? Coffee table? Table table? Bobby poked through the remains, making a face when he uncovered a photograph of Josh and Rachel in a shattered frame.

Bobby: "Of course, that would just make things too fucking easy." He straightened and moved on.

Rogue: Rogue sighed and nodded, "Of course." She gave a half-smirk at a knife sticking out of the wall in the kitchen. "Looks like she picked up a trick from Lorna. Least she put up a helluva fight..." She looked over at Bobby, "We gotta find 'er."

Bobby: "Or Lorna picked it up from her." He laughed with little humor. "We will. But she's tough. She'll be okay." Bobby looked around, trying to think.

Bobby: "It was mutants, we know that much." He righted a kitchen chair, only to have it collapse again. The leg was just ...gone. "Question is, which mutants? Old friends, or somebody new? Think another telekinetic helped her with this?"

Rogue: "Yeah. She's tough." She went over to a lamp that was flickering. "Until she breaks," she flicked the lightbulb and it went out.

Rogue: Rogue righted the lamp and then the shade on it. "What mutants do we know that'd wanna get Rachel alive?"

Bobby: "Anna. She'll be fine." Bobby made a face at Rogue's back at her pessimism, using her real name to make sure he had her attention. "Well, either they know who she is to target her because of her connection to us... or just because they know she's a mutant. So that didn't really help."

Bobby: He ran his hand through his hair. "Fuck. Nevermind."

Rogue: "She'll be fine as soon as we get'er back. That's when she's fine. Right now she's in trouble." She sighed and leaned on the kitchen table which promptly collapsed underneath her. "What'd Josh say she sent him? Something about being attacked." She looked around as she stood and brushed her rear off, "Obviously."

Bobby: "Being attacked... and an air duct?" Bobby looked down at the floor vents, all still in place, and up at the returns. "There's no fucking way she would fit in these unless she's gone on one hell of a crash diet since I last saw her."

Rogue: "Yeah, but he said something about an exit, too... So maybe there's one that they tried ta take 'er through?" Rogue moved to the next room and started looking for a bigger one.

Bobby: "Do we know of anybody with shrinky-dink powers?" Bobby searched the air vents in the bedroom, then looked around at the carnage in the room. Ripped sheets, battered furniture.

Bobby: Some things looked like they had just been sort of ... rearranged. And not in a feng shui kind of way.

Rogue: "Ty?" She frowned, "Ah don't think tha lil guy'd do this though..." She moved through the room and faced the only door out, "'Kay, so if Ah'm Rae an' they corner me here... Ah'm gonna try an' block their way with tha furniture with my teke, right? So how'd it get just placed to tha side? If it were me, Ah'da just thrown 'em outta tha way. Gotta be someone else with telekinesis."

Bobby: "Yeah, somebody stronger maybe, which..." Rae was strong, so that didn't bode well. "Yeah." Josh had described a message and telepathic images. "So he felt like she was in a small space... but where would..." Bobby started opening closet doors.

Rogue: Rogue shuddered at the thought of someone stronger than Rae. She moved around Bobby and started searching behind the clothes for panels in the closet walls. "Who do we know that's stronger than Rachel in that category? Ah don't know anybody..."

Bobby: "Nobody, really... which is kind of why I was hoping I was wrong." Bobby ran through the short list of telekinetics he knew of, and especially the ones who might go whacko or who were already whacko. "So she was in a small space looking for an exit? That makes no fucking sense."

Bobby: "If it's a metaphorical thing we're screwed." Bobby slammed the closet door and a hook fell off with a crash. He stared down at it, wondering why the hair on the back of his neck was rising.

Rogue: Rogue turned to Bobby and put her hands on her hips, trying to think. "Liz wasn't that strong, was she?" She stared down at the hook too, wondering what was so interesting about it for Bobby, then shrugged and stepped over it, moving out into the room. "Small space. Air vent. Exit," she mumbled to herself trying to figure out the clues.

Bobby: "No." He barely said it out loud in answer to her question. Bobby remembered. He'd read the mission logs. He'd heard the story from Rae's own mouth. "Exodus." He let out a long breath.

Bobby: "It was fucking Exodus!" Bobby ground his teeth, vision going white around the edges. "Fucking hell. That could mean... motherfucker!"

Rogue: "Oh mah Gawd." She looked up at Bobby as it registered for her too. "Not 'exit'." She shook her head, "How did we not see that?!" She clenched her fists and fought the urge to punch a wall. Josh didn't need more damage to deal with when their landlord came. "Ah'll kill 'im. Ah'll fuckin' kill 'im this time, Bobby."

Bobby: "We don't know for sure he's still working for him," Bobby said, though he didn't believe it either. He swallowed. Hard.

Rogue: "Yeah we do. He's a fuckin' slime ball workin' f'r an' even bigger slime ball. An' y'all can bet he's gettin' paid real good. Why would he stop workin' f'r him?" Rogue started pacing and ended up sitting on the edge of the bed, clutching Rachel's favorite hoodie. "Not. Again. He will not hurt me'r mine a third time. Ah won't let 'im!"

Bobby: Bobby tried to relax his fists, then realized they were frozen over. Just weeks ago they'd fought Malice again. Malice and the others. "It all makes perfect fucking sense now, doesn't it?" He laughed. "I mean, doesn't it? He's fucking with us again! Goddammit, and we never see it fucking coming!"

Bobby: "How fucking stupid are we?" His voice rose with each shout, the temperature in the room noticeably dropping.

Rogue: Rogue brushed some frost off of Rae's hoodie and stood up again. "Tha worst idiots in tha world." She looked down at the hoodie, then back up at Bobby, "Ah say we make him tha idiot this time." Her voice was scary calm even to her own ears. "Ah say we play by his rules this time."

Bobby: "We should have done that the very first time. I could have ended it... all of it, but..." He stared at the discarded hoodie. "It took years for me to not see him at night. To not imagine what it would have been like to kill him with my bare hands. To wish to God I had done it."

Bobby: "How much suffering would it have saved? How many lives? Definitely the Fringes..." He cleared his throat. "I'm done."

Rogue: "Ah coulda done it when we had 'im in that warehouse. Ah came so fuckin' close Ah could see the laughter in his eyes knowin' Ah was too weak ta try. After he killed Sam." She swallowed hard and blinked away the threat of tears, both angry and sad.

Rogue: "Ah wanna say 'Ah'm fine' an' mean it." She clenched her jaw. "But f'r that... F'r that we gotta break tha 'X-Men' code."

Bobby: "That code.... In a perfect world it makes sense, but this world is far from fucking perfect. Look at what it's gotten us so far -- a new crisis every few months, and facing down the same fuckers over and over again." He looked over at her.

Bobby: "Hey, in a battle situation, when you're acting in self defense... it's hard to judge how much force you should use, right?" His smile didn't reach his eyes.

Rogue: Rogue understood exactly what he was meaning and gave him the same smile back, "That's true. Real hard when it's 'self defense'." She licked her lips, "We need ta figure out how ta be smarter than him ta get that far though."

Bobby: "Yep. First off, we need to confirm it is him." Bobby ran his hand through his hair again. "Then we locate him, make damn sure we're right and make damn sure we're right there. Set aside a special appointment for Doc Feelgood."

Rogue: "Do ya really have any doubts?! Ah mean, c'mon! Course it's him!" She kicked the desk chair and it flew across the room, "Who tha hell else would it be?!"

Bobby: "I know, I know, I think it's him too. I'm sure it's Essex. I mean, who else would it be? And maybe Rachel is just the first of us... like, if he's rounding up his old specimens and starting with the strongest." He swallowed at that. No upper limits, but not anymore.

Rogue: Rogue took a deep breath and closed her eyes. "Ah won't let 'im. Not again." She opened her eyes, "Never again."

Rogue: "So we find proof it's him, find where he is, an' barge in? We might need back-up f'r that." She frowned, "Might not be easy ta gather back up who won't say anythin' 'bout 'self defense'."

Bobby: "Yeah. Some of the others... okay, most of the others? They won't get it. 'It makes us just as bad as them' and all that." He made a rude gesture. "Too much of the X-Kool-Aid."

Rogue: "Ah'm done drinkin' it." She crossed her arms under her chest. "Now we just gotta figure out who else is, too." Rogue kicked a book half-heartily, "Or maybe, figure out who's not had any yet?"

Bobby: "Sounds like a plan." Bobby nodded grimly, picking up the torn photograph from the broken frame. He focused on Rachel's face.

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